Lucien’s Review: Persona 5

First things first – fuck Atlus for their stupid policies about people live-streaming this game.  It’s bullshit, and I guess they don’t like free publicity.  Nintendo should tell them how well that is working out for them.  That being said, hopefully this company’s asinine decision doesn’t ruin your drive to play this game, because this is one HELL of a JRPG.  I haven’t played a JRPG this fun in years.  With how this genre has scaled down to the point that it seems like it’s on life support, for a game this good to come out is truly a marvel.  This is my first game in the Persona series, and hot shit.  This game is nigh flawless.  There is one major thing that just eats away at me, but we’ll get there when we do.

Never has the idea that delaying a game until they get it right hold more weight than it did here.  I am so glad this game got delayed.  The polish on this final product is fantastic.  This game is incredible, and I cannot recommend it enough.  Sony really is putting their best foot forward lately.  Seems they are aware of how they are not doing so well, but they have come back swinging this year with two exclusives that are beyond the pale.  And if this is a sign of things to come, I am so stoked for the other exclusives of theirs that I am waiting for.

This game has you playing as the Phantom Thieves, a little band of high school kids (of course they are) who are going into a parallel universe to steal the hearts of people twisted by their own desires.  This game has a lot of REALLY dark themes, and not once do they shy away from it.  In fact, the way this game tackles the dark subject matter head on is actually pretty impressive.  I expected them to get kind of antsy about going this deep into the scary stuff.  But nope!  Not once do they shy away from the twisted shit that is in this game’s villains hearts.  Not to mention some of the darker implications of what you are doing to these people stealing their heart’s treasure.  The moral implications of some of what you do can get a little disturbing.

Which brings me to the acting.  A game this twisted can only be sold with great performances.  Every role in this game is fantastic.  Your character is a silent protagonist, which admittedly isn’t as fun as I would like, but I can overlook that with a superb cast of supporting characters, all of which have their own personalities and quirks that they bring to the table.  Not to mention the relationships that you build up over time and how your actions with each character can change all sorts of variables in the game.

So let’s talk about the visuals.  Oh my Groj!  This game looks amazing!  The use of color is fantastic.  The punk aesthetic that they were going for is all over this game, and bless it for that.  I love every second of the visual candy that I see.  The real world is even pretty nice, with every area having a lot of personality.  But the Palaces are where the game shines the most.  Each one is unique and has a design that will blow you away.

The thing which will make or break this game for a lot of people is the combat system.  If you don’t like turn-based strategic combat, you are going to hate this game.  It’s that simple.  Fighting in this game took me back to Final Fantasy X.  Every move is a carefully planned decision, paying attention to your enemies, your stats, and what Personas you have equipped.  Which brings me to the primary way you will be fighting.  Each of the side characters can only have one Persona, which is fine.  The idea of micro-managing an entire team of interchangeable Personas gives me a headache just thinking about.

You have a TON of customization options in this game.  Whether it be the skills you teach your Personas, the Persona crafting system which has some dark implications on its own, or the customization of your characters and the sheer amount of items there are to collect, you will never find yourself in a position where you don’t have options to play with.  The sheer amount of stuff to do in this game is incredible.  Which brings me to my one and only beef with it.

For coming so close to a perfect score and crashing on this, it is a little frustrating.  This game has a time based system, and here’s the problem with it – the game will often fight with you about it.  Instead of allowing you to make use of your time as you see fit, there are so many points where the game will fight you.  Why can’t I spend a little time at the gym and a little time at the baseball cages?  Why can’t I do a little studying and then catch a movie?  This game’s limiting factor in what you can do is so frustrating.  This is made all the worse because leveling up your personality traits is a HUGE part of this game, and you don’t get the time to really do a lot with it.  I don’t like when this game fights me, and it does that a lot.  To some this might seem nit-picky, but when I have the option to eat ramen and then chill at a bathhouse, I don’t want to have to choose between the two when I could so easily do both!  It is so frustrating at times.

This is not a game for everyone.  The pace is slow, and you will find yourself wishing you could get more side-tracked with stuff.  It doesn’t help that leveling up your personality traits is so fucking inconsistent.  If only I had more time to do the stuff necessary!  But if you love JRPGs, then you owe it to yourself to play this game.  It is a cut above its contemporaries, in every way.

