SJWs Finally Admit They Don’t Want Their Own Characters

At least they’re finally being honest?  I saw this on Twitter, and it just blew my fucking mind.  Since I don’t have the mental energy right now to go after this little bit of social justice bullshit, I am going to share the screen-cap of the article with you and take this on as a concept.  Because I’ve talked about this in the past.  I’ve argued that instead of making characters who already have established versions of themselves in fiction become their race, why not make their own characters?  It seems that an SJW has finally come out to say that they don’t actually want to do that.  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself.

So now we know – SJWs really do just want the white man’s table-scraps.  Glad we can stop arguing against that.  It’s just so unbelievable to read shit like this.  Especially with picture of Miles Morales on there!  The best version of changing the identity of a character into someone new, to date.  Miles is his own character.  He has his own flaws and identity and when you talk about him, you come to your own opinion.  It’s what makes him fit into the role of Spider-Man.  But no!  That’s not good enough for SJWs.  Instead of having their own ideas and doing the heavy lifting to bring that vision to life, they just want to leech off of what is already made.

This genuinely makes no sense to me.  Having their own interesting character isn’t good representation?  The way I see it, this is laziness.  Sheer laziness.  Because, when you make a new character, that takes work.  Lots of work.  You have to give them a back-story, a personality, family, friends, problems, a world in which they live that differentiates them from the world of the hero that we typically know.  All of that takes effort and time.  But social justice doesn’t wanna do that.  That’s too much effort to putting into making their diverse world come to fruition.

I swear to Groj, these people are some of the laziest fuckers I have ever seen.  Why don’t they want this?  Is it just to co-opt the white people’s world?  Is that?  Does their need for “representation” just mean taking over all the stuff that traditionally has been done by white people?  If so, can they not see that that just makes them look intellectually and creatively bankrupt?  New characters can be good.  When they’re done well, course.  Part of why Miles Morales is one of the best examples of doing this right is that he is an interesting character.  There are plenty of comics with him being well-written and having his own unique plot.  Making a new version who is a disabled, Vietnamese lesbian doesn’t just automatically make them good.

And maybe that’s the other part of how lazy these people and their ideas are.  They just assume that their version is just as good because it has the skin tone that they want to be in that role.  No, you fucking losers!  There are PLENTY of versions of characters who suck.  Just look at movies like X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  Every character in that version got butt-raped.  It’s why Ryan Reynolds worked as hard as he did to get his own version of Deadpool.  Will the black version of that character be super awesome just because they’re black?

Something else these people forget is that different skin tone means that their audience is different.  Using the Deadpool example, you think that the self-aware style of humor is going to connect with black people as easily as it does with white ones?  I’m really asking, here.  One of things I liked about the first three seasons of The Boondocks (but not the fourth season.  Fuck that abortion) was that it worked to make black humor accessible to white people, and went out of its way to show that there is a difference between these communities and how both of them see the world.  It led to some of the funniest bits, like the infamous “Nigga Moment” bit.  It’s hilarious.

That’s not meant to be an offensive thought.  It’s just how different communities of people process things.  But you can’t tell these people that!  Because they don’t want to process these things.  It’s just “these people have this skin tone, so that’s enough.”  Does that mean I want the Soul Plane of superhero movies?  Absolutely not.  I want it to be done with some dignity that an unfortunate amount of “black” comedy films lack.  Not meaning dark, by the way, but those created for the African American community.

I would think that those who really care about this shit, would actually prefer somebody who is unique and interesting and well-written and brings something new to a genre instead of taking recycled white people stuff and putting a black face on it.  But I guess, according to Steven Padnick, that isn’t the case!  This kind of thinking should offend people who ACTUALLY care about these issues, but it doesn’t.  They go along with it, hook, line, and sinker, because that’s the world we live in.

So, do I think a new version of a superhero that is a new character that just happens to be a Vietnamese lesbian is a bad thing?  I don’t know.  Write it out, design it, if it’s a comic, show me some story-boards for it, and let’s see what you do.  It’s a lot work, but that’s kind of how good fiction comes about.  When intelligent people with drive and passion do their damndest to make something unique and interesting.  Instead of just taking up something someone else made and slapping a new ethnic group on it.  I’m sorry for all the creatively void SJWs who can’t see it, but that’s on them, not us.

I think about all the black superheroes that I like.  The chief among them being Blade.  I think about the first movie with that character, and how he was brought to life so brilliantly by Wesley Snipes.  All of the effort and care that went into making this a cool character, just taken away with a new ethnic group.  Or the version of Black Panther from Civil War.  Yeah, I didn’t like his titular film.  Got WAY too preachy for my taste.  These people who have become icons of characters firmly for the creative writing and direction to bring them to life.  But their culture warrior counterparts would rather that instead of those who took that time to make these things cool, we just slap a new ethnic coat of paint on it.  Why am I the only person who finds that offensive?  It should offend them too.

It’s like saying – we know you can’t make cool things yourselves, so have the leftovers white people don’t want anymore.  And you know, all of this bitching about representation wouldn’t be happening anyway if people in this country could actually appreciate foreign cinema.  But wait, that has subtitles.  I cannot tell you how many people, across all the political spectrum, have said “if I wanted to read a movie, I would have just read a book.”  There are masterful films made from all sorts of foreign markets, but you wouldn’t know that because people in this country (SJWs included) are so fucking jingoistic and stupid.

After all, it’s not like there aren’t a ton of good movies that come out with good representation every year.  It’s just that they aren’t the big blockbusters!  A movie about five female scientists going into an alien zone to figure out the cause behind a spreading phenomena?  Nobody saw it.  A movie about growing up gay in the black community that doesn’t have the usual trapping of a TON of rap in it, instead taking the concept seriously and not shying away from the fact that being gay kinda sucks in the black community?  Radio silence.  A military film with not only a ton of skin tones, but also ideological diversity, with every role being great and not a single miscast in the whole thing, telling a story about the morality of drone strikes for the greater good?  Not hearing shit from these people!  They just want to have the big blockbusters be all about them.  Lazy fucks!

So yeah, this is where we’re at.  Telling black people, specifically, that having the white man’s table scraps is a good thing.  It’s “representation.”  Go figure.

Until next time, a quote,

“Can we get serious now?” -Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, Sully

Peace out,


Lucien’s First Take: DOOM Eternal – Phobos Gameplay Reveal

Have I talked about how awesome 2016’s remake of DOOM was?  Because it was!  It was the coolest fucking thing in a VERY long time.  A great meme that I saw on Twitter surmized it like this –

Dark Souls – You’re put in a room with a bunch of demons

Doom – A bunch of demons are put in a room with you

That game is fast-paced, it’s combat is slick, the violence is visceral, and the plot isn’t half-bad.  The way it left on a cliffhanger had everyone wondering what was going to be next.  And we didn’t have to wait long.  Two years later, and Bethesda shows off their next look into this new franchise, and holy fuck is it awesome!  I didn’t cover the trailer at E3, because while that was cool, it didn’t show me much.  And I didn’t cover the first gameplay trailer that had the pretty funny line about not calling the demons by their name, instead calling them “mortally challenged.”  That was cool and all, but it felt like more of the same.  But now we’ve gotten something else, and holy fuck balls!  I love it.  Let’s see the trailer, then we’ll talk about it.

