Let’s Answer 10 Questions Atheists CANNOT Answer

Another day, another religious person who has a video they’ve made asking ten questions that they claim no atheist can answer.  None.  We’re all stumped by these ten questions.  Alright, Christian.  You’ve got my attention.  Here’s a link to the video in question (pun intended), now let’s get started.

Do you believe science answers everything?

No, I don’t.  There are plenty of things that science doesn’t know.  The difference is that the science is willing to admit the things it doesn’t know.  It is the pursuit of knowledge.  And that knowledge has to be tested, because sometimes it is wrong.  When was the last time that your religious book was updated?

Why do atheists care if people worship God?

You know, if everyone was civil to one-another, and didn’t try and use their religious beliefs as justification for violence and hate, I wouldn’t.  No joke, I would think that you are misguided, but live and let live.  The problem is, I know too many people like my girly-mate who was kicked out of her home because she’s gay.  It’s a sin and God hates it.  That’s why she lost her home at the tender age of 15.  So many religious people claim that religion isn’t hurting anyone, but between the violence that Islam inspires, to the hate that conservative believers of the Bible do, you cannot argue that it doesn’t.

Can nothing create something?

How do you know there was nothing?  How do you know that the universe hasn’t always existed in one form or another?  How do you know that our universe wasn’t birthed into existence because of another universe?  Not to mention, since this is the cosmological argument, and the argument is that you needed a God to create the universe, what created your god?  Why does that have to come from nothing?  Man, these questions aren’t stumping me the way the title of this video suggests.

How do you know God doesn’t exist?

I’m not a nostic atheist.  I don’t know for certain.  The existence of a God with unknown properties is an unfalsifiable hypothesis.  You can’t prove he does exist, just like I can’t prove he doesn’t.  However, atheism isn’t a claim on that.  It’s a claim that, given what I’ve learned and the lack of evidence of this Christian God out there, I do not believe that he does exist.  Christians love to argue that atheists just think – God not real!  But in reality, there are some who do, and some who don’t.  However, your evidence for the existence of God does not hold up to scrutiny.  Especially your god.  Like I said, a God whose properties are up the air, I cannot disprove.  But your God, who is wrathful, prejudiced, ignorant of the world as if he was created by desert primitives, that part I can disprove.

What is the origin of life?

I don’t know.  It’s one of the big questions that science is trying to answer.  There is the prevailing theory of abiogenesis, but it hasn’t been proven.  Science is the perspective of cosmic humility.  It doesn’t say “I have a book of desert fairytales!  Therefore I know everything!”  It says “that’s an intriguing question.  Let’s find an answer.”  The thing that a lot of religious people take for granted is that one day, science will be able to create life in a laboratory setting.  It will be basic life, sure, but we will be able to create it based on the tools that exist in the real world.  No spiritual powers required.  On that day, religion is going to be pushed up against a wall because one of the last bastions it has will be gone.

Where does morality come from?

From those in power.  People in power give moral systems to those under them.  This idea that religious people have of “objective morality” doesn’t exist.  The closest we will come to seeing that is with empathy.  But some people have more empathy than others, so it’s not a perfect system.  But every culture throughout history has had a different sense of morality.  Hell, your own book has differing sets of morality from the Old Testament to the New.  So yeah, it’s not holy.  It’s human.

If you were given evidence of God, would you become a Christian?

Assuming it stands up to scientific scrutiny, I’d believe that God exists.  Though, given how many horrible things this all-powerful being sits back and does NOTHING about, I don’t think I’d want to follow him.  As Stephen Fry put it, I’d have some words for the guy if we met.  Heaven be damned.

Why are there no transitional forms in the present?

Human perspective has this really dumb thing where it doesn’t understand how long it takes for speciation to occur.  We live short lives.  On the grand scale of the growth of life in the universe, our time has been unfathomably short.  Shorten down the growth of life on Earth to a day, and humanity as we know it today wouldn’t have existed until literally one second ago.  It takes hundreds of generations for complete speciation to occur.  Though, we can see smaller versions of it.  Like when a species that can breed together is suddenly separated by a seismic event or something of that nature.  Then they evolve in different paths, and when they find each other again, they can’t breed.  That is one example

Do you live according to what you believe, or your lack of belief?

I live based on my own sense of integrity that has been informed by years of being alive.  It has been informed by my sense of empathy, and my experiences of over 30 years of being alive on this world.  It isn’t a belief that guides my life.  It’s values I have culminated over my entire life.  And yeah, part of that is not believing in God, but that is just a small pieces of a much larger tapestry that is myself.  Ya dig?

If God exists, will you not lose your soul when you die?

What?  I don’t even get the written question.  However, I think the question he speaks out loud is more toward what he is talking about.  He basically puts out Pascal’s Wager.  The idea that if I die and don’t believe in God, I risk more than the Christian.  Well, let me put it to you – what if you religion is wrong?  What if you end up in the same Hell as me?  What if the real God sees your faith in this fake God and sends you to Hell, but rewards me for not believing in it and welcomes me to Heaven?  There are an infinite number of permutations of this thought process where either we both lose, or you lose and I win.

