Let’s All Be Nazis! (Part Two)

I guess I will get right down to it, because these people and the bigotry that they espouse has been on my mind lately.  For those of you who don’t remember, I am talking about a website called Prothink.org.  Again, don’t let the name fool you, no actual worthwhile thought occurs, and I can assure you that they are not pro-thinking.  Not the productive and useful kind, anyway.  These people are nothing but monsters who want to pass themselves off as something more than what they are.  I wonder if these people even comprehend what kind of scum they actually are, but I suppose that would be asking too much.  In any case, let’s get down to it, because I am eager to put these foul diseases upon the face of the Earth out of my mind.

I just don’t get how these parasites can not see themselves for what they are – bigots.  They have a video on their site called “Rabbi explains why he likes sucking baby boy penis” (do these people think baby girls have penises?  Given the name, that is what I am thinking).  I’m not screwing with you.  The video that they have is so stupid and absurd that I was laughing until I hit the floor, but then the revulsion hit, and it wasn’t funny at all anymore.

A major problem facing these people is the fact that they write all this stuff which uses gloriously big words, but doesn’t have a single clue what they are talking about.  Take a look at this quote –

In order to elaborate satisfactory forms of action it is necessary to have regard to the rascality, the slackness, the instability of the mob, its lack of capacity to understand and respect the conditions of its own life, or its own welfare.

A lot of big words, that says nothing.  Really, take a look through their section called “Protocols” and you’ll see for yourself.   Here is another quote, and it makes me laugh because they are trying so hard to look intelligent.  I have to give them props.  To the average idiot, this would sound like Shakespeare, but for people who actually have a modicum of understanding, shit like this is just plain sad –

It is only with a despotic ruler that plans can be elaborated extensively and clearly in such a way as to distribute the whole properly among the several parts of the machinery of the State…

The fact is that these people (so-called.  I consider them more like Pat Robertson in what species title I give them – Homo Parasiticus) are bumbling fools who have no idea that dictatorship has never, NEVER worked out well at all for a state.  That is what they want.  They want to get rid of freedom and have people ruled over and lorded over by a “responsible” person.  That is what they want.  They want absolute crushing dictatorship.  I have made a few blogs about people like that.  I wrote one about my favorite groups to pwn, Real Catholic TV where they want a “Catholic Monarchy,” (this was after they were called out for saying they wanted a “benevolent dictator”).

Let me tell you, Mike Delaney and Prothink.org, a little something about history.  Dictatorships have NEVER worked!  You stupid fucking idiots!  Dictatorships have only ever led to worse problems for the countries.  Mike Voris said that democracy as the failed system, and these idiots on here say that freedom is the enemy of productivity and needs to quashed.  Are you fucking kidding me?  These absolute pieces of shit are on the internet, that isn’t regulated at all, and are spewing their crap?  Man, how I wish that these dumb-asses would just go away.  Dictatorships only ever lead to failure.  In fact, the only proven form of government to work is democracy.  Look back through history and you notice that when people were freed from the chains of monarchy law, they became much more productive societies.  Did we learn nothing from the Enlightenment?

And it gets even better, I just found out.  They are also big believers that 9/11 was a government hoax.  For real, check this out!  This is their stupid-ass flyer for how 9/11 couldn’t have been done by terrorists.  As usual, they use the absolutely ridiculous “Building 7” argument that has been debunked by actual scientists and engineers, rather than conspiracy idiots like Mike Delaney and all of his bigoted followers.  And for all the rest of you 9/11 truthers fucking morons, shut up!  You’ve been proven wrong, again and again!  Saying that it was a government cover-up is just plain ridiculous and what’s more, insulting to the memories of the people who died in that tragedy.

Prothink.org also has a page with videos of their various “Activism” causes.  They don’t do anything of any real merit, they basically just get in people’s faces and scream at them, like they go and badget a mall kiosk.  Of course, they are big fans of the Tea Party (and their lovely bigotry, eh Warren Grady?).  They did a nice little rally on 9/12, keeping with Glenn Beck and his little happy world of bigotry.  And of course, the go out into the streets and preach their message.  Ladies and gentlemen, I cannot stress enough how loathesome I find these people.  If there was the slightest inkling of decency or morality or anything even remotely human about them, I wouldn’t be so upset right now.

Take a look at shit like this and tell me that these people seem even worth listening to?  I encourage you to get on their case because they are monsters, and if you are ever looking to laugh at bigots, they never disappoint.  But the fact is that the so-called “people” and their political ideology is socially and morally corrosive.  Plus, it is complete bullshit.  They claim to be in favor of communism, but then turn around and talk about having corporate monopolies.  They are so dumb that it hurts, and find myself getting very sick when I read about it.

These people are a disease, a plague, a poltergeist of hatred that needs to be quashed by relentless attack from people who actually give a shit about the human race and are not completely bigoted fucktards who want nothing more than their own little ideal not to be called bigotry.  The fact is that these people are just another group of white supremacists, and they are gradually being forgotten by the reigns of history.  The KKK is almost gone, the Nazis were obliterated in World War II (because they deserved it, Mike!), and all the other groups who talk about how much better white people are are going away!
It is time that people like these were forgotten, because their website is nothing but bigotry.  Nothing but hatred.  Nothing but…that’s all I have to say.

Until next time, a quote,

“Our right lies in force. The word “right” is an abstract thought and proved by nothing. The word means no more than: Give me what I want in order that thereby I may have a proof that I am stronger than you.” -Prothink.org (worst people in first-world countries, or at least in the running)

Peace out,


Let’s All Be Nazis! (Part One)

I had been saying for some time about how I was going to do a blog about this, and I never really got around to it, so I figured that now I would actually get down to business.  I kept getting side-tracked, but now I am finally going to write about this, and I guarantee that you are going to be amazed.  You are going to be genuinely amazed (not in a good way, at all, trust me) at the subject matter that I am going to be talking about today.  I recently was told about a website called Prothink.org.  Don’t let the name fool you, there is not a single bit of actual thought in this website at all.

