Trump Defender Says Video Games are Bad (A response to Matthew Walther)

I’ve been looking for a good representation of the Trump defenders coming out in support of their God-King saying something so asinine and not even remotely backed up by science as violent video games have a connection to mass shootings.  I really have.  But thankfully I have Twitter, and between the pornstars I follow on there and the YouTubers that I like, there are also the people in video game culture who find all of this shit as amusing as I do.  Plenty of them are conservative, and watching them be quiet about their God-King saying something so stupid is interesting on its own.

However, I have now found someone who fits the bill of the /r/TheDonald sychophants who want to come out in defense of their God-King and say that all of us detractors are wrong.  I love this shit.  I really do.  Here’s a link to this article, now let’s talk about it.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I had just robbed a drug dealer and was peeling out in my getaway car — also stolen — and thinking about my next score when I saw her: a woman in high heels and a very small bathing suit. She motioned towards me and I let her get in the car. We performed a blurry parody of marital intercourse. After she got out of the vehicle, I ran her over. Then Judas Priest came on the radio. I cranked the volume and roasted the tires of my sports car beneath the orange moon.

The moral being that because this happened in vidya, it is no less evil than if it happened in real life.

Because I was 13 years old and the above scene was unfolding on my friend’s PlayStation, I am not writing this column from a maximum security prison.

Called it!  Yeah, Matt.  And the other day I took a teenage girl from an operating room after killing a doctor with a bullet to the face.  Then, when a woman who was her caretaker at one point tried to stop me from taking her away, I put a bullet in her stomach and then, as she begged for her life, one in her face.  But there is a context to that.  The character I was playing as had this one person who was his connection to the human condition, and he was selling humanity up the river to keep that connection.  Wanna know something about both your example and mine?  I know that they are both fiction, because I’m a fucking adult.  I don’t believe in fairy-tales, or unicorns, or Jeebus, or that video games are real.

When President Trump dared to suggest last week that “the level of violence on video games is really shaping young people’s thoughts,” he was denounced with the uniform hectoring intensity that meets his every utterance. Hundreds of pages of digital ink was spilled pointing out that, actually, there is no proven connection between digital mayhem and the massacres that have become a commonplace part of American life.

Gee, I wonder why that is?  Could it be that there is not a SINGLE piece of substantive evidence linking video games to school shootings?  Or violence of any kind?  I don’t know, I think there might be something to it when the pantheon of people can come out of the woodwork and easily defend our position, while I’m sure you are going to have STELLAR examples that bolster you belief.  I’m sure it is all going to be very well-researched stuff.

What does it mean to say that there is no connection? Virtually every single one of the pasty psychos who have shot their classmates and teachers in the last two decades has played such games. What would count as evidence?

No.  Video games are ubiquitous to modern culture.  Especially modern male culture.  The hardcore audience of gaming is men.  By that same token, maybe we could say that Marvel films are influencing school shootings.  After all, I bet these shooters have watched a ton of them, and comic book films have been a huge part of culture for the last 20 years.  Or maybe it was the iPhone.  How many of these shooters had one of those?  You can take any piece of typical culture and put it in there and make the EXACT SAME argument.

Meanwhile, the hard science (a phrase that conservatives fear more than any other) has shown that there is NO connection between playing video games and being violent.  None.  Find me a study that proves me wrong.  You can’t!  And before you go saying that the studies are biased, Congress has commissioned a lot of these studies trying to prove just what you are!  A Congress who is biased against the industry has commissioned study after study to desperately try and prove that video games cause violence.  It hasn’t worked.  There is a great quote by Max Caulfield that I am going to end this with that summarizes this perfectly.

I cannot understand why even positing the notion of a relationship between games and the behavior of those who play them is taboo. Does anyone think that misogyny in films and television and music does not shape men’s attitudes toward women, that it has no consequences in the real world? A thousand #MeToo takes suggest otherwise. Why, then, are video games the exception?

What?!  You have GOT to be kidding me.  Dumb-dumb, the reason that there is this taboo (it isn’t.  You can say whatever you like, but everyone is going to tear you to pieces for being stupid) is because there is not a single piece of scientific evidence that suggests that.  Just like there is not a single piece of scientific evidence linking film, television, and music to sexism.  This is patently absurd.  By the way, whose side are you on, anyway?  You’re defending Trump’s comments and bashing the left, then using their talking points?  The cognitive dissonance is interesting.

Either way, there has been no connection between video games and violence, or sexism.  None that has been proven.  Just lots of conjecture based on weak, cherry-picked evidence without a single study to back it up.  In fact, there was a long-term study finally done by Germany that disproved the notion of video games.  So yeah, your entire argument is fallacious bullshit.

Why is it the default position of every commentator that spending hundreds, even thousands of hours acting out scenes like the one I described above has no ramifications for the way young people — the majority of them male — feel and behave? How do people who accept the existence of concepts like microaggressions and rhetorical dog-whistling convince themselves that indulging an appetite for murderous rage could have no discernible effects on the imaginations of impressionable young people?

