Let’s Respond to 20 Things Men Can Do to Support Women (according to Medium)

I haven’t done one of these in forever.  After I got through all of BuzzFeed Yellow’s insipid catalog of crap, I haven’t had one of these to do.  Well, a woman who isn’t know for anything outside of being a glorified blogger decided to go to Medium and make another list.  I decided to respond to it and see if I fit the terms of a person who supports women, according to the criteria that she laid out.  Here’s a link to the article, now let’s see how I do.

Overcome your own transphobia. Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Accept the lived truth of NB and GNC people, whether or not they are women.

Nothing to overcome.  I treat people as they come.  I don’t care about trans people any more or less than I don’t already care about anyone else.  I’m a misanthrope.  Granted, I believe in treating all people with basic levels of respect, so long as they treat me in kind.  That seems like a good criteria.  Unless of course that person is Riley J Dennis, in which case she can fuck right off because she is a prick who has the same beliefs about sexual preferences as pray-the-gay-away preachers.  So I got this first one down.  Excellent.

Be pro-choice and be vocal in support of reproductive rights. (And generous! Give to the National Network of Abortion Funds!) Understand that the opposite of reproductive choice is forced childbearing.

I have made donations in the past to Planned Parenthood, which I trust infinitely more than your charity because it is known for the results it gets and the transparency which it operates.  I have always been pro-choice.  Got this one too.  Damn!  I am on a roll!

Support subsidized birth control. Support women’s healthcare. Support women’s preventative healthcare. Support medical trials that include (or even prioritize) women.

I’ll do you one better, cupcake.  Instead of just supporting women’s healthcare, I support universal healthcare.  That way, everyone can have the healthcare they need without worrying if it will put them in bankruptcy.  So I am actually one-upping you here.  Nice!  I think I may be a very good “ally” for women, according to this woman’s criteria.  But I won’t be supporting medical trials that prioritize women.  If it’s for a drug or medical procedure that’s for both genders instead of just being a drug for women, then there’s no reason for me to support prioritizing women.  None.  So you got me there.

Support nontaxed menstrual products. Ask your workplace if tampons and pads are free. If they’re not, advocate for them to be free. Get over any embarrassment you may have about menstruation.

Don’t care about menstruation.  It’s all just biology to me.  As for supporting non-taxed, why would I support a product being given out for free?  Condoms aren’t free.  If it’s a product made by a company, why would I support them not charging money for it?  Companies can have whatever policy they want in regards to selling this stuff, but as for me, I don’t support us just giving shit away to people if it cost money to produce.  So I can’t support this part.  Guess my ally cred is slipping.

Vocally advocate at your workplace for longer and more egalitarian paid parental leave, whether or not parenthood is part of your life. Advocate for lactation spaces. Advocate for on-site or subsidized childcare.

Here’s a question – do you believe this should be applied equally to men.  Some countries have paid paternity leave.  That seems fair.  But here’s the thing – people leaving on maternity leave is an imposition on a company.  I’m not about to sit here and pretend that a corporation whose only concern is making money should just totally wave off the fact that losing an employee to have a kid is a problem for them.  Is that fair?  No.  But it’s the risk women taken when they choose to have children.  I’m sorry, but most women understand that risk when they take that step.

Tell your elected officials that you are a man who votes and you prioritize women’s issues when you decide who to vote for. Then actually prioritize women’s issues when you decide who to vote for. Understand that women’s issues are your issues.

I don’t prioritize women’s issues.  I prioritize issues that affect my life.  Like when my state chose to legalize pot.  I vote in that election.  I voted in the primary for Bernie Sanders, then wrote in Harambe in the general election because I didn’t (and still don’t) support either of those ass-clowns.  If that’s a problem, sorry-not-sorry.  Issues for other women are not necessarily my issues.  I’m not a feminist.  I’m an egalitarian.  In that same election where we voted to legalize pot, I voted to raise the minimum wage because the girl I was dating at the time was making that and I supported that issue.

Whenever you are in a group composed of only men (whether it’s social, work, church, or whatever) ask yourself why there are no women present. Then ask out loud why. Force an honest answer.

I have no groups I am a part of that only have men.  I’m not really a group person.  I don’t believe in Gawd.  My office has a ton of women in it.  My immediate supervisor is a woman, and she is viewed as the mom of the office for being so good at whipping it into shape.  She’s a hell of a woman and has years of status under her belt showing she’s earned her place.  So yeah, this question has no relevance to me of any kind.

Cultivate genuine, intimate, nonsexual friendships with women.

Got a ton of those.  No problem whatsoever.

Seek out women to be your heroes and mentors.

My heroes are George Carlin and H.L. Mencken.  Find me a woman who can compare to them and I’ll let you know what I think.

Any time you see a building, street, institution, etc. named for a man, see how long it takes you to spot another one named for a woman.

What the fuck do I care what a building, street, or institution is named after?  Nothing.  Why do you care?  What effect does this have on your life?

Ask yourself what things you don’t do, for whatever reason, that you also think of as something women tend to do. (Sew? Send birthday cards? Care about skincare?) Try doing it for a while, just to see what it’s like to be a person who does the thing.

I love to cook, I take care of my sad apartment by myself.  I’ve sewn buttons back on clothes.  Went shopping for lotion with a girly-mate and was cool when she bought some for me.  There’s nothing to think about.  What is this idea that all men seem to believe that there are some tasks that only women are supposed to do?  I guess only women can have lesbian sex.  There’s a task.  I found one.  Happy now?

Talk less. In all spaces. At all times. At a lower volume.

Um, no.  So long as I’m not hurting anyone or being rude and interrupting, I’ll do whatever the fuck I want when I’m not at my job.  Don’t assume you have ANY right to tell me how to conduct myself.

When you need support, reach out to men as well as women. Work to be a person your friends of all genders can reach out to when they need support. Create a culture of openness around yourself.

