2060: The Year Humanity Begins to End

Saw this story about a new study done that shows that the sperm count among human males is rapidly declining.  Over the last 30 years it has dropped off.  At the current rate that it goes, the vast majority of human males are going to be completely infertile by 2060.  The cause of this decline is yet unknown.  So even if we learn what it is tomorrow, the chances that we can fix whatever is wrong with our species is nil.  I am loving this news.  I love the shit out of it.  Because it seems that everything Carlin said about humanity and our effect on this planet was true.

One of my favorite bits by George Carlin was him ragging on this idea that we need to save everything now.  We’ll save the trees, the whales, those particular snails.  Everyone is going to save something.  Now it’s coming out that while we are so busy trying to save the whole goddamn planet, humanity is on the verge of death.

Naturally, the SJW media was all over this.  See, the study where it was found that sperm counts are dropping had the most definitive results in western countries, but not in Asian or African ones.  Which to me isn’t a surprise.  How big a sample size could they have had in a lot of those places?  It’s too easy to show that in Asian countries birth rates are already starting to plummet.  Japan is at a point where they are about to have a year where more people die than are born.  I’ve said before how I think the fact that other western nations are following suit is a good thing.  We need the human race to descend by some.  Too bad I didn’t see that that number is about to go off a fucking cliff.  Though, given the fact that western nations have a much larger exposure to crap than other countries, maybe it is just a First World thing.  As I said, the SJW media was all over how great this is.  Yeah, die, all you westerners!  Let’s let the Africans inherit the world!  Too bad that without modern medicine from the west, even if they are immune from whatever is happening to the rest of the world, they will die off in massive numbers from diseases.  Saw this retarded SJW who actually believes that without white people, Black Panther would be a true story.  Hilarious.  Yeah, read the book “Guns, Germs, and Steel,” you fucking retard.

For my part, it’s genuinely refreshing to know that humanity’s time is coming to a close.  We find out why this is happening tomorrow, and I guarantee that corporate America would fight against it just as we fight against accepting that climate change is a real thing.  A chunk of ice the side of Rhode Island just broke off Antarctica, but let’s talk about how it’s all bullshit.  Hilarious.  Corporate America will do everything they can.  And the libertarian dumbfucks will sing about how people dying off is a good thing because of the free market.  The SJWs will all get into a big circle and sing about the death of humanity like it’s the best thing ever.  It will be the last gasp of a species with all this promise, who chose to do nothing with it.

I was always hoping that I would get to be one of the last people on the planet as humanity finally brought our time on this world to a close.  Alas, that won’t be the case.  It seems we now have definitive proof that the generation who comes after us is almost-certainly going to be the last.  It’ll be like Children of Men, only with the true heartbreak being that humanity could have done great things.  Instead, we spent all this time making iPhones and other crap when we could have at least colonized Mars.  So for all you people in your 20’s who are thinking about having kids, I say best not to.  What’s the point?  You’d be condemning the generation you breed with the reality that we are doomed and there really is no point in fighting to continue the species.

It’s too funny for words.

Until next time, a quote,

“The planet’s not going anywhere.  We are!  Pack your shit, folks.  We’re going away!” – George Carlin

Peace out,



A Lack of Vision With Programmable Matter

Something I haven’t talked much about is the fact that I am a transhumanist.  I believe that humanity is quickly coming to the point where we can get past our biological limitations with technology.  And I am all for that.  There are a whole bunch of reasons why.  So when I see articles about this new concept that is coming up in the world of DARPA research, it gets my mouth watering.  Programmable matter!  The ideas that come to mind are endless.  The article in the link above said that the truth is that the limits of this technology are only where the human imagination can go, after it gets developed further.  A statement like that makes my mouth water.  So then, when I see their list of practical applications, I am kind of shocked at how limited their vision is.

For me, there is one thing that comes to mind – biological engineering applications.  After all, biology is matter, right?  The physical body is just biological materials that are set into a certain patterns based on the DNA of the individual.  Clusters of specialized cells that are arranged just so to accomplish the tasks of living as a human being.  That’s what the human body is.  So, with that in mind, what is stopping the biological from becoming programmable matter?

I realize that what I am talking about is tens, maybe dozens of years ahead of where we are now.  But given the speed at which technology grows, is it really that far-fetched?  Because I can see even further!  The “soul” as people call it is just chemicals and processes of the brain.  Whose to say that this couldn’t be moved from one body to the next?  Just think about it!  A cancer victim who is dying, what if a body could be fabricated via programmable biological matter to move their brain into?  The man who gets crushed by a car could be saved, purely by putting their brain’s chemistry into another mind.  If the limits are just our imaginations, then perhaps my imagination is further along.

We are already learning how to fabricate organs via 3D printing.  I’m talking about taking this technology to the next level.  Fuck the ethical implications!  Sorry.  Maybe I’m getting a little wrapped up in it.  But I think we are letting ourselves be slowed down.  Now is the time for us to go big!  This technology is in its infancy still.  We’re still making basic shapes and other basic forms.  I know there are great things ahead.  We can’t afford to let ourselves be stopped now.

My body is rotting away.  My feet are dead, and one day they are going to rot off.  It’s why I exercise the way I do.  Diabetes runs in the family, and if I ever contracted that, I would be so fucked.  My heart doesn’t work right.  I am going to require major open-heart surgery to solve the problem.  After my head injury I am one back knock on the head away from death.  My neck can’t move.  I can’t feel where I’m walking.  I just keep it going through muscle memory.  It is EXHAUSTING to live the way I do, and I am quite frankly tired of it.  I know something better is out there.  This kind of technology could save me from total degradation.  As my friend Kathryn says, trust and believe, if there was an opportunity for me to become a test subject for the kind of research I am talking about, then I would be there without a second thought.  Fuck the consequences!  I get one chance to live, and I am tired of wasting it in a body that doesn’t work right.

But more than that, just think of the implications!  Creating bodies on the cheap.  Imagine if you could move minds from one body to the next!  It sounds like science fiction, but if everything in the mind really is just chemistry, then whose to say that it couldn’t be done?  We have technology right now to visualize ones thoughts.  It’s kind of Orwellian, but at the same time kind of cool.  I see the possibilities.  To take humanity to the next level.  To make it so that disease and things like that are no longer a death sentence.  We already have a new untreatable strain of gonorrhea that is spreading rapidly.  The reality is that the day is coming when having to get surgery is a death sentence due to untreatable bacteria.  It’s not something that is a ways off and we can worry about it when it happens.  It’s happening now!  Hospitals all over the country are becoming infested with these diseases.  Diseases we made.  That’s right, our over-prescribing of drugs is the reason that these pathogens exist.  Nice work, humanity.  The hypochondriacs who need drugs for every sniffle are the reason our species is fucked.  Well done.  However, we can get ahead of this.  If finding better immunizations is impossible, and more hardcore drugs won’t work, then we have to find another way around this.  I think my idea might work.

So I’m not just wanting this for my own sake.  I want it to help this species overcome our own shortcomings.  But maybe it’s all just science fiction.  If anyone has an alternative, let me know.

