The Fall of Zinnia Jones

It’s so weird to me being on Facebook and seeing these memories things, where you can see the things you posted years past.  It’s kinda cool in that I can see where my head was at all that time ago, but it is also kind of depressing in that I can see how some avenues of my life have changed in the time that I have been around.  One such area is my watching of the YouTuber Zinnia Jones.

Time was, just like Richard Coughlin and so many other atheist YouTube personalities I watched back before 2011, Zinna Jones was one who I actually found enjoyable.  She made content besmirching religion and the anti-LGBT conservatives in this country.  It was cool stuff.  My favorite was the video she did against ICP that they actually responded to.  That was funny shit!  However, after 2011, when Atheism + reared its ugly head, Zinnia decided to get the SJW bug up her ass.  And from there we see where she has come today.

And where is that?  Let me tell you.  Just recently, Zinnia actually made the contention that photo footage showing Muslims in the Middle East throwing members of the LGBT community off a roof is fake.  That they were committing suicide and that the person who shared it should be ashamed.  When the person who posted that rightfully came back at them with the point that they were being thrown off, she then followed up by saying that the people doing the throwing are trying to stop them from jumping.  The level of how asinine that is just blows my mind.

Hey, Zinnia, maybe that was too subtle for you.  After all, it’s hard to know the context of a photo.  Perhaps we can use video evidence?

Is that a little clearer?  Amidst the charming ditty by Syetenatheist you get to see video evidence of ISIS members throwing LGBT people off roofs.  And if that doesn’t kill them, one clip has members of the crowd rushing in to help finish the job.  Oh, and the video also includes passages from the Quran and Hadith which show that the religion of Islam hates you and what you are.  Much the same way that the religion preaches that women are lesser and that because men are stronger, if their women get uppity they have every right to beat them!  That’s the religion that you and your fellow chucklefucks like Steve Shives defend.  Something that never ceases to blow my mind.

But when she’s not busy defending Islam from us evil culturally-appropriating white people, she is also harassing people in her neck of the woods who don’t agree with her!  Like when Blair White came onto the scene, Zinnia made a video where she publicly denounced her and has gone on Twitter saying that doxing of people like Blair is okay.  Because she is the LGBT equivalent of a race traitor.  The trans version of an Uncle Tom.  It never ceases to amaze.

Oh, and let’s not forget when Zinna came out publicly saying that there needs to be a campaign to ruin Laci Green’s livelihood and life because she decided to actually give the other side of the culture war a chance to have their ideas heard.  Zinnia was so outraged that she was not subtle about wanting to ruin Laci Green’s career and declaring her the feminist equivalent of an Uncle Tom.  I always am amused when these people are so quick to turn on allies like rabid dogs the moment they say anything that violates the Church of Social Justice’s teachings.  That’s right, Zinnia, you are a member of a faith.  Your church has teachings, values, demagogues, Original Sin, and is quick to punish apostasy.  Man, no wonder you defend Islam.  You pretty much have the same ideology in some ways.  I think SyeTenAtheist made a video about that too.

Just today, however, the thing that Zinnia said that took the absolute cake came to me.  I’m going to show you the screen-cap, because this blows my fucking mind.  In one statement, the bitter hypocrisy of her and hers is laid bare for everyone to see.  To the point that they spit in the face of their own values system.  It’s pretty incredible stuff.

Let me get this straight, Zinnia (pun intended) – you want to tell people who are not attracted to a certain physical gender that they need to have their orientation changed?  Did I get that right?  Because if so, holy shit, woman!  Did you just tell someone that their sexuality isn’t something they’re born with, but instead a choice?!  It sure as hell looks like that from where I’m sitting.  This is the EXACT same thing as a person saying that a lesbian will like dick if they just try it.  There’s no difference.

When idiots like Riley Dennis say this kind of crap, I get the feeling that it comes from a place of not wanting to have people hurt by being rejected, sexually.  But not you, Zinnia.  You believe this shit.  On some level, you actually buy into the idea that the sexual preferences of people are not something they are born with.  It’s something that can be changed.  But only in respect to straight men.  Why do you believe this?  What informs this knowledge?  After all, all the evidence that exists holds that the sexual preferences and orientation of an individual are ingrained.  You can no more be attracted to what I am attracted to anymore than I can become attracted to all the things you are.  It’s part of who we are.  If all the scientific evidence spits in the face or your point of view, then where exactly does this values system you have come from?

That’s easy – your religion.  Your church espouses this view.  And just like the conservatives you used to mock or the Muslims that you go out of your way to defend, your faith is blind.  The leaders of your church tell you how to think.  Even when it spits in the face of reality, that’s no problem.  Your church will tell you why this view is correct, and without questioning it even a little, you will accept the teachings of your church.  It’s amazing, really.

Zinnia’s fall is not in the fact that her content became terrible, though it did do just that.  It’s not the fact that she has become a champion of doxing and harassing and ruining other people’s lives in order to spread her church’s message, though that is bad too.  Her fall is when she went from an atheist who thinks critically about things to buying in to a different dogma.  One that does what the most prolific churches do – get past people’s critical thinking and appealing directly to their emotions.  Because if you don’t like trans women, you are a bigot!  You have church leaders telling you so, so naturally that’s all you need.

