Weird Defense of Rey: Shitting on Anakin

One of the rules of the Internet is that every time you think you’ve seen the stupidest thing ever, you’ll be proven wrong.  It never fails.  I cannot count the number of times when I have seen something so dumb that my brain is like, “this can’t get any dumber.  Humanity has finally reached the bottom of the stupidity hole.”  Then some mother-fucker says, “hold my beer!” and I am giving a shovel all over again.  It’s a rule that goes all the way back to 2006 when YouTube came onto the scene.  Once humanity possessed the ability to upload videos of what it does, we realized that the well of human stupidity really reaches no bottom.  It’s an endless void where it almost appears that people are trying to one-up each other on the stupidity scale.

With that in mind, I just saw a meme with Steven (the moron) Crowder at the table and it has the sign “Rey isn’t a Mary Sue, Anakin from the Phantom Menace is.”  I read that, and my brain had this thought – do people just not remember anymore that the prequel trilogy was hated?  Has the corporate nerd media campaign to make the prequels out to be good actually convinced people that they aren’t still remembered by a vast majority of the community as trash?  Especially The Phantom Menace?  I guess it has, because people are spewing this nonsense about Anakin now, as some weird defense of Rey.  I am so confused.

I mean, I guess the reason they are doing this is because you can’t do with Luke Skywalker.  When we first meet him, he’s getting his ass kicked by Sand People and having this little laser droid blasting him.  His ability to use the Force is incredibly limited, and over the course of the series, we see him train and his abilities grow.  Plus, they take the time in the original film to show that he knows how to pilot, and that his abilities run in the family.  So there is just no opening to make the Mary Sue argument for him the way that it is WIDE OPEN for Rey.

It’s just baffling to me that they decide to go after Anakin.  Yeah, he was a Mary Sue.  A poorly written, poorly acted little altruistic angel.  At least in The Phantom Menace, which is what the meme I saw was alluding to.  He was amazing at stuff that he had never done, and everyone just thought that he was the messiah.  Here’s the thing – people called that out.  People called out how awful that character was 1,000 ways from Sunday all over the Internet, way back in the day.  Still got warm feelings in my heart for Red Letter Media’s takedown of the entire prequel trilogy.  It was savage, to say the least.  Ironically enough, they address the fact that so much nerd media is trying to be nice to the prequels in their takedown of The Force Awakens, where they savage the articles praising them.

Neat fact – people say that no one from the prequels got as much hate as Daisy Ridley did for Rey.  That is just wrong.  That’s ignorant of what happened.  Jake Lloyd, who played Anakin in The Phantom Menace, got so much hate for that film that he now hates the Star Wars franchise and refuses to see anything associated with it ever again.  If Twitter had been a thing back in 1999, I can’t even imagine how ugly his page would have been.  The hate found him all the same.  He won’t talk about Star Wars or anything associated with it.  So yeah, Daisy Ridley has received some ugly stuff online, but she’s not alone in this.  Not by a long-shot.

Something else that’s kinda neat – pretty much everyone who has associated themselves with this franchise now hates it.  Harrison Ford hated doing it so much that part of the reason they had his character frozen at the end of Empire Strikes Back is because they didn’t know if they would be able to get him back for the sequel.  Carrie Fisher has said she wishes she had never done any of those movies.  Alec Guinness, who played the original Obi-Wan Kenobi said that this film was the low point of his career and he could not begin to understand why people liked these movies.  John Boyega has said that Disney will never be able to get him into anything associated with this franchise again.  Daisy Ridley has said that she never wants to do this again.  Hayden Christiansen’s career nose-dived after the prequel trilogy.  This franchise seems to cause a lot of hate.  Funny how that works.

It’s interesting to me how this franchise has become a noose around Disney’s neck.  You almost have to give Kathleen Kennedy a nod to how she could take a franchise that has been printing George Lucas money for the last 30 years and make it a financial black hole.  Disney has outright-lied about how much money they lost on Solo: A Star War Story.  They say roughly $77 million loss, but I don’t buy that for a minute.  Red Letter Media also did a great breakdown of how much Disney had to have lost with that, and I don’t buy that they didn’t lose anything less than $100 million.  The Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge was drastically underperforming pretty hard last year.  This year nothing is performing, due to COVID.  The toy sales for the new films are in the tank.  It seems even the cuteness of Baby Yoda couldn’t save the sales where the numbers are losing money and they have stopped trying to make toys of the newer films.

You have to be impressed that the leadership of Kathleen Kennedy was able to take something that printed money and have it losing money.  It’s gotten so bad that there are elements within Lucasfilm who, if the rumors are to be believed, are trying to find ways to underhandedly remove the sequel trilogy from canon.  With Kennedy’s contract up in 2021, and it almost being certain that she will be gone once it is, part of me wonders how Disney is looking to make up lost revenue.  They spent $4.4 billion to buy this franchise, thinking they would get their money back with tons of friends.  Part of me wonders if they actually have even gotten back what they spent.

What was all this about again?  Oh right, the meme I saw.  Trying to cover for Rey by bringing up a universally-despised character from the previous films is just such a fail.  Someone should have told them that.  Everyone hates both those characters.

Until next time, a quote,

“We interrupt this film to apologize for this unwarranted attack by the supporting features.  Luckily, we have been prepared for this eventuality, and are now taking steps to remedy it.” – Narrator, Monty Python and the Meaning of Life

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The Tragedy of Capt. Brett Crozier, a True American Hero

Eventually the story of COVID-19 will end.  One way, or another, this story will conclude.  The moron in charge of this country wants to believe that it’s done now.  If we stop testing, it will just go away.  It’s been made abundantly clear that Donald Trump was not the right leader for this crisis.  A man who gets bored when something goes on too long and gets frustrated when it’s something complicated that he can’t just yell at or call it fake news and it goes away.  Insiders in the Trump White House have said that he spends each day wanting to believe he’s beaten an enemy.  For a man who thinks this way, you would think that a viral enemy to take on would be perfect.  Alas, it seems that something too small to see with the naked eye has utterly defeated a man who says that the reason people don’t like him is because of how manly he is.  The irony in that is palpable.

Once all is said and done, and historians start to look at the beginnings and the fight against COVID-19, there will be those who are remembered as heroes, and those who are not.  The doctor in China who leaked the story to the world about how awful things were, telling people the truth that couldn’t be stifled by his government.  Such a tragedy that this man who had so much bravery in the face of a powerful authoritarian government, doing the right thing no matter the cost, was a victim of the very virus he worked to make the world aware of.  I’m sure China doesn’t see him as that, but history will remember him differently.

I honestly wonder how history will remember Donald Trump’s presidency.  History hasn’t been kind to Obama, for good reason.  He ran on this platform of change and transparency.  However, once he got in office, he was more guarded than even his predecessor, even less transparent.  The change he wrought was passing a healthcare bill written by a conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation, which was called Romneycare when Mitt Romney passed it in Massachusetts.  However, this great revolution to the broken healthcare system proved to be little more than a birthday present to the private insurance system.  The utter scam that is American healthcare.  Meanwhile, with only one major accomplishment under his belt, he expanded the Bush Doctrine of surveillance, expanded the wars in the Middle East, which continues to this day.