But to put it another way – I would rather not sacrifice my intellect to a belief that makes no fucking sense because I am afraid of a mythical place that doesn’t even make scientific sense.  After all, only our bodies can feel pain.  That’s where the nerve endings are.  Do souls have the ability to feel pain?  Since a soul has NEVER been demonstrated to exist, how do you prove that they can feel pain?  This whole wager makes no sense on any level, and thus I have never bought into it.

And that’s all the questions that an atheist CANNOT answer.  I answered all of them pretty handily.  Yay!  This guy is another stupid creationist.  Wow…

Until next time, a quote,

“I’d say, ‘bone cancer in children?  What’s that about?  How dare you!  How dare you create a world in which there is such misery that is not our fault.  It’s not right.  It’s utterly, utterly evil.  Why should I respect a capricious, mean-minded, stupid God, who creates a world that is so filled with injustice and?’ That’s what I’d say” – Stephen Fry

Peace out,



Spider-Man Isn’t Political Enough! (A response to Kotaku)

Anyone remember when Far Cry 5 came out and all the SJWs were bitching about how it wasn’t political enough and didn’t make a caricature of conservative America enough for them?  Well, it seems that the new Spider-Man isn’t exempt from this intellectually-vapid “journalism” either.  Because now we have Kotaku writing another insipid piece where a game that was targeted at young people to put them into the role of their favorite superhero to beat up bad guys isn’t political enough for them.  Letting kids have fun?  Fuck that!  We have to put them into the political arena and tell them how to feel about things!  Because that’s what general audiences love – blatant political messages.  That’s not to say that Spider-Man doesn’t have themes and messages.  The problem for them will become apparently soon enough.  Here’s a link to the article, now let’s talk about it.

Spider-Man has taken on his share of street thugs and supervillains, sometimes teaming up with the police to face down foes and rescue the people of New York. While Spider-Man on PS4 undoubtedly shows Spidey’s allegiance to his community, it also casts him as a big fan of police and their tactics that sometimes conflict with that civic mindset.

So yeah, their problem is that Spider-Man isn’t making enough of a statement about the cops.  Ugh.  Of course, Heather Alexandra wrote this.  What a shock.  He’s a fan of New York.  He wants to take down bad guys and protect good guys.  So yeah, he is on the side of law enforcement.  But since the first part of the game has some dirty cops trying to kill him, it isn’t like the game is ignoring that things are complicated.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let’s keep going.

One of the earliest things you do in Spider-Man is go around activating security towers, made by Oscorp but used by the NYPD, that make it easier for Spider-Man to track crimes as they happen. Narratively, these towers allow the police to better surveil citizens; they also give Spider-Man access to police frequencies.

Um, when does he use the towers to keep track of average citizens?  Nowhere in the game does that happen.  They are only ever used to track police frequencies.  Hell, there’s a bit on Jameson’s radio show where he makes that exact same argument, but you the player get to see it’s more of his conspiracy theorizing!  Man, Heather, it’s almost like you just heard that and assumed it’s true.  I get the feeling you would be a big fan of Jameson.  I love when a game attacks the arguments of it’s detractors directly.  Really saves me a lot of work.

Not to mention, I love how you gloss over the fact that Oscorp made the towers.  Because you have this chip on your shoulder, so fuck the ACTUAL context of the game – that Oscorp is a corporate monolith and is corrupt.  A theme that is central throughout the entire game.  The idea that corporate monopoly is bad.  Seems like you missed that.  Just putting that out there.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man’s enthusiasm for the police—from his stated love of busting drug deals to his cheesy “Spider-Cop” impersonation—had my coworker Tim Rogers calling Spidey a “narc.” While I found Spider-Man as good-hearted and heroic as ever, he was also way more accepting of state power than I expected from a hero with a history of being wrongly maligned by the press and police.

He’s trying to stop bad guys, moron!  That means that, by virtue of what he does, since he absolutely refuses to kill, he is on the side of the police.  Yeah, they malign him, but part of the thing is that he wants to be accepted by the public at large.  It really looks like you’re cherry-picking data points to back you up here, and it’s kind of annoying.  But I guess assisting the cops to any extent makes you a “narc.”  Wow.  Look, I have my issues with the police state as much as anyone.  But the idea that the police are, by virtue of existence, to not be trusted and a hero who wants to help people and save innocent lives should be against them is asinine.

In real life, the conditions at Rikers Island and the systems surrounding it are complex, but games like The Division and Spider-Man flatten that complexity in favor of giving you criminal enemies to overcome. The Division features “the Rykers” as an opposing force for much of the mid-game, and while its radio makes mention of how many prisoners are in jail for minor crimes like drug possession, your primary interaction is to shoot everyone. In Spider-Man, these prisoners function as generic thugs to fight in waves. Despite being a superhero who is on the side of the people, when faced with this element of his city, Spider-Man forgets his allegiances and just enjoys beating the shit out of them.