Nobody wants me around when I need support.  See, I’m kind of a negative person suffering from hardcore depression.  However, because of my depression, I keep an open door to all people in my circle of friends who need to talk.  That’s important to me.  Because I am the kind of person who is easy to forget, I will never let anyone in my circle who wants me there to feel they are forgotten.  So got the openness status all locked down.

Consume media marketed to women. Don’t perform your consumption.

I don’t care who media is marketed towards so long as it fits in my view of things I like.  My favorite film of all time is a hardcore love story (5 Centimeters Per Second).  Does that count?  I’ll consume whatever I like.  I like and dislike a lot of things.  My likes and dislikes run the gamut.  But I don’t think about it as something marketed towards women.  I think about it in terms of – do I think this product looks good?  If yes, then I consume it.  It’s why I drink fruity drinks and not whiskey shots.  Why are you working so hard to divide media when you should be taking my approach and encouraging people to create media that is meant to be marketed as broadly as possible?

Deprogram your beliefs about thinness being an optimal state of feminine beauty. Deprogram your beliefs that your desire matters in determining a woman’s worth.

No.  Fuck you.  What I want in a partner is my business.  It’s not yours or anyone else’s.  Same with what you want.  Since I’m bisexual, my desires for men and women are my own.  And yeah, I’m never gonna find a landwhale attractive.  I’m sorry.  I don’t mind women with a few extra pounds.  I like a girl I can eat a pizza with or get a burger and not have her going on about how bad it is.  A totally platonic girly-mate occasionally comes over for dinner and she goes to the gym but also likes the food I make.  I just won’t find attractive a quality in a person that I believe is detrimental.  If someone is eating themselves to death, I find that unappealing.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  Obese has NEVER been the standard of beauty.  It never will.

Jerk off without porn for a while. EDIT: This really should be “Pay for your porn.” In particular, seek out (and pay for) porn that’s made by women, queer people, and people of color, and that’s produced ethically. Consume sexual culture as thoughtfully as you would consume any culture.

I jerk off without porn all the time.  I have a very vivid imagination.  I don’t care who porn is made by.  I care about the content.  Don’t even bother to look into who made something.  It’s almost like I’m just trying to get off and then go about my day.

Learn about racism and intersectionality, and do everything you can to empower and amplify black women and NBWOC.

Not into the social justice scene.  Not even a little.  I fucking hate this victim culture people in the first world have.  So yeah, can’t get on-board with that even a little.

Detach yourself from straw-man definitions for hot-button issues (intersectionality, cultural appropriation, political correctness, preferred pronouns, etc.) and learn what they’re really about. Unpack the real meanings behind phrases like “SJW” and “feminazi.” Believe people when they say they’re in pain.

I have detached myself from straw-man definitions.  See, part of why I respond to posts like these is so I can make sure I don’t leave out context.  For many years I have responded to posts like this and made very clear my disdain for a large swath of people within the social justice community because of the things they say and the ideas they propagate.  So yeah, not gonna get behind this either.

Prioritize kindness.

Decent advice, I guess.

Befriend children.

I hate children.  I will never like children.  The job I have right now is the greatest form of birth control in the universe.  So yeah, never gonna do that either.

All things considered, this was pretty standard feminist advice bullshit for men.  Seen shit like this before on BuzzFeed.  Honestly surprised she didn’t say to stop looking at lesbian porn or something like that, but whatever.  How did I do?

Until next time, a quote,

“I won’t bore you with the details, but after reading these articles I discovered three modes of excuse-making – I mean thinking! – 1. pointless list-making, 2. dumb observations, and 3. overly intellectualizing” – Harry Ass Plinkett

Peace out,



You Don’t Understand Blade Runner (A response to Anita Sarkeesian)

I never thought I’d be talking about this bitch ever again.  After she left video games, I figured she’d just disappear into some abstract corner of the Internet and I wouldn’t ever have to deal with her stupid views on topics that she clearly knows fuck-all about ever again.  But then The Drunken Peasants podcast subjected me to her latest video, where she decides to go after one of my favorite films, with her pathetic, paltry, pseudo-intellectual bullshit that shows that her ability to critically analyze themes in films has all the depth and size of a puddle in the parking lot of my apartment building.  Ugh!  I’ll have the video here, so you can see I’m not taking anything out of context.  Let’s talk about it.

She begins with saying that according to the original Blade Runner, the future is going to be racist, have flying cars, but oh boy, noodle shops!  Yeah, because that is TOTALLY what the ethnicity of Blade Runner was about.  You know, like how the lower world is a very ethnically diverse place, while the upper world is very white.  Huh, it’s not like that was a deliberate design choice that Ridley Scott made in order to symbolize the power gap over the time period the film was made.  Nope, not at all!  This woman can’t analyze anything in a way outside of her feminist lens that tells her that everything is bad unless it caters to views that, if we learned anything from her analysis of video games, are clearly contradictory.

After her TERRIBLE intro, she says that all the fans of the original film get to rejoice at the idea of a sequel.  Did she not follow the unveiling of that at all?  This sequel is being met with VERY fierce skepticism by the science-fiction community, as it should.  Hollywood has shown that they are bad at doing sequels and now Blade Runner is on the block.  Granted, they got the director of my favorite film of 2016, Arrival, to do this, and he has the cinematographer he had making Incendes and Sicario, the latter of which is one of my favorite films.  That does leave me feeling hopeful, but let’s hear more about what Anita has to say about this great science fiction cinema landmark.

