The Wonderful Joy of Religious Insanity about Halloween

Wanna know something ironic?  I hear the same insanity about Halloween from both religious people and atheists.  What?!  How does that work?  Well, let me tell you.  See, when I was a kid, I grew up in the public school system.  Every year, at my school, there was a Halloween carnival.  We would have all sorts of games and what-have-you going on, and one could get some pizza there too.  It was lots of fun.  Along with the complete lack of responsibility, it is something I have missed about being a lot younger.

But at these events, there was something I noticed – some of the people who were my friends didn’t partake.  Their whole families didn’t get involved.  I always thought this was kind of weird.  I talked to them, and I found out something rather interesting – their families didn’t celebrate Halloween.  When I asked them why, you probably can guess some of the answers I got.

The first set of answers was that Halloween is evil.  Even as a kid, I didn’t get that.  And the irony – neither did they.  They gave me the same lines that their parents gave them.  Some said that it was a pagan holiday which celebrated witches (as Christians see them.  Actual followers of Wicca are nothing like that) and thus, God didn’t like it.  That’s funny, because he doesn’t seem to have a problem with a pagan holiday that was stolen which celebrates the birth of his kid (who is also him).

The next set of answers said that this holiday celebrated demons and Satan and it was a holiday of death, and that is why God doesn’t like it.  There is another irony, because every Sunday, he command his children to drink the blood and eat the flesh of a dead guy.  Yeah, that’s not creepy and zombie at all.

So yeah, it was a lot of Christian rhetoric that I we have all heard a thousand times.  It was dumb, pointless, and made no sense to me.  But, I also saw some people who didn’t celebrate it, and these people aren’t the ones I was expecting.  There were several atheist families who also didn’t get in the fun.  This got me to thinking – why not?  It might surprise you that a lot of the answers I got were very close to the ones that Christians gave.

See, many of those that I talked to said that they didn’t celebrate it because it was based on a pagan holiday.  Of course, they tried to justify it better, saying that they didn’t want to indulge ancient superstitions.  That we were supposed to be more evolved, and grown up past that.

Here’s the thing that both the Christians and the atheists who don’t indulge in Halloween don’t get – it isn’t about any of that.  What is Halloween about?  Well, it is about a lot of things.  First, it is about getting to dress up.  When you were a little kid, you played pretend.  You pretended to be somebody else, because it was fun.  Getting to pretend to be your favorite super-hero, or your favorite movie character.  That was a lot of fun, and we all enjoyed it.  But as a grown-up, you can’t do that anymore.  Well, not unless you want to be mocked and ridiculed like those who cosplay or LARP.  But, on Halloween, you are given one night where you can be whoever you want to be.  You can play pretend again, if only to look slutty for some, and ridiculous for others (and don’t get me started with the “It’s not a costume, it’s a culture” bullshit.  If you want my opinion on that, watch this).  But it is a night where you get to have fun, and get to be happy.

Next, it’s about getting to revel in the delight of fear.  I have a feeling that the reason people like scary stories is because it pulls you into the story more.  Think about it – you always wanted to know what the end of the story was, when you were a kid.  You always wanted to know if it was a scary ghost in the house, or if it was just in the imagination of the person’s head.  It made you so much more fascinated.  I remember the Scary Stories books, when I was a kid.  I was scared stiff of them, yet I always wanted to read them.  More and more.  They were loads of fun.  We loved them, my friends and I, and it made every day a new experience.  Now, all grown-up, I still love a good scary story.  I love it when a story doesn’t try and gross me out with gory mess, but instead, plays with me head.  Letting the fear come from a more visceral and psychological place.  We like scary stories, and to be afraid, because it is a catharsis for how relatively easy our lives here in the Western World are.  We have it pretty damn good, but for one night, we can imagine if things weren’t so good.  If they were a little bit evil.  And it is a good feeling.

Oh, and finally, Halloween is about the fucking candy!  I mean, when you were a kid, what did you dress up for?  What did you get in those goofy costumes that your mom and dad thought would look so cute on you and go out around the neighborhood?  You did it because there was the promise of candy delight!  You wanted candy, to make yourself sick the next day.  And you loved every minute of it!  So, these Christians who talk about how this holiday is evil and whatever, they are idiots.  They don’t get what this holiday is about.  And the same for the atheists.  I think, people just need to calm the fuck down about stuff.  For real, have you ever noticed how uptight people are?  It’s like their assholes clench every time they are given a concept that doesn’t mesh with their little view of humanity.

People want the world to fit into a small little box.  Dr. House said it best.  But the problem is that the world doesn’t fit into that box.  The world isn’t as simple as the Christians, Muslims and even the atheists often want it to be.  Life is complicated.  Life is messy.  There are not clear answer to life.  But we have to keep on going, because this is the stuff that matters.

Happy Halloween, everybody.

Until next time, a quote,

“Spoken like a true circle queen. See, skinny, socially privileged white people get to draw this neat little circle. And everyone inside the circle is “normal”. Anyone outside the circle needs to be beaten, broken and reset so that they can be brought into the circle. Failing that, they should be institutionalized. Or even worse – Pitied.”  -Dr. Gregory House, House M.D.

Peace out,


Disney Buys Star Wars? And Star Wars VII?! What the F*CK?!

Remember my rant at Square Enix, for milking the Final Fantasy series with another XIII title, that isn’t Versus XIII, the game we all want to see?  Well, now I get to have another rant, purely because this just pisses me off, and I want to say this as loud as I possibly can.  Don’t worry, I won’t be doing this in all-caps.  I have the good sense not to do that.  But yeah, this pisses me off.