Social justice is a faith.  A college in Toronto actually had an event where straight white men could go into a confessional and confess their sins.  While I am sure that was meant to be satirical on some level, given these people’s belief in the Original Sin of being a straight white man, part of me wonders how not on the level it really was.

In the meantime, if I am intimate with a girl and I find out she has a penis, I am very likely to be turned off.  Because if she was not honest with me about the fact that she had one (I don’t do one-night stands, so don’t even go into the “if you’re just hooking up with a girl, she doesn’t have to tell you”), and I have to find out like that, I am going to be upset with her.  I am likely not going to be attracted to her anymore.  I expected one thing, there was another.  If that hurts you and yours so much, then here’s some cold hard facts of life – suck it up, buttercup.  Life’s hard.  Not everyone is going to be attracted to you.  Just like how lots of women are going to find Riley’s giant Adam’s Apple unattractive.  And you can’t change this behavior in people.

To use a phrase that clearly you don’t buy anymore – they are born that way.

Until next time, a quote,

“The meme for blind faith secures its own perpetuation by the simple unconscious expedient of discouraging rational inquiry.” – Richard Dawkins

Peace out,



You Are Such a Spoiled Brat (A response to Zinnia Jones)

Oh look, another YouTuber who I used to respect, a long ass time ago.  It’s so strange to me, sometimes, to see how the landscape of the Internet has changed from when I started following this side of the ideological fence.  I remember in the early days, when Zinnia was a smarmy YouTuber with a good head on her shoulders and a sarcastic side that was fun.  Even featured some of her videos on my page when I was making a point.  But those days are LONG gone.  I haven’t watched one of her videos in years, and I wouldn’t have known about this if another YouTuber I follow hadn’t shared this lovely nugget of retardedness today.  It seems that in the years since I stopped following her, ZJ went more down the SJW rabbit hole, to the point that she has made a very public statement about how she feels about Trump, in probably the most juvenile video I have seen since the woman who was screaming that after Trump got elected, she needed an ambulance because she was going to kill herself.  Guess she didn’t need that ambulance before uploading the video to YouTube.  Funny how that works.  See the temper tantrum for yourself, then we’ll talk about it.

I swear, I have seen children screaming in department stores who I didn’t think are as a big a fucking brat as you are, Zinnia.  That’s what this was.  This was the “grown-up” equivalent of a child screaming because she didn’t get her way.

Let’s start with all the accusations.  You accuse Trump of being a racist, a misogynist, and hating the LGBT community.  That’s funny, but I didn’t see a SINGLE citation to any of that.  Not one.  At least with the misogynist one, you have a go-to line.  That’s one where I can see that you have something to back it up.  But when has Trump said that he hates an ethnic group?  Hell, despite how poorly he did, I saw him trying to reach out to the black community.  If only he had known that Hillary had that locked down.  The go-to line here is that he wants to get rid of all the immigrants.  Not a position I agree with, but it doesn’t mean that he hates all Mexicans.  And fuck, his whole thing about a wall is so paper-thin that he has even said that it would be a fence in places.  In other words, he is back-pedaling on that as fast as he can, because he realizes that it’s all just political theater anyway.

Oh, and the rapist deal.  Do we have definitive proof that he has raped anyone?  I would think the courts would like to see that.  There was a woman who was planning on taking him to civil court for sexual assault, but that mysteriously vanished the moment that he actually won.  Funny how that works.  I did hear something about child rape, but until I see something more concrete than an accusation and the media’s character assassination, I’m not taking that without a big-ass grain of salt.

But the real thing is just what a petulant child she looks like throughout this entire video.  This was nothing but yelling.  Yelling and crying that the person she wanted didn’t win.  Trump doesn’t know anything!  He’s a doo-doo head!  That’s how mature this looked, Zinnia!  I have said before that I have no respect for the right when they claim that they would NEVER do what the left is doing now.  There are plenty of pics from back in 2008 when they did just that.  However, I have even less respect for your ilk.  You are living proof that even a trans person can be a complete piece of shit, ZJ.

For many minutes, you go on and on about how Trump didn’t deserve to win, how he is just super stupid and should have lost the election because you don’t like it.  But you then go into being a disgusting pile of trash when you say that what you need to do, instead of working to unite the country and taking the rational approach to trying to affect policy, you say that we need to make Trump’s life as President as miserable as possible.  All that liberal talk of tolerance and trying to see other’s points of view?  Fuck that!  Maybe to show those that we vehemently disagree with that we can take a mature position and extend and olive branch.  Maybe we can show the conservatives who are being butthurt little bitches about the Hamiltons how reasonable discourse can work.  Fuck that!  Let’s do everything in our power to fuck with the President-Elect!  Let’s make his life in the White House miserable!  Let’s be childish pricks to this person who has yet to do one fucking thing as President of the United States!

In a way, I do like that ZJ has made this video.  I like that we get to see a transgender person be a fucking prick right now to someone who has not shown any inkling of deserving it.  Let’s throw out buzzwords to validate why we hate him and close our ears to anything that might disagree.  That’s the adult way to handle this!  That’s the tolerant way to go about disagreeing with someone!  Proof that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Part of me wants to be open to giving Trump a chance, but he isn’t making it easy.  All his talks about “draining the swamp,” and his entire administration is shaping up to be led by lobbyists and establishment politicians.  I can already tell that it will only be a matter of time before I join the chorus making fun of the guy.  This latest bit with the Hamiltons isn’t helping.  But then I see people like Zinnia, spoiled brats who clearly haven’t faced any legitimate hardships in their entire fucking lives, making it sound like she is going to fuck up Trump’s day purely out of spite, every day for her entire life, and trying to get other spoiled brats to join her.  It’s unreal.  Fuck you, ZJ.  You are immature in the worst way, and I remembered why I stopped watching you.  If you are meant to be the fact of social justice, then you and your stupid tattoo can fuck right off.

