RAB: Black Lagoon and Feminism

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  I started this new job, and to be completely honest, there isn’t that much to talk about.  I’ve said my piece about the election this year.  It’s a farce, and I refuse to participate.  The whole thing is a joke, and the reality is that everything happening just proves that this country is doomed and pretending otherwise is just being dishonest.  But I thought I would write something about this new series that I have been watching.  I’ve made no secret how I think so much of modern anime is tepid garbage.  The worst thing to happen to anime was when it went mainstream.  Now it has to meet corporate standards of audience appeal, so most shows that could have something clever about them end up getting watered down to insane degrees.

Then I get shows like Black Lagoon.  This series is a marvel.  It feels like such a send-up to so many classic styles of both anime and film that have died so long ago.  It’s from studio Madhouse, who I hear has gone out of business.  Can someone confirm or deny that for me in the Comments?  I really want to know.  Because I have a theory about this series and how it “ended” which might go along with whether or not this place closed.  But I digress.  This series is just awesome.  Were it not for the fact that it has no ending, but just a point where it stops, then I would put it among my favorite anime.  The animation is awesome.  Sure, it’s got CG integration, but since the color palate is so bright and vibrant, you can easily miss it.

I think this series is so much fun.  It tells the story of the Lagoon Company, and the little family of complete criminals who occupy it, who our new protagonist, who comes to be known by the name Rock, is a part of after his ship gets attacked.  The series is basically a send-up to John Wu movies.  Every action sequence is so insane, hyper-violent, uses an absurd number of bullets, but you can’t help but love.  The characters are all so unique and their stories get flushed out in interesting ways.  However, my personal favorite, is Revy.

Rebecca “Revy” Lee is such an 80’s action hero.  She’s foul-mouthed in the extreme.  Her gunplay skills are borderline superhuman, and she is a complete badass virtually all the time who sees violence as her first, last, and only solution to problem-solving.  But more than just being badass, she’s also human.  This is why I have feminism in the title of this post.  Of course, feminists would think poorly of her character.  She wears a tanktop and short-shorts, with combat boots that are perpetually-untied.  The woman has zero fucks to give about how she looks.  Since she’s not ashamed of her body, the SJW crowd would NEVER see her as a likeable character.  Oh, and she’s hot.  But the series doesn’t play her that way.  They never shy away from her body, but the whole series treats how she looks as part of her attitude of zero fucks to give.  There’s a scene where she’s in her bed, in her tanktop and panties, musing about how hungover she is.  The series makes her sexuality seem like just some thing that’s attached to her.  Oh, and like all good 80’s action heroes, she smokes and drinks like the best of them.

But unlike modern SJW-approved heroines, she’s not some perfect person.  She’s not just badass.  She’s human.  Through the whole series. the growth of her relationship with Rock begins to show cracks in her armor.  Revy is emotionally broken.  Her entire life has been about killing, and it has left her virtually without a conscience.  The times that Rock has been forcing her to face that part of herself, it brings out the very worst in her.  Repeatedly leading to violent confrontations with Rock and her threatening to kill him.  I hate how you have characters like Katniss Everdeen, who is totally perfect and completely strong and can do no wrong.  She has no huge, glaring flaws to overcome.  She’s just swell.  And I guarantee, if her and Revy ended up facing off, Revy would shoot that bow out of her hands with her Cutlasses, then blow her head off.  Good!  I cannot stand these Mar Sues that I’m seeing be the symbol for strong female characters.

For the days when a good character was shown to be a human being!  Human beings have problems!  A good character in a story has to overcome some part of themselves in order to grow and save the day.  Since Revy is an 80’s action hero, let’s take a look at my favorite 80’s action hero – John McClane.  When we see him in the first Die Hard, he isn’t just some badass.  He’s an estranged husband.  He’s afraid of flying.  He has no shoes.  He’s all the Nagatomi Plaza has, but he realizes that he’s going into this at a disadvantage.  That’s awesome!  That makes a compelling character.  Same with Revy.  She’s emotionally broken, and not particularly well-adjusted.  She purposely brings a guy into her life, who has her finding parts of her empathy that hadn’t existed in a long time.  She doesn’t always handle this well.  Doesn’t that sound a thousand times more interesting than Rey in the new Star Wars, whose biggest flaw is that she is afraid of being all heroic, for about five minutes?