There is another character who history will remember very differently than the powers that be would like.  His name is Capt. Brett Crozier, the former captain of the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt.  As the infection was spreading and America’s piss-poor attempt at “containment” failed, Capt. Crozier began to have crew getting ill.  It didn’t take long for them to test the sick crew and it was positive for coronavirus.  Anyone who has been on a Navy ship knows that social distancing is literally impossible.  Not at the tight quarters that they have to function in.  Not with a full crew of over 5,000 sailors.  Being a good captain who feared for the safety of those under his command, and with the outbreak on the ship worsening, Capt. Crozier did what any good commanding officer would do – he reached out for help.  He begged Naval Command to send aid, or at least let them dock to get the infected quarantined.

However, in what I have come to understand is pretty standard Navy fashion, given how they have treated someone near and dear to my heart who is equally dedicated to her military service, Command saw fit to deny Capt. Crozier’s request.  It’s around this time that the document he sent to Command got leaked to the press.  Immediately the man was hailed as a dutiful and dedicated commanding officer, and military command looked like some of the biggest pricks there have ever been.  As you might imagine, they didn’t take kindly to this.

An investigation was begun almost immediately, as it was deemed a breech of national security to have a document that had NO operational information and was just a man trying to get help for the men and women under his command to make its way to the press.  Of course, that’s assuming that they actually have proof that he leaked it to them.  We have no proof that they were.  The Pentagon is being extraordinarily tight-lipped about what their investigation found.  Odd.  If the evidence was so clear that he was the source, why aren’t they heralding that over him?  From where I’m sitting, it’s because they don’t have proof.  He’s just the scapegoat.

Capt. Crozier was relieved of command of the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt, and the ceremony as he was disembarking from the ship was one of the most touching things I’ve ever seen.  You know who is a commanding officer who has earned the respect of those under their command pretty quick, and the cheer they let out for him I’m sure made the man emotional.  Can’t see how it wouldn’t.  But this was not the end of the tarring and feathering that Crozier would endure from military command.  See, at first it looked like the Navy was walking back some of what they were doing to this man.  But then, a couple weeks back, the investigation was finished, and they defamed this great man to such a degree that it would be insulting, if it wasn’t expected.  And not just him, but the Rear Admiral he served under.

The Navy has effectively tried to hang everything that happened on the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt around his neck, make him out to be an incompetent commanding officer, and say that he was an utter failure in this situation.  My favorite thing in what they said was that he didn’t adhere to social distancing policies among the crew, needlessly risking more infection.  What else was he supposed to do?!  You do realize that Navy vessels have the tightest quarters imaginable, right?  They pack the crew in there.  There is no way, with as many people who were on that ship, that they could have reasonably been able contain the infection.  Crozier spoke of that in the document he sent.  I guess they never read it.

I cannot imagine how awful this must make Capt. Crozier feel.  I really can’t.  This man served with honor and distinction, in the face of a crisis that is unprecedented in this generation.  He pleaded for help, not for himself, but for the men and women who look to him for leadership.  And they basically make him out to be incompetent and worthless.  That everything that happened on that ship is his fault, and his CO’s as well for hiring such a moron and doing nothing to stop him.  This man had a career as an officer where he did everything he could, and the Navy gives him the finger in the worst way possible.  His career effectively ends with him being defamed.  That must leave such a burning pit in one’s stomach.

The Navy threw an unfathomable amount of shade at a man whose actions speak for themselves.  A true American hero.  While the guy in charge of this monkey farm was trying to pretend that it was no problem at all, Crozier did everything he could to address it and protect as many lives as possible.  Even more tragic is that one of the members of his crew died from COVID-19.  A pointless waste of life and service.  But history will remember Capt. Crozier differently.  After all the crap the military has tried to throw at him, history will remember him as one of the most dedicated officers in the modern age.  Officially, his career will end in disgrace, but I know that once all of this is over and Ken Burns is making some big documentary about the whole thing, Capt. Brett Crozier will have a special place in it.

Until next time, a quote,

“We shall carry on the watch.” – Navy Solemn Tradition

Peace out,


Russian Bounties on Soldiers and Trump Derangement Syndrome

One of the things I will always find fascinating is how people can get so worked up about things.  Anything Trump does is mainstream fodder, no matter how innocuous.  I mean, we have him treating a pandemic as if it will just go away if he closes his eyes and says “not there, not there, not there, not there!”  You’d think his utter failure in dealing with a disease that is going to be a generation-marking event which could reshape all of America would be all that people need to think this guy is a moron and treat him as such.  But nope!  People have to take something else and blow it up to such a degree that part of me thinks everyone is literally insane.

For those who live under the same rock that I reference every other time I bring up current events, it was leaked that there was an intelligence briefing about Russia paying Afghani rebels to kill American soldiers.  That would definitely get my attention, were it not for the fact that I am a student of history, and I remember this little thing called the Cold War.  During it, not only did we give the Afghani rebels money, but we also gave them guns and CIA training to fight the Soviets.  Neat fact – one of the rebels we gave CIA training to was a man you might have heard of.  A slightly influential, now dead, terrorist named Osama Bin Laden!  That’s right, we gave CIA training to the guy who led the terrorist organization that carried out the attacks on 9/11.  He took the training we gave him and used it on us.  Oops!  So, forgive me if don’t see the Russians paying rebels to kill American soldiers as the be-all, end-all thing.  America really has no room to talk.

America has such an ugly history in the Middle East.  We put the Ayatollah into power by helping them with their coup in Iran, now we are trying to provoke them into attacking us.  We destabilize the Middle East, enabling ISIS to rise to power.  We help the Taliban get into power when they were fighting the Soviets, then destroy them later.  It shocks me that people are completely unaware as to why the Middle East hates us.  Between American and Russia using their countries in proxy wars against one-another (a practice that continues to this day!  That’s what all the nonsense in Syria was about), it shocks me that they don’t just want to kill every foreigner who even walks into their country.

Still, as the news about Russia paying for rebels to attack American troops, everyone was yelling about why Trump didn’t do anything.  He vehemently denies any knowledge of this, to the surprise of no one.  Bush still denies being told that terrorists were planning an attack on September 11th.  Leaders in America having actionable intel and doing fuck-all about it is nothing new.  That’s how it goes in this country.  But the big question that really gets me is – what exactly do people wish he had done?

Let’s look at this from the point an analytical point of view.  What are the options open to Trump in a response to this?  Sanctions against Russia?  We do that, they declare war.  Should we pay people to kill them back?  As I said, America is still engaged in proxy war with Russia in the Middle East.  So, we’re technically doing that.  Should Trump have gone to Putin and yelled at him?  Assuming there was a video of it, would make for great visual.  Is America supposed to attack Russia?  Again, that would be war.  Is everyone actually angry that we aren’t picking a fight with a nuclear-equipped superpower?!  That question, more than any other, is what keeps me sitting there with a glum expression, pondering the madness of our species.

How is it that we are now at a point that the biggest thing people are angry at Trump about is not declaring war on a nuclear-equipped superpower?  From where I’m sitting, this is Trump Derangement Syndrome.  I fully acknowledge that that is a real thing, and it is often completely ridiculous.  It’s ironic that we can’t just call the dude on his insane, blatantly stupid ideas about COVID-19 just going away if we stop testing for it.  That’s the most insane thing I’ve ever heard.  Instead, we have decided that the biggest affront to decency is the fact that we’re not trying to start a nuclear war.  Maybe it’s just because one of the nearest and dearest people to my heart is in the Navy, and if we go to war with Russia, there’s a real chance that I will never speak to her again, but how’s about we not make a big production about us not sending our military to die?

