How Can You Be This Blind About Biden? (A response to Newsweek)

This year is shaping up to be one that changes the face of America.  A plague is still ongoing that is ravaging the entire world.  A virus that has no political allegiance, it is just doing what it does – finding hosts to infect.  Meanwhile, George Floyd’s death has caused a rally of people now the world-over.  The rampant abuse of police authority in this country has taken center-stage, and it’s definitely something that needs to be talked about, in a way that’s serious.  Not like after a mass shooting where the country talks about how bad automatic weapons are, only to turn around and do fuck-all about it.  Another day in the endless turmoil that is America, eh?

As one might expect, since this is all happening in an election year, the big focus people have is wondering what the political landscape is going to look like with all this happening.  Trump’s biggest thing he was hoping to run on was his economy.  Now the economy is in shambles.  It has gone into a recession that is far worse than the 2008 one.  We narrowly avoided another Great Depression, and we may still hit it if COVID really rallies in the fall and brings things to a screeching halt once-again.  And with the recent riots, instead of the President being out trying to unify people or at least calm things down, Trump is hiding in his bunker.  The unlit White House seems to be a metaphor for everything that’s happening.  Hell, the dude used tear gas to clear people out to do a photo opportunity with a Bible.  He held that thing like it was poison to him.

The political pundits have all come out with their own opinions, but because I don’t watch cable news, I am spared the MSNBC and CNN stupidity.  But because I live on the Internet, online news has a way of finding me.  And there was one article in-particular that just blew my mind in how utterly bereft of understanding it was.  An article on Newsweek opining that there isn’t enough college activism for Biden.  Here’s a link to the article, let’s talk about it.

It begins by saying that the dude was a big activist during the Vietnam days, and that everything thinks Trump is bad (at this point, part of me thinks that only the dude’s cult of personality are thinking he is handling this well), but there isn’t enough college activism.  The dude then asks the obvious question – why is this?  I will say, this is the FIRST left-leaning news outlet that has actually let it slip in that people are wondering about Biden’s mental acuity.  His campaign is keeping him out of the limelight, still, as much as possible because his gaffes are not going anywhere.  Seeing them splice his comments together to come up with stuff that is usable in newsbytes is just the best.  Reminds me of that line in Red Letter Media’s Best of the Worst video where Rich Evans has his grammatical gaffes and one of the dudes says if he was editing the video, it would sound perfect. They make the joke that for that to happen, they would need a ton of jump-cuts.

We’ve gotten to the point that I don’t see how the Biden campaign can keep not addressing the fact that their candidate’s brain is falling out most times he is being tasked with doing a speaking engagement or an interview.  How will he handle speeches?  But I digress.

The article continues opining the lack of college student engagement, then offering the most cursory reasoning that it may be because of the Democrats utter failure to initiate on ANYTHING that Gen-Z would want.  Keep in mind, they are the ones in college right now.  It isn’t millennials anymore.  We’re out of college, building careers and starting families.  Here’s the thing – Gen-Z is growing up in a world that millennials like myself have become utterly disenfranchised by.  A world where there are two parties controlling the entire discourse, and NEITHER party represents the values that we stand for.  The Democrats are NOT a liberal party.  Not the establishment ones.  They are moderate Republicans, as far as I’m concerned, with how far to the right the party has gone.  Article doesn’t talk about that.

Where are the political voices who are willing to talk about the reality that the reason people don’t get involved is because of how dejected they are?  The article says that Bernie Sanders needs to rally his supporters on college campuses.  So tell me – with what?  The ONLY thing that Biden’s campaign has is that he isn’t Trump.  That’s it.  He has made VERY clear his opposition to universal healthcare.  Don’t tell me about the Affordable Care Act and how he wants to make it stronger.  I’ve seen his idea.  It’s an even bigger birthday present to the private insurance industry scam that keeps Americans in bondage.  Every other First World nation has universal healthcare in one form or another.  This plague has highlighted more than anything what this country needs.

It also doesn’t help that Biden has a bad habit of pimping out his opposition whenever he is greeted with any push-back.  He yelled at blue collar auto workers.  He told people if they don’t like him to vote for someone else.  It seems like he is quick to anger.  That ties in with the dementia thing, by the by.  He said if people believe that allegations that Tara Reade made, vote for someone else.  He inspires absolutely no confidence as a potential leader.  Is that deliberate?  Is that his way of sneakily trying to get out of his situation, by pimping out the other side?  If so, it’s clever.

Perhaps it is telling that this article is demanding that Bernie get his supporters to fight for Biden.  The man is unable to fight for himself.  His campaign keeps him in a corner somewhere until they absolutely can’t avoid having him out talking in interviews that I guarantee are so scripted.  Where they can give him the most softball questions possible in order to make it so that he doesn’t have to get into complicated issues.  So instead of trying to get the candidate himself to build populist support, get the guy he beat by having his campaign make deals with everyone else (can’t wait to see VP Klobuchar, in all her milquetoast majesty) so they would drop out.

This is a man who has to get Obama to talk to people on his behalf.  You’re the Democratic party nominee!  It should be you out there.  This is an election where, in a year of strife and madness, we have no active voices from either party when things are at their absolute worst.  Sure, I figure it’s because Obama is black and the current issue is about what’s facing the black community, but if the party wasn’t scared to death of him saying something weird or stupid or losing the plot like that time he just stood there staring at the camera for 30 seconds until his wife came on, or that time when he was giving an online town hall and was talking but seemed to forget where he was and just wandered away and they had to cut to a still image to avoid dead air, then they would have him talking to people.  And the writer of this article is saying Bernie isn’t doing enough.  Is there ANY political commentator who is going to ask the hard questions?!

In the past I’ve said that it doesn’t matter how bad things get in this country, I’m not doing a lesser of two evils voting, and now that viewpoint gets put to the test.  Biden is a weak candidate.  Trump is showing how weak a candidate he is now more than ever.  It’s a battle of two weak men, one with narcissism like you wouldn’t believe, and the other with dementia.  I refuse to participate in this dog and pony show.  I’m a millennial, and the Democrats aren’t trying to help my generation.  What exactly are they doing for Gen-Z?

Until next time, a quote,

“The lines of what is considering right and wrong in society today have been blurred.  With common sense no longer our guide, we make decisions based on selfish wants and desires.  This has resulted in a deluge of self-centered people who delight in taking advantage of the weak.  However, even in this modern day and age, it is imperative that we act in the best interests of all.” – Toranosuke Yoshida, Persona 5: Royal

Peace out,


Another Dead Black Man, Another Instance of Missing the Problem

For those of you who are living under a rock, there have been some riots lately.  The rioting is for a 100% understandable thing – the abuse of police power.  In this instance, it was an officer crushing a man under his knee even as he pleaded that he couldn’t breathe.  It was cold blooded murder and I’m glad that all this rioting has at least gotten that officer brought up on charges.  Surprised that manslaughter is on the list.  Yeah, I’m sure he accidentally suffocated the guy.  Like, “oh shit!  I killed him?!  My bad!  Wish the dude had said something.”

