Your Beliefs About Art and #MeToo are Stupid (A response to Amanda Petrusich)

I’ve long had the contention that the whole #MeToo thing has become a witch hunt at this point.  My favorite was when they went after Bill Clinton.  Are you kidding me?  For what?  Never, at any point, did Monica Lewinsky say that he forced himself on her.  She knew EXACTLY what she was doing – fucking the most powerful man in the world.  If you gotta have a sugar daddy, that’s the one to get.  There was that lady who accused Morgan Freeman of sexually harassing her when her own video clip she used as evidence shows that he didn’t.  He wasn’t even talking to her when her alleged harassing statement was said.  It’s bananas.  Now we have a woman on PBS (a network whose SJW ties I have documented in the past, like with their short-lived gaming channel) saying that it’s time to divorce the art from the artist and hate all the works.  I’ll have the video below so you can see I’m not taking things out of context.  Let’s get to it.

This woman begins her statement by saying that divorcing the art from the artist is a bad thing.  The argument is that this is a bad statement because so much of what is remembered strongly is because it “is personal.”  Well, yeah, to the viewer or listener or player or whatever art form they take in.  When listen to Rolling Stones’ “Brown Sugar,” I am reminded that it has some VERY racy issues.  It rides a line.  But it’s still good music.  There are lots of things that touched me a personal level without having anything to do with the one who made it, because it’s my own personal perspective.

Of course, aside from video games, that was works of years gone by.  What new movies have touched me that personally?  VERY few and far between.  Culture is becoming so sterile and safe and vapid.  I’m bored by what I see because it doesn’t challenge my perceptions.  You want us to go away from this?  Okay.

She says her job is to put music in context of the time period that it comes from.  Okay.  That’s fine.  Lots of music that SO many people bitch about today is from eras gone by where people didn’t have all the butthurt problems we do today.  That’s part of what makes it good.  From the days when people could have the balls to sing about how God is bullshit and the youth are being poisoned by the adults the way Marilyn Manson did.  Or that love hurts and can kill you inside to the point of suicide, the way Nirvana did.  How I wish we still had the balls to do that now.

Then we get to her saying that divorcing the art from the artist is “outdated and dangerous.”  There better be a REALLY good reason why in this monologue.  She says that we can’t separate a song from the time period because we like it or that it’s fun to dance to.  Um, yeah we can.  People do it all the time!  It’s why we have people who have different tastes in music.  Parents thought that Manson was poisoning children and teaching them to become school shooters.  Didn’t stop people like me from liking his music.  This argument is bullshit.

We then get her saying we have a duty to rebuke the works of people who have done bad things, regardless of quality.  Okay then, I guess Ender’s Game is now a bad book because the author was a virulent homophobe.  I guess H.P. Lovecraft’s work all sucks now because he was a virulent racist.  I guess Se7en is now a bad movie for starring both Morgan Freeman and having Kevin Spacey in it.  The latter being a proven bad dude, and the former being a recent witch-hunt victim.  Right?  No, bitch.  That’s not how this works.  There are PLENTY of people that I have personal disagreements with, yet can admire when they create works that I find beautiful.

I think that Ashly Burch is an SJW who has dumb ideas in that vein, but I also think she’s a pretty great voice actress.  I think that Neil Druckmann takes what Anita Sarkeesian says REALLY seriously, sometimes to the detriment of his works, but he can still write great stories.  You don’t get to choose what people find poetic or touching or whatever.  If the person who created that is a bad person, then I will think – wow, it’s amazing that such a dick-mule could create something this good. What’s the problem with doing that?

She then says that even though she likes the music of R. Kelly and XXXtentacion, she feels uncomfortable liking their work because that somehow endorses violence against women.  How?!  I like this song, audience, so go abuse or piss on women!  That’s not how that works.  That’s not how anything works.  This argument hinges on the idea that somehow, internally, the liking of the works of morally questionable people reflects on you as a person.  Well I’ll tell you what – I don’t know thing one about Troy Baker as a person, but I know that he is a brilliant voice actor.  He portrayed the main character in one of my favorite games of all time – The Last of Us.  Since that work was created by Neil Druckmann, even if I find out tomorrow that he likes to sodomize Lena Dunham’s leftovers after she is done with her sisters (that woman is a pedophile.  How is she so popular?), I will still love his work in that game.

We get the argument that this isn’t censorship.  I would agree.  This is you having stupid opinions about music based on social nonsense that you believe because you are part of a movement that tells you that this is how the world is.  That the Anita Sarkeesian types are right and if you like things made by bad people, that in turn makes you a bad person.  That life doesn’t just mimic art, but it mimics the value of those who make it, regardless of if they are just the actors or lyricists in someone else’s work.  An asinine, stupid idea said by someone who is informed by the likes of BuzzFeed and Salon.

But she says that Spotify is bad for playing the music of the aforementioned rappers.  If you want to have an outlet not play music that you find offensive, that is censorship.  Because you are free to have your opinions about whatever musician you want.  However, you don’t get to choose which artists other people listen to, all because of the social justice chip on your shoulder.  Sorry life doesn’t work that way, sug.

She wraps up by saying that art and artist are indistinguishable.  That’s…bullshit.  Look at any piece of artistic work.  Aside from paintings and sculptures and whatnot, pretty much all mediums have some kind of balancing system.  As an example, if I am writing a book, and I want to publish it, I can either pay the cost of publishing it myself and get to have whatever I want in the book, or I can get a publishing company to do it and get a small percentage of the royalties.  If the publishing company does it, then they will be getting editors to go over my work and find the things that they believe need to be cut.  If I want them to stay my publishers, then I can try and plead my case for why not, or I can capitulate, but that’s the state of things.  In movies, the process of creation goes through so many draftings and shoots and are colored by so many people that there is no one person whose vision is represented.

You say that we cannot separate these things because they are indistinguishable.  I say that is ridiculous.  Movies, books, video games, music, pretty much any artistic creation is the collaborative efforts of many, many people.  The musician may be an incredible lyricist, the actor/voice actor an amazing performer, or the writer a fantastic narrative-weaver, but in the end, they are still just one cog of a much larger whole.  The fact that you cannot see that means you are just like every SJW I have seen make this bullshit, pretentious argument.  Well done.

Until next time, a quote,

“But let me tell you something, folks – you can’t fix stupid.” – Ron White

Peace out,


Lucien’s Unpopular Opinion: Boogie2988’s Ideas About Gradual Social Change are Dumb

I was recently made aware of the YouTuber Boogie2988 talking about how the Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states is wrong because, as he see it, the change that happens should be a gradual thing.  I couldn’t possibly think that that is more wrong.  This idea that we should be waiting 20 years of 10 years to get what the majority ALREADY think should have been done is just asinine.  That’s the whole reason we got here.  The majority of people were on the side of legalizing gay marriage.  It’s how the issue got brought before the Supreme Court in the first place.

The issue with gay marriage is being mirrored, interestingly enough, with marijuana.  More and more states are legalizing, and as more states do, the government is seeing how much money there is to be made.  It’s insane.  The amount of green that is changing hands, both smoking and financially, is staggering.  As the government sees the tide of public opinion turning, this issue will be next.  But Boogie doesn’t see things that way.  Why?  Because there is backlash against it.  Well so fucking what, Boogie?  Yeah, when the law of the land changes, you have assholes who resent that.

It’s been that way with ending Jim Crow.  It was that way with ending slavery in this country.  Hell, we had a Civil War over that.  It was that way when we gave women the rights over their own bodies.  A battle that has not stopped to this day!  Are you saying that women who want to get an abortion should have to have their right to do so in all 50 states delayed by 10 or 20 years so that people are more open to it?  No, Boogie!  Sometimes, when the public is fucking dumb (as the public so often is), you need the rational voices to tell them “no!  You don’t get to enforce your bigotry over them!  You have to get with the fucking times, you backwards morons!”  I am not unaware of the fact that LGBT people potentially being assaulted or killed because of those people is sad.  But that’s the cost of progress, Boogie.  I have a great line to close this out with about that, but we’ll get there when we get there.

After the backlash that was pretty ugly, he came out to clarify his statements, and kind of double-down on them.  He said that he doesn’t think that “oppressed people should have to wait to turn the hearts and minds of their oppressors, even if they are killed in the process” and that he wishes that people could see the cause they die for instead of having to die for it.

Boogie, I have a friend who is in the Navy.  She’s dear to my heart, and it would sadden me more than you will know if she died.  But here’s the thing about anytime someone takes up a gun or joins the service to a nation or a cause – there is a chance that you will give your life for that and die for nothing.  Your nation might fail or fall.  Your cause might be destroyed and everyone who believed in it erased from history.  That’s the risk you take by choosing to fight for an idea or a nation you believe is worth fighting for.  It’s a risk that those who truly value that are willing to take.  Now here you are, standing in judgment of those people, saying that they shouldn’t die for a cause but instead be alive because you think so.

It’s interesting that earlier you brought up Nazis.  Let’s take a look at that.  Not the modern incarnation of the word that has lost ALL meaning thanks to its rampant misuse for everyone who doesn’t agree with the SJW mindset being called such.  Let’s look at the actual people in the regime of Nazi Germany.  You say not to negotiate with them on their terms.  Well, in a way, that’s what happened.  The Allies realized that we couldn’t negotiate with the Nazi regime, so we had to go to war with them.  How many British, French, African, and American men died, never seeing that cause come to fruition?  Does that invalidate what they fought for?  By your own statement, that seems to be what you think.  And that’s kind of insulting.

Not only that, but there are plenty of men who served in the military in Nazi Germany who didn’t agree with the beliefs of the nation, but had no choice but to serve (lest them and their families be disappeared).  They fought as hard as they could for a cause that wasn’t just, but for which they had no choice in the matter.  It was fight or have them and their loved ones be killed.  When Nazi Germany was defeated, rightfully, those who died for their cause died for nothing.  No matter how much they were not in favor of the regime and their ideas, those people died for nothing.  Or those who fought for Soviet Union in Afghanistan and died.  Or those who fought in Vietnam.  After all, we lost that war.  One could make the argument that they died for nothing.

The willingness to fight for what you believe in and be willing to give your life for that cause because you believe it to be just is now something to be saddening in your eyes.  That is so insulting to me.  You even say that you think its illogical to die for something rather than “be patient and wait for it.”  Oh really?  Tell that to the black men and women who couldn’t vote because of racist southern literacy tests.  Tell that to women who died in back-alley abortions because it was illegal so it was underground.  There are those who die waiting for the right thing to be done, while people like you say to wait.

