Anchorage Assembly Subverts Democracy, Part II!

Whenever I tell people that I only vote when there is a ballot measure that I agree with, they get on me about how voting matters, and voting changes things.  Well, I now have very blatant proof that that isn’t true!  It comes in the form of the a recent ban that the Anchorage Assembly did on public use of marijuana, that this state just voted to legalize across the board.  I swear, it’s like these people want prohibition to continue.  It’s like they don’t want the money that legal weed is going to bring in.  It’s like the Anchorage Assembly is so fucking stupid and so fucking greedy that they want the fines that they know this is going to bring in!  Seriously, I want an answer – if your democracy can be easily subverted by anyone in power, then what is the point of participating in this stupid game?!  Here’s a link to the article, now let’s talk about it.

Lots of rage here.  All the lectures that so many people have given me about the importance of voting, and now I have definitive evidence that it’s all a lie, a fraud, a joke.  Because one assembly can come and just fuck it up for everyone.  Because here’s the thing – nobody wins here, aside from the cops, who get to keep Prohibition going by giving out fines to anyone caught smoking what was just legalized in the state of Alaska.

That’s right, a new ban will make it so that public consumption of marijuana in smoked form is illegal.  If you get caught, there is a $100 fine.  Yeah, I bet the people who get caught drinking in public don’t get that kind of fine, do they?!  Bunch of hypocritical douchebags.  I know why this happened.  It’s because of the money that they know they are going to rake in with these fines.  Because think about it – where the fuck are people supposed to smoke?!  Almost every apartment in the city doesn’t allow smoking.  Smokers are now being forces to stand outside and huddle like a bunch of hookers while they light up.  Now, the city of Anchorage has decided to now take that away.

And of course, the pussy-ass progressives are commenting, “we don’t want to inhale your cigarette smoke, so you should respect us in not wanting to inhale your pot smoke.”  Fuck you!  You are already forcing smokers to stand out in the cold.  What more do you want?!  For real, it’s like you all are gently trying to just ban all the things you don’t like.  I fucking hate people who comment that people who are out in the cold in the frigid of winter to support their habit are somehow hurting them.  Oh yes, you will be exposed to smoke for a split-second.  Poor you!  That might…do something, down the road!  You showed them!  I fucking hate this argument, and now the Anchorage Assembly has validated this bullshit.  Nice work.

Here’s why this legislation exists – to punish people who voted to legalize.  The worthless progressives get behind it because they think the only thing wrong with the world is that there aren’t enough bicycle paths (thank you for that joke, Carlin).  Conservatives get to have their fun, raking in money from the people who went through the democratic process, like me.  That’s right, I actually voted this time!  Granted, it was more to raise the minimum wage, which is more important to me, but that was something too.  Now, they get to tax innocent people whose only crime is putting something that is now legal into their bodies.

I am so pissed.  Voting is a sham.  Democracy is a joke.  It can all just be banned and stripped down and at the end of the day, nothing is going to change.  Nice work, Anchorage Assembly.  You are helping to keep the drug war going, all because you got butthurt.  Fuck you, and fuck every single person who supports this.  You have your right to express your support, and I have the right to give you the finger.

I’m done.  I’m not voting anymore.  It’s all a joke.  What a waste of fucking time.

Until next time, a quote,

“I just ask that you don’t make my opinion into the law!”  -Bill Maher

Peace out,


Lucien’s First Take: Fantastic Four (Reboot) Teaser Trailer

Another year, another bunch of Marvel movies being released.  I swear, they are really overplaying their hand with how many movies they are putting out.  But I can’t blame Disney, for this one.  After all, Twentieth Century Fox owns the rights to the Fantastic Four.  I think we all remember those OTHER movies, don’t we?