Another thing I love about this series is how maturely the relationship between Revy and Rock is handled.  The first time they bond is when Revy is bragging about her drinking talents, and he comes back at her that he has had to work up the corporate ladder in Japan, so he has developed a drink tolerance that she is woefully underestimating.  Their standoff leads to a hilarious line as they demand to see who can take more.  There are some ups and downs between them, but it isn’t handled like how most anime does, with the guy being all shy and demure and not able to handle the closeness.  Here, the two are like actual adults.  He gives her shit, she gives him shit.  When he barges into her room to get her ass up when the boss demands it, and he isn’t all awkward to see her in her underwear.  Instead, he tells her to get her ass downstairs, because Dutch can’t afford to wait.  I love that!

But my favorite moment is after the two of them have it out in a cafe.  Revy is pointing a gun at Rock, and the two are going back-and-forth about their respective places in the world.  Revy doesn’t want to admit that she’s warming up to him, because then she’d have to admit that she has a caring side.  Her instincts tell her to fight, but he doesn’t run from her.  In a stunning display of courage, he stands his ground and forces her to be an adult about it.  This anime is so great in how it gives the finger to genre conventions.  Once all is said and done, her and Rock end up in the back of a police cruiser.  The cops agree to let them go, but they’ll have to go back to the station for a while.  One of the cops lights a smoke for Rock, with Revy then asking him for a light.  He tells her that the cop lit his smoke, so he doesn’t have one.  To which she replies that he does.  For a second, he’s confused, but then looks down and realizes what she means – his smoke.  Leaning over, he gets very close, and she touches her smoke to his, which lights it.  Ladies and gentlemen, a metaphorical kiss!  For a series lacking in any form of subtlety, that was awesome!  I genuinely loved that moment.  Too bad the series never builds on it.

My theory is that, if Madhouse closed, this series died because of it.  Which, by the way, sucks.  I hear there is a four or five episode OVA third season made, but that means nothing to me.  How I wish a show this awesome could have gone on.  Or at least ended in a way that wraps things up.  But nope.  Like some of the best anime, it died before its time.  Oh well.  It is still awesome. A whole series that’s a John Wu film.  Down with that!

Until next time, a quote,

“Don’t be silly. This is way more entertaining than Hollywood’s ever gonna be.” – Rebecca “Revy” Lee, Black Lagoon

Peace out,


Just The Way I Am…

One of my favorite songs by Billy Joel is “Just the Way You Are.”  It’s a man telling the woman who he loves that she doesn’t have to be anyone else for him to love her.  Everything she already is is enough.  I like that.  Never heard words like that said to me.  Never had a person tell me that the person I am today is enough.  Why?  Because of my depression.

For those who don’t know, following a head injury and brain damage, I have incurable depression that won’t leave me alone.  It’s something I am going to have to live with my entire life.  I could take pills, but at the moment I am having some insurance troubles, and I need to get my financial life sorted out before I look into my psychological one.  But here’s the thing – why is who I am not enough for people?  You have no idea how many people over the years have told me that I am not the person they want.  “Why don’t you take pills!  You should be happy!”  Or there is the more general thing I get told by people – “why can’t you just be happy?” “You’re such a downer!”  “You’d have more friends if you were happier.”  You’d be surprised how often I’ve heard that last one.  They might be right.  About the center one, no doubt.  I’m an externally-cold cynic who hates everyone.

But why can’t anyone understand?  Why does everyone work so hard to stay away from a person who has shown himself to be a loyal friend in the extreme.  If any of the people in my circle, or hell, even my former circle, came to me and asked for help, I’d be there.  I believe in loyalty, to whatever end.  Gotten me stabbed in the back more times than I can count, from people who said that they cared for me.  No good deed goes unpunished, am I right?  What is it about the depression and my general cynicism that just tells people that there is nothing to be gained from my company?

