Rush Limbaugh: Society’s Intellectual Garbage Can

So, it is an interesting time in the world of women’s rights.  Right now, there is a war begun anew against women in this country.  It isn’t a surprise.  Republican men have always hated that women get rights in this country.  They want their women to be bringing them a drink in Leave it to Beaver land.  They want their women barefoot and in the kitchen, pushing out babies so that they can make them into more Republicans.  In this case, they are now deciding to take a new tactic.

If only all of us could have this look of smug satisfaction, eh?

I know that I’m not going to be shocking anybody when I tell them that Rush Limbaugh is a deplorable piece of shit.  This is old news.  Women of this country know that this guy is fucking scum.  They know that this dude couldn’t possibly be any worse for women than he already is.  But recently, his stupidity, bigotry and misogyny came forward in a way that it almost unfathomable.

But first, a little back-story.  You see, there has been a congressional committee called by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) about contraception.  Here’s the kicker – this committee has no women in it.  Not one women has been allowed to participate in the discussion about their bodies.  You can just feel the sexism flowing, can’t you ladies?  But yeah, this committee denied a woman named Sandra Fluke’s testimony about contraception.  She is a Georgetown law student, and had some very interesting things to say.

I was invited here to testify…because, I wanted to speak about the effects, for women, the effects on women, of the lack of contraception coverage.  The real consequence of the policy that is being discussed in today’s hearing.  Unfortunately, Chairman Issa felt that the topic of contraception was not relevant to a debate about contraception policy.

Really?!  Okay, before we get to attacking the idiot Limbaugh, let’s have a “Fuck You” go out to Darrell Issa, who clearly is a bigot and an idiot.  She goes on to say that this is such a tragic issue.  But what I am going to do instead, is do a hit for hit post about what the misogynist piece of shit Limbaugh said about this woman, who wanted to come and defend women.

What does it say about the college co-ed Susan Fluke, who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex?

First off, you narrow-minded idiot, she isn’t saying that.  She is saying that women who need contraception services should have coverage for it.  She is also making the case that these services are often used for women who aren’t even using it for sexual protection.  There are people who need this for a wide variety of other reasons.

I have a friend who takes birth control because her reproductive cycle beats the shit out of her.  It’s incredibly more potent than normal, often leaving her with pain like you cannot understand, and a whole mess of other problems.  She takes birth control to keep it under control.  I feel bad for this girl.  So, she doesn’t want it for sex.  And many women, like the one Fluke describes, are much the same.  However, Limbaugh goes on.

 What does that make her?

Proof that you don’t listen.

It makes her a slut, right?

Here we go.  The stupidity starts to flow.

It makes her a prostitute.  She wants to be paid to have sex.

Where, where does she say that?!  She’s not being paid.  She’s being covered.  This is a health care coverage issue.  We’re not giving her money and saying – “Hey baby, go out and have a good time!”  No!  We’re saying that this is a health care coverage issue.

She’s having so much sex, she can’t afford the contraception.

Take a look at the video link above.  She isn’t talking about herself.  She is talking about other women.  She is talking about poor women, who not only aren’t being covered, but in some cases, aren’t even having the services available.  This is her defending other women, you slack-jawed moron!  But since Limbaugh clearly has no regard for women, as you can tell from the fact he has had four wives, each getting progressively hotter with his growing wealth.

She wants you and me and the taxpayer to pay her to have sex.

Pay careful attention to the wording there.  Think about this – Rush Limbaugh is a rich man.  He has grown wealthy to the point that his tax obligation is FAR less than these taxpayers that he seems to want to defend so much.  This rich ponce isn’t giving anywhere NEAR what he should be, yet he feels that he can complain.  Unreal…

What does that make us?

Well, if we actually had universal health care in this country, which we should, that would make you decent people.  Who knows, maybe you would be making the world better for somebody else!  But I know, Rush, you hate that.  In your Conservative Wonderland, life is great only for you, and all these women are sex slaves, and all these poor people (your base) are dead.

We’re the pimps.  The Johns.  No, we we’re not the Johns!

Ugh.  So stupid…

 Okay, so she’s not a slut.  She’s round-heeled.  I take it back.

Sure you do.  And what does round-heeled mean anyway?  What I love is that immediately following his stupidity and misogyny, he has a woman come onto his show to defend his bigotry.  It’s amazing how many women there are who will sell out their rights.  Makes me think of how Clarence Thomas, a Supreme Court Justice, is against black rights.  Ironic.

But back to Fluke, let’s hear what she has to say about this whole issue.  You’ll find it infinitely more intellectually engaging than anything Rush Limbaugh has ever said over the entirety of his dim-witted life.

It has been heart-breaking, frankly, to see women’s health treated as a political football, in the national media, while around my campus, I instead see the face of the women affect by this policy.

Thank you!  That’s the absolute truth in a nutshell!  Women’s health is being treated like a bad joke by these Republican scum who can’t own up to the fact that they are not pro-life, they are anti-choice.  The more options that women have not to get an abortion, the louder the opposition becomes.  It’s sick, really sick.  But it is becoming the Modus Operandi for people like Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, and many others.  Two of those are out of the Presidential race, but Santorum remains, and he is winning primaries.  There is a chance that Romney won’t be running against Obama in 2012.

Women, you have to start getting a lot more active.  These people (and I call them that in the loosest of terms) are trying to strip away your rights as people.  It’s sick, it’s pathetic, and it honestly shouldn’t be tolerate by anybody.

As for you, Limbaugh, you are society’s intellectual garbage can.  Nothing but shit spews from that anus that you call a mouth.  Nothing you have ever said is of any societal worth, and I hope you end up alone and miserable.  Of course, you never will.  There is no shortage of conservative idiots to listen to your stupidity.  They don’t believe in birth control, after all, and so they are producing large hordes of offspring who are just as slack-jawed and stupid as their parents.

Until next time, a quote,

“I am here to share their voices, and ask that you hear their voices!”  -Susan Fluke

Peace out,


The Flaw of some Libertarian Arguments

There have been a number of thoughts from various libertarians and libertarian groups that I thought I would bring to your attention.  These thoughts are often completely non-sensical, and totally ignore reality.  The fact that this community is growing just amazes me, because you’d think that anybody of any intellect would realize how dip-shit crazy some of these ideas are.  So, for the lulz, we are going to look at a few of these comments, and pwn them to death.  Not just because they are easy targets (which they are), but because people need to learn a little.  It’ll help them in the long run.  That said, here goes.

If people can’t run their own lives, why should a bunch of people (government) be able to run all our lives?

Ugh.  The level of ignorance on so many levels that has been displayed here is just astounding.  So, let’s tackle this question bit by bit.  First, people can run their own lives.  People do it every day.  The poor, ironically, are usually very good at running their lives, because they have to be.  People like my best friend, Emily.  She is dirt-poor and she is excellent at running her life.  She is keeping herself afloat while being a full-time college student.  She has no loans, a steady job, but can’t get many hours with it.  She lives with her parents, and from time to time, has had to help them, even though she literally cannot afford it.  So, it’s a blatant lie that people can’t run their own lives.  They do it every single day.

But the libertarian crowd makes arguments like this ALL the time!  Some of them are like a pull-toy with it.  And for those who make this argument, in my experience, they are almost exclusively making it at people like me, liberals.  Whenever I talk about things like universal health care, taxing the rich, the welfare state (which works, by the way), or anything like that, they jump to this line like rednecks to beer.

I don’t actually think it is the government’s job to run our lives.  That’s a Republican line.  When people like Rick Santorum talk about how they want to legislate our behavior, like getting rid of internet porn, getting rid of women’s right to choose what happens to their bodies, or get rid of all gay marriage, then they are trying to do what the libertarians think that we want.  What do I believe?

I believe that the role of the government is to provide for its people.  Not to run our lives, but to give us the capacity to run our own.  I want the government to give me roads, hospitals, fire departments, medical care, a police force (though one that actually tries to help its people would be nice), all parts of infrastructure, including job opportunities.  These are things that I cannot easily provide for myself.  That is what I view the function of government as.  It’s pretty simple.

I could also get into the logical fallacy of how this is basically the same as saying – if a single person can’t make a rocket that could get to the moon, how could a group of them do it?  It’s a really stupid question.  Simple as that.  This argument has absolutely NO weight whatsoever.  The libertarian crowd should get rid of it.  Post haste.