Final Verdict
9 out of 10

Peace out,


Lucien’s Review: Horizon Zero Dawn

As a best foot forward goes, Sony has done a bang-up job.  Sorry this review took so long, but I wanted to get as far into this game as I possibly could before I talked about it.  This is a game that is fun as fuck, and challenging.  It’s a game that eschews all conventions about action shooters in favor of an open world that is beautiful, a world that is a little dry but still fun, and characters who are at the very least fun to talk to.  And the main character voiced by the same actress who did my favorite character from my favorite game of 2015.  Let’s talk about it.

The plot goes that it has been 1,000 years since a cataclysm of unknown origins wiped humanity out.  Now what remains of civilization is bands of tribal societies.  And surrounding all of this is a robotic horde who also has unknown origins.  Our story follows a girl whose origins are also shrouded in mystery.  Hated by the tribe and unsure of where she belongs, her quest begins with a simple mission – find out who her mother is.  It’s a really grim narrative, but one that keeps you enraptured from beginning to end.

First things first – this game is beautiful.  Absolutely gorgeous.  The surprisingly-small open world is incredible to look at.  Making everything pretty compact was a smart decision on the devs part.  So many open world games have a bad habit of there being nothing to do.  In this game, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  There is a ton of stuff to do.  And all of it hinges on how you like to play.

This game has two facets – stealth and action.  Stealth is my preferred method.  I love stealth games.  The next game I am stoked for is just that.  The game gives you tall grass to hide in and ways to sneak around.  In addition to killing robots you have human enemies to fight.  And when you up the difficulty, they are some attentive fuckers.  Once you have the bounty missions, things get a lot more fun.  Then there is action.  This is the harder one.  Weapons in this game are primitive.  You have to be smart when shooting your targets.  You can craft your own ammunition, which you will be doing a lot.  Even the most typical gun-like weapons will suck up your resources.  Add to that the fact that the robots are tough customers and playing loud is a dangerous gambit.

Loot-mining is the biggest thing you will be doing in this game.  Every robot you kill drops a ton of loot.  You craft your own ammo, which I guarantee you will be a LOT of.  Every potion you drink, trap you lay, or specialized arrow you make will be done with stuff you find on every single enemy, in the environment, and what you buy.  In addition, you can buy better weapons and outfits.  However, sometimes you don’t need the best outfit, as all you need is to add mods to your weapons and outfits to make them better.  If there is one thing that this game cannot be accused of, it’s limiting how you play.  Especially because of all the robots.

Speaking of, this game was marketed primarily on having giant robots.  It’s both this game’s best aspect, and sometimes not all of its best.  When it’s at its best is when you are using the tools you have, including the ability to hack the robots, to fight machines who are massive and powerful.  When its at its worst is when you have enemies who have a bad habit of being just like each other, just a little bigger.  There are five robots shaped like pack animals that you can ride.  There are three shaped like giant cats, and two shaped like dinosaurs.  A little variety would have gone a very long way.  As would some more boss fights.  Having specialized machines who you only face once.  This was a fun part of the game, but the tedium of how regular certain enemies got can’t be ignored.  When you are able to use robots against each other and play stealthy, these things are awesome.  When you are forced into a stand-up fight against machines who can easily kick the shit out of you, it kind of sucks.

The other thing about this game is that the missions can get a little repetitive.  My favorites are the ones where you use this fantastic plot-device called the Focus to basically turn into Batman and examine crime scenes and know what everything is.  I would call it an easy out for the game to have the main character be a super genius, but you know what, it’s still fun.  And to the game’s credit, when you are able to put the device to good use, it does feel like being a detective.  Now if only they could have had more effort put into the crime-solving as opposed to the robot-killing.

Make no mistake, there are no shortage of missions.  Whether it being going into the vaults where the machines are coming from, learning bits and pieces about the forces at work in the world which is keeping the mechanical monsters coming, or examining a crime scene to learn what happened, or going into a bandit camp to kill the worst bandit of them all.  There is a TON of stuff to do in this game.  For completionists like me, it’s a dream come true.  But for the casual player, you may find yourself getting bored.

Which brings me to the acting in this game.  Bless the girl who voiced the main character’s heart.  She clearly put her all into this.  However, for as hard as she tries, the rest of the acting in this game ranges from wooden to overacting.  I can’t be nice about this.  The cruel reality is that not one of these character aside from Aloy sounds even remotely realistic.  A couple do pretty well, but I could almost see the rest of the cast reading from a script.  That is a very unfortunate deal.  The roles who do stand out truly do.  No joke, a couple performances actually made me get invested.  But for the rest this was a paycheck.  Still, main character was great.  This woman clearly has a talent for this, and I hope she is in more games to come.

