Democrats Need to Get the Identity Politics Ball From Around Their Ankle

Do you support Bernie Sanders?  I do.  But of course I do.  Because as the blue checkmarks on Twitter are all about, I’m a white male!  And we all know that white males do nothing but support Bernie Sanders and hate on women, right?  That’s the culturally-acceptable narrative.  While the mainstream establishment Democrats have Warren us “muh vagina!” as a way to try and rid Bernie of some of his supporters.  The DNC is back to their tricks now that Biden is sinking in the polls, along with everyone else who isn’t Bernie.

This line was used before.  To those of us who were paying attention back in 2016, this was the EXACT SAME line that was coming from the Shillary camp when people weren’t supporting her.  And just like with Warren, they are both duplicitous snakes who will say someone is a friend one minute, then stab them in the back the next.  I hope it was worth it for Warren.  Shillary can be a bitch to anyone and it doesn’t matter at this point.  Though, if her “Nobody likes him” statement is any indication, she is the sourest of grapes about the 2016 campaign still.  Meanwhile, Warren just lost an ally and a friend.  Voters like myself are utterly repulsed at how quickly she can turn on someone who, according to The New York Times article following the infamous meeting where she alleges Bernie said a woman can’t be President, had told her to run against Shillary and that their meeting was productive.

Now, you see on Twitter it’s the usual dumpster fire.  Blue checkmark after blue checkmark talking nothing but how awful Bernie is.  It’s a cavalcade of statements about how sexist he is, followed by how men follow him.  See, they can’t attack him on substance.  They never can.  So they take this interesting new tactic I have seen making the rounds and attacking his supporters.  For whatever reason, these days it’s customary to attack the fans or supporters of something instead of the thing itself.  Don’t like Rick and Morty?  Just say that the fanbase is toxic, and there’s your argument!  The fact that the fanbase doesn’t speak for the show?  Who cares!  It’s about demonizing something that has nothing to do with the work itself.

The same principle applies to attacking Bernie Sanders.  Don’t have an argument against what he stands for?  Just villainize his base!  Joe Rogan supports him!  That means he’s transphobic!  So glad that the Bernie campaign didn’t back down from Rogan’s endorsement, citing that they want people with all kinds of views to stand behind them, while keeping to their values.  That’s a lot of integrity shown, and makes people like me support him even more.

In reality, the Democratic Party really needs to see the identity politics people for what they are – a giant iron ball around the ankle of the party.  There are too many videos to count.  Shoe0nHead shared a great one of a bunch of women at a line with one holding a megaphone about them needing a woman in the White House.  Then back in 2016 there was that god-awful rap that was pro-Shillary from a group hilariously describing themselves as “punk.”  Don’t think a lot of punks are pro-establishment.  These people are loud, annoying, despised by the general public, and all their posts and rallies and nonsense is gonna age REALLY badly.

This year, we have the establishment trying to pander to this to prop up Warren, either being unaware or just not caring that it’s making her look worse and worse to the base at large who is kind of done with all this.  All the polls show that Warren has no chance.  This election is gonna be Bernie v Biden, and that’s what makes it interesting.  You have the establishment forcing Biden not to discuss his opinions on Social Security, ever since the Bernie campaign played that video of him saying he has tried to gut it multiple times.  Every time he speaks, Biden looks worse.  Plus, the dude has this weird habit of getting really handsy with people.  Like most recently, you saw him grab the coat of this guy who was asking him a fair question and getting really pissed at him.  The dude is senile and every time he speaks he doesn’t look better.

All that digression aside, the Democrats need to find a way to extricate themselves from all of this.  There’s been this line making the rounds that Bernie running is basically to “own the libs,” and if the blue checkmarks on Twitter are any indication, there might be something to that.  He stood his ground when Rogan supported him, citing that his goal is to get more people involved with his movement, not less.  That’s pretty gutsy, considering that back 2016, he backed down when two crazy BLM females took over one of his rallies.

What’s more, it’s the right approach to take.  I don’t get what these social justice types really think they can gain by casting more and more people out of a political movement.  That doesn’t help you win.  It helps you lose.  See, here’s the thing – by telling people you don’t want their support, they see who else they can support.  Maybe it will be someone like Bernie, who is totally cool and who wants to help people.  Or it could be someone like Trump.  Bernie once said that one of the reasons he thinks so many people voted for Trump is because they were disenfranchised with the establishment, and Trump ran on this populist campaign, same as he did in 2016.  And even with the whole weight of the DNC working against him, Bernie came a stone’s throw away of bringing down the heir apparent to the throne.  That was back in 2016, when the DNC had a candidate with name recognition.  Now, they have handsy Uncle Joe.  It ain’t a good look.

If the Democrats don’t get themselves away from the identity politics crowd fast, it will sink them.  Like Shoe said, at this rate it wouldn’t surprise me if the first female President was a Republican.

Until next time, a quote,

“We all come down here, figured we’d be part of Ryan’s ‘Great Chain.’  Turns out, his is the kind made of gold, and ours are the sort with the big iron ball around your ankle.” – Peach Wilkins, Bioshock

Peace out,


The Movement You Never Let Die (A response to A. Khaled)

Does anyone remember 2014?  I do.  Vaguely. I mean, it was an okay year.  I remember losing a relationship and having to look like a total bitch moving back home.  Graduated from college.  That’s about it as far as personal things go.  Though there was something else that happened.  A big movement of online activism against corruption in games journalism that had very limited results because online movements rarely have much success.  That movement was called GamerGate.  Not gonna get into the long and storied history.  Just type in InternetAristocrat GamerGate on YouTube and you’ll find a big compilation of his entire documentation of it as it was happening.

But another thing I remember is that the movement died in 2014.  It burned bright and had lots of people on it, but then it petered out and life resumed with games journalism being just as bought and paid for as they’ve always been.  You know who doesn’t know that it died?  Games journalism!  After all, every time they want to easily smear detractors without having to actually make good arguments, they just throw the word GamerGate into the article and boom!  Instant clicks.  It’s easy, it’s stupid, and those who do it are part of a wonderful world of people who don’t have a single journalistic ethics bone in their body.

Which brings us to today’s piece.  An article written by a guy who wants him to have some of that SWEET click-bait-y goodness to his article, which is about as content-free as his contemporaries.  Here’s a link to the article, now let’s talk about it.

If Gamergate was ever consistent at something, it’s that they’ve mastered the manipulation of the news cycle to their advantage by fabricating controversies predicated on an overarching conspiracy by “the left”, or “SJWs”, to perverse their entertainment.

Let’s not even get into how GamerGate is dead and has been since 2015 at the LATEST.  I wanna ignore that for the juicier bit in this article.  Their implication with this accusation is that everyone who thinks that the Cyberpunk 2077 controversies are bullshit is right-wing.  That’s what they meant to say.  If there’s one thing that games journalism was ever consistent at, it’s using a buzzword to vilify their detractors so as to not have to actually respond to them in a serious way.

But it was the “Gamergate” crowd who fabricated a controversy?  Not you all for finding whatever you could latch onto with this game and running with it?  Okay.  Sure, let’s go with that.  It wasn’t you and yours who made all this shit up.  It’s everyone else.  Why not?

Cyberpunk 2077 headlined Gamergate’s concerns as E3 just concluded, and it’s all for reasons not entirely unfamiliar.

*puts on tin-foil hat*

The tale started as everyone knows it did — Keanu Reeves in an unprecedented gesture walked into the Xbox E3 2019 briefing stage, and with him, he brought along the promise that Cyberpunk 2077 was indeed going to be the game everyone was bedazzled by last year.

Yeah, that shit was pretty cool.  Your point…?

After the dust of the impressive announcement settled, CDPR released screenshots of the game taken on its PC version, and one of them included a an advertisement poster of a trans woman with her dick visibly bulging upwards through her apparel used to sell soda— it’s important to point out the controversy wasn’t strictly stoked by progressives, or even the LGBT+ community specifically, but it was more of a broad observation that if CDPR screwed up their PR campaign about the game previously, that it was quite indicative of a troubling trend in Cyberpunk 2077’s marketing that it doesn’t relish in the body-altering experience some trans people go through, and rather criticizes it without realizing how ironic that looks in retrospect. CDPR used problematic imagery to sell a game supposed to critique said problematic imagery — something was off.

Um…no.  There’s nothing off.  The world of Night City is one of corporate consumerism gone horribly wrong.  It’s a world where people modify themselves into oblivion in order to chase an ideal of absolute beauty.  It’s why we saw the trailer last year with the woman who had no mouth, because it was a cybernetic appendage she could put on.  In this world, if you can use something to sell to people, you do.  Whatever that thing is.

Here’s the thing about cyberpunk as a genre – it’s set in a future near enough to ours to have the cultural issues, but far enough to be believable about the technology involved.  You see in this world that people are able to alter themselves to insane degrees.  Last year, we saw a gang who took modification to such an extreme that they wanted to turn into machines themselves.  This is a world where you can have whatever kind of body you want, so long as you have the money to pay for it.  Not to mention that in this universe, the more you enhance yourself with cybernetics, the less human you are.  Humanity is an actual measure in the pen-and-paper RPG.

Now, imagine that you are a person who doesn’t feel comfortable in your own body in this universe?  Instead of having to go through intense hormonal treatments, you can augment your body however you wish.  You can even finish your transition with your sex drive and potential intact.  This is the world of Cyberpunk 2077.  With this in mind, think about the fact that there are corporations who will do whatever it takes to sell their stuff to everyone and anyone who is buying.  Why exactly is it that you wouldn’t exploit trans people the way you would everyone else?

But that’s called “context,” which is a term I know you games journalist types fear like the fucking plague.  If you all could have any amount of nuance in what you talk about, what a wonderful world it would be.  But then you wouldn’t get as many of the almighty clicks.  Because nuance doesn’t make a good article.  Nuance makes people uncomfortable.  Yourself included.  Having to think critically about things is more difficult.  In this age of apathy, you can’t have things be too hard.  Especially not when you have an ideological ax to grind.

A good gauge for the profile of a controversy is usually to type a neutral search term on YouTube and see if the first result pertains any closely to the terms being searched, or has it conversely been flooded by an algorithmically exploitative fit of rage and outcry.

An “exploitative fit of rage and outcry”?  Really?  It’s especially weird when YongYea’s video is there.  I’ve seen him get worked up, but rage and outcry?  No.  When one of the AAA-gaming companies does some exploitative thing of their consumers, I’ve seen him get pretty skived about that.  And I’ve never seen Cleanprincegaming get raged about anything.  Do you even watch the videos you’re denouncing, or is that too much context for your uniquely-lazy ass?

The content of the analysis isn’t necessarily misleading — outlets like Kotaku, Polygon and Rock Paper Shotgun have all came out in mild reservations against the problematic depiction of Haitians and trans people in the trailer.