Now we get to her “burning questions” Blade Runner introduced.  Like “shouldn’t there be more Latinx people in Los Angeles.”  Okay, stop.  Can we PLEASE stop using the term “latinx?”  It sounds like you’re talking about Kleenex, for one.  For another, there was a surprisingly good point brought up on The Drunken Peasants.  See, here’s the thing about Latino and Latina – in old romantic languages based off Latin, words are made to have different genders assigned to words depending on who is speaking and who or what is being spoken about.  It’s part of those languages’ cultural heritage.  Now we have some fucking white people coming in and saying “no!  You can’t have these distinguishing features because that’s not inclusive enough!”  Aren’t you the ones who stress out your fucking ass that we need to have respect for other cultures?  Sure doesn’t seem like you respect their language.  Maybe you need to check your privilege, white bitch.

After going on for a while, it’s pretty clear where this entire video is going – sex robots are bad and promote sexism.  Funny, I just saw an article where it talked about how women are going to replace men with sex robots in the future and didn’t paint that as a bad thing.  Funny how it’s only wrong when men do it.  Groj, I just wish she’d come out and say she’s a man-hater.  Can you please, Anita?  It’s so obvious where this video is going, and you even say that we’re about to be approaching a future in Blade Runner where biomechanical androids exist and men abuse them.  Unreal.  It’s funny, Anita makes fun of the men who have difficulty dating, whether it be to personality flaws, or to them being shy and scared of interacting with people, and mocks them for it.  How many socially awkward women who would seek a robot for companionship would she mock?  What a sexist harpy.  As with all modern feminists – it’s only sexist when men do it.

She then makes the argument that the film has good ideas, but it looks at them from the perspective of white men.  Yeah, I guess that’s true, unless we want to ignore the ENTIRE FUCKING MOVIE!  For example, one of the most interesting elements of the lower world is the language of the city.  The police officer who originally takes Deckard in speaks it.  It’s an amalgamation of all the languages spoken on the lower level.  Roy Batty may be played by a white man, but look at what his role in the film is – a slave.  He is part of a slave race.  Skin color be damned, he’s part of a slave race and is desperate to stop his inevitable death.  Even when he gets to see the head of Tyrell Corporation, the conversation about his demise doesn’t go well and you have no idea if Tyrell told him the truth at all.  To say that this film focuses exclusively on the perspective of white men is fucking ignorant, and also denies all the perspectives of the film from all the various characters.  But hey, let’s simplify it down to the color of people’s skin.  Because that isn’t fucking racist at all.

We get to hear next how the two female replicants are a metaphor for modern day misogyny.  Wrong!  They are representations of the exploitation of women in subjugated classes.  There was a time when all women in this country were a lesser class.  Hard to argue that.  But the entire narrative of the replicants is that they are a species separate from us who are being subjugated by the humans who created them.  It’s a story about power relationships and how there will always be those in power using their power over those without.  These two female replicants are not some metaphor for the “patriarchy.”  They are part of a larger narrative of those in power destroying the lives of those without, and how when we are out of peoples to conquer, we shall create power dynamics to have.  Like I said, Anita’s ability to critically analyze things has all the depth of a fucking puddle.

Then she talks about the scene with Deckard and Rachel.  All it is in her mind is – he assaulted a woman.  Since she clearly can’t analyze this film, let’s inform the class of how stupid that perspective is.  The narrative of this film is that replicants are lesser than humans.  It’s the belief that our entire species has.  Deckard is a bit hard to follow because he seems to have at least some regard for the replicants and doesn’t want to continue killing them.  However, he is still part of a species that sees them as lesser and deserving of death (even if he is a replicant himself, which is left unclear for a very good reason).  Is the scene with these two very jarring and uncomfortable?  Yup.  Anita criticizing the music is her not being able to see that the music there was a deliberate choice to make the scene more uncomfortable.  Everything in the film is deliberate.  Deckard using his power over Rachel was a sign that he is at least partially just as brainwashed as the rest of society and chose to exercise his power over someone who couldn’t fight back because she had nowhere else to go.  It does make him look like a bit of a bad guy, but the thing is – that was deliberate.  It was meant to tell the audience that even a character who you are supposed to root for is still human and subject to the same forces the rest of us are.  I hate Anita so much.  She is shitting all over a movie I love because it’s pretty fucking clear she doesn’t understand it.

One thing Anita says that just blows my mind – the film isn’t about the women.  No shit, moron!  It’s about the replicants!  It’s about members of a subservient race who are being hunted by a society that says that they aren’t allowed on Earth, on pain of death!  I just love how this imbecile has made it out to be like these three female characters don’t matter to the script at all.  Does this bimbo have any awareness of how themes work?  Any idea how to critically analyze media?  Of course not.  Her Master’s thesis basically sucked the cock of everything Joss Whedon has ever made, back in the day.  He isn’t exactly writing Shakespeare.

We also have some other white person who can’t critically analyze issues of race, either.  Race doesn’t enter at all into the film?  No, because the fact that the lower world is very ethnically diverse and poor, while the upper world is very white and wealthy isn’t a look into racial ideas at all!  Ugh!  Background texture?!  It’s one of the central themes at play, you fucking moron!  Roy and the replicants have to hide in the lower world because they are also part of a lesser class.  Except in the film they are even lesser than the oppressed classes of the lower world.  That’s the fucking point!  Rachel is part of the upper world until she realizes that she is a replicant.  After which she has to go down to the lower world because now she is lesser.  Do you not get anything to do with this movie?!  How did that escape your notice, oh wonderful feminist one?  Aren’t you the idiot who says that your research is “double and triple-checked”?!  Clearly not because I’m not some film school graduate and even I can pick up on this!

This was stupid.  It’s nice to see that her analysis of movies is just as shitty as it was about video games.  I hate this woman and her videos.  Please stop shitting on one of the greatest science fiction films of all time.

