How the Story Should End (where it began)

The drive felt so much longer than it should have.  Where once he had made this trip without a moment’s hesitation, now it felt like he was a tiger, walking the path on his way to the end.  The bridge was faded and cracked, it hadn’t been used in so long.  The gate hung open.  The old sign was taken down, replaced by TYGER.  They had taken ownership of the island, after the incident, all those years ago.  It was where they launched their helicopters, to patrol the super-prison that looked a lot like this place.
The sign on the gate was still there.  Arkham Asylum.  It felt like an eternity since he had made this drive.  The last time, the Joker was in the passenger side of his vehicle, babbling to himself.  The memory flashed in front of him as he stopped in front of Intensive Treatment Center.  The long-dead roots of Ivy’s plants were still there.  The place looked like a rotting wound.  No light but moonlight.  He walked inside, and it was like he could see the memories coming back.  The Joker’s escape, him giving chase.
A voice could suddenly be heard.  “Does it bring back memories, Batman?  How many times did you come through here, condemning people to a life of torture and misery?  This was not a place of healing.  It was a house for the truly mad, where even the guards were deranged.  No one who came in here left better for the experience.”
He looked around, but the voice was on the radio.  That was when he noticed a series of lights.  They were leading him somewhere.  Through the halls he walked, following the lights.  The voice was right.  There were so many memories.  So many times when he had taken in prisoners.  After Strange was killed, files were given to the press.  The voice was right.  The Asylum was not a place of healing.  It was a place of pain.  What had been done here, who could have imagined?  The nightmares that so many must have endured, it defied comprehension.  Had he been an accomplice in this?  No, he was just trying to keep the streets of Gotham safe.  Right?  This nagging doubt had been at him for years, following the death of the Joker.  A doubt that he couldn’t quite describe.  Like he felt he had done something, and now there was no going back.  Why did the voice know this?

Eventually, the lights got him back outside.  He walked down more paths.  He looked over toward the Gardens, seeing the windows busted in and most everything that once grew was dead.  The rain was starting again, yet the clouds didn’t cover the moon.  It was almost surreal.  Like a wonderland of lights.  Then he caught sight of where he was being led to – the Visitor’s Center.  The place where his final confrontation of the Joker took place.  There were no fireworks, this time.  There were no thugs to greet him.  In fact, everything was so quiet, save the rain.  The memories all came back.  The most insane patients, attacking him.  Ivy’s pods, throwing spores at him.  The dead guards, left in the dirt to rot.  This place was like a grim memorial.
The Visitor’s Center hung open like a rotting wound.  There was the faded wooden planks, where there was still some of the Joker’s face painted on.  Had it been so long, since he had been here?  Seven years.  It felt like an eternity.  Walking inside, the lights led him further in.  He knew where the voice wanted him to go – to the place of the final battle.  Why?
He walked in to the large room.  The grim alter where the Joker’s throne sat was still there.  The hole in the ceiling had rain pouring in.  On the throne, there was the voice.  At long last, he was facing him.  The Arkham Knight.
“So, you finally arrived.  I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.”
A dark anger came back.  “It’s over, Arkham Knight.  I stopped Scarecrow’s bombs.  I’ve stopped all your accomplices.  Whatever you were planning, it’s done now.  Now I’ve come for you.”
There was a cold laugh.  “Oh, all of that was just window dressing.  I needed their help to get my plan into action.  I won’t deny, part of me wanted to see you fail.  But I always knew that you wouldn’t.  It’s in your blood.  You never give up.  You never give in.  You always keep going, even if you know that what you’re doing is wrong.  And it’s fitting, that it all ends here.  Here is where it all started.  Here is where all of this truly began.  I could have taken you to Crime Alley.  I could have gone back to The Monarch, but in reality, it all truly began here, so many years ago.”
Something about how specific all those examples were alarmed and confused the Dark Knight.  “What are you talking about?”
“Time and time again, you have come to this place.  Dropping off monsters who repeatedly broke out.  Who could never be cured by this place’s madness.  Who had no hope of getting better.  You kept bringing them here.  The alternative was so obvious, so simple.  If there wasn’t a prison that could hold them, or a way to make them better, what else could you do?  You weren’t able to bring yourself to do what needed to be done.  You weren’t able to bring yourself to do what must be done.  You weren’t man enough to end them, once and for all.”
The doubt came back.  There was a dark thought in his mind, that he couldn’t quite understand.  He shook his head, trying to clear it.  “I’m not a murderer!  I’m not like the people here.  I have a code!”
Another cold laugh.  “A code?!  Don’t make me laugh!  The truth is, your code is the only thing that keeps you from turning in to one of these people!”  He hopped down from the throne.  “The truth is, your code is just an illusion, to convince you of something that we both know is true – you belong here, Bruce!”
There was a feeling of shock.  “How do you know who I am?!”
“Oh, I know all sorts of things about you, Bruce.  I know that you watched your parents die in front of you.  I know that you became deranged by the experience, to the point where you had to get revenge, in the only way that made you feel good – with force.  You trained yourself, to the point where your body couldn’t take anymore.  Then, you took all the wealth and power that you have and, instead of actually helping the people of Gotham, you decided to dress up like a bat and put all that training to work, beating and brutalizing anyone who you could justify attacking.  You used force as your first and only solution.  You should have been sent to prison by now, except that Gordon is a soft-hearted fool.  He didn’t see the truth that is so clear – that you belong here in Arkham, surrounded by the monsters that you created.  In all reality, it is because of you that this city suffers.  It’s all your fault, for each and every person that the lunatic you fought in this room has killed everyone he killed.”
He let each word wash over him.  The Arkham Knight was wrong.  He was protecting the people of Gotham.  Then there was that doubt again.  How many of the people he fought did he make?  Wouldn’t it have been better to kill them?  Would Harvey have turned out how he did if he had just killed Falcone?  Then there was the memory that was bothering him most – the night the Joker died.
Back at the theater, he held the vial with the cure for their affliction in his hand.  He took half of it, cured.  He looked down at the other half, and remembered…

