Bad PR 116: CyberPunk 2077 and Why You Don’t Apologize to SJWs

It’s the strangest thing in the world of PR for me.  I’ve seen this happen more times than I can count, and every time it just blows my mind.  In business, when you have someone associated with it make a gaff, it’s pretty common practice for there to be an apology written in some professional language that everyone just rolls their eyes at and realizes is either bullshit or corporate speak to avoid a boycott.  That’s just how it goes.  Celebrities do that shit all the time too, and it drives me up the wall.  Why?  Because with them it’s even worse.  It’s like when a kid does something wrong and the parent demands they apologize.  They don’t actually MEAN the apology, but if they say it, that’s what the dumb-shit American public wants.  So yeah, this is common practice and almost always it avoids further issues.

Except with one community – SJWs.  I cannot tell you how many times there have been stories of celebrities or some company doing something that makes SJWs mad, and when they apologize for it, that makes it 1000X worse.  This is the one and only group that, as a person who got my education in PR, I can say that apologizing to is never a good idea.  It’s the worst idea you could have.  Let me give you some examples.

Anyone remember Wil Wheaton?  You know, the insufferable jackass who played on Star Trek: The Next Generation? (Shut up, Wesley!) Well, once upon a time, he talked about how he loved the concept of spirit animals, and how he thinks that’s a cool thing.  Naturally, when the SJW torrent fell upon him, he immediately came out with a very long apology.  I figure he’s one of the few who meant it, because Wheaton is an SJW in his own right.  But then his social media blew the hell up with people yelling at him even more.

Oh, and how could we forget about the story of Laci Green.  Another SJW in her own right, she once had some of her own past dredged up where she used the term “tranny” to describe a transsexual person.  The SJWs threw that in her face, and she apologized.  They didn’t take that well, either.  It got so bad that they were doxxing where she lived and encouraging people to attack her.

How could I not mention the class-A fuck-up that was MMC Land Management.  One of their employees decided to say some off-color things to a group of people, and the SJWs found out where he worked.  When they descended upon the company, the guy was immediately fired and the company issued an apology.  You’d think everyone would have been satisfied, but nope!  SJW after SJW decided to infer that the company is also racist, even though the company was in no way associated with any of it.  The shit-storm that blew in against them was absolutely amazing.  Yelling that they are racist, don’t hire the disabled, and don’t have any training on not being a dick to their employees.  The company looked terrible, for a long time.  It’s quite a story, if you want to take the time to find it.

Which leads me now to CD Projekt Red.  Back at E3, there was that awesome trailer they released for their newest project, CyberPunk 2077.  Some SJW had to bitch about males in the game, and they replied with “Did you just assume their gender?”  I hear people online saying this joke was tasteless.  I couldn’t disagree more.  Having the guts to take the piss out of an SJW is just awesome.  When the SJW community found out about this, naturally, there was hell to pay.

Twitter has been a complete shit-storm of bitching and moaning by the special snowflakes whose fee-fees are hurt, and CD Projekt Red did the stupidest thing in the world – apologized.  Did they accept that apology and move on with their day?  Of course not.  What did you expect?  All the accusations of it being a “non-apology” and the people yelling at them.  No surprise that all the Twitter handles for these people have nonsense about pronouns and what their little niche in the identity pantheon is.  Can’t avoid that.

The big question at hand is – what will CD Projekt Red do next.  They stirred the hornet’s nest, and now they have to try and contain this damage, before all the news media that slobbers all over their community’s knobs comes in to yell about how sexist and transphobic and ableist and whatever other slur they can throw in for good measure they are.  Don’t worry, the lesson is coming.

Corporate logic dictates that you make an apology when you offend people.  In other age, where we don’t have all the snowflakes on every side bitching and moaning about what company or person or agency or whatever offended them, that would work.  But you can’t apologize to SJWs.  That’s the PR lesson here.  To date, only one company that I can think of has stood their ground against them.  It was a fitness company with a beach body ad.  That company didn’t apologize for shit, and look what happened – the whole debacle went away.  After the SJWs yelled it all out and waited for that apology, when it didn’t materialize, they had to move on.

Something to know in PR – doing nothing is a viable response to a public backlash.  Sometimes, it’s better to say nothing than to do something.  In this case, that would have been a smarter option.  An issue that this community can so easily latch onto in order to lose their fucking minds, saying absolutely nothing would have been a safer option.  Because now their new game is going to have headlines about this all over the net, and for people who aren’t engaged with it, having this shit be around when they Google it is not what they need.  If they had said nothing, it would have gone away much faster.  Maybe an outlet or two would write about it, but not most.  But the damage is done now.

My last lesson – knowing your audience is part of all advertisement, but when you have a PR issue, know who it is who is angry at you. It would surprise you how valuable that information can be.

