NOM Shows Christian Ruthlessness, and Christian Bigotry

In the battle for gay rights, there is occasionally something that shows the total ugliness of the Christian position, or at least the most vocal Christian position.  I will say up front that there are plenty of people who believe in God who find the actions of these people as morally repugnant as I, and any other decent person do.  However, there is an incredibly large Christian base who openly does shit like what I am about to describe.

First, a little back-story.  There is a group in Maine called the National Organization for Marriage.  In 2009, they contributed over $1 million to the campaign to overturn gay marriage.  However, when NOM didn’t file the disclosure reports that are required when one donates over $5,000, the Maine Ethics Commission decided to investigate.  NOM then filed a lawsuit.  Their action was that the reporting requirements in Maine are unconstitutional.  They lost their case in district court, appeals court, and the Supreme Court wouldn’t hear it (good for them!).  Recently, a large series of documents were released by the group which paint a very ugly picture about what this group was trying to do.  Actually, scratch that.  Ugly is putting it REALLY politely.  Ugly is being nice beyond reason.  These documents show these people as some of the worst scum ever to greet to human race.

All clergy are key influencers on gay marriage, but Catholics are a key swing vote and Catholic clergy are notoriously difficult to personally reach.  The Catholic Clergy Project aims to use NOM’s close relationship with Catholic bishops to to equip, energize and moralize Catholic priests on the marriage issue.  NOM has provided this service to bishops in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Iowa, and Kansas to date.

That was just one of the parts of many documents, linked above.  Please read them all, so you can see for yourself how digusting these people are.  Of course, it should be no surprise that the Catholic church is going to be mobilized against gay marriage.  Catholic groups notoriously are against equality, for completely bullshit reasons, like their Gawd commands it, or other stupid shit.

Under The American Principles Project –

 Expose Obama as a social radical.  Develop side issues to weaken pro-gay marriage political leaders and parties and develop an activist base of socially conservative voters.  Raise such issues as pornography, protection of children, and the need to oppose all efforts to weaken religious liberty at the federal level.  This is the mission of The American Principles Project.

Yes, don’t talk about the real issue.  I love that they are tacitly admitting that they don’t have a case to bring to us on a reasonable level.  That would be too hard.  Instead, they do the usual Christian approach then the know that the society at large isn’t as morally repugnant and bigoted as they are – make it about something else!  Cloud the issue, and called “protecting children.”  This is another tactic that has been going on for as long as this has been a debate, only back then, they called these people pedophiles.  Now they just hide this belief, even though I’m sure many of them still have it.  Not to mention how they are making religion a federal issue, totally disregarding the 1st Amendment.

 Here’s the bottom line: Hollywood with its cultural biases is far bigger than we can hope to be.  We recognize this.  But we also recognize the opportunity – the disproportionate potential impact of proactively seeking to gather and connect a community of artists, athletes, writers, beauty queens and other glamorous non-cognitive elites across national boundaries,

Wow, did you catch that “non-cognitive” part?  They want stupid famous people who they can easily manipulate, and who will easily manipulate their equally-stupid audience.  I wonder if they are going to try and get Snooki on their side?  It’s a cheap, tasteless tactic, but it should be talked about because it is an admission that they realize that smart people don’t go for their crap.  Stupid people do.  Stupid people buy into this belief that gay marriage is so wrong.

One point I want to make is that, according to one of their financial sheets, this group allocates $120,000 to an outreach coordinator, for the express purpose of finding children of same-sex couples who will speak on camera.  The idea that they can manipulate these kids into talking smack about their gay parents.  What a bunch of sweet-hearts.  There is no end to the amount of ugliness in that!  There is no way I can articulate how sick this makes me!  These people are saying, outright, that they want to use children against their own parents.  That’s disgusting!  Beyond disgusting.  It’s obvious to me, and anybody else who cares that these people have no conscience whatsoever.  No morals, either.  This is beyond amoral.  This is the kind of shit that fascist dictators would do.  These people are neo-fascists.  I wish this was hyperbole, because I bet that’s how it sounds, but what else can you call a group of people who is trying to get children to be tools to use against their own parents?

Here is a tidbit from their Latino Project: An American Strategy –

The Latino vote is a key swing vote, and will be even more so in the future because of demographic growth.  Will the process of assimilation to the dominant Anglo culture lead Hispanics to abandon traditional values?  We can interrupt this process of assimilation by making support for marriage key badge of Latino identity.

Good god!  What is wrong with these people?!  You not only want to manipulate children against their parents, but you want to try and control a people’s racial identity in order to feed your own ends?!  Is there no level that you people will stoop to?  Does nothing offend your sensibilities?  Is there not some scrap of human decency that tells you how sick this kind of thing is?!  What the fuck?!

Here is a bit from their Not a Civil Right Project –

The strategic goal of this project is to drive a wedge between gays and blacks – two key Democratic constituencies.  Find, equip, energize, and connect African American spokespeople for marriage; develop a media campaign around their objections to gay marriage as a civil right.  Provoke the gay marriage base into responding by denouncing these spokesmen and women as bigots.  No politician wants to take up and push an issue that splits the base of the party.  Fanning the hostility in the wake of Prop. 8 is key to raising the costs of pushing gay marriage to its advocates and persuading the movement’s allies that advocates are unacceptably overreaching on this issue.  Consider pushing a marriage amendment in Washington D.C.; find attractive young black Democrats to challenge white gay marriage advocates electorally.

The ultimate lesson you can take away from all of this is – there is NOTHING, absolutely nothing that is beneath these pieces of shit.  There is no tactic that they will not employ to get what they want.  What they do is immoral, disgusting, repugnant, and motivated, 100%, by their beliefs.  Their Christianity guides this action.  While most of this sounds like politics, make no mistake, they are using politics as a way to push their own religious agenda, no matter how bigoted, against a group of people who have done nothing to them!

NOM, you are disgusting.  Everyone who supports you is disgusting.  You are bigots.  Everyone who supports you is also a bigot.  When the day comes that you no longer exist, these documents will show the entire world for exactly what you are – ruthless, pathetic, immature, homophobic, racist (because it is white people trying to control another culture), immoral and religious zealots, trying to destroy another group of people for your own faith message.

Fuck you, National Organization for Marriage.  FUCK…YOU!