First, what the fuck, Lucas?!  Is your swimming pool filled with money not deep enough for you?  Did your fat ass need another two mansions?  Has whoring out this franchise just not been enough for you?  I really don’t get why you did this.  You are worth a metric fuck-ton of money.  You probably have a gold-plated toilet, and rose oil scents so that you can fool yourself into thinking that your shit doesn’t stink.  Why did you feel the need to sell this once-great franchise to Disney?  This is a genuine mystery to me.  Actually, wait, he said in an interview that he did it for the money.  You are a whore, Lucas!  Actually, I take that back.  You are a pimp.  You pimp out your once great series, and if it doesn’t bring back the money that you hoped it would, you beat it, degrade it, and damage it, making it less and less respected.  This poor hooker of yours is now such a beaten shell, yet you keep forcing her to work.  And now, you have found a new John that you can throw her at, and because this John is a greedy miser, who has made an empire so large that it controls almost all of the great media, has decided that he wants your hooker, just to say that he has her.

And that brings me to my next point – why Disney?!  Disney is becoming a monster.  First, it took over Pixar.  Then, it took over Marvel Comics.  Now, you have sold one of the greatest science fiction franchises to them?!  These people are a bloated and well-oiled machine that is dumbing down our media.  For real, everything that Disney touches turns to shit.  It didn’t use to be that way, but it is now.  This corporation is a behemoth, and it needs to be brought down, not given more influx of capital into its already-bloated budget.  You could have sold this franchise to Warner Bros., and you would at least have been making a decision that didn’t feed a beast quite this big.  But no, your greedy ass had to have it your way, and you had to give yourself more money.  God, you are a disgusting person.

But the worst part – another movie?!  And I’m sure it will be another trilogy.  Thankfully, Mark Hamill isn’t going anywhere near that.  His reputation is secure, and especially since Batman: Arkham City, where he showed what an incredibly voice-actor he is, and that made his reputation, in my mind, forever.  Of course, we now get another film.  It has been announced for 2015.  Like a not-so-near, but very dear friend friend of mine said –

Ugh, I’m shuddering at the thought. They can’t leave well enough alone, at least not as long as big money is involved…

And that’s just it – there is money involved.  A lot of people think that this has the potential to be a good thing.  They think that a different filmmaker could possibly take this series in a new direction, and make it better.  Me, I am with Mr. Repzion.  There is almost no way that they can make this better.  This franchise has been damaged enough, and I shudder to think what a new filmmaker would do with it.  Hopefully, if Disney has any kind of brains at all, beyond the next fiscal year, they will hire somebody who is actually capable of making a good film, like J.J. Abrams, Chris Nolan, or Joss Whedon.  But I doubt that so much.

Lucas, you should have done as you said you were going to do.  You should have left it where it lay.  You ruined this franchise for a lot of people, and you did irreparable harm to this creation that we all came to love so much.  Now, you have sold it off, to a company who has a terrible track record with movies.  Not to mention – Disney is the sequel whore!  How many Cinderella movies are there?  How many Aladdin movies?  How many Pirates of the Caribbean movies?  This company is a lot like far too many video game companies.  They don’t know when to quit.  They don’t know when to say that they are done, and end on a high note.  Instead, they will take the love of the fans of this franchise, and will profit on it for as long as they can.  Huh, kind of like Square fucking Enix and the Final Fantasy franchise!

This is a sad day, people.  It is a sad day because here we are about to lose this thing that we all came to love so much.  Most of us are already hurt by this, and unless some miracle occurs, and Disney actually is able to let something good happen, instead of doing as they usually do, and trying to make everything family-friendly and PC, and this is going to make it worse.  Or, and this should really scare you – they hire Michael Bay to direct the next Star Wars movie.  Ponder that, for a long time…

I want to hope for it to get better, but at this point, I just have no reason to.

Until next time, a quote,

“You know, George Lucas, I realize you lost your film production, you lost your touch a long time ago, with Star Wars: Episode I and II…but it now seems that you also lost your brain.”  -Mr. Repzion, Disney Busy Star Wars 

Peace out,


Hell House: the Funniest Documentary I’ve Seen in a Long Time

I am starting to wonder what the reaction to this documentary was supposed to be.  I heard about this from a YouTube vlogger called Dusty Smith, who has the Cult of Dusty YouTube channel.  His review was brief, and it was very fun.  But as for me, I am going to elaborate a bit more, because I thought this was the funniest piece of Christian propaganda that I have ever seen.  For real, if this is what Christians think is scary, then they are dumb beyond any and all reason.  I haven’t laughed this much in a long time.  I hope you will to.

So, the name of this documentary is “Hell House.”  It tells the story of a haunted house, put on by the Trinity Church, in Cedar Hill, Texas.  And man, these people really got a slick business going on.  See, they sell thousands of tickets to this thing, every year.  Now, I should say, up-front, that the makers of this documentary played it straight with this production.  They took no side here.  There is no narration.  They simply captured this event, and then put it out for us to see.  And mock to death, because it’s the stupidest fucking thing ever.  And of course, like most stupid things in America, it had to come from a Christian organization.  See, Trinity Church is a Pentecostal church, so as you can imagine, they take a very hardcore view of the Bible and sin.  And, like most Christian groups in Texas, they want to “put the fear of god in them sinners!”  Good luck doing that here!

Here’s how it works – they take a bunch of kids, usually about 40 at a time, and they take them through various themed rooms, for them to see what the lives of a bunch of sinners is like.  In one room, there is a fat kid, who isn’t doing too well at a test.  He gets picked on and called retarded.  So, he whips out a gun (and I was wishing he would kill all the kids.  Sigh…) and then blows his brains out.  Naturally, since he committed suicide, he goes to Hell.  How many Christians was it said that Amanda Todd’s death was a tragedy?  Bleeding hypocrites.

Then, there is a skit where a redneck guy, who looks like he would be a wife-beater anyway, reads an email that tells him that his wife is cheating on him.  Naturally, this leads to, instead of asking her if this is true, or having a reaction like being sad (because emoting would be WAY too hard for the people doing these skits.  For real, the emotional levels in this are staggeringly and hilariously bad), he decides to up and choke the bitch.  Naturally, when he dies, he goes to Hell.  Snap, how many Christians were commanded by God to murder, and then take the virgin daughters of their victims as their fuck-slaves?  Well, this is Christianity, after all.  Contradiction is nothing new.  They live and breathe on their religion not making a lick of sense.  That’s how the mind of the dumb works.