During the final years before Roe v Wade, when more and more doctors were risking their reputations, careers, and freedom to give women safe abortions, there were those who made the argument that these people are helping keep it illegal because not enough people are dying.  If there was a higher body count, maybe that would tip the issue.  Thankfully, it didn’t come to that.  Because the Supreme Court interpreted our Constitution to say that women have the rights over their bodies, so abortion should be legal.  If those people had taken your advice, we wouldn’t have waited 10 years or 20 years.  We’d still be waiting now!  Because to this day, the argument has not stopped.  To this day, we still have ignorant pieces of shit in the religious-right telling women what to do with their bodies.  Abortion doctors get murdered to this day.  How long should we keep waiting for this issue?

I don’t think you’re a bad guy.  It seems like your heart’s in the right place, but overall, I think your opinion is asinine and ignorant of history.  But as always, those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.  I guarantee that plenty of people thought like you through all of the issues I raised in refutation, and each and every one of them is wrong.

Until next time, a quote,

“Gentlemen, progress has never been a bargain.  You have to pay for it.” – Henry Drummond, Inherit the Wind

Peace out,


Space Pilots Meet Atmosphere Combat

(In honor of an air show that my Navy girly-mate is helping out with)

The alarm was blaring!  From where they were sitting on the landing deck, everyone looked up.
“All hands, combat alert!  Enemy mechs incoming!”
Flt Lt Frost looked up.  “Well, that ain’t good.”  He remembered the base commander telling him about all their stationed pilots being out on shore leave.  This far into Directorate territory, no one could have imagined the enemy attacking.  It was brazen, to say the least.
Quinn sneered, quietly slipping out the door.  Kate saw her go, immediately following.
As they raced down the halls, everyone on base was moving fast.  Their defensive guns were online, but against mechs that only went so far.  Since this base was airborne, it could only be flight models coming to attack.  That meant they had infinitely more maneuverability than the guns could reasonably handle.
Busting into the hangar bay, Quinn saw what she was looking for.  Four flight model mechs, in flight mode, waiting to be deployed.  Running over to one of them, she hit the sensor to open the cockpit.  The machine recognized her biometrics as military, so it opened.  Cuing up the main computer, she ran through the system.
“Let’s see.  Fuel is full.  Ammunition is full.  Mech is in good order.”
Kate popped into the entrance, giving her a stern look.
“What the fuck are you doing, Quinn?!”
“Checking to see if this thing is fit to fight.”
“We aren’t this base’s pilots!  We’ll get in a heaping pile of shit if engage the enemy with their mechs!”
“Yeah, and if we just sit here, we’re gonna get blown the fuck up!  I’d rather take my risks in the air.  I have years of experience in atmosphere, so I say let’s do it!”  She had that look on her face that meant she was not going to be dissuaded.  In a flash, she was on her feet, stripping.
Kate blushed heavily.  “Why are you getting naked here?”
“Because I can’t fly in my uniform.”
From her bag she pulled out a flight-suit.  It wasn’t a g-suit like they used in space, but it would work for this.
“Dammit, woman!”  Hiding between the machines, she stripped down as well, grabbing her own flight-suit.
“What happened to ‘we’ll get in a heaping pile of shit’?”
Giving her a cold look.  “Like you said, if we stay here we die.”  Heading over to another mech, she also keyed up the system.  “Alright.  Ready to go.  So, smart woman, did you stop to think about how we’re going to get up to the launch deck if we’re using mechs that aren’t ours?”
Quinn frowned.  It was a good question.
A voice behind them called out.  “We get the flight crew to move the mechs up there, then get clearance from the tower to launch.”
Both of them looked to see the Flt Lt there, also in a flight-suit.  They were shocked.
“Lt!  You’re cool with this?” Kate asked.
“Like she said, we’re all fucked if we don’t do something.  You two know how to fly in atmosphere?”
The Killer Bee’s pilot got her devilish grin back.  “Hell yeah!  Years of experience.”
Her more sensible compatriot nodded.  “Not as much as her, but I did some training in sim during my time with R&D.  I know what to expect.”
“Alright.  I’ve got years of experience myself, so we should be good.”
The sound of footsteps coming in behind them.  Sojiro and Windsor came in.
“That’s crazy!” Windsor said.  “There’s a lot of them!  You all are going to get yourselves killed!”
Sojiro looked around the bay.  Something caught his eye.  Ground model mechs!  They were in transit mode.
“We can back you up in those!”
Frost looked at him.  “You have experience with ground models?”
“Yes sir!  At the start of the war I was stationed on the ground.  And these aren’t the relics that I was using.  Those things were damn-near falling apart!  Will be nice to fight in a proper mech this time.”  Sojiro took off his service shirt, tying it around his waist on the undershirt.
Looking at Windsor.  “You?”
“I know the basics.  So long as I can get me a proper gun with some range, I got this.”
Two base personnel came over as well.
“Hey!  We heard you guys are planning on going out.  If you’re gonna do that, we can get you launch clearance.  And I wouldn’t mind grabbing one of the ground mechs and backing you up.  I wasn’t cleared as a pilot, but I know what I’m doing.”
Frost grinned at him.  “Sounds good, son.”  Keying up a display on his band, he motioned for the others.
“Everyone, gather ’round!  I’m gonna go through the mission plan.”
The map showed the air platform base, with the couple airships they have on defense.
“Alright, the enemy consists of eight mechs.  We have four regular models, and four heavy armor models.  They’ve engaged with the airships in support of the base.”  Looking over at the men from the base.  “No offense to your air force, but I’m not anticipating them to last long against them.”
One of them shrugged.  “None taken.  I’ve been saying we might as well have a big sign out welcoming the enemy to attack.”
“Alright, here’s how this is gonna work.  Pierce, you and DeMills are to stay on my wing!  I don’t want any heroics.  That goes double for you!”  He was looking right at Quinn.
“Aye-aye, Lt.  I got you.” She looked annoyed.
“The enemy has us very outnumbered, and I would wager that the enemy knows what they’re doing.  Our tactic is going to be to use our own forces engagement to our advantage.  They’re attacking the defending ships, so we can use that to buy time to get in the air, and once deployed we can keep the fight there as much as we can.  Meanwhile, ground mechs, you will be tasked with taking out any who break away from the battle.  The platform has limited mobility, so you’re going to have to be good at hitting mobile targets while being pretty much stationary.  Coordinate your attack with the base guns.  Only focus your attack close range.  I don’t wanna worry about friendly fire.  Hooyah?”
“Hooyah!” They all shouted in unison.
“Then let’s get moving.”  Looking at the second guy who wasn’t going out on a mech.  “Get the command tower ready.  We can’t afford delays launching!”
The man saluted and took off running.
Kate looked at Quinn.  “Be careful out there.”
Giving her a wink.  “Aren’t I always?”

Heading over to the ground mechs, Windsor keyed up the system.
The first guy came running over.  “Hey!  Our system here can change weapons on these mechs in under a minute.  What are you two thinking?”
Sojiro immediately chimed in.  “I need artillery, and lots of it!  Enemy is gonna try and send the heavy armor mechs to hit the base, and they are armed to blast.”
“You got it!”  He keyed sensors on a tablet and overhead machinery went to work undoing couplings and moving the standard rifle and gatling cannon away.  Down came several missile pods.  “You got your choice of heat-seeking, anti-air cluster bombs, and slammers.”
The man grinned darkly.  “If you were a woman I’d kiss you.  Ready to move out!”
Looking over at Windsor.  “What about you?”
She thought for a moment.  “What do you have in long-range weaponry?”
Queuing up the arsenal on his tablet.  “We have M649 Carbines and LSDG Lasers.”
That took her by surprise.  “You can use laser weapons in atmosphere?!”
Sojiro chimed in, “you’re thinking of particle beams!  Those things can’t be used in atmosphere.  Lasers can.”
“But the weapons require pin-point accuracy.  Not joking, you have to be incredibly precise.  They will blast rockets, missiles, and torpedoes to bits, but armor is trickier.  The heavier it is, the less damage the weapon does.”
Windsor grinned.  “Sounds good.  I’ll take them both.”
“Roger that!”  Hitting more sensors on the tablet, and the mechanism got to work.
“Alright, you’re both fit to fight!  Good luck!”  He ran toward the third mech, getting inside.  All three shifted from transit mode to fighting.  They stood not especially tall.  The mechs were squat, for the purposes of being able to change direction on a dime.  On Sojiro’s mech, the missile pods were loaded on to the shoulders.  There was a rifle on one arm, but that might as well have been window dressing.  Both of the Crimson Squadron pilots knew what his weapons of choice were.
On Windsor, one arm had a large attachment that looked like a shield, while the other hand the large Carbine.  On the shoulder where the shield was stood the laser.  A strange weapon, with a very long, yet small barrel.  The power supply seemed to be connected directly to the engine.  Looking at the system, she concluded as much.  Normally that would be a bad thing, but since you couldn’t use barriers in atmosphere, her power supply could take it.  She wasn’t the type to waste shots.
“Control,” the first man said, “We’re ready to go!”
“Copy that, crewman.  Flight mechs are launching now.  Once they’re out, we’ll bring you up.”
Sojiro looked determined, cracking his knuckles.  This was the kind of battle he started this war with.  A lot higher in the air than those days, but still.  Windsor clutched her necklace, praying to the Spirits.