I suppose it’s the fact that depression can make one seem needy.  No arguments, I kind of am.  But that neediness does come with the added bonus of me being the kind of person who does everything I can to be the best friend possible.  I understand what it’s like to be alone and feel pain all the time.  Whether it be a loyal ear, or a shoulder to cry on, I am there for all my people.

This has led me to being a person that those who have been in my inner circle confide in above all others.  I have been told, more than once, that people close to me trust me more than anyone.  It’s the reason that EVERY one of the significant others of girly-mates sees me as a threat.  That’s rich.  These guys/girls should be thanking me.  I’ve helped countless people through fights that they couldn’t see the other side, simply by listening and using an impartial perspective to see through the problem.  Got more cred with these people than a fucking shrink.  Hell, there was a girly-mate who pretty much used me as a marriage counselor.  Now she never speaks to me anymore.  I’ll give you three guesses why.

End of the day, it doesn’t matter, though.  Because I am still the depressing guy.  There for anyone who asks.  I have no qualms about helping friends, whatever the problem is.  But the moment that I’m negative, I get static.  Not a word one.  It’s so fucking rich.

I can already hear the rebuttal – “Lucien, your depression is likely going to end horribly.  Why would they want to get involved in such a situation (indivijual)?  It just means that you are dragging them into it too.  Nobody wants to feel crappy.”  Fine.  I’ll give you that.  It is self-destructive, and it could very well have a horrible ending.  But not now.  I have a purpose.  I have a guiding force that gives me direction and staves off the worst of the thoughts.  I got used to thoughts about suicide YEARS ago.  Hell, since I got out of the hospital, I’ve been thinking about it.  Me and the Grim Reaper are so close that we might as well play chess together.  I got a glass chess board, but it’s starting to fade.  Eventually want to get one that’s made of marble.  Insanely expensive, but a man can dream.

In the end, people want me to be something else.  A shoulder to be there when they need it, but outside of that, everyone wants me to be a smiling, happy person who takes his Joy (props to the person who gets that reference without Google) and behaves in the way that they see fit.  Nobody wants me just the way I am.  They want another person.  Again, I hear your rebuttal – “Lucien, they want you to be happy.  What’s wrong with that?  Don’t you want people to be happy too?”  Lots of the time, sure.  But sometimes I realize that what people need is to sort out the ugly feelings and maybe just be in a bad place for a while to do so.  I don’t drown people in my negativity.  At least, not anymore.  I used to.  No doubt.  Now, however, I make sure to balance out the negativity with enough random thoughts about the world and life to be able to balance the scales.  Perhaps it’s just too late, and the doors that we opened with people are shut.  Unfortunate.

I dream of being told that someone wants me just the way I am.  Perhaps this is all just a deflection about my personal and social life.  But is it really such a bad thing to want?  I don’t know.  If you do, please tell me.

Until next time, a quote,

“I took the good times.  I’ll take the bad times.  I’ll take you just the way you are.” – Bill Joel, “Just the Way You Are”

Peace out,


SJW Outrage About Tekken 7…

As is want to happen, the SJW crowd is flipping their shit.  Why?  Because there are women in swimwear!  The horror!  Women who aren’t wearing the hijab!  They should be covered up!  Otherwise, because men are sexist pigs, they will want to sexually violate them!  Men can’t control themselves when a woman is exposed!  Oh, wait, that’s a tenant of Islam.  Though, when I think about it, with how often the SJWs come out in droves to defend Islam, perhaps SyeTenAtheist was right (linked here).  The PC police is once-again losing their shit over women who are being sexy in a video game.  And just like EVERY single time this happens (without a single exception), they ignore the context.  Something that, thankfully, the director of this game was happy to remind them.

