Get a “Yes” Every Ten Minutes During Sex, or Else It’s Rape!

That’s what students in California are being taught, anyway.  That’s right, in an age where even the act of giving birth is considered rape (seriously, check this link out.  It will blow your mind), there will come a day when I honestly believe that some SJW chucklefuck is going to come out and say that vaginal penetration of any kind is rape.  Oh, wait, that’s already happened!  Now we have your tax dollars going to telling the youth of the future that if they don’t get a verbal yes at least every ten minutes, it’s rape.  Don’t believe me?!  Here’s a link to an article which goes into it!

I cannot believe that I live in an age where we have decided to eschew intimacy or being able to read your partner’s body language in favor of now a constant stream of verbal recognition of the act of sex being okay.  Hey, ladies, if you are getting hot and heavy with a guy, do you want him to continually interrupt to make sure you still want sex?  Yeah, that seems like a great time.  A girly-mate of mine I used to livestream with had this great rebuttal to this line of thinking – “if I’m having sex with someone and he keeps asking if I consent, I’m gonna tell him to get the fuck out.”

Part of me wants that app to come back.  You remember the one?  Where both parties verbally acknowledge consent of sex before having it?  So when the girl comes back later and says that it’s rape the accused would have it on record that she consented.  Because the world we live in now is one where men are always seen as the potential predator.  If the man doesn’t constantly get proof that the other party wants it, he is an animal.  Not only that, but even if he does do this, the woman can STILL come back later and say that he raped her!  I am not some MRA douche, but for the love of Groj, this is ridiculous.  I am so tired of men being treated like amoral animals who are one not getting a “yes” away from being a rapist.

You notice that this shit isn’t being said to girls?  What if the girl wanted to fuck?  Is she then required to get a verbal “yes” every ten minutes?  Well then, that means at least three of the women I have had sex with raped me!  Because they were the ones who initiated the intimate contact, so I guess that means I was the victim of rape.  Except, oh, wait, I wasn’t!  Because they could tell that I was into their sexual contact!  Just like I could read their body language and knew them well enough to know where their limits were.  But no, let’s just treat every man like they are a potential sexual predator while women are the victims.  Of course they are.  Had a feminist come into the comments of a post I linked above who totally agrees with that assertion.

The thing that bugs me most about this, besides how it vilifies one gender while placing the other on a goddamn pedestal, is the fact that we are now canonizing it in high school.  We are canonizing making students dumber!  In a time where our youth are more and more disconnected from subtlety and nuance, we are now saying “fuck body language, fuck intimacy, you need all sexual interaction to be overt to the point of stupidity.”  Hey, teenage girls in California – your schools actually think you are too stupid to be able to communicate if you are uncomfortable in a way that your partner can understand clearly.

But I can already hear the counter-argument – this is for the girls who are too afraid to say something!  Body language, you dumb fucks!  Not to mention, do you know whose not going to care if their partner is trying to signal them being uncomfortable?  Rapists!  For all the teenage boys who take this bullshit to heart, the person who actually wants to force themselves on a girl are not going to give one dusty fuck even if she says no.  I just don’t understand what the purpose of this exercise in futility is for.

Hell, that same article even makes the argument that when a girl says yes, it might still be no!  There is no winning with these fucking people!  And you know what the grand result of this sort of education is going to be?  Boys are going to stop trying to have sex with girls.  They’ll just jerk it to porn, because after all, even if a girl says yes, it can still be rape!  Boys might be horny buggers, but fear of being called a rapist is a powerful thing.  It’s already having an effect.  Universities that have this mindset propagating are seeing sex culture around campus dying off pretty fast.  Now it’s going to filter down to hormonal teenagers who desperately want sex, but don’t want to be called a rapist.

Part of me hopes this is an elaborate method for population control.  Let’s just teach all boys that even a girl who says yes can call you a rapist, and you can watch the birth rates decline like crazy.  Japan is at a point where they are about to have the first population drop in thousands of years.  You know, where the death rate overtakes the birth rate.  The rest of the First World isn’t far behind.  Man, if that is the case, then bravo, feminists.  Because after all, when no one is breeding and everyone is afraid of any kind of intimacy, feminists can have their wonderful utopia.

As for me, I don’t want to live in a world where I have to live that way.  I want a world where I can read if a girl is into it by seeing her body language and knowing her well enough to know when she is uncomfortable.  Because I don’t do one-night stands.  I want to at least like the person I am fucking.  And I feel for the generation coming up in this “progressive” world.  Because why should we teach critical thinking?  All that nuance is hard.  Best to just go with the retarded approach.

Until next time, a quote,

“I’m a firm believer in the idea that this world would not be very interesting or stimulating if we all thought and felt the same.” – TJ Kirk

Peace out,


The Fall of Zinnia Jones

It’s so weird to me being on Facebook and seeing these memories things, where you can see the things you posted years past.  It’s kinda cool in that I can see where my head was at all that time ago, but it is also kind of depressing in that I can see how some avenues of my life have changed in the time that I have been around.  One such area is my watching of the YouTuber Zinnia Jones.

Time was, just like Richard Coughlin and so many other atheist YouTube personalities I watched back before 2011, Zinna Jones was one who I actually found enjoyable.  She made content besmirching religion and the anti-LGBT conservatives in this country.  It was cool stuff.  My favorite was the video she did against ICP that they actually responded to.  That was funny shit!  However, after 2011, when Atheism + reared its ugly head, Zinnia decided to get the SJW bug up her ass.  And from there we see where she has come today.

