The Christian Sense of Siege in America Baffles Me

Yesterday, I saw something on Right Wing Watch.  The Jim Bakker show features there regularly.  That guy is one of many Christian hucksters who sells belief to old-ass stupid people along with his merchandise.  For the longest time, it was his Bonus Buckets.  A bucket filled with disgusting slop that you could keep for 20 years and it would be just fine.  There was even an episode where they ate some of it, and I could visibly see them cringing with every bite.  Oh, and you can shit in the buckets when they’re empty.  Because plumbing is gonna be gone in the apocalypse.

This most recent bit had this chick named Cindy Jacobs, who decided to say a whole bunch of really stupid shit.  First, she said that God is looking to come back all the time.  He’s tired of how much gay sex is going on, and he’s itching to come back with his smiting arm.  But the prayer of Christians is what holds him back.  Wow.  The ego of these people.  However, it goes further.  It seems there’s a civil war coming!

Why is a civil war coming?  It’s quite simple – because evil heathen atheists like me are attacking the Christians.  We’re taking away their Bibles!  We’re stopping them from worshiping their bullshit deity!  From preaching their gospel to the people!  My only thought when I hear shit like this is – who?  Who is doing this?  Who, where?  Citation, bitch.

I have always found this Christian concept of siege so fascinating.  Especially here in America!  Like, you can’t get elected to public office in most states unless you kiss the church’s ass.  Roughly 80% of this country identifies itself as Christian.  That number is the overwhelming majority.  So where are these instances of complete siege where the Christians are having to prep for civil war because they are so oppressed?  Where are these places?!  Someone please inform stupid-ass me where this is happening.  I’d love to know.

Part of me wonders where this comes from.  This sense of persecution.  Hell, it’s a fucking need, at this point.  They need to feel that their beliefs are being fought for in some big way.  Maybe it’s because the mainstream media is very left-leaning, and tends to showcase values that they find antithetical to their own.  Like how a PBS cartoon had two anthropomorphic gay characters getting married and people just lost their shit.  Never mind that they never kiss on screen.  You don’t see the furry people fucking.  The most you see is them linking arms and walking down the aisle.  That’s it.  But so much of the conservative Internet lost its shit.

Maybe it’s because Christianity has never had any legitimate resistance to their values and ideas for the bulk of human history.  Now, young people are leaving the church in droves.  The well of money that they depend on to continue is drying up.  Values that they despise are on television and becoming more and more accepted as time goes on.  Part of me wonders if the world is a very scary place for an old Christian who grew up in post World War II America.  It must be.

Meanwhile, in the world outside of Christian fantasy, there’s a very different reality that I see.  One of the people dearest to my heart was disowned by her family because she’s gay.  She tried to hang on to her belief to be closer to her mom, who left the family too after the father kicked my friend out.  The two were so close growing up, and my friend’s mom chose the relationship with her daughter over that with her husband.  Proud of her.  There are also the people who lose relationships with their families because they don’t believe in God.  Not anything nearly as big as being gay, but I’ve heard countless stories from young people and disowned teenagers about how their families hate them now because of not believing in Bronze Age mythology that has no proof outside of a fucking book.

These people want a sense of siege.  That their beliefs are being fought for against the heathen enemy of liberal culture.  All while Christian bigotry kills relationships for things like loving someone of the same gender or not buying what’s in that stupid book.  It pisses me off seeing stuff like that bitch Cindy Jacobs talking about how the Christians are under so much backlash and will have to get guns to go out and fight for their values.  What world do these people believe in.

I mean sure, they’re preaching to a crowd of REALLY old white people.  People who will never actually be getting their guns and going out to the streets.  It’s people who they want to scare into paying them more of their money to buy their merch.  I’m a firm believer in the idea that all of the big preachers who have big shows and have big scams are just as much of an atheist as I am.  From Ray Comfort, all the way to Jim Bakker.  I think all of them know this is a scam and are just trying to fleece the gullible for their silver shekels.  But there are people I know in my extended family who buy this bullshit.  And it’s always so frustrating to me at holidays (which is the only time I see these people, by design) when I have to hear them talk about this and just bite my finger to keep myself from destroying their bullshit arguments and thereby burning the bridges between all of them and myself.

Christianity is the dominate religion in this country.  By a massive margin.  This idea that they are so oppressed is pure fiction, from the minds of people who want to profit off their fear.  Countless movies now exist with this message.  Pure Flix basically has this mantra as their bread and butter.  And I don’t know where the line has to be in order for these people to buy that it’s all garbage.  Though, these people believe things on faith.  Belief without evidence.  So trying to hope for a growth in logical thinking is commensurate to hoping for my cat to come from the grave and fly.

Until next time, a quote,

“But if anything else, what this press conference shows it that the NRA hates on video games for infringing on their own violent hero fantasy and binary morality.  What’s scary, though, is that that’s actually their worldview.  And their political platform.  And they have lots and lots of guns.  I’m sorry, who am I supposed to be afraid of, again?” – George Weidman

Peace out,



So Your Feelings Prove There’s An Afterlife? (A response to Dennis Prager)

One of the big modern conservative talking points is that they are “facts before feelings.”  They don’t need pathos, they have logic and reason on their side.  All those leftist (a term I still hate) snowflakes just appeal to emotions and attack people they don’t like!  So the mantra goes.  You know, until you say something that Ben Shapiro doesn’t like.  Then he immediately runs to “anti-semite!”  Or if you say something Jordan Peterson doesn’t like, and then he talks about how he wants to assault you.  And don’t even get me started on what a thin-skinned little bitch Trump is.  The story with the USS John McCain was fucking hilarious.  This guy is the Napoleon of little bitches.

So it doesn’t surprise me that Dennis Prager decided to make a video about the existence of the afterlife, and rather than making any kind of rational argument, he immediately runs to the emotional appeal.  Same as he did when making his perfectly logical defense of the death penalty.  I’m sure he considers himself “pro-life” too.  Conservative America is big on being full of shit in that department.  Let’s watch the video, then we’ll talk about it.

He begins by asking – is there and afterlife?  Nope.  Glad we got that out of the way.  All of your existence is tied in to the brain, which has your personality, emotions, actions, and ability to feel anything.  Without that, you’d die.  So yeah, the idea that life continues after that is gone is ludicrous.  His answer is just the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard – if there is a god, there is an afterlife.  How could you possibly know that?  Assuming that a deist god of unknown properties exists, how does that immediately correlate to there being an afterlife?  There could be a deist god and still be no afterlife.  Or after you die, you could become part of some greater subconscious, a la Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.  What happens after death is something that no one really knows, but the possibilities are potentially limitless if a deist god does exist.  However, since none has been proven, the reality is that it is almost certain that after you die, you blink out of existence.  Not the most comforting thought, but there it is.

Then we get into the emotional appeal.  Prager argues that the world is filled with injustice, and since those guilty of injustice aren’t punished in this life, the only way they get punishment is in the next one, from some kind of Hell concept.  So not only are we going to stipulate that a deist god has to be involved, but there has to be a concept of Hell too.  How do you know that’s a thing?  How do you know the deist God doesn’t just sent everyone to the same place?  You make so many assertions, without proving any of them.  This is all just emotional bullshit.