I was originally told about this site from one of my favorite YouTubers, Richard Coughlin.  He made a rather hilarious video talking about the stupidity of them, or rather, a video that they made.  I am not going to waste any time massively attacking this website, and I mean for this to have two parts.  The group who runs this website is led by a guy named Mike Delaney.  Why is it a lot of the hardcore bigots that I talk about are named Mike?  That is a very distrubing trend.  Don’t name your kid Mike, as a rule (nah, I’m just fucking with you).  Let’s just say that Mike has his own thoughts about Jews and Jewish people.

Adolf Hitler was, is and will always be the most dangerous character in history due to his resistance against Judaism, combined with his eloquence in explaining why Judaism must be resisted. Some of us Jew-fighters have a personal motto, delenda est judaica, or Judaism must be destroyed.

Yeah, that little gem is from one of his main articles, entitled “Behind the Holocaust:  What was Hitler’s Unforgivable Sin?”  It is just another piece of stupidity, driven by ignorance, and led by a person who has good grammatical skills, and not the vaguest understanding of history.  He talks about how the Jewish people wanted to destroy Germany (pre-World War II) and how they continue to want to destroy the world today.  This is just the first article on this intellectually void garbage that I suffered my way through as I wanted to get a clear picture of what these people actually believe.  How the article ended put it all in perspective.

Anyway, let us recognize the Holocaust for what it is, a device to make the idea of debt-free currency repellant to our minds, because anyone who would do it really just wants to gas the Jews.”

That quote is so stupid that it hurts.

Holocaust denial is a pathetically ugly thing.  I got to experience it myself recently, when I met a real, true-blue Holocaust denier, and when I listened to this rather articulate (although completely idiotic) man speak, I felt myself have this growing urge to throw this man in front of a bus.

The video that Coughlin made fun of was one that they put out (and later deleted) talking about how Family Guy was a weapon of the Jews.  Never mind that the show’s creator, Seth MacFarlane is an outspoken atheist (like me, in case any of you dipshit white supremacists decide to come at me about being a Jew, which is the most common reply that anyone who criticizes them gets), but it is apparently a weapon of the Jews.  I put a link to Coughlin’s video above.  Check it out, it is very funny.

But back to the website.  They have a section of the site called Holohoax, where they give “scholarly” (if only these people knew what that meant) references to pages talking about how the Holocaust was a giant hoax designed to bring revenue into the Jewish community.  One of their claims is that Jews don’t allow research to be done on the Holocaust, which is such complete and utter bullshit that it makes me feel so sick.  They also claim that not a single body has been found.  There is no physical evidence of the Holocaust ever having taken place.  Yeah, apart from all those mass-graves, direct testimony from vicitms and from perpetrators, and the chambers where people were gassed, there isn’t a single bit of evidence.

Another section of their website is called Protocols.  This has some lovely little tidbits, like about the Jews killed JFK (I’m not fucking with you, they actually have a video about this, which is so incredibly stupid), how they are planning on taking over the world, and a list called “Protocols of the meetings of the learned Elders of Zion.”  Let me give you a few choice bits from this part as well.

5. In the beginnings of the structure of society, they were subjected to brutal and blind force; afterwards – to Law, which is the same force, only disguised. I draw the conclusion that by the law of nature, right lies in force.

11. The political has nothing in common with the moral. The ruler who is governed by the moral is not a skilled politician, and is therefore unstable on his throne. He who wishes to rule must have recourse both to cunning and to make-believe.

12. Our right lies in force. The word “right” is an abstract thought and proved by nothing. The word means no more than: Give me what I want in order that thereby I may have a proof that I am stronger than you.

29. It is this possibility of replacing the representatives of the people which has placed at our disposal, and, as it were, given us the power of appointment.

Okay, I realize that this is vague, and that is because these people write with big words, and small brains.  Let me put it simpler for you: they think democracy is a farce and that people need to be controlled, there needs to be no freedom of any kind, liberty is a lie, education needs to be strictly controlled, industries should be led by monopolies (and yet they say that they support communism, FAIL!), the free press needs to be destroyed, there needs to be an ideological purging of the world, and the list goes on and on.

Let me say that these people make me sick.  These people are so wondrously stupid and so hopelessly bigoted, yet want to pass their bigotry off as something more.  Hey Mike, are you listening (not you, Mike Voris, I’ll get back to you another day)?  Let me say something to you – just shut up and stay off the internet, because you are a flaming moron, and that is a fact.

Until next time, a quote,

“It’s a fucking cartoon!  The dog speaks!  It’s a talking dog!  This is like arguing that Donald Duck demoralizes that good servicemen and women of the Navy cause he’s got a fucking sailor’s outfit on.”  -Richard Coughlin, The Last White Man Standing

Peace out,


“Reality” TV is for Stupid People

I have done a couple of blogs about how stupid modern culture is, but it occurs to me lately that I missed a topic.  I talked about teen girl culture in modern America, and how that is just dumb, like the culturally corrosive bullshit, the Twilight series.  So sad that that series has completely destroyed the respectable usage of that word for all time.  In any case, I got on the teen girl case, and then I addressed the grown-up pop culture world and our obsession with celebrities.  I made the marriage of Will and Kate an example of.  But there is one avenue of area that I want to ruthlessly attack next – “reality” (so called) television.

A rather cool YouTuber named Laci Green made a video about this.  I disagree with her main premise that all television is a bad thing, but I did kind of dig what she had to say about reality television.  This kind of entertainment has become a critical part of modern culture.  Because it is so much a part of our culture it is a little bit hard not to notice.  But, all parts of reality television have, without a single exception, been nothing more than trivial bullshit.  Absolute dreck that is so horrible, and distorts actual reality in such a profound way.