Until next time, a quote,

“These documents reveal and organization that’s so outrageous and so openly ruthless, there’s simply no tactic that’s beneath them in their fight against our rights.”  -Zinnia Jones, Secret NOM documents reveal disgraceful, racist, anti-family strategy 

Peace out,


This is such fucking bullshit…

Lefty on the Left

There was a panel discussion about Proposition 5 at UAA tonight.  For the few Anchorage residents who don’t know, there is an issue that is up for a vote on April 3rd.  It is to extend the Title 5 protections, Sections 1-8, to include sexual orientation as a protected status when seeking employment or residence.

Like Ordinance 64, this issue is generating a great deal of criticism from the Christian-right.  The organizations leading the “Protect your Rights” (the opposition) effort are the Alaska Family Council and Focus on the Family.  One Anchorage is heading up the efforts in support of this proposition.

The attendence to this panel discussion was beyond dismal.  There were 23 people in total.  There was nobody from the opposition, including as one of the speakers.  it seems the speaker against it was going to be Daniel MacDonald.  There were two speakers in support, Brett Frazer, and a…

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God Loves Evil

Hypothetical situation – you and your girlfriend (or boyfriend) are walking down the road.  A bunch of thugs comes over and decides that they want to rob you.  But they look at you, or your significant other, and decide that you are female, and attractive, so they decide that they are going to rape you or them.  One of you is outright murdered, because this person isn’t hot and worthy of their time, and the other is brutally raped, left to die in a gutter.  But this person (you or them) lives.  They live on with that memory in their mind, forever.  Guess who was privvy to this information? God.  He saw it all.  He saw the whole thing happen.  And what did he do?  Nothing.

But Lucien, God gives us trials!  He never gives us more than we can handle!

Uh…yeah, that’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.  First-off, can a baby who dies of some horrible illness handle that?  Can the little kid whose family is murdered by vicious thugs handle it?  Can the teen girl who is forced to have sex with all the military guys of some country fight back?  Could the family who was murdered before that teen girl was repeatedly raped of stopped them from blowing them away with assault rifles?  What about you?  Say you are the one who got murdered.  These thugs jumped you, and blew your brains out before you could even think.  Were you able to handle that?

The idea that God is just giving us “tests” or “trials” is so ridiculous, and yet people believe that, so adamently.  I often think that most of those people (not all, but most), have never had anything really bad happen to them, so they just write off other people’s problems as something that they could handle, never having experienced it themselves.

Meanwhile, God has just witnessed and event that neither party could handle, and did nothing.  He does this all the time.  Genocide in African countries, starvation in African countries or America, disease and pestilence in places that can’t get modern medicine, all of these things are witnessed by an omni-present God every single day, and he does nothing.

But Lucien, God doesn’t interfere with free will!

What a joke.  Free will.  So, my question back to Christians is – do you believe in Fate?  The idea that the path of your life is chosen before you are even born?  If you believe in that, that everything is predestined to happen before you woke up that day, then you can’t believe in free will, because it’s not possible.  But let’s give this whole idea the benefit of the doubt for a second.  It’s still bullshit!

Look at it this way – God is in all places at all times, right?  So, he watches you or your significant other get brutally raped, and does nothing.  He cares more about the fact that people are free to murder and rape than he does for doing the right thing.  Would you sit back and watch?  Would you do nothing to stop a murderer or a rapist?  It’s free will, after all!  They have the right to do it!  Of course you wouldn’t!  You would do anything you could to stop this from happening.  You would fight to save the lives of those people or person.  That’s just basic human decency.  It’s the reality that Christians don’t want to face, because in their mind, God is perfect.  Yeah, so perfect that he allows murder and rape because it is “free will.”  Seems more like condoning evil to me.

Not to mention – what about the fucking Bible?!  In that, he performed miracle after miracle, in plain sight of everybody, openly taking away free will and changing the outcome of events before they happened!  Hell, he sent his kid/him down to Earth, and he did some REALLY big interfering, such as curing people of disease, taking away their blindness.  He even raised people from the dead!  Yeah, if that isn’t interfering, I don’t know what is.

And some will comment that it is after Jesus that God stopped interfering.  Yeah, that’s bullshit.  The public still says that miracles are happening from God all the time.  One pastor said that God helped him find his car keys.  His fucking car keys!  This god is so pathetic that he will watch the murder and rape of innocent people, but will help a pastor find his car keys?!  The same God who doesn’t ever interfere in what happens in the world, right?  Of course.  Of course it is that way.  Convenient loopholes that those who don’t want to face reality create.

But Lucien, those guys will burn forever in Hell!

So?  So what?  Does that change what happened?  Does it change the fact that you or the person you were with was raped or murdered?  Does it change the fact that this incident has scarred either party for the rest of their lives?  Not to mention – how exactly is them burning in Hell forever going to make it all better?  Eternal torture, you think that’s a good punishment?  You think that them burning forever is just fine?  For all eternity, a time-frame that you narrow-minded people can’t even begin to comprehend, they are going to suffer.  Unless, of course, they come to God and sincerely are sorry for what they did.  After that, he has an open-door policy for stuff like this.  By God’s logic, it is entirely possible that Hitler and Stalin are in Heaven.

The simple reality is that if God exists, he stands in solidarity of evil.  He lets evil work, while going against his own policy to not interfere in order to help people with the most menial things on Earth.  While, everyday, there is suffering, disease, death, rape, you name it, going on all over the planet, and not one time does he step in and stop it.  Not one time.  That is NOT a character who is good.  That is a character who is evil.  That’s the real reality of Christianity.  The reality is that God is a monster, who either doesn’t care, or openly acknowledge what an evil piece of shit he actually is.

Until next time, a quote,

“In order to believe the Christian message, you have to believe this – that those 100,000 years, people were born, died.  Usually, many of them, in child-birth.  Either the mother or the child.  Had a life expectancy of about 28 years, 25.  Died of mircoorganisms they didn’t know existed.  Genesis doesn’t mention them, because the people who write Genesis don’t know about microorganism.  Earthquakes would have been terrifying.  Tsunamis, volcanoes, mysterious events.  War, famine, super-imposed on us.  You can all fill out this picture for yourselves, I’m sure.  That was our life for tens of thousands of years, on and on it went.  Maybe a gradual upward curve, of a sort.  We seem to have made some progress.  Very painfully and with infinite suffering and labor.  And with our solidarity still intact.  Now here’s what you have to believe – You have to believe heaven watched over all that, for 98,000 years.  And after 98,000 years, they decided 2,000 years, it may be time to intervene.  And the best way of doing that would be to have a filthy human sacrifice in a very remote part of Palestine.  And the news of this still has no penetrated to the rest of the world, and I don’t think will be believed when it does, and isn’t believed by me, and can’t be believed by any thinking person.”  -Christopher Hitchens

Peace out,


Schools Ban Hugging, Walkers, and Best Friends? REALLY?!