As is ALWAYS the case when these kinds of articles come out, it’s always just some mild criticism that people blow WAY out of proportion.  Never mind that it was people calling this game racist, CD Projekt Red racist and alt-right (a buzzword that has lost all reason), and the creator of Rock Paper Shotgun saying that Mike Pondsmith is making terrible arguments to defend racism.  But yeah, it was us who started this.  It was all of us “right-wing” people (anyone who can prove I’m right-wing, give it your best shot.  I’m an unapologetic liberal.  But Khaled here couldn’t handle that nuance either.  No, all detractors must be cut from the same cloth, lest they actually have an opinion worth listening to).

This was the same bullshit back in 2012 when Anita Sarkeesian stuck her ugly head into gaming.  “She’s just making commentary, guys!  It’s not like she’s trying to ban video games!  She doesn’t want to change anything.”  Years later, with her non-profit dying and as she desperately is trying to latch on to gaming companies, a lot of change has happened.  Mostly because you all, games “journalists” (I feign to even ironically call you all that.  You wouldn’t know the first thing about good journalism.  If Edward R. Murrow could see what the field has become) took the banner and ran with it.  Game companies saw that every major news outlet was saying the same thing, and believed that your view was the consensus.

They never did nothin’!  It was those mean “alt-right” people!  They are the ones who made this a big issue!  Our criticism was so mile that it might as well have not even been there! *rolls eyes*

What that however was spun into, is this preposterous notion that the writer of the story in question was out to smear the game as part of a “larger agenda” targeting freedom of artistic expression — never mind that Gamergate contends heavily with the conceit that video games are art at all — when the pointed critique was more about the game’s thematic inconsistency, rather than its ineffectual portrayal of Haitians as having a natural inclination to commit crime, or trans people as… whatever the hell that poster’s artist thought they were.

This is what I love about people who do articles like this.  You can just bullshit your way through whatever narrative you want, with no worry about contradiction.  See, back in the day, when you printed bullshit, you had to defend yourself.  And if you couldn’t do that, you had to print a retraction.  But this is 5th Estate journalism.  Online journalism.  Where you can spin a narrative out of whole cloth and nobody bats an eye.

People weren’t accusing the writer of the Rock Paper Shotgun article of trying to smear the game as part of a “larger agenda.”  We were accusing him of smearing the game for clicks.  It was a hit-piece, designed to get people’s click fingers going.  There’s that nuance again.  Fucking up the narrative.

Also, where did ANYONE ever say that the game is depicting Haitians as having a “natural inclination to commit crime”?  The fact that the Voodoo Boys gang is primarily made up of Haitians is inconsequential.  That’s like saying that Cryps and the Bloods are primarily made up of black people so black people are inclined to crime.  No, it’s just gangs who have these ethnic groups affiliated with them.

To the last point you made – the article was saying that trans people are able to be exploited just like anyone else!  How is that so hard to understand?  Do you not get how corporate marketing works?  If corporations think that there is a market to exploit, they will!  Look at how Disney talks about how much they LOVE diversity, but you don’t see any openly gay characters in their big movies?  Why’s that?  Gee, it’s almost like a major market that they want to appeal to has strict rules regarding depiction of homosexuality.  That’s weird, right?  I wonder who that could be… *cough*China!*cough*  Or how Netflix made a reality TV show where they give two unemployed people a job and make their lives hell, only for them to find out it was all a gag.  Showing that Netflix really does abhor the working class and has no problem fucking with them for laughs.

Corporations will exploit whoever, wherever, and whenever they can.  If there’s a market to exploit, you better believe that those bastards have their fingers in the pie, ready to exploit the ever-loving fuck out of whoever it is.  What is so hard to get about this?  What part of that nuance did you social justice types miss?

“Is it so difficult to accept that Cyberpunk 2077’s world is the kind in which, people in general, regardless of race, just, kill each other for all kinds of fucked up reasons” says YongYea in his video commenting on the issue;

There’s one person who gets the nuance of it.  It’s so weird that people are going after YongYea.  A very safe content creator.  I watch his stuff and I like it.  But I acknowledge that he’s safe, as far as advertising and whatnot goes.  And it’s weird to me that he’s being lumped in as a part of some GamerGate conspiracy.  A man who has talked about how he has no problem with diversity in gaming and how he just wants it to be done with a deft hand.  He’s some right-wing caricature now?  That’s so weird, to me.

It’sAGundam also echoed similar sentiments, he further added a political dimension to the debate by complaining that “People are trying to interject their own politics and personal beliefs in a god damn video game based in a far-off dystopian future.”

I watch Gundam as well, and I don’t actually agree with him that no politics should be in gaming.  I just think that it should be done with a deft hand and not feel out of place in the world one is trying to create.  The problem is that so often, it isn’t done that way.  Besides, his videos are never meant to be taken too seriously.  He’s in it for the performance of it.  To be entertaining.  So is YongYea.  What’s your beef?

LegacyKillaHD went as far as to say the original Rock Paper Shotgun article was a “hit piece”; and the tone of the rest of the videos follows accordingly.

It was a hit-piece, designed to get people’s click fingers twitchy.

What this has been furthered by is a defensive response by the creator of the IP CDPR’s game is based on, Mike Pondsmith, who has deflected accusations of racial inadequacies by advising that people dish it out to their racist uncles in a thanksgiving dinner, promoted the view that “the Animals” as a gang name for a predominantly-colored group is one of endearment,

What?!  A term of endearment?  No, you stupid fuck!  He said that the Animals call themselves that because they want to be powerful, strong, dangerous, akin to a wild animal.  Hence the name.  What weapons-grade bullshit is that?  Also, you have to keep the focus on the fact that black people are a part of this gang?  When Pondsmith said that this gang is ethnically-diverse, it means that it has all kinds of people in it!  Why can none of you ethnically-void hacks even speak about what he said with any amount of truth?!  I don’t get why there isn’t a single one of you fucks who can do this.

And the bit about how, if you want to help with racism, actually tell your racist uncle off at Thanksgiving was funny.  I still laugh. That’s called a joke.  Guess that’s too much for Khaled to process.

It would be really hard to take away from Mike Pondsmith’s own interpretation of what CDPR has been making for the last few years since he’s more closely aligned with the project than pretty much anyone outside of the company, but what appears to have happened, is that Gamergate is taking Mike Pondsmith as a token black creative

If ANYONE is token-izing Pondsmith, it’s you!  We aren’t saying that CDPR can’t be racist because a black person says so.  We’re saying that Pondsmith, the creator of this IP, has explained where this perspective comes from.  And his interpretation of it has more legitimacy than your stupid-ass, nuance-lacking, unrepentantly-biased reporting of it!  You all are the ones who are saying that he’s a token, but just like any good far-right Christian, you try to lay that at the feet of your detractors.  Because you have no good argument for your point of view.  Just one based on your own opinions, indefensible in reality.

Gamergate dressing him with authoritative authorship serves a two-fold purpose: For one, it allows them to come out in stern opposition of criticism which they paint as stifling creators’ freedom of artistic expression, but it also permits them to shift the narrative away from the creative leads and portray the conflict as “PC culture” gone berserk. In both cases, the final outcome is heavily contrived, and is barely based in any grounding of truth or reality — it’s just yet another attempt by Gamergate to capitalize on the current popularity of a video game by painting its criticism as sacrilegious and unduly.

These people live in a fantasy world.  People were accusing Rock Paper Shotgun and those who followed of trying to smear a game, a company, and the creator of the entire franchise, all for the purpose of getting clicks.  That’s where this began and ended.  But no.  You can’t accept that.  To do so would mean you have to look critically at your own medium.  Oh no!  To actually look at the ethically-void hellscape that modern games journalism is critically, I don’t think any of you would survive.  Then you’d have to wonder if you are not making the entire concept of journalism a dead venture, where only the fastest to report on whatever scandalous thing gets those precious clicks and precious ad revenue.

But you’re right about one thing – this is heavily contrived.  You’ve contrived a narrative that you can spin without any worry of any amount of opposition, where I’m sure the comments section is gonna be one giant circle-jerk.  In the process, you’re also gonna prove a lot of points people have made about your industry, but still.

Furthermore, when “artistic freedom” is brought, it is only done in service of Gamergate’s ideological inclinations, rather than any impartial appeal to creativity no matter what part of the political spectrum it hails from. When BattleTech introduced the option for a gender-neutral pronoun, no such defense was invoked, and the backlash was instead directed towards the developers — who might I remind, should have retained full artistic control over their IP. The precedent for “creator over fan voice” just does not bear out.

This is the great thing about being able to smear people with a broad brush.  You don’t have to even bother trying to be honest about something.  Instead, you just say that all people in a group who you made up (because GamerGate is dead) all think the way that you tell your readership that they do.

Meanwhile, I don’t give a fuck about gender-neutral options.  Never heard a word from YongYea, LegacyKilla, Upper Echelon Gaming, or even ItsAGundam.  You took some loud minority of right-wing assholes being assholes (or maybe trolls being trolls.  Everyone likes to forget they exist), and paint ALL of us us as thinking just like they do.  You can have your opinions all day, Khaled, but you can’t have your own facts.  Sorry to say.

It’s even more so the case when the call to collective action is intermittently placed along Patreon links when the authors of such ludicrous claims are already a comfortable level above the majority of their audience on both a financial, and a social level.

There we go!  The other shoe drops.  You are mad that people make money off their work.  You’re made that people choose to pay content creators that they like money.  Never mind that the whole reason Patreon has grown is because YouTube is now basically a unmonetized hellscape where making any money at all is next to impossible.  So many channels who aren’t right-wing, but have honest opinions about what’s happening in the world get demonetized because their content ruffles feathers.

This is how the article ends, and it’s so fucking blatant what Khaled is actually angry about.  So he has to smear everyone.  Defaming whoever he doesn’t like all because they were mean to people in his industry and painted him and his out to be opportunistic bottom-feeders who wouldn’t know ethics if it reached up and bit them in the ass.

Until next time, a quote,

“Our history will be what we make of it.  And if there are any historians 50 or 100 years from now, and there should be preserved the kinescopes of one week of all three networks, they will there fine – recorded in black and white and in color – evidence of decadence, escapism, and insulation from the realities in which we live.” – Edward R Murrow

Peace out,


The Fall of Feminist Frequency, the Rise of Pop Culture Detective Agency

A long time ago, I did a post talking about how Johnny McIntosh was basically gonna run what little fame he has into the ground.  After Anita Sarkeesian kicked him to the curb and took her “non-profit” to a whole new level, she ditched him like a bad habit.  He then started a new YouTube channel with a Patreon, and I figured his story would end there.  Her story, meanwhile, was leaving gaming behind and doing some history analysis highlighting women who were trailblazers throughout the ages.  For both people, I honestly assumed that that would be that.  How utterly wrong I was.

The most interesting part of this is how Johnny’s rise as a YouTube analysis personality has been completely unnoticed by what remains of the anti-SJW community at large.  A community I myself have little to no part of, these days.  That brand run itself into the ground, now just being “hot takes” by people who I ideologically couldn’t disagree with more.  We were brought together in 2014.  Now, we couldn’t be further apart.  The same battle lines that were lost back then to take on a greater enemy are now right back where they started.  Man, that was a digression.

