Your Pro-Gun Fantasies are Delusional (A response to Josh Feuerstein)

Man, I haven’t gone after a super-religious idiot in a very long time.  In my early days on this site, I had a lot of posts ripping on religion and some of the idiots who follow it.  I am firmly an atheist and think that people who need religion in their lives are people who are afraid of reality.  But the topic got old and it was basically beating a dead horse while playing a broken record.  It got pretty stale.  But I have always had at least a passing eye on the insanity that is Josh Feuerstein.  For those who don’t know, he’s an insanely religious man who is absurdly popular on Facebook.  His page has millions of likes.  It’s bananas.

The guy is also something of a scam artist.  Not just because of the beliefs that he touts, though there is that.  But he was able to crowd-fund over $60,000 for a special camera, but clearly still does video on his phone.  Yeah, money I’m sure well spent, given how obesity is clearly the biggest problem he has.  That and an inflated ego.  Many years ago he went after the biggest YouTube atheist, The Amazing Atheist, because TJ had responded to his most popular video – where he “disproves” evolution.  It was sad, to say the least.

Over the years, Josh has become something of a marvel of Christian stupidity.  This guy is not only a firm fundamentalist Christian, but he also is a radical conservative as well.  So naturally, when the Supreme Court cast its ruling that allowed gay marriage to be legal in all 50 states, Josh was against it.  Yet he took great umbrage when people called him a bigot because of that.  Funny how that works.  Oh, and he also in the videos where he said “Obama done did it” about gay marriage, he said that it was the beginning of the “Christian Holocaust” and held up a gun to say that he would fight the government.

Josh fancies himself one of these people who would start some kind of civil war against the government if they ever step out of line.  The reality is that he is one of a plethora of fat-ass conservatives who would fight the government for all of 20 minutes, until they blast him and his little obese army of “patriots” with a drone.  Any war against the government in the 21st century would very, very short-lived.  He is one of these people who says that if they come for his guns, they can have the bullets.  No, Josh, you’d open fire, and they blast you to bits.  Hell, I guarantee that the moment they blast open your door, you will piss your fat britches and surrender on the spot.  Because it’s easy to be tough when you are not facing down any real resistance.  Just the imagined kind in your head.

When I say he’s a radical conservative who is something of a class act in paranoia, I’m not kidding.  He had his wife driving around a Wal-Mart for ten minutes talking about how them closing it is a conspiracy and they are stockpiling weapons and tanks inside.  This guy is really something.

But now it seems that Josh has a new take on the idea of guns – that they’re in the Bible.  That the 2nd Amendment is in the Bible.  Oh boy, this is gonna be a hard sell.  Let’s take a look at what this moron has to say.

Oh my Groj, you delusional fuck.  So, let me see if I got this right.  You keep a loaded gun in your car, on the unlikely off-chance that somebody is going to come at you with a firearm.  And if this person in your fantasy world comes at you, you are going to let loose with .45 “freedom seeds.”  That is the funniest name for bullets I have ever seen.  Especially given the long history in this world of dictators using those “freedom seeds” to kill people they don’t like.  Guns have a long, sordid history of one thing – violence.  I’m not against people owning them, though I do believe there should be some regulation in that regard, but to call bullets fired “freedom seeds” is so utterly ignorant of history.  But why should I be surprised.  This guy is an obese “patriot” who is looking to be Dirty Harry in his fantasy world.

Here’s my question to you, Josh – if you should come upon some fantasy shooting where you get your .45 out of your car and open fire, what if there are lots of kids around?  You say you are against school shootings, so what happens if you there are lots of little civilians around you?  Acceptable risk?  Killing kids?  You want their potential blood on your hands?  Not to mention, it ain’t like the guy is jut gonna stand there and let you shoot him.  Life isn’t a video game, Josh.  This person will move and then shoot back.  And say there’s armed security.  They come into things, not knowing who is who, so they start shooting at you too.  Are you just so convinced that they are going to know that you are the good guy?  If I saw your fat ass with a loaded gun shooting, I would assume you are the shooter.  You look the type.  You certainly have the attitude.

Then he says probably the most delusional thing I’ve ever heard – that the 2nd Amendment is in the Bible.  This is a dude who sees that painting of Jesus giving America the Constitution and cums all over it, isn’t he?  I believe it.  His evidence?  Because God armed angels.  I need scriptural evidence of this, Josh.  Because as I remember, angels in the Bible were pretty much just God’s messengers and heralds.  They had no form unless they took on the form of a human.  But in reality the angels of the Bible had more in common with those from Neon Genesis Evangelion than they do with your imagination of them being Dirty Harry with wings.  This man is so insane.  I don’t get how someone can be this delusional.

Guns did not exist in the Bible.  Nowhere.  There was nothing about guns in the Bible.  Not to mention, people having rights to own guns is also absurd in the Bible, because in that time period, people only had the rights that the king, Caesar, or other leader provided them.  It was a Feudal, primitive society.  Even Jesus said “give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, give unto God that which is God’s.”  A reference to taxes, neat fact.  So your weird belief that democracy and democratic republics with their legal perspective was a thing in the Bible is equal parts funny and ridiculous.

Then we get the conservative schtick about guns being the heroes always and the good guy prevailing.  His metaphor is that a bully only backs down when the little person has a bigger person.  He doesn’t see the irony in that statement.  The idea that the little person has a bigger person to basically go to bat for them.  Kind of like, in principal, how cops are supposed to work.  Because that big guy can’t be with the little guy all the time.  But the little guy knows that he can call on them and they will sort out the person hurting them.  It blows my mind how you are so dumb with the shit you say, and nobody calls you out on it.

Lastly, he says that we need vets in schools, armed with guns.  You know, Josh, I have this growing perspective on the military since a girly-mate who is quite important to me joined the Navy, and she tells me about life with that.  She took the oath of service, to protect her country.  And it’s weird that Josh of all people is saying that vets needs to be in the schools, because he has said that he would fight the government.  In his “Christian Holocaust” series, he outright says that he will fight the government because of the perceived attack on his religious freedom.

This fat ass has never once served his country.  He hasn’t done shit.  He champions a President who said he couldn’t serve his country because his foot hurt.  Just like all the stupid-ass conservatives who believe that underneath it all, they are Dirty Harry, he just lets the delusions talk.  Not to mention, why veterans?  Why not cops?  Could it be because we now have documented proof that cops have a bad habit of being gutless cowards who run from danger or shoot it in the back?  Or in the case of Scot Peterson, do nothing while a shooter is inside a school killing kids and ACTUAL heroes who gave his life to protect children from bullets.