In the world of public education, there are dumb decisions, really dumb decisions, and decisions so stupid, they defy comprehension.  This is one of the third group.  These are three stories.  Stories that actually make me think – how does The Onion satirize this?  I am really trying to think of a way.  This is so stupid, so incredibly insane that I honestly get a little weirded out thinking about it.  That said, here we go.

The first story is from The Sun.  It talks about a new policy that some schools are implementing where, instead of telling children that they should have a best friend, they should engage in group play, not latching on to any one person.  That’s right, these schools are effectively trying to get rid of best friends.  See why I’m wondering how The Onion could satirize this?  I mean really, it is almost its own joke.

The reason for doing this, according to teachers, if a student has a best friend, and they have a falling out, then they will feel the pain of losing the person.  You know, that emotion thing that these teachers apparently want to get rid of – pain.  Really, that’s what they are trying to do.  They are trying to engineer how children in this country interact.  That’s not just weird, it’s kind of disturbing.  I mean, these relationships help a child grow.  They are the first steps in a child being able to care about a person.  These people want to just take that away?  Big Brother would be creeped out by that.  For real, ths kind of thing, according to psychologists, can break a kids identity, making them be part of a larger group.

The next story is from Houston, Texas.  A mother is planning to sue the school district because they are not allowing her daughter, who has severe Cerebral Palsy, to have a walker at school.  Since she cannot get around without the walker, they are effectively kicking her daughter out of school.  Why are they doing this?  Because the girl fell over in the parking lot.  Take a look at the link above, and you’ll find the audio she got from a meeting with the school officials, where they outright told her that they are banning her because they “don’t feel like it’s safe any longer.”  The mother came right back with them saying that a kid who falls over on the playground isn’t deprived of their shoes.

This is not only insulting, but it is kind of sick.  This girl fell over, with her mother, and they are essentially kicking her out of school.  What does that say about the Texas education system?  Oh, right, this is the same state that got rid of Thomas Jefferson from their textbooks and replaced him with John Calvin.  But for real, I hope that this mother takes this school district to the cleaners.  I normally am against suing schools, but for things like this, she has every right to be angry, and these people need to be taught a lesson.  Somebody needs to take the school officials back to school.

The third story, if those two weren’t depressing enough, is of a policy at a school in New Jersey has actually banned hugging.  I’m not kidding, they banned hugging.  Apparently, according to the principal of that school, hugging is “unsuitable, physical interaction.”  What?!  What the hell is that?!  This school is actually banning kids from hugging.  Let’s see the school officials actually enforce this.  In this instance, I advocate that the students hug as much as you can, right in front of the teachers.  This idea needs to go.

What makes this even weirder is that according to superintendent David Healy, there will be no punishment against the students who are caught hugging.  So, the question becomes – why do this?!

These three things are ridiculous.  The really sad and pathetic part is that these are real stories.  This isn’t some kind of satire, these are real school officials who really think that this kind of activity is okay.  To ban human interaction, because they believe that it is for the interests of the children, or to outright ban a child from being in a school because of their disability.

How do you satire this?  I mean, really, can you please tell me a way that this can be made fun of?  From where I’m sitting, it seems like it makes fun of itself, because it endorses the idea that American children are stupid.  They are being made stupider by their educators.  Each and every school official who believes that this is a good idea is stupid.  Beyond stupid.  There is a word for how stupid they are – stupiditarded.  They are stupiditarded.  They are propogating stupidity, but worse than that – they are doing real harm.

Banning best friends?!  Honestly, that is really really sick.  This needs to be attacked in a very brutal way.  Having a best friend is the beginning of a person’s ability to interact with their fellow man.  And hugging is a way for people to show affection, and actually care about their fellow man.  Do the people who are are against this want these kids to not care?  This is America, after all, and we are being taught every day that our fellow man doesn’t matter.  Rather, the collective matters.

It’s starting to look like The Onion can just be a straight news organization.  This is beyond idiocracy.  I can’t begin to wrap my mind around what kind of discussion was had to actually encourage stuff like this.  Some people will say that this is the kind of thing you’d see Big Brother doing, but even their methods weren’t this stupid.  This isn’t indoctrination, it’s stupidifying.  We are making our youth stupider.

When Americans bitch about how bad the education system in this country is, I will point to stuff like this and say – you complain, but at the same time, you let shit like this happen.  You’ve got nobody to blame but yourself for how dumb your children are.

Until next time, a quote,

“The bottom line is this, Elliot – there are a lot of dumb people in the world.  And it only seems like they’re getting dumber.  It just so happens to be that some of these dumb people are in control of our schools so they’re teaching our kids to be dumb, and overly-sensitive.  So we’re making more dumb and overly-sensitive people.  It’s a vicious cycle!”  -Joe Bereta, School Bans Best Friends 

Peace out,


JezuzFreek and Kirk Cameron – a Gay Couple

Well, there are two people that I am going after with this post.  The first is Kirk Cameron.  I’m not going to link his video, because I don’t want this bigoted twat-faced loser associated with my channel.  I much prefer going after JezuzFreek777.  You see, he came out and defended this man for talking about why homosexuality is unnatural.  Cameron was on Piers Morgan’s show on CNN and said bigoted crap about how being gay is wrong.  But he’s got people defending him!  Well, JezuzFreek, let’s hear what you have to say.

Hello everyone, I wanted to talk to you about hate speech.

Oh boy, this is gonna be fun.  Alright, Freek, what have you got to say?

It’s one of those terms that kind of flippantly tossed around nowadays.

Uh, no, no it isn’t.  I don’t get where you are coming from.

As soon as someone hears somebody say that they don’t like, ‘Oh, it’s hate speech!  Hate speech I tell ya!  It needs to be stopped!’