I’m so glad to see gaming developers or development companies willing to stand their ground and not give in to these gender-shaming activists.  Like when Blizzard has the SJWs all up in their shit about Tracer’s over-the-shoulder pose, so they go and make it a pin-up pose.  The Internet was in love with them for that.  No joke, I laughed so fucking hard when I saw that change.  Then we have the creator of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided standing up to the SJW retards who said that calling the game a “mechanical apartheid” was offensive to people in Africa, with one of the creators coming out on Kotaku in Action and making his case about how that is using historical context to draw a parallel.  Now we have the director or Tekken 7 coming out and being willing to put these pathetic losers (who CLEARLY don’t actually play video games, based on what was discovered in this mess) in their place.

See, it seems that there’s something that the people complaining about this game missed – it’s not just the women who can be put in swimwear.  The men can too.  There’s a character who is a giant Sumo wrestler who basically wears a man-thong in every costume.  If you are going to make the argument that women in swimwear is objectifying, than the men is. Do NOT come on here and make some bullshit Sarkeesian argument about how men are powerful and that means that it’s not the same.  Fuck that noise!  You can’t have your cake and eat it too.  Either both are wrong, or neither is.  If you choose to not go that route, than shut the fuck up.  Not even kidding, I want you to shut up and go away.

Granted, I still think the dude just wanted to make the chicks look hot, and that’s the real reason behind this.  But here’s the thing – what’s the problem with that?!  What’s the problem with women being sexy?  I’ve talked about it so much, but there are plenty of chicks who dig hot women too.  Do you think that there are no lesbians out there who see stuff like this and go, “why yes, I would like some of that”?  If so, fuck you!  You’re ignoring people who have just as valid an opinion as yours, who you have used as a shield for years!  If not, then here’s another reason to shut the fuck up.  There is plenty of beefcake guys in there too.  Got me a straight girly-mate who says that she watches Let’s Plays of games like that to see digital beefcake beating the shit out of each other.

I wish I had a life where I had the time to go scouring the Internet for shit to bitch about.  Because that is EXACTLY what the people who are complaining did.  Since they obviously didn’t know (or perhaps deliberately chose not to care to sell their narrative) that the swimsuit outfits are seasonal and work both ways, they clearly weren’t interested in this game to start with and just wanted something to complain about.  Because it’s all these cunt-rags do.  Don’t these people have jobs?  Is gainful employment just a voodoo thing to them?  It must be, man.  Given how they are always scouring for every stupid thing to be offended about (like that retardedness with Usain Bolt and Ellen Degeneres that even Bolt didn’t get why people were upset), it’s pretty clear that they have nothing but time.  Groj, how I wish I didn’t have to worry about my rent and other things and could spend all day finding things to yell about.

Part of me wonders how these people get by.  You’d think it would get so exhausting, after a while, living that way.  You’d think that they would get so tired of having to constantly be angry.  There was this hilarious article on The Onion about a woman who quit being a feminist for five minutes so she could enjoy watching some TV.  That must be what this is like.  How can one have a happy life when every waking moment is spent being angry about some stupid bullshit that has no bearing on society.  After all, there is NO evidence that video games cause sexism.  None.  Just like there is NO evidence that they cause violence.  It’s all so dumb, but these imbeciles take it seriously!

Not much more to see.  I’m just glad that we have another person in gaming who is willing to stand their ground to these idiots.  Now that it’s starting to happen, we’re going to see more of it.  That’s encouraging.  SJW cultures eat themselves, but they have been allowed to grow for so long because not enough people have stood their ground and told them to fuck off.

It’s pretty simple – if you don’t like a game, don’t play it.  If you think that a game looks sexist, don’t play it.  Or, here’s another idea – make you own games.  There’s no excuse why you can’t.  A bunch of SJWs got together and made Stephen Universe a thing.  They put their money where there mouths are.  There is NO reason that you can’t do the same.  So get up and get to it.  Have fun.

