Friends with Benefits: Right or Wrong?

Here’s another socially uncomfortable topic to talk about – casual sex.  Look, sex is awesome.  We all know this.  We all know that having sex is absolutely awesome.  However, there are a large number of people who don’t seem to realize that there doesn’t have to be a very committed relationship in order to get to this point.  I am, of course, talking about casually sleeping with somebody ou know.  Call it want you want, sex-friends, friends with benefits, fuck-buddies, the fact is that people who know one-another choosing to hook up is not all that uncommon.

Now, it isn’t a mystery that religion and sex have been at odds since day one.  The Catholic church frowns on any sexual practices, even if you’re married, that aren’t missionary and for the express purpose of child-bearing.  The fact is that if two people aren’t married and they are fucking, it’s a good bet that religion takes issue with them.  Well, that’s just dumb.  Take a look at nature, specifically dolphins.  Aside from people, they are the only animals that have sex for fun.  And they are freaks!  Dolphin orgies are not all that uncommon.  The fact is that in most of nature, two creatures will only get together long enough to exchange genetic information, but we are more intelligent than them, so we are able to think bigger.

Really, when one examines human sexuality, when was it the standard that people would have to be married and have some kind of superficial bond connecting them before they could be sexual?  It had to be religion that invented this concept.  Take a look at Greek culture.  These people were all about the fucking!  The Romans weren’t much better.  In Ancient China and Ancient Japan, the leaders practically had harems.  The Egpytian leaders did have them.  The fact is that casual fucking has been around for a very long time, and once upon a time, it was totally acceptable.  It is only recently that we are turning a cold eye on the practice of sleeping with somebody who you are not in a relationship with.

But there is really no good argument against having a friend who you are able to be physical with.  The thing about friendss with benefits is that you are able to be comfortable with the person.  You are able to explore the possibilities.  I have a contention, that I believe all relationships are friends with benefits up until you say those three little words.  Having a casual relationship gives you all that a regular relationship does, minus the committment.  And I genuinely believe that if you are going to choose to pursue an intimate thing with somebody, you should see if you are compatible with one-another, intimately speaking.

With me, I have been in this place where I am just too unsure of myself to pursue a normal relationship again.  I had a good thing going with this girl, for some time.  When she died, I just don’t know if I can do that again.  But I follow this path, and I have a girl who I have been hooking up with.  She’s nice, and it is good that I don’t have to sleep alone anymore.  I have gotten very tired of being alone at night.  I learned long ago to sleep in the middle of the bed, because otherwise, I have to think about the fact that I am in that place.  But now, I am getting a chance to enjoy the physical again, and it is nice.

For me, it isn’t really all that much about the sex.  Don’t get me wrong, the sex is great, but really, my favorite parts are when I get to be with her, holding her.  She is very snuggleable, and I enjoy that most.  I sleep better when I am not alone.  I have hardcore insomnia, and I love that I get to enjoy more sleep when I am with somebody.  Her company is one of the few blessings that I have gotten in a very long time.

Really, this is a place where I take the stance that what a person does in the privacy of their home is their business.  I don’t judge people for doing what they feel.  While I don’t agree with somebody doing one-night stands, I don’t judge them for it, because who am I to say that they are doing wrong?  One of the things about going out and experiencing these kinds of things is that it is giving me a bigger appreciation for how we all tend to judge things by appearance, but it is never that simple.  It is never so simple as all of that.  People want to make things simple, because if they are simple, then we can just dismiss them.  I think that one of the biggest fundamental problems with the human race is the fact that we all tend to overgeneralize, and that is a dangerous thing to do.  It can lead you to thinking one thing or another about a group of people, when there is no reason to look at things that way.

In the end, what you do with your life is your business.  You take risks, but in taking risks, and living life, you are living.  You are making the most of the little time that you have in this world.  And that is probably the best part.  Life is such a short thing, we all have to adjust ourselves to the various challenges that it presents.  By doing so, and making the most of the time you have, we are able to come to a greater sense of how much one can get pleasure out of everything that we do.  I am glad that I have a friend with benefits, and if that is a path that you want to follow, more power to you.  The ultimate lesson in all of this is to never let yourself be led around by those who say that you are bad, or doing wrong (so long as it is within the bounds of the law).  Be your own person, and enjoy every minute of it.

Until next time, a quote,

“I believe that the way to a man’s heart is not through his stomach, it’s a little further south.”  -Bill Engvall

Peace out,



Top Ten Anti-Heroes

Okay, the fact is that unless a hero has a very prominent dark side, they are BORING!  I hate them, for real, I do.  I hate Superman, I hate Spiderman, I hate most of the X-Men.  I hate almost all the big heroes, save Blade, The Punisher, Elektra (not the Jennifer Garner film version), and others who are not above spilling some blood once and a while.  Anti-heroes are always going to be interesting.  This is a fact.  These are characters who have the makings of a hero, but are unable to reach that status due to some pretty major character flaws.  Here is a list that gives, what I believe, to be the top ten anti-heroes.