I don’t accept either of those things, because neither of them have been proven by science!  Science, mother-fucker!  Do you speak it?!  Oh right, you don’t.  Just like every conservative who wants a pulpit to stand on, you just spout off rhetoric and then say you’re right.  If this was a research paper it would get a D.

Let me put it another way. If someone created a video game in which it was possible to grope or even rape women, as opposed to just cutting off their heads with a chainsaw or shooting them in the face with machine guns, would we still consider it a harmless diversion unlikely to disfigure the imaginations of players? What about a game where the user was allowed to molest children? Why is pretending to be a killer okay?

The other cornerstone of conservative argumentation – emotional appeal.  Do I think the games you bring up would be tasteless and grotesque?  Absolutely.  Granted, I’m not a fan of playing a game where I can indiscriminately kill civilians with a chainsaw or machine gun.  Now a game where I kill demons with those things like the masterpiece that is 2016’s DOOM, that I can do all day.  But do I think that those games would turn people into rapists?  No.  Much like I don’t think that watching porn makes you think that women are sex toys.  A fact that has actual SCIENCE behind it.  This is so fucking stupid.  How many different ways can I say the same thing?

One does not have to be able to demonstrate a formal causal link — whatever that would look like — between the hideous violence of many video games and real-life acts of mass murder to recognize that the former are contributing to something sinister.

Yes you fucking do!  You do have to demonstrate it.  Because you want to legislate against what people can watch and play.  You want to tell people that they have to pay your morality fee in order to play something that has no proven link to violence.  Just like how Rhode Island wants people to pay their morality fee to watch porn.  I’m sorry that demands for evidence are hard for you.  Lemme guess, you’re a Christian too.

One of the ludicrous dogmas of the modern world is the notion that the media we consume cannot influence us for the worse.

It’s not a dogma.  Dogma is faith.  Faith is belief without evidence.  There is actual evidence of my contention, while zero evidence for yours.  I’m sorry, but I don’t take things on faith.  It’s why I stopped believing in this God that so many conservatives claim to be such a huge fan of, and it’s why I also don’t believe in the SJW convictions like the ones you apparently are also in favor of.  For real, where do you fall on the spectrum, dude?

Virtually everyone agrees that it is possible to be deeply moved by watching a film or hearing a song. We are all familiar with lachrymose paeans to the virtues of reading, which is supposed to be able to make us more open-minded and empathetic and every other vaguely positive-sounding adjective you care to suggest. Why do we pretend that the reverse is not true in a medium that is designed to be immersive and interactive, to give the vivid impression of really being there?

Because I’m not five, idiot.  I know that it’s make-believe.  Can I hear Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto #2 and feel a lot of powerful emotions?  Absolutely.  It’s amazing music.  But I have those feelings based on the things that I feel in my own life.  Being touched by something doesn’t mean that I am going to suddenly start my own orchestra and make it myself.  Being touched by a fantastic book doesn’t mean I’m going to think that it’s real life.  You feel that way about the Bible?  Watching a heart-breaking film doesn’t make me think that way.  And when I play The Last of Us, I don’t feel the urge to suddenly go bust into an operating room and kill a doctor.

I’m sorry that nobody ever told you that there is a difference between real life and pretend.  I think my species is retarded as fuck, and even I give them more credit than you.  Go figure.

Until next time, a quote,

“A pattern is emerging.” – Max Caulfield, Life is Strange

Peace out,



Video Games are now a Virtual Boot Camp? (A response to Jeremy Bailenson)

I thought I’ve heard it all when it comes to stupidity in journalism.  CNN is just like every other major news network.  My favorite journalism teacher (I got my degree in journalism and public communication) called them “infotainment.”  Meaning that no one is actually learning anything.  They just shit out content that they think their ignorant masses want to hear.  No surprise, the audience for this crap is old.  The young are more and more going to YouTube.  Hence why they will do anything they can to attack the platform.  Just look at the Wall Street Journal doing a hit-piece video on PewDiePie.  But now they have decided to go into the Jack Thompson foray with an editorial where this author decides to make the argument that video games are a “virtual boot camp.”  I’m sure this will be just as stupid as it sounds.  Here’s a link to the article so you know I’m not taking anything out of context, now let’s get started.

Last week, Dick’s Sporting Goods banned the sale of assault-style rifles and Walmart raised the age of all gun buyers to 21. While our politicians debate next steps, these companies took swift action. Virtual reality hardware and software companies, which design top-selling video games, should follow suit.

Um, no they shouldn’t  There is a real connection between America’s bullshit gun laws and the amount of gun crime in this country.  Look at all the other countries who have just as much access to video games.  They don’t have NEARLY the gun violence that this country does.  Meanwhile, there is ZERO evidence that video games cause violence.  Zero.  Jack Thompson destroyed his career trying to find it.  To date, there has not been a single study linking video games to violence.  So gaming companies have no obligation to do such a financially stupid thing.

Video games have one mandate: to be fun. But the companies that create and market them must also be socially and morally aware. They must consider the kinds of experiences they are developing, especially in first-person shooter games.