I have said it so many times, these people believe that life is an action movie, and the villains are just gonna stand there and get shot, while not being able to hit the broadside of a barn.  But we know in reality that life isn’t like that.  That shootings are messy.  We saw that with the armed guards at Columbine, at Virginia Tech, and other schools.  Now, am I against armed security?  Of course not.  But this idea that we need to get random people who served in the military to do this, instead of people who are trained for the task of protecting kids, is absurd.

By the way, Josh, I guarantee that if you went into a school shooting to go pump some of your “freedom seeds” at the bad guys, your ass would get arrested too.  Probably because you’d have killed other kids instead of the bad guy.  But hey, maybe I’m wrong.  You are Dirty Harry in the flesh, after all, right?

Until next time, a quote,

“Most people are drowning in delusional ignorance, without knowing that their suffering was created by themselves.” – Jakushoa Kwong Roshi

Peace out,



Media Complicity and the Santa Fe Shooting

As always, the first thing everyone does when they see a school shooting is wonder why the shooter did it.  Valid question, for sure.  In this case, we have an answer, and it was pretty quick too.  In a statement by the shooter about why he spared the lives of people he liked, it was so he could “have his story told.”  In one moment today, as I am more than a little stoney baloney (been laughing for hours at that verbiage.  It’s my new favorite thing), I was reminded as to why the media makes me so angry.

See, the media is at least partly complicit in statements like that.  If the goal of this person was to do this shooting so their story could be told, it’s tied into something I’ve believed for a long fucking time about the media in respect to shooting such as this.  Every time we have a school shooting, the media is right fucking there with cameras in everyone’s face.  Not missing one goddamn tear.  Then begins the round-the-clock coverage about the shooter.  To Hell with the victims.  They don’t get clicks and constant coverage by the slack-jawed, knuckle-dragging retards who watch cable news (not just talking about Fox, so you know).  24/7 coverage asking to know everything about the shooter because the stupid-ass public for some reason feels this is vital information to know.  Meanwhile, you have all the people being buried that buried in the coverage too.

Then we have seen that there are copycat killers who rise up and choose to do the same thing, because they want to see their names made famous by the atrocity that they commit.  They want to see everyone talking about them.  The disenfranchised youth or unhinged adult who just wants someone to pay attention to them, they see this and because they already aren’t well, they think this is a golden opportunity.  Am I saying this is everyone?  Not at all.  That would be intellectually dishonest.  There will always be the Timothy McVeigh’s of the world who have some big political agenda or something.

But for fuck’s sake, can just one night we get one of these talking head assholes to actually say that maybe, instead of constant coverage of the killer and wondering what their entire life is like and getting their story told to the entire world, we can not do that?  We can instead make it about the victims.  Get their names known.  Have people know what they were like.  Or the heroes like the teacher in Parkland who gave his life to protect the lives of children.  At least glad we got some light shined on the coward deputy sheriff in Parkland who refused to go into the school.  One thing the media did right.

Maybe, if we get the victims of these crimes known and becoming household names, the people in our government wouldn’t be so quick to not give a shit about them as they do nothing to stop the next goddamn shooting from happening!

Until next time, a quote,

“There are conditions of blindness so voluntary that they become complicity.” – Paul Bourget

Peace out,


Santa Fe Shooting, a Turning Point in America

Another school shooting.  Let the usual fluff and bullshit begin.  The conservatives yelling about how the insane ease of access to firearms in this country has nothing to do with anything and “don’t take our guns!” becoming another bullshit mantra.  There will be the conservative retards screaming about how we need to arm teachers, because in their delusional world everyone is Dirty Harry.  We can have the left and right maligning video games again, because that’s always fun.  Nobody will ever see that all of this is diversionary tactics to get it so that nobody will talk about actually doing anything.  Because if that precious NRA money doesn’t flow into Congress, how can the corrupt leaders of this nation keep hoodwinking the stupid-ass public?

In the end, nothing will happen.  Because by the time people mobilize to take action and those who actually give a shit about the loss of human life are able to get into action, people will have moved on to the next stupid thing.  Royal wedding coming up.  I’m sure that’s important to talk about.  Right?  Or maybe we can move on to the next mass shooting.  They happen with such regularity in this country that it starts to almost look like a pattern.

I’ve come to realize something about this country.  It breaks my fucking heart, but it’s true.  We don’t care about this shit anymore.  Not even a little.  We’ve gotten to the point that mass shootings and tons of people getting killed doesn’t phase us anymore.  It doesn’t matter how many people die, how many schools and streets and places that people should feel safe are splattered in blood.  We, as a society, have decided to stop caring about the violence that we see every day.  Because now it’s just become the flavor of the week.  It’s become the thing that we all just live with.

That breaks my fucking heart.  It really does.  To think that a land that used to be seen as a place of peace and prosperity now gets to be known for the killings, with nothing being done, and the sides of the political spectrum doing everything they can to make it about their bullshit topic.  You have the conservatives who go through the motions of saying “look at how violent this other country is!  Violence is going down!  All of this gun violence stuff is so overblown!”  Then you have the left where people are like “why can’t you talk more about brown people?!  This is diverting people’s attention from cops killing black people!”  With both sides calling the other snowflakes (a term that neither side has ANY right to use).

Oh, and let’s not forget how we need more Jesus!  Yeah, because his almighty ass sure is doing a lot of save people in this country that supposedly he fucking loves.  “But Lucien, he’s not allowed in schools anymore!”  Fuck you, you retard!  He can’t be mandated in public schools.  Teachers aren’t allowed to lead schools in prayer.  If students want to pray, they can do that all they want.  They can even start religious clubs.  There was one at my high school.  There is nothing stopping any kids from being as religious as they want.  So where the fuck is he?!  Where the fuck is your bullshit “all-loving” God now?!  No-fucking-where, that’s where.  Because he isn’t real.  He’s a myth that people cloak themselves in because death is scary and the idea that things happen that are awful for no reason hurts to think about.  So fucking sick of all the religious retards I see having to sing the blues about how they are so oppressed and Jesus is so hurting in a nation that is 80% Christian.  Yeah, you all are so under-represented.  How many of those morons call the other side “snowflakes?”

The song and dance never changes.  Nothing gets better.  Nothing ever well.  We’ve stopped caring as a country.  Everybody will just say stupid shit like “nothing you can do to stop it anyway.”  Yeah, that’s said in a nation where this shit happens all the time.  But maybe those people do have a point.  After all, any efforts to do anything of merit would have the NRA dropping millions of dollars to lobby against it.  And since they are an immensely powerful lobby, money talks.  Money is all the talk.

It’s the reason why the drug war keeps going even though there is no measurable amount of success it has ever had.  It’s why this country is slavishly dependent on oil (I live in a big oil state that is seeing the oil dry up, so I am seeing the end result of this first-hand) when green energy is getting bigger and bigger everywhere else.  China is leaving us in the dust in terms of being environmentally friendly.  Granted, it’s because they have no choice.  Pollution there is out of control.  But hey, at least they fucking learn from their mistakes!  When the fuck does America do that?!

