Women Should Be Discouraged From Serving in the Military…?

I saw this rather terrible review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi that made me cringe a little.  It hated the movie as much as I did, but their reasons for hating it were just ridiculous.  It made these huge assertions about what the film promotes that just blow my mind.  I hate the film because it is a dumpster fire that butchers Luke’s character, has the biggest Mary Sue ever, and decided that instead of making a film that follows the plot from the last film, it is going to just go its own way.  Along the way we’ll get Leia Poppins and Tumblrina captain.  Great work.

But the video I mentioned had this weird contention that it said The Last Jedi was promoting – the idea that more women need to join the military, which the maker of the video said is wrong because women are weaker than men, on average.  To be fair, biologically that is true.  We are a sexually dimorphic species, and women are weaker than men on average.  Here’s the thing – how does this invalidate the idea that women should serve in the military?

One of my favorite women joined up with the Navy last year.  She is going into intelligence work, and her stories about life in the military fascinate me to no end.  Just makes me wonder what might of been had I not busted my skull open when I was 14.  I am immensely proud of her, and listening to her talk about her career with the military never stop being interesting.  She was telling me one day how she read an article about how the Navy SEALS were letting women join up.  She was skeptical of this for one simple reason – the physical requirements to be a SEAL are insane.  She broke it down for me, and to hear about that told me that unless these women were Olympians who train every day for it, the odds that they will meet the physical requirements to get past the initial phase that weeds out those who can’t measure up is ridiculous.  What’s more, she expressed the desire to not see the Navy lower their standards for women, because to be a SEAL, you need the physical conditioning that they require.  I totally get that.

Here’s what bothers me about this idea that women should not join the military – does this guy think that people see female soldiers as Black Widow from the Marvel films?  Yeah, in the regard it sounds ridiculous.  Seeing a woman who weighs very little taking on a ton of guys who would throw her against a wall is kind of silly.  But here’s the thing – that’s fiction.  And anyone with sense knows that.  Real combat, especially in the modern era, is so much different.  The reality is that you will hardly ever see combatants like in a CoD game shooting each other at damn-near point blank range.  In war you typically have combatants exchanging fire over huge amounts of distance and firing a ton of shots with very few hitting home.  Real war is messy, and complicated.  This isn’t Hollywood, and people know this.

But when you hear stories about the Kurdish women fighting ISIS and scoring real victories against them, or how women in Eastern Europe are forming militias that can stand up under fire, it really makes this argument that women should be discourage from serving not only sound kind of stupid, but more than a little sexist.  Can’t wait to see who calls me an SJW for that.  I said that an opinion someone has is sexist.  It’s true.  And I believe it too.  This guy is a sexist idiot who can’t look at reality and see that things are not as simple as rejecting the stereotypes in Hollywood.

Now look, I do firmly believe that the military shouldn’t lower their standards for women.  If you want to serve in a combat role, then you damn well should prove that you can measure up.  That’s only fair.  Demands for those roles are high, and those who want to take on that responsibility should have to prove themselves.  But while there are going to be less women up to the task than there are men, I whole-heartedly know that such women exist.

The real thing that irks me about the attitude of that guy is that that is part of the reason that the military has such a huge problem with sexual assault.  Sex crimes in the military is a fucking epidemic.  I can’t disclose what I have been told about what they tell women who join up behind closed doors about how to protect themselves, but it is scary stuff. Now granted, there are plenty of guys in the military who have just as much respect for the women they serve with as men.  But it’s like the cops.  You have a job that promotes gung-ho male toughness, you’re gonna get a lot of dumb-shit masculine guys with more penis blood than brain blood.

But the tide may be turning.  Now that women are being allowed into combat roles, things might get better.  For the women looking to serve, just make sure when you go places, you never go alone.  Build up a network of people you can trust.  It’s only smart.  See, unlike the people who say we need to tell men not to rape, I tell you to take sensible precautions because you are in a field where there are plenty of guys who only think with their cocks and leave their morals at the door.

I honestly would love to see the guy who made that video say that shit to one of the Kurdish women fighters.  They’d probably punch him in the dick.

Until next time, a quote,

“We have women in the military, but they don’t put us on the front lines.  They don’t know if we can fight, if we can kill.  I think we can.  All the general has to do is walk over to the women and say, ‘you see the enemy over there?  They say you look fat in those uniforms.'” – Elayne Boosler

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SIONR: Feminists are the Ones Objectifying Women

Listening to feminists talk about women in video games, you get this weird idea about how they see women in them.  All the time it’s about how women are sex objects and viewed as something you can use and throw away.  But you wanna know something I have noticed about that?  The only person calling women in video games sex objects is feminists.  That’s it.  I genuinely haven’t seen any gamers talking about female characters like they are a sex object.

The obvious rebuttal is, “but men talk about their bodies in a sexual way!  How is that not objectifying?!”  If someone talks about sex, that means they see the person as an object?  I am romantically and sexually attracted to a girl I went to have coffee with today.  Does that mean I see her as an object?  I have had fantasies about the two of us being intimate together.  Almost certainly never going to happen, but that’s what it is.  I still see her as a person that I find interesting and enjoy talking to, who I just happen to also find appealing on a sexual level.  There have been plenty such women in my life.  A couple men too.