That’s not even talking about the civilian casualties.  After all, a nuclear war means two nuclear powers dropping nuclear weapons on cities and killing the populace.  Or on military bases that just so happen to be by cities filled with people.  I live in one such city.  So that means my dear friend may actually live, and I get to be the one she never sees again.  A thought that also hurts me.  This is madness, absolute fucking madness.

My point is – America is not blameless in this.  Not only have we done EXACTLY what Russia is doing, but we still are.  We aren’t heroes.  The sooner people get that, the happier everyone will be.

Until next time, a quote,

“Doesn’t anyone notice this?  I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!” – Jacobim Mugatu, Zoolander

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Neil Druckmann, The Last of Us: Part II, and the Modern Love of Nihilism

Just recently, The Last of Us: Part II came out.  I said before that I was not giving that game my money.  After I saw the leaks laying out the plot, I said “fuck this!” and refused to buy the game.  I don’t want to play a game where it puts me in the pilot seat of some character I don’t know on a mission to murder the characters I do know from the first game and care about deeply.  However, after it came out, I got curious about if the leaks gave the full context or if there really was something more to it.  Turns out, there was something more, and what was more was just so frustrating.

The game is essentially nihilism fetish porn.  If you have a fetish for nothing in life meaning anything and all things being shit, then this is the game for you.  Neil Druckmann clearly does.  Hence why he has created a game with a narrative that is not fulfilling in any way, not that the professional reviews would reflect that. There isn’t a single one of those that says a bad word one.  Comment on the fact that Abby is a boring character and that she has ZERO character growth through the events of the story, while Ellie (who the game goes so far out of its way to make out to be a bad person) is left psychologically destroyed by the events of the game?  Nope.  Then you can’t pat yourself on the back for endorsing a game that wore it’s “woke” nature on its sleeve.  Then you might be accused of being sexist or homophobic or transphobic or whatever by the outlets like IGN, who rally in being super tolerant, but we have just recently found out is super sexist.  That doesn’t surprise me one bit, by the way.

Seeing the YouTube personalities who aren’t bound by the need to praise things that are “woke” and were willing to comment on the piss-poor nature of the writing and how utterly insulting it is to take a character we love from the original game and essentially make her into a monster that we are supposed to hate, it got me thinking.  Nihilism is something that a LOT of media these days is trading on, and some of it with so much more grace and skill than others.

One of my favorite shows right now is Rick and Morty.  It is a show where nihilism is one of the central themes at play.  Rick is a horrifically jaded and nihilistic character.  He has seen the nature of reality and all the alternate realities, and has realized that nothing truly matters.  But it’s more than just the nature of reality.  You find out at the last episode of season 2 that Rick fought in a war against the Gromflomites.  It was a war that they lost, and it changed him as a person.  Part of me is curious to see if Beth proves that she is Rick’s daughter in future seasons, following that path and then seeing how she is changing just like her father did as his nihilistic worldview of nothing mattering because you lose in the end anyway comes into focus.  Rick’s contention in Season 3 was that Beth is just like him, and I think he’s right.  To see his mentality come full circle would be kind of poignant.

Why does hardcore nihilism work in Rick and Morty but is total shit in The Last of Us: Part II?  Because in Rick and Morty, the nihilism isn’t thrust on you.  It’s a central part of Rick’s character, but there are other characters around him that bounce off his way of being.  You have Morty, who is quickly becoming very jaded himself about the nature of reality thanks to Rick’s adventures.  There’s Summer, who is a lost teenager that is pretty vapid and doesn’t really appreciate the seriousness of what Rick’s world entails.  Then you have Jerry who is just the perfect foil for Rick because of his utter contempt for Jerry’s existence.  Lastly there’s Beth, who seems to be following Rick’s path to a fault, and I hope they keep to that, because it makes for an interesting story about how we all end up becoming our parents.

These characters take the nihilism of one character and contrast it.  They bring new perspective, even if in the end it is often proven that the way Rick thinks of the world is correct.  It gives us as an audience a chance to come to our own conclusions as well.  Plus, the adventures are usually fun and engaging.  There’s pitch black humor that people like myself can appreciate.  It isn’t just constantly bombarding me with how ugly the world is and how ugly everyone in it is.  It doesn’t just frame the entire experience as one long treatise on how humanity is awful and needs to die.  And it doesn’t take the nihilism that it leans on and shit on the characters I like.  Because even when Rick is a terrible person, and if the end of Season 4 was any indication, he can have some TERRIBLE moments, you do know that he isn’t so horrible that there’s nothing good in him.  He does try, often, to be a good grandfather to his family.

I’m noticing though that more and more big productions are leaning on the same kind of nihilism that Neil Druckmann does.  The kind where everything is shit and the things you like are bad.  Let’s talk about Star Trek: Picard.  I fucking despise this show.  Let’s not talk about the fact that the plot rips off Mass Effect and the worst aspects of it.  Let’s not talk about how it is making a big statement about how the white person is evil and the minorities are good.  My biggest issue is it takes the universe of Star Trek and turned it into something ugly and hateful.  It took a galaxy that one could aspire to and want to emulate and turned it into something contemporary and loathing.  Almost like Alex Kurtzman (the biggest fucking hack writer in history) has some kind of ax to grind.  It made a beloved character a broken old man who is defeated.  It took an interesting woman who escaped the Borg collective and was rediscovering her humanity and turned her into a ruthless bounty hunter who wants to kill everyone in her way.  The Federation in this series isn’t something I look up to.  It’s something I see in the world today and that takes away everything that was beautiful about it.

The tragic irony is that this series has shown that they can do dark and macabre storylines with perfect grace and skill.  Probably the best example is from the DS9 episode “In the Pale Moonlight.”  There, we see Sisko having cooked up a plan with Garak to try and get the Romulans into the war with the Dominion.  They create a forged piece of evidence that shows the Dominion plotting to attack the romulans, but because they are so untrusting and skeptical, the Romulan Senator quickly figures out it is a fake.  As he is going to take this back to his people to prove that it is a forgery, his shuttle is destroyed.  Sisko figures out quickly that this was orchestrated by Garak, who hired a criminal to plant a bomb, while he made sure that the proof the Senator was going to expose as a fraud would survive the explosion.

Sisko confronts Garak about this in one of the greatest scenes in Star Trek history.  It goes to show the old adage that the best actors in this series are people who come from a stage background, because watching as Garak takes the moralizing of Sisko and utterly destroys it is fantastic.  If you haven’t seen it, you absolutely must.  The scene itself is on YouTube.  The episode ends with the Romulans joining the war, and Sisko talking to his daily log recorder, but looking right at the camera.  Where he says, over and over that he will be alright with this, and that he will get past it.

