YouTube is Against Free Speech Now

When I saw The Bible Reloaded’s video about their latest fiasco with the Christiano Brothers, they talked about the email they got from YouTube, where they were told that their videos were protected under Fair Use.  This has NEVER happened with YouTube before.  It almost looked like they had learned their lesson about the DMCA abuse and were taking steps to combat it.  But now we realize that one step forward for them involves two steps back.

Back in the REALLY early days of YouTube, your videos could be pulled down because of things like bad language.  It’s why my favorite YouTuber, The Amazing Atheist, used to have to bleep out foul language.  Well, I guess that’s what’s going to have to happen again, because YouTube has decided that they are going to work to cripple those who make content on their website.  Deliberately.  Why?  Because they want to make money!  It’s all for the money.  See, YouTube wants to appeal to advertisers now.  So if your videos don’t appeal to them, they don’t want you to make money.  Don’t believe me?  Here is a screen-cap of their new Terms of Service policies.  See for yourself.

BullshitCan you feel the Orwellian wash over you?  Can you feel the insane level of disgusting and how this is spitting in the face of free speech?  I can.  This is such bullshit.  It spits in the face of everything this website was supposed to stand for.  It was created so people could upload their own content.  It was given monetization so people could make a living off the work they produce.  Then YouTube had to whittle that down more and more, to the point that content creators have to go to Patreon in order to make ends meet.  Didn’t used to be that way.  Used to be that they could just make content that they wanted to make and this site gave them a good paycheck for their work.  Now this site is going out of its way to cripple those who are popular for no other reason than because it isn’t “advertiser friendly.”  Unbelievable.  Orwell would be proud to see how good his predictions were.

Sure, there is the stupid shit that makes me ask how old these fucking losers are.  Like how you can’t swear now.  I’m sorry, I thought that the lot of us were grownups.  But I guess not.  I guess that they want YouTube to turn into fucking Disney, with us all out there making PG content that a family can sit down and watch.  I have a YouTube channel.  I make videos.  There is often swearing in them.  Hey kids, come watch my videos!  Oh, there’s a bad word!  Better not let that be monetized.  Not to mention, guess so much of the Drunken Peasants library is now demonetized because of their free promotion of smoking weed.  The horror!  Children might be exposed to the safest drug in the world, that you cannot die from!  How awful!  And tits!  Gotta remember tits!  Tits are evil!  Is there’s a video with a chick showing any amount of cleavage or anything, it can’t be monetized!

But the thing that truly gets to me is the one that is highlighted.  Now it is deemed not “advertiser friendly” to make videos about controversial topics.  So many YouTuber creators are coming out with incredibly long lists of videos that have gotten unmonetized.  Naturally, they often follow a theme.  Have a problem with SJWs?  Well, you better believe that you can’t make money!  Guess Milo Stewart gets to have her cake and eat it too.  Congrats, to you and yours.  You have finally struck a winning blow against your detractors.  Those who made videos that were well thought out, used clips of your content, not promoting violence or anything against you, are having their work spit on by a website that is supposed to be about content that “you” make.  So long as it’s PG.  I wonder if that Uhuru fuck that Milo promoted got hit.  He’s a disgusting black nationalist.  Would be fitting if that cocksucking weasel got hurt by this.  But of course not.  He’s on the left!  It’s so obvious that these new rules will give those on the regressive left the biggest benefit of the doubt EVER.

I am almost in AWE of YouTube doing this.  Truly, I am.  This is the same site that stood with people in fighting against SOPA.  They stood tall for freedom of speech, and now they are basically giving the finger to those that they were supposed to be sticking up for.  But I can hear your refrain – “But Lucien, it’s their site!  If people don’t like it, they can go somewhere else!”  Where?  Where exactly can they go?  Vimeo is a joke.  There is no other service that can compete with YouTube.  Doug Walker had to come back to YouTube because his website wasn’t making enough money.  There is no legitimate competition.  If someone who is bright and decides to strike out on a venture to make a website that can compete, power to ya.  I think some legit competition would be good for YouTube.  Maybe make them sweat a bit when a new avenue for making money opens that doesn’t buttfuck its creators and is easy to use.  Like the early days of YouTube, before the interface went to shit.

Consider this – YouTube has demonetized videos about depression.  That’s right, Mr. Repzion made videos about depression and dealing with it, and they say that that’s not advertiser friendly.  Videos about fighting acne, as one woman who does makeup videos did, were deemed not advertiser friendly.  YouTube is taking steps to now be some “family-friendly” website, and in the process giving the finger to EVERY SINGLE ONE of the people who made them what they are today.  It’s like they are saying, “hi there, guys!  You made us a shit-ton of money and a complete monopoly on all video content on the Internet.  But let me just shit on your careers for ya.”  That’s what they are doing.  People have made their careers on YouTube.  It’s their fucking job.  This website is actively working to hurt people’s livelihoods, unless they play ball with this Orwellian bullshit.