There are so many days where I get so fucking tired of reading the news.  In my home state it’s story after story of violence.  My state is the second most violent state to live in, from a study I found the other day.  There are so many shootings in my city that I don’t count them as a weekly thing.  I see something in the papers almost daily.  But nobody cares.  It’s just the flavor of the week.  Parents weep for dead children.  Spouses week for lost teachers and people just trying to help save lives.  Siblings weep for family they will never talk to again.  But what the fuck does this nation that cares do?!  NOTHING!  Fucking Nothing!

While Trump can spew all of his bullshit about “Make America Great Again,” I am watching this nation bleed to death.  I knew all of that shit was a con from the start, but can the people who supported the orange monkey finally admit it too?  Can they admit that the fucker is a corporate tool?  We all know he won’t do shit. Last time he actually said he sent thoughts and prayers to them.  Well thanks for that, you useless lump of shit!  I’m sure the families there are so comforted.  Fuck!

Does this have a bottom to it?  Is there a point where it ever ends?  I don’t fucking know.  I wish I did.  Truly, I wish I knew where all of this bullshit ended.  Because I’m getting tired of a friend who is becoming a teacher being afraid that she is going to have a gun in the room with little children and be expected to use it when she is a naturally very fearful person who doesn’t like conflict.

You don’t fucking care, America.  I just want you fuckers to admit it.

Until next time, a quote,

“It’s not the violence of the few that scares me.  It’s the silence of the many.” – Rev. Martin Luther King Jr

Peace out,


Florida Taxpayers Fund Pension for Coward Cop

Remember that shooting in Parkland?  Of course you do.  That was the shooting that got a lot of attention for a whole bunch of very sad reasons.  One of which being a cop who stood outside and did absolutely nothing while students and teachers inside were being killed.  Including a teacher who heroically went inside to get people out and to if need be take bullets so other people don’t have to.  He did indeed take them, and died from them.  A true hero who had no gun, no training, no badge, and no expected responsibility to protect and serve.  He went in and took bullets so others didn’t have to, saving lives and giving his in the process.

Then we have what I believed to be four deputy sheriffs who stood outside the school and did nothing.  Gutless cowards who are given a gun and a badge.  Meanwhile, there was at least one person who has been taken to task for it.  Scot Peterson was originally going to be suspended without pay for his lack of involvement in what happened, but decided to let his butthurt show and take resign instead.  Now he is getting a pension.  And it’s a pretty amazing pension.  He is being paid $104,000 per year, for the rest of his life.  All for not doing his duty when it was called for and protecting and serving the lives of the children in that school.

Florida taxpayers are going to help fund this man’s pension.  Your money gets to go to a gutless coward who stood outside and did nothing while children died.  Oh wait, his lawyer says we don’t have all the facts.  He says that he stayed outside because he believed the shooting was happening outside, so he took a “tactical position.”  Bullshit!  For starters, video cameras don’t show you doing that.  For second, we all know that’s a fucking lie.  At this point he isn’t getting punished for it so the fucking worm might as well come clean.  Finally, if he believed the shooting was outside, then he should have been inside helping the people to escape.  This is a farce that this pathetic, gutless maggot is spreading so he doesn’t have to become a pariah.  Well fuck that!  I want this man’s name to be known everywhere.  I want everywhere he goes to be a reminder to him that his is a pussy who was too cowardly to do his goddamn job.  I want every person he sees to be spitting at him and calling him a child-killer, because his lack of action in that event means that their blood is at least partly on his hands.  He was there, with his gun and badge and obligation to protect and serve, and did nothing.

I think back to all the shootings in schools, where you have teachers and aides and school employees being expected to help the children get to safety, away from the violence, and keep them as safe as you can.  I think of that teachers who gave his life to protect the lives of others, and how many others there are standing with him in the halls of REAL heroes.  Then I think about all the people who tell me that the cops are the best and bravest and are willing to put themselves in harm’s way.

How many stories are there are cops shooting family pets who pose no danger to them?  How many stories are there of cops like the one who shot a guy in the back seven times, then walked over and was planting his taser on him to make it look like he had taken it so his cowardly ass wouldn’t be punished for shooting a man as he ran away?  Story after story of pussy cops who are clearly scared of the people they are supposed to protect.  Their job is to protect and serve, and they can do neither.  All they can do is cower in fear.  Because the people who take up that mantle more often than not are either G.I. Joe wannabes or scum-fucks who are looking to have power over people.  We give them guns, badges, and virtually no oversight.  It doesn’t surprise me one bit that when a gunman who was actively killing people is in the area, this pussy-ass former deputy sheriff did nothing.  Now the taxpayers get to fund his pension for the rest of his worthless life.

This man should not get a goddamn cent from that pension!  You ask me, there should be a clause in there that if you are a gutless coward who hides while children die, you should lose that pension.  It should be some kind of contract with the government that if you are too weak to do the duty that you swore an oath to do, you lose the benefits that come with that job.  It pisses me off that this piece of shit gets to live a comfortable life on over $100,000 a year for the rest of his worthless life.  More than ANY teacher at that school, where they had at least one person prepared to give their life.

Scot Peterson – fuck you.  Fuck you, you gutless, worthless, spineless, lily-livered, timid, pusillanimous coward!  I hate that I have to breathe air on the same planet as you.  Because I am a suicidal asshole who hates children, and even I know that in your position, if I am too scared to confront this asshole directly, I’m going to be doing everything I can to get the children to safety.  What did you do?

Oh yeah, took a “tactical position.”

Until next time, a quote,

“I won’t have cowards in my Army.” – Gen. George S. Patton, Patton

Peace out,


RAB: I Hate Movie Theaters

Not joking at all, I hate going to the movies.  Theaters are the worst.  I went to see Infinity War, and while the film was totally worth my time, the beginning of the showing was the worst.  Why?  Because after having to suffer through endless bullshit they put on before the show (what happened to the days when theaters just either had slides of ads in the background and some music playing?  That was what theaters were like when I was young.  Groj how I miss those day), I then have to watch the previews.

The previews before this movie were the worst.  The absolute worst.  It made me want to slit my wrists.  It made me want to think that film as a medium is dead.  Why?  Because there was no ad for Deadpool 2, because that’s a violent film for grown-ups, so we had to get really mediocre family films advertised.  Like did you know that Shaq is taking another stab at acting?  This time as an old man playing basketball!  Oh the shenanigans!  I bet that will just be totally silly.  I can’t wait to see what things Shaq will get up to next.  Has a bunch of other old basketball players.  Surprised they didn’t get Michael Jordan in there.  He has more self-respect than that.  He pimps underwear, after all.