Nihilism doesn’t make a good story, nor does it make a bad one.  Let’s talk about video games that have used it well.  One of Geralt of Rivia’s defining characteristics is that he sees the world as broken and believes that nothing will change that.  He sees human nature of fundamentally flawed and that hate is a part of the human condition.  But surrounding him are a whole cadre of characters that have a ton of personality who can play off that.  The stick in the mud nature of Geralt is a common foil to some of my favorite characters.  And he isn’t totally macabre.  In my playthrough, I had him bonding with Ciri in some of the most touching scenes, like when they have a snowball fight and when they trash Avallac’h’s place together.

Hell, let’s talk about how it worked in the original The Last of Us.  That game had a severe sense of nihilism with Joel and how he saw the world, contrasted by the youthful innocence and wonder of Ellie.  Part of what made that story so great was how Ellie was being broken down by that world, but at the very end there was a fantastic moment where she confronts Joel, and chooses to accept his reality.  It was a brilliant ending to a fantastic game.

Dark nihilism can easily be used for great effect.  But for whatever reason, we live in an age where hack writers are using it to try and make a setting dark and gritty.  They think that if they pump enough ugliness and existential dread into something, that makes it high art.  The nihilism needs to have purpose.  The existential dread has to be building to something.  There is a TON of it in one of my favorite films – Blade Runner.  That movie is about power relationships and what it means to be a slave.  Yet it builds to Roy Batty realizing that he can be better than what he was made to be, and he tells Deckard a story.  You can’t just have a game where everything is shit for everyone, except super butch chick who suffers no emotional ill effects from the journey.

Not regretting not getting this game.  Neil Druckmann clearly has become too in love with himself to see his work objectively and there are too many yes-men/women at Naughty Dog that don’t rein him in.  A shame, because there actually is a talented writer in there.  I loved and still love Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Until next time, a quote,

“You realize we’re not a pack of wolves who you can just swing your sword at whenever the need arises.” – Phillipa
“Yes you are, and yes I can.” – Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

Peace out,


Failure: The American Way

I was reading an absolutely fantastic article in The Atlantic (linked here) talking about how America has decided to stop doing anything to combat the effects of COVID-19.  As people are out protesting for Black Lives Matter, there is virtually nothing being done to do any amount of social distancing, and people all over the country have decided that the risk is worth it and to go about life as usual.  I was genuinely shocked by part of it.  Said to a friend that until there’s a vaccine in my arm, you won’t see my ass at restaurants or anywhere else that people gather in large numbers.  Seems that I am in the minority on this issue.  Restaurant attendance was extremely high in my state when they reopened everything.  People couldn’t seem to get out into the world of the plague fast enough.

There was a previous article in the same publication (linked here) which I think gave the most even-headed look at the COVID-19 pandemic and the reason that America’s response has been so paltry and pathetic.  This plague doesn’t hit this country the way it does some places.  It has been a patchwork of affliction.  After all, the reopening seems to be doing nothing to Florida and Georgia.  Meanwhile, states like on the west coast are seeing their numbers skyrocket.  Part of what makes this infection so insidious is the fact that it doesn’t care about the politics.  It has the rules of its biology and does what it does – spread to as many people as it can, but not equally.  Some people who go out every day with no mask and no care in the world get no problems, while some people who stay at home and do everything they can to limit contact get infected and die.

This is especially prescient as protests are happening all over the country for George Floyd.  The latest victim in the drug war.  Did you see Nancy Pelosi unveil their police reform bill?  Another toothless document that does fuck-all to address the real cause of what’s happening right now – the drug war.  Because doing that might upset the for-profit prison industry, or the police bottom line.  It’s been shown that if the drug war truly ended, a massive source of police revenue would disappear.  With the drug war, and the auctions that come from the no-knock raiding that police do, they get a ton of revenue selling the stuff of people too poor to fight back, legally.  The drug war is making both parties rich, and the least of America poor.  You’d think that would bother people.  You’d think that they would be talking about that.

Why aren’t we talking about that?  Back when it was riots, and even now as it’s protesting, why weren’t people more upset about the fact that the system that keeps the poor in bondage keeps going?  There’s a reason – because the entire corporate and political machine of this country is doing everything in its power to make sure people don’t protest that.  That people don’t fight against the power system.  They are all making obscene amounts of money because of it.

It doesn’t help that there is an entire party and their limp-dick cowardly President who believes that law enforcement has done nothing wrong in all of this.  George Floyd was murdered in cold blood while he begged for his life?  He had it coming.  Should have complied with officers.  After all, Trump just Tweeted that Joe Biden wants to defund the police and the military.  As if that’s a bad thing.  I fucking wish.  Especially the military.  The amount of money that America spends on the military is so obscene that we outspend the next ten countries combined!  If this country could see military spending as somewhere to be smart, instead of a blank check, what a world it would be.

But all this ties back into COVID-19.  What happened here?  How did America get to this point with COVID?  After all, we’re winding down the COVID-19 Task Force.  Fauci is gonna be headed back to what he was doing before all this.  But the infection isn’t over.  It’s growing, in tons of parts of this country.  My own state has had the numbers rising again.  Where’s the people wanting action?  Where is any reaction at all?  What the fuck is happening?!

We have another instance of Americans accepting quiet defeat.  See, America doesn’t like problems that take long, comprehensive effort to solve.  We like problems that we can go in, blast the ever-loving freedom out of, then not have to deal with.  But for things that require a lot of work, we turn into some of the most defeatist people ever.  Once we realize that solving a problem is going to be costly and difficult, we immediately stop trying.  COVID-19 is the perfect example.  America came together and did what we had to do…until it became inconvenient.  Once it started to make people’s lives more difficult, people were quick to ditch it and say that it’s not so bad.

It all sounds so familiar, doesn’t it?  Increased airport security?  Yeah, lots of people complained, but then got all quiet.  Expanded wars in the Middle East, which we now know are nothing but financial black holes that get us nothing?  Hell, The Washington Post released the report about Afghanistan, and it went by without even a word from mainstream media.  That war is so old and so out of the public consciousness that nobody even pretends to care anymore.  Their article and the follow-up to it should have been huge news, like the Vietnam Papers were.  Instead, nobody cared.  Had bigger things to think about.  Remember when mass shootings were national tragedies?  Now, you can have a dude pumping down rounds on over 20,000 people in Vegas and that was just background noise.  Mass shootings are now just a part of American life.  Soon, so will COVID-19 and all the people who will die because of it.

As I see people protesting now, the horribly ugly and tragic reality is that in the very near future, George Floyd is going to disappear from the American consciousness too.  Just like the kids at Parkland.  Just like the kids at Newtown.  Just like the guy in Arizona who was in a parked car and had cops pumping him full of rounds until their guns were clicking on empty.  I don’t even remember that guy’s name.  People will forget Floyd’s name too.  Because doing something about it, making a real and lasting change, would be difficult.  America doesn’t do difficult.  We do simple and easy.  We do feel-good and heart-warming.  Don’t need the negativity in our lives.

We’re Americans, after all.  We love failure.  We love complacency.  We love authority.  We love simplicity.  We aren’t smart enough to handle anything else.  If we were, there would be CEOs of for-profit prisons dead in the street, along with politicians.