However, as I see the justified anger at the situation with the police and the brutality towards the black community, I am reminded of the fact that there is this big elephant in the room about why this completely genuine racism in law enforcement exists.  It’s a problem that has been going on for far too long and while some states have taken some real steps to improve things, the reality is that this problem is being ignored by everyone and it frustrates me.

Perhaps you haven’t noticed that for the last 50 years, America has had this “war on drugs” going on.  It is a sectarian conflict that has been raging in this country for so long, showing zero signs of stopping, and with no winners.  It is a war that has destroyed massive parts of this country and has a CLEAR racial bias, yet people seem to avoid it like the plague (that they aren’t avoiding while rioting.  Not to rioters – the plague still exists, be smart, social distance).  This conflict has been an utter failure, and it has a direct connection to the situation of police racism.

Here’s the thing – where you have poverty, you have drugs.  Not to say wealthy people don’t do them, but as Bernie Sanders had once talked about, in communities ravaged by poverty, people are vastly more likely to look for an outlet in narcotics.  The connection is plain as day.  To head off the All Lives Matter people, sure, there are plenty of white ghetto communities where this is a problem.  I genuinely do believe that this is a rich v poor thing, but I am focusing on the racial aspect.  Poverty and the black/Latino communities are age-old friends.

It breaks down like this – you have a war against a substance that people are putting in their body.  Because of certain communities having a higher rate of poor people, the usage becomes more concentrated in those areas.  Then, you have law enforcement cracking down in those places, driving the market into a violent black market.  Racial laws from a horrifically racist period in American history (Jim Crowe) and societal attitudes of the time allow you to make the attacks against those communities more pronounced.  You pass legislation that targets these racial groups more, keeping them in prison in a for-profit industry that has a mandate to keep inmates coming back.  Law enforcement becomes the working arm of those industries with minimum sentencing laws.  The result of all this is that these racial communities become embroiled in drug violence and legitimate business doesn’t want to go there.  As a result, these communities become even poorer.  And the cycle perpetuates.

With this in mind, is it any surprise that law enforcement is horribly racist?  Not to mention violent.  It makes perfect sense to me.  This problem has been brewing for so long.  The drug war has been an absolute failure.  We have created ghettos in this country, some of which may be beyond repair.  This is the true cause of what happened with George Floyd.

So, what do we do?  What is the solution to this?  Gonna put this out there – it won’t be easy.  Fixing this country’s broken system is going to require systemic change on a massive scale.  But let me lay out what I believe to be the solution.

  1. End the Drug War. Full-stop.  At the same time, immediately create legislation to control the market.  This can move the drug procurement off the streets to licensed businesses.  Drug dealers would be put out of business so fast.  Oldest rule of American spending – people will always choose convenience, even if the quality is lesser.  Not to mention, it would mean giving people easier access to clean needles and even being able to put facilities for those who wish to get clean nearby.  So many Americans are afraid of seeking treatment because they don’t want to go to prison.  Legalize it and watch how many addicts will not be afraid to come forward.
  2. Have it mandatory that all police must wear body cams. We have seen how much this has changed the face of police response to crime, when they know that they are being filmed.  There are so many body cam videos of cops who would otherwise shoot people taking the time to talk to them.  However, these can be turned off.  This is true.  So that leads me to my next point.
  3. Have a civilian oversight board with actual teeth that can prosecute police for instances like George Floyd. Or, failing that, threaten to remove the pensions or go after the police unions.  Watch how fast things would clean up from there.

All of this was the easy stuff, though.  There is a final piece that will not be an easy pill to swallow, but it is essential to make this work.

  1. The poor communities (of all ethnicities) must come together and work with the cops to root out the last of the criminal elements in their respective areas. I know, with everything that’s happening, this is a hard pill to take.  But it is essential!  I cannot emphasize this enough.  Assuming all the other factors have been done and are working, this step is the final piece to help make these communities I’m talking about safe for business to come back to.  If the same people who have every reason to hate the cops would step up after all this is done, then I guarantee business would come back to these neighborhoods.

Once all of this is finished, and business comes back, here’s another thing that will return – wealth.  You don’t think that big business is going to flood in when they hear that it’s safe to open shop.  I can see the CEOs of major companies’ eyes doing that dollar-sign thing in cartoons.  “Oh boy!  A new demographic to exploit!”  These people would rush in so fast you couldn’t say “a new shopping mall.”  When business comes back, and money comes in, neighborhoods would improve.  Neighborhoods that people hid in would now have people on the stoop again, with a sense of community.

I’m sure all of this is just a pipe dream, but dammit, I’m tired of the problem not being addressed.  All of what we’re dealing with now has its genesis in a failed drug war that has needed to end for 40 fucking years.  Weed is being legalized, and that’s a great first step.  Now we need to take more steps.

Until next time, a quote,

“This game is rigged, man.  I feel like one of them little bitches on the chess board.” – Bodie, The Wire

Peace out,


*Update* It seems that the charge of the officer who strangled George Floyd has been raised to second-degree murder.  Good!

The New Era of Political Double-Standards

Perhaps you have heard, but there is a woman who has alleged that Joe Biden committed sexual harassment of her.  Word is that she is actually trying to take this to court.  I myself have no opinion one way or the other.  I’ve contended in the past that we shouldn’t just automatically believe or disbelieve anyone without a thorough investigation, but there is a group of people who one would expect would see things a little differently, i.e. the Democratic establishment and Twitter checkmarks.  However, it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that not only do they not believe her, they are actively going out of their way not to.

I’ve already talk about this in the past, so I won’t retread old ground.  Though I did see an article about how #BelieveAllWomen is now a conservative smear that was used against liberal women.  That was some of the most adorable mental gymnastics ever.  I wonder how long that article will be up before it’s pulled, if it hasn’t been already.  Still, the lengths that the media has gone to in order to smear Tara Reade is frankly kind of pathetic, when these are the same people who were cheering from the hills that the UVA Rape Hoax was legit, even as the case reported in Rolling Stone was falling apart.  They are also the same ones who tore Brett Kavanaugh to pieces in their smearing of him.  The Democrats REALLY overplayed their hand there.

However, it seems that the Democratic establishment and Twitter checkmarks have decided to take another mainstay of liberal discourse and throw it out the window – fat shaming.  Today, Nancy Pelosi decided to rail on Trump taking Hydroxychloroquine, pointing out that he is “morbidly obese.”  Like most times that that dinosaur harpy opens her mouth, the Twitter checkmarks had to pile on and make themselves heard being in absolutely solidarity with that moderate conservative bitch.  A fact that just tickles me pink.  All of the wonder about Nancy Pelosi does.  The woman passes every bill conservatives send to her, then crushes everything that would help progressives.  Her latest COVID-19 relief bill (that will NEVER pass the Senate) is basically a giant birthday-present to major corporations, with a little money to help the regular people.  How ANYONE thinks this cunt is a liberal is beyond me.  But Fox News says it, so I guess it must be true.

