RAB: Social Justice and Facebook

Anyone who has had extensive interaction with SJWs on Twitter knows that no matter how you try and phrase it, if you present an argument that does not go with what they have to say, you are getting blocked.  It’s the reason that the likes of Anita Sarkeesian will NEVER have a discussion with anyone outside of her echo chamber.  Or, if it is an interview, it’s scripted as fuck and she won’t have to answer any questions that she doesn’t like.  Remember her appearance on The Colbert Report?  Colbert asked her the softest of softball questions (name three games that promote misogyny), and it was almost comical how he was having to cover for her.  I felt bad for him.  It was abundantly clear that the interview with her was him being under obligation from Comedy Central.

Still, these people do NOT want to talk to those who don’t agree with them.  They will just write you off as some buzzword just like that.  It’s annoying, but what can you do?  There’s a reason that I have conservatives and liberals that I follow.  I am pretty liberal, but I keep an open mind because I actually get challenged sometimes.  And that’s a good thing.  If your ideas never get any legitimate challenge, then how can you grow?

Which brings me to someone on Facebook.  Much like Twitter, I am friends with people on all sides of the political spectrum.  It’s part of what I like about it.  I have had some pretty hardcore conversations with people who don’t agree with me.  It’s good stuff.  But then I run into someone of the social justice persuasion.  Though I will admit, not all of them.  I have a friend who has some social justice ideas, but he hasn’t drank the Kool-Aid enough to be full on SJW.  We’ve disagreed on stuff, but I still enjoy his company because we can talk about it, and get pretty serious.  That’s good.

But then we have people like another former friend of mine, who I normally don’t talk to.  She posted a TON of stuff about “privilege” and the various “phobias” out there.  I’ve always said to myself – it’s not worth picking a fight.  You know how it will end.  But today I I decided that I had enough.  She shared some bullshit thing on Twitter talking about how a rich guy does something bad, and it’s an example of “rich white male privilege.”  I decided that I was annoyed and wanted to put this stupidity in its place.  Because this idea that there is “male privilege” or “white privilege” is so much bullshit.  Why can’t I cash in on this?  I’m living in poverty, so why can’t I get in on that action?  Come on, Privilege Fairy!  Throw some my way!

Naturally, I posed my disagreement, in my usual fashion, and of course she decided to send me some wonderfully-biased articles that all referenced someone else.  Because who wants to be original?  I read them, and it was just talking about some essay from a woman named Peggy McIntosh.  I wonder if she’s related to Sarkeesian’s man-slave.  Will look into that.  So yeah, unimpressed, I replied back that I believed her articles articulating just how awful white people are were just a bunch of First World problems.  You probably know what comes next.  I get told “BUH BYE” and then I saw later she posted a comment about how racist I was.  After I was blocked from replying, of course.  Whatever.

The thing that this leads me into is wondering something – how is it the social justice community can be like this?  How is it that they can live in their echo chambers?  Something to know about me, I kind of like to be exposed to new things.  My favorite stories are the ones that got me to thinking and made me ponder about stuff.  Same with my favorite films and video games.  I love that sort of stuff.  How is it that these people can just dive head-long into their echo chambers and never look back?  You would think that their “safe spaces” would get so boring after a while.  Like, how much do you want to be told things you already believe?  How much do you want to have your own opinions thrown back at you, without any critique of any kind?

What happened to the Atheism + group was that it became just a giant echo chamber.  That’s all it is now.  Just one big endless circle-jerk, where everyone but the mods have been banned, and they continually check each other’s privilege.  Every time social justice comes into a community, that’s what it becomes.  How do people live that way?  How do all those demi-pan-fluid-sexual, dragonkin people survive in a community where they are just figuratively blowing each other all the time?  That would get so boring after a while!  I like a good argument, from time to time.  It’s the reason I don’t mod comments. (by the way, if you ever comment and it doesn’t appear, know that i have to approve new people, since I can’t just have that be automatic.  And sometimes legit comments end up in the Spam folder, so I have to go in there once or twice a month and clean up) Because when you have open discourse, people learn things.  It’s a good thing.  But maybe that’s just me talking.

