SIONR: Legend of Korra: Book Two

Before I get too far into this, I want to preface it by saying that I do very much like this series.  The first season was absolutely awesome, aside from the ending to the first season which was SO rushed.  For real, there was enough plot in the final episode that that should have been extended for at least three to five episodes.  But whatever, what’s done is done.  Now we have the next season, which I just finished watching.  I refuse to do reviews of entire TV shows.  It would take too long, and truth-be-told, I already over-analyze stuff.  No need to make a review that bores you all to tears.  However, I do want to talk about this season, because it has a LOT of problems.  For all the good things, there are a lot of bad ones.

First, you remember how, in Book One, they had good pacing up until the end?  Well, this Book has the exact opposite problem.  The pacing of the first two thirds is so rushed!  All of the plot in this Book could have easily been a 20 episode season.  I don’t get why they constantly rush things in this series.  Did they not have the budget for an additional five to seven episodes?  There was enough plot in the first three episodes to easily be six.  They throw so much at you, and you are stuck thinking to yourself – what just happened?  It is more than a little annoying.

For instance, you find out that Aang wasn’t the greatest dad.  That’s kinda cool!  For real, it’s nice to find out that he wasn’t totally perfect.  That even as an adult, he did things wrong.  Why couldn’t we have heard more about that?!  It was getting interesting, but they keep cutting away to stuff that wasn’t nearly as interesting.  Then there was the disintegration of Korra and Mako’s relationship.  It was kind of believable, but I really thought that needed more time to flush it out.  Not to mention – what happened with the Fire Ferrets?!  You see the team suck and then it’s just done.  When did Mako and Korra decide to opt out?  A lot went unexplained in this season, partly due to the rushed pace.  As good as the Book got towards the end, it had a beginning that almost gave me whiplash.

Then there was the villain.  Maybe it was because of the rushed pace, but this guy goes from likeable to evil WAY too fast.  It was almost ridiculous.  Then he goes from kind of evil to REALLY evil in a way that doesn’t feel realistic.  And then there is the evil spirit.  It’s weird, because in the original series, while there were unpleasant spirits, like the face-stealer, there were never any genuinely-evil ones.  The Darkness Spirit is so stereotypically evil that his evil laugh is almost too much.

What worked in the Book?  Well, this may sound weird, but I really like Wan, the first Avatar.  He was actually a very sympathetic character.  He starts out as a bit of a rough kid, but with a kind heart.  In one episode, you see his growth from a troubled youth to an old man who dies, believing that he failed in his mission to bring balance to the world.  And you know what, it is actually kind of heart-wrenching.  It’s weird that this series has so many poorly-paced episodes, yet they have one episode that is almost perfectly-paced.  I don’t get that.  Maybe they need better writers.

All in all, this wasn’t a terrible season, but it wasn’t a very good one either.  I have heard glowing reviews of Book Three, which I am watching now.  Thus far, the pacing is great, the characters are great.  The villain is great.  This feels like they got better people, and you know what, I love it.  I look forward to seeing how this Book turns out.

Until next time, a quote,

“But you will hold a special place in the organ that pumps my blood,” – Eska, The Legend of Korra: Book Two

Peace out,


New Year, New Changes

Every year, people make all these, “new year, new me” type statements.  They are all annoying, and they all have one more thing in common – they’re bullshit.  Each and every single one of them is bullshit.  You don’t actually change on New Year’s Eve.  Nothing changes when that ball drops and you sing “Auld Lang Syne” with your significant others.  You wake up tomorrow and you are the same person.  You aren’t some new person, just because you want to be.  You can’t change who you are at the drop of a hat.  Life doesn’t work that way.  You won’t become a new person.  That said, you can work with what you’ve got.  You can make a small change to who you are tonight, and take a step forward.  Life is a progression of steps that you take.  Taking a first step can make a better person.