And where is that?  Let me tell you.  Just recently, Zinnia actually made the contention that photo footage showing Muslims in the Middle East throwing members of the LGBT community off a roof is fake.  That they were committing suicide and that the person who shared it should be ashamed.  When the person who posted that rightfully came back at them with the point that they were being thrown off, she then followed up by saying that the people doing the throwing are trying to stop them from jumping.  The level of how asinine that is just blows my mind.

Hey, Zinnia, maybe that was too subtle for you.  After all, it’s hard to know the context of a photo.  Perhaps we can use video evidence?

Is that a little clearer?  Amidst the charming ditty by Syetenatheist you get to see video evidence of ISIS members throwing LGBT people off roofs.  And if that doesn’t kill them, one clip has members of the crowd rushing in to help finish the job.  Oh, and the video also includes passages from the Quran and Hadith which show that the religion of Islam hates you and what you are.  Much the same way that the religion preaches that women are lesser and that because men are stronger, if their women get uppity they have every right to beat them!  That’s the religion that you and your fellow chucklefucks like Steve Shives defend.  Something that never ceases to blow my mind.

But when she’s not busy defending Islam from us evil culturally-appropriating white people, she is also harassing people in her neck of the woods who don’t agree with her!  Like when Blair White came onto the scene, Zinnia made a video where she publicly denounced her and has gone on Twitter saying that doxing of people like Blair is okay.  Because she is the LGBT equivalent of a race traitor.  The trans version of an Uncle Tom.  It never ceases to amaze.

Oh, and let’s not forget when Zinna came out publicly saying that there needs to be a campaign to ruin Laci Green’s livelihood and life because she decided to actually give the other side of the culture war a chance to have their ideas heard.  Zinnia was so outraged that she was not subtle about wanting to ruin Laci Green’s career and declaring her the feminist equivalent of an Uncle Tom.  I always am amused when these people are so quick to turn on allies like rabid dogs the moment they say anything that violates the Church of Social Justice’s teachings.  That’s right, Zinnia, you are a member of a faith.  Your church has teachings, values, demagogues, Original Sin, and is quick to punish apostasy.  Man, no wonder you defend Islam.  You pretty much have the same ideology in some ways.  I think SyeTenAtheist made a video about that too.

Just today, however, the thing that Zinnia said that took the absolute cake came to me.  I’m going to show you the screen-cap, because this blows my fucking mind.  In one statement, the bitter hypocrisy of her and hers is laid bare for everyone to see.  To the point that they spit in the face of their own values system.  It’s pretty incredible stuff.

Let me get this straight, Zinnia (pun intended) – you want to tell people who are not attracted to a certain physical gender that they need to have their orientation changed?  Did I get that right?  Because if so, holy shit, woman!  Did you just tell someone that their sexuality isn’t something they’re born with, but instead a choice?!  It sure as hell looks like that from where I’m sitting.  This is the EXACT same thing as a person saying that a lesbian will like dick if they just try it.  There’s no difference.

When idiots like Riley Dennis say this kind of crap, I get the feeling that it comes from a place of not wanting to have people hurt by being rejected, sexually.  But not you, Zinnia.  You believe this shit.  On some level, you actually buy into the idea that the sexual preferences of people are not something they are born with.  It’s something that can be changed.  But only in respect to straight men.  Why do you believe this?  What informs this knowledge?  After all, all the evidence that exists holds that the sexual preferences and orientation of an individual are ingrained.  You can no more be attracted to what I am attracted to anymore than I can become attracted to all the things you are.  It’s part of who we are.  If all the scientific evidence spits in the face or your point of view, then where exactly does this values system you have come from?

That’s easy – your religion.  Your church espouses this view.  And just like the conservatives you used to mock or the Muslims that you go out of your way to defend, your faith is blind.  The leaders of your church tell you how to think.  Even when it spits in the face of reality, that’s no problem.  Your church will tell you why this view is correct, and without questioning it even a little, you will accept the teachings of your church.  It’s amazing, really.

Zinnia’s fall is not in the fact that her content became terrible, though it did do just that.  It’s not the fact that she has become a champion of doxing and harassing and ruining other people’s lives in order to spread her church’s message, though that is bad too.  Her fall is when she went from an atheist who thinks critically about things to buying in to a different dogma.  One that does what the most prolific churches do – get past people’s critical thinking and appealing directly to their emotions.  Because if you don’t like trans women, you are a bigot!  You have church leaders telling you so, so naturally that’s all you need.

Social justice is a faith.  A college in Toronto actually had an event where straight white men could go into a confessional and confess their sins.  While I am sure that was meant to be satirical on some level, given these people’s belief in the Original Sin of being a straight white man, part of me wonders how not on the level it really was.

In the meantime, if I am intimate with a girl and I find out she has a penis, I am very likely to be turned off.  Because if she was not honest with me about the fact that she had one (I don’t do one-night stands, so don’t even go into the “if you’re just hooking up with a girl, she doesn’t have to tell you”), and I have to find out like that, I am going to be upset with her.  I am likely not going to be attracted to her anymore.  I expected one thing, there was another.  If that hurts you and yours so much, then here’s some cold hard facts of life – suck it up, buttercup.  Life’s hard.  Not everyone is going to be attracted to you.  Just like how lots of women are going to find Riley’s giant Adam’s Apple unattractive.  And you can’t change this behavior in people.

