Lucien Drinks: Strawberry Pina Colada

In addition to making food things, I also do drink stuff.  My favorite is mix drinks.  I am awesome at it.  I have yet to find anything that I’ve ever put my mind to that I’m bad.  For real, nothing that I have ever wanted to do have I been inclined to suck at.  For whatever reason, I am naturally a man of a ton of talents.  And nowhere is that more apparent than tonight.  Did I use precise measurements to get this perfectly done!  Fuck no!  I honestly never have on virtually everything I’ve ever made.  I honestly don’t get how people can nitpick culinary creations that way.  For me, I do my best to stay within limits and come hell or high water.  In this case, it worked wonders.  Let me show you the results.

I have tied in the posts about Lucien Cooks with stories about how I came to what I made and what it evoked in me, emotionally.  I thought I would do the same here, because there are real memories that came floating to the surface when I took a drink of this absolutely splendid concoction.

It’s funny, my cousin left his blender at my old place when he moved out.  It’s been collecting dust in my pantry for a while.  But when I saw some pina colada materials at the store the other night, and it’s strawberry season, I decided that I was going to get me some and put it to good use!  What a wonderful decision.  This is so damn good.  Each drink takes me back to a time in my life when I was so much younger.  A time when I could remember life being different.  Better.  I miss those days.  Seems like 1000 years ago.  More than one lifetime.  Technically, it was.  I miss the person from those days.

Back when I really young, before my head injury, my family and I went to Hawaii.  It was an awesome trip.  So much fun.  We went to the macadamia nut farm and got to try some truly amazing creations with that.  There was this old dude with this song he would sing about fresh coconut.  I wish I could remember how that song went, but memories before my head injury are mud.  I just remember the outdoor market he was in.  All the fresh fruit and wares people made.  It was a truly spectacular place.  All the time my family and I spent swimming and snorkeling.  Grabbing on to sea turtles (which is totally illegal.  We broke the law and got away with it!), and my sister absolutely losing her shit when the fish came up around her.  That was the funniest thing ever.  Oh, and my mother attempting to kill me at a beach with waves that were more than a little insane.  No joke, I had swam out and was going to make it over a massive one that was cresting, then feel this hand grab my foot.  Scared the fuck out of me.  Crazy old woman.

One thing that I remember from that trip that truly stands out was the strawberry pina coladas.  We had them all the time.  They were so good.  My sister and I were too young for booze, but in the concoction I made tonight no such issue.  Coconut rum goes amazingly with this.  So damn tasty.  I love how good a cook I am.  But my mind goes back to the memories of Hawaii, thinking of listening to the waves, the hot, humid air, the tasty drinks, driving around on a road that was a sheer cliff on one side.  All the good memories in that place, from back when the family and I were a lot happier.  From a life before my brain was busted.

I used fresh strawberries in this drink.  Best kind.  I didn’t want to use frozen stuff if I could help it.  In this case, I was able to live up to that mandate.  Used fresh ingredients too, no mixes.  So good.  The food and drinks that bring back memories, from a time when life was simpler and I didn’t have to be afraid of the future all the goddamn time.  How I wish I could go back, and savor it for all the time that I can.  Listening to music and being with friends I miss so much.  A girl I loved and will always love more than anyone, and a friend who was the brother I never had.

What are the things that you eat or drink that bring back memories for you?  Let me know in the comments.

Until next time, a quote,

“We didn’t realize we were making memories.  We just knew we were having fun.” – Anonymous

Peace out,