Let the Salt Flow, Steve

I hate talking about Twitter drama, especially in the wake of a tragic event where a woman who I know I would disagree with on so many levels was murdered by a man on a drug-induced paranoia, but the worst part about this whole affair is that so many people have chosen to make this issue about their pet social affair without even a thought to the victims and helping people.  We have the feminists who have chosen to make this about how male feminists are hypocrites and secretly just monsters, and the anti-feminists who have made it about how this guy is a hypocrite.  It’s depressing, but I chose not to comment on it.  At least until I saw how Steve Shives reacted, which is perhaps the smallest way of all.

TJ Kirk decided to make a video (linked here) where he maligned both sides and posted a link to a memorial fund for Heather.  It was a kind gesture where he did his best to be open and to make it about the tragic death of a woman who truly should have seen the signs that this guy was not the best dude and gotten out of there.  But that isn’t what happened, and my condolences go out to the girl who was in the Skype call with them and to the friends and family of Heather.  That is horrible and I hope they can find some measure of peace.

But Steve Shives didn’t have this reaction.  Hell, he didn’t even have the action of demonizing anti-sjws.  No, his reaction was the worst of them all.  He decided to attack TJ for making the video he made, in one of the saltiest diatribes I have ever seen.  See for yourself.

I just love this.  Steve, I know that you will NEVER address anyone outside of you SJW circlejerk, but I have an open challenge for you – back this up.  Tell me where exactly TJ used condescension, degradation, intolerance, or shameless exploitation in the video I linked to above.  I’m all fucking ears.  Tell me where he was using hate when he asked both sides to set aside their differences and mourn the loss of someone who died well before her time because of a terrible event that was fueled by drugs.  She died alone in the street, and TJ said he felt sad about that.  He asked neither side to make this about their pet issues and instead embrace our common humanity to come together and even donate to a memorial fund in her name.  Where were any of the qualities you listed in that video?  This is an open challenge to you, Steve.  But I know you won’t accept.  I’m already blocked by you (#BlockedbySteve) and you have shown that you refuse to address anyone who isn’t one of your little minions.

For a long time, there have been those who have postulated that your entire beef with TJ is that he is infinitely more popular than you.  He has over 1 million subs, while your channel is slowly bleeding subs because no one wants to watch your shitty content anymore.  I am one of those people.  And with this disgusting diatribe you have basically proven beyond any doubt that that is EXACTLY who you are.  You are a petulant boy who is screaming and pouting because the other kids like him better.  Except they aren’t kids, are they?  Neither are you.  They are grown adults who have made a choice based on their own preferences.  But you haven’t progressed passed the angry middle-schooler who doesn’t get why everyone likes that other kid more when you are way cooler.

Steve, in the interest of trying to be the better person in the wake of this tragedy, let me try and appeal to a sense of decency (if you have one) – please, step back from your anger and get some help.  Wherever all this rage comes from, get it looked into.  It’s clear that you are miserable.  You spend all your time getting angry at other people and being your wife’s bitch.  No matter how kind and appealing to goodness the video TJ makes, all you can do is hate him and hate him being on YouTube.  When Laci Green decided to make a post where she said that she is going to be reaching out the anti-SJW crowd and attempting to engage in civil discourse, you railed against the idea that they are even allowed to speak.  You said that the only people you would make friends with are people who could silence their ability to speak.  You then make a jab at TJ, just for good measure.

Is this about that video TJ made where he basically destroyed you?  Yeah, I watched that too, and it was funny.  Did it burn you inside, to realize that everything he said is true?  That the people have spoken and they don’t see your content as worth anything and TJ’s as what they want to see?  I bet it did.  I bet it filled you with white hot rage as you listened to him tear you to shreds.  But you have no one to blame for that video except yourself.  You continually try and go after him and make him look bad, but all that ever does is make you look bad.  At least outside of the circlejerk.  Not that you would ever know.  As you told Laci, the only opinions you could even stomach are those that agree with your own.  Anyone with a different opinion is blocked.  Because if your confirmation bias isn’t confirmed and your hatred vindicated in your own mind, then why bother talking?

Get help, Steve.  This isn’t healthy.  The longer this goes on, the chances that when you finally grow the fuck up your audience will be there is less and less by the day.  Us anti-SJW types are kind of vindictive, but if I can give Laci Green another chance, when she has made some of the stupidest feminist-centric videos I have ever seen on that MTV abomination “Braless,” then I could give you a chance too.  I bet even TJ would accept an apology from you, but who knows on that end.