No, they shouldn’t.  For starters, corporations aren’t moral or immoral.  They’re amoral.  There is no morality there.  It’s all about what sells.  Video games sell.  It’s a billion-dollar industry that is standing with the giants of Hollywood.  This industry markets in what sells.  And first-person shooters sell.  Regardless of the declining quality in AAA FPS games, they sell.  Thank the dumb-ass consumers who apparently don’t have a problem shelling out tons of money for regurgitated crap.

There is at least one documented case of a killer using a first-person shooter game to improve his combat skills. According to the Guardian, the Norwegian shooter Anders Breivik told the court in 2012 that he used “a holographic aiming device” in the game “Call of Duty” to develop his target acquisition abilities.

What?!  You have got to be kidding me.  That’s it?  That’s the best that you can come up with?  Court testimony from one person?!  What a joke.  What an absolute joke, at the expense of an industry that has had a ton of ACTUAL science done to show has no connection to violence at all.  Your rebuttal – this guy said Call of Duty helped him!  Well, you sure showed all those experts!

Breivik played a two-dimensional game, but virtual reality can take skill acquisition to a new level. Players can look all around the scene instead of just staring at a screen. Handheld devices vibrate to simulate touch. Most importantly, players use their arms and body to engage in actual combat moves, instead of just hitting buttons. As a result, the brain’s motor system is engaged. Repeated movement while in virtual reality causes changes in brain structure, which in turn improves performance in the real world.

Okay.  Let me see if I got this right.  The argument here is that VR is going to train people to use real life guns?  Am I following that?  I think I’m going to let you keep going before I destroy your argument by rank and file.

The military has been using virtual reality to train soldiers for decades. Today, everyone from NFL quarterbacks trying to improve their play, to retail employees trying to hone their customer service skills, are using virtual reality training to enable an infinite number of mental repetitions.

And your evidence for this is…what, exactly?  What programs are they using?  How do they work?  I’m getting the distinct impression that you have no clue what the fuck you’re talking about.  How do I know this?  Because I’m going to let you in on a little secret – no actual person is going to learn how to handle real life guns with a VR simulator.  None.  Just like how you can’t play CoD and suddenly know everything about handling military-grade weaponry.  You aren’t going to learn about reloading a rifle, dealing with kick, hitting targets with an actual gun, or virtually anything associated with operating a real assault rifle in a game.

I’ve handled an AK-47.  Kicked like a mule and I couldn’t hit shit.  Those guns are ridiculously easy to use, but the ability to use them well is a whole other deal.  This idea that VR is somehow going to be able to train someone to properly use a weapon is laughable at best.

Not to mention, VR for the kind of thing that this idiot is talking about is not sold in the mainstream market.  To use VR to play a game where you’d be doing the kind of thing like in your average CoD, you need a huge amount of space to move.  The best that VR has been able to do is games that work with controllers because the space needed to move is impossible.  This person lives in a fantasy that everyone is secretly being trained by the government to be killers.  It’s ridiculous.

My argument here is not that virtual reality games are going to cause people to become violent, or that law enforcement or the military, for example, shouldn’t have access to them. But if a possible mass-shooter wants to hone his craft, we shouldn’t hand him an over-the-counter digital boot camp.

The biggest gross hyperbole of all time.  As I said above, you will not learn anything about handling real-life guns by playing video games.  Nothing.  Shooting actual guns is vastly different.  I speak as someone who has done it.  Notice how NOTHING here is cited.  The only citation you’ve had to back up anything you’ve said is with your one reference where a guy says that CoD helped him aim.  A contention that I call bullshit on in the first place.

This idiot goes into a list of things that video games can do better that reminds me of that guy in the anti-video game episode of Bullshit! where he says that instead of having shooters, why not have a guy with a magic stick to make people well.  It’s ridiculous and nonsensical, and it all comes back to the fact that there is ZERO evidence that video games are linked to violence.  None.  This dude had ONE piece of evidence to back him up, because every single bit of the science is against him.

In a perfect world, perhaps we wouldn’t have virtual shooters at all. But for as long as we’ve had media, people have delighted in violent content. Some of my own favorite science fiction films and television series are gory and terrifying. The US Supreme Court has ruled that violent video games are a protected form of free speech, and for years the top selling video games have been first-person shooters.

Yeah, there’s a market for it.  And something else you don’t like to mention is that as video games have risen in popularity, violent crime has decreased.  Not to make the correlation equals causation fallacy, but it is REALLY interesting how that happens.  Trying to have the Supreme Court rule that it needs to be regulated is just as much of an insult to the 1st Amendment as when the angry moms went after the music industry and Frank Zappa kicked their ass in his testimony.  I’m sorry that reality bugs you so much.

Virtual reality is on the cusp of becoming a mainstream consumer product, and every year content becomes more and more realistic. Lucky for the designing companies, they have a little more time to think through some of the potential negative consequences of what they are creating.

