Your Pro-Gun Fantasies are Delusional (A response to Josh Feuerstein)

Man, I haven’t gone after a super-religious idiot in a very long time.  In my early days on this site, I had a lot of posts ripping on religion and some of the idiots who follow it.  I am firmly an atheist and think that people who need religion in their lives are people who are afraid of reality.  But the topic got old and it was basically beating a dead horse while playing a broken record.  It got pretty stale.  But I have always had at least a passing eye on the insanity that is Josh Feuerstein.  For those who don’t know, he’s an insanely religious man who is absurdly popular on Facebook.  His page has millions of likes.  It’s bananas.

The guy is also something of a scam artist.  Not just because of the beliefs that he touts, though there is that.  But he was able to crowd-fund over $60,000 for a special camera, but clearly still does video on his phone.  Yeah, money I’m sure well spent, given how obesity is clearly the biggest problem he has.  That and an inflated ego.  Many years ago he went after the biggest YouTube atheist, The Amazing Atheist, because TJ had responded to his most popular video – where he “disproves” evolution.  It was sad, to say the least.

Over the years, Josh has become something of a marvel of Christian stupidity.  This guy is not only a firm fundamentalist Christian, but he also is a radical conservative as well.  So naturally, when the Supreme Court cast its ruling that allowed gay marriage to be legal in all 50 states, Josh was against it.  Yet he took great umbrage when people called him a bigot because of that.  Funny how that works.  Oh, and he also in the videos where he said “Obama done did it” about gay marriage, he said that it was the beginning of the “Christian Holocaust” and held up a gun to say that he would fight the government.

Josh fancies himself one of these people who would start some kind of civil war against the government if they ever step out of line.  The reality is that he is one of a plethora of fat-ass conservatives who would fight the government for all of 20 minutes, until they blast him and his little obese army of “patriots” with a drone.  Any war against the government in the 21st century would very, very short-lived.  He is one of these people who says that if they come for his guns, they can have the bullets.  No, Josh, you’d open fire, and they blast you to bits.  Hell, I guarantee that the moment they blast open your door, you will piss your fat britches and surrender on the spot.  Because it’s easy to be tough when you are not facing down any real resistance.  Just the imagined kind in your head.

When I say he’s a radical conservative who is something of a class act in paranoia, I’m not kidding.  He had his wife driving around a Wal-Mart for ten minutes talking about how them closing it is a conspiracy and they are stockpiling weapons and tanks inside.  This guy is really something.

But now it seems that Josh has a new take on the idea of guns – that they’re in the Bible.  That the 2nd Amendment is in the Bible.  Oh boy, this is gonna be a hard sell.  Let’s take a look at what this moron has to say.

Oh my Groj, you delusional fuck.  So, let me see if I got this right.  You keep a loaded gun in your car, on the unlikely off-chance that somebody is going to come at you with a firearm.  And if this person in your fantasy world comes at you, you are going to let loose with .45 “freedom seeds.”  That is the funniest name for bullets I have ever seen.  Especially given the long history in this world of dictators using those “freedom seeds” to kill people they don’t like.  Guns have a long, sordid history of one thing – violence.  I’m not against people owning them, though I do believe there should be some regulation in that regard, but to call bullets fired “freedom seeds” is so utterly ignorant of history.  But why should I be surprised.  This guy is an obese “patriot” who is looking to be Dirty Harry in his fantasy world.

Here’s my question to you, Josh – if you should come upon some fantasy shooting where you get your .45 out of your car and open fire, what if there are lots of kids around?  You say you are against school shootings, so what happens if you there are lots of little civilians around you?  Acceptable risk?  Killing kids?  You want their potential blood on your hands?  Not to mention, it ain’t like the guy is jut gonna stand there and let you shoot him.  Life isn’t a video game, Josh.  This person will move and then shoot back.  And say there’s armed security.  They come into things, not knowing who is who, so they start shooting at you too.  Are you just so convinced that they are going to know that you are the good guy?  If I saw your fat ass with a loaded gun shooting, I would assume you are the shooter.  You look the type.  You certainly have the attitude.

Then he says probably the most delusional thing I’ve ever heard – that the 2nd Amendment is in the Bible.  This is a dude who sees that painting of Jesus giving America the Constitution and cums all over it, isn’t he?  I believe it.  His evidence?  Because God armed angels.  I need scriptural evidence of this, Josh.  Because as I remember, angels in the Bible were pretty much just God’s messengers and heralds.  They had no form unless they took on the form of a human.  But in reality the angels of the Bible had more in common with those from Neon Genesis Evangelion than they do with your imagination of them being Dirty Harry with wings.  This man is so insane.  I don’t get how someone can be this delusional.

