Justin Bieber is STILL Popular, and Teen Girls are STILL Stupid

I did a post a couple years back called “Modern Teenage Girls = Dumb.” In this post, I talked about how, if you look at teenage pop culture, and how ridiculously stupid it is.  The role models for teenagers now are the tepid, pathetic, asexual imps.  Unless, of course, they are girls, but even then, the girls in these pieces of pop culture who are interested in love don’t have a CLUE what real love is.  To them, love is the Full House, pathetic and super-awesome all the time attraction.  Love is simple, easy, and has no problems.  As is the case with the music of Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber represents everything that is wrong with our culture.  This pathetic, asexual little girl (he isn’t not a man.  He has no balls) need to be forgotten by our culture.  But he isn’t being forgotten.  No, instead, while his popularity is nowhere near what it used to be, he is still a large figure in the public consciousness, and teen pop culture.

My favorite YouTube vlogger just did a video about this, and he pointed out something that I hadn’t thought of, but is very true, if you think about it.  Teen pop culture takes in what is dark, Gothic and cool, and turns it into something pathetic, whiny, bitchy, and ball-less.  Anyone remember when Vampires were something to be afraid of?  They made these great movies about how dark and sinister this creature was.  It haunts the night, stalking humans like a farmer, checking its chickens to see which would be the best food for the night.  They were something that was from your deepest nightmares, because it was neither animal nor man.  Neither zombie nor human.  It existed between worlds, forever in darkness.  That’s pretty fucking bad-ass.  Then, a Mormon author named Stephanie Meyer came along and said, “I bet I can make my own version of that, and it will be better!”  Actually, fuck that.  She saw a way to market, and she took it.  She saw a way to market her Mormon antiquated values, and she jumped on the bandwagon.  That’s the real truth.  And her publisher did SO many favors for her in marketing that crap.  But now, the teen pop culture has taken in vampires, where once they were something to be afraid of, now they are sparkly, and gay, and stupid.  They are a giant waste of time.

Anyone remember the werewolf?  They were another creature of the darkness, that existed in a place that was somewhere we didn’t want to be.  They also stalked the night, hunting us down like cattle.  We could mount no defense against them.  We were helpless before them.  The aforementioned author got a hold of them, and now, something else that represented fear and terror is about teenage unreal and unrealistic love.

In the 90’s, there was this strange new trend of taking Shakespearean and other great pieces of classic film and turning them into teen popcorn flicks.  Anyone remember the film “Cruel Intentions?”  Yeah, that little cinematic travesty (that guys only watch for the chicks making out) was part of this.  Or there were all the teenage versions of Shakespeare’s plays, like Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet, or O (an adaptation of Othello.  Why the fuck did they not include the whole title?!), or The 10 Things I Hate About You.  All of these were pieces of shit.  But teen culture ate it up.  Just like now, where Justin Bieber has replaced Kurt Cobain as the teen heart-throb.  This is what modern pop culture does.  It digest what’s cool, and it regurgitates what sucks.

It annoys me to no end how the modern view of being a teenager is that one is supposed to be stupid, and ignorant, and embrace partying and making an ass out of yourself, instead of intelligence and cognitive thought, and trying to make yourself a better person.  I was the leader of the outcasts in high school, and my outcast brethren were people who liked to read, and be smart, and do cool stuff.  They didn’t want to party and get involved in high school drama like the rest of them.  They didn’t want to embrace the socially corrosive culture.  And while there were a lot of us, the fact is that we were not the in-group.  We were the outcasts, in a culture that was just as dumb.  But it’s getting dumber.

And when people say that my problem is that I’m jealous of Justin Bieber, like TJ, I say, “fuck yeah, I am!”  I wish that I could be as good as that idiot at getting people to give me their money.  I wish I had a couple of mansions that my throngs of dumbass fans (in this instance, I have his.  I’m not insulting you, my regular readers. 🙂 ) got me because they convinced their parents to buy my crap.  That’s all Justin Bieber has done!  He’s convinced the dumb to buy his garbage.  Teen girls are becoming the living dead.  If they were told that they had to rip apart a bunch of puppies in order to kiss Justin Bieber’s hand, I guarantee you that they would dig in without a moment’s hesitation.  That’s who this idiot’s fans are.  And I wish I had that kind of support.  I don’t.  I am a relative nobody, on a blog on WordPress, talking to my audience about what I think matters.  Everyone who hates this kid is jealous of his ability to have absolutely no talent, but make metric tons of cash.  To have President Obama want to hang with him, and get a medal from the Canadian Prime Minister.  Fuck yeah, I’m jealous of an idiot who has no talent, creativity, or even musical savvy, living a life of absolute luxury!  Who wouldn’t be?!