Another question I mean to attack is one that follows a poster that you can see to your right.  As you can see, it’s a pretty good question, and one that America needs to be asking itself right now because we are a country who is not demanding NEARLY as much we should be from the rich.  But this question is just plain gold –

How about because no one has the right to tell you how much money you can make? What the heck happened to belief in the freedom of choice amongst liberals? Seriously!

First off, how is this poster about the freedom of choice?  At all?  I mean, think about it.  It is merely asking why the conservatives, led by the rich, are calling 150,000,000 Americans lazy, while they don’t do their part.

Next, we aren’t telling them that they can’t make money.  Far from it.  We are merely saying that the richest 1% shouldn’t be all pissy about an increase in their taxes.  I am a liberal, so as you can imagine, when the issue of the Bush Tax Cuts came up, I immediately supported letting the fall.  But I am different in that I wanted ALL the tax cuts to go.  The middle class wouldn’t have even felt it in any significant way.  It is only the rich who would have noticed a difference.  Restore taxes to what they were under Clinton.  That left this country with a surplus, that a retarded Texas man decided to completely destroy by sending American into two pointless wars that make the Middle East hate us more, not less.

We aren’t saying the rich can’t make money.  We are merely saying that they should have to pay their fare share.  Is that asking too much?

If we simply had a free market, everything would turn out okay!

Riddle me this – name ONE country, currently existing, that has little to no government involvement of any kind in their economy, that is doing well.  You can’t do it.  The reason is simple – because it doesn’t exist.  The countries that are doing the best right now, ironically enough, are almost universally the countries with a great deal of government involvement.

Here’s a universal truism – the welfare state works.  It is working for Britain.  It is working for France.  It is working for Germany.  It is working for Canada.  It is working for Japan.  All of these nations have a very large social safety net for their people, and they are doing incredibly well.  The reason America is turning to shit is largely because of our unbelievably high military spending, our stupid and pointless war against drugs, and the fact that we have a horrible safety net, with a patchwork health care system that leaves millions out in the cold and with nothing.

There hasn’t been a time when there there has never been any government involvement in any significant way to what was happening in the economy.  Before democracy, we had autocrasy, and that certainly didn’t.  But to libertarians – name me one instance of a country right now with VERY small amount of influence of the country’s activities that is prospering.  The fact is that it doesn’t happen.

Oh yeah, things were so bad before the government started holding everyone’s hand.

Well…yeah.  They were really bad.  The invention of the social safety net was the smartest thing that this country has done.  I think I have already covered this.  But again, this argument is just as bad as the one at the top.  The government is holding your hand, it’s giving you options.  Just that.  Giving you the tools you need, and can’t provide for yourself.  For those who want to say that a person can make their options, you clearly don’t get that equal merit doesn’t always mean equal gain.  In fact, these terms have little to do with one-another.  A person can bust their ass and get nowhere in life.  My best friend is a great example.  She works herself to death, and I worry about her, but she is still just a stiff, trying to survive.

Government assistance, it works.  It could use some reform in this country, no doubt.  There are people who could use it.  But yeah, it works.  Now, I’m not saying there are no good arguments for several libertarian ideas.  These are just ones that I see as stupid beyond belief.

Until next time, a quote,

“There is something in the mind of libertarians, that they are living in such a fantasy world, that the idea of empirical data, they scoff at!”  -Sam Seder, Rich Libertarian Bankers Whine That They’re Not Rich Enough 

Peace out,


How the Film Industry Can Still have some Respectability in the Future

Well, since it is pretty late, and I have other things I REALLY need to be working on, I thought I procrastinate a little and tell you all what I think the film industry needs to do to maintain the little amount of crediblity that it has.  2010 was a great year for film.  It had some of the best movies that I have seen in a VERY long time.  But 2011, well, sucked.  And since it is coming up for time with the awards and all that, I am going to give Hollywood a few suggestions that I know NONE of them will ever read.

  • Stop making Superhero movies!

Now, I am not saying all of them have sucked.  Adding Robert Down Jr. and his likeable attitude was just the spice that the Iron Man films needed.  It also helped that in those movies, the special effects were a catalyst of the story, rather than just for looks (like everything Michael Bay has ever done.  Don’t worry, he’ll be up soon enough).  But the superhero story has been done well.  Films like the Chris Nolan and Tim Burton Batman films, The Crow, The Punisher (the one with Thomas Jane and John Travolta), the first and second X-Men movies.  Those were all good films.  I also am not totally losing hope for the new Spiderman film.  They look to have gotten the basics right, with a smarmy smartass hero, who isn’t Tobey Macguire, and a villain who looks the part.

But every time there is another film like Thor, The Fantastic Four, or Green Lantern, part of me dies a little inside, and feels bad for the filmmakers who had to direct that crap.  These films are made to sell tickets.  Hollywood needs higher standards than that.

  • Michael Bay…STOP!!

Please stop.  Would you, kindly?  Would you please take the hands that couldn’t be stroking America’s dick more away from our film industry?  I don’t hate the first Transformers movie, but all the rest…they can die.  They can just die.  And now, we’ve got films like Battleship, which should never have been green-lighted by a studio, ever.  I haven’t gone to see it, and I know that it’s stupid.  This man is the worst thing to happen to the film industry in a long time.  The irony is that this guy’s films are so bad, but bring in hundreds of millions of dollars.  That says something about our audiences more than it does about him, but still.  Stop polluting our zeitgeist with uninventive trash.  If you would.  Oh, and that also leads us to…

  • Don’t think that putting something in 3-D and giving it awesome effects will save it

The film Avatar was a game-changer.  It brought special effects into the 21st century in a way that nobody thought was possible.  However, upon closer examination, you’ll see that this film really isn’t as great as everybody seems to think it is.  The film beats you over the head with allegory.  The characters aren’t that great.  The script is mechanical.  It is very unlikely that this film is going to withstand the test of time, once other films have taken the idea and run with it in a much better way.  It began a new genre, but like Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, it just won’t withstand the test of time.

But now it seems that every movie that is really shit seems to think that if it has awesome effects, the audience won’t realize how crappy it is.  But this isn’t true.  These high-effects low-brains films are getting huge audiences, but that’s because the American audience is more or less stupid.  My point is to stop polluting our zeitgeist with more of this crap.  It’s boring, it’s tiring, and it leaves our generation looking stupider and stupider.  So far, I haven’t seen any film that really makes working with the new effects that has made my brain work.  It needs to go.

  • Be willing to have characters die

Something you don’t see a lot of these days is a film where there is a really tragic death of a main character.  Some of the best films ever made have very tragic deaths.  Star Wars has the death of Luke’s father.  LA Confidential has the death of Kevin Spacey’s character.  The Sky Crawlers has the death of many of the main characters.  The death of a main character can be a catharsis for the audience because we bond with it.  I suppose the bigger problem in this industry is that we hardly ever care enough about the characters to really care what happens to them.  It is something that film desperately needs.  We need to care what happens to these characters and the world they are in.  Also, while we are talking about characters…

  • Stop having Sci-Fi films where humanity is always the underdog victor

Say what you want about District 9, but one thing that I loved was that it made humanity the enemy.  We were doing horrible things to these aliens, and it really cast an ugly view of our species.  If it weren’t for the film’s message getting a little heavy-handed, this would have been one great film.  Science fiction needs to be a lot more critical about the flaws of the human race.  I would LOVE to see an alien film where the humans end up dying, a total annihilation.  I am kind of hoping that is what the sequel of District 9 will be.  Where the aliens come back and clean house with the human race.  And this leads me to my next point –

  •  Where are the tragedies?

I can’t remember the last time that I saw a movie and it was very tragic.  It seems like every film these days has to have a silver lining.  For as bat-shit crazy as he became in the 90’s, Don Bluth stumbled onto a very good method of story-telling in his other films – tragedy up until the end.  It was a very powerful way of doing things.  Sure, he also strove for the happy ending, but there was catharsis in that because we actually cared about the characters.  We cared a lot.  His films are among the most tragic ever made.

