The Fall of MundaneMatt

Boy how this bums me out.  It really is just a complete bummer from A to Z.  Seeing how this all came about just blew my mind.  Guess I didn’t live on the Internet as much as I thought.  When I saw Mister Metokur’s video on this, it was a genuine shock.  To think that somebody, especially with how he came into popularity, could be this big a hypocrite just blew my freakin’ mind.  It’s unfortunate, but he really made his own bed with this, and now he’s getting fucked in it.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, the YouTuber who goes by MundaneMatt was recently the subject of Mister Metokur’s latest expose.  And it was pretty damning stuff.  Here’s a link to his video, if you want to the full context.  For those who are like “TL,DW”, I’ll give a brief breakdown.  I don’t begrudge you if you are of that mindset.  It is a long video.

Matt Jarbo (not doxxing.  He goes by his actual name on the regular) was a guy who used to make videos about gaming and nerd culture, with under 10,000 subs since 2009.  Then there was the incident where Zoe Quinn false-DMCA’d one of his videos that was critical of her because of a blog post by her ex-boyfriend, Eron Gjoni, and Internet Aristocrat made a video about it.  This was the beginnings of #GamerGate.  Everything that happened followed because of IA’s video.  Keep that in mind.  We’ll be coming back to it.

He grew in popularity, now over 100,000.  He’s always maintained a sense of ethics and come down on people who have done things like false-DMCAing or reporting people erroneously.  However, Metokur and his compatriots in a stream were able to unearth something.  It seems the Matt is a bleeding hypocrite.  See, before he got big, there was this video where he has a polar bear puppet, and makes this edgy video of it saying the word “nigger.”  Yeah, it’s cringe-y as fuck.  After a board on the chans posted about it, naturally some people flocked to see if it was as funny/cringe as they were being told.  His response to this was not good.

There were streams and videos that were made talking about this video, and something kept happening.  These videos were being flagged for things such as hate-speech.  It was strange, considering Matt’s video was up on his channel for years without a peep.  A lot of people were finding this kinda odd.  And since somebody REALLY didn’t want people to talk about this, the Streisand Effect took over, and people were more curious.  It gets worse.

Some started to speculate that it was Matt himself who was doing the flagging on these videos.  He vehemently denied it.  Made this claim that some shadow party was doing the flagging.  This was received with all the skepticism it deserved.  This isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened.  I’ll spare you the drama about it all.  You can watch the video if you want the full context.  But the whole affair ended with Metokur and company having a way that you can show the parties you have flagged on YouTube.  They demanded to see Matt’s page in screen-share.  If he was telling the truth, it would be empty.  He dragged his ass for over half an hour, until all of them had shown him how easy it was by doing it themselves.  FINALLY, he showed his page, and it was worse than I thought.  Not even showing everything, so many of his lies came undone.

Not only was Matt false-flagging, but he was false-flagging people that in one breath he said he had never heard of before that interaction.  Lie after lie came undone, and all Matt could say was that he fucked up.  Naturally, the entire entourage piled on in a very ugly way.  It’s now almost for certain that Matt uses an app with Google to track anytime his name pops up, and goes after those who speak ill of him.  This, from the guy who has written a book on Amazon about how to deal with online hate.

And the fucking moron didn’t even have the sense to use a sock account to do this with.  He did it with his own channel.  Fucking idiot!  I’ll give Zoe Quinn and her ilk this much – at least they have a fuck-ton of sock accounts to do stupid shit like harassing themselves.  Except that time Brianna Wu trolled herself on her own Steam page.  Congrats, Matt, you’re on the same level of stupid as Brianna Wu.

There is so much more, but I’m depressed enough with that.  Lie after lie exposed, but the worst bit of all – Matt was exposed as a bleeding hypocrite.  And here is where my own take on this comes into play.  Nothing bugs me more than hypocrisy.  If you are gonna purport to have an ethical standard, you damn well better live up to it!  We’ve all gotten to see Filip Mucin and his crashing and burning with being exposed as a plagiarist.  There was his total non-apology apology video where he didn’t even admit that he plagiarized.  His only acknowledgment of Boomstick Gaming was to tell him he does good work in this way that comes off as condescending and not willing to fess up to what he did.  He kept saying that all the people digging to find more plagiarism was just trying to kick him when he’s down.  So much bullshit.

Now here is a guy whose rise to fame was all about a woman who false-flagged somebody, doing the thing he has repeatedly come out against!  It’s such blatant hypocritical bullshit!  And the thing that really gets me – when he is busted, dead to rights, for his bullshit, his only response is – I fucked up.  No, Matt!  You fucking got caught lying your ass off, and when your lies started to fall apart, you made new lies.  Lie after lie after lie.  Now some are starting to wonder if he had SWATted himself.  I won’t go that far, but after all this, it makes you wonder.

That’s where his credibility ends with me.  Congratulations, Matt.  You get to join the illustrious alumni of Zoe Quinn, Brianna Wu, the Christiano Brothers, Ray Cumfart, AIU, Tommy Sotomayor, Jenny McDermott, and Brett fucking Keane!  That’s the company you get to keep now.  Hope it was worth it.  Now, let’s sit back and watch as, just like his alumni and the SJWs that the has been against, he plays the fucking victim now that he’s busted.  Let’s watch it happen.