Until next time, a quote,

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.” – Anton Checkov

Peace out,


The Infinite Space

There’s something that you should know about me – I don’t believe in free will.  I think that all the decisions that people claim that they have the power to make are illusions.  Everything that could happen already has happened, and we are powerless to change the nature of our fate.  It’s not because of some divine being.  In fact, when one truly thinks about this idea that I have, the existence of a divine being becomes even more ridiculous.  Because it makes the idea of lording over this one universe that much less impressive.  I know what you’re thinking – how can you possibly believe that?  How can all choices just be an illusion?  Simple – the Infinite Space.

Let me explain.  I believe that the universe that we exist in is but one of the infinite number of possibilities that exist in an endless ocean of possibilities..  These possibilities are connected through forces unknown.  It sounds like a bold declaration.  But let me give you something to chew on.  Here’s a video from Minute Physics about the Schrodinger’s Cat paradox.

This video got me to thinking about so much stuff.  Why?  Because the concept is interesting..  We don’t know what the truth is until we look to see if the cat is dead or alive.  It truly is both.  How can that be?  The answer seemed pretty obvious to me – both possibilities have to exist.  It can’t be one or the other.  But where is that other possibility?  Easy – the Infinite Space.  In that place, there is a reality where the cat is dead, if we look and kitty is alive (we love kitty!).  There is no other way.  Quantum physics is trying to figure out the answer, but I think that this makes a lot of sense.

Many of my favorite works of fiction have toyed with the concept.  In Bioshock Infinite, there is a kind of particle that can break the bounds between the spaces.  The Lutece’s figure out how to harness it and use it to break the bonds between worlds in the Infinite Space.  Elizabeth has the ability to open doors between the spaces between worlds, but there was a time when she was able to create them on her own.  She called it a form of wish fulfillment.  Whatever she wanted, she just had to concentrate and she could open a door to that thing.  It’s crazy stuff.  While that was interesting, it all ended on a note of disbelief, where Booker is killed and that someone closes the door to all possibilities.  Yet you hear in the end that there is still a universe where he is alive and everything happens as it is supposed to.  So I guess she still failed.

Next up is Rick and Morty.  In this series, they have repeated instances where they go into alternate universes in order to do things.  But the one that really got me was the episode where Morty wants Rick to create a love potion for him to get his girl, and it spirals out of control until they reach a point where Rick had destroyed all of reality and there seems to be no way to put it right.  So he doesn’t.  Instead, he finds a universe that exists where he manages to solve the entire problem, and then both him and Morty die.  The two then bury themselves and carry on.  It is implicated that this strategy is one that Rick has used before, as he says that they won’t get too many opportunities to do this again.  I love the grim undertones of that show.  It really takes all the hijinks in the series and makes them out to have horrific, ongoing consequences.

Finally, there is my favorite game of last year – Life is Strange.  This series did something similar to Bioshock Infinite, but it took the concept a little further.  See, it has Max be given the ability to control time.  But is she truly controlling time?  I did a post about this (link here), but I’ll give my main points here.  When Max uses her talent, you see something interesting.  She remains in a given place, but time moves around her.  It’s how you are able to use it to sneak past guards or get into places without other people knowing it.  But what happens to those timelines that she leaves?  The implication is that they keep going.  So the timeline that Max and Chloe blow up the door to the Principal’s office still happened.  As is the one where (if you are really dumb and couldn’t resist trying everything) Chloe accidentally shoots herself when you’re messing with David’s gun.  Worse still, there is the one where Max saved William and ended up paralyzing and potentially killing Chloe.  That reality continues with Chloe’s parents being destroyed and Max being solely to blame.  But the end of the game fucks that up and makes it just like the Bioshock Infinite ending where you can just go back in time and stop it from happening by stopping the catalyst.  But that wouldn’t have stopped the tornado.  I talked in another post about how dumb the ending to this game was (please don’t make another season.  It can only get worse).  I still love it, but like Mass Effect 3, the ending crashes and burns.

What a digression all of this was.  My point in all of this is that I believe that all possibilities exist in the Infinite Space.  An endless space where every outcome exists in its own reality.  I don’t think there is a way that one could possibly see this, but I like the one in Cosmos, where it’s like this huge area of interconnecting lights that stretch out for forever, with each light being a possibility.  Within the Infinite Space, there are endless possibilities.  There is a universe where the first girl I ever loved and I are together.  There’s a nice thought.  There’s a universe where I chose to turn down the PR company that ended up being a disaster for me.  There’s a universe where I didn’t lost my first apartment.  It is an endless sea of possibility.

But there’s an interesting idea that a girly-mate of mine posed to me – what if there were realities that touched one-another?  I got to thinking about that.  If we are to believe the Infinite Space is a real thing, and all of these universes are connected through a larger tapestry of existence, then I don’t see why universes couldn’t touch one-another.  There are likely points, countless in number, that our universes have touched one-another and even interacted.  I can hear the counter-point –

Then why wouldn’t we know about it?  Wouldn’t there have been like people or something coming through?

It’s hubris on our part to think that only our world or our species could be affected.  There are endless possibilities for how our universes would interact when making contact.  It could also affect anything.  There are countless instances of unexplained things happening.  Any number of those could be our universe interacting with another in an unforeseen way.

The goal of sciences like quantum physics is to understand stuff like this, and I acknowledge that my perception is simply conjecture that is based on what I have taken in and conclusions I have reached.  Could totally be wrong.  Part of the fun with science is finding out.  What do you think about my hypothesis (yes, hypothesis.  It cannot be a theory because there is currently no evidence for it.  For all those who say that evolution is “just a theory”)?  Let me know in the Comments.

Until next time, a quote,

“The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge.” – Daniel J. Boorstin