Until next time, a quote,

“Everyone thinks that all the bells echo their own thoughts.”  – Proverb

Peace out,


College Boys in the UK Looked at Pictures of Naked Girls! (A response to The Telegraph)

I know what most of you are thinking – so?  Who cares?  It’s boys looking at pictures of naked girls.  Find me the adolescent male who doesn’t do this.  I want to know.  I want you to find me the teen to young adult male who doesn’t jerk off to pictures of naked girls.  Unless they’re gay, so they’re jerking off to pictures of naked men.  Either way, everyone is doing it.  It’s normal.  What is the problem?  Well, The Telegraph is going to report on just what a big deal this is, when a university in Dublin found out that a bunch of boys were sharing pictures of naked girls and rating them on a Facebook group.  This is apparently national news.  Of course it is.  What’s the word for this kind of “news”?  Right – click-bait.  Here’s a link to the article.  Now let’s talk about it.

A group of male students have allegedly shared sexual images of their female peers online without their consent on a Facebook group.

Here’s a question – were this pictures sent to them by these girls?  Like did some girl send their respective boyfriend or something naked pictures?  If that’s the case, then I’m about to have an unpopular opinion.  Ladies, take note – if you don’t want your naked pictures to end up on the Internet, there’s a simple solution.  What is that solution?  Don’t take them!  Or, if you must, don’t send them to anybody.  Don’t put them in the Cloud on your phone.  In the age of the Internet and sexting, I have very little sympathy for people who get all butthurt about sharing their naked pictures with someone and then getting mad that they ended up online.  You have no one to blame but yourself for sharing that with someone.  So, rather than blaming the boys in this instance, I am going to blame you.  Because it is your own fault.  The moment that you share your naked photos with another person, you lose the right to be mad that they are out on the Internet.

Back to the article.

The University College Dublin students are said to have created a “revenge porn” group where they shared nude images of women and ‘rated’ them, according to a report by the university’s paper The College Tribune.

As I said, if these pictures were sent to these boys from these women, then they lose the right to be angry about it being on the Internet.  And for those who are about to come at me with that “they have the right to their privacy” bullshit, keep this in mind – when Hulk Hogan’s sex tape was leaked on the Internet, how many of you watched it?  When a picture of Justin Bieber’s dick leaked onto the Internet, how many of you looked at it?  Hell, there were articles that talked about his dick and how pleasant it was.  If you don’t want to have naked pictures of you leaked out, then don’t take them.  I can’t help but feel that this is another issue where women are treated like their privacy is sacrosanct, but the moment that it is a guy, sucks to be him.  But this newspaper wouldn’t be doing that, would they?

The group was allegedly exposed by the university’s newspaper last week and students shared their understanding of a group where around 200 ‘lads’ “shared stories about girls they had sex with, shared the girls’ nudes and then posted the girls’ Facebook pages where they’d all rate them out of 10.”

Okay, so it’s as I thought.  The girls did send these naked pictures to these guys, and they shared them.  Whatever your thoughts are about that, you can’t be against them telling stories about the girls they hooked up with.  That’s been a staple of not just guy but also girl culture since forever!  Ladies, do NOT tell me that you don’t tell stories to your girlfriends about guys (or girls.  Whatever you’re into) you’ve had sex with.  Not only do I not believe it, but if you attempt to justify it, you are proving how full of shit you are.  Sharing stories about sex partners is normal.  Everyone does it.  How is this some shining example of sexism?

Students are now sharing their thoughts on sexism at university campuses on social media with the hashtag #UCD200 and speaking out against lad culture.

