Morality in Media: A Porn Joke We Can all Laugh To (Part Deux)

Well, I just found out that the woman who I attacked in a previous post by the same name has made another video, this time saying that we all need to vote Republican, to get rid of porn.  And I felt that it was only correct that I go after her again.  After all, I am nothing if not fair.  So, with that in mind, here is a link to her absurdity, and let’s do this.

Hi, it’s Dawn from Morality in Media and Porn Harms.

Hey Dawn, how ya been?  I hope there are no hard feelings from me calling you out for the racist that you are.  I mean, it was all from an innocent place, ie. wanting to call out a bigot for saying bigoted things.  I’m glad that you are talking to me again.  What do you have to say?

I’m really excited about something that happened today.  So, I wanted to make a quick video and let you know.

That’s awesome.  What are you excited about?  Did you change your mind about your stupid ideas about porn being harmful to society?  Did you amend the idiotic belief that you have of porn somehow being linked to the practice of sex trafficking?  Or rather, that porn is a direct cause of it (which she has alluded to, so don’t say I am making this up)?  What has gotten you so excited?

So, the Republican Party, I found out, is changing their platform to not only cover child pornography, but also hardcore pornography or obscenity.

Uhhh, yeah, that’s been a big point of the Republican Party for years.  Rick Santorum, when he was running for the Republican nominee was promising to get rid of porn.  Christine O’Donnell promised that she would get rid of all porn, abortion, women’s rights, and even said that she would make laws against masturbation in her run as governor.  Almost all the big Tea Party Republicans have had this position.  So, your knowledge is out of date, but given the last video you made, and what you said, I am not surprised.  You aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed.  But let’s see what her thoughts are about this.

I know that everybody has their political views, and I’m not trying to push any one political party definitely.


But I think anybody who is anti-pornography will count this as a victory.

How?  Really, how is this a victory?  Think about this – the Republican Party has NOTHING to offer the American people.  Mitt Romney’s polling numbers are abysmal.  He has given up on the minority vote, which is good, because as Bill Maher said, he couldn’t get black people to vote for him if he “gave them a Lincoln.”  The only, and I do mean only chance that Romney has of winning this election is if he can get the vast majority of the white vote.  And that is simply not going to happen.  How is the Republican Party’s support of this idiocy a boon for you?  If you could explain that to me, Dawn, I would really be pleased.

So, the platform is now going to read current laws on all forms of pornography and obscenity need to be vigorously enforced.  The GOP is not advocating for any new laws, it’s important to understand that.

Actually, that’s a problem.  If they are serious about getting rid of porn, the only way that they could do that is with new laws.  The current laws we have regarding pornography are very much in defense of the industry, provided that they adhere to very strict safety regulations.  For those who don’t know, the porn industry was recently put in hold until a problem with and STI outbreak was identified and dealt with.  So yeah, this isn’t going to help them, it’s going to hurt them.

They are just saying that they want the existing federal obscenity laws to be enforced.  And those laws prohibit the distribution of hardcore pornography, or obscenity on the internet, on cable, satellite, on television.  In hotels, motels, retail shops.

What?!  Wow, you cannot possibly be this stupid!  That isn’t true at all!  The current laws prohibit the sales of these things to minors, along with making sure that the industry has strict adherence to all the aforementioned safety regulations, along with making sure that underage models are not used in videos.  Dawn, this is bullshit, and you are telling these people outright lies.  I’m curious, what laws in-particular are you talking about?  What section of the legal code do you use to back this up?  You going to fill us in on that?

Yet, pornography is all over those places, that’s because the laws are not being enforced at all, and haven’t really been vigorously enforced for a while.

Well, you didn’t answer my question.  You just talk about these “laws.”  Yeah, never mind that you are full of shit.  The reason that these places do this is because they legally can.  Otherwise, all the sources you mentioned would have legal hell to pay.  You are lying, straight-up lying to people, and I find that interesting.  Especially since you are endorsing the Republican Party.  They are pretty big on that too.

About two years ago, we started efforts called “The War on Illegal Pornography Coalition,” to get these laws enforced again.