Until next time, a quote,

“Sorry, not sorry.” – Colloquial Term

Peace out,



Top 10 Classical Pieces I Want to See in a Fantasia-esque Film

I’ve made no secret that my favorite Disney film is Fantasia.  I saw a video saying that it was part of what they called the animation Dark Ages.  I couldn’t possibly disagree more.  Animation will NEVER be as good as it was then.  The risks they could take, and the level of detail and freedom have never been what they once were.  Not to mention Disney became a company that is pure evil and ruined destroyed 2D animation because it didn’t make enough money for them anymore.  So yeah.

But this movie shaped my love of 2D animation and classical music.  I lament with every fiber of my being how 2D animation died in this country.  It breaks my fucking heart.  The original idea behind Fantasia is that it would be an ever-evolving piece, showcasing all kinds of animation and music, with no two showing being the same.  Walt Disney’s ambition is commendable, but the film itself nearly bankrupted the studio, so the idea of making another one right after that was a little beyond them.  There was a sequel made so many years later, but it failed to capture the magic of the original.

I was at work one day when I heard a piece of music come on.  See, I hijacked the radio there and we play classical music all day.  It probably drives my coworker nuts, but since they said nobody has control over the radio and I was told to play whatever I want, and the oldies station plays the same stuff over and over again, I decided to go with music that would keep my attention and wouldn’t annoy me.  This beautiful piece came on and immediately I knew what to write about – what pieces I would include if the concept behind Fantasia would ever be taken up by another studio and run with.  It’s a small dream, but here we got.  These are the top 10 pieces I want to see in another film that uses the same concept as Fantasia – taking classical music, and putting animation to it.  Letting animators hearts run free and seeing what they come up with.

I will be attaching images with each of these choices to show what comes to my mind, but I am all over letting other creators have free reign to have their own ideas.  I will also have all the pieces linked on their name, so listen to them and tell me what you come up with.  Let’s do this!

10. Cuban Overture
George Gershwin
Gershwin had this interesting thing where he would write music about the places I figure he must have been.  An American in Paris was a close contender to this spot, but Cuban Overture won out because it.  This piece is so energized!  And for my own idea, I wanted to make a bit being about Latin America.  More of one from antiquity, since modern Latin America has problems.  Is it romanticizing the area?  Perhaps.  But I won’t apologize for that.  The truth about the world is ugly.  We all want to make the world a prettier place in our minds.  Instead of this being a flowing narrative, having it be a spectacle of all the things a character we follow coming across sounds even better.  Then it all ends with them taking part in some festivities and closing out the first of what will hopefully be a lot of fun days.  Or maybe be a story of their journey across a period of time and them flying home at the end, thinking about coming back.

9. Moldau
Listening to the soft, gentle rhythms of this piece, what comes to mind is a very fantastical place.  This is a world of magic, mystery.  I thought of the piece in Fantasia with the fairies.  In the process of getting a piece of art to go with what I saw my vision, I stumbled across a brilliant moment – a human entering this world!  I know, about as original as a ham sandwich, but the way I see it, nothing is original.  It’s all in the execution.  Just like the last piece, the narrative here is what the person sees.  And I don’t just want it explained at all.  The idea behind this format is no words.  The audience has to come to their own conclusions.  Maybe have some absolutely absurd things, with the character and yourself wondering what to make of it all.  Then, like any good Nutcracker story, it has them going back to the real world, not knowing what to think of it all.

8. Spirit Garden
Toru Takemitsu
Something that doesn’t get enough credit in the very academic music community is some of the stuff that comes out of other countries.  Japan has a history of very interesting music, along with some haunting classical pieces.  This is one of them.  I also figure, since we’re representing Japanese classical music, why not represent their art style?  This piece is dark.  I like that.  The cold tones make me think of an alien realm.  For this, I would want there to be NO central character.  This is all about imagery for the audience.  A strange, bizarre world.  Too much like the last piece?  Perhaps.  One may have to be sacrificed for the other.  Or maybe another idea for this.  But it’s weird, off-putting darkness is too good for me not to want it on this list.

7. Afro-American Symphony
William Grant Still
Something people seem to think about me, because I have railed against forced diversity so much is that I hate diversity on its merits.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth.  In reality, there are some incredibly diverse things that I absolutely love.  And a piece of music about the black community that has a great beat, clearly gets some inspiration from jazz, and seems to perfectly tell the story about a person’s day fits so well.  That’s what I imagine this to be.  Some black kid and the story about their day.  The ups, downs, and messy bits.  So long as it could avoid becoming preachy or having the same forced diversity I rail again, then I am all in.  It’s a little dream.