Guns did not exist in the Bible.  Nowhere.  There was nothing about guns in the Bible.  Not to mention, people having rights to own guns is also absurd in the Bible, because in that time period, people only had the rights that the king, Caesar, or other leader provided them.  It was a Feudal, primitive society.  Even Jesus said “give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, give unto God that which is God’s.”  A reference to taxes, neat fact.  So your weird belief that democracy and democratic republics with their legal perspective was a thing in the Bible is equal parts funny and ridiculous.

Then we get the conservative schtick about guns being the heroes always and the good guy prevailing.  His metaphor is that a bully only backs down when the little person has a bigger person.  He doesn’t see the irony in that statement.  The idea that the little person has a bigger person to basically go to bat for them.  Kind of like, in principal, how cops are supposed to work.  Because that big guy can’t be with the little guy all the time.  But the little guy knows that he can call on them and they will sort out the person hurting them.  It blows my mind how you are so dumb with the shit you say, and nobody calls you out on it.

Lastly, he says that we need vets in schools, armed with guns.  You know, Josh, I have this growing perspective on the military since a girly-mate who is quite important to me joined the Navy, and she tells me about life with that.  She took the oath of service, to protect her country.  And it’s weird that Josh of all people is saying that vets needs to be in the schools, because he has said that he would fight the government.  In his “Christian Holocaust” series, he outright says that he will fight the government because of the perceived attack on his religious freedom.

This fat ass has never once served his country.  He hasn’t done shit.  He champions a President who said he couldn’t serve his country because his foot hurt.  Just like all the stupid-ass conservatives who believe that underneath it all, they are Dirty Harry, he just lets the delusions talk.  Not to mention, why veterans?  Why not cops?  Could it be because we now have documented proof that cops have a bad habit of being gutless cowards who run from danger or shoot it in the back?  Or in the case of Scot Peterson, do nothing while a shooter is inside a school killing kids and ACTUAL heroes who gave his life to protect children from bullets.

I have said it so many times, these people believe that life is an action movie, and the villains are just gonna stand there and get shot, while not being able to hit the broadside of a barn.  But we know in reality that life isn’t like that.  That shootings are messy.  We saw that with the armed guards at Columbine, at Virginia Tech, and other schools.  Now, am I against armed security?  Of course not.  But this idea that we need to get random people who served in the military to do this, instead of people who are trained for the task of protecting kids, is absurd.

By the way, Josh, I guarantee that if you went into a school shooting to go pump some of your “freedom seeds” at the bad guys, your ass would get arrested too.  Probably because you’d have killed other kids instead of the bad guy.  But hey, maybe I’m wrong.  You are Dirty Harry in the flesh, after all, right?

Until next time, a quote,

“Most people are drowning in delusional ignorance, without knowing that their suffering was created by themselves.” – Jakushoa Kwong Roshi

Peace out,



Santa Fe Shooting, a Turning Point in America

Another school shooting.  Let the usual fluff and bullshit begin.  The conservatives yelling about how the insane ease of access to firearms in this country has nothing to do with anything and “don’t take our guns!” becoming another bullshit mantra.  There will be the conservative retards screaming about how we need to arm teachers, because in their delusional world everyone is Dirty Harry.  We can have the left and right maligning video games again, because that’s always fun.  Nobody will ever see that all of this is diversionary tactics to get it so that nobody will talk about actually doing anything.  Because if that precious NRA money doesn’t flow into Congress, how can the corrupt leaders of this nation keep hoodwinking the stupid-ass public?

In the end, nothing will happen.  Because by the time people mobilize to take action and those who actually give a shit about the loss of human life are able to get into action, people will have moved on to the next stupid thing.  Royal wedding coming up.  I’m sure that’s important to talk about.  Right?  Or maybe we can move on to the next mass shooting.  They happen with such regularity in this country that it starts to almost look like a pattern.

I’ve come to realize something about this country.  It breaks my fucking heart, but it’s true.  We don’t care about this shit anymore.  Not even a little.  We’ve gotten to the point that mass shootings and tons of people getting killed doesn’t phase us anymore.  It doesn’t matter how many people die, how many schools and streets and places that people should feel safe are splattered in blood.  We, as a society, have decided to stop caring about the violence that we see every day.  Because now it’s just become the flavor of the week.  It’s become the thing that we all just live with.

That breaks my fucking heart.  It really does.  To think that a land that used to be seen as a place of peace and prosperity now gets to be known for the killings, with nothing being done, and the sides of the political spectrum doing everything they can to make it about their bullshit topic.  You have the conservatives who go through the motions of saying “look at how violent this other country is!  Violence is going down!  All of this gun violence stuff is so overblown!”  Then you have the left where people are like “why can’t you talk more about brown people?!  This is diverting people’s attention from cops killing black people!”  With both sides calling the other snowflakes (a term that neither side has ANY right to use).