VR is dying because it can’t be made mainstream.  It’s cumbersome, the games coming out for it have a bad habit of sucking rather than being good, and hardly anyone is talking about it anymore.  As for your argument, gaming companies have evidence telling them that mass shootings are not a potential negative consequence of what they are creating.  What do you have?

Until next time, a quote,

“From 1931 to 2007, 665 kids died from injuries they got playing football.  This is not video game violence.  This is real violence done to real children by other real children, all encouraged by schools and society.  Every parent worries about their kids.  Every adult worries about all children.  But you need to pick what you think is worth worrying about.” – Penn Jillette

Peace out,


More Racism Disguised as Racial Sensitivity (A response to What Culture)

I remember a few years back now when I went after Hipster McGee on PBS’s now defunct YouTube channel for saying that there aren’t enough minorities in gaming.  Now we have a British idiot from another hipster culture critic channel who has decided to take a swing at it.  Will this be any less stupid than Hipster McGee’s video?  Not really, no.  The premise this time is that gaming needs to have its “Black Panther Moment.”  Oh boy, I’m sure this isn’t going to be stupid at all.  I’ll have the video so you can see I’m not taking anything out of context, let’s get this over with.

This is stupid right out of the gate.  For starters, this film is a bold reinforcement of what it means to be black?  Wow, what a sweeping and broad generalization.  No, numb-nuts, it’s a Marvel film about a superhero from a fictional nation.  Are you telling me that all black people are supposed to identify with this character?  Yes, I’m sure the black guy from the Bronx who is a New Yorker to the core can so identify with the blackness here.  This idea that all black people are supposed to correlate in some way to this character ties into some more racism that this video spews that I’ll get to in a bit, so I’ll leave it saying that this video has this great power of generalizing about people.  They seem to think that all people of the same skin color are naturally similar and their life experiences, where they are born, and the community they grow up in will make them all the same.  That all black people are supposed to identify as African and be so in touch with their African heritage.  How absurd.

I hate that Black Panther, that is a perfectly fine Marvel film, has been elevated so much.  It’s not that great.  It’s really not.  It’s not bad, but it’s not this magnum opus of the Marvel universe.  That’s so dumb.  They say that the only reason people like it is because it’s got black people in it.  Um, no!  It’s because it’s a Marvel film that follows the Marvel formula to a fault and the Marvel formula tests well in this country.  It makes a shit-ton of money.  I like to over-analyze things, and even I think you’re fucking daft!  We’ve only just gotten started and already I’m annoyed.  Groj help me.

Next up they say that films like Blade and Hancock don’t count because they don’t have enough to do with diversity.  Um, what?  So the fact that Blade lived in New York and had the New York mindset all over the film isn’t a diversity?  Oh, right, this idiot has this idea that all white people are part of some big collective hegemony and is so fucking xenophobic of cultures outside of his own.  What do I mean?  I mean that in New York, the way of life there is vastly different than the way of life in Seattle or Houston, Texas.  See, differen’t parts of the country have different cultures inside them.  If these culture simpletons could actually get that, maybe they wouldn’t be talking about how characters like Blade basically aren’t black enough for them.  And by black enough, we mean African enough.  These people are so fucking racist.

So gaming doesn’t teach about a love of culture and diversity?  Really?!  Fucking really?!  This is what I was waiting for.  I’m pretty much about to go off the rails on this moron, so buckle in, people.  I’m playing Persona 5 right now.  It’s a marvel of a game.  The depth it goes into about Japanese culture is just wonderful.  Oh, wait, the Japanese are too white for this fucking bigot.  Or maybe we can talk about the Yakuza games.  They don’t even have a dub, which is awesome.  You get an even further dive into the culture of those games.  But again, the Japanese are too white.

Or how about Horizon: Zero Dawn?!  That game created several cultures for the tribal societies from scratch!  And you learn about all of them!  I can tell you about what I learned about the Osram, or the Sun Kingdom, or the Banook.  I found every culture in that game fascinating and they were able to do that by having the cultures be diverse skin tones, but have cultural differences.  Something that this xenophobic piece of shit doesn’t even address!  As an example, this is some British or maybe Irish social justice moron.  If we made a game that was very much about British or Irish culture and had a deep look into the community it is set in, is that not culturally diverse?  I’m American as fuck and I would find that just as engaging as I do Persona 5.  But no, let’s just ignore that.

This video has the BALLS to say that gaming rarely goes into detail about what it means to be one with your culture.  Bull-shit!  I just listed off three games right off the top of my fucking head.  Let me try some more – Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.  In addition to going into the culture of the pirates and their world, you also get to see some of the racially charged segments.  Hell, that game has a DLC where you play as your former quartermaster freeing slaves!  Speaking of pirate culture and a game that dives into what a culture is, let’s talk about Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.  That whole game has Nathan Drake learning about the culture of powerful pirates who run the gamut of diverse races and backgrounds and you learn a ton about them.  Oh, right, you SJW morons said it’s bad because it basically has Nate as a grave robber.  Fucking idiot.

