Trump Derangement Syndrome is Real

I’ve said before that I don’t think an idea is stupid just because it comes from a person I don’t like.  Recently, Bernie Sanders did something that I found really toothless and pathetic – apologized to Joe Biden for calling him corrupt.  Biden is corrupt.  He absolutely is.  Nobody with any perspective on the Democratic Party and how deep in the DNC’s pockets he is can say otherwise.  It frustrates me how Bernie never attacks any of the people who viciously go after him.  But then you realize why he did it – because Biden being corrupt is a Trump talking point.  And if Trump says something, that automatically makes it untrue.  No matter how true the point actually is.

The coworker I’ve talked about before and I got into this big argument the other day where he said that he doesn’t care that Warren shit on Bernie.  All he cares about is that the Democrats win and Trump is out of office.  He’s planning on voting for Warren in the primaries because Bernie is “too liberal.”  Yeah, my respect for this dude dropped a few notches.  But listening to him talk, and the points I see mainstream Democrats taking made me realize something – Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.

What is Trump Derangement Syndrome?  It’s the belief that absolutely everything that Trump says is wrong, no matter what.  He is always in the wrong, no matter what he does.  Pulling out of the Middle East – a talking point that Democrats had been championing for years before Trump got elected?  Now all the sudden it is wrong and we need to stay.  Getting back into space – a point that every person who has any love of progressing humanity forward?  Now it’s stupid because Trump wants to do it.  I swear, Trump could come out saying that oxygen is great and they would find a way to spin it against him.  Listen to Bill Maher and his deep-pockets Democrat opinion and you can hear it every week.

It blows my mind how many people I know who are smart individuals have this massive blind spot based on their own bias against someone that they have an issue with.  I think that Trump is an orange-faced retard who can’t string a coherent sentence together, but I don’t think something is stupid just because he says it.  I swear, how many “woke” progressives who rail against corruption would run into the arms of the DNC just because he says they are corrupt?  How may Kopmala supporters were there just because Trump said she’s a crooked politician?  How many Biden supporters are there because of that?  I mean, Biden is worse than Trump when it comes to not being able to make a cogent thought.  You hear that thing where he blew up on a reporter asking “why?” over and over again?  That was pretty fun to watch.

Part of me really wishes Bernie would stop taking the high ground with his enemies.  Here’s the thing – we need some kind of proof that he’s willing to actually stand up and fight the corruption if he is elected President.  And that means that he needs to show he’s willing to pick a fight.  We have gotten to see him do some trash-talking on Twitter, but now we need to see him show the backbone to stand tall to his detractors and be like, “yeah, I called Biden corrupt.  Because he is!  Look at his record of being pro-war and has had no problem taking big corporate money, and it’s clear what a corrupt scumbag he is.  He said that he would gut all major social programs, but hasn’t done jack-diddle to end the wars in the Middle East.  So you bet your ass that I think he’s corrupt!”  It’s getting to the point that we are wondering if Bernie has fight in him.

Now I do get that some of the appeal he has with people is staying on message and not getting into the trench fights, but at the same time, we need a warrior, Bernie!  You talk a great talk, but eventually you are gonna have to fight for what you believe in.  When is that gonna be?  Like when CNN pulled that bullshit during the debate of asking if you said a woman can’t be President, and then turning to Warren and asking how she felt when you said that, after you said you didn’t.  That would have been a great point to interrupt and go, “excuse me, are we just going to make it seem like I just lied when I answered your question?”  Oh wait, that’s something Trump might do.  And if Trump does it, that means it’s automatically wrong.  Never mind that tactics like that are what got him elected when he was reaming his primary candidates left and right.  You made the point that you think a lot of Trump supporters are dejected voters who see the establishment as corrupt.  Taking a cue from how Trump won the primary might not be a bad idea.  You got the momentum.  It’s time to show us what you can do.

All of that digression aside, it’s long since time that we stop pretending like Trump is wrong by virtue of him saying something.  He’s wrong about all kinds of shit, and I got no problem calling it out.  But not everything he says is drop-dead stupid.  There is the occasional gold in the pile of shit.

Until next time, a quote,

“The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.” – Flannery O’Connor

Peace out,


Nobody Should Care About the Impeachment Trial

Have you heard about the impeachment trial?  I sure have.  In fact, no matter where I look, it’s absolutely fucking everywhere.  Now it’s gone through the House and is headed into the Senate.  Oh boy!  I’m sure this is gonna be a big deal and not at all a complete time-waster that those involved probably knew it would be straight from the outset.