Well gee, people call hate speech for what it is.  By the way, I rarely hear people say that it has to be stopped.  You have a right to say whatever stupid-ass thing you want to say.  You have a right to be as bigoted as you please.  We also have a right to call you out.  Don’t like that, Freek?

Kirk Cameron (his lover) recently, during a television interview, was asked his opinions concerning homosexuality.  And, he answered.

Just wait, you’re gonna love this!

I believe he kind of soft-sold it.  He kind of toned it down.  He wanted to be as least-offensive as possible.

Thank you for acknowledging that what he said was indeed offensive.  That kills a lot of the credibility of your argument, but hey, let’s keep going.

I don’t think his message was offensive, but I think that he knew that people would be riled by his answer.

He says that being gay is a sin and unnatural, and people are just supposed to accept that?  What kind of backwards world do you live in?

So instead of him taking the direct approach, that I would have prefered,

Because you’re a bigot.

and saying, ‘yes, I believe homosexuality is sinful.  Acting upon homosexual urges is indeed sin.’  Instead of saying that, he decided to offer that homosexuality is unnatural, and detrimental.  And destructive to the foundations that our society is built on.

How?!  How the hell is it destructive to the entire world if some guy or girl wants to snuggled up with the same sex?  What the fuck is it doing to the rest of the world?  What could it possibly do to these “foundations” of society that you so treasure?  Honestly, you numb-nutted imbecile, how could it hurt anybody?  Oh, right, it DOESN’T!  It doesn’t hurt anybody!  These are just people trying to live their lives, and you, you queer-eye-for-the-Cameron guy, don’t want to accept that you are not being hurt in any way by these people living out their private lives.  What an imbecile.

And I’m not even going to get into the fact that you buy into this shit because of your fictional sky-daddy.  And since sky-daddy doesn’t like what humans do (even though he’s powerful enough to create the universe, he has our prejudices).  That’s just too retarded for words.

Now, that being said,

It only gets stupider from here.

even though he tried to soft-sell it.  Even though he tried to make his answer as gentle as possible.

Calling a group of people unnatural.  Real fucking gentle.

People were still screaming from the rafters.  They have their dander up.  They’re upset.

Gee, I wonder why?

They’re screaming that this is hate-speech and it should be stopped.  And, I just think that’s absolute ridiculous.

Again, this is America.  He can say his bigoted bullshit, and we can say that he is retarded and shouldn’t be allowed to speak.  However, I do believe that he has the right to say his bigoted bullshit.  If people were actually suggesting that this kind of thing not be allowed on television, I would have an issue, because this is freedom of speech.  But while he has the freedom to say stupid shit, we can say it right back at him, with fervor and passion.

A lot of people say that Rush Limbaugh should have been taken off the air.  I don’t agree.  I don’t mind that advertisers are leaving, because they made that choice.  I am against people just removing what offends somebody from the airwaves.

We live in America, if you’re an American.

Oh non-existent God.  He’s going there!

 Under the rights to have free speech.  And that right is being eroded, unfortunately.

Umm…no, no it isn’t.  You can say whatever you want, and I can disagree with you as much as I want.  People bring up what happened with Rush Limbaugh.  Hey, he said something stupid, there was a category 5 shitstorm, and his advertisers backed off.   They didn’t have to.  They could have stuck to their guns.  He’s weathered storms like that before.  This is the other freedom – the freedom of choice.  So yeah, you are an idiot.  People may claim that this stuff should be taken off the air, but so long as it isn’t inciting violence against another person, I say that they have their right to say whatever, and I say that they are bigoted morons back to them.

We were never offered the right to never be offended.  You’re not guaranteed, in any place, in any time, in any writing (?), the right that you won’t be offended.

Again, you have the right to say your stupid shit, I have the right to call a spade a spade.

But it seems that the liberal left nowadays wants to try to strike free speech from Christians?

And your proof is…?

They don’t want Christians to be able to say what they want.  And they use the argument that it is ‘hate speech.’  I think its ludicrous.

Two things, 1. No we are not trying to stop you from voicing your opinions.  Its a free country, and you can say what you want.  You offer no evidence of your position, and the real opinion of this video is that you don’t like people calling your lover, Kirk Cameron, out for who he is – a hateful bigot.

2. I am actually against the PC culture that has consumed several parts of the media.  Everybody on the left seems to be the ones worried about offending someone.  I do believe that groups like the MPAA have watered down a lot of our media so that nobody is offended.  Offense can be a tool for good.  When a person wants to make a point, they usually try to be offensive.  It gets people thinking about the issues, and that is a good thing.  However, at the same time, somebody says something, we can say something back.  That’s how this works!  The sad fact is that when atheists like me say our two-cents, you scream about how it is hate-speech, like with the recent campaign of getting videos removed from YouTube by flagging them for “hate speech,” when they were not inciting violence or any harm against anyone.

 I personally think a person should be as hateful as they want to be.

As do I, Freek, hence why I hate people like you, and Natalia (the bigot I have talked about before), and many others.  Of course, I do limit it to inciting violence against another person.  But we are allowed to be just as hateful back to you.  And what you really don’t like.  You don’t like people have their opinions about what you say.  So, when we insulted your lover, you charge in like Prince fucking Charming and try and defend him.  Well, guess what, that doesn’t work.

I think its disgusting to be hateful.

While you’re being hateful, go figure.

And its wrong, from my moral perspective.

Yet you defend your lover’s comments about how being gay is unnatural and destructive to society.  (*facepalm*)

But, if a person wants to say ‘I hate this’ or ‘I hate that.’  ‘I hate these people’ or ‘I hate those people.’ ‘I hate this action.’ ‘I hate that.’  While I may totally disagree with everything you say, I believe it is your fundamental right to say those things.

And you can!  What the fuck are you bitching about?!  From where I sit, you are bitching about the fact that your lover was disagreed with, in the most visceral of ways, and you don’t like people disagreeing.  You want everyone to agree with your point of view, or if they don’t agree, not to say anything.  Well, guess what, you ignorant twat, you don’t get that luxury.  By the same token as Cameron being able to come on the air and say his bullshit, we can come on the air and viciously attack him.  That is OUR fundamental right.  Moron…

It seems like a lot of people were upset with what Kirk Cameron said, and I wanted to be one of the few that will speak up and say – I’m proud of Kirk Cameron!