It opens with us seeing Doomguy walking into a room full of people, and everyone who looks upon him seems like they are shitting their pants.  As they should be!  Because getting in Doomguy’s way is a VERY bad idea.  Then we get some poor, scared bastard who has the key to the door in our way.  Yeah, we decide that he’s going to wheel in his chair over to that door, with us dragging him by his neck.  I love it!  Then we have these two guards, one of which is telling me I can’t be here.  Oh yes, I can!  By the way, nice gun.  Mind if I borrow it?  As if we care if he says no.

Then we get into the action.  I couldn’t help but hear the computer say that the “Slayer” has entered the facility.  At first, I thought it meant me, since the original game has the Hell logs calling me the “Doomslayer.”  But I think it’s talking about someone else.  Does this mean there’s someone who can stand toe-to-toe with me?  This intrigues.

This gun is awesome!  My least favorite weapon from the last game was the pulse rifle.  It seemed useless to me.  But this weapon puts that shit to shame!  The pulses from this weapon blows the demons to bits!  Plus, there seems to be an effect on nearby enemies hit with it.  I am liking this more and more.

After blowing some enemies to bits, we get teleported into another room, where there is a Baron of Hell wreaking havoc.  In this battle, we learn some neat things.  For starters, instead of just hitting the guy, we are blowing pieces off him.  Alright.  Plus, his ground pound attacks have a very definitive area of effect, but there is a nice way to counter-act it.  I was sure that I saw earlier Doomguy doing some kind of dash maneuver, and you see it again here.  Makes it look like you can use it as a kind of strafing move as well.  That’s pretty slick.  The speed of the fights is taken to 11 for this game.

Once we get out of that fight, we go back to a weapon that I had as my old stand-by in the first game.  The gauss cannon with the scope attachment was the premier weapon I had for bigger targets.  Seeing it again is nice, but I saw something this time.  It seems that it doesn’t have the same ammo as the pulse rifle.  Yes!  It was so frustrating that so many weapons all had ammo pools shared with other weapons.  If they got rid of that for this game, all the better!  Let me be able to go through my full arsenal before having to rip out the chainsaw and getting an ammo dump.

During this next fight, we get to see that one of the attachments of the regular shotgun is to use it as an assault rifle.  That’s awesome!  I love it!  And when we attacked a Mancubus, we could blow its arm off!  So, does that mean that all enemies have destructable parts?!  Color me impressed!  Bethesda really has gone the extra mile here.  Not to mention, this new integrated flamethrower attachment is really something.  Being able to watch your enemies scream as they burn, with you able to blow off pieces of armor to refuel your own is pretty cool.  Lots of little touches with this new game to make the pace even better.

Finally, we get to the door, and it seems we are introduced to this “Slayer.”  I get that it is meant to be badass, but something about it doesn’t feel that way to me.  To me, it just looks like a more amped up Imp or something.  But there is something that caught my eye – we got the sword back from the original game.  As I remember, when you get to the end of that game, Samuel Hayden takes it from you as he sends you through the portal back to Hell, with a farewell indicating that he knows he will eventually see you again.  That intrigued me then.

It was strange for Samuel to turn on you.  He went through all the trouble of finding you, and bringing you to Mars.  He was almost loving over your sarcophagus, yet turned on you in the end.  But his saying that he knew he would see you again caught my eye.  As did him saying he isn’t the villain of the story.  Was there something he knew about everything?  Part of me is looking forward to seeing him again.  Hopefully the game doesn’t fuck around with some half-assed him already being dead storyline.

Overall, this looks awesome!  The action is faster, the weapons are better.  Do we get that sniper rifle from the last game?  You see the red troopers using it, and it looked pretty sweet.  I was hoping to get a crack with it.  Since the assault rifle still has scope capabilities, probably not.  Bummer.  That thing looked fun.  It has changed up the formula just enough, and knowing that I will be among humans makes me even more stoked to see what happens next.

Initial Verdict
Time to kill some Hellspawn!

Peace out,


Lucien’s First Take: A Plague Tale: Innocence – Gamescom 2018 Trailer

Holy shit!  Where has this game been?!  I’m normally pretty on top of nerd culture, but this one totally snuck up on me.  And now that I have seen the unveiling of it, I can’t get enough.  This has sky-rocketed from a game I have never heard about, to me desperately hoping it comes out in 2019.  I know it won’t be this year, since the phrase “Work in Progress” is at the top of this video all the time it’s up, but a man can dream, right?  Much like a lot of the games I have been stoked for, over the years, it begins with us seeing a decent snippet of gameplay.  Going in not having known anything about this, I was giddy to see more.  It kept me enraptured from first to last.

Part of me wishes all games did that – introduce themselves with a long gameplay bit, then have the story trailer and whatnot to get me into the narrative.  If they can find a way to work both in, that’s great.  And for those who want to call foul because of how I said that I like how Kojima has done with his new project, there’s a difference.  I expected what Kojima did.  He likes the secrecy.  And this trailer was in the same vein.  The gameplay was more in depth, but it didn’t spoil the whole experience for me.  It tantalized me enough to want more.  That’s what a good trailer is supposed to do!  There’s a lot to talk about with this, so let’s get into it.

We begin on a boat, with a boy who looks to be in his early teens steering, and an young woman who is holding a young boy.  The lad is sick, and she is concerned.  This companion, introduced as Lucas, seems to be a very knowledgeable sort.  She asks him about the nature of the brother’s disease, and he imparts information from alchemists.  From their conversation, I can gather that the parents of the two passengers are dead, and Lucas is not a family member.  So what is the nature of their relationship?  An interesting question.  Over the course of the trailer, we see that he is quite dedicated to the two.

I’m also curious as to what disease the girl’s brother has.  The title of this game has Plague in it, but I get the feeling that it isn’t The Black Death.  If that were the case, then he’d probably be fucked.  Does take a touch of the realism out when Lucas explains that it can have effects, depending on the person.  As if this is some supernatural thing that will give him super-powers.  I am kind of hoping not, because as this trailer goes on and we see how it looks grounded in realism in a lot of ways, it makes the description of the illness seem far-fetched.  Of course, it may just be that it is a folktale and the kid really does have a very bad illness.  Kind of hoping so.

Once we get past the cutscene into gameplay, we find out that the place they are heading is French.  So this game takes place in Medieval France?!  Alright!  This makes me happy.  Their accents go with it, I suppose.  Lucas knows enough about this kid to know his name – Hugo.  Alright.  This tells me that there is some connection between the two sibling and Lucas.  Enough for him to be very brotherly and it feels natural.  The visuals in this gameplay bit are unbelievable!  It genuinely does feel like I am in Medieval France on a very foggy day.  Getting a sense of place like this is just astounding.  I also caught that we have the Roman numeral V and a title.  So this is the fifth chapter of this story.  That’s interesting as well.

