Your Comprehension of History is Laughable (A response to Extra Credits)

Something I have always hated is people who look back at history and don’t learn shit from it.  Combine that with people who believe that entertainment somehow will “normalize” a societal value, and you have a good amount of stupid that one can pick apart.  Which is where Extra Credits comes in.  I’d heard of these guys around, but never really seen much of their content.  But this video has been making the rounds lately, and I just had to respond.  It’s so fucking stupid.  They talk about how we shouldn’t have Nazis in video games anymore because it normalizes them.  Oh boy.  I’ll have the video on here so you can see it with me, then we’ll talk about it.

Alright.  We start with little Billy playing his game, when suddenly he is a Nazi in multiplayer!  Now, this is a game centered in World War II, and in multiplayer that means that someone has to play the opposing side.  That’s how it works.  And most people wouldn’t even think about it.  You’re thinking about taking out the people you’re against in the game.  You wanna do better in the game than the other side.  Would you rather the Allied forces kill each other?  There’s some meta commentary about the nature of warfare.

Apparently, this is bad on so many levels.  Let’s hear it.  The dude starts off saying that by having it so you can play as the Germans in a World War II focused multiplayer game, you’re alluding to the fact that German soldiers are on the same level as the Allied ones.  Um…what?  That is INSANE levels of reaching to make your point.  Nobody is saying that, dude.  Nobody.  Find me someone who says that who isn’t a white nationalist.  It’s saying that when you have two sides in a game squaring off against each other, you typically have them as the enemy they are fighting so that it fits.  Otherwise you’re having allies kill each other.  Is what you want?  Want Americans to kill each other in-game?

Man, people say that I overthink things.  This dude makes me look like a fucking amateur in this department, because this is some quality overthinking.  It doesn’t matter if the game tells you that the person you’re playing as was forced into military service for Germany during World War II.  Hell, that was pretty much all men at that time, so yeah.  It’s how the game works.  What proof do you have that playing as a Nazi in a game does any real damage?!

The narrator goes on to then say we need to stop forcing people to play as terrorists in games like Counter Strike.  What is the rationale this time?  Here the dude goes into more details.  See, people have been hurt by terrorists and Nazis.  Not even gonna talk about those still alive who were hurt by the Nazis, because the amount of Holocaust survivors goes down every year.  There are very few left, if any at all by this point.  It’s been almost 80 years since the war ended.  So the amount of people hurting because of this is a VERY small number.  As for those hurt by terrorism, it’s weird to hear this coming from an American.  Yeah, 9/11, but fuck that.  You wanna talk about those hurt by terrorism, Europe has a MUCH bigger leg to stand on at this point.  Radical Islam has been killing so many people there over the last few years that it’s almost commonplace at this point.  Kinda like mass shootings here in the US.

His argument is that nobody should be part of an ideology they don’t like without their permission.  So then don’t play the game.  Nobody’s holding a gun to your head.  It ain’t like the game is making you swear allegiance to the Nazi party.  It’s a skin for your character to fight the other side.  It’s just a place-holder, which you said you’re against, but the one argument you’ve made so far is just bullshit.  If they are so abhorred by the idea of playing as a German soldier in a game where the goal is to be better than the opposing team, with nothing political involved save what skin you have on, what’s the problem?

Finally, we get to the meat of his argument, and it’s so fucking stupid.  By having it so you can play as a Nazi in a video game, we “normalize it”.  It becomes just another part of life.  That Nazis stop being super bad, and just become “meh.”  Then he asks if we’re ignoring history with this statement and says the answer is no.  Um, fuck yeah you are!  This is blatantly ignoring history.  And because you’re almost-certainly an American, I’m not surprised.  It’s not exactly a mystery that American education doesn’t even do the most basic of stacking up against other developed nations.  Education in this country is a fucking joke.

The Nazi party isn’t something that just came from the ether.  They didn’t just come out of nowhere and say “let’s start killing Jews, homos, and gypsies!”  No, there is a long and ugly history.  Like the Treaty of Versailles, which was an egregious document that destroyed the German economy.  Then there was the burning of the Reichstag, which galvanized the German people.  Then there’s the fact that, historically speaking, blaming Jews for people’s problems has a LONG history.  During the Black Death, whole communities of Jews were killed, because people thought they were bringing the plague.  Mostly because they weren’t getting sick nearly as much, partly because of their social isolation and partly because they had more standards of cleanliness than other people of the time.

So when this dude says that the concept of Nazism is being “normalized” by playing CoD: World War II and being on the Nazi team, I’m left to wonder something – what the fuck is he talking about?  The dude goes off on this tangent of how if it’s normalized, you might go to Nazi websites and read their ideas and become radicalized.  What?!  This is so fucking stupid.  Like some kid who is raised in typical, accepting and pro-diversity America is just gonna go “you know, I looked at Nazism, and I think it’s a good fit.”  Let’s totally ignore that white nationalism ideas are typically taught by families who are racist as fuck.  That you don’t just go onto a website and believe an ideology.  That wanting to become a Nazi is WAY more complicated than “I played a video game and was a Nazi in it, so now I’m gonna become one in real life!”  Jack Thompson 2.0.  Well, maybe 3 or 4.0, at this point.