We have stupidity like American Idol, Survivor, So You Think You Can Dance, The Apprentice, Big Brother, which are in one field.  I hear a lot of people say that these shows are just good clean fun.  Bullshit!  Bull-fucking-shit!  These shows depict ruthless competition, canonize back-stabbing, have rude people who just yell and bitch at one-another, and have no real effect on the world.  These people produce nothing of any real merit.  Sally watches American Idol at the beginning for the worst reason that show exists – Simon Cowell.  That guy is, let’s face it, an asshole.  He is an absolute asshole who tells people cold-heartedly how much they suck at singing.  It’s fun to listen to on the surface, but when you think about it, it’s not really all that funny.

Those shows alone are just depicting people who aren’t like other people.  Let’s face it, very few of us who live our daily lives are like the people in these shows.  We make fun of the horrible nature of the people in them, but underneath it all, I think we kind of pity them.  I know I do.  These shows are basically Ayn Rand style capitalism, where you do whatever it takes to get ahead, back-stab, plot, manipulate, and become so foul a person that nobody would want to be around you in real life.  But that is only the beginning of what is really wrong with reality television.

The competition shows are one thing, but they are just the surface problem for a much worse part of reality that is depicted – the shows which are supposedly about “real people.”  Shows like – The Jersey Shore, Pretty Wild, The Hills, Real Housewives of…wherever, Bridezilla, whatever that stupid-ass show is with the Kardashians.  These shows are in a class of their own when depicting genuinely foul people.  What makes these shows so interesting is that I doubt very many people watch them for enjoyment.  They don’t succeed in spite of the people who hate them, but because of the people who hate them.

And then there is the creme de la creme of them all – Jackass.  This show depicts a bunch of idiots (professional idiots) deliberately doing stupid shit that normal people shouldn’t do under ANY circumstances.  I watched a few minutes of the first and second movies they made out of it, and I felt the collective IQ of the human race drop ten points.

And there is nothing to like about any of them.  I mean, you have bitches, absolute bitches, cliche women who do nothing but whine and bitch about how hard their pampered-ass lives are.  Yeah, they are models in California, or housewives to rich guys, or whatever, and they have it so damn hard.  I watch this drivel and I think to myself, I want to kill these people.  I want them to get hit by a bus!  People like Snooki, who looks like the regurgitated fetal-god from Silent Hill 3.  She is on The Jersey Shore being a total cunt to every single person she comes across.  What’s more, these guys in these shows are meat-heads who want nothing more than to get in girls’ pants.  There isn’t a single admirable quality about any of the people in any of these shows which damage the modern image of the average American so badly.  I sometimes wonder why people don’t get that the world hates us for a reason.

I remember tuning in to a couple of episodes of a show called Pretty Wild, which depicted three sisters who were living in LA, and all they did was bitch and moan about how hard their lives were, while the only thing, the only work these moronic stuck-up harpies had to do was model.  Then I got to see Sally watching a shows called Bridezilla, which is probably the worst thing that I have ever seen.  It’s like that show on MTV, Sweet 16, except for women getting married.  Not a single person in any of these vapid pieces of garabage is worthy of respect or kindness of any kind.

But what makes all of this so bad, is that it horribly distorts the world view that people should have.  How can a modern empowered woman not hate these shows on the deepest level?  The women in them are nothing more than worthless gold-diggers who think that the ideal thing for a woman is to be an idiot who models clothes in her bikini-bod.  And it is all socially-priviledged white people.  If there is a minority, or a gay or lesbian person, they are portrayed as the stereotypical version of that kind of culture.  It is vile and sick.

And for the shows that are about competition, it portrays a world where people are only supposed to work together and help one-another when it benefits them.  Never about charity, never about doing something good, never for anything other than individual success.  This socially corrosive bullshit fucking pisses me off!  And people need to stop watching this shit!

And if you are so stupid that you actually enjoy this drivel, let me say that I pity you.  I pity the fact that you were raised in a world where you are so dumb, and probably either a part of that culture, or destined to have a very ugly wake-up call.  This is all so dumb.

Until next time, a quote,

“Oh, boo-hoo, my life sucks so much because my friend wore the same dress to a party are me!  Are you fucking kidding me?!”  -Laci Green, “REALITY” TV BULL$#!^

Peace out,


What is the Measure of the Strength of Heart?

I have been thinking about things lately, about the way things are in the world.  I have been thinking about what it means, to have strength of heart.  It is a very deep thought, I know, but I thought that I would share my musings with you.  My thoughts have been rather complicated over the last few days.  I have been thinking about all that it takes to be strong.  The world is so complicated a place, these thoughts have to be very meticulous.

I have been thinking about this since a few nights back.  My oldest and best friend, Sara, is pregnant.  She is, of course, very excited.  She has always wanted to have kids.  I sometimes get on her case because she is a Catholic about having a large family, but it’s all in good fun, and I am not a cruel guy.  Sara’s…known person (I know she wouldn’t call her a friend, and she has known her too long to be an acquaintance.  I don’t know what the word is for that girl.  It is a mutually known person) Natalia did get on her case for not immediately squeezing out kids when she got married, but Natalia is a bigoted cunt, so that is how it goes.

Anyway, she has worried about a lot of things.  She is worried that the physical problems that plagued her while she was little will pass down the line (what they were is none of your business).  There are a lot of things that could go wrong.  She has been very stressed about that.  But as for me, I am not worried.  Modern medicine can work around physical problems.  As for the rest of it, I know for a fact that Sara is going to be a good parent.  Her kid may end up being the child from hell, but I think she can take it.  Sara is one of the toughest people that I have ever met.  You wouldn’t know it by looking at her, but I know what she has been through, and given how much I have gone through myself, I have a rather unique perspective on strength of heart.

