You’re Arguing Against Strawmen (a response to Barack Obama)

The former President of the United States.  Never done a response to this guy before.  I’ve talked about his policies and how stupid they are, but now that he’s not in office, I haven’t had a lot of reason to go after the guy.  That is, until today.  It seems that Obama wanted to do himself a response of his own to people like myself who don’t vote.  In my case, I only vote when there is something I actually believe in, but I am a firm believer in NOT doing “lesser of two evils” voting.  There is no amount of bad that this country can get before I’ll do that.  Period.  Guess the so-called “Liberal” candidates have to actually earn my vote, like Bernie did in the last primary.  Alright, former President, you have my hear.  I’ll put his video below so you can see I’m taking nothing out of context, then we’ll respond.

Excuse #1: I don’t care about politics

His “refutation” of this point made me visibly cringe.  He had his ultimate “How do you do, fellow kids” moment.  Yes, because Pokemon is going to be the perfect analogy to those who just don’t care about the politics of this country.

I remember a video that GrapplingIgnorance did a LONG time ago talking about this very issue.  He breaks down the fact that some people just don’t care and some do far better than I, so here’s a link to his video.  But the former President’s Pokemon analogy is the worst.  He goes on to argue that those in power are betting on everyone to check out.  How does that help your case?  Yeah, people see the whole process as useless because our politicians are corrupt, and the whole two-party system is a scam to make people believe that there is actually is one party or the other who is in favor of the people, when we know that both parties are owned by major corporations.

He actually makes the argument that our not voting is the reason why our politics don’t happen.  Yeah, because the fact that the parties are rigged against the people, that there are PACs and Super PACs which subvert the will of the voter by giving corporations unlimited ability to buy politicians.  Hell, we saw Hillary Clinton buy the DNC and use that against her opponent.  So please, tell me again how it’s people not voting that is making the government corrupt.  All ears.

Excuse #2: why bother voting when I can’t relate to the candidates?

I remember this shit when Bush II was being elected.  All the people who said “I’ll vote for him because I think I can have a beer with him.”  I think Bill Maher said it best.

Yeah, I’ll have a beer with him.  And then I’ll crack that beer bottle on his empty fucking head.

Obama actually says this is a good point, which makes me laugh.  The simple reality is that no candidate will relate to the average American unless they are a retard who watches football and thinks America is star-spangled awesome all the time.  Or maybe they can be an introverted NEET who hardly ever sees the sun.  Either way, there is never a point where the politicians will relate to the people.  This is a strawman.  Nobody actually believes this.  But that’s no surprise.  It came from a news outlet.  They are big on making up strawmen for their talking heads to defeat.

Excuse #3: my vote doesn’t matter

That is ONLY said in respect to third-party candidates.  And yeah.  Given how the entire system is rigged against them, it’s true.  Third party candidates aren’t even allowed into the Presidential debates.  How is that fair?  This open and free democracy we claim to have, and a whole section of it isn’t allowed to participate.  Are you seeing the problem?

Obama making everything relate to pop culture is cringe-y to no end.  He makes the point that Trump won by a narrow margin.  That’s true.  People like me who didn’t vote won it for him.  But you see, the party didn’t learn the lesson that they should have from that – that people won’t vote if they don’t believe in the candidate.  Instead, what they learned is – let’s get Obama to do an Internet video!  Oh, and let’s get Joe Biden to run!  That’ll beat Trump!  The Democrats are hinging on “fuck Trump!” to win the next election, and I’m telling you now, it isn’t going to work.  People like me didn’t vote for Shillary on principal.  You think that’s going to change now, with the orange buffoon in office?  No!  I refuse to vote for someone I don’t believe in.  Period.

He then makes a baffling argument – that we can vote in candidates who support the values we do.  Did you learn NOTHING from what happened last primary?!  We saw the party get rigged against a candidate that the people did support!  Bernie Sanders was filling up stadiums.  Hillary Clinton couldn’t fill up a high school gym.  She goes booed at the DNC acceptance of the nomination.  It was revealed that the DNC had to hire people to cheer for her.  I don’t get why the Democrats can see this and learn fuck-all from it!

Excuse #4: Midterms are boring

Nobody says this.  Who, anywhere, has said this?  At what point has any person in any realm of existence actually said this?  I want an example.  Where did this “news” outlet get their information from?  Probably the same place as BuzzFeed.

He keeps saying that we should be electing people who care about what we care about.  And if there is nobody?  I am watching the gubernatorial race in my own state, and there isn’t a single candidate who supports what I care about.  Not one.  They’re all tools.  So yeah.