And we come back to your bigotry.  You have the right to say what you said, we have the right to disagree.  You are an idiot.

You know, it’s a tough time we live in.  If you dare to stand at the pulpit in some countries, and you read the bible, you can be charged with hate speech, and criminally prosecuted!

Stop!  Stop right there!  You just said that it is a tough time, then went on to talk about how other people have it worse.  There are no words.  What a dumbass!  I mean, that is powerful stupid!  That’s the kind of stupid you only see in movies!  You never think its real!  That’s Jersey Shore stupid!

 We live in a society where hate speech laws are being thrust upon us, left and right.

These laws came into being to protect people, from speech that could incite harm or danger to a person.  Now, Bionic Dance says that this was hate speech, and should be removed.  I respectfully disagree.  I don’t think that anybody was in danger, this was just an idiot being a bigot, and his lover defending him.  But every time that somebody says something stupid and there is a backlash against them, they will cite these hate speech laws as the enemy.  It’s shameful.  Really.

I believe that homosexuality is indeed a sin.  I believe that it is destructive.  And detrimental to society.  I have no problem with what Kirk Cameron said.  And if you don’t like that, I’m sorry.

I’m so sure.  We come right back to his bigotry.  Loads of fun.

Those are my thoughts.  What do you guys think?

What do I think?  I think you are a worthless piece of shit.  I think that you do nothing but destroy the fabric of society every time you open your stupid mouth and words come out.  I think that you are the enemy of kindness and compassion.  However, unless you are openly inciting harm against another person, I believe you have the right to say your stupid shit, and the right to be the bigot that you are, while I will come back and say that you are obviously gay for Kirk Cameron, because he says something dumb, and you charge in like Galahad to defend him.

I hope you two can eventually come out of the closet, and be happy.  Maybe then you will get to see what it’s like for a typical gay couple in this bigoted country.

Fucking asshole.

Until next time, a quote,

“What do I think?  I think you are a nasty, hateful, bigoted individual, who desperately needs a clue.”  – Bionic Dance, Yes, JezuzFreek, It’s Hate Speech! 

Peace out,


Real Catholic TV vs. Liberals (Apparently, we’re all going to Hell!)

Well, I figure that I haven’t gone after these people in a while, so I will do my usual kind of post.  I will put the original video, and then do a hit for hit from the video I am attacking.  For those of you who don’t know, there is a group called Real Catholic TV.  They are made up exclusively by bigots.  Their channel on YouTube is hosted by the bigot/not journalist, Michael (Mike) Voris.  The video we are attacking today is called “Liberals, Democrats And Hell.”  Oh is this going to be fun.  All of that said, here we go.

Hello everyone and welcome to The Vortex, where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed.

(Jerk-off motion)

I’m Michael Voris.

Hi Mike.  How’s it going?  You’ve got me and my readers here.  What have you got to say?

So, here’s an interesting question – do people who vote liberal believe in Hell?

Right out of the gates, this is stupid.  Alright, I’ll answer your question – for the most part, yes, they do.  Most people in this country are Christian, and I haven’t met many Christians who don’t believe in Hell.  I don’t, but then, I don’t believe in your Middle-Eastern desert fairytale God, either.  So, I think you can figure out where you stand from there.

There’s a buzzkill you can toss out there at your next social function where you find yourself.  You know, as in, ‘Hey Bob, you said you’re voting liberal!  I was curious, do you believe in Hell?’

Well, we can first say that you have no social tact whatsoever.  You’re an asshole.  You aren’t nice to anybody, from the sounds of things (except other bigots like you).  If I was at this party, my response would be – “No, Mike, I don’t.  Do you believe in courtesy, decency, or kindness?  Oh, you don’t?  I’m sorry, my mistake.  I thought you were something other than a complete piece of shit.”

It’s an interesting question because the answer uncovers much and reveals the person’s world view.  And to be perfectly fair (yeah, I’m sure), a person’s worldview is their core.  It’s the place where all their motivations and actions spring forth.

What?!  That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard!  Or at least heard today.  Your worldview is shaped by your motivations and values.  It is the byproduct of what you believe, how you act.  It doesn’t shape anything, or cause anything to “spring forth.”  It is something that is sprung, or shaped.

So, it’s no surprise, as you look over polls, and discover that those who support OBAMA (note capitalization), for example, self-identify as much less religious than those who want him out of here.

Oh non-existent God you’re dumb.  First off, I know plenty of people who have some pretty hardcore religious views who support Obama.  I have a friend who is a hardcore evangelical Christian who fervantly supported Obama.  Now neither of us do since he revealed himself to be a two-faced turncoat to true liberal ideas, along with human decency.  But I will give, the people who vote conservative do generally tend to be some of the most religious people there are.  But you can’t make the claim that people who support Obama as much less religious.  In a country where 6 out of 10 people don’t believe in the Theory of Evolution, which has mountains of evidence, you just can’t be that dumb.

Now, it’s true that not everyone who identifies as religious believes in Hell.  But you’ll be much more likely to find the fire and the brimstone believes among the self-identified religious, than among the secularist humanist party crowd.

Wow, he’s got a point.  But, here’s my counter – so what?  There is no Hell, because there is no God.  Or at least, no God that is talked about in any religion.  I can’t disprove a deist God, but I sure as hell can disprove the Christian God.  So, why does that matter?

In fact, it would be fair and reasonable (two things Mike isn’t) to say that a central issue, a measuring rod, a predictor of how this election might turn out is this very question – Do you believe in Hell, yes or no?

No, dumb-dumb, a fair and reasonable assumption about this election is that none of the Republican candidates hold a candle against Obama.  The liberal crowd is disillusioned with him, but the Republican voters hate ALL of the candidates that they’ve got.  The two front-runners, Romney and Santorum, are loathed by the bulk of the Republican electorate, because the bulk of their electorate is moderate-right.  The Tea Party ousted the moderate politicians, but not the moderate voters, either moderate-left or moderate-right.  You are dumb.

 And here’s the reason –

This should be good.

if someone does not believe in Hell, there’s a lot of silly reasons that people reject the idea,

Like science, logic, reason, intelligence, free-thinking.  Lots of REALLY stupid reasons.  Damn right!

then they don’t really hold Heaven in all that high regard here.  If everyone gets to go to Heaven, then how is Heaven really that much different than Earth?

