Our Government Cares More About Votes Than Protecting Children

As hopefully most of you are, I am absolutely disgusted by what has been coming out recently about the Catholic Church and the allegations of sexual abuse that goes even to the highest level.  Pope Jorge hasn’t denied knowing about the abuse from the most recent figure, so that must mean he is in on the scam.  All the people who talked about how THIS Pope was going to be the big change for the Catholic Church – where the fuck are you now?!  Huh?!  All that change?  Bullshit.  Smoke and mirrors.  And that is why he is Jorge, in my eyes.  That’s his given name, and he has NOT earned his fictional Pope name.  Not by a long-shot.

It is long past time that the American government cracked down on this.  It is LONG past time that the Catholic Church started to feel afraid of the long arm of the law.  If not vigilante justice.  I don’t say that idly.  The fact that it has come to that is only due to the government not doing a fucking thing.  Not in a big way.  You have a few states doing a few things, but in reality, it’s all bullshit.  Hell, there was a story I read about how the Church itself allowed a judge in one state to review the matter.  The Church allowed it?!  Since when do these child-fucking pieces of shit get the freedom to deny our government anything?!  Since when do we need their fucking permission?!

Over the years, I’ve been looking at how our government conducts itself, and something truly horrible had come to me.  See, the real question is – why hasn’t the government done anything sooner?  It’s not even a public secret at this point that members of the clergy are abusing children.  It’s outright public knowledge.  Yet nothing still happens.  Why is this?  It’s simple – political calculus.  See, the government does a simple thing. They know that there are a ton of Catholics in this country.  For reasons I will never understand.  How someone can be attached to an organization that protects pedophiles and still feel morally superior is beyond me.  If you are an average citizen and you support the Church, I want you to accept that you support pedophiles.  It’s a fact.  But I digress.

The government does a calculus asking if it’s better to lose the votes of Catholics than to actually step up and protect the children.  And their math has come down to the fact that it’s better to let the pedophiles and their pedophile protection racket continue their dirty business of what amounts to sex trafficking (no joke, that’s part of it.  Look at the report out of Philadelphia.  That reads like what should be every parent’s nightmare), because they don’t want to lose the votes of the retards who fill their pews.  The useful idiots of a corrupt aristocracy who is perfectly content moving sexual predators around so they can abuse more children.

How can I properly explain how much I LOATHE the Catholic Church?  I need more descriptive terms.  They are hucksters.  They are charlatans.  They are enablers.  They are mafia wives.  They are predators.  They are pedophiles.  They are child-fuckers.  They are pretty much psychopathic with their utter lack of empathy in the face of what happens.  They are an aristocracy who is worse than the cops in how they protect their own from ACTUAL justice.  They are salesmen of lies, using the fear of Hell to instill their faith into the very children who are at risk from the pedophiles in their ranks that they couldn’t care less to protect.  They tell people to pray for the victims than demand justice!  They are assholes, intellectual-slaveholders, aristocrats, unsympathetic, uncaring, can’t-be-bothered to do the right thing, arrogant, privileged, scum-sucking, cock-sucking, gay-bashing, woman-hating (pro-life is anti-woman.  Fact), corrupt, narrative-spinning pieces of shit!  Fuck Catholicism and all who support it!

But lest we forget that our government doesn’t just not care about children from pedophiles.  They don’t care about them from murderers, either.  I wonder how many school shootings there will be there year.  More and more bodies that you could lay at the feet of our elected officials and all they would do is say how sorry they are for what happened.  All while the NRA pays them huge sums of money to do fuck-all.  Even the most basic tightening of gun regulations?  Nope!  Because that would violate our freedom!  They’re gonna take our guns!  What’s that?  They aren’t?  They just want some basic legislation like having to register all firearms and have a license before you own one?  Making it so you can’t just sell a gun to a person, but have to go through a process like selling a car?  That hurts our freedom!  For…reasons!

It blows my mind how sociopathic everyone in power in this country is.  They will let pedophiles philander, and arm murderers, all so they don’t have to risk any fucking votes.  I swear, there will be a politician who does nothing but vote on their conscience someday, and every media outlet and government official will malign them until Hell freezes over.  Because we can’t have a government that actually gives one dusty fuck about the people it is supposed to represent.  It doesn’t.  They don’t care about ANY of you!  Don’t believe me?!  Take a look at who actually runs this government.  The corporations who feed astronomical sums of money into their coffers.  See what kinds of people they are, and then you realize who our government is.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I don’t vote.  Because humanity fucking sucks, and there isn’t a single person who is actually gonna do a goddamn thing to make it better!  Fuck the morons who say otherwise.

Until next time, a quote,

“This is the best we can do, folks!  Garbage in, garbage out!” – George Carlin

Peace out,



Spider-Man Isn’t Political Enough! (A response to Kotaku)

Anyone remember when Far Cry 5 came out and all the SJWs were bitching about how it wasn’t political enough and didn’t make a caricature of conservative America enough for them?  Well, it seems that the new Spider-Man isn’t exempt from this intellectually-vapid “journalism” either.  Because now we have Kotaku writing another insipid piece where a game that was targeted at young people to put them into the role of their favorite superhero to beat up bad guys isn’t political enough for them.  Letting kids have fun?  Fuck that!  We have to put them into the political arena and tell them how to feel about things!  Because that’s what general audiences love – blatant political messages.  That’s not to say that Spider-Man doesn’t have themes and messages.  The problem for them will become apparently soon enough.  Here’s a link to the article, now let’s talk about it.