Until next time, a quote,

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” – Mark Twain

Peace out,



Being Nice Sucks

You know what I miss – the days on YouTube where everyone was ripping the shit out of everyone else.  When someone had dumb ideas that people were all over them tearing apart their arguments piece by piece and making sport of how stupid they are for believing in that crap.  Those days were great.  Now everybody is kissing everyone else’s ass.  Everybody has to be nice.  Everybody has to be understanding.  It sucks, and drives me up the fucking wall.  What makes it worse is when you have people in real life that say something patently stupid, but you can’t take them to task for it because you have to be fucking nice to everyone.  It’s the cornerstone of professionalism, and it drives me right up the fucking wall.

Today I got into this conversation with some coworkers about anti-vaxxers.  I made a point that I think that if someone refuses to vaccinate their children, they should have their kids taken away because they are an unfit parent.  I still hold to that.  But a couple of my coworkers immediately jumped to the whole “to each their own.”  No!  Let me explain something to you – my ability to punch ends at your face.  The second my fist hurts someone else, I have violated their rights.  It is the EXACT same principle here!  If you don’t vaccinate your kids, you aren’t just hurting your kids!  You’re hurting the children who could potentially get in contact with your children and get serious diseases because you didn’t vaccinate.  Like a baby who is too young, or a kid who is immuno-compromised and get get vaccines.  That child is at risk because of your stupid-ass decisions.

Their reasoning was that some people had a reason.  For one of them, it was a family member who didn’t do that because of their faith.  Are you fucking kidding me?!  So, other children should have to be at risk because of some Bronze Age bullshit that a grown-ass adult only believes because they are indoctrinated with that crap as a kid?!  Because no RATIONAL adult believes in a magic man in the fucking sky!  That’s the crap you believe as a kid!

There’s a man with a white beard who knows what you do all the time, and he knows if you’ve been bad or good, and if you’re good he gives you presents on Christmas.

Oh, I’m sorry.  I confused Gawd with Santa Claus.  Their stories are so easily interchangeable.  And both make about as much sense when you say them out loud.

But I can’t say shit!  I can’t call them out for their stupid-ass beliefs about people who are doing real harm in the world and why we can’t just take the “to each his own” approach to this.  When we’re seeing the rates of diseases that we’ve vaccinated against on the rise in this country, and more and more children getting sick, the principle I described above most definitely applies.  But they’re my coworkers, and I have to be nice.  Even if their beliefs on this issue are fucking stupid and need to be seriously examined.

Everywhere you look, it’s just you having to suck it up and be nice to every goddamn person everywhere because otherwise you get in trouble.  It’s professional, after all.  I probably have a lot of coworkers who think this way.  People whose intelligence I reasonably respect until I hear crap like this.  Then I have to accept that they have these working parts of their brains, and the parts that they turn off for whatever personal reason.  To turn your intellect off.  The cornerstone of American society.

You can’t talk about nothing with nobody.  Everything has to be filtered through a censor with everyone.  I’d say fuck that, but my own rational brain that actually works told me to just go out for a while and come back.  Otherwise I would have torn their stupid ideas a new one, at which point I’d be in trouble.  The curse of being born with a ton of common sense.  Now here I am, wishing I could go back in time and pick that fight because their ideas are stupid on the face of it and somebody needs to fucking tell them!

Maybe that’s how common sense works.  When you accept other people’s stupid ideas and just go about your day because the alternative is worse.  And that’s why being nice sucks.  Because the only way it works is if you kiss everyone else’s ass all the fucking time.  Unless you have enough money to be able to tell people to fuck off.

Like this morning, I am waiting for the elevator to get to my job.  There is this woman there with me.  The door opens, and she just rushes inside, even though there was someone about to come out.  How fucking rude!  But I can’t say anything.  I wanted to.  Wanted to look that bitch right in the eye, with her prissy attitude and expensive clothes, shoes, and handbag, and say, “manners cost nothing, you know.”  But nope!  Just kept quiet and thought that this is why people across the world think that Americans aren’t civilized.  You know, because we’re not.

All I want is to be financially successful enough to tell people what I really think of them.  Over the weekend I told a family member what I think of her, and it felt fucking great!  She is such a bitch to me that being able to tell her off was just the best.  All she ever is is a complete cunt-rag to me.  After our parents’ die, and we get through probate, we will likely never speak again.  Fine by me!  Let our familial connection die out and we go our separate ways.  Will save me a lot of headache.

In the end, I just want to be the jerk that everyone claims I’m not.  I don’t do good things because I want to!  I do them because I feel like it would be a bigger inconvenience if I didn’t!  Like when my aunt was at the hospital and stayed with her while my uncle was in surgery.  If ANYONE else had shown up, I would have left!  I hadn’t eaten dinner yet.  I was hungry and wanted to go home!  My being there at that time was a fucking accident!  And she had to pile on the fucking hero worship after that.  It pissed me off.  Just acknowledge I did something nice and move on.  Just a simple thanks, and we go about our day.  But no!  Down the road, she sees how negative I am online and gets so pissed because she took that initial interaction is what I am really like.  I was a LOT meaner than I should have been when I lost my cool about what happened that night, but it needed to be said.