But I can hear you say “but that’s real people!  They have personalities and aren’t just made to look like a sex toy!”  Plenty of sexy women in games have personalities too.  Let’s take an example Anita Sarkeesian loved to rag on – Bayonetta.  That woman was a kick-ass Umber Witch who killed angels and took shit from no one, and yet she has weaknesses and human flaws.  She has a child following her who calls her “mummy” and almost has her believing that she is the girl’s real mom.

Let’s look at another example – Jack from Mass Effect 2.  She’s damn-near naked from the waist up.  The only thing covering her nipples are belts.  But she has a dark and twisted history of horrific abuse which had led her to become a violent monster.  The vast number of tattoos on her body each have a story, all of which you never know.  She’s a badass fighter and it kind of pissed me off that I couldn’t get her back on my team in the last game.  I’m talking about Mass Effect 3, by the way, not Andromeda.  So far as I’m concerned, that game doesn’t exist.

Okay, perhaps that is too gray for all of you.  After all, it’s pretty clear that her nakedness is part of her character.  Let’s go into a character who is all about being sexy – Tina Armstrong.  She’s is the stereotypical big-breasted and skimpy outfit blonde character.  And yet, I still don’t see her as nothing but an object.  I see her as badass fighter who can and will fuck you up, all while having a sexy body to boot.  I guarantee that if she was a real person, not one guy who thinks she is sexy in the series she is in would have the balls to hit on her in real life.  Turns out, sexy women who have confidence in their bodies tend to have most men being too scared to talk with them.  Confidence is powerful and nobody could say Tina isn’t powerful.

But then I see Twitter posts like this one (linked here) saying that when women are sexy in video games, that makes me think less of women in general, it really does rub me as these people inserting their own biases into their posts.  See, I don’t think less of women as a whole in any way because of sexy women in gaming.  I haven’t met a single gamer who isn’t a MGTOW who has.  I can jerk off to B Jenet in King of Fighters and still think nothing less of my incredibly capable female coworkers or supervisor who is the Momma Bear of our office.  She’s tough, and more than a little distant, but her knowledge has made all of us know that when we don’t have an answer, she does.

I’m starting to think that feminists are the ones who are really seeing women as lesser because of what they see in media.  It’s already clear that sex negative feminists like Anita Sarkeesian are terrified of sexuality and can’t handle women who aren’t scared to death of their womanhood.  She goes out of her way to insult all the fictional examples of women who aren’t afraid of their boobs or vaginas.  Makes one wonder what they think of real women too.  But I wonder what the chick who wrote that Twitter posts thinks of them too.

We’ve been getting more and more stories coming out recently of male feminists who are actually perverted pigs who used feminism to try and get in women’s pants.  Makes you wonder if they are actually the same people that women like this think of.  But then you have to wonder if the woman who wrote that post is just the same.  If she sees women in sexy outfits and does nothing but reduce them down to their clothes.  Would make her very female.  After all, it isn’t men who are constantly critical of women because of their clothes or makeup.  Not typically.  The vast majority of shit-talkers of how people look are women.  Men don’t care about the dress so-and-so celebrity wore.  Women do.  Men don’t care about what brand of handbag such-and-such had.  Women do.  Nowhere does the average man care about this stuff.  Women do.

So maybe it isn’t the sexist gamers who are really doing the objectifying.  Maybe it’s the feminists who say that they are the ones looking to fight for equality.  I think Syetenatheist made a song about this.

Until next time, a quote,

“The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it.” – H.L. Mencken

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Let’s Answer 11 Sexist Things a Feminist (of .Mic) Says Men do on Dates

Well, because I am wonderfully original, and I have just now seen this post kicking around my anti-SJW circles, I thought I would respond to an article where a feminist lays out 11 things that she sees as sexist that guys do on dates.  Some of these are fucking hilarious.  I’m just waiting for the feminist to come along and say that dating at all is sexist.  That men choosing to be around women is sexist.  If these people had their way, men would be asexual imps who have no hormones whatsoever until the woman that they deem worth being interested in permits them to.  Although, that sentiment is already out there.  Saw a woman who posted an article that any form of vaginal penetration by a penis is rape.  No joke, doesn’t matter how much the woman wanted it, if a man has sex with you, it’s rape.  Well, I think I’ve done my usual introduction for long enough.  Here’s a link to the article, now let’s respond to this shit.

1. Don’t expect sex in exchange for something. Don’t expect sex, period.

So, it’s only men that want sex?  Really?  Wow.  How demeaning to women.  It’s like – hey ladies, we all know that you have no sexual desires.  And, of course, no woman wants a date to lead to sex.  Nope, that never happens.  See how sexist modern feminism is?  It takes all autonomy away from women, and puts all of it on men.  Unless this person’s argument is that if a woman wants sex, it’s fine.

Next, what guy expects sex in exchange for something?  Douchebags.  That’s who.  The average guy just wants to go out with a girl.  Maybe they are hoping that it leads to sex, but they don’t just automatically think, “she will totally fuck with me if I take her out on a date!”  The kinds of guys who think that way are the Roosh V’s of the world.  And we all know how society views them – as pathetic.  Please don’t foist your stupid beliefs about how men are on me, thank you much.

