Sex Robots Offend Feminists (A response to Feminist Current)

Do you all remember when anything about sexuality had the Christian right up in arms?  I miss those days.  Now it’s the feminist left who hates everything that men do with their dongs and their sexual needs, to the point of outright claiming that men’s sexual needs don’t exist.  Meanwhile, they will canonize female sexuality to the point that a man has to ask his partner if he can continue thrusting every ten seconds or else it’s rape.

And there is more and more push-back against this.  From the app where both parties would confirm their consent for sex beforehand, so men would have an airtight piece of evidence if they stuck their dick in crazy and get called a rapist after completely consensual sex.  Naturally the feminists were outraged.  Men finding ways to fight back against their insanity is always a bad thing, no matter how justified their reaction, after all.  That’s the “patriarchy” for ya.  And now we have a new contender to the throne of feminists outrage over bullshit – sex robots.  That’s right a robot that you have purely for sex that does not have sentience is a feminist issue.  Because of course it is.  I swear, one day the existence of men at all will be a feminists issue.  If women like the Femitheist are to be believed, it’s one that should be rectified with castration.  Here’s a link to this retarded article, now let’s talk about it.  And for the record, I am not a MGTOW.  Had some SJW call me that recently because I find modern feminism ridiculous.

Sex robots epitomize patriarchy and offer men a solution to the threat of female independence

Hey, ladies, I’m gonna let you in on a little something – THE ROBOTS AREN’T REAL WOMEN!  Retards!  Oh, let’s get through this.

People love to pretend as though everything from prostitution to pornography to sex dolls are a solution to not only men’s supposed loneliness and unmet sexual “needs,” but to their violent, perverse desires.

Wow.  I love this.  Because men don’t really have loneliness issues or sexual frustration.  Not at all.  Because no man is ever without sex.  Since we live in some mythical patriarchy, I can just go outside and grab a woman and start banging her.  That’s totally how this works, right?  The condescension of these people blows my fucking mind.

Similarly, men have claimed sex robots are the perfect solution to their apparent inability to stop raping and abusing women, as well as their inability to socialize with women as though they are actual human beings.

Citation, please.  What man, anywhere, has EVER said this?  Yes, because I have a massive urge to rape all women all the time.  This is so fucking insulting to men.  I have NEVER felt the urge and could NEVER bring myself to ever force myself onto another person, male or female.  The idea of sexually assaulting someone makes me sick.  I like it rough, but I go into that with people who understand safe words and I am very good about aftercare for those I have a kinky scene with.  I actually know how to be good with my partner in rough sex.  But I have never felt the urge to force myself on any woman.  Sure, I am currently going through some loneliness and sexual frustration issues, but there isn’t a single part of me that wants to force myself onto another person.  Fuck this stuck-up cunt.  I don’t use that word lightly.  This is such a disgusting generalization of men, and the fact that this woman believes it makes her the lowest form of scum imaginable.

In other words, Harmony is a dream woman — the perfect date. Men can pretend they value human interaction, while remaining completely dominant and enjoying an entirely one-way relationship.

What environment fosters this level of sexist bigotry?  I am dying to know.  Listen here, bitch, I would like nothing more than a two-way relationship.  Because I love to cook and talk to people, having a partner that I can make delicious food for while chatting about our views on life, politics, video games, movies, or whatever sounds wonderful.  Your beliefs about my gender is so disgusting, that it honestly makes me think – no wonder men are choosing to go to sex robots.  If I had the choice between a robot and someone as heartless as you, I’d go with the robot.  At least she wouldn’t treat me like shit for the genitals I have.  I’m assuming you’re a lesbian.  Hopefully women see you for the harpy that you are too.

Feminism has insisted, over decades, that women are human, that we don’t exist for men, and even that we don’t need men.

But remember, feminism is about helping BOTH genders!  Really!  *cough*Bullshit!*cough*

The misogynerds at Abyss Creations say they are “inventing the future of sex,” but what they’ve actually succeeded in creating is the epitome of male domination.

Oh, so these people who created Harmony are also misogynists too.  And your evidence is…what, exactly?  You continually make broad generalizations about men and it just bugs me.  Plus, it’s so obvious how fucking butthurt you are that people are finally making robots because real women are now more concerned about you respecting their identity as a poly-kin non-binary  wolf with Hitler as a headmate than about a relationship with you.  In a world where men and male sexuality is demonized and it’s now trendy to hate men because of their sexuality, how on Earth is the creation of a sex robot even a little surprising?  My girly-mate who is staying with me right now genuinely doesn’t believe that this kind of mindset is going to find cultural ground at large, but the truth is that it already has, and reactions like this bitch’s are proof of it.  A product made for lonely men is created by misogynists because all men want to rape women.  At least if this medusa is to be believed.

They don’t bleed, cry, vomit, or feel pain, which even porn stars can’t avoid doing when abused, as they so often are on film.