What laws?  Where in the legal code do you justify this?!  For real, if you can’t answer this, then how do you expect your dim-witted audience to take this bullshit seriously?!

We work with 127 national and state and local groups.

Which she doesn’t name.

We’ve got almost half of the Senate and many members of the House working with us too.

Whose names she never gives.

And it’s people on both sides of the aisle.  Both Republicans and Democrats.

Of course it is…

So, again, I want to stress that I’m not pushing the Republican Party, I’m just very excited that they’re addressing the issue “officially” (she used hand-quotes, not me).

Yet you are using the same tactics of lying and using emotional manipulation that the Republican Party does.  Interesting…

You know, our current President, the President of our organization, Patrick Truman, he used to be the Chief at the US Department of Justice, who was responsible for enforcing these obscenity laws.

Well, he must have been doing a bad job of enforcing these laws that you never give reference to.  I mean, we all can still find porn really easily.

And when he was there, they never lost a case against the major producers and distributors of illegal pornography.

And you give what case references?  US vs…who?  For real, where is your evidence?  This is a pretty big thing, so why are you not throwing data at us?  Could it be that you are feeding us lies?  Could it be that you are not talking about how the producers of porn (by the way, to her, all porn is illegal.  She’s not just talking about child pornography) still had plenty of business over the last…well, forever.

And because of that, the worst types of pornography, which was rape-themed chat pornography, and child-themed pornography, it was pretty much wiped out.

Again, no evidence.  No case files, no case data, no triumphant data of any kind that you could reference to.  We just have to take this on your word.  Wow, you and the Republican Party will get along.

Because people were afraid to make and sell it!  So many others were going to jail and losing their assets because of it.

Which you offer as what to evidence…oh never mind.  This is getting dull.  I’ll just keep going.

So, if those laws would just be enforced again today, the worst type of pornography would be decreased.  A lot of the harms would be decreased in our society.

Such as?

I don’t have to spell out the harms for you.  Most of you already know that adults and children today are developing lifelong addictions to pornography.

With what studies as evidence?

There’s now a huge problem of child pornography.  Bigger than ever before!  It’s not that, all of the sudden, there are a bunch of pedophiles that are around, it’s that we’ve been grooming these people for years.

Oh, her comments about this should be rich.

People who are regularly viewing pornography find that they can no longer be satisfied by the same times of images.  So, they’re deviating to harder materials.

WHAT?!  Where is the evidence for this?!  For real, this is a HUGE leap of logic to make!  I mean, this is epically huge!  So, let me see if I got this right, just so I can understand.  If somebody looks at porn, any kind of porn, even if it is just a girl sitting there, looking pretty, while naked, they are going to want harder and harder stuff.  Are you talking like S&M?  Are you talking rape-porn?  If so, that is such bullshit!  I know plenty of people who think that S&M is something they wouldn’t even consider, and they look at porn on a fairly regular basis.  This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!

Including child-pornography to kind of just get off on it.

That is such bullshit.  Everyone I know who likes porn, even if they REALLY like it, find child pornography disgusting and morally wrong, and would never look at it.  They find it demeaning and as offensive as you do.  What you have said is bullshit, plain and simple.

To find satisfaction.  We know that 56% of divorces cite internet pornography as a major factor for the divorce.

And this came from what source?

Internet pornography is leading to increase in demand for sex trafficking.

Bullshit!  Again, almost all of the porn that people are watching is made by legal companies, who have women who are paid good money, who are out in the open, have Twitter accounts, and who are legally bound making these.  How is this increasing the demand for sex trafficking?

Um, recent studies (which she never references) are now talking about how men in their 20’s are reporting, uh, they’re developing porn-induced sexual dysfunction.  There are so many articles about that in the last few months.

From what source?  Oh, you’re not going to tell us?  Okay.  Never mind.  I thought you were actually somebody who cared about the truth.  My mistake…

So, I’m really excited about this development.  So many people are suffering because of pornography, so it’s important that our leaders do something about it.