2. Don’t tell women they’re “better” or “different” than other women to curry favor.

What if a woman wants that?  Man, this fucking article is so sexist.  It continually denies women’s autonomy.  What if she likes the idea of being seen as different or better than other women?  Isn’t the whole idea of a date to show that you find that particular female of a grade that appeals to you above other women?  I’m having a hard time seeing what you’re driving at here.  And how does that curry favor?  Like, will the chick automatically be like, “he said I’m different!  That wins him points in my book!”  Though, then it comes down to the idea that pretty much everything said in a date is to curry favor.  The whole purpose of a date is to have the person you are with see you as viable relationship material.  That doesn’t happen by being a dick to them.  At least not with most women.

3. Don’t assume women are interested in having your babies (or anyone else’s, for that matter).

Oh my Groj.  I’m dying.  Who fucking does this?!  Who just assumes that women are instantly interested in having their babies?!  Yeah, that’s a first date thought that I’ve had.  I can’t even tell you how many times I have been out with a woman and been like, “that chick will totally want to have my children someday.”  Hell, I don’t even want children!  So fuck thinking that some girl I am going out with will want them.  Where is this person getting their ideas on men and how they think on dates from?  I guarantee, every guy knows that if they bring up babies on a first date, the date is dead.  There isn’t a single man who actually believes it is a good idea.  Is this chick talking about Mormons?  Maybe they’re the ones who see a first date as a potential baby-maker.

4. Don’t treat a woman like she exists to service you.

I saw the Groj, it’s like this chick is just taking the very worst stereotypes about men and then applying them as broadly as possible.  Honey, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, most guys you meet don’t think that women exist to service them.  A guy who is taking a girl out on a date is almost guaranteed to see her a potential partner.  Catch that work – partner.  Meaning that it is something that they are in the journey that we call life together.  They are hoping that the person they are with will see them that way too.  So, since they see them as a potential partner, they will see it as a chance to find out what the relationship dynamic will be.  Some guys are more dominant, some guys are more submissive.  Same with girls.  Some girls want to wear the pants in the relationship, some don’t.  Love to see the autonomy you’re giving to women still.  It’s really equality-minded.

5. Don’t comment on how much she is or isn’t eating or drinking.

This part depends.  I mean, yeah, don’t tell her that she eats like a hog.  But what if she likes food, and likes to eat food?  What if she is getting really wasted and you are commenting that maybe she should stop?  After all, if you drove her to the date, it’s understandable that you don’t want her puking in your car on the drive home.  But if the girl likes to talk about food and really enjoys chowing down, what’s the problem in talking about the food she is eating.  Hell, I’ve gotten into arguments in a Thai restaurant with a girl I was having fun with about who was going to eat the last of the dinner portions.  It was fun.  I’m assuming you’re talking about guys who make snide remarks about women eating like pigs, and sure, that is rude.  I guarantee, that date isn’t going to end well for them.

Also, what if a girl isn’t eating and the guy feels bad?  Like, maybe he thinks she doesn’t like the food.  Then he feels bad about taking her someone that the food wasn’t what she wanted.  That’s a totally rational thing to wonder about.

6. Don’t say dumb things about women’s faces or bodies.

Like what?  Citation, please.  You mention some chick was cut off by a guy about how he couldn’t stop looking at her legs.  What if a girl wants to be complimented about something?  Are you EVER going to take women into account when making bullshit statements like this?  What if a woman wants to be complimented on certain attributes?  If a girl went out of her way to dress up or accentuate a part of her body, doesn’t that mean that she wants that part to be noticed.  I see a girl in a dress that practically has the tits falling out, I’m going to assume that she wants her boobs to be noticed.  I am so blown away by how little you regard the opinions of other women in this article.  Your examples are so few, because I guess it’s hard to get opinions from women on the subject when most women who dress up want to be noticed.

I mean, if we’re going to talk about some dude being like, “nice tittes!” then yeah, that is a little lacking in social graces.  But if some guy is like, “I love your hands” or something, then where’s the problem?  I get the feeling that the only things in relation to women’s faces or bodies that they are talking about are involved with sex.  After all, sex is the thing feminists are scared of the most.

7. Don’t impose chivalry

Oh, fuck off.  There is no imposition by a guy holding the door for you or pulling out your chair.  That is so stupid.  If you are out on a date with a guy, do you want him to just shut the door in your face?  Maybe he can pretend like you’re not even there.  If a guy puts his jacket over a girl when it’s raining to keep her dry, even if you aren’t interested in him, at least be fucking grateful that he cares enough to be nice.  That doesn’t mean you owe him sex, but at the very least it means that some courtesy would go a long way.

8. Don’t assume that, because a woman looks like your ex or another woman you’re attracted to, they’re interchangeable.

What?  What man, anywhere, thinks this?  Your example is that some guy apparently got disappointed when some girl didn’t look like the pic he had of her.  He’s into redheads, it seems.  What’s the problem?  If she advertised herself as a redhead, and she comes in bleach-blonde, doesn’t he at least have a decent reason to be a little disappointed?  The guy in this narrative (since there are no citations anywhere, I’m going to assume that most of these stories are bullshit or exaggeration) gets really vocal about it, which is a little rude, but there’s nothing wrong with a guy having preferences.  You put this on him seeing her as interchangeable with his ex.  Maybe he just likes redheads?  Men are allowed to have preferences.  So are women.