Until next time, a quote,

“No one heals himself by wounding another.” – St Ambrose of Milan

Peace out,



YouTube is Strangling the Talent From Their Site

I remember back when I first started really watching YouTube.  It was 2008 or 2009.  I was into college and I remember hearing about this YouTube personality called The Amazing Atheist.  I tuned in, and I remember really liking what I saw.  So I decided to see what other voices there were.  There was Thunderf00t, King Heathen, Dark Matter 2525, Coughlin 666, gogreen18, and others.  An atheist movement came together on YouTube.  And it was awesome.  This little community that was fighting against organized religion.  What’s more – it was winning.  In the end, organized religion lost out.  Atheism won.

From there, I had personalities that were fun to watch and I got invested.  I still watch The Amazing Atheist.  I still love his content.  I love the podcast he is on.  It feels like I have some friends.  What’s the term now?  “Para-social relationships,” I think?  Yeah, I feel that.  It’s what led me to briefly be on a livestream show.  God how I miss that.  I have been with TJ and my compatriots through it all.  I have seen the destruction of the YouTube atheist community from SJW influence.  I watched the battle go from YouTube to gaming.  I have seen the battle go to the news.  All the drama, all the turns of what was happening.  It feels so familiar to me.

So when I see what YouTube has decided to do to the people who got them where they are today, it legitimately hurts.  What’s more, people’s lack of being upset bugs me too.  See, the old media has decided that since they can’t win the war against new media on a level playing field, they will attack their main platform’s money and then try and bankrupt the competition.  The really depressing part is it worked.  All of the major anti-SJW YouTube personalities are talking about how they can find a way to keep their content going.  Others are already saying that they are going to throw in the towel.  That they won’t try and make content if they can’t get paid for it.  New media showed how weak they are, and instead of having to up their game, they instead are trying to just burn down their competition.

And they’re winning.  Corporate old media is winning the online war.  What’s more, they have the people who view this content siding with them.  Lots of these fucking assholes going “better go out and get a REAL job, YouTubers!”  Yeah, because what they do isn’t a real job.  If it’s so easy, then why doesn’t your uniquely lazy ass working at Starbucks go out and do it?!  Go ahead!  Show me what you got!  Since corporate media is turning YouTube into a PG zone so no one’s fee-fees are hurt, show me what you got.  The old media is winning, and no one seems to care.  That just blows my fucking mind.

I love the YouTube personalities I watch.  Sure, most of the ones I watched long ago are gone.  I don’t even know what Coughlin is up to these days.  Probably getting no views as he keeps spouting SJW bullshit.  Haven’t seen a GrapplingIgnorance video in years.  King Heathen, whatever happened to him?  We all know what happened to Laci Green.  So many personalities, and they’re gone.  TJ continues.  So do others, who have found a way to make a living putting out incredible content.  Content that has been with me for so long and even helped me get through rough times.  These people’s livelihoods are threatened, because YouTube has decided that instead of standing up for YOUTube, they are going to try and be another Netflix or Hulu clone.  They want to have content that only caters to people who bring in Coca-Cola ads.  Like TJ and his ilk didn’t do that.  Like the people who say that SJWs are full of shit didn’t do that.

If this the direction that this platform that I love is going, then I won’t be a part of it.  I don’t go on there to watch fucking cat videos.  I go there to watch content about political and social issues.  I go to watch personalities I like make fun of the butthurt losers who feel the need to have their feelings be deified.  That’s what I am doing on that platform.  YouTube wants to take that away from me, and they have the support of the people who do NOTHING to try and stop them.  Who else is complaining?  Who else is saying that this is wrong?  Does @TeamYouTube even care what their audience thinks?  Probably not.  After all, every sign points to them planning to weather this out.  They figure that people will come back.  Well, I don’t mean to.  I can go to ACTUAL Netflix and watch something else.  I can go to whatever platform comes up next for the people I love to watch to migrate to.  Hell, I’ll blow hours upon hours of time on Drunken Peasant’s new monthly subscription site.  $5 a month to watch the content I want to watch?  Fuck yeah!

I am a patron of The Drunken Peasants.  I love so many personalities on YouTube.  If I get to see all of them go because they can’t make a living on this anymore, then fuck it.  I don’t want to watch the fucking cat videos.  Guess I am one of the few who feels that way.

