Lucien’s Review: Logan

It’s nice to see that Twentieth Century Fox has the balls and creative integrity to do what Disney’s Marvel isn’t capable of doing – taking risks.  And hot shit are those risks paying off!  This is not only the Wolverine film that all of us have been hoping for since the very beginning of seeing this character, but also the superhero film that so many of us have been waiting for.  And as I said, it was Twentieth Century Fox who brought it to us.  The studio didn’t seem to believe this film nor the one whose sequel was teased in the beginning would even find a fanbase, but find it they did.  Perhaps the fat cat suits in Hollywood can actually realize that making a superhero film that isn’t for kids can be profitable.  Perhaps we can get to see some of our favorite dark superheroes brought to light.  Netflix is doing a pretty good job working with this.  Their Punisher is pretty badass.  This is a fantastic movie.  Let’s talk about it.

Anyone in my audience who actually wants to see this film already has.  I realize that since my reviews are always late, I am going to start trying to find an angle to talk about which everyone else hasn’t.  So no plot recap.  It’s an adaptation of the Old Man Logan storyline, where we get to meet an equally-badass character – X-23.  A tragic tale of the death of two of the greatest mutants to ever live, along with the introduction that hopefully isn’t wasted.

The glue that holds this movie together is the performances.  Hugh Jackman definitely steals the show as an aging Logan.  His powers are starting to fail him, and his age has finally caught up with him.  A lost soldier, he’s not looking for a spot to live.  He’s looking for a place to die.  But over the course of the film he comes to realize that he has one last chance to truly feel what it’s like to be alive.  A lot of comparisons have been made between this film and the incredible game The Last of Us, and I can kind of see that.  Jackman makes a pretty good Joel of the film, equally as gruff and equally tired of being alive.  And just like Joel, he meets a companion who makes him want to live again.  Only difference is how it all ends, and the level of dark implications for both characters.  Logan gets his redemption in the end.  Joel does not, but that is part of why the narrative works.

Next up with have Patrick Stewart.  Part of me likes the dark implications with this character.  There is some backstory to what happened to him that you never fully understand.  He’s done something horrible, and just like Logan, his powers are failing him.  Two of the last mutants on Earth, both of them are equally lost.  As his mind is slowly faltering, he goes from a mutant who doesn’t care about anything, to getting to enjoy one last adventure with the only friend he has left.  Stewart plays the old man with nowhere left to go very well.  You believe the chemistry between him and Logan.  He simultaneously hates and depends on his angry companion, and the juxtaposition does not escape his notice.

Of course, the character everyone is talking about is X-23.  This girl brought the character to life incredibly well.  This could so easily have been botched, as so many child actors just suck, but this girl brought her a-game to the table and it shows.  Just like Joel and Ellie in the game that everyone says this story is ripping off, the bond that grows between these two is believable.  They do take moments to address the reality that both of them are becoming killers and there is no going back.

Something else I want to talk about is the language in this movie.  As I said, I am loving the fact that we have comic movies with the balls to go this far, but part of me can’t help but early on was just so forced.  Some of the times that they would be laying down the word fuck liberally just felt so middle school.  I like hearing Professor X swear, but don’t make me think that it was put in there just because.  Fuck is a great word, but use it when you mean it.

Another thing is the carnage.  Everyone who reviewed this movie said that it was grotesque and violent, hard-R, I was told.  It’s violent, but don’t be fooled.  This isn’t Robocop levels of grotesque.  It has blood and gore, but still plays it safe.  That being said, while they may not always embrace how vicious it can be, the kills still felt visceral.  When you have Logan tearing people apart, you actually feel like that would hurt.  This film knew that it could take risks but only to a point.  I mean, if it really stuck to how disgusting Logan’s murder sprees would be, people would call it gore porn.  The creators of the film wisely chose to make emphasis on the killing to make it feel personal.  And when you watch X-23 on top of a gut tearing him open, you can tell that that would be scary as fuck to witness.