To use a phrase that clearly you don’t buy anymore – they are born that way.

Until next time, a quote,

“The meme for blind faith secures its own perpetuation by the simple unconscious expedient of discouraging rational inquiry.” – Richard Dawkins

Peace out,


Your Apologetics Are Pathetic (A response to Hank and John Green)

Here’s the thing to know about people like Anita Sarkeesian – she lives in the greatest echo chamber of all time.  She has been recorded saying, outright, that all of her detractors are nothing but harassers and she will NEVER engage with them.  She lives in such an ivory tower that I am starting to see why she had the reaction that she did at VidCon.  Liana K says that she believes she was legitimately afraid.  I call bullshit.  She wasn’t afraid. At least not for her safety.  What she was afraid of was the fact that she would actually have to talk to people who don’t agree with her.  And if her precious narrative is in any way attacked, then it all comes crumbling down.  Address her hypocrisy in any way, she can’t sustain the illusion anymore.  Her con would die around her because she doesn’t have her sycophants around to tell her only what she wants to hear.

And why would she have any other perspective.  She has the likes of Hank and John Green sucking her clit so hard that I wonder if she didn’t cum a few times from it.  After all, they are the latest in a series of ball-less males who can’t even let the truth be a concept.  And they went through that in a post on The Medium where they outlined their version of events in respect to Anita the precious angel who must be protected at all times.  From, you know, the truth.  Here’s a link to the post, now let’s rip this thing a new asshole.

It is openly known that women on the internet are subject to far greater amounts (and intensity) of harassment and abuse than men.

Citation, mother-fucker!  Show me a single peer-reviewed source that shows that women get far more harassment online than men.  Oh, wait, citing sources is something that you’re afraid of.  After all, data can be a touchy thing.  We’ll see down the line where you flat-out lie out your ass for a narrative, but we’ll get there when we do.

That’s just one reason why we had a panel called “Women Online” featuring women who had received a variety of kinds of abuse, from repeated sexual advances to stalking to years of targeted harassment.

There is a fairly prominent genre of social/political commentary on the internet that focuses on specific individuals as a path to attack ideas and build outrage. These creators do not violate harassment policies, but the result is often that the vitriol of their followers ends up focused not on ideas, but on people (usually women.)

Where do I begin.  I just love that they build this narrative that people like me aren’t out to attack ideas that we final stupid.  We’re trying to secretly build outrage.  We are secretly trying to create a movement of hate and harassment that the poor (usually women) have to face.  Don’t you feel so bad!  You create hate!  And that’s what you’re trying to do!

Then they basically say that the content creators are subsequently responsible for what any of the people who watch their videos do.  Bullshit!  Find me a video, any video, where TJ Kirk, Sargon, Chris Ray Gun, Armoured Skeptic, TL;DR, or any of the big name anti-SJWs have EVER called for harassment or condoned it in any way.  Find me one!  Come on, you beta fucks!  Go watch through their anti-SJW catalog and find me one video where they congratulate any of the trolls in their audience who send awful shit to these women you are so eager to protect from an imagined threat that Anita felt with Sargon sitting quietly in the audience.

Which is what happened, by the way!  Look at ANY of the video evidence from that panel where Sarkeesian lost her cool.  There is not a single one where anyone is harassing her or being unpleasant.  The nice thing about this Con was that everyone was filming, and there are 10,000 angles to see how this entire narrative is bullshit!  But we’ll get back to that.

Many people in these communities end up believing the righteous thing to do is threaten, harass, and dox the thinkers they’re arguing with. Whether or not this is an intentional strategy to cultivate harassment or an awful side-effect, the result is some of the worst discourse and most intense harassment on the internet.

Unbelievable.  So, not only are the creators on YouTube turning a blind eye to the actions of their fans, they are directly responsible for it.  They don’t outright say that it’s their fault, but they may as well.  They are claiming that these people actually believe that it is “righteous” to harass and dox women.  Oh?  Then how do you explain the SJWs who do that shit?!  Like Zoe Quinn in her harassment campaign against Candace Owens?  Maybe when the SJWs turned on Laci Green after she had used the word “tranny” to describe trans people when she was younger.  Hell, Ben Kuchera outright said that they have every right to dox you, with Jim Tubalardi Sterling nodding and agreeing with him.  I challenge you to find me the big name in anti-SJW videos who has EVER said that doxing is okay.  Meanwhile, I can find plenty of SJWs who believe that doxing is not only a good thing but should be the response of choice.  You betas are such fucking hypocrites, all so you can defend St. Anita’s honor.

This year, we had a contingent of attendees (some who paid, some who snuck in with fake passes) who had been either perpetrators of this harassment, or had, for years, watched as the outrage they cultivated resulted in followers doxxing, harassing, intimidating, and even threatening the lives of the creators on these panels.