“Lad culture”?  Fuck you!  Fuck you and your double-standard bullshit!  I refuse to believe that if it was the other way around, the news would be making a big deal out of this.  Hell, they’d be where I am, telling these guys that if they didn’t want their dick pics getting out, they shouldn’t share them.  And I would agree with them.  I don’t have a double-standard.  Don’t want your junk pics out there?  Don’t share them.  This is so much bullshit.

Naturally, the article shared Tweet after Tweet where women talked about how awful and sexist the men at this university are.  Of course.  Something tells me that these same people watched The Hunting Ground and didn’t see it for the bullshit that it is.

The student union has condemned the alleged Facebook group in a Facebook post saying: “We’re not going to pass the buck. We will change ‘lad’ culture in UCD as promised following our election to office.

Oh, so you’re going to change the general psyche of men?  You’re going to make men suddenly not want to talk about their sex lives with their mates?  You going to tell girls that if they don’t want their naked pictures spread around they shouldn’t share them?  Of course not.  The women are the victims.  Of course they are.  Because if women are told to take responsibility for their part in something, then that is just sexist.

Ladies, you aren’t a protected class.  I hold you to the same standard I hold men to.  Don’t want your naked pictures spread around?  Don’t take them.  Don’t want some guy to tell the stories about having sex with you?  Well, don’t fuck them.  If you are at a bar and ponder having some guy stick his dick in you, keep in mind that the story of this drunken night may end up on the Internet.  Life’s a risk, and you play as you will.  But don’t cry to me when you got on the wrong end of life and then get bitten.  The only person you have to blame is yourself.  Take a cue from a TERRIBLE movie about online bullying.

Until next time, a quote,

“Well, what you do online isn’t exactly private.”  – Kris Hillridge, Cyberbu//y

Peace out,


Don’t Use Kids to Sell Your Propaganda (A response to “So Sorry”)

There is something that I despise more than other things.  I’ve seen the right do it a lot, but to be fair, the left does it just as much.  The difference is that the mainstream media usually rips the right to pieces when they do it.  When the left does it, it’s all progressive and shit.  Hypocrisy in the media?  What’s that?!  Anyway, it just bugs me when I see people who have some political agenda to sell using children to sell their point.  Using people who are not at the age to consent to being used, so you can play to people’s emotions.  Using children to make your point is never a tactic done by a person who’s argument depends on them being taken seriously.  It is used by people who want to mine that pathos goodness for all it’s worth.  Because it works.  The same way that guilt-tripping commercial for adopting pets with that Sarah MacLaughlin music playing over it.

Case and point, let’s look at a group called “So Sorry.”  It’s a group who has decided to use children in their utterly-emotional arguments made to make people feel guilty about the fact that black people were slaves…once upon a time.  For real, aside from the illegal practices, slavery does not exist in this world anymore.  This entire campaign basically hinges on – you white people are so awful!  And they got a bunch of white people and their children to play along!  Let’s take a look at some of these people who are filled with guilt about something that they themselves have never, ever participated in.

So SorryWow.  Just look at that.  This person really wants their child to feel like shit.  Why?  Well, because he is the same skin color as people who did something hundreds of years before he was even a glimmer in his old man’s sack.  I wonder if that is his old man next to him.  It would be fitting.  His old man is a piece of shit who uses his child this way.

So Sorry 3You know, if this wasn’t something that was so blatantly pandering to emotions, I would wonder if this was maybe a tongue-in-cheek jab at the fact that black people were part of the slave trade too.  Something that people who don’t study history don’t want to talk about is the fact that there were plenty of black people involved in the slave trade as well.  In fact, most of the African slaves that were caught were done with the help of other black people, eager to sell out their enemy tribes and help their own tribe grow in power.  Don’t see people like this talking about that much.  Of course not.

So Sorry 2Look at all these people, so eager to show how bad they feel for something that they were never a part of.  Ever.  I’m not one of these “white guilt” crowd.  I hate that term.  Typically because those who say that people have it are racist.  But in this case, it’s kind of hard to avoid that corollary.  After all, their shirts are all apologizing.  For something that not one person here has ever participated in.  That’s a fact.  Oh, and look at that kid in the back.  I wonder which person there is his parent.