Until next time, a quote,

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.” – Roy Batty, Blade Runner

Peace out,


Another Pseudo-Intellectual Wants to Talk About Video Games (A response to Ian Bogost)

I just love all these people with degrees from prestigious schools and 2-digit IQs telling me what video games are lacking.  It’s so charming.  These people who want to pretend like they got it all figured out, and then use the latest buzzwords to be able to bolster their arguments that sound like sophistry at best.  Is this lexicon verbose enough for you?  Our latest pseudo-intellectual wants to make sure that he sounds very smart while he talks about how videos really shouldn’t have stories, all the while ripping off arguments that Roger Ebert was proven wrong about 10 years ago.  It’s charming, in its own stupid way.  Here’s a link to the article, now let’s rip this bitch to pieces.

A longstanding dream: Video games will evolve into interactive stories, like the ones that play out fictionally on the Star Trek Holodeck. In this hypothetical future, players could interact with computerized characters as round as those in novels or films, making choices that would influence an ever-evolving plot. It would be like living in a novel, where the player’s actions would have as much of an influence on the story as they might in the real world.

First off, I don’t want games to be the Holodeck.  I’m not into VR.  Second, for the most part, the part about making an ever-evolving plot has already happened.  I’ve played it out dozens of times.  Whether it be something very linear, or something where I have choices and agency, I am able to help shape a narrative with the games I play.  Already there, skippy.  I look forward to what will be your solid reasoning for why that isn’t the case.

It’s an almost impossible bar to reach, for cultural reasons as much as technical ones.

Neat fact – immediately after this sentence, there is nothing about this for ages.  He goes on and on about how environmental storytelling works, but right when he makes a substantive point, he doesn’t go into greater detail.  I mean, if you are going to say why this bar is impossible to reach, shouldn’t you then follow that up with something about why this milestone is so impossible?  But let’s get into what he says about environmental storytelling and how it shapes a narrative.

The approach raises many questions. Are the resulting interactive stories really interactive, when all the player does is assemble something from parts? Are they really stories, when they are really environments? And most of all, are they better stories than the more popular and proven ones in the cinema, on television, and in books?

Well, yeah.  That’s easy to prove.  You use Bioshock as an example, a game with a very developed and rich lore with characters who you come to care about strictly from hearing about their trials in the city.  I’ve never met them, but there are some characters in the audio logs who was I sad to see go when you learn of their ultimate fate.  It was just another twisted end to a frankly depressing game.

Or let’s talk about my favorite game of 2015 – Life is Strange.  In that game, you look at pretty much everything around you and it tells stories.  You can see Chloe’s decent into a punk rock girl after her father died.  You can see her family with all their financial troubles and personal ones.  You can learn that David isn’t quite the asshole he seems, finding his book on recovering from war that he has read many times.  These things provide a richer canvas to the game’s narrative, which you grow to care about.  It’s what makes the fact that your choices ultimately don’t matter in the end that much more frustrating.

I think I see your problem – you are trying to make a direct comparison between video games and other visual mediums like film and television.  But you can’t do that.  I don’t play a game with the same mindset as I read a book or watch a movie.  I expect elements to be interactive and give me at least some agency in being a part of.  It doesn’t have to be everything.  As I said, I don’t want the Holodeck.  I just want a narrative that I feel immersed in.  My favorite games are ones where I feel like I was a part of the action.  It can still be linear and accomplish this, so long as the characters are well-developed and the world immerses me enough to want to see the story through.  Gaming is an interactive experience, not a purely visual one.  I didn’t like Metal Gear Solid IV because it felt like I had no agency.  60% of the time I was just watching the film play.  That’s not how games work.  For someone who purports to have a very rich understanding of the medium, this fact seemed to escape you.

In retrospect, it’s easy easy to blame old games like Doom and Duke Nukem for stimulating the fantasy of male adolescent power. But that choice was made less deliberately at the time. Real-time 3-D worlds are harder to create than it seems, especially on the relatively low-powered computers that first ran games like Doom in the early 1990s. It helped to empty them out as much as possible, with surfaces detailed by simple textures and objects kept to a minimum. In other words, the first 3-D games were designed to be empty so that they would run.

Okay…why did the male adolescent power line come up?  What did ANY of what followed in that paragraph have to do with men?  Are you clumsily setting the stage for where you blame men for video games being whatever way you don’t like?  I can see that coming from a mile away.  That is bad writing, dude.  If you want to take the Anita Sarkeesian route of saying men are pure evil in video games, then at least TRY and make it feel more natural.

The dude goes on and on for paragraphs about how environments in games aren’t realistic enough and that npc’s are all basically just going off a script, which I guess is supposed to mean that you can’t seem them as real.  Well…duh. I don’t see the vendor in Persona 5 selling me DVDs as a real person.  I’m not supposed to.  Half of this dude’s diatribes reek of a person who doesn’t actually have a lot of experience in this medium.  Or someone who is playing games with an agenda.  Seeing as how he brought up men in this article, I get the feeling him and Anita share similar social views.,

Environmental storytelling offers a solution to this conundrum. Instead of trying to resolve the matter of simulated character and plot, the genre gives up on both, embracing scripted action instead. The player’s experience becomes that of a detective, piecing together narrative coherence from fragments conveniently left behind in the game’s physical environment.

Well yeah, games that use environmental story-telling do have some convenience to them.  So do books and films.  After all, it sure was convenient that Tony Stark found out about the dead interpreter in Civil War, isn’t it?  Or it’s convenient that no one asked who had actually heard the main character say “Rosebud” in Citizen Kane when no one was clearly in the room.  All works of fiction rely on convenience to one extent or another.  Find me a piece of fiction where there aren’t some plot conveniences to move things along.

In 2013, two developers who had worked on the BioShock series borrowed the environmental-storytelling technique and threw away both the shooting and the sci-fi fantasy. The result was Gone Home, a story game about a college-aged woman who returns home to a mysterious, empty mansion near Portland, Oregon. By reassembling the fragments found in this mansion, the player reconstructs the story of the main character’s sister and her journey to discover her sexual identity. The game was widely praised for breaking the mold of the first-person experience while also importing issues in identity politics into a medium known for its unwavering masculinity.