Until next time, a quote,

“Were from America,
We turn literature into litter
We’re from America,
Were from America,
We believe in being a quitter” – Marilyn Manson, We’re From America

Peace out,


How Can You Be This Blind About Biden? (A response to Newsweek)

This year is shaping up to be one that changes the face of America.  A plague is still ongoing that is ravaging the entire world.  A virus that has no political allegiance, it is just doing what it does – finding hosts to infect.  Meanwhile, George Floyd’s death has caused a rally of people now the world-over.  The rampant abuse of police authority in this country has taken center-stage, and it’s definitely something that needs to be talked about, in a way that’s serious.  Not like after a mass shooting where the country talks about how bad automatic weapons are, only to turn around and do fuck-all about it.  Another day in the endless turmoil that is America, eh?

As one might expect, since this is all happening in an election year, the big focus people have is wondering what the political landscape is going to look like with all this happening.  Trump’s biggest thing he was hoping to run on was his economy.  Now the economy is in shambles.  It has gone into a recession that is far worse than the 2008 one.  We narrowly avoided another Great Depression, and we may still hit it if COVID really rallies in the fall and brings things to a screeching halt once-again.  And with the recent riots, instead of the President being out trying to unify people or at least calm things down, Trump is hiding in his bunker.  The unlit White House seems to be a metaphor for everything that’s happening.  Hell, the dude used tear gas to clear people out to do a photo opportunity with a Bible.  He held that thing like it was poison to him.

The political pundits have all come out with their own opinions, but because I don’t watch cable news, I am spared the MSNBC and CNN stupidity.  But because I live on the Internet, online news has a way of finding me.  And there was one article in-particular that just blew my mind in how utterly bereft of understanding it was.  An article on Newsweek opining that there isn’t enough college activism for Biden.  Here’s a link to the article, let’s talk about it.

It begins by saying that the dude was a big activist during the Vietnam days, and that everything thinks Trump is bad (at this point, part of me thinks that only the dude’s cult of personality are thinking he is handling this well), but there isn’t enough college activism.  The dude then asks the obvious question – why is this?  I will say, this is the FIRST left-leaning news outlet that has actually let it slip in that people are wondering about Biden’s mental acuity.  His campaign is keeping him out of the limelight, still, as much as possible because his gaffes are not going anywhere.  Seeing them splice his comments together to come up with stuff that is usable in newsbytes is just the best.  Reminds me of that line in Red Letter Media’s Best of the Worst video where Rich Evans has his grammatical gaffes and one of the dudes says if he was editing the video, it would sound perfect. They make the joke that for that to happen, they would need a ton of jump-cuts.

We’ve gotten to the point that I don’t see how the Biden campaign can keep not addressing the fact that their candidate’s brain is falling out most times he is being tasked with doing a speaking engagement or an interview.  How will he handle speeches?  But I digress.

The article continues opining the lack of college student engagement, then offering the most cursory reasoning that it may be because of the Democrats utter failure to initiate on ANYTHING that Gen-Z would want.  Keep in mind, they are the ones in college right now.  It isn’t millennials anymore.  We’re out of college, building careers and starting families.  Here’s the thing – Gen-Z is growing up in a world that millennials like myself have become utterly disenfranchised by.  A world where there are two parties controlling the entire discourse, and NEITHER party represents the values that we stand for.  The Democrats are NOT a liberal party.  Not the establishment ones.  They are moderate Republicans, as far as I’m concerned, with how far to the right the party has gone.  Article doesn’t talk about that.

Where are the political voices who are willing to talk about the reality that the reason people don’t get involved is because of how dejected they are?  The article says that Bernie Sanders needs to rally his supporters on college campuses.  So tell me – with what?  The ONLY thing that Biden’s campaign has is that he isn’t Trump.  That’s it.  He has made VERY clear his opposition to universal healthcare.  Don’t tell me about the Affordable Care Act and how he wants to make it stronger.  I’ve seen his idea.  It’s an even bigger birthday present to the private insurance industry scam that keeps Americans in bondage.  Every other First World nation has universal healthcare in one form or another.  This plague has highlighted more than anything what this country needs.

It also doesn’t help that Biden has a bad habit of pimping out his opposition whenever he is greeted with any push-back.  He yelled at blue collar auto workers.  He told people if they don’t like him to vote for someone else.  It seems like he is quick to anger.  That ties in with the dementia thing, by the by.  He said if people believe that allegations that Tara Reade made, vote for someone else.  He inspires absolutely no confidence as a potential leader.  Is that deliberate?  Is that his way of sneakily trying to get out of his situation, by pimping out the other side?  If so, it’s clever.

Perhaps it is telling that this article is demanding that Bernie get his supporters to fight for Biden.  The man is unable to fight for himself.  His campaign keeps him in a corner somewhere until they absolutely can’t avoid having him out talking in interviews that I guarantee are so scripted.  Where they can give him the most softball questions possible in order to make it so that he doesn’t have to get into complicated issues.  So instead of trying to get the candidate himself to build populist support, get the guy he beat by having his campaign make deals with everyone else (can’t wait to see VP Klobuchar, in all her milquetoast majesty) so they would drop out.

This is a man who has to get Obama to talk to people on his behalf.  You’re the Democratic party nominee!  It should be you out there.  This is an election where, in a year of strife and madness, we have no active voices from either party when things are at their absolute worst.  Sure, I figure it’s because Obama is black and the current issue is about what’s facing the black community, but if the party wasn’t scared to death of him saying something weird or stupid or losing the plot like that time he just stood there staring at the camera for 30 seconds until his wife came on, or that time when he was giving an online town hall and was talking but seemed to forget where he was and just wandered away and they had to cut to a still image to avoid dead air, then they would have him talking to people.  And the writer of this article is saying Bernie isn’t doing enough.  Is there ANY political commentator who is going to ask the hard questions?!

In the past I’ve said that it doesn’t matter how bad things get in this country, I’m not doing a lesser of two evils voting, and now that viewpoint gets put to the test.  Biden is a weak candidate.  Trump is showing how weak a candidate he is now more than ever.  It’s a battle of two weak men, one with narcissism like you wouldn’t believe, and the other with dementia.  I refuse to participate in this dog and pony show.  I’m a millennial, and the Democrats aren’t trying to help my generation.  What exactly are they doing for Gen-Z?

Until next time, a quote,

“The lines of what is considering right and wrong in society today have been blurred.  With common sense no longer our guide, we make decisions based on selfish wants and desires.  This has resulted in a deluge of self-centered people who delight in taking advantage of the weak.  However, even in this modern day and age, it is imperative that we act in the best interests of all.” – Toranosuke Yoshida, Persona 5: Royal

Peace out,


Another Dead Black Man, Another Instance of Missing the Problem

For those of you who are living under a rock, there have been some riots lately.  The rioting is for a 100% understandable thing – the abuse of police power.  In this instance, it was an officer crushing a man under his knee even as he pleaded that he couldn’t breathe.  It was cold blooded murder and I’m glad that all this rioting has at least gotten that officer brought up on charges.  Surprised that manslaughter is on the list.  Yeah, I’m sure he accidentally suffocated the guy.  Like, “oh shit!  I killed him?!  My bad!  Wish the dude had said something.”

However, as I see the justified anger at the situation with the police and the brutality towards the black community, I am reminded of the fact that there is this big elephant in the room about why this completely genuine racism in law enforcement exists.  It’s a problem that has been going on for far too long and while some states have taken some real steps to improve things, the reality is that this problem is being ignored by everyone and it frustrates me.

