Greetings.  My name is Lucien Maverick, and this is my den.  A place where I am able to write about the various things that concern me.  My topics run the gamut, from nerdy stuff, to film and game reviews, to top 10’s, to my fictional work.  My goal is to have this be a place where those who have a broad range of tastes can find something to love.  I can’t promise that you’ll like everything, but it is my sincere wish that if you do find something to like here, you will stick around to see more.  The goal of this place is interaction with a crowd who grows every day, and has stuck with me for going on 10 years.

A few things about me.  I am an atheist.  Being skeptical has always been a part of my life, ever since I was very young.  A fact that has made me something of a pariah in my very religious family.  I love reading books, watching movies, playing games, all in pursuit of a good story.  I love a narrative I can get wrapped up in, characters that I can grow to like and feel like I could like in real life, and worlds that entice me to learn more about them.

I’m an egalitarian, because I refuse to be in any of these camps that are promoting so-called “equality” while looking to put down those who disagree.  I’m a liberal, who fits into the libertarian-left demographic.  Not kidding, check it out –

Political Leanings

I have grown tired of the endless tribalism that I see humanity adopting and think that this is going to be what destroys us in the end.  I’m nihilistic as fuck, but that’s to be expected in the Age of Apathy.  Also, I don’t censor opinions that disagree with my own.  Feel free to comment and I will approve all newcomers.  If it takes a while, my apologies.  I have a 9 to 5 like normal poor schmucks.

All of this being said, welcome to my den.  I hope you enjoy your time here, and will return later.  If not, thanks for stopping by.  For those who do, know that I am very grateful, and I hope to hear from you in what I post.  Below are all my social media links.  Check it out and welcome.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LMaverick123
Tumblr: http://lmaverick123.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lmaverick123
Instagram: https://instagram.com/lmaverick124/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrY3EcgYAzm0q7QREfpPFmg
Ask Page: http://ask.fm/LucienNoctisMaverick
Curious Cat: https://curiouscat.me/LMaverick123

Peace out,


33 thoughts on “About

  1. This guy needs to think before he opens his mouth again… Or I guess think before he sits behind his computer screen like a pussy, and write whatever he wants.

    • Wow. I’ve attracted somebody who goes by the user-name “IHateLucienMaverick.” That’s a sign that I’m getting somewhere.

    • You’re not the only one who does. He claims that he hates Darwinism but sounds like he supports it. What a hypocrite.

  2. Hi Lucien Maverick – your name is too good to be real – is it a nom-de-plume? I am starting to follow because you have been communicating with my sister Robin and you intrigue me. I have a question about your header images – where did you get them? it looks like you may have painted them yourself. they look like pastels which is the medium a friend of my uses. they are very cool (and intriguing also).

    • Rejecting you? What is this, a marriage proposal? I’m just stating my disagreement with your position. Man, you and yours REALLY need to get a sense of humor.

      • That sense of humor thing is just an excuse to demean a person like bullies who use that damn “it’s a joke” excuse to to try and justify they’re antagonism.

        If you want people to respect, then don’t use humor as an excuse to make people feel bad/

  3. The great (or not so great) thing about the internet is that anybody can write something about anything and typically in the blogosphere the bar is generally set very low..Be an athiest but not one of those hater condescending kind. Compassion is a virtue and I’ve found opens up alternative as well as creative ways of thinking.
    Just because a person is living on faith doesn’t make them ignorant or a jerk.
    Most people living on this revolving sphere have faith in something that may or
    may not be true. But you gotta respect where people are coming from even if you think it’s wrong.
    That being said Son, the Sun does not rise and set on movie and TV characters. You may find more depth between the archaic pages of paper or the soft gentle glow of a kindle white.
    I see the passion you have in stories and I salute you!
    Story telling is a craft and a great one.
    Pursue the dream with passion and discipline.
    Politics is a craft and a sad one.
    I don’t think being a talking head on msnbc or fox is a great place to help change minds.
    Most folks watching those shows already have made up their minds on the agenda and are only
    looking for confirmation in their views.
    You want to make a difference? Start small. Look around you and build on that.
    There’s probably people close to you that need someone to make a difference right now.

    Peace, Love and all that stuff.

    • It’s kind of funny – if I were to take all the statements made in this comment that sound like the things one sees on those inspirational calenders and removed them, I question how much would be left. 😛

      • PS. I don’t respect ANYONE’s views just because they believe it. If a belief is founded on something ridiculous and stupid, then I will mock it. If they are a nice person, then I will just mock their belief. If they are a foul person, then I will mock their belief and them. Born to be a perpetual smartass.

      • ^How ironic it is that you you claim that other people are foul when you’re foul yourself.

    • You know what, Steve? You’re on my list of atheists who I respect and like. But not Lucien ’cause he’s prejudiced bastard who thinks that he’s better than everyone who isn’t like him.

  4. Well, that escalated quickly.

    Good job for standing up for yourself & not faltering on what you believe/don’t believe in. People can be assholes.

      • Insecure people need to make themselves feel superior about something when life consistently proves otherwise.

        He is, intellectually and metaphorically speaking, a very small man sitting alone at home jerking himself of in self-congratulation for shitting on midgets, all the while bemoaning the fact that most people don’t really seem to like or need someone like him.

        “There are two groups, the liberals, who think, and the conservatives who don’t. I am against the corporate stranglehold on this country, and I think that I’m the only one.”

        Sweeping generalizations it is then. Lets be honest here, this just reads like someone trying to like themselves when life keeps telling them that they’re not particularly intelligent or valuable. Just like everyone else in the pack he’s got his own reasons for why he’s very special and everyone who doesn’t agree is just too ignorant to understand his clearly superior philosophy. But that is to be expected; real understanding generally requires perspective and honest self reflection. Dangerous prospects, obviously, to someone who is never at fault or anything less than brilliant. Self reflection or personal growth would only serve to change him and he is already perfect.

  5. I like your blog a lot. Some people are fucking hypocrites. The moment you start to speak your mind, they get on your ass. How does that make sense. Anyway, keep doing you

  6. Hey .. Saw your character analysis of Walter White.. It was amazing.. Can you suggest me some books which will help me to develop my characters(upcoming writer you see) . I want to clearly define the soul of my characters basically. If you have any suggestions email me . Thanks

    • I can only recommend books by my favorite authors. The reality is that finding your own voice is one of the essential parts of growing as a writer. I could say that I like how Michael Crichton makes characters, but his voice is totally different from how Phillip Pullman or K.A. Applegate does. It’s a fun journey to find out what kind of writer you want to be. I wish you luck.

  7. Oh hey! You’re like, so amazing! Look at you talking about how amazing you are! You are totally right about everything ever! Everyone else is so wrong! Oh and you are also so right about feminists man, they are the worst. They are women so let’s just assume they never get off their asses and do anything, right? They just complain, complain while we check out their hot asses. Silly women, leave that shit to the men, right Lucien? I know that’s not your real name, btw. I hope no woman has to endure a shithead like you.

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