But now, we don’t have any tragedy.  We always have happiness.  We always have cheer.  The great shakespearean style of tragedy is totally gone from film.  And it’s a bummer.  The tragic ending of Lawrence of Arabia is what made it a great film.  The bittersweetness of Casablanca and Batman Returns made us feel pretty heavy for the films.  Having a tragic ending isn’t a bad thing.  They make audiences feel, and they make audiences think.  But more than anything else, here is my piece of advice for filmmakers –

  • Actually CARE about the films you are making

Did you know they are planning to make another Transformers movie?  They have absolutely nowhere that they can go with the plot.  I have a feeling that this next film will abandon plot entirely.  They will just have explosion and noise and the sound of Michael Bay cumming on all the dollar bills that people give him to entertain their weak minds.  It is a pattern I am seeing all over the place.  The superhero movies don’t care about the stories they are telling.  The Twilight films don’t care about the story they are telling.  M. Night Shyamalan doesn’t care about the stories that he is telling.  Not one of them gives a rat’s ass if they make a good film.  They just care that it does well in theatres.

It is a tragedy, and it needs to change.  Because I don’t want future generations looking back and shaking their heads in shame because all we cared about were big-tits and big explosions instead of big ideas and big thoughts.

So, before the Oscar’s and the Golden Globe awards, those are my thoughts.

Until next time, a quote,

“A film is – or should be – more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings. The theme, what’s behind the emotion, the meaning, all that comes later.”  -Stanley Kubrick

Peace out,


Is YouTube no longer neutral in the war between Reason and Faith?

There were a couple of videos put out recently that brought into light something that has been going on for a little bit of time right now.  The first was a video by the vlogger Thunderf00t, talking about how several of his videos had been removed for going against YouTube’s Terms of Service.  To anybody who has ever read them closely, it is pretty clear that any and all videos on their site violate their Terms of Service.  These rules basically are a carpet for them to do whatever they want on their site.  They can remove any video they please at any time.

But now, as was pointed out by Thunderf00t and The Amazing Atheist, who also did a video about how this is going on, YouTube has started to censor videos that are promoting the ideals of reason and rationality, as opposed to faith and servitude.

The premise for this censorship is that it is “hate speech.”  That criticizing religion is a form of attack.  The two vloggers above both pointed out how the videos that got removed weren’t attacking, they were just observing, supporting one cause or another, but also critical.  And that is the new form of “hate speech” on YouTube.

This isn’t a good thing for the battle between rationality and faith, if in fact, YouTube is censoring atheist videos.  It sends a very clear message to vloggers like myself, and to all the other big-time vloggers that there is now a conscious effort on the part of those who support religion to silence the opposition.

Of course, this is nothing new on the part of religion and religious people.  Silencing dissent has been a Modus Operandi from the beginning of the Catholic church.  If they don’t like your opinion, they will simply shut you down.  It’s been effective.  Way back in the day, shutting you down meant killing you.  Nowadays, it means removing your videos, and hoping that nobody saw it.

The reason the church hates dissent is obvious – because they have no genuine position.  The difference between their set of beliefs and mine is that mine are based on logic and reason.  On science and evidence.  I am always skeptical of what I see.  I question everything.  I believe what there is evidence for.  There is no evidence for the Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or any other God or gods.  The position of the atheist is that we simply demand evidence.  Not one Christian has presented a piece of evidence that holds up to scrutiny.

YouTube is choosing to take a side in the battle of the holy books that these religions have, that teach absolutely horrendous values, like being able to kill people for the most arbitrary and ridiculous of reasons, like the fact that they don’t believe in your God.  Or that women shouldn’t be allowed to talk, vote, have any positions of authority over men, and not have rights to their bodies.  The idea that homosexuality is a sin, and that the people who are of that sexual stance should be put to death.  YouTube has taken a side, and this side is that of the belief that a 2,00o year old book of desert fairytales is the absolute truth, and it is all you should believe.

As TJ pointed out, YouTube has taken the side of an opinion.  The opinion that God is real, created this world and all the things in it, and left no evidence of his existence.  However, it is a fact that God is not real.  Now, as a person of an open mind, I am willing to be proven wrong, but until I see evidence to the contrary, I am going to keep my position that there is no God.  Like any good scientist, I am willing to be proven wrong, but as somebody once said –

I am a man of science, where’s the proof?

So, as a man of science, I can say, without any form of doubt, that the Christian God, the God of Islam, actually, wait, those are the same guy.  But I can say that all of them are not real, beyond any doubt.  The books that talk about them are rife with logical failings, inaccurate history, and a lack of scientific understanding of any kind.  Plus, the only evidence (and that’s being nice) of their existence is those books.  So that doesn’t help their cause.

And YouTube is looking to take the side of the religious.  They are looking to call anything that holds the BS of the various faiths feet to the fire “hate speech.”  They are totally legitimizing people who say that Earth is only 6,000 to 10,000 years old (something science knows isn’t true), and that it was created in seven days by a guy who is one guy, but in three forms (that makes sense), and he is also all-loving while watching the world suffer, all-knowing while giving us free will (again, that makes sense), all-powerful while allowing evil to exist, and a whole bunch of other stupid crap.  But if you fire up your camera and say that these position are suspect, and that there are holes in the logic, you can be removed for “hate speech.”

You can also fire up your camera and say that God or Allah wants you to hurt people.  You can organized into mobs, like the people of Rhode Island after Jessica Ahlquist got the prayer banner removed, and organize harassment in the name of your God.  But if an atheist like me, TJ, Thunderf00t, or any others advocate for something else, we can be flagged for “hate speech.”  Just for advocating for rationality, dissent, and intelligence.  Religious people must be having a field day.

The fact is that the war against religion continues, and now YouTube is allowing the religious to gain ground in the battle against science, evidence, skepticism, and reason.  They are aiding them.  They are mafia wives, who  are whoring themselves out for ignorance.

It’s a sad day indeed, for those of us who simply want to be able to post our thoughts, in a forum that used to stand for something.  YouTube is quickly becoming a joke.  It’s truly a pity.  And it hurts us all, by giving those who would hold progress back more power that they don’t need.

Until next time, a quote,

“But if an atheist like me, or thunderf00t, or anyone else gets on camera and says ‘no, that’s fucking stupid,’ we can be flagged for ‘hate speech?’  Flagged for hate speech for standing up for what’s true, what’s real, what’s verifiable?  For standing up for rationality, and science, and empirical evidence?  And skepticism?  Does that make any sense to anyone?”  -TJ Kincaid, YouTube vs. Atheism?

Peace out,


Top 10 Video Game Heroes

Now, I know that villains are often the coolest part of the story.  They don’t have to be good, they don’t have to be kind.  They are able to be as destructive as they want.  But every once and a while, there is a hero who comes to the front who is just so badass!  This is a list paying homage to all the heroes who made me stop and think – yeah, you’re pretty cool.

10. Raiden
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Now, I know that this guy was a total bitch in Metal Gear Solid 2.  But this reimagining of his character was awesome.  This dude is a blade master.  But cooler than the fact that he can fight with a blade in his foot (and people think the next one is going to be over the top?) is the fact he had this really awesome outlook on things.  He would deliberately put himself in danger because he viewed life as meaningless.  He viewed himself as already dead.  This led to some REALLY cool stunts, like where he drives his own blade through himself to attack Vamp.  That, and the guy bleeds white, which is also cool.  All in all, just the cybornetic touch to make a perfect sizzling game.

9. Edward Buck
Halo 3: ODST
This game doesn’t get a lot of respect these days, but I happen to believe that it really deserves some.  The story was a great deal more compelling than most of the Halo series.  Plus, and this was my favorite part – no Flood!  The Flood was the worst thing that ever happened to the Halo series.  But back to this game, Buck is fairly awesome.  He is smarmy, cocky, and doesn’t take any shit from people.  But what sold me most about how awesome he is – he survived Reach!  He talks about it toward the end of the game.  When the Covenant are destroying the city, he says – “This is gonna be Reach all over again!”  To which is CO responds – “We survived that, we’ll survive this too.”  That is just awesome.  In all fairness, this guy could have been a Spartan, he just didn’t decide to do that.  Awesome.  This was a not-so-respected game that I think was pretty good.

8. Velociraptor
The Lost World: Jurassic Park
This is a game that I figure most of you don’t even remember.  It was for the Playstation.  The original one.  But this was a very fun game, and the best part about it was that you could take control of a Velociraptor and go around killing people!  That is…awesome!  Badass, shit-kicking awesome!  I wish they would remake this game and update the effects, so we could get some gory goodness to go with controlling one of the coolest animals ever to have evolved during this planet’s billions of years existing.  It was a short campaign with him, and I wish more titles would be like this.  This was a very fun game, for most of the characters, from the Compy, to the T-Rex.  But this guy (or gal, it never says), made it so much better.  Flying through the air and slashing people to ribbons, and then eating them afterwards, what’s not to love?