Until next time, a quote,

“You’re an unbelievably horrible person.  Wake up.” – Bearing

Peace out,


“Radical Feminism” is a Platform Now?

I wanted to feel good today.  For real, I did.  I had plans to get to have fun with my Dom tonight (that’s right, I am in a Dom/sub relationship, and it’s awesome), and overall, it hasn’t been a bad day.  But wouldn’t you know it, I came across something that really annoys me.  Damn you, Internet!  You have taken the wind out of my sails!  See, one YouTube vlogger who I have followed for some time is Zinnia Jones.  I have agreed with her a good 70% of the time in what she says, and I like hearing her opinion on issues of gender, gender identity, gay culture and religious bigotry.  She is a neat vlogger to listen to .  But then I saw a video that her partner made not too long ago, and it has annoyed me.  I didn’t want to, but here goes.  Here is a link, and here goes.  Oh, and I should note that I am not going to be attacking the speaker of this video.  I want to talk about the ideas put forth, and why I think they are horribly wrong.

Radical Feminism is a platform for gender equality which includes, among other things, a belief that most gender is performed.  As a radical feminist, I believe that gender roles are artificially created.  That most a morphism is affected, rather than mandated by nature, and that the divide has been pushed beyond all reason for the express benefit of men.  This is what we call “the patriarchy.”

Huh.  Well, first let me say that this is not a good way to start a conversation about gender equality.  Because the biggest problem is that it puts the viewers into two categories – the oppressors and the oppressed.  Now, I could go out and ask people, and I bet you a shiny nickel that most women would not identify themselves with being oppressed.  And most men would not describe themselves as oppressors.  Not in most situations, anyway.  I’m not saying that there is unilateral gender equality.  There are definite problems on both sides.  But when you start a video with a comment that is intentionally drawing battle lines, then you open yourself up to the criticism of people like me, who say that we are just trying to live our lives and don’t want to hurt anyone.  That we want all genders to have equal rights and equal treatment.  But immediately, you put people like me on the defensive, because you have just said, flat-out, that men are oppressors, and women are the oppressed.  Not a good way to start a dialogue.

One unfortunate aspect of this socialization is that society, through various messages, including but not limited to, role modeling from peers and media teaches young men that they are entitled to the hearts and minds of women.

What?  Where is this being taught?  For real, I was never told that we are entitled the “hearts and minds of women.”  My whole life, I was taught that you should be nice to other people, but nobody is required to like you.  In fact, most people won’t.  This is because, underneath it all, people suck.  That’s one of the true equal parts of gender.  Men and women, we all just suck.  I was never taught that I was entitled to anything.  I was taught that I had to work for it.  So has every single person that I can possibly think of.  This genuinely makes no sense.

Including, but again, not limited to domestic and sexual servitude.  Women, no more fond of subjugation and servitude than men, become, unfortunately, prone to self-loathing and more unfortunately, prone to rebellion.

Are you talking about America?  I mean, really, are you?  Because, if that is the case…what?!  Not one time has I ever heard any woman be told that her role is to be the domestic and sexual slave of men.  Now, there are some backwards-ass countries where women are getting some really fucked-up messages from people, like most Muslim countries, but in the Western World, this doesn’t jive.

And how is being prone to rebellion a bad thing?  One of my big button-issues is how people, both men and women, are taught that rebelling against what you don’t agree with is bad, and following the mandate is good.  Rebellion is what inspires change.  Rebellion is what made this country.  The people didn’t like the governing body that lorded over them, so they rebelled against it and got themselves a new one.  Now, I will be one of the first to say that women get the raw end of the deal when it comes to things like body image.  The media tells them that being skinny is good, and being fat is wrong.  That unless your thighs don’t touch, there is something wrong with you.  But to say that being prone to rebellion is a bad thing seems totally antithetical to empowering women.

If the contention of radical feminism is that neither behavior, nor presentation, nor physical appearance should make or break the difference between men and women, why draw the line at the word “man” or “woman?”  The very words will become nonsensical and impossible to define.  Sure, there will still be some natural hormonal division, but when people can safely, permanently and completely alter these differences at will, why deny it?  When women and men are socialized equally, what will anyone have lost?  What will anyone have gained but the right to define themselves?  The right for which radical feminists so arduously fight?

There’s a lot to talk about here.  Bear with me.  Okay, first, are you saying that the difference between men and women is limited to their hormones?  Last I checked, men have an additional chromosome.  Yeah, it’s called the Y chromosome.  It makes us men.  We also have these genitals that are different and far more vulnerable to pain than yours.  The growth of the terms “man” and “woman” didn’t evolve because of some effort to subjugate women.  They grew out of a biological difference between the males and females of this species.  If the contention you’re making is that we immediately are defining you by your gender, then I would have to call bullshit.