All in all, Sony definitely brought their a-game to the table.  While everyone is all about Nintendo’s latest under-powered console, I still have a ton of stuff to do in this game, and that doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon.

Final Verdict
8 out of 10

Peace out,


Lucien’s Review: Abzu


My favorite Indie game is, without a doubt, Journey.  The current crowning achievement of thatgamecompany, I am eager to see what their next project was going to be.  What I didn’t know is that one of the lead creators of that game and its predecessor, Flower, left the company to make his own company.  This game is his first brainchild flying solo.  Does it measure up to his previous works?  In ways you can’t even begin to imagine.  For those of you who don’t like art games, you won’t like this.  For those who do, you will be in love.  Let’s get to it.

There’s no reason to try and give the plot of this game.  Like Journey, the narrative is vague.  And believe me, I am going to do some unfathomably-pretentious Critical Examination of this game’s narrative because I am so in love with the way its completely open to interpretation.  In case you haven’t noticed, these kinds of art games are my jam.  I love me a game with a great story, don’t get me wrong.  It’s why I game.  But these sorts of games make me happy for the medium, to show what it is capable of.  That’s just swell.  What a digression that was.

You play this game has a nameless diver who is exploring an unknown underwater world, to accomplish tasks for an unknown purpose.  Really, it isn’t the why about what you’re doing, it’s the journey to do it.  And man does that journey take you to some cool places.

Let me lay to rest the worry that probably many of you are having.  The problem that people have with underwater levels in games is that they almost-always have TERRIBLE control schemes.  The makers of this game saw ahead on that issue and made this game with a very simple control scheme that doesn’t take much time to get used to.  And you can adjust the camera settings as you like, to make things easier.  This is not the kind of game that is going to have you feeling all annoyed.  There is also a mechanic that will allow you to hop on for the ride with the larger of the animals in this game.  So much fun!  Something about hitching a ride of a sperm whale just takes the cake.

Now, given that there wasn’t an especially large amount of things to do in this guy’s previous work, the amount of stuff in this game is deceptive!  I found there were so many places to explore.  Because that’s what this game is essentially about – exploration.  You are exploring this underwater world and finding out the secrets to the abstract narrative.  You are also finding out lots of stuff about sea life!  No joke, you can learn the names of all the fish and other kinds of life in this game.  There are these neat spots for “meditation” where you can go to different forms of life and learn about their names.  This was so fun!  I am all about the ocean, so getting to chill out and learn about different kinds of fish was just tops.  Each level had new forms of life to learn about, and I took time to get to know them all.  It’s been a fun afternoon.

The visuals in this game are incredible.  It isn’t insane fidelity, but a sheer level of artistry.  The use of color is fantastic!  My jaw was on the floor at so many times at how beautiful every single level in this game was.  Color was used to perfect effect.  From the explorative blues to the reds that showed that you are in danger.  Not one time did I think that the visuals were lacking . Every frame of this game is packed with cool stuff to see and interact with.

But the thing that truly sets this game apart from its contemporaries is one thing – Austin Wintory’s score.  Holy shit!  I am in love with this soundtrack.  It’s perfect.  There has never and likely will never be a score that goes so perfectly with every part of the game that it’s in.  The instrumentation, the use of choral backing.  It’s all so flawless!  It’s my favorite soundtrack in any game, to date.  The bar has been set pretty damn high.  Gonna look into buying this soundtrack.  Good music must be supported if we are to see more of it.

What about the negatives?  Surely I have a few.  I will say that while the controls of this game aren’t difficult, constantly having to hold down the right trigger to swim can get one’s fingers a little sore.  And like its predecessor, this game is pretty short.  I think it should be priced about $5 less, but I still think that I got a lot of bang for my buck.  Games like this aren’t supposed to be long anyway.

All-in-all, this was a fantastic follow-up to Journey, and the best Indie game on the PS4 to date.  Loving that Sony has more of these coming out.  It’s a good sign of how they have embraced the community.  This game is zen to the max.  So if that’s your jam, then dive on in and go exploring the ocean.  I promise that you won’t regret it.

