The Death of Apu: A Symbol of What’s to Come

I’ve long held a contention about all the bitching that SJWs do about films and characters and plots that they don’t like.  When there was that RIDICULOUS video about the “Dead Lesbian Syndrome,” I called it right then and there.  But now we are getting to see this in real time.  I hate being right as often as I am.  I really do.  Alas, the world lives down to my expectations, not up to them.

For those who are unaware, following all the STUPID controversy about how the character of Apu in The Simpsons is racist, and the show-runners seeming to stand their ground for a time, now they have decided to just unceremoniously ax him from the series.  Why?  Because he’s racist or some other stupid thing.  The fact that over the years he is an interesting character with an arc and a family and lots of layers?  Fuck that!  He’s racist because he has an exaggerated accent.  That’s all it takes.

Once-again, never mind that nobody is bitching about what they should be bitching about – that the series hasn’t been funny for the last 20 years and it is high time that they took it out back like Old Yeller and put it down in a humane way (with a loaded gun and a bullet through the head).  No, this series will keep being made until there isn’t even a husk of an audience left.  Actually, scratch that.  I know how the series will end – with one of the main voice actors who does a dozen characters dying and them just unceremoniously canceling it.  That’s how I bet you a hay-penny it will end.  But I digress.

What people are failing to understand is that what is happening to Apu is a symbol of what is to come.  A symbol of what this outrage culture really is going to result in.  Can you guess what it is?  For those of you who said “that Hollywood is just going to stop having these characters in stuff anymore”, congratulations!  You’re right!  Because they won’t want to deal with the endless sea of bullshit that comes with have a different character.  What’s that?  This other ethnicity has one thing that we don’t like?!  Huge controversy!  Massive outrage!  Fuck the series!  What’s this?  You killed off someone who is part of a group that I identify with?!  Boycott!  Endless boycott!  None of our very small but very vocal group is going to watch your stuff again!

Hollywood only cares about making money.  That’s it.  Nothing else matters.  For those of you social justice idiots who actually believe that these people are on your side, it’s high time that you really examined that point of view and realize how stupid it is.  And make no mistake – once the culture at large is finally fed up with this and realized how homogenized and safe everything is and starts tuning out, they will turn on you faster than you can say “but, my outrage!”

We live in interesting times.  One of the creators at Rockstar said that they are glad that they aren’t releasing GTA VI in today’s social climate.  Can you imagine the backlash?  It’s a virtual guarantee that regardless of what side of the equation they pissed off, they would be getting death threats and all sorts of things, all because they made a crowd mad.  I mean, if they were to satirize this climate, the shit-spinning that the social justice retards would do is out of control.

The other day, The Young Turks decided to vilify gamers yet-again with some crazy bitch on their pop culture show when they were talking about the stories coming out about the insane hours at Rockstar.  They had this guest who made it out to be that not only is Rockstar racist, but that gamers are racist and won’t play games with black people in them.  It was insane.  More proof of how their show has gone to shit.  Ah, for the days when The Young Turks was actually interesting.  Do you remember them?  It seems like a weird golden age ago.  Back when you could say things that people found offensive and people didn’t try to deplatform and destroy you for it.  Magical.

The moral of the story is – Apu is not just a character being kicked off a show that should have run its course after the 10th season.  He’s a referendum to what Hollywood will do when they feel the social justice wagons circling.  They are going to ditch these characters.  Because you can NEVER please these people!  It doesn’t matter how much you try and make the characters non-offensive, you are going to offend somebody.  And once you do, it’s not worth the endless news cycle vilifying you and your program.  Better to just cut your loses and deal with it.  But they won’t learn that.  To them, it’s just “this character is racist!  Change it, shitlords!”

Nobody is saying what I and many others have been saying for years now – this series is dead!  Let it die in peace!

Until next time, a quote,

“The guy who watched The Simpsons back in 1994, and won’t admit the damn thing isn’t funny anymore.” – Stewie Griffin, Family Guy

Peace out,


SJWs Finally Admit They Don’t Want Their Own Characters

At least they’re finally being honest?  I saw this on Twitter, and it just blew my fucking mind.  Since I don’t have the mental energy right now to go after this little bit of social justice bullshit, I am going to share the screen-cap of the article with you and take this on as a concept.  Because I’ve talked about this in the past.  I’ve argued that instead of making characters who already have established versions of themselves in fiction become their race, why not make their own characters?  It seems that an SJW has finally come out to say that they don’t actually want to do that.  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself.