The endless stream of double-standards continues.  I can’t wait to see what “liberal” media publishes to bolster insulting the weight of someone they don’t like.  These people are at least self-aware enough to know when they are being mocked for sounding two-faced.  It will be the usual mental gymnastics unlike anything one has seen in a very long time, but that’s business as usual in America.  Don’t think that conservative America gets off the hook on this.  Some of their stuff is just the best.

Perhaps you haven’t heard about the fact that America has been quarantining for some time now.  Well, it seems that conservative America is getting tired of that and has decided to make the activity of doing what’s best for the health and safety of this country into a political battle.  The most notable of these has been the armed Semper Pie protestors in Michigan getting their guns and marching on the state capitol, screaming for the Governor to be locked up.  If it honestly becomes a civil war in this country over something like the quarantine because of this plague that is ravaging this country, that would genuinely make me laugh.

Among the many genuinely hilarious posters at these events is my favorite – where a conservative actually says, “my body, my choice.”  I swear, the day is going to come that conservative America will be self-aware.  It will happen.  The complete lack of introspection to that is the best.  So all the women who are forced to raise a child they don’t want because of lack of abortion options?  Fuck those whores.  She should have kept her legs closed.  Being kept in your home to keep people safe from the plague?  Tyranny!  We must rise up and stop the tyranny of not being a dick!  This is like what the Nazis did!  Ah yes, the old line that is now ubiquitous to both sides of the political aisle – compare everything that they don’t like to Nazis.

Don’t even get me starting about the people bitching about having to wear a mask in certain stores, most notably Costco.  The same fucking people who bitched ad nauseum about businesses being able to deny gay people their business if they don’t want to serve them are now bitching about not being able to go into a store.  Seems that their precious “freedom” only matters when it is being them inconvenienced.  Funny how that works.

It has long been my contention that if America didn’t have double-standards, it would have no standards at all.  It shouldn’t be shocking that people in this country are so quick to abandon the values they claim to hold so dear, in the name of their political pet project.  Claim that believing all women is essential, and that making fun of someone for their weight is the most hurtful thing one can do?  The orange man bad!  So those values can go.  Say that women have no right to their body when it comes to raising a child they don’t want?  I was told to stay inside!  That’s so much worse!  Rise up, with guns!

Lest anyone say that I am some kind of centrist, I am liberal as fuck.  I believe that we need a regulated economy, a strong social safety net, to tax the wealthiest and close the tax loopholes that the corporations who have been given OBSCENE amounts of money with COVID-19 relief use to pay nothing back, and to have universal healthcare (something the ENTIRE 1st world has, but for some reason America just can’t handle).  There are some libertarian arguments that conservative America floats that I don’t oppose offhand.  I am part of the libertarian-left.  Still, when people like myself think that both sides look REALLY stupid with this shit, it’s not uncommon to have one side accuse you of being the political belief they don’t like.  Funny how that works, right?

It is exhausting watching political discourse anymore.  On the one hand, I have Democrats who are suffering horribly from Trump Derangement Syndrome who don’t care that Biden OBVIOUSLY has dementia and should be getting care for his affliction.  They don’t care that he has no political positions.  I saw this great Twitter post asking people to list three policy positions Biden has that they agree with.  Without a doubt, here was one of the first replies –

  1. Not Trump
    2. Not Trump
    3. Not Trump

On the other side, you have these crazy/stupid conservative Cult of Trump types who had to be told by Lysol not to drink bleach when Trump said that injecting bleach into your body should clean it from COVID-19.  Oh I’m sorry, that was a joke.  Trump said so, so it must be true.  Watch the video clip where he says that.  Does it sound like he was joking to you?  The guy is an idiot, talking about his “super duper missile.”  I can’t even write that without breaking out into giggles.  The dude speaks like he’s five, and people can do nothing but talk about what a manly man he is.  Who runs away from an Asian reporter woman and her question.  The dude is such a little bitch, but he’s the manliest man who has ever lived.

Where does it end?  Where does any of this end?  I don’t know, and the longer it goes on, the less I care.  It’s all exhausting, and I’m content to play my vidya and talk to my girlfriend on Facetime.

Until next time, a quote,

“So to everybody listening – isn’t it fun?  Knowing we’re stuck in a loop of infinite dumb nonsense, so sweet like a cinnamon bun.” – Chris Ray Gun, “Algorhythm” – YouTube: The Musical

Peace out,


How Democrats Can Get Me to Vote for Biden

For those of you who didn’t know, while I make no secret of being a filthy stinking liberal, I am not a Democrat.  I’m an Independent.  From where I’m sitting, the Democratic Party is now so center-right that they have forgotten what being liberal actually is.  We saw it start during the Clinton years, as he was quite famously a centrist.  The Bush years didn’t help because Al Gore was a very liberal candidate, and he lost.  Well, he lost the electoral vote.  The Electoral College, an institution helping to take the voice of the people away since its inception.  The fact that liberal and conservative people alike are having their voices erased depending on what the majority of their state was is criminal.  It should be one voice, one vote.  Anyway, Al Gore was liberal and he lost, so then it got worse.  The Obama administration was when the party drifting to the right went into high-gear, as he continually shirked the liberal base in favor of “bi-partisanship.”  Even though his bi-partisanship was just him capitulating to everything the Republicans wanted, without a single exception.

So the current Democratic Party establishment is center-right, to the point that 20 years ago, these people would have been moderate Republicans.  As such, since this party has little to nothing to do with me, I consider myself an Independent.  I wrote earlier about how the blame the liberal base game has already started, which leads people like me to think – if they are just going to blame us for not winning, why should I vote for their candidate?  I mean, it’s not like him and the establishment who gives him ALL of his talking points stands against EVERYTHING that I am for, right?

But then a chum of mine who is a big-time party man asked me, “What would it take for you to vote for Biden?”  That question got me to thinking, and so I figured that I would give you all the answer I gave him, with a little more extrapolation just so all my points are clear and you can see my reasoning.  Here is the answer to the question my friend asked, broken down to each of its parts.  What would it take for me to vote for Joe dementia-having Biden?

Firstly, Medicare For All.  This is non-negotiable.  Now more than ever, with the spread of COVID-19 and the medical insurance companies threatening to jack up premiums because they aren’t getting enough government stimulus money, the fact that America doesn’t have universal healthcare is criminal.  Utterly criminal.  We are the richest nation in the world.  EVERY OTHER 1st World nation has universal healthcare in one form or another.  Sure, some function better than others, but ask the people who live in those countries if they would rather have to deal with the absolutely criminal enterprise the private insurance industry is here in the States.  Where the people who are supposed to help you look for EVERY opportunity to screw you, just so they can save a buck.  I cannot tell you how many horror stories I have heard of things they refused to cover that resulted in people going into crippling debt because of.  These people are holding to health of America hostage and they need to go.