As we journey down the river, I can’t help but notice there is some banter between the girl and Lucas.  She cares for his comfort, and he talks with her like they are close enough to be open about that.  It’s an interesting hint about their dynamic.  Curious to see who Lucas is to the two of them.

Hugo finds himself a British shield and sword, pretending to be a knight, but the girl and Lucas are immediately alarmed.  Why would that be here?  The answer doesn’t take long, as the smell of death greets them.  At the top of the hill, they see the source – a battlefield, full of rotting corpses.  The detail again comes to mind, and you can feel the horror of countless dead bodies, all around.  It’s clear that girl wants to go around this, but Lucas tells her they have no choice, if they want to get to the Chateau.

What follows is a brilliantly told bit of exposition through gameplay.  You can feel their horror, having to climb over the dead to get away from the nightmare.  Hugo feels like a real kid, asking silly questions to the person who is the adult in his life at the moment.  Coming up to the corpse of a horse, the situation goes from bad to worse.  Rats burst out of the rotting carcass, and now they are surrounded.

Then we get to see a gameplay feature.  You can loot the environment, and fashion weapons out of what you find.  It’s a simple crafting mechanic, but it makes sense.  We also see that the girl’s weapon of choice is her sling.  After fashioning some incendiaries, you find you can use them with the sling to fire volleys at flammable targets.  Light keeps the rats away.  Odd, but whatever.  I’ll go with it.  There are also some cool environmental puzzles, like using a trebuchet to assist in lighting more fires.  We also find that the girl, Lucas, and even Hugo are involved in solving these puzzles.  That intrigues me more.

I’ve said before how little touches in these kinds of trailers go a long way for me.  Little signs that the developers show special attention to detail.  One thing I noticed is that your torches burn down, if they are just sticks of wood.  The kind enclosed in metal don’t, but that little touch goes a long way to selling me on the realism.  It’s good stuff.

A human enemy comes into play, and here shows off a couple more mechanics.  Not only can you use long grass to hide in, but she can also use her sling to target either human opponents, or their stuff.  Like when you use it to break the lamp the guard is using to keep the rats away.  Whats follows is, what I’m sure in real life would be absolutely horrifying, the rats tearing him to pieces.  His screams sound real enough.  Lucas finally says her name.  I think it was Alysia?  Correct me if I’m wrong.  It’s also interesting that you can use the rats ripping other enemies to pieces as a way to charge past them.  This game looks so fucking grim!  I love it!

We get more environmental puzzles, this time with siege weapons.  I cannot get over how amazing this looks.  The siege tower is full of arrows.  Looks like it was headed for a wall we can see behind, but never quite made it.  Here we get to see that, since it’s clear she’s not made for battle, when enemies catch sight of you, your best option is to send some stones flying from your sling, straight at their heads.  Naturally, the rats tear their corpses to pieces, giving you an in to get inside the siege tower.

Since stealth definitely seems to be the name of the game, using breakable jars to lure guards away is smart.  Giving you the chance to shatter their lamp and let the rats go to town on them.  It’s such a disgusting way to deal with your enemies.  I genuinely do love it.  After pushing a siege weapon and getting it stuck in the mud, you realize that not only does tall grass factor in, but so do other environmental hazards.  I kinda like that.  Makes you wonder what ways they will integrate that into the narrative.

Alysia gets to have this neat bit where she follows an English soldier who has a torch, in order to get close enough to get one that is on a cart.  That tells me that there is going to be a lot of clever sneaking in this game.  I love it!  Again, little touches like that go a long way.  She’s not a warrior, after all.  The best she can do is use her small size and padded feet to stay silent and move among those who are dangerous.  The game helps you keep track of the positions of her enemies by having a kind of white border on the side they are facing.  I like that too.

There is this other nice way of the game telling you that you can only be stealthy.  Notice the metal helmets that they are wearing?  That’s a nice way for the game to tell you that their heads are protected.  If they find you, you’re fucked.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  And the guy has a torch on top of a pole, which means that you can’t break it.  The only choice you have is to sneak.  The player here is smart, realizing that they have to ditch the torch and head into the tall grass to sneak past.

It seems that even the dead can be of some use, as there is a wonderfully grotesque puzzle of using dead French soldiers as food for the rats to sneak past.  It also gives us a nice little bit with Lucas being very kind and telling Hugo to stay close to his sister.  I like this character more and more.  The trailer ends with a knight who appears to be trapped begging to be helped, only for you to use him as living bait for the rats, so you can escape.

This trailer is DARK!  I cannot love this enough.  I am going to be reading all I can about this game, to learn everything I can about when it will be released and what other media will be put out regarding it.  Sure, it’s easy to make comparisons to this game and titles like The Last of Us, but the setting and character give it all it needs to stand apart.  Not to mention the fact that stealth is the only tool you have.  There is no shanking or fist-fights.  All you can do is hide, use the environment, or the sole weapon you have in order to stay alive.  This looks awesome.

Initial Verdict
Cannot wait to see more!

Peace out,


Bad PR 116: CyberPunk 2077 and Why You Don’t Apologize to SJWs

It’s the strangest thing in the world of PR for me.  I’ve seen this happen more times than I can count, and every time it just blows my mind.  In business, when you have someone associated with it make a gaff, it’s pretty common practice for there to be an apology written in some professional language that everyone just rolls their eyes at and realizes is either bullshit or corporate speak to avoid a boycott.  That’s just how it goes.  Celebrities do that shit all the time too, and it drives me up the wall.  Why?  Because with them it’s even worse.  It’s like when a kid does something wrong and the parent demands they apologize.  They don’t actually MEAN the apology, but if they say it, that’s what the dumb-shit American public wants.  So yeah, this is common practice and almost always it avoids further issues.

Except with one community – SJWs.  I cannot tell you how many times there have been stories of celebrities or some company doing something that makes SJWs mad, and when they apologize for it, that makes it 1000X worse.  This is the one and only group that, as a person who got my education in PR, I can say that apologizing to is never a good idea.  It’s the worst idea you could have.  Let me give you some examples.

Anyone remember Wil Wheaton?  You know, the insufferable jackass who played on Star Trek: The Next Generation? (Shut up, Wesley!) Well, once upon a time, he talked about how he loved the concept of spirit animals, and how he thinks that’s a cool thing.  Naturally, when the SJW torrent fell upon him, he immediately came out with a very long apology.  I figure he’s one of the few who meant it, because Wheaton is an SJW in his own right.  But then his social media blew the hell up with people yelling at him even more.

Oh, and how could we forget about the story of Laci Green.  Another SJW in her own right, she once had some of her own past dredged up where she used the term “tranny” to describe a transsexual person.  The SJWs threw that in her face, and she apologized.  They didn’t take that well, either.  It got so bad that they were doxxing where she lived and encouraging people to attack her.

How could I not mention the class-A fuck-up that was MMC Land Management.  One of their employees decided to say some off-color things to a group of people, and the SJWs found out where he worked.  When they descended upon the company, the guy was immediately fired and the company issued an apology.  You’d think everyone would have been satisfied, but nope!  SJW after SJW decided to infer that the company is also racist, even though the company was in no way associated with any of it.  The shit-storm that blew in against them was absolutely amazing.  Yelling that they are racist, don’t hire the disabled, and don’t have any training on not being a dick to their employees.  The company looked terrible, for a long time.  It’s quite a story, if you want to take the time to find it.