Being an adult fucking sucks, and I am sick of it.  Sick of everything.  Sick of being alive.  But there’s no other option.  I don’t have the guts to take the quick way out.

Until next time, a quote,

“You gotta kiss some serious booty to get ahead in this world.  Man, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.  See, I like to take the one-knee approach.  It puts the booty, like, right in front of the lips.” – Capt. Jimmy Wilder, Independence Day

Peace out,


Proof that Hollywood Doesn’t Care About Social Justice

I’ve talked at length about how people’s idea that Hollywood actually gives a shit about their social justice cause is stupid, but now I finally have seen actual evidence that makes it very clear that they couldn’t give a shit less, so long as they can make money from it.  If it gets in the way of money, then they couldn’t give any less fucks.  We see so many films like pretty much all of the Transformers sequels and now The Meg where the setting has large portions in China, has white actors in action roles, and nothing that could possibly offend the sensibilities of anyone.  However, it goes deeper than that.

The PRC put out some regulations for Hollywood when it comes to any kind of content that they will allow on their screens, and what would have to be cut from a movie in order to show it in China.  Here’s a link to a longer post about it, but I want to cut out something in-particular.  The post above has a list of all the things that have to be cut, but something caught my eye.  Have you ever noticed that Disney is all about every kind of diversity under the sun except for one?  Not seeing many gay people in their movies, are you?  The LGBT community is strangely absent from their movies.  Why is that?  The aforementioned list can tell you.

Showing obscene and vulgar content, exposing scenes of promiscuity, rape, prostitution, sexual acts, perversion, homosexuality, masturbation and private body parts including the male or female genitalia; containing dirty and vulgar dialogues, songs, background music and sound effects;

There you have it.  The entire reason that there is hardly any representation of the LGBT community in major Hollywood productions.  It’s because they want that precious Chinese cheddar!  And by cheddar, I mean money.  Theater attendance in America has been steadily decreasing, and last year saw a 25-year low.  Meanwhile, in China, their attendance steadily climbs and is actually offsetting any losses in domestic markets.  It is getting to the point that, if Hollywood isn’t already figuring to stop catering to American audiences, they soon will.  It is getting to the point that it’s more profitable to have movies that are tailored to a Chinese audience than an American one.

And all these people care about is the money.  Guess what, “oppressed” group X – that means you don’t matter to them!  So to all the people who made those stupid hashtags #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend and #GiveElsaAGirlfriend, you might as well kiss either of those ideas goodbye.  Because that would mean that one of their biggest markets won’t go see it.  I remember all those people talking about the lesbian couple in Finding Dory that is on the screen for two seconds.  You know why it was that short?  Because they can edit that out!

Everyone seems to want to believe that their group is going to be represented in some big way in major blockbusters.  To hell with the Indie films that have great representation, or the smaller movies that do it well.  They want their “oppressed” group represented.  Well, if that group is any of the letters in LGBT, then it won’t be you, because they will make less money.  And at the end of the day, that is ALL they care about.  Nothing else matters.  Does it hurt, knowing your group means less to them than their shillings?  It shouldn’t.  Hollywood, just like the news industry, is a whore.

Tell you what – next big movie that has LGBT representation, get your ass in theaters!  Fill up those seats.  I mean really do it.  To the point that they can see what a huge market it is domestically to offset the cost of overseas.  But we all know that that won’t happen.  There is a reason that these people want their “oppressed” group represented in major blockbusters – so they can get the domestic audience to see it.  Because they magically believe that if their group is in a major motion picture, with hundreds of millions in sales, all of the people will look at that and go – Holy shit, gay people are real!  And they do real stuff just like me!  I won’t be a horrible bigot anymore!  There’s a neat fantasy world to live in.

All of the group you believe care about your group and your “oppression” don’t.  They care about how much money they can make.  That’s how it’s always been, and how it always will be.  And part of why movies like 2016’s Ghostbusters will never get a sequel is because they get banned in China.  Think about that part too.

Until next time, a quote,

“How do we not make it a big deal to be gay?  Personally, I don’t give a shit.  It’s not ‘tolerance.’  It’s not ‘acceptance.’  It’s apathy.  And I feel that’s about as advanced as it gets.  If someone says to me, ‘Hey, did you hear Ellen Page fucks women?!’ my reaction would be the same as if someone said ‘hey, did you hear that peaches are on sale?!’  I don’t fucking care.  Good for Ellen Page and peaches.  That’s where we should be as a society.  Just not really caring what other people do with their day, so long as it doesn’t harm anyone else.” – A Dose of Buckley

Peace out,


All That Should Matter is the Acting Talent

I’m kinda surprised that this flew under my radar, considering that I live on the Internet because I have no life.  It seems that Ruby Rose, the chick who played the badass with a capital B Ares in John Wick 2, was cast to play Batwoman in a film about the titular character.  I guess it should be no surprise that, given that this character is Jewish and gay, the backlash from the SJW community was almost immediate.  That’s the world we live in today.