And this is what gets on my nerves – these are the people we surround ourselves with.  Parents don’t like this kid.  Nobody likes him.  Then why do we still buy his shit?!  Well, that’s obvious – because these girls want to believe that at any moment, they could turn a corner, and this pathetic little worm is going to be there, ready to tell them that he loves them.  I got news for you, girls – he doesn’t give a shit about you!  This trained monkey is doing what his handlers want so that he can make money!  All he cares about is the money!  He will never, ever care about you, what you think, how you feel, or anything connected to that!  And the fact that our culture isn’t crucifying this socially corrosive bullshit pisses me off!

Fuck this crap!

Until next time, a quote,

“Say it with me – Justin Bieber doesn’t give a shit about me.  He only cares about my parents’ money.”  -TJ Kincaid, 5 Reasons Justin Bieber Still Sucks 

Peace out,


Lucien’s Review: Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2

So, a couple of nights ago, a friend of mine came to me, and we were both kind of depressed.  We wanted to see something that would lighten our spirits.  We had been out drinking a bit, before this, so we were a little tipsy, but I saw on her phone that the new Twilight movie was out.  I just knew, going to see that, that this was going to be fun.  I have loved almost all of these movies, specifically for how bad they are.  The terrible special effects, the atrocious dialogue, the absolute lack of chemistry to ANY of the romantic relationships, and a story so bad that it is legendary among both literature AND film buffs.  This series will go down in history for how bad it is.  Stephenie Meyer will go down in history as an author who created something that not only spits on her and her religion, but the very idea of love itself!  This woman should be proud.  Her creation will go down in history…for how much it sucks!  That should make any author proud.

But, we decide to go see this movie.  Now, we sit down, and are forced to watch preview for every crappy film that is going to come out in the next year or so.  For real, not one fun preview in the whole lot.  There were all these girls, and their boyfriends, who looked miserable, having been dragged there because they don’t want to lose access to their girlfriend’s love-rug (which, given that Twilight is a metaphor for abstinence, that is kind of funny) in the audience.  The guys couldn’t have possibly looked less happy.  This was who we wanted to see this with.

So, the film picks up where the previous film left off.  They have this kid.  But, since the people who made this movie were too fucking stupid to pay some poor woman like a couple hundred buck to borrow her baby for 10 scenes, they made the baby entirely CG.  And the kid was fucking creepy!  I haven’t seen a CG effect this gross since the baby in Final Fantasy X-2!  This baby effect was so bad!  It was such a great start to such an awful movie.  This kid grows up like unbelievably fast.  And Jacob, who used to be the only likeable character in the previous films, becomes a creepy pedophile in this movie.  Like, no joke, it’s disturbing as fuck.  He takes the kid away, for reasons you don’t care about.  He brings the kid back, and because the kid imprinted on him, and he asks Edward, “So, should I call you ‘Dad?'”  That was the creepiest thing ever!  I mean, that’s like pedo-bear (or in this case, pedo-wolf), sex offender registry sort of stuff.  This guy should have a restraining order against him.  It’s that bad.

Oh, and another thing – Bella’s a vampire now!  And, something that wasn’t in the previous films – she has super-powers.  They all do.  Vampires are now superheroes.  Why?  No explanation.  There is literally this group of vampires who are like the vampire Fantastic Four.  They can control water, air, fire, earth.  I swear, it’s like ripping off The Last Airbender (not the series that that movie was made off of.  I wouldn’t dare compare the two).  And Bella is The Invisible Woman, able to make shields, and she also can fly, and she’s The Flash.  It’s so ridiculous.

But the best part of this movie, by far, by leaps and epic bounds, is the villain.  Michael Sheen plays the gayest villain of ALL TIME!  This guy was so over-the-top and hammy and epically gay that it was a joy to watch.  I was so happy watching every moment of this character and his black-robed vampire Illuminati group.  These people were great.  Every time this character had any time on screen, my friend and I were cracking up.  And all these girls were looking at us like they didn’t get the joke.  What’s not to get?!  This guy’s hilarious!  I half-expected him to just bend one of these guys over a table and start butt-fucking them.  He was that gay.  The queen behavior was at 10 in this movie.  I swear, The Birdcage could take lesson on being gay from this character.  This was so much fun.  It made paying for this movie that much better.  And even if we hadn’t been a little drunk, it still would have been funny.