Nobody snuck in with fake passes.  Nobody.  Find me a citation for that, you fuckers!  Everyone who was in there had paid to be there.  And since you can’t research much, there are 1,000 videos which show that not one of the people in the audience were harassing anyone.  Not one!  Find me one!  Anyone.  Come on, you feminist fucks!  Do the research thing and find me a video that shows it happening!  If you can put down the Tumblr for long enough to go to YouTube, and it is so bad, this should be easy.  John and Hank are lying!  This is lies!  These people are propagating absolute nonsense and they don’t get called out on it.  Everything wrong with modern media can be traced back to chucklefucks like this who can pull shit right out of their ass so they can create a narrative to sell to an audience who isn’t even going to bother questioning.  Because find me the SJW who is critical of their publications.  If that was the case then sites like The Mary Sue and Huffington Post would have died years ago.

It is difficult to imagine that this group of people (who are aware that their channels have been base-camps for years of harassment of some of our panelists) did not realize that their arriving early to fill up the three front rows of a panel was going to be intimidating. In any case, it looked like intentional intimidation to most people in attendance, and the panelists were understandably on edge throughout the discussion.

Why not just say that they are yelling and throwing shit at them?  I mean, you’re making all this shit up anyway, so why not just go big?  The SJWs who read this shit aren’t going to question.  Say that Sargon was glaring and snarling right at Anita the whole time.  Why not?  This is all terrible fan-fiction for St. Anita anyway.  Go big or go home.

Our founder, Hank Green, talked with our panelist and said two things:

  1. He told her that her comment had violated our policy, but that he understood that there was a broader context (which to be clear, we were blissfully ignorant of until this weekend, and remain inexpert in.)
  2. He apologized to her for not having been more aware of and active in understanding the situation before the event, which resulted in her being subjected to a hostile environment that she had not signed up for.

“Oh, please, Anita!  We love you!  We would never speak ill of you!  Please, don’t say mean things about us!”

Even when they are supposed to be castigating her for breaking their policies, they are kissing her ass!  That’s who these losers are!  Even when it has been clearly demonstrated that she violated their policy, they have to make very clear that Anita still did nothing wrong.  What a bunch of spineless cowards!  Complete pussies. They can’t even hold to their own standards.  When the Internet holds them to task to enforce their own policies, they have to make sure that they do so in a way where St. Anita isn’t put out or even made to feel guilty for what she did.  Because, after all, if someone actually forced a feminist to take responsibility for the things they do, what a world it would be.

This is a difficult situation to build policy to alleviate, but we ask that all of the people involved consider the power of our actions and statements both online and in the real world. But one specific note, if people attend VidCon to collect footage to later use in videos that criticize not just ideas, but focus the outrage of their followers on individuals, they will not be welcome back.

To wrap it all up, this is them saying that unless the YouTubers who take these worthless, toothless, spineless butt-wipes to task castigates their audience as well, then they won’t be going back next year.

John and Hank, fuck you.  You are the WORST that professional butt-lickers has to offer.  You buried your head so far up Anita’s ass that I am amazed her shit isn’t smeared all over you face.  This is disgusting.  You make up bullshit statistics.  You lie about what happened.  Then, after all of that, you make clear that unless other people join you in your parade to St. Anita, they won’t be welcomed back.  As if anyone actually wants to go to an event hosted by cowards like you!

It’s because of people like you that SJWs can’t handle the real world.  You know why Anita couldn’t handle seeing Sargon?  Because nobody has put her in a situation where she may have to take responsibility for the things she has done.  You couldn’t even castigate her without making sure she understands that she didn’t do anything wrong.  Laci Green faced her detractors and actually was able to take responsibility for the shitty things she has said and done.  She buried the hatchet with Sargon.  Part of me hopes she’ll go on DP and bury the hatched with TJ too, but that may be a bit optimistic.  All it took was stepping out of her echo chamber and she was able to realize that there is a bigger world out there which she can disagree with without feeling attacked and hated.  Meanwhile, people like you do everything in their power to make sure that the real world can’t touch Anita and her ilk.  You are part of the reason that this generation is full of complete pussies who can’t handle the slightest disagreement.  I hope you are proud of yourselves.

Until next time, a quote,

“Don’t waste your time with explanation.  People only hear what they want to hear.” – Paulo Coehlo

Peace out,


Lucien’s Unpopular Opinion: Cultural Appropriation is BULLSH*T!

There is this idea that this country was founded upon.  It’s an idea that the likes of Martin Luther King Jr fought for and the civil rights war was waged.  It’s an idea that the SJWs are trying to roll back in the name of being progressive.  Never in all my years did I think that I would see Jim Crow making a comeback in the name of “tolerance.”  It blows my fucking mind.  But here I am, watching it happen, and now we have two people who did NOTHING WRONG having their successful business destroyed because of these virtue signaling motherfuckers who want to tell other people how to run their lives.  I am, of course, talking about cultural appropriation.  The idea that white people take other cultures ideas and then use them.  As if that isn’t a good thing.  As if taking ideas from another culture and applying them to your own is somehow wrong.  I fucking hate these people, but let’s get into specifics.

Kali Wilgus and Liz Connelly started a business called Kooks Burritos.  They went down to Mexico and studied making Mexican food and loved what they had so much that they wanted to bring that back to America.  Doesn’t that sound like a good thing?  To find the works of another culture so good that you want to spread it to your own area so others can experience it?  Doing an interview for a publication, Kali thought so.  But as we have seen 1000 times, the SJW shitstorm had to follow.  Why?  Because it is “white supremacy” and disrespectful to Mexican culture.  Some of the reasoning behind this retardedness just blows my fucking mind.  Not just because of the mental gymnastics that these people have to do, but because they are so ignorant of the damage they are doing to society with this crap.