7. Auron
Final Fantasy X
This guy was one of those too-cool-for-school characters.  He was a lot like Raiden in many respects.  His own death didn’t scare him in the least.  Mostly because he is already dead.  Auron is Unsent, meaning that he resisted death even after dying, and still exists.  He was the Guardian to the previous summoner, Braska.  It is unclear what exactly happened, but you know that something went wrong.  Auron was climbing back down Mt. Gagazet, mortally wounded.  However, he goes into Tidus’ world to look after him, and when Sin takes him to Spira, he then goes to guard the current summoner, Yuna.  His character is very dark and very grim.  He has a cold sense of humor, and doesn’t accept failure.  But he was still an awesome character, and definitely earns his place on this list.

6. Samus Aran
Metroid Prime series
Here is a classic badass character.  Samus has it all – looks, a badass battlesuit, awesome weapons, and a will to kill.  She is a bounty hunter, who is traveling the galaxy on a mission to kill the Space Pirates.  They destroy her life by killing her family.  She was raised by the Chozo, who gave her the battlesuit.  It is the amalgamation of all their technology, and the last gift they would ever give her.  But yeah, in this series, she really is fighting the ultimate enemy.  She is fighting a corruption that is looking to destroy the entire galaxy.  It consumes friend and foe alike.  She is even fighting a doppleganger of herself for a while.  She is a fun character, and although you never hear her speak, she doesn’t have to.  Her awesome-ness is totally apparent even without words.

5. Capt. John Price
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series
This guy is awesome.  Now, a lot of people have just said that he is a British version of Jack Bauer, and in some respects, they are right.  But Price isn’t as single-minded and always thinking about terrorists.  Instead, he is a soldier.  He fights for queen and country, and is one of the best.  He starts out in the SAS (Special Air Services), but eventually gets to be a part of the outfit – 141.  They are the most elite soldiers on Earth.  But while he is loyal to country, he is more loyal to the truth.  Shown to be a very cynical person, he seems to have little to no love for his fellow soldiers, and often looks down on the profession.  But he is a very cool character, right to the bitter end, and although you do get your man, there is still a lot of bitterness about it.

4. Leon Kennedy
Resident Evil 4
This guy is picking up in popularity, and I am totally stoked to see him in Resident Evil 6.  But in this game, he was at his top.  Granted, the parts that were about babysitting Ashley were a pain, but still, he took it well.  He never complained.  Leon got his debut in Resident Evil 2, surviving the undead outbreak in Raccoon City.  Now, he is charged with protecting the President’s daughter.  Of course, when she gets kidnapped, he goes to Europe to get her back.  Along the way ends up being part of a new terror outbreak.  The Plagas, able to take over your mind and control you, that is, unless you are strong enough to do the controlling.  Leon is an awesome character, mostly because he always has a smarmy, smart-ass comment to when people try to screw with him.  I hope some of that wit comes into the next game.  Though given the circumstances, maybe it would be better if he wasn’t.  Still, it looks awesome.

3. Eleanor Lamb
Bioshock 2
“But Lucien, she didn’t really do anything!” Screw that!  She was able to manipulate everything while unconcious.  And when she does come to the fight, she REALLY comes to it!  But her story is also very interesting.  She is the daughter of the leader of Rapture, Sophia Lamb.  She was taken when she was young into Fontaine’s facilities the Little Sister Orphanage.  There, she is turned into a Little Sister.  She bonds with the Alpha Series Big Daddy she was paired with.  When she has him brought back to life, she begins a mission to free herself, along with free the man she calls her Father.  When she dons the power of a Big Sister, she is definitely the mack-daddy of the bunch.  She will kick ass and take names.  But she is smart, clever, and is on a mission to help you to survive.  Although, such is not to be.

2. Riku
Kingdom Hearts series
I have always had a soft spot for this guy.  At first, he wants to escape, and to see what other worlds are out there.  But when he gets out there, he is willing to give his heart to the darkness to protect his friends.  And he does do just that.  But when he comes back, in the second game, he is definitely a lot more determined.  At first, he looks like Ansem, from the first.  He regains his appearance after DiZ’s weapon goes out of control and explodes.  But even then, he feels more comfortable in the darkness.  All he wants is to exist there.  He says at the end of Kingdom Hearts II that if the world is nothing but a dark beach, with a light at the end, he could live there forever.  That’s pretty cool.  He is a very mystic character, which adds a nice element to one of the strangest, yet most compelling series of games there is.

These are all cool heroes, and the next one is even better.

1. Ezio Auditore da Firenze
Assassin’s Creed II and continuance games
Ezio is one of the coolest characters in gaming history.  He is starts out a very ignorant young man.  But he very quickly grows into a very skilled Assassin, turning his blade against those who destroyed his family.  After a while, he goes from being the top Assassin, to becoming their master.  But it isn’t just his skill with a blade that is awesome.  Ezio is also a total ladies man.  He gets all kinds of action, even from great historical figures like Caterina Sforze.  He is cool, he is suave, can be viciously ruthless from time to time, and is a master Assassin.  Definitely the hero that was made for this series.  And worse that they gave him such a shitty farewell game.  Oh well, he was awesome in II and Brotherhood.

Until next time, a quote,

“I thought… I thought I was beyond this. But I’m not. I’ve waited too long, lost too much. Requiescat in Pace, you bastard!”  -Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Assassin’s Creed II

Peace out,


“Moral” Kombat!

Whenever an atheist like myself argues with a religious person who is very strong in their beliefs that my way of living is immoral, these conversations usually go one of three ways – 1. They will get unbelievably angry and storm off, 2. We will have a very level-headed discussion and usually agree to disagree, or 3. They will just say “I’ll pray for you,” and walk away.

I did a post yesterday about a video that has since been removed from YouTube by a woman named Dawn Hawkins.  It was a very vicious and attacking post, but for a good reason – she’s a racist and one of a million “moral” crusaders who wants to shove her ideological views down our throat.  My favorite vlogger, The Amazing Atheist also did an amazing video.  Now, I figure that was happened is because of his video rather than my post, because I’m a nobody on WordPress, but we both wanted the same thing.

We told our viewers and readers to go to the website Morality in Media’s contact page and send them a message.  We advised our viewers to keep it professional, and to attack the fact what they believe.  But what does this organization believe?

Well, they believe that porn is evil.  That it is aiding sex trafficking, exploiting women, and is destroying lives.  I pointed out how that is absolutely not true.  Porn has nothing to do with sex trafficking, and I invite anybody to prove otherwise.  But come prepared, because if you just rant, I can easily shut you down with the total lack of evidence.  For real, good luck finding any.  As for exploiting women, by the token, it is exploiting men.  There is no way that you could make the argument that it isn’t, because the fact is that women do a lot better in the porn industry than men.

Women typically get paid more, get more work.  And a refutation of how it isn’t exploiting them – these women have Twitter pages.  They are not in the shadows.  The names of the big porn stars are well-known here in America.  There are regulations of the industry, like about checking for STI’s and making sure the girls are over 18, and the bigger companies that make this stuff are very dedicated to following these rules because they don’t want to be shut down.

So, after TJ made the video and I made the post, what was Morality in Media’s response?  They shut their page down.  Where their page once was, there was this –

Morality in Media has been taken offline to prevent illegal access
by those who think pornography is harmless.

 Pornography is NOT harmless and no matter how much you want
porn to be normal, it isn’t!

Your IP address is xxxxxxxxxx and has been recorded.

So, rather than have a discourse, these people choose to simply block us out, and make vague and pointless threats that are never going to go anywhere.  This was nothing but a worthless joke, and the punch line is that this is what the religious community does all the time.

These people are motivated by faith.  I haven’t met the atheist who thinks that they are a “moral” crusader.  I won’t say that they don’t exist, but I would be very surprised if they do.  Because most atheists have a moral system that doesn’t conform to this kind of thing.  Plus, what atheists always have is a belief that they don’t have to shove their beliefs down everybody else’s throats.

The fact is that these are just some of a group of people who have a very strange theory about how the world works.  You see, I don’t believe in ad hominem.  Your beliefs are engrained into who you are.  Your beliefs are part of what gets you there.  So the idea that you can attack a person without attacking their beliefs is ridiculous.  And these people have an antiquated belief system that is terrified of sex, sex organs, and wants to control how other people live their lives.

People like Rick Santorum, who wants to outlaw gay marriage, who wants to also get all porn off the internet, who wants to legislate his way into a woman’s uterus.  He wants all of these things.  These people are led by their belief in a supreme being, who they think is petty enough to care about the fact that somebody wants to get paid good money to fuck on film.