I mean, it’s not like Trump is the sitting President and the Senate is controlled by Republicans, right?  What’s that?  It is?  Oh dear.  Well then, if that is the case, then it would be a really stupid thing to actually expect that ANY of the Republicans who are in the Senate would actually vote to impeach the guy, right?  Not of any of them want to get elected again.  Which, as far as I understand, there are no big ones right now.

Here’s the thing – Trump’s base is ravenous and does not give one dusty fuck what the dude does.  He could walk into the street, pull out a gun, and blow the brains out of someone in cold blood, broad daylight and they would find a way to rationalize that it was the right thing to do.  These people are the quintessential sycophants one could ask for.  People who could not possibly care less what a leader does, because it’s their leader.  And because of this, every Republican in the Senate would have to answer to these people if they actually did something crazy like voting with their actual opinions instead of along party lines.

I’ve talked about a coworker who only cares about voting for whoever gets the Democratic nomination, regardless of who it is.  That’s all that matters to him.  Well, take the absolute opposite extreme, and that’s the modern Republican base.  It does not matter to them, at ALL, who the candidate is.  R next to their name, they’re alright.  Nowhere is this more apparent than with Trump.  This dude has said some horrifically sexist shit.  Don’t care.  Though if you saw the story about a bill before the Supreme Court to limit a woman’s access to contraception, you realize that his base doesn’t like women either.  Dude kills leaders in other countries in cold blood.  Not their problem.  In fact, if you don’t support Trump murdering foreign leaders, you hate America and support terrorism!  That’s the mindset these people come into this with.

Nobody who was paying attention was surprised that the impeachment stuff got through the House.  After all, this is pretty much a divide on party lines.  No Democrat who wants reelection can be against impeaching him, and no Republican who wants to win reelection can be for it.  But the Senate is controlled by Republicans.  There is zero, let me reiterate, ZERO chance that it will pass.  All of this trial stuff is the ultimate dog and pony show.  All to take attention away from a Democratic primary that is actually getting interesting with Bernie taking the lead spot nationally, according to the polls.

All over the place, I’m hearing people who actually think this matters.  Why?  Do they actually think that there is going to be some kind of weird miracle that will have a ton of Republicans turn on their base’s Supreme Leader?  I say again – he could murder a person in cold blood, talk about how much he liked doing it, and they won’t care!  Hell, he’s already done that!  The drone strike against Soleimani was an assassination.  Now he’s dropped all pretense of it being for American security and admits that he just killed the fuck.  Do the supporters of him care?  Nope!  You almost have to admire the childlike obedience these fuckers have.  It’s impressive.

Mainstream media can do nothing but talk about this.  And it makes sense.  What better thing to take the attention off the fact that a Democratic upstart is taking charge in a primary where they are looking to lose the first two elections of the season – Iowa and New Hampshire?  Just talk about this non-issue as much as you possibly can and speculate on whether this thing or that thing is gonna turn the tide on this trial.  Like there is any real chance that a Republican will stand against God-King Trump at any point ever.

As for me, I’m keeping my eye firmly where it matters – on the primary race.  It’s getting fun.  Bernie’s taking the top spot, and if the election results match this, then it’s gonna be a Presidential election for the ages.  Instead of a hollow candidate like Shillary, it’s going to be a principled man vs. a senile orange-faced moron.  This is the kind of thing that I have been waiting for.  Plus, failing some kind of huge economic collapse or massive war, the issue that’s going to be on the top of the list is healthcare.  Bernie has the top dog in that fight, easily.  Medicare for All as he’s proposed it is popular.  Trump’s healthcare plan was so bad that even he backed away from it.  The current Republican healthcare position is – get sick and die.

This is gonna be an interesting year, mark my words.  If the establishment does use every trick they have (again) and blocks Bernie from the nomination, then it will still be momentous.  The year when the Democratic base abandons them.  I’m not voting for a corporate candidate.  Period.  Neither is anyone who thinks like me.  And low voter turnout hurts one party and one party alone – Democrats.  So whatever happens next, it’s going to be a really interesting year.