Excuse #5: I’m uninformed

Who, anywhere, has said this?!  Is ATTN just finding strawman issues to talk about?  This video clearly isn’t made for people who actually don’t vote on principal.  Because there hasn’t been a single point that I actually believe in raised.  He hasn’t talked about how unethical the parties are, how bought and paid for our politicians are, how the system is rigged AGAINST the will of the people and in favor of the will of the donors.  How the Democrats have an entire delegate system in place in case the people actually find a candidate they like through Superdelegates.  Nope.  It’s just this nonsense.  These are the top 7 excuses?  Two of which aren’t said by a single fucking person anywhere!  The video says that they got these from “YouTube comments.”  On which fucking video?!  Citation, bitch!

Excuse #6: I don’t know where I’m supposed to vote

This is such bullshit!  If a person actually wants to vote, it is beyond easy to figure out.  You brought it up yourself!  Google exists, and the young know how to use it.  Why is this channel making up strawman issues to be against.  It baffles me how this video has so many thumbs-up.  It really does.  These aren’t the points that real people make against voting.  It’s the points that someone who has never actually argued against those people do.  Ugh.

Excuse #7: I don’t have time to vote

That argument is made by lower-middle class moms who bitch that it’s during hours when they are working.  This is not the argument of someone who actually doesn’t vote.  It’s so stupid.  How on Earth does this video have so many thumbs-up?  I need to know.  It is of vital importance that I learn who the retards are who actually approve of what has been three straw-man arguments in a row.

Hey ATTN, I got an idea – here is my REASON that I don’t vote.  Let’s see you get Obama to talk about this one –

Reason #1: Because our government is bought and paid for, the parties are either far-right or center-right, and we have seen time and time again that candidate who are favored by the people are undercut by the powerful, like a woman you endorsed.

If that video is ever made, please post it under this article.  With baited breath, I wait.

Until next time, a quote,

“This is the best we can do, folks.  This is what our system produces – garbage in, garbage out.” – George Carlin

Peace out,


Nobody Sticks to Their Guns Anymore

You know what I’m tired of?  The utter lack of conviction on the part of YouTube personalities these days.  I remember when I was starting to really watch this stuff, there were people commenting on the videos of others, and it was great stuff.  The pwnage videos, then the more intellectual response videos where those responding would still rip someone’s ideas to pieces, but would be more on point and less just trying to get a reaction.  I can still dig both kinds of videos.  But as I watch the platform these days, that’s not what I see, and that REALLY disappoints me.

A while back, Mister Metokur made a video about “Internet bloodsports.”  These videos that people make where they invite people with inflammatory ideas and give them a platform to spout their nonsense.  Often with a ton of other people and them just letting everyone argue and yell.  It’s pretty great stuff.  One such video is where Mundane Matt finally saw his star fall.  His days of YouTube stardom are over.  Not feeling bad about that.  Watching a hypocrite fall on the sword of his own bullshit has some amount of catharsis.  The culture at large is so ugly about this, though.  Why?

Metokur makes a point that it’s the same reason people watched shows like Jerry Springer.  To see people who are abhorrent in one way or another and get to yell at them in a public venue.  Sure, that is the extreme of what I’m talking about with the videos that I used to watch, but it still fits with what I’m talking about.  ReviewTechUSA made this video as a follow-up to a video he did ripping into this moron at The Verge who royally fucked up making a PC build.  It was so funny.  The comments section to that video was a trash fire, but that’s no surprise.

This is something that Rich and seemingly everyone else seems to forget about.  Did NOBODY learn from Jello Apocalypse’s video about YouTube?  YouTube comments sections are ALWAYS a dumpster fire!  Find me a single viral video and I can scroll down in the comments and find people arguing about Hitler or something.  Hell, find me a cute cat video with a shit-ton of views and I can do it.  It used to be understood that YouTube comments sections are cancer.  That’s just how it is after you get so many hits.  No matter the content, people in the Comments are assholes.

Not to mention, Rich is sympathetic to this dude getting racial slurs thrown at him.  I’m not saying I support it, but again, does Rich not know that this is par for the course on YouTube comments?  Everyone fucking forgets, and I don’t get why!  If Anita Sarkeesian actually had her comments section open, yeah, there’d be a lot of assholes saying mean things there.  But that’s just how it is.  Sure, Sony deleted a lot of legitimate detracting comments from the Ghostbusters (2016) trailer, but yeah, there were plenty of sexist assholes in there too.  This is the nature of the medium, Rich!  It’s always been this way!  When did people forget this?!  It always will be!  Any medium that allows people to comment openly is going to have this.