6. In the Hall of the Mountain King
Time to break up the fantastical and get into some of the darker stuff.  This is one of my favorite pieces that goes SO well with creepy visuals.  This piece would be short, but my vision for it is crystal clear.  It begins at the entrance to an old castle.  The camera guides you through the dilapidated halls.  Moonlight shines in, painting shadows everywhere and having you feeling on edge.  I want to creep all the people out!  The dark shadows move with the camera, heading ever inward, toward the central chamber.  The closer you get, the more off-putting it becomes.  Eventually, you can see the shadows moving in.  Lights start turning on.  Strange lights with blue flame.  It has you feeling nervous.  Very, very nervous.  Then, the huge door!  This is it.  The central hall.  Right as the music swells up, it bursts in.  Then, all manner of creatures and persons are in there, with madness and eclectic dancing all about.  At the head of the table, you see a king who looks boistrous, with a mad look in his eye!  He laugh and gets in on the merriment.  Lights and shadows everywhere.  Finally, the camera is backing out fast, and the door slams shut!  Oh yeah…

5. Triumphmarsch und Chor
Guiseppe Verdi
This piece has come to mind specifically because of a girly-mate of mine who is in the Navy, who I don’t get to see nearly enough.  Trying to find artwork to go with this was horrible.  SO much artwork surrounding the military is all about sucking the military’s dick or showing off how badass America is.  And that’s not the military I am picturing.  I want these people to be regal!  I want it to be a march of a military who is in dress uniform that looks like the kind you can hang sword from.  Marching through the streets of a very well-to do city.  Wanna fuck with the sensibilities of America?  I do.  Let’s have there be newspapers where the headlines are all in German, so only those who speak German will know what they’re getting on about.  Have it be that there was a war won.  Don’t worry, this isn’t Nazis.  I’m not an edgelord.  Regal troops running triumphant from a campaign, marching in tune.  If you really wanted to get into the dark stuff, have them thinking about battle.

For this piece, I was thinking about animation which actually goes with the style in the pic I have attached with this.  Bright, colorful, and personable.  Since the piece becomes more cordial later, have there be a couple characters we follow, and their part in all the festivities.  But I want to keep this all about them coming home, with everyone cheering their name.

4. Piano Concerto #2
In addition to wanting to run the gamut of various cultures that have given us classical music, I wanted to run the gamut on emotions as well.  This piece is very, very sad.  It tells a story of loss, pain, and trying to find one’s self.  I like that.  Maybe it’s just my depression that I have had to and will always have to live with that’s taking, but I like it.  But don’t go thinking that I want to have you, the audience, feeling miserable with me.  I want this piece to be about the person and the legacy of feeling loss, mourning, or just the grim reality of life.  With that in mind, here’s what I came up with for the visual element – an old man.  Someone who has had a long life, and seen many things.  Maybe have it be about the love of his life and the life they shared.  Remember how Up had us seeing a couple growing up and then growing old?  Well, I like that concept, and instead of there being a silly Pixar movie attached, I want to run with it all the way.  Have the film showcase this man’s life, his loves, his passion, and then how it all comes to an end.  Maybe have it be a metaphorical and literal journey of him walking a path to where his journey ends.  Oh, and because he is old, let’s give him a cat to take that last journey with.  An old timer that has shared the last 20 years with him on his journey.  It would end with them reaching that destination, and the music and visuals coming to show it all coming to an end.

3. Clair de Lune
Claude Debussy
This is my favorite piece of classical music of all time.  Now, Disney had done a version of this for their original Fantasia film, but it had to be cut.  Why?  I’ll never know.  The original version of it did get released, but I wanted to do my own take.  In the original Fantasia, they opened with a piece that had you thinking about the music first and then going into the visual style.  It opened with the audience being conscious of the orchestra, and then subsequently getting into abstract animation.  I like that idea.  But instead of it being an orchestra, I want it to be someone at a piano.  This would initially involve rotoscoping animation, but over time it would get more fantastical as the piece goes on.  Where would the animation go?  Who can say.  I just know where I want it to start.  Where it finishes is entirely up to the animators who bring it to life.  That’s just my thought.  I love this piece.  Makes me think of my grandmother on my old man’s side.  She loved it too.  I think she would like that too.

2. The Planets Suite
Gustav Holst
Now, here is a piece that could be it’s own film.  In fact, I kind of want it to be.  Have each planet’s section be a different showcase of a different kind of animation and a different vision.  Lots of ideas here.  Tons.  Too many.  But the reason I put this on the list is because there’s one more that I want to showcase on here.  Several years ago, someone decided to write another piece to be added to Holst’s vision.  See, he never wrote one for Earth.  So they called it “Earth, the bringer of life.”  I like it!  Not only does it go with his style of composition, but it rounds it all out nicely.  I want to have it featured as well.  I guess this was more about telling you about this addition than what I want done with it, but I think its worth bringing up.  This Suite has so much potential, and as I said, I genuinely do think it could and should be its own film in this vein, with each part serving to accompany its own ideas.