Perhaps you haven’t noticed that for the last 50 years, America has had this “war on drugs” going on.  It is a sectarian conflict that has been raging in this country for so long, showing zero signs of stopping, and with no winners.  It is a war that has destroyed massive parts of this country and has a CLEAR racial bias, yet people seem to avoid it like the plague (that they aren’t avoiding while rioting.  Not to rioters – the plague still exists, be smart, social distance).  This conflict has been an utter failure, and it has a direct connection to the situation of police racism.

Here’s the thing – where you have poverty, you have drugs.  Not to say wealthy people don’t do them, but as Bernie Sanders had once talked about, in communities ravaged by poverty, people are vastly more likely to look for an outlet in narcotics.  The connection is plain as day.  To head off the All Lives Matter people, sure, there are plenty of white ghetto communities where this is a problem.  I genuinely do believe that this is a rich v poor thing, but I am focusing on the racial aspect.  Poverty and the black/Latino communities are age-old friends.

It breaks down like this – you have a war against a substance that people are putting in their body.  Because of certain communities having a higher rate of poor people, the usage becomes more concentrated in those areas.  Then, you have law enforcement cracking down in those places, driving the market into a violent black market.  Racial laws from a horrifically racist period in American history (Jim Crowe) and societal attitudes of the time allow you to make the attacks against those communities more pronounced.  You pass legislation that targets these racial groups more, keeping them in prison in a for-profit industry that has a mandate to keep inmates coming back.  Law enforcement becomes the working arm of those industries with minimum sentencing laws.  The result of all this is that these racial communities become embroiled in drug violence and legitimate business doesn’t want to go there.  As a result, these communities become even poorer.  And the cycle perpetuates.

With this in mind, is it any surprise that law enforcement is horribly racist?  Not to mention violent.  It makes perfect sense to me.  This problem has been brewing for so long.  The drug war has been an absolute failure.  We have created ghettos in this country, some of which may be beyond repair.  This is the true cause of what happened with George Floyd.

So, what do we do?  What is the solution to this?  Gonna put this out there – it won’t be easy.  Fixing this country’s broken system is going to require systemic change on a massive scale.  But let me lay out what I believe to be the solution.

  1. End the Drug War. Full-stop.  At the same time, immediately create legislation to control the market.  This can move the drug procurement off the streets to licensed businesses.  Drug dealers would be put out of business so fast.  Oldest rule of American spending – people will always choose convenience, even if the quality is lesser.  Not to mention, it would mean giving people easier access to clean needles and even being able to put facilities for those who wish to get clean nearby.  So many Americans are afraid of seeking treatment because they don’t want to go to prison.  Legalize it and watch how many addicts will not be afraid to come forward.
  2. Have it mandatory that all police must wear body cams. We have seen how much this has changed the face of police response to crime, when they know that they are being filmed.  There are so many body cam videos of cops who would otherwise shoot people taking the time to talk to them.  However, these can be turned off.  This is true.  So that leads me to my next point.
  3. Have a civilian oversight board with actual teeth that can prosecute police for instances like George Floyd. Or, failing that, threaten to remove the pensions or go after the police unions.  Watch how fast things would clean up from there.

All of this was the easy stuff, though.  There is a final piece that will not be an easy pill to swallow, but it is essential to make this work.

  1. The poor communities (of all ethnicities) must come together and work with the cops to root out the last of the criminal elements in their respective areas. I know, with everything that’s happening, this is a hard pill to take.  But it is essential!  I cannot emphasize this enough.  Assuming all the other factors have been done and are working, this step is the final piece to help make these communities I’m talking about safe for business to come back to.  If the same people who have every reason to hate the cops would step up after all this is done, then I guarantee business would come back to these neighborhoods.

Once all of this is finished, and business comes back, here’s another thing that will return – wealth.  You don’t think that big business is going to flood in when they hear that it’s safe to open shop.  I can see the CEOs of major companies’ eyes doing that dollar-sign thing in cartoons.  “Oh boy!  A new demographic to exploit!”  These people would rush in so fast you couldn’t say “a new shopping mall.”  When business comes back, and money comes in, neighborhoods would improve.  Neighborhoods that people hid in would now have people on the stoop again, with a sense of community.

I’m sure all of this is just a pipe dream, but dammit, I’m tired of the problem not being addressed.  All of what we’re dealing with now has its genesis in a failed drug war that has needed to end for 40 fucking years.  Weed is being legalized, and that’s a great first step.  Now we need to take more steps.

Until next time, a quote,

“This game is rigged, man.  I feel like one of them little bitches on the chess board.” – Bodie, The Wire

Peace out,


*Update* It seems that the charge of the officer who strangled George Floyd has been raised to second-degree murder.  Good!

A Justice System that Only Protects Cops

Here’s a little piece of advice for anyone reading this who has the weird delusion that the policeman (oh, I’m sorry, police officer) is your friend – they aren’t.  If the murder of George Floyd has shown anything, it’s that the police will murder a man in cold blood, while he begs for his life, and not care.  After all, there are cops all over saying the man who did this did nothing wrong.  But Lucien, he got fired!  Yeah, I’ll give, that’s more punishment than most pigs get after murdering a guy.  Typically, you have them get put on paid leave if they have Judge Dredd in their administrative review.  The reality is that cops are given the most lenient treatment ever when it comes to murdering citizens, and it frankly pisses me off.

It happens all the time, doesn’t it?  The story is now so wrote that you can see the parts of it before it happens.  Cop uses excess force to an absurd degree, or outright murders a guy.  Next up, there is the justified public outrage.  I don’t feel bad watching the footage of the riots in Minneapolis.  I hope they burn the precinct they trashed to the ground.  Granted, the looting is dumb.  Fight for a cause, but don’t fuck up the life of the working man.  After all, trashing Target doesn’t do anything to hurt the executive who exploits the system to get richer.  At this point, I can’t think of anything else that can be done.

The next part of the story is one we all know – there is an investigation.  You have a DA or somebody like that making a big press statement saying that there will be a full investigation of what happened.  It happens, and there’s a proceeding.  Then what happens?  Nothing.  Not one fucking thing.  The dirty cop who murdered or brutally assaulted a person gets either a slap on the wrist or at the very least doesn’t spend a single day in a jail cell.  At worst, it’s like this guy, where he loses his job.  Kills a guy begging for his life, and I can fucking guarantee that he won’t see one minute in a jail cell.

My favorite thing is that you have the Minnesota prosecutor saying that there is “evidence that doesn’t support a criminal charge.”  Oh yeah?!  Like what?!  Dude fucking murdered a guy!  He pinned his neck down with his knee and suffocated him to death while he begged for his life!  What the fuck evidence is the mitigating factor in this?!  Please, enlighten us, prosecutor.  I’m all fucking ears about what evidence you have showing that this killer cop is innocent of the crime of murder.  Right, we’ll never see it.  Because it doesn’t exist.  This is just another instance of the thing that pisses me off the most – the legal system looking out for dirty cops.

It is literally impossible to argue that the justice system doesn’t cover for dirty cops.  At every step, you have every cop who works with the dude saying he isn’t a bad guy.  You have their commanding officer saying that “steps are being taken.”  You have the person in charge of the police force saying that there was no breach of protocol.  Then you have the state’s attorney who will do absolutely nothing to pursue justice.  EVERY FUCKING TIME!  I hope the people rioting smash that fucking prosecutor’s car.  Over and over and over, until it hits home.  Maybe get him to give some of this evidence he says exists.