McIntosh was a joke to people, and everyone left him alone.  To be fair, Feminist Frequency was left pretty alone too.  The meme had been run dry, you could make fun of the occasional Twitter outrage that Anita would try and generate, then go on with your life.  However, both people saw their popularity go in diametrically opposite directions very quickly.  It’s not hard to see why.

The story’s been out there for a bit that Feminist Frequency is financially suffering.  Their reporting numbers for the last couple years raise far more questions than answers.  They are losing money, precipitously.  All while making nothing but audio-only podcasts whose views are a joke in comparison to the amount of subscribers on their YouTube channel, a couple videos with mediocre production values, and doing live-streams where nobody is watching.  Where did the money go?  The biggest theory is that it went to all of their trips to other first-world nations to preach their gospel to whoever would pay them to listen.  It’s a guarantee that they were staying in nice hotels and getting lots of perks.  All while it ate into their budget.  They started laying off staff, and now have no paid positions of any kind.  The company is essentially dead.

At the same time, with the rise in popularity of analysis videos, maybe Johnny McIntosh knew how to capitalize on a market right at the perfect time.  His format from the days when he was writing Feminist Frequency’s videos hasn’t changed.  Not at all.  He just was a little bit smarter about it, and instead of marketing how much hate he got, he just kept making content.  Safe, YouTube-friendly content.  Then people would watch and his views and likes to dislikes aren’t bad.  I don’t like his content, but credit where it’s due.  He’s probably raking in a lot of money.

All of this tells me that it really was Johnny McIntosh who kept Feminist Frequency popular.  The moment she got rid of him, the channel lost something.  I mean, she is a con artist, and maybe her con just got so old that it was completely unsustainable.  So now we know that while she was trying to bilk for money, McIntosh is a believer.

For those who have seen the history of large feminist movements online, this shouldn’t come as a shock.  WAY back in the day, there was Atheism+ that reared its ugly head.  It split what was the atheist community back then in two.  However, after the dust from the infighting subsided, something happened.  The movement became less and less productive.  To the point that it devolved into just an Internet forum where everyone who wasn’t a mod was banned.  The once touted FreeThoughtBlogs is now just PZ Meyers ranting about whatever he doesn’t like.  The big feminists names back then are all cashed out at the talent bank.

What does all this mean?  What is the thing to take away from all this?  In my mind, it’s pretty simple.  These movements are typically started and kept going by people who are piggy-backing on an ideology, marketing themselves as victims, and then building nothing up with the fame that they get from the media coddling them.  It’s why Brianna Wu is trying and failing to get into politics.  It’s why Zoe Quinn is desperately trying to maintain any relevance.  Rebecca Watson has disappeared. Big Red doesn’t exist except as a meme that is long dead.  And Anita Sarkeesian is trying desperately to get CD Projekt Red to take her on as a “consultant” along with get EA to donate money to her cause, all while still playing the damsel.  I could have swore she said that being a damsel is a bad thing in a whole series of videos, once upon a time.  All of these people are cashed out and have no future.

This will, definitively, be the last time I talk about this Feminist Frequency.  This isn’t really about her, truth be told.  It’s about those in the entertainment arena who adapt over time.  Pop feminism was utterly unable to do this.  While social media panders and old-school media kisses ass still, their voice is so much less than I remember.  These days, it’s just bitching about whatever movie thing, along with CD Projekt Red and what they are doing.  It’s encouraging to see that CD Projekt Red and Mike Pondsmith have stood their ground against such attacks.  Time was, NOBODY did.  But these people aren’t quite the dragon they used to be.

So I was wrong about what would happen to McIntosh.  I admit that.  It genuinely does shock me.  Happy trails, Anita.  The Internet already doesn’t miss you, but the thing to keep in mind is that eventually, you will be utterly forgotten.  I wonder if that bothers her.  Since she’s not rich anymore, probably.

Until next time, a quote,

“History repeats itself.  The same thing will happen to Duke Red, his Marduks.  Only this time, it won’t be the gods who bring about the change.  It’ll be us.” – Atlas, Metropolis

Peace out,


CD Projekt Red is Alt-Right Now…?

A while back, I wrote a post talking about how I hate that “leftist” is an all-encompassing term that is bandied about by right-wing people when they want to just disregard the opinion some liberal like myself has.  It’s an easy line to go to when you have no argument of your own.  I mean, I’m a liberal, and I don’t agree with social justice culture.  Does that make me a leftist?  I think we should have universal healthcare because insurance in this country is a fucking scam.  I think there should be common sense gun control that in no way involves taking conservatives guns.  Forgive me for wanting to try and keep guns out of the mentally unstable that our country clearly gives no fucks about.  I think freedom of speech is a good thing.  I think that deplatforming is wrong.  So am I a leftist?

I bring this up because we live in this world of buzzwords.  Everything needs a good buzzword.  The regressive-left and the far-right do this in equal measure.  Terms like Nazi, cuck, soyboy, fascist, misogynist, SJW.  They are all terms used to just put people into a peg that they can then not even bother responding to.  All of those terms, by the way, mean nothing anymore.  Neither side is innocent in this game of one-upsmanship to have that next big term that is able to hurt the feelings of the side they don’t like.  The only difference is that mainstream media accepts the far-left terms without any real objection.  They don’t play this game, but use the terminology of it just fine.

Which brings me to CD Projekt Red.  This year, they pretty much won E3 when Keanu Reeves debuted in their latest trailer for their magnum opus, Cyberpunk 2077.  Then he came on stage and damn-near broke the Internet. With the premiere of this game 10 months away, fans hype is at a fever pitch.  As it should be.  This studio is showing that they are willing to go distances that no one else has gone, in order to give players content that they have never seen anything like before.  Their last project is regarded as one of the best games of this console generation, and rightly so.

However, while they are basking in the afterglow of gamers cumming in their pants for their latest project and salivating like Pavlovian dogs for the next gameplay drop, it seems that not everybody is on the hype bandwagon.  We got a very small, but very vocal group of naysayers who, as far as I’m concerned, hate fun.  They hate it.  What’s more, they hate when people have it.  The more fun people have, the more they hate the living shit out of something.  The cooler something looks to the mass audiences, the more they think – fuck this!  So they take to their rag publications and Twitter accounts to make sure you know how the next big thing that everyone wants is a giant pile of shit that you are a bad person for wanting.

Don’t believe me?  Well, it’s not exactly a mystery how they were shit-talking The Witcher 3 when it was coming out.  A game centered around a book series that took the vast majority of its inspiration from Slavic mythology didn’t exactly translate to lots of black people.  Who knew?  So yeah, the game is naturally racist.  Oh, and you can have sex with women in the game, so it’s misogynistic too. Why not any men you can fuck?  I always kind of assumed Dandelion was gay, but whatever.

What are their gripes with Cyberpunk 2077?  Well, it’s unimaginative in the combat department, for one thing.  The combat mechanics are old hat and suck.  The transhumanism element is non-existent because the presenter at a closed-door E3 event showing off the latest gameplay didn’t give one of these people the answers he specifically wanted.  It’s sexist because the trailer showed a MAN!  Fuck men!  Oh, and it’s transphobic because of…an advertisement…?  Okay.  There was this one little other thing about all of this that one Twitter user named @quatoria said – that CD Projekt Red is…an alt-right company?  What?  What proof does this twat-nugget have for this?

Welcome to another term that is now being bandied about by the regressive left with plenty of vigor.  The media at large joins in the fun.  And just like every other buzzword used throughout the modern Internet, it has less and less meaning with every usage.  Just another term for those that they disagree with and don’t want to have to respond to on a level playing field.

So now they can attack an entire development team because they feel personally offended.  To hell with just not playing the game.  These fuckers don’t play video games anyway (all their articles begin with them talking about what games they play.  That’s how you know it’s bullshit).  And if they do, it’s begrudgingly.  No, instead of just not partaking in entertainment that they don’t like, or making their own entertainment (it’s not like it’s hard.  There are plenty of engines out there if they want to make their own content.  Oh right, that creates work simulators like Sunset), instead they have to shit on what other people want, for the sole purpose of having these developers cater to them.

The social justice community attacks against Cyberpunk 2077 have grown so loud that Mike Pondsmith, the creator of the tabletop RPG that this game is based on, came out and gave a very fierce defense on Reddit ripping a social justice post to pieces for stating that he had no involvement in this game, that the Animals gang is racist, and that Voodoo Boys is racist, in both cases for them being black.  It was pretty great stuff.  He then attacked the people who claimed that they should be the ones telling black people how they should feel about stuff, claiming that these people are acting like allies while treating him and those like him as if they’re children.  His bit about Thanksgiving dinner was just too good.  Go check that out.

It kills me inside how many developers are harassed and attacked by people who Mike Pondsmith says are well-meaning, but who I believe are just two-faced ideologues in sheep’s clothing.  All because you don’t like something that they created.  You don’t like something that you are under NO obligation to partake in.  You don’t have to play this game.  There is a vast plethora of other things to do.  You can play a different game.  You can go outside and…since it’s gonna be April when this game comes out, watch the leaves coming out on the trees.  You can go for a walk.  You can play with your dog/cat.  There are a thousand things you can do that don’t involve this game.  But no.  Instead you attempt to create a climate of disdain around this game and those who make it.  You cast aspersions of their political views, because you don’t like their product!  Who the fuck do these people think they are?!

I hope CD Projekt Red doesn’t take this shit too seriously.  The vast majority of people are in love with this game.  Go to ANY of the trailers and see the ratings of Like to Dislike.  It’s so far one-sided that it’s insane.  Everyone wants this game.  EVERYONE.  Keanu Reeves had people screaming that he was breath-taking.  These people who are attacking them are people who have no dog in this fight.  There’s hard data to show that social justice types don’t actually play much in the way of games.  I loved that article on Polygon a while back where this one journalist talked about how bored he was at a big game press event because it was all about video games and not about politics or something they viewed as serious.

Market forces say that people are looking for something new and exciting and unlike anything else they’ve played before.  This game looks to be that way.  I can’t wait to get my hands on it.  Already pre-ordered.

Until next time, a quote,

“Yeah, but since when does someone have a clue about what they want?” – God, Bruce Almighty

Peace out,


The Death of Apu: A Symbol of What’s to Come

I’ve long held a contention about all the bitching that SJWs do about films and characters and plots that they don’t like.  When there was that RIDICULOUS video about the “Dead Lesbian Syndrome,” I called it right then and there.  But now we are getting to see this in real time.  I hate being right as often as I am.  I really do.  Alas, the world lives down to my expectations, not up to them.

For those who are unaware, following all the STUPID controversy about how the character of Apu in The Simpsons is racist, and the show-runners seeming to stand their ground for a time, now they have decided to just unceremoniously ax him from the series.  Why?  Because he’s racist or some other stupid thing.  The fact that over the years he is an interesting character with an arc and a family and lots of layers?  Fuck that!  He’s racist because he has an exaggerated accent.  That’s all it takes.