Another skit has a girl.  She is at this rave, and gets all kinds of fucked-up on drugs.  This guy comes up and just puts something in her drink and then shoves it down her throat.  Yeah, because girls are totally okay with guys just shoving things down their throat, right?  (I swear to non-existent God, I am going to punch the first guy in the vag who makes a joke about cock) But yeah, after shoving the drink down her throat, she is totally miserable, because she got gang-raped by all these guys, and decides that the next logical solution is to kill herself.  Yes, because no woman ever has survived the experience of rape and come out stronger, right?  No, obviously, ladies, if you get raped, you are going to kill yourself.  You won’t be able to live with it.  Lies.  Anyway, she kills herself, so naturally, she goes to Hell.  Yeah, heaven-forbid that God’s Kevorkian actually show a little mercy on her.  No, instead, since to these people, God is a vengeful piece of shit (as per the Old Testament, where he was just that), he decides that she should pay for being emotionally traumatized.  By the way, this girl’s “breakdown” was hysterical.  This acting was so bad, I’ve seen middle school plays that put this shit to shame.  But to her character’s credit, she was hot.

Then, we go to a hospital, where a man is dying of AIDS.  He got AIDS because he’s gay, and in this “haunted house”‘s universe, all gay men have AIDS.  Yeah, because no straight person has ever contracted HIV from being a dumb mother-fucker and not using a condom, right?  Gee, if that were the case, then what is with that massive epidemic of AIDS in Africa?  Are all the men and women there just deciding not to be gay and lesbians for a night and having sex?  Or maybe it has something to do with the lack of contraception, thanks to all the lovely Catholic and other religious groups’ lies.  Gotta love you people!  Anyway, this guy dies, and then, because he’s gay, and according to God, being gay is a sin, he goes to Hell.

But after this skit, there is the most hilariously bad bit of misinformation in this entire place.  There has been a lot of bullshit spewed here, but this was simply amazing.  After the scene with the gay guy’s death, a girl is brought into the hospital.  See, her vag exploded after she took the morning-after pill.  Let me say that again – her VAG exploded because she took the morning-after pill!  According to this haunted house, if you take the morning-after pill, your vagina will explode.  I have a challenge to any Christians stupid enough to buy this – provide me one, ONE, piece of evidence to support this.  This is the stupidest thing ever!  The morning-after pill works by preventing sperm from fertilizing the egg.  It doesn’t make an abortion happen, you stupid Christian zealots!  And the acting of this girl was just awesome.  I really bought how pained she was by this.  After all, it was so accurate, right?  Naturally, she bleeds to death and goes to Hell.

This little train-wreck of a performance then decides to finally take us all to Hell, and show us what horrible tortures these kids are going through.  They have this guy, who looks like an even more emo (and not nearly as cool) version of The Crow.  He talks about how all these people are in Hell for a good reason, and how, if you don’t follow God, and choose to live a sinful (and awesome) life, you will end up there yourself.  And these people spew lots of lines about how what they did wasn’t so bad, like the gay guy is shouting “I was born this way!”  Yeah, very open-minded, eh Christians?

After they make their way through the most boring haunted house in existence (with the worst actors and actresses of all time), they are then taken into this room.  They are all lined up against a wall, unable to leave.  A big guy then comes in and talks to these kids, telling them that if they don’t straighten up, believe in God, and fly right, they are going to follow suit of the people they just say.  They then sit them down and tell them to pray, asking them to join their church and follow Jesus.  According to them, one in five kids do.  Yeah, because that was so scary, right? (Rolls eyes)

This documentary is hilarious.  The acting is awful.  The message is so phoned-in from half a dozen Christian zealots that you see all the time on TV or wherever.  It is an exploitative piece of bullshit that is being used by this church to scare people.  See, that seems to be the new tactic of Christians.  They know that they can’t reason with the atheists, and those who are skeptical.  The reality is that the Christian position has no basis in logic.  None.  The bible is awash with contradiction, illogical and ridiculous bullshit.  There aren’t five words of truth in any of it.  So, instead, they decide that they are going to try and scare kids.  They are going to make them too afraid not too.  I have had plenty of Christians try to do that to me.

But here’s the kicker, Christians – that won’t work for long!  With information being so readily available, there are sources after sources that debunk your complete and utter bullshit, like the Bible.  Here’s the Skeptics Annotated Bible, which goes into great lengths how utterly absurd this book is.

You are losing, Christians, because your lies are so much easier to debunk, and we can show this much easier.  Meanwhile, when you try and fight it out with reason, it was over before it began.  Ha-ha!

Until next time, a quote,

“And they do this, year after year, in state after state, and try to con and scare these people into becoming members of this cult. Just like utter and complete shit-heads would.”  -Dusty Smith, World’s Worst Haunted House – In Under 3 Minutes

Peace out,


Lucien’s Review: The Unfinished Swan

There are few games like The Unfinished Swan.  It is so nice that they decided to give homage to the company that gave them ideas – thatgamecompany.  They even had a brief little nod to their most recent game, Journey.  That is really, really cool.  But, like everything that thatgamecompany has ever done, this company decided to make this creation all their own.

This game is a fairytale, in every sense of the word.  It opens with a young boy, who is moved to an orphanage after his mother has died, leaving him with only one of her many unfinished paintings.  From that orphanage, he find he goes on a quest to find a swan, and have an odd adventure along the way.  The story is mostly told through little tidbits that you can find, scattered across the world, narrated by a rather pleasant to listen to female narrator.  There are also parts of the story told at the beginning of each of the 4 chapters.

This game is unique in every way.  From the outset, you are only able to see the world from globs of black ink you throw around, showing what the world looks like.  Through first-person views, you are able to see the world by using ink.  Though eventually, the land does get more detailed.  The puzzles in this game are rather inventive and clever.  Solving them won’t be too especially taxing.  This game is a lot like Journey, in that it is more about what you see than what you do.  And there will be many moments where you will marvel just as much as the young protagonist at what he sees.