You wanna know what depresses me?  The fact that such a talented woman who clearly has the chops for action roles was case in a film for a franchise that has been so horribly abused by the people who started it.  The DCEU is a fucking mess, with ONE passably-good film, and it isn’t even that amazing.  Kind of a bummer that this woman is part of that.

Naturally, the media is trying to paint it as fans of the comic book are angry.  And while I’m sure some are, the bulk of the backlash that has had this woman leave Twitter is from SJWs who are mad that she doesn’t fill out their precious oppression quota.  What’s that?  You case a woman for a role that is Jewish and a lesbian?  She isn’t Jew-y and lez-y enough!  I’m so angry!  Let’s all go to Twitter and yell at this woman for hours on end because I feel that my specific “oppressed” demographic isn’t being properly represented!  I want a gay Jew transsexual disabled Vietnamese girl in that role!  The fucking Oppression Olympics never ends.

I suppose it’s kinda nice that Hollywood is eating itself like this.  Gone are the days when it came down to who is best for a role.  Now it’s all about who fills out the oppression quota properly.  Fuck acting talent!  You gotta be enough of what I want!  It’s this powerful entitlement that people have nowadays.  What’s more, I guess Hollywood is listening to them and doing what they want.  Scarlett Johansson, a talented actress in her own right, ditched a role as a transgender man because the SJWs screamed really loud.  How long until Ruby Rose quits this project too?

The media will never acknowledge that it’s the regressive left who is angry.  After all, they work so hard to kiss their ass.  No, it’s comic book fans.  Yeah, I’m so sure.  The same people who watch movies like John Wick 2 and think she is badass.  I’m sure it was them who got angry.  Not the crowd who is constantly bitching and moaning about their “conditions” and their “oppression.”  People in the western world who wouldn’t know real oppression if it reached up and bit them in the ass.  People who live comfortable lives without any real problems, so they have to make up problems that they in their click-tavism are working hard to solve.  The new moral busy-bodies of the Internet telling you what you need to like because “my feelings!”  Those people.

Is this the Hollywood I get to expect for the next ten years or so?  How long is the SJW nonsense gonna last?  It’s gonna die, eventually.  We’ve seen how the regressive left eats itself after a time.  We saw it with Atheism +, it’s not nearly the boogeyman that it was in gaming, and eventually we will see it in Hollywood.  After people get tired of it.  Or maybe when that precious China money dries up, because as we have found out from market research (you know, real research, unlike that “social science” bullshit) that Asian markets like movies with white people.  And since Hollywood only cares about money, and American theaters are drying up, eventually they’re just gonna ditch this.  Because make no mistake, they don’t ACTUALLY care about the social justice/feminism bullshit.  They care about it to the extent of how much money it makes.

The only reason that it looks like they care about it is because these people see all the yelling backlash.  If there is one thing I’ll give the SJWs, it’s that they can yell REALLY loud.  Since it is known that they make sock accounts to keep the yelling going, their yelling can drown out everyone else.  But this community’s echo chamber becomes a tomb after they start ripping each other to pieces over their slights inside their own numbers.  And the public is getting tired of the bullshit.

So one day, Hollywood is going to tell these people to fuck off.  When the money isn’t worth it and the general public starts to walk away.  Which brings me back to what this post is ostensibly supposed to talk about – those with acting talent.  I guess, for a few years, we just have to suck it up that talented actors/actresses are going to be passed over in roles to get the oppression quota met.  Which means that a lot of movies are going to suck.  But that’s the price we pay for “progress,” I guess.  One day, however, it will end.  How long that goes is impossible to say.  My money is on 5 to 10 years.  It’s a safe approximation.

I’m sure that these people in this group who feels they are slighted because of an actress being chosen who isn’t part of their precious oppression group feels that this post is horribly insensitive.  Don’t really care.  Just imagine the quality of movies that are being lost just to fill out the precious oppression quota.  We’ll have SJW group die on hills of terrible movies being made.  It’ll be year after year of more Ghostbusters (2016) where film reviewers have to lie to make bad movies sound better than they are.  Since we seem to be heading into an age where new tech is cracking down in disparate opinions that don’t coalesce with the approved new way of thinking, we’ll probably have to deal with a lot of people wondering why nobody is talking about what giant piles of shit these movies are.

This is the world we live in now.  Enjoy.

Until next time, a quote,

“Everyone is in this big race to be the most ‘progressive’ and the most ‘open-minded’ and the most ‘oppressed.’  It is the strangest thing I have ever seen.” – Shoe0nHead

Peace out,


Old Media is Colluding With New Tech

Old media is dying.  It’s been this way for a very long time.  Their attempts to stave off the inevitable come across as equal parts desperate and sad.  At least, that’s how it used to be.  They can’t appeal to the new generation the way they can to the old.  The new generation has seen their tricks, and knows that they have nothing to offer.  Along came the sites that were a voice for the new generation.  You have the biggest and best among them – YouTube.  A place where voices with alternative things to say, whatever opinion they wanted, could congregate.  It destroyed old gaming media as now gaming critics didn’t have to be beholden to what whores they are.  Now it is destroying old news media too.