Peace out,


The Europa Mystery: Part 10

Several more hours had passed in silence.  I just sat there, being held by Lucas.  He couldn’t think of anything to console me.  I could think of anything that didn’t make me want to cry more.  Angie, sweet, beautiful Angie.  Her cute little smile, her quiet demeanor.  I wanted to lay my head in her lap and have this all be a dream.  But reality was rearing its ugly head each time I tried to dream.  Then the door opened and the man who had been patrolling came in with two metal trays.  There was a section at the bottom of the barred entrance that opened, with him shoving the trays in.  The bars shut, and the man left.
“I’m guessing that that is dinner.”  He got up and shuffled over.  My stomach made some noise.  Guess some food couldn’t hurt.
The trays had a plastic cover, which we pulled back.  Steam came out.  Why were the trays not hot?  That’s neat.  Maybe they only looked metal.  Neat.  The food was breaded chicken strips, with rice.  There were peas and carrots as well.  It was in decent portions, too.  I had no idea how long I had been under, but still, having not eaten for an undetermined amount of time, it felt good.
As the two of us ate, part of me wanted to talk about something, anything, to pass the time.  Then a thought came to me.
“Hey Luc.”
“I think there’s something wrong with me.”
He looked over, taking a bite.  “What do you mean?”
“I’ve been having these weird dreams lately.  They’re so vivid, like they are actually happening.  What’s more, the dreams have been coming true!  Exactly as I have seen them.  It’s like, I saw the moment when I was outside of the sub, watching the lights from the coral.  I even heard what you said.  And that wasn’t the first time.  It’s been happening for a couple years.  Granted, ever since I got on this mission, it’s been happening more.”
His face was thoughtful.  “See anything about what happens here?”
I thought for a moment.  “I saw something.  We’re on a ship.  It looked like this.  We’re running down a hall, in suits like the ones we had back on Europa.  There is an explosion in front of us.  It’s so big that we nearly get caught up in it.  All of the air gets sucked out, and us with it.”
Then it hit me.
“Wait, if these dreams are events that are going to happen, then we do get out of here!”
He put an arm around me.  “So it would seem.”
Then the nagging doubt came back.  “What do you think it means?”
There was a pause as he thought.  “I’m not exactly sure, but I’ve read stories that might give me some ideas.”
That got my attention.  “What kinds of stories?!”
He took another bite, then looked at the bars.  “There are people being found, who have talents that people can’t quite understand.  It first appeared on the Colonies orbiting Earth.  In fact, there has never been a confirmed case from anyone who has lived most of their lives planetside.  These people seem to have an understanding of certain things that transcends all boundaries.”
A tad confusing.  “What do you mean?”
“Well, there was one example of a ship Captain who could navigate the stars without using any instrumentation.  He just seemed to have an innate knowledge of where things in space were.  Amazed his crew.  Then another who could feel when there was a flaw in the ship he was on.  The guy was an engineer.  Every time he got a ‘feeling’ about a certain flaw in the ship, the crew knew to check it out.  He was always right.  Always.”
Now this was cool!  “What do they call these people?!”
“Well, there is debate as to whether or not these reports are even accurate.  But among those who have studied this phenomenon, they call them ‘Evolved Humans.’  Or just ‘Evos,’ for short.  Evos are viewed as freaks by people planetside.  Among Colonials, to have Evo qualities is considered an honor.”
This got me all kinds of pumped up.  “So, how are my dreams connected?”
“That part eludes me.  It could be in any number of ways.  However, there is your ability to know how to hack machines.  You’ve been doing it almost all your life.  The moment you were given a Band, you found ways to use it to interface and fuck with machines.  That must have some connection.  Of course, there are no tests, to date, which can detect Evos.  Hence why some people regard them as unreal.  For me, I believe that they are.”
Then a roadblock came to me.  “But wait, my parents have lived on Mars for almost my whole life.”
“None of your family were Colonials?”
I thought for a moment.  “Well, my mom came from a Colonial family.  Third generation.”
“Well, there ya go.  We may have our connection to you being an Evo.”
“Do you believe that Evos are real?”
He got thoughtful for a second.  “I do.  We’ve already got transhumans in the form of cyborgs.  Human evolution could be the next step.  Who knows.”
Again, I had more respect for him.  Eating became much easier after that.  There were so many questions.  If I was an Evo, what did that mean?  Something to research, assuming that I got out of here.

That night, I had another dream.
The world was blurry.  I was sitting in a room, and it was clear that I was in pain.  The pain was everywhere.  I looked down and saw that I was in underwear.  There were red lights that were flickering on the wall behind me.  I was on a bed that was shaped like a heart.  Something, I felt older.  There was another girl.  She wasn’t moving.  I got off the bed, shuffling over to her.  She was in her 20’s.  The blur, I couldn’t make out much about her.  Just the blonde hair.  Blood was flowing out of her mouth.  My ocular interface came online, doing a scan.  There was no pulse.  I was in a room, in my underwear, with a dead person.  Why was my body so sore?  I looked down again.  There were bruises.  Lots of them.  What happened here?!
Part of me wanted to flee, but knew not to.  There was nowhere to go.  This was all there was.  Looking around again, there was a flickering light in the bathroom.  Was someone in there?  Again, it was so painful to drag myself over there.  Why couldn’t I remember what happened?  Something was very wrong.  Opening the door, I saw a man, face-down in the toilet.  The place was a mess.  The smell was rancid.  Everything about this place was wrong.  But what should I do?  Just then, the man looked up.  He started screaming.  Very quickly, I backed off.  Tripped over something, smacked my head on the floor.  Disorientation, screaming, fear.  Every part of me kept thinking that this was just a bad dream and that I was going to wake up from it.
That was when something came into focus.  It was a silver gun barrel.  For a second, time stopped.  The screaming became a droning sound.  The world was on hold.  Just staring down the barrel of that gun.  It was all I could do.  That was when it went off.  I was thrown backwards.  The last thing I saw was my hand, in front of me.  Did I land on my side?  My fingers were twitching, as the world went black.

In a flash, I sat back up, with my voice trying to scream but being unable.  My breath was coming out so fast.  Was that my future?  To die, beaten in some honeymoon suite?!  The fuck it was!  I wasn’t going to let that be how it ends.  I got back on the floor, in front of the camera.  To hell with being caught.  Entering the system again, I was able to retrace my steps.  The code wasn’t changing nearly as often.  The ship was moving again!  This was bad.  It means that they felt that the SDF was not a threat anymore.  Where were they?!  I had to reach them.
Once I was back in the communications grid, I reached out.  Another site-to-site message.  Told them to get their fucking asses in gear.  I was not going to die like that dream!  If what I saw was the future, then I was going to change it.  You bet your fucking ass I was!  To be some hooker with a bullet in her face.  Yeah, not going to happen.
It was done, and I unplugged.  Felt better.  So much better.  Walked over to the cot where Luc was sleeping.  He was against the wall.  Kinda cute.  Snuggled in behind him and put my arm around his waist.  There was a groan.
“Wha…what are you doing?”
“Getting some sleep.”
“But why are you-”
“Sh!  Sleep.”
He didn’t press the issue.  I guess that he could feel my tension.  My dreams were better that night.

The next day was uneventful.  The guy who patrolled this part of the world only came to give us our three-meals-a-day.  Super.  Gave Lucas and I some more time to talk.  I didn’t tell him about the dream.  It would just make him scared.  Not to mention, the memory was too cruel.  Time seemed to drone on endlessly in that place.  The longer the hours went, the more terrified I became.  Was this it?  I end up on TJ and die in a brothel.  A cyborg who meets her end in a whore-house.  The thought was too cruel.  For the first time in all the problems that I was facing, I actually hated that I had gotten involved in the mission to Europa.  Now, it seemed like I had wasted all my time.  What was going to happen?