Spider-Man has taken on his share of street thugs and supervillains, sometimes teaming up with the police to face down foes and rescue the people of New York. While Spider-Man on PS4 undoubtedly shows Spidey’s allegiance to his community, it also casts him as a big fan of police and their tactics that sometimes conflict with that civic mindset.

So yeah, their problem is that Spider-Man isn’t making enough of a statement about the cops.  Ugh.  Of course, Heather Alexandra wrote this.  What a shock.  He’s a fan of New York.  He wants to take down bad guys and protect good guys.  So yeah, he is on the side of law enforcement.  But since the first part of the game has some dirty cops trying to kill him, it isn’t like the game is ignoring that things are complicated.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let’s keep going.

One of the earliest things you do in Spider-Man is go around activating security towers, made by Oscorp but used by the NYPD, that make it easier for Spider-Man to track crimes as they happen. Narratively, these towers allow the police to better surveil citizens; they also give Spider-Man access to police frequencies.

Um, when does he use the towers to keep track of average citizens?  Nowhere in the game does that happen.  They are only ever used to track police frequencies.  Hell, there’s a bit on Jameson’s radio show where he makes that exact same argument, but you the player get to see it’s more of his conspiracy theorizing!  Man, Heather, it’s almost like you just heard that and assumed it’s true.  I get the feeling you would be a big fan of Jameson.  I love when a game attacks the arguments of it’s detractors directly.  Really saves me a lot of work.

Not to mention, I love how you gloss over the fact that Oscorp made the towers.  Because you have this chip on your shoulder, so fuck the ACTUAL context of the game – that Oscorp is a corporate monolith and is corrupt.  A theme that is central throughout the entire game.  The idea that corporate monopoly is bad.  Seems like you missed that.  Just putting that out there.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man’s enthusiasm for the police—from his stated love of busting drug deals to his cheesy “Spider-Cop” impersonation—had my coworker Tim Rogers calling Spidey a “narc.” While I found Spider-Man as good-hearted and heroic as ever, he was also way more accepting of state power than I expected from a hero with a history of being wrongly maligned by the press and police.

He’s trying to stop bad guys, moron!  That means that, by virtue of what he does, since he absolutely refuses to kill, he is on the side of the police.  Yeah, they malign him, but part of the thing is that he wants to be accepted by the public at large.  It really looks like you’re cherry-picking data points to back you up here, and it’s kind of annoying.  But I guess assisting the cops to any extent makes you a “narc.”  Wow.  Look, I have my issues with the police state as much as anyone.  But the idea that the police are, by virtue of existence, to not be trusted and a hero who wants to help people and save innocent lives should be against them is asinine.

In real life, the conditions at Rikers Island and the systems surrounding it are complex, but games like The Division and Spider-Man flatten that complexity in favor of giving you criminal enemies to overcome. The Division features “the Rykers” as an opposing force for much of the mid-game, and while its radio makes mention of how many prisoners are in jail for minor crimes like drug possession, your primary interaction is to shoot everyone. In Spider-Man, these prisoners function as generic thugs to fight in waves. Despite being a superhero who is on the side of the people, when faced with this element of his city, Spider-Man forgets his allegiances and just enjoys beating the shit out of them.

Um, no he doesn’t.  He fights back against people who choose to fight him!  The people busting out of Rikers aren’t the gentle lambs of the world.  They are violent.  They are choosing to attack cops.  Every single one of them that is in the riot is attacking the cops, attacking Spider-Man, or often both.  If Spider-Man went from cell to cell kicking the shit out of people, you might have some semblance of an argument.  But he doesn’t.  One of his quips is that he will be perfectly content to leave them alone if they go back into their cells and stop fighting.  More and more, it looks like you are just cherry-picking based on a narrative you like to spin.  I can’t imagine Heather Alexandra doing that.  Nope, not once.

Spider-Man’s simple presentation of crime and policing feels tone-deaf in the modern age, when more and more people are growing aware of the class and race dynamics of policing.

You wanna know what’s funny – so many people who think like this fail to understand that police brutality has a deeper problem.  Not the racism, though there’s that.  There is a lovely need in the SJW community to talk about how black cops in the inner-city can be just as violent as their white counterparts.  There is a deeper problem, one that might actually have a chance to be solved now that more and more states are moving towards legalization of marijuana.  The problem is the drug war.  It’s the thing that has destroyed so many cities.  And yeah, there are DEFINITELY racial components to it.  Like how white people and black people do drugs at a commensurate rate, but black people are penalized far more.

However, the solution to this isn’t to imprison more white people.  It’s to end the drug war.  Once that’s done, so much good can be done for the black community in this country.  More than Black Lives Matter will EVER accomplish.  What do I mean?  I mean that we can get non-violent drug offenders out of prison.  This would free up such a vast amount of prison space, allowing there to be some hope of rehabilitation.  What’s more, the legal market would CRUSH the illegal one in a matter of months.  Once the gangs are out of business, businesses would feel safe going back to the black communities.  This would mean more jobs, more income, and help income disparity.  Plus, it would help tame the racial stigmas.  Though the black community would then have to step up and help the police to crush the last vestiges of the crime that destroyed their communities.  Once that was done, what a wonderful world it would be.