Next, they played a trailer twice!  Twice!  For that shitty Jurassic World sequel.  I thought that Jurassic World was a giant piece of shit.  Nothing was good about it.  Nothing.  Yeah, there was the big battle at the end, but that was short, and boring, and stupid.  Nostalgia Critic getting the guy who did the narration on the Honest Trailers videos was cooler than that.  Now they are making a sequel that ironically addresses something I have always thought about in these films – dinosaurs being used for military applications.  Except with Chris Pratt.  But they showed that goddamn trailer twice!  Because it was so good that i Just had to see it again, right?!

Then we have even more product placement as we have the theater shilling itself.  Gotta love corporate marketing.  Probably how these places stay in business since the attendance numbers for box office films are down over the last few years.

I am so glad I went to see this film during the day, before school got out.  That way I can see it with no children around.  That’s another reason that I will never, ever go to a family film when the little ones are around to see it. I don’t even watch family films anymore anyway, aside from superhero ones.  Haven’t seen any that look appealing to me.  Before you ask, I haven’t seen Moana.  After Frozen, the Disney section that does CG films that isn’t Pixar is dead to me.  And I didn’t see that film in theaters either.

Theaters should be made exclusively for adults, where the little ones are not allowed.  Where you can get quality food, alcohol, and seats that are super mega comfy.  Yeah, that sounds just about perfect.  I hate kids in general, but children at theaters fucking up my movie experience is the worst.

Then you get the assholes who are on the phone the whole goddamn time.  Makes me wish that hacking was the way it is in Watch Dogs, because I’d be hacking everyone’s phone and sending every dirty picture they ever sent to their mother and telling them if they do this again, I’m going to send them to their boss.  That’s how much I hate people who sit on their goddamn phone the whole show.  Go home if you are so bored by the film that you can’t be bothered to stay off your goddamn phone for a couple hours.  Entitled millennials.  I had some dude looking at porn during this movie.  No joke, he was on his phone looking at porn.  Wow.  Stay classy, boo.

Finally, you get the two besties who absolutely have to talk about everything in the film with each other.  They are going to go on and on and on about it.  And of course they need to be loud enough for you to hear their conversation, because I totally wanted to know if they think that Captain America would be cuter if he was gay.  Thanks for telling me about that.

I don’t like going to theaters, and I’ll avoid it at all costs if I can.  Since most films that come out anymore are shit anyway, I don’t have to find a lot of reasons not to be there.  Fuck Hollywood.  It’s out of ideas.

Until next time, a quote,

“If I flick popcorn at their ears, maybe they’ll shut the fuck up.” – Quinn Pierce

Peace out,


The Solution to Homeless Drug Use (and a lot of other problems)

There was an article on KTUU news about homelessness in the city of Anchorage.  It’s where I live.  As the recession has caught up with Alaska, homelessness, poverty, it’s hitting this state like a giant hammer.  Jobs that pay a living wage are more and more scarce every year.  More and more businesses are shutting down as their parent companies are downsizing and Alaska isn’t seen as a place where business can grow.  Downtown Anchorage has become a cesspool.  There isn’t a day that goes by where there aren’t stories of robberies, shootings, rape, or any number of criminal activities in downtown Anchorage.  This while some idiot believes that we can turn part of this area’s crumbling infrastructure into Anchorage’s version of Pike’s Place Market.

We all know what would happen to such a venture.  The homeless would immediately invade and it would become infested with people squatting there.  It’s funny, at work I talked about a story where the JCPenny parking lot was going to be demolished.  The reason was because the structure was no longer safe, and the idea was to turn it into housing or something else.  My coworker immediately chimed in with “where are the homeless gonna pee now?”  He’s got a point.  Anybody who has been unfortunate enough to step foot in the stairwell at that parking lot is greeted with the acrimonious odor of urine reeking out.  It’s foul beyond belief.

Over the years, more and more businesses have fled downtown for South Side, where there are vastly fewer homeless and the natural aesthetic that Alaska is most known for is more prevalent.  This part of the city is dying a very slow, very ugly death.  Were it not for the state agencies that have made their home there, it probably already would be nothing but the 5th Avenue Mall, which is dealing with their own problems as more and more businesses close up shop because of either too little business, or crime becoming too prevalent.

Downtown Anchorage is infested with the homeless for a reason – because that’s where a major homeless shelter is.  The major one.  It’s a place that is both a refuge, and a symbol of all that is broken with this city and with an issue I am tying in to this.  There is an issue here in town where the police want to charge a fee for excessive calling of emergency services by the homeless shelter.  An asinine thing to do.  It’s not their fault that the place is overrun with the same crime that infests all of downtown Anchorage.

What is the problem?  Simple – where the homeless population gathers, drug culture follows.  Drug usage among the homeless in Alaska is astronomical.  With treatment centers being few and far between, not to mention woefully understaffed and unprepared for the sheer number of afflicted, the problem is only going to get worse.  Those out in the bush who find alcoholism or other addiction, they come to Anchorage.  There they find no place to live, very few stable jobs, and very few resources to get clean.  It’s tragic, to say the least.

The public is no help in any regard.  The law is not to give money to panhandlers, so the constant people holding signs at the corner of 15th and Gambell aren’t going to have much luck.  Anytime the homeless set up camps, because the drug culture that fuels crime culture immediately follows, we look to evict them.  Public parks become areas to avoid.  There’s nowhere for these people to go and people clearly don’t care so long as they don’t have to look at the problem.

Which brings us to the issue at hand – what’s the solution?  How can we combat a problem when it’s resounding clear that public couldn’t care less and the powers that be just don’t want an eyesore.  The first solution is – get the homeless out of downtown.  Well, where are they supposed to go?  No other part of town wants them.  Since downtown is so closely connected to Mountain View and Fairview, crime-ridden cesspools in their own right, it’s easy to just push them off to that part of town and look the other way.

I have a solution that could do real good, but that nobody in a position of authority would approve of.  Not one.  It’s radical, and flies in the face of a lot of conventions we are taught to believe, but the trade-off is that it would work.  That’s not my opinion.  It’s a fact.  The solution is – mass decriminalization and regulation of all narcotics.  Every single one.  From heroin to methamphetamine, legalize everything.

Before you go into a fury about how terrible that sounds to say, let me explain.  The drug war isn’t helping anybody.  There isn’t a single piece of evidence to show that it has provided any substantive victory in any regard.  Putting non-violent offender in jail whose only crime has been putting a substance into their body is a waste of taxpayer money.  And since Alaska has state-run prisons, your money is being spent to keep people who have hurt no one but themselves in jail.  Is that something you want?

It goes deeper than that.  Part of why the drug usage is so prevalent is that people are afraid to seek treatment for addiction.  They’re afraid of going to jail.  They’re afraid of social stigma.  But if it was no longer illegal, those looking to get clean could now seek out treatment.  They could even have treatment centers in the same place that sellers would distribute.