After all, think back – is the person you are now the same person that you were when you went to sleep ten years ago?  How about 20?  How many of my audience was alive 20 years ago?  Hey, I’m getting older too, so don’t get on me for making a joke about it.  It’s all about acceptance, people!  Let’s accept that we are getting old.  Nothing wrong with that.  I used to get so scared of it.  Now, however, I am feeling pretty good.  Maybe it’s the rum and coke, but I think it is because I decided to take a first step.  A step in the right direction.  A step that needed to happen.

What I did tonight is something that I should have done a very long time ago.  It needed to happen, and I’m glad that I did it.  Truth is, now that it is done, we feel very liberated.  Like a weight is off our shoulders.  I bet you’re wondering – what is this thing that he has done?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  I decided to let a connection that was dead in my life go.  As I said, it needed to be done.  We needed to walk away from bad memories.  Now, we can take that first step towards something better.

I have a never-ending battle with some chronic depression.  It is connected to a head injury I sustained when I was much younger.  God, it’s been so long.  But brain damage doesn’t just go away.  The never-ending battle of it has its ups and downs.  I talked to a friend tonight, and I got to thinking about what keeps me going.  It is a quote that I will end with.

We have always envisioned the walk through life like traveling along a long road that never ends.  The final end is the destination that all of us arrive at.  It is the destination that all of us are given, the moment that we are given life.  To some, it is a cross to bear, the idea that that destination is where you will end up.  People think that because I am not religious that I am afraid of this end.  I am not.  I have been dead before.  Twice.  I have lived three times.  Death is a companion that I walk with.  Him and I have an understanding, and when I do get to that destination, however it ends, I will not be afraid.  I get the science of how the mind works, but I take my cues from Captain Picard on this one.

Some people see it as a changing into an indestructible form.  Forever unchanging.  They believe that the purpose of the entire universe is to then maintain that form in some Earth-like garden which will give delight and pleasure through all eternity.  On the other hand, there are those that hold to the idea of our blinking into nothingness.  With all our experiences, hopes and dreams, merely a delusion.  Considering the marvel and complexity of the universe, it’s clockwork perfection, it’s balances against this and that, matter energy, gravitation, time, dimension, I believe that our existence must be more than either of these philosophies.  That what we are goes beyond Euclidian or other practical measuring systems.  And that our reality goes beyond what we understand as reality.

I think the same thing.  Sure, all logic says that I’m wrong, but when I died, I saw something.  A River of Light that I know was a greater consciousness.  Not God or Jesus or any of that garbage.  But a consciousness that we all become part of, in that greater expanse of time.  So I don’t fear Death.  When it comes for me, we’ll see whose right.

In any case, me and me are free now.  We let go of some old baggage that was like a lead anchor to us.  It feels so much better now.  So much more free.  Whatever happens next, I am sure that I will be just as excited to see it as I am today.

With all of this in mind, I wish you all, every single one, a Happy New Year.  May the coming year be the best to you that it can be.  And if it isn’t, take my position, shared by one other…

Until next time, a quote,

“We survive on hope alone.  Hope that the next day will be better than this one.  And if it isn’t, there is always the next.”  -Urdnot Bakara/Eve, Mass Effect 3

Peace out,


Video Games Have Never Been More Creative (A response to Bob Chipman)

I don’t know how old this news is, but I felt like responding to it all the same, because I don’t like when stupid people, who are clearly ignorant, attack my hobbies.  And this isn’t just video games.  If someone attacked books or film…well, to be fair, film has never been less creative.  In the world of endless-sequels and film reboots, Hollywood seems to have run out of ideas.  I keep expecting them to try and make movies based on video games a thing again.  They’ve tried, many times, and it doesn’t stick.  Still, when I see someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about, it irks me and me a bit, so we decided to respond and hopefully educate this ignorant fuck.