Which leads me now to CD Projekt Red.  Back at E3, there was that awesome trailer they released for their newest project, CyberPunk 2077.  Some SJW had to bitch about males in the game, and they replied with “Did you just assume their gender?”  I hear people online saying this joke was tasteless.  I couldn’t disagree more.  Having the guts to take the piss out of an SJW is just awesome.  When the SJW community found out about this, naturally, there was hell to pay.

Twitter has been a complete shit-storm of bitching and moaning by the special snowflakes whose fee-fees are hurt, and CD Projekt Red did the stupidest thing in the world – apologized.  Did they accept that apology and move on with their day?  Of course not.  What did you expect?  All the accusations of it being a “non-apology” and the people yelling at them.  No surprise that all the Twitter handles for these people have nonsense about pronouns and what their little niche in the identity pantheon is.  Can’t avoid that.

The big question at hand is – what will CD Projekt Red do next.  They stirred the hornet’s nest, and now they have to try and contain this damage, before all the news media that slobbers all over their community’s knobs comes in to yell about how sexist and transphobic and ableist and whatever other slur they can throw in for good measure they are.  Don’t worry, the lesson is coming.

Corporate logic dictates that you make an apology when you offend people.  In other age, where we don’t have all the snowflakes on every side bitching and moaning about what company or person or agency or whatever offended them, that would work.  But you can’t apologize to SJWs.  That’s the PR lesson here.  To date, only one company that I can think of has stood their ground against them.  It was a fitness company with a beach body ad.  That company didn’t apologize for shit, and look what happened – the whole debacle went away.  After the SJWs yelled it all out and waited for that apology, when it didn’t materialize, they had to move on.

Something to know in PR – doing nothing is a viable response to a public backlash.  Sometimes, it’s better to say nothing than to do something.  In this case, that would have been a smarter option.  An issue that this community can so easily latch onto in order to lose their fucking minds, saying absolutely nothing would have been a safer option.  Because now their new game is going to have headlines about this all over the net, and for people who aren’t engaged with it, having this shit be around when they Google it is not what they need.  If they had said nothing, it would have gone away much faster.  Maybe an outlet or two would write about it, but not most.  But the damage is done now.

My last lesson – knowing your audience is part of all advertisement, but when you have a PR issue, know who it is who is angry at you. It would surprise you how valuable that information can be.

Until next time, a quote,

“Sorry, not sorry.” – Colloquial Term

Peace out,


Critical Examination: Where Diversity Works in Fiction

I’ve been rewatching Alan Rickman’s last film, Eye in the Sky.  It was a great movie, from a director who apparently has a lot of crap under their belt.  Go figure.  The story is engaging, the tension is so palpable, and the thing I like most is the fact that it doesn’t tell you how to feel about what happens.  It just presents the narrative as it plays out, and it lets you come to your own opinion as an audience member.  That is just awesome, to me.  So many movies now are trying to tell you how to think, and it gets under my skin.  But there is something else that the movie does exceptionally well that leads into what we’re talking about in this post – it does diversity very well.

This film has a big cast, and the cast runs the gamut of genders, ideologies, and skin tones.  And it all works.  Every last bit.  Why?  Simple – it doesn’t feel the need to congratulate itself or to make a big deal out of the diversity.  Instead, it has it where all these different groups, genders, ideas are just there.  They are perfectly integrated into the story that is being told.

For starters, you have Helen Mirren.  This woman had so much presence in this film.  I genuinely believe she stole the show.  Even though she looks like she could be somebody’s grandma, you can guarantee that if I was in there, I would be doing the open-palm salute (that’s how it’s done in Britain) at full attention.  This woman commands some serious respect, all due to how she carries herself.  The film doesn’t need to tell you that she’s in command.  When she walks into that room for their part in the operation, her attitude has nobody questioning who is in charge.  It’s what makes when she forces one of her underlings to be under-handed in getting the required percentage of risk of the civilian dying so unnerving.  She is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish her mission, which she has been on for six years.

Next up, we have one of the Kenyan intelligence operatives who is being forced into a situation that is crazy dangerous, but his dedication to duty is exemplary and he is willing to do whatever it takes to see it done.  But more than that, when he realizes that the civilian girl is in danger, realizing that he is running out of time, he goes above and beyond to try and get her out of harms way.  It makes what happens in the end more tragic, because of how he did his best to avert disaster.  But life is unkind to all of us.

Speaking of the Kenyan performances, there is also the man in charge of their side of the operation.  As things come undone and they have to look into more and more violent methods, this guy has real presence as he is forced to put his people into danger and is being held back by the fact that his forces can only go so far because of the Muslim radical forces in the area having control of the sector that the operation ends up in after they failed to capture their targets when they were in their territory.  Not once did the film go – look at these black people!  Aren’t they awesome because they’re black?!  No, it just had them in the movie, and their skill as actors/actresses carried it.

But there was also the diversity of ideas.  It was great to see how many sides of the story there were.  You had Aaron Paul, who has been unfortunately cast in so much shit after Breaking Bad, and his co-pilot wanting to avoid killing the civilian girl.  The scene where he steps up to Helen Mirren as she is talking to him directly is awesome!  That takes some serious balls, and his CO points out to him that he could end up being in deep shit because of it.  Then you have the American government having a brief bit where we see the perspective that they have.

Meanwhile, you have the British officials in there, and that is where this film can have some of its most underrated moments.  I’m sure that people were annoyed at all the political sides with the British, how everyone was a gutless coward who was quick to pass the issue up the chain to whoever was above them.  Nobody wanted to be responsible and to have their ass be the one hanging out if things go wrong.  That’s how real governments work!  Everybody is a toothless little bitch who doesn’t want to be blamed when things go wrong.  I could feel Mirren and Rickman’s characters’ anger at it all.  I definitely felt my inner American come into play.  And I agreed with Rickman when he pointed out that suicide bombings can be infinitely worse than a civilian getting killed.

Diversity in movies works when it feels organic.  That’s what all of that rambling nonsense was about.  Let’s look at some of the recent Disney abortions, specifically in the Star Wars franchise, and see where things go wrong.  Remember Rose, from The Last Jedi?  She sure was an interesting character.  All of those character traits and personality that exist.  Like…she’s Asian.  And…kinda heavy.  Trying to think of other character traits.  Drawing a blank.  Oh, and there’s the purple-haired woman played by Laura Dern (I feel so bad for her.  She was FAR too good an actress for that).  She was…in command, I guess.  Oh, and let’s not forget the female character of Rey!  She’s…female, and super duper awesome at everything she does.  Like, things she just learned about, she can suddenly do better than everybody else.  And just like the last film, it calls attention to that.