Oh, and let’s not forget how we need more Jesus!  Yeah, because his almighty ass sure is doing a lot of save people in this country that supposedly he fucking loves.  “But Lucien, he’s not allowed in schools anymore!”  Fuck you, you retard!  He can’t be mandated in public schools.  Teachers aren’t allowed to lead schools in prayer.  If students want to pray, they can do that all they want.  They can even start religious clubs.  There was one at my high school.  There is nothing stopping any kids from being as religious as they want.  So where the fuck is he?!  Where the fuck is your bullshit “all-loving” God now?!  No-fucking-where, that’s where.  Because he isn’t real.  He’s a myth that people cloak themselves in because death is scary and the idea that things happen that are awful for no reason hurts to think about.  So fucking sick of all the religious retards I see having to sing the blues about how they are so oppressed and Jesus is so hurting in a nation that is 80% Christian.  Yeah, you all are so under-represented.  How many of those morons call the other side “snowflakes?”

The song and dance never changes.  Nothing gets better.  Nothing ever well.  We’ve stopped caring as a country.  Everybody will just say stupid shit like “nothing you can do to stop it anyway.”  Yeah, that’s said in a nation where this shit happens all the time.  But maybe those people do have a point.  After all, any efforts to do anything of merit would have the NRA dropping millions of dollars to lobby against it.  And since they are an immensely powerful lobby, money talks.  Money is all the talk.

It’s the reason why the drug war keeps going even though there is no measurable amount of success it has ever had.  It’s why this country is slavishly dependent on oil (I live in a big oil state that is seeing the oil dry up, so I am seeing the end result of this first-hand) when green energy is getting bigger and bigger everywhere else.  China is leaving us in the dust in terms of being environmentally friendly.  Granted, it’s because they have no choice.  Pollution there is out of control.  But hey, at least they fucking learn from their mistakes!  When the fuck does America do that?!

There are so many days where I get so fucking tired of reading the news.  In my home state it’s story after story of violence.  My state is the second most violent state to live in, from a study I found the other day.  There are so many shootings in my city that I don’t count them as a weekly thing.  I see something in the papers almost daily.  But nobody cares.  It’s just the flavor of the week.  Parents weep for dead children.  Spouses week for lost teachers and people just trying to help save lives.  Siblings weep for family they will never talk to again.  But what the fuck does this nation that cares do?!  NOTHING!  Fucking Nothing!

While Trump can spew all of his bullshit about “Make America Great Again,” I am watching this nation bleed to death.  I knew all of that shit was a con from the start, but can the people who supported the orange monkey finally admit it too?  Can they admit that the fucker is a corporate tool?  We all know he won’t do shit. Last time he actually said he sent thoughts and prayers to them.  Well thanks for that, you useless lump of shit!  I’m sure the families there are so comforted.  Fuck!

Does this have a bottom to it?  Is there a point where it ever ends?  I don’t fucking know.  I wish I did.  Truly, I wish I knew where all of this bullshit ended.  Because I’m getting tired of a friend who is becoming a teacher being afraid that she is going to have a gun in the room with little children and be expected to use it when she is a naturally very fearful person who doesn’t like conflict.

You don’t fucking care, America.  I just want you fuckers to admit it.

Until next time, a quote,

“It’s not the violence of the few that scares me.  It’s the silence of the many.” – Rev. Martin Luther King Jr

Peace out,


Using Nazis to Sell Your Political Ideology Needs to Stop!

I’ve already gone after the left at length for their usage of the term “Nazi” to describe people, and how that basically robs the term of any meaning, because as Chris Ray Gun pointed out in a really fantastic song he did, the regressive left has this belief that if you don’t constantly bitch about President Trump, then you are a white supremacist/Nazi/fascist/insert bad group here.  Nazi has joined the pantheon of terms that mean nothing now thanks to their rampant overuse by them, such as sexism, misogyny, and given the usage of terms like stare rape and birth rape, rape isn’t too far behind.  Thankfully that last term has gotten a lot less used over the years.  I’m not hearing it bandied about as much.

But last night, I was scrolling on Facebook, as I am prone to do, and I saw a post by someone that just pissed me off.  See, I have friends of all political stripes.  I don’t believe that a person should just have one ideology in their lives.  I don’t want to live in an echo chamber.  Unfortunately, it means that my Facebook page runs the gamut of far-left to far-right opinions.  People like myself who try and see nuance appear to be in short supply.

What I saw was a meme where it had a pile of shoes from a concentration camp, with the tagline underneath that the Jews died because they gave up their guns to Hitler.  The instant I saw that, I was pissed.  Really, really pissed.  What a way to not learn from history.  What a way to have the memories of the dead insulted to help your political ideology.  Where do I get started on how stupid this is?

For starters, yes, because if the Jews had guns, then they totally would have fucked up the Nazis and they never would have been taken to concentration camps.  I’m totally sure that’s how it would have worked.  A community that has ALWAYS been an extreme minority would have stepped to the Nazis and won.  Yeah, that’s how it would have gone down.  It would have been a one-sided massacre.  Nope, just like the gun-toting, ‘Murica-loving patriots, they would have stepped up to the fascist government and thrown down the tyrants!