Yes, the Fantastic Four films were giant pieces of shit.  Both of them.  With the guy who played Reed Richards being a complete dork, Jessica Alba and her inability to act (but look really hot in a movie), and let’s not even talk about The Thing and how ridiculous it looked.  Yes-indeed, those films were probably the greatest amalgamation of over-the-top cartoon-y that they were only made for kids who hadn’t reached puberty yet.  So their appeal died just that fast.  When I heard that a new bunch of films with this name were coming out, my first thought was – this is going to suck.  It didn’t help that I read somewhere that Victor Doom was going to be some Internet troll, instead of the wealthy genius that his source material was.  So yeah, my expectations were not high for this movie.  Then the trailer comes out.

Maybe it’s just my lack of expectations, following the release of the previous films, but this looks…boring. I am bored by this trailer.  It doesn’t look as laughably stupid as Ant-Man, but it doesn’t look very interesting.  You got some scientists.  Okay.  You got some science-y stuff happening.  Okay.  You got some kind of experiment.  Okay.  You see little hints at people’s powers.  Alright.  And…that’s it?

I mean, if you are going to show off the Fantastic Four, it might help to actually do that.  I guess it’s because it was a teaser trailer, but I would think that that is when you want to shove in the most fan service.  Because without it, this movie looked about as interesting as lukewarm apple pie.  I swear, I’ve seen ads for baseboard heaters that kept my attention better than that.  Granted, it was because the trailer was in Japanese and had Hulk Hogan singing a stupid song (because he clearly needed the money, otherwise he wouldn’t have been near that), but still.

So my thoughts are – this movie looks…average.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  It brings back an old debate.  Which is worse – a film that is terrible, or a movie that is so boring that it doesn’t even get that?  You all be the judge.  Let me know what you think in the comments section down below.

Oh, and before I forget – everyone has gotten butthurt because The Human Torch is now being played by a black guy.  To which I respond – you all are fucking idiots, shut the fuck up.  This movie doesn’t look like it’s going to be good anyway.  Why does this guy affect that?

Initial Verdict
5 out of 10

Peace out,


Trying to Change the Narrative, Are You? (A response to Anita Sarkeesian)

Just today, a picture has come out that has sent me a very clear message.  Now that I have a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Public Communication, I know a thing or two about crafting a narrative.  Sarkeesian has been crafting a narrative for years now.  The narrative – I’m a damsel who needs protecting!  For real, it is so ironic how she is in the Nightline hitpiece on GamerGate and having armed protection.  That’s sexist by her standards.  Still, Sarkeesian has been crafting a narrative, and now she is planning to go a step further with it, by trying to change the narrative.  It’s already begun.

The picture is from her Twitter account.  I think I’ll show you all what’s-what (in the butt).

SarkeesianSo, what have we here?  Well, we have Anita showing four of her many detractors.  I notice that she doesn’t show any of the many women who have made videos criticizing her, but that would hurt the narrative.  After all, Anita has to make sure that people believe she speaks for all women.  Women are her shield.  That’s as far as she cares about them, because she is a con artist.

In any case, we have here four guys being featured.  They are YouTube personalities who I recommend, because they make good content.  The one in the top-left is Mr. Repzion.  Below him is Thunderf00t.  On the top-right is someone who I’m not sure who it is.  Below him is Alpha Omega Sin.  Now, look at that image.  Alpha Omega Sin made a video responding to her Tweet (linked here), but I have a feeling that this wasn’t an attempt to get her followers to go after the four of them.  No, I think that this was far more insidious.  See, what she is doing is laying the groundwork for future press interviews.

This is marketing 101.  If you are trying to discredit your detractors what do you do?  Well, if you are in the right, you show them for the idiots they are.  But when you know that they have legitimate claims against you, what do you do?  Naturally, you make a case against them.  You paint the Scarlet Letter on them and make them out to be the EVIL villains in your tale.  And since the media has bought Anita’s professional victimhood routine hook, line, and sinker, it’s only natural that they will believe her when she points to people like them and has the media see them as the enemy too.  It’s brilliant.  Utterly brilliant.  For real, I actually am kind of impressed.  I’m also a little surprised that she didn’t do this sooner.  After all, she’s been getting criticism for a long time.  Maybe she was waiting for when she had maximum media exposure.  This woman is the most skilled con artist I have ever seen and her skills are only getting better.