Yeah, people sure are suffering.  All those men who are sexually awkward, and can’t find anybody to be with them, romantically, are now finding that they have an outlet for their sexual frustration.  Those people sure are suffering.  I mean, think about it – if we got rid of porn, we could have these sexually frustrated people walking the streets!  Who knows, maybe they could find an actual woman to vent their frustration on!  Doesn’t that sound better?!  Doesn’t rape sound so much better?!

We already have the tools, the laws are already on the books.  They’ve been upheld by the Supreme Court.  It’s not a Republican or Democrat issue.

You got that right.  It’s not an issue at all.

But, we’re grateful, and we’re grateful that the Republican Party has made this an official stance.  If you want to learn more about what you can do, go to our website,  We have a lot of research listed about the harms.  A lot of resources listed if you’ve been struggling with addiction, or if somebody in your family is.  And we have a lot of advocacy efforts available there.  Thanks for your support, I hope you are excited with me!

And that is how this woman ends her video.  Yeah, I went to her site, and I guarantee that they have NOTHING of substance that backs up any of her bullshit.  Dawn, you are so ready to be with the Republican Party.  You have already perfected how they argue!  Lie to people, and use fear tactics!  Good for you!

Until next time, a quote,

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”  -Albert Einstein

Peace out,


F*ck Square Enix!

Ugh, what is it with these people?!  This is going to be a rant purely for a rant’s sake, so if that isn’t what you are interested in, you might want to skip this post.  What I have just seen is so pathetically dumb, and so off-pissingly stupid that I am really needing to vent this.  What I have seen today is just so stupid, and I am not getting how Square Enix is not ashamed right now.

For those who aren’t total nerds, there was a new Final Fantasy XIII title announced.  It was a title that, just like XIII-2, NOBODY asked for!  I mean, seriously, what the fuck?!  This is so fucking stupid!  They are making another Final Fantasy XIII game, and here’s the kicker – it isn’t Versus XIII.  The one game that everybody has been waiting for for 6 years, and that isn’t the game we are getting.  On the 25th anniversary event for the Final Fantasy series that is going on, there are no events even talking about this game!  What the hell?!

For the longest time, this game had been declared vaporware by the few people left who actually care.  I have been trying to hold out hope for this game.  It is supposed to be a dark fantasy realism game, with a giant open world, Kingdom Hearts style combat, and a premise that is both dark and engaging.  It was supposed to be the total opposite of XIII.  But Square Enix’s people have swore that the game is still in development.  What?!  After six years, it is still only in development?!  I am starting to think that calling bullshit on that is perfectly understandable.

So, when they could have been finishing this game that they swear they are finishing, what did they give us instead?  They gave us XIII-2.  This game was a boring, lackluster, shoed-in game that did nothing for the story, added nothing to the story, nothing to the universe.  It added nothing.  It was a cash-in, in every single sense of the word.  I hated that game.  So much so that I couldn’t even finish it.  By the end, I literally didn’t care anymore.

And now, when they still could be working on this game that they swear isn’t dead, and that we are all going to be so jealous of, what are they giving us?  Another fucking XIII title!  It isn’t XIII-3, thank god, but it might as well be!  It is a story that simply involves Lightning, and she has to save a civilization before a doomsday clock runs out.  That’s it.  Man, enough!  I am done with these characters!  If you are going to give us anything, here’s a thought – give us the game that we all asked for!  We asked for Versus XIII, and that’s the one thing you have failed to deliver!

I am starting to think that this franchise has no future, and should just be stopped.  Square Enix keeps making more and more of these games, hoping that we are going to not be annoyed the next time.  Either that, or they are just cashing in on die-hard fans.  So, either they are incompetent bastards, or money-grubbing whores.  Either way, this hurts me.  This franchise once stood for something.  It stood for fantasy game designers being able to flex their muscles, try out new ideas.  It was a place to create new an imaginative worlds.  And now, instead of having that, all we have is hackneyed writing, hackneyed ideas, and a company who is choosing to waste money and player’s time with more bullshit, when they could be giving us what we asked for.