Oh boy.  The pseudo-intellectual is about to talk about Gone Home.  This basically confirms to me that he is full of shit.  Every wanna-be intellectual and their SJW sister have talked about how this game is representative of some great milestone.  In this case, he says that it showed that games are basically on the level of young-adult novels.  Groan.  And the fucker actually makes the argument that this game represents the high water mark in gaming story-telling.  Give me a fucking break!

There are 1000 games, probably more, with narratives 1000X richer than that walking simulator could have ever hoped for.  Hell, I don’t even have a problem with the walking simulator genre and I see it as a lesser option.  When I think about the emotional levels the Mass Effect series got (before the STUPID ending to 3), or the moral implications of The Last of Us, and I see this clown telling me that some hipster-approved work.  Hell, Limbo, a 2D side-scroller was able to make a game world with more emotional weight, without any exposition of any kind.  Just from the environment you play in, you can see the story of a great civilization’s rise to power and then fall.  An art game called Journey did much the same.  Did this ass-clown actually play games, or is he just quoting the line from his contemporaries?  He is probably a grad with a fancy degree, who spent all his academic life citing other people in papers.  Thinking for yourself is hard, after all.

The result is aesthetically coherent, fusing the artistic sensibilities of Edward Gory, Isabel Allende, and Wes Anderson. The writing is good, an uncommon accomplishment in a video game. On the whole, there is nothing to fault in What Remains of Edith Finch. It’s a lovely little title with ambitions scaled to match their execution. Few will leave it unsatisfied.

Good writing is uncommon in video games?  Oh fuck off, you hipster culture critic.  Look me in the eye and tell me that Beyond: Two Souls or Uncharted 4 have bad writing.  And you better be able to bolster it with some strong argument.  By the way, dude, I was unsatisfied at that game.  Know why – because the ending was crap.  The game was FINALLY getting to the really good stuff, then just stopped.  It just ends.  And don’t tell me “it’s open to interpretation!”  That is a line used by people who have no other argument.  I heard that crap about the Mass Effect 3 ending by pseudo-intellectuals just like this.

And that’s really it.  He doesn’t go into any other genre or aspects to games story-telling.  I guess, in his mind, the only kinds of games that can tell stories are first-person ones.  That is beyond asinine.  When I play art games like ABZU, or JRPGs like Persona 5, both with very good narratives and stories that suck me in, I am realizing why this guy is full of shit.  Another person who had to write some bullshit about games and then peace out without even looking at anything else but the one thing he wants to focus on.  No wonder this guy came from modern university.  His argumentation is garbage.

Funny, he looks at three games to try and make his point.  I can talk about dozens to make mine.  Yeah, this dude sucks.  I cannot believe a publication like The Atlantic takes this bullshit seriously.

Until next time, a quote,

“If you don’t feel it, you won’t remember it.” – Bob Dickman

Peace out,



A Content Creator is NOT Responsible for their Audience

I will say that this is in direct response to our favorite little uninformed kid who thinks that she knows how the world works, Milo Stewart, but the reality is that I’ve heard this talking point all around the SJW watercooler of videos, and it’s time that somebody made a response that isn’t full of emotional rhetoric.  For you see, that’s what the SJW videos on the subject are – emotional conjecture that leads them to think that they’re right.  There’s a flaw in that thinking that I honestly want to address, to my audience of nobody in the SJW circlejerk.  However, if some of you maybe think there’s something to the point that a content creator is responsible for the actions of their fans, this is for you.

The origins of this concept have come from the fact that there are now a plethora of anti-SJW YouTube personalities who make what they call “roasting videos” (they’re not.  They’re response videos.  And this isn’t a new thing.  These videos have been around for as long as I’ve been watching YouTube) toward people that they disagree with.  These videos take clips of what people say and reply to them.  Overall, these are very negative responses.  After all, there was that wonderful quote by Milo Stewart that put her on the radars of everyone who has replied to her –

All white people are racist, all men are misogynistic, all cis people are transphobic. The majority is always biased against the minority.

People will call it “victim-blaming,” but the reality is that a statement like that is going to understandably get some negative responses.  Maybe Milo doesn’t get why people find this a problem.  Her two biggest influences are a two YouTubers, on a racist bitch and the other a black nationalist called Uhuru.  It’s obvious that a level-headed examination of the culture she lives in not what she’s getting.  But when you make declarative statements about people’s prejudices and say that everyone has them, regardless of personality or upbringing, it’s going to understandably get some people riled up.

SJWs who end up becoming very well-known in a negative way often do not react well to this.  Milo is but one.  There are plenty of SJW responses that they make to being responded to where the first thing they do is blame the person who made that response for the reaction that their fans have, going to the person’s channel and then going after their videos.  While there are plenty of trolls in the bunch, I refuse to believe that there aren’t people who would like nothing better than to have a civil discourse about their disagreement.  For as much as I find Milo Stewart an ignorant little pup, I would love to sit down with her and hash out her problem with all these people who she clearly has taken no time to get to know.  But all of this insane digression has a point.

Those who create content are not responsible for what people do with that content.  If I write a post where I say that Anita Sarkeesian is really dumb and her views are unrepentantly ignorant of gaming and those who consume it, does that make me responsible for when one of my fans says something negative to her?  No.  I put the content out there.  I have never and will never encourage violence against anyone or even harassment.  When I say that someone is dumb, that’s a personal opinion.  I don’t go on to their channel and rail on every video.  I troll people on Twitter, but it’s usually just little jabs poking fun.  I’m not the kind of person who gets mad easily.  Granted, if I ever was face-to-face with Uhuru, I would have some words for that little effeminate piece of shit that are most unkind.  He is a terrible person, and his views on the world are morally disgusting.  Not to mention his actions are juvenile, such as when he want to a convenience store and made a giant ass of himself just so he could bait the cops into attacking him.  That was just pathetic, and it’s a testament to the cops involved that they just tried to talk to the little whelpand learn what his problem is.