And we have seen this so many times before.  Like that girl who had the box braids and wanted to show it off on Instagram and instead had her account swarmed with these virtue signaling cocksuckers who had to tell her just how bad of a person she is because she likes a hair style that is used by a different ethnic group.  Oh!  The horror!  That’s so oppressive!  White supremacy!

I’ve heard all the justifications.  “White people take everything from other cultures!”  Oh really?  Define white people for me.  Are you talking about Americans?  Are you talking about Canadians?  Australians?  British?  Irish?  Russians?  Polish?  Czech?  All of those nationalities have very different cultural values and histories.  Here’s what I think it means.  I think that their definition of white people is basically Americans.  It has to be.  Because anyone with any modicum of cultural perspective would tell them that white people are not some homogeneous group who thinks with one mind.  That’s not how this works.  But don’t tell the virtue signaling retards that.  Then they might have to inject some nuance into their arguments, and we can’t have that.  Then we might have something to debate about and really think on.  Or look at how different countries, even those predominately white, have different cultures and different styles and different perspectives that we have to think critically on.  That’s too spooky for these racist pricks.

Cultural appropriation is defined as when one culture (white people) takes the ideas from another culture and adds them to one’s own.  Isn’t that a good thing?  Isn’t the idea to learn from other groups?  After all, if we don’t look outside of our own ethnic group we can miss crucial context and then generalize other people because we don’t know any better.  Taking ideas from other cultures allows a culture to grow and become more rounded.  And since we had leaders like MLK who wanted humanity to come together as one brotherhood and instead of judging by race judge by character, I think that what those two women did was quite inspiring.  They went down to Mexico and studied with people who had been making food their whole lives, then came home to spread that knowledge and cultural perspective to everyone because they loved it so much.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I would think the people they spoke about would be flattered that these two women found what they did so amazing.

“But Lucien, they didn’t start this business because of love for the culture!  They started it to make money!”  So fucking what?!  Name me a business that doesn’t want to make money!  You can want to be successful and still have a love of the culture you are trying to emulate.  After all, if the goal wasn’t to be successful, why start a business?  Sounds like a great business strategy.  That argument is ridiculous.  And how is it white supremacy to want to take what you learned and spread it around?  Are they Klansman who think that they are going to be better at it because they’re white?  What’s that?  There is ZERO evidence for that?!  Well then maybe that point is bullshit too!

I am so tired of the progressive left ruining people’s lives and reputations because of some bullshit that they spout in the name of tolerance.  If you are so goddamn tolerant, then maybe you can see that these women were genuine and wanted to do something good and make good food for people.  Or if that’s too hard, you can stay out of these women’s way and just let them make their food in peace.  Is that also asking too much?  It must be.  Because they destroyed their livelihood.

But I do have to call out the people who bend and break to this.  These women should have stood their ground.  I wish more people would stand their ground and tell these assholes where they can go shove it.  While they are busy trying to homogenize themselves and their lives as much as possible, I am listening to a song sung in Arabic from a series from Japan that borrows from American culture and spaghetti westerns that is animated.  Why?  Because I think experiencing the works from other parts of the world makes me a more well-rounded person.  But that’s just me.  All that nuanced opinions about life and how the world is a more complicated place than “white man evil!”  So strange.

Until next time, a quote,

“Now these social justice warriors, they may want to live in a world that’s cold and sterile and devoid of anything that gives warmth and happiness to people, but as for me, I’d rather live in a world where cute little Asian girls front death metal bands.  Because that’s just more fun.” – Internet Aristocrat

Peace out,


“Transabled” People Disgust Me

In this wonderful “progressive” age, where every stupid lifestyle choice under the sun must be championed, it isn’t often that stuff surprises me.  More often than not, I hear about some crazy new lifestyle and my first thought is – neat, I guess.  At which point I just roll my eyes and figure that this lifestyle will be meme-worthy at some point.  That’s typically it.  But then I see these people who really go all the way with how crazy they are.  Whether it be that girl who did everything in her power to pretend that she’s black.  This included lying to the NAACP about how black she is.  Amazingly, they didn’t even seem annoyed at her for it.  Guess they just wanted to avoid the press by talking about it.  Since they didn’t try to cover it up, they were immune to the Streisand Effect.  I think she described herself as “trans-black.”  Because that’s not totally crazy or anything.

But sometimes it is genuinely disturbing or insulting to my intelligence.  Like when you have some Tumblrina pretend that they are an “otherkin” or something to that effect.  Or the people with headmates.  In both cases, they are giving people who ACTUALLY have split personalities or hear voices a bad name because they take away the seriousness of the situation that they live in and instead make it into an Internet joke.  One that I take very seriously.

The ones that really get to me, however, are the people who go the distance for how nuts they are.  Like the insane vegans who went so far to protest the meat industry that they pierced their ears with tags like a cow, and some of them even got branded (no joke, they took a giant, boiling-hot piece of metal and applied it to their skin).  That kind of person is a special level of crazy, and once they grow up a little and realize that that brand is never coming off, you can bet that they will avoid talking about it however they can.