‘Quick, give me the cure!  What are you waiting for?  Come on!  I killed your girlfriend, poisoned half of Gotham and hell, it’s not even breakfast.  But so what?  We all know you’ll save me.’
He stared down at the vial.  ‘Every decision you’ve ever made ends with death and misery.  People die, I stop you.  You’ll just break out and do it again.’

Why did he do it?  Why did he keep saving him?  Why on Earth would have save a person that deranged?  What was it?  As the Joker died, he told him a joke.  In that last moment, the two shared a genuinely human moment together.  Part of him felt like he also died in the theater that night.  He told himself that he blamed himself for not being able to save the Joker.  But that never felt right.  It felt like he had lost something.  Something he would never get back.  Why would the Arkham Knight bring that up?
The Bat looked up at him.  “Who are you?”
Reaching back, the Knight tapped something on his mask.  He reached up and pulled it off.  It was almost surreal.  He could have been a carbon-copy of Bruce Wayne, albeit much younger, and a little more tan.  “My name is Damian.  Damian Wayne.  Although, I guess that using your last time is a bit presumptuous.  After all, you were never married to mother.  So then, I guess it’s Damian Al Ghul.”
He smiled at him.  “That’s right?  Remember that night you spent with mother in Metropolis, so many years ago?  Born a rich boy, but you never thought to wear a condom?  Well, I guess love makes people do stupid things.”
The Dark Knight was in shock.  “Why did she never tell me?!”
A darker look came.  “She meant to, after you took your place with her as the head of the League of Assassins.  But we all know how that turned out, didn’t it?  You killed grand-father and then let the Joker kill her.  Just to make it better, you destroyed the Lazarus Pit, so they couldn’t be revived.  Both of them remained dead, and I had to grow up alone.  All of Grandfather’s wealth came to me, and I used all of it to become the perfect warrior, as you had done.  I learned from the greatest teachers, and then former my own organization, all for one purpose – destroying you.  It took me years, but I finally got everything in place, for tonight!  When I could finally face you, and I would be able to destroy the legendary Batman!”
As he listened, he felt something get even more numb inside him.  He reached back behind his mask as well, undoing the bindings.  He took it off, throwing it to the ground.  “So, now I’m going to have to fight you.  Fight my own son.  I’m going to have to fight it out with you.  With the League’s connections, you would be out of jail in under an hour.  So what – we keep doing this until one of us is dead?”
Damian took his sidearm and raised it.  “That’s about the big and small of it.”
Bruce shook his head.  “No.  I’m not doing this.  I’m not fighting my own flesh and blood until either he or I is dead.  You’re right, Talia’s death is my fault.  I can’t apologize for that, so you know what, do it.  Take your revenge, right here.  End this pathetic game, and then maybe all of this madness will stop.”
His son lowered his weapon, almost in shock.  “You would do that?  You would just lay down and die?!”  Anger was bubbling up.  “You dare just let me take your life?!  You would dare try and justify this as noble?!  To Hell with you!  I won’t let it end this way!  You went on and on about how what you were doing was the right thing.  Now defend it!  Fight, until the bitter end!  Let me earn my place as the one who killed-!”
There was a loud crack.  It came from the door behind Bruce.  He turned and saw Harley Quinn standing there, .45 in hand.
“If anyone’s going to kill B-Man, it’s going to be me!”
Damian fell to his knees, then falling to his face.
She turned the gun on Bruce.  “Yeah, like that?  I offed your little boy right in front of you!  Just like how you hauled out Mr. J in front of me!  Does it feel good, B-Man!  This is all your fault!”  Her voice was a combination of rage and sobs.  “Now you get to live knowing that the only person you really had is dead!  I fucking hate you!  The only perk is that I’ll get to tell Mr. J that I got you for him.  See you in Hell, B-Man!”  She turned the gun on herself and fired.  There was a burst of steam from where a hole now was in her head.  Quinn crumpled to the floor, and Bruce was left in there, with two dead bodies.
He fell to his knees, letting out a scream of rage and pain.  In that moment, he felt all the dedication and drive shrivel up and fall away.  He picked up his mask and walked off, back toward his vehicle.