Batman10. Batman
Batman: Arkham City
One of the things that always interested me about this character was the fact that Batman always seemed like kind of a thug to me.  Sure, he won’t kill anyone, but he has absolutely no qualms about anything up to that point.  He will totally destroy your body, believing that seeing violence as the first and only solution is correct.  But none of the films or TV series have really acknowledged this, and that always bugged me.  This game, on the other hand, fully acknowledges what this character is.  The Batman of this game sees violence as the first solution and isn’t apologetic when he hurts people unnecessarily.  He will beat up anybody and it even looks like he will Harley Quinn when she is defenseless and on the ground.  They even acknowledge how far he has fallen when he is willing to let all the inmates of Arkham City die to go and rescue his girlfriend from Joker.  To me, this was the best representation of this character, and part of what I love so much is how in the end, he is carrying Joker out of the theater and not the woman he claims to love.  It’s an awesome character, in an awesome game.

9. Sherlock Holmes
There have been a lot of really good versions of this character in a lot of shows and movies.  Robert Downy Jr. played this role very well in the Guy Pierce movie, and probably will again in the new one that is coming out.  However, it is this incarnation that I think deserves a spot on the anti-hero list.  This version of Holmes is played by Benedict Cumberbatch.  It is a modern interpretation of the title character.  He is much more like an anti-hero than the other versions (and I think more on par with the novel character) because while he does good things, he is not motivated by good in the slightest.  He is motivated by the search for a puzzle.  Doing good is just a by-product of his work.  He is not above doing bad things if it gets the job done.  He also seems to not care for the victims of the crimes, and also for the feelings of others.  He only cares about the work.  It is a really interesting character to watch, and remarkably likeable, even though he is also a manipulative and often cold-hearted bastard.

8. Jimmy McNulty
The Wire
Now, while Jimmy McNulty, played by Dominic West, is kind of a bit of a cliche by this point, this series made use of the archetype to its fullest.  McNulty is a detective in Baltimore.  He is a good cop, but has a problem of having little to no respect for authority.  He doesn’t follow the rules whenever it suits him, and while he doesn’t brutalize prisoners, he isn’t above bending and breaking the procedures everywhere else.  But he has a very strong sense of justice.  If one were to look at the scale of what his character is, he would be chaotic good.  To accomplish his sense of justice, he will do whatever it takes, regardless of the consequences.  But where McNulty has good qualities, he also has a lot of bad ones.  He is a hardcore drunk, complete womanizer, and is so out of touch with what the rules actually are that he has a genuine lack of understanding when he does something wrong.  A running gag in the show is people getting pissed at him and McNulty asking, “what the fuck did I do?”  But all of his flaws aside, he is still trying to do good, and is one of many characters who make this show the masterpiece that it is.

7. Spike Spiegel
Cowboy Bebop
I love this show.  This character is what makes it so good to me.  Spike is a interstellar bounty hunter who is trying to run away from his past.  He used to be a member of the a crime syndicate, but left when he was betrayed by the woman he loves.  He now works with a man named Jet, and over time, gets new crew members on their ship, Faye Valentine, Ed, and their dog, Ein.  While Spike seems to not notice Ed especially much, it is shown that he does look out for her.  Faye, on the other hand, is one of the points of contention in the show.  It is hinted that Spike likes her, and that she may do more than like him.  But his is an interesting character.  He has no real concern for his own life, seeing death as just something that is coming.  He actually looks at life as something to be overcome, that death is the ultimate end, and what he seeks most.  He does good things, but at the same time, he is motivated by the need to pay the bills.  Were it not for money being involved, he would likely not care about the problems of others.  He is a tragic character in a tragic show.  Check it out, if you have time.

6. V
V for Vendetta
V is an interesting character.  His is a character who originally started with no goodness to his plan at all, but over time grew to gain some.  The backstory to this character is shrouded in mystery.  He was an ordinary man who was rounded up during the crackdown of the fascist government that rules England, and then given some kind of injection that turned him into a badass killer.  A fire at the institution (arguably caused by him), burned him beyond recognition, but he survived.  Now, many years later, he is back for revenge against those who did this to him.  By chance of fate, he meets a woman named Evey, who unlocks the goodness that he had locked away for so long.  This character is not only badass, but he is cool.  Well-spoken, thoughtful, intelligent, and very dark, his is a character who you grow to like a lot, even though he does do crazy things, and sometimes he even sounds a little nuts.  Check out the film, if you can.