Several more days passed.  My hope was gone.  Lucas tried to reassure me, but it didn’t help.  Nothing did.  Wished I had some booze.  What did I have to lose?  Or maybe I could get something to smoke.  My mind just checked out.  I was gone.  And that’s when it happened.  The alarms went off.
“All hands, battle stations!  Military forces closing!”
In an instant, my mind focused and I knew what had to be done.  Lucas and I looked at each other.  It was time to leave.  I hacked into the system.  All of their defense systems were focused on the fight.  As suspected, the locks were controlled by a console by the wall.  I hacked into a camera, jumping from one to the other, down the hall.  I got to the end and saw what I was looking for.  With bells on, I got into the system.  The doors opened.
“Let’s get the fuck out of here!”
Lucas looked at his Band.  “We’re gonna need survival suits.  If this is a battle, then there’s going to be a bunch of holes in the ship!”
In an instant, I was back in the system.  “Should be some in a locker connected to the cell block!  This way!”  We took off running.  Wherever our guard was, he wasn’t eager to hang with us.  The light, such as it was, suddenly went out.  The gravity also lessened.  I knew this!
“Mars told me that during combat, they turn off all non-vital systems, to siphon power to the critical ones!”
“We can drift then.  Use the walls for balance.”
Opening the door, the alarm was blaring.  People were drifting around.  They didn’t even notice us.  Guess that the potential to die got these people moving.  We got to the supply room.  These suits weren’t nearly as sleek as the ones that we had back on Europa.
“They’re older models.  Made for mining work.  Oh well, it’ll work!”  Luc was always on top of things.  Having to strip naked would have been awkward, since we had to be in the same room, but fuck it.  I was too eager to be rid of this place to care.  It was time to go home.  While getting suited up, I got back into the system.  They still had our shuttle!  Good.  That meant that I could still get to Angie’s necklace.  All wasn’t lost.  The helmets on these ones wasn’t as sexy as the last suits.  They were all slotted, with each slot having a camera.  It was cool, but not as cool as last time.  Still, our identity was now a total secret, which worked fine for me.  Now we could move quickly and not worry about being seen.  I charted us a route to the Docking Bay.  We were on our way!

About halfway there, it all went to hell.  We were running.  There was still partial gravity, in places.  It was a little awkward, but we had to work with it.  The two of us were heading towards the elevator when smoke and fire lit up in front of me.  As I said before, all that stuff about explosive decompression is bullshit.  Either you have time to get to oxygen tanks or outside the safety doors, or you’re killed in the blast.  Most of the time.  The chances of the kind of decompression in movies is so small that it might as well not exist.  I always was one for betting against the odds.
The two of us were sucked out into space.  It was amazing.  Guns on this ship were sending silent blasts of death towards a series of vessels in the distance.  This ship wasn’t alone.  Others had joined it.  There were fighters that were moving as well, but they were sleek and refined.  The navy’s.  These pirates were out of their depth, and I had a feeling that their captain knew it.  He wasn’t an idiot.
Still, there was now the problem of the two of us floating in space.
“Lucas, what the hell are we going to do now?!”
“Remember what it was like to float in water?  Same deal.  These suits come equipped with jets that use little bursts of air to propel us around.  Won’t take much, out here in vacuum.”  A brief pause as the two of us right ourselves.  This felt better.  “You know a way to get to the Docking Bay?”
I had copied the ship’s layout.  The Band went through a scan, feeding my ocular implants a route.  “Got it!  Follow me!”
The two of us were moving down the hull.  It was so surreal.  I looked to my right and saw a round hit!  Silently, it burst open.  You see vids where there is all the explosions and whatnot in space.  Nope.  Just silent death.  The two of us moved faster, eager to be quit of this potential to die.  The last stop before getting inside was an access port.  Lucas saw the emergency controls and hit the switch and pulled a lever.  The door popped open.  We got back inside, brief sealing and we were back in the ship.  Right outside the Docking Bay.  I hack the door and we are in.
Like a beacon in the night, I see our shuttle!  We take off running.  Some of the crew asked who we were, but we didn’t bother answering.  They were all too busy with stuff to care too much.  We got to the entrance and I had already input the access code.  Lucas had been busy too.  He was already keying up the activation sequence.  Before I left, I set up a link, through the shuttle, into the ship’s docking controls.  If you could have seen all the craziness that was being displayed on my ocular implants as I worked, you would have been in awe.  We got to the cockpit and took seats.
“Get that door open, Elle!  I want to be done with this place!”
“You and me both!”
It was an emergency override that I had to go to in order to get the Docking Bay entry open.  The crew knew what I was up to.  There was some small-arms fire, right before I made the door fly open and the lot of them were evacuating.
“Nice work!” Luc said.  “Now, get those docking clamps off and I’ll get us out!”
“You got it, boss-man!”
He gave me a look.  Another menu, and we could feel the ship being released.
“Punch it!”
Like he needed to be told twice.  In a flash, the shuttle was out!
“I’ve charted us a course that takes us around this mess.  We shouldn’t register on their screens as the pirates, so they won’t auto-target us.”
This got my attention.  “Shouldn’t we go to the military ships?  I mean, they’re on our side, right?”
Disengaging his helmet, he shook his head.  “No, Elle.  They’re busy with the pirates.  And I don’t know about you, but I’m just aching to get home.  No more delays.  We’re headed home!”
My heart swelled up.  Never would Lucas look more awesome than he did right now, in that grungy suit, at the controls of a shuttle, with us putting the battle behind us.  Just then, there was a message.
“So, you two found your way out, eh?”  It was the captain of the pirate ship.
“That’s right!” Luc snarled.  “Sorry to disappoint!”
The man grunted.  “Hardly!  If anything, I’m impressed!  You two did good.  See you on the other side.”  The line went dead.  The two of us just looked at each other.  We had the same thought – what was that about?  Oh well, what’s done was done.  It was time to get out of the suits.

Another long day, and the two of us were buck-naked in front of each other, stripping out of the suits.  This might have been awkward, had we not just been through hell together.  Getting back into some clean underwear, we headed toward the pods.  I took one last chance to hold Angie’s necklace, wishing I could sleep with it next to me.  Alas, that wasn’t safe.  Worst thing ever.
Standing next to the pods, we looked at each other.
“I’ll see you when we wake up,” Luc said, above a whisper.
“You too.”
I knew that a bond had been formed between us.  One that would go beyond anything else.  It was an amazing feeling.

Until next time, a quote,

“An imminent and painful death has a way of motivating people.”  -Garrus Vakarian, Mass Effect 3

Peace out,


Top 10 Scientifically-Impossible Stories in the Bible

A lot of apologists like Kent Hovind and Ken Ham have tried to make a case for what happened in the Bible being fact and not involving any magic at all.  None.  They say that what happened in there could have happened in real life, and actually did.  There was once a YouTuber called NephillumFree who used to make videos that talked about this.  Those were the days, right?  So many of the hardcore Creationist types try to argue that they don’t believe in magic.  But here’s the thing – that’s not true.  At all.  If you believe in God, then you can’t get around how almost everything he does is magic.  How do I know this?  Well, let’s look at some examples of how this is impossible, using the Bible as our reference point.