Now I have a new group to add to people who went the distance.  The difference is that these people are either a combination of insane and stupid, or the worst sort of person ever.  I am, of course, talking about “transabled” people.  Here’s the article where I first got an in-depth look at these people.  This is the most nuts thing I have ever seen from these people.

Our first example is a man who felt that his hand wasn’t really a part of his body, so he went out of his way to study up on methods of destroying that limb so there was no hope of reattachment.  He even went so far as to study first aid to stop himself from bleeding to death.  And he got his wish.  After he destroyed his hand with a power tool, the man is now disabled.  He’s also another thing, which in more common vernacular is described as – FUCKING CRAZY!  This man is insane!  He repeatedly crushed, maimed, and mutilated his hand with the express intent of removing it.  All the pain and hardship that this ignorant fucker went through, and for what?  So he can live without a hand?!  Are you fucking kidding me?!  I’ll tell you want this guy really needed – some fucking help.  He needed psychiatric help.  Maybe then he could have gotten past this bullshit “transabled” crap and would have the full usage of his body.

Then we get to see someone who pisses me the fuck off – a woman in a wheelchair who has braces on her legs.  Why?  No reason.  None.  Her legs work just fine.  She is deliberately subjecting herself to this all because it makes her feel good.  In other words, she’s faking having a disability in order to have some psychological sense of purpose wearing leg braces and going around in a wheelchair all day.  However, at the end of the day, she’s still faking it.  It’s still not real.  Her body works just fine.  This is the kind of person who genuinely offends me.

See, just like with the headmates and otherkin thing, you got the crazy people who need actual help, then you got the posers who just want to feel like they belong.  The people who feel so worthless and unspecial that they have to fake a real medical issue in order to get the attention that they feel they rightly deserve.  And now they have publications like the one I linked above and the Internet to validate this madness.  It’s insulting.

The article says that a lot of disability advocacy groups and the transgender activist groups see these people are insulting, taking up resources that could be used towards people with real disabilities.  And you know what – I couldn’t agree more.  Because at least with the guy who cut his hand off, he’s fucking crazy, and now he’s paid the price.  But for the woman in the wheelchair who doesn’t have a single fucking thing wrong with her, she doesn’t seem to understand what it’s actually like to live that way.  Let me provide you with an example.

I have an uncle who is a paraplegic.  He is paralyzed from the waist down.  He has been for my entire life.  It’s been something that has made his life immeasurably more difficult.  To the point that now he is in a special hospital because of complications that happened from a burn he got sitting too close to a heater without realizing it was burning him.  He’s lost a shit-ton of bowel from complications associated with that.  Listening to the surgeon describe what he had to do in order to save my uncle’s life was nightmare fuel.  I can guarantee you that if he had had the chance to not be disabled, he would have fucking taken it.  He’s had to live that way for his entire life.  He’s had to pull the shit out of his own ass in order to go to the bathroom.  That’s the life he has had to lead.  The woman in that wheelchair doesn’t have a fucking clue, and she should be ashamed of herself.  The article says that there is shame foisted on this community, well they fucking deserve it.

Then there’s a girly-mate of mine.  When she was a kid, she could talk and do all sorts of stuff like a normal kid.  Then she got sick.  Really, really sick.  Way she tells it, her fever was at 104 and she was in the hospital for weeks.  By the time they got the infection under control, there was one unintentional side-effect – she can’t talk.  Her vocal chords were paralyzed as a result of the infection.  It’s something that has persisted to this day.  It has made her life so much more difficult.  The girl knows how to sign, and I have been able to read it.  If people don’t know how to sign, she will text.  You know those scenes in things where two people are in the same room and texting, she will be texting you while sitting with you.  Not only is having friendships harder, because you can’t talk to the other person, but her personal life has been Hell.  Not does she have this to overcome, but she is also gay.  When so much of how women interact is about what gets said, not being able to talk to the girl you are with has proven to be an insane hindrance to finding relationships and keeping them going.  The poor girl has been dumped so many times.  Showed this article to her, and she replied that people who think this way need to have their shit kicked in for thinking that having a disability is a good thing.

But to my own perspective, I busted my skull open when I was 14.  It exacerbated a condition I had with my brain being malformed.  I have depression as a result of brain damage.  My feet are dead.  They have both suffered nerve-death.  When I get older, they will one day have to be cut off.  Diabetes runs in my family, and if I ever get that, my odds of losing my feet go up exponentially.  I live with disability.  I don’t need these fucking posers like that woman in the wheelchair taking the spotlight from people who have real problems.  If anything, her and hers need to get some fucking mental help, because they are either pathetic, or as in the case of the first guy, or a person the article describes as paying a doctor $6,000 to amputate both of their legs, fucking nuts.

I just talked about how we now have the progressive community coming out in defense of pedophilia.  Now we have them coming out in defense of mental illness and people who need to fake a problem because they have no real ones.  Where does this bullshit end?