Milo, I know that you’ll never read this.  Your echo chamber is so firmly closed that you probably have me one a block-list.  But no one who makes a response video to you is responsible for the actions of their fans.  Unless they are telling their fans to hunt you down and murder you, it’s not their fault if their fans troll you.  I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is.  If you don’t like what people have to say to you in the Comments, then you can mod.  Or you can close your comments and ratings down entirely.  Or you can do what I do and let whoever comment and don’t even pay attention.  I don’t read the comments my YouTube channel gets.  I don’t have a cancer fetish.  To the other SJWs who want to make this argument, think long and hard about that.  After all, plenty of SJW supporters have doxxed, harassed, or in the case of Zoe Quinn, instigated trolling of those who they disagreed with (Google the incident with Candace Owens).  It’s a slippery slope to start going down, which is why I don’t do that.

Until next time, a quote,

“Being a victim is totally in vogue right now.” – TJ Kirk

Peace out,



Do You Think Women Find Nothing Sexual? (A response to Anita Sarkeesian)

Why does this idiot keep making these videos that are so blatantly stupid?!  It’s so frustrating!  I don’t want to respond to this idiot.  But then I remembered that she is making more of these “Tropes vs. Women in Video Games” posts, and I knew that I would find something so stupid that I would have to find a way to stop myself from hanging myself over the railing at my apartment building because if this is the peak of what third-wave feminism has to offer, then I want it to just die already.  More than I already had.  In her latest video, Anita decided to take on the idea of the male gaze.  This is something that Christina Hoff Sommers and others have said that she uses to justify so many of her stupid ideas, and now she decided to prove them all right.  I almost admire this moistened bint.  I’ll share her video, so you all can see that I’m taking nothing out of context, and then we’ll talk about it.

Another instance where I just feel like this video while watching Anita.

First off, I want us to get something out of the way right off the bat – Anita Sarkeesian is pandering an idea about “exaggerated hip sway” that basically decides to ignore science.  See, while the SJW crowd will deny this up and down, it’s been proven scientifically that there are real differences between men and women.  We are a sexually dimorphic species.  There are real, biological differences between men and women.

With men, we have more broad chest and shoulders, more square jaws and developed musculature.  This is because the males of our species developed to be the defenders and providers.  Meanwhile, women have softer features, softer skin, a more pronounced chest, and a more pronounced ass.  Their hips widen at puberty and then the typical woman walks with a hip sway.  In not one of the clips that Anita stole from some other person who actually played the games did I see an “exaggerated hip sway.”  Almost all my friends growing up have been women.  I am bisexual.  I’ve had enough women who I’ve gone out with in many capacities to observe how women are.  These women weren’t swaying like they are on the catwalk.  They were walking like normal people.  With Catwoman, Sarkeesian blatantly ignores that the goal of having her walk the way she does is keeping in character.  She’s supposed to be like a cat!  You fucking idiot!  But all this talk about how exaggerated and sexualized so many aspects of the female characters are completely ignores the real biological differences that exist between men and women.  If it weren’t for the fact that she’s a con artist, I would think that this is a sign that she doesn’t know shit about women and biology.  It wouldn’t be surprising.  Modern feminism is fighting tooth and nail to pretend that biology and gender don’t exist.

But the real thing that I take umbrage with is her big talking point about the male gaze.  This woman’s statement about how people interpret sexuality just amazes me.  I want to break down all the things that bugged me.  First, she literally points out that the only time that gazing and finding something attractive is bad is when men do it.  Like so many thing associated with modern feminism, it’s only sexist when men do it.  Because women are oppressed!  In the First World!  In a way that NO feminist has been able to show.  Why do I make that distinction?  Because complaining about female portrayal in video games is a First World problem.  Women in the Middle East being forced to wear certain clothing don’t give a shit about this.  These people never cease to amaze.

But this comes directly into conflict with the second issue.  Sarkeesian makes a blantant double-standard about people looking and finding things attractive.  It’s okay when women do it, but not when men.  She literally makes the argument that when it’s a guy showing his muscles and being all buff, that isn’t sexual.  That’s power!  How the fuck can you say that?!  Are you saying that no woman finds that hot?!  Is that the argument?  No woman anywhere finds beefcake men hot?  Well, that’s complete bullshit.  A former girly-mate of mine is only attractive to beefcake men.  Slim men are a turn-off for her.  As are these men who don’t exhibit the “toxic masculinity” that you all bitch about so much.  Beta males, in other words.  She wants alpha, rugged men.  She’s married to one.  Your entire argument hinges on the idea that nothing a man can do is sexual, because there is the implicit statement that women aren’t going to find it that way.

Not to mention – you once-again leave out the idea that women might find another chick in a game hot!  For all your talk about “exaggerated hip sway,” what about if a woman finds that sexually appealing?  Hell, I have two that I could call up right now and ask if they find chicks who are hot sexually attractive, and they would be very affirmative.  Why?  Because they’re GAY!  They are sexually attracted to other women!  Oh, but that’s right, it’s only bad when it’s men.  That’s your standard.  That’s the idea you want to perpetuate.  You are effectively able to cut out lesbian and bisexual women yet-again because you have literally said that they don’t matter in this conversation.  It’s all about the men.

You are a con artist.  You have to be.  Because if you aren’t, then the fact is that you are the biggest, stupid, promoting of ignorance misogynist that I have EVER SEEN!  But you’re a con artist.  Anyone with perspective can see that.  Since you’ll never face any of your detractors, your narrative never has to be damaged.  This is why I have such a problem with you.  You perpetuate stupidity, all under the guise of a narrative which you adopted to make yourself money.  You are such a piece of shit, and while I don’t condone the threats against you, I hope that people wise up and stop feeding your lying coffers.