5. Lelouch vi Britannia/Zero
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
I have already talked about this character in great detail in another post, where I compared why I favor Lelouch over the anime character Yagami Light from Death Note, so I won’t say too much here.  Lelouch is a young man who, by sheer chance, comes into possession of a Geass.  This power is different for everybody who has it, and in Lelouch’s case, it allows him to give an order that somebody must absolutely follow, so long as he has eye-contact with them.  What makes his character so much better than Yagami is simply the fact that Lelouch does horrible things, but he has genuine remorse for his actions sometimes, and that is a good thing for a character who does do horrible deeds, and use people in cold ways.  The dual-nature of his life, between the rebellious hero who is trying to destroy an empire, to the loving brother who is trying to look after his sister, is one of the charms of this character.  It is worth checking out, and although I like Death Note more, this character is worth it.

4. Alan Shore
Boston Legal
The Practice (Season 8)
This is a character who I will always adore because of how well he was played.  James Spader plays the brilliant Alan Shore.  He is a lawyer in Boston who not only has little to no regard for the rules, the idea of breaking them and suffering intense consequences appeals to him.  He has a very strict code of justice, but he is most certainly not above doing really awful things to get to that point.  He is a womanizer of the worst kind, and while he has an attraction to older women, he will sleep with younger women to satisfy his insatiable appetite.  His strategy in the court-room is to identify the underlying failing of society that got his client to that point, and use that to sympathetic juries.  He is often victorious.  While he is quite the ladies man, he generally is disliked by the men that he works with.  His lack of tendency to follow the rules puts him at odds with all of his bosses.  But despite his lack of respect for authority, he often gets his goal, and rarely ever feels the hammer come down on him.  All in all, a good character of a show that ended way too fast.

3. Gregory House
House M.D.
Here is a character who I will always love.  A lot of people are saying how his character has gotten kind of stale, but I am not among them.  I think this guy is cool, no matter what he does.  He is a character who can keep charming, regardless of what he is doing.  Played by Hugh Laurie, his is a character a lot like Holmes above.  He does good deeds, helping the sick, but he doesn’t do it because he cares.  He does it to feed his quest to find a puzzle to solve.  He is a brilliant doctor who also has little to no regard for authority.  No amount of authority scares him.  He sees it all as a game.  While most people believe that he not only doesn’t care about his patients, he doesn’t care about anybody else, his best friend, Wilson, knows otherwise.  Part of the reason the two have stayed friends is that Wilson can tell that there is a good man underneath the cold, but he hides it well.  This has been a good show, and I will always be a fan, because of the awesome antics of Greg House.

2. Dexter Morgan
Here is a character who is unique among the anti-heroes on this list.  All of the others have goals, and are willing to do extreme things to get there.  Dexter, on the other hand, his goal is to do extreme things.  He is a serial killer, but unlike normal serial killers, he was trained by his adoptive father to channel his need to kill into something less heinous than it otherwise would have been.  He finds and kills killers who have fallen through the cracks of the justice system.  Granted, he does sometimes engineer their falling through, but always with the intention of taking them out himself, and he only does it when he really believes that this killer shouldn’t suffer in jail.  That death should be their inevitable end.  This is a remarkably likeable character, despite his proclivities.  But it isn’t really his killings that are the interesting part.  Not to me, anyway.  Dexter is interesting because he does make genuine attempts to connect with his species, from having a girlfriend, to trying to make friends, to even having a best friend.  But every time he does, his demons destroy the lives of everybody that he comes into contact with.  I think most people can relate to that problem, of trying to find somewhere to belong, even though most of us are not serial killers.  We are able to relate to him as he makes his way through life.

And the number 1 Anti-hero is…!

1. Omar Little
The Wire
It had to be Omar.  Omar really is the personification of what an anti-hero is supposed to be.  He lives completely by his own rules, and doesn’t care at all about what the rest of the world wants, or about the games that the rest of us play every day.  He is a character who lives in the slums of Baltimore, robbing drug dealers.  He has a reputation of shooting those who do not cooperate with him, but while he comes off as a thug, Omar has a very strict code that he lives by.  The first part is that he never swears, ever.  His grandmother raised him and gave him that strict code.  And while he isn’t above blowing somebody’s knee out with a shotgun, he will never raise his weapon onto a person who isn’t “in the game.”  And when people step outside of that code, he does get very upset.  He lives by the law of the old west, where the way of the gun made right.  He regularly walks the street with his shotgun hanging from his side, and he never goes anywhere unarmed.  Given that he has been in the game for some time, he has to always watch his back.  Omar is a very intelligent character.  He can plan and change up plans on a moment’s notice.  He will stalk out the place or person he is after, and make sure he knows everything about them.  This character was incredibly well-written, and if you have a chance, check him out.  Omar is the kind of character that we needed – an old west outlaw in modern times, who lives by the gun, and inevitably dies by the gun.

Anti-heroes are always going to be interesting, and I recommend you check out all of these.  So, what should I do in my next top ten?