I think measuring strenght of heart is done in several ways.

  1. It is okay for one’s heart to get broken.  A person who has true strength of heart has often had their heart broken many times.  It means that you are strong enough to push through it, to keep going, no matter what has passed.  In fact, I think it is almost required for a strong heart to have been broken at least once.  And don’t think that you have to just pick yourself up and keep going.  This brings me to my second point.
  2. Man or woman, it is perfectly acceptable to cry.  The old myth that guys need to just be tough monsters is so hopelessly outdate.  We have idiots like Mike Voris who talks about how society is becoming more “feminized,” but he is an idiot.  I think guys getting more in touch with their emotions is a wonderful thing, and needs to happen more.  Being able to let out what is inside of you shows that you are strong enough to let it go.  Holding it all in means that you are reveling in what you feel, not accepting it and moving on.
  3. You have to be willing to ask for help.  Sara has some physical problems that are going to make it hard for her to raise a kid.  Lucky for her, she has one of the most dedicated husbands that I have ever seen.  Like any couple, I am sure that they have their good days and their bad days, but they are there for each other.  Don’t think that I am saying that single mothers or single fathers can’t be good parents, but it helps to have people in your life you can count on.  And it goes beyond just parenting.  In any part of life, you are truly strong when you are able to accept that you can’t take on the world alone.  Myself, I don’t want kids…ever (I am too self-involved to be a good parent, but I will get to how my understanding of that is a good thing), but I am able to accept when I need help.  It isn’t easy, but it can be done.
  4. Accepting your own limitations.  Nobody can do everything.  People say that people should be more self-reliant, but the fact is that nobody can accomplish all things.  We all have limitations, not just physically or mentally, but emotionally as well.  I have recently had to accept what my emotional limitations are.  But more than accepting limitations, you must also challenge yourself, in order to make yourself grow.  I had been, and still am (I kind of hold grudges, but I am working on that) so made at Valentine for just ditching my life, but rather than rage and confront her, I knew that this would accomplish nothing.  So, instead, I just decided to leave her alone.  I view it as kicking a drug habit.  I am 28 days clean so far (haven’t talked to her or tried to talk to her in 28 days)
  5. You must be prepared to take the hard path.  Nothing that is right in life is ever easy, or at least, almost nothing.  In my experience, I have never found the easy path to be the right one.  A truly strong heart is able to rise to the challenge, and to go at it with everything you’ve got.  It is so easy to just sit back and to say that the world can do its own thing, to just enjoy the fruits of others labor, but the only people who are actually really strong are people who are willing to go the distance and to not just accept that you shouldn’t.
  6. Probably the hardest thing to do on this list – you must be prepared to forgive yourself.  I think that when we screw up, when people make mistakes, it is so much more common to blame yourself more than the other person.  I know that I have made some pretty awful mistakes, and I was so angry at the world, but I didn’t realize that the person I was most angry at was myself.  I have forgiven myself for all but one thing, and every day I am getting closer.  I still need to sort out my feelings.  I know I love her, but I don’t know exactly how I feel.  But I digress.  You must be prepared to accept that you had done wrong, and you grow from it.  People can say that you leave your baggage behind, but I personally think, in a way, we carry the baggage with us always.  It makes us grow as people.  But looking at our past, we grow as people.

Strength of heart doesn’t just happen overnight.  It grows and continues to always grow with us as we age, throughout our whole lives.  You never truly lose it once you have it, either.  I have a pretty strong heart.  It could be stronger, but that is part of the human experience – growing from our experiences and becoming better people.  Sara will be a great parent.  I don’t know where I will end up, but I think I will be okay too.  I hope every day that Valentine is happy, even if she never talks to me ever again.

I may be called a girly guy, but honestly, whenever I see these cliche guys who are clad in jeans and look like a Levi jeans ad, I just shake my head.  I am a strong person.  Very few people are truly strong of heart, I think.  It takes a lot of work, and most people don’t want to bother.

Until next time, a quote,

“I just want someone, that I can talk to.  I want you just the way you are!”  -Lyrics to Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel

Peace out,


Message to Health Nuts: Leave the Smokers ALONE!!

So, after receiving a raging comment this morning from a cop apologist (I wrote a blog about why I hate cops, which you should check out), I decided that I should write about another really touchy subject, hoping that I will get to have more discussions like the one I had with “SMM” (obviously an alias, but like I care).  I have decided to attack the health nut community for a position that they seem to take that just plain bugs me – that smoking is horrible and they are on a crusade to end it.

Leave the smokers alone, people.  Smoking is not the worst habit in the world.  A person who uses Meth has a much worse habit than smoking.  An alcoholic has a much worse habit than a smoker.  The truth is that the second-hand smoke research has been debunked, so all the ads talking about how second-hand smoke kills people, shut up!  I will give that with pregnant women it is a problem, but with the average guy who lives alone, don’t start getting on his case for what he does in the privacy of his own home.

And what’s more, people think that it is perfectly acceptable to tax the living shit out of these people.  What have the smokers done to you, assholes?  Nothing!  They have done nothing to anybody!  They haven’t disrupted your life in any way.  Of course, they also tax the living shit out of people who drink alcohol too, but at least with that there is a good reason.

Every year, thousands upon thousands of people are not just killed by alcohol poisoning, but they are also killed by drunk drivers, or driving drunk.  Drunk driving is one of the top killers in the United States.  Alcohol has the negative effect of not just being able to kill you very quickly (like within a night, for those idiots who want to argue that smoking can do the same thing, which takes a fuck of a lot longer), but it can also kill others, sometimes many others.