This game isn’t especially long, but for the gamer who is seeking an art experience, they won’t find anything quite like The Unfinished Swan.  Indie gaming is really coming into its own, and I am so glad to see games like this coming into the public eye.  It is going to be tight race this year as to which Indie game is the best.  Myself, I still think it’s Journey, but The Unfinished Swan takes a very, VERY, close second.  It is an amazing game, and I look forward to the next time that I am feeling a little bored, and want a nice little fairytale.

Final Verdict
9 out of 10

Peace out,


The Jesus “Sacrifice” is Bullshit

I remember growing up as a kid, I went to Lutheran church every Sunday.  It was boring, tedious, and I hated every minute of it.  I couldn’t stand that I had to take up my time at this place, and it felt like a waste.  But, despite that, I did pay attention to what the preacher and Sunday School teachers said.  And one thing that they talked about, a lot, was Jesus.  Well, duh.  Being Christians, that kind of comes up.  After all, he is supposed to be the son of God (yet also god.  What was that song about the guy who was his own grandpa?).  Still, it came up.

I remember hearing, over and over and over again, how Jesus sacrificed himself, and how I, the pitiful mortal wretch, should feel indebted to him.  That his sacrifice was so amazing.

He died for our sins!  Through him, we are all forgiven.

Heard that a lot.  There was also a lot of stuff about how wondrous this sacrifice was, and how we should be so grateful.  But the more I thought about this, even as a kid, the more I cocked an eyebrow.  Something about this story didn’t make sense.

First, read the Bible. In every gospel, Jesus knew EXACTLY what was coming his way.  Before he was imprisoned and taken before Pilate, he gathered his group of men (lots and lots of men.  Traveling together.  Just men.  Yeah…) and told the guys, “hey, I’m going to be betrayed tonight.  It’s gonna be one of ya’ll.  Oh, and another one of you will deny me three times.  Just giving you the heads up.”  He knew that he was going to be beaten and murdered.

So, Lucien?  What’s the problem?

A sacrifice isn’t a sacrifice unless it is truly for something.  If Jesus knew what was going to go down the entire time, then he didn’t truly give anything up.  If anything, he was following the plan, like a good little heavenly being.  He was doing what he daddy (who is also him.  Logic, what’s that?!) said.  His daddy (who is him) even told him what was about to go down.  So, how did he sacrifice?  He didn’t.  He took a beating and if you believe what happened in that story, he took it like a man, but in the end, he knew that he was just following the plan.

That brings us to the second problem in the story – he really didn’t lose anything.  Think about this – the dude gets beaten.  That sucks.  He then gets murdered.  That sucks too.  But, after spending a couple days in Hell, he then rises into Heaven and is totally chilling with his daddy (who is also him) and the Holy Spook for all eternity!  When one sacrifices, they actually lose something.  It is always something valuable to them.  What exactly did Jesus lose?  If anything, he gained from this “sacrifice.”  He lost his mortal body, but he gets to live in paradise, and demand that everybody worship the little fucker for all eternity.  Yeah, I can totally see how he did something so noble.

Next, why did God have to have this ridiculous human sacrifice to forgive us of our sins?  Last I checked (according to the Christians), he is supposed to be the creator of the universe, right?  He can snap his fingers, like the Q and make anything happen, right?  Well, in that case, why not just forgive us?  Without all the nonsense of this human sacrifice that, back in the days of Jesus, wouldn’t have even been known to the people until months or years later, because they didn’t exactly have the internet back then.  Information took a LONG time to get around.  But yeah, this being, who supposedly is all-powerful, couldn’t just wiggle his nose and forgive us?  That makes no sense!  Why do you Christians not see it, but I do?

Another plot hole in this story – why the sudden turnaround?  Why did God go from being a vengeful tyrant, as he most certainly was in the Old Testament, to being this guy who is all about the forgiveness?  In the Old Testament, God was kind of a psychotic monster.  He would kill people, slaughter entire populations (while letting those who did the slaughtering take home the virgin daughters as their fuck-slaves) and he even flooded the entire world, committing global genocide.  Where did this nice guy who suddenly thinks that forgiveness is the right thing to do come from?  Did God get on some meds for his anger issues?  Must be the good stuff.  I can think of somebody who should look his doctor up.

The fact is that, if one uses logic (something I know Christians are very uncomfortable with), this story makes no sense.  None.  Not the mention all the contradictions in the gospels themselves about everything that happened.  Oh, and the fact that not one of the gospels written was during Jesus’ lifetime, so we’ll never know if any of it was true.  No, there are just too many glaring plot-holes for this story to work.  And yet, all the time, I am hearing from Christians about how Jesus died for me, and I should be so grateful, and how I am wasting his “sacrifice.”

But the reality is that there was no sacrifice.  He knew what was coming, and he knew that after suffering for a couple of days, he gets to have an awesome time in heaven, chilling with his sky-daddy (who is also him).  This story is blatantly false, but the sad fact is that me saying that is just going to mix with the choir of atheists and agnostics who say that this is ridiculous.  The Christians don’t listen to reason.  They never have.  Faith is impenetrable by logic.  It’s the reason the Catholic church has stayed as powerful as it has for so long.

But thankfully, there is hope.  With information being so readily available as it is now, religion is disappearing at record speeds.  They simply cannot keep their tower of lies and bullshit aloft without ignorance anymore.  And once their tower crumbles under the weight of its own corruption, I say, good riddance!

Until next time, a quote,

“And while you’re at it, fuck JC!  He got off easy!  A day on the cross, a weekend in Hell, and all the hallelujah’s of the legion angels for eternity.  Try seven years in fucking Otisville J!”  -Monty Brogan, 25th Hour

Peace out,


The Boy Scouts and the Catholic Church Get Away with Sex Crimes?

There is a bitter and tragic reality that is being brought forward more and more in this country.  The reality that behind the veils of a good, wholesome and supposedly more organization, there is organized corruption, along with vile and disgusting people who are getting away with sex crimes.  What makes this worse is that these crimes are against children.  Young children who are putting their trust in these people.  They think that these adults are there to look after them.  To protect them from the ugliness of the world.  They are trusting these people more than any others, and what is happening to them?  They are being violated in ways that are beyond sick.