Until next time, a quote,

“Don’t get me wrong, I done some dirt, but I ain’t never put my gun on no citizen!”  -Omar Little, The Wire

Peace out,


Twilight Fans are a lot like Ron Paulites

So, I have gotten to view two groups of people, and I must say, this observation period has been interesting.  The first group of people are the Ron Paulites.  They are members of the Cult of Ron Paul (  These are people who believe that Ron Paul is the glorious savior of America, and how he is some kind of glorious messiah character, and how he is going to make everything all better.  The next group are the Twilight series fans (  These are people who believe that the Twilight books are all wonderful and beautiful, and how they are so poignant and deep.  They also love the films too.

I have observed and almost eerie creepy devotion that these people have to these two characters.  For real, check out the videos above, specifically the Comments section.  The supporters come out of the woodwork, giving thumbs-down and massive amounts of lambasting to both the vloggers who talked about both of these groups.  The guy attacking Ron Paul, my favorite vlogger, TJ Kincaid, pointed out that absolute truth – that while Ron Paul has a couple of good ideas, he has some incredibly bad ones, and whenever you call him to task on it, his supporters will attack you without remorse.

Laci Green attacked Twilight in her video, pointing out that Edward was an abusive asshole, and Bella was a complete doormat.  The abusive relationship between the two of them is something that a Mormon moron endorsed, without thinking that the media that young girls take in affects them.  Any media that anybody takes in affects them.  Of course, since Stephanie Meyer is a Mormon, maybe that is what she wants.  The Mormon faith is scum anyway.

It was like a self-fulfilling prophecy how quickly the apologetics came out and defended this.  And what I find interesting is that the tactics that both sides used were almost the same!  Both sides accused both vloggers of taking things out of context.  They accused them of not being fair to their respective heroes.  They accused them of not giving them a chance.  It is almost eerie how similar the arguments were, at their core.

See, with both groups, the people who are so massively in support of them seem to wear blinders.  They see only what they want to see, and to hell with everything else.  The Paulites will see Ron Paul talking about liberty and freedom, while ignoring that his economic ideas (like bringing back the Gold Standard) would bring our nation to ruin, and he basically wants to strip women of their reproductive rights.  And the Twilight fans will totally ignore the fact that Edward was clearly and abuser and say that he loved her.  Yes, because love always made abuse, acceptable, right?

This is so humorous, because it shows you that the more things change, the more they stay the same.  These two groups both have a fanbase that is so loyal that any statements that they don’t agree with, they just put out of their minds.  It is funny, and tragic at the same time, because it is kind of making the point that people are weak.  That isn’t something that we should be talking about.  Not really.

Oh well, in the end, that is how it goes.  Funny, no?

Until next time, a quote,

“…And is essentially ‘it’s a life!  Can’t you all people see it’s a life?!’  Yeah, the same argument that’s been made by literally every pro-lifer since pro-lifers began, but now, because Ron Paul said it, ‘That’s very persuasive!  Yeah, I see what he’s getting at!'”  -TJ Kincaid, CULT of Ron Paul

Peace out,


The Twilight Generation

I was originally planning on doing my top ten anti-heroes list today, but I just decided that I would talk about something that has really been getting under my skin lately.  It isn’t a mystery that I HATE Twilight.  There is no book or film series that I despise more.  This series glorifies everything that I think is wrong with relationships, and especially what I think is wrong with religion.  It is openly and pathetically blunt about it’s message – that men control women, and women should just do what man says.  Don’t believe me?  Well too bad, it is all over the text.  It is in both the books and the films.  It is in the books much more, and describes it more vividly.  I figure I’ll throw in some dialogue here and there, just for fun.

It just makes no sense to me where the love of this series come from.  I have a cousin, whose opinion I value more than most anybody else, who likes this series.  I don’t get it!  First, let’s examine the main character – Bella Swan.  Bella is a quiet, submissive, irrational, and overall spineless character.  This is what the Mormon faith wants all their women to be.  The books talks about her being smart, but you never, ever, see any evidence of this.  In fact, her impulsiveness kinds of rules her.  She moves in with her dad, and immediately takes over all the household chores.

He seemed to feel awkward standing in the kitchen doing nothing.  He lumbered into the living room to watch TV while I worked.  We were both more comfortable that way.  I made a salad while the steaks cooked, and set the table.

Yeah, very subtle.  Bella also said to people that doing all of this was “her place.”  I’m not shitting you, that’s how the book puts it.  But let’s go onto the piece de resistance of this diatripe – the love between Bella and Edward.

There has always been a love of the darkness of vampires.  Anne Rice captured this very well in her books.  The darkness of the creature does have an allure.  However, Stephanie Meyer capitalized on this and created Edward Cullen.  The worst boyfriend in the history of bad and sparkly boyfriends.  Of course, Bella does whatever Edward tells her to do.