And the piece that I want most, that started all of this is…

1. Daphnis et Chloe
Maurice Ravel
As I said this is the piece I heard on the radio.  The one that I couldn’t stop thinking about.  It was magic!  I think it still is.  It runs the gamut of tones, emotions, and even has choral elements inside it as well.  I love it.  This piece is one I have grown to love almost overnight.  Should I ever get to hear it in person, my life may be complete right then.  Uncertain.  So, with that in mind, what animation elements do I want here?  I’ll tell you.  I want to go big!  Something sweeping, large, and epic!  In my mind, that means one thing – dragon riders!  With that, we can have a sweeping landscape.  Have it be the story of a person who is looking to join the ranks of the riders.  Or the story of a day in the life of one.  Whatever the case, that’s what I want to see.  The visuals need to be a cut above the rest.  It has to be detailed and sublime.  I want to see a ton of riders.  I want to see their world.  This has to be a place I can damn-near touch!  Yes, that’s what I want.

What about you?  What do you all hear in any of this?  What pieces would you like to see if you could do this?  If I had tens of millions of dollars, I’d bring it to you.  Hand to Groj, I would.

Until next time, a quote,

“Walt Disney once described animation as a voyage of discovery, into the realms of color, sound, and motion.” – Angela Lansbury, Fantasia 2000

Peace out,


The Reaction to Trump Winning

First thing out there – I voted for Harambe.  A candidate who I could really get behind.  More than voting for Trump the Joker or Two-Face Hillary.  But I followed what happened with a good deal of fascinating awe.  Like most people, I thought that Hillary was absolutely going to mop the floor with Trump.  But while I was watching the Drunken Peasants coverage of the election situation (indivijual), I was in awe of how that man was coming up and absolutely broke Hillary’s back.  It was amazing.  One of the biggest upsets in my life.  Not to mention, the first election in my entire life that wasn’t over before the polls in my home state closed.  That’s amazing.  Donald Trump won it, fair and square.

But don’t tell the Hillary supporters that.  Or the people in the media who basically polished her knob as hard as they possibly could.  No joke, Rachel Maddow needs to go.  Her reactions to what happened that night were some of the cringiest that I have ever seen.  All her credibility as a “journalist” is gone.  And that’s nothing to the reactions from Ana Kasparian.  Her rage at the whole affair was both incredibly immature and stupid.  Then we have a bunch of Hillary supporters going out and burning the American flag all because they didn’t get what they wanted.  A landwhale decided to get on camera and scream that she is about to kill herself and she needs an immediate ambulance.  Guess that didn’t stop her from uploading the video to YouTube.  Maybe she killed herself right after that.

Then there is the new hashtag on Twitter #NotMyPresident.  Because that’s democracy for ya.  “Fuck this guy!  I’m not even going to give him a chance because fuck him!”  The maturity and the gross, immature hyperbole associated with these pathetic losers is beyond comprehension.  I seriously haven’t felt more disappointed to call myself a liberal than I do right now watching all these people in New York burning the American flag and rioting because the person they wanted didn’t win.  And these are supposed to be the people with higher educations?!  Unbelievable.

Let me make one thing fucking clear right now – I don’t like Trump.  But I am not one of these people who thinks that he is Hitler, Part Deux: The 99th Reich.  I actually did some research and could tell that his political history has been just as centrist as Hillary and Bill Clinton’s.  In fact, it’s well-known that he has been friends with them and held them in high regard up until he magically becomes a Republican and then runs for President.  If only there was some evidence out there of him saying that if he ever ran for President, he would do it as a Republican because their base is dumb and easy to manipulate.  That would be funny.

What do I think will happen over the next 4-8 years?  Not much.  We’ve seen that he has already pushed the GOP to the left on certain issues.  Cut through the left’s hyperbole and he has done some real good in bringing the party to a more open position.  And “Grabbing the Pussy” jokes aside, it’s kind of nice that someone who isn’t ashamed of sex is at the front of the party.  If they were smart, they would rebrand themselves on this and could win real points.  After all, the Republican politicians who didn’t kiss Trump’s ring are going to be kissing his ass so hard in the months to come.  But all of that aside, we have the Democrats in Congress who have already said that they will be blocking Trump at every turn.  Even though, you know, Hillary came out and in a pretty good speech said that we need to give Trump a chance.  And then there was this statement from my man Bernie about Trump which also shows that he is willing to come to the table and work with the guy, to an extent –

Donald Trump tapped into the anger of a declining middle class that is sick and tired of establishment economics, establishment politics and the establishment media. People are tired of working longer hours for lower wages, of seeing decent paying jobs go to China and other low-wage countries, of billionaires not paying any federal income taxes and of not being able to afford a college education for their kids – all while the very rich become much richer.

