SIONR: The Final Fantasy VII Remake Keeps Getting Worse…

Groj-dammit, Square Enix!  I am so tired of you fucking the things I like!  I do NOT get it with you people!  Do you just not want people to buy this?  Are you going out of your way to make this game as bad as possible so you can look at all the people who wanted it and be like, “see?!  Nobody bought this!  So thanks for that dumb recommendation!  Screw you, fans!”  Is that the goal here?  If so, nice work, because I am wanting this game less and less.  First it was the episodic format.  Then it was the price.  Now, thanks to a decent translation of a recent interview, we are learning that this game is going to become even less appealing to play.  Why does this have to happen?  Let’s get into it.

As I said, from a translated interview, there are several changes that are going to be in this game that we should talk about.  I got a screen-cap that I’ll share, so you can see the retardedness yourself.

InterviewLet me give you the Cliff Notes version.  1. They are going to be dumbing down the dialogue in this game.  Why?  Because, 2. Censorship.  Yes, it seems that even Square Enix has decided to kowtow to SJWs.  This must be people like Jim Sterling’s wet dream.  But don’t tell him that the SJWs promote and have a real-world effect on censorship.  That paid shill will deny it like flat-earthers denying science.

3. No overworld.  So, all the things about the first game that made it cool, like discovering hidden places and stuff?  Yeah, that’s out.  Of course it is.  After all, this is an “episodic” game.  Can’t have too much stuff in it.  That would just clutter it up with all that fun shit.  Icky, I know.  And finally – 4. Less mini-games.  Remember all that optional stuff you could do?  Well, this is an episodic game, after all.  Can’t have it cluttered up with too much fun stuff.  It’s just an RPG.  Who wants all that side-content.  Not me!  Nope.  I just want a game that is linear, straight-forward, and takes absolutely no chances at all.  Yup, that sounds like SO much fun.  And it kind of confirms my theory that Vincent and Yuffie will be sold as DLC.  Because fuck gamers who want a finished game when they buy it!  Of course.

Every single thing that comes out about this game makes me want it less and less.  That’s impressive.  It’s amazing that a company can take a game that has so much potential and basically take a giant shit on the audience of that game.  Nice work, Square Enix.  Do these people not realize that gamers are fickle?  Do they not realize that we will abandon them if they jerk us around too much?  I keep hoping that they’ll learn their lesson.  But it looks less and less likely.  I’m not buying this game.  At all.  Fuck it.  We’re being sold garbage, and told that it’s Filet Mignon.  But it’s not.  You can dress up over-priced garbage however you want, but at the end of the day, it still is that.  This game is going to have to wow in a way that I can’t even understand for me to give it a chance.  But I’m not holding my breath.  Especially when Square Enix is making clear that they have zero fucks to give about what fans want.

Until next time, a quote,

“When you have expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.”  – Ryan Reynolds

Peace out,



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