Of course, when she talks to the next media outlet and is painting them a picture of her victimhood, she will talk about how these guys are straw-manning and slandering her.  Never mind that that isn’t true.  Never mind that that is a lie.  Will the media show any of their videos?  Maybe, but with the sound turned off.  Or they will cherry-pick the best quotes that they can to villainize them.  Not the easiest thing to do, since the three that I do know of have made very cogent criticisms.  Alpha Omega Sin would be the easiest target, since he, like I has a fondness for four-letter-words that begin with F and end with K.

So yeah, this is all part of a new ploy to give a face to her villains.  After all, it’s hard to demonize her when her detractors are nameless and you can’t show who they are.  But now there is a face!  These four men and those like them are having their followers attack poor little Anita!  Don’t you feel sorry for her?!  How could they do that?!  Those assholes!  Clever marketing, my dear.

However, she may be biting off more than she can chew, here.  See, when you give a face to the enemy, you are opening the door for them to respond.  The media will buy her narrative at face value, but if even one of them contacts any of these gentlemen, then they will be given a different point of view.  That could work against Ms. Sarkeesian.

Because the truth is that none of them strawmanned or slandered her.  Indeed, all of their criticisms have been legit.  Go to Google and type in their usernames and Sarkeesian.  It’s all easy to find, for those who want to take the time to look.  And once you start looking, then there is a chance that you will see that things aren’t as simple as some people would have you believe.  And once things get complicated, That’s when it all gets rather icky for Anita.

Still, her attempt to change the narrative and give a face to her problems is brilliant.  I suppose we’ll see where things go next.

Until next time, a quote,

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of the victim may be the most oppressive.”  -C.S. Lewis

Peace out,


Box Hair Braids, Feminist Outrage, and Cultural Appropriation

This is something that I have long-since avoided talking about.  In the world of insane Twitter and Tumblr Puritan Feminism, this felt like the most ridiculous thing ever to be.  So much of this is so stupid.  To give you a better idea of where I’m about to go, Tumblr has this really stupid thing that they believe in called “cultural appropriation.”  What it boils down to, in a nutshell, is when one culture (specifically America) takes an element from another culture and incorporates it into their culture.  Oh!  The horror!  What nightmares that is!  Because it’s not like different cultures meeting and learning from one-another is part of every nation’s history and is why we have come as far as we have, right?  Don’t give too many facts to the Puritan Feminists.  That gets icky.  But I digress.  Now we have a story that gives us a nice inroad to talk about how dumb this is.

It starts with a 12 year old girl (linked here).  The girl decided to get her hair braided.  It was done in a style called “box braids,” which are pretty much semi-trippy dreads.  The girl was quite pleased with herself and her new look, so she decided to post a picture of the braids on social media.  As is want to happen, almost-immediately, she started taking shit.  From whom, you may ask?  Why, the Puritan Feminists, of course!

I swear, these people are becoming so ridiculous that I can’t even find words for it.  It’s like they want to be seen as a joke by the rest of society.  One woman, named Jamilah Lemieux, went so far as to call the braids, “psychological torture.”  Are you kidding me?!  Are you fucking kidding me?!  This selfie that a 12 year old girl posted of her with her new hair is causing you actual pain?!  This is nuts.  This is 18 different kinds of nuts.  You know what I’m going to do.  I’m going to respond to this insanity in the most mature way possible.

Blonde Kid with Box BraidsLook at it!  Let it soak into your subconscious!  Let those box braids torment you as you try and sleep tonight!  Muahahahahaha!

Seriously, can we all please stop the bullshit?!  This is beyond stupid.  The stupidity on display here has transcended stupidity to reach a new level.  A level that we don’t often see.  That poor kid, Mallory Merk, is getting harassed because of her hair.  This kid does NOT deserve this kind of treatment!  What is wrong with you lot?!  You all must be completely ignorant of culture.  So, I’m going to school you fools.  A schooling that will be outside your “cultural studies” class or you “gender studies” class, which you all clearly have never gotten.