Drink,” he ordered.  I sipped at my soda obediently

Hey ladies, how many of you love guys ordering you to do things?  You think this is an isolated incident?  Oh no, no-no, it is but one of many instances where he has the need to control Bella.  And Bella really isn’t much better.  There is page after page after page of dialogue about how much she needs Edward, how much Edward is her world, how much everything in her life revolves around him.  It borders on a little bit scary how dependent she is on this guy!  She sells out her social life for him, her family for him, everything in her life for this guy.  This is like every single abusive relationship that is ever seen.  Seriously, ladies, know a friend who has a boyfriend that you know is bad news, but won’t listen to you when you want to talk about it?  Well, meet Bella Swan.

And Edward really rewards this dedication.  He has total control over her life.  He frequently gets verbally abusive with her.  There is even a section in the book when, after they have sex for the first time, she wakes up covered in bruises, and the first thing that she does is ask Edward what she did wrong.  What the fuck?!  No, ladies, you don’t do that.  You pack up your shit and say, “fuck you, asshole, I deserve better than this!”  But of course, it goes on and on.  Another scene, in both the book and the movie, talks about how Edward is infinitely stronger and faster than Bella.  He says, flat-out, that she wouldn’t be able to stop him if he were to attack her.  I love that.  It openly admits that he is an abusive asshole, but all the teen and tween girls fawn and gush.  It’s pathetic.

As socially corrosive as Twilight is on women, it isn’t much better on men.  It tells guys that they need to be as controlling as possible.  Edward controls almost every single aspect of Bella’s life.  He doesn’t let her drive, he tells her what she can and cannot do when they are in bed (yeah, because that always works so well, doesn’t it?), he pretty much openly stalks her, along with watching her sleep.  One could argue that he makes her be isolated from her friends and family.  I don’t argue that.  I actually take the position that it is the lack of a spine from Bella that does that.  She chooses to abandon her family and friends.  It actually makes more sense.  In an abusive relationship, the abused often will choose to isolate themselves, because they blame themselves.

I am too plain and boring for Edward, I don’t deserve him.”

Another really problematic thing is that Edward is threatening Bella all the TIME!  He dresses it up as his “vampiric nature,” but the fact is that Edward is verbally and physically abusive to Bella.  It is never shown, but heavily implied, that this abuse happens rather frequently.  She is regularly sporting cuts and bruises from his beatings that are never shown, but the evidence is all there.  She will regularly keep her head down and say nothing to him.  Her subservience to Edward is beyond pathetic.  But worst of all, he is in a constant battle not to kill her, and here’s the kicker – he blames her!  He blames the fact that she smells good on why he wants to kill her.  This is just plain creepy!  Oh, and here’s another example of him being an abusive boyfriend – he uses his presence to intimidate and drive off all of her other male suitors.

 I fell down the stairs and into a window”

You know what happens in an abusive relationship when the abuser really does something bad?  There is this brief honeymoon period when he tries to make it up, promising how he’ll never do it again.  We see this in Twilight too.  Also like in real life, the periods get shorter and shorter, as eventually, the abuser realizes that their power is complete, and anything they do will be tolerated.  Edward buys Bella pretty things when he hurts her, or plays piano (stupidest scene in the film).

And what about Jacob?  I hear that a lot.  Well, guess what – Jacob sexually assaults Bella!  And here’s another kicker – she blames herself!  What the hell is wrong with this spineless chick?!

He still had my chin, his fingers holding too tight, till it hurt.  “N-” I started to object, but it was too late.  His lips crushed mine, stopping my protest.  He kissed me angrily, roughly…making escape impossible.  I shoved against his chest, but he didn’t even seem to notice.  I grabbed at his fact, trying to push him away, failing again.  He seemed to notice this time and it aggravated him.  His lips forced mine open, I could feel his hot breath.

Wow, ain’t he a sweetheart?  What makes it worse is that Bella never once stands up to him.  She accepts this sexual violence.  She says that it is how Jacob expresses himself sexually.  The fact is that this book is socially corrosive.  And here is what is pissing me off – young girls, vulernable young girls are taking their cues from this horseshit!  They are looking at this relationship and are thinking that this is what they are supposed to aspire too.  It is socially corrosive bullshit and it fucking pisses me off!  We’re supposed to teach our girls to be strong, independent, tough.  Instead, this Mormon cunt is teaching them that they are supposed to be weak, childish, pathetic.

What your culture produces, and what you take in, affects who you are.  Is this the kind of generation that we want our girls to be?  Parents, step up, and please, stop the abusive culture.  This is what the Mormon culture teaches, I’m sorry to say.  Take a look at a big Mormon family, and this is what you find.  This book series is my ultimate example of why I hate the Mormon faith, and everybody who believes it is so bad.  It was started on abuse.  Poetic that a mediocre author continues it.

Until next time, a quote,

“One of the main ways we learn about how a relationship looks is from the media we consume.  From books and TV and movies, processing those messages, 24 hours, seven days a week, whether or not we realize it.  Stephanie Meyer, shame on her, has written a story promoting a certain kind of harmful relationship.”  -Laci Green, DANGEROUS ROLE MODELS: TWILIGHT

Peace out,


What Makes America So Great?