I could go on for hours about my favorite Final Fantasy games and how they immerse you in the cultures of their worlds to have you come to learn about these characters and their cultural and ideological diversity to care about each of them.  Or maybe we could talk about the fucking Mass Effect games.  They have a TON of codex entries helping the player learn all they can about every culture, and you have all these diverse species and races having different perspectives on things.  Like how Garrus would have taken the Salarian Delatross’s offer to let the genophage go on because of his own biases as a turian.

You know what this moron’s REAL problem is?  It’s not that there isn’t enough diversity.  I’ve just beat the shit out of that entire argument here.  Their argument is that there aren’t enough black people.  It’s as simple as that.  They want more African games with characters who are African as fuck just so they can beat the same social justice drum that they beat for a film that does NOT deserve it.  I didn’t see these people singing the praises for Moonlight, a film about growing up both gay and black that was a masterpiece of the genre.  No, they have to have a film that is superficially about being African so they can say “see, this is promoting diversity!”  It’s because it’s mainstream.  That’s it.  Hardly anyone has seen Moonlight.  That and it deals with being black and gay, which being gay is something that a HUGE portion of the black community is not a fan of.  It’s an ugly truth that these xenophobic morons want to ignore.

I hate this crap.  This person seems to think that all white people are a homogenized group.  Yes, because as a white American I know just how a white Russian (anyone who gets me one right now is my friend.  You know what I mean) feels.  Or a white British person.  Or a white Frenchman (insert Monty Python joke here).  I’m sure I know all about that.

Forgive me for thinking that a black person in New York probably has no fucking clue what it’s like to grow up in a fictional African nation.  Or that a black British person has no fucking clue what it’s like to grow up in New York.  It’s almost like there’s nuance to this or something!

But you know what, if there is a good game that comes out and it has a character who is so damn African that he actually celebrates Kwanzaa (nobody celebrates Kwanzaa), then you know what, I got no problem with it.  So long as the story is good, I don’t care if the protagonist is super mega African so in touch with his African heritage that he wears some REALLY ridiculous clothes.  Or has a lip disk.  Whatever.  I want good games.

That’s what gamers want – good games.  It’s why we all loved Horizon: Zero Dawn, even though everyone says that gamers hate female protagonists.  It’s why Mafia III wasn’t looked upon so poorly because of it’s racial element, but because of the lackluster gameplay.  It’s why you have fighting game tournaments where people of all ethnic backgrounds gather.  Because gaming IS inclusive.  We want good games.  I tell you what, What Culture, you find me a developer who makes to make a game that is so ethnically diverse that it has a genderqueer ponykin, then if it’s actually a good game I will play it.

Oh right, you had that opportunity.  We got that point-and-click housecleaning simulator.  You know what I mean.

Until next time, a quote,

“Perhaps you’re giving the krogan too little credit, or the salarians too much.” – Commander Shepherd, Mass Effect 2

Peace out,



Four Cowardly Cops in Parkland

Growing up, we always tell kids that they are supposed to trust the police officer.  That they are their friend and that they can go to them for help.  No matter what, the first duty of a police officer is to protect and serve.  I guess the FOUR Broward County Deputy Sheriffs didn’t get that memo.  Because while the school in Parkland was getting shot up, they stood outside and did nothing.  This is so infuriating.  It’s infuriating for a myriad of reasons.  Let’s get into this.

As I said, the story broke that four deputies in Broward County were at the scene of the shooting and did nothing.  They didn’t go in to help, they didn’t go in to try and stop the shooter.  They didn’t do a goddamn thing.

I’ve always had a theory that cops are full of some of the biggest cowards.  All of the stories that come out where you see video of cops killing innocent people.  Like the cop who shot a man seven times in the back, then was videotaped putting a taser on him.  You have the cops who kill people’s pets.  Like the cops who killed a family’s dog and then turned their weapons on the dog’s puppies.  The only reason that they didn’t open fire on them was because the neighbors begged them not to kill puppies.  You have the police who opened fire on a parked car, firing until their guns were clicking on empty.  There were 90 bullets shot into that car.  A ton of them went wide.  Lots of brave police in the force, aren’t there?

So I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that these four little worms are complete pussies.  All of this brings to mind that great line from Wayne LaPierre after the shooting in Newtown –

The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Oh really?  Well I guess these FOUR good guys didn’t get the fucking memo.  I can hear you say “you wouldn’t be brave enough to go in!   So why judge them?!”  First, I have no fear of death.  I’m not stupid enough to try and take on the shooters, but I’d be damn sure trying to help people get away or even take a few bullets for people.  Saves one more person that horrible tragedy.

But these people are paid to do this!  They are hired with the expectation that they are going to be there to do what is necessary in a situation that it is called for.  To sacrifice for the line of duty.  What’s these loathsome cowards’ excuse?!  I think of that teacher, who ran back in to the school to try and save as many lives as he could, and gave his life in the process.  He wasn’t armed.  He had no bulletproof vest.  All he had was the hope and a prayer that he could help people.  That man paid the ultimate price for his bravery.  Meanwhile, these four fucking deputies, what will be their price?  My favorite part of all of these things is hearing what their horrible “punishment” will be.  Leave with pay?  If they have Judge Dredd that day maybe it will be leave without pay.