The guy’s name is Bob Chipman.  I do believe his title is Movie Bob.  Heard of the guy, never seen his stuff.  That is, until now.  I was watching a video by Sargon of Akkad and he had a bunch of Tweets by Chipman up, and they highlight something that I recently made a point about – aGGros, or as I call them – anti-gamers – don’t game.  These people just sit on the outside and judge what they see at face value.  Don’t believe me?  Well, let’s look at what he has to say and then talk about how dumb it is.

imagine someone like Shigeru Miyamoto applying at a AAA today. “I don’t code and I’m not really a big gamer.” Hired? HELL NO

Well, naturally.  Unless he is on the team’s creative side, I don’t get how them not hiring him for not having the qualities they want in a gaming developer is such a surprise.  It would be like hiring a person who hates books to do book reviews.  Actually, scratch that.  That sounds interesting.  I would read those reviews, just to see what angle they would take.  But you get the point.  If you don’t have the qualities that a company is looking for, them not hiring you makes sense, unless you have an angle in the company you can run with.

Shigeru Miyamoto was one of the people who helped found Nintendo.  He was one of the people who made the company what it is today.  That was then.  Now, the market is a little different.  You being unwilling to acknowledge this isn’t on him.  It’s on you.

And that’s the guy who practically sneezed the Golden Age of Video Games into existence. That’s a PRETTY BIG FUCKING LESSON THERE.

Um, you aren’t good at reading markets, are you.  We are living in the “Golden Age of Video Games.”  Never, and I do mean never, has gaming been more ubiquitous than it is now.  Never have video games been a larger market than they are right now. From AAA to Indie and even mobile, you couldn’t find more variety anywhere else.  Miyamoto helped make gaming what it is today by making Nintendo into a powerhouse company, but something you are forgetting – Nintendo isn’t nearly as great as it used to be.  A series of poor corporate decisions and the boredom of the Wii and they are still recovering.  There are signs that Nintendo might have found their way, but the fact is – they aren’t nearly where they used to be.  There was a time that people wondered if Nintendo was going to go the way of Sega, they were doing that bad.

Your ignorance of this is really telling, if you are going to claim that you are a gamer.

meanwhile, today we PRIZE today dudes whose backstory is, “I grew up playing ALL THE GAMES and I can code in my sleep, brah!”

It’s funny that you say that.  Yes, the people who make games now love games.  What the hell is wrong with that?  Please, do inform little old Lucien and I what is so wrong with people who love video games making games.  For real, I want to know.  Because it looks to me like you are missing the point.  People who love a medium working in that medium make the medium stronger.  Do you want people who don’t like video games making games?  Is that it?  Maybe we could get Johnathan McIntosh.  Yeah, he says that games shouldn’t even need to be fun!  Is that what you want to see?  I don’t get how people who love video games making games helps your point.  What is your point, by the way?

…and then wonder why the medium is so creatively stagnant.

Wow.  Just, wow.  You are so dumb!  You are so ignorant!  This is patently stupid!  How can you be this dumb?!  The medium is so “creatively stagnant”?  You must not get out much, outside of Nintendo.  Yes, they have become creatively stagnant.  Though they showed signs this year of getting out of that rut.  Good on them.  I grew up with Nintendo, and I want to see them succeed.  But you must not get out much outside of that.  Let me clue you in.

The gaming medium has NEVER been more creative than it is right now.  Look at some of the Indie titles out there, like flOw, Flower, and Journey.  All of those are from one company, and all of them are artistic, creative and the last two are very emotional games.  Look at the Arkham franchise, with games that tell a dark and gritty story that puts players into the role of one of the most unethical thugs who is viewed as a hero.  I love Batman, but I acknowledge his flaws.  Part of what makes the Arkham games so interesting is because they are so dark that they allow that kind of thought process.  It is smart.  This year, there was The Evil Within, which had a terrifying look inside the mind of a person who had a bone to pick with the world.  But probably the greatest example I can think of is The Last of Us.  A game about two people journeying across the country, each finding something in themselves that makes dealing with the ugliness of the world that much easier.  They find a connection to the human condition that they lost.  It is beautiful and tragic.

How can you look at the modern gaming scene and say that it is “creatively stagnant”?  You must only see games like Call of Duty and their ilk.  You must not look beyond that.  You are so ignorant of this medium, and yet you insult.  Bobby-boy, here’s a thought – grown the fuck up!