Until next time, a quote,

“He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do a second or third time, till at length it becomes habitual.”  -Thomas Jefferson

Peace out,



Let’s Refute 9 Things Straight White Gamers (of Buzzfeed Stereotypes) Won’t Understand

I am going to make something absolutely clear to everyone who was somehow unaware – the people who write for Buzzfeed cannot write good articles.  They are literally incapable.  The level of “talent” at that company is en par with a monkey banging cymbals together.  Not one of them has any talent worth writing about, and the fact that this website and its blatant click-bait is so popular baffles me.

Once again, this site has decided to take the “straight white gamers” stereotype that their SJW masters have given them and give us some hard-hitting facts about stuff we don’t understand.  They invented nine stupid reasons that we are so ignorant, and I think we should refute them all here.  Here’s a link to their bullshit, now let’s get started.

1. The gamer who just kicked your arse at Assassins Creed is probably a 33-year-old lesbian from Wollongong.

So?  Seriously, who the fuck cares?  Do these people honestly think that all of us guys who game are just complete homophobes?  Like if I found out that a lesbian did better than me at something I am going to be like…

Really, is that what you think?  I don’t care.  I couldn’t possibly care less.  I would care that they are a superior gamer to me, and if they are my opponent, I will want to better myself.  That’s as far as my concern goes.  Who are these people who you are trying to educate here?  Really, I want to know.

2. Gaming has never been the sole domain of the straight, white dude.

Yeah!  That’s kinda the point we’re fucking making when we talk to you people!  It’s you who claims that gaming is dominated by straight white men.  What the fuck is this?  Are you trying to steal our talking points so that you can try and pass them off as what you have always believed?  There are a shit-ton of articles that have been archived that you all complain about how there aren’t enough women and crap in games and that it’s dominated by straight white men.  Although, then you all use that statistic that there are more women in gaming, even though that statistic doesn’t correct for casual and hardcore gamers.  Whatever.  Still, gaming has a wide spectrum of people, from all walks of life.  That’s why you get pictures of gaming events being full of all sorts.  While the SJW talks have a fuck-ton of white people there.  Funny how that works.  Oh, right, it’s white people with hair dyed a color not found in nature.  So there’s that.

3. Creativity, not masculinity, drove the early gamers.

It still does, you ignorant fucker.  Yes, because the team behind The Last of Us was TOTALLY driven by masculinity.  Sure.  Oh, and the team behind Firewatch, that’s just a bunch of dude-bros sitting in a room drinkin’ beers and lookin’ at titties all day.  Right?  And let’s not forget the amazing gameplay and challenge of Bloodborne.  Just some guys yelling slogans and slapping women on the ass all the time.  No.  Creativity still drives this industry.  In fact, I would say that now more than ever it does.  Because now we have people who are making games on shoe-string budgets coming up with some amazing things.  Now is the most creativity time that has ever been in gaming.  Oh, right, you only pay attention to Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto.  Who the fuck am I kidding?

4. Indie developers are putting the gay in gaymer, and the mainstream is taking notice.

Wait, what?  This is news.  And who is taking notice?  There are some Indie games that have gotten huge mainstream acceptance.  Last year’s darling was Undertale.  Where was the gay in that?  Oh yeah, and there was that amazing Indie game Ori and the Blind Forest.  But wait, where was the gay in that?  The examples you cite are games I have never even heard of before you brought them up.  So clearly they aren’t mainstream the way you think.  Indie devs are making some fantastic games.  Of course, then you get pretentious garbage like Sunset, so I guess you take the good with the bad.  Salty about that?

5. The girl gamer is now the game maker.

There have been girl game developers for just about as long as games have existed.  It was a woman who created the character Bayonetta.  A character who is repeatedly shit on by your little savior/con artist Anita Sarkeesian and her man-slave.  I don’t care who is making a good game.  For real, I don’t.  I’m glad that there are lots of women in the industry.  They bring new things to the table.  As do all perspectives.  The problem that people like myself bring up is when people like you bitch about things in video games that you don’t like, while not being willing to step up and make new games.  Because that really is an option.  Learn how to use the Unity engine and get to work.  Undertale was completely made by one guy.  Just one.  There is no excuse for the people who bitch about stuff in games to not get out and make them themselves.

6. Black space warrior goddesses are a thing, but visibility is still an issue.

No, it’s not.  It’s really not.  There are characters of all ethnic and gender backgrounds.  There are all kinds of characters in all kinds of games.  That’s the thing that makes games so amazing.  If you want to talk about inclusivity in games, that’s one thing.  But don’t go doing it like that hipster faggot Jamin Warren, who literally made the argument that Sgt. Johnson in Halo is a token.  Fuck that guy.

7. LBGTIQ games have a loyal following, but there’s still more work to be done.

That’s not on us.  That’s on them.  It’s on them to pimp their games and to get themselves an audience.  Same with any group promoting their games.  There is NO reason for us to go with the people who make games specifically tailored to this community if the games aren’t any good.  I may not like the show, but I’ll give the SJWs credit that they put their money where their mouth is with Steven Universe.  Which is another thing – nobody is going to follow some kind of niche gaming community if their games suck.  We’ve learned that sites like Kotaku and their ilk are full of shit and clearly biased.  So gamers who aren’t duped tend to pay attention to forums and user ratings.  If a developer makes good games, the audience will come.  If not, they won’t.  There’s work for them to do.  Tell them to get on with it.

8. Games can offer a representation of love and sexuality as diverse as real life.

Sure.  They can do whatever the fuck they like.  But if the game still sucks, nobody is going to play it.  That’s just how it goes.  Sorry if the SJWs were unaware of that.  Games can do whatever they like, in whatever way they like.  But if the gameplay is boring or virtually non-existent, or it’s some kind of choose-your-adventure like that garbage that Zoe Quinn put out, then the game will be panned by people.  Rightfully so.  Bad games don’t build an audience.  So many of the points that you make are just complaining that bigger developers aren’t giving you more of the games that you find acceptable.  Or you think that the gamers who look at this stuff care in some big way.  We don’t.  We really don’t.  I still love The Last of Us, even though I know that Ellie is gay.  Doesn’t matter to me.  Though I still think the end of that piece of DLC was garbage.  I hate things that end with triumphant speeches.