They could be remaking VII and VIII right now.  They could be finishing Versus XIII right now.  They could be doing any number of things, and now, they are simply giving us a game that was made to cash in, and it hurts me a little inside.

Fuck you, Square Enix.  Fuck you…

Peace out,


“The Black Cat” Preview

Well, I am working on a new novel, entitled – The Black Cat.  Here is just a small excerpt.  Hope you enjoy!

Prologue: The Claw Marks

            The car came to a stop.  This was the fourth night in a row that rain had been pouring down.  Taking out his umbrella, the man in the car got out slowly.  This was the fifth case.  The fifth case of untold amounts of destruction, and no people around to witness it, no source of destruction, and the few witnesses there were talking about screams, and screeching roars.
The scene was covered in other police officers.  Some were wearing ponchos, others had umbrellas.  Like any crime scene, there were lots of little markers on the ground with numbers on them, each indicating a piece of evidence.  The area was blocked off.  The problem here was – the area was huge.  Almost two city blocks, but all in the space between buildings.  The run-down apartments that looked down on the madness in the alleys were a testament to how ruined this city was becoming.  Garbage was blowing in the wind and rain.  Were it not for the massive chunks of brick torn out of the wall, you would never know that something had happened here.  The special flood-lights that the police had for these nights were set up, shining on the scene.
The man’s partner, a young woman who had her bleach-blonde hair tied back in a ponytail nodded in greeting.
“So,” he began, “is it just like the others?”
The woman nodded, looking over a chart under her own umbrella.  “Yeah.  Walls smashed to pieces, windows wrecked, huge chunks of mortar ripped out of the buildings.  It’s a complete mess.”
Looking over the ruin, he nodded, taking it all in.  From the looks of things, whatever had happened here, it was everywhere.  The marks were on the street, in the walls, through windows, inside dumpsters.  If he didn’t know better, he would swear that a couple of dinosaurs were fighting it out.
“This if the fifth case, Gloria.  People are starting to get scared.  They are saying that there are rampaging monsters on the loose…” His voice trailed off as he looked at the scene.  Something drew his gaze.  There was a large black mark on the pavement.  He walked over, crouching down.  “What is this?”
Looking at the report, she then looked down at the mark.  “Unknown.  It looks like something was scorched into the pavement.  Damned if I know what.  The forensic people are saying that all trace evidence of it is ruined in the rain.  It’s washing away.”
The man nodded, standing back up.  “Something isn’t right here, Gloria.  This is five cases.  Each of them is the same MO.  Tons of destruction, almost no witnesses, and there are no cameras anywhere that can catch anything.  What is big enough to do this kind of damage?  Better question – what is big enough to do this kind of damage that can come in unseen, and leave unseen too?”  He knew that asking this was rhetorical.  There were no answers.  None that either of them hadn’t thought of already, and then dismissed because they just didn’t make sense.  He just needed to get it out in the open.  He just needed to say something.  It was then that he noticed a very small sound.  Amidst all the rain and wind, he almost didn’t notice it.  It was the sound of mortar falling.  Keeping his head under the umbrella, he looked up.  True enough, there was falling mortar.  He couldn’t see into the rain.  Taking out his flashlight, he shined it up on the walls.
He shined the light on the wall, until something caught his eye.  On one of the awnings, untouched by the rain, there were marks on the wall!  They were going up.  Underneath another awning, there were more.  And the one above that.  And the one above that.  Up and up they went, until they were at the very top of the building, going over.
“What the hell is that?” the woman asked, her eyes wide.
Smiling, the man looked over at her.  “That, my dear, is a new clue.  Another piece of the puzzle.”  He didn’t need to say what that piece was.  Whatever had done this, it could move quick and fast.  The claw marks were also massively smaller than the ones that were on the street and in the buildings.  This was something small, fast, and with claws.  There was another piece.  There were two parties involved in this, and that helped put more things in place.  It was a fight.  That made sense, given the destruction.  But if the claw marks went up, it seemed obvious that the smaller party either won, or escaped, with the bigger unable to follow.  The man’s eyes again went to the rapidly deteriorating black mark on the ground.  It was big, really big.  Two parties, one big, one small.  The small one gets away, and there is a giant black burn mark where something big was.  The two looked at each other.  The look on both of their faces was clear – whatever the larger thing was, it was defeated, and burned to cinders.  It vanished.  That was how it didn’t get noticed.
“Mike, what is going on?” the woman asked.
“I don’t know, but I know this much – we’re getting close.  Ever closer.  Each piece has a meaning.”  He turned, heading back toward his car.  Indeed, he could feel part the picture starting to come into focus.  Not much, but it was finally starting to.