So Sorry 4Oh look, they’re using peoples toddlers in this one!  Kid barely has object permanence, and he’s being made to feel like shit for something he has never, ever been involved with.  Nice work, parents.

But that’s not the thing that gets me about that picture.  Look to the far left.  You see the woman there, dressed in green?  She has never, ever been a slave.  Ever.  Neither she, or her parents, or her children has had to live like this.  Yet she wants these white people to feel bad about something that they were never involved in.  Instead of talking about “white guilt,” let’s instead talk about what this actually is – original sin.  That’s what this entire campaign is about.  Because us honkys have the same skin color as the people who enslaved black people, hundreds of years ago, what they did is on our hands.  Um…how about no!  How about I am responsible for my own actions, and not those of my ancestors.  Was slavery wrong?  Absolutely.  That’s why it’s illegal now.  I am not going to feel bad about the fact that I share a skin color with the people who did bad things hundreds of years ago.  I have a lot of Germ in my blood.  Does that mean that I am tangentially responsible for the Nazis?  Nope!  I don’t feel bad about that, either.  The Holocaust was awful, but I wasn’t involved.  No one in my family was.

The thing about this is – it never ends.  You could make this comparison about anyone.  You white?  Then you’re responsible for the deaths of the Native Americans!  You of Russian descent?  Then you’re responsible for the actions of Stalin!  Wait, that was him killing other white people.  That doesn’t count.  At least not to these people.  You English?  Well then you are responsible for the mistreatment of the Irish, way back in the day!  Oh, wait, more white people.  I don’t believe in the concept of original sin.  I’m not about to feel guilty about being who I am.  If you don’t like me being white, then you are welcome to not be in my company.  What happened back then was bad.  But it’s over now. I don’t have faith in God, why would I believe in original sin?

And don’t fucking use kids to sell your schtick!  Assholes.

Until next time, a quote,

“I do respect people’s faith, but I don’t respect their manipulation of that faith in order to create fear and control.”  -Javier Bardem

Peace out,


A Shocked Farewell to GT…

GameTrailersFor those who didn’t know, it was just announced that GameTrailers, a site that has been very good about gamer content, is closing their doors.  I’m shocked.  No joke, it’s a genuine shock to me.  More than anything, it is so damn unfortunate.  And to be honest, with GameTrailers dying, I am kind of worried about the state of the industry.  I mean, we have this site, which has been pretty pro-consumer and has put out some damn good content for years.  These people aren’t Kotaku.  They aren’t Polygon.  If those “journalists” lost their jobs, no one would lament.  But these people were huge!  They were still producing some damn good content.  I just watched their review for a game called Firewatch, and I look forward to getting my hands on it.  Someday.  When I have money again.  What is going on in the industry right now?

That’s not a rhetorical question.  I legit want to know.  There is something really messed about the games industry right now, and I honestly don’t like it.  When I first heard of them, it was to watch their reviews.  I hated the fact that they didn’t put their reviews on YouTube, but it was still worth it so that I could see what games were out that I wanted to play.  Now that’s gone.  Those personalities and all the content they made is dead and buried.  That sucks!  What’s more, I can’t help but feel bad for all the people who worked there, now jobless and thrust back out into the maw that is the job market.  Trust me, I know EXACTLY how you feel.

I’m honestly not sure what else to say.  A site with all the production power and talent like GT is just going down the shitter.  Who is next?  This genuinely can’t be a good sign for the industry, and I am nervous as fuck about where things are headed.  Because these people were a household name in gaming.  If it can be them, then who’s next?  Anyway, I will say that I wish the people there, like Brandon Jones and Kyle Bosman all the best.  I hope they all land on their feet.  This must have been hard for them as well.  Hopefully I’ll get to hear Brandon Jones’ voice doing reviews on another avenue.  Maybe he will be doing his own videos or partnering with another network.