To the degree that Mr. Trump is serious about pursuing policies that improve the lives of working families in this country, I and other progressives are prepared to work with him. To the degree that he pursues racist, sexist, xenophobic and anti-environment policies, we will vigorously oppose him.

So yeah, while we have all these flag-burning dumb-fucks who are using the #NotMyPresident tag to show their outrage, the actually mature people are willing to play politics with the guy.  Funny how that works.

For my money, I figure that the next four years will actually be pretty uneventful.  I was more worried about Hillary, to be honest.  Her saber-rattling with Russia to cover her ass with WikiLeaks didn’t scare people NEARLY as much as it should have.  That shit scared the ever-living fuck out of me.  I was 100X more afraid of Hillary starting WWIII than I ever will be of Trump.  If anything, the fact that Putin likes the guy makes me feel better.  We have been fighting a proxy war with Russia in Syria.  Maybe now we can walk away from that.

In the meantime, if you are one of these fucks who uses that tag or who is makes a video screaming about how Hillary not being elected means suicide, you need fucking help.  That is so immature.  Speak of, Ana, how old are you, again?  I ask because your reaction last night was like a child who didn’t get their toy.

Until next time, a quote,

“Donald Trump is going to be our President.  We owe him an open mind and a chance to lead.” – Hillary Clinton

Peace out,


Really Good Bad Advice: Number Four

Hello everyone.  Welcome to another installment of a bit where I find an advice column that people made and then supersede that person and answer the question myself.  Why?  Because I’m an asshole like that.  Today’s question is interesting.  You ever wonder how the rich and famous deal with their lives and their issues?  Well, today’s question comes from someone who is rich enough to have a maid and a gardener, and yet has issues with these people.  Let’s take a look.

Dear…is it Lucien again?

I have an interesting ethical — or perhaps a moral — dilemma.

This can only be good!

We spend significant time at a cabin we own and our longtime gardener and maid have keys to our home. The gardener also has keys to our cars.

When my wife and I returned to the cabin recently, I found two containers of a sexual lubricant on the kitchen counter. My assumption is that one of them used our home for a tryst and forgot to remove this evidence. The gardener and maid are both married. The bottles remain in plain sight on the kitchen counter and neither has claimed them or mentioned them.

I am reluctant to ask either of them because it might point to the other as being unfaithful and would expose them as having used our home for non-work-related purposes.

They do know each other slightly. Either could lie if I ask. Basically, because of my suspicion I am going to worry about their trustworthiness until I resolve whose it is and how it got into our home.

We have grown, unmarried kids. They have their own homes. I asked our son if these items belonged to him and he chuckled and said no. Now he knows (by deduction) that I suspect hanky-panky from one of the employees. My wife wants me to drop it.

What do you think I should do? — Concerned Homeowner in Houston

First off – damn!  These people are trusting!  They let their maid and gardener not only have keys to their home, but also to their cars.  Plural.  Oh, and their cabin, which I’m betting isn’t some shack, but more the kind of “cabin” that was in the game Until Dawn.  I wish I had enough money for this to be an issue.  There’s a dream life to have.

Next, I’m kind of with your wife here, in saying that you should drop it.  Prying into someone’s sex life is beyond unprofessional.  Now, there is the fact that they are using your cabin to fuck, so that is unprofessional on their part.  But I don’t know.  This seems like one of those things where it would be best to just let it go and not make too much of a deal about it.  After all, there’s no evidence that they are fucking each other.  One or both of them could be using that cabin to have an affair.  Interesting.  Makes me think of those old titles, “The lifestyles of the rich and famous.”  Don’t I fucking wish.  I will say that the fact that one or both of them was stupid enough to leave their lube on the kitchen counter says a lot about the quality of help you have.

Which might be the answer to your problem – is one of these people really stupid?  I ask because if that’s the case, then you know who you have to fire – the really stupid one.  Find the dumbest people among your help and then you likely have the culprit of this act of infidelity.  Although, wait, how do you know that they didn’t take their spouse up there to fuck?  That’s kind of an arrogant assumption on your part.  Just because it’s your cabin, you assume infidelity?  Methinks that you are looking for evidence of something that may or may not exist.

You ask me, either straight-up ask them, or just find the one who doesn’t have all their marbles together and fire the guilty party.  After all, them using your cabin for fucking is unprofessional, and that does make some sense to me why you’d want to can that person.  It’s not nearly as complicated as you’re making it out to be.