You know, I never stop hearing from the conservatives in this country about how America is the greatest nation on the face of the planet.  I find this argument to be very interesting for a number of reasons.  It is just so weird how these people all seem so completely convinced that America is some kind of great archon in the industrialized world, and honestly, it seems kind of pathetic how we believe ourselves to be the greatest of all nations.

My first question to those who believe this country is so great is – how do you measure this greatness?  By what standard to you measure the greatness of a nation.   Is it by how well-off the citizenry are?  Well, let’s keep this to the industrialized world.  If we look at the not so industrialized world, that is depressing.  But yeah, given that we have massive unemployment here, and that doesn’t even include the 99ers who have just given up looking for a job because their community has no opportunities that their education can provide.  The middle class is rapidly disappearing, and the rich seem to not care.

Hey, while we’re talking about citizenry, how about health care?  The World Health Organization ranks us very low among the industrialized nations for quality of health care.  We spend the most on health care than any other nation in the industrialized world, which would be fine, if what we were getting back was of equal merit.  Instead, we have a patch-work health care system that keeps millions of people from getting the necessary procedures that they can get.  Then there is the fact that our nation’s health care system is the most inefficient when it comes to the bureaucracy.  Part of that is because we don’t have universal health care.

And while we’re talking about health care, how about the systems we have in place to protect the poor?  Our social safety net is a joke.  Those who need it are getting nothing, and those who are making six-figure salaries are getting it.  It is a joke how bad we take care of those on the bottom in this country.  And meanwhile, there are idiots like all the Republicans (including Ron Paul.  Seriously, he is just as much a Republican as the rest of them) talking about how we should abolish Social Security, talking about how there are all these lazy people who don’t deserve it.  Yes, because America is clearly a nation where effort gives you equal reward (cough*bullshit*cough).

So, while we’re on the subject of the poor, how about our prison system?  Well, here, we are so ahead of the curve!  We have more people in jail than any other nation in the industrialized world.  Of course, most of these are drug offenders and have done nothing wrong.  The system just says they they are wrong.  Never mind that somebody didn’t kill or steal from anybody, they are criminals!  Yes, that makes a whole lot of sense.  Let’s throw people in jail because we arbitrarily decide to make what they do a crime.

Next up, do we have the biggest array of artists in this country?  Do we have the largest amount of culturally relevant works coming out?  Well, if you look at anything that Michael Bay has made, it is easy to see how that is a lie.  America not only doesn’t have the biggest amount of artists, we don’t have a country that endorses artisans.  When we have people going out and telling art majors to drop it because there are no opportunities for them here.  We are already telling people like my best friend Emily that pursuing the dream of doing great artwork is not a worthwhile pursuit.  So that is out.

While we are looking at the future, how about science?  Is America leading the way in technological mastery and scientific development?  That is a flat-out no.  South Korea is a nation that is half the size of Georgia, and it has the greatest internet service in the world.  America absolutely refuses to start investing large-scale into alternative energy.  We have no high-speed transit system in this country.  The system that we do have right now is a joke.  Almost all the major scientific developments are now coming from other places.  The fact is that America is not some kind of major player here, either.

We also, in a lot of sects in America, actually condemn science.  The religious right is always attacking scientific institutions, like those doing stem cell research, because a microscopic bit of goo might turn into a future Republican.  We have a holy war against doing anything sane.  That brings us to how we are in secular systems.  America is having a civil war (metaphorically speaking) about the religious beliefs of this country.  We condemn the Islam faith, while Christianity really has no room to talk.  Between all the killings done by Christians in the past, and all the ones that are being done now in the name of religion, the Christian right really has no room to attack those who believe in Allah over their God.

This doesn’t look good for America being the greatest nation.  What about the education levels of our young people?  With student loans at colleges being completely beyond control, it is easy to see how education in this country is not the greatest.  High School dropout rates are insane.  At my college, UAA, only 1 in 4 students is able to stick it out until graduation.  Those who come to America to learn don’t stick around here to put their skills to work helping us.  They go back home and put their skills to work to get their nations ahead.

The fact is that America is not the greatest country in the world.  We are very quickly starting to lose our place in the world.  While the Republicans, Libertarians, and Tea Party dumbasses want to go back to some kind of golden age, the new golden age is quickly slipping away from us.  The fact is that we are losing our spot in the global market, and if we don’t do something to change things soon, there will be no place for us in the world of tomorrow.  I really hope that day doesn’t come to pass.