Until next time, a quote,

“The problem with crying wolf so many times over the years is that it waters down legitimate cries.” – Vito Glacone

Peace out,


SIONR: Collector’s Edition of Final Fantasy XV Doesn’t Include Season Pass

I’m honestly becoming at a loss for words about what a greedy bunch of pukestains Square Enix has become.  It’s growing more and more insulting by the day.  We saw what happened with making Rise of the Tomb Raider a timed exclusive.  I am almost certain that we’ll see how the new Hitman is a failure due to it being episodic and having always-online DRM.  There was also that fun campaign disaster with the pre-orders of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.  We then get to see that the insanely-awesome-looking remake for Final Fantasy VII is also going to be episodic (think that will have always-online DRM too?).  But today, I think that I’ve seen the most greedy thing yet.  This company seems to be on a mission to not have the latest greedy thing be ceiling.  They gotta bust on through to the other side.  This time, it’s with the game I have been so eager for for so long, Final Fantasy XV.

I’ve already talked about their stupid bullshit having to do with a Season Pass.  That’s retarded in its own right.  But now it seems that this company just can’t help itself from fucking over their customers.  Like how they are trying to milk people who have already given them $280 out of even more money.  That’s right, if you pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition of the game, with all that comes with it, Square Enix wants you to fork over even more to get their shitty DLC that should have already been included in the fucking game.

Unbelievable.  I just do not get the thought process behind this.  It’s like, “hey, let’s bilk people of as much cash as possible!  That’s sure to generate brand loyalty!”  These people are paying you almost $300, you fucking assholes!  The least you could do is not fuck them over in return and demand even more.  I can honestly see only two reasons behind this sort of decision-making.  First, they really are this greedy.  If so, then I honestly don’t want to keep supporting them.  Because we vote with our wallets.  When people give in to bullshit stunts like this, it tells these companies that they can keep doing this.  I’m poor.  I don’t have much disposable income.  Why should I pay extra for something that they refuse to put into their game already?  Second, they have no choice but to charge extra.  In which case, they should just stop making games.  If this is what it takes to keep the company financially-solvent, then they really should just leave the industry.  It can only get only get worse from here.

What is going on with this company?  They keep looking to be on the verge of finally coming back, but they seem to be doing everything they possibly can to shoot themselves in the foot.  It’s baffling.  If someone can explain this to me, I’m all ears.  No joke, I’d love a cogent explanation for all this madness.  From where I’m sitting, this company seems eager to self-destruct, and remind me of a character in Loony Tunes.  See if you can figure out which one it is.

Until next time, a quote,

“These blockbuster bombs don’t go off unless you hit them JUST right.” – Gremlin, Loony Tunes

Peace out,


The Bible Reloaded v The Christiano Brothers

For those who didn’t know, the awesome guys behind the YouTube channel The Bible Reloaded are taking their battle with the Christiano Brothers to court.  They made a video where they detailed everything that happened, and are asking us to help them out.  I am totally behind this, and I will elaborate, but I will first let them tell you what’s what (in the butt), so enjoy the video.

I feel a lot of empathy for this, because believe it or not, but I recently had my own short-lived battle with a religious group trying to shut me up for having an opinion they didn’t like.  No shit, I was threatened with legal action by a different group called Rapture Right for a post I did about their response to Jaclyn Glenn (linked here).  I called them out for the disgusting bigots that they are, and a person claiming to be their legal counsel came to me and threatened me with legal action if I didn’t delete the post.  It’s all in the Comments.  See that for yourselves.  It’s nuts.  What this guy didn’t count on is that I know quite a bit about Communication Law, and I was not afraid of him.  Not that I could afford a lawyer, but I know a girl who just took the bar exam who I would have gotten to help me out in representing myself.  I was not afraid of those jack-offs and their legal action against me.  So I stood tall and they backed off.  It was a brief stint, but part of me still felt a little twinge of fear at the idea of having my financial health in danger because of religious asshole who don’t like what I have to say.

So, I have donated to Hugo and Jake’s GoFundMe.  I would have given more, but my budget is more than a little crunched right now.  $25 is all I could afford.  They have so much farther to go on their way to their ultimate goal, and while I know my audience is minuscule in comparison to theirs, I am posting this here to help.  Every voice helps.  Here is a link to their GoFundMe page.  I invite you to stand with me in standing with these two in their fight to help set legal precedent against these kinds of bullies.  Let’s show these people that the non-religious can stand together to fight these scumbags.  It’s time that somebody took them down.