Except, you know, in the real world.  Outside of the Clint Eastwood delusion that these gun nuts have thinking that they are Dirty fucking Harry.  A world where, in battles between David and Goliath, Goliath wins.  Because Goliath has an army, and better weapons, and combat vehicles, and the infrastructure to be able to support a conflict.  This wasn’t Vietnam, where skilled guerilla fighters were able to use the jungle and trenches to their benefit.  This wasn’t the Middle East, where the fighters there have a vast community to repel foreign invaders along with the support of the local populace.  This was Nazi Germany, and this fucking retard is saying that if the Jews had had their guns, then they would have been able to stop what happened to them.  They would have fought very bravely, and just like these “patriots” who think they are going to step to tyrant, they would have died very quickly.  That’s how it would have gone in the real world.

But you can’t tell these people that.  They live in their fucking delusional land where they role-play as righteous warriors who have Gawd on their side and will bring freedom to the land.  That’s the mindset of these fucking idiots.  Their political platform and their worldview is that the good guy with the gun stops the bad guy with the gun.  I’m sorry, who am I supposed to be afraid of again?  The government who has NEVER called for the banning of all guns, or the people who all seem to think that the Confederacy really won the Civil War?

I fucking hate that we have reached a point where the victims of the Holocaust are nothing more than a prop to be used to sell some retard’s propaganda.  I hate that, instead of them being a lesson about the nature of dogma and what it can do to a country that is already angry, they are now just a tool for selling a viewpoint.  That’s what that conservative meme was.  It pisses me off so much that that is the country I live in.  I live in a nation where I have to suffer the slings and arrows of fucking IDIOTS who refuse to even court the notion of sensible gun control.  Because it steps on the Second Amendment!  No, you fucking retard, it does not.  It has people like me just wanting to have it so that you have to have a license to buy a gun, and guns have to be registered before you can buy them.  It means trying to keep guns out of the hands of the wrong person, when I can go to someone’s house a buy a gun off their porch and nobody would ever know.  Hell, they could give me the damn thing.

And to anyone who actually believes the way the person who shared that meme does, fuck you.  You’re fucking stupid.  You are among the stupidest people who have EVER lived.  You are a worthless hunk of skin and I hope you end up on the business end of a mass shooter.  Hopefully you have your gun.  Let’s see how many innocent people die so you can be Dirty Harry.  And can we PLEASE stop using the Nazis and especially the victims of the fucking Holocaust as props to sell political points?!  Is there a chance that we can do that?  It not only shows that you can only lean on emotion to make your argument instead of rationality, but it also shows that you are fucking stupid and haven’t learned a single thing from history.

Until next time, a quote,

“Those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it.  Yet those who do study history are doomed to stand by helplessly while everyone else repeats it.” – Anonymous

Peace out,


The Lucien Experiment

With yet-another school shooting under our belt, and all the conservative retards saying that we need to arm the teachers, I have devised an experiment that I am no-joke wanting to do.  See, it’s not like we ACTUALLY care if innocent people die anymore.  We have become so desensitized to carnage in this country that so long as it isn’t us, we don’t care.  All you people who are going to come into the Comments and disagree, shut the fuck up.  What did you try and do to change things?  You running for office on a platform of trying to advocate gun control?  Or if you are a conservative retard, are you running for office on a platform of arming teachers?  If you aren’t doing anything and eventually tune out as everyone does, then shut the fuck up.

A friend of mine who is an educator and I got to talking about this.  She said “what am I supposed to do?  While the students are panicking and terrified, I’m supposed to go into a lockbox, get out a handgun against someone who has an automatic rifle, and then take precise aim at them without hitting any students?”  Very good point.  She said a friend of hers had someone breaking into her house, and she got her gun, but said her hands were shaking so hard that she knew she wouldn’t have been able to aim accurately.  I can’t imagine what that situation would be like.  Hence why I keep knives on my person.  That way, either I get shot and die, or I stab my attacker or would-be assailant and don’t get anyone else killed.

But since America has decided that we aren’t EVER going to do anything to solve the problem, and I get to have all these Dirty Harry wannabes on my social media telling me how if they were there they’d have shot this guy, or that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, I devised a little experiment.  I want to put this theory that all these faux Rambo mother-fuckers can’t actually handle an actual situation like that.  And I want to put their lives, their captors lives, the lives of cops, and the lives of innocent people on the line to prove my point.  I hear you saying “innocent people?!  How can you be that heartless, Lucien?!”  Well, it’s patently clear that nobody really cares about the deaths of innocent people.  All these mass shootings and the public is so quick to forget.  They move on to the next retarded-ass thing.  You know, until we get another mass shooting and they wring their hands about how awful it is, only to do NOTHING to change anything.