What’s more, the idea that smoking is just the worst habit.  Oh please!  College students who binge drink have a much worse habit.  People who use Meth have a much worse habit.  A heroine addict has a much worse habit.  A person who can’t stop eating fast food has a much worse habit.  The fact is that most habits that people have are often infinitely more deadly than smoking is, for no other reason, than they can be killed very quickly by them.  Alcohol poisoning, od-ing on drugs, heart attacks from fast food, they happen much quicker than smoking will kill you.

A good friend of mine said that because it is bad for you, she tries to stop people from doing it.  I dig being against something because it is unhealthy, but don’t get in people’s faces and don’t try to shame them because of what they do.  I am actually attacking health nuts more than supporting smoking because I think that the attitude the modern world has toward smokers is kind of heartless.  And the modern attitude toward anything that is interpreted as unhealthy is heartless.

If a person is fat, the world assumes that they are a lazy person.  I know a guy who is a professional chef.  He busts his ass every day and produces great food.  The problem is that he also loves the great food that he produces.  He is overweight, but he isn’t in the slightest way lazy.  It the same as people who say that a poor person is lazy, which I heart across conservative talking people all the time, and is bullshit.  A person believes that somebody who likes to smoke pot is also lazy, which isn’t true.  I hear all the time that a person who drinks alcohol must be a bum.  People who are homeless are often called bums.

And another thing health nuts tend to believe is that people who don’t eat the same kinds of food that they do are bums.  There was an episode of Penn and Teller’s old show BULLSHIT! where they debunked some of the myths about fast food.  There was a family on the show who doesn’t have the time to make food because everybody is always on the go.  Therefore, they eat a lot of fast food.  None of these people were overweight.  In fact, they looked a little too thin for their own good, if you ask me.  The trick with them was that they were active enough to counter the fattening nature of fast food.

I have a general principle that I tend to live by, and encourage other people to live by as well.  I tell people “do what you feel.”  That’s it, pretty simple.  Not the most complicated philosophy to live by.  I take my cue from Dennis Leary about that.  If a person want to smoke, drink, drug, eat themselves into an early grave, let them be.  Let them alone with who they want to be.  Encourage people to be healthier, but don’t get in their faces, and don’t try and force them to quit by making it impossible to feed their addiction.  Don’t tax the smokers to death.  Don’t banish them to doorways to smoke, like a hooker.  Don’t try to legislate it away.

The fact is that nothing in this world is truly healthy.  The sun gives you cancer.  The food could be tainted.  The water is filled with metals and other chemicals.  The air is filled with toxins.  There is no truly healthy solution, just a way that is better than others.  But there are over 6 billion people on this world.  Are you egotistical enough to believe that you have all the right answers?  Well you don’t.  I know this because I don’t, and as Bill Maher once said, “you do not possess mental powers that I don’t.”

We are all just trying to get by, hoping that life is better for us than it could be.  And we drink, smoke, dope, eat, whatever, in order to escape the troubles that we have.  Let people do it in peace.

Until next time, a quote,

“If you smoke, that’s kind of cool.  People will say that it’s not cool, but it’s kind of like beards, you know?  Your girlfriend tells you ‘don’t grow a beard,’ then you grow one and she’s like ‘you’re so rugged and manly, take me!'”  -TJ Kincaid, SMOKING IS COOL.

Peace out,


The Green Bigot

I have met somebody tonight who I didn’t believe I would ever meet.  Or rather, that kind of person, I didn’t think that I would ever meet.  I won’t say this guy’s name, but for no other reason than I don’t want to ever speak to this guy again.  I don’t want this person ever knowing who I am ever again.  I will say that I got to meet this bigoted imbecile on Facebook, which isn’t a good sign, but I will also say something that actually disturb me – that this guy is a Green bigot.  He is a bigot of the Green ideology.  I am so annoyed, angry, upset, and disappointed by this, because honestly, this is just unacceptable.

I am so upset right now.  I can’t palate how much of a monster this guy is.  A friend of mine on Facebook, whose name I will also omit, posted a comment talking about the death toll that has been accumulated in Joplin.  It is estimated to be over 1,500, which is terrible.  This is a terrible tragedy, and one that needs to be helped by anybody who can.  Most people who commented on her post said that this was a horrible thing.  Those people are right.  However, there was one, and then, recently, became two, who had a different take on this.

Their take was that this is a good thing.  Apparently, the death of a 1,500 people is just the best thing that could have happened.  Their argument is that humans are basically parasites.  The main guy said that we are basically the definition of a parasite, and that we need mass death to happen, in order to make life on Earth better.  That was the argument – mass death.  The guy would even have been okay with genocide, so long as he himself did not have to do the killing.  I read that, and his follow-up comments, and I felt something inside of myself get sick.

I hate bigots.  I hate those kinds of people with all of my heart.  This kind of shit.  This sick, disgusting, horrible bullshit is the reason why I hate humanity.  Rather than look for options, look for better ways to handle the problem, this Green ignorant bigot just said that killing is better.  Death is better.  It’s kind of ironic, but there is a term for what this uncivilized asshole wanted to do – ideological purification.  He said that he people who remain should be more into the Green way of thinking, looking to be more envionrmental and looking to improve conditions on the Earth.  I can think of a couple of great historical figures who had the same idea, about an ideal being better, and those who didn’t have should die.

People who talk this way, be they the Westboro Baptist Church, Mike Voris and his stupid-ass group Real Catholic TV, white supremacists, anybody who thinks that killing people, or massive death of people, is not only acceptable, but also preferable, is somebody who is beyond my contempt, beyond my hatred.  I loathe them.  I loathe those kinds of people in the absolute worse way.  Because they are not worthy of love or respect.