Then something happened.  I’m kind of shocked it took this long for it to happen, but it has.  Old media realized that they can’t appeal to the hearts and minds of young people by doing what they do, so they had to take a different tactic – attack new media.  Their first target was PewDiePie.  The Wall Street Journal made a hit-piece video deliberately taking things he said out of context to sell a narrative.  But they found that the people who consumed new media weren’t biting.  In fact, the backlash they got from this was a resounding middle finger all across the Internet.

From there, old media has to fall back and lick their wounds.  New media has all the PR force working for them.  Old media are whores.  CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, The New York Times, all of them are just whores who tell you what they think you want to hear.  But since the new generation isn’t biting, they had to find a way to make themselves powerful again without changing the hearts and minds.  Why not shut down new media?  Why not take new media down a peg and install themselves into their eye.  But they would need help to do this.

Enter new tech.  Thanks to the social justice culture we are all immersed (drowned) in, they were starting to realize that there are a lot of people out there with ideas that other people don’t like.  Rather than embracing this as a sign of their efficacy, they decided it was time to stop endorsing free speech, and start restricting it.  Because after all, speech that any snowflake anywhere can find offensive may have ads for Coca Cola on it.  The horror!  People who buy Coke products might be subjected to things that challenge their worldview!  New tech couldn’t have any of that.

Bit by bit, they started banning and deplatforming people that they don’t agree with.  People whose opinions have been labeled “hateful” or “dangerous” by the dumb-shit public at large.  And they are stupid.  The public is the dumbest thing in the world.  A person can be smart, but people. as a whole, are fucking idiots.  What’s more, these idiots even have defenders!  People who say that their deplatforming is justified.  “They violated the Terms of Service.  It’s a free market.  They don’t have to have free speech on there!”  Morons who use that language are basically admitting that they are fine with the public discourse being regulated.

Twitter, YouTube, all of the social media are now too ubiquitous in society to just be seen as a corporation.  Everyone uses them, to one extent or another.  When people say that they are okay with these companies deciding that they don’t like a certain person or type of content and that banning it is totally fine, they are saying they are fine with other people controlling what they see and hear.  They are fine with a censor of their discourse.  And if you think it ends there, you’re delusional.

Meanwhile, old media saw all this and has now decided to cozy up to these big companies.  They are doing the heavy lifting of attacking new media, so now they can come in and make nice with them.  Suck the YouTube financial side off and get them to talk about how great old media is and how they want to partner up to it.  We even have the head of YouTube talking about her love of old media and wanting to throw out millions of dollars to help pimp them out more on their platform.  “Just you wait, young people of today!  We’re gonna show you that old media is cool too!”

Except they’re not.  They’re whores.  And they will do whatever they can to keep themselves alive so they can continue being whores.  Since they couldn’t stand tall to new media on equal footing, now they decided to pit new tech against new media by using outrage culture to their advantage.  Now that outrage culture has deplatformed and demonetized new media, old media is cozying up to new tech seeing if they can use this opportunity to finish the job.

Which is where Alex Jones comes into the picture.  Love him or hate him (I think he’s a sellout, moron, buffoon, huckster, liar, shill, and has no issue selling lies to the public so long as you buy his supplements), he had a voice in new media.  It was a pretty big voice too.  Millions of people watched and/or listened to his bullshit.  But in comes CNN who decided to make a very vocal war with him.  Their antagonism to one-another was interesting to watch, make no mistake.  However, after the PR war was done, old media was able to convince new tech that keeping him around is bad.  That he is dangerous and has dangerous ideas.

So he got banned.  My first take was that this is a left v right battle.  It makes some sense.  He’s a popular right-wing figure, and new tech is most definitely carrying the value system of Silicon Valley.  Upon further reflection, I realized that it isn’t that.  This was a test.  A canary in the coal mine, if you will.  New tech and old media want to start purging voices that they don’t like.  The new media that is too big and that they can’t control.  So all old media has to do is paint them as villains, and presto!  They can make this kind of new media disappear.  All it would take is to get the public on board.  If they can get the public on their side, it will work.

And the public was on their side.  I saw post after post getting a lot of fulfillment that Alex Jones was banned from Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify.  Twitter was the only one to hold their ground on his expression, but they will fold, eventually.  What does this mean?  It means that old media is going to do this again.  Just you wait, they will start painting every new media outlet they don’t like as evil and wrong and saying it has to be destroyed.  And since new tech has basically said they will do whatever they want because of the money involved from advertisers and no risk of public backlash, they will be with them every step of the way.

I remember when the Internet was the Wild West.  You could say what you want, and all the voices for whatever point of view you were looking for, they were there.  YouTube was where I could go to get content that I like.  Find opinions that I find engaging or conflicting but worth listening to, and lots of them.  Twitter was the graffiti board.  Where we could shit-post and be ridiculous and nobody cared.  But those days are done.  Now it’s gotta be safe and marketable and corporate-friendly.  Because if Coke ads appear on bad content, the horror!  So many people try and justify that attitude.  “But Lucien, they’re a business!  What’s wrong with them wanting to make money?”  Yeah, I’m sure they were making chump change before all this bullshit.  I’m totally sure.