When he returned to the cave, he saw Barbara waiting for him.
“Bruce…” she breathed, seeming to not know what to say.
He took off the pieces of the Batsuit, putting them all back in their proper place.  As he did so, he walked over to the Batcomputer.  There was a special code, one that existed for if the Batcave was ever compromised.  He entered it.
Barbara looked up in shock.  “What are you doing?!”
The entire system started going haywire, then went black.
Bruce looked at her, and for the first time, she saw tears on his face.  Never, in their entire working relationship, had he ever cried.  Ever.  He was always a rock.
“I’m done, Barbara.  I can’t do this anymore.  Let someone else take over.  Anyone.  I don’t care.  Alfred passed away.  Dick is in New York.  Tim is dead.  I just watched my son die in front of me, killed by the only person who ever truly understood me.  I don’t care what happens to Gotham.  I’m done.”  He headed for the stairs.  “Batman is no more.  You should go home.  Be with your father.”  Most of the room went dark.
For the last time, Barbara stared at the cave.  It was several hours before she wheeled out, heading home.

Until next time, a quote,

“Is it possible that the two of us, you and I, have grown so old and so inflexible that we have outlived our usefulness?  Would that constitute a joke?”  -Spock, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

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Yet-Another Caricature of #GamerGate (A response to Al Jazeera)

Part of me is getting a little tired of this.  It’s one thing when you see a bunch of sites like Kotaku, Polygon and Rock, Paper Shotgun showing their journalistic sloth.  They are just glorified blogs that get WAY more respect than they deserve.  In the wake of all the dealings and cozy relationships that have been uncovered by people like Internet Aristocrat and others, it is clear that the Fifth Estate is broken.  But when you see news groups like Al Jazeera, who are lauded for their impartiality, weighing on something by showing a clear lack of research, then it just makes a case for all news being broken, and that nothing in the media is trustworthy.

For those who didn’t know, a few days ago, the news group Al Jazeera joined the pantheon of left-leaning news networks who have decided to condemn GamerGate, with a zeal for single-sided journalism that can only be matched by Fox News.  I’ll have the video of their piece, so you can see it all and have context, and instead of picking apart statements, I’ll be a little more broad.

First, it’s interesting that you have Brianna Wu on as your trusted source.  Did she tell you about the time she used the death of a woman named Amber Lynn Schraw as a way to sell her victimhood?  Yeah, a woman not even slightly connected to GamerGate is brutally murdered by her ex-boyfriend, and Wu sells it as proof that she is also in danger.  I guess that your background check didn’t bring that up.  In fact, what kind of background did you do on this topic?  I didn’t see much.

Like, here’s a point that I have been trying to make forever – online threats are not a refutation of points.  I am going to try and explain this the best I can.  You go on for some time about Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkeesian getting death and rape threats.  I could tell you that online threats are a dime a dozen and everyone who has any name recognition (myself included) has gotten them.  I could tell you that if someone actually meant her harm, the chances of them sending a message to her beforehand is astronomically small.  I could tell you that I didn’t hear a SINGLE defense of her position, other than – I get death and rape threats.  I could point out that I didn’t hear a single thing about the death threats Jack Thompson got.  But the truth is, it all boils down to this – that isn’t a refutation.  It really isn’t.  I will never condone such behavior, but if you are going to ask a person to defend their statements about the people involved with GamerGate being nothing but misogynists, then doesn’t it behoove you, the journalists, to ask for something a little more concrete than – I get death threats!

You all go on and on about the “sexism” in gaming, but what evidence did you have?  Oh, right, the whole, “women are sexualized” thing.  You begin your video by saying that 52% of women are gamers now.  I guess you didn’t watch Christina Sommers’ video where she debunks that.  That would have required actual research on your part, and this whole video has shown that you are just as lazy as Fox and MSNBC.  The truth is that the hardcore games, the ones who are big into competitive and online gaming, are mostly men.  And AAA gaming companies don’t just assume this.  They have tons of PR people who do research, because they want to gauge their demographic, so their game sells.  There are so many easy ways that you could have improved the quality of journalism if your piece, but instead, you chose to take the easy and lazy route, by having Brianna Wu talk about her problems and you just nodding your heads and going, “You got rape and death threats!” like that makes her points right.

Here are a few questions that I, and this is coming from a college grad who just got a degree in journalism, would have asked -

If you don’t like these kinds of games so much, why do you play them?
Why don’t you make your own games?  With the cost of development so small, I would think that that would be an easy alternative to playing games that offend you.
If the gaming medium is so oppressive and awful, why stay?  After all, people who watch Lifetime or the Hallmark Channel don’t complain about it not having enough action movies.
How do you explain the cozy relationships between game devs like yourself and journalists like Nathan Grayson?
Why not start your own studio, if you want a certain kind of game made?  Bioware was started by three guys, after all.  With all the people who want to make games looking for work, I would think that you would jump at the chance to do that.
Doesn’t it seem a bit hypocritical that you want other publishers and developers to do work, while your side simply complains?
Do you believe that you are ‘feeding the trolls’ by making the death threats you get public knowledge, when police say that you should not openly talk about any threats that you deem credible?