What I love most about this is the point that he is making that he needs to feel superior.  I have this feeling that Catholics have a huge superiority complex.  They believe that their religion is the right one, and if you don’t believe like they do, you’re going to burn.  Such a pathetic fail.

It’s not that the more-religious minded want people to go to Hell, belief in Hell is not only rooted in ‘Devine Revelation,’ (bullshit) but also in intuition, and internal voice that says that justice demands a Hell.

Wow, that’s powerful stupid.  No, we don’t have an inner voice that says that people should be tortured for all eternity.  Not unless we are sick fucks like you, apparently.  We want justice, but we want measured justice.  Justice that actuall fits the crime, not this pathetic ego-trip that your God desperately wants us to believe in so much.

Something inside us just says, ‘Wow, Mother Teresa, really, hanging out with unrepentant serial killers, child molesters, and parents and spouses who cheated on each other and rationalized everything as they ruined their kids childhood, just so they could have sex with someone other than their spouse.  They get to hang out with Mother Teresa for eternity?

Well, I think that would be fair.  Given how this woman was a crook, took money from the worst scum of the Earth, like the Duvalier family, had fortunes that never went into her hospitals, deliberately kept the patients there in poverty and living like beggers, advocated for no condoms or birth control in places like Africa, yeah, I think she is in appropriate company.  Of course, I don’t believe in the after-life, but still, she is a scum.  I get that.  But a Catholic surely wouldn’t.  They love this woman because she espoused their bigotry as much as they do.

It’s not that the sinner’s beyond the mercy of God, of course they aren’t.  But they have to WANT that mercy.  They have to admit their evil to themselves, and God all those other people they’ve deliberately injured.

Yeah, let’s never-mind that this God must be a real piece of shit since he allows evil to exist at all, created man to do what he doesn’t want, and will send them to a place to burn for all eternity, even though they don’t have any free will.  If you believe in fate, there cannot be free will.  It isn’t possible.  Logic, people, that’s where its at.

In the absence of this, does it seems JUST that they should get to receive eternal joy right alongside Saint Francis, Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Stevens, Saint Isaac, etc.

Since most of those people were murderers or worse, then yeah, I think they would fit in well.

Who lived, and not to mention died, exactly they opposite.

They killed people, spread lies, often were involved in torture and mutilation.  Yeah, they fit right in.  Actually, wait, most liberals wouldn’t want to demean ourselvs by hanging out with these kinds of scum.

So, see, if everyone is in Heaven (a place that also doesn’t exist), and with the repentant and the un-repentant, what’s the big deal about Heaven?

Good question.  It sounds dull.

That wouldn’t be all that different from life that we know here on Earth.

You know, I could have swore there was a bible verse in Luke about that –

Luke 17:21 – Nor will people be able to say, “it is here,” or “it is there.”  For the Kingdom of God is within you.

Apparently, Mike also cannot read.  I’m glad we’re getting so much proof that he’s stupid.

And this becomes the kind of default position of those who dismiss the reality of Hell.

One question, Mike – where is your proof for Hell?  If you quote the Bible, you’re an even bigger idiot.  Offer me proof, and I will accept something as real.  Though even with proof, there is always something that could disprove it, so you can never truly know that something is an absolute reality.

They take a kind of ‘pass’ on Heaven as well.  At least, in a meaninful manner.

O-kay.  That’s really dumb.

Not really into the Heaven thing in the next life, they expend a great deal of effort trying to have Heaven in THIS LIFE.

We try to make life better here.  Oh the humanity!  We are such monsters!

They use drugs and booze, engage in wanton sex, attach themselves to material wealth, adopt a view that the Earth is the upper-most of concerns, in regard to the climate, saving every species they ever heard of, while enlisting every government program to achieve every goal that can be imagined.

Uh, I’m not seeing the problem.  I am actually with Carlin on my view of climate change, and don’t think its the biggest problem there is, I don’t do drugs or drink booze.  I know most people don’t just go out and get shit-faced and trip out every day of the week.  As for wanton sex, I wish.  I miss getting that.

In short, they want to bring about a utopia!  This is exactly why Karl Marx said, ‘religion is the opium of the people.’  And why the Marquis de Sade said of religion that it is, ‘this opium that you feed your people.’

Okay, first, if you are a truly informed liberal, you realize that a perfect utopia isn’t possible.  Human nature naturally goes away from that.  We keep improving the quality of life, and we get as close as possible, trying to help everyone.  And for the second bit there, this was a very clever attempt to sound smart and use Marx and de Sade as a proof of how bad our ideas are, because according to them, they are bad people.  Marquis de Sade, yeah, he was bad, but Marx, he wasn’t a bad guy at all, he was just a dude who ripped of the book “Utopia.”

No big surprise here.  Some people strive for Heaven in eternity, others wish to initiate it here on Earth, because they don’t believe it exists in the next life.

No, we believe in looking out for our fellow man.  I’m surprised you don’t, since Jesus doled out free healthcare, even to non-believers or those who believed in other faiths, commanded his people to give to the poor and help them without condition or restraint, and told us to look out for each other.  Why don’t you work with us, if you follow this guy as the son of God?

It would be ridiculous to think that these two opposing views, and they are in opposition to each other, don’t get translated, at least in part, to the ballot box.

What?  What views?  Liberalism and conservatism?  Well, duh!  We already knew that.  Also, there are plenty of liberals who believe in Heaven and plan on going there, they just still want to make things better, for everybody.  You clearly hate Jesus, since you don’t buy into that.

People who are motivated by ‘authentic’ faith in God will overwhelmingly vote one way, and those that don’t have that motivation will vote another way.

Yeah, I call bullshit.  Apparently the name S.E. Cupp means nothing to you.  She is one of the biggest conservatives there is, and she doesn’t believe in God.  She is against gay rights and abortion as much as you are, and she has no belief in God.  Likewise, there are plenty of ‘authentic’ Christians who don’t follow your bigotries, Mike.

People who do not think that Hell actually exists, or if it does and nobody actually really goes there, or goes there for eternity, are simply not going to give a hoot, about objectively moral issues like abortion, same-sex ‘marriage’ (he put the quotes there, not me), euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, because they don’t believe in objective morality.