Or we can talk about Spider-Man: Homecoming.  I liked that movie, but the fact that it had all the diversity of a college campus pamphlet did not escape my notice.  Didn’t help that the biggest character that was basically all the SJW talking points encapsulated was absolutely insufferable.  Kills me that she is the new MJ.  Every time that character opened her mouth, it made me groan.  A human Tumblr page.  A human hashtag campaign.  The personification of all Internet social justice.  It drove me up the wall.  Didn’t help that she was so smug about it.  Like, people would question her perspective and she would get all smug and so high up on her horse that I best she could see Russia from my home.  Maybe Palin was right after all, you just need enough of a high-horse to do it.

Where the concept works is when you don’t have to think about the diversity, because it’s just there, and you can enjoy it for being part of the story.  I didn’t care that Helen Mirren is a woman in Eye in the Sky.  I cared that she is a capable commanding officer.  All of the characters in the movie were their own people, and you could like or dislike, agree or disagree with them as they come.  A movie that doesn’t preach or tell you how to think, with a diverse range of thoughts.  What a novel concept!

Hollywood is going so far out of their way to make sure that you know that there is diversity in movies, just so you know it.  Like, we have Idris Elba playing the new James Bond.  Okay.  I like him as an actor.  But how much do you wanna bet that the first movie he’s in preaches its fucking ass off at you about him being James Bond?  Instead of letting his natural charm and skill as an actor be what carries it, the film will (likely repeatedly) take the time to tell you that this is just the best and if you don’t like it you are a bigot.  In my eyes, that hurts the fact that Elba is a capable actor more.  Because him being in this movie will be judged by the fact that he’s black before even looking at the quality of the script and directing.

There are plenty of great movies with a ton of diversity in the cast.  But those with great diversity don’t just have someone with a skin tone.  They have character with their good qualities and their bad.  Mirren’s character was not some perfect woman.  She did under-handed things to get the job done, and made sure her subordinate knew that it was to be documented as nothing wrong being done.  She confronts him directly at the end, after everything is sorted.  We never know if she faced any repercussions for that decision.  It just ends with her going home.  Diversity doesn’t mean everyone is a fucking angel!  It means they’re a person, and everybody has bad qualities.

Since we’re talking about the Bond films, let’s talk about one of my favorite characters since Brosnan’s time in the role – M.  Judi Dench has that role so hardcore locked down it blows my mind.  It’s great to have her be the chief who doubles as Bond’s handler.  Bond is a debonair type who tends to get women wrapped around his little finger.  However, M doesn’t take any of that.  She’s in charge, and if he ever forgets that, she has no problem reminding him.  Her repore with Daniel Craig’s version of the character was pretty great.  There is a somewhat maternal aspect.

This doesn’t just translate to film, either.  Gaming is at the same crossroads.  So many games are being released now with developers shouting – look at us!  We’re diverse!  Instead of just making a game and letting it be diverse, they have to feel the need to shove it in your face.  Unfortunately, gaming is having this issue much worse than film.  But the media is complicit in this.  Games media is so bought and paid for by the SJWs.  So when the virtue-signaling circle-jerk begins, they get right in to keep it going.  But now it is starting to bite them in the ass.

We’re seeing with EA’s latest fuck-up, Battlefield V, that when you choose to wave the diversity banner and yell from the highest peak about how “woke” you are, people will start rolling their eyes.  Because World War II totally had British women on the front lines, with a cricket bat that has nails in it and her prosthetic arm, while the male British soldier has a fucking katana on his back.  Realism!  Yeah, totally.  More asinine was them telling people that if they don’t like it, they don’t have to buy it.  Well, you got your fucking wish, didn’t ya, EA?  Might should have chosen your words more carefully.

It seems that all people care about in terms of diversity is just who has what skin tone.  I’d say who has what sexuality, but since LGBT is an acronym that will NEVER play in a Chinese movie theater, the part of Hollywood behind big blockbusters doesn’t care about that either.  Hey, social justice advocates, you still love Disney now?  They’ve essentially told a big part of your demographic to fuck off because they will lose them money.  That’s all any of those people care about, after all.  Your pet social issue be damned.

My point in all of this is – diversity is great, but have it be natural.  Have it feel natural.  Don’t call attention to it.  Don’t virtue signal.  Just make good character who happen to be a different gender or skin tone or whatever.  Because I would rather know actors/actresses with skill be in good stuff, than in crap.  I know, what a monster.

Until next time, a quote,

“I have attended the immediate aftermath of five suicide bombings.  On the ground, with the bodies.  What you witnessed today, with your coffee and biscuits, is terrible.  What these men would have done would have been even more terrible.  Never tell a soldier that he does not know the cost of a war.” – Lt. Gen. Frank Benson, Eye in the Sky

Peace out,


You and Your ENTIRE Church Are Gutless Worms (A response to Archbishop Paul Etienne)

For those who are unaware, a case has gone before the Grand Jury in Pennsylvania, part of the result of a two-year investigation into six diocese where abuse has taken place.  The report reads like something out of a psychological horror novel.  Here’s a link to an article about it.  Check that shit out.  It will blow your mind.  But in my home state, there is an Archbishop who decided to issue his own statement, and I take some SERIOUS umbrage with it.  Here’s a link to that garbage, now let’s talk about it.

Wish he hadn’t just put the letter as a document on there in this post, because then I could take snippets of it directly.  I’m too lazy to write it out, so if you think I am ever taking this out of context, I encourage you to consult the letter to make sure I’m not.

I couldn’t help but notice something was missing from your letter, Archbishop – a call for the Church to turn over the pedophiles in their ranks to the law.  That’s curious, since we have YEARS of proof of the church covering pedophilia.  There are records sealed in the Vatican laying out the names, places, and how much money was paid to cover up the pedophilia of those in the ranks.  I would give my last 30 years for SOMEBODY to break in to Vatican archives and leak that information.  Imagine all the good it would do to have the names of those responsible out there, so the public could be safe!  Because it is so fucking obvious that not one of you gutless worms is going to do the heavy lifting to try and protect the children.  No, that might be something Christ would do.

You tell people who suspect abuse to go to the cops and for those in the church to believe allegations of abuse.  Okay, but here’s the problem – the victims are children.  And in the link above, you’ll hear stories about adults who were abused as children and had Priests or members of the clergy threatening them with Hell if they didn’t keep their mouths shut.  The bullshit concept that you all foist upon children based on a God that doesn’t exist anyway aside, you have abusers using that as a weapon for silence.  So forgive me if I don’t take that advice as something other than you just virtue-signaling.  That’s what all of this bullshit reads like.

In the post, you say you’re embarrassed that members of the clergy are more concerned about the reputation of the Church than of “rather than for the care and healing of those who were harmed.”  No!  Instead of that non-statement, how about you actually do a REAL call to action!  Like telling your fellow clergymen that if they suspect abuse, to IMMEDIATELY go to the police.  Instead of having the church deliberate on what to do, have them give that child-touching/child-fucking piece of shit over to the law?  This entire letter reads like you just trying to virtue signal that you are doing the right thing.

We are LONG past time when the government needs to get involved in this.  The Vatican is nothing more than a corrupt aristocracy.  They lie for each other.  They protect each other secrets, instead of doing the right thing and trying to actually help children who are being abused.  Hell, this gutless worm cares more about who is attending the Latin Mass than the raping of children!