It’s a sad day in gaming.  So many games that I came to love, I heard about through them.  Games like The Last of Us, or Arkham City.  This is so nuts.  Who knows where things are going to go next.

Until next time, a quote,

“There is no real ending.  Just a place where you stop the story.”  -Frank Herbert

Peace out,


Jameis Winston Should Sue for Defamation (A response to The Hunting Ground)

If there is a more clear-cut case for defamation of character, look no further than the highly lauded documentary The Hunting Ground.  This is the latest in propaganda to come from the social justice crowd with one mission – men in college are sexual predators.  Don’t believe me?  Well, watch this movie with a completely uncritical eye and you’ll realize that not only does this film go out of its way to tar and feather men as sexual predators, along with colleges for unfeeling enablers of rape.  Ever university that is featured in this film should be suing, but there is one person in-particular that I think needs to bring the legal hammer of justice to the makers of this film, because I genuinely don’t think I’ve seen a better case for defamation made in any film.

The guy’s name is Jameis Winston.  He’s a quarterback at Florida State University.  He was accused of rape by a woman named Erica Kinsman.  But just like in the case of “Jackie” with Rolling Stone and Crystal Mangum with the Duke lacross players, the truth came out.  Kinsman’s entire story is full of holes, and while no one may ever know what happened in that room, we do know that it is all complete bullshit.  Here’s a fantastic article which lays out all the holes of the story and shows how this film goes out of its way to make sure Winston looks like the biggest piece of shit to ever exist.  You read that article, and you realize something – the makers of that documentary must be SO pissed that the whole UVA story was proven to be a hoax.  I get the feeling that the other major 15 minute segment would have been devoted to that story, and this documentary would have been that much longer.

But despite how ugly all of this is, the thing that pisses me off is this – this movie has huge nationwide appeal!  It was screened at the White House!  It’s getting accolades left and right!  But the entire movie is so blatantly full of shit!  It takes the 1 in 5 statistic and plasters that all over the movie.  A statistic so ludicrous that if it were true, no parent would send their daughter to college.  None.  Not one.  However, the mainstream media is eating this bullshit up.  When critics call out the erroneous statistics and virtually non-existent fact-checking, it’s decried by people everywhere and insensitive.

There is some hope that something can be done to strike back against this sort of outright character assassination.  And what can be done is this – Jameis, sue the fuckers who made this movie.  Sue the fuck out of them.  This is defamation of character if I have ever seen it.  Either these filmmakers are so stupid that they didn’t even do the slightest amount of checking their facts, or the fact that they they have a chip on their shoulder told them not to.  Phi Kappa Psi is suing Rolling Stone, and I hope that they don’t settle out of court and drag those bastards through the streets in a figurative drawn and quartering of their reputation.  Similarly, the makers of this documentary need to have the same thing done to them.  Although, given that the “victim” in the Winston case is suing him to keep her from continuing to bad-mouth him, maybe he has too many problems already.

Still, I hope that he fights this.  I hope that he burns these people.  The only time that the social justice crowd is going to stop this madness is when people actually fight back.  And since the people who do this sort of thing are professional victims, the only way to hurt them is financially.  Hurt their pocketbooks, and the rest will follow.  Fuck the makers of this film, and fuck their bullshit narrative that one can fact-check in two seconds on Google!  What A-level “research” they did.  Maybe Sabrina Ruben Erdely can work for them next.

Until next time, a quote,

“The story was simply too tempting, too sensational, to let facts get in the way.” – Lawsuit against Rolling Stone

Peace out,


Really Good Bad Advice: Number Four

Hello everyone.  Welcome to another installment of a bit where I find an advice column that people made and then supersede that person and answer the question myself.  Why?  Because I’m an asshole like that.  Today’s question is interesting.  You ever wonder how the rich and famous deal with their lives and their issues?  Well, today’s question comes from someone who is rich enough to have a maid and a gardener, and yet has issues with these people.  Let’s take a look.