Until next time, a quote,

“A reading man and woman is a ready man and woman, but a writing man and woman is exact.”  -Marcus Garvey

Peace out,


The City Night

I look out the window, at the wind that passes through the trees outside of my dorm room.  The rain has passed, and now only the wind remains.  The raindrops glisten as they blow away in the endless gale that is the night here in the city.

Looking up, I see the auburn sky.  The endless, ceaseless lights of the city reflect off of the clouds.  This is a city that never truly knows night.  There is forever light.  Forever a source of it that reflects off of the sky.  Do they know of the stars?  Have they seen the beauty of the silent ocean of stars?  Part of me doubts.

Night here is filled with noise.  The endless processions of cars, though they dwindle in number, do not stop in flow.  It is an eternal river that cannot be dammed, cannot be halted.  Even the most dedicated forces of Mother Nature can halt them for but a while.  The cars do not stop.  There is the sound of talking.  The creatures of the night here go out, stalking the night.  Whatever do they look for?  For myself, I was cursed with the night.  Cursed to never know rest.  Cursed to never be able to find solace.  Well, not entirely true.

I have found solace in the arms of another.  Whenever love has graced me with its presence, or somebody who I could be physically intimate with, I have gotten the best nights of sleep in my life.  My late fiance.  She was such an amazing woman.  Her and I could talk all night.  But when we didn’t talk, when we just held each other, it was the happiest I have ever been.  There was another.  A recent person who held and still holds a special place in my heart, just for those few nights of intimacy we shared together.  For those nights when we were both able to forget our troubles and be in each others presence.

Night in the city has so little solace.  It is a place of endless noise, endless light, and endless activity.  Are the people afraid?  That seems to be a common theme, among those who consider themselves “normal.”  They don’t like the darkness.  If the lights go out, they get scared, and unsure.  Why?  Perhaps that is one of those questions that nobody will ever answer.

The night here brings us no peace.  Our friends are far away, you see.  So few are here.  They are all so busy.  We are not who they want to see.  We are…inconvenient, I guess.  So, we are cursed, condemned, to remain in this night, listening to the wind outside.  Such a peaceful sound.  If only we could join it.  Be carried off into the eternal breeze, and to know the peace that comes with that.

So much of this is just something that doesn’t make sense.  So much of this is just loss and loneliness that we can’t understand.  The night is a place of confusion.  We hate it, but we love it.  Society hates it, but they love it.  They fear it, yet they bask in it.  Their greatest passions flow in it.  They scream in ecstasy as the orgasms build.  They cry out in joy as they share a kind laugh with the one they love.  Yet they also fear its dark embrace.  Why?  Perhaps, these are questions that are just never meant to be answered.

Never, meant to be.

Until next time, a quote,

“To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”  -William Shakespeare

Peace out,


RIP, Neil Armstrong

A truly great man has died.  At the age of 82, Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the surface of the moon, has passed away.  The words he spoke, the first words ever spoken from the surface of the moon, have gone down in human history as some of the greatest words of triumph over the human spirit –

That’s one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.

Such an amazing thing to say.  So many people, for all the years that those words held meaning.  The people of this world came together to dream about the future.  We united behind an idea with those words.  The idea that the future was just around the corner.  That we could come together and that anything could happen.

What the people who spoke that idea didn’t know is that despite the wondrous accomplishment that happened, the reason for it was so much less wonderful.  We were working so hard to get to the moon because we were trying to beat the Russian.  When Russia launched Sputnik, we freaked.  As a nation, we came together, but if you look at the purpose, it was to prove how superior we were.  Our accomplishment doesn’t look so grand, when looking at it that way, huh?  No, it does not.