He says that the church is doing background checks now.  Well how would these fuckers have a pedophilia background if they are being protected by your fucking Church?!  Not yours, specifically (though I am ALWAYS suspect of anyone in Catholic clergy not being suspicious or having known someone who is a pedophile), but the Church at large.  This whole things makes me so fucking pissed.  I have to read this little worm’s none-response to a Grand Jury report that is nightmare stuff.  I have a friend that, thankfully, I have convinced to keep her children away from there.  Which makes her sad, since her kid is coming to the point of having their first Communion.

Yes, let’s pray.  Let’s have a day where we all fucking pray.  You know, an activity that serves no purpose, accomplishes nothing, and doesn’t address the ACTUAL problems.  How about NO?!  How about you start reporting the pedophiles to the police?!  Maybe you can tell the public who the pedophiles are, so that parents can actually keep their children safe.  Protecting kids from pedophiles.  You know, something Christ might do!  There’s a fucking thought.

I know why this gutless coward won’t name names or come out strongly against it.  Why Pope Jorge won’t do it either.  Speaking of gutless worms, his response was even worse!  Yes, say that the Church is not looking after the children, all the while being the keeper of the records that could actually do real good!  Oh, but you know you can’t leak that information.  Lay bare the Church’s corruption for all to see.  Then it might hit the people going there that they are giving their time and money into a corrupt aristocracy, where nobody will take a hardline approach for fear of having their future in the church destroyed.

That’s what it is!  It’s the reason that Archbishop Etienne isn’t taking a hard stance on anything.  It’s why none of them are.  Everybody is too concerned about their own future, and don’t want to rock the boat.  To the Archbishop who wrote this insulting letter – fuck you.  Fuck you, and fuck the corrupt aristocracy that you represent!  You’re a gutless coward, and you care more about Latin Mass politics than you do about your fellow clergymen raping children.  I find you to be the most disgusting of the hypocrites I have made responses to on this site.  At least some of them have some grit.  You are a doormat to an aristocracy that, if America wasn’t so busy sucking the cock of religion, maybe the government could take action against.

Imagine if, tomorrow, the government in this country threatened the church with losing their tax-exempt status if they don’t start playing a more active role in bringing this pedophilia to light.  What a wonderful world it would be.

Until next time, a quote,

“If only half you mother-fuckers in the state’s attorney’s office didn’t want to be judges, didn’t want to be partners in some downtown law firm.  If only half of you had the fucking balls to follow through, you know what would happen?  A guy like that would be indicted, tried, and convicted!  And the rest of them would back up enough so we could push a clean case or two through your courthouse.  But no, everybody stays friends.  Everybody gets paid.  And everybody’s got a fucking future!” – Det. Jimmy McNulty, The Wire

Peace out,


SIONL: Bentley is the Best Disabled Character in Gaming

If you don’t know who I’m talking about, let me introduce you to the brains of the operation for the Cooper Gang, from the Sly franchise.  Bentley is the third in the initial team that is made up of Sly Cooper, The Murray, and himself.  While Sly is the thief skills of the operation, and Murray is the muscle, Bentley is the brains.  When we see him in the first game, he is only a voice, never out in the field.  The second game has us getting to take him out on missions, and while he is sometimes a nervous wreck, he always gives it his all to get the job done.

At the end of Sly 2: Band of Thieves, he ends up being the final victim of the final boss.  After you defeat her, she gets in one last hit on him, which results in him being a paraplegic.  They could have made Bentley a pathetic character that you only ever feel sorry for.  But no!  Instead, he becomes the definition of a reference that I don’t know how many of you will understand – handi-capable.  His chair become an extension of himself, and right from the beginning, you see that being put in there hasn’t slowed him down one bit!

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves begins with him and Sly being back together, but without Murray.  He holds himself responsible for what happened to him, and left to go partake of a life of meditation.  The reunion between them is genuinely touching.  While there is the goal of getting Murray with them for their latest big score, you do feel like he is sad to have lost his friend when they are reunited.  But my favorite scene is when he is on a mission with Penelope, a newcomer to the team and his crush.

There is this great scene where she is fawning all over Sly, implying that it was him who taught Bentley his tech skills.  One of his weak points is his pride, so Bentley scoffs at the notion and points out that he is the brains of the outfit and is damn proud of it.  Penelope correctly calls that for what it is – him being jealous.  Partly because her being into Sly (a common reaction of females they come across), but also because it is the only time that we see Bentley have self-pity.  He admits that he misses his mobility and wishes he didn’t have to live the way he does.  It leads to a great moment of Penelope telling him about all the other things he can do.

After regaining his composure, Penelope mentions that they won’t get anywhere standing around, stopping to apologize for saying standing.  This is where my bit that caused me to love the character comes into play.  He castigates her for the apology, saying he is perfectly aware that it is a colloquialism and he knows what the usage is.  That’s awesome!  None of this SJW self-pity and need to make themselves feel special crap.  He doesn’t confront the feeling of wishing he was not where he is, but is able to get himself back on his feet and doesn’t want others to pity him.  It’s a great scene.

Everywhere I look, there are people who want gaming character to be nothing but whatever their identifying issue is.  Their race, their sexuality, their gender.  Instead, we have a guy who kicks ass, is damn smart, and doesn’t want pity from anybody else because he is able to take care of himself.  There is even a great bit at the end of the mission where Penelope is blinded, and his quick-thinking is what saves the day.  But he doesn’t feel the need to rub her nose in it.  Instead, he decides to look after his teammate and make sure she isn’t permanently blinded.

He isn’t perfect, and makes mistakes, but the game has him going out of his way to try and fix those mistakes, and admitting when he needs help from others because he’s gotten himself in a bit of a hole.  Plus, we see the character evolve past the scared newbie to field work, into a capable part of the team who takes on VERY complicated tasks with his teammates as he needs them.  Everyone in the team recognizes that they are better together than apart.  It’s great stuff.

Meanwhile, in “intersectional” or “woke” movies like The Last Jedi, we have Tumbrina woman getting a ton of people killed and when a guy takes her to task for it, Leia Poppins (if you’ve seen the movie, you know why that reference exists) shoots him in the back.  Because Woman Power!  Oh, and let’s not forget Rey the Mary Sue!  She only just learned about The Force a matter of days ago, and she’s already so good at it that she doesn’t even require training.  She can just do everything!  Moving mountains, no problem!

I’ll take Bentley and his attitude ANY day over that garbage.

Until next time, a quote,

“I’m the brains of this operation.” – Bentley, Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

Peace out,


SIONR: Venom is NOT Going to be R-Rated

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the headlines.  News outlet after news outlet confirming my worst fears.  A movie based on one of the most violent anti-heroes in the Marvel comic book universe is going to be PG-13.  Oh, I’m sorry, it’s going to be “hard PG-13.”  Fuck that noise!  Yeah right!  That’s bullshit meant to try and appease the fans who actually were expecting legitimate violence.  You know, like the comic book character has.  But nope!  That is all a lie.  A depressing, corporate lie.  Calling it right now, this is not going to have a single thing that risks anything when it comes to their latest work.  Because why take any risks, when you can make more money down the road?!