So now we know – SJWs really do just want the white man’s table-scraps.  Glad we can stop arguing against that.  It’s just so unbelievable to read shit like this.  Especially with picture of Miles Morales on there!  The best version of changing the identity of a character into someone new, to date.  Miles is his own character.  He has his own flaws and identity and when you talk about him, you come to your own opinion.  It’s what makes him fit into the role of Spider-Man.  But no!  That’s not good enough for SJWs.  Instead of having their own ideas and doing the heavy lifting to bring that vision to life, they just want to leech off of what is already made.

This genuinely makes no sense to me.  Having their own interesting character isn’t good representation?  The way I see it, this is laziness.  Sheer laziness.  Because, when you make a new character, that takes work.  Lots of work.  You have to give them a back-story, a personality, family, friends, problems, a world in which they live that differentiates them from the world of the hero that we typically know.  All of that takes effort and time.  But social justice doesn’t wanna do that.  That’s too much effort to putting into making their diverse world come to fruition.

I swear to Groj, these people are some of the laziest fuckers I have ever seen.  Why don’t they want this?  Is it just to co-opt the white people’s world?  Is that?  Does their need for “representation” just mean taking over all the stuff that traditionally has been done by white people?  If so, can they not see that that just makes them look intellectually and creatively bankrupt?  New characters can be good.  When they’re done well, course.  Part of why Miles Morales is one of the best examples of doing this right is that he is an interesting character.  There are plenty of comics with him being well-written and having his own unique plot.  Making a new version who is a disabled, Vietnamese lesbian doesn’t just automatically make them good.

And maybe that’s the other part of how lazy these people and their ideas are.  They just assume that their version is just as good because it has the skin tone that they want to be in that role.  No, you fucking losers!  There are PLENTY of versions of characters who suck.  Just look at movies like X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  Every character in that version got butt-raped.  It’s why Ryan Reynolds worked as hard as he did to get his own version of Deadpool.  Will the black version of that character be super awesome just because they’re black?

Something else these people forget is that different skin tone means that their audience is different.  Using the Deadpool example, you think that the self-aware style of humor is going to connect with black people as easily as it does with white ones?  I’m really asking, here.  One of things I liked about the first three seasons of The Boondocks (but not the fourth season.  Fuck that abortion) was that it worked to make black humor accessible to white people, and went out of its way to show that there is a difference between these communities and how both of them see the world.  It led to some of the funniest bits, like the infamous “Nigga Moment” bit.  It’s hilarious.

That’s not meant to be an offensive thought.  It’s just how different communities of people process things.  But you can’t tell these people that!  Because they don’t want to process these things.  It’s just “these people have this skin tone, so that’s enough.”  Does that mean I want the Soul Plane of superhero movies?  Absolutely not.  I want it to be done with some dignity that an unfortunate amount of “black” comedy films lack.  Not meaning dark, by the way, but those created for the African American community.

I would think that those who really care about this shit, would actually prefer somebody who is unique and interesting and well-written and brings something new to a genre instead of taking recycled white people stuff and putting a black face on it.  But I guess, according to Steven Padnick, that isn’t the case!  This kind of thinking should offend people who ACTUALLY care about these issues, but it doesn’t.  They go along with it, hook, line, and sinker, because that’s the world we live in.

So, do I think a new version of a superhero that is a new character that just happens to be a Vietnamese lesbian is a bad thing?  I don’t know.  Write it out, design it, if it’s a comic, show me some story-boards for it, and let’s see what you do.  It’s a lot work, but that’s kind of how good fiction comes about.  When intelligent people with drive and passion do their damndest to make something unique and interesting.  Instead of just taking up something someone else made and slapping a new ethnic group on it.  I’m sorry for all the creatively void SJWs who can’t see it, but that’s on them, not us.

I think about all the black superheroes that I like.  The chief among them being Blade.  I think about the first movie with that character, and how he was brought to life so brilliantly by Wesley Snipes.  All of the effort and care that went into making this a cool character, just taken away with a new ethnic group.  Or the version of Black Panther from Civil War.  Yeah, I didn’t like his titular film.  Got WAY too preachy for my taste.  These people who have become icons of characters firmly for the creative writing and direction to bring them to life.  But their culture warrior counterparts would rather that instead of those who took that time to make these things cool, we just slap a new ethnic coat of paint on it.  Why am I the only person who finds that offensive?  It should offend them too.