What’s more, with legalization and regulation, they could make the drugs less toxic.  Part of what makes narcotics so dangerous is that since there is no regulation to stop tampering with them, or use of dangerous chemicals in the creation process.  Not to mention, it could be regulated for how potent it is, which would make the drugs less addictive than they otherwise would be.  Some would say “if they water it down, people will just seek out the more potent underground market.”  Perhaps some, but it’s been shown that Americans will always seek out the cheaper, easier option instead.  It’s why we eat McDonald’s, even though their food is garbage.

The biggest reason, however, is the fact that legalizing narcotics would crush the illegal market, utterly and completely.  There is no way that they could compete with legal stores that could provide what people are looking for without having to worry about the police.  In a matter of weeks, street dealers would be out of business.  This would have a chain reaction all over the state.  Areas that were previously viewed as unsafe due to drug selling would no longer be.  Communities could repair and rebuild.  Areas that were previously seen as dangerous come start to have business come back.  Imagine what that would do for Mountain View, or Fairview, or Spenard.

Something has to be done.  The public can’t be bothered to care about the plight of their fellow human being.  After all, so many mass shootings per year, and there is still no sensible gun legislation.  Because the moment someone talks about that, they immediately jump to “you can’t take our guns!”  Not trying to.  Just making it so you have to have a license to own one, same as a car.  And that you have to register your guns, just like a car.

The crime problem isn’t staying in the decaying downtown area.  East Anchorage already has it in spades.  Ask anyone who lives in College View.  South Side is seeing itself getting hit.  Heck, even Hillside has had a growing share.

Anchorage is dying.  The state of Alaska is dying.  Since nobody in our government will do ANYTHING to try and build a new revenue source now that the oil is drying up, it’s just gonna keep decaying.  Another aspect in legalization is, and I am well-aware how tragic it is that we’ve come to this, but there is such a massive amount of money in the illegal drug market.  Millions upon millions of dollars in heroin, meth, and opiates that could be going to the state, instead of to criminals.  Since the government isn’t actually trying to help the people, maybe we can help ourselves, and make our streets safer, and our budget not such a desperate issue.

This plan isn’t perfect.  It would need a lot of ironing out.  But the drug war has failed.  By every conceivable metric, it has failed.  It is failing us right now, as I read story after story every single day of a shooting or a robbery.  This isn’t a perfect solution, but it is darn sure a step in the right direction.

Until next time, a quote,

“It’s not a war on drugs.  It’s a war on personal freedom.” – Bill Hicks

Peace out,


Let’s Answer 100 Ways White People Can Make People Less Frustrating for People of Color

What a Title.  Yes, I am aware that I said two posts ago that I was never going to do this again.  I may end up horribly regretting this decision.  But I found out today that I had unknown members in my audience who keep up regularly, and knowing that I have an audience and they love my stuff is compelling me to keep the content flowing and to try and keep it fresh.  Plus, I got to thinking – there are people who buy into this shit.  There are actual people in the actual world who think that these lists aren’t complete and utterly bullshit and take their premises without a second thought.  That not only blows my mind, but also kind of bothers me.  How many kids today read this shit and take it as gospel.  This type of dogmatic thinking needs to stop, so let’s do this.

I have said before that I HATE the term “people of color.”  It’s and “of” and “ed” away from “colored people.”  I figure they might address this complain, so I’ll head it off here.  Here’s a link to the post, now let’s see what they got.

1. Just because you can’t see racism around you doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Trust people of color’s assessment of a situation.

I can’t do that.  I’ve seen FAR too many instance of the social justice idiots declaring things that are not remotely racist to be racism.  Ever heard of “digital blackface?”  It’s when a white person shares a GIF of a black person.  When you have these people calling shit like this racism, then I’m sorry but I have to take what you all say with a grain of salt.

2. Don’t assume that all people of color share the same views. We are not a monolith.

And yet, here you are, having made a list that we are to assume is to be universally applied.  Idiot!

3. Don’t assume or guess people’s races. This is NOT a fun game for us.

Unless I know you on a personal level, I don’t give a fuck what your race is.  I work with two Asian Americans, and since I am tight with them, we have talked about their racial identity.  Thankfully, they are from Asian heritage, so they don’t have the stick up their ass that some other ethnic groups do.

4. If someone tells you they’re from Uganda, don’t say, “I went to Nigeria once!” Just, please.

No.  Don’t tell me how to talk to people, bitch.  If I find out someone is from a part of the world that I have been around, and I feel like it’s a good talking point, then I will do that.  Fuck off.

5. Related: Don’t refer to Africa as a country. It’s a continent and it’s wildly varied. Yes. Take a moment.

America is the stupidest First World country.  It’s a fact.  You saying this is basically just asking for the sky not to be blue.  It’s a cute suggestion.  By the way, got to your average American college and see how many people say that it’s a country.  Go watch your faith in the human race die.

6. Oh, and rest assured that literally no person of color ever wants you to get back from holiday, show off your tan and excitedly exclaim, “Look, I’m almost as dark as you!” Cease and desist.

In my last post, I talked about a place called “Shit That Never Happens Land,” let’s add this to the list.  Also, it’s amazing how you say this is for all “people of color,” when most of your examples thus far are pretty fucking specific.

7. Don’t assume that a person of color knows everything about their country of heritage. Do you know everything there is to know about America? Germany? Sweden? That’s what I thought.

I don’t assume that.  Stop putting words in my mouth.

8. Don’t assume we can run if we’re Black, do math if we’re Asian, have drinking problems if we’re indigenous…

Don’t assume that women drown their babies, or white people hate black people simply by virtue of their existence.  How about we all give up bad stereotypes.

9. Regard us as autonomous, unique individuals, not as representatives of our race.

You already brought this up in a previous point.  Already running out of ideas?  We’re only 9 in on this list.

10. Don’t make embarrassing jokes to try and be “down” with people of color. We’ll laugh at you, not with you.

This is oddly specific.  Not to mention, I get the feeling the person who did this is one of your “intersectional” allies.  These are the white people you create when you have social justice telling us to hate ourselves and raise you up as the paragon virtue.

11. Don’t rinse our culturally specific memes. They’re ours. Go enjoy that weird one about the plums.

This is also oddly specific.  What are you talking about?

12. If you’re at my house party, don’t turn off the Weeknd to put on Arctic Monkeys. (Okay this one is very specific but it happened to me once and I’m not over it. The audacity!)

Is this bitch trolling?  I’m starting to think this bitch is trolling.

13. Avoid phrases like “But I have a Black friend! I can’t be racist!” You know that’s BS as well as we do.

Um, no.  If you hate people of an ethnic group, you’re not going to have friends in that group.  Why would you befriend people who you hate?  Also, nobody says they aren’t racist because they have a black friend.  I’m convinced this is a talking point you all invented because somebody at some point said it, so now it’s ad nauseum for all white people.