Dear…is it Lucien again?

I have an interesting ethical — or perhaps a moral — dilemma.

This can only be good!

We spend significant time at a cabin we own and our longtime gardener and maid have keys to our home. The gardener also has keys to our cars.

When my wife and I returned to the cabin recently, I found two containers of a sexual lubricant on the kitchen counter. My assumption is that one of them used our home for a tryst and forgot to remove this evidence. The gardener and maid are both married. The bottles remain in plain sight on the kitchen counter and neither has claimed them or mentioned them.

I am reluctant to ask either of them because it might point to the other as being unfaithful and would expose them as having used our home for non-work-related purposes.

They do know each other slightly. Either could lie if I ask. Basically, because of my suspicion I am going to worry about their trustworthiness until I resolve whose it is and how it got into our home.

We have grown, unmarried kids. They have their own homes. I asked our son if these items belonged to him and he chuckled and said no. Now he knows (by deduction) that I suspect hanky-panky from one of the employees. My wife wants me to drop it.

What do you think I should do? — Concerned Homeowner in Houston

First off – damn!  These people are trusting!  They let their maid and gardener not only have keys to their home, but also to their cars.  Plural.  Oh, and their cabin, which I’m betting isn’t some shack, but more the kind of “cabin” that was in the game Until Dawn.  I wish I had enough money for this to be an issue.  There’s a dream life to have.

Next, I’m kind of with your wife here, in saying that you should drop it.  Prying into someone’s sex life is beyond unprofessional.  Now, there is the fact that they are using your cabin to fuck, so that is unprofessional on their part.  But I don’t know.  This seems like one of those things where it would be best to just let it go and not make too much of a deal about it.  After all, there’s no evidence that they are fucking each other.  One or both of them could be using that cabin to have an affair.  Interesting.  Makes me think of those old titles, “The lifestyles of the rich and famous.”  Don’t I fucking wish.  I will say that the fact that one or both of them was stupid enough to leave their lube on the kitchen counter says a lot about the quality of help you have.

Which might be the answer to your problem – is one of these people really stupid?  I ask because if that’s the case, then you know who you have to fire – the really stupid one.  Find the dumbest people among your help and then you likely have the culprit of this act of infidelity.  Although, wait, how do you know that they didn’t take their spouse up there to fuck?  That’s kind of an arrogant assumption on your part.  Just because it’s your cabin, you assume infidelity?  Methinks that you are looking for evidence of something that may or may not exist.

You ask me, either straight-up ask them, or just find the one who doesn’t have all their marbles together and fire the guilty party.  After all, them using your cabin for fucking is unprofessional, and that does make some sense to me why you’d want to can that person.  It’s not nearly as complicated as you’re making it out to be.

Until next time, a quote,

Lying, stealing, and cheating are commonplace.” – Joseph B. Wirthlin

Peace out,


RAB: Chronicle and Deadpool

1. Chronicle

I just got done watching the film Chronicle.  First time seeing it, and it was really good.  Sure, the acting was a little bad, sometimes, but I think the thing that appealed to me is the fact that it was so true-to-life in respect to what being a kid and getting superpowers would be like.  Let’s be honest – all of us wanted something amazing like that to happen to us when we were kids.  Whatever it was, whether it was going to Neverland or getting invited to Hogwarts or whatever it was, we all wanted something like that to happen to us.  What kid didn’t dream of finding some nuclear ooze or alien artifact or some shit and then it giving us superpowers?  We all wanted that.  Part of me still does.  This leftover inner child that is so fucking miserable.