It’s like saying – we know you can’t make cool things yourselves, so have the leftovers white people don’t want anymore.  And you know, all of this bitching about representation wouldn’t be happening anyway if people in this country could actually appreciate foreign cinema.  But wait, that has subtitles.  I cannot tell you how many people, across all the political spectrum, have said “if I wanted to read a movie, I would have just read a book.”  There are masterful films made from all sorts of foreign markets, but you wouldn’t know that because people in this country (SJWs included) are so fucking jingoistic and stupid.

After all, it’s not like there aren’t a ton of good movies that come out with good representation every year.  It’s just that they aren’t the big blockbusters!  A movie about five female scientists going into an alien zone to figure out the cause behind a spreading phenomena?  Nobody saw it.  A movie about growing up gay in the black community that doesn’t have the usual trapping of a TON of rap in it, instead taking the concept seriously and not shying away from the fact that being gay kinda sucks in the black community?  Radio silence.  A military film with not only a ton of skin tones, but also ideological diversity, with every role being great and not a single miscast in the whole thing, telling a story about the morality of drone strikes for the greater good?  Not hearing shit from these people!  They just want to have the big blockbusters be all about them.  Lazy fucks!

So yeah, this is where we’re at.  Telling black people, specifically, that having the white man’s table scraps is a good thing.  It’s “representation.”  Go figure.

Until next time, a quote,

“Can we get serious now?” -Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, Sully

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Bad PR 116: CyberPunk 2077 and Why You Don’t Apologize to SJWs

It’s the strangest thing in the world of PR for me.  I’ve seen this happen more times than I can count, and every time it just blows my mind.  In business, when you have someone associated with it make a gaff, it’s pretty common practice for there to be an apology written in some professional language that everyone just rolls their eyes at and realizes is either bullshit or corporate speak to avoid a boycott.  That’s just how it goes.  Celebrities do that shit all the time too, and it drives me up the wall.  Why?  Because with them it’s even worse.  It’s like when a kid does something wrong and the parent demands they apologize.  They don’t actually MEAN the apology, but if they say it, that’s what the dumb-shit American public wants.  So yeah, this is common practice and almost always it avoids further issues.

Except with one community – SJWs.  I cannot tell you how many times there have been stories of celebrities or some company doing something that makes SJWs mad, and when they apologize for it, that makes it 1000X worse.  This is the one and only group that, as a person who got my education in PR, I can say that apologizing to is never a good idea.  It’s the worst idea you could have.  Let me give you some examples.

Anyone remember Wil Wheaton?  You know, the insufferable jackass who played on Star Trek: The Next Generation? (Shut up, Wesley!) Well, once upon a time, he talked about how he loved the concept of spirit animals, and how he thinks that’s a cool thing.  Naturally, when the SJW torrent fell upon him, he immediately came out with a very long apology.  I figure he’s one of the few who meant it, because Wheaton is an SJW in his own right.  But then his social media blew the hell up with people yelling at him even more.

Oh, and how could we forget about the story of Laci Green.  Another SJW in her own right, she once had some of her own past dredged up where she used the term “tranny” to describe a transsexual person.  The SJWs threw that in her face, and she apologized.  They didn’t take that well, either.  It got so bad that they were doxxing where she lived and encouraging people to attack her.

How could I not mention the class-A fuck-up that was MMC Land Management.  One of their employees decided to say some off-color things to a group of people, and the SJWs found out where he worked.  When they descended upon the company, the guy was immediately fired and the company issued an apology.  You’d think everyone would have been satisfied, but nope!  SJW after SJW decided to infer that the company is also racist, even though the company was in no way associated with any of it.  The shit-storm that blew in against them was absolutely amazing.  Yelling that they are racist, don’t hire the disabled, and don’t have any training on not being a dick to their employees.  The company looked terrible, for a long time.  It’s quite a story, if you want to take the time to find it.

Which leads me now to CD Projekt Red.  Back at E3, there was that awesome trailer they released for their newest project, CyberPunk 2077.  Some SJW had to bitch about males in the game, and they replied with “Did you just assume their gender?”  I hear people online saying this joke was tasteless.  I couldn’t disagree more.  Having the guts to take the piss out of an SJW is just awesome.  When the SJW community found out about this, naturally, there was hell to pay.