I’m gonna send this to Mercedes Carrera and see if she agrees with it.  As a woman who is very proud of her identity as a pornstar, I’m sure that her opinion on this issue would carry a lot of weight.

The robots, when they go on sale, will start at $15,000 each. The company also sells a more affordable option — for only $100 you can buy the bottom half of a woman’s face, to stick your penis into at will.

Hey ladies, for $20 you can buy a dismembered penis to stick into your vagina at will.  Oh, right, never mind.  Female sexuality is canonized.  It’s only sexist when men do it.  That’s the feminist mantra in a nutshell.

When he asks Harmony if she wants to walk, she responds, “I don’t want anything but you.” On the rare occasions she is allowed to communicate an opinion, it is immediately followed by insecurity: “What do you think about that?” Harmony asks McMullen timdly, after stating she would like to have sex with “both genders.”

I guess the writer of this article is unaware that Harmony isn’t self-aware.  It isn’t a fully-realized AI.  It has pre-programmed responses that it learns based on user input.  All responses are part of its code.  See, if Harmony was self-aware and had real emotions and real thoughts on things, saying that people using her only for sex and not caring about what she thinks might have some weight.  But she isn’t self-aware.  To put in Mass Effect terms – while she may be able to feign real feelings or sentience, she is just a VI.  Hell, it might even be convincing, I haven’t seen any videos of Harmony, but in the end, she still isn’t aware of what she is or where she is.  Just going off the code she is given.

These sex robots strike me as an MRA/gamer’s dream come true.

Hey, women who game, you are an MRA and all gamers want sex robots because none of us can handle real women.  I fucking hate this person so much.  It’s blatantly obvious that her butthurt is just overflowing here and she can’t help herself when she does nothing but make insults about the people who could use this product and generalizes men as much as she can.  Now she’s going after gamers too.  I bet she has a view in her head of gamers as the men in that episode of South Park playing WoW.  What is wrong with this woman?

Kleeman writes of a computer engineer named Douglas Hines who initially created robots to mimic friends and loved ones who had passed on or to communicate with, say, family members who could no longer speak, due to age or disability, but moved into the sex robot industry because he (rightly) figured it would be more profitable.

Not seeing the problem here.  A market for robots that can mimic dead loved ones is an interesting idea, but clearly wouldn’t be very profitable.  It makes sense to make a product that you want to sell to a demographic who you can see interested in it.

Similarly, McMullen says Harmony and her sister robots exist “for people who can’t interact with other people.” It’s not at all coincidental that this argument is the exact same one used in defense of prostitution. Women’s objectification and exploitation is always defended of the basis of some imagined defenseless, sad, disabled, lonely man who is confined to his house either due to mental or physical conditions or some kind of crippling shyness, and is completely harmless — a victim more than anything else. Prostitution, like sex robots, is claimed to be just about “making someone happy,” as McMullen puts it, and nothing more.

God, bitch, what is wrong with you?!  “I’m gonna make fun of this imagined lonely man who is so desperate for company that they will shell out money for a VI robot!  Because fuck that loser!”  That’s what I hear when I read this.  It REEKS of the most crude gendered insults imaginable, going after groups of men that it’s trendy to hate.  What a complete sociopath this hag is.  I fucking hate her so much.  That would be like me making fun of a lonely woman who has body issues for getting a dildo, which is something I would never do.  What kind of upbringing creates someone this devoid of empathy?  I’m just dying to know.  I would never encourage violence on anyone, but if this chick just happened to stumble down a well, I’m not shedding tears for her.  It’s pretty obvious she wouldn’t be for me.  Or any man, for that matter.

I hear feminists say over and over “what if you have a mother or a sister?!”  Well, I guess this bitch doesn’t have a father or brothers, because all the vitriol she throws at men make it clear that she hates this gender and wishes nothing but illness upon it.

The dream girl is, as always, not human.

No sugartits.  She just isn’t you.  Or anyone like you.  She’s someone with empathy who I can talk to and who likes my cooking.  But you have no empathy, so you don’t fall into that category.  Fuck your article, and fuck you.

Until next time, a quote,

“You are threatened by sex dolls and sex bots because you know you have absolutely nothing to offer another human being. Prove me wrong!” – ShoeOnHead

Peace out,



Sex Robots Are Going to be a Thing. Accept It.

You know who doesn’t like sex?  Social justice types.  Why?  Because they are basically terrified of their bodies and want the rest of the world to feed their sad little need to live in a hugbox that probably doesn’t have a mirror one in it.  The average social justice warrior is so scared of sex that anything that glorifies or even acknowledges human sexuality is labeled the enemy.  They also are very good at not paying attention to history.  After all, if you learn too much, then you might question their established doctrine.  This becomes especially interesting when you look at how they are reacting the the prospect of this dystopian cyberpunk future that we are headed towards.  I am talking, of course, about sex robots.