Maybe the idea is that he is lamenting this in some way, but it doesn’t read like that.  It reads like he is unaware of the nature of YouTube.  So many people are, these days.  They don’t stick to their guns.  The moment somebody goes after somebody hard, they suddenly back off and are super nice.  It’s boring.  If you have opinions about something, fuck the people who are jerks about it!  Go after them with no mercy!  But we can’t do that anymore.  Now this is the happy medium where nobody is unpleasant.

Everyone is also quick to forget that it’s anyone.  Any popular personality gets a shit-ton of crap thrown their way.  That’s also been how it is since forever and a day.  A lot of it is very ugly stuff, and people used to get who posts that kind of thing – mostly trolls.  Anyone remember trolls?  When those who use YouTube understood that trolls will troll and there ain’t shit you can do about it?  So best not to give them attention?  “Don’t feed the trolls.”  Remember that?  Everywhere I look, it doesn’t feel that way.  It just reads like people crying that everyone is being mean.

Yes, in a perfect world, everyone would be nice and there would be polite discourse everywhere.  Actually, fuck that!  In my perfect world, people would do their thing, and it would be up to the content creators to accept that this medium has this shit and there ain’t a fucking thing that anyone can do about it.  Unless you close your comments and ratings, a la Anita Sarkeesian.  Because this is the Internet, and the best days of this medium were when it was the wild west, and people were just posting willy-nilly about whatever.

If you have opinions, stick to them.  If you wanna be a jerk about it and go hard after someone, so long as you have an actual argument to make, fucking do it!  Yeah, YouTube is cracking down on fucking everything now, so enjoy the right to post something other than cute cat videos while you can.  Even if the comments will still be somebody arguing about Twitter and goading the people who wanted nice cat video comments into arguing with them.

Until next time, a quote,

“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and start slitting throats.” – H.L. Mencken

Peace out,


The Fall of MundaneMatt

Boy how this bums me out.  It really is just a complete bummer from A to Z.  Seeing how this all came about just blew my mind.  Guess I didn’t live on the Internet as much as I thought.  When I saw Mister Metokur’s video on this, it was a genuine shock.  To think that somebody, especially with how he came into popularity, could be this big a hypocrite just blew my freakin’ mind.  It’s unfortunate, but he really made his own bed with this, and now he’s getting fucked in it.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, the YouTuber who goes by MundaneMatt was recently the subject of Mister Metokur’s latest expose.  And it was pretty damning stuff.  Here’s a link to his video, if you want to the full context.  For those who are like “TL,DW”, I’ll give a brief breakdown.  I don’t begrudge you if you are of that mindset.  It is a long video.

Matt Jarbo (not doxxing.  He goes by his actual name on the regular) was a guy who used to make videos about gaming and nerd culture, with under 10,000 subs since 2009.  Then there was the incident where Zoe Quinn false-DMCA’d one of his videos that was critical of her because of a blog post by her ex-boyfriend, Eron Gjoni, and Internet Aristocrat made a video about it.  This was the beginnings of #GamerGate.  Everything that happened followed because of IA’s video.  Keep that in mind.  We’ll be coming back to it.

He grew in popularity, now over 100,000.  He’s always maintained a sense of ethics and come down on people who have done things like false-DMCAing or reporting people erroneously.  However, Metokur and his compatriots in a stream were able to unearth something.  It seems the Matt is a bleeding hypocrite.  See, before he got big, there was this video where he has a polar bear puppet, and makes this edgy video of it saying the word “nigger.”  Yeah, it’s cringe-y as fuck.  After a board on the chans posted about it, naturally some people flocked to see if it was as funny/cringe as they were being told.  His response to this was not good.

There were streams and videos that were made talking about this video, and something kept happening.  These videos were being flagged for things such as hate-speech.  It was strange, considering Matt’s video was up on his channel for years without a peep.  A lot of people were finding this kinda odd.  And since somebody REALLY didn’t want people to talk about this, the Streisand Effect took over, and people were more curious.  It gets worse.

Some started to speculate that it was Matt himself who was doing the flagging on these videos.  He vehemently denied it.  Made this claim that some shadow party was doing the flagging.  This was received with all the skepticism it deserved.  This isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened.  I’ll spare you the drama about it all.  You can watch the video if you want the full context.  But the whole affair ended with Metokur and company having a way that you can show the parties you have flagged on YouTube.  They demanded to see Matt’s page in screen-share.  If he was telling the truth, it would be empty.  He dragged his ass for over half an hour, until all of them had shown him how easy it was by doing it themselves.  FINALLY, he showed his page, and it was worse than I thought.  Not even showing everything, so many of his lies came undone.