Biden has talked about lowering the Medicare age to 60 and people are hoping he will have Medicare For Children.  No!  Unacceptable!  It’s all or nothing for me on this.  I can negotiate on all kinds of other things, but this is the one and only thing that I am steadfast in.  We have been in bondage to the private insurance scam for long enough.  It’s time to be free.

Next, a green new deal.  I’m not talking about something weak and pathetic like the Paris Accords.  That was a Band-Aid on a bullet wound.  No, I’m talking about comprehensive reforms with government mandate that isn’t toothless.  I want companies who violate this to not be given some slap-on-the-wrist fine.  They need to feel the hammer of the legal system come down on them.  Every year, this country is hitting temperature spikes.  More recently, they are noticing how much pollution is going down because people are staying indoors.  Huh, what a coinkidink!  I wonder if climate change and the pollution that causes it has something to do with human activity?!  Really makes ya think.

We are so far past the point where we can do incremental measures to turn the hands back on climate change.  If we don’t do something major, NOW, then it will be the children and grandchildren of Gen Z who are going to pay the ultimate price.  It’s looking like we are already seeing the beginnings of things going to shit.  Last year saw more storms than ever, bigger than they’ve been in years.  Insane shifts in weather on a dime, not to mention every summer being the warmest on recorded history.  For the last five years, each summer hits a temperature record in most parts of the country.  Gee, I wonder why.  There’s no more time for half-measures.  We need something that has teeth and makes real changes.  Sure, it might be a hard pill to swallow, but doing the right thing usually is.

Another thing I want to see is something done to either make state colleges free, or at the very least to wipe out student loan debt.  People talk all about how lazy my generation is, but the reality is that 30 years ago, you could go to college while doing a part-time job and pay for it.  Millennials like myself are burdened with more debt than ever before.  It’s the reason that we don’t buy houses, why we put off marriage, and why we don’t have kids.  The cost of living is too exponentially high, and a huge part of that is student debt.  It’s time that we do something about that.  Oh, and speaking of cost of living.

My last major stipulation to vote for Biden would be to have wages rise to meet inflation.  They haven’t for the last 50 years, and it’s disgusting.  A person who works 40 hours a week should not have to get state assistance to live.  If we’ve learned anything with the current plague crisis, it’s that the people that everyone talks about being losers who should get a real job are the most essential ones in this country.  It is them who keep things rolling, and we should reflect that in how much they get paid.  We have reached a golden opportunity to actually make major changes to improve things for the better for the working public.  Especially as so many are without work right now.  We’re headed into a new Great Depression.  We need to actually make changes for the better.

So that’s it.  Those are the positions I would need to hear Biden’s campaign (because the man himself is kept in a corner until they need him to make an incoherent speech or TV spot) support.  What’s more, I would need them to actually show that they aren’t just talking.  We need to see teeth on this.  There has to be something to indicate that the Democrats will really fight for this.  I won’t be duped by just talking a pretty talk.  That’s what happened with Obama, and we all saw the results.

Oh, but I’m sure someone or other is going to say that the Party doesn’t need people like me to vote for Biden.  Fantastic.  Then here’s a thought – when he loses to Trump, don’t blame people like me for it.  Take the hit and admit that he’s a weak-sauce candidate who can’t hold muster against a man who is has a cult of personality following him.  But that would be too hard.  Not to mention, just like Republicans, the Democrats won’t ever admit a Groj-damn thing when they fuck up or fall short.  It’s always someone else’s fault.  Hence why Shillary is still the sourest of sour grapes about 2016.  So yeah, there ya go.  If you can do that, or at least put an honest attempt to make it happen, then I’ll vote for your candidate.  If not, then I’ll do what I normally do on voting day – go to work and then come home and jerk off before making dinner

Biden beating Trump isn’t enough to make me vote for him.  Not even remotely.

Until next time, a quote,

“Nobody asked you, Inari!” – Ryuji Sakamoto, Persona 5: Royal

Peace out,


The ‘Blame the Left’ Game Continues

With Biden now being the presumptive nominee of the race, the establishment Democrats have already gotten started with probably one of the most interesting tactics that I see, which they seem to do a lot – blaming the left for his inevitable failure.  The fact that they are already on the guilt tripping leads me to believe that they know how utterly devoid of merit and any driving force Biden is.  While Shillary easily ran an incredibly weak campaign, she at least had the first woman President angle going for her.  It was something.  Biden?  Between his utter inability to make a coherent sentence when he does interviews, and now the growing allegation story of the woman that has now officially filed sexual assault action against him, the momentum for his campaign is literally non-existent.

As expected, Bernie has come out to shill for him.  He did it for Shillary, so no surprise that he is doing it for Grandpa Dementia.  But it will make no difference.  The left sees this man for what he is – a complete and utter tool for the party.  The party itself made very clear that his VP pick CANNOT rock the boat in any way.  That article laid bare the reality – that this man has no opinions of his own.  He has no positions.  He has no values, other than not being Trump.  Hell, the unofficial slogan for the guy is to get thing “back to normalcy.”  In other words, business as usual.  That’s what he thinks he can sell people on.  Never mind that Trump got elected almost solely on the backs of people being tired of things being as they are.  A new generation is becoming a huge part of the voting public, and we’re tired of the game as usual.

So here we are, with the party’s candidate who was marketed on not being marketed at all.  Just keep Biden and his inability to speak coherently hidden and let the Obama nostalgia carry him through.  That worked for the primary, in addition to Obama himself making calls, but for a general election?  Not a chance.  Which doesn’t even bring up the fact that Trump is going to obliterate Biden in debates.  His lines almost write themselves.  From him playing with his dentures during a debate, to all the times he talks about creepy stuff like kids loving his pale legs, and picking fights with blue collar auto workers.  Ammo to make Biden look weak is absolutely everywhere.  What will his campaign do?  I am dead certain that Biden is just kept in a corner until they actually need him.  His campaign is the one directing all this.  If the man himself even has awareness of what’s happening is debatable.  You really do feel sorry for the guy. It’s abuse of the elderly.  Not joking when I say that.

With absolutely zero positions outside of not being Trump, what is the Biden campaign doing to try and appeal to people outside the mainstream Democrats?  How about the Bernie voters?  Oh, just you wait.  Biden put out the ultimate olive branch to Bernie’s supporters.  What did he do?  Well, he said that he would look to lower the Medicare age to 60 and cancel the student debt for a small group of people.  Wow!  The most pathetic pittance I’ve ever seen.  The idea that these people think that ANY of us would be won over with that is laughable.  But then you realize that it was never meant to be that.  See, it’s a strategy.  When Biden loses the election, they can hang stuff like this out to say that Bernie supporters are unreasonable.  After all, look what we were willing to do for them!  I don’t get why those ungrateful millennials wouldn’t appreciate about that!