Next, I am with you that emphasizing the differences between the genders interests isn’t the best idea, and we could stand to talk about it far less.  However, that said, if your contention is that women have the same desires as men, the same interests, then you are patently wrong.  I have yet to meet two people who have the exact same interests as one-another, let-alone an entire gender.  What we should be doing is letting people culminate their own interests.  Not forcing anything on them.  And it’s done with men, too.  Boys are still sold Army toys, because it still is popular in America for young men to be soldiers.  However, there is no reason to think that a perfect blending of genders is the same as gender equality, because everybody has their own interests.

The problem with your video, Heather, is that you seem to have the notion that you are fighting for what all women want.  And that’s not true.  I had a friend who is an artist.  She has a vision completely her own in what she likes, what she wants to do, and how she executes it.  This view isn’t shared by you.  Something tells me that you don’t go nuts over great works of art, love ice-skating and want to kick a lot of ass at Tae Kwon Do.  And she isn’t the only one.  I have another friend who is a sub, like me, and she is into D&D, kinky sex and role-playing (not in the sexual way.  She used to be part of a LARP group) various stories she likes, or changing these stories to make them her own.  Not all interests are universal.  You don’t speak for all women, Heather.  In fact, I would be surprised if you spoke for many.

And let’s not forget, Heather, that you and your ilk do not speak for all transgender or transsexual people.  I have heard from a fair amount of these people who say that they are not attacked every single day by men, and are actually kind of offended when people like you seem to think that you speak for them.

The patriarchy has the same persistent negative impact on trans-women as it does on cis-women (I hope I got what she said right…?).  Society tells them that they are more acceptable when they present in a feminine manner and worth less as a person when they fail to please the eye.

Okay, here’s the problem with that – society does that EXACT same thing to men.  Guys are judged by their appearance ruthlessly.  So are women, I admit, but yeah, men get the criticism just as harshly.  If a man doesn’t have a monster cock, he is looked down upon.  If a man isn’t the buff display of manhood, women seem to think that they are lazy, stupid or worthless.  It goes both ways, Heather, and your lack of seeing that kind of irks me a bit.

The rigid physical standards applied to women cause trans-women inordinate amounts of stress.  The sex-classing of women and requisite caste system of the class, more commonly known as varying degrees of “fuck-ability”, or even more commonly known as the scale from 1-10, has inhumanely relegated trans-women with a certain remaining organ to the undesireables.  They’re expected to be content with either fetishization or pity-fucking, along with siz-women of the overweight and differently-abled variety.

Once-again, bear with me.  We have a lot to talk about.  See, I have heard this kind of stuff from lots of these feminists, and it honestly strikes me as insulting.  What Heather seems to be implying is that it is society that somehow controls what people are attracted to.  Society tells you something is unattractive, so you naturally think that way.  The implicit statements in that are more than a little insulting.  See, if you buy that logic, then basically, gays and lesbians are choosing to be gay, because society somehow informed their thinking.  For real, if you think that the human mind is so easily persuaded by what culture tells them is hot, then you have to admit that you are saying that those who are gay and lesbian are, on some level, choosing their sexuality.

But the reality is that attraction isn’t that simple!  You can’t choose what you’re attracted to.  Your brain is hard-wired to like certain things, and not other things.  Heather kind of touched on this, without knowing it.  She said that trans-women are fetishized, without realizing that there wouldn’t be a fetish if there weren’t people who are attracted to those kinds of people.  The same way that Dom/sub relationships are a fetish.  I am attracted to my Dom, partly because I like women (but not men, as Doms.  I prefer men as subs) who take control and know what they want.  We call it a fetish, but the truth is that it is attraction.  And you can’t choose that.  Your demand that society should say that these things are beautiful is all well and good, but that won’t automatically make people think that trans-women or plus-size women are beautiful.  Oh, and by the way, my Dom is a little on the heavy side.  So yeah, I don’t have a problem with that, either.

Is a childhood of boy-designated socialization sometimes evident in arguments with trans-women?  Absolutely!  For starters, they don’t question themselves, apologize for themselves, or wait for their turn to speak quite as often as cis-women are taught to do from birth.  Likewise, a childhood of girl-designated socialization is sometimes evident when trans-men make arguments.  It will be nice when girl-designated socialization and boy-designated socialization include a childhood where respect and assertiveness are taught equally, but though there has been progress, we’re not there yet.

On some levels, I agree with this.  On others, who are these women who are taught from birth to be quiet, wait for their turn to speak and not assert themselves?  When I was growing up, my girly-mates were just one of the guys.  We didn’t see them as any different.  We talked about Pokemon, Digimon, and the cool books we were reading like it was nobody’s business.

There are problems between the genders, both against women and men.  And there should be a continuing dialogue.  But when Zinnia did a response to this, she focused simply on the trolls, and not on the people who had real comments to say.

Gender equality is something that I am definitely for.  I can’t think of anyone I know who isn’t.  But, I am definitely not going to be one of the people who thinks that radical feminism will get us there.

Until next time, a quote,

“Contrariwise, if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn’t, it ain’t. That’s logic.”  -Tweedledee, Alice in Wonderland

Peace out,


The Salvation Army Thinks That Gays Deserve Death?!

Why do I do this?  Why do I subject myself and my little free time to finding thing that piss me off?  I don’t look for them.  They find me.  I’m just minding my business, checking on YouTube, when I see this lovely little tidbit.  Andrew Craibe, a Major for the Salvation Army, was asked by two gay journalists if they deserve to die.  And his response was so incredibly bigoted, it’s almost amazing –

Well, it’s a part of our belief system…You know, we have alignment to the Scriptures, but that’s our belief.