Until next time, a quote,

“Any world that you would make would only be a pinnacle of ignorance.”  -DiZ, Kingdom Hearts II

Peace out,


Top 10 Pieces of Classical Music

Something that a lot of my older subs likely know is that I have a huge thing for classical music. It started with the first Disney film that I saw – Fantasia.  That movie started both my love for 2D animation and my love for instrumental music.  It is my second-favorite film of all time.  So yeah, I love this kind of music.  As I was watching a movie that has a pretty good, albeit short, soundtrack, I got to thinking – what are my favorite pieces of classical music.  Now, when I say pieces, I am not talking about large productions like Suites and Symphonies.  Those are a list for a whole other post.  Also, this is purely instrumental work. So, as much as I love Franz Schubert’s “Ave Maria,” it has lyrical accompaniment.  These are just stand-alone pieces that can stand on their own.  For each piece of music, I am going to take a cue from Fantasia and pair it with an image that comes to mind when I hear the music.  Take that for what you will.  To listen to each piece of music, simply click on the name.

Night10. Nocturne
Frederic Chopin
When it comes to melodious classical, few do it better than Chopin.  The highlight of the Romantic Era style, his songs are soft, soothing and very mellow.  This one is no exception.  The flow of the song has a thoughtful quality.  I like that scene where Deb is listening to this in Dexter.  The song feels like something that will focus your mind.  It is so easy to dismiss.  The simplicity of the piano, it stirs up a longing emotion, for something just out of reach.  No wonder Deb wanted to punch her boyfriend when he interrupted her listening to it.

Rain9. “Raindrop” Prelude
Frederic Chopin
Yeah, you’re gonna see a lot of him on this list.  What can I say, the man was brilliant.  Another piece with a kind of simplicity about it, yet an order that few other songs can match.  It’s almost as if the order to the music sets the tone of what the music will be like.  This piece starts out very light-hearted, yet there is a darker tone that hints itself later on, like the piece has a cold message to pass on to you.  It’s kind of unnerving, but that is what makes it a good piece.  Most of Chopin’s work has a mood that makes it hard to really quantify what it’s about.  That’s what makes it so easy to debate.  The sign that the music is really great, the way we see it.  Then the song ends right back where it started.  Part of that is musical convention, but at the same time, it leaves you wondering what to think.

Swan8. Scene I (Swan Lake)
Leopold Tchaikovsky
Now, this one is technically cheating, because it is part of a larger piece of music, but this is so freakin’ good!  Not to mention, I don’t think much of the rest of the Suite, so yeah.  Talk about setting the mood.  This piece is dark and cold in all the right way.  It feels so desperate and lonely.  You can almost see the bitterly cold world of the music as the music picks up.  There was a scene in The Blacklist where Raymond is sitting in a ballet and watching Swan Lake, while listening to this music.  You can almost see the cold gears in his head as he watches.  You can almost feel the cruelty inside of him as he tries to come to grips with who he has become.  This song set that mood perfectly, and it has a place here on this list.

The Tranquil Lake: Sunset Seen through a Ruined Abbey circa 1825-30 by James Johnson 1803-18347. Reverie
Claude Debussy
The thing I like most about Debussy’s work is how, like Chopin, you never really know how to feel about it.  The difference is that with Debussy, it is all about emotion.  His music is all about plumbing the depths of your soul.  How did Nostalgia Critic describe Bambi?  An emotional experience?  Yeah, that sounds about right.  As I listen to this song, it takes me back to my childhood.  The summers that I used to spend at my grandma’s house.  She was the most important person to me, in my younger years.  I loved my parents, but I had a connection with her that I found nowhere else, pre or postmortem.  This song has an emotion about connection and peace.  Only with the gentleness of piano can you capture it.