The Biden campaign knows that they have no positions.  The man himself has said he wouldn’t be in office long.  Meaning that you aren’t electing him.  You’re electing his VP.  That’s who will be President.  My money is on the party themselves telling the campaign to say that after Biden said something horrifically stupid one day.  They knew that if they kept him in office too long, not only would his mental health be an anchor around their necks, but there’s the very real chance he could make a horrifically bad decision that would put this country in real peril.  They need an out.  The man they wanted is on the ticket, now they need a way to cover themselves on the off-chance that he actually wins this election.

Does this sound hyperbolic?  I mean, they’re not that evil, right?  No actual person would really do something this unfathomably cold-blooded, would they?  You’d think so, until you realize that they got Obama himself to call all the people who had a real shot of winning the primary that weren’t Bernie on the phone and made each and every one of them offers so they would drop out.  They did absolutely everything they possibly could in order to make sure the candidate of the people would fail, and that a man whose mind is slowly falling apart would fail.  That’s the kind of people running the party.  Not only do I think they’re that evil, I actually think they’re far worse.  These people are bought and paid for.  They’ve outright said that the DNC is a corporation, not a government entity.  That they are beholden to no one.  Time was, they didn’t even do a primary vote. They just picked a candidate themselves.  How I bet they long to return to those days.

Biden is almost-certainly going to lose.  Unless the COVID-19 situation get so unimaginably bad very quickly, their candidate is going to fail.  Trump is a cult of personality, and his loyal base has all the dedication that henchmen have for a supervillain.  Not even kidding.  That man could go out into the street, pull out a loaded gun and kill people, and they wouldn’t even blink.  He’s still the right person.  Nothing that man does is wrong.  In the face of that, a man who has ZERO personality and whose only marketable trait is being Obama’s VP is dead on arrival.  So the party is already getting their defenses ready.  Already getting prepped to blame the left who they make zero inroads with.

After all, the establishment Democrats of today would have been moderate Republicans 20 years ago.

Until next time, a quote,

“It looks sad.  Be funny!” –Goro Akechi, Persona 5: Royal

Peace out,


The Spinelessness of “Left” Candidates in America

Well, by now it’s pretty clear that Biden is going to be the candidate of the Democratic Party.  A man whose brain is melting, who recently was shown just standing staring at a camera until his wife came into the picture to break the moment and he was shocked to see her.  A man with dementia who is being exploited by a party who is so desperate to appease their corporate masters that they don’t care who they sell up the river.  However, there has just been a development – Tulsi Gabbard finally dropped from the race and endorsed Biden.  Unreal.

A candidate who literally stands against EVERYTHING that she has claimed to be for.  He’s against Medicare For All.  He’s against ending the wars in the Middle East.  He’s against the Green New Deal.  This is the candidate that you endorse?  I gotta say, Tulsi, how many pieces of silver did the Democratic Party give you?  Because from where I’m sitting, this looks like you are betraying everything you have said you stand for, and for what we’ll never know, because the fucker is going to lose in the general election anyway.  At least, I think he will.  It’s an interesting year, and right now Trump is in a precarious position heading into November.  It’s a long ways off, but the coronavirus doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

I railed against this when Bernie was talking about how Biden has a chance to beat Trump and saying that championing the competition is fucking stupid, but with Tulsi doing this, something has occurred to me – the supposedly “left-wing” candidates in America are the most spineless fuckers I have ever seen.  That was Bernie’s problem from the git-go.  We needed to see some fire.  See him willing to take charge and pick a fight with the establishment Democrats.  Instead, we saw him never rise to a challenge.  When CNN outright called him a liar about the Elizabeth Warren sexism bullshit, he should have right then called them out.  Instead, he just let them go on and make him out to be a sexist liar on national television.  Then there was the stuff with the hot mike afterwards.  Disgusting, but if he won’t go on the offensive about it, what does it matter?

The politicians on the American left have so little spine that it makes you wonder how they walk.  Perhaps this is due in part to the identity politics that so many of them have made a giant noose around the necks.  This whole thing is something that genuinely liberal politicians should have kicked to the curb ages ago.  It’s tedious and the public is growing tired of it.  From Disney’s paltry “inclusive” bullshit, to the new Marvel comic series that literally has a character called Snowflake and another called Safe Space.  That last bit is so stupid that you’d think it was a parody on South Park.  Alas, it’s not.  It’s a real thing.  Let your mind be blown by that.  Or there’s the bit about how coronavirus is a feminist issue, because women do shopping.  I swear, these people are at self-parody levels of ridiculous.

Something the few genuinely liberal candidates there are out there don’t seem to get is that if they want to make a better world, they are actually going to have to fight for their ideals.  There is a massive corporate machine in both of the two major parties that will fight against us every step of the way.  It’s a machine that, failing outright murdering the rich, cannot be undone.  At this juncture, with how much of corporate America is fighting against helping their employees with the coronavirus situation still developing, it makes one wonder why people aren’t just doing that.  Oh right, America as a whole is spineless.  And the rich get us to fight amongst ourselves over stupid crap like abortion and LGBT rights so we won’t notice them slipping out the back with the money.

One of the biggest problem with liberal politicians, as Kyle Kulinski pointed out is that we don’t come together for stuff.  When Bernie was a real threat to them, the Democratic Party machine came together and got Obama on the phone to get everyone to fall in line.  We don’t have that.  Thanks to the constant conflicting points of view and all the stupid identity politics stuff, it’s impossible to rally with one coherent vision.  Of course, things aren’t a whole lot better for the Democratic Party.  They are at this point dependent on the Boomer generation because the millennials and Gen Z who is of voting age doesn’t think much of their corporate tool candidates.  Low voter turnout ONLY huts Democrats.  At least some mainstream news outlets are acknowledging that the party could be in trouble with the loyalty of the younger crowd slipping away and the mainstays of the party literally dying off.

All that digression aside, we need candidates on the real left who actually will fight for what they believe in.  We need a firebrand politician who is charismatic, doesn’t have the party baggage, and is willing to argue with those who disagree with them.  We had someone who was a genuine believer in their values and what they were fighting for with Bernie, but lacked the will too call out his opponents.  We need someone who won’t be that way.  A candidate who has guts and can back up what they are promising to fight for with some history of staying true to their values.  So far as I know, no such candidate exists right now, but perhaps the day will come that we can find such a candidate.  A man can believe.  Was really hoping that person was Bernie.  The cruel and unfortunate truth is that a real candidate of the people may not come again in my lifetime.

I’d wonder if that scares the Democratic Party, but they’re too busy counting money from Super PAC donors to care.