Until next time, a quote,

“It’s okay to cry, as long as you’re faking it.” – Chuck Palahnuik

Peace out,


Lucien’s Worst Game of 2016

As I said in a previous post, it has been a slow year for gaming.  This means that there have been some mediocre games that have come out.  And while some of those mediocre games bug me, like Rise of the Tomb Raider, it isn’t nearly bad enough to make this list.  I had been going to do a review of this game, but I never did.  I just couldn’t deal with it anymore.  It was so annoying.  I wasted my money on it.  I want a fucking refund.  But nope!  Because PSN doesn’t do refunds, because Sony are a bunch of greedy mizers.  This game was bad, in every way that a game can be, aside from being visually interesting.  I’ve waited to talk about it long enough.  Let’s get down into my worst game of this year…


When I think of all the complaints that people have about Gone Home, the one that always sticks out to me the most is when people call it “pretentious.”  The reason is that I don’t think that it is.  Is it the amazing game that everyone believes it to be?  Absolutely not.  It’s a misleading game about a girl being home alone, with all the marketing making the game out to have some kind of nefarious edge.  Instead, it was just a game packed full of 90’s cheese about a lesbian dodging her duties as a soldier to be with her girlfriend.  Yeah, that’s it.  There’s really nothing more to it.

Speaking of, here we have a game that is about a pregnant woman on a beach, ripping pages out of her notebook while going into a fantasy world as a ballerina character to act out metaphors for her broken life.  That’s it.  There genuinely is nothing more to it than that.  You get to go through some admittedly-cool landscapes to solve a narrative that is WAY too far up its own ass.  Plus, the gameplay is boring, repetitive, and after a while you start to realize that all the worlds look alike.  At least with Alice: Madness Returns, while the gameplay got repetitive, you had these unique environments to explore.  That made it all worth it.  Every level in this game looks exactly the same.  It got to the point that I couldn’t tell if I was moving forward or backwards in places.

Oh, and then there is the repetitive control scheme for the repetitive hazards that you come across.  I felt like my time was being wasted so many times in that fucking game.  But, you know, I could actually have dealt with that if it weren’t for the fact that the narrative is such pretentious bullshit.  It’s trying to be all vague and metaphorical, but it doesn’t read that way.  It reads as that episode of Nostalgia Critic examining “The Cell,” where he has the director dancing in the background shouting “ask me what it means!  Ask me what it means!”  Groj, I hate this fucking game.  Wasted $20 on that.  No joke, for a game that is 3 hours long, they charged $20.  Unbelievable.

And then, the game just ends.  No build-up.  No final boss.  Hell, no fucking pay-off!  Like, it gives you some bullshit choice, that I guess you are supposed to leave open to interpretation, but it doesn’t read like, that.  Again, “ask me what it means!  Ask me what it means!”  This game is every pretentious SJW circlejerk where they get to go on and on about how deep and poetic a game is.  And this is coming from someone who LIKES art games.  My second-favorite game of this year is ABZU, a game which is literally a giant underwater level with VERY smooth controls.  I am going to eventually be doing a huge Critical Examination post about that game, because there is a very interesting lore there.  But this is just artistic bullshit.  It’s some poncy art student wanting to pretend to be all deep, while in reality just making crap that looks nice, for a bit.

Fuck this game.  Fuck this game so hard.  Since I didn’t do a review of it, I’m going to give it a Final Verdict to close us out.

Final Verdict
2 out of 10

Peace out,


Let’s Answer 10 Questions A Bisexual (not of BuzzFeed) has for ‘Monosexuals’

First things first, this is more than 10 questions.  A lot more.  Don’t blame me.  This guy even says in his video that it will be 10 questions.  Dude needs to learn how to count.  Anyway, a really annoyed guy seems to be flummoxed by how “monosexuals” don’t get his struggles.  As a person who is almost-completely on the hetero side of the spectrum, I thought I would take on his list of “10” questions, along with all the ones that he asks between them. Here’s a link to his video, so none of you can say that I take what he says out of context, now let’s get to it.

1. What is it about bisexuality that scares you?

Nothing.  I couldn’t possibly care less what you’re attracted to.  Be into goats for all I care.  So long as you aren’t hurting anyone, it’s fine by me.

Does it make you question your own sexuality?

There are an express few men that I have been sexually interested in.  I can count them on one hand.  Your bisexuality does absolute zilch to affect that.  So long as whatever you’re into has all parties consenting, you have fun with that.

Does it threaten your understanding of the world?


Does it force you to accept that few things are binaries?

Actually, no.  See, here’s the thing – most everything has binaries.  Let’s look at hot and cold.  Sure, there are levels between them, but in the end, it falls into one of two categories.  Either it is hot to a degree, or cold to a degree.  Then there’s right and wrong.  Sure, there are levels of how wrong or how right something may be, but at the end of both spectrums are those two distinctions.  Then there is the one that you all believe – the gender is a spectrum.  It’s not.  Blair White, the Internet’s favorite trans woman, made a fantastic rebuttal to this idea that gender is on a spectrum.  However, for the sake of argument, let’s say that it is on some magical spectrum (a statement that there is NO science to back up), at one end is male and the other end is female.  So yeah, there are plenty of binaries.

2. Why are you so arrogant?

Because I’m just that awesome.

Why can’t you believe that there are sexualities out there that are not like yours?

I live on the Internet when I’m not at work, dude.  Believe me, I know that there are plenty of sexual preferences that aren’t like mine.

3. Why do you equate sexual fluidity with moral fluidity?

I don’t.  There are plenty of moral and immoral people of all sexual preferences.  Just look at that woman who was busted keeping teenage girls in her mother’s basement as sex slaves.  But when this guy brings it up, and I can’t help but think he’s talking about the gay community who sees him and his as fake.  You’d be surprised how big a part of the gay community there is who sees bisexuality as just faking it.

