Top 10 Hero Guns

While there are some heroes in film, anime, video games, what have you, that are able to use all manner of weapons, then you have those who have a very signature weapon.  Their own personal death-dealing device that they have spent years perfecting the use of.  I did a post a while back of the top 10 hero vehicles, so now I figured I would do one for signature firearms for heroes in various mediums.  Keep in mind, I am not talking about weapons that are seen being used by other characters.  It has to be unique to this specific hero in their own respective media they appeared in.  So weapons like the assault rifle from Halo, even though it is associated with the Master Chief, are out.  Because that weapon is seen being used by the likes of ODST and jarheads in the same franchise.  Let’s get to it.

10. Ebony and Ivory
Devil May Cry
The signature pistols of Dante, these pistols are used to supplement his other weapons in the endless goal of keeping the combo count rising.  Think of them as your back-up trick, to keep enemies hurting at a distance.  These guns have been with Dante through the entire series.  Even though some of the less popular iterations (like DmC: Devil May Cry, which I actually happened to like).  He has a definite affinity and as we saw in 3, likes to play with these guns maybe a little too much.  But that’s our Dante for ya.

9. Jericho 941
Cowboy Bebop
This Israeli pistol is wielded by Spike Spiegel.  While we do see him using all manner of other weapons, the gun we most often see him using is this.  Spike is a crack-shot, and we get to see this weapon in all kinds of ugly battles.  My favorite bit is when you have the gangster holding Fay hostage.  With the same cold, detached look on his face, he blows the man’s brains out with absolute precision.  Whether it be facing his past, or taking out some low-life punks robbing a convenience store, this gun is never far from Spike’s reach.

8. Dominator
Psycho Pass
This is a bit of a cheat, but here’s the thing – this weapon is only able to be used by the inspectors and enforcers in the police.  It only fires when they are approved to fire and the weapon can be used by them alone.  This weapon is connected with the system that runs the entire city.  When it reads your Crime Coefficient, it determines if you are a danger to society, and after that whether you deserve to be stunned or killed.  This weapon is the absolute authority of the system, and if you are deemed deserving of death, it will kill you without a second thought.  What’s more, it is also in charge of keeping the enforcers in line, as the inspector can use it against them at any time.  A symbol of the dystopian world of the series, and a cool gun to boot.  What’s not to love?

7. Lawgiver
Another weapon in the vein of the Dominator, but this one has a much uglier purpose.  The Judges in Dredd are the face of absolute authority, and they are judge, jury, and more often than not, executioner.  In a city where crime is out of control, their role can be understood.  This gun is a marvel of engineering.  It has everything a weapon can ask for.  It can go silent or loud, semi-automatic or automatic, incendiary single rounds or bursting thermal rounds to light up multiple targets, armor piercing or even stun.  This gun can do it all.  In the hands of Judge Dredd, it is a marvel of efficiency to do its job.  But don’t you talk about the one from that shitty Stallone movie.

6. AMT Hardballer
Black Lagoon
I thought about the Hardballers that are the signature weapons for Agent 47, but in the hands of Mr Chang from Black Lagoon, these weapons have a whole new light.  This guy is just awesome.  He has a cool and coy demeanor, but underneath the bravado is a cynical and very detached man.  Which makes his preferred style of fighting that much more interesting.  He uses gun fu, which is modeled after John Wu films, which makes sense, given the name and ethnicity of the character.  When you have the badass Revy Lee saying that he is better than her, you know this dude is not to be fucked with.  I also thought about his customized Desert Eagles with the dragons on them, but decided that these guns are just a little bit cooler.

5. Walther PPK
The Wire
This choice is also stretching my rules a bit, since the character for whom this gun is his signature weapon is initially fighting for the major antagonist of the series.  It’s wielded by Brother Mouzone.  He’s a soft-spoken and well-educated enforcer for Avon Barksdale.  He wields this gun with an iron grip, and after he shoots Cheese, he explains that the bullets are of his own making.  This man is cold, calculating, and a perfect shot.  However, when Omar Little puts a bullet in him, he is able to convince him that the murder of his boyfriend was not his doing.  After healing, he returns looking to find the person who put Omar up to it.  What follows is one of the most badass team-ups in HBO history, when him and Omar go on the prowl.  It ends with a vicious, violent finale where both he and his companion get revenge that was so sweet.  He may wear a suit and bow tie, but any man who steps to the Brother is going to die.  It’s a fact.

4. Cutlasses
Black Lagoon
What do you get when you have a deranged woman with no moral code, a penchant for shooting, and the sensibilities of a pirate?  You get this pair of pistols.  As Revy shoots with a weapon in both hands, hence her nickname Two-Hands, these guns are her go-to death dealers.  A pair of custom Berettas, she puts them to work against anybody who happens to cross her path.  Revy is a damn good shot, and since she has no ability to hold back, she has lightning-fast reflexes to take out many targets as fast as she can.  Whether it be her deranged smile, or a black deathly stare as she massacres Aryan soldiers, this woman will fuck you up with the guns that have the pirate symbol etched on their ivory handle.

3. Caster Gun
Outlaw Star
The signature weapon of Gene Starwind, this weapon has a fascinating backstory, and is used by the aforementioned character to inflict hardcore justice on his enemies.  Made when a bunch of wizards came together to try and put their powers in a more portable form, their final creation was one of an incredibly rare series of guns that require special shells to fire.  You never know where Gene found this gun, but he has tamed the beast and now puts it to work.  But as he finds out, the weapon has a dark side.  A series of shells with magic so powerful that using them requires a sacrifice by the wielder.  One that Gene gets to find out might be more than he can manage.

2. The Good Samaritan
When you are a giant hellspawn with a massive arm, what kind of weapon do you shoot?  Why, a weapon that no human being could ever hope to wield.  Only able to hold four bullets, this gun will fire through anything and everything that it hits.  The name is taken from the Bible, and the bullets can be loaded with weapons that have religious elements integrated, such as the explosive rounds that are filled with, among other things, holy water.  Since his right hand is too big to be useful when wielding this gun, Hellboy has to fire and load it with his left.  Thankfully, if he needs more than four bullets for what he’s going after, it clearly is too big a problem for this pistol anyway.

And the best hero gun of all time is…

1. Hellsing ARMS “Jackal”
Another weapon created because of the fact that the wielder is one who can handle weapons that no human could ever hope to, the Hellsing organization made this weapon specifically for their best warrior, Alucard.  This gun, at 13mm, fires explosive rounds that have one purpose – killing the undead.  The weapon was designed to kill the inhuman Iscariot agent, Alexander, but Alucard has put it to work against any number of his foes.  Watching it make the undead blow up is cathartic, and it’s all paired with the witty coldness of the character it was made for.  Whether he’s blowing the arms off a mutated freak, or the legs off a half-breed vampire pretender, Alucard always gets the job done.  And the inscription on the side is so damn cool.

Until next time, a quote,

“It’s perfection, Walter!” – Alucard, Hellsing

Peace out,