How Pathetically-Incapable of Argumentation Are You? (A response to PZ Myers)

I don’t know how many of you will even remember this sad, pathetic individual who really should just pack it in.  And in a lot of ways, he has.  His little Free Thought Blogs (the most ironic title in the entire universe) fiefdom has gone from being somewhere that people went all the time, to barely even remembered.  The little “movement” he was a part of, Atheism+, has stopped being even remotely noticed and now is just a message board where everyone who isn’t a mod was blocked, and now the mods spend all day checking each other’s privilege.  Yeah, Myers sure did have a nice run, didn’t he?  But, as is typical in life, those who rise, must also fall.  Especially when you have absolutely no ability to stand your ground and argue your point.

A year or so back, I did a post where Myers had gone after Jaclyn Glenn for her comments about the social justice community and how dumb the infighting was.  Myers saw fit to talk down to her and make her sound like another run-of-the-mill misogynist.  In a way, he very much proved Jaclyn’s point about how dumb the infighting is.  Now, Myers has turned his pudgy attention to another YouTube skeptic in hopes of trying to maintain some relevancy, all the while blatantly not noticing that he is proving the point he made.  Today it’s Armoured Skeptic that up to bat.  For those who don’t know, Skeptic made a video where he mocked Steve Shives and how feminism has become his new religion.  Fun video.  You all should check it out.  Myers, ever the eager beaver to suck on the tit of click-bait, made a response.  Here’s a link, now let’s talk about it.

So, Myers begins by talking about how he was “challenged” to get through Skeptic’s video, with the guy who challenged him saying that he made it 16 minutes before his feels were hurt and he had to retreat to a “safe space.”  Apparently, PZ can handle it more!  He’s gonna show that Armoured Skeptic! Except, he only gets through eight minutes of the video.  What a wuss.  He can’t handle 8 minutes of a video that doesn’t totally agree with him?  What a pussy.  What an absolute pussy.

Then we get Myers making fun of Skeptic’s two little helpers.  Okay.  Because, like with Jaclyn, if a video isn’t totally serious all the time, then it isn’t to be listened to or taken seriously.  Of course not.  Can’t have that in the safe space.  After all, Myers is an “academic” whose views are to be taken “seriously.”  Yeah.  Seriously.  Stop laughing.  It’s not funny.  I swear.

He then proceeds to take snippets of what Skeptic said, some as short as five words, and use that to somehow bolster this argument that he is a misogynist.  My Groj, does context just scare you, PZ?  Yes, because in five words, you can know all you need to know about a person’s argument!  Never mind the broader context around it, those five words are perfect ways to put it all in perspective!  What an idiot!  It’s almost comical how dumb you are.  Skeptic pointed out in his video that so much of the problem with the modern religion of feminism is its utter inability to sit down and talk rationally about issues.  It won’t listen to reason.  Now, here you come and exemplify that belief wholesale.  You use buzzwords and out-of-context snippets to make your argument, and the comments on your article, if not banned at all, are modded to the point that only your yes-men/women are able to tell you how right you are.

Case and point – when Skeptic replied to Myers and told him that he was missing the point, what did Myers do?  He blocked him?  Because an opinion that doesn’t agree with Myers doesn’t belong in the safe space.  When Myers admits that he’s weak, I buy that.  He is.  No joke, that probably the only thing worth taking away from the entire article.  The entire article boils down to – I don’t get it!  I don’t get this video by this guy!  It’s so pathetic.  What’s more, he is so pissed about the cartoon character.  Reading this article was the most fun thing that I’ve done in a while.  It’s verbal diarrhea, to quote Armoured Skeptic, where he takes sentences and combines bad sentence structure and buzzwords.

It’s so blatantly obvious that Myers is jealous of everyone who is more popular than him.  If you take nothing else away from that article, take this point – Myers hates the fact that he is so pathetic and nobody wants to listen to what he has to say.  He’s like a moderately-more successful Brett Keane.  Just as butthurt, but with a minute amount more credibility.  And it makes me so thankful that I can keep in perspective the fact that I am a nobody with a blog on the Internet.  One of a thousand people with one.  But I don’t hate on those more popular than me.  Sure, I wish that I was more popular, but I’m not about to cry and make posts where I mock those more popular than myself in the vain hopes of getting people’s click-fingers twitchy.  I’m not Jenny McDermott.

Myers, you had your day in the sun, and now your time is done.  Just roll over and accept it already.  Because otherwise people like me make these kinds of posts, where we roll you on your stomach and whisper in your ear, “I’m comin’ in dry, you little slut!” and fuck you silly.  Groj knows, you don’t make it hard.

Until next time, a quote,

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”  -Albert Einstein

Peace out,



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