Now we have President Reality TV Star wanting teachers to be put in danger without the aid of a bulletproof vest or proper training?!  Are you fucking kidding me?!  Four cops are too pussy to do the right thing and you want teachers to risk their lives and the lives of their students for this?!  Oh right, he’s too busy talking about how video games are the cause of the problem.  A statement that is not backed up by ANY scientific data.  Of any kind.  Watching the sycophants on /r/TheDonald try and rationalize this is too funny.  They have to slobber all over that retards knob.

I said in my last post that the GOP assholes who propose stuff like this don’t actually buy into it.  They just want that NRA money.  They just want to appease their brain-dead base.  You could lay the bodies of all the victims at their feet and they wouldn’t really care.  Now I know that I’m right.  We’ve reached a point where the parent now can’t tell their child that you can trust the police officer.  That they are your friend who will do whatever they can and give their life to protect and serve.

To those four gutless, worthless human being who have a gun and a badge in Broward County, yet were content to stand by and do NOTHING while a massacre happened, be glad that I’m not a religious person.  If I was, I’d think that there is a special place in Hell for people like you.  You had a job.  You had an obligation to which you swore an oath to do.  But hey, at least you got your health.

If I was the families of the victims, I would sue.  I would sue so fucking fast that it would make the Broward Country Sheriff’s office head spin.  This is their hiring standard.  They hired four pussies onto their force.  They were tasked with protecting and serving, and failed to do so.  I believe that is something that their department should financially suffer for.

Until next time, a quote,

“Powerless people who want to have power so they can abuse it seeking out a field of employment with virtually no qualifications to have nearly unlimited power over the lives of your fellow citizens.  What a strange situation that is, right?” – TJ Kirk

Peace out,



Arming Teachers: The Latest Stupid Conservative Idea

Part of me loves how apathetic our culture is about violence.  We have so many of these school shootings now that we don’t even care.  Not really.  Kids all over the country do a huge amount of walk-outs in protests (props to them) and the establishment comes down hard.  Thankfully, in my home state, a bunch of kids did it and the school supported their rights to non-violent protest.  That’s admirable.  They even worked to make sure the walk-out wasn’t a security risk.  Cool.

Meanwhile, the gun nuts are saying that all of us liberals, no matter how reasonable our suggestions for tighter gun regulations are, are coming to take their guns.  No, numb-nuts!  I personally am suggesting that in order to have that gun, you have to have a license to own it, and that the gun itself has to be registered.  I think that in order to keep that license, just like a driver’s license, you should have to renew it every few years.  None of that steps on your precious Constitution that none of you fucks will admit needs some updating for the 21st century.  “I want me guns!”  Fantastic, you limp-dick loser.  Then go through the legal process and you can have them.  I am not in any way suggesting that we should ban guns.  Not at all.  Just make some red tape to follow through on.  Will it stop this from happening?  Nope.  But it will at least help the problem.  Did legalizing booze and weed stop people from using it illegally?  Nope.  But it has allowed the system to keep track of as much as they can and brings both alcohol and drug offenses down.

Oh, and President Trump has his own idea for how to solve this problem – arming teachers!  The latest in retarded conservative bullshit that we get to hear.  Trump wants to put guns in the hands of teachers to fight back against the bad guys.  Because you have retards like Wayne LaPierre who was famously quoted saying “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.”

Where do I start with how stupid this idea is?  Maybe I could talk about how you’d have to have all the teachers get additional training on how to use and properly handle a firearm.  I don’t want someone who doesn’t know what the fuck they are doing having a gun around my kid.  Hell, I have the same thought about the open carry morons, if I had kids.  Next, you want to put a gun in a classroom?  Where your kids are?  And if Little Billy the retard gets into wherever it is kept and starts waving it around and blows some kids head off, then what?  I can hear you say – keep it in a lock-box!  Yeah, like that has ever stopped a determined kid.  I learned how to pick locks getting into people’s stuff when I was little.

The school would also have to buy some kind of insurance for this.  Otherwise if something did go wrong (as it absolutely would), they’d be legally culpable for whoever got injured or killed.  At a time when schools can’t afford teacher’s pensions, textbooks, the insurance they are already supposed to provide, paper, printer ink, or to get enough teachers to keep class sizes manageable, they now are supposed to add this?

And what about the teachers who don’t want to have a firearm in their classroom?  Trump said that it should be incentivized with a bonus.  But Johnny Dumbshit isn’t gonna want his kid in a classroom where the teacher isn’t arm.  Or Debbie Not Stupid will not want her kid in a classroom where there is one.  Why is she not stupid?  Because there are so many things that can go wrong.  So having teachers have guns in their classroom will have to be an all-or-nothing deal.  So will the teachers who don’t want to have a gun have to be fired?  In a profession with the highest turnover rate of any other, we want to cut the job market down even more?

Finally, are we supposed to expect teachers to be able to handle a firearm when there is an armed assailant?  They have to handle their students, keep everyone safe, keep themselves safe, and be able to fire at an assailant who will be firing back without hitting their students.  What person who isn’t a cop, bodyguard, or soldier can be expected to do that?!

