Old Media is Colluding With New Tech

Old media is dying.  It’s been this way for a very long time.  Their attempts to stave off the inevitable come across as equal parts desperate and sad.  At least, that’s how it used to be.  They can’t appeal to the new generation the way they can to the old.  The new generation has seen their tricks, and knows that they have nothing to offer.  Along came the sites that were a voice for the new generation.  You have the biggest and best among them – YouTube.  A place where voices with alternative things to say, whatever opinion they wanted, could congregate.  It destroyed old gaming media as now gaming critics didn’t have to be beholden to what whores they are.  Now it is destroying old news media too.

Then something happened.  I’m kind of shocked it took this long for it to happen, but it has.  Old media realized that they can’t appeal to the hearts and minds of young people by doing what they do, so they had to take a different tactic – attack new media.  Their first target was PewDiePie.  The Wall Street Journal made a hit-piece video deliberately taking things he said out of context to sell a narrative.  But they found that the people who consumed new media weren’t biting.  In fact, the backlash they got from this was a resounding middle finger all across the Internet.

From there, old media has to fall back and lick their wounds.  New media has all the PR force working for them.  Old media are whores.  CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, The New York Times, all of them are just whores who tell you what they think you want to hear.  But since the new generation isn’t biting, they had to find a way to make themselves powerful again without changing the hearts and minds.  Why not shut down new media?  Why not take new media down a peg and install themselves into their eye.  But they would need help to do this.

Enter new tech.  Thanks to the social justice culture we are all immersed (drowned) in, they were starting to realize that there are a lot of people out there with ideas that other people don’t like.  Rather than embracing this as a sign of their efficacy, they decided it was time to stop endorsing free speech, and start restricting it.  Because after all, speech that any snowflake anywhere can find offensive may have ads for Coca Cola on it.  The horror!  People who buy Coke products might be subjected to things that challenge their worldview!  New tech couldn’t have any of that.

Bit by bit, they started banning and deplatforming people that they don’t agree with.  People whose opinions have been labeled “hateful” or “dangerous” by the dumb-shit public at large.  And they are stupid.  The public is the dumbest thing in the world.  A person can be smart, but people. as a whole, are fucking idiots.  What’s more, these idiots even have defenders!  People who say that their deplatforming is justified.  “They violated the Terms of Service.  It’s a free market.  They don’t have to have free speech on there!”  Morons who use that language are basically admitting that they are fine with the public discourse being regulated.

Twitter, YouTube, all of the social media are now too ubiquitous in society to just be seen as a corporation.  Everyone uses them, to one extent or another.  When people say that they are okay with these companies deciding that they don’t like a certain person or type of content and that banning it is totally fine, they are saying they are fine with other people controlling what they see and hear.  They are fine with a censor of their discourse.  And if you think it ends there, you’re delusional.

Meanwhile, old media saw all this and has now decided to cozy up to these big companies.  They are doing the heavy lifting of attacking new media, so now they can come in and make nice with them.  Suck the YouTube financial side off and get them to talk about how great old media is and how they want to partner up to it.  We even have the head of YouTube talking about her love of old media and wanting to throw out millions of dollars to help pimp them out more on their platform.  “Just you wait, young people of today!  We’re gonna show you that old media is cool too!”

Except they’re not.  They’re whores.  And they will do whatever they can to keep themselves alive so they can continue being whores.  Since they couldn’t stand tall to new media on equal footing, now they decided to pit new tech against new media by using outrage culture to their advantage.  Now that outrage culture has deplatformed and demonetized new media, old media is cozying up to new tech seeing if they can use this opportunity to finish the job.

Which is where Alex Jones comes into the picture.  Love him or hate him (I think he’s a sellout, moron, buffoon, huckster, liar, shill, and has no issue selling lies to the public so long as you buy his supplements), he had a voice in new media.  It was a pretty big voice too.  Millions of people watched and/or listened to his bullshit.  But in comes CNN who decided to make a very vocal war with him.  Their antagonism to one-another was interesting to watch, make no mistake.  However, after the PR war was done, old media was able to convince new tech that keeping him around is bad.  That he is dangerous and has dangerous ideas.

So he got banned.  My first take was that this is a left v right battle.  It makes some sense.  He’s a popular right-wing figure, and new tech is most definitely carrying the value system of Silicon Valley.  Upon further reflection, I realized that it isn’t that.  This was a test.  A canary in the coal mine, if you will.  New tech and old media want to start purging voices that they don’t like.  The new media that is too big and that they can’t control.  So all old media has to do is paint them as villains, and presto!  They can make this kind of new media disappear.  All it would take is to get the public on board.  If they can get the public on their side, it will work.

And the public was on their side.  I saw post after post getting a lot of fulfillment that Alex Jones was banned from Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify.  Twitter was the only one to hold their ground on his expression, but they will fold, eventually.  What does this mean?  It means that old media is going to do this again.  Just you wait, they will start painting every new media outlet they don’t like as evil and wrong and saying it has to be destroyed.  And since new tech has basically said they will do whatever they want because of the money involved from advertisers and no risk of public backlash, they will be with them every step of the way.

I remember when the Internet was the Wild West.  You could say what you want, and all the voices for whatever point of view you were looking for, they were there.  YouTube was where I could go to get content that I like.  Find opinions that I find engaging or conflicting but worth listening to, and lots of them.  Twitter was the graffiti board.  Where we could shit-post and be ridiculous and nobody cared.  But those days are done.  Now it’s gotta be safe and marketable and corporate-friendly.  Because if Coke ads appear on bad content, the horror!  So many people try and justify that attitude.  “But Lucien, they’re a business!  What’s wrong with them wanting to make money?”  Yeah, I’m sure they were making chump change before all this bullshit.  I’m totally sure.

Where does it end?  I suppose it would end when the public has had enough.  But they won’t.  The public is stupid, complacent, fat, ignorant, unconcerned, and can’t be trusted to stand up for anything.  So this will continue unopposed.  Hopefully you’re all okay with that.  The real irony is that old media used to have voices in it who stood against the grain.  They are remembered today as some of the greatest journalists of all time.  What will CNN be remembered for?  I’ll tell you – being infotainment.  They don’t inform you anymore.  They create news and tell you how to feel about it.  What about The New York Times?  Well, these days, they’ll be remembered for employing an openly bigoted woman because she’s bigoted against the group it’s okay to be a bigot against – white people.  That’s culturally acceptable bigotry.

And when new tech and old media are the best of friends, where will those like me, who want to heart independent voices I don’t always agree with, but who make me think go?  It’s a good question.

Until next time, a quote,

“We are currently wealthy, fat, comfortable, and complacent.  We have a built-in allergy to disturbing or unpleasant information.  Our mass media reflects this.  But unless we get off our fat surpluses and recognize that television, in the main, is being used to distract, amuse, delude, and insulate us, then television and those who finance it, those who look at it, and those who work at it may see a totally different picture too late.” – Edward R Murrow

Peace out,