Once-again, never mind that nobody is bitching about what they should be bitching about – that the series hasn’t been funny for the last 20 years and it is high time that they took it out back like Old Yeller and put it down in a humane way (with a loaded gun and a bullet through the head).  No, this series will keep being made until there isn’t even a husk of an audience left.  Actually, scratch that.  I know how the series will end – with one of the main voice actors who does a dozen characters dying and them just unceremoniously canceling it.  That’s how I bet you a hay-penny it will end.  But I digress.

What people are failing to understand is that what is happening to Apu is a symbol of what is to come.  A symbol of what this outrage culture really is going to result in.  Can you guess what it is?  For those of you who said “that Hollywood is just going to stop having these characters in stuff anymore”, congratulations!  You’re right!  Because they won’t want to deal with the endless sea of bullshit that comes with have a different character.  What’s that?  This other ethnicity has one thing that we don’t like?!  Huge controversy!  Massive outrage!  Fuck the series!  What’s this?  You killed off someone who is part of a group that I identify with?!  Boycott!  Endless boycott!  None of our very small but very vocal group is going to watch your stuff again!

Hollywood only cares about making money.  That’s it.  Nothing else matters.  For those of you social justice idiots who actually believe that these people are on your side, it’s high time that you really examined that point of view and realize how stupid it is.  And make no mistake – once the culture at large is finally fed up with this and realized how homogenized and safe everything is and starts tuning out, they will turn on you faster than you can say “but, my outrage!”

We live in interesting times.  One of the creators at Rockstar said that they are glad that they aren’t releasing GTA VI in today’s social climate.  Can you imagine the backlash?  It’s a virtual guarantee that regardless of what side of the equation they pissed off, they would be getting death threats and all sorts of things, all because they made a crowd mad.  I mean, if they were to satirize this climate, the shit-spinning that the social justice retards would do is out of control.

The other day, The Young Turks decided to vilify gamers yet-again with some crazy bitch on their pop culture show when they were talking about the stories coming out about the insane hours at Rockstar.  They had this guest who made it out to be that not only is Rockstar racist, but that gamers are racist and won’t play games with black people in them.  It was insane.  More proof of how their show has gone to shit.  Ah, for the days when The Young Turks was actually interesting.  Do you remember them?  It seems like a weird golden age ago.  Back when you could say things that people found offensive and people didn’t try to deplatform and destroy you for it.  Magical.

The moral of the story is – Apu is not just a character being kicked off a show that should have run its course after the 10th season.  He’s a referendum to what Hollywood will do when they feel the social justice wagons circling.  They are going to ditch these characters.  Because you can NEVER please these people!  It doesn’t matter how much you try and make the characters non-offensive, you are going to offend somebody.  And once you do, it’s not worth the endless news cycle vilifying you and your program.  Better to just cut your loses and deal with it.  But they won’t learn that.  To them, it’s just “this character is racist!  Change it, shitlords!”

Nobody is saying what I and many others have been saying for years now – this series is dead!  Let it die in peace!

Until next time, a quote,

“The guy who watched The Simpsons back in 1994, and won’t admit the damn thing isn’t funny anymore.” – Stewie Griffin, Family Guy

Peace out,


Critical Examination: Where Diversity Works in Fiction

I’ve been rewatching Alan Rickman’s last film, Eye in the Sky.  It was a great movie, from a director who apparently has a lot of crap under their belt.  Go figure.  The story is engaging, the tension is so palpable, and the thing I like most is the fact that it doesn’t tell you how to feel about what happens.  It just presents the narrative as it plays out, and it lets you come to your own opinion as an audience member.  That is just awesome, to me.  So many movies now are trying to tell you how to think, and it gets under my skin.  But there is something else that the movie does exceptionally well that leads into what we’re talking about in this post – it does diversity very well.

This film has a big cast, and the cast runs the gamut of genders, ideologies, and skin tones.  And it all works.  Every last bit.  Why?  Simple – it doesn’t feel the need to congratulate itself or to make a big deal out of the diversity.  Instead, it has it where all these different groups, genders, ideas are just there.  They are perfectly integrated into the story that is being told.

For starters, you have Helen Mirren.  This woman had so much presence in this film.  I genuinely believe she stole the show.  Even though she looks like she could be somebody’s grandma, you can guarantee that if I was in there, I would be doing the open-palm salute (that’s how it’s done in Britain) at full attention.  This woman commands some serious respect, all due to how she carries herself.  The film doesn’t need to tell you that she’s in command.  When she walks into that room for their part in the operation, her attitude has nobody questioning who is in charge.  It’s what makes when she forces one of her underlings to be under-handed in getting the required percentage of risk of the civilian dying so unnerving.  She is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish her mission, which she has been on for six years.

Next up, we have one of the Kenyan intelligence operatives who is being forced into a situation that is crazy dangerous, but his dedication to duty is exemplary and he is willing to do whatever it takes to see it done.  But more than that, when he realizes that the civilian girl is in danger, realizing that he is running out of time, he goes above and beyond to try and get her out of harms way.  It makes what happens in the end more tragic, because of how he did his best to avert disaster.  But life is unkind to all of us.

Speaking of the Kenyan performances, there is also the man in charge of their side of the operation.  As things come undone and they have to look into more and more violent methods, this guy has real presence as he is forced to put his people into danger and is being held back by the fact that his forces can only go so far because of the Muslim radical forces in the area having control of the sector that the operation ends up in after they failed to capture their targets when they were in their territory.  Not once did the film go – look at these black people!  Aren’t they awesome because they’re black?!  No, it just had them in the movie, and their skill as actors/actresses carried it.

But there was also the diversity of ideas.  It was great to see how many sides of the story there were.  You had Aaron Paul, who has been unfortunately cast in so much shit after Breaking Bad, and his co-pilot wanting to avoid killing the civilian girl.  The scene where he steps up to Helen Mirren as she is talking to him directly is awesome!  That takes some serious balls, and his CO points out to him that he could end up being in deep shit because of it.  Then you have the American government having a brief bit where we see the perspective that they have.

Meanwhile, you have the British officials in there, and that is where this film can have some of its most underrated moments.  I’m sure that people were annoyed at all the political sides with the British, how everyone was a gutless coward who was quick to pass the issue up the chain to whoever was above them.  Nobody wanted to be responsible and to have their ass be the one hanging out if things go wrong.  That’s how real governments work!  Everybody is a toothless little bitch who doesn’t want to be blamed when things go wrong.  I could feel Mirren and Rickman’s characters’ anger at it all.  I definitely felt my inner American come into play.  And I agreed with Rickman when he pointed out that suicide bombings can be infinitely worse than a civilian getting killed.

Diversity in movies works when it feels organic.  That’s what all of that rambling nonsense was about.  Let’s look at some of the recent Disney abortions, specifically in the Star Wars franchise, and see where things go wrong.  Remember Rose, from The Last Jedi?  She sure was an interesting character.  All of those character traits and personality that exist.  Like…she’s Asian.  And…kinda heavy.  Trying to think of other character traits.  Drawing a blank.  Oh, and there’s the purple-haired woman played by Laura Dern (I feel so bad for her.  She was FAR too good an actress for that).  She was…in command, I guess.  Oh, and let’s not forget the female character of Rey!  She’s…female, and super duper awesome at everything she does.  Like, things she just learned about, she can suddenly do better than everybody else.  And just like the last film, it calls attention to that.

Or we can talk about Spider-Man: Homecoming.  I liked that movie, but the fact that it had all the diversity of a college campus pamphlet did not escape my notice.  Didn’t help that the biggest character that was basically all the SJW talking points encapsulated was absolutely insufferable.  Kills me that she is the new MJ.  Every time that character opened her mouth, it made me groan.  A human Tumblr page.  A human hashtag campaign.  The personification of all Internet social justice.  It drove me up the wall.  Didn’t help that she was so smug about it.  Like, people would question her perspective and she would get all smug and so high up on her horse that I best she could see Russia from my home.  Maybe Palin was right after all, you just need enough of a high-horse to do it.

Where the concept works is when you don’t have to think about the diversity, because it’s just there, and you can enjoy it for being part of the story.  I didn’t care that Helen Mirren is a woman in Eye in the Sky.  I cared that she is a capable commanding officer.  All of the characters in the movie were their own people, and you could like or dislike, agree or disagree with them as they come.  A movie that doesn’t preach or tell you how to think, with a diverse range of thoughts.  What a novel concept!

Hollywood is going so far out of their way to make sure that you know that there is diversity in movies, just so you know it.  Like, we have Idris Elba playing the new James Bond.  Okay.  I like him as an actor.  But how much do you wanna bet that the first movie he’s in preaches its fucking ass off at you about him being James Bond?  Instead of letting his natural charm and skill as an actor be what carries it, the film will (likely repeatedly) take the time to tell you that this is just the best and if you don’t like it you are a bigot.  In my eyes, that hurts the fact that Elba is a capable actor more.  Because him being in this movie will be judged by the fact that he’s black before even looking at the quality of the script and directing.

There are plenty of great movies with a ton of diversity in the cast.  But those with great diversity don’t just have someone with a skin tone.  They have character with their good qualities and their bad.  Mirren’s character was not some perfect woman.  She did under-handed things to get the job done, and made sure her subordinate knew that it was to be documented as nothing wrong being done.  She confronts him directly at the end, after everything is sorted.  We never know if she faced any repercussions for that decision.  It just ends with her going home.  Diversity doesn’t mean everyone is a fucking angel!  It means they’re a person, and everybody has bad qualities.

Since we’re talking about the Bond films, let’s talk about one of my favorite characters since Brosnan’s time in the role – M.  Judi Dench has that role so hardcore locked down it blows my mind.  It’s great to have her be the chief who doubles as Bond’s handler.  Bond is a debonair type who tends to get women wrapped around his little finger.  However, M doesn’t take any of that.  She’s in charge, and if he ever forgets that, she has no problem reminding him.  Her repore with Daniel Craig’s version of the character was pretty great.  There is a somewhat maternal aspect.

This doesn’t just translate to film, either.  Gaming is at the same crossroads.  So many games are being released now with developers shouting – look at us!  We’re diverse!  Instead of just making a game and letting it be diverse, they have to feel the need to shove it in your face.  Unfortunately, gaming is having this issue much worse than film.  But the media is complicit in this.  Games media is so bought and paid for by the SJWs.  So when the virtue-signaling circle-jerk begins, they get right in to keep it going.  But now it is starting to bite them in the ass.

We’re seeing with EA’s latest fuck-up, Battlefield V, that when you choose to wave the diversity banner and yell from the highest peak about how “woke” you are, people will start rolling their eyes.  Because World War II totally had British women on the front lines, with a cricket bat that has nails in it and her prosthetic arm, while the male British soldier has a fucking katana on his back.  Realism!  Yeah, totally.  More asinine was them telling people that if they don’t like it, they don’t have to buy it.  Well, you got your fucking wish, didn’t ya, EA?  Might should have chosen your words more carefully.

It seems that all people care about in terms of diversity is just who has what skin tone.  I’d say who has what sexuality, but since LGBT is an acronym that will NEVER play in a Chinese movie theater, the part of Hollywood behind big blockbusters doesn’t care about that either.  Hey, social justice advocates, you still love Disney now?  They’ve essentially told a big part of your demographic to fuck off because they will lose them money.  That’s all any of those people care about, after all.  Your pet social issue be damned.