What’s more, when cops try and do the right thing, coming forward and blowing the whistle on their buddies who abuse their power, what happens?  They get fired.  They get suspended.  They get vilified as a rat.  Because you don’t betray your fellow officers.  A cop rapes a female cop?  You keep your mouth shut.  A cop murders someone?  You say that it was provoked.  That they were trying to take their gun.  Hell, do what that one cop did after blowing a guy away while he was running and try and plant your taser on them.  If he hadn’t have been filmed, would he have gotten away with it?  Probably.  That time where 11 cops surrounded a guy’s vehicle and then opened fire, until their guns were clicking on empty, and the guy who was filming it had his phone taken and then smashed by the cops.  If he hadn’t have had balls of steel and put the SIM card in his mouth, would that have gotten out?  No.  Naturally, all the cops in that instance are still on the force.

You learn something about cops, if the instance with the school shooting in Florida was any indication – they’re cowards.  They flex their power when they have someone who can’t fight back.  But put them up against someone who has firepower and watch how quickly they cower from the fight.  They are cowards who attack the powerless.  Remember those stories about cops stealing from people who didn’t have the money to sue to get their stuff back?  Or that one story about the police going up to people and telling them give them their money?  Police, in uniform, were robbing people.  What was the backlash?  Did those cops get in trouble?  No.  They had a justice system and a police union to protect them.  Force a man to blow you in your police cruiser at gunpoint?  Did nothing wrong.  He willingly participated.

Don’t even get me started on the cops who murder people’s pets casually.  Like that story a lot of years back, where the cops murder the family dog, and then proceed to pepper-spray its puppies, and would even have murdered the puppies if a neighbor hadn’t begged them not to.  The average pizza delivery guy has more balls than the average cop.

I hate cops.  I despise them.  I know enough dirty ones who are on one take or another to realize that these people CANNOT be trusted.  Ever.  So, the now former cop who murdered George Floyd gets off scot-free, only losing his job.  The poor dear.  I’m sure that his life will be ruined forever.  I wonder what the severance package they gave him was.  The justice system is supposed to protect the people, but that never happens.  And it never will.  Fuck the police!

Until next time, a quote,

“Well, you Irish cops are perking up.  That’s two sound theories, neither of which involve abnormally sizes men.  Kinda makes me feel like river dancing.” – Agent Smecker, The Boondock Saints

Peace out,


The New Era of Political Double-Standards

Perhaps you have heard, but there is a woman who has alleged that Joe Biden committed sexual harassment of her.  Word is that she is actually trying to take this to court.  I myself have no opinion one way or the other.  I’ve contended in the past that we shouldn’t just automatically believe or disbelieve anyone without a thorough investigation, but there is a group of people who one would expect would see things a little differently, i.e. the Democratic establishment and Twitter checkmarks.  However, it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that not only do they not believe her, they are actively going out of their way not to.

I’ve already talk about this in the past, so I won’t retread old ground.  Though I did see an article about how #BelieveAllWomen is now a conservative smear that was used against liberal women.  That was some of the most adorable mental gymnastics ever.  I wonder how long that article will be up before it’s pulled, if it hasn’t been already.  Still, the lengths that the media has gone to in order to smear Tara Reade is frankly kind of pathetic, when these are the same people who were cheering from the hills that the UVA Rape Hoax was legit, even as the case reported in Rolling Stone was falling apart.  They are also the same ones who tore Brett Kavanaugh to pieces in their smearing of him.  The Democrats REALLY overplayed their hand there.

However, it seems that the Democratic establishment and Twitter checkmarks have decided to take another mainstay of liberal discourse and throw it out the window – fat shaming.  Today, Nancy Pelosi decided to rail on Trump taking Hydroxychloroquine, pointing out that he is “morbidly obese.”  Like most times that that dinosaur harpy opens her mouth, the Twitter checkmarks had to pile on and make themselves heard being in absolutely solidarity with that moderate conservative bitch.  A fact that just tickles me pink.  All of the wonder about Nancy Pelosi does.  The woman passes every bill conservatives send to her, then crushes everything that would help progressives.  Her latest COVID-19 relief bill (that will NEVER pass the Senate) is basically a giant birthday-present to major corporations, with a little money to help the regular people.  How ANYONE thinks this cunt is a liberal is beyond me.  But Fox News says it, so I guess it must be true.

The endless stream of double-standards continues.  I can’t wait to see what “liberal” media publishes to bolster insulting the weight of someone they don’t like.  These people are at least self-aware enough to know when they are being mocked for sounding two-faced.  It will be the usual mental gymnastics unlike anything one has seen in a very long time, but that’s business as usual in America.  Don’t think that conservative America gets off the hook on this.  Some of their stuff is just the best.

Perhaps you haven’t heard about the fact that America has been quarantining for some time now.  Well, it seems that conservative America is getting tired of that and has decided to make the activity of doing what’s best for the health and safety of this country into a political battle.  The most notable of these has been the armed Semper Pie protestors in Michigan getting their guns and marching on the state capitol, screaming for the Governor to be locked up.  If it honestly becomes a civil war in this country over something like the quarantine because of this plague that is ravaging this country, that would genuinely make me laugh.

Among the many genuinely hilarious posters at these events is my favorite – where a conservative actually says, “my body, my choice.”  I swear, the day is going to come that conservative America will be self-aware.  It will happen.  The complete lack of introspection to that is the best.  So all the women who are forced to raise a child they don’t want because of lack of abortion options?  Fuck those whores.  She should have kept her legs closed.  Being kept in your home to keep people safe from the plague?  Tyranny!  We must rise up and stop the tyranny of not being a dick!  This is like what the Nazis did!  Ah yes, the old line that is now ubiquitous to both sides of the political aisle – compare everything that they don’t like to Nazis.

Don’t even get me starting about the people bitching about having to wear a mask in certain stores, most notably Costco.  The same fucking people who bitched ad nauseum about businesses being able to deny gay people their business if they don’t want to serve them are now bitching about not being able to go into a store.  Seems that their precious “freedom” only matters when it is being them inconvenienced.  Funny how that works.

It has long been my contention that if America didn’t have double-standards, it would have no standards at all.  It shouldn’t be shocking that people in this country are so quick to abandon the values they claim to hold so dear, in the name of their political pet project.  Claim that believing all women is essential, and that making fun of someone for their weight is the most hurtful thing one can do?  The orange man bad!  So those values can go.  Say that women have no right to their body when it comes to raising a child they don’t want?  I was told to stay inside!  That’s so much worse!  Rise up, with guns!

Lest anyone say that I am some kind of centrist, I am liberal as fuck.  I believe that we need a regulated economy, a strong social safety net, to tax the wealthiest and close the tax loopholes that the corporations who have been given OBSCENE amounts of money with COVID-19 relief use to pay nothing back, and to have universal healthcare (something the ENTIRE 1st world has, but for some reason America just can’t handle).  There are some libertarian arguments that conservative America floats that I don’t oppose offhand.  I am part of the libertarian-left.  Still, when people like myself think that both sides look REALLY stupid with this shit, it’s not uncommon to have one side accuse you of being the political belief they don’t like.  Funny how that works, right?