Until next time, a quote,

“Where there is unity, there will always be victory.” – Pubilius Syrus

Peace out,


Lucien’s First Take: Metal Gear Survive: Official Trailer

I heard a while back that Konami is trying to get gamers to forgive them for the stupid bullshit they have done, such as how they treated Kojima, how they cut so much from Metal Gears Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and worst of all, for how they basically atom-bombed PT and the game it was connected to.  I have no intention of forgiving them.  That company is dead, to me.  But as a means of extending an olive branch, they are releasing a new Metal Gear game.  And…let’s just watch this.  Just watch the disappointment bathe you.  It’s so stupid.

Yeah, I’m going to go outside and smack my head into a pole for a few minutes.  Maybe then this retardedness will make some kind of sense.

So, we have Snake and Miller abandoning the original Mother Base as it blows up.  We then see this dude in the wreckage who I guess is just thinking about how fucked he is.  But some portal in the sky opens and he gets sucked in…the longer I talk about this plot, the more ashamed I am of it.  He ends up whatever world, and is immediately set upon by zombies.  Zombies with rocks sticking out of their heads.  I need to smack my head into the pole more.  This level of retarded is beyond comprehension.  We get more Mother Base people, and they’re all badass, I guess.  And it looks like the goal is to get into the remains of Mother Base that came through the portal with them.  You know what, I’m done.  Talking about the plot that I’ve seen just makes me sad.

What the fuck, Konami?  Seriously, what could have possibly compelled you to have THIS be your olive branch to gamers?!  I’m honestly trying to figure out the rationale behind this.  If you all remember those memes where you have the guy pitching something, and the first two people are complete yes-men/women who basically kiss this person’s ass, and the last guy has some negative opinion, which ends up having him get thrown out the window.  Is that literally what happened here?  It must.  There’s no way that somebody at that office meeting wasn’t like, “Yeah, let’s not do this.  This is stupid.  We’re literally creating a generic zombie shooter and slapping the Metal Gear logo onto it.”  To that guy, I feel for ya.  Sorry you had to get thrown out of a window and die for this.

This game is stupid!  There’s nothing else I can possibly say.  It’s the stupidest thing I have ever seen.  For his review of Twilight, The Distressed Watcher had to make up a word to describe how stupid the scene of the dude running up the tree was.  The word is – stupiditarded.  That’s what this is.  It’s stupiditarded.  It’s a cash-grab in EVERY sense of the word.  It’s garbage that is being made by people who have shown themselves to give so little of a shit about their own brands that they’ll slap the name on anything.  Even the most ridiculous zombie game idea ever made.

If you play this, you’re dumb.  If you defend this, you are stupid beyond reason.  I have no words.  Now I’m done with this trash.

Initial Verdict
2 out of 10

Peace out,


My Thoughts on Donald Trump

Given that I have made no secret of my disdain for Hillary Clinton as a corporate hand-puppet, I have had a few people wondering what I thought of the GOP candidate, Donald Trump.  I honestly don’t think I’ll have to make more than one post about this, because my thoughts about him are pretty simple.  It all boils down to two things.  First, he is the personification of an Internet troll.  Hillary’s media blitzkrieg impression is so ass-backwards that it’s funny.  Second, he’s not even trying at this point, so what does it matter?  Allow me to break these down one at a time.

Anyone who pays attention to Trump’s Twitter page can understand that he’s an Internet troll.  He’s the only politician who I am certain runs his own Twitter page.  How am I certain?  Because he’s documented as having started flame wars with celebrities, and he gets REALLY butthurt over things that people say with him over Twitter and has even started flame wars with politicians like sellout Elizabeth Warren over things they’ve said.  This level of salt has to be something he handles in person.  For years, this guy posts whatever he wants and feels no need to hold back.

For all intents and purposes, it looked like Trump was just in this election so he could get some press.  His current reality show was going downhill, and his name wasn’t in the media enough.  Trump has a history of falling out of the public eye, and then doing something crazy to get back in it.  He had talked about running for office before, but I guess he never had a legit reason to do it until now.  And bam!  Overnight, he goes from a centrist, New York liberal to a hardcore conservative with all kinds of crazy views.  Funny how that works.

