Lucien’s Gaming Clips (Max and Chloe, Parts Eight-Eleven)

With Episode 5 only two days away, I thought that I would show the growth of the relationship of Max and Chloe in Episode 4.  This episode was DEFINITELY a lot more plot-based than character based, but there is still a lot of stuff to show.  Given how it all turned out, I am eager to see what, if anything, waits for these two in the coming episodes.  I will say that there is some sad irony shown in how all of this starts.

You have Max, having gone back in time and changed the past, saving Chloe’s father, William.  She returns to the future and finds that it is a totally different place than when she left it.  An alternate timeline was created.  After seeing how drastically different everything was, Max runs to see if Chloe is alright.  When she arrives, she realizes the truth – that she ruined her best friend’s life.  Again.  The ironic thing is – she was a shitty friend in this timeline as well.  After Chloe’s accident, Max still hardly ever wrote or talked to her.  You can see how this is hurting her.  But it gets worse.

Once the two share a night together, watching movies like old times, Chloe has a request for Max.  Her health is fading, quickly.  She knows that it’s only a matter of time until she dies, and she doesn’t want to keep putting her family through that.  So she makes a request of Max – to help her end her life, and bring an end to the pain that she is suffering.  I chose to help her with that.  It was an emotional choice.  Made me think of what I would do in her place.  To have to live like that, it is something I honestly don’t like to think about.  When she arrives back in her time, Max immediately runs to the girl that she cares so much about.  A neat point – if you read her journal later, Max says that the moment that she saw the Chloe she remember again, she wanted to kiss her like she had before.  A sign that my suspicions are right.  Max does feel something for this girl, and you see that Chloe’s feelings about stuff are getting more complicated, and painful.

I’m getting into MAJOR spoiler territory, but you’ve had a couple months for this, so screw it.  After spending three and a half episodes trying to figure out what the mystery is with Rachel Amber, you finally get the whole picture.  In one horrifying moment, everything becomes clear.  The Dark Room had a secret.  A bunker filled with the remnants of Nathan’s dark fantasies coming to life.  One such folder was one of Rachel.  Tied up, drugged, and eventually, dead.  The proof is when you go back to the junkyard, and find her body.  You never see the slightly decayed remains, but it’s there.  It’s here that we learn the truth about how Chloe felt about her.  She loved her, calling her her angel.  It was more than just friendship. At least for Chloe.  I doubt we’ll ever know what really happened, but she was in love with Rachel Amber.  Now it’s done.  Thus has her descending from a person trying to solve a mystery, to a lover seeking revenge.

The final part of my clips has Chloe ready to finish it with Nathan.  They get a text that he is in the junkyard, moving Rachel’s body.  Chloe is ready to finish it, telling Max that she better rewind, so she can kill him again and again.  When they arrive, they find she’s still there.  The plot thickens.  Max is stabbed in the neck and drugged.  Chloe turns to attack, but then takes a bullet to the face.  You see her fall and die.  After saving her so many times, all Max can do is watch this girl that she is falling for perish.  The killer – Mr. Jefferson.  I KNEW that he would be involved in this, somehow.  I’ll show you the story.

I REALLY hope that Dontnod doesn’t just jerk us all around and make it so that I can’t use my time powers and change things.  I am really worried about where this is all gonna go.  This last episode is where it all comes down to.  Are they going to pull a Mass Effect 3 or an Until Dawn?  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Until next time, a quote,

“Max, when we get to Nathan, you better rewind so I can kill him over, and over…”  -Chloe Price, Life is Strange

Peace out,



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