Any of those questions would have been a lot better than the ones that you had spoon-fed to you by Wu, so she can look like the damsel in distress.

Then you have these gamers that you picked to represent the medium that you are caricaturing.  Well, that’s nice.  Although, if you are talking about GamerGate, wouldn’t it be nice if you had some people who are tied into it?  Like Milo Yiannopoulos.  He’s the journalist star who has been covering this issue, and his articles have been very extensive.  I would think that you would want to get a balanced approach to this story.  That’s fair reporting, after all.  Why talk to three people who seem to know very little about the issue, like when YOU say that they say that GamerGate is about PC culture in gaming.  Which isn’t true, by the way.  While that is a factor in it, GamerGate is about the corruption in games journalism.  This is why it would have helped you to talk about the issue with someone more knowledgeable.  You went out of the way to get Brianna Wu as your source for the anti-GG side.  Why just three randies for ours?  Could it be a bias on your part?  Could it be laziness that you just didn’t care to correct?  The possibilities are limitless.

Al Jazeera, you are just as biased and ignorant as the rest.  You are pandering a party line for the exact same reason that MSNBC, Democracy Now and PBS did.  Hell, even The Colbert Report pandered.  You all want to appear ‘progressive,’ so you don’t lose that audience.  But the truth is, you’re no better than the other side.  You just pander to different people.  All those claims of ‘journalistic ethics’ are for nothing when it is blatantly obvious how pathetically lazy your reporting is.  I hope you’re proud.  When you don’t question people like Brianna Wu’s lies, how can you claim otherwise?

Until next time, a quote,

“Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”  -H.L. Mencken

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SIONR: ‘Life is Strange’ is ‘SJW: The Game’?

There was a trailer for a game released yesterday.  I hadn’t even heard of it until today, when I saw a question on Ask posed to a YouTuber I watch.  The game is called Life is Strange.  It’s made by Square Enix and some other studio.  It is taking on an episodic format and seems to have taken a lot of cues from Telltale’s The Walking Dead.  You know, here is the trailer, so you can see it for yourself -

So, a few things to talk about.  First, all the accolades.  Can you PLEASE stop sucking this game’s dick before it comes out?  I hate when companies do this.  You don’t have to jerk it off, just tell me what the game is about.  I will admit, the concept looks intriguing.  One of my favorite anime films is The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, and this clearly took a few cues from that.  Riffing on two sources.  I know, there’s no such thing as an original plot.  And who knows, maybe this will mix it up.  But yeah, that aside, it looks intriguing.

Though the thing that caught people’s attention – who is saying this game is so awesome, before it even comes out.  I am involved with GamerGate, and anyone who is knows that most, if not all of those publications has been part of a concerted and corrupt effort, with close ties to Puritan feminism.  These people think that all gaming is just white neckbeards in basements.  Yeah, they caricature gamers a lot.  Real winners, that lot.  Anyway, that’s not the point.  They are singing this game’s praises.  Why?  It isn’t out yet.  You’re talking about how this game is Gone Home mixed with The Walking Dead, when you are just as much unaware as I am.  Maybe it’s because the protagonist is female, and she doesn’t look like a woman from Soul Calibur.  Is that all it takes, for you?

Because all of these sites are singing this game’s praises, a lot of gamers who aren’t on their side of the major-divide are saying that this is “SJW: The Game.”  But is it really?  To me, I think that that is unfair, to just condemn this before we even know what it is.

I have a rule that I have always stuck to when it comes to fictional mediums – don’t judge a book by its cover.  Look at what happened to the film Dredd.  That was a really good movie, yet people took a giant shit all over it, because it had the unfortunate association of the film with Sylvester Stallone.  The movie totally bombed, and that was a bummer, because it was actually really good.  And given that criteria, I am going to make a statement – don’t judge a game based on its associations.  Just because Kotaku thinks that this game is Anita Sarkeesian-esque-approved doesn’t mean that it is going to suck.  Hell, this game may spit in all their faces.  The protagonist may be some psycho-bitch who thinks that women are whores and only talks to guys.  I’ve known a few of those.  Hell, one of my closest friends is a woman who has a VERY low opinion of women.

I was planning on doing this video as a First Take, but the truth is, if I am actually going to talk about this game, it would have to be done as a Self-Indulgent and Overstated Nerdrage post.  We don’t know what this game will be.  As for myself, I am intrigued.  I will download it when it comes out, because I’m assuming that they are going to do the Walking Dead approach and have the slices at $5 a pop.  I’ll download it off PSN and then judge for myself.  Because, at the end of the day, I may be annoyed as fuck with SJWs, but I won’t become like them by judging things without knowing them.

We all should be better than that.

Until next time, a quote,

“Stupid is as stupid does.”  -Forrest Gump

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Top 10 Movies That Should Have Been Stopped by Hackers

Well, since Sony has decided that they are going to pussy out and give into the demands of terrorists, I thought to myself – if we’re going to ban a movie that really hurts no one, how about the movies that are either totally awful or inevitably did so much damage, either to a franchise or to the company that made it.  Since Sony has set a precedent for companies kowtowing to the demands of any terrorist who makes threats that even the FBI says are unsubstantiated, here a bunch of other movies that I wouldn’t mind seeing to never exist.  Hey hackers, get some time powers and help me out, here.