Until next time, a quote,

“It’s better to burn out than fade away.” – Kurt Cobain

Peace out,


You Are Actually Fighting Against Helping Real Women?! (A response to Anita Sarkeesian)

The First World problems bar of modern feminists never ceases to amaze me.  It really doesn’t.  See, they don’t have any actual problems, so they choose to make what victims they are the entire narrative.  Whether it be crying some crocodile tears in Syfy’s The Internet Ruined My Life or going on to the feminist rag The Mary Sue and crying about how hard you have it.  Of course, if it were anyone else, I would say that it was some poor, delusional narcissist who just can’t handle that life isn’t giving them everything they want.  You know, like Crypt Keeper Wu.  But it isn’t that.  It’s professional con artist Anita Sarkeesian who wants her coffers filled even more.  As some of you know, she’s been promoting a new series of videos that she is crowd-funding for.  To the tune of $200,000.  For some reason, five videos will cost that much (complete bullshit).  It’s been shown that she already has all the stuff to make these videos.  It’s made some people wonder what exactly she needs the money for.  Anyone with perspective knows that she is just bilking her fans out of more money.  But the people at The Mary Sue can’t be bothered to learn things.  After all, they were tricked into thinking that a guy who wrote a fake article about Final Fantasy VII was real.

When TJ, aka The Amazing Atheist, made a video in response to pimp a charity drive he is doing to help actual women (linked here), our friendly neighborhood con-artist was not going to let this stand!  How dare someone try to actually help women.  We should be helping fill Anita’s coffers!  Maybe this has something to do with how her fundraising efforts are slowing down.  Let the professional victimhood begin.  Anita wrote an article to cry her own crocodile tears.  Here’s a link, now let’s talk about it.

Two weeks ago, Feminist Frequency launched a crowdfunding campaign for Ordinary Women, our new video series about incredible, defiant women throughout history, and we’re pleased to say that we’re on our way, having raised over $73,000 from more than 1,200 supporters so far. Your generosity and enthusiasm mean everything to us, especially in light of the pushback we get every time we speak up or speak at all.

We aren’t pushing back, Anita.  We’re taking a moment to tell the people who may be ignorant of you that you are a con artist.  That’s a fact.  You Kickstarted your way into wealth, and never even finished that.  Now you are asking for an absurd amount of money for a new project that is even smaller in scope and which you already have shown that you have all the materials for.  Forgive us if we think that you are full of shit, and someone should know.

When we launched the project, we knew that it was going to put a target on our backs, and that the online harassment directed at us was likely to spike again.

Actually, sugar-tits, we were glad that you were leaving the gaming world alone.  For real, I never anticipated having to talk about you again.  If it weren’t for this blatantly-dishonest article that is smearing an actual effort to help women, I never would have.  We want you to be gone.  But you have realized that your efforts to leave the world of gaming behind has a cost.  Namely that you can’t profit off of gamers not liking what you have to say.  Now it would have been the no one who watches your videos, because who actually wants to watch a video about history?  Oh, I’m sorry, a SERMON about history.  Because you are just as much a huckster as any preacher.

In response to our new project, a very vocal, known harasser who has spent years attacking feminism and individual feminists on YouTube, has launched a counter-fundraising campaign specifically designed to both discredit me and mobilize his viewers to abuse me further on social media.

There you have it, everyone.  TJ wasn’t trying to actually help women.  He wasn’t trying to counter this con artist helping herself by giving to a real charity that does real good for women in the real world.  No, he was doing this specifically to hurt you.  God, what a fucking narcissist.  I wouldn’t be this angry, if it wasn’t all for the express purpose of more coffer-filling.  She doesn’t even believe this!  This stick with tits just wants you to give her more money.  The reality is that she does not care about the truth.  Real women’s issues?  Fuck that!  I need more money!  So, with all the humility of a Donald Trump supporters, she is out shouting her victimhood to whatever rag will listen to her.  God forbid that she maybe should try and at least acknowledge that this cause will help real women.  Because it will.  The charity that TJ picked has a very excellent rating from several organizations that rate charities.  The International Women’s Health Coalition is doing real good, for women in parts of the world that need it.

What things have you done for women, Anita?  How much or your $1.2 million budget over the last four years went to a cause that helped actual women?  How much of your $20,000 speaking fees did?  I’m betting the answer is pretty fucking small.  This huckster, this con artist, is trying to paint people giving money to an organization that does real good as just some campaign to discredit her.  And she doesn’t believe that.  Not one word of her empty article is something she genuinely believes.  Like any good con artist, who has tended her con with all the dedication of a farmer with their crops, this demagogue is doing this just so that she can look like the victim and be given even more money.