But the astronauts who accomplished this wanted to see it become something.  Despite the reasons, the accomplisments that were done are incredible.  We got to the moon!  That is an amazing achievement.  It took us 10 years to get there.  After how well that worked, everyone was saying that we would have established colonies there, be and have colonies on Mars by the end of the century.  But alas, five years later, the Apollo program is scrapped.  By the end of the century, NASA has been horribly downsized.  Today, they are a part of the country that is castrated.  Their budget is barely noticeable.  This is the part of the country that gave us the computer, the base structure for the internet, so much technology.  It all came from here.  The space program brought our country ahead, in so many ways.  It in no way set this nation back.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson made a very interesting point – the $800 billion bank bailout was larger than the entire 50 year budget of NASA.  NASA has done so much, and with less money than it took for this country to save the criminals who got us into the economic mess we are currently in.  That should shock people.  Yet I cannot tell you how many people think that funding NASA is a waste of time.  The people who make real dreams come true, and funding them is a waste of time.

What did Armstrong think of this?  When he watched stuff like this happen, when he watched the economy fall apart, and we paid more to the people who ruined than to NASA.  What did he think of that?  What went through his mind when he saw the utter ruin that we left our nation in after this?

The dreams of the astronauts in the Apollo program, and the huge culture behind them, was to see the future come today.  To see a better world than could have ever been imagined come today.  What have we done with these dreams?

The reality is that we have squandered them.  We have become a culture of acceptance.  We don’t want to dream about tomorrow, we just want to accept what we are given.  To hell with trying to make things better, we just have to make the best of what we are given.  Nobody, and I mean Nobody, is dreaming about the future anymore.  In this culture, when you do that, people get all annoyed.

Get your head out of the clouds, you fucking hippie!

So many times, that is what I hear.  So many times, that is the legacy of what the dreamers of the past have.  In reality, that is the legacy of what our species has.  Our species’ legacy is that we have become a culture that accepts mediocrity, and won’t stand up for anything.  Whenever we do, the people are brutally put down, and now, they are gone.  Those who stood up, a year ago, and told those on Wall Street that we aren’t going to take anymore are not totally silent, but getting there.  More and more, the people just accept what is, and don’t dream for tomorrow.

And of course, the government at large endorses this.  A people who dream as a people who try.  A people who try are a people who demand.  A people who demand are a people who won’t let them walk all over them, the way that people do now.  Why would this government want dreamers?

The truth is that all the hope, and all the passion that drove Neil Armstrong has been forgotten.  Forgotten amidst the corporate wasteland that America has become.  Forgotten by the apathetic public who is so tired of being lied to and ignored by their leaders that they just don’t care anymore.  They work to forget that, and simply try and do the best for themselves.  Forgotten by the people who are so dumb, with an education system and an infrastructure so bad, that they are being left behind by the rest of the world.

Neil Armstrong was a great man.  He did something that few other people can even imagine.  His legacy will live on, but the greatest tragedy of all is that his legacy should be living on now.  Right now, we should be naming the first colony on the Moon after him.  We should be giving him a special statue there, where his memory can be respected for all time.  And that’s not what we’re doing.  Sure, government authorities and people of importance will come out and say how great Neil Armstrong was, but until I hear this President or any government official give me a good explanation for why we have butchered NASA, and not kept the dream going, here is my response to all of them –

Shut the fuck up.

Until next time, a quote,

“I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don’t intend to waste any of mine.”  -Neil Armstrong

Peace out,


My Illness

I thought about doing this as a status post on my Facebook page, but here seemed a lot better.  I have a problem.  It is something that I have had for a long time, and it is something that I am going to have for the rest of my life.

It is a kind of depression, but it isn’t like other depression.  This kind of chronic.  Incredibly so.  It comes and it goes.  When it comes, it comes hard.  It has come at me tonight, and I am feeling it bad.