What you call “cultural appropriation” is a concept that has been around for ages.  It’s called the Melting Pot.  It is when multiple cultures combine to form a new one.  But it doesn’t have to go that far.  Sometimes it can just be a culture seeing a new perspective and growing because of it.  I know, that all sounds very vague.  Let’s get into some specifics.

Something you feminists should like.  When American soldiers came home from the front in Europe after World War II, they brought back home with them a lot of the culture they observed.  See, at that point in time, America was prudish and totally terrified of sex.  Like you!  But the GIs who came home had been exposed to European culture.  More specifically – French culture.  Even back then, French ladies were not particularly abashed.  They were very open about their sexuality, and the GIs took notice.  This is something they brought home, and it was part of the beginnings of the sexual revolution that second-wave feminists inspired, and that third-wave feminists are working so hard to undo.  Ain’t irony a bitch?  We “appropriated” European culture and it helped our own culture grow out of our prudishness.  And now you lot are trying to force us back, by making sex a scary thing that women should fear, because you have painted my gender as nothing but horrible pigs.  There’s a line that I think sums up your position on sexuality, but I’ll save it for the end.

Next up, let’s look at Japan.  Japan has been rather fascinating in how it yin-yanged between loving and hating (and then loving again) Western culture.  Currently, they have a fascination with American culture, and it goes both ways.  As anime culture has made its way to America, along with kawaii culture, there is a noticeable change in the attitudes of my generation.  Indeed, thanks to the Internet, we are able to be exposed to new ideas and new ways of life all the time.  It’s the reason why my generation is among the most open and accepting people there are.  For all the bluster that people like Jamilah like to throw around the truth it has never been better for the disparate elements of our culture.  We have hubs, we have forums, we have ways of coming together.

Which leads me back to this – why are people like Jamilah so eager to tear us apart?  Why do they want a very strict division of cultures and ideas?  Why do they not want people to grow and learn?  Because her and her ilk are bullying a 12 year old girl because of her fucking hair!  What is wrong with you people?!  Let the kid fucking be!  For real, why do you sit there all day and find things to be mad about.  How can you lead a happy life when you claim that a girl and her braids gives you “psychological torture?”  I can’t help but think that you lot are a miserable one, and that all of this is just a sign of how awful your lives must be.

And that leads me to the worst part about this – she apologized!  The kid apologized for her braids, because apparently they weren’t bullying her.  No, they were trying to “educate her.”  Unreal.  Un-fucking-real.  Kid, you had nothing to apologize for.  Nothing at all.  People like Jamilah Lemieux are sad little nobodies who want to make their butthurt problems into everyone else’s problems.  Don’t let them!  Don’t give them a single bit of room on this!

Because if this bullshit goes on for any longer, then I might not be able to see cute little Japanese girls front death metal bands, and that would just be tragic.

Cultural appropriate that, bitches!  And kid, your hair looked good.

Until next time, a quote,

“Your belief that there is an actual sexual human being beneath all of Dr. Reed’s deep-seated neuroses is touching, but I doubt it.”  -Dr. Ira Caine, Evolution

Peace out,


Offering $25,000 For a Likeable Atheist Character. Seriously?

I wrote on this topic before, when I pointed out that people wanted an atheist character who everyone thinks is just tops is stupid.  The examples of atheist characters they had were, according to the person who made the meme associated with it, totally unlikeable.  You had the likes of Dr. Gregory House, from House MD.  There was Dexter Morgan from Dexter.  There was Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.  There was Dr. Cox from Scrubs.  You know what all those characters have in common – they are almost-all fan-favorites from their respective shows.  The fans of the people who watch the series think that they are the most interesting characters.  So, how does that display unlikeability?  I want to know.  Is the idea to appeal to all the little easily-butthurt Christians?  If they see that the character is an atheist, they are going to hate him/her, regardless of how good a character they are.