Until next time, a quote,

“Conservatives want live babies so they can turn them into dead soldiers!”  -George Carlin

Peace out,


What I am Thankful For This Year

Well, I have decided that I am going to do a post for every holiday.  The major ones, anyway.  Not the ones like Saint Patrick’s Day or Valentine’s Day, which are just about getting drunk and fucking.  In any case, in honor of the holiday that it has just turned, I thought that I would post what I am thankful for this year.  In all honestly, while I love what this holiday represents in terms of food, I do think the premise of it is actually pretty important.  Remembering what you are thankful for is pretty important, because when you lose sight of what is good, what is bad can easily overwhelm you.  Given that I have gone through physical pain the likes of which few can understand, or don’t want to, I am the first to take relish  in what I am thankful for.  So, that said, here is what I am thankful for this year.

The first thing would be the stories that I find in my travels.  One of the things that I live for is a good story.  A story can bring light to one’s day.  It can invigorate the mind.  It can set the soul ablaze.  I recently got to finish a book that I found hard to put down.  That is something that I haven’t had for years.  It was Pirate Latitudes, by Michael Crichton.  I never knew that this master of science fiction could take on historical fiction so well.  Rest in peace, Mike.  You went long before your time.  But still, finding a good story, and the relish of enjoying it later is definitely something that I am thankful for. 

Next up, I would say that I am thankful for the quiet moments that I have gotten to spend.  One of the things that I say is that my greatest happiness comes from the quiet times.  The times when I am able to just relish in something.  I have gotten a couple of really sweet ones this year.  I won’t go into detail about the first, because it is honestly none of your damn business (and kind of dirty too).  It was when I was able to sleep again, and feel like I am truly sleeping.  That was a quiet moment that was truly worth so much.  The next was when I was able to reconnect with a friend.  Her and I had had some rough spots the year before, and early into this year, it got uglier (the cops and a skating rink were involved.  That’s a story that, while it has kind of circulated around certain circles at Mat-Su, which I found out later in Anchorage, is also none of your damn business).  But then, all was well.  The feeling of peace, knowing that everything was alright.  I found a quiet joy in it.  It was a quiet moment when I was driving home in my car, with the window rolled down, in the summer, feeling like I was on top of the world.

Another thing that I am thankful for is my efforts to connect with all of you readers.  I have taken a lot of time and really busted ass this year to make this blog get off the ground.  I am getting a lot more readers, and of this I am glad.  My professional blog is taking a bit more time to get off the ground, but it has only just gotten started.  I am thankful that I have had the time and the will to try and post every day, to have a new concept for all of you to think about each and every single day.  It has been a joyous occasion, and some of the interactions that I have had are truly worth all the annoying troll comments that I get.

Then there is the fact that I have been able to enjoy good food.  I love to cook.  It is one of my many passions.  You know, instead of talking about each individual passion, maybe I’ll just say that I’m thankful for my passions.  I am so thankful that I am still around to pursue the things that mean so much to me.  There is cooking, writing (I have begun a new project, which is a lot of fun), blogging, vlogging on YouTube, and getting involved in politics.  All of these things make the parts of my life that are not that unpleasant worth it.

I am thankful for my friends.  I am going to show how I don’t lump being thankful for my friends in with being thankful for the last thing in a minute.  But I am thankful for all the people who I have around me.  I would also put the bulk of my family in with this group.  I generally don’t hold family above friends.  I just don’t know most of them that well, or like some of them enough to do so.  But it is still nice.  And I have had a lot of wonderul interactions.

But the thing that I am thankful for most are the people who matter to me most.  There is my best friend, Emily.  She has been through hell this semester, and it isn’t over yet.  I am a little worried about her.  I don’t think she’s weak.  Quite the contrary.  I believe she is the strongest person that I have ever met.  Infinitely stronger than myself.  I worry because after some if it (which is also none of your business) has been stuff that I understand how hard it can be.  A person don’t walk away from that unscarred.  But she is still the person whose friendship and whose opinion I value most.  I respect her strength, I cherish her kindness, and I enjoy our banter and laughs, while also being able to have a serious moment together.  And then there are several other friends.  There is my tiny friend Lizzy, my cousin Mandy, who I haven’t gotten to see nearly enough of, my friend Heather, who I aso haven’t gotten to see much of lately.  There is my friend Craig, who I admit I need to go and see more often.  There is my friend Mark, who is going to be alone this holiday season.  I pity him, but he’ll be alright.  There is my friend Joyce, who I have gotten to share some quiet moments with.  There is my oldest friend Sara, who has just had a kid (and I just found out.  Nobody tells me nothing!).  I treasure all of these people and the time that I get to spend with them. 

I admit that I will have a brief time of mourning as I think about two people who are long passed, but even though I don’t believe in any of that religious crap or the supernatural, I do believe that both of them are with me, in my heart.  Mary, my grandmother, who has meant more to me than anybody else, and Camille, the woman that I was in love with, both of whom were taken from me far too soon.  But both of them are with me.  Their memories and the lesson I got from them will guide me all the days of my life.  So while I will shed some tears for both of them, I still take happiness in knowing that both of them are here with me, and always will be.