If you follow what pretty much every non-right-wing media outlet says and take it at face value, then Donald Trump is Hitler, Part Deux.  Or Mega Stalin who is going to be nuking the Middle East into oblivion.  I have always found the insane news coverage surrounding this guy to be enjoyable absurd.  It’s such gross hyperbole that the fact that it’s proving to be so effective with the general public only goes to show how stupid those people really are.  Nobody should buy the madness that people are saying.  Yes, because he totally said that we should kill Hillary, with that offhanded jab at the crazy Second Amendment crowd, right?  Or maybe he TOTALLY believes that women who get raped have it coming.  No joke, I saw a news article saying as much.  It’s madness!  Hillary’s media empire (who are part of a connected network of people who own her existence as a politician) has such a war machine against Trump that this shit-show is getting fun to watch.

There was one thing that Trump didn’t count on in all of his efforts to have fun and go mad with this political election – that he would win.  I’m sure, in the back of his mind, he figured that he’d troll with GOP for a while, say whatever crazy shit came to mind that he figured the GOP voters wanted to hear, but would get voted out by someone who is more of a mainstay of the Republican party.  Or that the party itself would be stabbing him in the back much the same as how the Democrat Party did to Bernie Sanders (and we now have leaks to prove it).

Once he actually won the primary, you could almost see the look in his eye where he realized – oh shit.  I won.  Now I have to go all the way with this.  Had he been voted out early, things would have been simpler.  His tactic would have worked, and he could go back to being a kooky reality TV personality.  But the longer this drags on, the more my second belief is confirmed.  Trump doesn’t want to be in this.

How do I know this?  Simple.  First, he’s spent NO money on TV ads.  None.  Hillary has turned her ENTIRE media armada on him.  The media who did everything they could to ignore Sanders and pretend that no challenge to their corporate hand-puppet’s reign existed.  The idea that Trump isn’t even bothering to spend any capital to combat this is ludicrous.  Second, after the DNC, Trump had the most golden opportunity in the history of golden opportunities.  NOBODY likes Hillary.  Nobody.  Back then, people outright hated her.  There was a golden opportunity to use the public’s hatred of that woman and get unwavering support from the right, and even wrangle some Sanders supporters to his cause.  But he didn’t.  I guarantee that if it had been any other of the GOP candidates, and WikiLeaks gave them that birthday present of leaked emails and messages, they wouldn’t have stopped rubbing Hillary’s nose in it.  They would have dragged her name through the mud so hard that she wouldn’t be able to get back up.  The fact that Trump has done nothing to capitalize on it is baffling.  Or at least it was, until I realized the truth.  Now the golden opportunity is gone.  The bulk of the public at large, not liking Hillary more than they did before, has begrudgingly gone to her side because they see the alternative as the Third Reich.  And they won’t vote third party because…insert line about how voting for them is a vote for Trump or how they can’t win anyway.  The usual pussy responses.

Trump’s utter lack of conviction in the face of this blitzkrieg of opposition tells me that he doesn’t want to be a part of this, and he does have an endgame.  He is now saying whatever crazy shit he wants, and he is not even trying to backpedal and go to the center.  Now he’s just going with it until the election.  Unless he pulls a huge upset and demolishes that shrill-voiced moneyed interests harpy in debates, I am certain that I’m right.  Trumps endgame might be that he will go so nuts that the GOP basically turns on him and he is forced out of the election entirely.  He’s not trying.  This is not how a serious political candidate acts.

So yeah, that’s all I have to say about Trump.  It’s been a fun shit-show, but it seems to be ending with a whimper than with a bang.  We get a corporate hand-puppet.  And all Bernie got for his trouble was selling out and getting a hand-wave apology for the Party.  Don’t you feel smart?

Until next time, a quote,

“Politicians are the weeds of the galaxy.”  – Commander Shepherd, Mass Effect 3

Peace out,