10. Samson’s Magic Hair
Book of Judges
Let’s start with a fun example.  The story of Samson is about an insane psychopath who murders the shit out of a ton of people, often in horrific ways.  He ends up with a woman named Delilah, who manages to con the truth about his unfathomable strength from him – his hair.  That’s right, it’s in his hair.  His hair is the key to his strength.  Cut it off, and he’s a complete bitch.  And that’s what his enemies do.  They then rip out his eyes and force him to be their amusement.  He begs God, who decides to break his own dumb rules about the magic power and give Samson back his strength, thereby allowing him to kill everyone there, which is estimated to be over 1,000 people.  So yeah, his hair?!  Are you kidding me?!  He had Hulk strength from his hair?  Please, show me the scientific correlation between hair length and Hulk-levels of strength.  Also, I refuse to believe that there is am an stupid enough to be fooled by his wife three times, when it was obvious that she was manipulating him.  Who can possibly be that stupid?!  So yeah, that is impossible.  His hair!

9. The 10 Plagues of Egypt
Book of Exodus
I don’t think I have to explain this one to you.  Now, some of these are able to be understood.  Like the river becoming blood could have been a blooming form of bacteria.  The locust and fly invasion could have happened in the real world.  But the falling storm of frogs from the sky?  Okay.  The falling of stones from the sky?  Straining credulity.  The real icing on the cake, however, is the story of the death of the first-born.  For real, give me a scientific explanation for this.  I mean, by the story’s admission, an angel walks through the town and does the deed.  So yeah, it’s murder.  But the thing to pay attention to is – it’s murder without a cause that doesn’t involve magic.  This one was an easy mark, we admit.

8. Talking Snake/Magic Tree with Magic Fruit
Book of Genesis
Man, this all feels so easy.  How is it that people actually buy into this like it actually happened?  For starters – snakes do not possess the self-awareness of the mental powers to speak the human language.  Not to mention that it was another magical entity that supposedly took control of it anyway, so yeah.  Then there is the magic tree with the magic fruit.  God says that it contains knowledge.  Telling that the thing that he tells his first creation to stay away from is knowledge.  Religion has always had a problem with people asking questions.  In any case, the fruit on this tree somehow has the ability to give people “knowledge.”  A very vague term, if you really think about it.  Not to mention, it will make them susceptible to death.  A concept that they know nothing about before that.  So yeah, lots of little holes in there.

7. The Virgin Birth (Story of Jesus)
Gospel of Luke and Matthew
Yeah, only two Gospels even talk about this, and both of them have contradicting stories.  But whatever.  Let’s not get bogged down.  Here’s the thing – parthenogenesis (the term for virgin birth) in humans is possible.  In theory, anyway.  However, were it to actually happen, here’s the thing – it could NOT produce male offspring.  That’s right, if we are to believe the story about Jesus’ birth, and to believe that all the things in the Bible are fact, in the real universe where magic doesn’t exist, then Jesus Christ is not a man.  He’s a woman.

6. Lot’s Wife Becoming Salt
Book of Genesis
This one is just patently absurd.  I mean, what is God, the Crimson Alchemist.  That’s the one, right?  He can turn the chemical compounds into explosives.  If memory serves, one of the compounds is salt.  He could alter the chemistry in it to make it into an explosive.  There is no possible way that a human being could instantly be turned to salt.  It’s just more magic in the Bible.

5. Lazarus Being Raised from the Dead
Gospel of John
Now this has been a rather hot-button one among Biblical scholars.  The fact that the story is in only one of the Gospels is telling.  But yeah, Jesus is told by a woman that her husband is dead.  He hears the story and goes to the tomb.  He shouts, “Hey Lazarus, come on out!”  He comes out, his wife feints, and there was much rejoicing (Yay…).  Do I even need to explain this.  According to the story, he had been dead long enough to be decomposing.  He was starting to stink.  Yet he comes out like nothing happened.  It wasn’t like the guy was clawing at the door or something.  Jesus had the tomb opened and called in for the dude to come out.  So yeah, this makes no sense.  Unless Lazarus was a zombie, this is ridiculous.  There is no possible way that someone calling to a dead guy can wake him up.

4. The Entire Book of Revelations
Book of Revelations
There was this great quote by Neil DeGrasse Tyson –

So, for example, if you knew nothing about science, and you read, say, the Bible, the Old Testament, which in Genesis, is an account of nature, that’s what that is, and I said to you, give me your description of the natural world based only on this, you would say the world was created in six days, and that stars are just little points of light much lesser than the sun. And that in fact, they can fall out of the sky, right, because that’s what happens during the Revelation.

In the Book of Revelations, the moon becomes like blood.  There is a best with ten heads and a crown on each head, that eats the baby of a woman.  There are so many points of plot that literally could not happen.  At all.  Ever.  Though do tell me how we are seeing so many signs of it because of random things.  I’m all ears.  Try and show me how it’s all just allegorical.  The last bastion of people who can’t accept that something is bullshit.

3. Creation of Man/Woman
Book of Genesis
So yeah, God decides to make some dirt together, breathe on it, and make a man.  I could end this there and that would be that.  I mean, seriously.  What else is there to say?  There is no possible way that you can shape dirt and make a man.  That is totally insane.  Next, there’s where woman came from.  In one story in Genesis, God creates them at the same time.  In another, there’s another where God tells Adam to lay down.  He then reaches inside of him, pulls out a rib and turns that into a woman.  That is not possible.

2. Noah’s Ark
Book of Genesis
There was a rather phenomenal video made by DarkMatter2525 about this.  I’ll let him explain how this is nuts.

There are two points that he didn’t bring up that I will add.  The first is that the ark that Noah used would have been destroyed.  The largest wooden ship ever created was several times smaller than Noah’s Ark, and it’s own size ended up destroying it, because it twisted in the ocean.  Next – there is no possible rain that would have filled the world with water above Mt. Everest.  Ever.  So yeah, this is insane.

And all of this culminates in the biggest thing that couldn’t scientifically exist in the Bible…

1. God
The Bible
What is the thing that connects the disparate elements of all of these impossibilities?  God.  He is the thing that makes it all possible, if you believe all that to be true.  God is the being with magical powers and the ability to do all of this.  And with so much magic that is connected to this being, then the ultimate thing in the Bible that does not exist, if only the rules of this universe exist, is God.

So, what stories do you know from the Bible that are completely impossible?  Let me know in the comments section.

Until next time, a quote,

“I’m not beating you over the head.  I’m not saying, ‘Learn this, or else!’  It’s an offering.  It’s like, ‘here it is, and here’s why it matters.”  -Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Moyers and Company