Is there no low that you won’t stoop to, Anita?  Are you so eager for money that you don’t care about your fellow women, who you are totally cool with throwing under the bus in order to get more of it?  What a scumbag you are.  You are such a piece of shit.  At least with Brianna Wu, she’s just a narcissist.  She is a believer in her BS.  She actually believes that her life was ruined by the Internet.  You are just trying to fill your pockets with more money from stupid people.  And you have an entire organization that is with you to this end.  I hate to end with the same quote twice in posts about you, but to be honest, it’s just so damn fitting.  A pity that the people who actually read The Mary Sue are too stupid to see you for the charlatan you are.

Until next time, a quote,

“Never play a man for the short con when you can play them for the long one.”  -Frank Fontaine, Bioshock

Peace out,


Let’s Talk about Twitter and Free Speech (A response to The Amazing Atheist)

For those of you who don’t know, the other day, a douche-monkey named Atheism is Unstoppable’s Twitter account was suspended.  Again.  This happens a lot.  This guy has a problem controlling his mouth when it wants to say specific things.  What things – doxxing.  This dude has a bad habit of doxxing people, and it has gotten him suspended more than once.  He’s also had a problem with his YouTube channels being subjected to false-flagging campaigns.  I am bringing both of these up for a reason.  See, TJ, aka The Amazing Atheist did a video on his TJ Does Life channel (linked here) where he defended AIU’s ability to say whatever he wants, and believes that he should not lose his ability to speak because of it.  Needless to say, this is contentious.  And I thought that I would interject, knowing full well that he will NEVER read the opinion of some nobody on WordPress, even though I do plan to send this his way.  As I said, he won’t read it, but maybe somebody will.

Let’s talk about the false-flagging campaigns first.  I am 100% against them.  I would never, ever flag a video because I don’t like it . If a video was doxxing someone, then that is somewhere where I can see it needs to be flagged.  I am the kind of person who takes doxxing very, very seriously.  I believe that it should be cracked down upon, because nobody should have their private information leaked onto the Internet.  That’s private for a reason.  Why did I feel the need to say this?  Because I am going to tell you all something.

I am absolutely for the right of people to speak as they wish.  Free speech is sacrosanct, to me.  You should have the right to say whatever dumb-fuck thought enters your mind, no matter how inflammatory it is.  I will fight to the death to defend the right of crazy Fundies or crazy feminists to speak their mind.  I may despise both groups, but I will fight for that right all the same.  One needs to get that out there before I go to the second part of this.  To be honest, this isn’t going to be a long post.  I don’t have too much to say.  I wouldn’t even be making this if, on the last episode of The Drunken Peasants Podcast (linked here) they hadn’t elaborated on TJ’s statements, with Paul’s Ego chiming in as well.  This is why I don’t live in an echo chamber.  It was nice to have people who I don’t always agree with making statements that I definitely didn’t.  I thought that especially Paul’s Ego was a little crass on this.  But it was worth listening to, and it is a pity that I am some nobody on WordPress, because I wish I could engage with them in civil discourse.

Here’s the thing – Twitter is not a free speech zone.  Why?  Simple – because they are not part of the government.  If Twitter was a government subsidized company or under the government’s tutelage, then yes, I would say that they should not be able to silence people’s ability to speak.  But that’s not what’s happening here.  They are a private business, and they can set the rules however they want, and interpret them however they want.  If that means that tomorrow my account is suspended because I’m an atheist and have said atheist things, or that I have sent snarky things to feminists who all have me blocked, would that bug me?  Sure.  But I can’t call foul because of free speech.  That isn’t what Twitter is.  It’s a private service and they call the shots.  Sometimes that means that companies are unfair.

The guys at DP seem to believe that being libertarian means that you’re conservative.  But that’s not how it is.  I am a member of the Libertarian Left in this country.  That’s where I am on the political spectrum.  I believe that any company that pays its taxes doesn’t break the law should be allowed to do business with whomever they like.  The whole thing about “no shirt, no shoes, no service,” that’s how I tend to see it.  Twitter can make the rules as they like.  Don’t like it?  Well, the Chans exist for a reason.  There you can be as nuts as you like.  And if one Chan bans you, there are tons of others.

TJ, you will never read this, but I hope that someone connected to you does, and maybe they can see where I’m coming from.  Do I believe that AIU’s account should have been suspended for doxxing?  Yes.  I believe there should be a three strikes policy in respect to this sort of thing.  Three strikes, you are banned from Twitter.  If you can’t learn your shit and stop doc-dropping people, then you pay the price.  But that’s just my opinion.  I don’t make the rules.  Twitter isn’t a part of the government.  And that’s what I have to say about that.

