Zoe Quinn Harasses ‘The Last Night’ Director For Supporting #GamerGate

Oh look, it’s everyone’s favorite professional victim who is back to wear her victimhood like a badge of honor even though the Internet forgot about her years ago.  And since she can’t just sit back and let herself fall into obscurity like the vulture that she is, when the director of a new game that looks pretty cool came out and she found out through her information network that he had said positive things about the now-defunct culture war #GamerGate, she had to get her little army of minions to go out and attack him.  I am, of course, talking about the director or The Last Night.

See, the director of that game actually believes that ethical standards in games journalism is something worth fighting for, and that the world of Indie games is a toxic circlejerk of multi-colored hair warriors who have to suck each other off so hard.  And since Zoe Quinn hasn’t been in the public eye in so long, just like Brianna Wu she had to get the old victim train going.  Also just like Brianna Wu, Zoe is a cunt-rag who tries to play off what at terrible person she is as everyone just being mean to her.

Let’s take a look at the narrative she paints for herself.  According to her, she was the tragic victim of a horrible man who chose to slut-shame her and paint the scarlet letter on her in the public square.  And ever since she has been the victim of virtually non-stop abuse by all the evil people of the Internet.  That’s the narrative that she paints.  The same one that her and her more-successful professional victim comrade Anita Sarkeesian painted in front of the UN while they argued that the Internet should have everyone who disagrees with them removed.  Not that Zoe would know what it’s like for people to disagree with her.  Her echo chamber is so massive that she lives in it.  Every time that she has even slightly ventured out of it the weight of her lies almost destroyed her.

What is the truth?  Simple – her ex-boyfriend Eron wrote a hugely-long post where he laid out how betrayed he felt by her.  Among the endless reasons why was the fact that she had been cheating on him, with five people.  Mundane’s Matt and Internet Aristocrat’s video of what happened led her to being the catalyst to the online culture war known as #GamerGate.  And very quickly Zoe became forgotten amongst the far more interesting topics at hand.  Topics like the fact that several of the people who she had cheated on Eron with were people who had covered in the games media before.  In fact Nathan Grayson became a far more interesting topic than she ever was.  All she did was create a boring video game about living with depression.  A choose-your-adventure game about depression.  Yeah, sounds like a recipe for great “gameplay.”

After the storm that was GamerGate died down, Zoe found herself in the media in other ways.  Like how she was busted red-handed leading a online blitzkrieg of attacks against Candace Owens.  There had been a blog post where she laid out what had happened, and how she was able to put together that Zoe was directly responsible for the attacks against her.  A really scum-fuck thing to do.  As I said, she went to the UN, where she desperately tried to sell that the Internet still sent daily hate to her, even though it is easily-provable that the Internet moved on from her not long after the hashtag #GamerGate was founded by Adam Baldwin.  Given how she was able to generate an attack against Candace Owens through mysterious anonymous sources, it’s not hard to think that probably most of the hate she has ever received was from the same sock-puppet accounts.

Oh, and let’s not forget the leaked chat logs from Crash Override Network, Zoe’s little circlejerk of victimhood that showed that she had actively sabotaged the Rebel Game Jam she had been a part of in order to cash in on the social justice points and make herself look good while the rest of them look bad.  I still believe the person who sponsored that event should sue her.  Or how she doxxed and ruined the Fine Young Capitalist’s fundraising event to help promote women in gaming, which she didn’t like because they weren’t promoting her.  And just like all feminists with a sense of entitlement up her non-existent ass, she had to make them pay for not making everything in that project about her.  But again, she’s a victim.  Not a scum-fuck.

Now she has turned her refusal to let her 15 minutes of shame die into an attack against someone who hasn’t done thing one against her other than support an online movement.  That’s it.  That’s all he did.  Then Notch had to go and take the Internet’s ire by calling her a cunt.  Which, you know, she is.  Indefensibly so.  Zoe Quinn is a cunt with a capital C.  She is a horrible person who wanted to make a game that was neatly stealing the show at E3 about her.  Because why shouldn’t a big game reveal be about her?  And of course the parasites at Feminist Frequency have come out in support of her.  Why not.

Zoe, you are a cunt.  You are a terrible person.  I don’t lightly use that term, but it describes you perfectly.  What’s more, you actually believed you are owed something for the fact that people see you for what you are after all of the debacle that you were barely a part of.  You believe that you are owed.  That just blows my fucking mind.  Zoe Quinn feels that the Internet owes HER for the shit she has pulled.  No, Zoe!  You owe people an apology.  People like Eron, who had those of us who supported GamerGate donate to his defense fund, which when you realized that the trial didn’t make you look good you dropped.  People like Candace Owens, who busted you dead to rights for a campaign of doxing and harassment through sock puppet accounts.  There are so many people who you owe.  But you won’t.  After all, admitting wrongdoing just fucks with the narrative.  Can’t have that.  Then you might start self-reflection and that might just lead you to realize what a fucking piece of shit you are.

Until next time, a quote,

“Mr Worf, villains who twirl their mustaches are easy to spot.  Those who clothe themselves in good deeds are well-camouflaged.” – Capt. Picard

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#GamerGate Blamed for Trump’s Election (A response to L.A. Times)

Man, here’s something I never thought I would be talking about again.  It’s been YEARS since GamerGate was a thing.  During the heyday battles, it was a conflict that ran the gamut of ideological participants.  It brought groups who absolutely despise one-another together for the common goal of striking back against the games media and how corrupt it had become.  How it was pretty blatantly shilling a progressive message and leaving any form of objectivity at the door.  A fact that was apparently championed by “consumer advocate” landwhales like Jim Sterling, who listened to a game dev talk about doxing people and nodded while saying “absolutely.”  Given his stances on Quiet and sexy women in games, that should surprise no one.