They want to be the moral arbiters of America.  It’s sick and delusional and pathetic.  they want to get rid of Planned Parenthood for no other reason than because it does abortions (and those only make up 3% of their business).  Not caring about all the damage it would do to low-income urban areas (have you ever noticed how white most of the “moral” crusaders are?) because the women there couldn’t get the medical aid that they need for things like breast cancer screenings.  These people also want to get rid of birth control.

Care to guess what they are?  They’re Catholic.  Hardcore Catholic.  A good portion of them, anyway.  They believe that their holy being, who is powerful enough to create the entire universe, cares who they are jumping into bed with and if they are not allowing all the sperm to impregnate women, who they obviously want barefoot and in the kitchen.  That is the religious ideology.

For the atheists like myself, who try to be open-minded, and believe in the freedom of choice, it is proof like no other than religion, the institution and the beliefs behind it at the most destructive element of society today.  People can make the argument that it is extremist factions of religion, but the fact is that if the fundamentals of the religion weren’t destructive, people at the extremes wouldn’t be like this.

Religion has never given anything good to society.  Religious people have done great things, like Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, and Charles Darwin.  They rewrote scientific understanding of things as we know it.  But the institution has never done anything great for society.

I call them “moral” crusaders because while they will fight for what they believe are moral values, they don’t even bother to look at the fact that there is blatant hypocrisy within the religious spectrum.  Moses slaughter families and was given young girls are trophies for his men to rape.  Concubines weren’t all that uncommon for the religious kings of the Bible.  Fucking servants wasn’t all that uncommon either.  While these people will fight to get porn off the internet, they apparently haven’t read their own book enough to understand their hypocrisy.

So, Morality in Media is one of the first group.  They didn’t want to discuss things.  They simple angrily shut down their site, and didn’t even allow discussion.  They are cowards who don’t want to defend their views, just to try and shut down all opposition.  And isn’t that just like religion?  When they can’t defend their arguments against the facts, they just say, “I’ll pray for you,” and walk away.

We rational people are not impressed, and since Morality in Media won’t step up and defend themselves, I will give them one last message –

You are cowards.  Fuck you.

Until next time, a quote,

“What you really need to tell them is – You’re not the moral arbiters of America.  You don’t get to impose your shitty, antiquated values on the rest of us!”  -TJ Kincaid, Moral Cowards

Peace out,


Morality in Media: A Porn Joke we can all Laugh To!

In keeping with relentless attack posts against idiots who think that things are wrong, I am going to go on the offensive with somebody who is equally as stupid, but less offensive than the last post.  This post will be shorter, but we are going to go at it the way that I normally do.  Here is the link to this woman’s video.  I will put up what she said, and pwn each statement individually.  Enjoy.

Hi everyone!  My name is Dawn Hawkins, I’m the Executive Director of Morality in Media.

Hi Dawn.  So, I’m already not liking your company name, but I am willing to be open.  What have you got to say?

I direct a number of anti-pornography campaigns, and I just wanted to share with you my experience from the weekend.

Oh boy, it’s one of those people.  These people who are desperate to prove that porn is such a bad thing, and needs to be gotten rid of.  People who want to legislate our behavior.  I think the government has tried that.  Didn’t work.  Not to mention that people enjoy fucking.  But let’s keep going.

 I’m kind of emotional about it still, so bear with me.

There’s a surprise.  Take a look at this woman and you can tell that she gets emotional about a lot of things.

So, I was heading to Texas from DC.  I was asked to speak at a conference about the links between pornography and sex trafficking.

Well, that’s interesting.  Seeing as how there aren’t any.

And I boarded my flight in Baltimore, at 6 AM on Friday.  Only to find that the man sitting in front of me was looking at pornography on his iPad.  Of all people to be sitting in front of, he was right in front of me.

I’ll give that it’s kind of weird to be looking at one’s porn on their iPad, at six in the morning, on an airplane, but so what?  It’s how he gets his rocks off, who cares?  If you think he’s the first guy to get a jolly on an airplane, you’re an idiot.

I was speechless, I was stunned, I didn’t know what to say.  I could not believe he was looking at pornography right there on the airplane, at six am in the morning.

I say again – so what?  It’s what he wants to do, what do you care?  Think about this – how did this woman see it?  How did she see what he was doing?  She really had to have been intent to see what he was doing to see this.  If you don’t want to see it, lady, I got an idea – don’t look!

So, I sat back, for enough time for him to for him to flip through about eight images.  They were all of very-very young girls.  I couldn’t tell if they were 14 or 18.  They were definitely young.  They were all Asian.

Well, Dawn Hawkins, we’ve learned one thing about you just now – you’re a racist.  I’ll give you her email at the end of this so you can call out her racism.  But yeah, Asian girls tend to look younger.  It’s how their biology works.  She also seemed to make the case that guys who are into Asian girls, because they look young, are pedophiles.  Not only racist, but stupid!  I am starting not to like this woman.

Not to mention – 14 or 18?  That’s a hell of a difference!  Take a look at the typical age group for these two things, even among the Asian population, and there is quite the difference.

And a couple of the photographs were very violent in nature.  One of them even had one girl whipping the other girl.  With a whip.

No shit!  For a second, I thought she may have been whipping her with a banana peel.  Thank you for clearing that up for me.

As soon as I gathered myself, I couldn’t help it, I definitely said something.  Somewhat loudly, I asked him if he was really looking at pornography at that time.  I said, you know, “is that really pornography?!  Are you looking at pornography right now, on this airplane?”

Nah, sweetie, he was looking at porn on the red-eye from Chicago.  He just happened to appear to be sitting there.  Dumbass.  Not to mention that she has deliberately stood up and made a spectacle of herself.  The cool thing is that I don’t have to attack that.  She does that to herself.

“Are those girls even 18?  Is that child-pornography?!”  I was making a fairly big deal about it.  And everyone seemed to be look at us.

See?  She makes a giant ass out of herself, in front of an entire plane, obviously in order to shame the guy.  And people looked.  Not only is this woman stupid, but she’s a bitch.  But her bitch-rant at this guy, and her spectacle keep going.

The guy said, “you don’t know what you’re talking about.”  He was still holding the iPad, right in front of him, and I said, “I do!  I can see your screen right now!  You’re looking at porn!”

She’s not content to just be a bitch.  She has to really go after this guy, who hasn’t done jack shit to her.  He was minding his own business, obviously not making a spectacle of himself.  I can clearly tell who the better person is in this narrative, and the person has a penis.

And I turned around, and there was a flight attendent right behind me.  A male flight attendent.  And I said to him, “Sir, this man is looking at pornography.  Will you please do something about it?”

I feel bad for this flight attendent.  He probably just wanted to get through his day, and now he has some “moral” crusader up his ass about something that apparently isn’t bothering anybody else.  You will notice that nobody else jumped up with her.  Nobody else had her back.  She stands alone, against somebody who may not have even been looking at porn in the first place.  I doubt the authenticity of this story.

By the way, what we he supposed to do?  This clearly wasn’t bothering anybody else.  She never said that all these people stood up with her.  If anything, this probably just made a lot of people really uncomfortable.  This guy for being put on the spot for no good reason.  This flight attendent for similar reasons.  The passengers for knowing that this guy’s exploits are being dragged into the public eye by a stupid bimbo who clearly needs a good humping.

The flight attendent just stood there.  He did nothing.  He said there was nothing he could do.

I hope he did do something.  I hope he did what I, TJ, and probably any other rational person in this instance would do – think to himself, “mind your own fucking business, you stupid bitch!”  There is a girl on campus just like that.  Her name is Natalia.  She’s a bigot of the worst kind, and if she doesn’t like what you are doing, she will crawl up your ass and make her opinion known.  She wonders why she can’t get a boyfriend.  Probably a question that has gone through Hawkins’ head a few times.

That he refused to do anything, especially because it was making me and other passengers so uncomfortable.  And I am so sure it was making the other passengers uncomfortable as well.

Yet nobody defended you.  Nobody came to your aid.  You just suspect.  I have my own theory – that nobody cared.  They were awkward because you, a stupid person on an airplane, was making a spectacle, and making this guy all awkward, because you don’t like what he was doing.

Anyway, the guy put it away.  I was sitting there, shaking.  I was so upset.

Now, in most logical universes, this is where the story would end.  But since this woman doesn’t have a shred of decency in her, the story continues.