On the flight deck, the mechs were in position.  Kate was going through everything, as she had done before she was the tactical support for Killer Bee.  Making sure all systems were exactly where she wanted.  It had been a long time since the sims.  She took that for granted.  Quinn cracked her neck, eager to get moving.  Frost was his usual quiet and pensive self.
“Alright, pilots!”  It was Control.  “Everything is ready, you are clear for launch.  Transferring timing over to Flt Lt Frost.”
“Aye-aye, Control, I have control.”  He took a deep breath.  “Crimson Squadron, launching!”  In a blast, they jetted forward.  So much like in space, but different.  Getting to the end of the runway, they had to immediately bank up to maintain altitude.
“Let’s hit it!  Straight towards the enemy!  Remember – stay on my wing until we engage, then stay within knife-fight proximity.  And if the enemy breaks off for the base, do NOT give chase!  Understood?”
“Then let’s do this.”
Looking ahead, it was clear that he was right about the supporting ships not being capable of handling the enemy.  Their faster models were going after their guns, while the heavy armors were going after their engines.  All they had to do was cripple them.  Gravity would do the rest.
Bringing her targeting sensors online, Quinn cycled through her guns.  Her heart beat so fast.  This was the kind of challenge she lived for.  Wind resistance.  It had been so long since she had to factor for that.  Not since her racing days.  Some chop, no worries.  On a vehicle this small, it wasn’t a huge concern.
Frost took it all in.  The enemy was like a swarm.  They were taking on each ship one at a time.  They were putting up a good fight, but this was almost over.  Finally, they noticed them coming in.  Two of the smaller mechs broke off.
“Alright, ladies, this is it!  Keep it tight, but show no mercy!”
“Aye-aye!” Quinn shouted, shifting to combat mode.  This mech had a primary rifle with single-shot capacity, and an integrated four-barrel gatling cannon on the other arm.  Fighting with mechs in atmosphere is tricky.  While they have engines to sustain altitude, those drain fuel much faster.  Any mech pilot worth their salt knows that it’s more about the fighter battle than the mech one.  At least this far above the ground.  She took aim at the first one approaching.  This guy was smart.  Staying in flight mode, moving fast.  They kept gaining and losing altitude.  Clever boy, she thought.  Going back to flight mode, she decided to fight him on his terms.  The gatling cannon .was the primary weapon in flight mode, so she decided to come right up on him.
It was tense.  The two were continually dancing around one-another, each trying to get a bead.  She let loose a volley, but kept it short.  The enemy shifted to combat mode, but she didn’t.  It had a much larger gatling cannon on its arm, with a shield on the other.  Flying right at it, she got within its targeting straight in front.  The enemy would have to move if it didn’t want her to smack into it.  Cutting its stabilizers, it let gravity do the work for evasion.  That’s what Quinn was waiting for.  As it fell, she opened up.  Blasted through both legs, trashing the stabilizers.  When it tried to go back to flight mode, it couldn’t maintain altitude.  He was done.
Meanwhile, Frost and Kate were right on the second.
“DeMills, cover me!”
He hit the accelerator and went right at him.  The enemy was good, but not great.  Shifting to combat mode, it took some pot-shots at him, but with all the maneuverability in atmosphere, it couldn’t touch him.  Kate shifted as well, blasting out with her rifle.  The enemy saw it coming and moved, but it had to divide its attention.  Flying straight up and stalling, Frost shifted to combat mode and took out the heated ax that this unit had for close-range.  He threw it straight down.  The weapon was like a shot, flying straight down and smashing into the enemy’s cockpit.  Hitting his accelerators, Frost went down, grabbing it and locking it back in place.  He chuckled to himself.
“These kids are good, but we’re better.”
The air forces ships took notice of the odds looking not so grim and started firing with renewed vigor.  Seemingly realizing the strategy, two heavy armor and one regular mech cut off from the battle and went as fast as they could toward the base.
“Dammit!” Quinn swore.
“Let them go!  We have base defenses for that.  Focus on the battle here!”

Seeing the enemy coming, Sojiro locked and loaded.  As did their base support man.  Windsor brought her laser up.  Three enemies.  Not great.  Three of them, along with three gatling turrets, and two rocket turrets.  The base defenses opened up immediately.  The armored units shrugged off the gatling rounds.  They moved around the rockets.  Aligning the guns was slow.  Too slow to be a threat.
“Damn targeting sensors!” The base man said.
Windsor didn’t let herself be distracted.  The laser was her ace in the hole.  A weapon the fires at the speed of light, with a round that can blast through most small armor.  Two of the enemy were heavy armor, but they had to have a weakness, right?  Then she remembered – they can blast right through missiles!  Did that mean they could blast through them while they are still in the pods?
One of the enemy opened up its pods, preparing to fire.  Taking a deep breath, she zoomed the scope in.  It would have to be manual.  No way the system could get as close as she wanted.  A little more, just a little bit.  Then, time stopped.  She fired.  Brilliant blue, it lanced out at the enemy.  It was right on target!  Hitting the missile she was aiming at there was a split-second as it hung there.  Then it blew up, detonating the rest of the missiles in the pod with it.  Two-thirds of the mech was blown to bits, with the rest falling to oblivion.
“Nice shot!” the first man said in amazement.
Meanwhile, Sojiro was trying to get a bead on the regular mech.  This guy was daring.  It was dodging and weaving around the base’s defenses, while firing rounds at their guns.  It had taken out one of the gatling turrets, and was looking to go after the rockets.  If it took them out, they were toast.  He queued up the heat-seeking rockets.  This mech was definitely a sight better than his last time on ground.  It had so many rockets that he could cue up several at a time.  That was exactly what he meant to do.  This pilot clearly had enough skill to evade minor weapons fire.  This would take good timing.
Letting loose a volley, the enemy went back to flight mode and immediately shifted to javelin rockets.  Slammers, as they were more typically called, only firing straight ahead.  The enemy was good.  Very good.  It danced around the missiles beautifully.  He took aim.  Had to gauge how the enemy moved.  He could afford to be patient.  Watching, learning the pattern.  Finally, the last rocket exploded, but didn’t hit him.  The enemy would always make a turn to the left when it was going to come about.  That was it!  Targeting just slightly to the left, he let fly.  Predictive powers were a great thing.  As the mech came about, it shifted back to combat mode.  That proved to be its doom, as flight mode it might have had the rocket come in under it.  Instead, the round hit dead center and blew the machine to bits.
The final heavy-armor mech had its sights on the stabilizers.  Just like the other airships, the airbase was even more dependent on them to maintain altitude.  It was trying to fire missiles, but their defenses were keeping it busy enough to not be able to get a good bead.  The enemy was clearly getting agitated, as it was now being sloppier about where it struck.  There were several large holes in the hull near the engines.  Finally, it decided it had to destroy the rocket turrets if it was going to be able to do anything against the enemy.
Sojiro hit the other two up on the comm.  “Alright, here’s the plan – Heather, I need you and the other pilot to coordinate with me.  This guy is too smart to let me blast it with cluster-bombs, so I need you two to push it into a firing zone.  I’ve marked a spot on your display I’m aiming for.  Coordinate base artillery as well!  Hooyah?”
Windsor opened up the carbine.  Its rounds were powerful, but there were only so many before the weapon had to be reloaded.  The first man had a gatling cannon on his arm, which he opened up with as well.  He saw the point to draw the enemy into, keeping the targeting matrix focused to move the enemy.  Base guns also came online.  So much artillery flying, it was a spectacle to see.
Sojiro had his guns ready.  Close.  So close.  He would have to time it so right as the enemy is going to come into his point.  When it has nowhere to run.  It made a boost up, and that was it!  He fired away with several bombs.  They were all around the enemy, seeming to clothe it in smoke.  Even more smoke after a second, as the mech started falling straight down.
“That got him!”
Everyone started breathing again.  Now it was all up to their air support.

The next enemy was blasted to bits.  Kate came from below and hit it with a rocket.  That just left two enemies left.  One heavy armor and one regular.  Quinn was already on the heavy armor.  She came in right at its backside.  The thing flew like a brick, so she had all the maneuverability over it.  It was too thick for her cannon, but she had another idea.  Pulling out her ax, she went right at the engine.  Smashing the arm right inside, it ripped the engine parts out.  Like guts out of a body.  Smoke was billowing out, but the enemy was still in flight.
While its attention was on Quinn, Kate came in from the left.  In flight mode, she went right at it.  The enemy shifted to combat mode, but that was a bad move.  Its eye-piece was right there.  With her rifle, she blasted away, blowing the whole thing to bits.  Now the enemy was blind and could barely maintain altitude.  It broke off.  Smart move.  Quinn decided not to let it run away.  She aimed a rocket at the other engine as it went back to flight mode.  She let fly and it landed.  The enemy started falling to the ground.
Frost was tangoing with the last one.  It was an ugly battle.  This guy knew his stuff, and their dance was all in flight mode.  Above, below, each trying to get a bead on the other.  Neither one appeared to have the upper hand.  Just then, there was a beam of beautiful blue light.  It came from all the way back at the base!  It hit the enemy right in one of its engines, causing smoke.
That was all the distraction he needed.  Frost shifted to combat mode, opening fire with his gatling cannon right into the backside.  It was ripped open, and time stopped again.  Suddenly, something igniting.  The whole thing then blew up in a beautiful shower of sparks and flaming metal.  The battle was over.

Heading back to base, Quinn cued up Kate on the comm.
“Admit it, that was fun.”
Breathing heavily, she smiled to herself.  Was it?  She could feel it.  Lately, every time Quinn was feeling good, it was like she could feel it too.  Like being back in Killer Bee, with their minds linked to the machine.  There were days, when they were close together outside of the machine, and she wondered if she could hear her thoughts.  This was one of those moments.  It felt good.
“Yeah, it was fun.”

Until next time, a quote,

“Okay, so it’s not dull.” – Isamu Dyson, Macross Plus

Peace out,


Let’s Bitch About Games Not Being Happy for LGBT People! (A response to Kotaku)

I am genuinely not surprised what a giant pile of shit Kotaku is.  It was started under Gawker, so it should have surprised no one.  But every time I see their articles I am reminded of all the bad things about modern “games journalism.”  It’s a joke, and the punch like is that someone, somewhere, takes this shit seriously.  Who this person is and why is a complete mystery to me.  So when I saw an article with the title “Let Queer Characters Be Happy,” my groaning senses immediately were blaring.  I thought for a while I’d just let this stupid shit lie, because it’s more click-bait for SJWs so they can be reaffirmed why video games are awful.  Even though I guarantee that almost nobody who reads this shit and takes it seriously has ever actually played on.  Here’s a link to this bullshit article, now let’s get started.

When The Last Of Us Part II’s new trailer debuted at this year’s E3, protagonist Ellie enjoyed a slow dance and kiss with another woman. My queer friends and I confessed to one another that we were assuming the worst. That happy girl will probably die, because while games allow us to be many things—space marines, mages, and tenacious heroes—they rarely allow queer people to be happy.

Assuming the worst was a safe assumption.  That was mine as well.  I figure that the motivation behind Ellie being willing to go down the violent path that I get the feeling she has tried to escape is the death of India lesbian.