I’ve heard every group imaginable be blamed for Donald Trump getting elected.  Russia is the biggest one, for their alleged leaks of documents that not one person has been able to prove are untrue.  Assuming it is true, I say that we should be thanking them.  Russia didn’t leak some lie to the American people.  It was the truth.  The truth about Hillary Clinton having her entire party behind her and manipulating the electoral process as much as possible to destroy Bernie Sanders.  Huh, makes you wonder if the reason that people didn’t like her is because she is a vindictive bitch.  That’s not to say that I like Trump.  Although, when you think about the alternatives, he really is the best option.  Hillary was doomed, regardless.  Had it been Ted Cruz who won the primary, he would have taken the WikiLeaks documents and beaten her to death with them.

However, in addition to blaming Russia, Millennials, Bernie Sanders, and neo-nazis for Trump winning, now the L.A. Times wants to add GamerGate to the pile.  Oh boy, this should be fun.  Here’s a link to the article, now let’s talk about it.

SEE IF THIS CAMPAIGN TACTIC sounds familiar: Rally white men who feel the world is changing too fast, leverage racial bias for the cause, and demean women along the way.

The strategy belonged to a radical corner of the gaming world that may have provided the winning playbook for the campaign that won the presidential election.

I’m gonna destroy the white men argument right out of the gate so I don’t have to bring that up again when destroying the rest of this bullshit argument.  Because this author clearly gets his news from BuzzFeed, I guess he didn’t know about the tag that came with GamerGate – #NotYourShield.  Here’s a video that may put it into perspective.  Alright, moving on.  I can already see the insane strawman corollary that is being drawn here, but let’s let him get into it a bit more.

“Gamergate” is the term now used to describe the movement in which Internet trolls attacked high-profile people in the game industry if they attempted to change — or even speak out about — the misogynistic themes of video games. They are the gaming world’s radical right, and they’re fighting back against what they see as the onslaught of politically correct culture.

Actually, numb-nuts, GamerGate supporters ran the spectrum of political ideologies.  There are left-leaning social libertarians like me.  You had classical liberals like Sargon of Akkad.  You had conservatives who tried to avoid the politics of it all like Internet Aristocrat.  You had left-leaning gaming commentators like Mundane Matt.  There were all kinds in this movement.  If anything, it was impressive in how it brought together not just people of different ideologies, but people from various gaming spheres.  GameFAQs and Reddit forums came together in a show of solidarity never seen before.  Boards that hated each other like it was no one’s business on 4chan came together.  And all of it was sparked off when Eron Gjoni wrote his post, which Mundane Matt covered in a video that got a DMCA flag, which caught Internet Aristocrat’s attention.  You can’t even make your caricature of GamerGate right.  But again, he probably got all of his news from BuzzFeed and the rest of the left-leaning media.  It didn’t matter how many people debunked what they were saying, the narrative stuck.

The trajectories of Trump and Gamergate could be practically charted by the same graph — guys (for the most part) that a significant portion of the country didn’t take  seriously pandered to humanity’s most base instincts and won.

Actually, they are very far apart.  GamerGate was tired of the social justice culture injecting itself into video games.  You say that we rebelled against news outlets talking about “misogynistic themes in video games” (citation, please), but that’s not true.  What we rebelled against was the injection of social justice where it clearly wasn’t wanted or needed.  I’m sure you will come on and say, “It was needed!  Gaming is misogyny!  Just look at how sexy that woman is!  That’s demeaning to all women!”  However, there were a TON of very well-educated voices who spoke out against this attitude.  Like this video by Christina Hoff Summers.

Donald Trump won the election because he convinced people that he was some big outsider who was going to fight against the corporate government establishment that people were so tired of.  He capitalized on the same energy the Bernie Sanders had.  I knew that Trump wasn’t some big outsider, because I actually pay attention to history.  He’s center-right, much like Hillary Clinton.  There really isn’t that much difference between them.  GamerGate started as a consumer revolt.  Donald Trump started as a con artist capitalizing on energy that a genuine believer already had stirred up.  The truth is that these two movements have almost nothing in common, outside of people being tired of the status quo, and fighting against it.

The term “Gamergate” emerged as a hashtag in mid-August 2014. It described the attacks, particularly on women in the gaming world, by trolls and eventually their de-facto leader Milo Yiannopoulos, who became Gamergate’s Breitbart champion.

There were no leaders in this movement, dude.  None.  That was part of the problem.  The movement had no unifying message.  Some of its proponents took actions, and some didn’t.  Some chose to do this thing or that thing, but the truth is that all we had in common was a shared dislike of politics in video games journalism.  We just wanted to get straight news, and not have to hear about how Gone Home is the greatest game ever, just because it involves a gay chick.  Whoopty-fucking-doo.  Milo was definitely an ally of the movement, but he was not a leader.  I am really wondering where this guy got his news.

He goes on to make Milo out to be just like Trump.  This dude will take whatever he can to try and make these two things seem connected.  It’s kind of sad, if we’re being honest here.

Female game designers and journalists who spoke out about a more inclusive future for the medium were harassed on social media with threats of physical attacks, rape and death. Their emails were leaked (sound familiar?), and some saw details about their personal lives published online.

Let’s break this down, piece by piece.  I know what “game developers” he’s talking about – Zoe Quinn and Brianna Wu.  Zoe Quinn was nothing to the movement but a launching point.  To be honest, we cared more about Nathan Grayson than we did about her.  After all, it was him that she was sleeping with, and him who had given her positive coverage (not a review.  People had said he reviewed her game, and that wasn’t true.  But he had written positive articles about her.  He is also crediting in Quinn’s “game” Depression Quest), which basically broke every rule about conflict of interest.  After she faded from the spotlight, she did everything she possibly could to pretend that the movement still cared about her.  Neat thing – Quinn was actually busted propagating a harassment campaign against a developer of an app.  Dead to rights, she was busted exploited personal information the app developer gave her to orchestrate a harassment campaign, and only stopped when the person threatened to go public about it.  Which they did anyway.  Well-played.