Not only was Matt false-flagging, but he was false-flagging people that in one breath he said he had never heard of before that interaction.  Lie after lie came undone, and all Matt could say was that he fucked up.  Naturally, the entire entourage piled on in a very ugly way.  It’s now almost for certain that Matt uses an app with Google to track anytime his name pops up, and goes after those who speak ill of him.  This, from the guy who has written a book on Amazon about how to deal with online hate.

And the fucking moron didn’t even have the sense to use a sock account to do this with.  He did it with his own channel.  Fucking idiot!  I’ll give Zoe Quinn and her ilk this much – at least they have a fuck-ton of sock accounts to do stupid shit like harassing themselves.  Except that time Brianna Wu trolled herself on her own Steam page.  Congrats, Matt, you’re on the same level of stupid as Brianna Wu.

There is so much more, but I’m depressed enough with that.  Lie after lie exposed, but the worst bit of all – Matt was exposed as a bleeding hypocrite.  And here is where my own take on this comes into play.  Nothing bugs me more than hypocrisy.  If you are gonna purport to have an ethical standard, you damn well better live up to it!  We’ve all gotten to see Filip Mucin and his crashing and burning with being exposed as a plagiarist.  There was his total non-apology apology video where he didn’t even admit that he plagiarized.  His only acknowledgment of Boomstick Gaming was to tell him he does good work in this way that comes off as condescending and not willing to fess up to what he did.  He kept saying that all the people digging to find more plagiarism was just trying to kick him when he’s down.  So much bullshit.

Now here is a guy whose rise to fame was all about a woman who false-flagged somebody, doing the thing he has repeatedly come out against!  It’s such blatant hypocritical bullshit!  And the thing that really gets me – when he is busted, dead to rights, for his bullshit, his only response is – I fucked up.  No, Matt!  You fucking got caught lying your ass off, and when your lies started to fall apart, you made new lies.  Lie after lie after lie.  Now some are starting to wonder if he had SWATted himself.  I won’t go that far, but after all this, it makes you wonder.

That’s where his credibility ends with me.  Congratulations, Matt.  You get to join the illustrious alumni of Zoe Quinn, Brianna Wu, the Christiano Brothers, Ray Cumfart, AIU, Tommy Sotomayor, Jenny McDermott, and Brett fucking Keane!  That’s the company you get to keep now.  Hope it was worth it.  Now, let’s sit back and watch as, just like his alumni and the SJWs that the has been against, he plays the fucking victim now that he’s busted.  Let’s watch it happen.

Until next time, a quote,

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” – Mark Twain

Peace out,


Lucien’s Unpopular Opinion: Boogie2988’s Ideas About Gradual Social Change are Dumb

I was recently made aware of the YouTuber Boogie2988 talking about how the Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states is wrong because, as he see it, the change that happens should be a gradual thing.  I couldn’t possibly think that that is more wrong.  This idea that we should be waiting 20 years of 10 years to get what the majority ALREADY think should have been done is just asinine.  That’s the whole reason we got here.  The majority of people were on the side of legalizing gay marriage.  It’s how the issue got brought before the Supreme Court in the first place.

The issue with gay marriage is being mirrored, interestingly enough, with marijuana.  More and more states are legalizing, and as more states do, the government is seeing how much money there is to be made.  It’s insane.  The amount of green that is changing hands, both smoking and financially, is staggering.  As the government sees the tide of public opinion turning, this issue will be next.  But Boogie doesn’t see things that way.  Why?  Because there is backlash against it.  Well so fucking what, Boogie?  Yeah, when the law of the land changes, you have assholes who resent that.

It’s been that way with ending Jim Crow.  It was that way with ending slavery in this country.  Hell, we had a Civil War over that.  It was that way when we gave women the rights over their own bodies.  A battle that has not stopped to this day!  Are you saying that women who want to get an abortion should have to have their right to do so in all 50 states delayed by 10 or 20 years so that people are more open to it?  No, Boogie!  Sometimes, when the public is fucking dumb (as the public so often is), you need the rational voices to tell them “no!  You don’t get to enforce your bigotry over them!  You have to get with the fucking times, you backwards morons!”  I am not unaware of the fact that LGBT people potentially being assaulted or killed because of those people is sad.  But that’s the cost of progress, Boogie.  I have a great line to close this out with about that, but we’ll get there when we get there.

After the backlash that was pretty ugly, he came out to clarify his statements, and kind of double-down on them.  He said that he doesn’t think that “oppressed people should have to wait to turn the hearts and minds of their oppressors, even if they are killed in the process” and that he wishes that people could see the cause they die for instead of having to die for it.