Final Verdict
9 out of 10

Peace out,


The Final Result of Ghostbusters Drama

After all of the stupid drama that was trumped-up from people who choose to take the people who said, “this looks really stupid” at the original trailer and elevating it to a full-on culture war, the film has finally been released.  And the verdict?  It’s okay.  It’s not good.  It’s not bad.  It’s just…okay.  It is a film that will be forgotten in a month or two.  Another boring reboot to put on the pile of boring reboots that nobody watched..  If only that were where it ended.  If only the drama hadn’t been what it became.  However, this film has turned into a place where feminism pop culture went to die.  It was a hill that they believe they held from the evil trolls who just hate women.  Instead, it was a hill that served no purpose for any larger military campaign, and they held it for nothing.  I still remember that article that said, “please let it be good.  Please just let it be passably good.”  If only that writer could see where we are now.

So, what can learn from all this?  What important lesson can we take away.  Here’s one – don’t market a film based on bad perception.  I am desperately hoping that Sony learned their lesson from this.  Turns out, the Anita Sarkeesian tactic of marketing doesn’t work for a film that you want to turn into a franchise.  Who knew?  Oh, right, everyone who has cultural perspective.  We know that the reality is that these people don’t actually want to watch these kinds of movies.  Just like the feminists who claim to want to make gaming more inclusive, and then we find out that they don’t actually play games.  Like when their hero and savior pimps a game that is a financial train-wreck, and it is still a financial train-wreck.  When a YouTuber with hundreds of thousands of subs recommends a game, you’d expect the sales of that game to increase.  I know for a fact that if Angry Joe or Total Biscuit told me about a game that was good, I’d look into it.  PewDIEPie doesn’t sing a game’s praises only for nothing to happen.

I learned about marketing.  It was my focus in college.  Public relations is an art.  When you are marketing a movie, you want the marketing to be positive.  You want to give people a good feeling about seeing the movie.  Since people already didn’t want to see the new Ghostbusters, Sony had their work cut out for them.  Instead, they decided that they were going to make it about the hate the film was receiving, and pretend that this was a good marketing strategy.  Except it wasn’t.  Because when you tell people, “go see this movie because people hate it!” that leads people to start asking questions.  Such as, “why do people hate it?” or “why should I see a movie that no one likes?”  There’s a lesson to take from Inception – positive emotions trump negative, every time.  Sony chose to make all the marketing about the negatives, and their shitty sales reflect this.

We can also learn that the press needs to stop virtue signaling for movies.  It has atom-bombed all sorts of things, and Hollywood needs to learn to reign these people in.  Though, maybe they don’t have to.  The Mary Sue is doing so poorly, financially, that they are asking people to subscribe and pay them $5 a month to read their click-bait crap.  Watch as that doesn’t work out for them.  Still, Hollywood needs to tell the SJW part of their tabloid news to cool off.  The entire industry is looking bad when you have films as mediocre as this become a hill for their “revolution” to die on.  Meanwhile, we have a movie coming out in August that has an amazing female character that everyone is stoked to see – Suicide Squad.  People haven’t been able to sing the new Harley Quinn’s praises enough.  She is clearly going to steal the show, along with Leto’s Joker.  Oh, but she is sexy, so feminists don’t like her.  Isn’t it ironic how these people are all for female empowerment, until she’s someone who isn’t ashamed of her body?  That’s interesting.

Oh, and there is also the fact that we need to accept that Paul Feig and his hatred of men needs to stay away from mainstream movies.  So many critics have, quite rightly, pointed out that this film’s negative view of men is more than a little distracting.  But I guess Feig wasn’t alone in this.  The main producer of this movie is also a man-hater who has made no secret of her disdain.  These two’s hatred culminated in a vision that made every single male character as ugly a stereotype as possible.  We also get to have Bill Murray get killed.  Because fuck the fans of him in the original film.  Though, from what I understand, he didn’t even want to be in this movie.  Sony had to put SO much pressure on him to show up.  Telling about how much he respected this production.  Can you blame him?

But the biggest thing we should take away is – stop making these stupid fucking reboots!  They suck!  They all suck!  Without exception!  They are all terrible!  The Red Dawn reboot?  Sucked.  The Conan the Barbarian reboot?  Sucked.  The Evil Dead reboot?  Sucked.  Not one of these films has been good.  It’s all crap, and it needs to stop.  This film is clearly doing so poorly that the chances that a sequel is going to be made are pretty much non-existent.  Good!  Let this end here.  It can only go downhill.