Which makes me ask – if a woman reacted this way about a guy, is it also wrong?  I keep seeing behaviors that you prescribe to men that I could just as easily make the case are applicable to women.

9. Don’t insult a woman just because she’s not that into you.

Wow.  An actual piece of decent advice – don’t be a dick.  Good thing that most guys aren’t.  They can be awkward, forward, shy, weird, nice, whatever, but most guys aren’t dicks.  Typically, if it’s a bad date, the guy will just go home and maybe feel a little bad.  Or maybe jerk off.  Whatever.  But again, aren’t women just as capable of this as men?  Is it as bad when it’s a woman?

10. Don’t have double standards

Man, if it wasn’t for double-standards, you feminists would have no standards at all!  “Hey guys, here’s a list of 11 things that you shouldn’t do!  Even though it is perfectly reasonable that we could do them!”  There’s an old phrase that rumbles around the anti-SJW circles – it’s only sexist when men do it.  And given the things that feminists like Anita Sarkeesian bitch about, that’s pretty true.  This entire list is a double-standard.  It ignores women’s autonomy and pretends like all the sexist behaviors that go on are the result of men.  Fuck this noise!

11. Don’t assume a woman is doing something just because she wants to service your boner.

This took me a few seconds, but I think I got it.  So, don’t assume that a chick is doing something just to get in your pants.  What if she says that she wants to fuck.  Isn’t that doing something to get into your pants?  What if she’s rubbing your dick over your pants.  Doesn’t that mean that she wants to get in there?  Sure, a guy shouldn’t just automatically assume that anything a girl does is sexual innuendo.

But hey, remember that thing we were just talking about, with double-standards?  I bring this up because nowhere is more applicable than in this statement.  Hey ladies, don’t just assume that everything a guy is doing is to get into your pants.  If there is ANY group who needs to be told this, it’s feminists.  The woman who wrote this article is assuming that all of us men are sexist, chauvinistic pigs who see dating as just a prelude to sex.  This entire fucking post has been about that.  So don’t stand there and tell me that it’s men who need to ditch the double-standards, when you fuckers are saying this bullshit.

Well, that was plenty stupid.  Let me know what you all think down on the comments.

Until next time, a quote,

“There’s only two people in your life you should lie to – the police and your girlfriend.” – Jack Nicholson

Peace out,


Critical Examination: Sexy Armor as Expression

Now that Anita has finally cut the last of her shackles loose (Jonathan McIntosh), she’s making new videos about the stuff she was already making videos of, and there’s a noticeable drop in quality.  It’s almost like McIntosh scripting things for her was what made it work.  Because while Anita doesn’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth when it comes to all these feminism nonsense, Jonny boy did.  He bought it all.  Now the driving force behind making good points about stuff on her channel is gone.  But hey, when you’re a con artist, it’s only natural that you want less loose ends to work with.

Her latest video is entitled “Lingerie is Not Armor.”  You can look it up at your leisure.  I’m honestly not responding to the video itself, because the points she’s made are all ones that she’s brought up before.  The idea that sexy women is bad because men are sexist pigs (a mentality reminiscent of the patriarchs in 50’s television shows), these things were designed for men and men alone (because she has to make sure and exclude lesbian and bisexual women.  We’ll get back to that later), and it’s not the same when it’s men.  She also makes points about how the armor is impractical, but that’s a non-issue.  Games weren’t designed for realism.  When I play Bloodborne and a giant monster slashes at my character and does a fuck-ton of damage, I don’t believe that if I stab myself with a blood vial that I’m magically cured.  Games are fantasy for a reason.  If you want a realistic game where women are in armor, fantastic.  Oh, right, back during the time when armor was a thing, you’d pretty much never find a woman in it because women were at home tending after the place and making babies.  But don’t pay attention to that.  Historical context is a magical thing that Anita Sarkeesian knows fuck-all about.

In all her videos talking about this subject, there’s one thing that I think is getting lost in the conversation – the subjectivity of art.  It really is.  This fact beats the hell out of everything that Sarkeesian is saying, because it can’t be denied.  Which brings me to this Critical Examination.

When I listen to this piece of music, it produces in me an emotional reaction.

For me, it’s a feeling of peace.  But there are other things.  It also brings back memories of my grandmother.  I used to listen to this piece a lot at her house.  I remember the sunny days when I used to sit and talk with her.  It’s nice.  Makes the feels muscles work.  What reaction does it put in you?  If you’re a metalhead, probably nothing.  Or maybe one of “Why am I listening to this?”  I could have a room filled with a dozen people and there would be a dozen reactions to this piece.  All of them coming from a very different place.

Let’s take a look at a different piece of art.  This one is from a former friend of mine.


Solitude, by Emily Gelino-Bequette

What does that make you feel?  I know that everyone in my audience is going to have a different reaction to this piece.  It’s the nature of art.  I think it’s beautiful and it elicits an actually sorrowful reaction because of what happened between the girl who painted this and I.  Bet you don’t feel that way.  That’s natural.

I know what you’re asking – what does this have to do with sexy armor on women in vidya.  Well, I’ll tell you.  Video games are an art medium.  It cannot be denied at this point.  They incorporate all the elements of art, from the visual to the audio.  The best games are able to use the art of good storytelling to weave fantastic narratives that get the players emotionally invested.  But even without the story-telling, it is still an artistic medium.