Peace out,


The Europa Mystery: Part 7

The first thing I knew as I looked at Atlantis Station, was that something was wrong.  The running lights were almost all out.  There were no craft outside of the Station.  Even when all was well, they would have drones doing continual scans.  The safety procedures here was rigid and inflexible.  I remember when I would send drones out, one had to be careful about hitting other craft.  Learning to pilot also had its safety exercises.  Then there were the bubbles.  Lots of bubbles, rising toward the surface.  I looked at Lucas, and both of us had the same thought – something happened.  Something bad.  I tried to raise them on the comm, but there was nothing.  Given the lack of running lights, there was a large chance that primary power was gone.
“We have to get inside,” Lucas said, finally.
I gave him a quizzical look.  “How?  I mean, if the place is flooded, where would we enter at?”
He thought for a moment.  “I highly doubt the entire facility is flooded.  They had extensive countermeasures in place for when something happened.  Whole sections could be sealed off, down to the smallest access point.  How could something have happened?”
“We won’t learn floating out here.  You’re right.  We have to get onboard.  But the big question is – how?  We can’t dock in an underwater bay.  But if you’re right, one of the bays must be open.”
“How do we figure out which?”
The ball was in my court.  “By going outside.  We got any diving gear?”
He nodded, motioning for me to follow him back to the lab.  We got there and he opened a large storage compartment.  Inside, I saw two suits.  They were gorgeous.  Black, with a shimmery effect on the surface armor.
“Survival suits, Mark V.  These things can survive in deep space or at the bottom of the sea.  Nanotech at its finest!”
A frown came on my face.  “They look pretty big.”
Lucas chuckled.  “Don’t sweat it.  The suits adjust to the size of the wearer.  It truly is one size fits all.  These things could have a person who stands at 7′ in them and be just fine. The gear can grow or shrink, based on the nanotech armor.  Top of the line stuff.  Not even the regular military has it.”
Color me impressed.  “Cool.  Alright, so, how do I get it on?”
He got a little awkward.  “Well, you’re gonna have to strip down to get in the suit.  Not just to your skivvies.  This thing seals directly to you.  It helps monitor your vitals, along with control for other…purposes.  Once you get ready to get in, your visual sync should guide you the rest of the way.  I’ll…wait in the cockpit, until you’re in.”
As he described it, I felt myself go beet red.  I had to get totally naked and slip into what looked to be that cold suit.  Oh, this was not going to be fun.  And what did he mean, ‘other purposes?’  Like is it going to shove a tube up in – never mind!  Didn’t even want to think about that.  All I could do was nod, as he made to leave.  Then he stopped.
“Oh, and your necklace.  Sorry to say, it won’t fit in there.  There are storage containers on the suit, so you can keep it with you.”  He held out his hand.  I slipped the necklace off and handed it to him.  I knew that he wouldn’t do anything damaging to it.  Funny as it sounds, but at that moment, I realized just how much I could trust Lucas.  There was a bond that had formed between us on this mission.  Something deep and real.  We had slept in the lab on the first night.  Told each other stories for hours on end.  You never truly know how amazing your friends are until you see them at their core.  I had seen his, and he had seen mine.  He left the lab and shut the door behind him.
I took a deep breath, stripping down.  Once I was naked, I was freezing.  I typically wore a hoodie that was given to me at the start of the project.  It was warm and fuzzy.  Guess I never thought about how cold it was in this place until now.  I shivered, activating the neural interface.  Instantly, it ID’d the suit and saw that I was trying to do.  Right as the interface started guiding me, the suit opened!  Man, I keep forgetting how cool these neural links are.  I could interface with stuff without having to touch a thing.  The body opened up, allowing me to slip in.  I put in my legs first.  Dear god was it cold!
“Oh, fuck me!”
“Everything alright in there?!” Lucas called.
“Yeah.  Just…little cold.”
I could hear laughing.  Asshole.  Though part of me couldn’t help but laugh too.  As soon as my legs were in, my body went in.  I cannot begin to describe how freezing it was on certain places.  Then my arms slid inside.  It was done.  Right as I got my whole body inside, the suit began to change!  The size constricted.  It was so cool!  Like watching a snake’s scales moving.  Oh yeah, forgot to mention that – the exterior of this thing resembled snake scales, in places.  The suit tightened around me.  All around me.  Everywhere.  Never have I felt more constricted and more feminine than I did with this suit.  Reminding me of my female-ness, one frozen part at a time.  Just then, it all changed. The cold was instantly replaced, with warmth.  It was heaven!  Like I had slipped into a warm blanket.  The mechanisms of the suit were coming online.  As soon as everything was locked in place, I was ready.
“Lucas, come see this!”
Like he needed bidding.  In a flash, he was in the lab.
“How do I look?”
His smile got so big. “Amazing! You’re like one of those super-soldiers, in a holo-vid!”  He held up his Band, snapping a picture.  “So people believe me when I tell them!”
I smiled too.  “Wait, the head part isn’t on.  It’s apparently collapse-able.  Let’s get this in all its glory!”  The interface told the suit to initialize the head segment.  I saw the pieces come up around me.  It was so cool.  Given what Lucas had said, I felt like a badass soldier.  When the segments finished, the visor came online.  My interface acted as a HUD, and I could see the world in a way I never had before.  This was so cool!
“Alright, take a picture!  I want to see!”
He held up his Band again, and it was done.  He sent it to me.  Man, I felt like such a boss!  The head segment was sleek.  Much like the sub, it had no exterior.  A glowing red camera was all there was, right in the center.  That way, there was no structural weakness.  Still, this thing looked awesome.  Black, sleek, with that red eye in the center.  I couldn’t have looked more like a super-soldier if I tried.  I squeed a bit.  He laughed, then we both did.  Then, the seriousness of the situation came back.
I looked through the various systems on the suit.  Indeed, this thing was rated for all kinds of survival conditions.  Apparently, it was tested on the surface of Venus! Now that’s nuts!  I was made to work in deep space, but was fitted for underwater work.  There were several jet boosters that would propel me through the water.  That was how I would get inside.
“So, how do I get outside?”
He pointed to another door, at the back of the lab.  “Go through there.  You’ll see an access port.  It’s made for emergencies, so it should work to get you outside.  I’ll activate the decompression sequence from in here.”
“You’re not coming with me?!”  There was a little fear in that thought.
“No.  One of us should stay with the sub, in case something happens. Not to mention, we might need it.  You know your way around the access points.  I don’t.  But I’ll be with you every step of the way.”  He put his hand on mine.  I gripped his as tight as I dared, for fear of injuring him.
“Oh, your necklace!” He reached into his pocket and took it out.
I opened a port on the side of the suit, slipping it inside.  Now I had Angie with me as well.
“So, once I get the dock open for the sub, how will you get it in? You don’t know how to pilot.”
“If the dock isn’t damaged or flooded, shouldn’t auto-pilot be able to get me in?”
I thought for a moment, nodding.  “Yeah. That should work.”  I took a deep breath.  “Okay.  Wish me luck!”
Putting a hand on my face, he stroked the chin of my helmet.  “Be careful out there.  Whatever happened, I would hate to lose you too.”
Once-again, I put my hand over his. “Don’t worry.  We’ll get this all sorted out in no time.”
We didn’t break apart for some time, but we inevitably had to. I started the walk toward the back.  Part of me expected moving in this thing to be cumbersome.  But like a suit for a super-soldier, it was like a second skin to me. I moved like normal.  This was so awesome.