Until next time, a quote,

“Good company and good discourse are the sinew of virtue.”  -Izaak Walton

Peace out,


I’ll Answer Your Questions (A response to CARM)

A group called Christian Apologetics and Research Ministries decided to put out a list of questions to atheists.  I guess the idea is to stump us and make us come to God.  They say that they aren’t, but given some of the questions on here, well, it’s not hard to see where they’re coming from.  Let’s look at the questions, and answer them, in our usual eloquent style.  Here is a link to the questions, if you want to take a closer look.  Now let’s get this party started.

How would you define atheism?

The lack of a belief in God.  Gee, that was easy.


Do you act according to what you believe (there is no God) in or what you don’t believe in (lack belief in God)?

Oh look, Strawman Atheist already make an appearance.  Being an atheist doesn’t automatically mean that you believe there is no god.  As for acting on this “belief,” there are no rules or tenants that come with it.  I tend to act with empathy, but that’s a personal choice I made, because I don’t want to be a total dick.  I’m kind of a dick, but I don’t kill or rape people because I don’t want to be that kind of person.

Do you think it is inconsistent for someone who “lacks belief” in God to work against God’s existence by attempting to show that God doesn’t exist?

Hi again, Strawman Atheist.  Boy, I’m seeing you a lot in this list.  Not all atheists try to disprove the existence of God.  Hell, I wouldn’t say that most of them do.  If anything, most just try and do what most Christians do – live out our lives in peace.  Most Christians don’t preach, and most atheists just live and let live, so long as someone’s religion isn’t hurting anyone.

How sure are you that your atheism properly represents reality?

Because your belief about atheism is that we believe that no god exists, I am just going to assume that your actual question is – how are you sure that God does not exist.  I’m not.  To be clear – I am sure that the Christian God does not exist.  His properties are understood and can be analyzed.  Can I say that a deist god with properties unknown doesn’t exist?  Of course not.  Nobody could.  It’s an unfalsifiable hypothesis.  But proving that your deity doesn’t exist is pretty simple.  The fact that a divine being is vengeful, hateful, and willing to genocide people, when he could just snap his fingers and make everything as he wants them to be, is proof that your God is a ridiculous concept.  So yeah, I am certain that my lack of a belief in God represents reality.  I’ve seen NO evidence for the existence of a God.  None.  Show me some, that holds up to scrutiny, and my viewpoint will change.  Until then, too bad.

How sure are you that your atheism is correct?

This is just the last question repeated.  Yes, I am, given the evidence I have.

How would you define what truth is?

What has evidence.  For real, if there is evidence, then that is truth.  Evidence that can hold up to intensive scrutiny.  Simple as that.

Why do you believe your atheism is a justifiable position to hold?

Because there is NO evidence of a god.  None.  I’ve read apologetics for years, and it’s all the same rehashed bullshit.  The reality is, as Neil DeGrasse Tyson said, the god of the gaps is just an ever-decreasing pocket of scientific knowledge.  Show me evidence, I will examine it, and if it stands up to scrutiny, then I’ll change my views.  The evidence points to there being no God.  Simple and clean.

Are you a materialist or a physicalist or what?

Do I believe that the universe is made up of materials?  Yes.  It would be kind of hard to argue that, considering materials are what makes up everything.  Our bodies are made up of atoms, molecules, cells, organs, and chemicals that make the brain work.  This isn’t that complicated.

Do you affirm or deny that atheism is a worldview? Why or why not?

No, I don’t think it’s a worldview.  It’s a belief that is personally held, that a god does not exist.  That’s it.  There are no laws with it, no values that come with it.  It’s just this one area that concerns the belief in a deity.  Worldviews come with convictions and values that you place on various things.  In truth, atheism is just part of my larger worldview.  If you’re going to ask what that is, then that is a topic for a whole other post.  It’s kind of long.  As is the case with most people.

Not all atheists are antagonistic to Christianity but for those of you who are, why the antagonism?

And here I was hoping to see Strawman Atheist again.  Well, to answer your question – who do you think it is who has opposed gay marriage?  Religious groups.  Who do you think it is killing people for apostasy in the Middle East?  Religious groups.  Who do you think it is who is telling people all the time about how evil and rotten and bad they are?  Religious people.  Most religious people are just like most atheists.  They keep to themselves and do their own thing.  But then there are those who are making things difficult for everyone who doesn’t agree with them.  Those are the people that those like myself take umbrage with.  Beyond that, believe as you will.  So long as what you believe doesn’t hurt anyone.