And you just know that they aren’t going to say shit about it.  The new CEO, Susan Wojcicki, is never going to talk to the press.  This website has a reputation for being a brick wall about their policies, no matter how big the names are that are talking to them.  They just put up a wall and tell the people who make content for them nothing.  This website is becoming a disgrace, where the only videos that can make money are cat videos, reaction videos, and whatever the regressive left deems worthy.  Because you know that they will NEVER feel the hammer come down on them.  Ever.  Anita Sarkeesian troll-baits, but will she get her videos demonetized?  Of course not.  Because she’s a feminist!  That’s all you need to be free from regulation.  Just call yourself a feminist, and you have magical powers to avoid repercussion.  It’s amazing!

YouTube, fuck you.  Fuck your stupid content.  You are shooting yourselves in the foot, and for what?!  Do you think that your site is going to be somewhere that families can go?  If that’s the case, you deserve to fail.  And you will.  As for Susan Woj…whatever, here’s a question – if bad language is such a problem with you, then why don’t you make the age ratings a bigger part of your platform?  Either play with all the pieces or shut the fuck up!  Groj!

What’s more, I guarantee that this is just one step away from removing people who they deem not “advertiser friendly” from YouTube altogether.  Soon, it won’t be enough to just take away their ability to make money.  Instead, they’ll be deleting their videos and banning their channels.  Just watch as it happens.  Unreal.  Fuck you, YouTube.  Fuck.  You.

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“We humans have two great problems: the first is knowing when to begin, the second is knowing when to stop.” – Paulo Coelho

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Let’s Talk about Twitter and Free Speech (A response to The Amazing Atheist)

For those of you who don’t know, the other day, a douche-monkey named Atheism is Unstoppable’s Twitter account was suspended.  Again.  This happens a lot.  This guy has a problem controlling his mouth when it wants to say specific things.  What things – doxxing.  This dude has a bad habit of doxxing people, and it has gotten him suspended more than once.  He’s also had a problem with his YouTube channels being subjected to false-flagging campaigns.  I am bringing both of these up for a reason.  See, TJ, aka The Amazing Atheist did a video on his TJ Does Life channel (linked here) where he defended AIU’s ability to say whatever he wants, and believes that he should not lose his ability to speak because of it.  Needless to say, this is contentious.  And I thought that I would interject, knowing full well that he will NEVER read the opinion of some nobody on WordPress, even though I do plan to send this his way.  As I said, he won’t read it, but maybe somebody will.

Let’s talk about the false-flagging campaigns first.  I am 100% against them.  I would never, ever flag a video because I don’t like it . If a video was doxxing someone, then that is somewhere where I can see it needs to be flagged.  I am the kind of person who takes doxxing very, very seriously.  I believe that it should be cracked down upon, because nobody should have their private information leaked onto the Internet.  That’s private for a reason.  Why did I feel the need to say this?  Because I am going to tell you all something.

I am absolutely for the right of people to speak as they wish.  Free speech is sacrosanct, to me.  You should have the right to say whatever dumb-fuck thought enters your mind, no matter how inflammatory it is.  I will fight to the death to defend the right of crazy Fundies or crazy feminists to speak their mind.  I may despise both groups, but I will fight for that right all the same.  One needs to get that out there before I go to the second part of this.  To be honest, this isn’t going to be a long post.  I don’t have too much to say.  I wouldn’t even be making this if, on the last episode of The Drunken Peasants Podcast (linked here) they hadn’t elaborated on TJ’s statements, with Paul’s Ego chiming in as well.  This is why I don’t live in an echo chamber.  It was nice to have people who I don’t always agree with making statements that I definitely didn’t.  I thought that especially Paul’s Ego was a little crass on this.  But it was worth listening to, and it is a pity that I am some nobody on WordPress, because I wish I could engage with them in civil discourse.

Here’s the thing – Twitter is not a free speech zone.  Why?  Simple – because they are not part of the government.  If Twitter was a government subsidized company or under the government’s tutelage, then yes, I would say that they should not be able to silence people’s ability to speak.  But that’s not what’s happening here.  They are a private business, and they can set the rules however they want, and interpret them however they want.  If that means that tomorrow my account is suspended because I’m an atheist and have said atheist things, or that I have sent snarky things to feminists who all have me blocked, would that bug me?  Sure.  But I can’t call foul because of free speech.  That isn’t what Twitter is.  It’s a private service and they call the shots.  Sometimes that means that companies are unfair.

The guys at DP seem to believe that being libertarian means that you’re conservative.  But that’s not how it is.  I am a member of the Libertarian Left in this country.  That’s where I am on the political spectrum.  I believe that any company that pays its taxes doesn’t break the law should be allowed to do business with whomever they like.  The whole thing about “no shirt, no shoes, no service,” that’s how I tend to see it.  Twitter can make the rules as they like.  Don’t like it?  Well, the Chans exist for a reason.  There you can be as nuts as you like.  And if one Chan bans you, there are tons of others.

TJ, you will never read this, but I hope that someone connected to you does, and maybe they can see where I’m coming from.  Do I believe that AIU’s account should have been suspended for doxxing?  Yes.  I believe there should be a three strikes policy in respect to this sort of thing.  Three strikes, you are banned from Twitter.  If you can’t learn your shit and stop doc-dropping people, then you pay the price.  But that’s just my opinion.  I don’t make the rules.  Twitter isn’t a part of the government.  And that’s what I have to say about that.

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“Good company and good discourse are the sinew of virtue.”  -Izaak Walton

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