Frozen10. Frozen
I genuinely do not get where all the buzz for this movie comes from.  For real, I kept hearing about how it broke so many Disney tropes.  Is that so?  Right, because it wasn’t a princess story.  Nope.  And it also didn’t have the girl getting with a guy at the end, right?  Oh, wait, it did.  Ah, but it was about love conquering all!  Snap, that isn’t new for Disney, either.  Man, what originality did this movie bring to that table?  I remember now.  It was that song that was marketed like it was nobody’s business – Let it Go.  Yes, you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing about that song.  That boring, underwhelming pop song that had some neat visuals.  That’s why people loved it.  Yeah, that movie could have gone and I would be happy.

Transformers9. Transformers
Now, this is the entire series.  These movies have butt-raped the childhoods of so many people who were born in the 80’s.  These movies cemented Michael Bay’s status as a person who can make absolute shit and still make a fuckton of money.  It is the franchise that taught Michael Bay that he shouldn’t even bother striving for anything other than popcorn garbage.  Don’t reach for the stars.  You’re not any good at it anyway.  It’s ironic that a recent video game in this franchise did more justice than the film did.  These movies are boring, incessantly racist, vaguely homophobic and just a pain to sit through.  Why are they so popular?  Oh, right, because they appeal to teen boys, who are just discovering boobies and like explosions. So, in other words – people too dumb to appreciate subtlety.  If the hackers had stopped these movies, that would have been nice.

Bloodrayne8. Bloodrayne
This movie pick could be symbolic of a couple different kinds of movies that I want to see go the way of the dodo.  One is Uwe Boll movies.  But, that kinda solved itself.  Turns out, when you make garbage that nobody sees for a certain amount of time, studios don’t give you work anymore.  Who knew?  While the Internet may want to string Boll up for the shit he’s made, as I would love to do for this movie, which ruined the reputation of one of the sexiest video game badasses, he isn’t the problem.  No, the problem is that hackers need to stop video game movies!  For real, without a single exception, all movies based on video games have sucked.  Horribly.  This one is by far the worst (in my opinion), and if hackers could stop any future movies being made from games, that’d be just peachy.

Avatar Poster7. Avatar
I cannot begin to tell you how much I despise this movie.  The fact that it was nominated or the film of its year just baffles me.  How could people like this movie?  For starters, unobtanium?  How would Death Battle describe it?  Oh, right – another stupidly-named metal that is many times lighter and stronger than titanium.  That right there makes the film unwatchable.  But it keeps going!  You have the white man coming in to the tribe of natives and be better at being native than the natives.  That’s almost racist, if these were real people.  I’m learning something about Dances with Wolves.  Then, you have the ultimate cliche – the hero nearly dies, but then the people’s god revives him.  That’s right, their tree god is not only real, but also has supernatural powers.  Ugh!

Pocahontas6. Pocahontas
Now, I don’t hate this movie for the same reasons that I hate Avatar.  Don’t get me wrong, Avatar is ripping this movie off to the letter.  However, I hate this movie for a far different reason.  This was the film that began the fall from grace that was Disney’s 2D animation.  How many 2D animated films do you even see anymore?  Hell, Studio Ghibli has gotten out of the game!  I love animated films, and to see this style be on its death knell is more than I can stand.  It all started with this movie.  Following on the heels of The Lion King, this movie couldn’t have disappointed audiences more.  For starters, it’s preachy.  Really, really preachy.  Second, it’s boring.  The characters aren’t that good, the animation isn’t too great.  It’s just dull.  Finally, the music is equally-preachy!  People don’t like movies to treat them like they are five, and it shows.  This movie started something, and for that, it deserves to have been hacker-denied.

Catwoman5. Catwoman
Do I really have to say why this movie should have had hacker-attacks on it?  EVERYTHING is wrong with this movie!  Everything!  The casting is wrong.  The acting is wrong.  The plot is wrong.  The REALLY-pretentious feminist message is wrong.  Nothing is good about this movie.  It isn’t just the worst superhero movie, it’s one of the worst movies I have ever seen.  This film ruined the reputation of this character for years.  Comic book nerds hated it, filmgoers hated it.  Why did this movie get green-lit?  Hackers, where the fuck were you on this?!

Deadpool4. Deadpool
Hey hackers, here’s a chance for you to do some good!  See, there is this Deadpool movie being made.  The leaked trailer for it looks sick!  But then, we hear something from 20th Century Fox – it’s going to be PG-13!  Well, great.  All the potential for raunchy humor and over-the-top gore is totally ruined because they have to try and go to appeal to the family audience.  Why do theaters do this?!  For real, why?  Deadpool is a raunchy, weird and deeply twisted character.  That’s part of the charm.  To take that and deliberately dumb it down, this movie is going to suck.  So yeah, since you all are clearly more powerful than film corporations (because they’ll do whatever you say), here’s a chance for you to really make good on this.  Get on it!