If you were at one time a believer in the Christian God, what caused you to deny His existence?

I grew up in the Lutheran Church.  I went through Confirmation.  I still know the Apostle’s Creed by heart.  But I never really believed any of that.  It all seemed kind of silly, to me.  A man in the sky does stuff just like people?  It seemed like God was just some spoiled kid who was looking for a fight.  He seemed as real to me as fairytale characters.  Not to mention the fact that Satan seemed like a better guy.  I mean, watch the A Night on Bald Mountain bit in Fantasia and tell me that that doesn’t look like a good time, to you.  But back to the serious stuff, I just never believed.  I never have, and I never will.  I’m a grown man.  I don’t need a fairytale to make me feel better.

Do you believe the world would be better off without religion?

I believe that the world would be better off without the insane radical religion.  Outside of that, I think the world would be alright.  I doubt that faith will ever truly die, so I don’t try to examine things that I don’t believe would ever happen.

Do you believe the world would be better off without Christianity?

Same deal.

Do you believe that faith in a God or gods is a mental disorder?

Not specifically.  It can very well be tied into mental disorders, but it isn’t on its own merits.  I think that religion evolved because people are afraid of death and what waits for us.  I don’t believe or disbelieve in an afterlife.  I don’t know, after all.  None of us do.  Only way you can know is if you die.  And that’s kind of a one-way trip.

Must God be known through the scientific method?

Yeah.  That’s exactly it.  There has to be tangible evidence of this creature.  Something that can be tested and retested and verified.  Only then will I believe.

If you answered yes to the previous question, then how do you avoid a category mistake by requiring material evidence for an immaterial God?

That’s a misnomer.  If he is immaterial, then he doesn’t exist.  Something that is immaterial cannot exist in the physical world.  At least, we have no evidence of something like that.  Again, if it is impossible to detect, then it can’t be found.  Then there’s just the endless loop of questioning about how he exists without a physical form.

Do we have any purpose as human beings?

No.  Purpose is what you choose to make of it.  It’s whatever you want it to be.  Maybe you want a career.  Maybe you want wealth.  Maybe you want kids and grandkids.  Maybe you want to lay on the beach and get high.  Whatever the purpose is, it is something that you decide on for yourself.

If we do have purpose, can you as an atheist please explain how that purpose is determined?

See previous answer.

Where does morality come from?

In a lot of ways, morality is formed by culture.  Look at society’s with rules and you see the values system.  Religions all have moral systems attached.  They are imposed by those in power within the religion.  The Pope tells people that condoms are immoral and wrong, then boom, that is a moral code that people believe in.  Morality is a system imposed by those in power.  If that isn’t very satisfying, well, sorry but it’s true.

Are there moral absolutes?

I believe that acting with empathy is as close to moral absolutes as you’re going to get.  How empathetic morality behaves is something that is open to debate by people smarter than I.  I recommend checking out this video (linked here).  I should give you some idea where I stand on the issue.

If there are moral absolutes, could you list a few of them?

The previous answer kind of lays out my position.  I will say that I think that killing and rape are wrong.  By the way, only one of those is outright condemned in the Bible.  The other says that the person who committed the crime must marry the victim and pay some silver to the father.  Yeah, real hard justice there.

Do you believe there is such a thing as evil? If so, what is it?

I believe that evil is a complete lack of empathy.  Not when you don’t know what the difference between right and wrong is, but when you know, but you just don’t care.

If you believe that the God of the Old Testament is morally bad, by what standard do you judge that He is bad?

Yes, I do believe that the Old Testament god is morally bad.  Though, I don’t think the New Testament God is much better.  After all, you don’t really hear much about Hell until the New Testament.  As for how I judge it, a good example – he committed untold genocide, many times, even with obvious alternatives were open.  Such as flooding the world.  That didn’t have to happen.  He could have just snapped his fingers and made everyone good.  Or he could have made it so that we didn’t have the ability to commit evil.  Or he could have just given everyone magic heart attacks.  There are dozens of things he could have done, and instead he floods the world and kills everyone.  Just like how he goes all Zeus on the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Yeah, real good guy.

What would it take for you to believe in God?

Already said, evidence that holds up to scrutiny.

What would constitute sufficient evidence for God’s existence?

Here’s a small example – for him to rip open the heavens and god, “I am God!”  At which point he does something that couldn’t possibly be done any other way by through supernatural, and boom.  That’s just one possibility.

Must this evidence be rationally based, archaeological, testable in a lab, etc., or what?