Where does it end?  I suppose it would end when the public has had enough.  But they won’t.  The public is stupid, complacent, fat, ignorant, unconcerned, and can’t be trusted to stand up for anything.  So this will continue unopposed.  Hopefully you’re all okay with that.  The real irony is that old media used to have voices in it who stood against the grain.  They are remembered today as some of the greatest journalists of all time.  What will CNN be remembered for?  I’ll tell you – being infotainment.  They don’t inform you anymore.  They create news and tell you how to feel about it.  What about The New York Times?  Well, these days, they’ll be remembered for employing an openly bigoted woman because she’s bigoted against the group it’s okay to be a bigot against – white people.  That’s culturally acceptable bigotry.

And when new tech and old media are the best of friends, where will those like me, who want to heart independent voices I don’t always agree with, but who make me think go?  It’s a good question.

Until next time, a quote,

“We are currently wealthy, fat, comfortable, and complacent.  We have a built-in allergy to disturbing or unpleasant information.  Our mass media reflects this.  But unless we get off our fat surpluses and recognize that television, in the main, is being used to distract, amuse, delude, and insulate us, then television and those who finance it, those who look at it, and those who work at it may see a totally different picture too late.” – Edward R Murrow

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Let’s Answer 10 Reasons To Not Have Sex Before Marriage

I have forgotten how much there is a well of beautiful cringe with Christian videos.  I have spent so much time with SJW bullshit that I forgot what it’s like.  Naturally, these “pro-life” (anti-woman) Christians are all about waiting for sex.  Because in their mind, sex exists only to create babies.  Because if a bitch isn’t on her back as a brood mare for the state, what else is she good for?  By the way, for any Christians insulted about that statement, your Bible backs me up!  Head on over to Skeptic’s Annotated Bible and see all the great quotes that the Bible has about women.  It’s really good stuff.  And by good, I mean horribly sexist.

Now we have another Christian up to bat to tell us why sex is evil unless there’s a ring on it.  Here’s a link to his video, now let’s get down to it.  This guy says that his reasons for not having sex before marriage are so good you won’t be able to dispute them because they are so right.  This should be interesting.

10. Sex Masks Problems

His argument is basically that if you’re having sex, you won’t notice problems in a relationship.  That’s stupid on a whole bunch of levels.  For starters, what kind of relationships has this guy been in?  If all I’m doing with someone is fighting with them, the sex isn’t gonna stop that.  What guys out there are like “I can’t stand this bitch, so let’s have sex!”?  None.  This is blatantly stupid.

Real relationships are not contingent on sex.  I’ve had plenty of relationships where I’ve taken my time.  I’ve had friends with benefits where sometimes all we would do is hang out and have dinner or just enjoy each other’s company.  The thing that held all of those things together was my liking the person I was spending time with.  If you genuinely believe that sex is going to stop you from seeing what’s wrong with you and another person, you’re an idiot.  Since that is exactly what happened with you, I guess we know what kind of person you are, don’t we?

He then argues that if you’re not having sex, and you’re really in love, you think “let’s get married!”  What?!  Um, how about, “let’s see where the relationship goes”?  You don’t just go from love to marriage, you fucking idiot.  That’s how you end up in TERRIBLE marriages for young love where they were absolutely sure that this is their forever person and won’t hear otherwise, only to discover that this isn’t that person and now they have this messy and complicated divorce ahead of them.  Before you say I don’t know what I’m talking about, I was engaged once.

9. Marriage allows you to evaluate your real feelings

WHAT?! (I get the feeling this will be my response a lot) To all the dim-witted teenagers who up-voted this and take this moron seriously, let me tell you something  – you damn-well better know before you take that step if you are serious or not.  Once you take that step, it is a legally binding contract.  It’s too late for cold feet at that point.  Taking that step had better come AFTER you “evaluate your real feelings,” because you are making a legal bet of half your shit that you will love them for the rest of your life.  If there is any uncertainty with that thought process, you aren’t ready.

Naturally, this idiot uses the Bible to tell us that his point of view is right.  Yeah, the Bible also says that I can fuck a slave or rape a woman and pay her father 15 pieces of silver.  Just putting that out there.  Using the Bible to justify a point of view involving women is always a bad idea.  The sexism is rampant in that book.

8. Sex connects us

What the fuck does this have to do with sex before marriage?  Yeah, sex can be a powerful connection if there is an emotionally connection between two people.  But it isn’t always like that.  Sometimes, people really are just looking to get their rocks off.  Is that a pretty thought?  No, but life isn’t always pretty.  Sometimes it’s just ugly in the only way it can be.

He makes the claim that having lots of sex partners increases your risk of divorce.  Says there are “lots of studies” about it and tells us to Google it.  Okay, let’s play.  I did Google a couple things, and here’s what I found out.  The common cultural belief that more people are getting divorced isn’t true.  In fact, divorce rates have been going down for several years now.  One common factor in this is more couples choosing to wait to get married until later in life, or those who choose not to get married at all.  As our culture evolves and the role of women in society now that more are having to choose careers due to financial constraints or personal goals, so does the nature of the family and of romantic relationships.  This is a messy subject, and this fucking moron doesn’t seem to get that.  He compares women who have sex more than once with a piece of duct tape being stuck multiple times.  Wow.  Sexist, much?