Oh, and boo-fucking-hoo about “they rarely allow queer people to be happy.”  Yeah, because Joel was SO happy in the last game.  Seeing his daughter die in front of him, scared and crying, which broke him inside to the point that he locked his humanity away for fear of being hurt like that again.  Yeah, he had a great time.  Life was all buttercups and rainbows for that mother-fucker.  If I didn’t know that all of this crap was just to get SJW brownie points for how “woke” you are, I’d think you are idiots.

Queer people struggle, as do our intersectional allies. The news is full of horrible daily reminders to all marginalized people that their lives and comfort exist largely at the whim of the privileged. That means bakeries refusing to make your wedding cake or laws meant to keep you out of restrooms.

That struggle has been fetishized by media and is one of the defining traits for queer characters in media. Video games have included more queer characters in recent years—Dorian in Dragon Age: Inquisition, Ellie in The Last of Us, Veronica Santangelo in Fallout: New Vegas and countless others—but all of their stories are tragic. Their partners and lovers are killed. Their families disown or shun them. They seem to be magnets for catastrophe. Rarely do their stories end in comfort, either from others or the larger world in which they live. We have more gays, trans-people, bisexuals, and others games than ever before. Yet we, comparatively, also have more of their corpses.

Fetishized?  What bullshit.  In all of those games that you list, the death or tragedy of their lives is painted as a bad thing.  When it it ever meant to be literal or emotional wank-material?  I hated the death of Riley in the DLC to The Last of Us, but that’s because when you listen to Ellie explain it, it wasn’t some big uplifting speech.  It was two girls who didn’t know what to do.  Ironically enough, I liked the original game’s portrayal of her dying better.  Because it felt like a real kid.  These girls are 13-14 years old.  They are NOT some big uplifting heroes.  The game painted Ellie as a normal teenage girl stuck in incredibly difficult circumstances.  It’s part of why I like her.

In that DLC, Riley is this amazing MLK-esque character who turns what should have been the tragedy that set Ellie on the path of self-destruction and watching the people she cares for die into a big “it’s gonna be okay” moment.  I hated that.  Meanwhile, in the actual game, Ellie paints the story as two girls in a place confused, scared, resigned to their fate.  They were going to “just lose our minds together.”  It’s tragic and depressing.  So yeah, Riley died, but if you go off the DLC, it was a magical and uplifting moment.  What are you bitching about?

It’s interesting that you complain about real life having reminders of things being difficult for LGBT people.  I don’t know if you were aware of this, but art mimics life, despite what Anita Sarkeesian likes to believe about it being the other way around.  So, since the real world has hurdles for them to overcome, so it is in the gaming world.  What a shock!

Not to mention that, once-again, this is another instance of me saying that if you want a game that is buttercups and rainbows for gay people, what’s stopping you from making it?  Do tell, what is preventing you from doing it?  Don’t know how to make games?  Learn.  Don’t know how to publish games?  Learn that Steam exists.  You all were able to get a house-cleaning simulator out to market, so one of you SJW fucks should be able to do this.  You want a game where it’s a magical utopia where Sarkeesian is on a pedestal and LGBT people are treated like they are princes among men?  Go out and make it, you complaining fuck!

They go on and on with example of how sad stories are represented with LGBT characters, so I’m going to jump back to where they make a point.  If you want to go through every example, you can read the article.  I have the same refutation for all of them, so it will make this simple for you here.

Tragedy often serves as a backstory for straight characters in role playing games, too. Party members of all backgrounds hide hidden pasts and personal struggles that the player can learn about and solve. But where the mighty Krogan warrior Wrex might rise to lead his species, and the dwarf Varric Thetras ascend to nobility, queer characters’ happy endings often end up being as romance options for the player. We are, more often than not, unsaveable unless we are fuckable, and even that is up to the player.

Wow.  So much to talk about here.  For starters, you talk about the shuttle pilot Cortez and how his story is focused around the death of his husband.  I actually despise the romance option for male Shepherd because he goes form grieving husband to immediately wanting to jump your bones.  Instead, let’s take a look at the story with Femshep.  There, you have a diligent Commander (which I most-assuredly am) working to help an ally and new friend get through his grief for his lost spouse.  In the end, it solidifies their relationship, both as commander and subordinate, and friends.  Plus, you helping him get through his personal issues saves his life on the final mission.  And my hatred of everything after the Victory Fleet goes to Earth aside, that seems like a damn good end to a story where they are “unsaveable unless we are fuckable”.  Fuck this smug hipster who wrote this shit.

What are you looking for?  A character who is an idyllic monarch of gay pride who leads the gay people on a gay as fuck revolution to glory?  It’s ironic that you list Wrex from Mass Effect on there, since him rising to glory is also something that depends entirely on the player!  You could have killed him when you have a standoff during the Virmire mission.  You could have destroyed the data on the Genophage cure in Mordin’s loyalty mission, which would lead to Eve’s death, which is crucial to him becoming a savior as she helps to rally the other clans under Wrex’s banner.  You also could kill Mordin, sabotaging the Genophage cure that is what saves the Krogan people from destruction.  All of his rise to glory is on you!  The player!  So what’s that bitching about all of this being at the mercy of the player?!  Pure bullshit?  That’s what I thought.

Games that include queer romance sometimes even place the success of that romance in competition with the success of society as a whole. In Life is Strange, teenager Max Caulfield saves her childhood friend Chloe after unlocking the ability to manipulate time. Throughout the rest of the game’s episodes, the two women get closer and closer, and the budding seeds of romance bloom between them. But Chloe already has lost one lover before the game even begins. Life Is Strange revolves around the search for Chloe’s missing girlfriend Rachel Amber. That search uncovers a string of sexual abuse and murder in the town of Arcadia Bay, with Rachel as one of the victims. After uncovering her body, Chloe gets killed by the culprit. That’s two dead gays for the price of one.

Oh fuck off!  Leaving aside that Max’s ENTIRE GOAL for the latter portion of Episode 5 is to save Chloe’s life (they ignore context like it’s the plague.  The Kotaku formula), this is just like that fucking “Dead Lesbian Syndrome” video that BuzzFeed made.  Yeah, Rachel Amber was dead.  It is tragic.  But you ignore several crucial facts leading up to this.  First, we never definitively know that the two of them were a thing.  It’s implied, heavily, but you never know.  Not to mention, we find out in Episode 3 that if they were a thing, Rachel Amber was cheating on her with the drug dealer, Frank.  And lying to her about it.  Oh wait, can’t talk about that.  Then you have a character who has flaws and shouldn’t be put on a pedestal.  My bad.

Yet, even when Max alters reality to save her friend or bring her happiness, Chloe suffers. In an alternate timeline where Max prevents Chloe’s father from dying, Chloe ends up in a car crash and is paraplegic. In this timeline, Chloe begs Max to euthanize her; the story shuts down both disabled and queer people’s right to happiness in one fell swoop.

Fuck this stupid article.  What a way to miss the fucking point!  The point of what made the death of Chloe in the alternate timeline Max created tragic.  This wasn’t about LGBT romance, you fuckers!  It was about Max fucking up her friend’s life again and again.  It’s talked about in Episode 5.  See, Max has fucked up Chloe’s life a lot.  She watches her die at the very beginning of Episode 1.  It’s what sets off her powers.  In Episode 2, you can have her shoot the bumper of a car, which causes her to shoot herself, forcing you to go back in time to save her again.  In that same episode, you have to stop a train from hitting her.  Which leads us to Episode 4, where she has created an entirely new timeline, specifically to make Chloe happy by not having her dad die, and finds out that this fucked up either her friend or her budding romantic partner’s life even more!  The tragedy in having to help Chloe die is in Max realizing that she has destroyed this girl’s life over and over again, only to go back to try and fix it.  In the end, she realizes that she can’t save keep doing this.  That all of these trips back through time are destroying her.

Just once, I wish that Kotaku would actually pay attention.  But no.  They have to get their talking points down so that they can stand in judgement over us EVIL gamers and the games we play.  I just know they’re going to talk about the ending, so let’s get to it.  Here I might find at least SOME common ground with them.

In a timeline in which Max prevents Chloe’s murder, a massive hurricane barrels down on Arcadia Bay instead. The pair conclude that the storm is an anomaly created in response to Max’s time-traveling. The final choice is to either sacrifice the town or to travel back in time and allow Chloe to die.

Narratively, the choice feels empty. Max’s personal growth up to this point revolved around a growing understanding of her place in society and learning to accept consequences for her actions.

I could not agree more!  I do hate the ending to Episode 5.  It is worse than the ending to Mass Effect 3.  None of your choices matter in the slightest, because either you negate ALL of them by having Chloe die, or they don’t matter because everyone is dead.  It was the laziest fucking way to end a choice-based game since Mass Effect 3.  Hell, it was lazier than that.  At least that game gave you 3 nonsensical choices that throw all your choices in the trash.  This game gave you two.  I wrote an entire post about how I would have ended things (link here), and while it isn’t perfect, at least I included SOME kind of choice-based resolution to the game.

The Last of Us focuses on the frailty of society and individuals, both morally and in the flesh. It makes sense that the characters would endure loss. Joel copes with the death of his daughter and his grief over his inability to protect her; he gravitates to Ellie, who serves as a surrogate child and a bittersweet balm for his prior loss. In the end, he gets what he wants — to serve the Hero Dad role — although it comes at the expense of many lives and lies.

What a way to miss the point.  Miss EVERYTHING that made the ending to The Last of Us so powerful.  The ending to that game isn’t some happy ending for him.  It’s bittersweet as fuck.  If you can’t see why, I shall explain.  Joel sold humanity up the river to save the only person left who matters to him.  His connection to the human condition.  You saw how his own brother and him are so estranged.  This one life, this one little life who has become his connection to the human condition, is worth selling all of humanity up the river to maintain.

In the end, he had to lie to Ellie about why he left the Fireflies base, because he knew that Marlene was right.  Ellie would want to give her life to save humanity.  What made their final conversation so powerful was in him accepting his cost, that last of his vestige of humanity, to preserve this relationship.  But it was also about Ellie accepting her cost.  She chose to accept his lie, knowing that it was a lie.  She could see all over his face that he was lying to her, but chose to accept that because she wasn’t just his surrogate daughter.  He is her surrogate father.  The one relationship that will last.  Because she found what Joel had back in the diner.  When she hacked David to pieces, she found that darkness that Joel had embraced, and since now she couldn’t give her life to escape it, she had to live with it.