Anyway, because I don’t want to explain the plot (because you don’t care, as you shouldn’t), I will just give some of the highlights of this movie.  The first is that the main characters go all over the world, and sometimes, the people of the world come to them, and it’s ethnic stereotype jambalaya.  I mean, we’re talking George Lucas levels of racism.  It was amazing to watch.  They didn’t miss a single note.  I half-expected, when they went to Africa, for there to be the bone-in-the-nose character.  But sadly, they didn’t have that ethnic stereotype.  The only time they decide not to be racist, and it’s then.  Damn screen-play writers.

But by far, the most amazing part of this film, was close to the end.  They black-robed vampire Illuminati are going to fight it out with Bella and Edward and the Cullens and their Werewolf buddies, and Jacob (the pedophile), and the vampire Illuminati brought their Fantastic Four.  They have this girl who can show you the future trying to stop this, but super-gay Illuminati vampire basically just says that they were going to fight, no matter what.  And here’s the crazy thing – this is a REALLY epic fight!  I loved this battle!  The two sides charge each other.  They got the operatic music of death!  It’s totally badass fight scene between them!  This was kind of awesome.  I was getting into this.  Head and body parts go flying.  Finally, Bella and Edward rip the head off of super-gay vampire, and they pick it up, and Bella goes all badass and lights her fist on fist on fire and is about to cook the severed head of Michael Sheen’s character, when all the sudden – flash back!  It was all a dream!

WHAT?!  WHAT THE FUCK?!  A dream?!  Are you fucking kidding me?!  That was the only time in my entire life, that was I was screaming at a movie.  My friend and I threw our snack boxes and soda cups at the screen, going “BOO!  BOOOO!”  The rest of the theater was laughing at how dumb this was.  The cheapest cop-out in cinema history, and all to keep the super-nice lovey-dovey bullshit message of no violence, so that teen girls don’t have to be exposed to anything fun.  This was the worst!  The absolute worst.

These movies and books should be put into a time capsule.  Because they so immortalize this belief about teenage girls – that they are dumb, ignorant, asexual, totally religious creatures who have no sexual desire, it’s only men, and men should feel bad about it.  Stephanie Meyer has created a series that will be mocked by people for ages to come.  This woman is a miracle of writers.  She has created a series that can be mocked by everybody for how stupid it is.  This movie was ridiculous, over-the-top, intellectually bankrupt, and I loved every minute of it.  I would and will probably see this movie again, with friends, on bad movie night, with lots of drinks.

Watch this movie, and see for yourself.

So, the final verdict is hard for this movie.  On the one hand, I love watching it.  On the other, this movie is a piece of shit.  So, how to rate this?  Well, I think I’ll have two ratings –

Final Verdict for film quality:
1 out of 10 – What the Fuck?!

Final Verdict for my experience –
8 out of 10 – So much fun to laugh at!

See this movie, and get in to the fun!

Peace out,


Twilight Fans are a lot like Ron Paulites

So, I have gotten to view two groups of people, and I must say, this observation period has been interesting.  The first group of people are the Ron Paulites.  They are members of the Cult of Ron Paul (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYaujnR_8NE&feature=colike).  These are people who believe that Ron Paul is the glorious savior of America, and how he is some kind of glorious messiah character, and how he is going to make everything all better.  The next group are the Twilight series fans (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8gpHK5orJQ&feature=colike).  These are people who believe that the Twilight books are all wonderful and beautiful, and how they are so poignant and deep.  They also love the films too.

I have observed and almost eerie creepy devotion that these people have to these two characters.  For real, check out the videos above, specifically the Comments section.  The supporters come out of the woodwork, giving thumbs-down and massive amounts of lambasting to both the vloggers who talked about both of these groups.  The guy attacking Ron Paul, my favorite vlogger, TJ Kincaid, pointed out that absolute truth – that while Ron Paul has a couple of good ideas, he has some incredibly bad ones, and whenever you call him to task on it, his supporters will attack you without remorse.