Why not take anti-depressants?  Well, that’s the rub – with this kind of depression, meds are shown to more often make things worse than better.  It is that hardcore.  So, I just have to push through it.  But man, it is getting harder and harder.  Nights like tonight are just so hard, and I am feeling that there is nobody out there who would be there if I fell.
Well, there is one person.  And I really haven’t been giving her the credit she deserves.

She is such an amazing person.  In another universe, maybe her and I would have had something.  Every time I feel bad, she is there, reaching out, trying her damndest to make me feel better.  I know that it can’t be easy.  I am a very negative person with this, and I can often make her feel very bad, because she can’t help, even though she is trying.  I have taken for granted how hard she tries, and I feel awful about that.  Especially with what is happening tonight.

I feel like I am wandering the darkness.  Like I am lost, and the lights that I comes across are so few, so fleeting, that it is like they aren’t even there.  I am lost in an ocean of darkness.  But there is a river of light below me.  Problem is – if I stare into that river for too long, then I will risk getting taken away by it.  I will lose myself to it.  But I want to do that so damn bad.  I want to just get lost, to not have an obligations to this world.  Wouldn’t that be a better life.

But I can’t.  I have to keep going.  If for no other reason, it is for that aforementioned friend.  I love her, with all my heart.  Part of me wishes that her and I could have been something.  I squandered that as well.  But I am not going to just leave her alone in this world.  She is such a child at heart, that this ugly world of grown-ups can be a little much for her.  I won’t do that to her.  She means more to me than that.

Perhaps the most tragic part is – that’s the best reason I can come up with.  I’m miserable, lost, lonely, and feel trapped.  The best reason I can think of for continuing to live is because I want to make somebody’s life better.  That’s it.  Beyond that, what’s the point?  My blood is toxic and slowly killing me.  My heart is slowing coming apart.  My legs are slowing wearing away, to the point where they are going to have to be cut off.  I don’t see the bright side in all of this.

And I am totally, 100% alone.  Romantically speaking, of course.  I gave up on dating, because it was more pain than it was worth.  There was a girl who actually said to me that if I were more attractive, I would get more dating opportunities.  She cited that the culture is completely superficial and that I might as well roll with it.  As heartless and as unpleasant as that comment was, you know what, I actually admire her for it.  I admire the honesty.  At least she says, up front, that I should just embrace being shallow.  It is amazing.

Paying attention to politics, I have seen how shit is going to hell in a hand-basket in this country, and all because in the war between smart and stupid, stupid is winning.  The future is a horribly ugly place.  Man, what do I have to look to?  The more I look at things, the worse the picture gets.

But I have this one connection.  This one person who tries so hard to see me happy.  To see me smile.  That’s all she wants.  And that is enough.  It is so hard, but I guess, if that is all I can look forward to, I gotta say, it does look a lot nicer.

Until next time, a quote,

“I start to think there really is no cure for depression, that happiness is an ongoing battle, and I wonder if it isn’t one I’ll have to fight for as long as I live. I wonder if it’s worth it.”  -Elizabeth Wurtzel

Peace out,


The Republican Mask is Off?

You know, it is getting almost too amusing to watch the modern Republicans and conservatives who are running for office.  This is so ridiculous, yet at the same time, so horrible, that one must actually pause and legitimately think about what it all means for the future of this country, and that causes worry.

Take Frank Szabo, for instance.  He is a New Hampshire candidate running for sheriff.  When asked what his opinion was about abortion, he replied that he would go so far as to use deadly force to stop the abortion from happening.  Let me say that again, because it bears repeating – if he sees a doctor performing a procedure that is completely legal in this country, he would used deadly force against this person.  He would kill them.  A sheriff candidate of New Hampshire wants to murder doctors.  Straight-up, no BS, murder.  In other words, he wants to take what is legal, and make it illegal, at the threat of violence.  He is a protector of the law who wants to make the law.  Think about that for a few.

Next up, we’ve got Tennessee senator, Stacey Campfield.  This guy had some rather interesting thoughts on AIDS, and how it is spread –

Most people realize that AIDS came from the homosexual community. It was one guy screwing a monkey, if I recall correctly, and then having sex with men.  It was an airline pilot, if I recall.  My understanding is that it is virtually – not completely, but virtually – impossible to contract AIDS from heterosexual sex.