Summer Sky6. Summertime
George Gershwin
I might be cheating here a bit too, as this is part of their work “Porgy and Bess.”  However, so few actually know that.  Truth is this song is known by most people all on its own.  Unlike others on this list, this is a very melancholy piece.  It tells a story of days gone by, and times that can never truly be regained.  It is so beautiful in its melancholy.  So few songs can capture that.  Gershwin was a master.  He could go through so many emotions in a single piece of music.  With this one, it is the same.  All of the emotions are playing out at the same time.  It is kind of like being part of the story, seeing it begin.  The beauty is in how you become invested in it.  I see days long gone, where the first girl I loved and I would play in the woods.  We had a tree that was ours.  Those days together, they were everything to me.  Days that I will never get back.

Sunrise5. Morning
Peer Gynt
I can’t honestly think of a song that is more emotionally-explosive than this one.  Unlike Summertime, this piece is all about one emotion.  It conveys it so strongly that you can almost feel it.  The emotion – joy.  Pure, unabashed joy.  The song may be named “Morning,” but to me, that is not fitting.  I hear this, and I see some running through a field, with the wind blowing through their hair.  All of nature sings as this person takes it all in.  Is it a bit too much?  Perhaps.  Still, the emotion has such weight, and it is why this song is so wonderful to listen to.  Although, I can see this song when you wake up after a beautiful night being spent with the one you love.  Everything is perfect, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.  I hope to someday experience that for myself.

Moonlight 24. Moonlight Sonata
Ludwig Von Beethoven
Another melancholy song, this one does feel fitting with the title.  However, this is not a good night.  It is a very depressing night.  It brings to mind a night where we sat on the deck of our old house, staring out at the lake.  The moon was low enough over the water to make the light shine on it.  It was like a glowing disc.  Beautiful.  Still, we were thinking about the uncertainty of the future, and what we were going to do.  It was not an especially pleasant thought, truth be told.  However, it is still beautiful.  Like most of Beethoven’s works, it has a subtle sense of cold detachment.  Really makes you think.

Grave3. Tristesse
Frederic Chopin
It’s funny – every time I hear this song, I keep thinking about the last episode of the original Fullmetal Alchemist.  You know, the series that was good, unlike that other one.  I don’t know if the person who made the song in that series that is so similar to this made it as an homage, or ripped it off.  Either way, they have good taste.  This song is also very melancholy.  For me, this song makes me think of people we have lost.  That is a very sad thought, yet the memories can be beautiful.  I think back to my oldest and first true friend.  The days him and I shared, that are long gone.  I think back to the last friendship I had that fell apart.  The love I had for this person, that they threw away without a backwards glance.  A song that harkens back old memories, of days gone by.  Sad, but still beautiful.

Hills2. The Dying Swan
Camille Saint-Saens
This is a song that is both melancholy and not at the same time. I can’t think of many pieces of music that balance those two elements as well as this one does.  For real, it’s a marvel that way.  For my own perspective, as with most pieces, this one takes me back to old memories.  Maybe that is classical music’s hold on me – memories.  But these ones go back to the more humdrum.  I think of my oldest friend and I playing pool in the basement of my grandma’s.  We both sucked at it.  For real, there wasn’t enough room for the table, so we kept smacking the cues into the wall.  It was bad.  But we enjoyed playing.  For whatever reason, we played pool down there so fucking much.  Got me as to why I have this memory so strong in my head.  Still, it is a beautiful dichotomy, of peace and sadness.  Bless this song.

And my favorite piece of classical music is…

Moonlight1. Clair de Lune
Claude Debussy
For me, this song has a lot of emotion behind it.  This has been my favorite piece of classical music for my entire life.  There was this old cassette player that my grandma had, and a cassette with this song on it.  I must have listened to it a thousand times.  I can see the summer nights when me, my oldest friend and my first love spent together.  I think of the nights my oldest friend and I would must about the world we wanted to make.  We both had so many ideas.  I wanted to make a utopia for the people important to me.  He wanted to make a nation with strict laws.  Together, I think the two of us would have made a great nation.  So many memories.  So many feelings.  So many great thoughts.  It makes us want to cry.  How can so much emotion be tied into one piece of music?  Where does it all go?  Marvelous.  A testament to one of the greatest musicians who has ever lived.