Because there is no objective morality.  You Christians are against murder, right?  Except when the government does it, or soldiers do it overseas for no good reason.  Morality is a system created by those in power and given to those without it.  That’s how this works.  I believe in living with empathy, because empathy guides you to behaving like a better person, without all the smoke and mirrors of your desert fairytale God.

They will be much more likely to cast their vote for parties or laws or candidates who share their view, that the only Heaven you’re ever gonna get a crack at is here on Earth.  A kind of political version of ‘you better get while the gettin’s good.’

What?  No, we believe in helping as many people as possible, with the resources we have available.  This man is an imbecile.

If morality is rooted in what each individual person wants, then why should anyone case their vote for anything other than their own narrow interests?

They shouldn’t, and they don’t.  People cast their vote for their own interests.  This has been established.  You do it too, like voting for bigots like Rick Santorum, who you have said is the Catholic poster-boy.  Oh non-existent God, the Catholic church is starting to look stupider and stupider every day.

Sometimes, shared in by others for their equally and purely selfish reasons, but often-times not.  Not exactly a good understanding of the COMMON GOOD is it now?!

Actually, yeah, it is.  There is no common good.  The idea of common good is that there are universally things that are good for everybody.  Since all cultures are different and everybody has their own values system, that is ridiculous.  So you are totally pulling this out of your ass.

Make no mistake – who a people elect and how they vote says everything about whether they believe in Hell, Heaven, or God.

I’ve all pwned that to death.  I don’t want to beat a dead horse.

Absolutely it does.  God love you, I’m Michael Voris.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why we can’t afford to ignore religion.  This video has over 9,000 views, by the making of this post.  There are potentially 9,000 people who actually believe in this horseshit at comes spewing from the anus that this man calls a mouth.  This man is an imbecile, and he needs to be gotten rid of.

Until next time, a quote,

“It’s no secret that a lot of Christians want mandatory prayer back in our schools.  And its no secret that the major obstacle to gay rights is Christian fundamentalism.  It’s no secret that the people protesting outside of abortion clinics, calling women ‘whores’ just because they’re making a choice about their own bodies, those people are all Christians.”  -TJ Kincaid, CHRISTIANITY, SERIOUSLY? (Deleted By YouTube)  

Peace out,


Why Batman: Arkham City is the best Superhero Critique Ever

This is a post that has been a little while coming.  I’m what you’d call a “poor gamer.”  I love a good story, and it is that which I follow.  Books, movies, video games, great stories come in all shapes and sizes.  And in this game is one of the best stories that I have ever seen.

There is a universal truth with gaming – the people who are into it are growing up.  And with people like my generation, who grew up with some of the oldest versions, we wanted our games to grow up with us.  To grow in an emotional and literary way.  We wanted a great story from the games that we play.  We wanted to be more intrigued, mentally, along with emotionally.  And the gaming industry has learned this lesson.

Games like Assassin’s Creed, Portal, Shadow of the Colossus, Bioshock, all of them have worked to not only amaze the eyes, but to dazzle the mind.  And they have succeeded.  Nobody can call any of those creations lacking in brains.  Whoever tries is an idiot.  They are people who want to defend the idea that something that engages a person cannot be emotionally vivid.  And I will admit, we aren’t to the point just yet where these things are a huge catharsis, but we are getting there.

And games like Batman: Arkham City are getting us there.  This game is incredible.  It is not only an incredible superhero critique, but it is also one of the best stories that I have ever seen.  It is the sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum.  It tells the story of a new version of the famous prison, housing the worst of the super-criminals of Gotham.  An old part of the city was bought out and they took the prisoners from Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Prison, both of which were unusable after the events of the first game.  They took them, and put them in this walled-off community, free to roam and do what they pleased, so long as they didn’t try to escape.

But Bruce Wayne saw the problems.  This was a bad idea.  He just didn’t realize how bad it was.  The super-criminals had quickly taken charge over the inmates, grouping them into various factions.  These factions are at war with one-another.  Meanwhile, there are two dominant things that are happening.  1. The Joker is dying.  After his incident at Arkham Asylum, he now has a disease that is slowly killing him.  2. Huge Strange has taken over Arkham City, and is using everybody from the inmates, to the mayor of the city to keep things running.

I will say up front that there are a lot of spoilers here, so if you haven’t played this game, don’t read any further.  Play it, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  While the plot about Strange and his mission within Arkham City is awesome, the fact is that it is the plot with the Joker that is the most incredible.  This role here is definitely the best of the Joker editions that Mark Hamill has played.  It still amazes me that he could do that creepy laugh at his age.  A testament to the skill of a voice actor, who really doesn’t get the respect that he deserves.  This was the best Joker that I have ever seen.

His final act is to give Batman the same disease that he has, dooming both of them to death if they don’t work together.  At first, Batman acts tough, and says that he doesn’t mind both of them dying.  This statement was the first thing that interested me.  Really?  You have no problem dying with your mortal enemy?  But the more you see this, the more you start to understand why these two characters are so much alike it’s scary.

This game is an incredible critique on the idea of a superhero.  Batman is a thug, plain and simple.  The only difference between him and every other thug is that he won’t kill people.  He will do everything else, torture people, break bones, whatever he wants.  The cops endorse this, which is even more scary.  Though, it is also a nifty critique at the cops when they will sit back and watch a man who openly attacks and brutalizes people, with approving eyes.

But Batman will do whatever he wants, to whoever he wants.  Think about this – so does the Joker.  While there is a rhyme and reason to Batman’s abuse of his power, the Joker is all about chaos.  When the Joker dies in the end, there is this incredible image that you see, and I thought the theme use in it was nothing short of incredible.  You see Batman, carrying his long-time nemesis.  He carries him out, and even lays him to rest in a very gentle way.  The image you see reminds me of the famous painting, “The Duality of Man.”  It shows Cain, carrying Abel, and you realize that while they were so different, they were so alike.

There was another great part in the game, where Batman is in the clock tower, and Joker talks over an intercom and tells him that at some point that night, one of them is going to die, and the other is going to be left, not knowing what to do with himself.  Since Batman is a thug, I think he cannot justify his own existence, believing that he is doing good, without having something that he cannot truly destroy.  I honestly wonder if, after the Joker dies, he would commit suicide.