Until next time, a quote,

“If you want to build a better home, first you must demolish the old one.” – Petyr Baelish, Game of Thrones

Peace out,


Bernie or Bust 2020

Since I’ve started writing about politics again, I figured I’d keep this going.  Not a whole lot to talk about.  At least for right now.  As the primaries progress, this could get a lot more interesting.  Thus far, I think I’ve gotten a pretty good lay of the landscape and where things are going.  But yeah, just like 2016, it’s Bernie or Bust for me.  Last go-around, the DNC had to pull out every single stop they could, and Bernie still was a stone’s-throw away from dethroning the person the entire Democratic establishment thought was heir apparent to the Presidency.  This election cycle is looking much more interesting.

Mainstream media has been doing everything they possibly can to say that Biden is the choice candidate for this country.  But the polls are not reflecting this.  While he does poll at the front nationally (for reasons that make no fucking sense to me), individual states have his numbers going off a cliff.  This race looks to be between Bernie and Warren.  All the Yang Gang crowd can hope to their hearts content, but he isn’t going to win.  Neither is Tulsi, but I have thoughts about what she should do after she loses that I think she has picked up on.

Warren isn’t somebody I can support.  She kissed Shillary’s ring, and now she’s trying to ride the line of populist candidate and establishment darling.  It isn’t doing it for me.  Not to mention, she won’t beat Trump.  I can already hear his refutation of her.  It will be nonstop “Pocahontas!”, ad nauseum.  That stupid fight with Trump is going to haunt her political career for years to come.  It was immature, stupid, and gave him all the ammunition he needs to make nobody take her seriously.

Meanwhile, Biden is just awful.  I kinda feel bad for the guy.  It’s pretty clear his mental faculties are failing him pretty quickly, because the poor fuck can’t string together a coherent sentence.  There’s a reason that his campaign is limiting his public exposure as much as they are, because this poor dude just does gaffe after gaffe every time he speaks.  During debates it’s just awful.  Really does make me wonder why he’s polling so well nationally.  Does nobody pay attention to this stuff, or is all just a bunch of people like my workplace chum who are loyal to the party and he’s the party’s darling right now.  Though there are signs that they are trying to sell people on Warren because Biden looks worse and worse and it’s becoming abundantly clear that he won’t beat Trump.

A lot of people are wondering if Shillary is still gonna throw her name in.  Recently her website has been updated and it is using talking points about her political future that is raising a LOT of eyebrows.  Not in a good way, for sure.  Perhaps it’s kinda smart of her to just avoid the limelight for so long, trying the Eleventh Hour upset approach.  But the longer this goes on that she doesn’t, the worse it is for her.  Plus, the legacy of her rigging the primary against Sanders, and the two of them being up against each other again, that might rally people to Bernie more.

Some people are saying that the heart attack was a black mark against him.  The media sure did have a field day with it.  Though it’s clear that they were hoping he had died, given how they have tired to tar and feather him in every way they can.  There was a fantastic new campaign ad where they just played their negative content while you watch Bernie heading to the stage.  It’s a great ad.  His usage of negative media commentary about him as publicity is smart.  The truth is that the heart attack did a LOT to galvanize people who support him.  His numbers have been growing ever since, and the number of donations was a flood.  Granted, if he has more health problems, that will definitely work against him.

But yeah, it’s Bernie or Bust for me in 2020.  There’s no apparent fight, outside of Warren.  Their battle is going to be the one to watch.  I said earlier that I would talk about what Tulsi should.  I think she’s already seen the path ahead.  She’s started cozying up to Bernie, and that’s REALLY smart.  She’s playing the long game.  See, when he clinches it, the smart choice would be to make her his running mate.  That would galvanize lots of support from tons of different people.  What’s more, he could play queenmaker with her and help her for her run for office.  Finally break that glass ceiling Shillary was hoping to break, except with a candidate who isn’t a corporate drone.

This primary is going to be interesting to watch.  Seeing how the DNC is gonna try and fight against the populist candidate is fun to see.  But they should be warned – if they play games and find a way to put their person in after Bernie starts winning states, then I’m gonna say this right off the bat – I won’t vote in the general election.  Maybe I’ll campaign again for Giant Asteroid.  It has a platform I can support – the utter annihilation of the human race.

We’ll see what happens going into 2020.