We then get to him acknowledging that this afterlife pathos he argues for only exists if the deist god is “good and just.”  Well then, that rules out the god you believe in.  He sent bears to maul children for making fun of his prophet being bald.  He commanded his armies to kill pregnant women and smash the heads of babies against rocks, along with taking the virgin girls as sex slaves.  His only son said that he wasn’t here to bring peace but a sword.  Makes me wonder who you’re talking about.  Oh wait, you’re not gonna defend this position.  It’s just a postulation you’re making to be able to justify your point of view.  Brilliant.

Your next postulation is that the physical reality we exist in isn’t the only reality.  Wow.  I’m sure he’s not talking about alternate universes, which is an easy thing to believe in.  After all, nothing in this universe exists in ones, so why is there only one universe?  No, he’s talking about some ethereal plane of existence that just exists.  In addition, part of this postulation is that the soul is real and it exists there.  Just…wow.  So many things without one lick of evidence.  It’s all just a thought he has.  None of this has any basis in fact.  None of this has any amount of proof.  It’s just him talking.

He briefly acknowledges atheists like me who think all of this is bullshit, but his counter-argument is – if you believe the stuff I do, there is an afterlife!  O-kay.  I guess so.  To you.  But reality doesn’t just conform to the way you want it to be.  He says that if there is a god, but no afterlife, then that god is cruel.  Um…are you really opening this can of worms, Prager?  I mean, the deity you believed in condones murder, has a punishment for rape that is a bad joke, doesn’t like women, has no real compunction against abortion since there is a passage where he talks about forcing women accused of adultery to drink “bitter water” that causes a miscarriage, and is unfathomably petty.  Not to mention, he created a realm of existence where you are tortured forever and ever until the end of time, but claims that he loves you.  The existence of a mythical heaven doesn’t negate these traits, dude.

Again acknowledging the other side of the argument, he says that those who don’t believe say that immortality is gained through the good works that people do, and the memories of those who loved them.  Yeah, that makes perfect sense.  The great writers and painters and intellectuals and those who made a mark of society are remembered through those works.  I read Michael Crichton’s books, and he lives on in me loving them.  But naturally, Prager doesn’t accept this.  He said “that’s what they want to believe.”  How is it untrue?  His argument is that it’s “meaningless.”  Um, no, dumbass.  It’s meaning that the individual has for their own life.  Meaning is something unique to everybody.  Some people find meaning through making lots of offspring and furthering the overpopulation of this planet.  Some people find meaning through travel, or making works of art, or leaving their mark in a career.  Every person has their own sense of meaning.  You are spitting on all of those people’s beliefs because they don’t have your sense of belief about the nature of reality.  Fuck you.

Then he goes on to make one of the most insulting arguments that I’ve ever heard – dead children and dead babies cannot leave behind good works.  What a fucking asshole.  I have a cousin who had a Down Syndrome baby who didn’t live to see their first birthday.  But that child lives on in the heart of the parents who had him.  You spit on that child’s memory because it was too young to accomplish great things.  Maybe you missed that bit about living on in people’s hearts, you unsympathetic pile of shit.

His next argument is that bad works usually live longer than good ones.  I mean…I guess?  It depends on who it is.  Bad things are happening all over the world right now that nobody outside of those they are happening to will ever remember.  I can’t tell you what warlord is slaughtering people in some African nation right now, but I can tell you what I read about in Neil deGrasse Tyson’s latest book.  Part of the problem is that in modern society, where we have click-bait Internet news that loves a good bad story is that it makes it harder to see the bright side.  That is a problem and I do think it needs to be addressed.  But that’s a problem society has to deal with.  We have an issue with nihilism and the despair that comes with it encroaching on society and causing suicide rates to spike.  We have a lot of work to do.  Not that you care, you unrepentant prick.

Then he goes after people who don’t have children.  Because I guess only children can have someone live on in their memories?  Yeah, because fuck extended family, friends, loved ones of all stripes, the occasional fur-baby.  This idea that we need children to have meaning in such bullshit.  This is part of the problem.  We venerate parenthood.  Especially motherhood.  It needs to stop.  Overpopulation is killing our species.  It’s an unpopular opinion, but it’s true.  He goes on to say that living on in anyone’s memory isn’t immortality.  Well yeah, Prager.  It’s not.  Immortality in the strictest sense isn’t real.  At least not with the current scientific knowledge.  I’m sure the day will come that people live forever.  That sounds awful, to me.  The idea of being stuck having to work a job and do this same shit that I do now, over and over for all time, that sounds like my personal definition of Hell.  Screw the lake of fire.  At least there I’d talk to some unique people.  Being stuck in the cubicle I’m in now sounds like real Hell.

So all of this culminates with him saying that without an afterlife, we don’t live on.  Period.  He decided that his “brilliant” refutation of this is so profound that he destroyed the counter-arguments one could make.  Gee, seems like I broke down his positions pretty handily.  So no, it isn’t “period”, Prager.  Maybe to you, but not me.  We then go back to the emotional appeal – you won’t see your family again!  Your murderer won’t get punished!  He describes it as a roll of the dice.  Not entirely, moron.  Half of the things in life will be things you have no control over.  Half will be things you do.  It’s up to you to know the difference.  That’s part of the human experience.  One that you get to wall yourself off from, waiting for that day you die and then get to go to your sky-daddy and be told how awesome you are.  Though, I believe there was some religious figure you confirmed that there is no sex in Heaven.  Fuck that.  I’m not getting any in this life.  Why would I want to go to an afterlife where I still get none?

It ends with him recapping his emotional appeal, and saying that his belief in God and the afterlife keeps him sane.  Well, buddy, you do you.  If it weren’t for the fact that you are part of a conservative think that that shits on science and reality, I wouldn’t care.  You’re an idiot with stupid ideas.  And that’s all I have to say about that.

Until next time, a quote,

“The worst thing about war is the effect on children. If they’re lucky, they’re raised believing the galaxy is a good place.  Some rough spots here and there, but overall, life makes sense.  Now they find out that everything they were told is a lie.  That there are monsters in the shadows that want to destroy them and everyone they care about.  If we succeed, there are going to be a lot of angry orphans, looking for answers.” – Garrus Vakarian, Mass Effect 3

Peace out,


Lucien’s Review: Unplanned

I know what some of you are thinking – Lucien, what are you doing talking about the latest piece of pro-life crap?  Well, I’ll tell you.  See, a girly-mate of mine hit me up a couple days ago and asked if I would go see this film with her.  Way she put it, there had to be something here that would be worth talking about, right?  She was right.  After watching this terrible cinematic abortion (pun intended), there is plenty to talk about.  Let’s get down to it.

When I saw the Pure Flix logo, I knew that I was in for something really special in terms of bad film-making.  Pure Flix has produced some of the most unapologetic shit in the Christian film genre.  But for whatever reason, they make their money back.  In spades.  I guess it’s because they makes movies on a budget of nothing and the Christian audience who wants their opinions fed back to them by bland characters that they can shove themselves inside of like a skin will pay to see this shit.