First, there is the Catholic church.  This is an organization that simply astounds me in how it gets away with what it does and never, ever feel any major repercussion.  The crimes of the Catholic church and the Vatican are well known.  You don’t need me to tell you about it.  Among those like me, it is well-known that the Vatican openly protects these pedophile priests and deacons who have molested thousands of children.  They keep files on every single incident that happens, stating that the files cannot come out until ten years after the person becomes an adult.  As if to stick its nose up at the rest of us because we can’t do anything to them anymore.  They pay off the families who are the victims of this molestation, and threaten anyone who wants to talk with excommunication from the church.  They are corrupt thugs who use their power over people and government to keep the law from ever touching them in any significant way.

And they have a massive following.  These enablers of pedophilia are getting away with this, and they still have a massive following.  I mean, how else do they continue funding their opulent palaces that spit in the face of everything their savior preached about embracing poverty and being humble?  These people are totally okay with the fact that the Pope, their head person, is openly part of a system that is protecting child molesters and rapists.  Yes, there are incidents where these priests have gone that far, yet they still have millions upon millions of supporters.

But, in a recent article by the LA Times, another group has come to light that is responsible for the molestation of thousands of young boys.  Exclusively boys.  The Boy Scouts.  That’s right, an organization that is supposed to stand up for duty and country and honor has a very elaborate system that is protecting Scout Leaders who are responsible for molesting young boys.  After a review of over a thousand secret files, the LA Times has found out about the intricate network of corruption that is keeping these people from feeling the law.

You see, it breaks down like this – when an incident of molestation is reported, the Scouts put the person who did the crime on a secret blacklist.  The blacklist is called the “perversion files.”  These files are kept from seeing the light of day, reportedly, in the interest of protecting those involved.  This was supposed to protect people.  But, as the story shows, this blacklist was repeatedly gotten around by these sexual predators, and some of them went on to continue molesting young boys for over two decades.  Meanwhile, when the hammer of the law should have been felt, instead, the Boy Scouts kept this all under wraps, choosing to cloak themselves in ignorance.  What a bunch of fucking heroes, aren’t they?

In some cases, these predators weren’t even stopped after it was first reported that they molested one of the scouts.  The larger organization behind the Boy Scouts of America chose to wait for other instances to surface before doing anything.

The tales of these instances are heart-breaking.  One boy wrote about his experience, saying he was “going to quit the troop and tell my daddy.”  But, just like the Catholic church, these people are hardly feeling the hammer come down on them.  But maybe now, with the release of these files, there is some hope of justice for the boys who were violated by these people who they put their trust in.

There are a lot of days when people tell me that my hatred of this species is uncalled for.  That people are generally good, and do good things.  But then I read stuff like this.  Thousands cases of molestation have come up in the Boy Scouts since 1970, and the knowledge that this corrupt organization was helping keep this under wraps.

Many people will say that the kids should have come forward.  Those who say stupid shit like that don’t get what it’s like.  A boy is supposed to be tough.  When most boys are a kid, and they get hurt and cry, their dad tells them to “suck it up.”  The shame and humiliation in this are powerful weapons.  It is awful, and it is the exact same thing that the Catholic church does.  Both organizations are helping sexual predators get away with sexual crimes.  That is who these people are.

I have a friend.  She and I have gotten quite distant lately.  She told me of an instance when she was a lot younger.  She was a figure skater (and she still is damn good at it, even though she can’t skate professionally anymore), and was also a skater as a kid.  One of her coaches molested her.  She didn’t tell anybody.  Hearing stories like that, and then hearing about these people, it reminds me that not only is my hatred of humanity justified, it is outright true.

People are monsters.  We are disgusting animals, who can occasionally rise above the status of pure evil.  And that is only the best of us.  I am with TJ on this one.  Humanity is overrated.  And anybody, ANYBODY, who can defend either the Catholic church or the Boy Scouts of America in this should feel ashamed of themselves!  This is revolting, and this is what America has to put up with.

Until next time, a quote,

“And I’m not unsympathetic to those who cling to hope.  I too have seen extraordinary acts of kindness and love from this species.  Many people try to do good.  Both on a large and a small scale.  But here’s the problem – to create something, it takes cooperation, understanding, compassion, drive.  To destroy something, all it takes is one little action.”  -TJ Kincaid, HUMANITY IS OVERRATED 

Peace out,



I saw a video by my favorite YouTube vlogger, The Amazing Atheist.  He talked about the Amanda Todd tragedy, and his take was actually rather poignant.  He got me to think, and I have some responses to questions he asked in the video.

He pointed out that while Amanda Todd’s death is tragic, she isn’t the only one.  Kids all over this country are killing themselves after being bullied, and they don’t get the national stage that she has.  And people die all over the world from hunger every day.  Where are their voices?  Well, before we get to that, let’s answer TJ’s questions.

1. What makes Amanda Todd more important than Joel, Kenneth, Rachel and all of the other kids who have been pressured into of taking their own lives because of being bullied?  And if she’s not more important — Then why are you focusing on her to the exclusion of all the other victims of bullying?

Well, to be honest, she isn’t more important.  I freely admit that Amanda Todd is just one of the many victims.  But to the second question, I am not focusing on her to the exclusion of all other victims.  I am with Mr. Repzion on this.  We need to use her as an example for how this can and is happening to all sorts of other kids right now.  I am definitely trying to figure out how to deal with this on a larger scale.  Amanda Todd, to me, isn’t so much a martyr, as much as a reminder.  She is a reminder that this kind of thing happens all the time, and it goes unchecked, until the shallow society does as many have done with Amanda, and raise her on a pedestal and ignore everything else.

2. Why do you only care about bullying victims after they’ve killed themselves?

Again, I don’t.  This happens all the time, and I hate that.  I have seen it all the time where I grew up.  Back in my hometown, a good 80% of the girls in my school were vicious snakes, and the rest were their victims.  I always stood against that.  Being a titan of a man, I was able to bring those who were outcast into my fold, and give them a place and a home.  But there are many more who I couldn’t help back then, and who I realistically can’t help now.  If we are going to use Amanda Todd’s death for anything, it should be to remind people of that.