The success of films like Deadpool, Deadpool 2, and Logan really has seemed to slip the minds of Hollywood producers.  Instead of thinking that there is a market for this stuff among old-school comic book nerds, they choose to completely turn a blind eye.  If that were actually the case.  I think we all know the real truth here.  Sony wants to get some of the sweet MCU cheddar.  It’s pretty clear that, while they say they are going to be going away from Marvel for their next Spider-Man films, they obviously aren’t.  No fucking way.  Homecoming was WAY too much of a success for them not to notice that these people got it going on.  So instead of doing something that is an ACTUAL risk, they choose to play it safe and market on risque.  Well fuck you, Sony!  I see through your tricks, and I’m not biting!

Not much to say here, really.  All of that potential.  You have Venom talking in the trailer about killing people and brutally dismembering them.  Now we know, don’t we?!  It was all talk!  The actual film is going to have PG-13 violence.  PG-13, bloodless, “tasteful” violence.  What a waste of a fucking concept.  Is this all that Hollywood can do at this point?  That’s not me just trying to be an asshole.  I actually want to know.

I talked in a previous post about how Hollywood is going so far out of their way to make movies that are safe for marketing in China. As I am to understand it, both Deadpool and Logan were not.  So, despite them being smashing successes here in the US, they died overseas.  And because all Sony film studios know how to do is to tow whatever line they think will make them the most money (and has produced some of the biggest piles of shit in recent memory), we get to see a good concept be given the finger.

Well I’m not playing, Sony!  Fuck Venom!  I’m not seeing it.  At least not in theaters.  Maybe I’ll Netflix it when it comes out.  And all of you shouldn’t either!  If you pay money to see this dumpster fire in theaters, you are tacitly admitting to Sony that if they do this, the fans are just going to accept it.  Go ahead, fuck what we love up the ass!  We’ll still pay for it!  That’s what you’re saying when you do that.  I refuse to be a part of this chicanery!  You all do what you want, I’m not playing.

There was real potential here.  A Venom movie about all the offspring of the titular character, culminating in Venom v Carnage.  Now THAT is a fight I can go for!  So long as Carnage has a body and guts count that would make the Saw movies blush!  That’s his character in the comics!  But instead, we have PG-13 violence.  More of that Hunger Games kinda violence.  That’s the Venom you all get.  Are you satisfied.  If you give Sony your money, then that tells them that the answer is yes.

Oh, and all the shill movie news websites saying this is a good thing – fuck you!  Fuck right off with that crap.  You all want the precious advertising money.  We’ve seen how Sony will try and manipulate the public through the media.  Just look at all the YouTube personalities that who came out saying that Ghostbusters (2016) was funny!  It wasn’t!  It was a giant pile of shit, just like pretty much everything else that comes out of your talentless studio!  It is so patently obvious that you are doing whatever you can to try and make it out to be less shit than it will be.

Like I said, not going to see it.  Not doing a review on it.  This movie is dead to me, unless the voices I trust come out with reviews that say that this movie beat the fucking odds in a spectacular way.  But they won’t.  It’s going to suck.  Thankfully, one news magazine had the right thoughts on this.  I’ll close out with that.

Until next time, a quote,

“Right now, Venom is shaping up to be one of 2018’s biggest disasters, and it’s not just because the “turd in the wind” line is what’s sufficing for humor in the movie.” – Matt Goldberg

Peace out,


The Fall of MundaneMatt

Boy how this bums me out.  It really is just a complete bummer from A to Z.  Seeing how this all came about just blew my mind.  Guess I didn’t live on the Internet as much as I thought.  When I saw Mister Metokur’s video on this, it was a genuine shock.  To think that somebody, especially with how he came into popularity, could be this big a hypocrite just blew my freakin’ mind.  It’s unfortunate, but he really made his own bed with this, and now he’s getting fucked in it.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, the YouTuber who goes by MundaneMatt was recently the subject of Mister Metokur’s latest expose.  And it was pretty damning stuff.  Here’s a link to his video, if you want to the full context.  For those who are like “TL,DW”, I’ll give a brief breakdown.  I don’t begrudge you if you are of that mindset.  It is a long video.

Matt Jarbo (not doxxing.  He goes by his actual name on the regular) was a guy who used to make videos about gaming and nerd culture, with under 10,000 subs since 2009.  Then there was the incident where Zoe Quinn false-DMCA’d one of his videos that was critical of her because of a blog post by her ex-boyfriend, Eron Gjoni, and Internet Aristocrat made a video about it.  This was the beginnings of #GamerGate.  Everything that happened followed because of IA’s video.  Keep that in mind.  We’ll be coming back to it.

He grew in popularity, now over 100,000.  He’s always maintained a sense of ethics and come down on people who have done things like false-DMCAing or reporting people erroneously.  However, Metokur and his compatriots in a stream were able to unearth something.  It seems the Matt is a bleeding hypocrite.  See, before he got big, there was this video where he has a polar bear puppet, and makes this edgy video of it saying the word “nigger.”  Yeah, it’s cringe-y as fuck.  After a board on the chans posted about it, naturally some people flocked to see if it was as funny/cringe as they were being told.  His response to this was not good.

There were streams and videos that were made talking about this video, and something kept happening.  These videos were being flagged for things such as hate-speech.  It was strange, considering Matt’s video was up on his channel for years without a peep.  A lot of people were finding this kinda odd.  And since somebody REALLY didn’t want people to talk about this, the Streisand Effect took over, and people were more curious.  It gets worse.

Some started to speculate that it was Matt himself who was doing the flagging on these videos.  He vehemently denied it.  Made this claim that some shadow party was doing the flagging.  This was received with all the skepticism it deserved.  This isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened.  I’ll spare you the drama about it all.  You can watch the video if you want the full context.  But the whole affair ended with Metokur and company having a way that you can show the parties you have flagged on YouTube.  They demanded to see Matt’s page in screen-share.  If he was telling the truth, it would be empty.  He dragged his ass for over half an hour, until all of them had shown him how easy it was by doing it themselves.  FINALLY, he showed his page, and it was worse than I thought.  Not even showing everything, so many of his lies came undone.

Not only was Matt false-flagging, but he was false-flagging people that in one breath he said he had never heard of before that interaction.  Lie after lie came undone, and all Matt could say was that he fucked up.  Naturally, the entire entourage piled on in a very ugly way.  It’s now almost for certain that Matt uses an app with Google to track anytime his name pops up, and goes after those who speak ill of him.  This, from the guy who has written a book on Amazon about how to deal with online hate.

And the fucking moron didn’t even have the sense to use a sock account to do this with.  He did it with his own channel.  Fucking idiot!  I’ll give Zoe Quinn and her ilk this much – at least they have a fuck-ton of sock accounts to do stupid shit like harassing themselves.  Except that time Brianna Wu trolled herself on her own Steam page.  Congrats, Matt, you’re on the same level of stupid as Brianna Wu.