Until next time, a quote,

Lying, stealing, and cheating are commonplace.” – Joseph B. Wirthlin

Peace out,


#GamerGate – More Corruption and Dismissive Behavior

I watched a new video by the Investigamer today and I learned something new about the whole debacle surrounding GamerGate.  I was prepared to let it rest, but this is worth talking about, because it adds a whole new layer of corruption to a story that was already bursting with it.  For real, this has long since left behind its humble origins of one woman and her unethical relationships.  It has grown to encompass the entire industry of gaming journalism, with a new revelation showing how not only is it all-encompassing, it is coordinated as well.  This does not bode well for people who want honest coverage of video game news.

So, what is the new revelation?  Well, when I originally commented on the retaliatory actions of the gaming sites to the valid points that gamers were raising about the ethical standards of their practices, I said that it all felt very coordinated, to me.  For real, it was like every site knew exactly what to say.  That felt MIGHTY convenient.  Turns out, it was convenient.  A new piece of information has been brought to light that shows that gaming journalists and editors from a bunch of different publications have a private communication group on Google called Gamejournopros.  In a leaked email that went through the group, they discussed how best to handle dilemma, with the phrase –

I’m not even going to give the bullshit “journalism ethics” excuse for these attacks the time of day.

Did you all catch that?  They don’t even care enough about their own integrity to defend their ethical standards.  What the hell is that?!  When 14 different news sites post basically the same article, lambasting gamers and making us all seem like terrible people, and the people who wrote them are in cahoots with one-another via a group on Google, the lack of ethical standards has to be addressed.  These people have NO interest in reporting the truth.  They only care about what sounds good to their party line.  This has to be talked about.  Because there is another piece to this puzzle that needs to be looked at.

Recently an older feminist, who is much more educated and studied than the likes of Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn, made a video asking if video games were sexist.  She brought up the issues that these women asked, using the term “hipsters with degrees in cultural studies” to describe them.  That’s just awesome.  She did some compelling research, including something that sees to have TOTALLY slipped the mind of women like Anita Sarkeesian – talking to gamers!  For real, she went out and actually talked to gamers and got to know the medium that she was talking about.  She also raised the point that people like me have been railing about for a while – that women like Sarkeesian cherry-pick and take examples completely out of context in order to help their narrative.

The woman, Christina Summers (AKA, The Factual Feminist), raises a lot of good points about how this idea that video games are spreading misogyny, homophobia and racism is unfounded, because the people who are part of the key demographic are among the most open-minded people in the western world.  This world of sexism that women like Sarkeesian paint us gamers as being a part of just doesn’t exist the way that they think it does.  Naturally, using strong evidence and reason to point out something against the party line that Gamejournopros is a part of didn’t sit well with them.  Especially when she did a little jab at one of their big stars – Anita Sarkeesian and her ilk.

Once-again, in what is CLEARLY a coordinated effort, several articles come out that are completely dismissive of the points that this woman makes, claiming that she is nothing but a pawn of a conservative think-tank.  Naturally, a minor amount of research shows that these accusations are totally baseless and that the people who make them don’t have a fucking clue what they’re talking about.  This woman has a Ph,D. in Psychology, along with a Bachelor’s Degree.  She was a professor in Ethics are Clark University and is currently a respected scholar at the NON-PARTISAN think-tank the American Enterprise Institute.  If there is anybody who might know a thing or two about how to actually talk about something academically, it is her.  What is Anita Sarkeesian’s credentials, again?  Oh, right, a Bachelor’s in Communication Studies and a Master’s in Social and Political Thought (seriously, WTF is that degree good for?!).  I can totally see who is the superior mind in this debate.

Crazier still is the fact that a lot of the articles that dismissed Summers were using the fact that she actually talked to gamers as a reason not to take her seriously.  For real, because she actually talked to the subjects that she was wanting to discuss, she should not be taken seriously.  How the fuck can ANY of the publications who made this argument take themselves seriously anymore?  I can’t!  For real, all their credibility has just up and jumped out the window, because they have just confessed that they don’t even care what the people they are supposed to represent have to say.  What the fuck is wrong with these people?!

This is beyond insulting.  These people are worthless.  They have no integrity.  They are an insult to journalism.  They don’t care that they are yellow as fuck.  They don’t care that they are pandering to whoever they are fucking and the friends of those people.  They don’t care about even engaging the crowd of people that they are supposed to represent.  Thank Cthulhu that the gaming companies don’t care about these people.  They are too smart for that.  They have actual RESEARCH to back up their work.  These journalists cater to people who despise gamers like me.  That, more than anything else offends me.