Twitter has been a complete shit-storm of bitching and moaning by the special snowflakes whose fee-fees are hurt, and CD Projekt Red did the stupidest thing in the world – apologized.  Did they accept that apology and move on with their day?  Of course not.  What did you expect?  All the accusations of it being a “non-apology” and the people yelling at them.  No surprise that all the Twitter handles for these people have nonsense about pronouns and what their little niche in the identity pantheon is.  Can’t avoid that.

The big question at hand is – what will CD Projekt Red do next.  They stirred the hornet’s nest, and now they have to try and contain this damage, before all the news media that slobbers all over their community’s knobs comes in to yell about how sexist and transphobic and ableist and whatever other slur they can throw in for good measure they are.  Don’t worry, the lesson is coming.

Corporate logic dictates that you make an apology when you offend people.  In other age, where we don’t have all the snowflakes on every side bitching and moaning about what company or person or agency or whatever offended them, that would work.  But you can’t apologize to SJWs.  That’s the PR lesson here.  To date, only one company that I can think of has stood their ground against them.  It was a fitness company with a beach body ad.  That company didn’t apologize for shit, and look what happened – the whole debacle went away.  After the SJWs yelled it all out and waited for that apology, when it didn’t materialize, they had to move on.

Something to know in PR – doing nothing is a viable response to a public backlash.  Sometimes, it’s better to say nothing than to do something.  In this case, that would have been a smarter option.  An issue that this community can so easily latch onto in order to lose their fucking minds, saying absolutely nothing would have been a safer option.  Because now their new game is going to have headlines about this all over the net, and for people who aren’t engaged with it, having this shit be around when they Google it is not what they need.  If they had said nothing, it would have gone away much faster.  Maybe an outlet or two would write about it, but not most.  But the damage is done now.

My last lesson – knowing your audience is part of all advertisement, but when you have a PR issue, know who it is who is angry at you. It would surprise you how valuable that information can be.

Until next time, a quote,

“Sorry, not sorry.” – Colloquial Term

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It’s Confirmed, You Are the World’s Greatest Con Artist (A response to Anita Sarkeesian)

I know what you’re thinking – why are you giving this woman more publicity?  Who even cares about her anymore?  Honestly, this isn’t me looking to yell at her.  Because the truth is that I am in genuine awe of this woman.  It blows my freaking mind how she is able to bilk people out of massive amounts of cash for her “non-profit,” all while being paid a king’s ransom to go to universities and do speaking engagements.  Schools basically pay this bimbo to go there and to proselytize to them.  It’s one big feminist circle-jerk.  It never ceases to amaze.

First, way back in 2012, she was able to bilk the masses out of money on Kickstarter for a series of videos to be done within the space of a year all about “Tropes vs Women in Video Games.”  Over five years later, she gets the series of videos finished, within keeping a SINGLE ONE of her Kickstarter backer rewards that she promised.  It was proven that her videos saw no noticeable uptake in quality, her talk about needing money for “research” was bullshit because she was stealing other people’s gameplay footage, and the only thing in any of the videos that looks like it would have taken any budget at all was an animated spoof on a video game that no one would want to play.  She raised $158,000 for that.  But we’re only just getting started.

After bilking the feminist culture once, she decided to do it again.  Except this time she was much more honest about being a money-grubbing demagogue.  She asked for $250,000 for a new video series – “Ordinary Women: Daring to Defy History.”  What did she say she needed the money for?  Well, for things like costumes, and sets for skits and the like.  Once-again, the Internet sleuths immediately pointed out that all the shit she claimed to need this money for, she already had.  TJ Kirk, aka The Amazing Atheist, decided to make his own stand against this by starting up a fund-raising effort to go to an actual charity that does actual good for women – the International Women’s Health Coalition.  As that campaign was building more traction than her own campaign, Anita spun it to it all being a big harassment campaign against her.  She has a gift at condemning the damsel in distress trope, all while embodying it down to the rank and file.

Keep in mind – all of this is being done while she is being paid tens of thousands of dollars for her speaking engagements.  Her non-profit group, that literally exists only to fatten her wallet, as there is no discernible evidence of what they do for women aside from their shitty videos, is making hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.  But it doesn’t end.