Next up we have Brianna Wu.  A woman whose 15 minutes of fame went on FAR too long.  She was one of the many people who came out and attempted to make the story about her.  Every time she could possibly find a way to make herself out to be the victim, she did.  Like when she exploited the death of a woman who wasn’t even remotely connected to GamerGate to sell her own victimhood.  An act so repulsive that I was openly venomous with her.  Using the horrific death of a woman to sell the fact that she is “in danger” was just sick.  Then, Wu was busted trolling herself on Steam to try and rack up victimhood points.  Guess she didn’t get the memo to make sure to switch to an appropriately-misogynistic sock-puppet account first.  Idiot.

As for the leaked emails, I’m assuming he’s talking about the GameJournoPros list that got leaked.  Neat fact about that – most of the emails and senders whose names got leaked in that were men.  This Todd really must get his news from a fantastic source.

“Lock her up,” Trump supporters shouted about Hillary Clinton.

“I hope you die,” Gamergate champions tweeted at Anita Sarkeesian, a prominent cultural critic who critiques games from a feminist perspective.

Yes, let’s equate what people said at a political rally to what trolls said to a con artist who used them to get victim points.  Sure, that sounds equivalent.

Gamergate advocates argued that gaming journalists were corrupt and were colluding to bring a politically correct makeover to the medium (read: take away our digital guns, treat women as something more than sex objects and cast someone — anyone — other than a white male as the lead protagonist).

Wow.  What gross hyperbole.  Care to back that up with a citation?  Because, from where I’m sitting, Internet Aristocrat made a truly fantastic series of videos detailing how the story played out (linked here).  I suggest you take a look at that before saying that we were all just losing our shit over nothing, which I take it is what you meant with this comparison.

Also, treat women as something other than sex objects?  Considering how many women were involved in GamerGate, that’s fucking sexist, dude.  That’s basically denying the women involved and their opinions on the subject.  Fuck you.

Those who bought into his words targeted their ire at female critics who sought to intellectualize the medium. Ultimately, they were only bringing to light gaming’s more regrettable traits: that it has long pandered to a male-focused, gun-obsessed community where women were damsels more often than heroes.

To intellectualize the medium?  Oh really? By disabling comments and not once responding to critics, many of whom were level-headed and who wanted honest debate with the likes of Anita Sarkeesian?  Gee, funny how that works.  Seems that revisionist history is alive and well.  But you are making comparisons to GamerGate and Donald Trump.  I’m not surprised.

As for the “regrettable traits,” there have been a TON of fantastic, well-researched, well-made videos that have shown the points that the likes of Anita Sarkeesian has made to be ridiculous.  Here’s one by Mr Repzion.  Here’s one by Triox.  These videos that Anita has done about the “regrettable traits” blatantly ignore context and use bad examples.  But since research clearly isn’t your strong suit, I guess you don’t really care.  Oh well.

The biggest, most visible games are still largely created by men for boys. Gamergate ultimately was driven by nostalgia and fear of change.

“Keep politics out of games,” was Gamergate proponents’ rallying cry, but they may as well have been saying, “Make games great again.”

Bullshit.  GamerGate was driven by the disgust we had at a blatantly-corrupt gaming journalism scene, along with the white knights who defended it.  This idea that we were just like people at a rally is stupid.  Not to mention – games are already great.  They were great before the SJWs decided to inject their bullshit narrative into gaming.  And since games have continued on the straight and narrow and are a billion-dollar industry, it seems they will keep being great.  Works for me.

There’s evidence that major developers are listening to their broader audience rather than being bullied by Gamergate, as recent titles such as “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End,” “Watch Dogs 2” and “Dishonored 2” have touched on mature themes with a wide variety of characters.

Another one of these hipster gamers who doesn’t have ANY perspective on gaming to realize that touching on “mature themes” goes back a long way.  Like how the character of Billy in Xenogears was a child prostitute to help feed his family.  Or how one of the biggest themes in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the tragedy of getting old and the inevitability of aging.  Not to mention the truly dark and dismal themes in the follow-up game Majora’s Mask that touched on why being an adult sucks, that time and death is inevitable, and that life goes on in even the worst of circumstances.  Then there is Final Fantasy X, which looked at the corruption of religion, atheism, and how faith can be used to control a population.  But please, tell me more about how gaming is just now getting “mature themes.”  What a brilliant researcher.  This guy must be making the big bucks at the L.A. Times.

For much of the last decade, the biggest game franchises — “Call of Duty” and “Grand Theft Auto” among them — were driven by guns and disparaging views of women and minorities. And unlike the Republican Party, the game industry has done this without lobbying money.

Man, how bad are you at research?  The most recent GTA had one of the protagonists as a black man.  I am sure you will say the disparaging thing toward women was the whole “have sex with a prostitute and then run them over with your car.”  That’s only disparaging if you think that 1. Having sex with a prostitute demeans women (if you do think that, you are sexist as fuck.  It’s a profession that plenty of women choose to do.  Some are forced into it, but some women do it out of financial desperation.  Are you saying those women are lesser for making that choice?  That’s sexist as fuck), and 2. you ignore the fact that you can run over every single character in the game with your car, if you want.

As for CoD, those games run the gamut in terms of ethnicities of the protagonists and antagonists.  And there are lots of chicks in the games too.  Where’s the sexist part there?  Still showing off those stellar research skills, Todd.

It may as well have been content unwittingly aimed directly at the so-called alt-right community, the loosely defined movement made up of social media-savvy white nationalists that has also attracted neo-Nazis, anti-Semites and misogynists.

Find me some evidence, ANY evidence, that this insane bit of hyperbole is even remotely true?  There isn’t any.  None.  You are so full of shit.

“The people who promoted Gamergate said they were concerned about journalism ethics,” read a post on PressThink, a site maintained by New York University professor Jay Rosen. “As a professor of journalism with a social media bent, I felt obligated to examine their claims. When I did I discovered nasty troll behavior with a hard edge of misogyny.”