This particular film has the tagline “based on a true story.”  Yeah, I’m sure it is.  Just like the film I’m Not Ashamed, which exploited the death of a victim of the Columbine school shooting, I’m sure this will be true in name only.  The film tells the story of Abby Johnson, a women who went from director of a Planned Parenthood clinic to a pro-lifer who stands with the best of them.  The level of unsubtle this film goes talking about Planned Parenthood is eye-opening.

There’s this big disclaimer at the end of the film that says that Planned Parenthood has nothing to do with the portrayal in it.  I guarantee that a lawyer made sure they put that as big as they possibly could.  Because holy shit!  This film goes so far out of its way to make Planned Parenthood to be as evil as possible.  For starters, this film is shot like a horror movie.  The inside of the clinic is drab and dark.  The hallways are painted ugly colors and the lights are barely on.  Not to mention this film has a tint at the edges to always make the shots inside it be darker.  I swear, they might as well have had blood all over the walls with how evil they are trying to make this place out to be.

But it doesn’t end there.  For starters, right off the bat, the film beats you over the fucking head with the fact that one of the services Planned Parenthood does is abortions.  When our all-perfect protagonist is starting out and makes the absurd jump from pro-life to working there, you have a woman at the college telling her all about how Planned Parenthood just gives out contraception and does abortions.  Telling her that they do tests for STDs?  Nah.  Check-ups for women?  Nope.  Mammograms?  Fuck that!  We have an ideological screed to sell to people who don’t think critically!  After all, they believe in God.

Then we have the fact that the main character talks about how she used to be a saleswoman for abortion.  That’s all she did.  She talks with what sounds like pride about the fact that she could sell abortion the way a used car salesman does cars.  Except better.  All she does, day in and day out is sell abortion.  Then we have a bit where my favorite character in this film, a boss woman named Cheryl who I started calling Baron Von Evil for how utterly unsubtle she is (I seriously love that character.  She makes Saturday morning cartoon villains blush with how she is a single-minded scum-bag who hates everyone who disagrees with her, motherhood, marriage, and Christianity) tells a gathering that they have to pimp even more abortions.  They actually have her making an analogy that abortion is where Planned Parenthood makes their money, comparing it to fries and a drink at fast food.  This character is too much.  I loved every second she’s on the screen.  Hell, they have this bit where, after getting a restraining order against the main character, she then violates it herself just to be a bitch to the woman.  It’s great.

But we also have some really insulting stuff.  Not even gonna go in to the whole “a fetus isn’t a baby” thing, because that just leads to arguments where you can’t win with them.  I defer to George Carlin to the pro-life argument broken down to its simplest parts.  But they make everyone who works there out to be either completely callus, or just downright evil.  The inciting incident (sort of.  There is a bunch of non-linearity in this movie that is just bad.  Like they have a flash-back within a flash-back.  A BIG cinematic no-no) has a character who is basically miserable, being treated like meat by the doctor who has ZERO bed-side manners and a nurse who is cold and unfeeling.  And our main character, who is not medically licensed in any way, just happens to be helping him with an abortion.

Which brings me to something else about this film – their knowledge of how medical law works is absurd.  I don’t expect something by Pure Flix to be anything approaching even-handed, but how stupid do they think their audience is that they aren’t gonna notice some of this stuff?  Like we have a scene where an underage girl is brought in to the clinic to get an abortion, by her EVIL father who is basically forcing her to do it.  Something to know about this film – men are treated as either holy Christian virtues, or total misogynists.  But we have this girl brought in.  There’s a complication, and she is bleeding out.  They keep her in this waiting room where they just line her up along the wall with a TON of other women after having a procedure.  Bullshit right there, but let’s not get hung up on the little stupid crap.  They take her back to an operating room, and from there they have the asshole doctor patching her up.  But get this – not only do they not have her taken to a hospital, but Baron Von Evil tells them to lie to her father and say nothing, otherwise they would be liable.

I’ve worked in the medical industry.  I’m getting my education to go back into it on the social work side, combining medical coding education with my current job as a caseworker.  So I know a thing or two about HIPAA.  Let me tell you, there is so much that either the filmmaker didn’t know (because they’re stupid), or just decided to willfully omit from this (because they’re evil).  Any major operations on a minor would have to be authorized by the parent.  The parent has a legal right to know what has happened to their child.  Not to mention, all medical information has to be coded into their chart.  Those charts can be requested by the parent/guardian of the child at any time.  So Baron Von Evil had the doctor perform major surgery without notifying the father, made sure not to notify the patient, and would then subsequently have to falsify the records, which since there would have involved at least five people who were in the room, and whoever controls the chart records.

Do I have to tell you what a legal shit-storm would follow if they did that?  Because Planned Parenthood gets Federal funding, they have a larger obligation to transparency.  Not to mention the medical industry can audit them at any time if there is suspicion of malfeasance.  This would NEVER happen!  Not to mention, they do major surgery on this kid, and then have her back in that same waiting area with all the other women sitting in the damn chairs!  Are you kidding me?!  No doctor that is worth their license (or nurse, for that matter) is gonna tell you to put a patient who just had major surgery in a fucking chair.  They’d be hospitalized and told to be kept at least overnight for monitoring.  This film is so fucking dumb.

And we’re not even done.  Let’s talk about the “acting” in this movie.  Aside from Baron Von Evil, who made me smile every time she’s on the screen, everyone in this film was decidedly terrible across the board.  The one that really got me was the child actor who played the main character’s daughter.  That kid was ear-grating.  Can Pure Flix stop making movies with children?  They are universally bad.  Well, all their movies are bad, but the bad child actors in their films just make them worse.  Then there’s the husband, who couldn’t have sounded less convincing with anything he said.

There is also this wonderful stark contrast with the people involved in Planned Parenthood and the ones who are Christian.  See, the Christian characters all wear bright colors and have upbeat, positive attitudes.  They want to help, and they really care.  While they make sure you know that the EVIL liberals like me are not to be trusted.  In fact, they even make the argument that the main character is in danger from some of them.  You know, because us pro-choice types are out there attacking and killing anti-abortion protestors all the time, right?  And not pro-life people killing doctors.  No, that never happens.  Say what you will about the radical left of today, but this film’s portrayal of my side of the fence was more than a little insulting.

Someone who was a friend to me had an abortion when she was 16.  Her boyfriend used her as a living flesh-light, and her insular family didn’t explain contraception to her.  I didn’t know until she asked me to be there with her when they had the procedure done.  Later on, she told me what a difficult decision it was for her.  The family was drowning in poverty.  She literally couldn’t afford to have a child.  Not to mention it would have destroyed any chance she had of making a future outside of the poverty she came from.  It wasn’t a choice she made lightly.  People who knew and who came from the same religious background she did had a bad habit of calling her a slut and a whore.  But in this film, they make sure to tell you that THEIR version of pro-lifers aren’t like that.  No, they don’t ever say that sort of stuff to women.  In fact, they condemn it vociferously.  A pity that this movie’s fantasy world and real life don’t match up like that.