I love the end of that game so much because of the moral and philosophical implications, and you just sweep it under the fucking rug as a story of Joel being the “hero dad.”  Fuck you, you single-digit IQ hipster.

I want these queer characters to have happy endings, or at least different ones. Hell, I’d settle for kisses that don’t portend death. And I still love the stories that I have, imperfect and tragic though they may be. BioWare’s cast of heroes provide examples of bravery and humility that I strive to emulate. Life is Strange’s tender romance captures a sense of early sexual awakening. The Last of Us’ Ellie is a goddamn survivor. All of that is fantastic, but it comes at a price. That price, often, is the agency and happiness of queer characters.

Does the writer of this article not know that these people aren’t real?  This is why I said that this feels like the video from BuzzFeed.  Because it reads like this person can’t separate fiction from reality in her mind.  Want these characters to have a happy ending?  Fantastic, there’s millions of fan-fiction sites that I’m sure have some happy endings for them.  Hell, read my post about how I would have ended Life is Strange.  There’s a happy ending for ya!  Instead of respecting the artistic integrity of those who create fiction, you have to bitch about it not being happy enough for you.  Well guess what, sugar-tits, you can go and find your happy ending or make it yourself on you or your Deviant Art page.

But why do we have to pay that price, and so often? I’m not suggesting that the queers should always get to dance in a field of gumdrops at the end of every game in which they appears, but considering the real world’s continued eagerness to trample the marginalized, one of the most radical things art could do right now would be to show us a world in which we are more than our suffering.

“More than our suffering”?!  Are you fucking kidding me?!  Is that all you see them as?!  You only see Chloe Price as suffering because her *potential* girlfriend died?  You only see Ellie as sad because of her dead girlfriend?  Wow.  What an insult to all the character traits that they had.  If that is all you see them as, that’s on you, honey.  I see Chloe Price as a tragic character, to be sure, but that’s because she’s had a rough life.  Her father died.  Her best friend deserted her.  The girl that she cared for more than any other and saved her potentially from suicide disappeared.  It’s what makes the dynamic better and her and Max reconnect and awaken new feelings into each other.  It’s why I hate the bullshit ending to the game so much because the choices make no difference.

But all of this comes right back to what I said before – if you want gay happy endings for characters, then go out and make it.  Make a game with a Star Trek utopia where gay people are treated as absolutely perfect because of their gayness.  I don’t fucking care.  But STOP bitching about things that you clearly only see as “there’s dead characters in the group I like!”  There is NOTHING stopping you from making the games you want to see.  How about you quit bitching on this SJW rag and get to work?

Until next time, a quote,

“Those who can’t do teach, and those who can’t teach teach gym.” – Dewey Finn, School of Rock

Peace out,


The Pretentiousness of Argument in Gaming Culture

I swear, this is the last I’m going to talk about this.  I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone is just going to like what they like and hate what they hate and there isn’t shit that anyone can do about it.  It just strikes me as so bizarre how we’ve gotten to this point.  Back during the rise of SJW culture in gaming, and the backlash to it, I observed people from all corners of the Internet coming together to fight for our hobby.  We wanted good games made, not their games.  Not the games that they slobbered on the knob of when they didn’t deserve that praise.

Then something got happened.  Come November, I’m going to be 30.  My 20’s will be behind me and I get to face the reality that I haven’t made much of a future for myself and I don’t really know what I want to do with my life, aside from get out of the icebox and make my way to the ocean.  It’s all I think about, most days.  The older I’ve gotten, the more I care about stories with good characters, rather than complicated mechanics.  Sure, if the mechanics suck I’m going to hate it, but it’s all about the story.  I’ve always been a story-seeker, but it’s gotten more and more contingent on that as I have gotten older.

Why am I bringing this up for the…I don’t know how many-ith times?  I came across a graphic that just bugs me.  I’m going to share it with you and see if you all can see the problem.

So now we have a graphic created by people who want to tell you why, no matter what your choice, what you like sucks.  This shit pisses me off on so many levels.  The people who wanted to keep SJW culture out of gaming have decided to become the very people they rallied against.  The pretentious assholes who have to tell everyone how what they like is wrong and how they need to change to be what they want.  Let’s talk about this one section at a time.


As they describe it, these are games that only appeal to the lowest common denominator.  For CoD and Battlefield, I can see that.  They are games about a simple rush.  The adrenaline of multiplayer combat.  But since when is Angry Birds for the lowest common denominator?  It’s a phone game.  The game you play when you’re taking a dump or waiting at the doctor’s office.  That’s for the lowest common denominator?  Same with Candy Crush.  Not to mention, we have statistical data that the kinds of games that appeal to women the most are social media or phone games.  This ties in nicely with your second contention.

Gameplay simplified to the point that your “average retard” doesn’t have to feel challenged.  Wow.  That’s kinda sexist.  You’re literally taking an entire demographic and associating them with being stupid.  I just love that this is the contention that this graphic that some dipshit created has made.  Not to mention, for adults who don’t like regular gaming but want something to do in their spare time, you’re going to call them stupid.  Every time people say that anti-SJWs are as bad as their counterparts, this is the shit that comes to my mind.

Then they claim that these games are not fun, but “peer pressure” has told people that they are.  Who the fuck are you to tell people what is and isn’t fun?  What are your brilliant credentials in fun-ology that lets you know what is fun for one person and isn’t for another?  And why is it that we are supposed to just accept your stupid bullshit at face value?  Dying to know, online culture critics.


The first contention here is that these games are literally the same as the Neofun games, but try to hide it.  Again, who the fuck are you to declare that?  The Witcher 3 is the same as CoD: Black Ops IIII?  Really?  By what metric?  I mean yeah, FNaF is kind of silly, but people dig the jump scare stuff.  It’s the same reason that jump scare horror movies are so popular.  I may also believe that it’s silly and the appreciation for horror that has atmosphere has died, but seeing this, I at least am able to appreciate people just liking what they like.  Clearly there’s a market for it.

It goes on to claim that the only reason people like these things is because of unwarranted praise online.  Well then, infographic, tell me what was so terrible about The Witcher 3.  Tell me what was so bad about Fallout: New Vegas.  I’m genuinely curious what was so bad about Undertale.  If these are the contentions that are going to be made, I want to know why.

You claim that these games take no actual skill and are played by people who don’t want to be lumped into the casual crowd.  It takes no skill to be good at the three games I listed above?  The only person who thinks that way is someone who never played them.  And once-again, you say that people are being tricked into a “false sense of fun.”  Who the fucks are you to say that?!  What is your definition of fun, sir?!  Tell us unworthy philistines what REAL fun is.  All fucking ears.

Also, I couldn’t help but notice that Cyberpunk 2077 and Death Stranding are on there.  Two games that haven’t even come out yet.  I don’t know.  Maybe this person is a troll.  We’ll get to my thoughts on why we are here talking about this in a bit.


This is the category that just pisses me off.  A new type of “none-fun”?  Groj, why do people feel shit like this?  During E3 I got to see this kind of crap all over Twitter.  It was basically a giant “fuck this stuff” circle-jerk.  Is it because there are characters that are unique?  I’m curious, what was so “none-fun” in the new God of War and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End?  Both games had tight controls, fun combat, and in the cast of the latter game – good sneaking mechanics.  Or maybe it was the focus on a narrative over the gameplay.  Is that it?  Is it just because games are now bigger on stories than ever before?  Cry me a fucking river, you big baby!  All of the talk of “manchildren” in this one, but the only person I see being a baby here is you.

It contends that “too much soy intake” has made men effeminate and now we only get enjoyment from “pushing liberal values” and waxing nostalgia.  Wow.  And of course, we see The Last of Us: Part II on here.  Why?  It’s obvious – because it has two chicks sucking face in the most recent trailer.  The game can’t be good if there are lesbians!  Fuck liberal values!  Granted, I have my own thoughts about being gay in the post-apocalypse, but that’s a whole other discussion for another thing because if a game wants to make that part of its reality, that’s fine by me, so long as the game is good.  It’s funny, because in that game, we see the gameplay is violent and you get to slit throats, chop heads, and disembowel people, along with blowing them up with exploding arrows.  Where’s the “liberal values” in that?  Growing up, everyone I knew associated liberalism with hippy mentality.  Although, I cannot count how many SJWs I see say violence should be a solution, so maybe I am just old-fashioned in this regard.

The post then makes the argument that these games require no kind of skills of any kind to be able to play.  Really?  If we’re going to make the argument that mechanically simple games are for the soyboys, then why aren’t the “walking simulator” games on here?  Whoever made this was just looking to strike cheap points of “yeah, fuck these liberal losers!” and didn’t care about the factual inaccuracy of what they were saying.

Maybe I am REALLY overthinking an online meme, but I have seen all over Twitter how this kind of thinking gets around.  There are people who believe this way, and it is so frustrating because it’s like all everyone knows how to do is bitch and moan about every stupid thing that conflicts with what they want on any level.  All of online discourse is just assholes bitching about things they don’t like.  It gets to be insufferable.

This really is the last I am going to be talking about this.  Why?  Because I am fucking done with the culture surrounding gaming.  I have finally come to the realization that I would rather have everyone just like the shit they like and leave everyone else the fuck alone.  So long as what you like isn’t hurting anyone, you do you, boo.  I’m going to continue my reviews and the like, but gaming culture and I have reached an impasse and I think that I am going to walk away from the discourse.  Hopefully you all will stick around here to keep reading what I do.  It’s so frustrating seeing how everyone just likes to hate on everything everywhere I look.  Whatever.

So you know what – if you liked Gone Home, then good on you!  You like that game that games journalism blew WAY out of proportion.  I liked Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, so I can’t complain.  So long as what you like doesn’t hurt anyone or you don’t try and forcibly change people’s opinions with bullshit arguments, then you do you, honey.

Until next time, a quote,

“Haters gonna hate.” – Anonymous

Peace out,


I Am Not Against Trump’s “Space Force”

It’s weird to me that the one thing, aside from making peace with North Korea, that I don’t have an issue with Trump on lately is this.  There’s a historical reason why that nobody wants to talk about.  People are so quick to forget history or to pretend it and how life works.  It’s something that never stops bothering me because I have to have my moron now-former friends tell me how it doesn’t matter just so we can be made at the orange monkey in office.