All things considered, this was a ballsy, very intense superhero film.  The most I have seen since The Dark Knight.  It took risks that no film of its genre would dare doing, and I am so desperately hoping it won’t be the last.  Disney’s Marvel will never have the guts.  Not unless they pawn it off on some lesser Disney studio so if it sucks they can give the blame there.  That’s what they did with Princess Mononoke.  See, Disney owned the rights to Studio Ghibli films, but Miyazaki outright refused to make any cuts to the violence in his magnum opus.  The film was a huge hit in Japan and Disney wanted a piece of that pie.  So rather than fight with Miyazaki when he sent a katana to the head of Disney at the time with a note attached saying “no cuts,” they pawned it off to a studio that they owned but was far away enough from Disney to be able to distribute it without them looking bad.  A clever tactic.  And it worked.  I am hoping that some film creators come to them after Infinity War, when the MCU will be toning down and sputtering away, and wants to look at some of the more violent superheros in the library and give them a fair shake.  Take a note form how big a success this movie and Deadpool have been, Disney.  You can do this.  The reward will come in ten-fold.  Not to mention, both of the movies that have taken this approach have made the most of having a smaller budget.  The limited resources not only meant that they had to be more clever in making them, but also that they could much more easily recoup their budget.  Deadpool and Logan have been massive financial successes.  Hint-hint!

This was a phenomenal movie.  It’s sad to see Logan go, but the X-Men brand has gotten kind of stale anyway.  But please, for the love of Groj, do NOT let the next film with X-23 be some watered-down version of this character!  She’s a violent killing machine.  Respect that.

Final Verdict
9 out of 10

Peace out,



Top 10 Characters I’d Like to See in Deadpool 2

I just got done rewatching Deadpool.  I fucking love this movie.  This year has been awesome for superhero films, and it isn’t over yet.  Up next is Suicide Squad, and I am desperately hoping that that lives up to the hype too.  DC could use a good movie after the lameness that was Batman v Superman.  That movie was such ass.  Marvel wasted no time ordering a sequel after the unprecedented success that was the first movie.  It blew away everyone’s expectations.  Credit where it’s due, that movie never would have seen the light of day if Ryan Reynolds and company hadn’t taken a hugely slashed budget and severe limitations to get this movie off the ground.  But it’s a guarantee that the next film is going to have a bigger budget.  With that in mind, I have some thoughts about who would be some fun characters to have in the next film.  Any of these would be great.  Some of the ideas are for cameos.  Others would be great for something more.  Hell, all of them would, but I realize that that might be asking a lot.  Here’s my list of characters to have in the next film.  Cable doesn’t count, since he’s been confirmed at this point.  By the way – I want Ron Perlman in the roll.  That guy would be awesome!  But I digress.  Let’s get started!

Rogue10. Rogue
Anyone who played the Deadpool game knows that there is a VERY fun part where, in order to save Rogue’s life, Pool makes out with her.  She ends up stealing a bit too much of his talent, and takes on his mask.  The voices in Deadpool’s head get to ogle the girl as you control her.  It’s sexy.  It’s funny.  Awesome scene.  Wouldn’t mind treading that in a film.  Now, given the whole deal with his last film being a love story, I have no idea how this would work.  He seems like the faithful type in this film’s universe.  But hey, we’re just musing here anyway.

Mr Shuggums9. Mr. Shuggums
Speaking of the game, part of me is REALLY wanting to see more of Deadpool’s insane dog.  In the last game, the parts with him in it were hilarious.  His bonkers, brave, damn-near suicidal dog who has no problems playing catch with a grenade and blowing up.  I just want there to be more of this madness in the next film.  I realize that the first movie was taking chances.  But now that 20th Century Fox has seen that taking chances can lead to big rewards, I am hoping they give this next production enough leeway to have fun and go mad.  It’s a dream, right?  So yeah, let’s have some of this insane dog.  Maybe get to play fetch with more grenades.  Or end up blowing Pool to bits again.  Speaking if, here’s hoping we get to see him reassemble himself.  Go nuts!

Psylocke8. Psylocke
I’m kind of hoping that we get to see some of Pool’s pals from the X-Force come into the next film.  We’re seeing Cable.  Why not some more?  I will never be watching the newest X-Men film, so why not have those who don’t want to sit through the baby-generation of X-Men get to know Psylocke in a different way?  Like seeing her using her blades of steel and energy to cut up some bad guys with the Merc with the Mouth?  I can dream, right?  All the potential in an R-rated sequel in the X-Men universe!  So much fun!

Professor X7. Professor X
Now, I’m talking specifically Patrick Stewart!  We’ve seen our poncy British, lovable guy taking on roles just for the fuck of it.  Wouldn’t it be just awesome if we could get a cameo of him trying to deal with the madness that is Deadpool?  There are so many jokes that I can already see writing themselves.  Like him looking inside Pool’s head and being genuinely weirded out by what he finds there.  Good ol’ Stew has shown that he is cool with fucking around.  So let’s have a little tidbit of some British love!  Admit it, you all would love that too.