A few minutes later, I leaned forward and in a much quiet voice, directed just at the man, I said to him, “Sir, I’m head right now to speak at a conference about pornography and sex trafficking.  You are contributing to the problem.  You’re exploiting millions of women.  And children.  You’re creating the demand.  You’re the one contributing to all this harm.”

Finally, I can tackle her arguments directly, so you all don’t think I am just picking on a stupid girl.  First, there is NO connection between porn and sexual trafficking.  None.  What possible proof do you have to back up this claim?!  If two people choose to film themselves fucking, and put it on the internet (which happens all the time these days, and they often get paid to do it), how is that hurting anybody?  They made that choice.  And there are big companies, really big companies, that are shelling out boatloads of cash for these women to get on film and take dick up their ass.  These aren’t mobsters.  These aren’t drug cartels.  They are corporations that are selling to a demand that is always there.

The irony here is that people like you want to drive this kind of thing underground, and create exploitation.  You are the people who want to do real harm to women.  These corporations are regulated, strictly.  The safety guidelines are very strictly enforced.  There is oversight.  Take away the people’s right to do that, and you have real sex trafficking, and exploitation.

You know why it’s always there?  Because we are human.  We like to fuck.  We like fucking a lot.  The more of it we can get, the better we feel.  It’s a good feeling.   We like to get laid.  And we also like to see sexual images.  This is something that men and women both share.  Granted, porn is almost exclusively made for men, but I know women who look it up too.  This isn’t that strange.  We are a species that likes to compress genitals and have fun.

And right then, a woman who was two rows up from us, she stood up and interrupted me.  And she faced me and she said, she was probably in her 50’s, she said, “be quiet!  Noone cares!”

Can we have a round of applause for that woman?  This woman has done the best thing possible.  She told this blonde bimbo to shut her stupid mouth.

I couldn’t, I could not believe that a woman, of all people, would stand up and tell me to be quiet.

Yes, because all women stand with all women all of the time.  Hawkins is stupider than I thought.

She didn’t tell the man to stop looking at pornography!  She didn’t say anything about that!  She just said, no one cared, that he was looking at pornography.  What was likely child pornography.

Which she came to because she is a racist.

We know that pornography is so addictive, and that man was likely very addicted to whatever, that’s why he was looking at porn right there.  And that early.  He couldn’t help it!

Dear god.  This is the stupidest argument ever.  Porn is NOT addictive!  There is no addictive property.  Porn is no more addictive than fucking (there has been no clear proof of what sexual addiction is, whether psychological or physical.  Hypersexuality is a problem, but sexual addiction is something that is kind of up in the air).

I feel really bad for him.  Part of me does.  Just because I understand that he was struggling with these urges, and I’m sure that he doesn’t.  He’s not happy and he doesn’t want that.

No, dumbass.  What he doesn’t want is for some stupid woman to start attacking him in public, for no good reason.  That’s what he doesn’t want.

I just wanted to share this experience with you all.  Have you experienced pornography on your plane?  Is this the common danger to us?

I have said how stupid she is too much.  I’m not rehashing it again.  There is no danger.  There is nothing wrong.  This guy, looking at Asian girls whipping each other (with a whip!) is not dangerous to anybody.

I mean, I’m involved, every day, in the fight against pornography.  And I did not realize that there is a danger to us on airplanes in the United States.  I got off the airplane and I reported it to a police officer, who promised to investigate.  He went to man’s next gate, especially because the likelihood that it was child pornography is very high.

Unreal!  Jesus Christ, bitch, leave this guy alone!  What the fuck is wrong with you?!  You have racist views, and you are having the police interrogate this man because of your racism?!  Honestly, there is almost no lesser form of scum.  I couldn’t hate you more if I tried.  You are one of the dumbest people on Earth, and definitely one of the worst.

This woman is for real, and here is the page that you can contact her group –

I want you to contact these people.  Don’t send them porn, even though that would be funny.  Attack their stupid bigotry, and their stupid ignorance, and their need to tell us how to conduct ourselves.  To shove their values into our lives.

 Needless to say, airlines need to have a policy.  It needs to be spelled out.  That obscenity and pornography is not allowed on an airplane, especially since it’s a danger to all passengers, and flight attendents.  It would be a very unhealthy working place.

So stupid…

I work for Morality in Media, we direct the war on illegal pornography at  I hope to hear from you soon!

Count on it, sweet-heart.  You most assuredly will.

Until next time, a quote,

“I want you to repeat this with me.  I want you to say this with me – pornography, even though I don’t like it, and I feel that it is immoral…poses no danger, and I really want you to emphasize that, NO danger, to anyone!”  -TJ Kincaid, PORN ON A PLANE 

Peace out,


Hooking Kids on Sex! (Is Natural, but don’t tell these people that)

Oh man, it isn’t often that I can find a video that can make me laugh as much as this one does.  It is a video that was released by The American Life League.  This is a group pretty much cut from the same cloth as the American Family Association.  They are all a bunch of hardcore Christian fundies who don’t have anything better to do with their time.  Don’t believe me?  Well, they recently released a video, which I will link here, talking about how Planned Parenthood is planning on hooking children on sex.  Oh no!  But yeah, this is the most amusing piece of stupidity that I have seen in a long time.  I will do my usual routine of putting up their own words, so you know I’m not taking this out of context, and then giving my responses.  I hope you enjoy!

Do NOT let children watch this episode of the American Life League Report!

I recommend not letting anybody watch, but hey, let’s hear this idiot out.

When most people think of Planned Parenthood, they mostly think of the babies it kills with abortion.  Or the mountains of birth control it dispenses.

No, dumb-dumb, we think of all the health services that it renders to low-income families, like breast cancer screenings.  Only 3% of their expenses are related to abortion.  And by the way, pay attention to the second part of that.  We will be coming back to it later.

But another side to Planned Parenthood, that should be equally considered is its obsession with sex.

Here we go.  Trust me, it gets awesome from here.

Sex toys, sex contests, sex balloons, penis-shaped balloons, penis-shaped lollipops, penis cupcakes, vagina cakes, vagina macaroons, vagina Fruit Roll-ups, giant vagina costumes, all of these things play a central role in Planned Parenthood’s community activities.

Uh, no they don’t.  You just made that up.  You quite literally pulled it out of your ass.  And if you watch the video, you’ll see that this guy has a very special relationship with the word penis.  His voice has an upwards inflection that tells me that him and the penis, are very familiar.  But yeah, this is all bullshit.  Not two words of it are true.  Let’s keep going, though.  We’ve got a lot more ground to cover.

But what’s truly shocking, is how these perverts are allowed unfettered access to our children, while raking in government cash to sell them unrestrained sex.

What?  First, they are not funded solely by the government.  In fact, they are a non-profit organization that gets donations.  I guess you weren’t around to hear the bit about Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s pussy move ditching them.  Second, how can you sell somebody sex?  Are they selling them hookers?  Last I checked, sex was something you had to put some effort into getting.

Oh, Planned Parenthood will claim that what they teach kids is scientific and “age-appropriate.”  But the fact of that matter is that “age-appropriate” is a standard concocted by Planned Parenthood itself so that it can sell pornography to kids as science.

It must be fun to be this stupid.  The fact is that what Planned Parenthood teaches IS scientific (these people are hardcore Christian fundies.  I doubt any of them know what science is), and it is age-appropriate.

Why would they do this?  Just as the goal of a drug deal is to make drug addicts, Planned Parenthood’s goal is to make sex addicts.

(Long sigh into hands)  Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.  Again, it must be fun to be this stupid.

And they follow the same business model.

If only this man would listen when I tell him that you cannot possibly hook children on sex, because it has no addicting properties.  All sexual addiction is psychological.  But again, it’s science, and these are Christians.  Science has never been their strong suit.

For instance, Planned Parenthood’s gateway drug is masturbation.

(Brief pause for unrestrained laughter)

 One of its primary resources for 10 year olds is a book called “It’s Perfectly Normal.”  And it sells masturbation to kids with graphic images of naked boys and girls, boys and girls masturbating, men and women having sex…if a dirty old man showed these things to a 10 year old kid in a park, he’d be arrested.

Two things, 1) that is a real book.  2) it isn’t for ten year olds.  That was just something that they made up.  And these books aren’t shown in parks.  They are in their sex-ed curriculum.  They are kept in classrooms, where they won’t just be shown to anybody.  And if all of America wasn’t filled with six year olds who are afraid of pussies and cocks, then we wouldn’t be having this dicussion.  Another wonderful thing Christianity is giving us.