14. When you endlessly complain about how terrible white people are, you are being that terrible white person. Jeez.

Again, this is your baby.  You made this.  Don’t shit on what you created.

15. Don’t say shit like, “I know what it’s like to be a person of color…I’m a ginger!”

Given how, historically, being a ginger was associated with Irish heritage, you might wanna learn some history about how the Irish were treated like shit in this country.  For a group of people who goes on and on and on and ON about history like that has some bearing on modern culture, they have just as much of a right to get in on the fun as you do.

16. Don’t question someone’s Blackness if they’re light-skinned. It’s not your place. Other Black people can make sure that light-skinned Black people are cognizant of their privilege.

What white person has ever done this?!  The only people I hear bitching about lighter skinned black people are you all.

17. Never try and tell a person of color what is or isn’t racist.

No.  You all ignore nuance like the plague.  Sorry if I refuse to play ball (not sorry).

18. When you find instances of racist bullshit online, please don’t send it to us. We know racism exists, thanks.

I don’t want to deal with you ever again after dealing with your bullshit list, so yeah.

19. Read something already written about it rather than coming to your friends/acquaintances of color looking for hot takes on anything and everything appropriative a Kardashian/Miley Cyrus does. We don’t wanna think about this shit 24/7!

You all are the ones bitching about Kanye ad infinitum!  The ones I see online doing the most bitching about pop culture are black people.  Maybe I am just lucky enough to hang out with nerds and skeptics, but still.

20. Understand that some days are even more mentally exhausting for people of color thanks to the news cycle. Try not to badger us for our opinions on the latest atrocity that has occurred. Leave us to grieve.

I’ll talk about whatever the fuck I want.  Thanks.

21. But when we do have something to say about it, listen.

No.  I think you’re an idiot.  Why would I listen to you?

22. Share articles relating to the everyday experiences of race and racism written by people of color.

No.  A lot of this shit is stupid crap like the stuff you’ve listed here.  Why would I share that stuff?

23. But don’t be that person who is weird and sycophantic and loves to demonstrate their wokeness constantly to the people of color around them. Be thoughtful.

Your baby.  Your fault.  Fuck you.

24. Read books by people of color. I recommend Sister Outsider by Audre Lorde, The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander and literally everything that Junot Diaz writes for great insights into Blackness.

I don’t read books about social justice.  Period.  Find me an author who isn’t white that has written good science fiction or fantasy?  I did read NeXus recently, and that was written by a guy who isn’t white, so find me more and I’ll consider it.

25. Watch shows that are created by people of color i.e. Atlanta or Insecure. (Seriously, if you haven’t seen Atlanta, you need to watch it. Now.)

No!  Stop telling me what to watch!  I comb through lists, and if I like it, I’ll watch it.  But don’t tell me what to do with my free time!  Bitch.

26. Have a critical eye when watching TV and movies. How are they portraying people of color and why? What purpose does it serve?

You know what I’m gonna do instead of that?  I’m gonna ask – how are they portraying characters.  Not just the “people of color.”  Because rather than wanting good characters of other ethnic groups, I want good characters.  I know, I’m such a piece of shit.

27. If you go to an art gallery, notice how many works are by people of color. If it’s lacking, make some noise, send an email, query the curator. White people shouldn’t have a monopoly on what can be considered art.

No!  If you don’t like what an art gallery is showing, start your own!  Stop telling the rest of the world to suck your dick.  You can go out and do your own shit.  Make your own movies, your own art, and your own art gallery to show it off.

28. If a character you assumed was white in a book is portrayed by an actor of color in the movie, embrace it. Whiteness is not the default.

This just ties into a point I’ve made 1000 times about how you all would rather the rest of popular culture cater to you rather than making your own shit.  See how well it’s done for you so far *cough*The Dark Tower!*cough*

29. Support plays written by and acted in by people of color. The world of theater is overwhelmingly white.

Tell you what, boo, you show me a play by “people of color” in my area, and I’ll see if I want to check it out.  But if I do, I’ll do a review, and don’t expect me to treat it with kid gloves.  If it sucks, I’m gonna call it out for that.

30. Refuse to go to club nights or drag shows or burlesque nights that use culturally appropriative acts.

No.  Cultural appropriation is bullshit.

31. If you have kids, buy them dolls of color and books with characters of color.

No.  If I have a kid, I’m gonna help them to cultivate their own interests.  I’ll show them the books I loved as a kid, and some of those do have characters of color, but not all.

32. Support crowdfunding campaigns for cultural products created by people of color if you can.

No.  Crowd-funding is a real good way to get scammed.  Ask Anita Sarkeesian how that works.

33. Donate money to grassroots movements around you that are run by and support people of color.

If the movement has a cause I can get behind, I’d consider it.  I don’t just look at a movement and go “black people are there!  I will support that!”  That’s how we got people like Barack Obama, who turned his back on the liberals who got him elected based on all the “hope” and “change” bullshit.  Don’t you feel foolish (same with the Trump supporters who believed he would “drain the swamp”)?

34. Support small businesses owned by people of color.

If they sell something I want.

35. If you’re upper or middle class try to avoid moving into an area that has historically been populated by low-income people of color. Gentrification tears communities apart.

No, it doesn’t.  It makes communities look nicer.  The whole “broken windows theory.”  If you want black communities to not be so infested by poverty, I suggest you lobby to end the drug war.  That will do more to help this problem them telling white people to stay away while low-income communities tear themselves apart.  By the way, I couldn’t help but notice you only said low-income communities populated by “people of color.”  So I guess the low-income communities with white people can go fuck themselves?

36. Don’t assume people of color can’t speak English.

I don’t.

37. But also be patient if our English isn’t perfect. Are you bi/tri/multi-lingual? Probably not. It’s hard.

Yeah, if you’re learning a language as a grown-up.  The older you get, the harder it becomes.  I know this kid whose dad is Russian, his mother is Brazilian.  He can speak Russian to his dad, Portuguese to his mom, and English to us totally interchangeably.  It was pretty crazy.  But to your point, I worked in a call center.  Thank Groj later on we got a translator service.  Saved me a lot of headache that I covered with absolute professionalism.

38. In general, just don’t assume we want to be white or want to assimilate. And don’t pressure us to do so.

So, you don’t want to be a part of a community or on good terms with another ethnic group?  Fantastic.  Then don’t be mad when other ethnic groups want nothing to do with you.  We can all have our little homogenized bubbles.  Because that’s what makes for an engaging world.  Fucking moron.

39. Recognize that you can’t assume someone’s religion based on how they look. Not all South Asians and Middle Eastern people are Muslims, not all Black people are Christian, not all East Asian people are Buddhist. You get the idea.