7. Pregnancy

The access to contraception in the western world is higher now than it has ever been.  If you are not rubbing two brain cells together, for men and women, you can protect yourself!  Or, if something goes wrong, you can get the morning after pill.  None of which involves abortion!  All of which you can get at Planned Parenthood.  There, refuted this point nicely.

6. Everybody else is doing it

What?  Why does that matter?  Are you appealing to the youth who wanna be rebels or something?  Is that what I’m supposed to take away from this?  His statement about the rate of divorce currently is bullshit.  Read the article I linked above.  An expert talks about how the cultural belief of the divorce rate being that high is a complete misconception.  It’s a scare tactic that works against teenager who are too stupid to know any better.  This in America, after all.

He then says that based on his fictitious amount of divorces, he believes the bulk of them aren’t happy.  To quote The Dude, “that’s, like, your opinion, man.”  What evidence do you have for this?  What studies have shown that the bulk of married couples are unhappy?  Please, shared this with me.  I love my Comments section open.  Unlike Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, and SoundCloud, I believe in freedom of speech.

5. What we gain to easily we esteem to lightly

His argument is that if you have sex before marriage, you feel like it was earned too easily and won’t appreciate it.  Wow.  This really is going to show what kind of man this is.  He sees women as lesser if the sex is easy to get.  You don’t appreciate it.  Well, buddy, I’m glad you don’t appreciate the relationships you have had with women you had sex with outside of marriage, but thankfully, not all of us are sexist assholes like you.

The guy says he’s been abstinent for six years, so when he finally gets to get into those pants after what he admits will be another year of dating, he will really want it!  I’m just imagining that this dude will cum after two thrusts and then the woman will have to get herself off.  It will be followed with a conversation like “I’m sorry, honey, that doesn’t usually happen to me.”

To the teenagers who take this shit seriously, listen.  Being sexually compatible is a part of a relationship.  If you think that somebody not being good in bed and being able to please their partner isn’t going to damage a relationship, you’re delusional.  And I’m not just talking about skill, either.  I’m also talking about what you want in sex vs what they do.  If they want you to get in a clown costume and fuck them while squirting seltzer water all over them, are you going to be okay with that?  A person’s sexual preferences are many, and part of being compatible as a couple is being able to work with your partner.  If they want you to put on a ball get and get fucked up the ass, and you are vehemently opposed, don’t think for a second that that wouldn’t do gradual damage.  Unless this guy just thinks that if you are married, you will be able to always work that out.  Yeah, good luck with that.

4. Transfer of control

He says that 99% of relationships, the only thing a woman has control over is when they have sex.  What is wrong with this sexist douche?!  That is such bullshit!  The roles in a relationship are something that you decide with your partner!  As the relationship progresses, new roles will arise and you’ll have to figure out whose those are.  It’s part of good communication.  In my late serious relationship, I was the one who always did the cooking when we lived together because my ex was, for all her wonderful qualities, not the best cook.  I like to cook, so it was fun to be able to provide for myself and my partner.  This man’s view on relationships is so ass-backwards!

Then he makes the argument that she has control of sex and he has control of the relationship.  Oh yeah, this dude is a Christian, alright.  After all, the Bible does say that the man’s role is to be head of the home.  What a sexist asshole.  So, if you have sex before marriage, she suddenly gets control of you.  If I believed this guy actually understands what a relationship entails, I might have an opinion about this.  As it stands, I don’t think he does, so I don’t.

3. Talk is cheap

His argument here is that when men say they love a woman to get sex, they’re lying.  The goal is to have women see men as pigs, so they can demand marriage as proof of their commitment.  This is insulting to men and women.  So, instead of promoting dialogue between partners, he decides to just tell women to take the “if he ain’t gonna put a ring on it, you better not give it to him!”

Talk isn’t cheap, you chauvinistic prick.  It’s the cornerstone of ALL healthy relationships.  Every single one.  You could have made a point that don’t just let him say he loves you and that be it.  Promote there being open dialogue.  That is, of course, assuming that this woman isn’t just looking to have something that isn’t serious.  Why is there no agency given to women in this video?  It’s always guys who are the ones pushing and trying to get things.  I fucking hate this dude.

2. Physical attraction fades

My parents have been together for over 25 years.  I don’t know how far away 30 is, but I don’t think it’s too long.  And one thing that my mother told me is that what happens over time is that you aren’t just crazy kids with crazy hormones.  Your partner because less about the physical, and more of a friend and companion that you can’t see yourself without.  And that isn’t done by waiting for sex until marriage!  It is a gradual process of growing in the relationship, It takes years and years of dedication and trust.  This fucking moron is trying to reduce that down to “just wait until marriage and it’ll all be okay.”  What a fucking idiot!

1. Better to have lifelong friends than short-term sex partners

This whole video has been a stunning look into the mind of this man and how he sees women in his life.  How he sees relationships.  How he sees women.  In his mind, the more a woman has sex, the less she will stick in a relationship.  He compares them to tape.  Reminds me of my sex ed class back in middle school, where they talked about women being less clean because they chose to have sex.  It’s sexist.  It demeans women and acts like just because they have had other people that they have gotten physical with, that they are incapable of finding commitment.  He makes the analogy that women only have control in a relationship in regards to sex.  And worst of all, that instead of sex being one of the things you talk about in a relationship, that it’s the man’s job to be the shepherd for his dumb woman because he is the one who gets to decide how the relationship will work.