The Sarkeesian argument boils down to this idea that women in video games are nothing more than designed to be sex objects.  How laughable.  The reason for her ignorance (you’re mansplaining, Lucien!) is because she knows nothing about the video game design process.  Let’s take one of her favorite targets to rail on – Quiet.

Quiet 2When you first look at Quiet’s character design, that is pretty sexy.  Those who don’t understand context or how this medium works would look at her and be very quick to castigate her as just some sex object.  “Progressives” like Jim Sterling did just that.  But here’s the thing – this isn’t just some character who was designed to titillate the male player.  This was a character who had a TON of work put into her design.  The Sterlings and Sarkeesians of the backwash that is games journalism seem to forget that the facial animations, motion capture, and voice acting were all done by the same person.  A person who had to work her ass off and go to crazy lengths in order to get it to look and act as genuinely as she seems to in this game.  But hey, I’m sure that they’ll say that she has some “internalized misogyny” or some other dumb thing.  Because why bother giving women credit for the work they do when there’s a point to be made, am I right?

Naturally, they also can ignore context too.  Like how you don’t have to have Quiet as a team member.  After the battle with her, you can kill her.  That is an option.  Or you can never take her on missions with you.  Not to mention that there are different clothing options for her, some of which aren’t even remotely sexy.  Like this number.


Believe it or not, but I actually like this outfit better, but that’s just because I find chicks in uniform kind of hot.  Makes me wonder what it would be like to peel her out of it.  Sexy.  In any case, these things are lost to the people we’re talking about.  Why?  In Sarkeesian’s case, it’s because she can’t afford to let context damage the narrative.  The narrative has to be maintained, no matter what.  To hell with those who disagree.  Sterling is a sexist idiot who drank the Kool-Aid.  He’s like McIntosh in that way.

The point I’m making is that these characters and their “lingerie armor” is just as open to interpretation as any other form of this medium.  Every perspective is going to be different.  Even though SJWs seem to move in lock-step with one-another, even their empty heads have different opinions about what characters like Quiet represent.  But the thing about Sarkeesian is that she doesn’t leave herself open to that perspective.  Her entire argument is beholden to the idea that her interpretation is the only one.  There can be no other.  A statement that is as ridiculous as it is asinine.  The ego of this woman, to believe that if it isn’t how she sees women, it’s wrong.  I can’t help but wonder why this woman and her ilk have such a problem with conservatives.  Their mindset is just like the dad in Leave it to Beaver.

What I find most troubling about this is the fact that so many people follow this point of view.  They think it’s the correct way to view things.  Did any of her sexist followers even bother to look at the fact that art is more than just one individual person’s perspective?  Of course not.  Because Saint Anita said so!  Feminism is their religion, after all.  And you don’t questions the preacher’s message.  Just ask Catholics how that works.  These people have a values system that is given to them by their leader and is understood to be above reproach.  Why?  Because if you question it, you are sexist and hate woman or whatever else.

Meanwhile, for those of us who actually care about this medium and are actually people who play video games (something that, by her own statement she does not), we can see that this issue isn’t as simple as – woman in sexy outfit is bad!  The thing that truly baffles me is how many people who claim to be critics of this medium go along with that thinking.  The likes of Naughty Dog takes what this woman says very seriously.  It’s so weird.

Since this is all subjective, let me know what your opinions are in the Comments.  Unlike Anita, I allow people to express their opinions.  I know, really weird, right?

Until next time, a quote,

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Peace out,


Sanders Likely to Lose California. Let the “You Hate Women” Post Begin…

According to the most recent numbers, it looks like Sanders is going to lose California.  That was really his best chance.  But I guess all those people who showed up at his rallies were just there for show.  Oh, sure, I can already hear people saying,

This is because the media came out already and said Bernie lost!

If people bought into that without fact-checking, then either they’re idiots, or they didn’t really believe that hard in the first place.  Sanders battle is looking like it’s pretty much done.  California was his best shot.  Now it’s done.  He’ll keep up the fight to the convention, but it’s pretty much lost now.  There is no path that I can see to victory.  Which brings me to where I can already see the posts from the media coming out.

If You Don’t Support Hillary, You Hate Women!

Sanders Lost.  Move On.  Otherwise You Hate Women

Bernie Bros Hate Women, Not Support Hillary

Just you watch.  Just you fucking watch.  We’ll get the corporate sellout Rachel Maddow doing all sorts of “news” reports on her sellout show where she talks about all the people who don’t support Shillary hate women.  She’ll have her little drones dredge up comments on YouTube videos (because she’s not smart enough to realize that YouTube comments are indicative of nothing other than people have a cancer fetish) to prove that all of us Sanders supporters are sexist.  Unless, of course, you change sides and support Shillary.

I am one of the people who is part of the #BernieOrBust group.  I refuse to support Shillary.  Ever.  Dead serious – I think we deserve Trump.  This country has a chance to actually do something that matters.  To elect a person who actually cares about the American people, and what do we do?  We piss it away.  This is our fault, and nobody gives a shit.  I say that we need some Trump in office.  We need someone who can make the electorate have to go to time-out and think about what they’ve done.  The worst part is – this kind of opportunity won’t happen again.  By the time Bernie would get another chance, he’ll likely be dead.  Congratulations, America!  You pissed on your best chance for a better future!  Nice work, you fucking retards.