This is contingent on mass decriminalization of all narcotics, but one step at a time.  Once the government sees how much money there is to be made with this stuff, it will happen.  The film Layer Cake made a great point about that.  But I don’t expect Heather Alexandra to get that.  She has hair dyed a color not found in nature.  I see such people, I just assume they have nothing of value to contribute.

Spider-Man’s portrayal of policing feels divorced from reality, to the point that it feels out of line with Spidey’s comic book heritage. Comics often speak to what’s happening in the real world. Captain America assumed the role of Nomad in 1974, the same year that Richard Nixon resigned from office in the wake of the Watergate Scandal. The X-Men have a history of allegorical representation of minoritized and persecuted groups. Spider-Man doesn’t seem interested in reacting to the real world.

I’m not aware if you know this, but comic books and video games are two different mediums.  Insomniac didn’t want to make a comic book.  They wanted to make a video game.  One that’s fun for as many people as possible.  One that would appeal to the fans of Spider-Man, with an emphasis on young people.  Kids who saw Tom Holland rocking the role, and then wanted to play a game as that character.  That’s who this was meant to appeal to.  But you want this to be some political screed.  I’m sorry (not sorry) you don’t like that.  You’re reporting on the wrong medium for that.  Video games are about being fun for the audience.  Sorry that bothers you so much.

Until next time, a quote,

“For every complex problem, there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.” – H.L. Mencken

Peace out,


Nobody Sticks to Their Guns Anymore

You know what I’m tired of?  The utter lack of conviction on the part of YouTube personalities these days.  I remember when I was starting to really watch this stuff, there were people commenting on the videos of others, and it was great stuff.  The pwnage videos, then the more intellectual response videos where those responding would still rip someone’s ideas to pieces, but would be more on point and less just trying to get a reaction.  I can still dig both kinds of videos.  But as I watch the platform these days, that’s not what I see, and that REALLY disappoints me.

A while back, Mister Metokur made a video about “Internet bloodsports.”  These videos that people make where they invite people with inflammatory ideas and give them a platform to spout their nonsense.  Often with a ton of other people and them just letting everyone argue and yell.  It’s pretty great stuff.  One such video is where Mundane Matt finally saw his star fall.  His days of YouTube stardom are over.  Not feeling bad about that.  Watching a hypocrite fall on the sword of his own bullshit has some amount of catharsis.  The culture at large is so ugly about this, though.  Why?

Metokur makes a point that it’s the same reason people watched shows like Jerry Springer.  To see people who are abhorrent in one way or another and get to yell at them in a public venue.  Sure, that is the extreme of what I’m talking about with the videos that I used to watch, but it still fits with what I’m talking about.  ReviewTechUSA made this video as a follow-up to a video he did ripping into this moron at The Verge who royally fucked up making a PC build.  It was so funny.  The comments section to that video was a trash fire, but that’s no surprise.

This is something that Rich and seemingly everyone else seems to forget about.  Did NOBODY learn from Jello Apocalypse’s video about YouTube?  YouTube comments sections are ALWAYS a dumpster fire!  Find me a single viral video and I can scroll down in the comments and find people arguing about Hitler or something.  Hell, find me a cute cat video with a shit-ton of views and I can do it.  It used to be understood that YouTube comments sections are cancer.  That’s just how it is after you get so many hits.  No matter the content, people in the Comments are assholes.

Not to mention, Rich is sympathetic to this dude getting racial slurs thrown at him.  I’m not saying I support it, but again, does Rich not know that this is par for the course on YouTube comments?  Everyone fucking forgets, and I don’t get why!  If Anita Sarkeesian actually had her comments section open, yeah, there’d be a lot of assholes saying mean things there.  But that’s just how it is.  Sure, Sony deleted a lot of legitimate detracting comments from the Ghostbusters (2016) trailer, but yeah, there were plenty of sexist assholes in there too.  This is the nature of the medium, Rich!  It’s always been this way!  When did people forget this?!  It always will be!  Any medium that allows people to comment openly is going to have this.

Maybe the idea is that he is lamenting this in some way, but it doesn’t read like that.  It reads like he is unaware of the nature of YouTube.  So many people are, these days.  They don’t stick to their guns.  The moment somebody goes after somebody hard, they suddenly back off and are super nice.  It’s boring.  If you have opinions about something, fuck the people who are jerks about it!  Go after them with no mercy!  But we can’t do that anymore.  Now this is the happy medium where nobody is unpleasant.

Everyone is also quick to forget that it’s anyone.  Any popular personality gets a shit-ton of crap thrown their way.  That’s also been how it is since forever and a day.  A lot of it is very ugly stuff, and people used to get who posts that kind of thing – mostly trolls.  Anyone remember trolls?  When those who use YouTube understood that trolls will troll and there ain’t shit you can do about it?  So best not to give them attention?  “Don’t feed the trolls.”  Remember that?  Everywhere I look, it doesn’t feel that way.  It just reads like people crying that everyone is being mean.

Yes, in a perfect world, everyone would be nice and there would be polite discourse everywhere.  Actually, fuck that!  In my perfect world, people would do their thing, and it would be up to the content creators to accept that this medium has this shit and there ain’t a fucking thing that anyone can do about it.  Unless you close your comments and ratings, a la Anita Sarkeesian.  Because this is the Internet, and the best days of this medium were when it was the wild west, and people were just posting willy-nilly about whatever.