See, when Trump was looking to escalate things in Syria, I was nervous because I didn’t want to see the Cold War restart.  The Cold War was a bad time in history and two major powers being on the verge of nuclear annihilation is a terrifying thought.  But everyone said that he is still Russia’s stooge and my being nervous about restarting the Cold War is stupid because that doesn’t matter anyway.  Not joking, that’s what one of the people said to me.  How quickly everyone forgets that history really did happen.  I know, it’s tough, but it did.

Another thing that everyone seems to forget – one positive thing that came as a DIRECT result of the Cold War was the space program.  After all, Russia had sent a satellite into orbit, so we wanted to make sure that in space, America had the high ground.  That’s why we went to the Moon.  That era and all the technological innovation that came from it was because of a military conflict.

That’s not the only time that the military has been the first pioneer of technology that was then expanded upon by the civilian sector.  Look at the Internet.  Something people don’t realize that the Internet as we understand it began as a program by DARPA.  This wonderful tool that all of you are using right now to read this post began because of a military R&D program with the goal of linking various military organizations together.

Anytime there is new technology, it is almost always first used by the military, and then the private sector finds way to capitalize on it.  So when I hear our President saying that he wants to get us into space, my heart stops.  Finally!  Somebody in our government actually wants to do this!  Kills me that it’s a retarded orange monkey instead of someone smart, but at least someone is saying it!

George Carlin once said something to the effect of – why should we go into space when we got our own problems back home?  I’ll tell you why – because we need to start thinking about our own existence and the cold realities that surround our species.  Earth has had so many ugly cataclysms over the billions of years that it has existed.  Between the geological mass extinctions, to asteroids slamming into this planet, our existence on this world is tenuous.  It could end at any time and there is NOTHING we could to stop it.  Unless, of course, we aren’t just here anymore.

Overpopulation is killing our species.  It’s the number one cause of pollution and overuse of resources.  It is high time we started looking outward.  If, for NO OTHER reason than because space has resources.  Many, many resources.  There are asteroid floating around out there that have thousands of times more metal than Earth ever will.  Saturn’s moon Titan has more oil than Earth could ever use in dozens of lifetimes.  Sounds to me like they could use some FREEDOM!

The idea of expanding and growing our species is one that should be embraced by people.  Back during the race to the Moon, there was a cultural mindset that had people thinking about the future.  Wanting to grow and change and be a better species.  We desperately need this bad.  Now more than ever.  Because we are languishing.  Other nations are doing amazing things, while America sits here, digging its ass into the mud and pretending that nothing’s wrong.

Humanity cannot live this way much longer.  It is our children and our grandchildren who are going to likely pay the final price if we don’t do something NOW!  So let the orange monkey have his space force!  Hell, my girly-mate in the Navy said everyone on her base was joking about how they could apply for that.  For the exact same reason that I would be, if my head injury hadn’t made it so that I can’t serve.  I told her the other day that if she ever got such an opportunity and she didn’t take it, how utterly infuriated I would be with her.  I would give my last 30 years to be part of something like that, to help expand our species and to see this planet from orbit.

The possibilities are limitless.  Wrangle some asteroids and mine them.  Once we’re done with them, we can throw their ashes into the Sun.  Waste-free mining.  Hell, all the waste, we can send into the Sun.  Ain’t gonna hurt it.  Build and orbital elevator and we can start collecting solar energy from a place where we will NEVER have to worry about there not being enough sun.  Make space colonies so humanity can grow and develop even further.  Get to Mars and start terraforming so we aren’t just limited to this one planet.  Go to Europa and see if there is actually life there (I wrote a fiction story about that very concept.  Check it out)  So our species can survive another cataclysm on this world.

I say let Trump have his space force.  Let him have it and we can see if maybe, FINALLY, our dumb-fuck species can actually start working for its own betterment.  It’s a novel concept, I know, but it could happen.  The potential is there.  All it takes is someone crazy enough to actually take that next step and fucking do it.  If that means that President orangutan is the one to get it done, so fucking be it!  Dammit, at least someone wants to!  Everyone else just wants to latest iPhone.  Everyone else just want to bitch about whatever stupid issue they have, like pronouns or snowflakes or “post-modernists” or whatever!

Being able to see this world from orbit is the top thing on my bucket list.  We have the technology now to make commercial flights to space a reality.  Why are we stuck here?  Tell me why.  We can even help the overpopulation problem by giving people new opportunities to work in space.  Can’t find a job on this ball of shit?  Well take an insane level of risk that would pay like you can’t believe and mop the floor on a space colony.  Why not?!  What have you got to lose?

Meanwhile, everywhere I look, liberal page after liberal page says how stupid this is and makes fun of the idea ten ways to Sunday.  Because they would rather make fun of Trump than actually support a good idea.  This is why I refuse to let myself live in an echo chamber!  Because sometimes, even the dumbest President I have seen who doesn’t seem to have a heart has a good idea.  Go fucking figure!  I don’t care where good ideas come from.  Conservative, liberal, if it’s a good idea and I can see their point of view, I am all for it!  But no, they’d rather hate on this just because Trump said it.  Then it’s all a big joke.  Shit like this makes it hard for me to call myself liberal, sometimes, even though I am.

Let’s make the most of our species potential.  Why the fuck not?!  Legitimately, what do we have to lose?  Nothing.  But we can gain a future for our species.  Someone else said it better than I, so I’ll let him finish this up.

Until next time, a quote,

“How much would you pay for the universe?” – Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Peace out,


The Death of Nuance in Gaming Culture

Everywhere I look, I feel more and more at odds with the nerd culture.  E3 was the best example.  Sony’s press conference had me getting to see some pretty awesome trailers.  Their choice to make their four biggest draws into not trailers but full on gameplay demos was fantastic!  It had me on the edge of my seat.  First there was Ghost of Tsushima.  A game that looks like the perfect homage to samurai culture.  I’ve been DYING for a game like this for so long.  Ever since a brilliant artist did an idea for an Assassin’s Creed game set in Japan.  Now it’s happening!  Except not tied to that franchise.

Next up there was The Last of Us: Part II.  Here’s where I felt my experience waver.  See, I know that Neil Druckmann has this HUGE chip on his shoulder when it comes to social justice.  He takes what Anita Sarkeesian says very seriously.  I’ve been replaying Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and it’s there as well.  But that doesn’t stop him from writing good stuff.  It’s a balancing act in my eyes.  See, I don’t hate something with a social justice bend so long as the narrative is engaging and the characters are good.  And since this is a sequel to one of my favorite games of all time, the pressure certainly is on here.

So when I saw this game had a LONG opening segment that goes all post-apocalyptic 90210 on me, it rubbed me the wrong way.  Especially when the trailer has all the diversity of a college campus.  And the girl that Ellie starts sucking face with is more and more reminding me of Sarkeesian herself.  Which has me wondering if this character is written so he can fanboy all over her.  That’s…weird, and off-putting.  It keeps taking me out of the moment of actually liking the trailer.

Then we get to the gameplay stuff and hot damn is it back to form!  Granted, the person playing is a fucking idiot who should be dropping their enemies to keep them from raising the alarm, but whatever.

We then get to the trailer that had me really at odds with everyone in nerd culture that I follow on Twitter – Death Stranding.  I really loved that trailer.  It showed me the world, elements of play, and gave me some neat insight into the characters.  I got to see new characters be introduced and I learned about the world.  Then there was that tense bit with the shadow creatures that reminded me of The Sorrow boss battle and I was stoked.  But that’s not what I saw online.

Person after person bitching and moaning about how this trailer told them nothing and how they don’t know how to feel.  I fucking lost it.  Where is the appreciation of nuance with these mother-fuckers?!  Oh my god, they didn’t spoon-feed how you’re supposed to feel about this new game!  Say it isn’t so!  You actually have to think about it and come to your own conclusions!  The horror!  Fuck me! People posting on Twitter mocking both the trailer and Kojima himself because they weren’t given something that told them everything.

Everyone seems to believe that this game is giving them another Metal Gear type of game, and if they don’t get it then they are sad.  But it might not.  Kojima has said that this game doesn’t start a super-badass action hero.  It stars a normal man who is in way over his head in crazy circumstance, but he stays a normal man.  It strikes me that because of Kojima’s reputation, everyone is hoping for something and not being open to what this game may end up being.  It may be a game where you do little to no fighting at all.  You may have to hide.  Or it may be a narrative-focused game where the goal of gameplay is in exploring the world.  But the mystery is there, and it’s part of why I am still super stoked.  Because this could be anything and I think that’s exciting.

But it seems I’m in a minority on that.  Everywhere I look it’s people wanting to be spoon-fed.  Or they just want something to get them pumped.  Having to think about something critically?  Fuck that!  I want my nerdgasm!  Part of me wishes Sony had chosen to end on that, just so all the troglodytes in there got to walk out feeling like someone had pissed in their coffee.

So many people screaming Bethesda’s praises from the hills.  I am not among them.  The only thing in their little conference that even appeals to me is the sequel to the excellent DOOM game.  That has me pumped.  Everyone else was dead weight in my eyes.  Then Nintendo takes the stage and it’s “SMASH BROS!  YAY!” all over the goddamn place.  I…I don’t care about that.  I stopped following Nintendo pretty closely a long time ago.  I can only play the same game but with more shit so many times before I start to realize that their formula doesn’t ever change.  But I guess that’s what people want.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, I guess?  I’m sure there’s some nuance there that people will accuse me of missing.

“They’re not the same games!  The new Legend of Zelda was open world!”  What’s that?  So Wind Waker just didn’t happen?  Okay.  “But Lucien, more characters!”  Neat.  That looks interesting, I suppose.  But it’s the same game.  New characters, new stages, but that’s it.  I guess it’s supposed to be a system seller.  I can see that.  Nintendo seems to have enough fanboys around.

I just feel like I’m missing something here.  Like, everywhere I turn I see myself at odds with what the prevailing thought is.  I was more engaged with Sony’s offerings than anyone else’s because the games looked interesting and they took the quality over quantity approach with their big hitters.  I wanted to see big demos that showed off and they delivered.  But there’s everyone hating it.  Bethesda releases trailers that are basically just nerdgasm fuel, and everyone loses it.  Sure, I felt myself getting kinda pumped for the DOOM sequel.  It’s on Earth now, which is fun.  Though that does leave me wondering what happened back on Mars, since the guy told me at the end he would be seeing me again.  Still, cool, I guess.