Boogie, I have a friend who is in the Navy.  She’s dear to my heart, and it would sadden me more than you will know if she died.  But here’s the thing about anytime someone takes up a gun or joins the service to a nation or a cause – there is a chance that you will give your life for that and die for nothing.  Your nation might fail or fall.  Your cause might be destroyed and everyone who believed in it erased from history.  That’s the risk you take by choosing to fight for an idea or a nation you believe is worth fighting for.  It’s a risk that those who truly value that are willing to take.  Now here you are, standing in judgment of those people, saying that they shouldn’t die for a cause but instead be alive because you think so.

It’s interesting that earlier you brought up Nazis.  Let’s take a look at that.  Not the modern incarnation of the word that has lost ALL meaning thanks to its rampant misuse for everyone who doesn’t agree with the SJW mindset being called such.  Let’s look at the actual people in the regime of Nazi Germany.  You say not to negotiate with them on their terms.  Well, in a way, that’s what happened.  The Allies realized that we couldn’t negotiate with the Nazi regime, so we had to go to war with them.  How many British, French, African, and American men died, never seeing that cause come to fruition?  Does that invalidate what they fought for?  By your own statement, that seems to be what you think.  And that’s kind of insulting.

Not only that, but there are plenty of men who served in the military in Nazi Germany who didn’t agree with the beliefs of the nation, but had no choice but to serve (lest them and their families be disappeared).  They fought as hard as they could for a cause that wasn’t just, but for which they had no choice in the matter.  It was fight or have them and their loved ones be killed.  When Nazi Germany was defeated, rightfully, those who died for their cause died for nothing.  No matter how much they were not in favor of the regime and their ideas, those people died for nothing.  Or those who fought for Soviet Union in Afghanistan and died.  Or those who fought in Vietnam.  After all, we lost that war.  One could make the argument that they died for nothing.

The willingness to fight for what you believe in and be willing to give your life for that cause because you believe it to be just is now something to be saddening in your eyes.  That is so insulting to me.  You even say that you think its illogical to die for something rather than “be patient and wait for it.”  Oh really?  Tell that to the black men and women who couldn’t vote because of racist southern literacy tests.  Tell that to women who died in back-alley abortions because it was illegal so it was underground.  There are those who die waiting for the right thing to be done, while people like you say to wait.

During the final years before Roe v Wade, when more and more doctors were risking their reputations, careers, and freedom to give women safe abortions, there were those who made the argument that these people are helping keep it illegal because not enough people are dying.  If there was a higher body count, maybe that would tip the issue.  Thankfully, it didn’t come to that.  Because the Supreme Court interpreted our Constitution to say that women have the rights over their bodies, so abortion should be legal.  If those people had taken your advice, we wouldn’t have waited 10 years or 20 years.  We’d still be waiting now!  Because to this day, the argument has not stopped.  To this day, we still have ignorant pieces of shit in the religious-right telling women what to do with their bodies.  Abortion doctors get murdered to this day.  How long should we keep waiting for this issue?

I don’t think you’re a bad guy.  It seems like your heart’s in the right place, but overall, I think your opinion is asinine and ignorant of history.  But as always, those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.  I guarantee that plenty of people thought like you through all of the issues I raised in refutation, and each and every one of them is wrong.

Until next time, a quote,

“Gentlemen, progress has never been a bargain.  You have to pay for it.” – Henry Drummond, Inherit the Wind

Peace out,


The Logan Paul Suicide Forest Video is Fake

Since I’m a lonely loser who lives in a pretty decent apartment by myself, I live on the Internet.  It’s the life I lead.  It sucks, trust me.  But part of the thing about this fact is that I am constantly seeing the latest things that people are calling drama about.  Today it is a video that some YouTube vlogger that I had never heard of until today put up (and as of the writing of this post removed) where he is in the suicide forest of Japan and sees a dead body hanging from a tree.  Which he subsequently goes over to and gets really close to.  The video was mirrored everywhere, and I did actually see this, and…I think it’s fake.  My gut instinct is telling me that this idiot did this specifically for shock value and there isn’t an actual dead person there.

Let me say that I could be 100% wrong.  This is just my gut reaction, but as stupid and frustrating as that is, everything about the way this guy and his flunkies act and the way they are so unbelievably insensitive around a dead person leads me to believe that it’s all a big performance.  Because even if Logan Paul himself is a complete sociopath, there’s no way all his little entourage is that void of empathy.  As a person who has seen dead bodies and even seen someone after they killed themselves (it was a family member, and that’s all I’m going to say about that), seeing something like that would do things to you.  I got to see a person after they blew their head off with a shotgun.  The sight of that body left me feeling a whole bunch of really negative things.