Until next time, a quote,

“Everyone blames Yoko for them breaking up, but the reality is that she was just there.  They were already broken when she arrived.” – Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Peace out,


The Myths of Conservative ‘Small Government’

This is a belief I’ve had going back to when I was a much younger man than I am now.  Hell, I had this figured out when I was a teenager.  The state I have grown up in is basically Texas, but with tons of snow.  It’s about as red as red states get.  So as you might imagine, I’ve heard all the conservative lines.  I’ve heard all about how they want the government to get out of their way of their “religious freedom” and the even more bogus line – we need a “small government.”  That one in-particular always rubbed me the wrong way.  When I heard the talking points that they went on and on about (ad infinitum), it quickly occurred to me that they would talk about one thing, and then would either be willfully ignorant or just turn a completely blind eye to what they want in practice.  I’ve compiled a list of things that are some of the bigger things in “small government” America that they talk about, but are complete bullshit when you actually think about it.  Not a Top 10, but a list all the same.

Marriage Equality

I just red about how alleged child molester judge, Roy Moore has filed a brief to get the Obergefell v Hodges overturned.  For those of you who don’t know, this is the ruling that gave marriage equality to all 50 states.  What is his stated reason for this?  Well, another bullshit conservative concept – religious liberty!  Ah yes, the classic line that conservative whip out whenever they need an easy out for their bigotry.  After all, THEY don’t hate gay people.  God does!  And they need to be free to exercise that hatred however they see fit.  That’s what the Founding Fathers wanted, right?  Moore seems to think so.  It’s something he said in a statement about the brief.  The Founding Fathers.  The mythical heroes that conservative America can slobber all over the knob of.  They’re all gay for George Washington.  Same with Jesus, now that I think about it.  Oh wait, not gay, just in love with to a degree that definitely isn’t platonic.

The reality is that gay marriage hurts no one.  If you don’t like gay marriage, you’re free to not get married to someone of the same sex.  It’s so simple that even the dumbest dumb-shit conservative should be able to do it.  But since these people are so great about being stupid about the basic shit, are you really surprised that this is too hard for them?  So their government should be small enough to go into your bedroom and tell you who you can fall in love with and share the rest of your life with.  Cowering behind their religion because they’re too scared to just come out and say, “I hate faggots.”  Well, those who actually want to run for public office or hold any position with status affected by the general public.  I know plenty of people in my own life in this reddest of frigid cold red states who will tell you all about how disgusting gay people are.  There is at least one who I am dead-certain is a closeted homosexual himself.  I have proof of it too.  I wonder how often Steven Andersen gets pounded in the ass by a big black dick.

Women’s Rights

Another avenue that conservative America’s ideas about small government just flies in the face of – a woman’s body.  Yeah, they want a government so small that it can fit in them, and dictate what they do with it.  Get raped by a family member?  They want that super small government to force you to have that baby.  Trust me, it’s for the best.  Their imaginary friend told them so.  In fact, their imaginary friend said that there is a big plan.  So for the woman who is raped by her husband violently, he meant for that to happen.  It’s all part of a much bigger thing that you will be grateful for.  Doesn’t that make you feel good?

So many of my centrist Democrat friends tell me I need to vote for dementia Joe Biden because if I don’t, Roe v Wade will be overturned.  Did you all see that most recent video of him, by the way?  He is literally reading off his phone, and then wanders off camera, leaving it staring at dead air, until they cut away so the camera isn’t look at the back-side of Joe’s head in the corner.  But please, tell me again how he only has a stutter.  I digress.  I’ve long-since comforted myself with the reality that if such a thing ever were to happen, it would just become a state’s rights issue.  All the liberal states would immediately move to legalize, while all the conservative states would move to make it illegal.

Part of me wishes that conservative America would just admit that they don’t like women.  Or at least would admit that they only like women up to the point that they marry men and make babies for them.  As broodmares for the state.  That’s all they see women as.  Oh I’m sorry, that’s not true.  They see them as sacred, because their imaginary friend told them so.  In the same book where he said that women are responsible for the fall of mankind, a woman’s body is unclean, a woman who has premarital sex is a whore who is marked, and which has a punishment for rape so pathetic that it might as well be a reward.

Low Spending

Once upon a time, it used to be that Democrats believed in higher spending, but higher taxes.  Meanwhile, conservatives believed in lower spending and lower taxes.  Both of these views make sense, logically.  Now, it seems like the predominate view of conservative America is higher spending, lower taxes.  Just look at the astronomical amount of money that Bush II spent in the Middle East.  Granted, Obama did too, but you all know my thoughts on mainstream Democrats and how much they differ from mainstream Republicans.  Apparently their small government can spend astronomical amounts of money to kill brown people.

Let’s not even get how the government just made $1.5 trillion appear out of nowhere to feed the gaping maw of the economy with the plague that the orange retard in chief said wasn’t a problem until it got so widespread and his precious economy started to tank.  It went to show that in a situation that is an actual crisis, Trump is laughably unequipped to handle the situation.  He will deny and deny until it’s so bad that because there is so little testing, we genuinely don’t know how widespread it is.  We do know that the number of Americans with the illness has already doubled.  Who knows how big this will get.

Conservative spending is laughably out of control, and what do they want to cut in order to pay for it?  Anything and everything that helps the average American.  Part of me wishes that we’d have a conservative with the balls to say that they want the average American to die.  That their plan for healthcare is – get sick and die, motherfucker.  Or maybe we can make it more honest – We don’t care, so fuck you.  They want a government so small that it gives the finger to the poorest of America, but big enough to polish the military’s knob so hard that they are basically given a blank fucking check.  Of course, the Democrats have never resisted this, so maybe that just is what it is.

Religious Freedom

Let’s talk about “religious freedom.”  When their precious Founding Fathers established this country, the idea was that anyone could believe whatever stupid bullshit they wanted to believe, and the government wouldn’t get in their way.  All creeds were welcome here.  They came to this country to escape religious persecution, after all.  Though, that’s not even talking about the fact that most of the people who founded this country were deists who didn’t believe in a specific God, or outright atheists who believe that religion as a concept was toxic to the human intellect.

In this modern age, conservative America has a very different take on the concept of religious freedom.  See, to them, it means a government so small that if you believe in a religion that they don’t like, we can persecute you to no end.  We can ban you from our country.  We can tell you that your beliefs are not wanted here.  Makes me think of the line from the plaque at the Statue of Liberty – Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.  They really should throw that in the trash, at this point.  Especially when you listen to these people talk about immigration and how they feel about people who aren’t from this country.

What are some that you’ve found “small government” issues you’ve all found that are weapons-grade bullshit?  I’m just tired of conservative America hiding behind buzzwords.  I would genuinely respect them more if they were just honest about their views.  I take the hypocrisy of it more personally than the petty veil of bigotry that it is almost always covering.

Until next time, a quote,

“You don’t see many white anti-abortion women volunteering to have black fetuses transplanted into their uteruses, do ya?  No, you don’t see them adopting a lot of crack babies, do you?  No, that might be something Christ would do.” – George Carlin

Peace out,


‘Keep America Great Again’?