Maybe this is me getting older.  I just don’t feel the draw to hype fuel.  I’d rather see what I’m getting into and really feel some sense of attachment to it.  It’s how I can stomach the 90210 shit in The Last of Us: Part II trailer, because I know that Neil Druckmann might have a chip on his shoulder but he still can write good stuff and I want to know if he does it again.  I game for stories.  It’s all care about.  Sure, if the gameplay sucks, I can’t get into it, but the story is what everything hinges on.  I don’t care how good the gameplay is, if the story sucks, I hate it.  It’s why I REALLY didn’t like Rise of the Tomb Raider, even though its gameplay improves upon the previous game.  The story was boring and the villains were stupid.

Or perhaps it comes down to me being the analytical type.  I love to dissect things, both what I love and what I hate.  I could go on and on about the things I like for hours, or how much the things I hate suck ass.  It’s part of the fun for me, because when things are good, I mean really good, it gives me such a healthy appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into them and being able to revel in that final product.  Or if there is something that is really good but still has its flaws, it gives me a greater appreciation for what it does right and I can laugh at the parts that don’t work and think about how it could be improved upon.  Over-thinking is something I am guilty of, but that’s part of the fun in my eyes.

But I’m starting to realize that I am in a minority here.  A very lonely minority.  I see nuance and get excited over mysteries.  I don’t like to be spoon-fed things and come to my own conclusions (another part of why I hated the 90210 shit.  Because it felt like Druckmann was trying to score SJW points since their opinion matters to him).  I don’t get the nerdgasm anymore.  Now I get the more reserved sense of excitement wondering what I’ll learn next.

What do you all think?  Let me know in the Comments

Until next time, a quote,

“The worst thing to be is all alone with other people.” – Quinn Pierce

Peace out,


Let’s Answer Anti-Abortion Arguments

I am firmly pro-choice.  I’ve made no secret of it.  Abortion is a practice that is literally as old as the Bible.  No joke, in the time of the Bible, there was a kind of liquid that they could have women drink that would cause them to swell up and kill the fetus.  Rings kinda hollow for the anti-abortion proponents when their own Bible has this practice that they are so against.  Still, this idea that we need to force women to carry a baby that they don’t want, when overpopulation is already a major issue facing our planet, is ridiculous.  But now another conservative outlet has come to the plate to refute the arguments that we make against them.  Here’s a link to their post, now let’s get to this.

“You just want to control women’s bodies!”

Their argument after this is that we have to prove that the fetus is part of her body.  Simple question – can it survive without her?  No, it cannot.  For the first nine months of a fetus’ life, it more akin to a parasite than a baby.  It is completely dependent on its host organism to survive.  It can even kill its host organism when it gets sick.  The fetus is a parasite leeching off the mother, until it’s viable.  You’re not doing too good with the arguments.

“Abortion is not murder!”

This time the argument is that we have to prove that killing the “preborn” is different than killing actual babies.  A fetus is not a baby.  Like I said, for the first nine months of its life, it’s a parasite.  But that aside, is an egg a chicken?  Hope you didn’t enjoy eating that egg.  You are eating chicken abortion.  A fetus has the potential to be a human, but it is not a human yet.

“The decision is between a woman and her doctor what she does with her own body!”

The refutation of this argument hinges on the idea that the fetus and this woman’s body are two separate things, and since I’ve already refuted that (pretty handily, I might say), then it makes it a mute point.  Besides, it isn’t even her and her doctor.  It’s just her.  This is her body and what she does with it is her business, but if she wants to discuss it with her doctor, that’s also her choice.

“Abortion will still happen if it’s illegal!”

Their counterpoint to this is that drunk driving will still happen if it’s illegal too, so why shouldn’t we legalize that?  Wow.  What a stupid comparison.  I’ll help you out, moron who wrote this article – a drunk driver is a dangerous to many people.  Abortion, if it is done in a legal and medically sound setting, is negligibly dangerous to the mother.  If it is illegal and goes underground, it becomes much more dangerous.  That’s how it has been since antiquity with the concept.  Part of why making abortion legal was a good thing was that it looked to save the lives of countless women from operations in back-rooms.  That analogy was so dumb.

“You only care about babies until they’re born!”

Yeah, you do.  But I really want you to get a load of their counterargument.  Really drink in how stupid this is.

Okay, do you then concede it would be wrong to rebuke a person for beating a homeless person to death if you did not first provide them a house?

Um…what?  What the fuck is this idiot talking about?  I genuinely don’t get what they are trying to say with this point.  Let me put my pseudo-intellectual hat on and try and suss this out.  In what way does this tie in to the statement above?  The homeless is meant to be the baby, obviously.  So is the house supposed to be the social programs that we say you don’t care if the babies get?  And I guess the beating to death of a homeless person is the act of abortion.  Dude, we don’t give social programs to a fetus.  This retarded analogy completely ignores the statement at hand!  Was this to just get us to wonder what you’re talking about while you slink away thinking you are super smart?  Didn’t get me, retard.  I saw through your bullshit.

Pro-life arguments are the epitome of doing everything they can to not address the issue.  That last bit especially.  They don’t want to answer the charge that they couldn’t care less about social programs for babies and children, so instead they have to do a COMPLETE non-sequitur to get us to look away from the issue.  There are pro-life people who I can talk about things with.  This moron is not one of them.  She’s like the creationists in my earlier post who think that my atheism would be DESTROYED by their stupid questions.  Didn’t work, moron.  Still don’t believe in Gawd.  And my pro-choice beliefs easily can stand up to this level of stupid scrutiny.

Until next time, a quote,

“They’re not pro-life.  You know what they are?  They’re anti-woman.  Simple as it gets.  They’re anti-woman.  They don’t like ’em.  They believe a woman’s primary role is to be a brood mare for the state.  You don’t see many of these white, anti-abortion women volunteering to have black fetuses transplanted into their uterus, do ya?  Don’t see a lot of them adopting crack babies, do ya?  No, that might be something Christ would do.” – George Carlin

Peace out,


Lucien’s First Take: Death Stranding – E3 2018 Trailer

Finally, we get to the piece that I would say is the most controversial in that it still has people guessing.  This game has had a very strange hype cycle around it.  Everyone is wanting to be told everything about it, and I think that’s unfortunate.  It’s a Kojima game, so of course he’s going to play things close to the vest.  During the Sony press conference, I saw person after person bitching about this.  It was unfortunate, because when I saw this trailer, I was genuinely curious.  A lot like all the other trailers, it opens the door for more questions, but that’s not a bad thing.

Why is it that everyone wants everything spelled out for them?  We asked for gameplay, and we got it.  It’s just that the gameplay is as enigmatic as the story.  It always bugs me how everyone is looking to be spoon-fed everything.  When people were talking about the old Metal Gear Solid games, people had no idea what the first one was until they started playing it.  Even the box was enigmatic.  It had the title on a white background.  That told you nothing.  People who know Kojima know that this is his MO, so they why is everyone shocked that he doesn’t hold your fucking hand?  I swear, gamers are some of the biggest babies.

A lot like the last trailer, we’re going to be asking some questions, which I think is what this trailer was shooting for, so all of the good.  Let’s take a look.


Okay, so the first thing we see is…a baby’s ass.  This is how you know Kojima knows what he’s doing.  He did that deliberately to fuck with us.  People think that he doesn’t plan this stuff out, but you couldn’t be more wrong.  Baby gives us a thumb’s up and we’re off to the plot.

We have some chick and Norman Reedus talking about things that are a little vague.  At the very least, we learn that there are levels to what people who examine this world have, and that some people have the ability to see the creatures in the shadows, while our main character can feel them.  The chick offers him a job, but he turns her down.  There is some implication that what she does is dangerous, and he prefer what he does so he doesn’t have to be in that.

Now we get to the gameplay, and just like all the games I’ve talked about, the visuals are breath-taking.  We have Norman Reedus walking through a giant grassland that reminds me a lot of Scotland, for whatever reason.  You also see these spires going into the sky.  Landmarks of objectives?  That’s smart, given how you have this HUGE open area to traverse.

After more traversal of the landscape, we see Norman Reedus in a bath, washing away what appears to be blood from a lot of scrapes.  To me, this says that this world is dangerous as it is, and that’s why Reedus isn’t looking to get with the chick for her job when it is going to put him in even more danger.  He has his own problems.  Then we get to one of the weirder things – him carrying a corpse.  That’s kinda weird.  Why do they harvest bodies?

Then we see a destroyed metropolitan area.  This has me wondering if there was some kind of cataclysm and now the people in this world are having to survive in what’s life.  Kind of a post-apocalyptic sorta deal.  Lots of questions, which has me even more excited. More traversal, and we see Reedus pulling something really gross out of his foot.  That was so eww.  But has me wondering even more.

As he gets to the top of a ridge overlooking what appears to be a camp of some kind, he pulls out a gun.  Does this mean that there is fighting for resources?  More interesting questions.  I dig it.

Now we get to the various screens telling us things, and I think we get to the juicier stuff.  Like Norman Reedus trying to get a picture, but there is a weird shadow entity that seems to be walking on its hands, and wherever it presses down, grass grows.  That’s is surreal and creepy on a whole lot of levels, and it’s pretty clear that our main character is terrified of it.  As he tries again to get the picture he was going for, a hand grabs his, and we see…is that Lea Seydoux?  I remember her from Blue is the Warmest Color.  There’s a hard turn.  She’s dressed in pretty hardcore gear, so what is her deal?

Something I noticed about the scene after she arrives – did you catch that music?  Did that style not seem a little familiar?  Call me crazy, but since Kojima was originally intending to make a Silent Hill game with Norman Reedus and Guillermo Del Toro, and now he is basically doing the same collaboration in this game, it got me thinking.  Didn’t that music sound like Akira Yamaoka’s style?

We then get a bombshell thing that most people seem to have missed.  She says that she’s headed into town.  So there is SOME kind of infrastructure to this madness?  Is her logo on the outfit a faction?  This trailer is so good about giving us more and more questions, all of which I cannot wait to answer.  Next up we hear people on the radio talking to him, and it implies that whatever these creatures are, there is method to what they are doing as well.  Lea’s character alluded to as much as well.