Um, no he doesn’t.  He fights back against people who choose to fight him!  The people busting out of Rikers aren’t the gentle lambs of the world.  They are violent.  They are choosing to attack cops.  Every single one of them that is in the riot is attacking the cops, attacking Spider-Man, or often both.  If Spider-Man went from cell to cell kicking the shit out of people, you might have some semblance of an argument.  But he doesn’t.  One of his quips is that he will be perfectly content to leave them alone if they go back into their cells and stop fighting.  More and more, it looks like you are just cherry-picking based on a narrative you like to spin.  I can’t imagine Heather Alexandra doing that.  Nope, not once.

Spider-Man’s simple presentation of crime and policing feels tone-deaf in the modern age, when more and more people are growing aware of the class and race dynamics of policing.

You wanna know what’s funny – so many people who think like this fail to understand that police brutality has a deeper problem.  Not the racism, though there’s that.  There is a lovely need in the SJW community to talk about how black cops in the inner-city can be just as violent as their white counterparts.  There is a deeper problem, one that might actually have a chance to be solved now that more and more states are moving towards legalization of marijuana.  The problem is the drug war.  It’s the thing that has destroyed so many cities.  And yeah, there are DEFINITELY racial components to it.  Like how white people and black people do drugs at a commensurate rate, but black people are penalized far more.

However, the solution to this isn’t to imprison more white people.  It’s to end the drug war.  Once that’s done, so much good can be done for the black community in this country.  More than Black Lives Matter will EVER accomplish.  What do I mean?  I mean that we can get non-violent drug offenders out of prison.  This would free up such a vast amount of prison space, allowing there to be some hope of rehabilitation.  What’s more, the legal market would CRUSH the illegal one in a matter of months.  Once the gangs are out of business, businesses would feel safe going back to the black communities.  This would mean more jobs, more income, and help income disparity.  Plus, it would help tame the racial stigmas.  Though the black community would then have to step up and help the police to crush the last vestiges of the crime that destroyed their communities.  Once that was done, what a wonderful world it would be.

This is contingent on mass decriminalization of all narcotics, but one step at a time.  Once the government sees how much money there is to be made with this stuff, it will happen.  The film Layer Cake made a great point about that.  But I don’t expect Heather Alexandra to get that.  She has hair dyed a color not found in nature.  I see such people, I just assume they have nothing of value to contribute.

Spider-Man’s portrayal of policing feels divorced from reality, to the point that it feels out of line with Spidey’s comic book heritage. Comics often speak to what’s happening in the real world. Captain America assumed the role of Nomad in 1974, the same year that Richard Nixon resigned from office in the wake of the Watergate Scandal. The X-Men have a history of allegorical representation of minoritized and persecuted groups. Spider-Man doesn’t seem interested in reacting to the real world.

I’m not aware if you know this, but comic books and video games are two different mediums.  Insomniac didn’t want to make a comic book.  They wanted to make a video game.  One that’s fun for as many people as possible.  One that would appeal to the fans of Spider-Man, with an emphasis on young people.  Kids who saw Tom Holland rocking the role, and then wanted to play a game as that character.  That’s who this was meant to appeal to.  But you want this to be some political screed.  I’m sorry (not sorry) you don’t like that.  You’re reporting on the wrong medium for that.  Video games are about being fun for the audience.  Sorry that bothers you so much.

Until next time, a quote,

“For every complex problem, there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.” – H.L. Mencken

Peace out,


Nobody Sticks to Their Guns Anymore

You know what I’m tired of?  The utter lack of conviction on the part of YouTube personalities these days.  I remember when I was starting to really watch this stuff, there were people commenting on the videos of others, and it was great stuff.  The pwnage videos, then the more intellectual response videos where those responding would still rip someone’s ideas to pieces, but would be more on point and less just trying to get a reaction.  I can still dig both kinds of videos.  But as I watch the platform these days, that’s not what I see, and that REALLY disappoints me.

A while back, Mister Metokur made a video about “Internet bloodsports.”  These videos that people make where they invite people with inflammatory ideas and give them a platform to spout their nonsense.  Often with a ton of other people and them just letting everyone argue and yell.  It’s pretty great stuff.  One such video is where Mundane Matt finally saw his star fall.  His days of YouTube stardom are over.  Not feeling bad about that.  Watching a hypocrite fall on the sword of his own bullshit has some amount of catharsis.  The culture at large is so ugly about this, though.  Why?

Metokur makes a point that it’s the same reason people watched shows like Jerry Springer.  To see people who are abhorrent in one way or another and get to yell at them in a public venue.  Sure, that is the extreme of what I’m talking about with the videos that I used to watch, but it still fits with what I’m talking about.  ReviewTechUSA made this video as a follow-up to a video he did ripping into this moron at The Verge who royally fucked up making a PC build.  It was so funny.  The comments section to that video was a trash fire, but that’s no surprise.