Why would he do this?  Well, speaking as someone who lives on the Internet and sees all the stunts people pull, it’s because my PR education has informed me that there truly is no bad press.  All Logan Paul had to do was put this video up, and then subsequently take it down and post an apology, and his name is everywhere and there is controversy and he is getting more views than ever before.  Maybe this guy felt that his view count was getting a little low lately (he just bought a $6 million house.  I don’t get how that could be possible) or just that he wanted to push the envelope, but this feels like performance art to me.  Terrible, terrible performance art.

So that’s why this isn’t a Bad PR post.  Because in reality this isn’t bad PR.  If my assertion is correct, then this was a calculated move by this man to get a shit-ton of views and gets his name out there.  These kinds of stunts work, all the time.  In a world where you have to stay relevant in order to stay financially solvent on YouTube, especially now, this sort of trick pays back in spades.

It’s not just in how he acts, it’s in what he says.  This is a first for him?  A lot of things are going through his mind?  Nope, I call bullshit.  Complete bullshit.  This guy even puts sad fucking music over it.  This reminds me of when Onision did that video where he recorded a woman he was with having a seizure and put sad music over it.  That’s what this feels like.  Although, everyone knows that Onision is a complete sociopath.  And if the whole deal about him getting teenage girls to send underwear pics to him, maybe a bit of a pedo, but that’s old news.

Believe what you will, but I call bullshit.  This isn’t bad PR.  It’s brilliant PR.  It’s calculated, professional controversy shit-spinning.  Kinda wanna admire Logan Paul.  What a brilliant way to stay relevant.  And that’s my thoughts on the latest Internet drama.  I only felt compelled to talk about this because if it is on the level, then Logan Paul is just as much of a sick piece of shit as Onision.  But I am almost certain that it’s not.  It just feels staged.  The laughter then going into the fakest fake crying at the end just pegs it.  This is all just performance art.

That being said, if this is real, I feel so bad for the family of that person.  Suicide is a very terrible thing, and as someone who deals with suicidal thoughts on a daily basis, anyone thinking about it should reach out to someone.  You aren’t alone.

Until next time, a quote,

“There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” – P.T. Barnum

Peace out,


Jordan Peterson and the Dirge of YouTube

It seems that YouTube, and Google by extension, has decided that rather than let what the people who made the site big in the first place want to watch, they are going to decide for us.  Yes indeed, they are going to tell us what is okay to watch, because after all, we aren’t adults who can make up our own fucking minds about things.  We are stupid children who have to have this website tell us what is appropriate to watch.  They said that to Jordan Peterson today.

Without any warning and without giving a single reason, they decided to suspend his YouTube account.  When he tried to go to his GMail account to ask what was going on, that was suspended too.  Upon seeing this, he appealed the suspension.  It was denied.  No reason given for that, either.  Peterson did get all of his accounts back.  How?  Because he is a popular person.  After he put the heat on YouTube with social media posts and writing articles, they reinstated him.  Had they not, this post would be another Bad PR post, because they would have started a garbage fire.  But Peterson was popular.  And the new bad day is just starting.

See, YouTube has released a new press release saying what they are going to do with YouTube channels that make controversial content in the future.  It will be done to videos that haven’t violated YouTube’s policies in any way.  That’s right, someone in a position of power is going to basically let us know that the thing we wanted to watch is bad.  Why?  Because YouTube said so!  They will immediately be unable to monetize their videos.  They will never be in anyone’s Recommended videos section.  They will also have features like comments, likes, and suggested videos removed.  It is being called the “Limited State.”  What’s more, all of this is going to happen without a SINGLE person being involved.  An AI program will do this for YouTube.  In essence, YouTube has told a computer what is appropriate for people, and now that computer is going to go out there and do everything they can to purge this content without openly deleting it.

YouTube has also said that this is just the beginning.  More and more types of videos are going to be added to their self-proclaimed blacklist in the months ahead.  They’ve promised that.

I remember the good old days of YouTube.  When it was the wild west.  Sure, you had to slog through a massive ocean of “YouTube stank,” as Jello Apocalypse put it, but you could find whatever you wanted to watch.  It was a golden age where people were able to make a stable living, peddling their views to the marketplace of ideas.  Don’t like that person’s views?  Well, you can bet that there is someone who is preaching to your choir that you can go see.  Or you can start your own channel to preach about how My Little Pony now caters to the alt-right.  No joke, there was an article where SJWs say that.  It’s amazing.  Whatever your point of view, it was open to make money off of and be in that marketplace for all to see.