This guy is amazing.  Not only is he probably the stupidest person ever to be in a televised interview, but he also decided to sink the Salvation Army into yet ANOTHER PR nightmare.  Anyone remember back in 2004 when the Salvation Army threatened to close their soup kitchens in New York, rather than allow equal benefits for domestic partners?  Or how about when they were working with political groups to stop gay marriage being legalized in many states.  It isn’t exactly a secret that the Salvation Army is run by anti-gay bigots.  That’s just a fact.  Regardless of what good they end up doing, they are still bigots.  But now, as if being known for their bigoted behavior wasn’t bad enough, they are deciding to just go balls-to-the-wall and say that gay people should die.

Un-fucking-believable.  They can’t be this stupid.  No company can be this stupid!  I mean, when Chick-fil-A came out against gay marriage, at least they were measuring out what they were supporting.  They knew that America is filled with bigots, but they didn’t go too far.  They knew where the line was.  As bigoted as this country is, there is no fucking way that you can get these people to actively desire death upon people.  That’s just going too far.

Now, the Salvation Army has tried to mend this situation, with a statement saying that all human life is sacred, and that it would be against Christian teachings to be in favor of murder.  But here’s the problem with that – Craibe was actually right in what he said.

According to the book of Leviticus, a man who lies with another man should be put to death.  Oops.  Guess the Bible doesn’t back up your cause on this one.  Or, since Christians are the morphing masters of getting out from under their own creed’s doctrine, they will say that that is “open to interpretation” or something to the effect of “Jesus came, so we don’t have to do that anymore.”  They have a gift at finding ways to disobey their book’s teachings, while still saying that they take it literally.  Christian hypocrisy for the purpose of not having to think too hard never ceases to amaze me.

Not to mention, they say that God values all life.  Well…that’s blatantly not true.  God decided to genocide the entire planet’s population of men, women, children and babies.  Did all those lives matter to him?  Obviously not, because he killed them in cold blood.  Or how about when he commanded his people to slaughter the various tribes who stood against them?  In one passage, he tells his army to dash the heads of children against rocks, and slash open the bellies of pregnant women.  Gee, that’s love for ya.  Christian dogma doesn’t support this.  If anything, Craibe was closer to the truth than the Salvation Army’s attempt at a good PR strategy to cover this.

The consensus seems to be, across news groups, that this was an individual thing, and not a Salvation Army thing.  But they have always been anti-gay marriage, anti-gay adoption, and anti-gay rights.  This has been shown, time after time.  Here is a link to a lovely YouTube vlogger named Zinnia Jones who gives a comprehensive view of the anti-gay stance of the Salvation Army, and their efforts to work against gay rights.  But, like whenever a cop does something bad, we always want to say that this is a small thing, and not look at the larger issues.

In my mind, this is why bigotry is so common in America.  Instead of looking at the root cause, America is too lazy for that.  Because, to really attack bigotry, with things like education, open dialogue and keeping an open mind, you actually have to work at those things.  Those things aren’t easily remedied by saying that it was a “one-time deal” or a “baby with the bathwater situation.”  No, to tackle real bigotry, you have to look a little deeper.  And we aren’t.  We aren’t looking deeper than that.  Because that would be too hard.  And also because it shines a horribly ugly light on America and its people.  We are nation that needs the sunshine blown up our ass all the time.  If we have to be even remotely critical of ourselves, and take responsibility, then we have to actually admit we did something wrong.  And if Bush taught us nothing else, it’s that admitting when you’re wrong is no good!

The reality is – don’t give any money to the Salvation Army.  There are a ton of other charities that do just as much good work, without the bigotry associated with the Salvation Army.  Groups like Doctors Without Border, the American Red Cross, Direct Relief International, Heifer International and The Trevor Project.  All of these groups are so much better to donate to.  I am all for helping the poor.  I’m a liberal.  But I am sick and fucking tired of America’s bigotry being swept under the rug, and us thinking that if we don’t look at it long enough, it will go away.

I am also tired of Christians trying to whitewash their holy book, to absolve themselves of the fact that they follow a God who has human prejudices, is vain as any person, and is a violent bastard who, if you don’t do what he says, he will fuck you up!  And that’s how it reads.  The Bible doesn’t read like symbolism.  It reads like God is an immoral dictator who will fuck you up if you don’t do what he says.  He’s a pimp, you’re his whores.  Well, I ditched that noise, and I am NEVER going back.  I don’t need that snake oil.

Why do you?

Until next time, a quote,

“You can support a good cause, without supporting religious prejudice.  But unless and until the Salvation Army renounces their anti-gay policies, don’t give them your money, and don’t give them your used goods.  There are better options out there.  And there is no place for hate in charity.”  – Zinnia Jones, Boycott The Salvation Army

Peace out,


Dan Savage and Journalism Failure by Faith

As a journalism student, I fully intend that there are going to be days when I am going to be involved stories that I find objectionable.  I fully expect that there will be times when I will cover and event that really gets under my skin, but I will do so with the fullest measure of sincerity and to the best of my ability, because I am interested in what all great journalists are supposed to be interested in – finding out the truth.  The truth isn’t something that is only what you want.  There will be times when the truth is something that shakes you, and is something that leaves you shaken.  That is the nature of the beast with journalism.