3. Why isn’t anyone talking about what REALLY needs to be done about bullying?

That’s a good question.  TJ brings up a lot of good points.  The American education system is broken.  That can’t be argued against.  I have railed against the broken education system in this country time and time again.  TJ’s solutions were pretty simple.  1. We need smaller classroom sizes.  Kids are being crammed into these rooms because the government won’t put any real money in education, because clearly, going overseas and killing people is much more important.  2. We need more teachers, and better pay to incentivise teachers to stay.  The average turnover rate of teachers is five years.  After five years, most teachers give up on the profession because the pay is miniscule, and the work is mind-numbing.  No teacher works an 8 hour day.  They work a 10, 12, 14 hour day.  If they didn’t, there would be no homework graded, no tests corrected, no tutoring, no coaching, no extra-curricular activities of any kind.  A teacher has to work their ass off, and they are chipping away at their student loans with pay that is downright pathetic.  It is shameful that we pay trained gorilla millions of dollars to throw a football, but we can’t pay the people in charge of the future generations a decent wage.  3. Children shouldn’t be left unsupervised on social networking sites before they can handle what comes with that.  4. We need to teach kids about how to fight against bullying.

TJ makes an especially good point there.  You think bullying stops the moment you get out of school?  Fuck no!  There are a metric ton of adult bullies who use their power over other people to make their lives miserable.  Kids should be taught to rely on nobody.  Remember that video where these boys were picking on a fat kid, and the fat kid got up and beat the shit out of them?  I remember that went viral.  Good on the kid who beat them.  We should teach kids to be strong, and not to take shit from anybody.  It will serve them well in the real world, away from school.  5. Exploration into the root causes of bullying.  Yeah, that makes sense.  I am with TJ.  Anybody who is against bullying should be for that.

4. Hundreds of thousands of people die every day from causes far worse than bullying.  Where are their stories?

Yeah, that’s a good point.  It is worth pointing out that America love a victim.  An American victim who they can latch onto and make into a poster-boy/girl for their cause.  And the reality is far more ugly than any of us can hope to believe.  My retort, though, would be that one has to pick their battles.  If my time being informed and seeing the world go to shit has taught me anything, it’s that you can’t take on the world.  One can only charge at windmills for so long before they are broken against it.  Now, this issue itself might be too big, but for those like me, who actually do want to do some good, this is far less of a windmill to climb than some of the others.  At least, that’s what I  think.

TJ pointed out at the end that if the story of Amanda Todd turns things around, he will admit that he is wrong in having contempt for those who have made this girl into a martyr.  I would like it noted that I have contempt for them as well, despite how passionate my post about her was.  This girl is a victim, and a tragic reminder of how our system has, and is failing.  But, like TJ, I don’t think that that will happen.  The news cycle will move on.  Amanda Todd will be forgotten,  Or, as he pointed out, we will pass some pathetic law, probably in her name, that doesn’t even try and solve the root cause of bullying.  It merely looks at the symptoms, and thinks that if we patch it up, that’s enough.  Because that is how America does.  America does what they think is just enough, and won’t cost a lot of money, because non-existent God-forbid that we actually work and make things better.  No, that would be just too much of a pain in the ass.  Instead, we will do the bare minimum, and that’s it.  Because America is the land of the lazy, and the home of the cost-effective.

Accomplishing real progress just isn’t in the fiscal plan for the year.

Until next time, a quote,

“And if you don’t like what I had to say in this video, then I urge you to prove me wrong.  Not with words.  Not with name-calling.  It makes no sense to bully me in the name of anti-bullying.  Prove it to me with your actions.  Show me that I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about by showing me how really and truly dedicated you are to this issue.”  -TJ Kincaid, THE AMANDA TODD SQUAD

Peace out,


Amanda Todd’s Death Being Used by Pedophiles?

I normally don’t do follow-up posts, because I don’t like to dwell on things, but this had to be talked about.  You see, WordPress has a feature where you can see what search terms are finding your blog.  It can be a very fun thing to follow, because you can see just how well you are doing in getting your blog out there.  To date, I have been doing very well.  My hits have been skyrocketing.  But when I look in the search terms part, I am seeing a number of terms that are giving me pause, and making me feel very unpleasant.

Amanda Todd naked


Amanda Todd naked pictures


amanda todd boobs


Amanda todd naked boobs


Hot Amanda Todd

There aren’t many instances where I will complain about getting views on my blog.  I mean, views are a good thing.  They are getting my name out there.  That’s never a bad thing, right?  Well, as I have seen the last couple days, it is a majorly double-edged sword.  The simply reality is that a bunch of fucking pedophiles are finding my blog, looking for naked pictures of a girl who was in the 7th grade.

And it gets worse.  These disgusting degenerates are not only looking for the naked pictures of a 7th grade girl, but they are looking for these pictures, knowing that she was used by another disgusting pedophile.  And a second pedophile demanded that she give him a private show.  A private show.  The sickness in that is beyond understanding.  And after she didn’t give that deviant his sick fantasy of seeing a girl naked, he decided to use the pictures he had of her to harass her ceaselessly on Facebook and by giving them to everyone she knows.  And after her entire life fell apart, and she couldn’t find a way to fix it, she killed herself.  These pedophiles know this.  If they actually read my post, how could they not?

This is disgusting, because these people know this, and they still want to see pictures of Amanda Todd naked.  The memory of this girl, and what happened to her, this tragedy, is being ravaged still.  Her memory is still being attacked, and all because a bunch of sick fucks can’t help but jerk off to a little girl naked.  Do you enjoy this, you sick pieces of shit?  I’m not going to be nice, because this is disgusting!  I feel sick when I look at the search terms that find my blog, and I see what you people are looking for.