If you have opinions, stick to them.  If you wanna be a jerk about it and go hard after someone, so long as you have an actual argument to make, fucking do it!  Yeah, YouTube is cracking down on fucking everything now, so enjoy the right to post something other than cute cat videos while you can.  Even if the comments will still be somebody arguing about Twitter and goading the people who wanted nice cat video comments into arguing with them.

Until next time, a quote,

“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and start slitting throats.” – H.L. Mencken

Peace out,


Lucien’s Review: Marvel’s Spider-Man

The game I have been super stoked for ever since I started working at an office with a big-time Marvel fan as a coworker.  Granted, I was already excited for this game, but him and I talking about it got me even more stoked.  This license has unfortunately been abused by so many people.  The number of bad games vastly outnumbers the good ones.  But when I saw Insomniac putting out a gameplay demo, I could see that they had learned so much.  Sure, parts of it looked like they were riffing on the Arkham games, but whatever.  It’s still Spider-Man at it’s core.  After all that waiting, does the final title live up to the hype?  Let’s talk about it.

The plot goes that it has been eight years since Peter Parker started to do his thing as Spider-Man.  He’s firmly established, and has put away a decent amount of his rogue’s gallery.  After all these years of doing his thing, he’s not too far from where he started.  He’s poor as fuck (because he’s an idiot and keeps turning down money for ethical reasons.  Dude, you can’t do your best as a super-hero without a decent bankroll?  Ask Tony Stark how that works for him), but doing his best to improve humanity as much as he can.  The game begins with him putting away one of the biggest of his baddies – Wilson Fisk.  Just when you’d think things would calm down with Fisk behind bars, a new baddie is on the scene, ready to make things even worse.

I have so much to talk about with this game.  Let’s start with how it plays.  Everything about making this a fun game hinges on how well it plays.  And this is where I get to tell you – this game is buttery smooth!  While I’m sure the size of the world is not to scale with actual New York, it is a huge playground, and everything about getting around it is great.  This game’s web-swinging is all about getting and maintaining momentum.  The developers knew that if that aspect sucks, the rest is going to be tedious.  Getting around New York is so much fun!  You unlock fast-traveling pretty early on, but I never found myself using it.  Jetting around the city as the Spider is just too much fun not to.

Combat in this game is similarly about maintaining movement.  Spider-Man isn’t the toughest dude, so you have to be able to move.  Using your webs, dodges, and gadgets, you keep the flow of battle going.  As time goes on, there is a diverse amount of villains, though that does eventually tie in to one of my criticisms.  But we’ll get there when we do.  My favorite way to play is stealthy, and it’s kind of a bummer there aren’t more levels that let me do that.  Even the areas where you have to clear out enemy bases, they don’t let you clean the whole thing out stealthily.  I wish they did, because it’s the most fun part.

However, another thing that all of the fun in this game hinges on is the boss fights, and holy shit did they get that right!  The only complaint I have about how fun these boss fights are is how few of them there are.  Each of Spider-Man’s rogues gallery that you get to right has a unique way to fight them, and there isn’t a single one that I wasn’t at least a little wowed by.  There is a new villain brought into the game who hasn’t been seen outside the comics – Mister Negative.  And this dude is no slouch!  Not only is he a cool character with a neat narrative to tell, but he is not fucking around.

In addition to getting to play as the web-head, you also get to play as MJ and Miles Morales.  Oh no!  Getting to play as a woman and a black young man!  How will I identify with them if I don’t share a gender or skin color with them?!  That’s what idiots in the social justice sphere think when I see things like that.  But you know what, I think of my favorite part of the game was getting to play as MJ.  There is a bit where you have to use her to give directions to Spidey in order to stealthily save a ton of hostages.  That mission was tight!  You are almost entirely through MJ’s perspective, seeing the Spider do his thing from her point of view.  Kind of gives me some sympathy for being one of his villains.  Chasing this guy must suck.  But Miles’ bits were fun too.  A part where he is sneaking past two of the Sinister Six made my nerves go haywire.  Since neither him nor MJ has Spider-Man’s abilities, you have to play their bits as stealth missions, and every one of them is fun.

Oh, and I can’t talk about this game unless I sing the praises of the visuals.  This game looks unbelievably good!  I mean holy shit!  The environments are phenomenal, and it looks so good as you’re blazing through it.  Each time of day brings a nice perspective, though night and rain aren’t the prettiest.  Still, it’s a great-looking game.  Every environment is brought to life with incredible attention to detail.  Especially with the titular character.  Whether it be the Iron Spider suit from Avengers: Infinity War, or my favorite suit, the Dark Spider, each of them looks fantastic.  And you get them almost all the way through.  None of that cutting to the suit that appears to be the mainstay of the Spider in this game.

But with all the good things, there are some negatives.  First, the side-missions are not especially interesting.  There is the intro of Black Cat, but I’m only stoked for that because of the DLC with her that I cannot wait for.  I wish I could get to actually go after her in one of those games.  People think that everyone ships her and Spider-Man together just as a fanfiction thing, but there is an actual bit on the comics where he outright does the deed with her.  There is a panel where you see both of their clothes, and him saying it was a good decision.  Spider-Man has a habit of getting with almost all of his fangirls.  His sexual resume is actually really impressive, when you think about the fact that he is such a dork in his alter-ego. There was a digression.