My point in all of this is – diversity is great, but have it be natural.  Have it feel natural.  Don’t call attention to it.  Don’t virtue signal.  Just make good character who happen to be a different gender or skin tone or whatever.  Because I would rather know actors/actresses with skill be in good stuff, than in crap.  I know, what a monster.

Until next time, a quote,

“I have attended the immediate aftermath of five suicide bombings.  On the ground, with the bodies.  What you witnessed today, with your coffee and biscuits, is terrible.  What these men would have done would have been even more terrible.  Never tell a soldier that he does not know the cost of a war.” – Lt. Gen. Frank Benson, Eye in the Sky

Peace out,


Proof that Hollywood Doesn’t Care About Social Justice

I’ve talked at length about how people’s idea that Hollywood actually gives a shit about their social justice cause is stupid, but now I finally have seen actual evidence that makes it very clear that they couldn’t give a shit less, so long as they can make money from it.  If it gets in the way of money, then they couldn’t give any less fucks.  We see so many films like pretty much all of the Transformers sequels and now The Meg where the setting has large portions in China, has white actors in action roles, and nothing that could possibly offend the sensibilities of anyone.  However, it goes deeper than that.

The PRC put out some regulations for Hollywood when it comes to any kind of content that they will allow on their screens, and what would have to be cut from a movie in order to show it in China.  Here’s a link to a longer post about it, but I want to cut out something in-particular.  The post above has a list of all the things that have to be cut, but something caught my eye.  Have you ever noticed that Disney is all about every kind of diversity under the sun except for one?  Not seeing many gay people in their movies, are you?  The LGBT community is strangely absent from their movies.  Why is that?  The aforementioned list can tell you.

Showing obscene and vulgar content, exposing scenes of promiscuity, rape, prostitution, sexual acts, perversion, homosexuality, masturbation and private body parts including the male or female genitalia; containing dirty and vulgar dialogues, songs, background music and sound effects;

There you have it.  The entire reason that there is hardly any representation of the LGBT community in major Hollywood productions.  It’s because they want that precious Chinese cheddar!  And by cheddar, I mean money.  Theater attendance in America has been steadily decreasing, and last year saw a 25-year low.  Meanwhile, in China, their attendance steadily climbs and is actually offsetting any losses in domestic markets.  It is getting to the point that, if Hollywood isn’t already figuring to stop catering to American audiences, they soon will.  It is getting to the point that it’s more profitable to have movies that are tailored to a Chinese audience than an American one.

And all these people care about is the money.  Guess what, “oppressed” group X – that means you don’t matter to them!  So to all the people who made those stupid hashtags #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend and #GiveElsaAGirlfriend, you might as well kiss either of those ideas goodbye.  Because that would mean that one of their biggest markets won’t go see it.  I remember all those people talking about the lesbian couple in Finding Dory that is on the screen for two seconds.  You know why it was that short?  Because they can edit that out!

Everyone seems to want to believe that their group is going to be represented in some big way in major blockbusters.  To hell with the Indie films that have great representation, or the smaller movies that do it well.  They want their “oppressed” group represented.  Well, if that group is any of the letters in LGBT, then it won’t be you, because they will make less money.  And at the end of the day, that is ALL they care about.  Nothing else matters.  Does it hurt, knowing your group means less to them than their shillings?  It shouldn’t.  Hollywood, just like the news industry, is a whore.

Tell you what – next big movie that has LGBT representation, get your ass in theaters!  Fill up those seats.  I mean really do it.  To the point that they can see what a huge market it is domestically to offset the cost of overseas.  But we all know that that won’t happen.  There is a reason that these people want their “oppressed” group represented in major blockbusters – so they can get the domestic audience to see it.  Because they magically believe that if their group is in a major motion picture, with hundreds of millions in sales, all of the people will look at that and go – Holy shit, gay people are real!  And they do real stuff just like me!  I won’t be a horrible bigot anymore!  There’s a neat fantasy world to live in.

All of the group you believe care about your group and your “oppression” don’t.  They care about how much money they can make.  That’s how it’s always been, and how it always will be.  And part of why movies like 2016’s Ghostbusters will never get a sequel is because they get banned in China.  Think about that part too.

Until next time, a quote,

“How do we not make it a big deal to be gay?  Personally, I don’t give a shit.  It’s not ‘tolerance.’  It’s not ‘acceptance.’  It’s apathy.  And I feel that’s about as advanced as it gets.  If someone says to me, ‘Hey, did you hear Ellen Page fucks women?!’ my reaction would be the same as if someone said ‘hey, did you hear that peaches are on sale?!’  I don’t fucking care.  Good for Ellen Page and peaches.  That’s where we should be as a society.  Just not really caring what other people do with their day, so long as it doesn’t harm anyone else.” – A Dose of Buckley

Peace out,


Let’s Answer 100 Easy Ways to Make Women’s Lives More Bearable

Because women have it so fucking hard.  Especially in the First World.  While women in Africa get their genitals mutilated, and women in the Middle East are subject to ACTUAL misogyny courtesy of a religion that teaches that it’s perfectly acceptable to beat them if they get out of line, because the man is stronger than the woman and it is his place to tell her what’s-what.  That’s Islam, in case you didn’t know.  A religion that the left suck’s the cock of, which just baffles me since they call everything under the sun sexist.  I guess SyeTenAtheist was right after all.  But don’t you worry, men.  There is a list published of 100 ways to make women’s lives “more bearable.”  I’m sure this isn’t going to be the cringiest thing ever.  Nope, not even a little.  Here’s a link to it, now let’s get on with this.

1. Before explaining something to a woman, ask yourself if she might already understand. She may know more about it than you do.

I don’t explain things to people unless they ask.  I don’t give a fuck if they are ignorant.  I’m perfectly fine with letting people wallow in their own stupidity.  I live in America, after all.  Dumb ain’t hard to find here.  If she is asking for me to explain something, then she wants to know about it and I have been given an answer to if she knows more about it than I do.

2. Related: Never, ever try to explain feminism to a woman.

Here’s my explanation – a values system that has been horribly twisted into a PC buzzword battle here in the First World, but would be very useful in the Third World.  Like in countries where women have to wear a burka or else they get beaten, and where if a woman claims to be raped and she doesn’t have three witnesses, she’s a lying whore and can be beaten by law.  Countries like that could use it.

3. Trans women are women. Repeat that until you perish.

They identify as women, and I have no problem with that.  Identify as whatever you like, sugar-tits.  If they haven’t completely transitioned, then they are still biologically male, but they can identify as female and I have no issue.  Doesn’t bother me or even concern me in the slightest.


I couldn’t agree more!  My pronouns are master/master/master.  So when you talk about me, it has to be “master said that I’m stupid.”  By the way, what does this have to do with making women’s lives more bearable?  This seems like a pet peeve of yours that has nothing to do with women as a larger demographic.

5. Remember that fat women exist and aren’t all trying to get thin. Treat them with respect.

I treat everyone the way I would want to be treated.  The Golden Rule.

6. In fact, just never comment on a woman’s body.

If she asks for my opinion, I’m going to give it.  If she doesn’t like the answer, she shouldn’t have asked the question, should she have?

7. Be kind to women in customer service positions. Tip them extra. (But not in a creepy way.)

I tip people in customer service based on their quality of service.  If my waitress is doing poorly, she’s getting a bad tip.  Sorry, not sorry.

8. Trust women. When they teach you something, don’t feel the need to go and check for yourself. And especially do not Google it in front of them.

Um, no.  If I hear some female tell me that women have magical wings attached to their butts, I’m going to Google right in front of them and show them that there is ZERO evidence of that contention.  If you say something stupid in front of me, I’m going to revel in showing how dumb you are.  Granted, if I know that a woman is an expert on something, I will listen with rapt attention.  Like how my girly-mate in the Navy talks about military life, I find it engrossing beyond belief.

9. Don’t maintain a double standard for… anything, ever.

Oh boy does that not bode well for feminism.  Hey, how’s that double-standard about if a partner is drunk during sex it’s rape?  Only applies to women in every single piece of propaganda I have heard about it.  Or if you don’t ask for consent every ten minutes, it’s rape.  If she initiated sex with you and she doesn’t keep asking, is it rape?  There are a LITANY of double-standards associated with modern, First World feminism that you lot are perfectly happy to ignore.


If there is someone looking to sit, I’ll move.  If there’s no one around, I’ll let my balls have some room.  Your ignorance on male anatomy is quite something.

11. Trying to describe a woman positively? Say she’s “talented,” “clever,” or “funny.” Not “gorgeous,” “sweet,” or “cute.”

If she is being talented or clever, I’ll say that.  If she is trying something on or doing her makeup and is looking for validation that it looks good, I’ll tell her she’s cute or gorgeous or any number of positive attributes associated with one’s appearance.  Don’t fucking tell me how to talk to my people, bitch.

12. Examine your language when talking about women. Get rid of “irrational,” “dramatic,” “bossy,” and “badgering” immediately.

No.  If that’s what they’re being, I’ll call them out on it.  Sorry if that bugs you (not really).

13. Don’t think to yourself, I describe men like that too. A) You probably don’t. B) If you do, it’s to criticize them for acting like a woman.

Um, no.  I describe them as such if they’re being irrational, dramatic, bossy, or badgering.  I don’t associated adjectives with exclusively one gender.  Stop forcing your beliefs and values system on me.  I don’t appreciate it.

14. Do you love “fiery” Latina women? “Strong” Black women? “Mysterious” Asian women? Stop. Pick up a book on decolonial feminism. Read.

No again.  I love smart, nerdy, interesting, thoughtful, loyal, or empathetic Latina, black, or Asian women.  Don’t tell me how I think about these people.  You are really forcing your personal insecurities on everyone else with this.  I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

15. Stop calling women “feisty.” We don’t need a special lady word for “has an opinion.”

Yeah, this is all just your personal insecurities.  I don’t describe women as feisty for having opinions.  I consider them feisty if they like it rough during sex.  If they have a lot of opinions, I consider them principled.

16. Recognize women’s credibility when you introduce them. “Donna is lovely” is much less useful than “Donna knows shitloads about architecture.”

What?  I’m not following.  I don’t introduce somebody as lovely.  I introduce them as my girly-mate who I know from work, or college, or grew up with, or who is in the Navy.  There are many terms I use to introduce people.  I’m not her agent.  It’s not my job to pimp out her credentials.  I believe she is smart and capable enough to do that on her own.  Way to show how “empowered” women are.

17. Think about how you describe the young women in your family. Celebrate them for being funny and smart, not for being pretty and compliant.

I have never raised being compliant as a virtue to extol.  If the person is smart or funny, I will refer to them as such.  If they are dumb as shit but look good, I’ll say they’re pretty.  I’m not gonna give people credit they haven’t earned.  America does that too much as it is.

18. Examine the way you talk about women you’re attracted to. Fat women, old women, queer, trans, and powerful women are not your “guilty crush.”