Until next time, a quote,

“Are there video games that are rife with sexism?  Is that true?  Do they promote a culture of misogyny and violence that must be dismantled?  Well, my answer is – no.”  -Christina Summers

Peace out,


Let’s Answer 21 Facts that “Evolutionists” Can’t Answer

Okay, what’s an evolutionist?  Someone who believes in evolution?  That’s not even a real term.  Naturally, this is another set of questions designed to make atheists like me look dumb.  And I’m about to make the Discovery Institute look dumb by answering them.  Let’s do it.

1. Why are the planets round?
You didn’t pay much attention in physics when you learned about gravity, did you?  By the way, what does that have to do with evolution?  Really dying to hear your thoughts.

2. Go to a zoo and tell me – why doesn’t a chimpanzee give birth to a man?
So, you’re totally retarded, right?  Like, I could explain to you why a chimp and a squirrel monkey can’t breed, right?  They are both species in their same family, but they are different animals.  It’s the same concept here, you fucking retard.  I’m so tempted to think that this is a troll, but let’s keep going.  How is this concept of a common ancestor so alien to you?  How do you not get it?  How it is impossible for you to understand?  I really need to know, because this is getting ridiculous.

3. Have you have seen a mountain form?
Have you?  Do you not understand that mountains forming and other geological events take millions of years?  Plate tectonics don’t just happen in a day.  By the by, where in the Bible does it talk about a mountain forming, outside of the creation story?  For real, where else, aside from saying that Gawd made the world, does it talk about a mountain forming?  Nowhere, you idiot.

4. Why doesn’t new life show up in a jar of peanut butter
I…don’t even fucking get it.  I seriously do not understand this question.  Continuing.

5. If the big bang started as a singularity, who held up the singularity?
What?  Seriously, what the fuck are you talking about?  Do you think that this is Greek mythology, and Atlas is just holding up the world or the universe or something?  Is that the levels of stupid that I’m dealing with?  I really need to know, because this is getting absurd.  There was nobody “holding up” the “singularity.”  This is primary school knowledge.  Did you not read a book?

6. A painting had a painter, therefore, the universe had a maker
That’s not even a question.  And it’s dumb.

8. How can you explain gravity?
SO not going to get into physics with you.  Here’s a link to a site that explains gravity, you fucking retard.

9. If we came from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?
I’ve hard this stupiditarded question so much that it drives me nuts.  I could explain how speciation is not something that just gets rid of ancestors.  We evolved on a different tree from modern apes.  It was all chance and human genes being strong enough to produce offspring that could survive.  So yeah, done with this question.

10. If the world is millions of years old, why is it only 2008?
Really thinking that this person is a troll.  Really, really thinking it.  I mean, what a stupid question.  Perhaps you don’t know how the dating system works.  See, it used to be that it was 2008 AD.  That stood for, After Death.  It was given that name in reference to the death of your lord and savior.  Now it’s something new.  Oh, and by the way, idiot, it’s not millions of years old.  The Earth is billions of years old.

11. If I throw dirt up in the air, what are the odds that it will come down in the form of a living man?
I see what you did there, Christard!  A Genesis pun!  Cause Gawd made man out of dirt, right?  Oh, and by the way, how did God do it?  It’s scientifically impossible to make a person out of dirt, so I guess that he must have used magic to get it done.  I thought that you people were against magic?

12. Can you see electricity?
Uh, yeah, actually.  Look up “Tesla Coil” on Google and it’ll show you some pretty cool images of electricity.  There’s also lightning, but whatever.  You all are dumb enough already.

13. Science changes, the book of Genesis is perfect.
Really?!  You actually believe that?  So, the story about man being made out of dirt and woman being made from a man’s rib?  That’s perfect?  The story of a talking snake and a magic tree with magic fruit, that’s perfect to you?  It’s the ultimate hubris of religion that science is willing to admit that it doesn’t have all the answers and wants to learn, while religion says that it does have all the answers while yelling at everyone to shut up.  That’s faith, for ya.

14. The holy bible is the truth, because the bible says it’s the truth.
Yeah, this is mot likely a troll, but I’m almost through the list, so let’s keep going.

15. Evolution is a religion.  Science leads to killing people.
I guess that you never heard of the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, the burning of witches, the murder of people by Charlemagne, and so on and so forth…

16. Scientists around the world are jointly involved in a conspiracy against God!
Man, this god of yours must be a real pussy if he needs you all on YouTube to defend him.  For real, he must be a mega-bitch.  In the Old Testament, he was blowing shit up right and left.  Did Mrs. God suddenly cut his balls off?  Did the birth of a kid turn him into a crying pussy?  What happened to that other guy?  Why does he need you and yours?

17. Bananas are perfectly designed for the human hand
There aren’t even questions anymore.  Just statements that are dumb.  The premise of Ray Cumfart – that the banana is made for the human hand.  Remember how dumb he looked when somebody pointed out to him that bananas were a crop that we tailored for easier growing and better eating?  Yeah, he must have felt real dumb.