However, now the person who made that has decided to make a fake contest offering $25,000 for a person to create a likeable atheist character.  As if all of this couldn’t get any dumber, now there has to be money riding on it.  This seriously annoys me, because it ignores some critical elements.  To show this, I am going to enter my own atheist character and show the flaws of this person’s argument once and for all.

My likeable atheist character is Ling.  She’s an Asian-American.  At 30 years old, she works as a coder for a tech company, but lives in Chicago, doing the work long-distance.  They are currently designing a new device that will create holographic technology without the need of something you wear on your head.  Suck on that, Microsoft!  That sure is neat.  The company is young, and she was one of the people who helped start it.  It is looking to go public and she could be worth a lot of money soon.  Good on her!

What are Ling’s religious beliefs?  Well, you wouldn’t know unless you asked her.  Because, really, who just talks about their religious beliefs to casual people at their job?  That’s always been one of those things that you avoid.  For real, it’s an understood part of professionalism that when at work, politics and religion stay home.  The watercooler is for shooting the shit about the football game or the weather or other boring topics that are unlikely to offend anyone.  It’s just polite.  So we don’t know much about Ling’s religious belief.

At home, she doesn’t go to church or anything.  In her private life, she does not believe in God, therefore making her an atheist.  But since most Christians in this country are casual Christians, who believe in God as an idea about being nice to people and all that, liking that there is an entity in the sky that is watching their back, they don’t go to church either.  Unless you live in the Bible Belt, going to church is just not that big thing for the majority of Americans.  However, Ling has never felt the urge to be really public about her atheism, because she’s 30 years old, and at this point – who cares?  Religion has become so commercialized and watered-down in modern culture that nobody else does, so why should she?

She is dating a man who grew up in a semi-religious household, but it was never a huge issue and when he found out that she was not religious herself, his reaction was pretty much – okay.  I’m not super-religious myself, so it isn’t much of an issue.  They care about each other and that is all that matters.  They have had some frank discussions on the matter, but she accepts that he just wants the comfort that comes with believing that all of this mortal stuff is leading up to something.  She may not get it, but she accepts how he is.  Well, they certainly sound like a nice couple.

You notice something about Ling?  She’s not that interesting.  She’s just…normal.  She’s a normal person.  Her personality is compatible with most other people.  She’s polite, doesn’t want to ruffle people’s feathers unnecessarily.  She’s like anyone else.  So here is my question – how is that interesting?  What kind of TV show could you make with her as a character?  Some show about the humdrum of office life?  That could be kinda funny.  It’s been done before, several times, but still.  It could be funny.  The truth is that if you have a character in a TV show, you want them to stand out.  That means that they are going to have to have qualities that make them stand out.

Every single character I listed at the top of this does have those qualities.  Greg House is a brilliant doctor.  Sheldon Cooper is a mega-nerd.  Dr. Cox is an asshole who just happens to have a good guy buried beneath that who wants to do right by his underling who becomes his friend, along with his wife, who is also kind of a bitch.  Character traits that make a character stand out will inevitably be at odds with characters who contrast to that.  That’s how it works.  A guy who thinks that dolphins are the most amazing thing and wants everyone else to know how much he knows about and loves dolphins will clash with normal people who think – how little of a life does that dude have?

So this entire goal – to make an atheist character that everyone would like – is dumb, because the fact is that in real life, someone’s lack of religion isn’t something that they talk about.  Why?  Because they don’t care what you think about it.  Live and let-live.  Because in the real world, people don’t just up and ask, “hey, so how about that God fella?!”

Can I get the $25,000 now?