Wow, a quote that has NO additional context.  I’d love to hear their evidence.  Maybe a link to the article, so we can review it ourselves?  What’s that?  Nothing?  Gee, it makes me think that you were just quote-mining for people who agreed with you that you could use to help make what you say sound good.  In fact, a single link at all in this article would have been nice.  You know, help the credibility thing along.

So Hollywood isn’t out of touch with the real — make that conservative — America, after all. The entertainment powerhouses behind the world’s biggest games have directly targeted it. And now the rest of the country  — the majority of voters behind the popular vote, if you will — can’t press the jump button to avoid it.

This article was as lacking in evidence was it was in ANY substantive connections between GamerGate and Trump.  I’m not at all surprised that the connection was made, but I was at least hoping that destroying it would be harder than this.  And I’m sure that Todd will say that researching all of this is difficult.  Well, I think I’ll let Milo destroy that argument to close this out.

Until next time, a quote,

“I’ve been doing it for a year.  It’s not that hard, you just gotta do the work.” – Milo Yiannopoulos

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#GamerGate’s Vindication

Two years ago, there was a blog post written, a video by Mundane Matt DMCA’d, and a massive backlash that followed, which was given steam after a video by Internet Aristocrat.  That began the consumer revolt known as GamerGate.  It was a brutal struggle, with the media doing everything in their power to make those who supported the cause look like the biggest misogynists in the world.  The battle brought sides together who had always hated each other to fight against a common enemy.  Friendships were made.  Battle lines were drawn.  The struggle got ugly, and then it ended.  To be honest, it didn’t end with a bang.  It all kind of fizzled out.  However, something recently came to light that truly blew open the gates on the original beliefs surrounding Zoe Quinn and how all of GamerGate got started.  It is something that has vindicated everyone involved.  Leo Pirate made an amazing video about it.  See for yourself, then we’ll talk about it.

It is amazing.  Absolutely amazing.  After two years, we have finally been vindicated.  In conceivable way, GamerGate has been vindicated.  Zoe Quinn’s lies have been unmasked for all to see.  Her manipulation of the Rebel Game jam and her collusion with Nathan Grayson is laid out for all to see.  Gee, it’s almost like he had some prior relationship with her.  Oh, right, Stephen Totilo said that that didn’t start up until after the articles were published.  Because he’s TOTALLY not full of shit, right?

Quinn has been exposed as a doxxer, harasser, and being completely full of shit.  She was constantly trying to sabotage the Rebel Game Jam that she was made famous for.  This was something that she had planned to do.  Gee, Nathan, didn’t see you talking about that.  I wonder if it was because of a RELATIONSHIP that you had with her.  I’m not slut-shaming.  I’m collusion-shaming.  I will shame the fuck out of her and him for having a relationship that OBVIOUSLY made it so that him writing about her is a conflict of interest.  I don’t believe for a second that he just hit the send button on his article and then called her up and said, “hey, wanna fuck?”  That’s ridiculous.

Now it’s been exposed the Quinn’s network of scumbags, Crash Override Network (just CON for short.  How fitting) has been actively working to dox, attack, and blacklist anyone that they don’t like.  What’s more, we have evidence showing how some of them will take the blame so that they can avoid looking bad as a whole.  With people like an Amazon employee who publicly condemned people for doc-dropping being among their number.  It truly is amazing how far down this rabbit hole of bullshit goes.  But it proves, definitively, that Quinn and her little cabal are so utterly terrible

Oh, and as a nice little cherry on top, CON worked hard to help get the attention away from the disgusting pedophile Sarah Nyberg, aka Sarah Butts.  These people helped a pedophile.  But hey, when you realize that Feminist Frequency has a pedophile who goes by Valis77 modding her Twitch streams and pedophiles like HannibalTheVictor as her most ardent defenders, then does these people’s chumminess with pedophiles really come as a surprise?

Keep this in mind, all of this is coming from someone who went to the UN to talk about how hard her life is being the victim of “harassment.”  Now we have verifiable evidence that Quinn and her cohorts are harassers and doxxers.  What was that quote Quinn had about the harassers believing that they are the good guys?  With the release of the harassment episode of Candace Owens and how she was able to show that Quinn was using sock puppet accounts to attack her, I guess what that hypocritical, blue-haired bitch had to say is prescient, isn’t it?  She does think she’s the good guy, and she is in the wrong.  Funny how that works.

Oh, and here’s a nice little way to bring this back to GG – it has been revealed that Dina was indeed manipulating the development of Mighty No. 9.  It’s something that we already knew, of course, but irrefutable evidence just makes it that much better.  At least her story ended with her crashing and burning out of the game that she helped fuck up. Also in the chat logs, there is a bit where they were talking about how they needed to coordinate news articles to keep the pressure on GamerGate.  The link Leo posted in his video is just amazing!

GamerGate has been vindicated, and I’m not gonna lie – it does feel a little sweet.  I’m glad that now, two years later, we can rest knowing that our side of the fence truly has always had the moral high ground, in every conceivable way.  It’s just awesome.  With each leak that happens, the people who are abusing their power and feeling the hurt.  I’m glad about that.  I bet the look on Quinn’s dye-soaked face was just priceless when the Internet was ripping her and hers to pieces.  Wonder if that landwhale Randi Harper had to attack the Oreos for a while.  Mad about me insulting her like that?  She’s a doxxer, and we have irrefutable proof that she did that, how she was using sock puppet account and bots to inflate her social media pages, and abused her power with Twitter, who she and the rest of CON are tight with.  Fuck her.  Fuck all of them.

This is just great, and watching the hugbox of SJWs yelling and screaming puts a smile on my face.  It’s good to be right.

Until next time, a quote,

“There we go!  That’s what I like to see.  A nice, big smile…” – Joker, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Peace out,


Candace Owens and the Business of Cyber-bullying

I read a rather fantastic post today by the creator of a website that I was and still am a little skeptical about.  It was called Social Autopsy.  It is a site that was meant to unmask the bullies on the Internet.  The basic idea is that when something nasty was sent to a person, you screen-cap it and you can submit it to this site.  They would collect names and make profiles for people.  Yeah, that’s where the capacity for abuse comes into play.  Anyway, Owens’ Kickstarter was shut down just a couple days after it went live.  Why?  As Owens explains in a post on her website (linked here), it was Zoe Quinn and her ideological cabal.