I don’t have “guilty crushes.”  I have women I am attracted to.  Sounds like you are forcing more of your insecurities on people.  Don’t put that on me.

19. Learn to praise a woman without demonizing other women. “You’re not like other girls” is not a compliment. I want to be like other girls. Other girls are awesome.

Boy is this telling about the feminist mindset.  You don’t want to be unique.  You want to be a fucking hive mind.  Good to know.  Go join the Borg, bitch.  As for me, I extol people who are unique.  The biggest insult I can give for someone is to call them plastic.  Fake.  Just like everybody else.

20. Share writing by women. Don’t paraphrase their work in your own Facebook post to show us all how smart or woke you are. I guarantee the woman said it better in the first place.

I’ll share the writing of women when I find it worth sharing.  And typically if I share someone’s post, I’ll just be hitting share.  So yeah, that is dumb.

21. Buy sanitary pads and tampons and donate them to a homeless shelter. Just do it.

No.  Don’t tell me what to do with my money.

22. How much of what you are watching/reading/listening to was made by women? Gender balance your bookcase.

No!  Tell you what, you find me some great female science fiction, fantasy, or corporate espionage fiction and recommend it to me, I’ll check it out.  I judge works based on the works, not who wrote or directed them.  If that’s a problem, too fucking bad.  Go write some good literature or direct some good movies.  I’ll be right here.

23. Feeling proud of your balanced bookcase? Are there women of color there? Trans, queer, and disabled women? Poor women? Always make sure you’re being intersectional.

Oh fuck off.

24. Don’t buy media that demeans women’s experiences, valorizes violence against women, or excludes them entirely from a cast. It’s not enough to oppose those things. You have to actively make them unmarketable.

Examples, bitch.  And don’t say GTA V, because I already don’t own that.  I don’t buy GTA games because if you’ve played one of them, you’ve played them all.  It’s boring.  Tell you what, you list things that you think fit this category and I’ll tell you if I partake of them or not.  And if I do like them, I will be happy to debate with you why I think they are perfectly acceptable.  Good luck.

25. Pay attention to stories with nuanced female characters. It will be interesting, I promise.

I do like nuanced female characters.  I also like nuanced male characters too.  I like characters in my stories to feel human.  How about you?

26. If you read stories to a child, swap the genders.


27. Watch women’s sport. And just call it “sports.”

I hate sports

28. Withdraw your support from sports clubs, institutions, and companies that protect and employ rapists and abusers.

I’m glad you brought this up.  So you withdrew your support from Feminist Frequency, correct?  She has a pedophile called Valis77 as her mod on her streams.  Live up to your own standards, bitch.

29. Stop raving about Woody Allen. I don’t care if he shits gold. Find a non-accused-abuser to fanboy over.

I’m not gonna stop liking his films just because of the fact that he has been accused of things.  I am not gonna stop liking films Kevin Spacey was in either.  I can separate the art from the artist.  It’s why I think Ashly Burch is a great voice actress, even though she has retarded-ass opinions and is an SJW.

30. It’s General Leia, not princess. The Doctor has a companion, not an assistant. It’s Doctor Bartlett, not Mrs Madame First Lady.

It’s First Lady Bartlett, bitch.  You’re adding additional honorifics where none were required.  English is hard, apparently.  For you.

31. Cast women in parts written for men. We know how to rule kingdoms, go to war, be, not be, and wait for Godot.

No.  This is another instance of you asking other people to do what you can do yourself.  If you want to have films with women in male roles, go direct them.  Feminists want the rest of the world to do everything for them.  At least the creators of Steven Universe took their SJW ideology and ran with it.  Got infinitely more respect for them than you.

32. Pay for porn.

Sometimes I do.  There are vids from my favorite pornstars they make on Manyvids that I can’t get anywhere else.  The women who prove their chops in porn earn my dough, not just anyone.

33. Recognize that sex work is work. Be an advocate for and ally to sex workers without speaking for them.

I love how you make it impossible to agree with you by adding shit on that wasn’t necessary.  As an example – I do support sex workers.  I want to legalize prostitution so we can get it off the street and help get women away from pimps.  Get establishments that are professional and can be kept safe from STDs and violence.  But you had to add on stupid bullshit about not speaking for them.  I don’t claim to, bitch.  I claim to support their right to have their world legally recognized and regulated.  Fuck.  Feminists make it so hard to agree with them on anything because they have to be so fucking combative in their approach to EVERYTHING.

34. Share political hot takes from women as well as men. They might not be as widely accessible, so look for them.

I follow plenty of women on Twitter with political opinions that run the gamut.  I like nuance in my life.  Do you?

35. Understand that it was never “about ethics in journalism.”

Yeah it was.  Your piss-poor knowledge of history is not my fault.

36. Speak less in meetings today to make space for your women colleagues to share their thoughts. If you’re leading the meeting, make sure women are being heard as much as men.

I never speak in meetings unless I have to.  Don’t have anything to add.  Unless of course snark becomes an attribute that workplaces appreciate.  Granted, if I have a question, I will ask, because I want to learn.  And by the way, at every meeting I have attended, the one leading it has been a woman.  The ratio of men to women in my office is totally XX sided.

37. If a woman makes a good point, say, “That was a good point.” Don’t repeat her point and take credit for it.

Nobody does this.  Nobody, anywhere, does this.  This is in the magical “Shit The Never Happens Land.”

38. Promote women. Their leadership styles may be different than yours. That’s probably a good thing.

If I am running a business, or am in a managerial capacity to promote people at a business, I’ll promote a woman if she is qualified.  If she has proven that she has the capabilities to be promoted.  I judge people individually.  Sorry if that’s a problem (no I’m not).

39. Recruit women on the same salary as men. Even if they don’t ask for it.

Um, no.  Salary negotiations is a skill. It’s one that has to be proven.  I believe that women can measure up, they just have to be better about taking that risk.  It’s science that women are more averse to risk-taking.  That’s not my problem.  You go on and on about how biology is just a construct.  Here’s a chance to prove that.

40. Open doors for women with caring responsibilities by offering flexible employment contracts.

No.  If I am an employer and I have very specific requirements for this position, and they can’t meet those or are unable to work under the requirements specified, that’s on them.  Again, I believe there are plenty of women who are eager to prove themselves who will be up to the challenge.  I love how this whole section devoted to business is basically talking down to women.  Gotta love modern feminism.

41. If you meet a man and a woman at work, do not assume the man is the superior for literally no reason.

I assume that anyone could be a superior at work.  That’s part of why I am courteous in general.  I don’t want to make a bad impression on someone who may have power over me at some point.

42. If you’re wrongly assumed to be more experienced than a woman colleague, correct that person and pass the platform to the woman who knows more.

I have a coworker in my department right now who I direct people to all the time because she has been there vastly longer than I have and if they have questions I figure she can handle them better.  I don’t make some big deal about it.  The only reason they come to me in the first place is because I sit closer to the door and people are lazy.

43. Make a round of tea for the office.


44. Wash it up.


45. If you find you’re only interviewing men for a role, rewrite the job listing so that it’s more welcoming to women.

This is so fucking patronizing to women.  Hey ladies, you are afraid of working at a job because the listing is scary!  Yeah, that doesn’t talk down to women at all.  Unbelievable.

46. Make sure you have women on your interview panel.

If there is a woman at the office who I believe has the criteria to judge who is qualified for the position, then absolutely.  They may not have knowledge of certain things that are involved with this position that would exclude an applicant.  If not, then no.

47. Tell female colleagues what your salary is.

No.  I am under no obligation to tell anyone what my salary is.  Nor should I be expected to.

48. Make sure there’s childcare at your events.

If it’s a family event, sure.  If not, like a Christmas party or something, babysitters exist.  I wanna watch Kelly get drunk and dance naked on the copier with the adults.

49. Don’t schedule breakfast meetings during the school run.

If the meeting is at the start of business, odds are it’s either at 8 or 9.  Not my fault that most schools start then.  If they work for me, they know to already be there at that time anyway.  So they would have already dropped their kids off.  That’s the price you pay for being a parent with a career.  You have to make sacrifices.  They could choose not to have the kid.

50. If you manage a team, make sure that your employees know that you recognize period pain and cystitis as legitimate reasons for a sick day.

If they have the leave hours, fine.  If they don’t, then they don’t get paid.  That’s how leave works in any business I would run.

51. If you have a strict boss (or mom or teacher) who is a woman, she is not a “bitch.” Grow up.

You can be strict without being a bitch.  Plenty of teachers I have looked up to have been just that.  There is a stark difference between a strict and effective leader, and a bitch who just wants to be in charge.  I’m sorry nobody told you that.

52. Expect a woman to do the stuff that’s in her job description. Not the other miscellaneous shit you don’t know how to do yourself.

You ever see those sections on job listings saying there may be other tasks as required?  That’s why.  Because sometimes you get stuck at a job doing the ramshackle shit that has to be done.  If I am a supervisor, then I will assign it.  But they are free to ask for assistance if there is confusion on the task or if they need training.

53. Refuse to speak on an all-male panel.


54. In a Q&A session, only put your hand up if you have A QUESTION. Others didn’t attend to listen to you.

Guess what, nimrod, if I’m at a panel that is a Q&A and I put my hand up, it’s because I have a fucking question!  Condescending bitch.

55. If you have friends or family members who use slurs or discriminate against trans or non-binary people, sit them down and explain why they must stop. (This goes for cis women, too.)

No.  I believe in freedom of speech.  I may not like it, and if they ask if I agree with them on their usage of those slurs, I will tell them I do not, but I believe people are free to say whatever the fuck they want.  I’m not here to tell other people what to think.  Unlike you, I don’t want to be a part of a hive mind.  While I may not agree with some of my people all of the time, I believe that if everyone thinks the same, the world is really fucking boring.  I’m aware that that is something totally antithetical to your view of reality.  You want absolute homogeneity.

56. If you have friends or family members who use slurs or discriminate against women of other races, sit them down and explain why they must stop. (This goes for white women, too.)

See previous answer.

57. If you see women with their hands up, put yours down. This can be taken as a metaphor for a lot of things. Think about it.

Fuck you!  If I have a question, I’m gonna fucking ask!  If Linda asks the question I was going to, I’ll put my hand down, because I got my answer.  But if I want to learn something at work, I am going to fucking ask.

58. Raising a feminist daughter means she’s going to disagree with you. And probably be right. Feel proud, not threatened.

If I have a daughter, I am going to expose her to what a toxic, patronizing, sexist, dogmatic hive modern feminism is.  Believe you me, I will be exposing her to that, and it will be an eye-opening experience for her.

59. Teach your sons to listen to girls, give them space, believe them, and elevate them.

I’ll teach my sons and daughters to treat other people with empathy.  Unlike you, I don’t have a double-standard.  Which reminds me, you belief about not having double-standards, this list is a LITANY of them all on its own.  You are so full of shit.

60. Dads, buy your daughter tampons, make her hot water bottles, wash her bras. Show her that her body isn’t something to be ashamed of.