I don’t.  You all are the ones who said that being anti-Islam is racist.  Don’t blame us when your chickens come home to roost.

40. Remember that not all people of color are straight.

I don’t assume that.

41. Remember that people of color are not inherently more homophobic than white people.

The black community in this country is historically VERY homophobic.  Remember Prop 8 in California?  The black community of that state was staggeringly against it.  Things have gotten better when Obama came out in support of the LGBT community, but it isn’t great.  Also, Middle Eastern people have no room to talk about this.  Ever.

42. People can be Black and gay and disabled and trans and middle class. Blackness is expansive. It doesn’t look one way. Keep this in mind.


43. When we talk about race, we’re not just talking about men! Repeat after me: Intersections of race and gender exist.

Who just assumes it’s men?  We’re back in “Shit that Never Happens Land.”

44. Remember that it is Black women and Native women and mixed race women who are most likely to be raped in their lifetimes in America. You cannot be an advocate against sexual violence without considering the impact of race.

I come from a state where rape is damn-near an epidemic.  It’s all over the place because of bush communities of natives, where not only do sex crimes often go unreported, but there are cultural elements at play.  Not to mention, in the bush, the white man is often not a welcome sight.  There are women who would NEVER go anywhere in a native village alone.  Sexual violence is an ugly thing, and the worst part about it is that in your efforts to make it all about your ethnic group, you ignore factors outside of race.

45. Don’t ask Black women if it’s our “real hair.” And don’t judge Black women for wearing wigs or weaves or having relaxers.

I don’t give a shit about your hair.

46. Don’t touch our fucking hair.

Wasn’t planning to.

47. If you have a Black girlfriend, please make sure that your shower is always adequately stocked with conditioner. Never that 2-in-1 stuff!!! We beg you.

No.  Last I checked, she’s a grown woman and can buy her own.  That’s on her.

48. Never try and pull any uninvited “race play” shit in the bedroom. Seriously, what the fuck?

Last I checked, what two people do in the privacy of their bedroom is none of your fucking business.

49. Actively try to identify and unsubscribe from orientalist tropes i.e. believing that East Asian women are naturally more submissive or docile. People of color are people, not characters.

It’s white women I assume to be more submissive and docile, boo.

50. If you call a woman of color “exotic,” you deserve to stub your toe every day for a year. Do. Not. Do. This.

“Shit that Never Happens Land.”

51. Also, saying “I’ve never fucked a Black/Asian/Native etc. person” to someone you’re trying to hook up with is a one way ticket to hell.

Don’t believe in Hell.  This means nothing to me.

52. If you have such fetishistic thoughts, just don’t even bother coming near a person of color.

What I may or may not find sexually appealing is none of your fucking business.  Fuck you.  You do you, and I’ll do me.

53. Remember that having mixed race children is not a cure for racism or a way to live out weird racial fantasies.

Nobody has ever thought this.  Ever.

54. If you’re trying to start a mixed raced family, sit down and deeply interrogate your intentions.

Why?  If you want to start a family with the person you are involved with, typically it comes from a place of “I care very deeply for this person and want to start a family with them.”  But that aside, the reasons they start a family are none of your fucking business.

55. If you do have mixed race children, make sure that they have access to people who look like them and who understand their experiences.

I’ll let them choose their friends  Thanks.

56. If you have a partner of color or children of color, trust and believe that you can still be racist. You’re not exempt. If anything, you have even more of a duty to examine your behavior for the benefit of your loved ones.

No, I don’t.  I have a duty to do the best for my family, and that’s it.  Your social justice bullshit has no part of my family’s life.

57. Take your racist family members to task for the shit they say over the dinner table or via social media.

No.  I believe they have the right to say whatever hateful shit they want.  Unlike you, I actually believe in freedom of speech.  If they ask my opinion on what they said, I’ll convey my belief that it’s racist, but trust me, they don’t ask.  I’m the liberal on a conservative extended family.  They don’t ask.

58. Confront your colleagues who say racist shit unchecked at work.

My colleagues are professionals in an environment with high professionalism standards.  Trust me, the boss would ream them a new one if they said something like “don’t you all hate niggers?”  Oh no!  I said a word that is racially insensitive in the context of what a potential person might say if they were unprofessional and racist!  That must mean I’m a horrible racist!  Oh no!

59. Look around your workplace—are the only people of color cleaners or assistants? What can you do to change that? (The answer is almost never “nothing.”)

Nope.  Our cleaning lady is an old white gal who is a very pleasant individual, and we have a broad spectrum of people with various ethnic groups who are office assistants and caseworkers at my job.  So yeah, we’re just fine.  Thanks for asking.

60. If someone asks you to fill a role that you think a person of color would be better suited for, recommend a talented person of color who you know and forego the position yourself.

Uh, fuck you.  If there’s a chance to get a better position and not have to be in such crushing financial dire straits, I’m going to take it.  I’m already under enough pressure since I live in poverty now.

61. Don’t make us be the de facto diversity guy at work. Or at least pay us extra to do the labor of diversifying the workplace.

In my office, we hire people based on qualifications.  And everyone is paid the same.  That’s how equality works.  Sorry we don’t go out of our way to kiss your ass (not sorry).

62. Refuse to speak on an all-white panel. Regardless of the topic.


63. If there are only a couple of people of color in your seminar, don’t weirdly stare at them when the lecturer poses questions about race and expect them to answer everything.

I don’t attend seminars.  They’re boring.

64. If you’re in charge of making curricula, make sure there is work by people of color, especially women of color, on the reading list. And not just in the weeks dedicated to race.

No.  I’m gonna put in those who I believe to be the best minds on the subject that I’m teaching.  I actually want students to learn.  I know, shocking in a country as stupid as America.

65. Commission people of color to make work about race.

If they have the credentials to show they have studied it in an in-depth way.

66. Commission people of color to make work that has nothing to do with race.

If they have the qualifications I’m looking for.

67. Don’t say things like “there are two sides to every story!” or play devil’s advocate when it comes to conversations about race.

No!  I refuse to “listen and believe” like you all want.  I do this weird thinking thing.  It’s why I left religion and never went to your church of social justice.  All seemed kind of silly to me.

68. In those situations, just listen.


69. It’s never useful to say stuff like, “But what about the white working class!!!” Have you thought about non-white working class people’s needs?

Right back at ya, sugar-tits.  Except about the first part.

70. Don’t? Vote? For? Racist? Politicians? Can’t believe I need to say this one but it seems like possibly, maybe, some of y’all did not get this memo.

Unless it’s a candidate I believe in, I don’t vote.  I voted in the primary for Bernie Sanders, but then saw Shillary rig the primary against him.  A nice reminder to me that the party supposedly for the people has systems in place in case a candidate for the people actually comes along.  A lesson I feel Democrats have forgotten.