This movie is stupid.  It’s insulting to an organization that does so much for women that aren’t related even tangentially to abortion.  It’s ironic because this movie talks about an idea that is true – that giving contraception to women reduces the amount of abortions.  That’s true.  But the same people who made this shit are the same people who say that abstinence is the only path.  Because they’re fucking dumb.  I got annoyed a lot in the movie.  There was a long stretch of this film just shoving their stupid ideology down my throat. and me wishing I was anywhere else.  To quote Mr. Plinkett – It gave me AIDS!  Don’t watch it.  This is pure horse-shit.  I told the girly-mate I mentioned at the top of this that if we ever decide to watch a Pure Flix film again, It’s gonna be at home where I can yell at the screen.

Final Verdict
3 out of 10

Peace out,


A Den of Secrets and Lost Family

A morning making lunch for someone.  Well, technically it’s breakfast food, but why not?  French toast is a perfectly good food for lunch.  Especially when I wrap it around maple breakfast sausage links.  Not healthy, but we had just come back from a run.  My young companion’s time was terrible, but she’s just starting.  While she has taken to swimming and is even starting to keep pace with me when I take my own turns and challenge her to a race (kiddo can’t resist it.  Too easy, and I push her to her limits), running was much harder for her.  Steps toward improving her health, and subsequently making her ready if she still has this idea of becoming a pilot when she graduates.  I’m still skeptical, but she is so eager to learn about the Navy that I can’t help but think at least part of her is on the level.
“Can we finish the tree today?”
Looking up from my stove, I nodded.  “Aye.  Might as well.  Don’t like leaving a task half-done.”
“Definitely!”  All warmth and sunshine, this one.  At least she was now.  As I understood it from John, over the years she’s gotten progressively more depressed.  He tried to help, but she wouldn’t talk to him and he had his own obligations.  Ever since we started hanging out, her mood had gotten progressively better.  The obvious assumption was that she was lonely and now she had a friend that she could hang with regularly.  However, I couldn’t help but notice that things have really been improving with all the training.  Perhaps she also needed something to work toward.  It’s a great motivator.  Whatever the case, I was glad that my time with her was helping.  Purpose for me too.
Which led to the Christmas tree.  Had kind of left things in shambles because of the fight with Bethke, but that was fine.  It was salvageable.  Rain was pouring outside, so this was kind of a cozy little Christmas decorating party.  It was fun.  I haven’t enjoyed decorating a tree since I was a little kid.  Two lifetimes ago, it felt like.

“Awww, come on mom!  We can get the boxes out at least.  Then it’ll be ready for when we do want to put the Christmas stuff up!”
Mom just rolled her eyes.  “Oh, I know you better than that.  We get those boxes out, and then it’ll be ‘why don’t we put up the Nativity?  That’s easy, right?’  Then it’ll be.  ‘Well, we did that, so let’s do this box!  What’s one more?’  Then, a few hours later, you’ll be wanting to do the tree.”
I pouted.  “I will not!”
Big sis looked over, shaking her head.  “Yeah, you will, QQ.  We know you better than that.”
Sitting down in my chair, I crossed my arms.  “You all are Grinches…”
Daddy always played that he didn’t love Christmas as much as the rest of us, but we all knew he did.  It was his favorite time of year, and when the tree was up, he would sit in his chair and watch the lights for hours, or while he was watching the evening news.  I looked over at him and could see him already cracking.
“Oh honey, I don’t see the problem with getting out a few boxes.  Will save us time later.”
Mom gave me a mean look, then sighed.  “You two are in cahoots, I swear.”
Couldn’t quit the smile from my face.  “Dad says it’s fine, so can we?!”
“Fine!  I swear, today is just gonna be about decorating the tree.  You two are awful.”
We gave each other a look.  Mission accomplished!  Wouldn’t let these Grinches keep us from getting into the Christmas spirit.

After getting the rest of the garland up, we decided to turn on the lights.  As good a time as any, right?  It was gorgeous!  I had gone a little overboard, because I remembered how much I loved the lights.  It was my favorite part.  So glad we had a fake tree.  Kept us from having to worry about watering it if I was on contract.  And we didn’t get a pre-lit one so I could put actual ornaments on it.  You’re not supposed to put them on the pre-lit ones.  Couldn’t have a tree without ornaments and garland.  Just not right.
My selection of ornaments was lots of shiny things.  I like shiny things because they reflect the lights.  Adds to the effect of the rest of the ensemble.  I could stare at this thing forever.  My companion snuggled up next to me.  Decided it was a good idea to make hot cocoa.  Not that powdered mix garbage.  No, this had milk chocolate melted in milk and heavy cream.  Added a little peppermint vodka to mine.  Just a hint.  Don’t want to get drunk, just get that nice little edge.
Kiddo asked if I could do that for her.
“Hell no!  You’re way too young to be drinking.”
“Oh come on!  It’s not like I haven’t done it before.  Snuck in some wine with my friend Maddie when we were 11.  We spilled it all over her mom’s carpet, tried to hide it with the rug when we couldn’t scrub it out.  We got SO busted.”
I chuckled.  “Well, that should’ve learned you.”
“Whatever.  I refuse to believe you weren’t drinking when you were a teenager.”
More memories came flooding in.

We sat there, leaning against the giant cross at the apse.
“Me first!” she said.
“No fair!  I was the one who had to sneak into Father Michael’s office to get it!” I shot back, grabbing at the bottle.
“But it was my idea, so I drink first!”
I scowled at her.  “You just made that up.”
Winking at me.  “Maybe, but I got the bottle, so-” She stuck out her tongue at me, taking a long drink.
“You gonna finish the whole damn bottle or am I gonna get some too?”
Wiping some that had gone down her chin, she handed it over.   I tipped it back, letting the liquid run down my throat.  I always hated this stuff.  It tasted so bad.  But this was about doing something because we could.  And I might as well get wasted in the process, right?  This was a big bottle, after all.  Plenty for both of us.
Back and forth it went.  She started feeling the effect sooner than I did.  A lot sooner.  But once we were almost done, there was this warm feeling in my head.  A floaty, funny feeling.  Was this getting buzzed?  I could get behind this.
“You were so awesome!” Sara giggled.  “I can’t believe you did this with me!”
Felt good getting praised by Big Sis.  Of course, anywhere she went, I followed.  Had been that way since we were little.  Way I saw it, always would be.
Then, a noise!  It was the door to the Father’s office!
“Oh shit!” Sis looked over at me.
“Who’s out there?!  I know somebody’s in here!  Come out now and I won’t call the cops!”
There was nowhere to go.  He was between us and the door.  We were so screwed.  I thought he had gone home!
“What do we do?!” I asked, my hands shaking.
“I don’t know.  I don’t think there’s any way out of this.”
“Dad is gonna be so pissed…”