Until next time, a quote,

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” – H.L. Mencken

Peace out,


A Whetstone to Sharpen My Liberalism

I haven’t talked about politics in ages.  Mostly because the discourse is so fucking toxic anymore.  Especially online.  It’s like, if you make fun of Trump (which isn’t hard to do.  His Twitter is comedy gold), then you’re a leftist SJW hater of America.  I’ve completely checked out of the war against SJW culture.  It isn’t what it was when I started talking about it.  Back then, it was the atheist community fighting against a common enemy.  Conservatives and liberals came together against a foe who seemed insurmountable.  Now, it’s almost-exclusively conservatives who are the big names.  The rest of left-leaning people like myself have checked out.  What more is there to say?  Oh look, an SJW said something dumb.  You know, like they’ve been doing for a long-ass time now.

However, it seems that a foil for me to talk about politics with came about from probably the most unlikely place – my job.  There’s a coworker who became pretty chummy with me after he got past my awkward first-meeting phase and got to talking with me.  Turns out, we have a lot in common.  He’s an atheist, like me.  He’s a liberal, like me.  We mesh on a lot of levels.  As I have discovered, though, we don’t mesh on a lot of others.  For starters, dude is trying to get me to like sports.  Yeah, I think Sisyphus had an easier task than him in that regard.  This dude is pretty all-American in a lot of ways.

Another thing that we disagree on politics.  See, I’m pretty far left.  I’m a big Bernie Sanders supporter.  I firmly believe that voting for a candidate who is a corporate tool is a disservice to the cause.  Because I’ve been watching the Democratic Party basically go further to the right on a lot of things, as a desperate way to fight the growing left side of politics who is now upsetting the natural order of how things work in Washington.  My compatriot, however, is die-hard – whatever candidate the party offers, he will support. I find this belief structure to be untenable.  How can someone who seems to be so rational not see how broken it all is?  He like some of the dinosaurs in politics like Chuck Schumer, who needs to fucking go.  In his eyes, voting is a duty and a obligation for a working country.  I see voting as two broken parties with corporate tools telling their audience that they are so radically different, when underneath it all, they really aren’t.

So when the subject came up about the 2020 election, I told him I’m Bernie or Bust.  Last election, it was the same deal, and I saw the party rig the primary against Bernie Sanders.  This is no longer a conspiracy theory.  It’s a fact.  Both the WikiLeaks information and the Donna Brazile tell-all showed that Shillary used every tool in the DNC (that she effectively owns) to rig the primary against a candidate who would actually have won against a faux-populist like Donald Trump.  When the primary was rigged against Bernie, I campaigned for Giant Asteroid.  There’s a candidate with a platform I could support.  The absolute destruction of human race.  I’m down with that.  Aren’t you?  My coworker was just appalled by this.  In his eyes, if you don’t support whoever the party chooses, then you’ve failed this democracy.  That the only way to keep democracy working is to participate in it.

When I argued that participating is meaningless when none of the candidates value my point of view and all of them are owned by corporate money, his response – you gotta sometimes get your hands dirty.  He genuinely believes that true progressive reform is impossible, so there’s no good reason to fight for it.  I’m just sitting here thinking – what the fuck?!  Okay, so instead of standing for actual values and really fighting for them, we should just…not do that?  We should just vote for the party and hope that they do the right thing?  What planet does this dude live on?

Speaking of, I also pointed out that we are out of time as a species to start actually doing something about climate change.  The UN’s report, along with subsequent reports, is fucking nightmare stuff.  We are past the point where half-measures aren’t going to save our species.  In addition to overpopulation (which is the central force killing our species), we also are in a nation that is one of the biggest in greenhouse gas emissions.  And there is an orange monkey in office who thinks that climate change is a conspiracy started by China, and as such should be ignored.  If it wasn’t for the fact that Trump is basically condemning the generations that follow mine to death, that shit would be pretty funny.

You’d think all this disagreement would lead to me having a lot of issues with this guy.  And you know what, it hasn’t.  In fact, I’ve enjoyed getting to sharpen my argumentation skills against a decent opponent.  I have no illusions of changing his mind on anything, but I firmly believe that if your points of view are never challenged, then you won’t actually grow.  You have to hear opposite points of view.  Or in this case points of view that are similar to yours but opposite enough that they contrast and make you have to really think about what you believe.  And make you think of how you can logically defend them.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had someone I can enjoy arguing against this much.  There was someone, a long time ago.  We used to have great discussions.  But then his way of thinking and mine so divorced to such a radical degree that we didn’t contrast but clashed.  It was so strange to me how arguments that we had debunked together in great conversations were ones he was using against me.  Not gonna lie, it hurt.  How it all fell apart is unfortunate, but I haven’t looked back all that much.  Perhaps the point just came when we weren’t the person we thought the other was anymore.  But so far my new coworker chum is an interesting guy, and I hope to enjoy a good discourse again.