Owens gets a lot of things wrong in that post.  First, her perception of GamerGate was from Wikipedia.  That’s unfortunate.  Wikipedia’s bias against the consumer revolt was obvious from day one.  They were unflattering as all get-out.  No surprise, since they got their information from sites like Kotaku, whose ax to grind is so profound that they are going to go down with Gawker’s ship once the legal battle with Hulk Hogan is over.  Owens also was so unbelievably naive when it came to concepts like doxxing.  How she didn’t know what that is astounds me.  But it is what it is.

The thing that Owens puts that really got my attention is something I’d like to share with you.  Do check out the rest of her post.  She tells this amazing story of bullying and harassment that started after she tried to have a civil conversation with Zoe Quinn.  It was so utterly-perfect for everything that Quinn “warned” her about that Owens was easily able to put two and two together.  And the moment she threatened that she had gotten to the bottom of who it is and told Quinn that she was going to The Ralph Retort to put the information out, the harassment stopped.  Utterly and completely.  Convenient, no?

But Owens learned something from this experience.  Something that those of us on the inside of online culture have known for a while.  I’ll let her put it out.

I am sharing my story. As a woman who had no prior knowledge of this situation, or plans to reach out regarding it. I am sharing my story, as an entrepreneur who made a sincere attempt to take out an issue of cyber-bullying, and unintentionally happened upon what may be one of the darkest implications of the net we’ve seen to date.

That it is a business; that trolling and harassment is not only an unfortunate societal issue, but that it is a business that affects the bottomline of many people. That there are .orgs established because of it, that books deal are stricken regarding it, and that individuals are being propelled to fame as spokespersons on the exact same issue that they would never want to see nipped in the bud. Because they feed it.

Ms. Owens, welcome to the online reality that myself and so many of those who have been opposing SJWs have been dealing with.  A reality that people do not seem to understand, and go out of their way not to accept.  The media will not try to get it.  After all, the perpetrators of this culture are among them.  The people who keep this twisted business that she describes going are in the media.  They cozy up to them.  It’s all a game to them.

The reality is that Owens is right – cyber-bullying is a business.  The people who are at the profit end of it are what we call “professional victims.”  These are people who not only don’t have a problem with the cyber-bullying.  They encourage it.  They feed on it.  Without it, the likes of Anita Sarkeesian would never have been able to fill her coffers for a bullshit Kickstarter campaign that she has never and will never complete.  Hell, she ran a new campaign that only got to its goal because some of her professional victim friends didn’t want to see a counter-fundraiser that was going to a charity to help real women do better than their own charity.  Women who claim to be for equality gave $200,000 to a campaign that will never, ever help any real women.  It will go to help make a series of five videos, from a person who has been shown to ignore context, not care about facts, and twist whatever perceptions she can to make her points seem right and everyone else seem wrong.

The professional victims, the crybullies, not only do not want the bullying to stop, they need it.  How else would they get that sweet Patreon money without producing anything?  We’ve seen it time and time again.  Brianna Wu was busted trolling on Steam to get some victimhood.  Thing was, she forgot to switch to an appropriately-evil, misogynistic sock-puppet account before she did it.  The Internet made sport of her stupidity.  Anita Sarkeesian was able to play the victim card, when someone that she didn’t like started a fundraiser to try and help actual women.  She spat on a fundraising effort to give to a charity for women in the Third World, because it was making more money than her latest coffer-filling work.

Now we have Zoe Quinn, who has been thoroughly shown to have orchestrated a massive campaign to destroy the work of someone who, while their site had some issues, was just trying to get into the free market.  That is incredible.  Zoe Quinn used GamerGate to her own advantage in order to hurt someone that she didn’t want starting a website that would have been used to unmask cyber-bullies like herself.

The media will never admit it.  Brianna Woe and Quinn can cry their crocodile tears about how hard it is.  Hell, Wu even had an appearance on a Syfy to talk about how “The Internet Ruined My Life.”  No, really, that’s the name of the show.  But Wu wanted it that way.  So does Quinn.  So does Sarkeesian.  So do all of them!  The reason that cyber-bullying will never stop is because there are people in this world whose entire financial success hinges on how much hatred they can get.

Whenever you hear people asking why there is so much hate online, let them know that it is a business.  A twisted, disgusting business.  One that hurts all kinds of real people.

Until next time, a quote,

“I cannot immediately assume how thick this cyber-industry runs. What I can tell you though is that if an idea—a mere 2 1/2 minute video that was on Kickstarter and being looked at by no one— incited a cyber war within 18 hours, then it is a business that has profit margins that would ripple our economy if it came crashing down.” – Candace Owens

Peace out,


Your Lies Get You a Movie? Seriously?! (A response to Zoe Quinn)

I’ve long since concluded that Disney is an evil monster that fucks with the things I love, ever since they decided to turn a film that I love into a piece of shit Kinect game.  But the truth is that as evil as Disney is, at least they are pretty open about it.  Sure, they project this family-friendly image, but we all know the truth, don’t we?  Disney is a bunch of evil fuckers, hell-bent on making as much money as is humanly possible.  The new Avengers made over $1 billion, worldwide, and they still consider it a financial failure.  Yeah, they are REALLY fucking evil.  But the truth is that the rest of Hollywood isn’t that far behind.  They hide their evil in various ways, but they are all a bunch of greedy money-grubbing corporations that don’t care if they are telling the truth or not, or if they are exploiting lies for money.  It’s all the same to them.

Something you should learn going through life is that being a liar and a cheat is not only possible in the 21st century, it’s financially lucrative.  Especially if you are a woman who has the term “feminist” associated with you.  If you can call yourself a feminist, in PC culture and corporate elitist Hollywood (and let’s face it, you don’t see a lot of poor urban women associated with modern First World problems feminism, do you?  It’s classist as fuck), then you are set.  Nowhere is this more exemplified than with Zoe Quinn.