The side-missions in the game are almost all either tedious or not especially interesting.  For example – you go around taking pictures of all the various landmarks in New York, in addition to the Avengers Tower, the Sanctum Sanctorum, and the Wakandan Embassy.  You know what would have been nice – something to go with that.  A kind of journal entry or something.  A little blurb on Parker’s experience or knowledge of these places.  He talks about knowing King T’challa when you take a pic of the Wakandan Embassy so why not give us something about that?  It’s a weird thing to not include.  Would have made me more excited to get this pictures if I could have had me a little NYC Wikipedia in the game.  Have some comic book perspective, which is especially prescient since there are plenty of things you take pictures of that are only in the comics.  Should give the people who aren’t super initiated some context.  Just seemed like a missed opportunity.

Also, the enemy bases that you take out got REALLY repetitious after a while.  Especially as it becomes just new varieties of enemies that have bases you have to take out.  It would have been nice if there were bases where you could only use stealth, or at least could take out every enemy with stealth and have that be the end.  Instead, no matter how quiet you are, the game eventually forces you to right waves of enemies, and especially with the Sable bases, it gets tedious really fast.

Another thing that I thought about – if you are going to riff on the Arkham games, which I have no problem with because they made it their own, why are their no character models?  The character trophies in the aforementioned game series let you take a look at the characters after you take them out.  I kinda would have liked that.  Especially since so many of them have a very unique look.  The game has a cool photo mode, so why not that as well?  Just putting it out there, it’s a missed opportunity.  While I’m at it, you let me choose so many different suits for Spidey, why not some outfits for Peter Parker?  Always seeing him in flannel gave me hipster flashbacks.

Lastly, why is there no New Game Plus mode?  Another easy piece of missed opportunity.  The Dark Suit is my favorite, and I kinda wanted to go through the game with it the whole time.  Maybe this is just me nit-picking, but it seems like an obvious bit to have.

Overall, this game is very, very fun.  I am liking it a lot.  But it’s not perfect.  The side-stuff can get a little old, and the enemy variety does grow stale after a while if you work diligently to get through all the character stuff.  But this is definitely a Spider-Man game in a class of its own.  It’s a perfect template to build off of if there are any sequels.  Hopefully we get at least one.  Norman Osborn being in there means that Green Goblin has to make an appearance at some point.  Guess I spoiled there that he doesn’t in this game, but it isn’t that bad.  He is still a central character, and you can see that when it gets there, it is going to be insane.  With three pieces of DLC that the devs have promised are going to be big story enhancements, we’ll see what it becomes.

Final Verdict
8 out of 10

Peace out,


Let’s Answer Questions Liberals Can’t Answer

I’m a liberal.  Not something I’ve kept under wraps.  I wouldn’t describe myself as a “leftist,” but that term is such a catch-all moniker that who knows anymore.  I can’t keep up with this shit.  However, a conservative lady has made a list of ten questions that no liberal can answer.  Alright, lady, you got me here.  Let’s see how hardcore these questions are.  Looking forward to this.  Here’s a link to the original video so you can see I’m not taking anything out of context.  Now let’s do it.

If you’re so pro-non-European immigration, why do you live in a white neighborhood?

I don’t.  I live in a shithole neighborhood in a shithole city that is very ethnically diverse.  And since when do I have the idea of non-European immigration?  I don’t really give a fuck about immigration one way or the other.

What percentage of American can be white?

Any percentage.  I don’t give a fuck!  Why are you assuming that liberals like myself are really staunchly opinionated on this nonsense?

At what point is it okay to have a border and immigration laws?

I don’t give a fuck about any of this!  Where is your idea that liberals like myself are so opposed to all of this coming from?  Citation, bitch.

What percentage of the population do whites have to be before it’s morally acceptable for them to be proud of their ancestors?  Their heritage?

There we go!  The other shoe just dropped.  So you’re a white nationalist.  Well, I know I’m ripping off Doug Stanhope here, but if the only thing you have to be proud of in your life is your ethnicity and ethnic heritage, you’re a fucking loser.  If you want to take pride in your culture, that’s fine.  But here’s the thing – white history is not a catch-all term.  Which white?  English?  Irish?  Russian?  American?  Canadian?  Which is it?  If you want pride in your nation’s heritage, that’s one thing.  But pride in the amount of melanin in your skin doesn’t mean shit to me.  So, to answer your question – take pride in whatever you want, sugar-tits.  I don’t actually care.  But if you are going to take pride in being white, prepare for people like me to snicker at you.

When is it okay for a white guy to say, I am a proud straight white male?

Just like before – proud of what?  That he is those things?  If that’s all he has to be proud of, he’s a fucking loser too!  By the way, this isn’t two-faced.  If some dude says, “I’m a proud Vietnamese gay man!” I think the same thing.  Being proud of your physical attributes only tells me that you haven’t actually done anything else to be proud of.  I guess the idea is to riff on the whole gay pride thing, and I’ve already talked about how pride events are not what I think is in the best interest of the gay community.  But hey, people are having fun, so whatever.  At least they can be proud of being willing to walk out in the streets in assless chaps.  Hey, there ya go!  As soon as you can get people into ridiculous costumes and do big parades, then you can.  But remember – the man must be in assless chaps.

What is so wrong when European women want to have white children who look like them?