This idea is stupid and on so many levels.  I cannot begin to describe how dumb it is.  The fact that we have a President and people on Congress who believe this baffles me.  Wait, they don’t.  Not for a single fucking second do I buy that ANY of the people propagating this viewpoint actually believe it.

Here’s the thing about this government – it’s apathetic.  While you have the Rhode Island senator trying to put a tax on violent video games, and President Reality TV Star saying stupid shit like this, the reality is that you could lay all the bodies of those dead students and teachers at their feet and they wouldn’t give a shit.  Why?  Because they don’t want to lose out on campaign payments.  The NRA is a crazy powerful lobby, and they pay huge amounts of money to people to spread these retarded worldviews that you’d swear were informed by Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.  It’s all about money to these people.  And the little children get to pay the ultimate price for their greed.

What’s more, the American public lets them.  We are just as apathetic.  I had some homeless guy screaming at me that I’m killing him because I had to get back to work and didn’t want to buy him food.  It was a bummer to hear about him being hungry, but my break was almost over and I had to go back.  But I get home, and in a couple days, I’ll forget about this.  Humanity is so apathetic and dead inside.  The politicians are an extension of us.  And to prove my point about all of this, I’m going to close out on a fantastic quote that puts our government in perspective.

Until next time, a quote,

“Everybody complains about the politicians.  Everybody says they suck.  Well where do they think they came from?  They don’t fall out of the sky.  They don’t pass through a membrane from another reality.  They come from American parents, American families, American homes, American schools, American churches, American business, America universities, and they’re elected by the American citizens.  This is the best we can do, folks!  This is what we have to offer.  It’s what our system produces.  Garbage in, garbage out!” – George Carlin

Peace out,



The Lucien Experiment

With yet-another school shooting under our belt, and all the conservative retards saying that we need to arm the teachers, I have devised an experiment that I am no-joke wanting to do.  See, it’s not like we ACTUALLY care if innocent people die anymore.  We have become so desensitized to carnage in this country that so long as it isn’t us, we don’t care.  All you people who are going to come into the Comments and disagree, shut the fuck up.  What did you try and do to change things?  You running for office on a platform of trying to advocate gun control?  Or if you are a conservative retard, are you running for office on a platform of arming teachers?  If you aren’t doing anything and eventually tune out as everyone does, then shut the fuck up.

A friend of mine who is an educator and I got to talking about this.  She said “what am I supposed to do?  While the students are panicking and terrified, I’m supposed to go into a lockbox, get out a handgun against someone who has an automatic rifle, and then take precise aim at them without hitting any students?”  Very good point.  She said a friend of hers had someone breaking into her house, and she got her gun, but said her hands were shaking so hard that she knew she wouldn’t have been able to aim accurately.  I can’t imagine what that situation would be like.  Hence why I keep knives on my person.  That way, either I get shot and die, or I stab my attacker or would-be assailant and don’t get anyone else killed.

But since America has decided that we aren’t EVER going to do anything to solve the problem, and I get to have all these Dirty Harry wannabes on my social media telling me how if they were there they’d have shot this guy, or that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, I devised a little experiment.  I want to put this theory that all these faux Rambo mother-fuckers can’t actually handle an actual situation like that.  And I want to put their lives, their captors lives, the lives of cops, and the lives of innocent people on the line to prove my point.  I hear you saying “innocent people?!  How can you be that heartless, Lucien?!”  Well, it’s patently clear that nobody really cares about the deaths of innocent people.  All these mass shootings and the public is so quick to forget.  They move on to the next retarded-ass thing.  You know, until we get another mass shooting and they wring their hands about how awful it is, only to do NOTHING to change anything.

In any case, here is my experiment.  Let’s get a building, like a shopping center or a school or a hospital.  Let’s get all the Dirty Harry wannabes in there with actual guns and live ammunition.  Let’s also have a ton of innocent people in there.  The Dirty Harry types will know something will happen, but will not know what, where, or how many people it involves.  The innocent people won’t have a fucking clue.  That’s part of the experiment.  They’re the control factor.  Any scientist will tell you that you need a control factor.  Now, from several entrances will come several violent individuals also armed with actual guns that have live ammunition, with the goal of shooting up the place.  They will proceed to start shooting it up.  The Dirty Harry wannabes have to put their bravado to use and kill them.  Next, the innocent people will be able to call the police, who will show up.  It will be there job to try and aid the innocent people and disable the attackers.

I know what you’re thinking – Lucien, what on Earth are you testing with that insane idea?  It’s quite simple.  I want to find out if these Dirty Harry mother-fuckers can put their money where their mouth is and actually deal with this situation by being the good guy with the gun taking out the bad guy with the gun.  I want to see if they can measure up in a situation where we have innocent people in a panic and multiple shooters and how many of them will stand tall to that, without killing any of the aforementioned innocent people.  I also want to test how many of them will be unsure who the attackers are and confuse them with their fellow “patriots” just lookin’ to stop the bad guy!  Then I want to test how this whole situation would affect the cops looking to help.  You know, the people actually trained.  Oh, and maybe we could make this more interesting by having the building have a security guard or two.  You know, to see if they can handle it.