Until next time, a quote,

“If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.” – Mark Twain

Peace out,


A Response to Andrew Yang’s Universal Basic Income, From an Alaskan

Greetings Andrew,

I’ve been following your campaign for the primary with some interest for some time.  You have a lot of ideas that line up with my political values.  Though don’t take this the wrong way, I’m going to be voting for Bernie in the primaries.  He’s got the best chance against Trump.  Your ideas are interesting, and I hope you go further in your career to be at a position to make them realized.

But there is one position that I’ve got some serious contention that I think you have missed.  You talk about there being Universal Basic Income.  As you’ve put it, people get $1,000 a month, that they can spend how they see fit.  Your reasoning for this is something I take seriously.  Automation is going to hurt a lot of industries.  And the idea that we can just retrain some of the older employees for new jobs like out of work truckers is a pipe dream.  This issue will need some thorough examination, trust and believe.

However, your position on universal basic income is flawed.  You use the Permanent Fund Dividend here in Alaska as your chief identifier to the program being used and working.  Every year we get a stipend of money from the State, which comes out of a fund of State money that they play the stock market with, so depending on the oil revenues and the market, it can be bigger or smaller.  Though the Recession of 2008 finally caught up with Alaska now that the oil is drying up, and we’re already seeing oil companies start to ditch the state, like BP has done.  As such, the State of Alaska is having to pull from that fund to plug the financial hole that is growing because this state’s chief source of revenue is going cold.

A lot of what is happening in regards to this state’s failing financial future is our own fault.  Alaska is about as red as a state can be.  A dear friend once described it as Texas, but with snow.  So they will do absolutely nothing to raise the revenue.  Our most recent governor ran exclusively on the fact that he would make the PFD the full amount as decided in a formula that was laid out during its inception.  But to do that, in the current financial climate, he would have to essentially bankrupt this state.  That’s how big our financial hole is.  This state is close to financial insolvency.  The solutions to this aren’t one anyone will like, but it’s getting to the point that we’re going to have to talk about things like bringing the state income back (Alaska doesn’t pay it), or raising the gas tax by a margin.  No one likes it, but this state is bleeding to death.

None of this really ties in to my chief objection to your point of view, I just want to give some context to where I’m coming from on this.  Here’s the thing, Andrew, the PFD right now is a microcosm of this state’s problems and a problem with this entire country.  Because stripping half the PFD away to plug this state’s financial hole has not been popular among the oldest demographic of America.  In fact, seeing how these people have reacted to losing half of their free money because this state won’t do something as simple as reinstate the state income tax is just baffling to me.

See, the generation before mine up here LOVES to talk about how entitled millennials like myself are.  I’m not Gen Zed.  I’m firmly in the millennial category.  And according to people like this oafish uncle I have, my generation is so entitled and wants everything given to us.  However, these same people are the ones who stamp their feet and cry like babies when half of their free money is going away.  Never mind that if we don’t do something soon to increase the state’s revenue, it’s all gonna go away.  The PFD is on borrowed time.  It won’t be here much longer, if nothing changes.  We can’t slash the budget to make this problem go away.  Not anymore.

What’s more, I work for the state, in a section that involves children and money.  Make your inferences as you will.  Our Division has a policy regarding the PFD, if they are in arrears.  We can and will take it.  All of it, up to the balance owed.  PFD day, every year, is the worst.  Call after call after call with angry, wrathful people who are mad that their free money is being taken away because of an obligation they don’t pay.  What’s more, I have heard excuse after excuse about why they deserve it.  Like I said, this money has turned so many people into petulant children.

So when I hear you talking about how Universal Basic Income is the only solution to the problem, I gotta say, I’m not so sure.  An entire nation of petulant children like the ones I’ve had to deal with.  Like the ones who post meme after meme decrying the government up here for taking their free money because the state is dying and we have to plug the financial hole.  While that same government slashes the budget to ribbons and does the opposite of what they intend to do.  I’m not going to be in this state for much longer.  Alaska is dying, and anyone who thinks otherwise is ignorant of life.

You have a lot of interesting ideas, and I do wish you the best in your political road to come.  But your idea of UBI has some definite flaws, and as you use Alaska to help prove your point, I thought it was worth taking the time to point out that the PFD isn’t the slam dunk argument you make it out to be.