71. Research your candidates. Who has progressive policies that won’t needlessly criminalize people of color? Vote for them.

What “progressive” policies needlessly criminalize “people of color?”  The progressive ideas I am for are things like ending the drug war, which would help an area where black people are most definitely being racially discriminated against.  So yeah, gonna need some examples on this one.

72. Remember that Black women are not here to save you from yourselves. You’ve gotta put in the work, too.

Nobody thinks this way.  Nobody.

73. Be cognizant of how your whiteness could be weaponized against Black people. i.e. white women, don’t play into stereotypes about Black men being inherently threatening to you. It gets Black men killed. See: Emmett Till.

My attributes aren’t weaponized against anyone.  Find me an example of how I, personally, am having the fact that I’m white used against anyone (you have to be specific of who) and I’ll take that argument and beat the shit out of it.

74. Use your white privilege to be on the frontline between people of color and the police at protests. You’re at much less risk than us.

I wouldn’t be caught dead at one of your protests.

75. Record police encounters you see involving Black people.


76. Share alerts when ICE is planning a raid.


77. Stand up to Islamophobia wherever you see it.


78. If you have ever thought a phrase like “Black lives matter” is too assertive, consider why you’re so uncomfortable with Black people standing up for our humanity.

Too assertive?  Is that we call the chant “What do we want?  Dead cops!  When do we want it?  Now!”  Or is that what we call when they are smashing cars and committing property damage?  Or maybe it’s what we call when they have members saying things like telling a white couple who had a baby that their baby should die because it’s white?  Yeah, I’ll call them all sorts of negative things.  Your pathetic attempts at damage control do NOTHING to help your cause.

79. Listen when Black people say, “I’m not comfortable in this situation.” You’ve seen Get Out, haven’t you?

Because fiction is reality!

80. If you haven’t seen Get Out, watch Get Out. Understand that the everyday horror is real.

A film with racial undertones is real.  You people literally can’t distinguish fantasy from reality.  And you wonder why you aren’t taken seriously.  Huh, it’s a fucking mystery.

81. Question whether you have double standards when it comes to drugs. Do you think it’s cool when white weed entrepreneurs make tons of money but think that Black people who are found to have traces of marijuana in their systems deserve to be thrown in prison?

I don’t think that, actually.  I want to end the drug war, because it is destroying this country.  So yeah, totally covered on this one.

82. Don’t have dreadlocks if you’re not Black, just don’t. Beyond being offensive, it’s just not suited to your hair type. Do literally anything else with your hair.

I’ll do whatever the fuck I like with what little hair I have, and you can keep your fucking mouth shut, bitch.

83. Don’t refer to things as your “spirit animal” if you’re not Native. There are other ways to express affinity with something.

I’ll do whatever I like.

84. Do not compare the exploitation of animals to racism. Ever. I’m deadly serious.

I don’t care if you’re serious.  I’ll do whatever the fuck I like.

85. I can’t believe I even need to say this in 2018 but here we go: Don’t wear Blackface.

Who does this?  Outside of edgelords, who does this?

86. Don’t even think about saying the N word. Even if you’re alone. Even if you’re listening to rap. Even if you’re alone and listening to rap.

If I’m listening to 2pac and I hear him say “nigga,” and I’m rapping along, I’ll say whatever I like.  It’s a word.  The power you give it over you it is up to you.

87. Similarly, don’t use the word “g*psy” or “p*ki” or “r*dskin” or any other racial slur. Even if you’re repeating what someone else said or reading from a text.

Like how I call my girly-mate who I met traveling from place to place “gypsy girl” or talking about the Redskins football team?  Like that?

88. That includes the word “colored.” “Person of color” and “colored” are not the same. Trust me.

You’re right, one of them is an “of” and “ed” away from the other.

89. Understand that America has what it has because it stole land from indigenous people and stole people from Africa.

Understand that what’s done is done, and it’s time to move on.  I wasn’t there, and neither was anyone in this generation or the last.  The last three generations have never owned a slave or killed an Indian.  I’m not gonna be held to account for the actions of my ancestors. Sorry (not sorry).

90. Care about race on the 364 days that aren’t Martin Luther King Jr. day.

I care about all sorts of things all sorts of days.  Stop telling me how to live my life.

91. Also, don’t whitewash his legacy and use it to argue that Black people should just take what they’re given lying down.

You all are the ones who dilute that shit down.  Like how you try and ignore the fact that, towards the end of his life, he was much more against income inequality than racial inequality.  He said once that a poor white person and a poor black person have more in common than a poor white person and a rich white one.  So yeah, there’s something you could be championing.  But wait, that doesn’t fit the narrative.

92.Think about how race is operating even when people of color aren’t around. Be cognizant of it wherever you are, whichever situation you’re in. People of color have to, so should you.

I swear, you people should have “it’s because I’m black, isn’t it?” tattooed on your fucking foreheads.

93. Remember that your queerness/womanhood/transness/class background/disability doesn’t exclude you from white privilege.

You were born with Original Sin!  Come into our church so you might be cleansed!

94. Make your feminism useful to all women rather than calling yourself an ‘intersectional feminist’. Show, don’t tell.

Not a feminist.  I’m an egalitarian.

95. Don’t assume, full stop, that you can understand what it’s like to experience racism. You can’t. That’s the whole point.

If someone treats me bad because I’m white, then I can understand.  Thankfully, I’m a fucking giant who walks around with my resting face looking like “fuck off.”  People tend to leave me alone.

96. Understand that nothing in your life has been untouched by your whiteness. Everything you have would have been harder to come by if you had not been born white.

I have had to scratch and claw for everything I’ve gotten.  I haven’t been given a single thing by life, ever!  I bust my fucking ass to get anything.  Don’t you fucking tell me how life is just going out of its way to give me things.  Fuck you!

97. Be grateful for the lesson when you’re called out on racism, getting defensive won’t help.

Not a racist, so calling me one pisses me off.

98. Move past your white guilt. Guilt is an unproductive emotion. Don’t sit there mired in woe, just be better.

Don’t have white guilt.  Fuck off.

99. Recognize that fighting racism isn’t about you, it’s not about your feelings; it’s about liberating people of color from a world that tries to crush us at every turn.

Oh you poor baby.  You have it so fucking hard, here in the First World.  Where you aren’t the victim of random acts of violence by an dictatorial regime, or religious persecution, or like in the Congo, where rape is used as a weapon of military terror.  I feel so bad for you…

100. And remember: Being an ally is a verb, not a noun. You can’t just magically be an ally to people of color because you say you’re one, it’s something that you must continually work on.

Not an ally.  Fuck off.

Until next time, a quote,

“Never argue with stupid people.  They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” – Mark Twain

Peace out,