Laci Green attacked Twilight in her video, pointing out that Edward was an abusive asshole, and Bella was a complete doormat.  The abusive relationship between the two of them is something that a Mormon moron endorsed, without thinking that the media that young girls take in affects them.  Any media that anybody takes in affects them.  Of course, since Stephanie Meyer is a Mormon, maybe that is what she wants.  The Mormon faith is scum anyway.

It was like a self-fulfilling prophecy how quickly the apologetics came out and defended this.  And what I find interesting is that the tactics that both sides used were almost the same!  Both sides accused both vloggers of taking things out of context.  They accused them of not being fair to their respective heroes.  They accused them of not giving them a chance.  It is almost eerie how similar the arguments were, at their core.

See, with both groups, the people who are so massively in support of them seem to wear blinders.  They see only what they want to see, and to hell with everything else.  The Paulites will see Ron Paul talking about liberty and freedom, while ignoring that his economic ideas (like bringing back the Gold Standard) would bring our nation to ruin, and he basically wants to strip women of their reproductive rights.  And the Twilight fans will totally ignore the fact that Edward was clearly and abuser and say that he loved her.  Yes, because love always made abuse, acceptable, right?

This is so humorous, because it shows you that the more things change, the more they stay the same.  These two groups both have a fanbase that is so loyal that any statements that they don’t agree with, they just put out of their minds.  It is funny, and tragic at the same time, because it is kind of making the point that people are weak.  That isn’t something that we should be talking about.  Not really.

Oh well, in the end, that is how it goes.  Funny, no?

Until next time, a quote,

“…And is essentially ‘it’s a life!  Can’t you all people see it’s a life?!’  Yeah, the same argument that’s been made by literally every pro-lifer since pro-lifers began, but now, because Ron Paul said it, ‘That’s very persuasive!  Yeah, I see what he’s getting at!'”  -TJ Kincaid, CULT of Ron Paul

Peace out,


The Twilight Generation

I was originally planning on doing my top ten anti-heroes list today, but I just decided that I would talk about something that has really been getting under my skin lately.  It isn’t a mystery that I HATE Twilight.  There is no book or film series that I despise more.  This series glorifies everything that I think is wrong with relationships, and especially what I think is wrong with religion.  It is openly and pathetically blunt about it’s message – that men control women, and women should just do what man says.  Don’t believe me?  Well too bad, it is all over the text.  It is in both the books and the films.  It is in the books much more, and describes it more vividly.  I figure I’ll throw in some dialogue here and there, just for fun.

It just makes no sense to me where the love of this series come from.  I have a cousin, whose opinion I value more than most anybody else, who likes this series.  I don’t get it!  First, let’s examine the main character – Bella Swan.  Bella is a quiet, submissive, irrational, and overall spineless character.  This is what the Mormon faith wants all their women to be.  The books talks about her being smart, but you never, ever, see any evidence of this.  In fact, her impulsiveness kinds of rules her.  She moves in with her dad, and immediately takes over all the household chores.

He seemed to feel awkward standing in the kitchen doing nothing.  He lumbered into the living room to watch TV while I worked.  We were both more comfortable that way.  I made a salad while the steaks cooked, and set the table.

Yeah, very subtle.  Bella also said to people that doing all of this was “her place.”  I’m not shitting you, that’s how the book puts it.  But let’s go onto the piece de resistance of this diatripe – the love between Bella and Edward.

There has always been a love of the darkness of vampires.  Anne Rice captured this very well in her books.  The darkness of the creature does have an allure.  However, Stephanie Meyer capitalized on this and created Edward Cullen.  The worst boyfriend in the history of bad and sparkly boyfriends.  Of course, Bella does whatever Edward tells her to do.

Drink,” he ordered.  I sipped at my soda obediently

Hey ladies, how many of you love guys ordering you to do things?  You think this is an isolated incident?  Oh no, no-no, it is but one of many instances where he has the need to control Bella.  And Bella really isn’t much better.  There is page after page after page of dialogue about how much she needs Edward, how much Edward is her world, how much everything in her life revolves around him.  It borders on a little bit scary how dependent she is on this guy!  She sells out her social life for him, her family for him, everything in her life for this guy.  This is like every single abusive relationship that is ever seen.  Seriously, ladies, know a friend who has a boyfriend that you know is bad news, but won’t listen to you when you want to talk about it?  Well, meet Bella Swan.