The truth is that this film would have been better served it it had been worse.  I know that sounds odd, but if this movie had been outright terrible, at least it would get a cult following for being so bad that it’s good.  Instead, this “girl power” movie will be forgotten because they got a mediocre director who has the biggest chip on his shoulder that I’ve ever seen to make a reboot that not one person asked for.  Not one.  They can blame all the trolls and “haters” until they’re blue in the face, but this isn’t on us.  It’s on you.  Congrats.  Your empowering movie sucked.  Take from this knowledge what you will.

Until next time, a quote,

“Are you happy now?!” – Joker, Batman: Arkham City

Peace out,


Lucien’s First Take: Death Stranding – Reveal Trailer

After all the bullshit involving Konami and Kojima, the alpha game developer is finally free.  Sony was there on the spot to offer him all the funding and tools he needed.  Good on them.  The man is now able to make the kinds of games that he wants to make, exactly as he wants to make them.  Anyone with perspective knows that that can only mean good things.  Kojima’s entrance to Sony’s press conference was the ultimate boss moment.  The stage literally lit his path down.  It was incredible.  The look on his face when he smiles at the crowd, you know that he is loving every minute of how much we are happy to see him here.  With all the funding and free reign to make the kind of game that he wants, what do we get?  Let’s take a look.

I like how Huber on Easy Allies put it – this was a religious experience.  Not only do we get to see Kojima back, but he’s teamed up with Norman Reedus once more.  After the tragic failure that was PT, we have Kojima not wasting talent and still making the game he wanted to make.  This is kind of making my emotions work.  A legend has been reborn and is giving the audience EXACTLY what they want.

The thing that immediately got my attention was how this trailer is Lovecraftian as fuck!  I’m about to go complete nerd, so if that’s not your deal, move on now.  I got the complete collection of Lovecraft’s works for Christmas.  Been reading it.  Still am.  It’s huge.  It’s the fucking bible of Lovecraft.  Of his short stories, there is one that truly sticks out, to me.  It’s the story of Dagon.  It tells that a man is lost at sea in a boat, which then ends up on a blackened shore.  There is dead sea life all around him.  It’s everywhere.  Dead fish, dead crabs, dead everything.  The scent of dead seal life is so strong that it nearly makes him pass out.  The man explores the vast, black shore, until he comes across something.  Something that he cannot fully describe.  It’s an obelisk, with ancient writings on it.  He doesn’t know what they are.  But there are depictions of a monster, towering over fleeing peoples.  It’s then that the man hears a noise, like a monstrous scream.  He then looks out, and what does he see?  Something that makes him fall unconscious.  When he wakes, he’s back in the boat, lost at sea.

This trailer was drowning in that kind of imagery.  I have NO idea if Kojima did that intentionally or just because he thought this was cool.  Either way, this is going to be awesome.  Not much more to say about this, but I am 10,000 different kinds of stoked for what this is going to be.  Sony came out at their press conference balling.  They are such ballers.  Microsoft dreams of being able to catch up to them.  I am going to be following every outlet I can for more news.

Initial Verdict
8 out of 10

Peace out,


Lucien’s First Take: God of War – E3 2016 Gameplay Trailer

When we last saw Kratos, he was putting an end to Zeus.  Which he did.  He beat the god to death with his bare hands.  After having killed all but one of the gods (we knew he couldn’t kill Aphrodite), we saw Kratos release the power that he had by stabbing himself with the Blade of Olympus.  And that appeared to be that.  But then we see a post-credits scene with a trail of blood leading off the top of the mountain.  The indication is that he lived.  But where could they possibly go with the story?  That question has been on my mind, as rumors of a new God of War came up.

The rumors were of Norse mythology being the next one to tackle.  But how?  That seemed an awful lot like jumping the shark.  I mean, really?  How could all those other gods exist with the ones we already have?  It seemed silly.  However, we got a reveal trailer that includes gameplay, and I have to say, this does interesting.  Let’s take a look.

Alright, so we have this kid playing in the dirt, and he’s called in by a voice that sounds awful familiar (I wonder if they got the same guy to come back for the role?).  He’s told that he must hunt.  Then steps out of the shadows, our boy Kratos.  Just as gruff as always, but not so loud.  Seems that age has tempered at least that part.  But it hasn’t made him any less hostile.  Hey, he’s a Spartan.  You accept these things.  We follow the two as they go hunting, and the boy clearly isn’t winning any favors with the old man.