“Maybe.  But that’s no reason for you to.  God knows, there is enough shit for teenagers to deal with these days.  Not gonna add to that list.”
She pouted, but took the cocoa I gave her.  It was nice to just get to sit here and savor the moment.  Don’t know how much time had passed as we stared at our handiwork.  Enough that we finished our big mugs of cocoa.  Today was an alright day.
“Hey Quinn?”
“What’s up?” I replied, absentmindedly.
“What was Christmas like with your family?  Did you enjoy this with them too?”
Figured we’d get back to the personal stuff eventually.  “Aye.  For a long time, it was.  Every December I would always push mom to do it.  She’d always say it’s too early, but then I’d get Dad to come to my side.  Worked like a charm, every time.  And Big Sis was always in it too.  When we were teenagers, she’d play like she’s too cool to get into Christmas like when were were little, but I knew she’d come around.  It was loads of fun.”
“How did they find out that you were gay?”
Clever girl.  She’d been sitting on that for a while, and now found a family question to segway into it.  Not bad.
“I was outed when I was 15.  Not far from my 16th birthday.  Sweet 16, yeah.  For some girls, maybe.”
My companion laid her head against me.  “Who outed you?”
Was I ready for this?  Part of me didn’t want to, but then I remember opening up to my new friend last time.  How good it felt.  Would it be that way this time?  Might as well find out.
“When I realized that I was gay, there was this girl that I was really into.  She was beautiful, on the volleyball team, so nice.  We got really close and I decided to make the first move.  My bravery was nowhere near the levels it is today.  Nearly threw up on her.  It didn’t go well.  She was totally repulsed and didn’t talk to me again after that.  Then the rumors started.  That I had tried to kiss her and that I was a dyke.  It spread like wildfire.  Everybody was talking about it soon enough.”
She snuggled even closer.  “That’s awful.  How did your parents find out?”
“When the swimming team cut me.  I was so excommunicated among the other girls.  They all kept their distance.  People who had been my friends up til then were now afraid to even look at me.  Guess they thought that my gayness is communicable.  Like a disease.  Might as well have been.  Eventually, the coach came and told me he was cutting me from the team.  I argued with him, but he told me to get out.  That he didn’t want a pervert on his team.  That none of the girls did.  I left crying so hard.  Turns out, he had called my parents too and told them that I was cut from the team, explaining why.  A coach, who I had trusted, violated that to tell my parents all about the rumors.”
“Oh god.  How did they react?”
“I remember the look on Sara’s face when they confronted me…”

“Is this true?!” Mom demanded, looking right at me.
I didn’t say a word.  This was too much for one day.  Way too much.
“I asked you a question!  Is it true?!  Are you a lesbian?!”
Looked over at Sara.  She wouldn’t look at me.  It was just like the rest of the swim team.  Just like every girl at school.  Mom being angry at me was nothing different than always, but Sara not even being able to look at me.  My heart was smashed and crushed and destroyed.  Tears were flowing down my face.
“I asked you a fucking question, young lady!  Is this true?!”  She was nearly screaming.
“Honey, please, you’re scaring her!”  Dad was trying to be on my side, but I could tell he was unnerved too.
“I will not have a sodomite living in my house, Michael!  I won’t!”
“Now sweetie, that’s too far.”  He came over to me and put his hand on my shoulder.  “Honey, you can talk to us.  It’s natural to question things when you’re young.  But it’s just a phase you’re going through.”
I looked right at him.  I suddenly had a burning anger inside of me.  “It’s not a phase!  It’s who I am!”
He shook his head.  “You think that now, but trust me, everybody has moments when you’re growing up and you think about that.  It’ll pass.”
Pulled back from his hand on my shoulder.  “What the hell would you know about it?!  You like boys, growing up?!”
Letting out a sigh, he shook his head.  “No.”  A slight pause.  Odd.  Was there more to this story?  “But we all wonder things as we are young.  Everyone’s gone through it, but I promise, you’ll come to see that it was just part of who you are.  I mean, you’ve had a boyfriend, haven’t you?”
It was true.  He’d take my virginity, and I his.  I loved him with all my heart, but it wasn’t the same.  He’s how I realized that I was gay.  Because I knew that as much as I felt for him, it wasn’t the kind of longing I did for Alicia.  He was the first person I told.  We never kept secrets from each other.  I remember how scared I was to tell him the truth, afraid of how he would react.  But he was so nice and supportive.  It was so wonderful.   Told me he wouldn’t tell anyone, because of how the school is, and I believed him.  I know he tried to fight the rumors that were started about me.  Wished he was here now.  I need to be held so much.
“Lulu and I broke up, a few months ago.”
Dad shook his head.  “I see.  Did he know, about this phase you’re going through?”
So much anger inside.  “Stop calling it a fucking phase!  I know who I am!  I’m gay, alright!  Can’t bear to say it?!”
“Language, young lady!” Dad got more stern.  I could tell that I was turning him against me too.
Mom stepped back over.  “Now you listen here.  You’re just a confused girl who is taken in by all this liberal Hollywood.  You’re not gay, and I won’t hear another word about it!  Not if you’re gonna be in my house!  Do you understand?!”
I looked over to where Sara was supposed to be.  She had left.  So she was abandoning me too.  Wanted to break down sobbing.  So much anger and rage and pain and all sorts of negative emotions.  What were my options?  If I let myself be who I am, then I’d be kicked out.  If that happened, where was I supposed to go?  I’d have to lie.  Just suck it up and deal with it for as long as I could.  Until I was 18, and I could get out on my own.  I couldn’t believe that my sister had turned on me too.  What happened to always being together, forever?  When we promised that no matter what, we’d never leave each other?  That happened to that?  More lies, like everything everyone says.
“Whatever.”  That was all I could manage, walking out of the room.  Mom started after me, but Dad stopped her.  More talking about how I just needed time, how the phase would pass.  I hated both of them so much in that moment.  More than I’ve ever hated anybody.

“That’s just awful.  Did any of them come around?”
I shook my head.  “Oh no.  It got so much worse.  Big Sis wouldn’t even look at me.  Ever.  Anytime she was coming out of the shower or something, because we shared the same bathroom, and I was around, she’d immediately move to get as far away from me as she could.  It hurt me so much.  Part of me was like – does she think I’m going to rape her or something?  It was so strange.  She’s my sister.  Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean that I’m gonna try and have sex with every girl there is.  I didn’t understand this at all.”
“What about your parents?”
“Oh boy.  Mom kept setting me up with boy after boy from the church we went to.  Kept saying she’d put the straight back into me.  It was awful.  So many miserable ‘dates’ that I was forced to go on.  Dad would just not talk about it, hoping it would go away.”
“It all must have ended somehow.  You said at Thanksgiving how they disowned you.  What happened?”
As I thought, the more I talked about this and got everything out, the better I felt.
“Their ‘date our daughter until she’s straight’ plan didn’t work, so they figured they would try another approach.  Something very extreme.  And that’s when it all fell apart.”