I cannot stand this fucking dude.  Now he is saying that sex before marriage will make the other person see the relationship as just something they are doing.  As some flash-in-the-pan thing.  I have learned so much about how this man sees relationships as well.

To people out there, let me give you some ACTUAL useful advice.  If you think you’re ready for sex in your relationship, talk to your partner.  Good communication is the best thing for a relationship.  It cannot survive without it.  If you have misgivings and want to wait, that’s fine too.  Just make sure you communicate that as well.  And for the love of Groj, don’t think of yourself or your sexual history as fucking tape!  That analogy is demeaning and insulting to what a sexual connection between two dedicated people can be.  Fuck this sexist asshole and his stupid fucking video.

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“I love the way you look at me.  Like you are about to talk to me or devour me.  I am fine with either.” – N.R. Hart

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The Purge Has Begun With Alex Jones

I’m not a conservative, nor do I enjoy Alex Jones’ or Info Wars’ content.  It is necessary to put that out there before I go too deeply into this, because the classic deflection by people who are in support of what has happened to what I am about to say is that I’m just a conservative so fuck me.  It’s a childish defense, void of looking at a person, but whatever.  I think that Alex Jones is a huckster and charlatan.  He pretends to be informing people, yet goes out of his way to sell supplements to people.  Where once he was a loud, if not excessive, voice for the counterculture, now he is a demagogue for the right and has sold out to whoever he can shill for.  The man has no redemptive qualities.  And yet, when I see that social media all over is purging his content, a chill goes down my spine.

We live in this world where freedom of speech is a buzzword.  It bums me out that that is what we have come to.  That the true nature of it and what it is supposed to represent is lost to people.  That should bother everyone, but I know it doesn’t.  Conservative, liberal, everyone thinks that freedom of speech only stands for them and what they want to say.  I’ve heard snowflakes on both sides pining for the fact that the other side gets a platform.  There was something that Milo Yiannopoulos (another person I have little respect for, but agree with on this point) said – that freedom of speech was something that every generation needed to come to understand and respect.  To be shown why it is valuable.  We may be at that point.

The common refrain I hear is that Alex Jones deliberately lied.  True.  So has EVERY media outlet that you can think of, to one extent or another.  Where is the honesty in big corporate media?  Them, who sucked Hillary Clinton’s cock because she had them in her pocket.  As we saw with the WikiLeaks and the Donna Brazile info drops.  The 5th Estate is supposed to be the vanguards of democracy, instead they were in the pockets of those who wished to be in power.

But Lucien, Alex Jones said horrible things about the families of Sandy Hook victims!  How can you support his right to say that?!

And the entire corporate media was complicit in Bush’s lies about Iraq having WMDs.  They were the yes-men for the government while we invaded a part of the world, killing countless innocent people.  Quagmire wars that we have yet to extricate ourselves from to this day.  Alex Jones said inflammatory and downright ugly things about people whose lives had been touched by a school shooting.  The rest of the media was too gutless to do their due diligence after 9/11 and tell those in power that what we were doing in the Middle East was wrong.  I don’t really see a huge amount of difference.

The next argument is that these social media platforms have a right to kick anyone off at any time.  They have that right.  Here’s the thing – we now have the networks that link our world together becoming the censor.  Telling us what is right for our eyes to see and our ears to hear.  Instead of being bulwarks against the tide of nuance-lacking idiots on the left and the right and letting the public eye pass judgement over those who speak and giving them a platform to speak back, they have chosen to tell YOU what is right for you to see and hear.

Don’t for one second believe that this ends here.  It doesn’t.  Everyone will cheer and look on in smug, righteous zeal the deplatforming of Alex Jones.  Well, who will it be next?  Which voice will be the next one to be snuffed out by the platforms that claim to be for everyone?  So long as it’s conservatives, the left will cheer and fawn.  What happens when it starts being voices on the left who don’t agree with the social justice or modern feminism narrative?  What happens when it’s people who are critical of the social media?  We’ve already seen that YouTube immediately demonetizes videos that are critical of their platform.  “You have criticisms of us?!  Well fuck that video getting monetized!  Take that, you ungrateful ass-hat!”

I believe that Alex Jones is a demagogue, a charlatan, a crude and disgusting person.  But his right to have a platform for his speech is something I will defend.  Because I want everyone, regardless of how toxic their ideas to have a voice in the public eye.  It’s better to have more ideas in the world that are propagated.  Because we can argue with those ideas.  We can debate and people can have new thoughts.  When we start stripping away different perspectives, homogenizing the world, censoring speech that powerful people on high tell us is wrong, the world ALWAYS becomes a worse place.  There is too much history here to think otherwise.

But I don’t think I’m reaching anyone saying that.  After all, freedom of speech is a meme, a buzzword, a thing to sling at the people you don’t like now.  Aren’t you proud?

Until next time, a quote,

“I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it.” – Voltaire

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