I’m learning so much about this woman.  She goes SO Aryan in this question.  But to answer her question – not a thing.  Have whatever children you want.  Actually, scratch that.  We have seven billion people on this planet.  Don’t have children.  Given how you think, that’s probably not doing a disservice to anybody.

How many non-European need to be in a country before people say “that’s enough?”

Don’t give a fuck how many people there are of any ethnicity!  So long as they aren’t hurting anyone, to each their own.

Why do you ignore the environmental consequences of mass migration?

Lady, you’re looking at the forest without seeing the fucking trees.  You wanna do something about environmental consequences?  Fantastic, don’t have the blonde, blue-eyed baby the your Aryan ass talked about earlier.  That goes for EVERYBODY!  Stop procreating!  We don’t need more people!  Adopt instead.  Actually give a child a happy home.  There’s a thought.  And what is this mass migration coming into this country?  So far as I’ve seen, immigration from Mexico has noticeably dropped in recent years.  You even say that people like me are saying that I only tell white people not to have babies.  Wrong, bitch!  I tell EVERYBODY that.  Ask any of my people.  I tell them all to not make more people.  We don’t need that.

Did you know there are people getting rich off the important fake refugees business?

Do you know that virtually all major corporations who actually do things in this country and haven’t exported jobs overseas are engaging in it.  There are plethora of stories all about how companies will smuggle in workers that they can pay virtually nothing in order to keep their profits up.  So, you wanna be mad about this?  Well then, tell me how mad you are at companies who do this shit right under the government’s nose!  Free market, cunt-face!

Why are refugees not going to the countries closest to them?

They want to go to nice places?  If you have the chance to leave a war-torn shit-hole and go to another war-torn shit-hole, or the chance to go to a nicer place, which would you do?  And why is that happening at your expense?  Your tax dollars aren’t going to those countries.  Dumb bitch.

Do you even know how many are actually fleeing from catastrophic conditions and not just their own poverty?

Nope, and I don’t fucking care!  You keep going on about this one point.  I was hoping you’d spice this list up a little and not just harp on the same line over and fucking over again ad infinitum.  You make this insane argument that people who come from other countries can’t get a better future because they don’t have white people.  Um, no, dumb-dumb!  It’s because they can’t get the kind of education they can get here.  There aren’t a lot of big universities that churn out some of the best doctors, lawyers, and STEM field workers in the world there.  This bitch is so racist.

Why don’t you go help them in their country?

I’ve donated to Doctors Without Borders, the International Women’s Health Coalition, and to the charity that was helping to build wells in Africa to help people get clean water.  What have you done, by the way?  All ears.

Why aren’t you taking any refugees into your home?

She prefaces this by saying it’s only celebrities that she’s talking to, so I guess I won’t answer this one.

Who made you the morality police?

President Trump.  Just talked to him the other day.  He said “ravioli, ravioli, give me the formuoli” and gave me the license.  Something off about that dude.

And that’s the last question before she ends with a racist tirade talking all about how being white is so great and you shouldn’t feel ashamed for being proud of that.  Wow.

Until next time, a quote,

“I had to remind myself to breathe.” – Lewis Black

Peace out,


The Places That are Mine, Where I Lived

I’m not talking about houses.  I’ve never owned property.  Given how shitty my luck is with finding jobs and financial success, I probably never will.  But I was watching a video by the YouTuber Anime Abandon.  I’ve often talked about how I get ideas from other people.  Does that make me a plagiarist?  Not whole-sale.  I take ideas of others and offer my own spin.  Since there isn’t a single thing that is truly original anymore, I don’t think too long on it.  In his video, he talked about a video rental store that just recently closed in California that was his childhood home.  Where his love of anime and old childhood memories of sleepovers were associated.  It got me to thinking.

Over the course of my life, I’ve lived in a lot of places.  In each of those places, there are the memories that are associated with them.  The places that felt like my own, to one degree or another.  Not that I felt I lived there, but that I felt the most comfortable.  Wait, that’s not right.  How do I put it.  You ever have those places where, regardless of where you are, it is where your memories are associated?  Like if you live in a house and you have a tree fort that you spent a ton of time in?  It’s like that.  So here we are, and I figured I’d talk about the places from where I’ve been that felt like mine.  Maybe it’s telling that I haven’t had a house I’ve lived in after the second from my childhood that feel like mine.

When I was really young, the place I most associate with that time was my Grandma’s house.  She and I were incredibly close.  A maternal figure in my life.  It helped that I was not a fan of the grandmother on my mother’s side at all.  We butted heads almost routinely.  But when I think of my grandma’s house, there are so many good memories associated with it.  Her and I talking about whatever.  I would go on about whatever random thing, and she would listen.  Kinda like my old man does, even though I know he isn’t much for it.  He took a lot from her.  Probably we get along so well.  That’s not to say my mother and I don’t.  It’s just different.

All the memories, of my time there.  Visiting my grandpa, who was in his basement.  The man was a chronic alcoholic, and his health was abysmal because of it.  Living on disability checks from the VA, he was kept cozy.  I would often go and talk to him.  More often than not, he’d be outside.  He would just sit in his chair and be in the sun.  Or he’d spend hours mowing the big lawn they had.  I could tell that was one of his favorite things to do.  Groj knows, their lawn definitely benefited from it.  It looked immaculate.