The Last Airbender3. The Last Airbender
Fuck M. Night.  For real, fuck him.  Not only did he make one of the worst movies of all time, but he shits on one of the greatest anime series ever made.  Where the fuck were you hackers when this came out?  For real, you guys are dropping the ball here!  In fact, let’s just make this a referendum that you all should stop any and all future M. Night Shyamalan movies.  Here is a man who became so big with his first major film, only to turn his name into box office suicide.  Even films that he just produces can’t get a good reaction.  But yeah, this movie is the worst.  The absolute worst.  The acting is on the level of middle school plays.  The effects are laughable.  They fuck over the awesomeness of bending elements.  Everything that could be said about it has been, so let’s just leave it at this – don’t let M. Night do this again!

Twilight2. Twilight
Another series of movies that you lot should have been all over stopping.  Not only has it done irreparable damage to the romantic expectations for a generation of young women, but it helped legitimize one of the worst authors I have ever seen.  For real, Stephanie Meyer is just the worst.  Part of me is glad that her name has also been turned into suicide, because it means that all her future stuff will be laughed off-stage.  Thank god.  But yes, you have a glittering, gay vampire, a hunky and supportive werewolf, and one of the most manipulative bitches to ever greet cinema, who has this delusion idea that throwing yourself off a cliff is love.  Seriously, how did you all not think of the teen girls with that?  Is that the values system that you want to spread?  You hackers are a bunch of dicks.

And the movie that the hackers should have made terroristic threats to prevent is…

Star Wars1. The Star Wars Prequels (all of them)
For everyone who grew up loving the original Star Wars films, seeing George Lucas come in and shit all over their love, for three consecutive movies, was more than we can bear.  It’s the reason that I couldn’t care less for the new Star Wars film.  I got it out of my system with the prequels.  Do you see what they have done to society?!  Do you understand how awful these are?!  How could you let this happen?!  You bastards!  You sat back and let a man who never got argument from anyone turn his greatest creation into a steaming pile of shit!  How could you do that?!  The damage is done, but it could have been prevented.  You people could have done this.  Now, we have to live in a world where they exist.  Screw you, hackers.  Screw you.

So, what movies would you have liked or would like to see the hackers prevent from happening.  After all, since Sony has decided to pussy out, along with Paramount, who was going to have Team America: World Police play instead of The Interview, we have essentially made it so that terrorists can tell Hollywood what to do.  Let me know in the comments section.

Until next time, a quote,

“The strong flourish, while the weak perish.  It is the law of nature.”  -Javik, Mass Effect 3

Peace out,


Outed Fake Soldier Tells All. What a Piece of Sh*t…

I don’t know how many of your remember that guy on CNN.  He was wearing an Army uniform, and another trooper quickly deduces that he is fake.  He confronts the guy, on camera, and the dude is made to look like a little bitch.  Well, that guy is back.  See, he decided to make a YouTube video where he talks about why he wears a fake uniform, and you know what, it hits my fucking rage buttons.  I don’t know if this guy is for real, or just trying to sound tough after he is outed for being a fake and a scumbag.  Either way, this pisses me off.  I couldn’t find the original video, but I have the segment with the Drunken Peasants where they talk about this trash-can of a human being.  Here it is -

Where do I start?  For one thing, it’s not enough that you decided to make a costume to use to get free shit.  That’s not enough.  You just have to RELISH it.  Each word you say has such venom and pride that it sounds like you are so fucking proud of yourself.  Like you are just the smartest guy to ever live, you complete piece of shit.  You just wanted the perks.  You wanted to get into the WWE (the lamest thing on the planet.  Sorry, but that’s my stance on it).  You want people to buy you drinks.  You want people to cover your food.  Ugh, fuck you!  For real, you are such a slimy and foul human being!  Actually, no.  You aren’t a human being.  Human beings have thoughts and feelings.  You, you evil little worm, are a psychopath who mocks our soldiers while exploiting people’s respect for them.

And for those who want to call foul, due to some of my posts about the stupid things that our military has done, like going into unnecessary wars, let me make something clear – I do support our troops.  And you know how I want to support them?  By bringing them home!  By getting them out of the stupid wars that have no raged on for 13 years.  If there is a higher form of support than wanting to make sure that they live, and that they have access to mental healthcare and opportunities, which the GOP has been steadily trying to roll back, like Senator Tom Coburn, who has decided to try and do as much damage to veteran benefits as possible before he leaves office.  I may have issues with the things the military has done, but I have nothing against the common soldier.  It isn’t his fault that he is a pawn in America’s “Fuck Yeah!” wars.

This guy is a scam artist.  A disgusting, amoral scam artist.  This nation is full of them, isn’t it?  You got people like Anita Sarkeesian, who now is scamming even more money from her extremist crowd.  Well, to be fair, she’s a con artist, not a scam artist.  There is a difference.  Still, it’s become the new thing.  If you can’t be worth something – turn to crime!  That’s another thing – what this guy is doing is a crime.  He is going on YouTube and vlogging about this, which should have the cops being like, “well, he just admitted to an ongoing crime.  Should we arrest him?”  I get that you might be a little busy, attacking people or killing their pets, but still, might be worth your time.