Lady Death6. Lady Death
One of the biggest things about the Deadpool comic is the fact that he is utterly-enamored with Death.  His obsession with her stems partly from the fact that he’s a horny fuck, and also partly because he cannot die.  And Death is into him too.  I know this couldn’t happen because of the whole 20th Century Fox and Disney thing, but since Thanos is obsessed with her too, I would just LOVE to see a scene where he is pissed to see her fawning all over Deadpool while he is trying to please her.  Had a long discussion about that with a coworker at my job at the university library.  Not to mention, this chick is cool.  Whether your exposure to her is in the comics or the Deadpool game, this twisted vixen is just too cool for us not to get to meet her.  Though, once-again, we have the idea that Deadpool’s last film is a love story potentially throwing a wrench into the works.  Damn Hollywood and their romantic stuff.

Domino5. Domino
Back to some chums from the X-Force, it’s only natural that Deadpool should spend some time with Domino.  These two are thick as thieves in the comics.  Both have no problem killing their opposition.  Both are VERY proficient with firearms.  And both have a kind of twisted sense of humor that I would love to see bouncing off one-another.  Oh, and just imagine the scenes where the two go nuts on their opposition!  The amount of bullets that would go flying puts a smile on my face.  Hopefully yours too.  Doesn’t hurt that Domino is also really hot.  Just putting that out there.  Since Pool is still a merc, why not have the two working as partners in the field?  Guy’s gotta earn a living somehow, right?  Good company never hurts.

Mr Sinister4. Mr. Sinister
Since the Deadpool films know that the best thing to do with a villain is to make them as ridiculous and easy to make fun of as possible, I think it would be fun to see Mr. Sinister get his time in the sun in another film.  This guy is so ridiculous.  And we have to keep this ridiculous look.  It’s so mockable!  I could NEVER take this guy seriously.  In the comics, or X-Men: The Animated Series.  I get that he is actually pretty powerful, but come on!  Nothing about this dude leaves me feeling like he is a sincere threat.  The original design of Dr. Doom is more intimidating.  The jokes write themselves, so I say that they should have a fun villain.

Gambit3. Gambit
I want our Cajun friend in the next film for all kinds of reasons.  First, this film wasn’t afraid to take shots at X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  So why not give Gambit a chance for some redemption?  Wanting this guy in the film is all about the cool factor.  I hear that the Gambit film has been cancelled.  So let’s get him in the next Deadpool movie!  It’s such an obvious way to save face.  Plus, he’s never had too much of a hard time dealing with baddies in a more permanent way.  Let’s put him together with our favorite Merc and let them do some damage!  I know you all want to see that as much as I do.

X-23 22. X-23
This is a character that I have been DYING to see in an X-Men film for ages.  Since she is very down with killing her prey, I think it would be awesome if we could let her run buck-wild and be either an ally or an enemy to our friend Pool.  She’s got all his healing powers, but Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton and claws.  With a predilection to take lives in a gruesome way, I think a fight between her and Pool can only be nine kinds of awesome.  Oh, and she’s also really hot too.  Don’t you judge me!  Anyone who has read the Deadpool comics knows that the Merc is down with hot chicks too.  So let’s embrace this part of his character!  She’s badass too, so it should offend no one.

And the person I would LOVE to see most in the next Deadpool movie is…

Wolverine1. Wolverine
As before, this has GOT to be the Hugh Jackman version.  The first film alluded to him having to suck on this asshole’s balls to get his movie made.  I cannot honestly think of someone better to have him fuck with than this guy.  Of all the characters on the list, this is probably the biggest long-shot of all, but how awesome would it be have us some ribbing at the films that Wolverine has been in. So many jokes.  Naturally, the Origins movie will be the one that gets it the worst.  I so want to see Jackman’s Wolverine getting pissed at Pool.  Even if it’s a cameo, let’s do this!  Perchance to dream.

Who would you like to see in the next film?  Let me know in the Comments.  Oh, I am also hoping that we get to see more of Mega Sonic Teenage Warhead.  I get the feeling that she is going to be going toward the dark side.  After all, she did totally crush some mercs with a van.  So she isn’t bothered by the killing the way Colossus is.  I got high hopes for this lady.

Until next time, a quote,

“Well, it’s about time somebody recognized the need to throw us a party.”  – Deadpool, Deadpool: The Game

Peace out,