I’m sure there are plenty of SJWs who have already read my posts who believe that I am sexist.  I’m not a fan of Cenk Uygar, but there was a great bit with him on CNN taking them to task for how they’ve covered Sanders on their network, declaring that the superdelegate votes already count.  They then quickly turned it around on him saying, “don’t you want to see a woman as President?”  He calls them out on that shitty-ass argumentation, putting him in a position where saying that he doesn’t support her is sexist.  I’ll give Cenk this, he had a good response –

I’d love to see a female President, but not one who is completely compromised by corporate backers.

Same deal.  If Elizabeth Warren had been in Bernie’s place, you bet your ass I’d be right there with her.  Then we’d have a female candidate that I can root for without being a complete sellout.  Or hell, how about Tulsi Gabbard?  I was hoping that she would have been Sanders VP pick.  He could have set her up to replace him.  Maybe started a trend for this country.  But nope.  Because the system is so utterly corrupt and the electorate is stupid, Sanders lost.

To anyone who wants to come on here and say that I’m sexist because I will never, EVER support the likes of Shilary Clinton, you go right ahead.  Hell, I’ll call you idiots and then the women who think that way can say that they have the smoking gun.  Fuck it.  But I refuse to throw my support behind a corporate hand-puppet.  Sanders, I’m sorry it went this way.  Here’s just another instance where we have a chance to make things better, but we don’t.  Nice work, ‘Murica.

Until next time, a quote,

“There’s a nice campaign slogan – the public sucks.  Fuck hope.  Fuck hope!”  – George Carlin

Peace out,


College Boys in the UK Looked at Pictures of Naked Girls! (A response to The Telegraph)

I know what most of you are thinking – so?  Who cares?  It’s boys looking at pictures of naked girls.  Find me the adolescent male who doesn’t do this.  I want to know.  I want you to find me the teen to young adult male who doesn’t jerk off to pictures of naked girls.  Unless they’re gay, so they’re jerking off to pictures of naked men.  Either way, everyone is doing it.  It’s normal.  What is the problem?  Well, The Telegraph is going to report on just what a big deal this is, when a university in Dublin found out that a bunch of boys were sharing pictures of naked girls and rating them on a Facebook group.  This is apparently national news.  Of course it is.  What’s the word for this kind of “news”?  Right – click-bait.  Here’s a link to the article.  Now let’s talk about it.

A group of male students have allegedly shared sexual images of their female peers online without their consent on a Facebook group.

Here’s a question – were this pictures sent to them by these girls?  Like did some girl send their respective boyfriend or something naked pictures?  If that’s the case, then I’m about to have an unpopular opinion.  Ladies, take note – if you don’t want your naked pictures to end up on the Internet, there’s a simple solution.  What is that solution?  Don’t take them!  Or, if you must, don’t send them to anybody.  Don’t put them in the Cloud on your phone.  In the age of the Internet and sexting, I have very little sympathy for people who get all butthurt about sharing their naked pictures with someone and then getting mad that they ended up online.  You have no one to blame but yourself for sharing that with someone.  So, rather than blaming the boys in this instance, I am going to blame you.  Because it is your own fault.  The moment that you share your naked photos with another person, you lose the right to be mad that they are out on the Internet.

Back to the article.

The University College Dublin students are said to have created a “revenge porn” group where they shared nude images of women and ‘rated’ them, according to a report by the university’s paper The College Tribune.

As I said, if these pictures were sent to these boys from these women, then they lose the right to be angry about it being on the Internet.  And for those who are about to come at me with that “they have the right to their privacy” bullshit, keep this in mind – when Hulk Hogan’s sex tape was leaked on the Internet, how many of you watched it?  When a picture of Justin Bieber’s dick leaked onto the Internet, how many of you looked at it?  Hell, there were articles that talked about his dick and how pleasant it was.  If you don’t want to have naked pictures of you leaked out, then don’t take them.  I can’t help but feel that this is another issue where women are treated like their privacy is sacrosanct, but the moment that it is a guy, sucks to be him.  But this newspaper wouldn’t be doing that, would they?

The group was allegedly exposed by the university’s newspaper last week and students shared their understanding of a group where around 200 ‘lads’ “shared stories about girls they had sex with, shared the girls’ nudes and then posted the girls’ Facebook pages where they’d all rate them out of 10.”

Okay, so it’s as I thought.  The girls did send these naked pictures to these guys, and they shared them.  Whatever your thoughts are about that, you can’t be against them telling stories about the girls they hooked up with.  That’s been a staple of not just guy but also girl culture since forever!  Ladies, do NOT tell me that you don’t tell stories to your girlfriends about guys (or girls.  Whatever you’re into) you’ve had sex with.  Not only do I not believe it, but if you attempt to justify it, you are proving how full of shit you are.  Sharing stories about sex partners is normal.  Everyone does it.  How is this some shining example of sexism?

Students are now sharing their thoughts on sexism at university campuses on social media with the hashtag #UCD200 and speaking out against lad culture.

“Lad culture”?  Fuck you!  Fuck you and your double-standard bullshit!  I refuse to believe that if it was the other way around, the news would be making a big deal out of this.  Hell, they’d be where I am, telling these guys that if they didn’t want their dick pics getting out, they shouldn’t share them.  And I would agree with them.  I don’t have a double-standard.  Don’t want your junk pics out there?  Don’t share them.  This is so much bullshit.