I looked at the pamphlets in front of me.  Straight camp.  That’s what this had come to.
“Since you won’t repent of your sinful ways, we decided that we have to do something more.  I won’t see our daughter in Hell because you are a sodomite.  So, if you want to keep living in this home, you have to go to this retreat, to help you find yourself with the help of God.”  The look on Mom’s face as she spoke.
I looked at Dad.  “I haven’t said anything about this in months!  You all are the ones making a big deal out of it!  Why do I have to do this?!”
He sighed, but the look on his face showed solidarity.  “Honey, this is for the best.  I know it looks bad now, but trust me, you will thank us for this later.”
The rational part of my brain screamed that what I was about to say was a bad idea, but that part just fell by the wayside.  It was time to end this, permanently.
“I’m not going to this fucking camp!  Okay?  I don’t even believe in your stupid God, so why would I go somewhere that his fake ass is supposed to help me be straight?!  I’ve always thought your religion is bullshit, and I’m not gonna let you all do this to me!”
You know those moments where you knew that you crossed a line?  I could see I had blazed right past it.
“Excuse me?” Dad said.  “You’re not only a dyke, but an atheist?!”
Mom stood up, her face a mask of pure rage.  “Get out!  Get the hell out of our home!  I won’t have a sodomite and a heathen in this home!  Do you hear me?!  I won’t have it!  Get the hell out!”
I stood up.  “Oh, I’ll go.  Just let me grab my shit and you’ll never see me again.”
“It’s our things, young lady!” Dad yelled.  I guess he got past whatever love for family he had.  I remembered how it was the strength of their religious beliefs that brought mom and dad together.  Guess it was coming to bear on me now.
“That’s right, we bought them for you!  You don’t own shit!  Get the hell out of our home!  I never want to see you again!”  By this point Mom was downright hysterical.
Standing there, anger now directing me, it was a moment I would always remember.
“Fuck you!  Fuck you and fuck your fake deity.  Fuck this family and everyone in this shithole house!  I fucking hate you people.”
“Don’t you say another word!” Dad growled.  “Speak one more word about this family and I’ll give you a reason to believe in Jesus.  Maybe some wrath of God would teach you respect, you ungrateful brat.”
Both fingers blazing, I flipped them off.  They were yelling and screaming after me, but I wasn’t even listening.  My ears were ringing.  My head was pounding.  Flaming rage burned inside me.  So that’s how my wonderful family life ends?  So be it.
When I got out the door, I slammed it so hard that I could hear things fall and smash inside.  More screaming from Mom.  Sounded like she had lost her mind.  Tears were running down my face.  I had lost everything, and now I had no idea what to do.

“I can’t believe someone could be that way to their own daughter.  What kind of parent can treat their kid like that?!”  Now she was angry.
“The kind who have Jesus as the steerman on their ship.”  So much residual bitterness, bubbling up to the surface.
“What did you do afterwards?”
“Well, I went to Lulu’s.  Only place I could go.  His parents were super cool.  Told me I could stay there as long as I liked.  Felt so guilty about that.  Living on my best friend’s couch for months.  Eventually I couldn’t do that.  School was falling apart too, so I ditched that.  I dropped out, got my GED, went to work.  Got this tiny apartment from a gay couple who was super cool.  I met them through what small gay community there was in that town.  They made me a rad deal and were understanding of my situation.  Those two guys were the best.  Saw how bad the community treated them too.  Eventually I tried out college, but like I said before, that didn’t take.  Then I joined the Navy.  Made those guys proud when I told them.”
“Jesus Christ.  That’s so horrible.  I’m so sorry, Quinn.”  Another hug from her.  I hugged her back.  As before, it felt really good.
“Thanks, Emily.”
We sat there in silence for a long time.  It was kind of awkward, kind of soft.  A weird feeling, to be sure.
“Did you ever hear anything about your parents again?”
Now it was back into territory I didn’t want to talk about.  “I…kind of did.”
She gave me a look.  “What aren’t you telling me?”
More words I had heard before.

Walked into my home, taking off my boots.  It was late.  Jean had already gone to bed.  Wished I had gotten home sooner.  After all that happened, I needed her.
Went upstairs, stripping off my uniform.  Normally I don’t just throw it around, but today I didn’t care about wrinkles.  Not one damn bit.  Opened the bedroom door and saw her there, soft skin shining in the light.  The two of us always slept naked.  Even when it was cold in the winter, it was a habit.  Fine by me.  Both of us were cuddle-bunnies.  Her back was to me.   Shut the door softly, stripping off the rest of my layers.
Got in bed, putting my arms around her.  Soft skin, soft hair.  I needed this so much right now.
“Mmmm, you’re home.”
“How was your day?”
“I’d rather not talk about it.”
She wiggled and turned herself around.  “Why not?  What happened?”
“I really don’t want to get into it right now.”
“No secrets, remember?  We keep enough because of work, so we promised we wouldn’t from each other.  What are you not telling me?”
Tears were running down my face.  “I got a call today, from my sister.”
“One of the girls from Alpha Team?”
“No.  They wouldn’t have to call me.  From back home.  Sara.”
“Oh god.  Wait, how did she get your number?”
“Damned if I know.  But she called, said she wanted to talk to me.”
“About what?”
“Dad’s dying.”
Her grip around me tightened.  “Oh sweetie.  I’m so sorry.”
“She said he wanted me to come home, to see me.”
“What did you say to her?”
The old anger, years passed, bubbling away as if it had never ended.  “I told her to have Jesus talk to him, because he chose his fairytale over me, and that I hope he dies painfully and slowly.  That I hate him and I will never speak to him again.”
No words from her.  Just a gentle kiss, pulling me into her.  Now the tears really started to fall.  Pretty soon, I was that same teenager again, bawling into the arms of my fiance.  Harder and harder, with her just holding me.  I loved this woman so much.

“Not a thing, kiddo.  I’m not hiding anything.”  That was a part of the story that I was content to leave where it lay.  Too much other anger wrapped up inside it.
“Alright.”  She lay back and snuggled with me.  Watching the lights on the tree.  Something inside myself wanted there to be pain, but getting so much out, I knew that I would make this a new Christmas.  At least, I wanted to.  Maybe it would work.  I hope it would.

Until next time, a quote,

“Some old wounds never truly heal, and bleed again at the slightest word.” – George R.R. Martin

Peace out,


Let’s Answer 10 Questions Atheists CANNOT Answer

Another day, another religious person who has a video they’ve made asking ten questions that they claim no atheist can answer.  None.  We’re all stumped by these ten questions.  Alright, Christian.  You’ve got my attention.  Here’s a link to the video in question (pun intended), now let’s get started.

Do you believe science answers everything?

No, I don’t.  There are plenty of things that science doesn’t know.  The difference is that the science is willing to admit the things it doesn’t know.  It is the pursuit of knowledge.  And that knowledge has to be tested, because sometimes it is wrong.  When was the last time that your religious book was updated?

Why do atheists care if people worship God?

You know, if everyone was civil to one-another, and didn’t try and use their religious beliefs as justification for violence and hate, I wouldn’t.  No joke, I would think that you are misguided, but live and let live.  The problem is, I know too many people like my girly-mate who was kicked out of her home because she’s gay.  It’s a sin and God hates it.  That’s why she lost her home at the tender age of 15.  So many religious people claim that religion isn’t hurting anyone, but between the violence that Islam inspires, to the hate that conservative believers of the Bible do, you cannot argue that it doesn’t.

Can nothing create something?

How do you know there was nothing?  How do you know that the universe hasn’t always existed in one form or another?  How do you know that our universe wasn’t birthed into existence because of another universe?  Not to mention, since this is the cosmological argument, and the argument is that you needed a God to create the universe, what created your god?  Why does that have to come from nothing?  Man, these questions aren’t stumping me the way the title of this video suggests.

How do you know God doesn’t exist?