In any case, here is my experiment.  Let’s get a building, like a shopping center or a school or a hospital.  Let’s get all the Dirty Harry wannabes in there with actual guns and live ammunition.  Let’s also have a ton of innocent people in there.  The Dirty Harry types will know something will happen, but will not know what, where, or how many people it involves.  The innocent people won’t have a fucking clue.  That’s part of the experiment.  They’re the control factor.  Any scientist will tell you that you need a control factor.  Now, from several entrances will come several violent individuals also armed with actual guns that have live ammunition, with the goal of shooting up the place.  They will proceed to start shooting it up.  The Dirty Harry wannabes have to put their bravado to use and kill them.  Next, the innocent people will be able to call the police, who will show up.  It will be there job to try and aid the innocent people and disable the attackers.

I know what you’re thinking – Lucien, what on Earth are you testing with that insane idea?  It’s quite simple.  I want to find out if these Dirty Harry mother-fuckers can put their money where their mouth is and actually deal with this situation by being the good guy with the gun taking out the bad guy with the gun.  I want to see if they can measure up in a situation where we have innocent people in a panic and multiple shooters and how many of them will stand tall to that, without killing any of the aforementioned innocent people.  I also want to test how many of them will be unsure who the attackers are and confuse them with their fellow “patriots” just lookin’ to stop the bad guy!  Then I want to test how this whole situation would affect the cops looking to help.  You know, the people actually trained.  Oh, and maybe we could make this more interesting by having the building have a security guard or two.  You know, to see if they can handle it.

All of this experiment is really to prove a point that I and anyone who has any experience with violent situations or having a gun being fired around them already knows.  But I want to get real people really killed to prove this point.  Maybe, if we can show the actual body count and who the psychological trauma that would ensue from it, people can learn to shut the fuck up about what a Billy Badass they are.  It’s a thought.

Until next time, a quote,

“How do you figure out how two chemicals interact?  Easy – put them together in a beaker and apply heat.” – Dr Gregory House, House M.D.

Peace out,


Shooting in Las Vegas, Let the Political Bickering Begin!

There was a horrific shooting in Las Vegas today, where a 64 year old man opened fire on a crowd at a concert from his 32nd story window.  At least 50 confirmed dead and over 200 wounded at the time of writing this post.  Another horrible tragedy that shouldn’t have happened, but did.  Got to see a video where a guy stayed standing while everyone was ducking for cover, shouting at the shooter to aim for him.  That takes balls of absolute steel.  No idea if that guy was one of the victims, but if so, you did a service to try and save people by having the gunman go after you.

The moment the story broke, I got to see the left and the right immediately lining up to get their political views heard.  From the social justice retards who say that this was a problem of white privilege, and male privilege, and it was a racial crime.  To the right who refuse to call this guy a terrorist even though he most likely is.  I get the feeling a crime like this was motivate by political ideology.  If he killed for political ideals, he’s a terrorist.  If he just felt like opening fire on a crowd, he’s a fucking psychopath who decided to kill and injure a ton of people because he could.

Then we got other right-wing posts deciding to go after the left for some of the violent rhetoric they said about wanting to kill Trump.  I suppose I could go after the likes of Riley E Dennis, if I wanted to get on that bandwagon, but I don’t.  Even though she has her own beliefs about attacking people.  The left wants to use this opportunity to come out and defend Islam.  Because Groj forbid anyone say that Muslim has even committed terrorism before.  Nope, not once *cough*bullshit!*cough*

Christians in America had to make their voices heard and talk about how Gawd would have fixed all this.  I’m sure all the people who are dead right now didn’t have Jeebus at all in their hearts.  Nope, not one.  In a nation that is 80% Christian, I’m sure not one of those people wasn’t a practicing Christian.  Maybe Jim Bakker can come out and say that this shooting was Gawd’s response to men doing each other in the ass.

So what about me?  What is my stance on all this?  What political viewpoint am I going to espouse right now?  Here is what I have done – donate to a GoFundMe account someone set up to help the victims.  Here’s the link, go donate.  That’s something to do. Something more valuable than any of the arguing idiots on Twitter.  What else am I going to do?  Be saddened by this.  Be saddened by the fact that this kind of wanton killing is becoming so commonplace.  Feel so ashamed of the fact that I share a species with a fucking animal who got out on balcony or an open window and opened fire with a fucking automatic weapon at a crowd of people just listening to music.

It’s beyond clear something needs to happen.  With stricter gun laws help.  Not this kind of situation.  I still believe that gun control does need to be tightened, but I am still aware enough of the way things work to realize that even if all the guns were strictly controlled, the crazed lone gunman will still be a threat.  Help America’s failing mental health system.  Maybe that would help some of the problem, but as we have seen with people like Timothy McVeigh, not all of the people who do this sort of shit are outright insane.  For as evil as what McVeigh did, he had very firm and rationalized (not rational, rationalized) reasons for what he did.  This shooter may have as well.  We may never know.