The internet has given us a free traffic of information.  This is something I value more than anything else.  The open market of ideas has value beyond measure.  But tied into that, there is also the blessing/curse of anonymity.  People are now protected because they are now able to hide behind a shield of people not knowing who they are.  For people like whistle-blowers, or the guy who wants to watch a movie that I frankly don’t care if he torrents or not, that is a very good thing.  But then you get people like this, who use their ability to not have to step in to the light as a way of getting whatever disgusting pleasure their sick mind is able to make.

And just by writing this post, I have this horrible suspicion that I’m going to get one of these disgusting bastards who will try and justify this.  Did you know that there are sites where pedophiles try to justify their loves of underage boys and girls?  I have heard all sorts of arguments.  There was one man who justified that the ancient Greeks used to make love to their male underlings all the time, and that in Medieval Europe, the average age for a girl to get married was around 12 to 14.  So, the attraction to children can be justified in the idea that because something was once a cultural norm, it still has relevance today.  Never mind that they ignore that social values and what is acceptable changes.  That would be far too much to consider, because they want to be able to justify what they do.

I wonder what, if any, of the pedophiles who are looking up this blog will say to justify themselves now?  They probably won’t say anything.  They shouldn’t say anything.  There is no good explanation here.  This is disgusting in every single way.  There is now way that this can be justified.

To Amanda, I’m so sorry.  I’m sorry that your memory and you yourself are still being haunted by this mistake.  You made a mistake, and the truly ugly thing about all of this as that the internet isn’t ever going to be able to let your memory be at peace with it.  Even now, one of those freaks I have been railing against has gotten a hold of the picture and is probably jerking off to it right now.  I’m so sorry this happened to you.  You didn’t deserve it.  I hope that someday, you can rest at peace.  I don’t even believe in an afterlife, but on the off-chance I am wrong, I just thought I would say this.

And to you pedophiles who are thinking that this blog will give you your fix, sorry, but I don’t make a habit of keeping naked pictures of girls in 7th grade.  I’m not disgusting, like you.

Until next time, a quote,

“All is disgust when a man leaves his own nature and does what is unfit.”  -Sophocles

Peace out,


Amanda Todd: A Victim of a Species I Hate

There are a lot of days when people tell me that my hatred of the human race is totally uncalled for.  They say that the human species is doing great things, and that it is a few bad apples who are fucking things up for the rest of us.  But then I see stories like this, and I am reminded, once-again, of why the human race sucks.

For those who don’t know, there was a young girl named Amanda Todd.  This girl was, as so many girls are, used by a perverted sexual deviant.  This guy buttered her up and made her feel attractive.  When he had her trust, he asked her to send him pictures of her naked.  Specifically of her breasts.  The girl did so, and some time later, she was approached again, by a different man.  He told her that he knew her address, what school she went to, and who her parents were.  He threatened that if she didn’t give him a live show, he would send the naked pictures of her to everyone.  She didn’t give him what he wanted, and he made good on his threat.

Thus began a spiral of cruelty and bullying which ended in this young girl committing suicide.  This girl changed schools, but every time she tried to have a fresh start, this photo followed her.  The cruelty from her female classmates is unbelievable.  She was not only emotionally and verbally abused by these girls, but at one of the schools she went to, she was actually physically beaten by a bunch of them.  These are the kinds of people that were everywhere she tried to go, and nobody tried to reach out to this girl.  Eventually, the pain got to be too much, and she killed herself.

First off, let’s have a Fuck You to the girls who bullied this girl like this.  What the fuck did she do to you?  I mean, a bunch of girls physically assaulted this girl and left her on the ground like some kind of dead animal.  This kind of treatment is unacceptable.  The girls who did this are disgusting, and while I will never advocate for the physical harm of another person, if nobody should ever be these girls’ friend, or if nobody should ever talk to them again in their whole lives, that would be better than they deserve.  These girls are the worst people on the face of the entire planet.

Another Fuck You goes out to the school.  I am with Ana here.  These schools should have had comprehensive sex education.  The sex education in this country is pathetic, by any standard.  This abstinence-only approach is bullshit.  Girls should be taught about this stuff, and about the dangers that are out there, just waiting under the surface to strike.  These kind of predators are out there, and if we don’t start talking in a grown-up way about sex, and stop treating these kids like they are fucking idiots, then we are just begging for stuff like this to happen again.

But then I came across a video which showed me a different and even more disgusting angle to this.  See, there have been a number of people who have posted online that this girl committing suicide is her fault.  My response to that is – who the fuck do you think you are?!  Who are you to judge this girl, who was being ostracized by all three of the schools she attended.  Bullied at all three.  She had nobody.  There was this heart-breaking picture I found from a video that she put up where she talked about this, and honestly, I have to say that people who have this position are the worst scum on the face of the planet!  These people are the reason that I have a very dedicated hatred of the human race.

See, I suffer from depression.  It is off and on.  It is due to a head injury, which has messed up my brain chemistry.  I have been like this since I was 14 years old.  It comes and goes, and it came hit me hard.  I battle through it, and I am doing okay.  There are good days and bad days.  I admit that this fall, there have been a lot of bad days, but I keep going.

I am going to admit something here, and perhaps this should have been said on Coming Out Day, but here is my coming out story –

When I was 15, I was planning on killing myself.  I was in pain all the time.  My feet were in agony every single day.  Life was miserable, in every sense of the word.  It never got any better.  I had all sorts of people around me all the time, but they were around so much and they never seemed to understand how I felt.  I was so miserable.  Finally, I decided one day that I was going to kill myself.  I wrote a suicide note and everything.  I still have that note, but that is something that nobody, and I mean nobody, shall ever see.  Ever.  I keep it as a reminder of where I have been, and what I have gotten through.  To this day, I don’t know why I didn’t follow through.  I guess I just didn’t want to after a while.  Maybe it was because things did get a little better.  The pain got less, and I got off the pills I was taking that were fucking with my brain.  I got a little better.  But let me tell you – it takes a lot of strength to be able to take your own life.  If you are an atheist, like me, you are taking on the burden of giving up every single experience you could have ever had.  You only have this life, and after it is over, you are done.  There is no Heaven.  There is no God.  This is it.