However, a number of students at the National High School Journalism convention, this is something that they couldn’t handle.  Dan Savage was one of the main speakers there, and he had some comments about Christianity.

We can learn to ignore the bullshit in the Bible about gay people, the same way we have learned to ignore the bullshit in the Bible about shellfish, about slavery, about dinner, about farming, about menstruation, about virginity, about masturbation.  We ignore bullshit in the Bible about all sorts of things.  The Bible is a radically pro-slavery document.

What he said there is absolutely correct.  The Bible is a pro-slavery document.  Lincoln could have used some help from the Bible back when he was trying to free the slaves.  There is verse after verse in the Bible about how to treat your slaves, what kinds of slaves you can own, and even how you can beat them.  Not two words was taken out of context.

We have also learned to ignore a lot of bullshit that is in the Bible for the backwards-ass garbage that it is that is holding back progress, and is making life harder for people.  Of course, groups like the Westboro Baptist Church still wants to believe it, but they are nothing more than Christian fundies who are banking off of how much people hate them.  They like the hatred of others.  It gives them fulfillment, and also helps them earn money when somebody kicks the shit out of one of their people and they can sue the person.  Cheap, tasteless, and we ignore it.

Of course, while Savage was explaining this, there were a number of students who got up and walked out, apparently all offended.  He had a rather poignant statement about them too –

It’s funny, as someone who’s on the receiving end of beatings that are justified by the Bible, how pansy-ass some people will react when you push back.

Another complete truth.  I think a lot of Christians miss the days when you weren’t allowed or it was totally beyond the acceptable norms to argue with a Christian about their beliefs.  You couldn’t say that they were full of shit, because the communities at large would go against you.  Then came the internet.

On the internet, the Christians have no community backing.  Their arguments stand alone, and they have to defend them.  Probably 70% of all the Christians who I have seen talk to atheists eventually just give up trying to convince the atheist of their point and end with the statement – I’ll pray for you.  An easy way not to have to justify anything.

So now, with the internet, there is a growth of this community in the real world.  The atheists on the internet are no longer nameless people.  They have faces, vlogs and blogs and are willing to stand up to the Christian intolerance that still massively afflicts this country.

But what does it say about a Christian when they won’t even take criticism?  When they won’t even allow their point of view to be debated and question and criticized?  I get my point of view criticized all the time.  I will sometimes argue, but that is more because I like to argue than I think I should.  I have a weird enjoyment of doing it.  But Savage’s comments have spread to the Christian right and have been the latest phoned-in controversy that they can use to say that they are somehow being attacked.

The group GOProud said that Savage should apologize for his comments.  Why?  He wasn’t lying.  We have come a long way from when we obeyed ever ridiculous edict in that equally-ridiculous book.  The Bible does condone slavery.  There is no text in there saying that slavery is wrong.  Hell, it describes people as slaves to God.  But one Christian blogger wrote that Savage was using this as a means of Christian bullying.

It’s unreal that Christians in this country can ever claim that they are a bullied party.  Yes, because being a Christian in America is so fucking hard.  Isn’t it?  Don’t you feel so oppressed?  You get beaten and raped and killed every day, while getting quotes thrown at you from a holy book.  You get told that your existence is a sin and that you will burn in Hell for all eternity.  You are told that your parents should have their friends come over and “screw her (you) straight.”  Oh wait, that’s stuff that happens to members of the LGBT community.  My bad.

But let’s ignore that – what kinds of future journalists are these kids?  What exactly are they saying when they won’t sit and listen to Savage criticize their book?  Guess what, kids, but that is the job.  You don’t get to pick and choose the story.  You run with what you are presented with, and hopefully it all turns out okay.  That is how it works.  I guess that you didn’t figure that out.

This is a failure of journalism, and all of it is through faith.  Isn’t faith great?

Until next time, a quote,

“So, regardless of Dan Savage’s tone, or how terribly offended some Christians were, his underlying point is completely valid.  And it’s impact was only amplified by the incredible sight of devout Christians literally fleeing from the truth about their Bible and their own moral hypocrisy.”  -Zinnia Jones, Dan Savage is right about the Bible

Peace out,


NOM Shows Christian Ruthlessness, and Christian Bigotry

In the battle for gay rights, there is occasionally something that shows the total ugliness of the Christian position, or at least the most vocal Christian position.  I will say up front that there are plenty of people who believe in God who find the actions of these people as morally repugnant as I, and any other decent person do.  However, there is an incredibly large Christian base who openly does shit like what I am about to describe.

First, a little back-story.  There is a group in Maine called the National Organization for Marriage.  In 2009, they contributed over $1 million to the campaign to overturn gay marriage.  However, when NOM didn’t file the disclosure reports that are required when one donates over $5,000, the Maine Ethics Commission decided to investigate.  NOM then filed a lawsuit.  Their action was that the reporting requirements in Maine are unconstitutional.  They lost their case in district court, appeals court, and the Supreme Court wouldn’t hear it (good for them!).  Recently, a large series of documents were released by the group which paint a very ugly picture about what this group was trying to do.  Actually, scratch that.  Ugly is putting it REALLY politely.  Ugly is being nice beyond reason.  These documents show these people as some of the worst scum ever to greet to human race.