Because there will come a day when all the destruction that he does in the lives of people will have to be answered for.  There wil lcome a day when he has to own up to what he does, and to admit what he has become – a destructive element who, instead of using justice, uses violence for his own ends, not even trying anything else.  He is not a hero.  He’s a man who does good things, but that is a by-product of his need to be violent, and destroy what he believes is the enemy.  It’s an incredible dichotomy, and it is perfectly shown in this game.

I love Arkham City so much.  Batman is totally incapable of doing the right thing, because he only can be violent, and exercise his will over others.  The truth is that Batman probably does belong in Arkham, alongside all the deranged monsters that he often does create.

This game was incredible, and it showed this hero in such an amazing light.  I still love Batman, but I love it more for the villains, and also more for the idea that heroes are not truly the good guys.  They are merely people who want to pretend to be good, while spreading violence and destruction.  How many millions of dollars has Batman caused in collateral damage?  How many people has he killed without knowing it?  Just a few of the many incredible questions that are not asked nearly enough.  And this game did it perfectly.

Until next time, a quote,

“If I am going to have a past, i prefer it to be multiple choice.”  -The Joker, Batman: Arkham City

Peace out,


Something that is very fun to consider.

Lefty on the Left

Well, the truth may never truly be explained about what happened to Trayvon Martin.  The one piece of evidence that has been determined is that Zimmerman’s story is a complete farce.  This man lied outright about being in danger, and the world knows it.  But he still walks free.  This man is getting away with murder.

Or is he?

Enter the internet.  This lovely domain where all ideas are welcome, and anybody can voice an opinion.  Along with the internet has come a new form of group-mentality.  The mentality is that the group comes to consensus about something, and it spreads.  For things like this, when an injustice is committed, it spreads across the internet, and from there, the bulk of the people are able to get involved.

So what does that mean for Zimmerman?  That means that the internet has crucified this man.  Rightly so.  Regardless of the…

View original post 576 more words

Tom Corbett: Another Piece of Society’s Intellectual Trash Can

Why do these people feel the need to speak?  I mean, they really only ever dig themselves a majorly big hole.  One for which they cannot possibly get out of.  The newest member to the people in this hole, which I call “society’s intellectual garbage can” is Tom Corbett.  He is the governor of Pennsylvania.  They introduced a law, a lot like the one in Virginia, only theirs is more and less insidious at the same time.

You see, unlike the law in Virginia, they said that doctors didn’t exclusively have to do trans-vaginal, or “intrusive” ultrasounds to show women the fetus before killing it.  However, they have to be able to see it, in all cases.  This means, when a woman is having an abortion in the first trimester, she will have to be just like all the other women and get a wand shoved into her vag and have a doctor poke around.

But since they didn’t pursue the point that Virginia did, with just shoving a wand into a woman and rooting around in her most private areas, effectively raping her, since she cannot truly consent, it is being forced on her, they decided to try something new.  Now, the doctor has to describe their fetus, give them two copies of the image, fill out all sorts of paperwork and bring it back 24 hours later.

You’re probably wondering to yourself, why do this?  Why force women into this situation?  Why humiliate them like this, when they have already made and incredibly hard choice?  The reason is obvious – to shame them.  This government has ingeniusly figured out that if they can’t just outright ban women from getting an abortion, they will instead make it so unbelievably difficult and humiliating that women won’t do it.  It’s sick, pathetic, and shows that men have absolutely no understanding of women.

And this brings us back to Tom Corbett.  When asked what he thought about this law, and if it went to far, his response was –

You can’t make anybody watch, okay? Because you just have to close your eyes. As long as it’s on the exterior and not the interior.

He ignores that for the first trimester, it would have to be on the interior, because an exterior ultrasound won’t be able to see a fetus that early.  So yeah, they can just close their eyes while they are being violated.  It also ignores the fact that the ultrasound screen will be being shoved in her face, even if she’s not looking.  The doctor will also have to describe the heartbeats, if there is one, give her two signed copies to take home, along with paperwork that she has to wait 24 hours to fill out.

But for real, just close your eyes?!  Really?!  What was that line that Seth Meyers had on SNL?

 And really, men have to be smarter when they talk about birth control.

Similarly, men also have to be smarter when they talk about abortion, and especially talk about things being stuck into a woman’s most private area.  There are a lot of nerve endings there, and to just root around in it, it’s not something you can just close your eyes to.  It would be like me asking you to close your eyes as I shove a butt-plug up your ass, and then fiddle around with it for a while.  Yeah, you see how easy it is to ignore.  And while I do this, I am describing what kind of asshole you have, and how it is very accomodating to this plug.  For real, you try ignoring that!  If you think you can, you’re an idiot!

Back to Corbett – you need to apologize, governor.  You need to apologize to all the women whose experience you have just ridiculed.  This statement of yours answers the age-old question – do men understand women?  If you listen to him, then the answer is – no.  Not even close.  Men don’t have the vaguest of ideas about women, if they think that having a probe shoved into them via vag is something that can just be ignored by closing their eyes.

They also don’t understand women if they think that they can just throw unbelievable amounts of ridicule and pressure their way with laws like this.  The people of this government are now realizing that Americans are weak and will listen do whatever they are told, without a fight, so they have now pursued making one of the hardest decisions for a woman even harder with petty shame.  Shame them enough to not have an abortion.  You people make me sick.

And for whoever will come on here and defend this, know that you are no better.  For women – the war against you is begun anew, and it is just getting started.  The Republicans are dying.  They have alienated the LGBTQ community completely (though the Democrats aren’t much better, since not one of them has the principle to fight for anything), most of the minorities, and now they are making a go at disowning the female vote.  The question is – why?  Why attack any and all people who will come to your defense?

Well, the answer is simple – perhaps they realize that their base is old and middle aged white men, and these men are dying.  They have almost no base left to work with, so now they are singing the only swan song they know – trying to do as much superficial damage to the country as possible.

They know that they can, too, since the liberals and Democrats will only play defense, and will not fight against them.

So you know, I will blame Corbett for these statements, but I blame the American people more for not standing up and putting people like this guy into his intellectual place.  And that place, if you didn’t know, is the garbage can.

Until next time, a quote,

“They passed a bill saying life begins at conception.  What’s next?  Life begins at ‘last call?’  Life begins when you click ‘send’ on your profile?  I mean, really!?!”  -Seth Meyers, Saturday Night Live

Peace out,