But those days are gone.  Now we live in the days where the Wall Street Journal could run a hit-piece a PewDiePie and how a racist video has ads from Coca-Cola and some fashion brand all within two refreshes, which I contend is bullshit.  If it did happen, then that is the biggest jackpot of all time.  Especially since YouTube is very good about targeting ads to your demographic.  A museum in my state is in most of my ads that I see, unless it’s gamer content I watch. YouTube knows what’s-what.  And since advertisers are the biggest pussies in the world and are afraid that someone may see a video saying that Islam is bullshit with an ad from their company, now YouTube has decided to basically castrate their own service.  Why?  Because if someone’s offended, that makes them look bad!

No, YouTube, this makes you look bad.  You’ve basically decided to be the teacher who punishes the entire goddamn class for the actions of one dumbfuck kid.  That’s the meat and potatoes of this entire thing.  And rather than nut up and have a person involved in ANY of this bullshit, you said, “eh, fuck it!  Let’s just let some AI do the job!  Because that TOTALLY hasn’t backfired on us already.”  Anyone remember when YouTube had a bot mass-flagging videos with content ID matches?  It was a huge to-do a few years back, when a ton of film critics basically lost all their revenue because of the fact that the YouTube bot saw a clip from a movie in that video.  What’s more, just like with Peterson, there was NO communication from YouTube about any of this.  I swear, the more I see that company not talk to people who support it, the more I wonder if the inside of that place is like Mundus’ bank in DmC: Devil May Cry (I like that game, so fucking sue me).  It wouldn’t shock me.

I just know that this “limited state” bullshit is going to extend to anti-SJW content.  I just know it.  Because after all, Google has openly supported these kinds of people.  So podcasts like The Drunken Peasants?  Am I going to have hunt them down to see their stuff?  If they are completely unable to monetize any of their stuff at all, or have Super Chats for when they are live, then their income is effectively destroyed.  So they’re gone.  So many of the YouTubers that I watch and love will be crushed by this, all because YouTube and by extension Google are too pussy to tell the advertisers to nut up and deal with the fact that the video with Roosh V may have their products advertised on it.  I’m sure they’ll survive.

This is how YouTube dies.  If they go the distance with this, then effectively they will be destroyed.  And I guarantee, once the breeze changes, some young thing will come out there to capitalize on it.  “Do you wanna watch something other than cat videos?  Come to our site!”  I am not going to keep watching YouTube if the content I want to see is buried behind their Chinese wall.  I’m just not.  If YouTube wants to turn into TV, I’ll just go and watch Netflix.  Don’t have to wade through as much crap there.

Until next time, a quote,

“Bad decisions made with good intentions are still bad decisions.” – Jim Collins

Peace out,


Top 10 Traumatizing Things in Fiction as a Child

I haven’t done a top 10 list in ages, and because I am so original, I want to piggy-back off this concept one of my favorite YouTubers put out – traumatizing things in fiction as a child.  As a kid, I had a love-hate relationship with fear.  I loved getting afraid of things, just so I could become more enamored with them.  Today I have a relationship with fear that it’s just being wasted.  Gory horror films do nothing for me.  Deep psychological thrillers, or horror films that actually take the time to build atmosphere (there are so few) are my jam.  As a kid, the stuff that scared me tended to grab my attention.  But that doesn’t mean that it didn’t fuck me up all the same.  Here is a list of the top ten things in fiction that REALLY messed with me, growing up, in a scary way.  Won’t be including any visual aids for this.  Sorry if that’s a deal-breaker.  I just have some of these attached to memories I’d like to forget.

10. Turning into lizard creatures
Star Trek Voyager
In one episode, Lt. Paris had discovered that it was possible to go to warp 10.  He wanted to test this, and he just so happened to take Capt. Janeway along for the ride.  What followed was them turning into these weird lizard creatures. But it wasn’t what you’d expect from Star Trek.  They weren’t some big bulky thing that you can clearly tell is a costume or prop.  They turn into these small creatures that look real.  It was so unsettling to me as a child.  For whatever reason, it just scared me out of my wits that I would turn into one of those things one day.

9. Pig head girl
This one just fucked with my head.  An episode of Goosebumps featured this city that people could warp into.  It was a two-part episode where you had one of the main characters being turned into a pig because of her greed.  That image just fucked with me so hard.  Looking back on it now it’s ridiculous.  But at the time it just fucked me up so hard.