I’m not a nostic atheist.  I don’t know for certain.  The existence of a God with unknown properties is an unfalsifiable hypothesis.  You can’t prove he does exist, just like I can’t prove he doesn’t.  However, atheism isn’t a claim on that.  It’s a claim that, given what I’ve learned and the lack of evidence of this Christian God out there, I do not believe that he does exist.  Christians love to argue that atheists just think – God not real!  But in reality, there are some who do, and some who don’t.  However, your evidence for the existence of God does not hold up to scrutiny.  Especially your god.  Like I said, a God whose properties are up the air, I cannot disprove.  But your God, who is wrathful, prejudiced, ignorant of the world as if he was created by desert primitives, that part I can disprove.

What is the origin of life?

I don’t know.  It’s one of the big questions that science is trying to answer.  There is the prevailing theory of abiogenesis, but it hasn’t been proven.  Science is the perspective of cosmic humility.  It doesn’t say “I have a book of desert fairytales!  Therefore I know everything!”  It says “that’s an intriguing question.  Let’s find an answer.”  The thing that a lot of religious people take for granted is that one day, science will be able to create life in a laboratory setting.  It will be basic life, sure, but we will be able to create it based on the tools that exist in the real world.  No spiritual powers required.  On that day, religion is going to be pushed up against a wall because one of the last bastions it has will be gone.

Where does morality come from?

From those in power.  People in power give moral systems to those under them.  This idea that religious people have of “objective morality” doesn’t exist.  The closest we will come to seeing that is with empathy.  But some people have more empathy than others, so it’s not a perfect system.  But every culture throughout history has had a different sense of morality.  Hell, your own book has differing sets of morality from the Old Testament to the New.  So yeah, it’s not holy.  It’s human.

If you were given evidence of God, would you become a Christian?

Assuming it stands up to scientific scrutiny, I’d believe that God exists.  Though, given how many horrible things this all-powerful being sits back and does NOTHING about, I don’t think I’d want to follow him.  As Stephen Fry put it, I’d have some words for the guy if we met.  Heaven be damned.

Why are there no transitional forms in the present?

Human perspective has this really dumb thing where it doesn’t understand how long it takes for speciation to occur.  We live short lives.  On the grand scale of the growth of life in the universe, our time has been unfathomably short.  Shorten down the growth of life on Earth to a day, and humanity as we know it today wouldn’t have existed until literally one second ago.  It takes hundreds of generations for complete speciation to occur.  Though, we can see smaller versions of it.  Like when a species that can breed together is suddenly separated by a seismic event or something of that nature.  Then they evolve in different paths, and when they find each other again, they can’t breed.  That is one example

Do you live according to what you believe, or your lack of belief?

I live based on my own sense of integrity that has been informed by years of being alive.  It has been informed by my sense of empathy, and my experiences of over 30 years of being alive on this world.  It isn’t a belief that guides my life.  It’s values I have culminated over my entire life.  And yeah, part of that is not believing in God, but that is just a small pieces of a much larger tapestry that is myself.  Ya dig?

If God exists, will you not lose your soul when you die?

What?  I don’t even get the written question.  However, I think the question he speaks out loud is more toward what he is talking about.  He basically puts out Pascal’s Wager.  The idea that if I die and don’t believe in God, I risk more than the Christian.  Well, let me put it to you – what if you religion is wrong?  What if you end up in the same Hell as me?  What if the real God sees your faith in this fake God and sends you to Hell, but rewards me for not believing in it and welcomes me to Heaven?  There are an infinite number of permutations of this thought process where either we both lose, or you lose and I win.

But to put it another way – I would rather not sacrifice my intellect to a belief that makes no fucking sense because I am afraid of a mythical place that doesn’t even make scientific sense.  After all, only our bodies can feel pain.  That’s where the nerve endings are.  Do souls have the ability to feel pain?  Since a soul has NEVER been demonstrated to exist, how do you prove that they can feel pain?  This whole wager makes no sense on any level, and thus I have never bought into it.

And that’s all the questions that an atheist CANNOT answer.  I answered all of them pretty handily.  Yay!  This guy is another stupid creationist.  Wow…

Until next time, a quote,

“I’d say, ‘bone cancer in children?  What’s that about?  How dare you!  How dare you create a world in which there is such misery that is not our fault.  It’s not right.  It’s utterly, utterly evil.  Why should I respect a capricious, mean-minded, stupid God, who creates a world that is so filled with injustice and?’ That’s what I’d say” – Stephen Fry

Peace out,


Our Government Cares More About Votes Than Protecting Children

As hopefully most of you are, I am absolutely disgusted by what has been coming out recently about the Catholic Church and the allegations of sexual abuse that goes even to the highest level.  Pope Jorge hasn’t denied knowing about the abuse from the most recent figure, so that must mean he is in on the scam.  All the people who talked about how THIS Pope was going to be the big change for the Catholic Church – where the fuck are you now?!  Huh?!  All that change?  Bullshit.  Smoke and mirrors.  And that is why he is Jorge, in my eyes.  That’s his given name, and he has NOT earned his fictional Pope name.  Not by a long-shot.

It is long past time that the American government cracked down on this.  It is LONG past time that the Catholic Church started to feel afraid of the long arm of the law.  If not vigilante justice.  I don’t say that idly.  The fact that it has come to that is only due to the government not doing a fucking thing.  Not in a big way.  You have a few states doing a few things, but in reality, it’s all bullshit.  Hell, there was a story I read about how the Church itself allowed a judge in one state to review the matter.  The Church allowed it?!  Since when do these child-fucking pieces of shit get the freedom to deny our government anything?!  Since when do we need their fucking permission?!

Over the years, I’ve been looking at how our government conducts itself, and something truly horrible had come to me.  See, the real question is – why hasn’t the government done anything sooner?  It’s not even a public secret at this point that members of the clergy are abusing children.  It’s outright public knowledge.  Yet nothing still happens.  Why is this?  It’s simple – political calculus.  See, the government does a simple thing. They know that there are a ton of Catholics in this country.  For reasons I will never understand.  How someone can be attached to an organization that protects pedophiles and still feel morally superior is beyond me.  If you are an average citizen and you support the Church, I want you to accept that you support pedophiles.  It’s a fact.  But I digress.

The government does a calculus asking if it’s better to lose the votes of Catholics than to actually step up and protect the children.  And their math has come down to the fact that it’s better to let the pedophiles and their pedophile protection racket continue their dirty business of what amounts to sex trafficking (no joke, that’s part of it.  Look at the report out of Philadelphia.  That reads like what should be every parent’s nightmare), because they don’t want to lose the votes of the retards who fill their pews.  The useful idiots of a corrupt aristocracy who is perfectly content moving sexual predators around so they can abuse more children.

How can I properly explain how much I LOATHE the Catholic Church?  I need more descriptive terms.  They are hucksters.  They are charlatans.  They are enablers.  They are mafia wives.  They are predators.  They are pedophiles.  They are child-fuckers.  They are pretty much psychopathic with their utter lack of empathy in the face of what happens.  They are an aristocracy who is worse than the cops in how they protect their own from ACTUAL justice.  They are salesmen of lies, using the fear of Hell to instill their faith into the very children who are at risk from the pedophiles in their ranks that they couldn’t care less to protect.  They tell people to pray for the victims than demand justice!  They are assholes, intellectual-slaveholders, aristocrats, unsympathetic, uncaring, can’t-be-bothered to do the right thing, arrogant, privileged, scum-sucking, cock-sucking, gay-bashing, woman-hating (pro-life is anti-woman.  Fact), corrupt, narrative-spinning pieces of shit!  Fuck Catholicism and all who support it!