There is so much more, but I’m depressed enough with that.  Lie after lie exposed, but the worst bit of all – Matt was exposed as a bleeding hypocrite.  And here is where my own take on this comes into play.  Nothing bugs me more than hypocrisy.  If you are gonna purport to have an ethical standard, you damn well better live up to it!  We’ve all gotten to see Filip Mucin and his crashing and burning with being exposed as a plagiarist.  There was his total non-apology apology video where he didn’t even admit that he plagiarized.  His only acknowledgment of Boomstick Gaming was to tell him he does good work in this way that comes off as condescending and not willing to fess up to what he did.  He kept saying that all the people digging to find more plagiarism was just trying to kick him when he’s down.  So much bullshit.

Now here is a guy whose rise to fame was all about a woman who false-flagged somebody, doing the thing he has repeatedly come out against!  It’s such blatant hypocritical bullshit!  And the thing that really gets me – when he is busted, dead to rights, for his bullshit, his only response is – I fucked up.  No, Matt!  You fucking got caught lying your ass off, and when your lies started to fall apart, you made new lies.  Lie after lie after lie.  Now some are starting to wonder if he had SWATted himself.  I won’t go that far, but after all this, it makes you wonder.

That’s where his credibility ends with me.  Congratulations, Matt.  You get to join the illustrious alumni of Zoe Quinn, Brianna Wu, the Christiano Brothers, Ray Cumfart, AIU, Tommy Sotomayor, Jenny McDermott, and Brett fucking Keane!  That’s the company you get to keep now.  Hope it was worth it.  Now, let’s sit back and watch as, just like his alumni and the SJWs that the has been against, he plays the fucking victim now that he’s busted.  Let’s watch it happen.

Until next time, a quote,

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” – Mark Twain

Peace out,


Being Nice Sucks

You know what I miss – the days on YouTube where everyone was ripping the shit out of everyone else.  When someone had dumb ideas that people were all over them tearing apart their arguments piece by piece and making sport of how stupid they are for believing in that crap.  Those days were great.  Now everybody is kissing everyone else’s ass.  Everybody has to be nice.  Everybody has to be understanding.  It sucks, and drives me up the fucking wall.  What makes it worse is when you have people in real life that say something patently stupid, but you can’t take them to task for it because you have to be fucking nice to everyone.  It’s the cornerstone of professionalism, and it drives me right up the fucking wall.

Today I got into this conversation with some coworkers about anti-vaxxers.  I made a point that I think that if someone refuses to vaccinate their children, they should have their kids taken away because they are an unfit parent.  I still hold to that.  But a couple of my coworkers immediately jumped to the whole “to each their own.”  No!  Let me explain something to you – my ability to punch ends at your face.  The second my fist hurts someone else, I have violated their rights.  It is the EXACT same principle here!  If you don’t vaccinate your kids, you aren’t just hurting your kids!  You’re hurting the children who could potentially get in contact with your children and get serious diseases because you didn’t vaccinate.  Like a baby who is too young, or a kid who is immuno-compromised and get get vaccines.  That child is at risk because of your stupid-ass decisions.

Their reasoning was that some people had a reason.  For one of them, it was a family member who didn’t do that because of their faith.  Are you fucking kidding me?!  So, other children should have to be at risk because of some Bronze Age bullshit that a grown-ass adult only believes because they are indoctrinated with that crap as a kid?!  Because no RATIONAL adult believes in a magic man in the fucking sky!  That’s the crap you believe as a kid!

There’s a man with a white beard who knows what you do all the time, and he knows if you’ve been bad or good, and if you’re good he gives you presents on Christmas.

Oh, I’m sorry.  I confused Gawd with Santa Claus.  Their stories are so easily interchangeable.  And both make about as much sense when you say them out loud.

But I can’t say shit!  I can’t call them out for their stupid-ass beliefs about people who are doing real harm in the world and why we can’t just take the “to each his own” approach to this.  When we’re seeing the rates of diseases that we’ve vaccinated against on the rise in this country, and more and more children getting sick, the principle I described above most definitely applies.  But they’re my coworkers, and I have to be nice.  Even if their beliefs on this issue are fucking stupid and need to be seriously examined.

Everywhere you look, it’s just you having to suck it up and be nice to every goddamn person everywhere because otherwise you get in trouble.  It’s professional, after all.  I probably have a lot of coworkers who think this way.  People whose intelligence I reasonably respect until I hear crap like this.  Then I have to accept that they have these working parts of their brains, and the parts that they turn off for whatever personal reason.  To turn your intellect off.  The cornerstone of American society.

You can’t talk about nothing with nobody.  Everything has to be filtered through a censor with everyone.  I’d say fuck that, but my own rational brain that actually works told me to just go out for a while and come back.  Otherwise I would have torn their stupid ideas a new one, at which point I’d be in trouble.  The curse of being born with a ton of common sense.  Now here I am, wishing I could go back in time and pick that fight because their ideas are stupid on the face of it and somebody needs to fucking tell them!

Maybe that’s how common sense works.  When you accept other people’s stupid ideas and just go about your day because the alternative is worse.  And that’s why being nice sucks.  Because the only way it works is if you kiss everyone else’s ass all the fucking time.  Unless you have enough money to be able to tell people to fuck off.

Like this morning, I am waiting for the elevator to get to my job.  There is this woman there with me.  The door opens, and she just rushes inside, even though there was someone about to come out.  How fucking rude!  But I can’t say anything.  I wanted to.  Wanted to look that bitch right in the eye, with her prissy attitude and expensive clothes, shoes, and handbag, and say, “manners cost nothing, you know.”  But nope!  Just kept quiet and thought that this is why people across the world think that Americans aren’t civilized.  You know, because we’re not.

All I want is to be financially successful enough to tell people what I really think of them.  Over the weekend I told a family member what I think of her, and it felt fucking great!  She is such a bitch to me that being able to tell her off was just the best.  All she ever is is a complete cunt-rag to me.  After our parents’ die, and we get through probate, we will likely never speak again.  Fine by me!  Let our familial connection die out and we go our separate ways.  Will save me a lot of headache.

In the end, I just want to be the jerk that everyone claims I’m not.  I don’t do good things because I want to!  I do them because I feel like it would be a bigger inconvenience if I didn’t!  Like when my aunt was at the hospital and stayed with her while my uncle was in surgery.  If ANYONE else had shown up, I would have left!  I hadn’t eaten dinner yet.  I was hungry and wanted to go home!  My being there at that time was a fucking accident!  And she had to pile on the fucking hero worship after that.  It pissed me off.  Just acknowledge I did something nice and move on.  Just a simple thanks, and we go about our day.  But no!  Down the road, she sees how negative I am online and gets so pissed because she took that initial interaction is what I am really like.  I was a LOT meaner than I should have been when I lost my cool about what happened that night, but it needed to be said.

Being an adult fucking sucks, and I am sick of it.  Sick of everything.  Sick of being alive.  But there’s no other option.  I don’t have the guts to take the quick way out.

Until next time, a quote,

“You gotta kiss some serious booty to get ahead in this world.  Man, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.  See, I like to take the one-knee approach.  It puts the booty, like, right in front of the lips.” – Capt. Jimmy Wilder, Independence Day

Peace out,