Naturally, the article shared Tweet after Tweet where women talked about how awful and sexist the men at this university are.  Of course.  Something tells me that these same people watched The Hunting Ground and didn’t see it for the bullshit that it is.

The student union has condemned the alleged Facebook group in a Facebook post saying: “We’re not going to pass the buck. We will change ‘lad’ culture in UCD as promised following our election to office.

Oh, so you’re going to change the general psyche of men?  You’re going to make men suddenly not want to talk about their sex lives with their mates?  You going to tell girls that if they don’t want their naked pictures spread around they shouldn’t share them?  Of course not.  The women are the victims.  Of course they are.  Because if women are told to take responsibility for their part in something, then that is just sexist.

Ladies, you aren’t a protected class.  I hold you to the same standard I hold men to.  Don’t want your naked pictures spread around?  Don’t take them.  Don’t want some guy to tell the stories about having sex with you?  Well, don’t fuck them.  If you are at a bar and ponder having some guy stick his dick in you, keep in mind that the story of this drunken night may end up on the Internet.  Life’s a risk, and you play as you will.  But don’t cry to me when you got on the wrong end of life and then get bitten.  The only person you have to blame is yourself.  Take a cue from a TERRIBLE movie about online bullying.

Until next time, a quote,

“Well, what you do online isn’t exactly private.”  – Kris Hillridge, Cyberbu//y

Peace out,


The Only Sexists I See Are You (A response to The Mary Sue)

Wanna know something funny about modern third-wave feminism – it is SO fucking sexist.  Not just against men, although there is that.  But it is also sexist against women too.  In the extreme!  Modern feminism is the most demeaning belief system I have ever seen, because it basically says, “hey ladies!  You are so oppressed in every way!  You have no agency in your lives, sexually or otherwise!  All you are is just a tool of men!”  You go to a high-powered career woman and tell her that, I figure that she’s going to give you at the very least a very ugly look.  I know a gal who, if you called her a tool of anyone, she’s going to punch you in the face.  That woman has a mean right-hook.  I would know.  I’ve been on the receiving end more than once.  Anyway, modern feminism demeans women.

So when I see them making an article talking about the new Final Fantasy VII remake, I am inclined to think that I am about to listen to a long and rambling list from them all about why women are lesser in comparison to men.  This article is from The Mary Sue, a lovely and totally biased and echo chamber publication that I know never reads any feedback that isn’t from the echo chamber.  So here’s a link to the article, now let’s talk about it.

There was a time in my life where I would have said Final Fantasy VII was the best game I’d ever played. I’ve finished it more times than I can count, I used to own as much merch as my poor display cabinet could possibly hold, and I’d rarely be able to play a JRPG without thinking “FFVII did it better.”

Why does EVERY feminist article begin like this?  They have to make sure to establish that they are gamers, in a way that is so blatantly forced.  After all, among people who are fans of RPGs and JRPGs, this is a contentious issue.  A lot of people think that the love of Final Fantasy VII is overhyped.  I myself think that while it is an excellent game, people’s putting it on a pedestal is a little much.  Personally, I think that Final Fantasy X is better.  But that’s just me, and I own that.  I’m fine with that.  So yeah, I am incredulous of this person’s love of it, just because this seems like they are going out of their way to make this a point to remember.

But time and experience changes everything, and on my last playthrough a few weeks ago, everything wrong with the game became painfully evident.

Looks like someone discovered third-wave feminism recently, and it colored their outlook on something they loved.  There’s a great article in The Onion about feminism and enjoying things that I recommend you check out (linked here).  It’s so fitting.

You might be thinking that I realized that I was a prisoner of nostalgia, or that the gameplay aged terribly.

Valid criticisms, but I know that won’t be the case.

What’s happened in our industry over the past year has opened my eyes to the problems in games, and that included my formerly beloved FFVII. I look at Tifa and realize now how over-sexualized she is; less a character and more a caricature of womanhood made to pander to teenage boys that can’t appreciate a fighting woman unless she’s also a sex toy.

Where do I begin…? For starters – yes, because lesbian and bisexual women don’t exist.  Unless they can be your shield.  I am just baffled at how much these people are excluded from conversations like this.  Social justice apologists take the position, “but Lucien, they weren’t designed for them!”  Your point?  My gay as the day is long lady-friend loves all kinds of female characters in games that weren’t designed to appeal to her.  Does that invalidate her opinion?  If we are going to break everything down to what it was designed to appeal to, then Gregory House on House M.D. appeals only to misanthropic atheists, right?  Oh, wait, I have a very religious friend who likes his character and wishes she could debate him about religion.  If he were real, that is.  So let’s circumvent the apologists by saying that if you are going to exclude women who are sexually attracted to other women from this conversation, then just admit that you’re prejudice and let’s move on from there..

Next, so all of her character traits just up and vanish because she’s sexy.  Am I the only person who sees how sexist that is?  These people claim that I and those like me just break her down to a sex object.  No I don’t.  None of us gamers do.  You know who I see doing that – you!  Because you have chosen to believe that everything about this character means nothing because of how she looks.  If ANYONE is eschewing all the traits about her in place of how she looks, it’s you.  It’s always you!  It’s always feminists!  Time and time again, I see feminists doing this shit.  All in the name of “equality,” of course.  Naturally.  Because if their sexism can be wrapped up in a good cause, then it’s fine, right?