I got to the back and saw the access port he was telling me about.  Slipping inside, I saw the door shut and seal.
The comm unit on the suit came online.  “Alright, I’m your host, L. Night, here to play you the smooth sounds of the 20th century!”
“Fuck you!”  I couldn’t help but giggle, hearing him doing so on the other end.
“Anyway, beginning decompression.”
There was a loud hiss, then quiet.
“Get ready, I’m flooding the entry.  Then we’ll open it and you’re on your way!  Ready?”
“Let’s do it!”
Very quickly, I noticed the water coming in.  The suit reacted instantly, adjusting to the new environment.  Various readings came online.  I saw that I had several days worth of oxygen, thanks to the recycling system.  Very cool.  Though, if this took several days, then something went wrong.  Once the chamber was full of water, the exterior hatch opened.  I activated the boosters, and began my exit.
“Alright, I’m out of the sub.”
“Closing exterior hatch.  Draining and repressurizing exit.  And…done.  How’s it feel?”
I chuckled a little.  “Like being weightless.”
“Say, what’s the water temperature like?  Just out of curiosity.”
“Still the scientist, eh?”  I rolled my eyes a bit.
“No reason to abandon it, even if we are in a survival situation.”
Again, I chuckled.  The suit did a quick scan.
“I got 16 degrees Celsius.”
“Interesting.  The water is getting warmer.”
“What does that mean?”
“Unsure.  Anyway, back to the mission.  Get used to the jets before trying anything serious.”
Good advice.  I boosted around.  It was cumbersome at first, but once I learned to use the jets on my arms and lets to steer, it got easier.  There was so much light outside.  Suddenly, a memory came back into my head.  The dream!
“Hey Lucas, kill the lights on the sub.”
“Just trust me!”
“Okay.  Killing exterior lights…”  It went dark.  I cut off the lights on the suit as well.  That was when I saw them!  There were lights coming up, from the depths.  They were rising toward Atlantis!  It was beautiful.  The buoyancy system held me in place, letting me observe the lights rise.  So amazing.  Why were they all headed toward Atlantis?  There was a mystery here, that I didn’t know how to solve.  I used the suit’s camera to capture as much of it as I could.
“Ellie!  Ellie, are you okay?!  You went dark.”
That brought me back to reality.  “Yeah.  I’m sending you some stuff.  Something I recorded.”
There was a pause.  “Beautiful!  These lights, they are some kind of bio-luminescence.”
“It’s natural?”
“No other explanation.  They seem to be coming from below.  Deep below.”
A light in my head went off.  “Like where the coral is?!”
“That’s my thought.  I don’t know enough, but the outline of a picture is forming in my head.  All those lights are heading toward Atlantis.  Something is drawing them there.  Oh well, that’ll have to wait.  We got a job to do, and the more I learn about the situation, the less I want to be sitting out here.”
“With you there.  Alright, heading toward Atlantis.”
I hit the jets, drifting steadily over.  Through the lights I went, though they seemed to disappear as the running lights of the Station got closer.  Strange.  Now, how to get in?  The answer came pretty fast – one of the flooded docks.  It seemed fitting.  Turns out, I didn’t have to look far.  I jetted along the hull of the Station.  You really never appreciate how big it is until you see it from the outside.
“I’ve made my way to a flooded dock.  Entering Atlantis Station.”
“Copy that!  Be careful in there.  Who knows what’s happened.”
“Copy that too.”

I drifted inside, looking around.  Subs that were still in place.  Whatever happened in here, it happened fast.  I looked and saw that the door had been ripped open from the other side!  What happened in here?!  Where were all the people?  The last question didn’t take long.  I moved toward the wall, moving a piece of wreckage out of my way.  It was then that I came upon some young woman who was floating.  A look of terror was on her face.  I screamed, loudly.
“Ellie?!  What’s wrong?!  Are you okay?!”
After a few seconds, I was able to speak again.  Tears were running down my face.
“There’s a person in here.  A dead person.  Some girl from Mechanical.  Jesus…fuck.  Luc, what if Mars is like this?!  What if she’s floating dead somewhere?!”
“Don’t go assuming the worst yet, Elle.  This place’s security measures were top-notch.  Even if there was flooding, they would have had ways to seal access points.  This person might just be one of the ones who didn’t get lucky.  Let’s not break down before we know for sure, alright?”
I wished I could have wiped my eyes, but I nodded.
“Right.  Okay, heading in.  I’ll have to reach one of the main access terminals.  Everything in here is waterlogged.  It looks like water came in fast.  Lots of busted shit all over the place.”
“Okay.  I’ve loaded the schematics and am tracking your location.  The nearest access terminal just down the hall from your location.  Updating your navigation system.”
Right as he said it, a waypoint came on.  The cool factor was back.  The HUD also displayed an interactive map, displaying my location, in relation to the waypoint.  Yeah, this stuff was awesome.
“Making my way to the terminal.”  The jets took me into a hallway.  The jets wouldn’t be much use in the halls.  I activated the magnetic system in the boots, feeling the solid floor beneath me.  Slowly but surely, I walked to where Lucas had marked.  The terminal was still online.  How it worked with all the water in here was beyond me, but no point questioning providence.
I used my interface to get in, bringing up the systems.
“I’m in!”
“Do a check of the station.  Where-all is flooded?”
I hit some sensors, bringing up schematics.  Hope suddenly leapt back into me.  Lucas was right!  The safety measures in this place were impressive.  Over 1/2 the station was either severely damaged or flooded, but not all of it.
“We’re in luck!  Not all the station is flooded.  I’ve got a dock that you can get into.”
“Excellent! Send me the data and we’ll get the auto-pilot to get us in there.”
I queued it up, but then was hit with a problem.
“I can’t open it!  There’s an Executive Lockdown on all systems!”
“Executive Lockdown?  Like from the Commander?”
“Looks that way.  The Lockdown was issued right as everything went to shit, along with an emergency evacuation order.  Whatever happened here, it didn’t last long.  Everything went to shit in a big way and they had minutes to spare.  Whole sections were cornered off, but other sections were damaged beyond repair.”
A pause.  “What damaged them?”
“Unknown.  There wasn’t a full diagnostic done.  They didn’t have time.  The evacuation was ordered and everyone jumped ship.”
“So, how are we going to get the sub in.  I know you’ve been hacking their stuff.  Got anything that can help?”
I thought for a moment.  “I might be able to open up one of the docks, but I’m going to have go in and do it there.”
“Sounds good.  We can meet up.  You make your way to the dock, while I get my own suit.  If the placed is locked down, then we’ll need to end the Lockdown.  Only way we can do that is from the Command Center.”
“Yeah.  That makes sense.  Alright, see you soon!”
“You know it!”

I knew that if the shutters were sealed, than I wasn’t getting out of these flooded compartments.  I had to go in directly.  Once outside, I used the jets to move along the hull again.  There was something so freeing about this.  Now that I was used to them, I felt like a seal in the water, gliding effortlessly through it.  Lucas had to yell at me when I got off-task.  Whatever.  I knew that he wishes he could seal too.
There was an external access port, like the one on the sub.  It was also for emergencies.  I had to hack in to the controls, but it got the job done.  Once the cabin pressurized, I was back in the dry.  The suit did a scan.  The air was breathable.  I disengaged the helmet and ran over to where the controls were.  My interface loaded one of my hacking programs from my Band.  The firewalls weren’t especially active right now.  A lot of the ship’s systems were down.  Primary power had been lost not too long ago.  It was kind of creepy in the place.  I ended the lockdown on the room, and Lucas brought in the sub.
When it was docked, he came out.  Like me, he looked pretty damn cool in the suit.  I snapped a picture of him too.
“Hey, now we can both be badass soldiers!”
He smiled at me, collapsing the helmet.  “You know it!  Now, let’s get to the Command Center and end the lockdown.  Then we gotta get to the surface.”
“Think there’ll be a shuttle there?”
He nodded.  “Most definitely.  They made sure to plan for all contingencies.  They have several more shuttles than fully required, in case of an orbital emergency, where something gets damaged.”  Then a dark look came on his face.
“It’s just odd.  With all the safety measures, what happened to the Station?”
That got to me too, but what could we do?
“Let’s get to the Command Center.  Maybe we can get some answers there.”
“Lay on, McDuff!”