But the truth is that we all don’t want to admit it, but getting superpowers would SUCK.  It would be awesome, at first.  But then you find someone who is pissing you off, or whatever, and then you use it to hurt that person.  You’d hate yourself or be afraid or whatever.  Maybe you’d lay off.  Who knows.  Point is, you’d still have that temptation in the back of your mind.  Empathy is important, and I think almost everyone has it.  But human nature is unpredictable.  You do shit when emotions get mixed up in your life.  For a normal person, that might mean that you say some shit that you didn’t mean to say.  But with superpowers, it’s a whole different thing.  You won’t be able to control the part of you that normally is limited by just being pissed.  Now you can hurt the person who hurts you.  Now, you can fuck with the person being an asshole in traffic.  It’s a frightening thought.  That film just had telekinesis.  Imagine if you could control flame and were a kid in high school.  Nightmare stuff.

Still, it’s a good movie.  The kind of movie that gets me to thinking.  Weird that it’s a found-footage movie about superpowers.  You wouldn’t think that that would be the film to do it.  Part of the reason that I have no intention of writing a review for it.  That would just be a waste of effort.  Objectively, it isn’t the greatest movie.  My passion for it is totally subjective..  Maybe because I feel for that awkward kid.  Imagine the kid that was treated like shit in you high school.  Maybe that was you.  But if it wasn’t, and you saw that kid getting fucked up, how quickly would you see that kid deciding one day not to take it anymore?  Like I said, Nightmare stuff.  There’s a reason that Carrie is one of my favorite books.  That seemed pretty accurate to how a social outcast getting unimaginable power would have happen. It’s all fun and games, until the wrong person fucks with them on the wrong day, and then hopefully you aren’t in their way when they’re on the warpath.

2. Deadpool

Was that depressing enough for you?  Well, here’s something else – I kind of hate how so many people are going so nuts about the new Deadpool movie.  I am excited, but here’s the thing – I actually knew who this character was before this movie!  I’ve never been much for comics, but I had actually gotten to know this character.  I was just as insulted as other comic book nerds were when they saw what was done to him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  I was one of the people who thought that while the game based on him was mediocre, its saving grace was how faithful it was to the character, and the incredible performance by Nolan North that brought him to life so well.  Respect, North!  You did awesome.  The gameplay might have been repetitive garbage, but you still made it fun.  I gotta give you props.

Then I realize what my actual problem is – I hate how trendy comic book culture has become.  The only reason SJWs actually care about this stuff is because it’s trendy.  These fucking hipsters didn’t give two shits about ANY of this stuff until it became mainstream and popular.  The moment that it became big enough to have a following, it was now something that was totally their favorite thing.  We get Facebook pages like “Geeks are Sexy.”  Oh yeah?  Where were you when I was in school?  When you’d have these kids wearing Star Wars shirts, not realizing that they are female-repellent?  Where were you then, ladies?  Oh, right, back then you were on boy bands and the other popular deals.

Comic book culture has gone very mainstream, and I think something has been lost along the way.  Now movies are being made that are safe, made to appeal to a wide audience, and above all – marketable.  For the days when comic book movies were a gamble.  Back then, we got some pretty cool movies.  We got movies like The Crow, Blade (The first one, not the shitty ass sequels.  For both films) and even sleeper successes like The Mask of Zorro.  These movies were a risk, so when you made one, you had to take a chance on who you would appeal to.  Now, these movies are almost guaranteed to rake in huge bucks, so taking risks is suddenly a bad idea.  As such, these films are becoming stale as fuck.

But maybe that is the good thing about the new Deadpool movie.  The fact that this is the first comic book film in ages that is actually taking real risks.  Because of that, China says that they won’t show it.  Which means that there will likely never be a sequel to it.  Oh well.  I say – I’d rather have one really badass movie with a character that I really like, than a bunch of safe and marketable movies that strip away all the cool factor from the Merc with the Mouth.  I’ll take that any day.  Don’t know about all of you.

Let me know your thoughts down in the comments.  Part of why I do these RAB posts is to generate dialogue.  I am eager to hear your perspective.

Until next time, a quote,

“I don’t have time for your X-Men bullshit, Colossus!  Besides, nobody’s getting hurt!”  -Deadpool, Deadpool

Peace out,