So, what are your favorite pieces of classical music?  Let me know in the comments section.  And post a video with it, so people can hear it.  Who knows, maybe you’ll find one I missed.

Until next time, a quote,

“A scattered dream that’s like a far-off memory.  A far-off memory that’s like a scattered dream.  I want to line the pieces up, yours and mine.”  -Sora, Kingdom Hearts II

Peace out,


You Don’t Even Like Video Games, Yet You Oppose Us? (A response to #StopGamerGate2014)

Probably the best moment in any conflict of words is when you catch your opposition in a statement so stupid that it makes their entire argument into nothing.  Nothing at all.  It makes the other side appear so petty and so pathetic that you’d think that nobody could ever again take them seriously.  that is where the anti-GamerGate finds itself tonight.  Why?  Because something got let slip that really has made me decide to stop calling them anti-GamerGate.  They are anti-gamer.  Why?  Trust me, you’re gonna love this.

The creator of the hashtag #StopGamerGate2014 has recently dropped a bomb that literally makes it impossible to take any of these people seriously anymore.  Here is a link to a recent statement that he made on Twitter, where he flat-out admits that he doesn’t even like video games.  You don’t even like video games?  You’re not even a gamer.  Then what the fuck do you care about a consumer revolt that is about keeping video game journalism free of corruption?!  How can you possibly sell to us that this is an important issue for you, when it’s clear that you are not a part of your own audience?!

The anti-gamers are, of course, going out of their way to prove that they are gamers.  Yeah, you gotta love the butthurt.  This is some good butthurt.  They can’t afford to be made to look like fools, when the person who started their little crusade isn’t even a part of it.  Though, this isn’t the first time that a non-gamer has come out against video game culture, huh?

Going back to our old friend, Anita Sarkeesian, she made a video where she flat-out said that she didn’t like video games and she didn’t play them.  And yet, when it is financially beneficial for her, she is suddenly an avid gamer who has been playing all her life.  That sure was convenient, wasn’t it?  Although, when you find out that all of the videos that she used in her “Tropes vs. Women” series were taken from Let’s Play videos that other people had done, therefore exposing the “research” she did as nothing but a fraud, it kind of makes you wonder – is everything she said a lie?  Why even get involved in this if you don’t care?  There are a lot of questions that come up, and it makes the whole SJW battle against video games that much more pathetic.

After all, there really is no reason why someone who doesn’t even like video games should care so much about how women are portrayed in them.  There is NO evidence that shows that the views of women in video games affects women in the real world.  None.  Not one bit.  For real, someone, anyone, show me evidence of how this is negative for women in the real world.  It makes one think that there is an agenda being pushed.  When you see the anti-gamer reaction to what has been revealed tonight, then it kind of proves my point.  So desperate to appear honest that they will do anything to make themselves out to be legit

When that didn’t work, their next thing was that the person’s statement were “sarcasm.”  You get that?  He wasn’t caught with his hand in the cookie jar.  You just see things that way!  It totally wasn’t like that at all.  Nope.  Hand to God.

It has now been proven, beyond any form of doubt, that the anti-GamerGate, anti-gamer crowd is full of shit.  They don’t care about the truth.  They don’t give a shit about gaming.  These people are selling a narrative.  A narrative that paints gamers are misogynists, bigots and rape-supporters.  They only want the rest of the world to go along with their belief and get gamers to die.  Hell, they won’t even engage with their opposition on any level.  Look at how they went after Christina Hoff Sommers in her “Are Video Games Sexist?” video.  One of their biggest criticisms of her video is that she talked to gamers.  So, they aren’t fans of gaming, won’t engage with gamers and talk down to people who do.  When you put it like that, it all looks so unbelievably-petty.

No surprise, though.  We are talking about SJWs, after all.  there is nobody more petty than them.