I don’t think this girl is a hero or anything, but she is most certainly a victim, and her killing herself was not her fault.  This was the fault of a society that is so disgusting that it couldn’t recognize a girl who had been the victim of a sex crime and who had been used by a disgusting human being.  This is a society that is so afraid of its own genitals and talking to kids like they are fucking people that we don’t tell them what ugliness is just around the corner.  This is a species who is so pathetic that we have people who have created a Facebook page to this girl’s naked pictures, to use as a bullying tool against her!  And where the fuck was the Facebook admin people when this happened?!

Humanity, you make me sick!  The fact that anybody, ANYBODY, is blaming this girl for the fact that she killed herself appalls me.  There was a thread on Reddit that said that Amanda Todd “had it coming.”  Yeah, she had all this abuse and suicide coming because she made a mistake.  Fuck you!  I profoundly hate this species.  I hate this species because every time I am turning on the news, I am hearing more of this.  The hate, the bigotry, the divisive cruelty that people visit upon each other because of who those people are.  I hate this species so much because it seems like we are constantly given a choice to be better than what our nature commands us to be, and yet what do we do?  We constantly choose to be worse, because we don’t want to even try and be better.

I am angry, but more than angry, I am ashamed.  I am ashamed because there are kids just like Amanda.  There are girls who are just as abused, and they are going to be in that same situation.  And there will be just as many people who treat them like shit.  The only reason this got out is because she made a video telling the world about this, and here is a link to it.  Every time I watch this video, it makes me cry.  This is heart-breaking, and it pisses me off, because this is what our society does.

Fuck you, humanity!  Fuck you…

Until next time, a quote,

“But you know the thing that just ticks me off even more about this story? Is that bullying is getting all of the attention.  ‘We shouldn’t bully.  We shouldn’t bully.’  I agree.  But nothing, nothing is stressed, nothing is focused on about reaching out the people who are being bullied.  That’s the problem!”  -Mr. Repzion, Amanda Todd – Got What Was Coming?

Peace out,


The Growth of Indie Gaming

It is a well-known fact that the first video games were made by some nerds who were in a room, messing with code, and they came upon a code that let them do simple tasks.  These games were simple, but fun.  As the technology grew, they were making bigger and bigger games.  Now, we have epic games who are not only telling amazing stories, but also have incredibly mechanics and can be engaging on many levels.  But in the background of the Call of Duty and the Elder Scrolls franchises are some very different kinds of games.

Thanks to Playstation Network (PSN) and Xbox Live, there is a new genre of gaming that is not only getting its time in the spotlight, but is also flourishing thanks to a new medium and a new way of marketing.  I am, of course, talking about Indie games.  These are games that are almost always far different than their larger-budge cousins who have actual disks.  These games are made with significantly smaller budgets, and with significantly smaller studios.

They are a chance to let a studio show what they are made of, and they are also games that appeal to very different types of consumers.  Take the 2008 game, Braid.  This is one of the most unique concepts that we have ever seen.  Telling a story that merges fantasy with cold reality, and has some very incredible artistic design.  This game sold incredibly well, and got huge levels of critical praise.

Or there is Limbo.  This is a chilling and visually cold game, but the gameplay was awesome, the story was gripping, and the situation was haunting.  This is a 2D game that is legitimately scary!  It stays with you long after you are done playing.  That is what much larger games with much larger budgets are also doing, true, but these games are testing the limits of what they have to work with.  Stretching the potential of their budget and making games that can have the same engagement and sometimes emotional catharsis, but on a budget that is miniscule in comparison to its EA or Square Enix cousins.

But by far, the biggest Indie company who we endorse is thatgamecompany.  This studio has made some visually amazing, but also mentally and emotionally engaging games as well.  This studio does games purely for the sake of the artistic merits.  They aren’t platforming puzzle games or anything like that.  They make games purely for the sake of amazing visuals, and complicated ideas.  And man does it make some amazing games!  Two of their games in-particular stand out to me.  The first is Flower.  This game has such a unique concept, and the delivery is nothing short of breath-taking.  The premise is that you are a person who is living in a place they don’t particularly want to be.  They imagine themselves in better worlds.  You go to these worlds as a gust of wind, picking up flower petals and taking them to various objectives.

The next game of theirs that I have so much love for is Journey.  This game is like nothing else that I have ever played.  It went from a game I heard about on the fly to my favorite game of all time.  The only, and I mean ONLY, gripe I have with that game is that it is so short.  But that’s how it goes when you don’t have a massive budget like the other big-time games.  I get that, 100%.  This game is like taking any of the 3D Mario games and making them an art experience.  You control a cloaked traveler, on his way to a distant mountain peak.  You explore the vast expanse of a ruined culture, and as you learn about the history of this people through murals, you learn of a tragic ending to a once-proud people.  Meanwhile, this game did something that I don’t think gaming could ever do – make you have an emotional catharsis for a character who never talks.  You never get to know this person in any significant way, but you feel for the trials of his journey, and for how hard this journey has been on him.  It leads to a genuinely gripping moment that will have you speechless.

Indie gaming has really come into its own, and the high sales and the interest from players who want to go above and beyond well-stocked and formulaic campaigns…wow, I just love that.  Whenever one talks about Indie film, they often talk about the crappy formula of movies, and how Indie films have the potential to break away from that.  And now, we have video games that we believe are formula, and games that we like because they break away from that.

The art medium that is video gaming is really coming into its own, and I am so pleased that I have gotten to see a medium like this (and no matter what people say, video games are art) grow in my generation.  I have watched it from its youth, and now I am seeing it continually grow and thrive.  That’s amazing, and it is very wonderful that I get to be a part of this, in whatever small way I can.

There are some Indie games coming in the future that are worth paying attention to.  There is The Unfinished Swan, which combines amazing visuals with a very clever gameplay mechanic that I am looking forward to seeing in action.  If you are a gamer, and you want to experience something new, keep your eyes open, and watch PSN and Xbox Live.  You might just be amazed by the little tidbits you find.

Until next time, a quote,

““If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative.”  -Woody Allen

Peace out,