Lucien’s First Take: Tales of Berseria – Announcement Trailer

For those who don’t know, the Tales franchise has gotten more than a little stale lately.  Like, way more than a little.  To the point that some gaming websites have said that the franchise needs to die.  Part of me agrees with that.  After all, the last few games have gotten progressively more and more dull.  It’s bad.  Really bad.  But I keep hoping out for hope that one will come back that has the charm of my personal favorite – Tales of the Abyss.  Or at least something new that makes playing games within the franchise seem compelling again.  Now they have released a trailer for their newest game.  Does this look like it will be worth our time?  Does it look like crap?  What does this game look like?  Let’s find out.

So, we get this dark room, and this giant werewolf looking guy who drops down.  That’s pretty cool.  Setting a tone for a darker game.  Alright.  Then we got this person, clearly a female form.  Alright.  This guy is pretty big.  She might be in trouble.  Then her hand becomes this deformed monstrosity, and it is on!  She puts that monster down without breaking a sweat.  Damn!  Got my attention, trailer!  We then find out that there was some kind of atrocity throughout the world, and dark beings were born.  Now we’re back with crazy-arm chick, and it’s clear that she is on the run.  From what?  Where is she going?  A little blood, more action, this trailer has really got me wanting to know more, which is more than I can say for the last few games in this franchise.

The visuals are nothing to sing about, but that isn’t the worst thing.  The Tales games were never known for their graphical fidelity.  It was always about the characters and story, with some emphasis on whatever gameplay style each game worked with.  And here, that looks to be something this game has going for it.  It hints at some REALLY dark stuff.  This chick is clearly marked by some kind of dark power, yet also hunted by this darkness.  One scene has her in a field of dead people, with the implication being that she was somehow tricked to being there, and her swearing revenge against the person who wronged her.  Then she is squaring off against people, with them telling her that she’s not human, and her saying that if they don’t get out of her way, she’ll eat them.  I like this dark protagonist.  Very violent, which sounds fun.  There is the customary adorable child character, but whatever.  This game can’t be all dark and grim, I suppose.

We then get to see some combat.  The gameplay here is unique.  There is only one character in the party.  That’s new.  So far as I know.  The world shots are VERY brief, which is a bummer because I liked what I saw.  The pace is fast and brisk.  I look forward to seeing how this chick’s dark powers are used in battle.

All in all, this looks like it might be something I want to play.  While I am in no way compelled to pre-order, I would be willing to sit back and see where this game goes and what score it gets before I make the decision to buy or not.  Here’s hoping that it lives up to my expectations.

Initial Verdict
7 out of 10

Peace out,



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