This is something that Rich and seemingly everyone else seems to forget about.  Did NOBODY learn from Jello Apocalypse’s video about YouTube?  YouTube comments sections are ALWAYS a dumpster fire!  Find me a single viral video and I can scroll down in the comments and find people arguing about Hitler or something.  Hell, find me a cute cat video with a shit-ton of views and I can do it.  It used to be understood that YouTube comments sections are cancer.  That’s just how it is after you get so many hits.  No matter the content, people in the Comments are assholes.

Not to mention, Rich is sympathetic to this dude getting racial slurs thrown at him.  I’m not saying I support it, but again, does Rich not know that this is par for the course on YouTube comments?  Everyone fucking forgets, and I don’t get why!  If Anita Sarkeesian actually had her comments section open, yeah, there’d be a lot of assholes saying mean things there.  But that’s just how it is.  Sure, Sony deleted a lot of legitimate detracting comments from the Ghostbusters (2016) trailer, but yeah, there were plenty of sexist assholes in there too.  This is the nature of the medium, Rich!  It’s always been this way!  When did people forget this?!  It always will be!  Any medium that allows people to comment openly is going to have this.

Maybe the idea is that he is lamenting this in some way, but it doesn’t read like that.  It reads like he is unaware of the nature of YouTube.  So many people are, these days.  They don’t stick to their guns.  The moment somebody goes after somebody hard, they suddenly back off and are super nice.  It’s boring.  If you have opinions about something, fuck the people who are jerks about it!  Go after them with no mercy!  But we can’t do that anymore.  Now this is the happy medium where nobody is unpleasant.

Everyone is also quick to forget that it’s anyone.  Any popular personality gets a shit-ton of crap thrown their way.  That’s also been how it is since forever and a day.  A lot of it is very ugly stuff, and people used to get who posts that kind of thing – mostly trolls.  Anyone remember trolls?  When those who use YouTube understood that trolls will troll and there ain’t shit you can do about it?  So best not to give them attention?  “Don’t feed the trolls.”  Remember that?  Everywhere I look, it doesn’t feel that way.  It just reads like people crying that everyone is being mean.

Yes, in a perfect world, everyone would be nice and there would be polite discourse everywhere.  Actually, fuck that!  In my perfect world, people would do their thing, and it would be up to the content creators to accept that this medium has this shit and there ain’t a fucking thing that anyone can do about it.  Unless you close your comments and ratings, a la Anita Sarkeesian.  Because this is the Internet, and the best days of this medium were when it was the wild west, and people were just posting willy-nilly about whatever.

If you have opinions, stick to them.  If you wanna be a jerk about it and go hard after someone, so long as you have an actual argument to make, fucking do it!  Yeah, YouTube is cracking down on fucking everything now, so enjoy the right to post something other than cute cat videos while you can.  Even if the comments will still be somebody arguing about Twitter and goading the people who wanted nice cat video comments into arguing with them.

Until next time, a quote,

“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and start slitting throats.” – H.L. Mencken

Peace out,


Let’s Answer Questions Liberals Can’t Answer

I’m a liberal.  Not something I’ve kept under wraps.  I wouldn’t describe myself as a “leftist,” but that term is such a catch-all moniker that who knows anymore.  I can’t keep up with this shit.  However, a conservative lady has made a list of ten questions that no liberal can answer.  Alright, lady, you got me here.  Let’s see how hardcore these questions are.  Looking forward to this.  Here’s a link to the original video so you can see I’m not taking anything out of context.  Now let’s do it.

If you’re so pro-non-European immigration, why do you live in a white neighborhood?

I don’t.  I live in a shithole neighborhood in a shithole city that is very ethnically diverse.  And since when do I have the idea of non-European immigration?  I don’t really give a fuck about immigration one way or the other.

What percentage of American can be white?

Any percentage.  I don’t give a fuck!  Why are you assuming that liberals like myself are really staunchly opinionated on this nonsense?

At what point is it okay to have a border and immigration laws?

I don’t give a fuck about any of this!  Where is your idea that liberals like myself are so opposed to all of this coming from?  Citation, bitch.

What percentage of the population do whites have to be before it’s morally acceptable for them to be proud of their ancestors?  Their heritage?

There we go!  The other shoe just dropped.  So you’re a white nationalist.  Well, I know I’m ripping off Doug Stanhope here, but if the only thing you have to be proud of in your life is your ethnicity and ethnic heritage, you’re a fucking loser.  If you want to take pride in your culture, that’s fine.  But here’s the thing – white history is not a catch-all term.  Which white?  English?  Irish?  Russian?  American?  Canadian?  Which is it?  If you want pride in your nation’s heritage, that’s one thing.  But pride in the amount of melanin in your skin doesn’t mean shit to me.  So, to answer your question – take pride in whatever you want, sugar-tits.  I don’t actually care.  But if you are going to take pride in being white, prepare for people like me to snicker at you.

When is it okay for a white guy to say, I am a proud straight white male?