Until next time, a quote,

“There is no more expensive thing than a free gift.” Michel de Montaigne

Peace out,


Letter to the Editor: The PFD and Alaskans Refusing to Face the Truth

(I submitted this to the Anchorage Daily News, but they wouldn’t publish it.  No surprise why.  This is something that entertains disrespectful notions and actually challenges people to do what’s right in the face of having to do what is difficult in the fact of an ugly situation.  You can’t preach that to stupid-ass America, and especially not stupid-ass Alaska)

Are you tired about hearing about the PFD? Wouldn’t be surprised if you are. It’s the talk of the state, and every state news channel and talking head has their own opinions on it. The current governor won his entire campaign with that as the focal point, and nothing else.

The big debate right now is the amount of the PFD.  It’s what’s holding up the state budget, which threatens to put state workers like myself in lay-off status until a budget gets passed. One side of the debate wants a $3,000 PFD. It’s what Gov. Dunleavy promised during the last election cycle. The other half wants a PFD that is more modest, and doesn’t dip into the state emergency revenue.

You know, the emergency revenue for things like natural disasters. Could have sworn we just had one of those.  Something about a huge earthquake?  Was working at the Atwood Building, so didn’t notice it over all the shaking and people scared and hiding under their desks.

The PFD and the fight over it are a microcosm of the current state of America. Alaska has a problem – the recession finally found us. What the rest of the country had to deal with back in 2009. Alaska weathered it the way we did because the oil industry was booming at the time.  Basing your state’s economy on a finite resource, however, can be a bit of a dilemma when that resource starts drying up.

Alaska’s financial hole is too big to get out of by cuts alone. Unless you want to put all of the state out of employment (there are plenty of people who think we do nothing but spin in our chairs all day) and then shut every service in the state off, it is literally impossible to get the state’s budget under control with cuts. Something the conservative element of this state simply cannot understand.

So, what does that mean?  What has to happen?  It’s pretty simple – revenue has to increase.  Which means talking about a dirty word that no one wants to talk about.  Taxes. Here’s where all the “no more taxes!” people get to have their moment of righteous indignation over the very mention of it.  But the truth is that reality doesn’t conform to the way you want it to be.  You can have your own opinions all day, not your own facts.

What taxes are we talking about here?  For starters, close all the loopholes the oil companies use. That line about how they would leave is a lie that has been going around since my generation was in diapers, and it’s just as wrong now as it was then. Not while they’re money to be made.

Second, we need to bring back the state income tax. Nobody wants to hear this.  Those who think that anyone in this state wants to hear this are foolish. But it needs to happen. So few Alaskans will even qualify for it given how poor this state is, but the richest will, and do we really feel bad about making them pay?  Migrant fishing workers who come from out of state would be the biggest. They make a fortune each fishing season, and don’t collect the PFD.  They would still go home with a fortune.

Third, the city of Anchorage needs a sales tax.  It’s the most populated (and grimiest) city in Alaska. A sales tax would bring massive income spikes to the state. Granted, with all of President Trump’s tariff’s spiking the cost of everything at the grocery store, this will hurt. No one said weathering a recession would be easy.

Finally, we need to increase the gas tax.  Yeah, you might have to pay ten to twenty cents more at the pump, but that’s the situation we’re in.  It isn’t pretty, but we’re all in this together.

The comments of this article will be a litany of vehement denial and yelling about why this shows how ignorant (insert political ideology) is about things in Alaska. That’s why this issue is a microcosm of what’s happening all over America. We have a problem, and the solutions to it aren’t pretty. We’d all be hurting for a while. But you don’t fail to act just because it will make people mad.

When you look back through history, great leaders were defined by how they took charge in a situation that was grim. When they told people what they didn’t want to hear.  That’s what’s needed now. Because the cruel truth is – if we don’t act now, then soon, the argument won’t be if we can fully-fund a PFD.  It will be if the PFD will exist at all.

Until next time, a quote,

“You can’t sell smart to the American people.” – Toby Ziegler, The West Wing

Peace out,


The Fear of War with Iran

It seems the US is gearing up for another major military engagement in the Middle East.  This time it’s with the nation of Iran.  Been seeing this coming for ages.  Ever since Trump took America out of the Iran nuclear treaty, I could see the gears turning.  Conservative America has been itching for this for a LONG time.  As far back as I can remember after 9/11, conservative America has been demanding this.  It’s bone-dead terrifying, to me.