Until next time, a quote,

“You ever notice how everyone you meet is the same?  It’s odd.  It’s so rare that I meet someone and think, ‘wow, I’ve never met someone like this person before.'”  -Naofumi Tokino, The Sky Crawlers

Peace out,


‘The Intelligencer’ and Not Understanding Your Subject, #GamerGate

It’s getting kind of old hat, at this point.  I mean, for real, this guy is a little late to the party.  These talking points have been used before, to the point that I can’t help but think that the person who wrote this insipid bullshit is not a true believer in what they talk about.  The same way that I believe that Nightline and Juju Chang aren’t true believers either, given how much they set up their article like click-bait.  However, a publication called The Intelligencer has decided that they want to be the next in a long list of online publications that take the – GamerGaters are evil! message and make it their own.  So on to the bandwagon we go, to see what the newest buffoon has given us.

As I said, this article is from a publication called The Intelligencer.  I’m guessing that that is a pun, because if it is to be believed, then this article isn’t going to get us there.  Here is a link to it, so you can read the whole thing and judge for yourself, now let’s pick out some parts and talk about them.

First of all, let’s all applaud this image – that has Vivian James, a big-time supporter of GamerGate, being crushed by a fat guy who is meant to stand for GamerGate supporters.  Here’s the picture.  See for yourself.

GamerGate stereotypeI don’t know how the people at The Intelligencer could have been this stupid.  Perhaps it’s because they clearly didn’t do a thing one of actual research, maybe?  Or maybe it’s just so they could caricature gamers as awful people, just like any other article.  Whatever the case, it’s funny.

Before any obsession of mine, before comics, before cartoons, before films, I played video games.

Obligatory SJW statement of how much of a gamer they are, before they make fun of the medium.

The furthest memory I have as a child is walking into Best Buy and seeing the Nintendo 64, proudly displayed like the Holy Grail it was

I get the feeling that this is another person who idolizes old-school Nintendo and thinks that they are still the greatest gaming company there is.  While Nintendo has shown signs that they might not be out of the game, they were the only console who really shined last year.  They might come back.  I grew up with them too, so I hope so.

Before anything, I was a gamer. Of any artistic form, gaming is the one that excites me the most, the one that presents the most unique opportunities for creative expression.

Alright, now he’s about to get down to brass tax.

That is exactly why all of this hurts, why GamerGate — a six-month barrage of hatred, bile and terror that has descended on an industry that once seemed so bright and so hopeful — burns in my brain.

I want to point out that nowhere in this guy’s article does he cite anything.  At all.  Ever.  I swear, it’s almost like The Intelligencer is trying to show off how little they care that they know nothing.  But let’s continue.

For the uniformed, #GamerGate began in August as a self-proclaimed crusade against “corruption in video game journalism,” rallying behind Eron Gjoni, who posted a deranged manifesto of sorts accusing his ex, Zoe Quinn, of cheating on him to get better reviews for her game “Depression Quest.”

Actually, for those of us who read the absurdly-long blog, “The Zoe Post,” it was a very long diatripe about why this guy dumped Zoe.  A lot of it was really dull.  However, it was mentioned in there that Zoe was sleeping with five guys.  Two of whom were identified to be games journalists, one of whom being Nathan Grayson, who wrote favorable coverage about Zoe several times.  Another person was her boss, who was a married man at the time, but whatever.  Her infidelity wasn’t the issue.  When Quinn blocked Mundane Matt’s video on the topic, that’s what got the ball rolling.  The Internet Aristocrat did a fantastic video where he dug into the event much deeper and started to unravel a long thread of collusion between game devs, PR reps and games journalists.  When the various allies of Quinn tried to censor discussion, the Streisand Effect took hold and that ended that.  That’s what go the ball rolling.  See what I did there, Intelligencer?  That’s called knowing what you’re talking about!  I know that might be weird, for you.  You clearly aren’t good at it.  But let’s continue.  I have more journalistic sloth to uncover.

But in reality, it is a campaign of terrorism. Not the grassroots movement the supporters claim it is, but rather a calculated, long-in-the-works effort to erase unwanted diversity in the medium.

I’m just gonna post a link to a #NotYourShield video.  That puts this stupidity in its place.