I don’t know what the right thing is to do.  I donated to a fund set up to help victims.  After all the hurricane destruction down in the Florida and Texas I donated to the Red Cross.  It’s as much as I can think to do in this situation.  Because here’s the thing which has blown my fucking mind – as soon as the story broke, the fighting started.  The political bickering began before we even knew how many are dead and injured.  Remember when national tragedies brought people together?  Remember when we would set aside personal differences to try and help those in need when the situation called for it?  Where the fuck has that mentality gone?!  Are we just so eager to hate each other than we’ll use any excuse we can?  Fuck the victims, I have to make my point known!  Yeah, fuck white people!  Fuck gun control!  Fuck calling him a terrorist!  Let’s all just bicker over whatever stupid bullshit while the blood flows in the streets.

Sister-diddler Lena Dunham said that this has to be political, and supposedly-recovering SJW Laci Green agreed.  Yeah, let’s talk about white privilege!  Why the fuck not?!  Instead of deciding to set all that bullshit aside and actually coming together as a community and as a species, we look for any reason to drive the wedges of division further in.  I am so fucking ashamed of my species when I see us all do everything we can to hate each other and not even try and care, while people literally die. The left and the right stand on mountains of bodies in order to scream at each other over who is correct.

Fuck all of us.  We clearly are beyond redemption as a species.  Can Trump and Un just start dropping the nukes so World War III can start and another species can have a fucking shot?  Please?!  But hey, let’s at least be glad of one thing – there was at least one person in all of this who didn’t take a side and choose to be picky.

The shooter.

Until next time, a quote,

“Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.” – H.L. Mencken

Peace out,


Video Games are EVIL! (A response to Pastor Hagee)

Another mass shooting, another person who chooses to blame video games.  I swear, it doesn’t even remotely shock me anymore.  Video games are pretty much society’s whipping boy at this point.  The right can use them anytime there are mass shooting as a quick cop-out.  Even though they seem to believe that if more guns are out in public, everyone is going to turn into John Wayne.  The stupidity behind that sentiment is mind-boggling.  If you listened to Wayne LaPierre after the Newtown shooting, he believes that people with guns can defeat “evil monsters.”  Weird that these people villainize games so much, considering their worldview is an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.  Then you have the left, who treats video games like they are cooking up misogyny everywhere you look.  Because all male gamers hate women, right, Anita?

Video games have become the thing to attack if you have a worldview that is really dumb.  They also make a for a convenient out if you don’t want to actually address the problems in society.  Like the fact that I can go to my uncle’s house and buy one of his massive gun arsenal from him without any paperwork or a background check.  I’m not for banning guns, but there is NO reason why we can’t tighten up restrictions to ANY degree.  Just any.  How about we start with background checks?  Having to have them anytime you sell a gun.  How about that?  Sorry, got off-track.  The point is, from the hipster left to the octogenarian right, video games are a real nice scapegoat anytime something like this happens.  Let’s look at Pastor Hagee, who has decided to put his two-cents out there for the rest of us to digest.

Okay, dumbass.  Let’s take this apart piece by piece.  I’m not for the banning of all guns.  Let me say that one more time before I get into how dumb this is.  But Hagee, when the 2nd Amendment was written, you know what kinds of weapons they had?  Flintlock muskets!  They were not a very good weapon.  The aim was terrible.  They took time to load.  You could only load one shot.  Not to mention, something that people constantly forget is that the 2nd Amendment was written for a militia.  It was the Supreme Court that ruled that that applies to the general public.  Not to mention, it was also written with the understanding that you’d need people to have guns in case slaved revolted.  A slave revolt was a very real issue back then.  A lot of the Founders owned slaves.  Thomas Jefferson allowed his illegitimate children he had with his slaves to go into slavery.  The founders wanted an active fighting force in case of a slave revolt.  This whole idea that it was written to help the people if they needed to overthrow the government is unfathomably naive.

But that’s not even the point.  These are not the weapons that we have today, you troglodyte!  If you were to tell the Founding Fathers what kinds of weapons we have today, I bet you that they would at least be taken aback enough to make sure that it was that well-trained militia that was getting the guns.  Do you honestly believe that they would be totally behind having no restrictions on the owning of weapons when you can have a weapon with enough rounds in the magazine to kill over 10 people before having to be reloaded?  I don’t.  These people weren’t the idiots that you are, Hagee.  They understand that guns needed to be in the hands of people who know how to use them.  Who are trained and ready.  No johnny fucktard in the woods with his boys having themselves a camping trip.  Drinkin’ beers and shootin’ guns.  Or that guy who nearly blew his fucking head off because he had the gun pointed right at him as he was messing with it.  The fact that only his hat got a giant hole in it is nothing short of a miracle.