Just like before – proud of what?  That he is those things?  If that’s all he has to be proud of, he’s a fucking loser too!  By the way, this isn’t two-faced.  If some dude says, “I’m a proud Vietnamese gay man!” I think the same thing.  Being proud of your physical attributes only tells me that you haven’t actually done anything else to be proud of.  I guess the idea is to riff on the whole gay pride thing, and I’ve already talked about how pride events are not what I think is in the best interest of the gay community.  But hey, people are having fun, so whatever.  At least they can be proud of being willing to walk out in the streets in assless chaps.  Hey, there ya go!  As soon as you can get people into ridiculous costumes and do big parades, then you can.  But remember – the man must be in assless chaps.

What is so wrong when European women want to have white children who look like them?

I’m learning so much about this woman.  She goes SO Aryan in this question.  But to answer her question – not a thing.  Have whatever children you want.  Actually, scratch that.  We have seven billion people on this planet.  Don’t have children.  Given how you think, that’s probably not doing a disservice to anybody.

How many non-European need to be in a country before people say “that’s enough?”

Don’t give a fuck how many people there are of any ethnicity!  So long as they aren’t hurting anyone, to each their own.

Why do you ignore the environmental consequences of mass migration?

Lady, you’re looking at the forest without seeing the fucking trees.  You wanna do something about environmental consequences?  Fantastic, don’t have the blonde, blue-eyed baby the your Aryan ass talked about earlier.  That goes for EVERYBODY!  Stop procreating!  We don’t need more people!  Adopt instead.  Actually give a child a happy home.  There’s a thought.  And what is this mass migration coming into this country?  So far as I’ve seen, immigration from Mexico has noticeably dropped in recent years.  You even say that people like me are saying that I only tell white people not to have babies.  Wrong, bitch!  I tell EVERYBODY that.  Ask any of my people.  I tell them all to not make more people.  We don’t need that.

Did you know there are people getting rich off the important fake refugees business?

Do you know that virtually all major corporations who actually do things in this country and haven’t exported jobs overseas are engaging in it.  There are plethora of stories all about how companies will smuggle in workers that they can pay virtually nothing in order to keep their profits up.  So, you wanna be mad about this?  Well then, tell me how mad you are at companies who do this shit right under the government’s nose!  Free market, cunt-face!

Why are refugees not going to the countries closest to them?

They want to go to nice places?  If you have the chance to leave a war-torn shit-hole and go to another war-torn shit-hole, or the chance to go to a nicer place, which would you do?  And why is that happening at your expense?  Your tax dollars aren’t going to those countries.  Dumb bitch.

Do you even know how many are actually fleeing from catastrophic conditions and not just their own poverty?

Nope, and I don’t fucking care!  You keep going on about this one point.  I was hoping you’d spice this list up a little and not just harp on the same line over and fucking over again ad infinitum.  You make this insane argument that people who come from other countries can’t get a better future because they don’t have white people.  Um, no, dumb-dumb!  It’s because they can’t get the kind of education they can get here.  There aren’t a lot of big universities that churn out some of the best doctors, lawyers, and STEM field workers in the world there.  This bitch is so racist.

Why don’t you go help them in their country?

I’ve donated to Doctors Without Borders, the International Women’s Health Coalition, and to the charity that was helping to build wells in Africa to help people get clean water.  What have you done, by the way?  All ears.

Why aren’t you taking any refugees into your home?

She prefaces this by saying it’s only celebrities that she’s talking to, so I guess I won’t answer this one.

Who made you the morality police?

President Trump.  Just talked to him the other day.  He said “ravioli, ravioli, give me the formuoli” and gave me the license.  Something off about that dude.

And that’s the last question before she ends with a racist tirade talking all about how being white is so great and you shouldn’t feel ashamed for being proud of that.  Wow.

Until next time, a quote,

“I had to remind myself to breathe.” – Lewis Black

Peace out,


Let’s Respond to 27 Issues in an Image

I saw this floating around on Twitter, and when I started to do my response there, I realized that I have too much to say on all of these issues to just have it be in a social media post.  So I’m going to do this on here.  I’ll share the image, so you have a point of reference, then we’ll respond.  Here goes.

I’m going down this list by number, so if you’re ever confused what I’m talking about, refer to the image.

1. Something I believe every woman should have the right to.  A former best friend I had had no choice because she was a teenager, her family already lived in poverty, and the man who knocked her up treated her like a sex toy.  She told me how hard that was for her, but there wasn’t another alternative.

2. I have the most progressive opinion on this than anybody else – apathy.  Somebody who isn’t someone I am tight with tell me that they’re transgender, my response is –

Fantastic.  Don’t care.

3. See previous answer

4. A center-right party Democrat who managed to actually convince people that he was some kind of liberal.  I’ll never understand how people fell for that.  I loved that episode of The Boondocks where Huey realizes that under Obama, not one damn thing was going to change.

5. A corporate shill who rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders.  She’s been on EVERY side of EVERY issue in the history of modern politics.  If she runs again in 2020 and wins the primary again, I’m voting for Trump on principal.  At least the orange-haired buffoon got where he is despite the party’s bullshit.  Speaking of…

6. A complete idiot who needs to have his fucking phone taken away.  Seriously, the whole reason this man is one day going to be impeached is because he won’t put the fucking phone down.  Somebody needs to SERIOUSLY take the guy’s phone and keep him off Twitter.  On the other hand, the fact that he makes policy on Twitter now is making the argument for treating social media like a public utility an argument now.  So maybe it’s for the best.