It is exhausting watching political discourse anymore.  On the one hand, I have Democrats who are suffering horribly from Trump Derangement Syndrome who don’t care that Biden OBVIOUSLY has dementia and should be getting care for his affliction.  They don’t care that he has no political positions.  I saw this great Twitter post asking people to list three policy positions Biden has that they agree with.  Without a doubt, here was one of the first replies –

  1. Not Trump
    2. Not Trump
    3. Not Trump

On the other side, you have these crazy/stupid conservative Cult of Trump types who had to be told by Lysol not to drink bleach when Trump said that injecting bleach into your body should clean it from COVID-19.  Oh I’m sorry, that was a joke.  Trump said so, so it must be true.  Watch the video clip where he says that.  Does it sound like he was joking to you?  The guy is an idiot, talking about his “super duper missile.”  I can’t even write that without breaking out into giggles.  The dude speaks like he’s five, and people can do nothing but talk about what a manly man he is.  Who runs away from an Asian reporter woman and her question.  The dude is such a little bitch, but he’s the manliest man who has ever lived.

Where does it end?  Where does any of this end?  I don’t know, and the longer it goes on, the less I care.  It’s all exhausting, and I’m content to play my vidya and talk to my girlfriend on Facetime.

Until next time, a quote,

“So to everybody listening – isn’t it fun?  Knowing we’re stuck in a loop of infinite dumb nonsense, so sweet like a cinnamon bun.” – Chris Ray Gun, “Algorhythm” – YouTube: The Musical

Peace out,


America’s Politically Homeless

Bernie Sanders just announced that he won’t run again in 2024.  This doesn’t surprise me one bit.  At his age, the reality is that the end of his life is facing him, and he would be 83 when 2024 rolls around.  The man has led an exemplary life as a politician, consistently not giving in to big money and fighting for the people.  It’s a genuine pity he wasn’t willing to fight a little dirtier, but that just is what it is now.  Seeing Tim Black’s Twitter post about it, there was a term that I got introduced to that just stuck with me.  A person commenting that she is “politically homeless.”  I really like that term.  It seems so fitting for the world in which we live right now.

It’s become abundantly clear that the Democratic Party is liberal in name only.  Fox News and their ilk can say whatever they like, but the mainstream element of the party is liberal in the same way that Diet Pepsi is healthy.  Sure, it isn’t as unhealthy as regular soda, but that isn’t saying much.  The cold reality is that 30 years ago, establishment Democrats would have been moderate Republicans.  These people pay lip service to the bare minimum of what the actual left in this country wants, and then does fuck-all to actually realize it.  The Justice Democrats just sold out and decided to start a Super PAC.  I wonder if Kyle Kulinski feels good about this movement he took such pride in giving up their values for political capital.

I feel myself as one of the politically homeless in this country.  There is no party that represents me.  The Green Party is a bad joke, and the Libertarian Party is just another part of the Libertarian Right in this country.  Politically, I am firmly in the Libertarian Left side of America, but their party just panders to right wing libertarianism.  So yeah.  Where does one such as me go?  I got a chum who keeps telling me to vote Democrat, to just take the hit and hope that maybe something can happen.  Like what?  Biden’s campaign (not Biden himself.  The man cannot speak.  Even now, his TV interviews are just his brain melting on television.  I feel so bad for this man who should be getting treatment for dementia, but instead is being forced to be in a Presidential campaign) has outright said that they oppose Medicare For All.  Now more than EVER, the need to have universal healthcare in this country is center stage.  Why would I vote for a candidate who opposes the central thing I want to happen?  Because Trump is bad?  Yeah, Trump also opposes it, so I won’t vote for him either.

The politically homeless in America are growing.  With the Democrats doing nothing to try and court us, consistently content to just move to the center and court the center voters who just sway with the breeze, what compels me to actually be with them?  They want nothing to do with me, so where do I go?  From where I’m sitting, nowhere.  If there’s a ballot initiative in November that I support, maybe I’ll vote for that, but I will leave the part about the President blank.  And it will be this way in 2024.  In 2028.  In 2032.  On and on, ad infinitum.  What does one such as myself do?  TJ recently said the best idea was to just vote for Biden and try and pressure the Democrats to enact left-wing policies.  Yeah, we all know where that’s going to go.  No-fucking-where.  The moneyed interests own these people, so that’s just a pie in the sky dream.

The blue checkmarks on Twitter say that a vote for a third party is a vote for Trump.  And that not voting is also a vote for Trump.  Well, 50% of this country doesn’t vote at all.  Period.  Ever.  Do their non-votes suddenly mean more for Trump?  Of course not.  This argument is as vacuous as it is tired.  There is no party that tries to court my vote.  I’ll see if the Green Party candidate supports what I value, or at least Medicare For All.  If so, maybe I’ll vote for them.

From where I sit, there are only two actual solutions for disaffected liberals like myself who are tired of being lied to by a party who we are told over and over by mainstream media and our conservative family members is the “liberal party.”  The first solution is to rise up and take the fight to the rich.  Make the rich fear for their lives and watch how fast thing change in this country for the better.  But that’s not going to happen.  Americans are too gutless and cowardly to actually fight for things.  No, they can just stand at a capital and yell about stuff with their guns.  Actually putting that weapon to use to rid this country of the real source of the corruption would be hard.  So that won’t happen.

The other solution is to start a new political party.  One that will have actual organization.  One that will work to get millennials and gen-zed to actually support them.  Who can organize at a grassroots level, start small.  Get lots of people elected on mayoral, state house and state senate races.  Show the country that they can get it done and that they are committed to fighting for what people like me believe in.  Then, from there, work their way up to Congress.  It will be a slow battle, but it must start there.  You have to prove that you aren’t the Green or Libertarian Party who will just put a candidate that will go nowhere out there.  We need to build a coalition that shows the establishment that we have teeth and that we won’t support them if they will just turn their back on us.

Granted, starting small has its own difficulties.  How many people even know who the mayor of their city is?  But that’s why this new party would have to have a broad social media effort.  An active Twitter who will talk to people, get them invested.  Tell them why this movement deserves their support and what they are going to do for the people.  Part of the benefit of starting small is that by showing they are able to build grassroots support, they can get the help and support of grassroots organizations, unions, and non-profits.

The Democrats are not the liberal party.  They just aren’t.  Hell, at this point they don’t even pay us anything but the most cursory of lip service.  And the thing that just blows my mind is that the politicians in this party have this conceit that they are owed the liberal vote, by virtue them not being Republicans.  That’s not how it works.  Not for me.  I vote for issues.  I vote for the people who actually fight for the things I value.  If a Republican were to come out tomorrow and support Medicare For All, and showed that they were willing to back up their values with real action, I would support them.

But we all know that won’t happen, so we’re left to fend for ourselves.  The solutions to America’s corruption problem aren’t easy, so there may be no hope for them ever being solved.  I just happen to have two options that I think are doable.  Take that for whatever you will.

Until next time, a quote,

“When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade.  Make life take the lemons back!  Get mad!  I don’t want your damn lemons!  What the hell am I supposed to do with these?  Demand to see life’s manager!  Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons!  Do you know who I am?!  I’m the man who’s gonna burn your house down!  With the lemons!  I’m gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!” – Cave Johnson, Portal 2

Peace out,