Then there’s the stupidity with getting rid of gun-free zones.  Yeah, because if I work at a hospital, I want johnny fucktard to be packing a gun near me.  Or if I’m at a school, where little kids are being kids, I want johnny to have his gun there.  Maybe a kid can take it, like that 11 year old boy who blew the brains out of an 8 year old girl because of an argument about puppies.  He got his dad’s shotgun and killed her.  Or maybe it can be like that little girl who was given an uzi and taken to a gun range.  A gun that was clearly too powerful for her, and she lost control of it.  Blew her instructor’s brains out.  That girl has to live with his blood on her hands, forever.  Charges weren’t pressed against her, but do you honestly believe that she’s going to be able to come back from that?  That you can kill a person like that and it will just rub off you.  This isn’t an action movie, retards!  You can’t just charge in and save the day!

Say there had been guns allowed on campus at Oregon.  And let’s say that 30% of the student body was armed.  Someone starts shooting.  The students draw their guns.  Now, they have their guns, but they don’t know who the shooter is.  They see someone else come around the corner with a gun, and they open fire.  So then someone else sees that person shoot and start shooting at them.  Then more people start shooting at the person who shot that person.  Do you not understand the bloodbath that would ensue?  Or another example – today there was a woman at Home Depot who had the great idea of going after a shoplifter and opening fire on him in the parking lot.  How many innocent people could have been hurt or killed because this broad wanted to be the next action hero?  According to people there, everyone was fleeing in terror, thinking that this person was going to kill them.  This is the society you want?  Holy fucking shit.

Next, can we PLEASE stop making it seem like video games are teaching people to become real-life killers?  Please?  It’s such bullshit!  Yeah, because playing shooters that are pretty much point-and-click like Call of Duty will TOTALLY prepare you for shooting people in real life, right?  Oh yeah.  Because handling weapons is just that easy in the real world, right?  You barely even notice the kick.  That game’s like real life!  He makes this stupid false-equivalence of how flight simulators teach people how to fly.  Dude, flight simulators are a starting point.  You learn the basic in a sim, then you go out and get real-world experience.  Then you learn that flying in real life is a hell of a lot different than flying in a sim.  Do you honestly believe that if I were to have a kid fire an AK-47 in a video game, then gave him an actual AK-47 (which I could do.  The aforementioned uncle has one) that he would know exactly how to work it?  That he could handle the weapon easily?  Maybe, and I know I’m going out on a limb here, handling a real gun is a little different than a video game one!  I would know.  I have used real guns, doing target shooting.  I’ve shot pellet guns, a .22 rifle, a .38 handgun, and lever and bolt-action rifles.  Firing a gun in a video game is NOTHING like doing it in real life.  If you had fired guns before, you’d know that.

Video games will probably always be society’s punching bag.  At this point, the left and the right do it.  But that’s become par for the course.  I said on Twitter after the shooting, “how long until someone blames video games for this latest mass shooting?”  The thing that bugs me is that these people are delusional.  They have this delusional idea that they are going to have their guns and they are going to save the day whenever something like this happens.  I guarantee you that if the situation I said above had been the case at the community college in Oregon, that bloodbath could easily have been so much worse.  The 2nd Amendment is a good law, but our Founders wrote it with the understanding that we don’t need every jackass to have a gun.  Just the ones who know what they’re doing.  Ones who have been trained on their usage, and get a license and register their guns.

But the thing that really pisses me off – the people who back this stuff, like Wayne LaPierre of the NRA, don’t give two shits the amount of bodies that are left in their wake.  These people just want the money.  And they are getting people like Pastor Shit-for-Brains to pimp their talking points.  Because if what I said above had happened.  If the shooting at Oregon had happened and it was an ungodly bloodbath, then I guarantee you that they would be saying, “there should have been even MORE guns on campus!  Then no one would have gotten hurt!”  My god…

Until next time, a quote,

“But if anything else, what this press conference shows is that the NRA hates on video games for infringing on its own violent hero fantasy and binary morality. What’s scary though that that’s their worldview. And their political platform. And they have lots and lots of guns. Who are we supposed to be afraid of, again?”  -George Weidman

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Sex vs. Violence in the Media

Here’s something to know about me – I love sex.  I don’t have it anywhere near enough, but I do love it.  Who doesn’t?  No joke, who doesn’t like sex?  Actually, scratch that.  I have a friend who hates everything to do with sex.  She is like no one I have ever met before.  There was one other person who told me once that she liked nothing about sex.  However, that eventually changed.  Like many things about her, and I, and us.  A sad, miserable story.  One that I have no desire to tell all of you.  Trust me, you wouldn’t enjoy it, anyway.  Personal drama is never interesting.  Still, there is a part of me that will always have a great deal of affinity for sexuality, regardless of my lack of availability.  It is a wonderful thing, and should be loved by everyone.  Unless you are like my friend and hate it.  In which case, you are totally alien to me.