7. I love boobs, so I fully support this.  However, that being said, if you choose to partake of this you can’t be mad when I am looking.  That’s the price you pay.

8. Couldn’t possibly care less

9. Ick

10. My preferred pronouns are Master/Master/Master.

11. A made-up term by those who don’t understand biology.  Gender can be whatever stupid identity you want, but biology is a fixed scale.  The Laci Greens of the world would have you believe that because there are genetic defects that can make one not fit neatly on the fixed scale, that that invalidates it.  Sorry, but no.

12. Something that would do a world of good in places in nations with Islamic doctrine at their center, or in places in the Third World where women are treated like second-class citizens.  Found out about a neat ritual in Asian countries where, if you want to marry a girl, you can kidnap her and then negotiate with her family to force her to marry you.  Those places could use it.  But here in the First World, it’s nothing but identity politics and entitled people bitching about things that aren’t real problems.

13. A term coined by trolls, that people actually believe is a real thing now.

14. The fact that it’s taken this long for us to get here blows my fucking mind.  There is NO good reason to keep marijuana illegal.  None.  All of the arguments that were presented by people to keep marijuana illegal have been totally destroyed.

15. Don’t even know what that is.

16. If you have children and don’t vaccinate them, you should have them taken away, because you are unfit to be a parent.

17. There is NO good reason why we can’t tighten them to a reasonable degree.  None.  But I realize that it will never actually happen in this country.  There are now so many shootings in this country that it is pandemic, but we choose to not care.  I gave up on anything realistically happening ages ago.

18. Our species refusal to do anything about this, when we had the state of California burning this summer, and the hottest years on record happening every year for the last three years, and supposed to continue through the next five at least, blows my fucking mind.

19. The left treats this like it’s just something that is in the Constitution.  Not a right to be championed and defended.  This idea that what people say that hurts other people’s feelings should be banned baffles me.  The left and right engage in it.  So many snowflakes.

20. I have no thoughts on this one way or the other, to be honest.

21. Having a college degree is the new high school diploma.  The fact that college in this country can be crippling so many people should scare everyone.  It’s the next big bubble that is going to burst.  But this time, it will be worse.  Because unlike the housing bubble, this debt is attached directly to our government after we nationalized student loans.  If America could see a problem coming and actually do something about it ahead of time, what a wonderful world it would be.  I support Bernie Sander wanting to institute free college.

22. We’re already seeing the results of taking that away, and they aren’t good.  But this is one of those issues that nobody gives a shit about anymore, so whatever.

23. A term that has lost all meaning due to its rampant overuse by the SJWs who call everything under the sun racist.  That white people do, of course.

24. Just like the last one, except it’s when men do things.

25. I take this one on a case-by-case basis.  In the case of the teacher in Doctor Strange, it didn’t bother me because the actress is good.  But in the case of Mandarin in Iron Man 3, it pissed me off.

26. What is this even talking about?  I’m confused.

27. I couldn’t possibly care less.  I would rather have talented actors/actresses playing roles than someone who happens to fit an identity being portrayed.  After all, that’s how we get shit like Gen Zed.

That was interesting.

Until next time, a quote,

“Put more than two people in a room and we start looking for reasons to kill one-another.  Why do you think we invented politics and religion.” – Ollie, The Mist

Peace out,


SJWs Finally Admit They Don’t Want Their Own Characters

At least they’re finally being honest?  I saw this on Twitter, and it just blew my fucking mind.  Since I don’t have the mental energy right now to go after this little bit of social justice bullshit, I am going to share the screen-cap of the article with you and take this on as a concept.  Because I’ve talked about this in the past.  I’ve argued that instead of making characters who already have established versions of themselves in fiction become their race, why not make their own characters?  It seems that an SJW has finally come out to say that they don’t actually want to do that.  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself.

So now we know – SJWs really do just want the white man’s table-scraps.  Glad we can stop arguing against that.  It’s just so unbelievable to read shit like this.  Especially with picture of Miles Morales on there!  The best version of changing the identity of a character into someone new, to date.  Miles is his own character.  He has his own flaws and identity and when you talk about him, you come to your own opinion.  It’s what makes him fit into the role of Spider-Man.  But no!  That’s not good enough for SJWs.  Instead of having their own ideas and doing the heavy lifting to bring that vision to life, they just want to leech off of what is already made.

This genuinely makes no sense to me.  Having their own interesting character isn’t good representation?  The way I see it, this is laziness.  Sheer laziness.  Because, when you make a new character, that takes work.  Lots of work.  You have to give them a back-story, a personality, family, friends, problems, a world in which they live that differentiates them from the world of the hero that we typically know.  All of that takes effort and time.  But social justice doesn’t wanna do that.  That’s too much effort to putting into making their diverse world come to fruition.