4. Why do you forget that we exist?

Because unless you are asking me to join in (no thanks, dude.  You’re not my type), I honestly don’t give a fuck about your sexuality.  I’m not the kind of guy who thinks about guys banging guys and then banging girls.  Unless I’m watching bi porn or something.  But that’s a whole other deal.

5. Why don’t you let us give blood?

This dude is either ignoring context or just didn’t think this question through.  This isn’t about bi men, dude.  It’s also about gay men.  And I think it is wrong for both.  There is no reason that a gay man can’t give blood.  That whole deal came up in the 80’s, when AIDS was spreading like a pandemic in the gay community and everyone feared blood from a gay person as being infected with HIV.  These days, so long as a person of any sexuality has been tested to make sure they are clean, their giving sexuality shouldn’t determine their eligibility to give blood.

6. Why aren’t you working with us to decrease the health disparities?

We tell you to use condoms, do we not?  We tell you to be safe, and to be honest with your partners about whether or not you have HIV.  All of the health advice that we give to gay men can be given to you.  And thanks to that health advice, AIDS is not nearly the boogeyman that it was in the 80’s.  But that’s no excuse to stop.  Some STI’s are the rise thanks to people being lax about condoms and protection.  So I would love to work with you.  Help spread awareness of safe sex wherever you can.  But he frames his conversation as mental health.  Okay, but same deal.  The same mental health problems affecting the bi community can just as easily be felt by the gay community.  Granted, you all do have the added bonus of having some gay people see you as fakers who are lying about your sexuality.  I condemn such statements.  So there, I worked with you again.

Why do you ignore our cries for help?

I don’t.  Any person who comes to me on my social media pages (check out my About page at the top, it has all the links) and tells me that they need help, I would do what I can.

7. Why do you think that we’re on teams?

You said earlier that you are the “B in LGBT.”  You know what that means?  It means that you’re grouping yourself as part of a team.  You want to be part of some inclusive little group.  Meanwhile, I don’t.  I have my sexual preferences as they are, and I don’t want to be seen as part of this group or that one.  When all of you work so hard to be part of some identity that you can have as your own, then it fits you into a box.  That’s part of the whole collectivist mindset that your side of the ideological fence has.  Unfair?  Maybe, but so long as you demand to be seen as part of a group, then I can’t help you.

8. Why do you fetishize us?

I don’t.  Well, not you, anyway.  There are certain guys that I’ve thought about it…

Straight men, why do you fetishize bisexual women?

Because they can be hot.  And given how women have learned to make out with other women to get dumb guys to buy them drinks, they haven’t ignored this.  I don’t fetishize the lights on my fake Christmas tree, but I still like looking at them all the same.

Why do you think their sexuality is performative?

I don’t.  Unless they are in porn, where they are getting paid to put on a performance.  Or if they are using it to get men to buy them drinks, in which case they know what they are doing too.

Why do you think that everything a woman does is for you and your gaze?

Dude, I don’t think that anything a woman does is for me, unless they indicate that that is what it was for.  Like I don’t assume that a girl making cookies is for me, unless they are giving me some of those cookies.  In which case, it was at least partially for me.  In a similar way, if I am watching porn that has two women fucking in it, then I assume that that was done for me, because they were paid to do so.  If the chicks at the bar want to make out, then they have lost their right not to be looked at.  If you don’t want to be gawked at for public displays of intimacy, then keep them at home.  I don’t make out with my non-existent girl-friend in public because I don’t want to be stared at.  It’s that easy.

Gay men, why do you fetishize bisexual men?

Alright, I need some gay people here.  Any gay man, is this really a thing?  I have to know.

Why is it considered “hot” if I have sex with other women?

No joke, if you aren’t gay, get some gay friends and tell me if this is a thing.

Why do you think that I’m more “masculine” because of it?

Dude, there are plenty of gay men who you would never know that they are gay unless you asked.  This idea that gay men are effeminate is a complete stereotype.

9. Why do you refuse to date us?

Projecting, much?  Me, personally, it’s because you’re not my type.  By the way, that answer is the same for all of them.  They aren’t interested in a man who goes both ways.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  I’m not into girls with insanly curly, frizzy hair.  Does that mean I hate all girls with that?  Nope.  There is NOTHING wrong with having sexual or romantic preferences.  Nothing at all.

Are you insecure?


Unable to handle the pressures of dating someone who is not monosexual?

*jerk-off motion*

10. Why do we have to justify our sexuality when you don’t?

You don’t.  I don’t give a fuck about your sexuality.  No one has to justify shit.  It’s you who chooses to see things that way.  I’m sorry that you do, but that’s on you.  If you are going to let the opinions of people who reject you color your perceptions like that, then it’s your fault.

Well, that was a waste of time.  It’s clear that this dude is salty about rejection, but whatever.  It’s on him if he is going to let that color his entire outlook on pursuing relationships and intimacy.  By the way, monosexual is a bullshit term.  Can’t wait for Salon magazine and BuzzFeed to write a thousand posts about how bad it is.

Until next time, a quote,

“A perfect cherry blossom is a rare thing.  A man could spend his entire life looking for one, and it wouldn’t be a wasted life.” – Lord Moritsugo Katsumoto, The Last Samurai

Peace out,