And Edward really rewards this dedication.  He has total control over her life.  He frequently gets verbally abusive with her.  There is even a section in the book when, after they have sex for the first time, she wakes up covered in bruises, and the first thing that she does is ask Edward what she did wrong.  What the fuck?!  No, ladies, you don’t do that.  You pack up your shit and say, “fuck you, asshole, I deserve better than this!”  But of course, it goes on and on.  Another scene, in both the book and the movie, talks about how Edward is infinitely stronger and faster than Bella.  He says, flat-out, that she wouldn’t be able to stop him if he were to attack her.  I love that.  It openly admits that he is an abusive asshole, but all the teen and tween girls fawn and gush.  It’s pathetic.

As socially corrosive as Twilight is on women, it isn’t much better on men.  It tells guys that they need to be as controlling as possible.  Edward controls almost every single aspect of Bella’s life.  He doesn’t let her drive, he tells her what she can and cannot do when they are in bed (yeah, because that always works so well, doesn’t it?), he pretty much openly stalks her, along with watching her sleep.  One could argue that he makes her be isolated from her friends and family.  I don’t argue that.  I actually take the position that it is the lack of a spine from Bella that does that.  She chooses to abandon her family and friends.  It actually makes more sense.  In an abusive relationship, the abused often will choose to isolate themselves, because they blame themselves.

I am too plain and boring for Edward, I don’t deserve him.”

Another really problematic thing is that Edward is threatening Bella all the TIME!  He dresses it up as his “vampiric nature,” but the fact is that Edward is verbally and physically abusive to Bella.  It is never shown, but heavily implied, that this abuse happens rather frequently.  She is regularly sporting cuts and bruises from his beatings that are never shown, but the evidence is all there.  She will regularly keep her head down and say nothing to him.  Her subservience to Edward is beyond pathetic.  But worst of all, he is in a constant battle not to kill her, and here’s the kicker – he blames her!  He blames the fact that she smells good on why he wants to kill her.  This is just plain creepy!  Oh, and here’s another example of him being an abusive boyfriend – he uses his presence to intimidate and drive off all of her other male suitors.

 I fell down the stairs and into a window”

You know what happens in an abusive relationship when the abuser really does something bad?  There is this brief honeymoon period when he tries to make it up, promising how he’ll never do it again.  We see this in Twilight too.  Also like in real life, the periods get shorter and shorter, as eventually, the abuser realizes that their power is complete, and anything they do will be tolerated.  Edward buys Bella pretty things when he hurts her, or plays piano (stupidest scene in the film).

And what about Jacob?  I hear that a lot.  Well, guess what – Jacob sexually assaults Bella!  And here’s another kicker – she blames herself!  What the hell is wrong with this spineless chick?!

He still had my chin, his fingers holding too tight, till it hurt.  “N-” I started to object, but it was too late.  His lips crushed mine, stopping my protest.  He kissed me angrily, roughly…making escape impossible.  I shoved against his chest, but he didn’t even seem to notice.  I grabbed at his fact, trying to push him away, failing again.  He seemed to notice this time and it aggravated him.  His lips forced mine open, I could feel his hot breath.

Wow, ain’t he a sweetheart?  What makes it worse is that Bella never once stands up to him.  She accepts this sexual violence.  She says that it is how Jacob expresses himself sexually.  The fact is that this book is socially corrosive.  And here is what is pissing me off – young girls, vulernable young girls are taking their cues from this horseshit!  They are looking at this relationship and are thinking that this is what they are supposed to aspire too.  It is socially corrosive bullshit and it fucking pisses me off!  We’re supposed to teach our girls to be strong, independent, tough.  Instead, this Mormon cunt is teaching them that they are supposed to be weak, childish, pathetic.

What your culture produces, and what you take in, affects who you are.  Is this the kind of generation that we want our girls to be?  Parents, step up, and please, stop the abusive culture.  This is what the Mormon culture teaches, I’m sorry to say.  Take a look at a big Mormon family, and this is what you find.  This book series is my ultimate example of why I hate the Mormon faith, and everybody who believes it is so bad.  It was started on abuse.  Poetic that a mediocre author continues it.

Until next time, a quote,

“One of the main ways we learn about how a relationship looks is from the media we consume.  From books and TV and movies, processing those messages, 24 hours, seven days a week, whether or not we realize it.  Stephanie Meyer, shame on her, has written a story promoting a certain kind of harmful relationship.”  -Laci Green, DANGEROUS ROLE MODELS: TWILIGHT

Peace out,