Then we see that the baby that this dude carries around serves a kind of function.  The part of the machine that can detect the shadow creatures is contingent on using the baby.  That’s neat.  What follows is a genuinely tense scene where we see the shadow creatures above in a way that almost looks like The Sorrow boss fight from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.  Kojima couldn’t get away from the stealth gameplay, but that’s fine by me.  If the dude knows his shit, no sense telling him not to do what he’s good at.  The umbilical cords connecting the creatures implies some kind of mother organism.  That’s another neat clue that people don’t seem to want to pick up on.

After trying to dodge the creatures, they sight him and pull him into the ground.  Since I know that death in this game means being sucked into the much more violent purgatory realm, I figure that he didn’t actually fail in that section.  We also get Lea Seydoux eating a bug.  That’s gross, and weird, but she says that the eating of them is beneficial.  Dying to know why.

Finally, we get introduced to a blonde chick that seems to have some connection to Reedus, but he doesn’t know who she is.  Well dressed, but seems to exist in the purgatory universe of the game.  I wonder what her deal is.  So many questions.  It’s great.

Most people I talk to hate this trailer.  I love it.  Something that gives me more questions than answers while showing me the game is always for the better.  Do we want trailers that just spoil the whole damn thing?  I don’t.  Between movies and video games, so many trailers tell us everything there is to know and leave no room for interpretation.  Kojima loves him some intrigue and likes to keep gamers wondering right up to when we see what it is.  That’s what I like in his games.  You never truly know what to expect.  If all I had with games was the same shit over and over again, I would get bored very, very quickly.  Why is that what everyone wants?  It makes no sense to me.

Initial Verdict
Can’t wait to see what comes out next

Peace out,


Lucien’s First Take: The Last of Us: Part II Gameplay Trailer – E3 2018

The sequel to one of my favorite games of all time.  Needless to say the stakes for this are a mile high.  I saw the original trailer and I was pretty interested. Why is Ellie on the war path?  What is Joel’s role in this?  Will it stick with the moral framework of the previous game?  A dark narrative about the cost of living and the cost of being a good person when lights are gone and the cops don’t exist anymore.  I loved the dark themes and the brutal combat.  Joel and Ellie and their dichotomy was absolutely fantastic, and I am genuinely eager to see what they get up to next.  So let’s take a look at this trailer and see if it measures up.


We open up with a ho-down.  Okay.  I’m sure this is going to go somewhere.  Our girl Ellie is there and is looking longingly at some Indian girl.  I’m speaking about people from India, not Native Americans.  Alright. Then Asian dude comes up to her to talk.  So this game has all the diversity of a college campus pamphlet because Neil Druckmann thinks that Anita Sarkeesian has a point.  Even when her and her ex-affiliate Josh McIntosh shit-talk his games.  Funny how that works.  Okay, whatever.  So long as they’re good characters, I don’t care.  But this trailer is boring me.

The trailer goes on with this 90210 bullshit.  Where is this going?  What is this place, anyway?  Is it Tommy’s compound?  How have they maintained power over all this time?  With no way to replace parts for the hydroelectric dam, if things break, how do they keep the lights on?  I’m so bored by the stupid banter between these characters I don’t know and the one I do know that I’m finding plot holes.  This isn’t a good look.

We see the banter turn to romantic banter.  Okay.  Since I don’t know who this chick is, I don’t really care.  I guess it’s a cute scene, but I don’t give a fuck.  They kiss.  Okay.  Good for them.  Happy couple.  Where the fuck is this going?!  Then it cuts to her killing someone.  Oh hey!  Now we’re back on point!

Okay, I have SO many follow-up questions.  For starters, where is Joel?  Asian dude alludes to him being overprotective, and Ellie seems to agree.  It comes off as a little bit of animosity between them.  So, is the game going to tell us what happened between them?  Asian dude calls him her old man.  That’s interesting.  Because the audience could see that Joel and Ellie were forming a relationship as surrogate father and daughter.  It’s part of what made their dynamic so beautiful and tragic.  What happened?  Their connection tied in to the message of the game and I kinda wanna know where these two are at.  He is mentioned and then brushed off.

Given that we have India lesbian girl as the central focal point of this trailer (which again I want to stress I don’t care about, so long as she is not a boring Mary Sue), is our connection in this game supposed to be her and Ellie’s relationship?  I assume that she’s dead by the time we get to where the actual gameplay starts.  I mean, what else would drive Ellie to be so eager to go back to her killing ways?  In the last trailer she hinted that she was looking to get some very sweet revenge for what these bandit group has done. Given these two being all kiss-y would imply be killing her girlfriend, which would point that being the central conflict.

Here’s the problem – I don’t know this character.  My hope is that if she’s interesting enough, I will come to feel bad about her being murdered.  Druckmann has shown that he can write a solid relationship.  It’s how I felt bad about Joel’s daughter being killed at the beginning of the last game.  But you spend a solid four minutes on these two’s dynamic, and I don’t know who this love interest is.  It really makes me wonder what the purpose of putting that in the trailer was, if not to win SJW brownie points.  You’ve shown that you seek these people’s approval, after all, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

It’s unfortunate that the India lesbian is probably dead by the point where Ellie is being violent again.  I get the feeling that the moral quandary here is that she was living a very upstanding life, outside of the violence that her and Joel found so easy to embrace in the previous game.  The violence that she wanted to give her life for, rather than be forced to live with it.  They had to accept the people they had become by the end, because Ellie chose to accept her surrogate father’s lie about what happened at the Fireflies base, rather than the truth.

Part of me would like a scene where Indian lesbian sees this part of her girlfriend.  Where she sees this violence inside of her that she is now openly embracing all over again.  A part that I get the feeling she spent years trying to get away from.  Now it’s all back, and she has gone back to that life without a backward look.  A moment where the girlfriend sees that person that Ellie is willing to let herself be come and being horrified by it sounds kinda fun.  It fits with the theme of the universe in the game.  At least from the last game.  I’m not too sure if this game will remember that.  It would be a real shame if it doesn’t.

Also, openly gay characters in a post-apocalyptic setting interests me.  In the last game, we had Bill.  He clearly had a very ugly relationship with someone who hated him for his quirks and his conservative outlook on how to live his life and be regimented about all things at all times.  The game put that relationship and its falling apart as a very hard thing because in a world where so many people are dead, infected, or crazy, finding gay love must be the hardest thing in the world.  And given how in situations where order breaks down, conservative ideologies tend to flourish rather than liberal ones, being openly gay must be a HUGE risk to take.  Unless Neil Druckmann is going to just avoid talking about that.  It’s a magical world where reality and the ugly parts of it don’t exist.

I’m not saying I hate this little romantic thing Ellie and India chick have going.  My problem is that if you’re going to put this relationship in this setting, at least take the time to acknowledge that it’s going to be uncomfortable.  Or difficult.  Don’t just tell us that it’s totally normal part of that society.

Back to where the trailer is.  Ellie has knifed a dude and is back in form.  Alright.  I like this.  Let’s talk about the actual gameplay.  Oh my Groj, the environments in this game are gorgeous.  I noticed that Ellie seems to be able to hide in tall vegetation, much like in Uncharted 4.  I liked it in that game, and I like it here too.  So why is this player having her skirt around her enemies?  That’s not smart.  Especially since she just killed a dude.  It’s always smarter in these games to clear out your enemies.  Less chance of detection.  When they find dead bodies, they raise the alarm, you know.

I also caught that you can go prone through shorter vegetation.  Yes!  I like that too.  The sneaking possibilities in this game are expanded.  This makes me happy on a lot of levels.  Can’t help but notice those two guards you didn’t kill before raised the alarm.  Sure would have helped if you had taken them out so you can kill the enemies better.  Whoever is playing this gameplay bit is an idiot.  Also, are you unable to do the listening thing from the first game?  Because it seems an obvious thing to do given how the player never seems to know where the enemy is.

Given that Druckmann takes what Anita Sarkeesian and her ilk say seriously, it is interesting that we see that now, not only can you kill women, you can kill minority women too.  I’m actually not against that.  I like seeing the people you have to murder get changed up a bit.  The white man as being the only ones with the potential for evil is a tired cliche.  The combat also seems to have gotten a bit of revision.  Is there a kind of dodge mechanic?  It looks that way?  Or at least a parry mechanic to avoid hits.  I like that too.  The brawler combat from the last game did kind of get old pretty quick.  And since Ellie is small, dodging is a good way to get around her smaller size than her opponents.

After having to run away because the player is an idiot and didn’t realize that it’s better to kill all of your enemies as you go, we have Ellie using tall grass to hide in.  Again, I like this.  Then we see her hiding under a car!  That’s cool as shit!  And you can use weapons under the car.  That’s pretty cool too.  Though, a silent weapon would be better.  Not sure what that would be given the tight space under a vehicle, but just floating that idea.  This person playing really doesn’t get being stealthy.

Some more gunplay because this person can’t do headshots, and we see another thing that caught my eye – arrows stick out of you when you get hit.  That’s kinda neat.  Like a mechanic where if you get hit with physical projectiles you have to deal with that.  You can also use bad guys as a shield!  That’s cool as fuck!  I would abuse this SO Much.  There is also some nice destruction of the environment in this game.  That’s a nice touch.  I also like how taking ammo out of corpses like arrows is more involved.  Another nice touch.  The little nice touches are adding up.

Then we see something I was really hoping would be improved upon – the crafting mechanic.  You can make different kinds of ammo!  Yes!  So many possibilities.  This game seems to be big on giving you lots of new tools to deal with the apocalypse.  You can also pick up ammo enemies drop when they’re hurt!  More and more nice touches that go a long way.

Finally, we cut back to 90210 with a character I have no reason to care about.  REALLY hoping we come to care about this character and not have her be a boring token.  Thus far, I’ve seen how Druckmann still has the capacity to write good characters.  But he led on this trailer with this, so he’s putting all his chips in this basket.  Best of luck.

Overall, the gameplay looks slick as fuck, and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Initial Verdict
Hyped to see what comes next

Peace out,


PS: Wait a tick!  Something just occurred to me.  India lesbian looks kinda familiar.  And it is fitting, since Neil Druckmann takes this woman seriously.  Am I the only person who thinks that she looks a bit like Anita Sarkeesian?  I can’t be the only person who sees the resemblance.  Is this Neil fanboying over Anita by putting her in a video game?!  I mean, we already have Anita’s self-insert fantasy game, but now we have this guy putting her in his video game.  I CANNOT be the only one who noticed this.