Then he tries to play off like he is an activist.  Huh, then why mention all the free stuff, and take such relish in playing people who respect soldiers for fool?  I mean, did you all hear the way he just hung on that?  What is this man’s malfunction?!  He must be a psychopath.  If you listen to what he says, he clearly lacks empathy.  Only a psychopath could get this much enjoyment out of playing people for chumps.

Both my grandads served in the military.  My cousin married a guy who came home from the Middle East with PTSD.  I knew a guy at college who has night terrors because of his time in Vietnam, being stuck in a hole and being shelled all night.  This man, he reminds me of another person – Melody Hensley.  She claimed that she got PTSD from Twitter trolls and claimed that it was just as bad as soldiers who came home from Iraq.  Both of these people are scam artists who use people’s respect for the military to sell their bullshit and get perks.  Both of those people are horrible people.

But there may be some justice.  After all, how can this fat loser not expect to get his ass kicked?  How many vets wouldn’t just love to put this whale in his place?  The more I talk about this, the angrier I get, so I’m just gonna end with this – fuck this guy and fuck the hole in the ground he crawled out of.

Until next time, a quote,

“Maybe it’s time to let the truth have its day!”  -Alfred Pennyworth, The Dark Knight Rises

Peace out,


You are Letting the Terrorists Win (A response to Sony)

I think the title says it all.  I’m sorry, Sony, but I’m going to have to give you some tough love.  After the hack and all the information getting out, your name has been dragged through the mud.  Part of me is a little sympathetic for the position that you have been put in.  However, your recent actions in the face of threats that I would bet you would be just sabre-rattling is just pathetic, and the fact that people can defend you baffles me.

Post-9/11 has become a very paranoid and stupid world.  For real, America is constantly trying to stop terrorists attacks that just happened.  Some guy tries to put a bomb in his shoes?  We gotta take our shoes off.  Someone trying to bring a water bottle with a suspicious substance inside?  We can’t take bottled drinks on airplanes anymore.  Hell, we now have to be subjected to full-body scans, just to be sure that you aren’t bringing any kind of weapon with you.  Just how willing is everyone to let fear override reason?

The justification has always been, for all the INSANE security measures – if we don’t do this, then the terrorists win.  People like me have always been of the mindset – the terrorists did win.  I mean, you see what we are doing to people in this country?  Yeah, the terrorists won, ages ago.  And if this doesn’t convince you, then you should check out what Sony is doing because of the film ‘The Interview,’ and the butthurt reaction that North Korea’s sad, pathetic loser of a leader, Kim Jong-Un has said in response.

For those who have been under a rock or something, Sony has recently been the victim of a malicious hack, that has gotten a TON of their dirty laundry thrown out in the public eye.  It’s gotten a lot of egg on their face, and they have even gone so far as to try and threaten journalists with lawsuits if they talk about what has been uncovered.  Class act, Sony.

So, here’s the thing about North Korea – it is a shithole of a nation.  If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend a book called “Escape From Camp 14.”  It’s about the only person who was born and raised in North Korea to escape from an internment camp.  It’s a powerful story, and it highlights a lot of the insanity of that country.  Not only is the nation piss-poor, but they are lead by an oligarchy of inbred lunatics.  Kim Jong-Il was a piece of shit, to be sure.  However, if there was one thing that he was able to do, it was take a joke.  At least, from people outside his nation.  He has been the butt of every single joke about North Korea until he died.  The creators of South Park even made a movie with puppet people and that unbelievably-catchy song, where you see the “Glorious Leader” get his puppet head blown off.

Kim Jong-Un is a sad, pathetic little man with an ego complex.  He killed his uncle for partying to hard at his inauguration.  That’s right, he killed his uncle, a man with a lot of respect and military prowess behind him, because he partied too hard at HIS inauguration.  Stuff like this has led a lot of political analysts to conclude that his reign will be short-lived, and end with him getting his throat slit, or something to that effect.  When you see how butthurt he gets over stuff, it’s easy to see why.  When Sony announced that they are making a film where Seth Rogen and James Franco are recruited by the CIA to use their press pass to North Korea as a chance to kill Kim Jong-Un, the new “Glorious Leader,” made it clear that he was not going to let this go unaddressed.  The little prick had to make a big to-do out of this, and look at where it’s gotten him.

The hacks of Sony have been unsubstantiated.  While North Korea said that they loved it to death, they claimed to not be responsible.  There is some evidence that it was the Chinese, but the truth is unknown.  Some suspect help from butthurt people who got laid off recently.  Whatever the case, there were threats made against the release of The Interview, stating that it would be a “9/11 situation.”  That’s right, a bunch of terrorists have threatened that they are going to kill people, unless their demands are met.  So, what has Sony done?  Well, after a few pussy-ass movie theater companies stated that they won’t be showing the film, they decided that they would just cancel the release of the film altogether.  Not just in theaters, but on DVD and digital streaming.  In essence, Sony is taking all the money they put into this and flushing it down the shitter.  Why?  Because if they don’t, then the terrorists might attack!