And the argument they made – that we need to kill these people for the preservation of resources and to “save the planet” (the ego of such a statement.  I’m with George Carlin, shut the fuck up.  The planet is going to be just fine.  The people may be fucked, but the planet will be fine) is just so stupid that it hurts.  Nature has a really good way of dealing with these problems all on her own.  It happens in nature all the time.  When the resources in an area begin to dwindle, the population drops.  That’s how it goes.  It doesn’t need humanity’s help to do anything.

I take my cue from George Carlin when I say that it is pure ego that is what drives stupid bigoted shit like that dumbass and his little chum who came on later were in favor of.  He actually said that there should be suicide booths on every corner.  What kind of sick bastard is this guy?  Is this a proper way of thinking?  Does that make sense to any of you?  Do you buy into that horeshit – that human life means so little that it should just be taken away?  Let me put it clearly to all those who think like the Green Bigot, as I call him – fuck you!  Fuck you, and your small and disgusting way of thinking!  May you always be alone in your disgusting attitude and your sociopathic regard for the human race!

Anybody who believes in ideological purification, or I guess tha would be a form of ethnic cleansing, needs to go.  Let’s put them all on an island with their hatred and bigotry and let them rot.  This guy is in favor of people just killing themselves, bird flus, the Black Plague, anything that can kill massive amounts of people very quickly.  How can that kind of person be viewed in the slightest way as being good, or worthwhile, or anything worthy of any form of respect?

If people like that are the best that humanity has to offer, no matter if they are Christian, Muslim, Green, Republican, whatever, then this species truly is doomed.  Human life is supposed to be something that we all respect and cherish.  Instead, we have assholes like this piece of shit, who is talking about how human life means so little that massive amounts of them need to end for their narcissistic view of protecting the Earth, believing that we are somehow the greatest threat to everything.  The Earth has been through a hell of a lot worse than humanity.  This guy, this nameless guy, I hope you end up alone, able to stew in your misery and your hatred of humanity without making the rest of us who want to make the world a better place for everybody, regret it.

That guy was a loathesome bastard, enough said.

Until next time, a quote,

“Let me tell you about endangered species, alright?  Saving endangered species is just one more arrogant attempt of humans to control nature.  It’s arrogant meddling.  It’s what got us into trouble in the first place!  Doesn’t anybody understand that?”  -George Carlin

Peace out,


Modern Congressional Republicans Are Monsters

I am going to be writing about this both in my personal and my professional blog.  I have to write about this because there is no clean way to talk about this.  I want to say the really rude stuff here, although I am not going to be any nicer about this in my professional blog, I’ll just have cleaner language.  I have to write about this because as a journalist and as a human being, this makes me sick.  This makes me sick in a way that few things make me sick.  I feel so horribly disturbed by what I am seeing here that I honestly don’t want to think about it anymore.  But it is right in front of all of us, and we can’t escape the simple fact – the Republicans in Congress right now are monsters.

These pieces of shit monsters, led by people like Eric Cantor and John Boehner are now saying that the government is not, under any circumstances, going to give disaster relief money to the people in Joplin for disaster relief unless we can cut something else.  That’s it, we will ignore the tragedy, ignore the problem, ignore the carnage until you cut something we want you to cut.  Hey Eric, can I ask you something?  Does it feel good to hold Americans hostage for your greedy, help-the-rich driven agenda?  Do you feel good watching the suffering of all the people in Missouri?  Does that just float your boat, you sick son of a bitch?

I am using foul languge for all that it is worth because I think that it needs to be used in this instance.  I think we need to be foul to these people, because they are being just as foul to us.  And this is sick.  This is just plain sick.  This is sick in a way that is hard to describe.  This is like killing puppies sick.  That’s how I see it.  These Republicans are basically saying, “we don’t care if these people die, all we care about is cutting social programs.”  What the fuck is wrong with you people?  I really need to know.  I need an answer.  I am calling Eric Cantor out!

Eric Cantor, I demand an answer.  I want an answer to what the fuck you think you are doing, holding Americans hostage.  This isn’t the first time you have done it, either.  You held Americans hostage during the debate to extend the Bush Tax Cuts.  You held Americans hostage when the Federal government was about to shut down.  You have repeatedly held the public hostage to get your way, and for no better reason.  I want an answer.

I am calling out you, and if you don’t answer, then I will know the truth that I already know – that you and your Republican brethren are nothing but scum who only cares about heling the rich, and be damned with everybody else.

I doubt that I will get a response from anybody, but here is hoping.  And I want a reply.  I want to know why people like Eric Cantor can tell people that the government is just going to ignore them and feel good about themselves.  There was a rather interesting video done by a radio pundit, Sam Seder.  He played a clip from 60 Minutes where the host was talking to a group of kids.  These kids were all in the poorest social part of America.  These kids often went to bed without food.  It was heartbreaking to watch.  And the Republicans didn’t care.  I don’t believe that they do care.  I don’t think that smiling idiots like this guy

 Have the slightest comprehension the damage that they do.  Not only does this make them look like bad people, which they are, but it also make them look like they are owned.  These people look like they are owned by the corporate masters that they serve so dilligently.  Eric Cantor is a servant.  I don’t think that these people are even really trying to hide it anymore.  They talk about how taxing the rich is so horrible, but taxing the poor is an obligation.  They talk openly about how social programs like Medicare and Social Security are horrible, but corporate vouchers are just the best.  They talk about hurting the average person openly and without a single second of remorse or empathy of any kind.

They talk about stripping away the rights of women and talk about how they are doing the right thing.  I don’t think that the Republicans actually have the slightest comprehension of what the right thing actually is.  I don’t think that these parasites who only care about the dollar bill and giving as many of them to their rich masters as possible, even have the slightest comprehension of what good is.  We have people like Michele Bachmann saying that green technology is against business.  They endorse not living cleaner, because living in a cleaner way would mean that the bottom line of the oil companies might be hurt.