I swear to Groj, these people are some of the laziest fuckers I have ever seen.  Why don’t they want this?  Is it just to co-opt the white people’s world?  Is that?  Does their need for “representation” just mean taking over all the stuff that traditionally has been done by white people?  If so, can they not see that that just makes them look intellectually and creatively bankrupt?  New characters can be good.  When they’re done well, course.  Part of why Miles Morales is one of the best examples of doing this right is that he is an interesting character.  There are plenty of comics with him being well-written and having his own unique plot.  Making a new version who is a disabled, Vietnamese lesbian doesn’t just automatically make them good.

And maybe that’s the other part of how lazy these people and their ideas are.  They just assume that their version is just as good because it has the skin tone that they want to be in that role.  No, you fucking losers!  There are PLENTY of versions of characters who suck.  Just look at movies like X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  Every character in that version got butt-raped.  It’s why Ryan Reynolds worked as hard as he did to get his own version of Deadpool.  Will the black version of that character be super awesome just because they’re black?

Something else these people forget is that different skin tone means that their audience is different.  Using the Deadpool example, you think that the self-aware style of humor is going to connect with black people as easily as it does with white ones?  I’m really asking, here.  One of things I liked about the first three seasons of The Boondocks (but not the fourth season.  Fuck that abortion) was that it worked to make black humor accessible to white people, and went out of its way to show that there is a difference between these communities and how both of them see the world.  It led to some of the funniest bits, like the infamous “Nigga Moment” bit.  It’s hilarious.

That’s not meant to be an offensive thought.  It’s just how different communities of people process things.  But you can’t tell these people that!  Because they don’t want to process these things.  It’s just “these people have this skin tone, so that’s enough.”  Does that mean I want the Soul Plane of superhero movies?  Absolutely not.  I want it to be done with some dignity that an unfortunate amount of “black” comedy films lack.  Not meaning dark, by the way, but those created for the African American community.

I would think that those who really care about this shit, would actually prefer somebody who is unique and interesting and well-written and brings something new to a genre instead of taking recycled white people stuff and putting a black face on it.  But I guess, according to Steven Padnick, that isn’t the case!  This kind of thinking should offend people who ACTUALLY care about these issues, but it doesn’t.  They go along with it, hook, line, and sinker, because that’s the world we live in.

So, do I think a new version of a superhero that is a new character that just happens to be a Vietnamese lesbian is a bad thing?  I don’t know.  Write it out, design it, if it’s a comic, show me some story-boards for it, and let’s see what you do.  It’s a lot work, but that’s kind of how good fiction comes about.  When intelligent people with drive and passion do their damndest to make something unique and interesting.  Instead of just taking up something someone else made and slapping a new ethnic group on it.  I’m sorry for all the creatively void SJWs who can’t see it, but that’s on them, not us.

I think about all the black superheroes that I like.  The chief among them being Blade.  I think about the first movie with that character, and how he was brought to life so brilliantly by Wesley Snipes.  All of the effort and care that went into making this a cool character, just taken away with a new ethnic group.  Or the version of Black Panther from Civil War.  Yeah, I didn’t like his titular film.  Got WAY too preachy for my taste.  These people who have become icons of characters firmly for the creative writing and direction to bring them to life.  But their culture warrior counterparts would rather that instead of those who took that time to make these things cool, we just slap a new ethnic coat of paint on it.  Why am I the only person who finds that offensive?  It should offend them too.

It’s like saying – we know you can’t make cool things yourselves, so have the leftovers white people don’t want anymore.  And you know, all of this bitching about representation wouldn’t be happening anyway if people in this country could actually appreciate foreign cinema.  But wait, that has subtitles.  I cannot tell you how many people, across all the political spectrum, have said “if I wanted to read a movie, I would have just read a book.”  There are masterful films made from all sorts of foreign markets, but you wouldn’t know that because people in this country (SJWs included) are so fucking jingoistic and stupid.

After all, it’s not like there aren’t a ton of good movies that come out with good representation every year.  It’s just that they aren’t the big blockbusters!  A movie about five female scientists going into an alien zone to figure out the cause behind a spreading phenomena?  Nobody saw it.  A movie about growing up gay in the black community that doesn’t have the usual trapping of a TON of rap in it, instead taking the concept seriously and not shying away from the fact that being gay kinda sucks in the black community?  Radio silence.  A military film with not only a ton of skin tones, but also ideological diversity, with every role being great and not a single miscast in the whole thing, telling a story about the morality of drone strikes for the greater good?  Not hearing shit from these people!  They just want to have the big blockbusters be all about them.  Lazy fucks!

So yeah, this is where we’re at.  Telling black people, specifically, that having the white man’s table scraps is a good thing.  It’s “representation.”  Go figure.

Until next time, a quote,

“Can we get serious now?” -Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, Sully

Peace out,


You and Your ENTIRE Church Are Gutless Worms (A response to Archbishop Paul Etienne)

For those who are unaware, a case has gone before the Grand Jury in Pennsylvania, part of the result of a two-year investigation into six diocese where abuse has taken place.  The report reads like something out of a psychological horror novel.  Here’s a link to an article about it.  Check that shit out.  It will blow your mind.  But in my home state, there is an Archbishop who decided to issue his own statement, and I take some SERIOUS umbrage with it.  Here’s a link to that garbage, now let’s talk about it.