This woman turned her lies and professional victimhood into a trip to the UN, to tell people who have financially supported dictatorial regimes in the past that the mean things said to her online are equal to a woman getting physically assaulted or raped.  She actually believes this.  I don’t believe that her little chum Sarkeesian buys it for a moment, but she is a real believer.  This woman has exploited so many opportunities to get her message out there.  The message being – I’m a victim!  Feel bad for me!

For those who don’t know, Zoe Quinn was a “game” developer, who made a choose-your-own-adventure text-based “game” about being depressed.  That was her claim to fame.  However, when her ex-boyfriend Eron decided to put out a blog post about why he dumped her dumb ass, he laid out that she had been cheating on him.  With five guys.  Now, nobody involved in what happened next cared about the fact that she was cheating on him.  It wasn’t the fact that she was sleeping around.  It was who she was sleeping around with.  One person was her boss (and married), and two more were game journalists.  One of which was Nathan Grayson, who they claim we totally mischaracterized because we said that he did a review of her game.  No, he didn’t.  Though, funny thing – he’s listed in the credits of her game.  Huh.  That’s interesting.  Grayson did, however, give her positive coverage on more than one occasion.  Like when she was responsible for destroying a group’s Game Jam.  Though he wasn’t so quick to defend her when she went after the Fine Young Capitalists.

When word got out about what Quinn had done, a lot of people had some thoughts.  Thoughts like – really, Kotaku?  You’re just letting one of your writers give positive coverage to someone he’s fucking?  That’s interesting.  This blog post, and the response behind it was the driving force behind what has become known as GamerGate.  Well, it was really when a YouTuber named Mundane Matt made a video about it, and the video got taken down.  Then the run on the games journalist machine was on.

Something that you would notice about what I’ve just said – I got away from Zoe Quinn fairly quickly, didn’t I?  It’s true.  So did everyone else.  Nobody cared about her.  At all.  She was a catalyst.  And because she has so little legit talent, we all just forgot that she exists.  We moved on to the more meaty things.  But poor little Quinn, not wanting her 15 minutes to end, went to every single outlet that she could bribe, exploit, or use her personal connections to get, so everyone would know that she’s the victim.  Of not being noticed.  Oh, I’m sorry – of harassment.  My bad.  Because everyone cares about her SO much, right?  Like how she was driven out of her home last year…during the time that she had already planned to be taking a vacation to Europe.  Convenient!  Another one-hit wonder who won’t go quietly into the night of Internet obscurity where she belongs.

Now, it seems that she has actually gotten people in Hollywood to take her bullshit seriously.  In an article from an unfathomably-biased source (linked here), they talk about how Quinn has a memoir of her “experiences” written, that someone named Amy Pascal won.  And it seems that she is getting a movie made, based on it as well.  Because what she went through is SO worthy of a film, right?  And, naturally, the company making this film is some Indie, hipster production company.  Of course.  Any major production company would laugh this lying bitch offstage, because the simple reality is that checking her facts can be done in one google search.  Like this lovely tidbit (linked here).

Nepotism and Hollywood have been bedfellows for a LONG time.  It’s the reason that M. Night Shits Upon still gets money to make movies.  By the way – fuck The Visit!  That movie is NOT some return to form for him!  Why do people keep being nice to it?  Is it because it isn’t as bad as films like The Happening?  Fuck me.  Anyway, it doesn’t surprise me that some pathetic SJW studio is making a movie about some pathetic SJW victim.  I’m amazed that Anita Sarkeesian hasn’t gotten a film made about her yet.  But this is another sign of why Hollywood is so fucking broken.  I wonder who is going to star in this hunk of shit.  Hopefully it will be as enjoyably bad as that Law and Order: Stupid Voters Unit episode “Intimidation Game.”  But I somehow doubt it.

In closing – Quinn, your 15 minutes are whimpering on, wishing that you would just stop.  Please, for the love of Groj, just stop.  Just fucking stop.  You don’t make yourself look better.  You make the bullshit you fought for look worse.

Until next time, a quote,

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”  – Mark Twain

Peace out,


Your Ideals Won’t Work (A response to Google Ideas)

There’s this new group called Google Ideas, for those who haven’t already heard.  They have a large proportion of the social justice wankers getting together to “support free expression while fighting harassment.”  They seem utterly immune to the fact that you cannot do both.  I know that that sounds like a very bold claim to make, but it’s true all the same.  I am going to outline why.  This post is going to be not so much a response to an article as a response to some stupid ideas that these people have about free expression that need to be challenged.

There was this great episode of The Simpsons where Marge goes after the makes of the Itchy and Scratchy cartoon for the violence, after Maggie decides to take something she saw there and apply it to Homer’s head.  It was a very good episode.  See, after Marge successfully gets them to change the show, her views are then challenged when the statue of David comes to Springfield.  The same people she stood with were now demanding that they put pants on the statue, so kids wouldn’t see David’s non-aroused penis.  Marge viewed this as wrong, believing the statue to be a work of art.  Which in turn led her to fighting against her own cause.  The episode showed that both free expression and fighting to make sure that no one was offended both have downside.  The downside of censorship is that ideas and independence are crushed and the world becomes generic, stale, and nothing is even a little imaginative.  Free expression has the downside of producing a lot of garbage.  Like, a lot of garbage.  So much garbage.  Just look at the plethora of stuff posted on YouTube every day.  It’s 99.9999999% garbage.  But that’s how free expression works.  You get the good with the crap.