All of this experiment is really to prove a point that I and anyone who has any experience with violent situations or having a gun being fired around them already knows.  But I want to get real people really killed to prove this point.  Maybe, if we can show the actual body count and who the psychological trauma that would ensue from it, people can learn to shut the fuck up about what a Billy Badass they are.  It’s a thought.

Until next time, a quote,

“How do you figure out how two chemicals interact?  Easy – put them together in a beaker and apply heat.” – Dr Gregory House, House M.D.

Peace out,



School Shooting, Blame Video Games, Again…

I just love how this country is so eager to do anything it can to not talk about the issues after tragedies.  It’s amazing.  See, anyone who knows politics knows that the NRA is an insanely powerful lobby that brings a TON of money to politics.  So I know that no matter how many people get killed, or how many families get destroyed over those deaths, there will never be anything that will happen in the realm of sensible gun control.  I’ve said before that I am not a fan of taking guns away.  That would create yet-another black market, and I’m looking to get rid of the ones we have.  But there is no good reason why we can’t have it be that people have to be licensed to own a gun.  You gotta have to license to drive a car, so there is no good reason why you can’t have one to own a gun.  It’s only smart.

But all of that is just shit that I know won’t happen.  So we had yet-another school shooting, this time in Parkland, Florida.  17 casualties.  And just like every time this happens, the dim-witted American public and the ideologues who want you to not pay attention to the real problems facing this country are looking for things to blame.  As always, the first thing that people go to is video games.  Naturally.  It’s as old as their conception.  The endless thing to blame for what goes wrong in this world.  When all the rest of the developed world doesn’t have NEARLY the gun violence that we do, yet has just as much of a video game culture.

For the ideologues, this is no surprise.  We are STILL hearing about the Russian “meddling” in the last election.  Except the ONLY thing that they actually, allegedly (it has still not been proven) did was tell the public about Hillary Clinton rigging the primary against Bernie Sanders (which has been vindicated by the reveal by Donna Brazile, so for anyone who wants to argue, shut the fuck up).  Those amoral bastards, am I right?  Distraction from the real issues is so prevalent in modern politics because those in power know that the American public is full of some of the biggest retards you will ever meet.  You look at pretty much the entirety of the far-left and The Donald subreddit and you’ll see stupidity in motion.

Blaming video games is the easiest way for the ideologues to deflect people’s attention away from the real issues.  After all, to the uninitiated, video games look very scary.  See, Susan Dumbass sees her kid playing a game that has people killing other people and she just assumes that little Billy’s brain is being rewired to do violence.  Why does she think this?  Because it looks scary to her and her favorite talking head on Fox News said that it’s bad and we need to be scared.  Meanwhile, she’ll take her kid to watch films that have a ton of killing and it’s no problem.  She isn’t smart enough to realize that there is NO evidence of video games causing violence.  None.  There has never been.

People seem to think that all video games are just violent shooters.  That’s bullshit.  There are amazing artistic masterpieces like a game I just got – the remastered version of Shadow of the Colossus.  No shooting there.  Just an amazing spectacle about fighting massive creatures in order to bring the girl you love back to life.  Or you have the post-apocalyptic game Horizon: Zero Dawn.  There is shooting there, but it’s with a bow and arrow.  And most of what you are fighting is huge robots.  Or the episodic game with the art style and sensibilities of an Indie film, Life is Strange.  That’s a game about time powers and a girl solving a mystery.  Or my favorite Indie game, Journey, about a character traveling in a beautiful dessert.  Yeah, lots of violence there!

It’s so easy for the ideologues to market the CoDs or the Hitman games.  It’s easy to look at the blood and guts in DOOM and think that it’s scary.  But these people go so far out of their way not to see the artistic side, or the side of games that doesn’t hurt anyone.  They don’t want to talk about how the biggest shooter right now is Overwatch, a game that has no blood, no guts, and a cutesy art style that doesn’t make the combat out to be bad at all.  If they did that, then maybe they’d have to acknowledge that games are not all just “murder simulators.”  But don’t tell whatever that ignorant-ass Governor from Kentucky that.  He says we need to admit that video games are bad.  Um, no.  I’ll do no such thing.  I have intellectual integrity, unlike you people.

If you want to know the really horrible truth about shootings and this country, let me sum up how all of this really goes in a single picture.

That’s what breaks my fucking heart.  And you know what, that’s what Congress wants.  They want you to be kept complacent, stupid, and ignorant.  So that way, the two parties, who are the exact same party underneath their superficial “differences,” can make bank off lobbying money and swindling the American people.  But please, tell me again how an entertainment medium that has a very interesting correlation with the decline in violent crime is responsible for everything.  All fucking ears.

Until next time, a quote,

“What’s the point of talking if nobody listens?” – Huey Freeman, The Boondocks

Peace out,