At the State of the Union, Trump unveiled the new campaign slogan that he is running for 2020, and it makes me laugh.  After all the years that I’ve seen Make America Great Again hats and thought to myself – how do these people define America being great?  Our education system is the worst in the developed world.  As is our healthcare system.  As is our transit system.  So far as I know, our Internet isn’t the worst in the developed world, but we’re not doing great there either.  What metric is to define this greatness that these people hope for?  Not strive for, mind you.  They don’t do a damn thing to try and pursue this greatness, outside of wear a hat and endorse their candidate with the mindless obedience a henchman has for a supervillain.

Well now we know!  We know what the definition of America being great again is – Trump was elected!  That’s it.  That’s all it is.  It’s just him being elected, and now America is great again.  Nothing changed.  At all.  But now, because he was elected, America is great again.  Oh, I’m cracking up.  It’s so stupid.  The brazenness of it is a marvel to me.  The ego on this fat orange fuck is just the best.  You have to love what an absolute narcissist Trump is.  The power of his self-indulgent deification of himself is just amazing.  But can you blame him?  His followers don’t question anything he does.  They love him with the fervent passion that a five year old has for Mommy.  Who wouldn’t get the biggest fucking ego from that?

Some people say that I have a similar passion for Bernie Sanders.  Just not true.  I question plenty of what he has said.  I believe he has weakness in terms of not stepping up to those who attack him when we need to see that he is willing to do that.  We need to see a warrior who, if he gets elected, is going to have a mainstream media, a political establishment in his own party, and the entirety of his opposition fighting against him.  The fact that we haven’t is more than a little frustrating to me, but part of his appeal is that he stays on message and doesn’t get into the trenches.  At least he has called out the Iowa bullshit for what it is.  A rigged system by the DNC.  Oh, I’m sorry, CNN doesn’t like it when we say that it’s “rigged.”  Because apparently that erodes “faith in the system.”  Yeah, fuck the system.

This country’s believe in American Exceptionalism just baffles me.  How can they possibly believe how great this country is?  Everywhere in the 1st World that you look, we’re being left behind.  When people like Bernie talk about adoption a nordic model for healthcare and social programs, everyone screams socialism.  Yet in the same breath, they will talk about how Norway isn’t a socialist country.  Sometimes it makes you wonder where the people who argue this stuff’s actual beliefs begin and where their semantics end.

What trails is America blazing?  If you discount the absolutely abysmal progress on Trump’s mythical Wall, which expands at a pace that most glaciers would think is slow (while they melt from climate change that people like Trump deny is real), what exactly has changed from the Obama presidency to the Trump one?  Corporate power is just as solid.  We’re still throwing money at the banks to keep them financially solvent.  We’re still at war in the Middle East.  We still have the worst healthcare system in the developed world.  We’re not trying to pioneer our way into space.  Oh, I’m sorry, there’s Trump’s mythical Space Force, which thus far isn’t going anywhere outside of a concept and an ugly-ass utility uniform.

I marvel sometimes at the failure of my country and my species.  By now we should have wrangled an asteroid or two, started to mine it.  Started construction on the first space colony.  By now we should have been to Mars with a manned mission.  By now we should have been off our dependency on fossil fuels.  By now we should have made medical debt a thing of the past.  By now a lot of things should have happened.  But we haven’t.  Instead, we argue about nonsense to the point that you wonder why any of it matters anymore.  It doesn’t, really.  We put slogans on baseball caps and pretend that that means anything, when all it signifies is mindless obedience to a concept.

Though maybe the mindless obedience shouldn’t surprise me.  The people who have it are almost all religious, from a doctrine of very serious faith.  With the same mindless obedience, they worship a man in the sky who will give them a better life.  It’s something the wealthy and powerful like Trump use to keep those same people complacent and weak, so they can steal more and more away from the same people who give them such unquestioning loyalty.  The faithful have always been an easy source to bilk for all they’re worth.

So I guess it isn’t so funny, and just a sign of how vacant and empty the platitudes and beliefs of those who live in this country really are.  And those who actually want to make things better in a way outside of narcissistic measure are demonized by the entire power structure.  I’m something of a nihilist, in case you all haven’t noticed.  I don’t hope for the future.  But you’d think enough people would exist who care who do.  Maybe that’s just being too idealistic on my part.

Until next time, a quote,

“Someone once said, that religion is viewed by the poor as true, by the wise as false, and by those in power as useful.” – Priest, Franklyn

Peace out,


‘Joker’ and it’s “White Male Rage”

Do you wanna be a racist and sexist person?  Is that something that seems like a good idea to you?  Well then, do I have a deal for you – be racist and sexist against white men!  It’s easy!  All you have to do is take any film, video game, or other form of media that involves a white man.  Make a big production about how awful it is because of the white male involvement, and then you can just sit back and watch as the culture at large agrees with you.  Because us white males are just the worst, aren’t we?  We make life awful for everyone else.  As a collective.  We’re like the Borg!  And in doing so, you can invalidate the points of view of anything that you view as “problematic.”  Isn’t this nice?

Like when EA announced their fantastic new game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.  A game that was story-focused, had no microtransactions, is a Metroidvania with Sekiro-like combat elements.  It was a great game, and so much fun to play.  But never mind all that!  It starred a white male!  How awful!  Why not a black guy?  Or a black woman?  Or a black trans demisexual otherkin?  Anything but a WHITE MALE!  Sure, there were plenty of character who were of other ethnicities who all had personality and flaws to overcome in a narrative that gave each character a chance to grow.  The protagonist is a white male!  So that makes the property immediately bad.

I just recently got around to watching the new film Joker.  I didn’t do a review of it, so here’s my thoughts – it’s good.  I am not as in love with it as most people I know are, but it’s good.  The only major complaint I have is that if you took the Wayne family out of it and didn’t set it in Gotham, this could really be any character and you wouldn’t notice the difference.  But that’s just a nit-pick.  Overall, it’s a fantastic movie looking at the poor being oppressed by the rich, failing mental health, social isolation, and what happens to those who fall through the cracks in a society that is completely broken.

The media’s treatment of this film was just criminal.  In my mind, it exposed a LOT of media outlets for being the kinds of people that the rioting citizens of Gotham were fighting against.  First, it was a film that would make incels violent.  Incel, another term that has been used to the point of being meaningless.  Right alongside “misogynist,” “Nazi,” “gamergater,” and “alt-right.”  There were screenings of the movie where cops were actually standing by.  I kid you not!  That was nuts.  The media was frothing over themselves, almost like they were hoping, desperately, that someone would actually make good on the alluded to threats and kill people.  Their moral compass goes in all kinds of directions when clicks get involved.

However, the film happened and all it got was good reviews and great performance at the box office.  Well, that didn’t sit to well with the social justice crowd who had been frothing.  Then, it seemed that the film being good got it a standing in the completely vapid and stupid film awards shows.  This got them even more upset.  A film about a white male getting awards?!  The insolence!  Look at all these other movies about non-white non-males!  Why aren’t they in the running?  And look at these movies about women being “empowered” (the modern term for a woman who is humorless, has no flaws, and is physically and morally superior to everyone around her) that died at the box office!  This isn’t fair!  It’s because of white men!