But that’s just the start.  Once they get to high school, you know, right about the time that they hit puberty…

This idiot doesn’t realize that most kids hit puberty late in their middle school years.

 …Planned Parenthood tells vulnerable teens to stimulating and intimate things about sex.

Oh my god, they might learn something!  OHHH!  It’s just the worst!  Oh wait, that’s right, it’s a good thing for kids to learn, because it is an awkward subject and a lot of kids can be frightened about it.  Fucking idiot.

Just look at what its website for teens says!  The link to “Our Bodies,” provides kids images to graphic genitals, and tells them about how pleasurable the clitoris is, and how pleasureable breasts are to touch (yes they are) and massage.

Oh my god, I’m going to pee.  This is hysterical beyond belief.  I am going through this entire video, so this post will be a little long, but if you want a good laugh, please, keep reading.  It just gets better and better.

This section, on sex and masturbation, encourages kids to masturbate, and tries to dispell and embarassment and hesitation in trying it.

The thing I love most about that quote is that he is openly admitting that he does want them to feel ashamed.  Of course, the idiot doesn’t come right out and say it, but read between the lines.  It’s all there.

It also describes orgasms and encourages anal sex and oral sex.

Describing orgasms, yeah.  Encouraging anal and oral sex, no, no it does not.  It merely tells any viewer what they want to know.  The funny part is that the video shows it, right on their screen, that it doesn’t, and these stupid fucks don’t even bat an incompetant eyelash.

This section, titled “LGBTQ,” tells teens “all sexual orientations are perfectly normal.”

Yay, he also proved he’s a bigot!  Congrats, man, I love when you wear bigotry on your sleeve!

The page on homosexuality, titled, “Coming Out,” displays a teenage boy, in an intimate post with what appears to be an adult man.

No, no it doesn’t.  There is a boy, but he is with what is clearly another teenage boy, and they aren’t being intimate, only leaning against one-another.  I love how it is literally shown, right there, and this dipshit doesn’t see it.  Classic brain FAIL.

This section, explains how to have gay sex, using a condom, dental dam, and even, plastic wrap.

Okay, it’s gotten a lot less funny.  By the way, the page this guy is on, doesn’t have almost any of that.  Maybe he just didn’t scroll down far enough, but if he is going to make a point, it helps to have your subject matter on screen when you are talking about it.

And, for their viewing pleasure, Planned Parenthood’s got a few things for teens to watch.

And I guarantee you that it is more informative that your dumbass video, buddy.  Watch the video.  Maybe it’s just my immature mind, or the fact that I have come to be pretty cool with intellectual videos discussing sexuality and how genitals work, but if this guy’s videos are accurate (and I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t, because bald-faced lying isn’t unusual for him), they are kind of silly.

It’s bad enough that Planned Parenthood is conditioning children to engage in sexual activity with the kind of stuff that we’ve just shown you, but Planned Parenthood of Upper Hudson’s youth program, which includes children as young as 13 (they think if they say children, we won’t know that they are teenagers), requires children to be exposed to sexual deviancy on parade!  Literally! (as opposed to figuratively?)

This dumb-fuck is talking about Gay Pride parades.  And of course, just like all Christian fundies, he says they are bad, and of course, being gay is bad too.  Christians, I have a message for you when we get to the end of this.

Planned Parenthood of Upper Hudson’s application form for the S.T.A.R.S. (Start Talking Seriously About Sex) program for high school kids states that students, as young as 13, are required to attend Capital Pride.

Wow, what a crime, they are part of an organization that has a huge LGBTQ community and support network, so they show their support.  I am sure that the organization wouldn’t come after them with a fucking machete if a kid couldn’t make it, but I’m sure that escaped this idiot’s notice.  And you also will notice he makes a point about the younger groups, as if that makes this so much worse.

Capital Pride?

Note the italics.  Bigot inflection.  He goes on to show a series of photos and videos, as if to make his point about how awful this is.  There was no nudity, no orgies, just people being in support of gay rights.  Bigots be bigots.

 Is it any wonder that one in four teenage girls has an STD?

Stop right there!  Fuck you!  Fuck you, you bigot asshole!  These people are trying to teach teenagers about safe sex, and what the fuck are you doing?!  These people are trying to prevent STI transmission, by having kids, who are going to have sex, no matter how hard you try to stigmatize them, you assholes, to have sex, learn about how to be safe when they are having sex.  Meanwhile, you Christian bigots are teaching intolerance, racism, bigotry, homophobia, and socially corrosive bullshit about a rib-woman and a talking snake.  Planned Parenthood does in one day more than you will ever do for the rest of your miserable fucking life!  Fuck you!

 All this exposure to sex takes place before graduation from high school!

Again, inflection.  But here is something this idiot may not have known – most girls lose their virginity by the age of 16.  And by the way, it isn’t most atheist girls.  Most Christians girls are just the same.  And don’t even get me started on the teen pregnancy rates among the religious crowd.  I could pwn you into oblivion with that alone.

When these kids go to college, they’ll be bombarded with sex-themed parties put on by Planned Parenthood VOX groups.

These parties pass out safe sex kits, and other stuff like that.  The horror!  Keeping college students safe!

 This is what Planned Parenthood is all about.  Get the kids addicted to sex, so you can sell them birth control.  When teens catch a sexually transmitted disease, it sells them testing services.  And when a young girl gets pregnant, it sells her an abortion.

Ugh.  I’m getting tired of writing.  It was fun at first, but now it’s offensive.  First, their HIV and AIDS tests are free.  Their HPV vaccines are free for those between the age of 19 to 26.  Emergency Contraception is free for those under 17.  And the bulk of their other servies, like breast screenings and things like that are based on a sliding scale, depending on how much the person makes.  These people want to help, unlike this asshole, who wants women to hurt.

 This isn’t education, this in indoctrination intended to drum up Planned Parenthood’s abortion business.

Which only is 3% of their total fees, per year.  Fucking idiot.

Help us break the cycle.

Yes, let’s do that.  Help us keep these Christian fundies in the intellectual trash can where they belong!

You know, it isn’t often that something gets under my skin the way that this has.  First – have you noticed that the more options that women have to avoid having to have an abortion, the louder the opposition becomes?  They will lie, fabricate, exacerbate, and just pull shit out of the air whenever it suits them.  And why?  So that they can get rid of an organization that is the lifeline of low-income neighborhoods, teen boys and girls who are scared and confused, LGBTQ youth and groups, and many others.

These assholes are trying to destroy one of the few legitimately decent organizations there is, and all because their Gawd tells them to.  No better reason.  This is for all of those who think that religion does no harm.  And for Christians who are with this guy, two words – Fuck you!  Not even kidding, not even a joke – Fuck, you!

Until next time, a quote,

“Look, you see their agenda too, they’re not just against abortions, they’re against birth control…What’s wrong with birth control?  99% of Americans use it, right?”
“Don’t you want to prevent abortions?”  -The Young Turks, Hilarious Anti-Planned Parenthood Video 

Peace out,


America: Stupid Beyond Reason

There are a lot of days when people can look at this country and feel just a touch bit of shame for this generation, and any who might follow it.  There are days when you really think that perhaps it is a good thing that this country is going straight down the shitter, and really fast.  Days like today, when you see things in the news, and you think that it really can’t get much worse.  Days when you see things that are so stupid that you honestly just want to lay in a corner and cry.  Days when you get to see that the people of this country can’t really get any stupider.

Bill Maher was having a debate on his show.  The topic was voting.  There has been a very measly turnout for these primary votes.  It is a fact that the Republicans hate the candidates who are running right now.  Most Republicans are moderate.  Most of all voters are moderate.  The moderates are the overwhelming majority in this country.  And while our media has been good at not talking about anything that matters, they are showing the Republican candidates for who they are.  And that is pretty useful.

So, the guy Maher was talking to, Eliot Spitzer, had this idea to get people to the votes – bribe them!  After Maher suggested that they might want to schedule voting days for Saturday, when people aren’t at work, Spitzer said that there should be a lottery.  Everybody who votes is elligible to win something like $1 million.  Of course, Maher was rather shocked at this, asking if we should be bribing people to care about what happens in this country.  Spitzer immediately replies – yes!