Google Ideas has this strange idea that you can get the best of both worlds.  It’s not true.  At all.  Either you support free expression, or you can “fight against harassment.”  Because if people have free expression, mean things are going to get said.  Do I believe that that means that stories like that one about the girl in Canada who got pictures of her rape put online is okay?  No.  That was a crime.  If a criminal act is involved, I think that there should be a point where it is too far.  But even then, it’s still a gray area.  I acknowledge that.  We have to take things as they come.  When the pictures of Amber Lynn Schraw’s naked and strangled body were posted on 4chan, was I cool with that?  No.  I went after Brianna Wu, when she tried to profit off that senseless act of violence.  It’s the reason that I think she’s a profoundly terrible person.  But enough about her.  When I see a video the ones that Nicole Arbour is now infamous for, do I think those should be removed?  Not at all.  Vile as that skank is, she has the right to her opinion, and to put it out in the public square.

But that’s not how the social justice crowd see it.  What’s more, those are the type of people that Google Ideas has working with them.  In a picture that is making the rounds of their contributors, you see Anita Sarkeesian (the con artist), Zoe Quinn (the sad victim who needs to accept that no one gives a shit about her anymore), and Randi Harper (BIG Sister) all standing there.  So, they got a charlatan, a has-been, and someone who is pro-censorship.  These are the people who they want talking about free expression?  The first two being people who went before the United Nations and made a case that governments and Internet providers should be censoring the Internet?  That’s who?  Wow.  That’s impressive.  I guess Google Ideas hasn’t reached self-awareness yet.  Either that, or just like how Ubisoft decided to have a transgender character in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, Google Ideas thought – hey, let’s get in these social justice people!  They’re the ones with all the ideas, right?  Who better to talk about free expression than them?  People obviously want to hear what they have to say, since they are talked about so much.  Easy marketing.  Google Ideas is either stupid, or greedy.  Regardless, this is the path they chose.

The aforementioned episode of The Simpsons ended with Marge realizing that what she was trying to do was a double-edged sword.  She can’t justify wanting to curb one area of free expression while championing another.  It’s a good lesson to learn.  One that Google Ideas either hasn’t learned, or simply doesn’t care to learn.  We are living in an interesting age.  Free expression is under attack again, this time from the gender activists who want to stop women from being “victimized” in any way.  Even if that way is, as happened with Marge, by putting them on the spot and having them be forced to defend their ideals to the public at large.  There will never come a day when Anita, Randi, or Quinn will be forced to be in a room and answer for what they’ve said or done.  The video from Google Ideas about Crypt Keeper Wu had the comments disabled.  So all that free expression stuff was…what, exactly?  Bullshit?  We can only express freely if other people approve?  That’s how it works now?

I would have said this to Marge, and I’m saying it to Google Ideas now – you don’t get to make that distinction.  Either free expression means something, or it doesn’t.  Don’t like people’s ideas?  Don’t put it out in a marketplace for ideas.  Don’t like someone’s opinion, don’t put it out in a space where they can see it.  Get a private message board just like the rest of the SJW echo chamber.  That’s what it’s there for.  These people are marketing themselves on a false pretense.  I don’t mod comments.  If you come here and want to argue that I’m wrong, take all the time you need.  I’ll be here.

Until next time, a quote,

“Where would an innocent child get the idea to attack her father with a mallet?”  -Marge Simpson, The Simpsons

Peace out,


The One Year Anniversary of #GamerGate

A whole year.  For people who are part of the Internet culture and follow it with some interest, the way people like myself do, here’s a reality – no hashtag movement has EVER been this big, save something that (back when he was big) Justin Bieber Tweeted.  This movement started so small, and thanks to some unfathomably poor decisions on the part of the people opposed, blew up into a culture war that took large chunks of the gaming community by storm.  It also revealed a lot about the personalities of the people involved.  What do I mean?  Well, let’s talk about it.

It all started with a blog post, talking about why Eron Gjoni left “game” developer Zoe Quinn.  It was long, it was boring, and it was a pain to sit through.  Then came Mundane Matt’s video about it.  He cited the fact that Quinn had been sleeping around, stressing that this wasn’t about her infidelity.  It was who she had been sleeping with.  One of the people being Nathan Grayson, a person who had given her positive coverage and is even listed in the credits of her “game” Depression Quest.  Then came the DMCA attack on Mundane Matt’s video.  This was the catalyst.  The spark that set off a fire.  People were talking.  Lots of people.  After all, if it was such a non-issue, as people started to say, then why were those who spoke out about it being blocked?  Forum posts were shut down, bans were happening.  A big ol’ shitstorm was brewing.  Then came Internet Aristocrat’s video.  This guy is a soldier, who likes to have a confirmed enemy to fight.  And when he did some digging, there were a lot of things to uncover.  Evidence of collusion, conflicts of interest and straight-up lies.  It got really ugly.  The Streisand Effect is real, and that is what made GamerGate into what it became. If the SJWs had just let this die, and hadn’t gone on their next move, this would never have gotten as big as it became.

Next came the response.  Kotaku, Polygon, and a ton of other games media sites released a storm of articles talking about how gamers are dead, bad people, misogynists and a thousand and one other things.  It was a deliberate attack…on their own audience.  Think about that, for a moment – a publication that wants views just gave its own audience the finger.  That is just baffling, to me.  What’s more, it all seemed so coordinated, which didn’t help the line about there being collusion between members of the gaming press.  That’s when another bomb was dropped.  The reporter, Milo Yiannopoulos, released some information about a Google + group called Gamejournopros, along with a series of emails from that group (now defunct) that showed that there had been collusion, that the attack gamers was a coordinated effort by the members of the organization.  This was all crooked dealing, to shoot their own nose to spite their face.  Adam Baldwin, the actor, came up with the tag #GamerGate, and the war was on.

I don’t know how many of you know how long things stay big on the Internet.  It’s not long.  Typically, holding the Internet’s attention for a day is an accomplishment.  Holding the Internet’s attention for a week is crazy.  But for something that started online to go a whole year, and still be relevant, that is utter madness.  But that’s not a bad thing.  It’s an amazing thing.  A movement that started over corruption in games media had morphed out.