I see Tifa as an old friend of Cloud.  They made a promise together, and she has been waiting to see it through.  She did kind of end up getting friend-zoned because of Aerith, but that’s how it goes.  She is a strong fighter, but her character is weak on defense.  A character you have to use sparingly, but can be quite the hitter.  You see her and, “titties!  Titties in a video game!  That’s wrong!”  Yeah, and I bet you are the same person who sees a girl walking down the street in her underwear with the word “slut” painted on her stomach and see that as empowering.  Fucking hypocrite.

I no longer chuckle at the hatred towards Yuffie, because it’s not only unwarranted but serves to further detriment the stories of minorities and those that want to save their culture from unrestricted capitalist growth (more on this later).

Oh wow.  So, generalize, much?  After all, where is this hatred of Yuffie?  Citation, please!  She was popular enough to end up in Kingdom Hearts right from the beginning.  There is a TON of fan-art out there.  Sure, Rule 34 applies, but still.  But you are forcing this conclusion on us to make the argument that we hate minorities and want to tie this in to “unrestricted capitalist growth.”  By the way, I am NOT reading more about this later.  Listening to someone who clearly doesn’t know shit about anything try and explain capitalism is like watching a channel dedicated to knitting (linked here).

Lastly, and most offensively, is the treatment of women in the game. Cid is an alcoholic (what do you think he meant by “tea” in that notorious scene?) abuser of his assistant, Shera, and there’s a silent endorsement on the part of the other characters when they refuse to acknowledge or confront him about his disgusting actions.

Yeah, Cid has flaws.  Do you just want characters who have none?  Is that it?  I think back to that “game” that Sarkeesian pitched in her Damsels in Distress videos.  A protagonist without character or flaws just saving the world.  Cid has flaws.  Maybe he should be called out on it.  But you tell me – if you know someone who is a drunk with a temper problem, how would you confront them?  It’s not an easy thing to tackle.  Character flaws serve to humanize them.  That’s why we like them.  Frank in Life is Strange is a drug dealer and kind of a scumbag, but you find that underneath all that there is a sensitive side that wants to do the right thing by the girl he loved, and just live a life where he can be comfortable.  There are letters that indicate that Frank and Rachel Amber’s relationship was more than a little ugly, at times, but it was clear that he was trying to be good to her.  A good game can not shy away from the dark stuff, but make still part of a larger part of who they are.

And Aerith? Probably gaming’s most celebrated and best-known refrigerator trope.

Has someone been watching Anita…?

One of the few female characters in the game who is not sexualized, whose powers are non-violent, who has a respect for culture and growth, and who has actual character development is killed in an extremely brutal way just to serve as a motivation for Cloud, who is a literal blank slate in the game.

Wow.  What a wonderful way to just ignore the so much about the characters.  Aerith was killed trying to save the Planet  She wants to get the materia, Holy.  With it, she can stop Sephiroth.  But he kills her to stop her from getting it.  She didn’t know that she already had it, which makes the whole thing that much more tragic.  And Cloud is a blank slate?  Yeah, I guess, if you ignore the entire game.  Makes me think that you never played it.  He’s a soft-spoken, very misanthropic character.  He is part of Barret’s rebellion because he is looking for a battle against Shinra, and because Tifa asked him to be.  He can’t remember his past, and what he does remember is a lie.  Cloud is a depressing character, but he still has character.  Aerith’s death wasn’t “a motivation,” you ignorant fake.  It’s a tragic ending to a very well-loved character, and shows just how much of a monster Sephiroth is, killing a defenseless person in cold blood.

I think I’m done with this.  It’s clear that this person can’t critically analyze a game.  The article goes on to imply that Hojo raped somebody.  Citation?  There is none.  Of course there’s not.  It’s The Mary Sue, after all.  If they were able to cite sources, what a wonderful world it would be.  They just want to shove their viewpoint in your face, and have that be that.  The post goes on to talk about how Tifa is nothing but a “fighting fucktoy.”  Hi, Sarkeesian-groupie.  Again, can’t help but think that it’s YOU who gives her that designation, not me.  But that’s none of my business.  Then she goes on to say that Yuffie’s culture needs to be celebrated.  Okay, so her fictitious culture in a fictitious universe needs to be celebrated more.  Alright, I guess.  She says little about her people, because they are a very shadowy bunch.  There’s a reason for that, if memory serves.  Oh, and she then makes a point that us EVIL people in western capitalist societies are denigrating Asian people or some stupid bullshit.

Am I the only one who finds it so weird that these people, who claim to love gaming so much, want to strip everything away and shove it into archetypes that they can hate ad nauseum?  I can’t be the only one.  To Heck with context or characters or any of that.  Third-wave feminism works by just finding something you don’t like about something, and generalizing it so that everything about that work is about that.  Fucking genius.  No wonder these people have to stay in university settings.  Out in the real world, we laugh these pompous little prigs off-stage.

Until next time, a quote,

“Look, I don’t care about your politics.”  -Cloud Strife, Final Fantasy VII

Peace out,