TJ Kirk once said that it isn’t the fact that America is bad at war, because we’re not.  This is true.  We destroyed the Iraqi Army in three weeks.  What America sucks at is nation-building after war.  During Operation Desert Storm, they were smart.  They went in, blew shit up, and then left.  That’s a good tactic.  It’s the tactic we should have taken after 9/11, but for whatever reason, the Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations have decided that they want our troops to stick around and get blown up.  Because that’s all they’ve been doing.

Our current wars in the Middle East are 18 years old.  If they were a person, they would be old enough to drive a car.  Old enough to have lost their virginity.  Everyone assumed these wars would pop their cherry with Venezuela.  However, our efforts to destabilize things didn’t work out the way we hoped, and we had to walk it back.  Not fight yet-another proxy war with Russia, and to a lesser extent China.  But nope!  America has decided to pop these wars’ cherry on something much more intense – a nuclear-equipped nation.

It will be a first.  America has had a cold war with one nuclear-equipped power for years.  It was calming down and things were getting back to normal, but now that cold war is back, with Putin not being the puppetmaster of Trump that people were hoping for.  Instead, the two are having more and more troop build-up around Eastern Europe.

Meanwhile, America is starting a cold war with yet-another nuclear-equipped superpower – China.  This is the one that freaks me out.  See, Russia’s biggest problem back in the day was that their Communist government was so convinced of their superiority that they didn’t realize they were falling behind in the nuclear war game.  China has no such issue.  They are working very diligently to make sure their military is top-of-the-line.  What’s more, they are doing so at a fraction of the cost that America is.  And as a report from National Defense Strategy points out, a war with Russia and/or China is one that America could very-well lose.

So our country will do more proxy-wars with these countries.  As stupid and asinine as Trump is, at least he isn’t crazy enough to pick a fight with these people.  It’s just more saber-rattling.  But we are more than happy to make threats against nations who we don’t have to worry about things like losing to.  In fact, if the Twitter wars Trump has gotten into with foreign leaders is any indication, we love doing it.

Which brings us back to Iran.  This conflict would be a first.  A war with a nuclear-equipped enemy, who we have been baiting and baiting for months now.  This country is desperate to have them make the first move.  They swore up and down that it was Iran who attacked the oil tanker, but that reeked of Gulf of Tonkin bullshit.  There was the drone being shot at, which is the closest we got.  The brushfires of war are burning hot, and getting hotter every day.

Congress says that they will not give approval for this, but since when has that stopped Trump from acting?  He’s just gonna do what he does – declare a “national emergency” and then use that as pretext for going to war.  It’s easy, and hopefully Bernie will use that trick when he gets in office in 2020 (the first debates between him and Biden, which is all it will really be, is gonna be epic) to get things like universal healthcare on the table.  There will be lots of yelling and what-not, but in the end, it’s just gonna happen.  The way it always does.  Conservative America has been itching for this for forever.  Just like with the other wars in the Middle East, it isn’t like any of their kids are going to be at risk of getting killed in action.  They want to send other people’s children to do their fighting for them.  Brave “patriots” that they are.

It’s starting to look like the inmates run the asylum.  It really, really is.  Between America doing everything they can to damage the environment more (look up the term “freedom molecules.”  I cannot believe that isn’t satire), and picking fights with every nation that Trump can get pissy with, you start to wonder who has their hands on the wheel of this country.  Meanwhile, we have corporate owners in positions of power in America.  Drain the swamp?  A crock of BS.  Lies from Trump that his rabid, unshakeable fanbase couldn’t possibly care less about.  In their eyes Trump is playing some big, elaborate game that he is winning.

After all, he triggered the libs!  Look at that non-gender-specific person falling to their knees and screaming “NOOOOO!”  Yeah, that did make for some amusing reactions.  Turned into a meme now.  But the truth of the matter is that all of that is just window dressed.  Trump is a fucking looney tune.  I don’t think he should be impeached, because he hasn’t done anything worthy of the usage, but I do think that his base is the biggest bunch of sycophants I have ever seen.

In the meantime, we are facing down the barrel of another costly, stupid, utterly unnecessary war.  This time, it’s with an enemy who can blow our troops up with nuclear weapons.  And with so many ships parked outside their door, it ain’t like they don’t have plenty of targets to pick from.  How many young people will die needlessly because Trump wants a war of his own to slap on his legacy?

Until next time, a quote,

“God help us.” – Bill Moyers

Peace out,