I hate Eric Cantor.  I hate Republicans, or at least, the modern ones.  These people, who can openly and without mercy talk about how they are doing the right thing are making good people suffer and for what?!  What the fuck are they accomplishing?!  What great deed of good have they done for the world?!  While big business continues to pollute the world and suck the wealth away from this country, and make this country a worse place, the Republicans sing their praises.

A Republican politician went on Fox News and said that big business were heroes.  Heroes!  After they got our country into a recession, and it is sliding back into things, they are being called heroes!  America, I am worried about the future.  H.R.3 passed the House without so much as a single Republican word against it.  They all followed the Paul Ryan plan in lock-step.  And now we have Eric Cantor saying that the government will deliberately ignore those who have suffered a tragedy unless Cantor gets his way.  What a bastard.  Cantor, you are a bastard, and I dare you to prove me wrong!

Until next time, a quote,

“At least the House Majority leader, Eric Cantor, has the integrity to be blatant in what the Republican perspective is on the value of government.  And the value of society!”  -Sam Seder, Eric Cantor: “We Will Not Provide Joplin With Disaster Relief Unless We Cut Something Else

Peace out,


The Claim of Greatness

It occurs to me that I have said some pretty harsh things, and I say them quite a lot.  I have made the claim of how ignorant and ridiculous religious people are.  I have said a lot of things propping up my own viewpoints, while ignoring the points of others, and often sounding like I am condemning a group of people just for being a group of people.  It occurs to me now that that is not an idea that I want to spread around.

Sir Isaac Newton once said that he was only able to see as far as he could because he was standing on the shoulders of giants.  This basically means that he couldn’t have gone as far as he did unless those who came before him had also gone far.  And they had.  And the fact is that none of us today could live the kind of lives that we do unless those who came before us had done what they did.  This world is a very complicated place.

Throughout history, so many people have done things that couldn’t be done.  So many people have said things that nobody thought could be said.  So many people challenged the status quo, and fought back against the way things are, in order to make the world a better place.  These people have been black, white, gay, straight, American, African, and everything in-between.  The fact is that the idea of a better people, no matter what the country, religion, ideology, ethnicity, or gender is a farce.  It is a dangerous farce that I see all too often in our society.

The shoulders of giants are places that people should be standing on.  I am trying my best to join those who stand on the shoulders of giants.  Nobody can help but stand on the shoulders of giants if you want your life to mean anything.  But too many people are content to not even try.  It’s okay to fail at what you try to do.  I know an infinite number of people who have.  I have failed at things.  I have failed at jobs.  I have failed at relationships.  I recently failed with a friendship.  But I keep trying.  I will always keep trying.  Unless the day comes when I truly have nothing left to lose, and should I exercise my right of choice and take the easy way out, I will keep going.  I made a promise to two people that I would keep trying.

I loved Valentine.  I still love her.  I love her with all my heart.  It hurts me so much what happened.  But I won’t give up.  She gave me back the sunshine, which I can never thank her for enough.  I keep at it, because I want to be more than somebody soaking up the goods of giants.

I have heard it said so much, how this group is better than other people.  I hear it all the time with religious people.  I hear so much how they are so much better than me because they believe in some imaginary friend who is going to bless them for doing nothing but praising him.  I honestly could give a damn about all of that.  But, I have also heard from the non-religious about how they are better than religious people because they don’t buy any of that fairytale junk.  This is equally stupid as the religious saying how they are so great because of who they praise.  It is no better.  Sorry, atheist brethren, but you aren’t better.  A religious person who is trying is better than you if you are not.

That is what it all amounts to – how much are you trying.  How hard are you working.  Ethnicity, creed (or lack thereof), gender, all of that crap, it means nothing all if you are just sitting on your ass doing nothing.  I don’t want to be one of those people.  I want to stand on those giant’s shoulders and try my damndest to make this world a better place!  I know that alone I won’t accomplish much.  But that is why I write blogs like this, which, because it isn’t about religion or politics, probably won’t get many views.

I have seen people who are out there in the world, busting their asses to help, to do right, to look after people that they have never met.  People like Amber Sawyer, who is one of the most active people in various arenas that I have ever seen.  People like Heather Aronno, and her husband John.  They both work so hard.  Heather will sacrifice her sleep, her mental fortitude to do the right thing.  I have seen her on the verge of breaking down when the weight of it all finally hit her.  But she didn’t.

Greatness is earned when you are willing to step outside of what is comfortable, what is easy.  Doing the right thing, doing the great thing, is NEVER the easy thing.  It can never be the comfortable thing.  Those who have accomplished great things have always been people who faced down the world.  Galileo faced his own death.  Darwin was villified by so much of the world for his views.  Harvey Milk was killed for his efforts for the LGBT community.  Great people are people who are willing and able to risk it all for the ideals they live by.

Looking at politics, the parties tend to also believe that they are better people because they hold this or that in high esteem.  This wrong.  Nobody is better in any way simply because of how they think.  However, no group is better because of what those before them have done.  Women and men debate about which gender is better.  These arguments are ridiculous and pathetic.  It doesn’t really matter what your group did.  What matters is what you have done.  Have you gotten onto the shoulders of giants?  Have you thrown everything into your battle?  Have you fought for an ideal that isn’t popular?  Have you tried to accomplish something, anything, with all your heart and failed?  Have you tried and succeeded?

There is a song that I hear, and it makes me feel, for what has come past, for what is coming ahead.  I will keep trying.  I can’t claim to be a great person.  So few can, but your life means more to the world if you don’t regard yourself as better because of a group, but because of what you have done, or tried to do.  As long as you are trying, that makes you better then those who don’t.  So go out there and fucking do something!  We can make the world a better place!

Let’s work together, and stand on the shoulders of giants.