There were also the memories of my time with my brother from another mother.  He was like a brother to me.  In reality, he was my cousin.  All the time that he and I would be in the back room, playing pretend.  Good memories.  From the days before he stabbed me in the back.  Wish I could hold on to those days.

The last thing I associate with that place is the first girl I ever loved.  She moved in there, and I would always go and see her.  When we were younger, I could go up, watch our favorite childhood show.  We would talk about nerd stuff, jam out to 90’s music, listen to these new age CDs that she had that I still listen to to this day.  Time went by.  We grew up together.  One day, I started to notice that she was becoming a woman.  It didn’t slip past me how beautiful she was.  Thus began the tragic story of how much I loved her, but could never tell her.  In hindsight, I wished I had.  To Hell with the consequences.  You only live once, after all.  The thing I would most change, if I could go back and do this all over again.

Upon moving away to the old family homestead that my parents bought after my mother’s family had to move because they couldn’t handle a three-story house at their age.  There, the places I found I most gravitated towards were the lake and the field.  The home was a lake.  There are a ton of memories from where I would go there when I was very young.  I have always had shitty balance, so I flopped out of the boat onto the raft like a fucking beached whale.  That puts a smile on my face.  Memories of when her and I were on that raft, just the two of us.  I wanted to kiss her so bad.  But I never did.  Why not?  Questions that have no answer.  That never will.

I could wander down to the lake, or through the field, and let my mind and imagination wander.  But more than that, there was the mowing the lawn.  Surprising, I know.  But Sally had me get on the riding mower because this place also had one hell of a big lawn.  I was damn good at it, so I would take my time.  It never stopped being enjoyable.  So many stories that played out in my head.  Getting to ponder whatever fiction I wanted to.  Making and destroying universes, all in my mind.  So many of my big idea documents on my computer can trace their origin back to those days on the lawnmower.

After high school, I started out in a local community college.  That place became something of a port of mine.  Often I would walk around.  Then there was a time when I was really tight with a girl who worked there.  She was a student worker at the library, and virtually every day I was there, I would drop by and visit.  Even with how it all ended, and the fact that she hates me now, I still smile at the memories.  Makes me so angry at how the whole thing ended, because if she had just come and talked to me, I know that we would have worked things out.  Like so many people in my life, she kept all her anger at me bottled up, and now it’s done.  Still, those were good days.  When I felt the world at my fingertips, and all the people in my life with me.

When I was in state college, the place that was mine was the walk around campus.  I walked absolutely everywhere.  Didn’t drive anywhere on campus, if I could avoid it.  That was pretty much always.  I can only think of one or two times that I absolutely could not walk to where I needed to go.  Hell, I’d walk to events on campus.  The reason I would do that is because I lived in the dorms.  The walk was always really nice.  Jamming to my favorite tunes on my iPod and getting a little time to let my mind wander.  Noticing a pattern?  The places that are mine are the ones where my mind gets to wander and go to myriad places.  Where my creativity can take shape and fly.

My first apartment had no place like that.  The neighborhood was unsafe in the extreme, and I didn’t trust anyone in there.  But I was living with someone I was dating, and that satiated it.  Her and I could talk long into the night about whatever.  She loved to watch me play games and we could watch movies and make fun of them.  So many good memories.  Just like all the loves in my life, it’s from another existence.  Memories that have no home.

Then there was my second place.  My last apartment sucked.  It was a shit-hole.  But there is one thing I miss.  Because I was having difficulty finding a job (a story that has never died in my life, even when I already have one), I got cooped up in there.  So what did I do?  Easy – I went for walks.  The one I miss there – the hospital.  That was my daily walking route, and I loved it.  Every single day, without fail, I would go around it.  The place is pretty big, so my route never felt short.  In fact, it kept growing as time went by, and I decide to extend the walk.  All those days, during the warm and breezy afternoons of summer, and dark and bitterly cold days of winter.  Even with all of my problems, it was a warm memory.  A good walk, too.

Which brings me to now.  I’m in a much nicer apartment, yet it doesn’t feel like home.  I have a walking route for when I’m not at work.  At work I take multiple walks a day, but it’s always centered around my job.  I don’t feel like that’s mine.  Well, not completely.  The people I hang out with there and the good times we have are awesome.  Makes that I have to leave to find a better job that much more frustrating.  To have to go from an awesome job because of financial need just pisses me off.  That’s not how life should be.  But then, there are a lot of moments like that, in my eyes.  Still, there are no places in my life currently that feel like mine.  When I leave her, nothing is going to stay with me.  It’s all just going to slip away.

All those memories.  So many of them are from places that either I’m not there anymore, or they aren’t there anymore.  My grandma’s old home has been completely remodeled from the ground up.  You genuinely wouldn’t recognize it anymore.  The house on the lake is owned by my uncle now when my parents sold it for the same reason my mother’s parents did.  My apartment is now probably being rented by some undergrad like me.  My first apartment is a shithole that I won’t think twice about.  The second home I lived in, which felt like a place I could call mine was sold and then totally fucked up by the people who lived there.  The vast lawn we had, the garden my mother grew, the beautiful brick walls in front of amazing flowerbeds that merged with the upper tier lawn that my father spent so long making and my mother maintained so studiously are overgrown with weeds.  It kinda broke my heart when I took a couple pins and broke into the joint after those people had to sell it.  To see the empty halls of my youth, decaying.  It made me sad then, and it makes me sad now.