Yeah, that’s why there are massive amounts of cases of it in Africa, right?  Take another moment, and take this in.  This is a United States senator, saying something so stupid, and even admitting that they don’t know any better, and saying this on the record.  How stupid can you possibly get?

I mean, for one thing, it is incredibly unlikely that AIDS made the jump from chimps to humans.  That story has been debunked over and over again.  And the fact that this disease is a global pandemic, which has been helped along in Africa thanks to the zealotry of Catholics who refuse to supply condoms to villages where this disease is so bad that 1 in 4 people have it, obviously means nothing to you.

Next up, there is Rep. Steve King.  He has decided to add another point to the laundry-list of stupidity that has come from his mouth.  In a recent interview, he said that he hasn’t heard of a case where a girl got pregnant from statutory rape or incest.  This was in solidarity with the completely idiotic nonsense coming from Todd Akin, and his belief that if a woman gets raped, her body will be able to shut it down.  A statement that he has apologized for, yet hasn’t said is wrong.  Remember that.

This is the same guy who has said in the past that gays should just stay in the closet if they want their jobs, and not be open at all.  Basically saying that all the hate and bigotry of society shouldn’t be something that they get protection from.  They should just hide, and not be honest about who they are.

What interests me about all of these people is this – why are they being so openly evil?  I mean, we all knew that the Republicans were bought and paid for by the banks and Wall Street.  The Democrats are no better in that regard.  But the Democrats are still able to actually convince people that they are the good guys!  That they are on your side.  Heck, they have a huge cabal of liberals who are cheering for Health Care Reform, which, without a public option, is a huge birthday present to the private insurance companies.

I mean, look at Obama.  He has lied, time and time again, and he has massive support all over this country.  He has continued, and even grown the Bush doctrine, both foreign and domestic.  He promised that we wouldn’t be doing the same things with Wall Street and the financial institutions, yet he is taking his cues from the same people who destroyed our economy.  He said that he would go easy on people growing their own pot, yet he has expanded the drug war.  He promised tough reforms on Wall Street, yet he has given us beyond toothless garbage.  He said that he would push for tough health care reform, yet he dropped single-payer and the public option almost in the first day.  He has continued, and even grown ALL of the Bush Tax Cuts.  He swore that he wouldn’t give in to Republican demands on the debt ceiling, yet in the end, he gives them everything they want, and then some.

But all over this country, he has liberals coming out and chanting for him.  For some, it is the reasoning that Mitt Romney would be worse.  The evil they know over the evil they don’t.  For others, they actually seem to think that he is going to come back in the second term and really play hardball (cough*bullshit*cough).  And there are some who think that he has actually done some really good stuff, even though the evidence is massively stacked against him, and Mitt Romney, if he was actually a smart politician, could be beating the stuffing out of him right now with his own policies.  That is grade-A manipulation and lying.

Yet these Republicans are so evil, and wear it so much on their sleeves that I almost expect to see them do the pose that Dr. Evil did in Austin Powers.  I mean, they aren’t even hiding it!

So I guess the question is – how do we satire this?  For real, I am almost feeling bad for the people who write for The Onion.  Their job must be getting so difficult.  This nation and it’s electoral politics is becoming such an entertainment experience that part of me wonders if there are actual issues being talked about anymore.

But you know what interests me more – that half of this country actually wants that.  Half of this country actually will vote for people like this.  And yeah, the party lines are that tight.  Half liberal, half conservative.  Not exactly, but close enough.  They want this.  Why don’t we see the problems?

So, is the Republican mask off?  Hey, when you’ve got Ann Coulter, a prostitute for the conservative line, saying that Todd Akin has crossed the line, part of me has to think that, yeah, they have.

Until next time, a quote,

“Hey America, we live in a country where lying will get you elected, and telling the truth will get you called a ‘fringe crackpot.’  If you ever want this country to get any better, you might wanna reverse that.”  -TJ Kincaid, HONEST REPUBLICANS? 

Peace out,