Efforts include death threats, posting detractors’ bank account and address information, threatening school shootings, spamming people with child pornography and harassing transgender people into suicidal thoughts. All the while, the anonymous leaders calculate every move, helping Gjoni write his letter, figuring out ways to defend themselves from critics and excommunicating members who take offense to the group’s rampant racism and sexism (they’ve done a very poor job covering their conversations).

What’s that bit at the end there?  You say that like there’s evidence.  Really?  That’s interesting, because you don’t post a single link.  I have shown my research.  Why haven’t you?  Next, please show me an outspoken GamerGate supporter who states that they are in favor of the third-party trolls who are sending death threats to people on BOTH sides of the conflict.  That’s right, I guess your research didn’t show that it goes both ways.  The GamerGate movement has been quick to take screen-caps of the doxing and harassment we get.  Unlike the aGGros, who simply say that they get threats, like them saying it suddenly makes all conversation die away.  Trolls are always out there, and always find ways to exploit a situation.  This isn’t new.  *obligatory statement that I, in no way, support the death threats that anyone gets.  Getting tired of having to do these, because it should go without saying, but the SJW snowflakes jump on you if you don’t*

Modern gaming specializes in one type of protagonist: men. The white, grizzled, infallible, stoic, single-minded badasses.

Oh, like Lara Croft in Tomb Raider?  Or Chell in Portal?  Or Ellie in The Last of Us?  Or Jack in Mass Effect 2?  Or Del in inFAMOUS: Second Son (a Native American young man)?  The list could go on and on and on.  Oh, or how about all the birds in Angry Birds?  Or the finger that clicks the screen in Candy Crush?  Are those all white men too?

To be fair, gaming has been around for only three decades; the medium is still in its adolescence. But AAA (the highest-quality games) publishers have chosen to cover their ears on social issues (and #GamerGate) because for them, catering to 20-something white males has proven financially spectacular.

This is the point I really wanted to touch on.  The rest of this article is the same kind of caricaturing and outright fabrication, for the express purpose of selling their party line.  It’s when we get here that this article gets genuinely fascinating.  Because it’s like a tacit admission – gaming companies shouldn’t make money!

There is a real discussion to be had about AAA gaming companies and just how massive they have gotten.  There is a problem associated with their size.  It’s the reason why there is a new Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed every year.  Both of those franchises could have a lot of potential, but both are being abused for the exact same reason – because these companies have gotten too big to sustain their budgets without big hits that make big bucks.  And these companies have refined knowing who to cater to to a science.  There are some rather fascinating articles out there about how companies follow your social media, that I recommend you all check out.  AAA gaming companies are not stupid.  They aren’t making games that are high-octane, action-packed and filled with men because of not wanting to change.  It’s because they have read the demographics and they know who they are selling to.

That’s not to say that they only want to appeal to men.  After all, plenty of women play the multiplayer arenas in CoD, along with many other genres.  However, according to market research, most women who game are big on mobile games.  Something to play in the lobby while they wait for a doctor’s appointment.  You can talk all you want, writer of this article, about how video games are pandering to men, but there is something that exists that determines how games are made – the free market.  In the free market, what is wanted by people succeeds, while what isn’t fails.  That’s how it’s always been.

If the people like the Crypt Keeper, Brianna Wu, and her ilk wanted to have games with women in them so bad – they would make them.  That is how this works.  Then the free market would decide whether or not these games are what audiences want.  I am all for women in gaming.  Some of my best friends are women who game.  One of them is a lesbian gamer who would punch this dick-mule in the face for dissing on the games she likes.

The rest of the article goes on about how awful video games are now and how awful GamerGaters are.  It’s nothing new.  But it is so telling how these people want to make a big fuss out of what companies do, when it is so abundantly clear that they are unwilling to do the work themselves.  All it would take is for women like Anita Sarkeesian and Crypt Keeper Wu to pony up some money and hire some people who can make games to make the games they want, and then the free market would decide.  But no, they want the rest of the world to do the hard work for them.

That’s just lazy and pathetic.  Like this article.  After all, I didn’t see a single citation.