I’ll never get to go back to that back-room, or when that girl moved down the big basement room and we jammed out.  I’ll never get to be next to her on the raft after we went swimming.  I’ll never get the opportunity to tell her how I felt when it really would have meant something.  When the truth finally got out, we already were frayed and it was abundantly clear that that damage was already done.

What are the places in your life that you have memories attached to?  Let me know in the Comments.

Until next time, a quote,

“Nothing is completely safe from being lost forever.” – Bennett the Sage

Peace out,


Let’s Respond to 27 Issues in an Image

I saw this floating around on Twitter, and when I started to do my response there, I realized that I have too much to say on all of these issues to just have it be in a social media post.  So I’m going to do this on here.  I’ll share the image, so you have a point of reference, then we’ll respond.  Here goes.

I’m going down this list by number, so if you’re ever confused what I’m talking about, refer to the image.

1. Something I believe every woman should have the right to.  A former best friend I had had no choice because she was a teenager, her family already lived in poverty, and the man who knocked her up treated her like a sex toy.  She told me how hard that was for her, but there wasn’t another alternative.

2. I have the most progressive opinion on this than anybody else – apathy.  Somebody who isn’t someone I am tight with tell me that they’re transgender, my response is –

Fantastic.  Don’t care.

3. See previous answer

4. A center-right party Democrat who managed to actually convince people that he was some kind of liberal.  I’ll never understand how people fell for that.  I loved that episode of The Boondocks where Huey realizes that under Obama, not one damn thing was going to change.

5. A corporate shill who rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders.  She’s been on EVERY side of EVERY issue in the history of modern politics.  If she runs again in 2020 and wins the primary again, I’m voting for Trump on principal.  At least the orange-haired buffoon got where he is despite the party’s bullshit.  Speaking of…

6. A complete idiot who needs to have his fucking phone taken away.  Seriously, the whole reason this man is one day going to be impeached is because he won’t put the fucking phone down.  Somebody needs to SERIOUSLY take the guy’s phone and keep him off Twitter.  On the other hand, the fact that he makes policy on Twitter now is making the argument for treating social media like a public utility an argument now.  So maybe it’s for the best.

7. I love boobs, so I fully support this.  However, that being said, if you choose to partake of this you can’t be mad when I am looking.  That’s the price you pay.

8. Couldn’t possibly care less

9. Ick

10. My preferred pronouns are Master/Master/Master.

11. A made-up term by those who don’t understand biology.  Gender can be whatever stupid identity you want, but biology is a fixed scale.  The Laci Greens of the world would have you believe that because there are genetic defects that can make one not fit neatly on the fixed scale, that that invalidates it.  Sorry, but no.

12. Something that would do a world of good in places in nations with Islamic doctrine at their center, or in places in the Third World where women are treated like second-class citizens.  Found out about a neat ritual in Asian countries where, if you want to marry a girl, you can kidnap her and then negotiate with her family to force her to marry you.  Those places could use it.  But here in the First World, it’s nothing but identity politics and entitled people bitching about things that aren’t real problems.

13. A term coined by trolls, that people actually believe is a real thing now.

14. The fact that it’s taken this long for us to get here blows my fucking mind.  There is NO good reason to keep marijuana illegal.  None.  All of the arguments that were presented by people to keep marijuana illegal have been totally destroyed.

15. Don’t even know what that is.

16. If you have children and don’t vaccinate them, you should have them taken away, because you are unfit to be a parent.

17. There is NO good reason why we can’t tighten them to a reasonable degree.  None.  But I realize that it will never actually happen in this country.  There are now so many shootings in this country that it is pandemic, but we choose to not care.  I gave up on anything realistically happening ages ago.

18. Our species refusal to do anything about this, when we had the state of California burning this summer, and the hottest years on record happening every year for the last three years, and supposed to continue through the next five at least, blows my fucking mind.

19. The left treats this like it’s just something that is in the Constitution.  Not a right to be championed and defended.  This idea that what people say that hurts other people’s feelings should be banned baffles me.  The left and right engage in it.  So many snowflakes.

20. I have no thoughts on this one way or the other, to be honest.

21. Having a college degree is the new high school diploma.  The fact that college in this country can be crippling so many people should scare everyone.  It’s the next big bubble that is going to burst.  But this time, it will be worse.  Because unlike the housing bubble, this debt is attached directly to our government after we nationalized student loans.  If America could see a problem coming and actually do something about it ahead of time, what a wonderful world it would be.  I support Bernie Sander wanting to institute free college.

22. We’re already seeing the results of taking that away, and they aren’t good.  But this is one of those issues that nobody gives a shit about anymore, so whatever.

23. A term that has lost all meaning due to its rampant overuse by the SJWs who call everything under the sun racist.  That white people do, of course.

24. Just like the last one, except it’s when men do things.

25. I take this one on a case-by-case basis.  In the case of the teacher in Doctor Strange, it didn’t bother me because the actress is good.  But in the case of Mandarin in Iron Man 3, it pissed me off.

26. What is this even talking about?  I’m confused.

27. I couldn’t possibly care less.  I would rather have talented actors/actresses playing roles than someone who happens to fit an identity being portrayed.  After all, that’s how we get shit like Gen Zed.

That was interesting.

Until next time, a quote,

“Put more than two people in a room and we start looking for reasons to kill one-another.  Why do you think we invented politics and religion.” – Ollie, The Mist

Peace out,