9. LGBTIQ players need a space to call their own.

Fantastic.  Here’s how it works.  You start a forum or something, and have very heavy modding to keep everyone they don’t like you.  Then they can have their little safe space.  Just like Atheism +.  Though wait, that message board is all but dead at this point, with everyone but the mods banned.  Well, still, you can have your safe space…

But remember – there is no obligation of those of us who don’t think like you to give you want you want.  None.  Don’t like that?  Too bad.  Too fucking bad.  You get to deal with life as it comes, just like the rest of us.

Until next time, a quote,

“What’s the matter with you people?  You’re sad that people are mean?  Well I’m sorry, the world isn’t one big liberal arts college campus!”  – Reality, South Park

Peace out,



A Criticizer Can’t Take Criticism?

With a title like that, I could be talking about any number of people.  Hence why I didn’t say who this is a response to in the title.  With all the SJWs to choose from out there, who could we possibly be referring to?  I wonder if Jenny McDermott reads my stuff.  I did a response to her, and since she is at the very bottom of the drama-swilling barrel, I assume that she follows the work of anyone who trash-talks her.  Don’t worry, Jenny.  This isn’t for you.  You aren’t worth another full post.  Reply girls like you just aren’t worth the time.

This is a response to the founder of the app Peeple.  See, it seems that they are getting a lot of negative criticism from people about their app, in one of the most uplifting moments in Internet history.  For real, the Internet came together on this in a way that makes me so happy for the human race.  There might be hope after all.  Anyway, the Internet came together and showed this new app for the open season for online abuse mechanism that it is.  And this got the founders all in a tizzy, because they couldn’t understand why people have an issue with this.  It was made even more amusing when they were asking the Internet how they can block comments on their Facebook page.  The irony of that is palpable indeed.

But it gets better.  After taking days of the Internet’s ire, the women behind this app decided to come out with a defense of their work and why it was made.  It was a letter on their company website.  Here’s a link to the site, now let’s talk about this letter.

An Ode to Courage: Innovators are often put down because people are scared and they don’t understand. We are bold innovators and sending big waves into motion and we will not apologize for that because we love you enough to give you this gift.

Wow.  What heroes you are.  You are doing something so great for the world.  Creating an app where pretty much anyone can say whatever they want about you, so long as they don’t put it below two stars.  I could give a five-star rating to someone, and say that I think it’s so great that they have sex with children.  I can do that.  All positive reviews are immediately put up.  Do you not see how this will be abused?  Then there’s that little issue with how you have taken money from a government entity, and you won’t disclose who it’s come from.  For people who are already being spied on, you don’t think that there is some conflict of interest?  The Internet likes its anonymity.  Your app is looking to take that away.  What’s more, anyone who has your cell phone number can make an account for you.  Doxxing, anyway?  You don’t see why people have a problem with this?  You’re the victims?  Unreal.

We know you are amazing, special, and unique individuals and most likely would never shout that from the rooftops. The people who know you will though…they choose to be around you and in your life and support you even when you don’t like yourself.

*dick-sucking noise*

We have come so far as a society but in a digital world we are becoming so disconnected and lonely. You deserve better and to have more abundance, joy, and real authentic connections.

Which you can get on our app, where anyone can post whatever lies they want about you, so long as they don’t go below two stars.  And even if they do, two stars or lower and its not posted for a couple days.  But who is just going to constantly check to see if there are pending negative criticisms of you?  Days will go by and people will find that someone posted that they like to blow up cats with M80s.  You can get our app and feel more connected than ever, when people come on and endlessly harass whoever they don’t like. It’s Jenny McDermott’s wet dream! (Sorry, couldn’t stop myself.  I promise that’s the last one)

You deserve to make better decisions with more information to protect your children and your biggest assets. You have worked so hard to get the reputation you have among the people that know you.

A reputation that someone can destroy however they see fit.  Because who would abuse this app, right?

As innovators we want to make your life better and have the opportunity to prove how great it feels to be loved by so many in a public space. We are a positivity app launching in November 2015. Whether you love us or our concept or not; we still welcome everyone to explore this online village of love and abundance for all.

Are these people just ignorant of how the Internet is?  Do they just not realize that the shit-talking will begin almost-immediately after it goes live?  Do they not understand that people basically suck and will look for any reason to bad-mouth anyone, for whatever reason?  Do they live in some San Fransisco SJW hugbox that tells them how great they are all the time?  Or are they trying to convince people that there is a reality which simply doesn’t exist.  The moment that you give a tool to people where they can be horrible to another person, they will.  And Spirits help the poor bastard who has to man the reporting system when people start this insanity game.  They will be swamped, 24/7.  Bet you that their servers crash before they can get to them all.

The simple reality is that this is never going to be a thing.  The people of the Internet like their anonymity.  It’s the reason that I use the name that I have here.  When I first saw that Facebook was a thing, I knew that people would start watching that to learn about other people.  Honestly, I think that even the garden-variety troll isn’t going to like this, because all it takes is one person who digs up your data to make you an account, and then you are in there.  Permanently.  There is no way to remove yourself from the app once you are on it.  And these people don’t get why anyone would have a problem with them and their work?  Unreal.

Maybe they can use what is happening to them as a way to understand that the Internet is not some place of love and kindness.  I am still amazed that they legitimately believe that.

Until next time, a quote,

“This one is metal and machine, and his his mind concluded.  This one is but flesh and faith, and is the more deluded.”  -Gravemind, Halo 2

Peace out,