Until next time, a quote

“But it’s all too lazy to be a political agenda.  It’s just advertising.”  -Mykeru

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Lucien’s Review: Drive

DriveThis a film that was recommended to me by a film critic I enjoy called Your Movie Sucks.  This guy and I don’t have exactly the same taste in movies, but I have enjoyed several of his recommendations.  This was one of them.  A lot of the reviews I saw got on this movie for false advertising.  I see that.  This was a movie that has a title and was advertised like it is a big blockbuster action film.  Instead, this is a very smart crime thriller that has one of the most interesting protagonists I’ve ever seen.  But for real, if you are expecting a lot of action don’t.  This is a very slow and quiet film.  One that will keep you on your toes from start to finish.

The story follows a nameless protagonist, played by Ryan Gosling.  He daylights as a mechanic and sometimes stunt driver.  Nightly his boss, played by Bryan Cranston, helps him work as a getaway driver.  The driver is exceptionally good at what he does and life isn’t especially complicated for him.  However, when him and his neighbor start getting close, and her husband comes home from prison, the driver finds things getting very complicated, very quickly.  Thus begins a very tense battle where all sides are put into a position they didn’t want, with nobody knowing how the story will end.

This is one of those rare movies that comes along and totally surprises you.  As I said, this is a quiet movie.  A couple of scenes drag, but they’re allowed to drag.  Once you get past the premise that sets itself up like an action movie, you become more accepting of how it is.  I haven’t seen a crime thriller this engrossing in a long time.

The acting in this film is at the top of its class.  Gosling brings an amazing performance as the Driver.  His character is completely enigmatic.  You have no idea where he came from.  According to his boss, Shannon he just appeared one day.  Part of what makes this character so interesting is how his emotions are so reserved.  When something actually breaks through his malaise, you perk up, wondering what his senses picked up.  Ryan Gosling is one of those actors who you see in something great, then forget about until the next thing he’s in that’s also great.  It’s kind of mystifying that way.

The rest of the cast is excellent as well.  Bryan Cranston plays the boss, Shannon.  His character is a very likeable mechanic.  He has been blessed with extraordinarily bad luck, but tries to make money however he can.  He’s a little mixed up with the wrong people, like a man played by Albert Brooks.  There are so many actors in this movie that you just don’t imagine giving performances like they do in this movie, and it is amazing to see.  Ron Perlman is also in there, and he is good, as usual.  It kind of bums me out how he is probably never going to get the respect he rightly deserves, after his film career ends.  He’s an old guy.  It’s coming.  Bum deal.

The cinematography in this film is very nice.  The way they linger on certain shots gives it a kind of cold emptiness.  There’s also a lot of lateral panning shots that give it a cruel kind of taste.  Then there is the lack of personal identity, like how they show the design on the back of the Driver’s jacket but not his face.

The other thing to notice in this movie is the music.  It doesn’t play especially much.  There isn’t an actual score for this film.  It’s all songs that play.  From style to when they play it, it seems to have no rhyme or reason.  It’s like in Cowboy Bebop.  Each song that plays is a style all its own, and you never think that they would work in that situation.  But each one does.

The thing that gets me most about this movie is how engaging it is.  On the one hand, this is a concept that’s been done a thousand times.  A guy who does criminal work and has a simple life gets mixed up with a lady and then things fall apart.  This movie does things differently.  The differences are subtle.  Each time you think you know where the story is going to go, it surprises you.  Sure, it’s not huge surprises.  You can kinda see where it’s all going to go before it gets there.  But the little touches go a long way to make this film so much better.  That said, you can see how this film is going to end.

For me, I categorize this movie in with films like Layer Cake and Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai.  It’s a quiet film about unlikely heroes who find themselves in way over their heads.  All three of the main characters have a past that is relatively unknown, with the mystery keeping you invested long enough to know how it turns out.  And right to the bittersweet ending, this film did not disappoint.  If you like a good crime thriller, this is one to check out.

Final Verdict
8 out of 10

Peace out,