Testable, to be certain.  It must be able to be tested, again and again.  And if it can be tested, then it’s rationally-based.  Pure and simple.

Do you think that a society that is run by Christians or atheists would be safer? Why?

I’d rather a society run by empathetic people.  Regardless of their spiritual beliefs, just them having empathy.

Do you believe in free will? (free will being the ability to make choices without coersion).

No, I don’t.  I think that our choices are already made, based on our experiences and encoded parts of ourselves.  Choice is one of the biggest illusions that people have.

If you affirm evolution and that the universe will continue to expand forever, then do you think it is probable that given enough time, brains would evolve to the point of exceeding mere physical limitations and become free of the physical and temporal, and thereby become “deity” and not be restricted by space and time? If not, why not?

Look, I don’t know what is going to happen down the line.  I don’t know what is possible.  As I said, it is the reason that I can’t disprove a deistic god.  I think that there will come a point that we can encode a human brain into data, and then the possibilities are beyond the limits that I understand.  Who knows what is possible.  But the thing is – whatever does happen, there will still be limitations of the laws of the universe.  I don’t believe that the brain will “evolve” to a point where it can do the impossible.  That’s just how it is.

If you answered the previous question in the affirmative, then aren’t you saying that it is probable that some sort of God exists?

I’ve already talked about this.  It is very possible that a deist god exists.  But it is not possible that the Christian God exists.

And that was the list.  Let me know what you think of the questions in the comments.  Or if you have your own answers.  This was pretty simple.  Guess Strawman Atheist was only in a few questions.  That’s good.

Until next time, a quote,

“How come God gets credit whenever something good happens?  Where was he when her heart stopped?”  – Gregory House, House, M.D.

Peace out,



America, Coke and Racism (A Response to American Stupidity)

In the world of conservative fucktardation, the are few examples quite like the Super Bowl ad that has generated a huge load of backlash from the dumbest population in this country – conservatives.  For real, the stupidity behind this that has been demonstrated is almost impressive.  I am genuinely amazed that these people are this dumb.  It’s almost profound.  See, there was an ad by Coca-Cola that had them playing “America the Beautiful” in several different languages.  Naturally, because the conservative butthurt meters are always on, they got very upset by this and took to Twitter to complain.

American the beautiful in a different language is just unacceptable.

America the beautiful should not be allowed to be sang in a different language.  Dumb Commercial. #english #merica

I just love how the second guy is acknowledging how dumb he is by using a hashtag that misspells the name of his country.  Brilliant.

Singing America the beautiful in a different language is the most unamerican thing I have ever heard in my entire life. #boycottcoke

Gotta love that racism.  I mean, if we’re going to be fair, then retarded-ass Americans haven’t spoken “English” since, well, ever.  We speak American.  Trust me, people with good English hate listening to us speak as much as I hate listening to you speak.

This is an outrage.  America the Beautiful in foreign languages #SuperBowlAds #BoycottCoke

Would it have been better if a Muslim was singing it in perfect English?  Just putting that out there.

Never buying coke again…America the Beautiful in a language other than English is just wrong. #boycottcoke #SuperBowl #commercial

I’m sure they’ll miss your business.  What if a couple of gay guys were singing it in perfect English?  Would you care about that?

Couldn’t make out that song they were singing.  I only speak English.

No, dumbass, you speak American.  Trust me, you wouldn’t understand real English with twenty more brain cells and Cliff Notes.

But the real icing on the cake came from the people who, well, I’ll let their stupidity speak for itself.

don’t you love how Coke has turned our National Anthem into EVERYONE else’s? #Boycott Coke

#boycott coke thanks for desecrating our national anthem

I guess none of these “patriotic” Americans has ever heard of the Star Spangled Banner.  It’s okay, they only get five or six thoughts per day.  We can’t shame them when they’re dumb on the Internet.  Oh, wait, we can!

We fucking can!  This kind of shit pisses me off because it is showing the world that we don’t like other cultures (unless they speak English and aren’t Muslim, or gay) and are willing to stand on a bully pulpit and insult the people who tried to show that we are a nation that is accepting.  But I guess acceptance is too hard for conservatives.  I’m sure I’ll get a lot of bigoted responses like “they want to live in America, learn the language!” or pieces of stupidity like that.  But not, this is just you saying – fuck other people and their languages.  We’re xenophobes and we’re damn proud of it!