All clergy are key influencers on gay marriage, but Catholics are a key swing vote and Catholic clergy are notoriously difficult to personally reach.  The Catholic Clergy Project aims to use NOM’s close relationship with Catholic bishops to to equip, energize and moralize Catholic priests on the marriage issue.  NOM has provided this service to bishops in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Iowa, and Kansas to date.

That was just one of the parts of many documents, linked above.  Please read them all, so you can see for yourself how digusting these people are.  Of course, it should be no surprise that the Catholic church is going to be mobilized against gay marriage.  Catholic groups notoriously are against equality, for completely bullshit reasons, like their Gawd commands it, or other stupid shit.

Under The American Principles Project –

 Expose Obama as a social radical.  Develop side issues to weaken pro-gay marriage political leaders and parties and develop an activist base of socially conservative voters.  Raise such issues as pornography, protection of children, and the need to oppose all efforts to weaken religious liberty at the federal level.  This is the mission of The American Principles Project.

Yes, don’t talk about the real issue.  I love that they are tacitly admitting that they don’t have a case to bring to us on a reasonable level.  That would be too hard.  Instead, they do the usual Christian approach then the know that the society at large isn’t as morally repugnant and bigoted as they are – make it about something else!  Cloud the issue, and called “protecting children.”  This is another tactic that has been going on for as long as this has been a debate, only back then, they called these people pedophiles.  Now they just hide this belief, even though I’m sure many of them still have it.  Not to mention how they are making religion a federal issue, totally disregarding the 1st Amendment.

 Here’s the bottom line: Hollywood with its cultural biases is far bigger than we can hope to be.  We recognize this.  But we also recognize the opportunity – the disproportionate potential impact of proactively seeking to gather and connect a community of artists, athletes, writers, beauty queens and other glamorous non-cognitive elites across national boundaries,

Wow, did you catch that “non-cognitive” part?  They want stupid famous people who they can easily manipulate, and who will easily manipulate their equally-stupid audience.  I wonder if they are going to try and get Snooki on their side?  It’s a cheap, tasteless tactic, but it should be talked about because it is an admission that they realize that smart people don’t go for their crap.  Stupid people do.  Stupid people buy into this belief that gay marriage is so wrong.

One point I want to make is that, according to one of their financial sheets, this group allocates $120,000 to an outreach coordinator, for the express purpose of finding children of same-sex couples who will speak on camera.  The idea that they can manipulate these kids into talking smack about their gay parents.  What a bunch of sweet-hearts.  There is no end to the amount of ugliness in that!  There is no way I can articulate how sick this makes me!  These people are saying, outright, that they want to use children against their own parents.  That’s disgusting!  Beyond disgusting.  It’s obvious to me, and anybody else who cares that these people have no conscience whatsoever.  No morals, either.  This is beyond amoral.  This is the kind of shit that fascist dictators would do.  These people are neo-fascists.  I wish this was hyperbole, because I bet that’s how it sounds, but what else can you call a group of people who is trying to get children to be tools to use against their own parents?

Here is a tidbit from their Latino Project: An American Strategy –

The Latino vote is a key swing vote, and will be even more so in the future because of demographic growth.  Will the process of assimilation to the dominant Anglo culture lead Hispanics to abandon traditional values?  We can interrupt this process of assimilation by making support for marriage key badge of Latino identity.

Good god!  What is wrong with these people?!  You not only want to manipulate children against their parents, but you want to try and control a people’s racial identity in order to feed your own ends?!  Is there no level that you people will stoop to?  Does nothing offend your sensibilities?  Is there not some scrap of human decency that tells you how sick this kind of thing is?!  What the fuck?!

Here is a bit from their Not a Civil Right Project –

The strategic goal of this project is to drive a wedge between gays and blacks – two key Democratic constituencies.  Find, equip, energize, and connect African American spokespeople for marriage; develop a media campaign around their objections to gay marriage as a civil right.  Provoke the gay marriage base into responding by denouncing these spokesmen and women as bigots.  No politician wants to take up and push an issue that splits the base of the party.  Fanning the hostility in the wake of Prop. 8 is key to raising the costs of pushing gay marriage to its advocates and persuading the movement’s allies that advocates are unacceptably overreaching on this issue.  Consider pushing a marriage amendment in Washington D.C.; find attractive young black Democrats to challenge white gay marriage advocates electorally.

The ultimate lesson you can take away from all of this is – there is NOTHING, absolutely nothing that is beneath these pieces of shit.  There is no tactic that they will not employ to get what they want.  What they do is immoral, disgusting, repugnant, and motivated, 100%, by their beliefs.  Their Christianity guides this action.  While most of this sounds like politics, make no mistake, they are using politics as a way to push their own religious agenda, no matter how bigoted, against a group of people who have done nothing to them!

NOM, you are disgusting.  Everyone who supports you is disgusting.  You are bigots.  Everyone who supports you is also a bigot.  When the day comes that you no longer exist, these documents will show the entire world for exactly what you are – ruthless, pathetic, immature, homophobic, racist (because it is white people trying to control another culture), immoral and religious zealots, trying to destroy another group of people for your own faith message.

Fuck you, National Organization for Marriage.  FUCK…YOU!