Another thing I love is violence.  I play violent games.  Quite recently, I have been utterly-hook on Bloodborne.  A game that takes Lovecraftian horror and runs with it, in probably the greatest omage of all time.  It takes the elements and brings them up a notch.  Instead of the cultish behavior of a place being some backwoods village or something, it is an entire civilization who becomes enraptured on a religion based on ancient gods.  It’s amazing, and the story just keeps getting better and better.  Even having beat it, I am still so addicted to the chalice dungeons and all the mysteries.  The game is a vast web of story that is hard to piece together.  It is also violent as fuck!  After playing in an area and not dying, your character comes to be covered in blood.  My latest character gets so blood that her blonde hair becomes red with it, after a while.  You use a giant serrated saw blade to hack up enemies, with their blood going everywhere.  It’s amazing.  I love everything about it.  For real, this is an awesome story.  The violence, the horror, the darkness.  Call me in love.  Then there’s the shameless carnage of Dead Space.  In that game, you strategically dismember alien space-zombies and giant monsters.  It’s great.

Something I noticed as I grew up – violence has always been a part of my life.  For real, as a kid, I was hacking up monsters with the Master Sword in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  There was my favorite superhero, Batman, beating the stuffing out of villains.  No joke, he REALLY worked people over sometimes.  It’s part of why I like him so much.  He’s more anti-hero than superhero.  An interesting guy.  But yeah, there are so many characters I grew up with who are so violent.  Yet, that is treated like it’s just par for the course.  There was rarely any blood in stuff, growing up, but it could be pretty gruesome.

Then there was sex.  Sex was treated like a disease, growing up.  Like seeing boobies was going to really fuck me up for life.  Another thing to know – my parents bought me a whole series of nature videos when I was young.  They were meant to be all educational and whatnot, but they failed to understand that they were also violent as fuck.  No joke, you watched animals ripping other animals apart!  I loved them.  Yet, when I first started looking at porn, my mother lost her shit.  That seemed so strange, to me.  Seeing a movie where a bunch of children are lightsabered apart is cool, yet a naked woman is wrong?  This was strange, to me.  Now, all these years later, it is still strange to me.

Here’s a fact – tits have never killed anyone.  Not intentionally, anyway.  You smother a guy in tits, he can die, but the reality is that tits have never killed a single person.  What about guns?  As a weapon, guns kill people all the time.  They are used by our military to kill brown people that we are occupying their countries for NO good reason.  They are used by criminals to continue the drug war that our country feels the need to continue for reasons that make NO fucking sense to me.  The reality is that guns are used to spread death almost as much as mosquitoes.  No joke, those little bugs have killed more people than all the wars in history combined.  The disease that they spread is the stuff of legends.  It’s kind of scary.  Something so tiny could easily lead to the downfall of the human race, if the wrong disease got wide-spread.  Think of the shit in the CDC, and imagine that getting spread all over the world.  It’s nightmare stuff.

Back to the point – sex has never been used as a means of killing a person.  Though, even if it was, it never has been on a wide scale.  Not the same way the proliferation of arms has.  So why is that that sex is so terrifying to people?  What is it about the acknowledgment of tits that makes parents wet their pants?  I genuinely don’t see the problem.  If I had a kid (Spirits forbid) and they started looking at porn, I would sit them down and tell them that porn is SO fake and that real sex is nothing like that, but I get that they are going to look this stuff up anyway, because they are learning about boobies.  I would then give them the name of some porn sites to visit, and make sure I have the latest virus protection on my computer.  Wait, never mind.  I’ll send them to Tumblr and have them look up porn tags.  God bless the Internet.

What is it about sex that just makes this country so uncomfortable.  That’s not a rhetorical question.  I really want to know.  If there are any parents in my audience, what is it about the idea of children learning about fucking that is so off-putting, to you.  Or maybe you are like me, and it isn’t.  If so, explain why you are able to come to terms with it.  Let’s have some discussion, because I find all of this rather fascinating.  We need more discussion, because the reality is that if we can stomach a hail of gunfire that decimates orphans, yet are totally going to lose our shit about Miley Cyrus exposing her titties, then what does that say about our society?  I want it on the record that I think Miley Cyrus is a terrible musician, but I don’t get why people find her showing her tits so offensive.  Let the deformed, former child-star show her titties.  That hurts no one.  Not one person.

Anyway, let me know you thoughts in the Comments.  If you want to call me a disgusting pervert, I’ll give you all the platform you like.  But let’s talk about this.  It needs to be.

Until next time, a quote,

“Dragons haven’t won a war in over 300 years.  Armies win them all the time!”  -Tywin Lannister, Game of Thrones

Peace out,