That’s not to say that the fighting wasn’t brutal.  It was.  You had insane demagogues like Brianna Wu come into the fray.  An evil person who used the death of Amber Lynn Schraw too sell her victimhood.  Who lied about being driven out of her home (the interview with MSNBC the next day was done from her office.  Five guesses where her office is).  Who trolled her own game on Steam, using her own account.  People like that started selling their victimhood to the media as hard as they possibly could.  Naturally, the masterful con artist Anita Sarkeesian got in on the fun.  Zoe Quinn did everything she could to keep her 15 minutes of fame going.  It was both hilarious and sad at the same time.  But it was also bitter.  The hit-pieces on GamerGate was lacking in any context, because the media that reported on them were so lacking in initiative to do their jobs and actually get the whole story.  Media coverage, vicious Internet fighting with a group of people (SJWs) that are so willing to shoot themselves in the foot to hurt someone else, things got pretty crazy.

There were also heroes for GG who came forward.  Christina Hoff Sommers, a person that few of us had heard of before GG, came out with a video showing that video games and gamers are not sexist, and that the claim that they are is based on no real evidence.  It was a major boost.  There was another coordinated response from games media against her as well.  As is typical with their attacks, they talked about how she’s a conservative and against women.  Never mind that she’s been a registered Democrat for over 20 years, and has stated several times that she considers herself liberal.  Doing basic research is too much to ask for Kotaku, so I get that.

But the fight would lull, then the aGGro crowd had to go and stir up shit by posting some dumb thing or another.  You had the likes of Tim Schafer making an absolute ASS of himself at a professional event, with a sock puppet.  Then there was the event that will be forever remembered as the 21st century version of Reefer Madness – an episode of Law & Order: Stupid Voters I mean Special Victims Unit that decided to take all the Kotaku talking points and roll them up into an episode that made GamerGate into a nice mix of Anonymous and ISIS.  I called it “AnonyISISGate” in a post I did talking about the episode.  That episode of hilarious garbage fiction did more damage to video games in 45 minutes (the runtime of the show if you take away commercials) than years and years of effort to help gaming become accepted by mainstream culture.

I can’t even talk about how much stuff happened in this.  There was Kotaku back-pedaling SO hard at the end of the year and doing everything they could to suck the dick of their audience.  You had Brianna Wu going to whatever publication would listen to her, instead of just bowing out of the limelight gracefully.  You had Gawker being out seven figures in ad revenue when GamerGate was more than happy to send their garbage statements to advertisers (like when Sam Biddle said we needed to bring bullying back) and ask them if this is the kind of organization that they want to affiliate with.

But the real thing that GamerGate was able to show is just how nuts and self-destructive the SJW movement really is.  It is so clear that these people are all-or-nothing.  Either you agree with them on every little thing, or you are worth nothing to them.  They will tolerate NO dissent, NO questioning of the party line, and especially – NO talking with what they see as the enemy, no matter how innocent and professional.  When Brianna Wu went out to coffee with someone they didn’t like, her own group turned on her like wolves.  It reminded me of a story.

When I was younger, my family and I were going on a trip to one of my favorite places.  The day that we were leaving, as they were packing up the camper, there was a noise in the woods that got my attention.  After telling my old man, we went to investigate.  Turns out, there was a team of dogs that had gotten loose as a guy was planning to take them out for some training.  You gotta regularly work mushing dogs, if you want them to stay in top form.  Out where I grew up, that’s something that you saw a lot.  This guy had the team all hooked up, but not hooked to the four-wheeler, so when one took off, they all did.  The lot of them and their harness got hooked around a tree and wrapped up.  They had been trapped out there for at least a few days.  A few days, and these are sled dogs.  They got hungry.  When we unhooked the dogs from the tree, we found something out – one of them, the smallest of the gathered bunch, had been eaten from the waist back.  That’s dogs for ya.  In desperate circumstances, they turned on each other.

That is SJWs.  Whenever someone steps out of line, goes against the flow, then the rest of them will throw them to be ripped apart by their masses.  Inevitably, that’s what always happens.  Anyone remember Atheism Plus?  That little SJW movement, once heralded as the new face of atheism, devolved into message boards where everyone has been banned except the mods, working constantly to check each other’s privilege.  GamerGhazi, the SJW, aGGro side of their struggle, has devolved into a bunch of screaming and hand-wringing, where people are getting banned left and right if they voice ANY amount of differing opinion.

GamerGate has had an effect on gaming.  It was a defining moment when gaming stood up to the SJWs and said, “No!  We are not letting you co-opt our hobby!  We are not letting you do to gaming what you have done to EVERY single movement that you infest and destroy.  This will not be another Occupy!”  And it worked.  They were beaten back.  The tide turned.  But really, that’s just what I see as important.

The reality is that GamerGate did a really good thing for the industry.  When you have articles on Kotaku giving disclosure information whenever Nathan Grayson publishes something, that is what GG has done.  When you have sites like The Escapist, working very hard to repair their image and to adopt ethics policies, that is because of us.  When you have sites like Tech Raptor and Niche Gamer growing because they show that they care about ethics, that is because of GG.  The industry is being made better, now that GG has gone from a battleground to a watchdog, looking out over the industry and being swift to call out any collusion.  Sites like Deepfreeze.it exist because people want a place where dishonesty is called out.

When I saw this year’s SPJ AirPlay, and I saw the panel discussing GamerGate, it was great to see a bunch of professionals coming together and being willing to discuss some shortcomings and how things can be better.  Though, there was the dick-waving contest between that loathesome hack Koretsky and Milo.  That was a little frustrating, save for some great moments where Milo shut that pompous ass down.

If someone where to ask where things go from here, I would be honest and tell them – I don’t know.  It could be anywhere.  The reality is that gaming is changing, and GamerGate is a part of that change.  The fact that we STILL have people trying to argue that it’s all about misogyny and sexism shows just how much the SJW side is not willing to let this die and how badly they just want to be right.  I don’t know where the future goes, but I am stoked to find out.  These are interesting times we live in.

Until next time, a quote,

“It’s a funny world we live in.”  -The Joker, The Dark Knight

Peace out,