I hate how this country has a gift at taking intolerance and making the rest of the world think that this is our staple values system, because it’s not.  It’s fucking not.  I’m not alone in hating these kinds of people.  I’m not alone in wishing that they would commandeer a shuttle and get the hell off this planet.  Maybe they can go with the Ron Paulites and make a colony on the moon.  Show us Earthites how it’s done.  For real, get to it.  Hell, I’ll donate to the cause.  Just leave this planet and this country that you all are so desperate to take back to 1950 alone!  We’re sick of your bullshit!  Thank you.

Until next time, a quote,

“If you can judge a culture by its advertisements, then there’s no better day to pass judgment on America than Super Bowl Sunday.”  -TJ Kirk, The 10 Worst Super Bowl Commercials

Peace out,


Response of the Butthurt – False Flagging Campaigns

It is no secret that when a Christards like Ray Comfort and Venom Fang X (who is still making the rounds on YouTube, believe it or not) get all butt-hurt, the first thing they do is to lash out against their attackers, not argue with them or even give them the ability to make their own arguments.  But now there is a new group who we can add to the list of people who have no ability to argue – butthurt feminists.

Look, every time I talk about this, I get the usual “not all feminists are like this!” argument.  It’s tired, old, been done, and doesn’t mean anything since the feminists who say that they hate these people as much as I do are the silent majority (as they see themselves.  Since they are silent, they might be the full of shit silent minority).  But now, we are getting some first-hand look at how far they will go to get rid of people who they don’t agree with.  They won’t refute the arguments, they just get rid of them.

Here is a list of videos removed (without notification or anything) from my favorite YouTube vlogger’s list.  See if you can see where the butthurt is coming from –

Stupid Christian Comics
The Origin of Islamic Extremism – Howard Bloom
The Placebo God
Can Men Talk About Feminism?
33 Reasons NOT to be a Feminist! (A Refutation)
It’s Only Sexist When Men Do It
Everything Is Offensive

These videos were removed because of a false-flagging campaign.  Care to guess where the butthurt is coming from?  Now, it is looking like The Amazing Atheist’s account may be suspended or terminated. Not ONE of these videos (and I have seen them all.  A couple were in the Favorites list of my own account) is worthy of being taken down.  They didn’t violate YouTube’s “Terms of Service.”  This is obviously an attempt to silence dissent so that they don’t have the defend their positions.

I have had arguments that go nowhere with people.  I have had discussions that never reach a resolution, but were discussions.  I have had a lot of Christards and Tumblr Feminists yell at me for a while and think that that was all that was needed.  Of course, I am now aware that I am a misogynist and going to Hell.  Naturally.  But the thing that bugs me the most is when people won’t even do that much.  When they can’t defend their position.  They merely decide to try and remove the other side’s opinion.  It’s a pathetic and loathsome tactic that is used by the most intellectually void of people.  It’s no surprise that Ray Comfort has done it.  Every time that an atheist has gone after his intellectually void shit.  TAA went after his recent comics that are so stupid that it is kind of amazing.  My personal favorite was the one that flat-out admitted that if there is a God, this character is complete evil, when the two atheists in the comic talked about the story of Noah’s Ark.  I would ask if Comfort did that intentionally, but that would be giving his intellect WAY too much credit.

For all the rhetoric of how smart they are, this modern feminist movement sure doesn’t want to defend its position, does it.  Instead, they do what Comfort and all of his little Christards do and just try and get rid of people who don’t agree with them.  Class act.  People like Rebecca Watson and Anita Sarkeesian moderate their comments, only letting people they agree with speak.

I make this post to say – if you aren’t brave enough to defend your point of view in a discussion, please don’t insult the intelligence of the rest of us with this shit, will you?  I know that I am talking to air.  They are going to do what they want with no regard for decency.  As I said, it is easier to just get rid of opposition than refute it.  I hope that TJ isn’t the victim of this, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

So, for any of my readers who follow him, TJ has said that if you aren’t following him on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, please do, because the future of his channel is up in the air.  He is trying to get into contact with the people who run YouTube, who can give him a clear answer, but he is having no luck.  This is unbelievably insulting to the work he put into making these videos and making them good, and says nothing good about the people who obviously were butthurt about his video contents.  The thing that strikes me the most funny is that the title of one video is “Everything is Offensive,” where he makes the argument that everyone who is getting offended needs to realize how meaningless their offense is, in the long run.  Touche, TJ.

Until next time, a quote,

“So, please, if you go through my channel, mirror the fucking content.  Make sure that the bastards can’t fucking take it down.”  -TJ Kirk, URGENT! AMAZING ATHEIST CHANNEL IN DANGER!  PLEASE WATCH!

Peace out,