George Bush II was a fucking retard who should be arrested with Dick Cheney for war crimes, but you gotta give him credit – he stuck to his guns.  In his mind, we didn’t negotiate with terrorists.  Granted, that ideal was a little bit subverted by the whole airplane security debacle, but that’s neither here nor there.  You gotta give credit to a man who gives the finger to terrorists and says, “fuck you!  Bring it!  America will fuck you up!”  It seems that Sony, like the rest of the public, has decided to not stick to their guns.  The public has been totally cool with how insane the efforts have been to stop terrorism.  Now, with some fucking hackers doing some sabre-rattling, it seems that Sony decided to just give them what they want.  Gee, I wonder if that will set a precedent for other groups to do the same?  Hm, big mystery, there.

The terrorists won.  There is no other way to look at this.  The terrorists won, and Sony – you helped them win.  I hope you’re happy.  You’ll cloak yourselves in “we were protecting the people!” but the truth is, you are cowards.  A lot of people are choosing to cut you some slack.  And I can kind of see where they are coming from.  But at the end of the day, you still gave in.  You still wussed out.

Nice going.  Tell me – what do you all stand up for?  Anything?

Until next time, a quote,

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”  -Alexander Hamilton

Peace out,


So, the Public Votes to Legalize, and You Want to Ban? (A response to the city of Anchorage)

I keep being told by people that democracy is the best thing that America has.  The voice of the people is everything.  The people have all the power.  However, for those who don’t just watch Fox News or MSNBC, it is resoundingly clear that democracy has been hijacked and the average person has no real power anymore.  You look at bills like the Omnibus financial bill that just went through the House and is likely to pass through the Senate too.  You see how it basically breaks open democracy even more to be bought by the rich.  You see how it cuts domestic programs, while giving more income to our massively-bloated military.  The more and closer you look, the easier it is to realize just how broken democracy is in this country.  But for those who think that I am being too broad, let me bring you a story from closer to home.

The state of Alaska recently voted to legalize marijuana.  Not just medicinal, but the whole shebang.  It passed.  The people weighed in and voted to pass it.  Democracy in action – this is what the people want!  However, the Anchorage Assembly has decided – screw democracy!  We don’t like pan (Drunken Peasants fo’ life!), so we’re going to ban it (linked here).

I don’t get it.  I don’t fucking get it.  I don’t fucking get how our government can look at a ballot measure that the people of this state voted on and passed, and decide to basically go – fuck that, we make the rules.  What does that say about our government when this is deemed as acceptable?!  What does this say about the country we are in where this kind of backdoor legislation can be done, which spits in the FACE of the people who took the time to vote.  And this was a midterm fucking election!  Do you know how little the turnout is?!  It is a midterm election and people still voted.  Unreal.

What’s more, this makes absolutely no sense.  For real, what is the argument here?  I can’t think of one.  I’m sure that the conservatards are going to come out with their bullshit.  It’s a gateway drug!  It’ll lead to crime!  It will make things harder for cops, because they’ll have to catch stoners driving!  I’ve heard it all, and there is NO argument, none, that makes sense to prohibit commercial marijuana.  I am DYING to hear a new argument.

Let’s look at the benefits of upholding the Ballot Measure that people voted on.  For one – money.  If you look at what has happened in Colorado, it is resoundingly clear that money is coming in hand over foot!  All the budget estimates for how much the legalized sale of marijuana would bring in have been busted into pieces by what has actually come in.  There is no way that you can argue that this would not be financially beneficial to the state of Alaska, and the city of Anchorage as well.  Show me how this won’t be good for this city.  Show me a way!  Any way!  Any single piece of evidence that this won’t go well.  I’m waiting.

Next up, commercializing the sale of pan will cut down on crime.  Aside from meth, pot is the drug in Anchorage.  Once it’s legalized, the gangs whose sole profit comes from pan will be destroyed.  That means that we will be able to have cops focus on real crime.  I know, novel concept.  Maybe the other states should go this route too.  Then we can have cops stop shooting and strangling unarmed black people.  But maybe that’s a little too crazy.  Still, gotta start somewhere.

Aside from ideological reasons, I am waiting to hear one single good reason for keeping pan illegal in the city of Anchorage.  What’s more, this is something that people voted on!  This is what I constantly am hearing so much about.  This is what the people who tell me that voting is important harp on.  I actually decided to vote in this election.  Though I only voted on two Ballot Measures and left the rest blank.  I didn’t care about any of the candidates, and I wanted to vote to raise the minimum wage.  Another thing that passed.  That means more to me, personally, because that is a bigger issue.

This is the second time now that I have watched democracy get subverted by the fucking cowards in office.  This is the second time that I am watching people who claim that voting is so important back down and not fight for what they believe in!  If you care so much to vote, then care so much to fight when your democracy is swept out from under you!  Go to this event!  Make your voices heard!  And if these cowards on the Anchorage Assembly choose to subvert democracy anyway, then choose to take to the streets and demand that they uphold our democracy.  More and more, voting booths can’t solve our problems.  Coming together as a voice to demand the upholding of democracy can.

Your move.

Until next time, a quote,

“People should not be afraid of their government.  Governments should be afraid of their people.”  -V, V for Vendetta

Peace out,