Let’s digress a bit and talk about history.  I know, context is icky to the typical social justice, third wave feminism crowd.  But let’s talk about it.  The Internet that they so cavalierly use to shout and rant and scream about how oppressed they are started as a system for the military.  The Internet found its beginnings in war.  The airplane?  War.  The cell phone?  War.  Pretty much every modern technology has its roots in conflict.  Then, the industrious among us then go and take that technology and make it applicable for the rest of the world.  Which leads to the next side.  Whenever a new technology is developed, it goes from first being used for war, and then being used for something else – sex.  How long do you suppose it was that the Internet became a thing that porn then became a thing too?  When the cell phone app was a thing, how long do you think it took for someone to come up with apps like Tinder?  Throughout history, this story is replayed over and over again.  We first use technology for war, then we figure out how to use it for sex.  It’s a pattern, and it’s one that is not going to stop.

Already, the integration of robots for war is a thing.  We have drones, which have become the staple of modern warfare.  Killing people with the pressing of a button.  We sure are taking the soul out of war, aren’t we?  As robotics becomes more and more prevalent, we are going to be using robots to kill people more.  That’s already begun, and it can’t be stopped.  The likes of Stephen Hawking may say that we desperately need to not do that, but when did humanity ever really learn from history?  Never.  And we never will.  It’ll eventually destroy us, and that’s fine.  No joke, since I accept it, I am fine with it.  Humanity’s time was up ages ago, anyway.  So, we have checked off the usage of robots for war.  What’s left…?

Sex, of course.  The reality is that, as this technology develops, we are going to be looking for ways to apply it to sex.  The reason why is simple – there are a TON of lonely people in this world.  Look at the world that social media has created.  It’s sad, lonely, and full of people who can’t find love or companionship to save their lives.  I know, because I’m one of them.  Dating is a nightmare, and meeting people is exhausting and often goes nowhere.  It is just too much work, and people are more and more not wanting to bother.  So, when there are machines that can look and act like a person, minus all the emotional baggage or the crushing judgmental attitude that is the staple of modern society (seriously, have you noticed how big of assholes we have all become?  I’m not excluding myself.  I’m a dick like the rest of you).  A person who is lonely and has no ability to connect with people can now find some release without the feeling of shame in getting a hooker.  Or the massive financial obligation of that.

What is the social justice crowds beef with this?  Well, according to a robot ethicist said that it would “reinforce stereotypical gender roles.”  Um…this is dumb.  Why is it dumb?  Because, I’m gonna level with ya – if sex robots, like the kind in AI, were real, I guarantee you that there application wouldn’t be in typical gender roles.  You’d have some poor nerd who wants to be with Black Widow getting exactly what he wishes for.  You’d have some of the strangest relationships that you can possibly imagine.  I bet that it would actually get kind of interesting.  Sure, there would be the guy wanting to bang the French maid, but you’d have all sorts of combinations.  If anything, I think that typical gender roles would fly out the window.  And don’t think that I am excluding ladies from this.  There would definitely be women who partake of this.  How many of them would be publicly SJWs, while closet sex robot fiends?  If we’ve learned nothing else from Butts, it’s that the SJWs have a plethora of skeletons that they don’t want to talk about.  Men and women would be making strange and bizarre sexual connections with machines.  As the artificial intelligence evolves, we might see situations like in Her, where these people form romantic attachments with these machines.  They would become more than things to fuck.  They would become mechanical people to love.

And once-again, let’s totally ignore the fact that gay and lesbian people would end up using sex robots as well.  Even the trans crowd is likely to get in on the fun.  But don’t tell SJWs that.  It gets in the way of their narrative for how women are objectified.

This is all very grand thinking, but the point is that we don’t know where the deal with robots made for sex will end.  There is a grander point that we are headed to.  A day may come when robotics are so advanced that you have no idea if you are dating a person or a robot.  Now there’s a mindfuck for ya.  But that’s the interesting thing.  So when I hear SJW types complaining about this, I think to myself – these people are actually against any form of development of our culture.  They want the culture to exist in a perpetual state of now.  To homogenize civilization into a blend of nothing, where no one can get offended or think beyond the screens of their laptops or phones.  That is the world that they want.  I can’t even imagine how awful and boring their utopia would be.  A world where ethnic groups never blend, expression is curtailed in the name of “tolerance.”  Where we are totally cool with pedophiles.  No joke, that is something they are trying to get happening.  It’s madness.  But it’s the world they want to live in.  A dead, empty, shallow world where no one feels anything too strongly.  Because that me be “privilege.”

Sex robots is going to happen.  Make peace with that as you need.

Until next time, a quote,

“Our wretched species is so made that those who walk on the well-trodden path always throw stones at those who are showing a new road.”  – Voltaire

Peace out,