Honey, I have lived with a couple of women.  I’ve bought tampons for them, washed their clothes.  I am not afraid of girl stuff.  This is another belief that you have with no basis in reality.  As for showing her that her body is nothing to be afraid of, if I have a daughter, I will dread the day that we have “the talk,” and will hope her mother is still part of our family so she can take the reigns on it just because I am not good with awkward situations.  I would be just as awkward about my son.  Probably moreso, because I figure I can’t weasel my way out of that one and I am just fucked.

61. But dads, do not try to iron her bras. This is a mistake you will only make once.

No, I wouldn’t.  I’m not this retarded male stereotype you have in your head.

62. Examine how domestic labor is divided in your home. Who does the cleaning, the childcare, the organizing, the meal budgeting? Sons, this goes for you, too.

Here’s the thing, sugar-tits, if I have a partner that I’m living with, I figure the two of us would have an arrangement about how the household chores get done.  That’s part of being in a relationship – talking to your partner.  I’m sorry you never learned about that.

63. Learn how to do domestic tasks to a high standard. “I’d only do it wrong” is a bullshit excuse.

Oh look!  Another example of things from “Shit that Never Happens Land”!

64. Never again comment on how long it takes a woman to get ready. WE ARE TRYING TO MEET THE RIDICULOUS STANDARDS OF A SYSTEM YOU BENEFIT FROM.

Oh fuck off!  The ONLY people who care about how a woman looks are other women.  Period.  Or guys so vain that if you are with them in the first place you already accepted that.  Who do you think reads beauty magazines?  Who do you think judges the dresses of women at Hollywood awards shows?  It’s other women!  Men don’t care.  I don’t benefit since I tend to prefer women who like how they look naturally and aren’t so concerned with how everyone else thinks.  Self-confidence is a big turn-on in a romantic sense.  Sexual too.  I like a woman who knows what she wants in bed as well.

65. Challenge the patriarchs in your religious group when they enable the oppression of women.

I’m an atheist.  Doesn’t apply to me.

66. Challenge the patriarchs in your secular movement when they enable the oppression of women.

No such animal.  All of the male voices in the secular community I listen to are not sexist idiots like you.

67. Trust women’s religious choices. Don’t pretend to liberate them just so you can criticise their beliefs.

If they’ve embraced modern feminism, they are already a part of a church I don’t want into.  So yeah, I’m good on this too.

68. Examine who books your trips, arranges outings, organizes Christmas, buys birthday cards. Is it a woman? IS IT?

Hey bitch, I live alone.  Been single for a long time.  I have no money for trips.  That’s a nice dream I can have.  Outings?  Those happen when I have something I think looks like fun.  Organizes Christmas?  All me, honey.  I make the desserts like I did last year that were a smash hit.  Don’t buy birthday cards.  A waste of money.  So fuck off!

69. And if it is actually you, a man, don’t even dare get in touch with me looking for your medal.

I think you can suck a dick, bitch.  Or a lick a pussy.  I figure that’s more to your liking.

70. Take stock of the emotional labor you expect from women. Do you turn to the women around you for emotional support and give nothing in return?

Male or female, I do everything I can to support the people in my life, if they come to me.  I put a lot of effort into being a good friend.  I give and give and give, asking for nothing in return.  It has sucked the life out of me.  Makes how, when I am hurting and reach out, nobody seems to have the time of day hurt that much worse.  I believe in loyalty to whoever is in my life.  Too bad that it is a one-way street in my world.

71. Remember that loving your mom/sister/girlfriend is not the same as giving up your own privilege to progress equality for women. And that gender inequality extends beyond the women in your direct social group.

You were born with Original Sin!  Now enter the church of feminism and be cleansed in the name of Anita!

72. Don’t assume that all women are attracted to men.

I don’t.  I assume you aren’t.  But one of my favorite girly-mates is gay as the day is long.  So yeah, fuck off.

73. Don’t assume that a woman in public wants to talk to you just because she’s in public.

I tend to avoid talking to people in public on my own because I have crippling social anxiety.  But because I am taller than everyone and people come talk to me, you’d never know that.  When people talk to me, I am pretty great.  If someone doesn’t, I try to avoid making eye contact with them.

74. If a woman tells you she was raped, assaulted, or abused, don’t ask her for proof. Ask how you can support her.

I will tell her to go to the police, because I want the person who did that brought to justice.  See, my personal inclination to believe them due to a preexisting friendship needs to be negated by the issue being settled in a court of law.

75. If you see a friend or colleague being inappropriate to a woman, call him out. You will survive the awkwardness, I promise.

If someone is being a jerk to anyone, and I am familiar enough with them to approach them about it, I will.  It’s called being a good person.  And unlike you, I will do that if they are being that way to a man or a woman.  It’s called not having a double-standard, which you clearly do.

76. Repeat after me: Always. Hold. Men. Accountable. For. Their. Actions.

Actions, sure.  Words, no.  If it’s a potential crime, I’ll hold them accountable if they are found guilty of it.  I don’t believe in the court of public opinion that you all want to make.

77. Do not walk too close to a woman late at night. That shit can be scary.

Honey, I walk very slowly naturally.  I guarantee you that she is outpacing me.

78. If you see a woman being followed or otherwise bothered by a stranger, stick around to make sure she’s safe.

If I see someone about to attack her, I’ll step in.  Otherwise, I am not just going to make assumptions about a random person talking to a random female.

79. This should go without saying: Do not yell unsolicited “compliments” at women on the street. Or anywhere.

Again, crippling social anxiety.  But there’s nothing to be in quotations about.  I’m not yelling “nice titties!” to some female.  But if someone I know is out and about and I see them, I may wave or something to get their attention.  You all take anyone yelling things, no matter how innocuous, as a threat.  That’s on you, not us.

80. If you are a queer man, recognize that your sexuality doesn’t exclude you from potential misogyny.

Recognize that there has been plenty of misandry on this list.

81. If you are a queer man, recognize that your queer women or non-binary friends may not feel comfortable in a male-dominated space, even if it’s dominated by queer men.

They can go somewhere else.  I’m not forcing anyone to stay where I am.

82. Be happy to have women friends without needing them to want to sleep with you. The “friend zone” is not a thing. We do not owe you sex.

Got plenty of platonic women friends.  And the friend zone exists in that there are people who you see just as friends and not potential partners.  It’s not just men with “Nice Guy Syndrome” who invented that.  You seem to forget that there are women who can be in there too.  Plenty of women have guys they are interested in who don’t see them the same way.

83. Remember that you can lack consent in situations not involving sex—such as when pursuing uninterested women or forcing a hug on a colleague.

Wait, one of these things is not like the other.  Pursuing an uninterested woman?  Like how?  As in asking her out on a date?  Or asking if she wants to have sex?  What’s the problem?  So long as if she says no you don’t push it further, you did nothing wrong.  Can only woman approach men about dating or sex?  No wonder publications are asking why men are so pussy around women these days.  You promote it.

84. Champion sex positive women but don’t expect them to have sex with you.

I assume no woman, ever or will ever, wants to have sex with me.  My hatred of myself is a force of nature.

85. Trust a woman to know her own body. If she says she won’t enjoy part of your sexual repertoire, do not try to convince her otherwise.

I don’t do one-night stands.  I do do friends with benefits, back when I had people in my life who dug that.  If I am intimate with someone, I try and keep the lines of communication open.  There is also reading body signals, like being them being uncomfortable.  Unlike you, I think intimacy is a thing.  How I feel for the men who would get with people like you.  Those poor bastards.  They stuck their dick in crazy.

86. Be sensitive to nonverbal cues from women, especially around sex. We’re not just being awkward for no reason. (You read “Cat Person,” didn’t you?)

What do you know, I just talked about this.

87. It is not cute to try to persuade a woman to have sex with you. EVER. AT ALL. Go home.

Being the Roosh V kinda creeper, yeah, that isn’t cute.  But if you are in a serious relationship with someone and you want to talk about the idea of sex, it shouldn’t be off the table.  That being said, don’t be a creeper.  It’s a balancing act, one that has no clear answer.

88. Same goes for pressuring women to have sex without a condom. Go. Home. And masturbate.

If you are having sex with someone, communication is the point.  If you are having a one-night stand, you are an idiot if you don’t have a condom.  If you are in a serious relationship, there is no reason you can’t negotiate with your partner.

89. Accidentally impregnated a women who doesn’t want a kid? Abortions cost money. Pay for half of it.

And of the guys who wanted her to have the kid and don’t get a choice in the matter (I do support a woman’s rights to her body, but the lack of male options in getting to opt out of having a child is something I’ve talked about before)?  Not all men are pigs who don’t want to be a good father.  I’m aware you probably don’t believe that, but still.

90. Accidentally came inside a woman without protection? Plan B is expensive. Pay for all of it.

No.  Ladies, you took that risk if you had sex without protection.  If he didn’t have a condom, you could have opted out, or gotten birth control.  It’s not his fault that you didn’t take the due diligence to protect yourself.

91. Get STD tested. Regularly. Without having to be asked.

That goes both ways.  As someone who had to get tested because someone I was intimate with didn’t tell me about their sexual history (I am clean, thank Groj!), this is such a blatant double-standard.

92. Examine your opinion on abortion. Then put it in a box. Because, honestly, it’s completely irrelevant.

Already pro-choice.  Whatever.

93. Understand that disabled women are whole, sexual human beings. Listen to and respect them.

Wait…what?  I’m not even sure what this is talking about.

94. Understand that not all women have periods or vaginas.

Understand that if I am getting intimate with someone who identifies as a woman, and they have a dick, I’m not going to be attracted to them anymore.  That’s life.  Don’t like dicks on my women.

95. Believe women’s pain. Periods hurt. Endometriosis is real. Polycystic ovaries, vaginal pain, cystitis. These things are real. Hysteria isn’t.

Believe men’s pain.  Smashing your balls between your legs hurts.  A lot.  Not that you care.  Because you’re a bitch.

96. If a woman accidentally bleeds on you, try your absolute best to just keep your shit together.

I’ll be more annoyed about stains on my clothes than anything.  Blood don’t come out easy.

97. Lobby your elected officials to implement high quality sex education in schools.

Wow.  Something on this list that I agree with 100%.  Holy shit!  This is weird.

98. Uplift young Black and Indigenous girls at every possible opportunity. No excuses.

If they’ve earned it, sure.  If they haven’t, no.  And haven’t we talked about this already?

99. Do not ever assume you know what it’s like.

What what’s like?

100. Mainly, just listen to women. Listen to us and believe us. It’s the only place to start if you actually want all women to have a “Happy International Women’s Day.”

I don’t “listen and believe” anyone.  I don’t accept articles of faith.  I left the church for a reason.  Not looking to set up shop at yours

I am NEVER doing anything like this again.  There’s another list for people of color (I hate that term so much.  It’s an “of” and “ed” away from colored people), and I am not touching that with a ten foot pole.  This is so annoying.  I’m done.

Until next time, a quote,

“I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.” – Professor Farnsworth, Futurama

Peace out,


Black Panther and SJW Racism (Against Black People)

Something I have always and will always believe is that the people who say that they are the ones who are leading the charge against a cause are typically undermining it to one extent or another.  As an example, more and more male feminists are being outed as sexual predators.  Turns out, unless you are a Ryan Wiley little bitch, a lot of these guys are just using it to troll for pussy.  Who would of thought?  Then there are the religious groups against pedophilia, which there are some truly amazing stories of pedophiles within their ranks.