18. Millions of years for a monkey to turn into a man?  Monkeys don’t live that long.
Obvious troll is too obvious.  Why did I agree to do this?

19. Why would a man want to have sex with a monkey?
Where did this question come from?  It harkens me back to that bit by Dave Chappelle talking about the first case of AIDS….

20. Archaeologists want to remove the human remains first when they find a dinosaur so they can lie.
I’m gonna go bash my head into a wall for a couple seconds.  Maybe then I’ll get how a person could be this dumb.

21. If a monkey gave birth to a man, who would he or she mate with?
I’ve entertained this troll enough, don’t you think?

Well, that was stupid.  And while the person who made this video is obviously a troll, I actually have heard shit like this thrown around the Creationists circles.  Those people are so stupid that it actually amazes me.

Until next time, a quote,

“You’re not gonna get some monkey pussy on Tuesday and then be like ‘let me call Charlene’ on Thursday!  No!  Once you fuck a monkey that’s a firm decision!”  -Dave Chappelle, For What It’s Worth

Peace out,


Are All TV Atheists Assh*les?

A series I have recently discovered is a new HBO series – True Detective.  An unbelievably dark and cold crime drama, it reminds me of The Wire in how engaging it is, looking at the cruel realities of human nature and crime.  It also has some amazing performances from Woody Harrelson and Matthew McGonaughey.  McGonaughey’s character, Rust Cohle, does not believe in God.  He is a misanthropic and bitter man who has been destroyed by the world he lives in.

I was reading an article some time ago, I forget the publication, that said that all atheists on television are complete assholes, and that that needs to change.  I guess that the atheist community at large is tired for the image of us being a bunch of know-it-all jerks who towers over everybody else.  They want the image to be kind people who are just like anybody else.  As for me, I have one thing to say to that – why?

Here’s a reality in this country – religion is everywhere, and it is everything.  Politicians can’t get elected without it, every President ends their speeches with “god bless you and god bless the United States of America.”.  Religion is in every major facet of this country.  Most business that aren’t retail or fast food have Sunday off.  God was put on our money during the Red Scare so that people could feel safer at night.  People in this country need religion and the very moment that you start talking about the idea that it’s just us, that there is NOBODY who is coming to help us, people look like you just spit in their coffee.

My favorite TV atheists are Gregory House, from House MD and Rust Cohle, from True Detective.  Both of them choose to see the world as it is, not as they want it to be.  They see the fact that religion was created by the powerful eons ago so that they could justify taking other people’s shit, and that it is a drug for the masses so that they don’t have to feel hopeless in the fact of their own mortality.  They choose to take the cold path.  They choose to take the path where they don’t reach for cheap comforts.  And that is a good thing to me.

I can get why people want those in my community to not be seen as better-than-thou dicks, but on the other hand – why should we want the acceptance of the religious community?  Have you seen how they think about us?  They would rather have just about anybody enter into their family than one of us.  They think that we are less trustworthy than a sex offender.  They think that we are the bane of existence.  I’d wager that it is neck-and-neck to who the very-religious trust less – us or gay people.  Or in my case, us and the gay people who are fully gay, not just that gray space between.  The religious don’t trust us, don’t like us and would sooner stand with pricks in the Westboro Baptist Church than to come to our side and oppose them.  Much in the same vein as the reasonable feminists and how they won’t cross their Tumblr and Twitter sisters and will stay silent as the extremists co-opt their movement and make it about divisiveness and aggression towards anyone who doesn’t agree.

I am an atheist.  In fact, I am something of an anti-theist.  I agree with Nietzsche when he says “God is dead.”  The religious (like the people who made the film God’s Not Dead) who hear that quote think that he is talking about a literal God and that he is literally dead.  They don’t get it.  He meant that religion’s role as a guiding force in this world is long gone.  I agree with that.  S.E. Cupp said that religion is still a very good force in the world.  Look at what is happening in Gaza and tell me that that is the case.  That is a holy war with both sides just as bad as the other and dying to kill people to prove it.  It is a holy war that America is helping to fund.  Why we do that is beyond me.  I’m with Patton Oswalt when he said that religion is the reason we are here today.  However, much like Family Guy said, the moment everybody heard about that magic baby in Bethlehem, the wars started.

So do I want atheists on television to be super-nice and super-friendly and community-oriented good people, just like everybody else?  No, I don’t.  I want them to be willing to put the stupid bullshit that religion feeds us in its place.

Food for thought.

Until next time, a quote,

If the only thing keeping a person decent is the expectation of a divine reward, then brother, that person is a piece of shit. And I’d like to get as many of them out in the open as possible.” -Rust Cohle, True Detective

Peace out,