We made our way through the halls.  Our interfaces guided us.  So cool, how these things worked even without the helmet.  I didn’t plan on getting rid of this tech, once I got out of here.  I knew it was the same for Lucas.  We were making good time.  The lifts were dead, so we had to go through the emergency tubes.  Each time we opened one, we checked to see that it wasn’t flooded.  The last thing we wanted was to get caught with our pants down.  That already happened to Atlantis.
As I opened one of the tubes, the two of us stopped dead.  The lights!  They were all along the walls!  Indeed, I wouldn’t have believed it if I wasn’t seeing it.  The coral, it was growing inside the Station!
I looked to Lucas.  “What does this mean?!”
He stared at it, thinking.  “I wish I knew, Elle.  I really wish I knew…”
Something inside of me knew that we had just come on to a major clue.  If only I knew how to process it.  What happened here?!

Until next time, a quote,

“Why are people so afraid of the dark?”  -Shinji Ikari, Neon Genesis Evangelion

Peace out,


So, Even Acknowledging No Evidence, You Still Believe? (A response to Mick Mooney)

So, I happened upon an article on The Huffington Post recently that made me stop and think.  I’ve always held to the standard that believing in something without evidence is crazy.  If I am going to believe something bombastic, I need extraordinary levels of proof.  That’s how every major claim goes.  That makes sense.  So then, when I think about religion, what would compel me to believe in it?  Or even a deity, for that matter?  The whole concept of a God seems so foreign, to me.  A God who is based on any of the major religions even moreso.  I mean, come on – what deity would care if you like to fuck the same gender or not?  That’s just ridiculous.  An all-powerful being that made the universe wouldn’t care about any of us, because we are tiny ants in the cosmos.  Hell, we’re like subatomic particles in the scope of the universe.  However, there is one guy who says that even if God is shown to be nothing but a fairytale, he’d still believe in him.  Here’s a link to the post, so you can read it for yourself.  Let’s get started.

I thought about this point quite a lot, and pondered if they were right. Is it irrational to believe in God?

An extraordinary claim without one shred of proof?  Yes, it is irrational to believe that.

I disagree that belief in God is irrational (as in the Higher Power who created the universe and everything within it). If anything, it is the complete opposite. Belief in an unknown Higher Power (being agnostic) seems to me to be the only truly rational option one can choose when contemplating the universe in which we abide,

I’m just DYING to see how you defend this claim.

While I don’t believe in organized religion, I do believe in God, and I do have faith in the narrative of Jesus, but I can openly accept the irrationality of it and how it is a matter of faith, not facts or rationality, that cause me to believe it.

And there we have it.  He acknowledges earlier that organized religion is irrational and that it takes faith to believe it, yet then goes on to say that he believe in the narrative of Jesus.  The same narrative that calls him the son of God and says that only through him are you saved.  Only through him can you get into Heaven.  The fact that the Jesus story was cobbled together from dozens of stories floating around the Mediterranean?  The fact that there is little evidence that the biblical version of Jesus even existed at all?  You make a case for the only rational explanation of the universe being a deity, denouncing the religious faiths, yet you subsequently make an argument that you believe in the Christian narrative.  You are undermining your own case.  You may not like the church, but if you believe in what the book it is based on teaches, you are a man of religion and faith.  This isn’t rationality, Mick.  It’s religion.

So, while I don’t think the Bible can be used in any concrete way to actually prove God exists or explain how the world was literally created, I do think that the universe we abide in is hard, physical evidence, something real and tangible, that we cannot ignore. To believe the universe is a matter of random chance―meaning that there is no intelligent design behind it―seems to me to be a far greater leap of faith.

How do you know that it was random chance?  How do you know that the universe hasn’t always existed, in one form or another?  You take the message that you find appealing and then make it fit your narrative, because you like the idea that there is a guy who created all this and cares about us.  If you were just willing to admit that, at least I could respect your honesty.  But no, you are trying to make this argument seem like it is making a compelling case, when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Playing lotto to solve your financial problems is not a rational option. The odds are way to long. Why then would we think its rational to believe that the universe, incredibly complex in its design, has no Designer, when the odds of that actually being true are enormous in cosmic sized proportions?

You don’t read a lot of Stephen Hawking, do you?  He wrote a book not too long ago that explains how the forces in the universe can easily explain the origin of everything, without the need of a deity of any kind.  It’s easy to look at how big the universe is, not understanding how science works, and say that it couldn’t be random.  But you are simply ignorant.  I’m sorry, but it’s true.  You don’t get how science works.  Do you have any idea how impressive the forces that made this planet and the star that we orbit are?  Do you realize that all of those things happen without divine inspiration all the time?  New stars are born, die and countless other celestial phenomenon are happening right now, all within the realms of what is scientifically possible.  Or those that we have never seen before, yet wish to learn more about.  I don’t like to call a man who sounds educated ignorant, but the reality is that you are.  And that’s a shame, because the truth is that how the forces that we have observed and how they shaped things is far more interesting than a deity speaking it into existence.  So, it isn’t random chance.  It is science.

Sure, it’s irrational to believe in ancient religious narratives, that is a matter of faith, but to believe there is a Higher Power that designed and implemented the universe is not irrational, not when the only other option we have is that the universe just happened by fluke, right?

First, you believe in the story of Jesus Christ, so you are clearly displaying that you are one of these irrational people.  Next, your ignorance shines again, when you say that the only other option for the universe coming into existence is random chance.  You don’t understand science, yet you are basing your entire belief on life on this ignorance.  To me, that is a problem.  What’s more, that’s what theism is – ignorance.  Willful or otherwise, it is being ignorant of the world.  You, sir, are an ignorant man.  Sorry if you don’t like that, but it’s true.

There is a lot more in the article, so I recommend you read it for yourself.  This is just sad.  Modern religion tries so hard to tell people it’s not religion, that they have lost sight that, at the end of the day – it is.  Call it what you want, but it is still religion, organized or not.

Until next time, a quote,

“I was given something wonderful, something that changed me forever – a vision of the universe that tells us, undeniably, how tiny and insignificant and how rare and precious we all are.  A vision that tells us that we belong to something that is greater than ourselves.  That we are not, that none of us are alone!  I wish that I could share that.  I wish that everyone, even for one moment, that awe and humility and to hope.”  -Eleanor Arroway, Contact

Peace out,