News reached me this morning that the money-grubbing charlatan has asked for even more money.  This time, it’s to start a Discord server.  Are you kidding me?!  Something that I know for a fact is free and takes a minute.  At max.  How?  Because I’ve done it.  I have a Discord server for a few choice people.  Unbelievable.  Of course, I know who she’s bilking this money from – stupid people.  People who aren’t actually tech people.  They don’t know any better.  Or her sycophantic followers like Wil Wheaton (shut up, Wesley!), who as we saw for that article he penned for Time magazine, has his head buried firmly up her ass, giving her a metaphorical rimjob.

I genuinely am impressed about how good this woman is at parting morons and their money.  Long have I held the contention that this woman is not some brainwashed idiot.  She is a strategic, manipulative con artist.  The best that has ever been.  Nobody can make people believe their bullshit the way that Anita does.  It’s a genuine talent.  One that I whole-heartedly respect.  Because you know that she doesn’t believe this bullshit that she spews.  There’s a REALLY old video floating around of her being interviewed as a seminar held by a guy who basically was doing a kind of ponzi scheme.  There you can hear Anita talking about how much she learned.  That and the video she made about how much she hates video games are probably the only two things she’s ever made that I think she’s being genuine.  The rest is all performance art.  Terrible, terrible performance art.  But because she slaps the feminism label on it, she gets a shit-ton of views.

The people who give money to this woman are either too stupid to understand that a Discord server costs nothing to set up and nothing to run, or they just want their feminist good boy/good girl badges so they can say that they are part of the solution.  Because the people who care about that shit are the ones who their image is all that matters to them.  The worst kinds of people, if you ask me.  All the while, Anita takes it all to the bank.  Making buckets of money.  It might as well be falling from the sky like the leaves in Peter Griffin’s terrible short film.

It always catches me off-guard when I see people like Kat Blaque or Franchesca Ramsey bitching about how the people who are anti-sjw are in it for the money, almost as if lamenting how much money these people could make (before ad-pocalypse and YouTube fucking the algorithm ten ways to Sunday) versus how much they are making.  Which strikes me as odd, given how much the feminist queen rakes in.  Maybe these people just aren’t as good of con artists.

That does make sense, when you see the people who try to play at Anita’s game and fail.  People like Crypt Keeper Wu.  Oh, I’m sorry.  That was rude.  It’s potential Congresswoman Crypt Keeper Wu.  When you look at how Brianna has tried and failed to sell her victimhood, it really makes you appreciate just how good Anita is at cultivating her bullshit.  It’s not an understatement to say that I genuinely respect the talent Sarkeesian has in manipulating people

Does make you wonder, though, if the SJWs are so openly jealous of the anti-SJWs for making money, what do they say about Anita Sarkeesian (who is making money hand over fist while on their side of the fence) behind closed doors?

Until next time, a quote,

“People that support me, mixed in with, more people that support me and say nice things.  Rainbows all around me, there is no shame in my safe space.” – South Park

Peace out,


SIONU: Finding Myself at Odds With Nerd Culture

Everywhere I look, I am noticing something.  Since I follow an amount of anti-SJW types one all sides of the political fence, I get exposed to lots of different ideas.  I even have some SJW types who at least will talk with the opposition that I follow, such as Laci Green.  I don’t want to live in an echo chamber, so I am doing my best to get as many perspective as I can.  I also follow the GamerGate page on Tumblr, that still posts to this day, and that’s where I am seeing a lot of this.  But on both sites, I am seeing a continuing perspective on certain games, and it has me confused.

I recently have played David Cage’s newest game, Detroit: Become Human, and I have liked it very much.  Connor and Hank were by far my favorite characters, with Kara and Alice being my least.  Their arc had some insane plot convenience that did take me out of the story.  The game isn’t perfect.  I’m the first to say that.  There are flaws.  The same flaws inherent in all David Cage games – wonky controls, narrative heavy in the extreme, QTEs that if you hate that stuff will get on your nerves.  But for what the game is, I do like it very much.

But then I pull up my social media and it’s thing after thing about how awful this game is, how it somehow signifies the end of the world for gaming.  How it is SJW-heavy and how I should hate it for that.  On and on and on.  What’s more, a gaming channel that I watch decided to shit on another of Cage’s games – Beyond: Two Souls, making the argument that Cage’s games have no audience.  The dude is welcome to his own opinion, I am just confused about why it was so awful.  Was the non-chronological order an issue? A little.  I would have personally liked more of the stuff like when she was doing her infiltration mission.  That shit was great!  Or the mission where she was on the run facing off with the military trying to hunt her down.  That mission was also great.  I can look past the flaws for the things that I like in it.  Am I the only one?