Why the hell should the future of our country be contingent on bribing people to get to the polls?  If you have to bribe them to get their lazy asses of the couch, then I don’t want the future of our country in their hands.  Honestly, I would prefer that 1000 people vote in total than a group of worthless losers who have to have the promise of money to get them to the polls.

But you know, maybe it’s a good thing that the turnout is so low.  Take a look at America.  Only 4 out of 10 people in this country accept the theory of evolution.  A theory that has a mountain of scientific evidence.  It’s a fact (these terms are not mutually exclusive, by the way – theory and fact.  Not in the science world).  And 6 out of 10 people don’t buy it.  They don’t accept evidence.

Instead, they have their own theory – that Jesus did everything!  And Gawd made the universe, and all of us peoples.  We didn’t come from monkeys! (insert stupid southern voice for all the text in this paragraph)

Of course, what do you expect from people who are getting one of the worst education systems on the face of the planet.  Education in this country is a joke.  And before you libertarians go getting on the privitization bandwagon, it isn’t the public educators fault.  It is the mother’s fault.  The average dim-witted mother is the worst thing to happen to public schools.  Teachers are constantly having to question everything they do, and to always have to tip-toe around these dumb-fuck mothers who want to whine and complain about how classes are too hard for their equally-stupid kid.

The reason that test scores are so low, teachers are teaching tests, and the standards for students are so low is because mothers are constantly complaining about how hard things are.  They don’t want their kids to hear that character-building words – “you’re a loser, Billy!  You suck!  You’re stupid!”  Those words build character, and can teach student some things.  Everything wrong with America’s education system, you can blame on mothers who like to bitch about how their kid isn’t doing well.

And these stupid people are the kind that Spitzer wants in the voting booth.  I have an idea – how about NO!  How about we get these Christards away from our government!  How about we embrace logic, and reason, and rationality?  These people are scientically illiterate.  Keep them as far from the voting booth as possible!

What’s more, we can’t shame these people anymore.  It’s now out of the bounds of acceptable behavior to basically turn them into the modern version of the village idiot, and throw tomatoes at them (figuratively speaking).  No, we can’t shame the stupid, because we love the stupid!  We absolutely love them!  We give them television shows.  Shows like Jackass, The Jersey Shore, Real Housewives of…wherever.  We laud these people and give them all the notoriety that they can handle.

But if all that I have said before hasn’t convinced you that America is stupid beyind all reason, here is the proof above all proof – Snooki, the tiny and absolutely retarded bimbo, is a New York Times best-selling author.  No shit!  Her latest book, “Confessions of a Guidette,” is on the top of the New York Times best-seller list.  If you needed any more proof of her stupidity, you got it.

What kills me is how the American public thinks themselves so superior, pointing and laughing at how stupid these people are.  They never realize that at least the idiots on that show are getting paid to be as stupid as they are.  They are getting filthy rich to be stupid, white bimbos and meat-heads.  While you, the person laughing, is probably just as stupid, but is working at McDonald’s or at WalMart.

Here is the ultimate truth about America – you’re stupid.  You’re stupid because you accept mediocrity, and never ask for anything more.  You’re stupid because you are just fine with your culture dying.  You’re stupid because you don’t get outraged at the fact that the bulk of the people in this country are scientifically illiterate.  You’re stupid because this kind of pathetic shit is totally acceptable to you.  But most of all, more than anything else – You are stupid because you have to have Eliot Spitzer offer you a million dollars to get your lazy, unmotivated ass to the voting booth to give a shit about your country’s future!

I can sum up my feelings about this country’s normal public in two words – fuck you!  You’re dumb!  Go away!  Take your pick which you like.

Until next time, a quote,

“And don’t tell me, by the way, that I hate America.  I don’t hate America.  I just hate you!  I hate you stupid fucks, that ruin America for the rest of us.”  -TJ Kincaid, TOO DUMB TO VOTE!

Peace out,


Why Do You Think You’re Right, Christians?

I was looking at the comment section of the video that The Amazing Atheist put out, pwning the shit out of Jefferson Bethke’s poem, “I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus.”  It is an awesome video to watch, but if you look at the comments section, that’s an entirely different story.

One of the biggest thing is that the religious people think that if they call him fat, then they are right.  How many of those people do you think are pear-shaped, sitting at their computers?  I don’t get why the rationale that you are fat some how increases the power of your argument.  I hear it come up a lot.

There is an article on Conservapedia (no bullshit.  It’s like Fox News, but without the BS message that they are “fair and balanced.”) called “Atheism and obesity.”  I guess the point here is that if the atheists are all fat, they are wrong.  And as well all know, there are no fat Christians (cough*Rush Limbaugh*cough).  Such a stupid argument.  If you look at some of the old and fat white people who infest the hall of churches in America, it’s pretty easy to see how that logic is dumb.

But these commenting douchebags will say stuff like –

shut up fatty

and think that they have really scored a major point.  They also have a bad habit of repeating the same message, over and over and over again.  Of course, as I found out today, that is something that is not mutually exclusive to the religious community.

For real, have you ever noticed that the Christians seem to think that if they repeat that you are going to Hell and that God loves you enough times, you will suddenly change your mind.

Oh my god, the 30th time, it meant nothing to me, but now that you said it 31 times, I suddenly get your point!

It’s dumb beyond belief.  But that’s how they do.  I know why they think it works.  It was used on them so many times, that they don’t know any other way to be.  Their priests hammered it into their tiny little brains so much that they don’t know any better.

Another common tactic is to try and get around your intellect.  This one was espoused by Kirk Cameron.

To spread the bible effectively, and biblically, you must learn to circumnavigate their intellect.

If you ever saw his face, you question how many men have circumnavigated him in order to shove a dick in his ass.  It just screams gay.  Probably closet, because I’m sure he’s got a wife and kids (I make a point of mentioning that I did no research for this), but yeah, he’s getting some.  Probably like Justin Bieber, from big black guys.

But to his content, something the religious find is that they can’t circumnavigate our intellects.  That’s the whole point.  We are smart enough to see through all the lies.  Some atheists do fall prey to it, like Shockofgod and VenomFangX, but the rest of us, we are smart enough to realize that this is total and complete bullshit.  We see religion for the lie that it is.  They were apparently weak-willed enough to go for it.  That is, unless they were faking, which is always possible.

If that stuff doesn’t work, the religious people will try and poke holes in your story with tiny details that don’t matter.  They will claim that stuff is taken out of context.  I wonder if Moses raping little girl is taken out of context (to the average Christian – you can’t take it literally).  They will say that there is a “translation error” in the story.

You know something, that is a statement I totally agree with.  The bible these Christards follow isn’t the original.  It isn’t written in Hebrew, like the original bible was.  Since it got really popular, it has been translated, translated, and translated again.  Each time, getting and losing language.  The original book may have had nothing to do with what we are reading now.

Not to mention, the books that were left out.  Did you know that there are dozens, literally dozens of Gospels that just got left out of the final book?  What?  Really?!  Why weren’t the chosen?  There could be any number of reasons – they didn’t go along with the Catholic narrative, they told a totally different story than the one that they wanted to mold, they maybe cast a very unflattering light on this “son of God” character.  Take your pick.  Instead, all of the Gospels that were put in there were written after Jesus was dead.  Biblical historians now agree that even the earliest gospel, the Gospel of Mark, wasn’t written when he was alive.

So, if all of this worthless bullshit STILL doesn’t convince you, they will then say –

I’ll pray for you.

You know, that line is interesting to me.  The main reason why is because it proves a contention that I have always had about God – that he’s a cheater.  He basically goes into your head, fiddles with things, and then makes you do what he wants you to do.  He can change your mind.  Never mind that if the Bible is true, there is no such thing as free will.  It isn’t possible.  But yeah, he will deliberately change minds, affect sporting events, get famous people awards.  He can do all kinds of stuff!  Except, you know, feed the homeless, get rid of disease, get rid of poverty, make the world into a wonderful place for everybody.  Yeah, except for all that stuff, he can do everything.  Right…

The fact is that none of these arguments are even approaching good.  Most of them outright suck, and the ones that don’t suck, don’t make any freakin’ sense.  But this is what religious people have.  This is what religious people do.  They think that they are clever when they do it, but the rest of us realize the truth – that they are flaming idiots, and they exist here to make us non-believers look good.

So back to my original question – why do you think you’re right, Christians?

Until next time, a quote,

“Anytime anyone brings up one of those paradoxes you brought up, we just say it’s the ‘supernatural.'”  -Grappling Ignorance, God of the Paradox

Peace out,