8. Back monster scene
Phantasm II
As a kid I had this bad habit of going over to my uncle’s house.  He is hardcore religious, and had a pool.  But he also had another thing that he did – watch movies that were SO not appropriate for children.  And as a kid who liked to do things I wasn’t supposed to, I would sneak over sometimes and watch them.  One such film was Phantasm II.  In it, we have a scene with a woman who is covered by a black cloak.  They pull it off her face, and see that her mouth is taped shut.  What else is under that cloak?  They pull back more to reveal that there is a monster inside of her back, eating her.  That scene stuck with me so hard.  Scared the living shit out of me.  But I couldn’t tell my parents about it because I would have gotten in trouble.  The things I dealt with in silence.

7. The covers
Scary Stories (series)
Remember what I said about things that scared me enticing me to know more?  Well, this was one such instance.  I am so fucking pissed that they redid the covers for the new editions of the stories.  The reasoning?  Because they are too scary for kids.  Bullshit!  That is fucking stupid, and people who think that way are stupider.  Yeah, they are scary, but sometimes things that scare kids also intrigue them.  We like a little fear.  I read all of those books because of the covers.  And the neat fact is that the stories themselves were usually about sources of fear who are just misunderstood.  I hate this idea that we have to make the world less difficult for children.  Yeah, because kids can’t handle some scary imagery.  Give me a fucking break.

6. The Witch
Hansel and Gretel
I honestly don’t know which version of this story I saw as a kid, but I remember that there was one version with this character who just fucked up my head so hard.  Something about her screaming at these two children who she had chained up in a cage just messed with my head so fucking hard.  I wish I could remember which version I saw.  This story has been done to death.  Another relic from a time gone by – when we could scare the shit out of children and it was okay, so long as the story has a happy ending.  Don Bluth became a household name in the 80’s because of that philosophy, and he is absolutely right.

5. The threat of nuclear annihilation
I honestly don’t remember what specifically it was that got me scared of this.  Maybe it was a movie, or the news, but I remember that the idea of a nuclear weapon attacking my house scared the piss out of me.  To the point that I slept in my parents bedroom for ages.  We had these mattresses that you could move around, and I was sleeping on one in the corner of their room for a long time.  Now that we could be facing down World War III with North Korea, and the fact that my home state is in their launch radius, that thought has come back to me.  Only this time I think I’d grab some marshmallows and enjoy the roast.

4. The Oompa Loompas
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
I’m talking about the original, not that weird Tim Burton shit.  In this film, the only thing I found truly frightening as a kid growing up with those orange-faced bastards.  They are fucking creepy!  Their creepy faces and their creepy green hair and their creepy songs.  I hated them so much.  To this day I’m not a huge fan.  If I will say what the remakes did better, it is the different songs.  One good spot on a terrible movie.  That’s something, right?

3. Slappy the Puppet
Oh my Groj, this fucking puppet.  One of the times that something didn’t entice me through fear and just freaked me the fuck out was this puppet.  Everything from its creepy face to its creepy voice, the thing was just so scary!  The guy they got for this puppet was just amazing.  To this day, that creepy face makes my skin crawl.  I’m well-aware how fake it all is, but it’s all in the performance.  The guy they got for that was just too good.

2. Chernabog
The quintessential example of fear compelling me to fascination.  As I am sure many who read my site know, Fantasia is not only my favorite Disney film, but my second favorite film of all time.  And nowhere was that quality better exemplified than in the final number.  In it, we see a powerful demon by the name of Chernabog summoning forth all of the damned for what must be one hell of a party.  That creature mesmerized me.  I loved everything about it.  It had size, presence, and a creepy smile that just played into how scared and captivated I was at the same time.  This character has become a staple of what I love about that film.  Just made me want to go to the party that much more.

And the thing that freaked me out the most in fiction as a kid…

1. Expanding feet
Full House
A disclaimer – I didn’t like this show growing up.  It was stupid, but I was young enough to be stuck watching it when the rest of the family was.  And one scene that really fucked with my head growing up was when the youngest child in the family had this scary dream about her feet expanding really huge, and seeing it.  That shit fucked me up!  For weeks I had bad dreams about that concept, and to this day I feel a little weird when I see it.  Old trauma, maybe?  In any case, in a series devoid of any real tension or darkness, that one element has stuck with me.  Hell, it’s the only thing I can actually remember about the series, outside of the Nostalgia Critic’s review of it.

So, what stuff from fiction fucked up your life as a kid?  Let me know in the Comments

Until next time, a quote,

“Like I said before, I think kids like being scared because it pulls them much more into the action. If they didn’t like being scared, they wouldn’t go out for Halloween, or watch High School Musical” – Nostalgia Critic

Peace out,