The Norse influence is all over this game.  That much I can tell.  When we see actual combat, the ax Kratos wields is all glow-y with Celtic designs.  I also notice that this game’s fighting is toned WAY down from the previous entries.  From the looks of things, that’s because this is a personal story.  A story about a father and his son.  Speaking of, I like this kid.  After the fighting is done, the kid wants his bow back.  Kratos says no.  Kid says to give him a chance.  Kratos tells him he had one with the deer.  Then the kid tells him to give him another.  That seems like something that a kid would actually say.  There is some believe-ability in this relationship that I hope carries in to the main game.  I will also say that this game is CLEARLY taking inspiration from The Last of Us in regards to that.  But I’m not bothered.  If anything, they are doing justice to that.  However, I get the feeling that we get to see some Kratos-style badassery before this is done.

And it doesn’t take long.  It seems that this story takes place in Valhalla.  O-kay.  What’s more, it seems that someone isn’t too stoked to see Kratos there.  Given his pedigree of killing gods, I wonder why.  But we then see that the Spartan Rage is strong with Kratos.  He beats the shit out of his enemy and then tells his son to kill it.  So what does he do?  Shoots his old man in the shoulder.  Not gonna lie, that was a laugh, for me.  What I like most about that is what happens next.  The boy apologizes, but Kratos just holds up his hand and tells him that his deer is getting away.  Was that a tender moment?  Or as close it gets from Kratos.

We end with an emotional bit with the deer.  This game interests me.  It isn’t nearly as bombastic as its predecessors, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Given what we see, it seems that Valhalla is suffering from Kratos’ touch, and they aren’t happy.  You see a giant troll hanging from the ceiling, and the implication is that Kratos led the team that killed it.  This guy has a real way with people, am I right?

So, what do I think?  I am interested.  I can’t say that it looks as good as the previous entries, but it is trying to be its own thing.  So I will give it a chance.  Kratos has yet to disappoint.  Hopefully they reference what happened to him in the game.  I’m curious.

Initial Verdict
7 out of 10

Peace out,


Lucien’s First Take: Detroit: Become Human – E3 2016 Trailer

I cannot tell you how stoked I am for this game.  Quantic Dream has made some amazing games.  Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls are some of my favorite games of all time.  Now, we have a new game where we get to play as androids in a city that is at war with them.  It’s going to be emotional as fuck, and let me tell you – I cannot wait.  But what we saw last time was a bit cryptic (I know, Quantic Dream being crytpi.  Who saw that coming?).  Now we have more hard gameplay.  Enough of me talking.  Let’s take a look.

Oh my Groj.  This looks incredible!  First, we get to see this guy going up the elevator, messing around with a coin.  We also see the circle on his head that tells us that this is an android.  So we can already tell that things are going to get complicated.  The last trailer told us that the relationship between society and android is tense.  What’s more, this is a hostage situation.  So the heat is definitely on.  When a mother demands that a human deal with this and not a machine, it tells us even more that this is beyond tense.

We then get some bits of gameplay.  You can walk through the apartment and analyze stuff.  But then we get to the roof where another android has taken this family’s daughter hostage and apparently shot two police who tried to apprehend him.  Our android tries to negotiate with him, but he isn’t very good about it.  He just says some stuff about serving the humans.  Our hostage-taker is having none of that.  He’s tired of being a slave to humans, so he is going to make one final decision of his own.  Well, that didn’t turn out the way we wanted.

But what’s this?!  Turns out, you can make things turn out a different way.  We get slices of gameplay that show us that you can analyze clues in the apartment, use piece of evidence, and craft how the situation unfolds.  I love that!  Quantic Dream is pretty good about the decisions you make crafting narrative.  In Beyond: Two Souls it didn’t affect the outcome especially hard, but it did at least change a few things about how characters and relationships evolved.  I am hoping this goes back to how things were done in Heavy Rain.  I don’t think I’ll be disappointed.

In keeping with the the theme of their games, it’s clear that this game is going to be depressing as fuck too.  After you see all the different ways that the hostage situation can go down, you then have the cops shooting and killing this android.  For no reason!  Seriously, he let the hostage go.  Everything was resolved.  He dropped his gun.  Why did they shoot him?!  Dick cops.

Everything about this looks awesome, and I cannot wait to play.  There’s still no release date, but it is going to be at the top of the list for 2017 releases.  This looks so cool!  Let me know what you all think.

Initial Verdict

9 out of 10

Peace out,