Until next time, a quote,

“There is, unfortunately, one question that I have always asked people who have this attitude.  That one question is simply this – what have you done?  Not you as in your race, not you as in your nationality, or your religion, what have you personally done?”  -Richard Coughlin, The Giant’s Shoulders

Peace out,


Ancient Belief…From the 1950’s

This is the last that I am going to talk about Harold Camping’s stupid prophecy of the Rapture coming, because I had a thought about something, and I want to be fair to the audience that I brutalize on a daily basis – the Christians.  I want to be fair to them because I think that they deserve a little bit of fair treatement, before I continue to brutalize them again.  Here is something that I want to be fair about – the fact that I realize that only a small number of people actually believed Camping’s bullshit.

I recently had a couple of comments on my blog about how I believe modern feminism is a joke.  A woman commented that I was taking the statements of a man-hater named Eve Bit First an applying them to all of feminism, which is unfair, and said that these people are not (she made a point of making that clear) feminists, they just say they are.  I pointed out that that is a logical fallacy.  While they may not follow the same belief system that what she identified as the majority of feminists believing (in the true goal of equal rights for the sexes, which I don’t believe is much of a battle anymore, but that is a completely different topic) in, they still identify themselves as feminists.  Any group that has radicals has to answer for the radicals.  I’m sorry, but that’s the case.  You have to answer to them because they reflect on you.  Anything that reflects on a group at large is part of the judgments made about the group, it can’t be avoided.  It’s unfair, I know, but that’s how it is.

But I will give credit that Camping’s audience was only a small part of the whole of Christianity.  They didn’t represent all the much of the faith.  Given the raw number of Christians in the world, Camping’s audience was only a fraction of a percent really.  I say that because its fair.  It is fair to say that, and I should have done so before.  However, I must again brutalize a way of thinking.

The concept of a Rapture hasn’t been around until the 1950’s.  Yes, a long-held belief that people claim is going to happen has only been around since the 1950’s.  The fact that Christianity has survived this long is a marvel in and of itself.  It is a marvel that this faith, which is so pointless, has survived for a couple thousand years.  We can all thank the Dark Ages and the threat of Hell for that.  Ironically, fear is a powerful weapon of control.  So yeah, this concept has only been  around for about 60 years.  60 years, and people talk about it like it is gospel, like it is just the absolute truth that has been around since the beginning of time.

And here is the fact – any Christian who believes the that Rapture is going to happen at all is no less crazy than Camping and his dimwitted followers.  It is about as crazy and ridiculous as the concept of Hell.  It isn’t going to happen!  Hell is not a real place!  Or if it is, I’m not afraid of going there.  I like how Pat Condell put it – “I’ve already heard so much about it, Hell already feels like a second home to me!’ (he is an atheist who gets  a lot of hell-threats from people)  The idea of the Rapture is pure garbage!  And this brings me to a thought – what is so comforting about this idea?

According to the Christian faith, the Rapture is when Sky Daddy’s kid who is also him, but also an etherial creature who is called the Holy Spirit, comes back to Earth and takes all the really good Christians up to Heaven, and the rest of us get to fight it out with the Anti-Christ and his minions.  A believe that is so foolish, what exactly is so great about that?

There were days, back when I was a little kid and considered myself a Christian, when I would read the Bible and just think it was silly.  Even as a young child I held it in the same group as a fairy tale.  It seemed no more real to me than Snow White or The Goose Girl.  It was so ridiculous.  But then I read the Book of Revelations, which supposedly details what is going to happen (then abruptly cuts off, go figure) when the “Rapture” is going down.  This book is a work of art.  It is so hopelessly vague.  There is a reason that so many people argue this is a sign, or that is a sign, or whatever, but the fact is that there is no concrete statements.  I could make a giant mural of a ten-headed dragon with ten crowns, and put it in the middle of Iraq, and the Christian community would all freak out and say it is the end of days.

As our species becomes gradually more and more intelligent, the need for religion is going away.  Unless I get another really sweet video to take apart from Real Catholic TV or something like that, I am not going to talk about religion for a while.  I have negated to talk about politics for a long time, and I need to get back in that.  But here is my point – it is time for religion to go.  The Rapture is garbage, the concept of Hell is garbage, anybody who believes in that is hopelessly deluded and mentally lacking, or choosing not to think and just accepting on faith because it makes them feel better.  Have faith in trying to make the world a better place.  At least that can give you something back.

Until next time, a quote,

“…it’s crazy no matter when the fuck you put it on your damn calender!”  -TJ Kincaid, The Crapture

Peace out,


You Laugh Now, Thinking Christians, But You Believe…

I’m going to keep this really short, but I thought that I would mention this- you Christians out there who are now laughing, and knew that Harold Camping was full of shit, I personally wouldn’t be laughing for too long, if I were you. A rather interesting point was made by rationalwarrior about this in his video “Apocalaughs!”

The fact is, the reason that you all shouldn’t be laughing is that, while you realize that Camping is an insane idiot who ended up bankrupting people and making some people lose a lot of money, or their jobs, or in some cases, everything, you believe what he believed. You don’t have a date on it, you don’t have a time set out for when it is going to happen, but you believe just as strongly as this idiot that a Rapture is going to happen, and that “Sky Daddy” (I love that term that rationalwarrior gave for him) is going to come down and open a can of Whoop-Ass (do they make that product anymore?) on the rest of humanity.

So enjoy your ability to revel in your own superiority right now, but the fact is that you believe in the same ridiculous notion – that the world is going to come to an end, just as strongly as Camping does. And that is wrong, dead wrong. Humanity may come to an end, but the world will keep on going. The world will keep on spinning. And you all are completely incorrect.

Until next time, a quote,

“When the Bible was written, only God had the power to end the world, but now man does too.” -Bill Maher, Religulous

Peace out,