Then today, another person I follow on Twitter was asked if he would cover “Life is Cringe.”  An obvious spin on the game Life is Strange.  I have made no secret of how that was my favorite game of 2015.  I have gone on about it to the point of excess, and I won’t be going on here.  I am just curious what is so awful about it.  The stilted dialogue?  Don’t think that escaped my notice.  Sure, it is a little off-putting at first.  I had to adjust to it.  But once I was able to quantify it as part of the universe that this game exists in, I was able to enjoy it substantially.  But I do acknowledge the stilted dialogue as a flaw.  Made very clear of that in my review of the first episode.  So what is it, then?

People have pointed out to me that there is SJW themes at play in the game.  Chloe Price, my favorite character, has been savagely ripped to pieces by the Internet.  Is that the issue?  Here’s the thing about me – I don’t hate a game or character with SJW parts on the merits of their existence.  Not so long as the narrative or the character doesn’t make those parts the majority of the whole.  It’s why I can hear her talking about keeping the gun she has out of the hands of men and not just write her character off.  Because that is one small part of her overall whole.

I’m trying to get where the hate of all these things is.  What are other people seeing that I am not?  Or is it the reverse?  Am I seeing something that everyone else is too obtuse to see?  Is my ability to see nuance and not just hating something because it has elements of a movement that I personally disagree with giving me a perspective others lack?  Or am I completely wrong and there is nothing of any redeemable value in any of these things?

Where did this all get started?  One could say that this goes back to the review for Gone Home.  A game that the games media slobbered all over the knob of like it is one of the greatest games ever.  A contention that I most assuredly do not agree with, make no mistake.  That game also has flaws, though I believe that people’s belief that it is nothing but a “walking simulator” is a bit overstated.  I liked the previous work by that company Dear Esther.

Game after game that I enjoy, but the Internet that I follow despises.  Firewatch, Beyond: Two Souls, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Life is Strange, Detroit: Become Human.  What am I missing?  I have even seen people accusing the game L.A. Noire of being in the same vein as this.  WHY?!  Because you spent a lot of time talking with people?  You know, the most fun part of the game!  Instead of that boring driving and shooting shit?!  Where you analyzed crime scenes and interrogated witnesses?  I loved that part.  It bugged me how the less interesting parts of the game had to be there at all.  I would have loved a game all about crime scenes, solving crimes, and being a detective.  It could have spawned a new breed of game.  Instead, it bankrupted the developer and that was it.  There will never be a sequel.

Come on, you nuance-lacking mother-fuckers!  Tell me what I’m missing here!  Tell me where the hate comes from.  Is it the simplistic gameplay?  Is it the narrative focus instead of the mechanics focus?  Is it the thematic elements that tie in to a culture that modern gaming is so at odds with?  Tell me what it is.  I genuinely am trying to figure that out.  Because while there are lots of games that I really like, it starts to feel like I am the only one on my side of the fence who agrees.  I’ve never actually been called an SJW for my taste in gaming, but part of me wonders if that is people’s unstated opinion.  I just want clarity on what I am missing here.

Feel free to comment, whoever.  I let all opinions be heard.

Until next time, a quote,

And as I sat there, looking out into the darkness, I thought back on all the things I’d built and left unfinished. I realized something – I wasn’t sad that it was gone. I had had fun making all that stuff. I would have done it anyway. And then, somehow, I knew that when I woke up, all my work really would be destroyed.” -King, The Unfinished Swan

Peace out,


RAB: SJWs and Apu, Conservatives and Nipples

I wanted to talk about both of these things, but I don’t have enough to say about either for a full-fledged post.  But then I realized – I can combine them into one RAB post.  I also wanted to make fun of both the left and the right in this country.  I am finding that the further I go in life, the more I hate both sides equally.  Does that make me a centrist?  Not at all.  I am a liberal.  But I am not some regressive-left idiot.  I am part of the libertarian left.  I have come across two stories in the news about both sides making everyone involved look stupid.  Let’s talk about them.