One thing that routinely comes up in what I see is how SJWs are some of the most bigoted groups of all, but not against white people.  It’s against other people.  One of my favorite forms of racism/sexism that they propagate is the racism/sexism of lowered expectations.  “We need to lower our standards for intelligence or academic achievement because X group can’t measure up!”  These people say that society is too hard for X group, and so it needs to change because they are either too stupid or too weak to be able to handle it.  That sort of thing always blows my mind.

The Black Panther film is coming out next month, and I have seen all kinds of ridiculous things being said by the regressive left about this film.  My favorite is that it’s the first black superhero film.  Whoever did that article deleted it pretty fast when the Internet sleuths were up their ass within seconds.  Much like the person who wrote the article about how the captain in Star Trek: Discovery is the first black captain was rightly vilified.  Or there are the people who wrote articles about how the fictional nation of Wakanda is how Africa would look if it wasn’t for the white man.  A statement so ludicrous that it makes me chuckle a little.  Then there was this little nugget of bullshit that made me stop for a second.

This whole diatribe is racist.  It really is.  Against black people.  Why?  Because these people apparently believe that being able to identify with a black person is something that someone has to learn.  You can’t just be born with empathy (or “cinematic empathy,” as this retarded writer put it) and be able to identify with a person because of our shared human experience.  It’s something you have to be taught.  Unbelievable.  Does that mean that this person had to be taught not to hate black people?  It’s what they believe “white nerds” have to be, so clearly it means that they weren’t born with empathy towards other races.

I also hate how it’s “white nerds” who are so fucking racist.  If there is ANY group of people who is open to other races and other cultures, it is nerds.  There is real data to back this up.  Since nerd culture is now millennial culture, it has been shown that this latest generation is the most open and accepting culture that has ever been.  And the larger part of that are nerds.  The media likes to characterize nerds as the kids who are on voice chat in CoD calling people racial epithets or attacking women because they are playing video games.  Meanwhile, there are pictures from Cons and nerd events showing people of all stripes,  There was a great juxtaposition of a social justice event filled with white people, while a fighting game tournament had people of every ethnic group you can think of representing.

Nerd culture has always been the dog that the powerful can kick around.  As much as I would like to count myself among them, I’m a pathetic hipster who doesn’t stream on Netflix (I do DVDs because a lot of what I want to watch doesn’t stream.  Not gonna wait for the off-chance for it to come to their streaming service one day when I want to watch it now) and works in a cubicle getting yelled at on the phone all day.  Nerds are easy to make fun of.  They’re typically socially awkward, they engage in hobbies that as much as nerd culture has become part of the mainstream, the really devoted practitioners of it are still treated like shit.

With all the vitriol being thrown around about white people being so awful, is it any wonder nerd culture is so done with this?  You have people like a Samoan man I work with who was with me in hoping that this film doesn’t go the “white man is evil” route.  He made a joke about him not being white and still thinking that because he wants a good comic book film, not a sermon with a man in a superhero outfit.

Do these people just not think that I’ve ever seen a black person in a film and been able to empathize with them?  I saw the original Blade and empathized just fine with the cruel nature of Blade’s existence, and the tragedy when his mentor and friend dies, and the reality that he is stuck in a war he will likely never win.  I identified with Solomon Vandy in Blood Diamond trying to do the right thing and being led along by a man only in it for himself.  I identified with Imad ad-Din al-Isfahani in Kingdom of Heaven, who couldn’t kill Balian because he had shown him kindness when he could have kept him as a slave or murdered him outright.  Not a black character, but you see my point.  Only watch the Director’s Cut of that film.  It’s amazing.  Oh, and one last superhero reference, I could identify with Spawn’s plight in the HBO animated series of the character, who is both a black character and voiced by the implacable Keith David.

This idea that us nerds are just these virulent racists who go around hating black people and who have never seen a black character and empathized with them is a ridiculous stereotype that is rooted NOWHERE in fact.  Not one goddamn place.  It’s a belief by people who subscribe to a mindset with all the fervent passion of a fucking religion.  That’s what SJWs have – a religion.  The Church of the Regressive Left.

Until next time, a quote,

“I had to remind myself to breathe.” – Lewis Black

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Stop Using Ignorance of the Medium to Sell Your “Journalism” (A response to Polygon)

People who can take this publication seriously baffle me.  How?  How can anyone read what they write and not go “this is totally slanted shit”?  These people clearly are incapable of discussing this medium in anything resembling objective way.  They can only write articles espousing opinions about stuff and showing off that they have no real understanding of the medium in which they are writing about.  That’s what this is.  Another article written by someone who doesn’t get how vidya works, and has to also shit on the sequel to one of my favorite games in the process.  It seems that Polygon decided to take a crack at the newest trailer for The Last of Us: Part 2.  It’s a pretty awesome trailer.  We have some violent people doing horrible things in the fallen world, with some characters we haven’t met before fighting back.  It made me want to know more.  I’m really hoping for gameplay footage and a release date soon.  But Polygon had other issues with it.  Here’s a link to their stupid article, let’s talk about it.

Bones bludgeoned with hammers. A noose wrapped tightly around a struggling woman’s neck. The blade of a knife pressed into a vulnerable stomach. The gruesome imagery Naughty Dog manages to cram into a five-minute trailer for The Last of Us Part 2 is physically uncomfortable to sit through.

Only if you never played through the first game, Julia Alexander.  For those of us who know this series, we saw how in the world of The Last of Us, humanity had descended into madness.  An infection making fungus zombies has wiped out most of humanity and those that are left are tribal and destructive.  It’s a game where the central theme is the last spark of humanity in characters, and how those who are able to maintain that goodness die while those who eschew goodness to survive live.  It’s a cold and tragic story about characters who all have to make a choice to abandon their humanity in order to live.  So for me, I can watch that and think – wow, this is hardcore.  What is the story with these characters?  I am really interested.

The victims of the vicious assault, two women, are unnamed. It’s not clear why we’re watching two people be tortured, but we’re asked to take in the extreme violence under the assumption that we’ll be rewarded with more information for doing so. That information never comes, however, and all we’re left with is residual nausea.

Is all this person has played is Mario games?  Does she even know about the first one?  I would love to see her reaction during the scene in the restaurant in the first game where Ellie is savagely beaten and the implication is that after David is done beating her, he is going to rape her.  If you aren’t aware of what kind of trailer this is, don’t watch it.  Go back to phone games or Nintendo’s cookie-cutter material.

A trailer is a pitch to its audience of what to expect from the full game. In the past, Naughty Dog’s trailers have captured a particular mood or suggested a compelling relationship. But here, the promise is almost exclusively gore. There’s an argument to be made that the trailer raises an enticing question — Why are these women being attacked? — but that mystery is both too familiar and too broad.

What?!  What the fuck does that even mean?!  Too familiar and too broad?  And exclusively about gore?  There was hardly any gore in there!  We saw a girl’s arm get busted with a hammer.  Brutal, but not gory.  But what does too familiar and too broad mean?  That’s fucking word salad.  It’s done by a person who wants to make their point seem really profound, when the truth is that it is just them not wanting to say “I don’t like it!  And my opinion is all that matters about this!”

Without any context, the trailer fails to introduce (or even really tease) the story players will embark on. That is its problem.

I guess Julia has never heard of world-building before.  You know, a scene in something to set the tone for what kind of world this story takes place in?  Is this a totally revolutionary thing to her?

The fact that their antagonist is a woman herself does little to undercut what this trailer is on its most blunt level: an extended sequence of brutal and unexplained violence against women being used to thrill the viewer, and ultimately, sell a video game.

Did Anita Sarkeesian write this with a pen name?  Yes, because gamers just love to watch women get beaten and hurt.  That’s totally all this was about.  Give me a fucking break.  This trailer was setting a tone, dumbass!  The tone is – this world is violent and unforgiving.  Even women who are beefcakes like the woman being hung can’t escape the reality of what a violent world it is.  There was meant to be some thrill to the players, because we have seen this world before and we are meant to now be excited to see it again because it’s clear that the violence in what’s left of humanity society hasn’t gone away.  The lesson here is – themes are too complicated for feminists.

There’s a difference in how Naughty Dog handled the trailers for The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part 2. In The Last of Us, Joel may be gunning down hunters, but we understand why he’s doing it, and those he’s attacking aren’t women or marginalized people. The trailer is violent, but it’s justified; none of that justification exists in The Last of Us Part 2’s trailer, where violence simply exists.

Oh my god!  It’s almost like this trailer was trying to inform the viewers that the world of this game is violent and harsh and unforgiving.  And it doesn’t matter what your gender or skin color is.  You can be brutally beaten and killed all the same.  Themes, mother-fucker!  Are you too dense to get this?  Can you turn the feminism off for five fucking minutes to actually critically analyze something in a way outside of “this is insulting to women and minorities!”?

Providing a trailer with little to no context leads to more questions about how this trailer came to be. How many women were involved in the creation, editing and approval of this trailer? In an industry (and studio) that’s predominantly run by men, did women feel comfortable offering a critique?

And here we get to the meat of her argument, what it all boils down to.  All of this blatant ignorance of what this trailer was trying to do was meant to just be another statement about how sexist gaming is and how there aren’t enough women in it.  Groj, what a complete waste of time.  This article did not substantially say anything.  Just, nothing.  It was just someone who can’t turn off the feminism for long enough to get through the trailer, or if she hates it that much go watch something else.  It’s more SJW bitching because they can’t handle this medium, and Polygon gives her space to do it.  Ugh.

The new Last of Us Part 2 trailer was supposed to introduce new characters, including Yara (and possibly even Ellie’s mom), but all we met were victims of abuse. We met ideas of what women should be in games like this, not actual women.

That is so fucking sexist!  How do people who say this shit not see that?!  All the women in the trailer are is victims of abuse?  So, their personalities and whatever traits we will learn about them in the full game don’t matter?  It only matters that they are living in a violent world and are victims of that violence?!  What a way to totally denigrate them based on your own prejudices.  By that token, I could say that Carol in The Walking Dead is only the victim of abuse from the first season and not acknowledge what an awesome and twisted character she becomes to where we are now.  Or I could say that Diana in the new Hitman is only someone who submissively took intimidation because of the scene on the train where the representative of the organization Providence talked with her and clearly exerted his power over her, without looking at how Diana is a skilled handler and has all the power in the dynamic of her and Agent 47.

How are feminists not able to see how sexist shit like this is?  Unless women are fucking Mary Sues, they are wrong and need to be changed.  Fuck this article.  It’s retarded.  Hey, Neil Druckmann, you said you take what these people say seriously.  They are insulting your game because they can’t theme.  Are you seeing why the rest of us say they’re full of shit?

Until next time, a quote,

“I’m gonna find and I’m gonna kill every last one of them.” – Ellie, The Last of Us: Part II Reveal Trailer

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