Until next time, a quote,

“There is no truth anymore, sport.  Just good and bad fiction.”  -Denny Crane, Boston Legal

Peace out,


SIONR: ‘Sherlock’ Season Three

I’m about to have a few spoilers in this post, so I thought I’d give you fair warning.  I have absolutely been in love with the series ‘Sherlock.’  The BBC’s modern interpretation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character was awesome.  Then America had to go and rip it off wholesale with the lackluster series ‘Elementary.’  Yeah, this country does that.  For real, if anything is popular overseas, America wants its own version.  It’s kind of pathetic.  Back to the BBC, it helped that they had the incredible acting talents of Benedict Cumberbatch (and his sexiness) as the titular character, with Martin Freeman playing his fun sidekick, John Watson.  The first two seasons of the series are absolutely awesome.  But then the third came along.

See, one of the best things in the series was the battle against Moriarty.  It was the driving force behind Sherlock Holmes and it gave the series its guiding light.  The game of cat and mouse between them.  Granted, since the series only had three movie-length episodes per season, it wasn’t a very deep exploration of the mind games between them.  Still, it shined when it needed to.  The ending of the conflict in the second season was pretty awesome.  For real, major spoiler here.  You’ve been warned.  Moriarty is killed and Sherlock supposedly died with him.  It kind of felt all wrapped up.  But like I said, the third season came along.

I’m going to digress a bit and talk about another favorite show of mine.  It is called ‘Death Note.’  I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you all what that is.  Alright, for the five people who don’t know what the series is.  It’s about a young man named Light, who finds a book called the Death Note.  With it, he can kill anyone, so long as he knows their name and face.  He uses it to try and become a god, killing off the world’s criminal element en masse.  A detective named L is tasked with stopping him.  The driving force of the series is the conflict between the two of them.  It is an unbelievably-intense mind game that constantly has the two pitting their mind-powers against one-another.  There is an argument to be made that ‘Death Note’ has the greatest mind-game of all time.  I would make that argument.

However, while the first 25 episodes were nothing short of over-the-top brilliance and hyper-drama, after that episode, the series went almost completely to shit, save a last episode that is so brilliant that it has to be viewed again once it is done.  What happened after episode 25?  I warned you about spoilers.  L dies.  In a brilliant movie, Light finally kills L.  I won’t spoil how, if you haven’t seen it, but it is the culmination of their mental battle and it feels so unbelievably-cathartic.  Though maybe that’s because I was rooting for Light.

Following L’s death, the series lost almost all its forward momentum.  Were it not for how good the last episode is, then it wouldn’t be NEARLY as lauded as it is.  It got that bad.  That driving force made the series work.  The series simply couldn’t work without it.

Which brings us back to ‘Sherlock.’  Without Moriarty, the entire driving force behind the series was gone.  And the third season was an absolute mess.  Not only were the episodes not particularly interesting, but there felt like no direction.  A real shame, to see this happen.

A lot of shows have a moment where they lose their momentum.  Their mojo, as it were.  Most every series does.  It’s the express few that can get it back.  Some can even not have too much and get more as the series goes on.  It’s always a shame when it happens, because it’s very rare to come back from that.  For me, I think I’m done with ‘Sherlock.’  It was a good ride, and thankfully it got Benedict Cumberbatch elevated as an actor.  So, all’s well that ends well.  That’s how it goes.

Until next time, a quote,

“Listen, dammit!  You step outside, your risk your life.  You take a drink of water, you risk your life.  And nowadays, you breathe and you risk your life.  Every moment now.  You don’t have a choice.  The only thing you can choose is what you’re risking it for.”  -Hershel Greene, The Walking Dead

Peace out,


Let’s Have Togetherness at Christmas

Merry Christmas, everybody.  Merry Christmas from the bottom of my cold and lonely heart.  I mean that.  While this time of year continually does me wrong, I do still have some affection for it that my addle-brained insanity refuses to let go of.  How that works, I have no idea.  I’m not a wizard.  There is still some part of me that loves this holiday, for whatever reason.  Maybe me and me are just sad and pathetic.  Either way, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas, and I hope that you have the best day possible, even if you are part of the ever-increasing poor in America, since the Middle Class is yesterday’s fever dream.