First, the SJWs online are crying the blues when The Simpsons decided not to take the bait with them losing their shit about Apu.  See, the SJWs say that he’s nothing but a stereotype of Indian people.  A statement that has ZERO evidence in fact.  Yeah, he has an exaggerated accent.  But you know what else he has – character!  Apu is a rich, developed character.  There are several episodes that have him going on adventures, dealing with his personal drama, and showing that he is a man who is doing the best he can to seize his bit of the American dream, while also running a REALLY shitty Quik-E-Mart.

If he was just some stereotype of the people that I have talked to in real life on the other end of a help line saying that their name is John Smith and they live in Cleveland (bullshit!), then maybe I could see where they’re coming from.  But Apu is a great character, who is funny, smart enough to run his own store, and has a family that he busts ass to provide for.  All of which we get to see as the series has gone on.  Oh, but he has an exaggerated accent.  That’s all that matters to the social justice retards.  As we’ve seen with Anita Sarkeesian, context be damned, there is one thing that they can latch onto, so they will hang on until death.

But as I said, The Simpsons didn’t take the bait, and basically told them to fuck off in a very good response.  What shocked me, though, was how the SJWs on the Internet lost it about their response.  They really should have seen this coming.  Anyone remember the episode where Lisa decides to make a stand about girls not being in a youth football team, and then Flanders totally deflates her by saying they have four girls already, and then inviting her to play as well?  I loved it.  What blows my mind is that instead of the Internet asking why the hell this show is still going when it is so clear that they have run out of ideas, we are getting pissy about something that NOBODY cared about 20 years ago.  Not one fucking person.  Gotta love SJWs.

Next up, we got conservatives showing that they are bone-dead terrified of anything even vaguely sexual, and are so horribly sexist to believe that teenage boys need to be sheltered from it, because the second something vaguely sexual enters their vision, they are immediately incapable of looking away or focusing on anything else.  I hate my own species and even I know this is bullshit.  What am I talking about?  You’re gonna love this.

A teenage girl named Lizzie Martinez had a really bad sunburn that was healing, and because her bra strap was really uncomfortable with that sunburn on her shoulders, she decided not to wear one.  Now, realizing that there may be some odd looks on this, she wore a long-sleeve, loose-fitting t-shirt.  But that wasn’t enough.  Why?  Well, because her nipples were perky and the dean (who is a woman.  Keep that in mind) decided that this was going to be too much temptation for the boys at school to deal with.  What happened next?  You’re gonna love this.

First, the dean had her put on a shirt underneath that.  Then she had her jump around!  Are you kidding me?!  Is this a secret fantasy that this person had?  Well, when that was deemed insufficient, they came up with an even better idea.  Even thinking about this makes me laugh because of how stupid it is.  She had her take four band-aids, and put two of them criss-crossed over her nipples.  That’s right, they essentially had her make herself DIY pasties.  I’m fucking dying.

Naturally, Ms. Martinez was more than a little insulted by this.  As she had every right to be.  Her entire treatment through this was fucking humiliating and degrading.  From having to bounce her boobs for the dean, to then having to make pasties for them.  That is disgusting.  Someone rightfully pointed out that if the dean was a man, this sort of thing would be causing such a massive shit-storm.  But the school came back with a totally bullshit defense – that not wearing a bra is a violation of their dress code.  Wow.  And this degrading performance the dean made this girl do?  What was that?  School policy?  Sick fucks.

I just love how terrified of anything even remotely sexual conservative America is.  It always puts a smile on my face.  Do these people believe that teenage boys are one nipple poking through a shirt away from turning into gorillas?  Really makes me wonder why they are so against Islam.  They are so much alike in terms of cultural perspective on women.  Maybe she can show up to school in a burka?  Would that be enough?  Give it a try, Lizzie.  You got my support.  After all, then you can’t possibly be showing anything sexual.  No leading those boys into temptation now!

Not kidding with what I said about conservatives and Islam, by the way.  Both of them treat boys like they are one poking nipple or bit of cleavage away from becoming rapist animals.  It’s so insulting.  And this girl got to suffer that ideology for someone who should rightfully be kicked out of there for sexual harassment.  That’s what would happen to any man in their position.

Until next time, a quote,

“Never argue with stupid people.  They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” – Mark Twain

Peace out,


Black Panther and SJW Racism (Against Black People)

Something I have always and will always believe is that the people who say that they are the ones who are leading the charge against a cause are typically undermining it to one extent or another.  As an example, more and more male feminists are being outed as sexual predators.  Turns out, unless you are a Ryan Wiley little bitch, a lot of these guys are just using it to troll for pussy.  Who would of thought?  Then there are the religious groups against pedophilia, which there are some truly amazing stories of pedophiles within their ranks.