Wish he hadn’t just put the letter as a document on there in this post, because then I could take snippets of it directly.  I’m too lazy to write it out, so if you think I am ever taking this out of context, I encourage you to consult the letter to make sure I’m not.

I couldn’t help but notice something was missing from your letter, Archbishop – a call for the Church to turn over the pedophiles in their ranks to the law.  That’s curious, since we have YEARS of proof of the church covering pedophilia.  There are records sealed in the Vatican laying out the names, places, and how much money was paid to cover up the pedophilia of those in the ranks.  I would give my last 30 years for SOMEBODY to break in to Vatican archives and leak that information.  Imagine all the good it would do to have the names of those responsible out there, so the public could be safe!  Because it is so fucking obvious that not one of you gutless worms is going to do the heavy lifting to try and protect the children.  No, that might be something Christ would do.

You tell people who suspect abuse to go to the cops and for those in the church to believe allegations of abuse.  Okay, but here’s the problem – the victims are children.  And in the link above, you’ll hear stories about adults who were abused as children and had Priests or members of the clergy threatening them with Hell if they didn’t keep their mouths shut.  The bullshit concept that you all foist upon children based on a God that doesn’t exist anyway aside, you have abusers using that as a weapon for silence.  So forgive me if I don’t take that advice as something other than you just virtue-signaling.  That’s what all of this bullshit reads like.

In the post, you say you’re embarrassed that members of the clergy are more concerned about the reputation of the Church than of “rather than for the care and healing of those who were harmed.”  No!  Instead of that non-statement, how about you actually do a REAL call to action!  Like telling your fellow clergymen that if they suspect abuse, to IMMEDIATELY go to the police.  Instead of having the church deliberate on what to do, have them give that child-touching/child-fucking piece of shit over to the law?  This entire letter reads like you just trying to virtue signal that you are doing the right thing.

We are LONG past time when the government needs to get involved in this.  The Vatican is nothing more than a corrupt aristocracy.  They lie for each other.  They protect each other secrets, instead of doing the right thing and trying to actually help children who are being abused.  Hell, this gutless worm cares more about who is attending the Latin Mass than the raping of children!

He says that the church is doing background checks now.  Well how would these fuckers have a pedophilia background if they are being protected by your fucking Church?!  Not yours, specifically (though I am ALWAYS suspect of anyone in Catholic clergy not being suspicious or having known someone who is a pedophile), but the Church at large.  This whole things makes me so fucking pissed.  I have to read this little worm’s none-response to a Grand Jury report that is nightmare stuff.  I have a friend that, thankfully, I have convinced to keep her children away from there.  Which makes her sad, since her kid is coming to the point of having their first Communion.

Yes, let’s pray.  Let’s have a day where we all fucking pray.  You know, an activity that serves no purpose, accomplishes nothing, and doesn’t address the ACTUAL problems.  How about NO?!  How about you start reporting the pedophiles to the police?!  Maybe you can tell the public who the pedophiles are, so that parents can actually keep their children safe.  Protecting kids from pedophiles.  You know, something Christ might do!  There’s a fucking thought.

I know why this gutless coward won’t name names or come out strongly against it.  Why Pope Jorge won’t do it either.  Speaking of gutless worms, his response was even worse!  Yes, say that the Church is not looking after the children, all the while being the keeper of the records that could actually do real good!  Oh, but you know you can’t leak that information.  Lay bare the Church’s corruption for all to see.  Then it might hit the people going there that they are giving their time and money into a corrupt aristocracy, where nobody will take a hardline approach for fear of having their future in the church destroyed.

That’s what it is!  It’s the reason that Archbishop Etienne isn’t taking a hard stance on anything.  It’s why none of them are.  Everybody is too concerned about their own future, and don’t want to rock the boat.  To the Archbishop who wrote this insulting letter – fuck you.  Fuck you, and fuck the corrupt aristocracy that you represent!  You’re a gutless coward, and you care more about Latin Mass politics than you do about your fellow clergymen raping children.  I find you to be the most disgusting of the hypocrites I have made responses to on this site.  At least some of them have some grit.  You are a doormat to an aristocracy that, if America wasn’t so busy sucking the cock of religion, maybe the government could take action against.

Imagine if, tomorrow, the government in this country threatened the church with losing their tax-exempt status if they don’t start playing a more active role in bringing this pedophilia to light.  What a wonderful world it would be.

Until next time, a quote,

“If only half you mother-fuckers in the state’s attorney’s office didn’t want to be judges, didn’t want to be partners in some downtown law firm.  If only half of you had the fucking balls to follow through, you know what would happen?  A guy like that would be indicted, tried, and convicted!  And the rest of them would back up enough so we could push a clean case or two through your courthouse.  But no, everybody stays friends.  Everybody gets paid.  And everybody’s got a fucking future!” – Det. Jimmy McNulty, The Wire

Peace out,