However, there are some people who have decided that this holiday is not a good day.  They have decided that it is flawed, and they must pick apart its flaws in order to expose them and do…what, exactly?  I have no idea.  And it’s clear that they don’t either.  Why?  Because the people exposing the problem are third-wave, Puritan feminists.

God-dammit, why do these people keep coming up?!  For real, what is their malfunction?!  In a recent article that Milo Yiannopoulos wrote (linked here), he talked about several examples of modern feminists deciding – Christmas is part of the patriarchy too!  One of the examples he used is something I already touched on.  But he also found a video that our favorite culture-critic (who lacks critical thinking skills), Anita Sarkeesian did about what Christmas songs are the most misogynistic.  As always, does the context of any of the songs that she takes apart matter?  No.

Take, for example, her critique of the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”  I have made sport of that song myself, because it is a song about a dude trying to get into a woman’s pants.  He never forces her to do anything.  He simply tries to convince her, over and over and over again.  Yeah, he’s dedicated.  But he never forces her to do anything.  You never know at the end if she decided to.  If you read the lyrics, it sounds like the reasons that she was against having a little Christmas-nookie is because of her family and societal pressures.  However, Sarkeesian can’t accept that, and so she points out that it’s about date-rape, and how evil this man is.

Then there is the song by Mariah Carey, “All I Want for Christmas is You.”  According to Anita, it’s about how women are supposed to need a MAN *insert dark voice* and that’s it.  Never mind that it’s in the fucking title that she doesn’t need him.  She WANTS him.  That’s all she wants for Christmas.  And you don’t know what the circumstances are behind this.  What if he is a soldier that is fighting and she wants him home?  I think Brittney Spears did a song like that a few years back.  Unsure.  But context just makes thing icky, so Sarkeesian…you know, fuck it.  Just…fuck it.

How can you people possibly be happy?!  You are taking a holiday that is supposed to symbolize love for your fellow human and coming together and using it as a way to tear people apart.  You are no better than the “keep Christ in Christmas” dumbfucks who want Christmas to be all about them and not about just being happy.  No, that would just be wrong!

I admit that I can get pretty worked up about stuff.  Sometimes outright enraged.  But you know what, at the end of the day, I accept that none of this stuff actually matters.  For real, I don’t take the stupid shit I hear from third-wave feminists to bed with me.  Typically, I respond to their schtick and move on.  There’s too much to experience in the world to just get bogged down in this crap.  There’s the rum and coke sitting beside me.  There’s my kitty, who is soft and purring beside me.  There is the lights on my Christmas tree.  There are all those things.  But these people – they live it!  This is everything!  This is their every day.  This is their every waking moment.  Well, not Anita herself. I have no doubt that she doesn’t give two fucks, beyond what Jonathan McIntosh says is important to care about.  Anita is a con artist, and using him.  But for people like McIntosh, how do they live like this?  I would think that it would make life just so unpleasant to live, given how everything gets colored by the lens of your beliefs.  Where does your happiness come from, when everything is ugly to you?

How’s about, instead of all the stupid bullshit, like keeping Christ in Christmas or how we can construe this holiday as sexist, we instead make it about what it was meant to be about – feeling good with family and friends?  How about we make a holiday that is about coming together for the love of your fellow human and let it be about that?  Would that be so terrible, if we didn’t get all insanely-religious about it?  After all, third-wave feminism is a religion unto itself.

I don’t let faith run my life.  This holiday isn’t even a religious one anymore.  It’s a secular holiday.  So grow the fuck up and have some fun!  Live a little!  Who knows you might just like it.

All that said, Merry Christmas, everyone.

Until next time, a quote,

“What must it be like in your funny little brains?  It must be so boring.”  -Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock

Peace out,