But lest we forget that our government doesn’t just not care about children from pedophiles.  They don’t care about them from murderers, either.  I wonder how many school shootings there will be there year.  More and more bodies that you could lay at the feet of our elected officials and all they would do is say how sorry they are for what happened.  All while the NRA pays them huge sums of money to do fuck-all.  Even the most basic tightening of gun regulations?  Nope!  Because that would violate our freedom!  They’re gonna take our guns!  What’s that?  They aren’t?  They just want some basic legislation like having to register all firearms and have a license before you own one?  Making it so you can’t just sell a gun to a person, but have to go through a process like selling a car?  That hurts our freedom!  For…reasons!

It blows my mind how sociopathic everyone in power in this country is.  They will let pedophiles philander, and arm murderers, all so they don’t have to risk any fucking votes.  I swear, there will be a politician who does nothing but vote on their conscience someday, and every media outlet and government official will malign them until Hell freezes over.  Because we can’t have a government that actually gives one dusty fuck about the people it is supposed to represent.  It doesn’t.  They don’t care about ANY of you!  Don’t believe me?!  Take a look at who actually runs this government.  The corporations who feed astronomical sums of money into their coffers.  See what kinds of people they are, and then you realize who our government is.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I don’t vote.  Because humanity fucking sucks, and there isn’t a single person who is actually gonna do a goddamn thing to make it better!  Fuck the morons who say otherwise.

Until next time, a quote,

“This is the best we can do, folks!  Garbage in, garbage out!” – George Carlin

Peace out,


You and Your ENTIRE Church Are Gutless Worms (A response to Archbishop Paul Etienne)

For those who are unaware, a case has gone before the Grand Jury in Pennsylvania, part of the result of a two-year investigation into six diocese where abuse has taken place.  The report reads like something out of a psychological horror novel.  Here’s a link to an article about it.  Check that shit out.  It will blow your mind.  But in my home state, there is an Archbishop who decided to issue his own statement, and I take some SERIOUS umbrage with it.  Here’s a link to that garbage, now let’s talk about it.

Wish he hadn’t just put the letter as a document on there in this post, because then I could take snippets of it directly.  I’m too lazy to write it out, so if you think I am ever taking this out of context, I encourage you to consult the letter to make sure I’m not.

I couldn’t help but notice something was missing from your letter, Archbishop – a call for the Church to turn over the pedophiles in their ranks to the law.  That’s curious, since we have YEARS of proof of the church covering pedophilia.  There are records sealed in the Vatican laying out the names, places, and how much money was paid to cover up the pedophilia of those in the ranks.  I would give my last 30 years for SOMEBODY to break in to Vatican archives and leak that information.  Imagine all the good it would do to have the names of those responsible out there, so the public could be safe!  Because it is so fucking obvious that not one of you gutless worms is going to do the heavy lifting to try and protect the children.  No, that might be something Christ would do.

You tell people who suspect abuse to go to the cops and for those in the church to believe allegations of abuse.  Okay, but here’s the problem – the victims are children.  And in the link above, you’ll hear stories about adults who were abused as children and had Priests or members of the clergy threatening them with Hell if they didn’t keep their mouths shut.  The bullshit concept that you all foist upon children based on a God that doesn’t exist anyway aside, you have abusers using that as a weapon for silence.  So forgive me if I don’t take that advice as something other than you just virtue-signaling.  That’s what all of this bullshit reads like.

In the post, you say you’re embarrassed that members of the clergy are more concerned about the reputation of the Church than of “rather than for the care and healing of those who were harmed.”  No!  Instead of that non-statement, how about you actually do a REAL call to action!  Like telling your fellow clergymen that if they suspect abuse, to IMMEDIATELY go to the police.  Instead of having the church deliberate on what to do, have them give that child-touching/child-fucking piece of shit over to the law?  This entire letter reads like you just trying to virtue signal that you are doing the right thing.

We are LONG past time when the government needs to get involved in this.  The Vatican is nothing more than a corrupt aristocracy.  They lie for each other.  They protect each other secrets, instead of doing the right thing and trying to actually help children who are being abused.  Hell, this gutless worm cares more about who is attending the Latin Mass than the raping of children!

He says that the church is doing background checks now.  Well how would these fuckers have a pedophilia background if they are being protected by your fucking Church?!  Not yours, specifically (though I am ALWAYS suspect of anyone in Catholic clergy not being suspicious or having known someone who is a pedophile), but the Church at large.  This whole things makes me so fucking pissed.  I have to read this little worm’s none-response to a Grand Jury report that is nightmare stuff.  I have a friend that, thankfully, I have convinced to keep her children away from there.  Which makes her sad, since her kid is coming to the point of having their first Communion.

Yes, let’s pray.  Let’s have a day where we all fucking pray.  You know, an activity that serves no purpose, accomplishes nothing, and doesn’t address the ACTUAL problems.  How about NO?!  How about you start reporting the pedophiles to the police?!  Maybe you can tell the public who the pedophiles are, so that parents can actually keep their children safe.  Protecting kids from pedophiles.  You know, something Christ might do!  There’s a fucking thought.

I know why this gutless coward won’t name names or come out strongly against it.  Why Pope Jorge won’t do it either.  Speaking of gutless worms, his response was even worse!  Yes, say that the Church is not looking after the children, all the while being the keeper of the records that could actually do real good!  Oh, but you know you can’t leak that information.  Lay bare the Church’s corruption for all to see.  Then it might hit the people going there that they are giving their time and money into a corrupt aristocracy, where nobody will take a hardline approach for fear of having their future in the church destroyed.

That’s what it is!  It’s the reason that Archbishop Etienne isn’t taking a hard stance on anything.  It’s why none of them are.  Everybody is too concerned about their own future, and don’t want to rock the boat.  To the Archbishop who wrote this insulting letter – fuck you.  Fuck you, and fuck the corrupt aristocracy that you represent!  You’re a gutless coward, and you care more about Latin Mass politics than you do about your fellow clergymen raping children.  I find you to be the most disgusting of the hypocrites I have made responses to on this site.  At least some of them have some grit.  You are a doormat to an aristocracy that, if America wasn’t so busy sucking the cock of religion, maybe the government could take action against.

Imagine if, tomorrow, the government in this country threatened the church with losing their tax-exempt status if they don’t start playing a more active role in bringing this pedophilia to light.  What a wonderful world it would be.

Until next time, a quote,

“If only half you mother-fuckers in the state’s attorney’s office didn’t want to be judges, didn’t want to be partners in some downtown law firm.  If only half of you had the fucking balls to follow through, you know what would happen?  A guy like that would be indicted, tried, and convicted!  And the rest of them would back up enough so we could push a clean case or two through your courthouse.  But no, everybody stays friends.  Everybody gets paid.  And everybody’s got a fucking future!” – Det. Jimmy McNulty, The Wire

Peace out,