One thing that routinely comes up in what I see is how SJWs are some of the most bigoted groups of all, but not against white people.  It’s against other people.  One of my favorite forms of racism/sexism that they propagate is the racism/sexism of lowered expectations.  “We need to lower our standards for intelligence or academic achievement because X group can’t measure up!”  These people say that society is too hard for X group, and so it needs to change because they are either too stupid or too weak to be able to handle it.  That sort of thing always blows my mind.

The Black Panther film is coming out next month, and I have seen all kinds of ridiculous things being said by the regressive left about this film.  My favorite is that it’s the first black superhero film.  Whoever did that article deleted it pretty fast when the Internet sleuths were up their ass within seconds.  Much like the person who wrote the article about how the captain in Star Trek: Discovery is the first black captain was rightly vilified.  Or there are the people who wrote articles about how the fictional nation of Wakanda is how Africa would look if it wasn’t for the white man.  A statement so ludicrous that it makes me chuckle a little.  Then there was this little nugget of bullshit that made me stop for a second.

This whole diatribe is racist.  It really is.  Against black people.  Why?  Because these people apparently believe that being able to identify with a black person is something that someone has to learn.  You can’t just be born with empathy (or “cinematic empathy,” as this retarded writer put it) and be able to identify with a person because of our shared human experience.  It’s something you have to be taught.  Unbelievable.  Does that mean that this person had to be taught not to hate black people?  It’s what they believe “white nerds” have to be, so clearly it means that they weren’t born with empathy towards other races.

I also hate how it’s “white nerds” who are so fucking racist.  If there is ANY group of people who is open to other races and other cultures, it is nerds.  There is real data to back this up.  Since nerd culture is now millennial culture, it has been shown that this latest generation is the most open and accepting culture that has ever been.  And the larger part of that are nerds.  The media likes to characterize nerds as the kids who are on voice chat in CoD calling people racial epithets or attacking women because they are playing video games.  Meanwhile, there are pictures from Cons and nerd events showing people of all stripes,  There was a great juxtaposition of a social justice event filled with white people, while a fighting game tournament had people of every ethnic group you can think of representing.

Nerd culture has always been the dog that the powerful can kick around.  As much as I would like to count myself among them, I’m a pathetic hipster who doesn’t stream on Netflix (I do DVDs because a lot of what I want to watch doesn’t stream.  Not gonna wait for the off-chance for it to come to their streaming service one day when I want to watch it now) and works in a cubicle getting yelled at on the phone all day.  Nerds are easy to make fun of.  They’re typically socially awkward, they engage in hobbies that as much as nerd culture has become part of the mainstream, the really devoted practitioners of it are still treated like shit.

With all the vitriol being thrown around about white people being so awful, is it any wonder nerd culture is so done with this?  You have people like a Samoan man I work with who was with me in hoping that this film doesn’t go the “white man is evil” route.  He made a joke about him not being white and still thinking that because he wants a good comic book film, not a sermon with a man in a superhero outfit.

Do these people just not think that I’ve ever seen a black person in a film and been able to empathize with them?  I saw the original Blade and empathized just fine with the cruel nature of Blade’s existence, and the tragedy when his mentor and friend dies, and the reality that he is stuck in a war he will likely never win.  I identified with Solomon Vandy in Blood Diamond trying to do the right thing and being led along by a man only in it for himself.  I identified with Imad ad-Din al-Isfahani in Kingdom of Heaven, who couldn’t kill Balian because he had shown him kindness when he could have kept him as a slave or murdered him outright.  Not a black character, but you see my point.  Only watch the Director’s Cut of that film.  It’s amazing.  Oh, and one last superhero reference, I could identify with Spawn’s plight in the HBO animated series of the character, who is both a black character and voiced by the implacable Keith David.

This idea that us nerds are just these virulent racists who go around hating black people and who have never seen a black character and empathized with them is a ridiculous stereotype that is rooted NOWHERE in fact.  Not one goddamn place.  It’s a belief by people who subscribe to a mindset with all the fervent passion of a fucking religion.  That’s what SJWs have – a religion.  The Church of the Regressive Left.

Until next time, a quote,

“I had to remind myself to breathe.” – Lewis Black

Peace out,