I hope you all enjoy this holiday, eat till you explode, and are also thankful.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Until next time, a quote,

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”  -John F. Kennedy

Peace out,


Modern Feminism is a Joke (Part V)

I got to thinking about what I truly think about all the sides of this issue.  I wanted to address it clearly, because it seems that the chief complaint against me is how I attack a single feminist, or a couple of concepts in my posts about this.  So, with that in mind, I thought that I would address the entirety of this debate, and how I am viewing it, because I do believe that this is a joke, and I will tell you the punch-line when we get to it.

I have so much respect for the women who got women the right to vote.  I have so much respect for the women who got women the rights to their bodies, and gave them the freedom to choose.  However, I do see the modern movement as a joke because, well, we’ll get to that.

When I hear women come onto YouTube or I hear around college, they talk about how the patriarchy is controlling them, how they are slaves to it.  This is such bleeding hypocrisy.  Let me explain.  When there is a custody battle when a couple is getting divorced, the law automatically assumes that the mother is the better parent.  Like all fathers are just the biggest losers.  Like there has never been a deadbeat mom, which is bullshit.  I have known plenty of friends with mothers who weren’t worth shit.  But the kicker to that is that when a father does get custody of his kids, the mother doesn’t have to pay as much in child support.

And while we’re talking about inequality in the world of kids, how about the fact that the father only has one choice when it comes to offspring.  If he goes out with a girl, has unprotected sex with her, or protected sex and things go wrong, the only choice he gets is whether or not he cums in her pussy.  That’s it.  The woman, meanwhile, has a million choices.  She can choose to take the morning-after pill.  She can choose later to get an abortion.  She can choose to give the kid up for adoption once she’s had it.  And if she doesn’t give the baby up, she has the right to come to the father and demand money.  And not only can she do that, but she can also get the courts to legally demand that you pay money.  You, the father, have had no say in ANY of what has happened here.  You don’t get to have your say in any of it.  And because of this one decision, it has to cost you, for the rest of your life!  Where’s the fairness in that?  You had no way out of this, beyond that mistake, so where is the fairness in that?  You have no choices.  So when a feminist talks about inequality, where the fuck is the conversation about this?

Another big point that I hear about is “male privilege.”  What exactly is the male privilege?  That we have a penis?  That we can pee standing up?  That we usually have a lot more hair?  Here’s a nifty thought – it has been proven that an attractive women is, on average, going to make more money than an unattractive man.  When was the last time you saw an attractive woman with an unattractive man who wasn’t rich or well-hung?  When was the last time you saw some gorgeous girl living on the street?

Looking back a little, how about the point that a woman can get away with so much worse of statements on television than a man can?  Look at Sharon Osbourne’s statements about how a guy getting his dick chopped off is very funny.  We all know damn-well that the reverse would NEVER fucking happen!  Never!  If a man joked about a woman getting her tits cut off on national television, he would be condemened to the wasteland of media.  And when it is in the paper that a woman beat the shit out of a man and tied him up for three days, feeding him Viagra and keeping him as a sex slave, what is the reaction?  “You go girlfriend!”  “You’re empowering women!”  Yes, because raping somebody is so empowering.  But if a man heard the opposite story, and he was cheering it, what would be the reaction?

But perhaps the worst part, the absolutely worst (and this is the punch-line), is that feminists are able to talk about how empowered they are, and be all powerful, but then, when it is more advantageous, they will cower and say how they need to be looked after and protected by the system.  They will say that women need to be looked after.  Wait, what about standing tall?  Now you need the courts to protect you?  Now you need the system?  This system that you claim is all for men?  Wow, bleeding hypocrisy.

So that is why I see feminism as a joke.  And what really kills me is that we aren’t allowed to have this discussion.  Men aren’t allowed to complain.  If they do, they are some kind of misogynist.  If they do, they are sexist.  But men are noticing this inquality.  It pisses us off.  We are noticing that the system is not rigged in our favor, but when we choose to voice our concerns, do feminists come to stand with us?  No!  Of course they don’t.  Most of them have a confirmation bias against men, and it pisses us off.  It is an absurd double-standard, and it is going to have to change.

I am for equal rights, for everybody.  But as Spencer Tracy said in Inherit the Wind, “progess was never a bargain, you have to pay for it.”  Ladies, if you want to be equal, and I want you to be equal, you have to be willing to pay the price.  There is a price tag to this.  Ther is a social price tag to this.  If you want to pay it, good.  But until I see any proof to the contrary, proof that you do want to step up, I will continue viewing modern feminism as a joke.  The punch line – that woman want equal rights, until it doesn’t help them anymore.

This is the last I am going to talk about this, so yeah, that is my position.

Until next time, a quote,

“Ladies, you want the right to vote, then you lose the right to hide behind your powderpuff and your petticoat.”  -Spencer Tracy, Inherit the Wind

Peace out,