Don’t Cry to Me About Your Pay Troubles (A response to Jennifer Lawrence)

I’ve already talked about my thoughts about this whole “wage gap” myth.  This isn’t going to be a talk about that.  There is a great video by Christina Hoff Sommers, several, actually, where she goes into why it’s a myth.  When you correct for values like education, hours worked, specialty fields within degrees (like how women tend to go into family medicine and things like that instead of surgical or oncology professions), and things like that, then the supposed gap all but vanishes.  What remains could very well be discrimination.  Or it could be the fact that women are not as good at negotiating wages as men.  Statistically, that’s true.  But still, for that little bit, there’s something to discuss.

There is one group of people, however, for whom I couldn’t possibly care less how much they are paid.  If there is a gap between men and women in this field, I REALLY couldn’t care less.  These are the people who make over $500,000 a year.  Hell, over $100,000.  If you are lucky enough to make that kind of money, in this economy, I believe that you really should shut the fuck up and be grateful for what you have.  But what REALLY pisses me off, is when I hear someone who makes over $1,000,000 a year complaining about the gap in pay for her.

I know that Jennifer Lawrence will never read this.  That’s fine.  It doesn’t bother me all that much, because she probably doesn’t follow any of what people say online.  After all, she has white knights like Bradley Cooper coming to her defense.  See, Lawrence is all piss-y about the fact that she doesn’t make as much as men do.  Some men, I should say.  After all, let’s all remember the fact that Lawrence makes boatloads more than most men and women in her profession.  Yeah, let’s forget about that.  But because she doesn’t make as much as top-earning men, that’s suddenly something that needs to be talked about.

And the culture at large seems to agree.  I got into a heated argument on Facebook with a friend of mine about an essay that she wrote on the subject.  Lawrence tried to frame it as an issue with women as a whole, but the whole time I’m reading that essay, all I can think is – will you PLEASE shut your fucking mouth about how much money you’re making?  It’s so insulting.

Ms. Lawrence, I’m going to address you directly, even though I know for a fact that you’ll never read this.  You make a king’s ransom every film you do.  You have a job that is one of the easiest I can think of.  For real, I could do that job, if I had enough practice.  I figure most anyone could.  But because I am kind of chubby, balding fast, and not the best looking guy, I’ll never become some icon who makes more than 90% of everyone in my profession.  That’s not me.  You are complaining about the amount of a king’s ransom you pull in, trying to frame it as a gender issue.  As I’ve said before, the wage gap is a myth.  You point out that your problem is that women are not taken as seriously when it comes to salary negotiations.  That society takes women who are empowered as a bad thing.  That’s bullshit, by the way.  I can’t think of a guy I know who doesn’t like to see a chick who is able to take charge of her own life.  Granted, I know plenty of women who expect the men in their lives to step up when they ask, so maybe there’s some biology there that makes your entire point two-faced.  But don’t tell them that.  Pointing out the science just makes everything awkward.  Ms. Lawrence, I would LOVE to see you work as a dock worker, or a crab fisherman, or an electrician, and then you can complain to me about how bad you have it that you have a job where you can go to work and just emote to a camera and then go home to your wonderful estate and opulent lifestyle.  All day, you get to star in garbage like the Hunger Games films and become a cultural icon.  Poor you.

I will NEVER care if the head of a Fortune 500 company who is a woman is making less than one who is a man.  They are both walking home with millions, if not billions of dollars every year.  These rich people who want us all to feel bad about their problems is such a laugh.  Like how the creator of Minecraft was crying the blues about how lonely it was to be rich.  Because he feels he can’t trust people and the people he worked with hate him now.  You’re worth over a billion dollars, you little shit.  Suck it up.

The fact that the Hollywood establishment takes this seriously just baffles me.  Is there not one producer or director who is self-aware enough to go, “Listen, Ms. Lawrence, you are making piles and piles of money every single year.  You make more in one film than a good 50+ percent of America will make in multiple lifetimes.  Hows about you just be grateful for what you have?  Because I guarantee you, the girl or guy who does your makeup secretly hates your guts, because even they won’t make anywhere near what you do.  Or the people who do all the digital effects in your movies, who make absolute shit, also hate your guts.”

Sorry if this sounds a little angry (which it is), but I just had to put this out there.  Talking about pay and gender is a discussion that should be had.  But not from this entitled little princess, who as I said, makes more than 90% of the people in her profession.  The actress who is working two jobs and taking whatever role she can, she hates your guts too, Jennifer.  Maybe you should just be grateful, because I would give the last 40 years of my life to live that way.  Who in my audience wouldn’t?

Until next time, a quote,

“The Yuppie Nuremberg Defense.”  -Nick Naylor, Thank You For Smoking

Peace out,



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