Until next time, a quote,

“These documents reveal and organization that’s so outrageous and so openly ruthless, there’s simply no tactic that’s beneath them in their fight against our rights.”  -Zinnia Jones, Secret NOM documents reveal disgraceful, racist, anti-family strategy 

Peace out,


Message to Religious People – You are Not Special

If one had to describe what their religion is, the exact framework of it, what would it be?  Well, that’s pretty simple.  The first part is the belief in an all-powerful deity.  With me so far?  Good.  Of course, with that, there are plenty of other supernatural elements with it, such as souls, spirits (or angels), and powers beyond mankind’s comprehension.  There must also be an afterlife.  Now, this is where many such belief systems don’t mix, because some believe that there is only one, and some believe that there are two or more, and you must have a certain system of behaviors to get there.

Along with the supernatural, almost all religions have a belief structure as to where life on Earth or this entire universe came from.  Within the context of this, it isn’t entirely uncommon to find there to be a proposed theory as to what the meaning life is, such as to serve god, or to follow a way of being.  This brings me to my next point – there is a system of behaviors that are acceptable, and those which are not.  A moral code is absolute synonymous with religion.

Another thing that goes along with religion is a series of text.  Some will say that these texts are open to interpretations, others will say that they are free of errors, of any kind.  With these text, they will say that there is a common distinction that these texts and the beliefs it pertains to are never wrong, and that any evidence to the contrary is beyond their ability to rationalize.

Obviously, these beliefs are extremely important to the people who have them, and they will fight vigorously to defend them when an attack is perceived.  These people will furiously try to follow this belief structure, for fear that they are going to be tormented forever if they do not, or will vanish from existence, or something like that.    Those are all major aspects of belief.

The people who hold them will often categorize what is said against their faith to be “anti-religious bigotry,” or “hate speech against religion.”  Often, this is totally baseless, because the people who are trying to talk about it are level-headed, since they do not have this level of dedication to the belief.  The people who believe this believe that they are special, and that their belief system is special.  They put this system above other systems, due to the belief that a devine entity has created it.

However, there is one fundamental truth – it is not special.  Looking back through history, it is easy to see how the religion of one group is very similar, has taken similar stories, and has even openly swallowed other religion.  The moral codes that they have are not special in context to other systems.

Take the Constitution, for one example.  This is a totally secular document that was written by people who, a lot of which weren’t religious at all, wanted to government and the church to remain absolute seperate.  Some of them like Thomas Paine, were totally against religion, and did not believe it had any merits at all.  Others, like John Adams, believed it was corrosive to society, and that it needed to have no part in our world, but that people should still be free to celebrate it.  And there are many parts of the Constitution that correlate with religious values, such as – don’t kill people, and don’t steal from people.

Religious people also seem to believe that they deserve a certain amount of respect, and that their belief system deserves a certain amoung of respect.  This is blatantly false.  Since the supernatural aspects that these people believe in have no evidence whatsoever, why exactly should the rest of us follow that train of logic that it deserves respect?  Would you respect somebody who believes that a flying pink gorilla created all life, and that it lives in Miami?  Of course not, because we can prove this to be false.  Much the same way that religious beliefs, such as the idea that the Earth is in the center of the universe, or that all terrestrial bodies outside of the earth are on crystal spheres orbiting the Earth, have been proven absolutely false, along with the world being flat.

You are not that special, and your belief structure is not that unique or important.  The worst part is that these people often think that they can use this belief structure as a means of stopping any and all discourse against their beliefs.  If they don’t like what a person is saying, they throw the religion card, and boom, conversation stops.  Well, that is what they expect.  They expect that if they play the religion card, the rest of us will shut up and leave them alone.

However, look at how they conduct themselves here in the United States.  Religious-guided politicians have passed legislation, like that in Virginia, effectively authorizing rape before getting and abortion (trans-vaginal ultrasound).  There are people like Rick Santorum who are trying to legislate our sexuality.  He genuinely believes that he should legislate how we act, such as looking at porn on the internet.  And there are groups like the Westboro Baptist Church who protest at the funerals of gay people and soldiers, with signs like “God Hates Fags” and “God Hates America.”  They will openly attack whoever they please, and yet, when anybody ever retorts, they will act like they are the ones being offended, and act like it is very wrong.

It helps to see what the truth about religion is, especially when examining things like the Mormons part in the passing of Prop 8 in California, or the Catholic Church-funded adoption group who closed their doors when the government said that they had to treat gay couples the same way as straight ones.  We are now able to see religion for what it is – a card that is able to be pulled at anytime to justify their inability to do what the law says, or to change the law to suit their own bigotry.  It is not a question that the Mormon church is bigoted, much the same at the Catholic church.  The people in these groups may not be, but the institution itself is.  This isn’t a question, it’s a fact.

The simple fact is – you are not being descriminated against.  You are being attacked for the bigotry that your “holy” text commands, and your leaders follow.  You are being attacked for the corrosive effect that your belief structure, which isn’t that special, has on society, and how much damage you are doing to people who have not wronged you in any way.  They pull out the descrimination card to avoid answering for their actions, and to try and silence any and all argument against the belief structure that atheists like myself have examined and found lacking.  Completely and utterly lacking.

You are not special.  It’s time you stopped thinking that you are.

Until next time, a quote,

“The unwarrented belief in the supernatural, or the moral authority of certain questionable books is worthy of critique whether we call this ‘religion’ or not.”  -Zinnia Jones, Religion isn’t special (but people think it is) 

Peace out,