Which brings us to what got me on this topic in the first place – SNL.  You remember that show?  The show that hasn’t been funny in 30 years?  The show that should have ended 20 years ago at least?  The one who has basically because a platform for modern social justice and where “comedy” goes to die?  Yeah, they decided to weigh in on Joker too, but their criticism was more disgusting than anything else I’ve seen.  As one might expect, they did like so many other outlets did, and blame white men.  Oh wait, I’m sorry.  They blamed “White Male Rage.”  In a “hilarious” song that a wealthy woman in a gold dress sang, the whole film is about white male rage.

Ironic, isn’t it?  A film about wealth disparity and the destruction of the poor from the rich and here you have a wealthy woman on a corporate network wearing a sparkly gold dress talking down a character who is lashing out against the rich and powerful, and kills the target of his rage, a late night host who in his mentally broken mind was the person he saw as the one who needed to be destroyed.  The lack of awareness NBC and SNL have about this is just amazing, isn’t it?  They seem to just miss the fact that the way they talk down to those who are lesser on the economic strata than them is the exact reason the rich are so hated in this country.

You see all the blue checkmarks on Twitter endlessly talking down to Bernie Sanders and his ideas, which are made to help the disenfranchised that Joker was talking about.  The people of failing mental health who have no access to care.  The people who are drowning in debt with no way out because the job market is getting swallowed up by automation.  He is the guy who is seen as the ultimate enemy that the wealthy, elite establishment must destroy.  Have the ultra-smug CNN hosts laughing uproariously about his ideas and how foolish they are.  These same people will then blame the poor when they lose elections.  And people wonder why I REFUSE to vote for a corporate candidate.

From where I’m sitting, people in power really took the wrong message from Joker.  They don’t seem to realize that if we keep going as we are, there will come a day when the poor have had enough and rise up.  In a nation with so many guns, all it takes is one revolutionary with the right words to bring the masses together and having them go all French Revolution on the wealthy elite who hold this country hostage so they don’t have to worry about their taxes going up or their industry being damaged by increased regulation and the closing of tax loopholes.  In Mexico, the rich are kidnapped daily.  In South Africa, wealthy people rig their cars with improvised weapons to attack those who would jump them.  Is that what they want America to become?

Maybe that is the idea.  Then they could just murder the poor with the help of law enforcement and the American military, as the entire government and their jack-booted thugs are basically on their payroll.  Would be an expedient way of dealing with the problem.  Sure, less people would be around to buy their over-priced shit, but what do they care?  Even if all their companies go under tomorrow, they’ll still be rich.

Until next time, a quote,

“Won’t someone please think of the millionaires?” – TJ Kirk

Peace out,


Trump Derangement Syndrome is Real

I’ve said before that I don’t think an idea is stupid just because it comes from a person I don’t like.  Recently, Bernie Sanders did something that I found really toothless and pathetic – apologized to Joe Biden for calling him corrupt.  Biden is corrupt.  He absolutely is.  Nobody with any perspective on the Democratic Party and how deep in the DNC’s pockets he is can say otherwise.  It frustrates me how Bernie never attacks any of the people who viciously go after him.  But then you realize why he did it – because Biden being corrupt is a Trump talking point.  And if Trump says something, that automatically makes it untrue.  No matter how true the point actually is.

The coworker I’ve talked about before and I got into this big argument the other day where he said that he doesn’t care that Warren shit on Bernie.  All he cares about is that the Democrats win and Trump is out of office.  He’s planning on voting for Warren in the primaries because Bernie is “too liberal.”  Yeah, my respect for this dude dropped a few notches.  But listening to him talk, and the points I see mainstream Democrats taking made me realize something – Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.

What is Trump Derangement Syndrome?  It’s the belief that absolutely everything that Trump says is wrong, no matter what.  He is always in the wrong, no matter what he does.  Pulling out of the Middle East – a talking point that Democrats had been championing for years before Trump got elected?  Now all the sudden it is wrong and we need to stay.  Getting back into space – a point that every person who has any love of progressing humanity forward?  Now it’s stupid because Trump wants to do it.  I swear, Trump could come out saying that oxygen is great and they would find a way to spin it against him.  Listen to Bill Maher and his deep-pockets Democrat opinion and you can hear it every week.

It blows my mind how many people I know who are smart individuals have this massive blind spot based on their own bias against someone that they have an issue with.  I think that Trump is an orange-faced retard who can’t string a coherent sentence together, but I don’t think something is stupid just because he says it.  I swear, how many “woke” progressives who rail against corruption would run into the arms of the DNC just because he says they are corrupt?  How may Kopmala supporters were there just because Trump said she’s a crooked politician?  How many Biden supporters are there because of that?  I mean, Biden is worse than Trump when it comes to not being able to make a cogent thought.  You hear that thing where he blew up on a reporter asking “why?” over and over again?  That was pretty fun to watch.

Part of me really wishes Bernie would stop taking the high ground with his enemies.  Here’s the thing – we need some kind of proof that he’s willing to actually stand up and fight the corruption if he is elected President.  And that means that he needs to show he’s willing to pick a fight.  We have gotten to see him do some trash-talking on Twitter, but now we need to see him show the backbone to stand tall to his detractors and be like, “yeah, I called Biden corrupt.  Because he is!  Look at his record of being pro-war and has had no problem taking big corporate money, and it’s clear what a corrupt scumbag he is.  He said that he would gut all major social programs, but hasn’t done jack-diddle to end the wars in the Middle East.  So you bet your ass that I think he’s corrupt!”  It’s getting to the point that we are wondering if Bernie has fight in him.

Now I do get that some of the appeal he has with people is staying on message and not getting into the trench fights, but at the same time, we need a warrior, Bernie!  You talk a great talk, but eventually you are gonna have to fight for what you believe in.  When is that gonna be?  Like when CNN pulled that bullshit during the debate of asking if you said a woman can’t be President, and then turning to Warren and asking how she felt when you said that, after you said you didn’t.  That would have been a great point to interrupt and go, “excuse me, are we just going to make it seem like I just lied when I answered your question?”  Oh wait, that’s something Trump might do.  And if Trump does it, that means it’s automatically wrong.  Never mind that tactics like that are what got him elected when he was reaming his primary candidates left and right.  You made the point that you think a lot of Trump supporters are dejected voters who see the establishment as corrupt.  Taking a cue from how Trump won the primary might not be a bad idea.  You got the momentum.  It’s time to show us what you can do.

All of that digression aside, it’s long since time that we stop pretending like Trump is wrong by virtue of him saying something.  He’s wrong about all kinds of shit, and I got no problem calling it out.  But not everything he says is drop-dead stupid.  There is the occasional gold in the pile of shit.

Until next time, a quote,

“The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.” – Flannery O’Connor

Peace out,