The dude then says one of the dumbest thing I’ve EVER heard.  That after playing over a thousand hours of CS: Go, you’re gonna be celebrating terrorism!  Are you fucking kidding me.  What fantasy world does this delusional fuck live in?  What absolutely bonkers fucking reality does this intellectually-vapid moron live in where he can think that all it takes to become a terrorist is seeing in a fucking video game?!  Never mind that terrorism as we know it today almost-exclusively comes from a very violent and very bigoted religion that is pretty popular, worldwide.  Granted, there are plenty of people who subscribe to a much less radical version of that religion and just want to live in peace.  Good for them.  But the more radical element of that religion has a pretty big stake in terrorism as we understand it.  I don’t hear a lot of these games praising Allah.  So what is your proof of this, troglodyte?

So we get to the moron’s solution to his intellectually-insipid non-issue that exists only in his vacant mind – make PvP just training exercises or color everyone red and blue, a la Halo.  He then makes the argument that people who claim that needing to have Nazis or terrorists in games multiplayer for historical accuracy is stupid because it isn’t historical.  A guy who literally ignores ALL of history associated with EITHER of the groups he is decrying in games is telling me that people arguing for historicity is bullshit.  Um…pot, kettle on the line!

The rest of the video is just him restating what he already talked about.  This is stupid.  This is so fucking stupid.  This is the Anita Sarkeesian argument that violence against women in video games normalizes violence against women in real life.  There’s no measurable difference between these arguments.  Meanwhile, there is a lot of history for both sides that we as a society could learn from and not repeat.  But this stupid fuck wouldn’t even know where to begin on that.  It’s clear that he is historically illiterate.

Until next time, a quote,

“Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it, while those who do learn from history are doomed to watch other people repeat it.” – Anonymous

Peace out,


This is the Most Ethnocentric Anime Critique Ever (A response to Michelle Villanueva)

I saw this article around, but I told myself that I wasn’t going to go down the rabbit hole here.  That I was just going to brush this off and be like “okay…” to it and that was it.  But when I finally got around to reading this article, I was amazed at the most ethnocentric thing I have read in a VERY long time.  It genuinely blew my mind.  How a person who claims to be part of the “tolerant” culture immediately applies her own ethnic values in judging an entire nation.  This was amazing.  I’m in awe of how stupid this.  The article talks about the supposed link between “anime and fascism.”  Of which there is none.  At first it just goes on about making light of anime it feels falls into this category, before going on a huge tirade attacking Japan and the Japanese for not being the way she wants them to be.  It’s amazing.  Here’s a link to the article, now let’s talk about it.

Before we get too far, know that this article is pretty long, and there is a lot that I don’t wanna talk about, so we’re gonna be jumping around here.  Read that link of you want to get the full context.

Was my reaction petty? Should I have just powered through the series even if the uniforms offended me? Other anime fans were able to watch this without getting upset, so why couldn’t I? Perhaps most importantly, why do a considerable number of anime series have Nazi expys?

Oh boy.  How much do you wanna bet that this is the kind of chick who watches a superhero film with a big scowl on her face thinking about how offensive it is?  Or watches anything, really.  I hope that these “Nazi expys” are pretty good, because you are going to have a REALLY hard time selling me on it.

One of the most popular anime series in recent years, Attack on Titan, takes place within a walled city whose citizens are dominated by a militaristic government. The main character, Eren Jaeger, joins the elite army corps tasked with the destruction of gigantic, ravenous, human-like creatures called Titans. The government controls every aspect of life within the city and spreads propaganda praising the military. Eren, seeking vengeance for losing his mother to the Titans, completely buys into the corps’ “kill ’em all” rhetoric. Attack on Titan takes place in a fascist state.

No, boo.  It takes place in a military state.  Sure, there is propaganda, but that’s partly because they want people being willing to join their military.  The survival of their entire way of life depends on it, and there is a very high probability that people will die.  Like, a lot of people.  Mainly because they have no choice but to be a military state.  Outside the walls are giant monsters that eat people.  That cannot be reasoned with or negotiated with in any capacity.  They will only kill and consume, for reasons unknown.  So the military exists to stop that violence.  Within the context of the series (a thing that SJWs like this hate to no end), it makes sense.  How do you know it’s fascistic?  Are the people being oppressed?  What has informed this in you?

Fullmetal Alchemist, one of the most beloved anime series of all time, is set in Amestris, a vaguely Germany-esque nation with, you guessed it, a militaristic government. To add to the fun, Amestris’ leader is even called Fuhrer Bradley. This connection is made more overt in the Fullmetal Alchemist movie, Conquerer of Shambala, where the plot reveals that Amestris is an alternate reality Germany. Even Hitler makes an appearance, in full-on anime form.

What a way to look at the forest without seeing the trees.  Yeah, it is an oppressive government.  One of the main plot points is that the alchemists who are supposed to serve the state are attack dogs.  Edward joins their ranks as a way to help his brother, but quickly comes to the realization that their nation is not the good guys.  He sees that they are being led by shadow forces to do unspeakably horrible things.  The nation’s evil is being guided by the villains in the series.  That’s what makes it interesting.  Plus, you have character who are working to overcome the bad things the country does to make things better.  Seems like you might have missed that.  Seems like you miss a lot of things.

The long-running series Mobile Suit Gundam, known for constantly reinventing itself since the late 1970s, almost always features an antagonistic sovereign state based on a jingoistic, WWII-era Germany.

Um, oh boy.  There is so much wrong with this statement.  For starters, the Principality of Zeon started as a revolution against the oppressive Earth government.  Spacenoids hated the Earth for controlling them and stealing their resources.  Zeon rose against that.  But it became a warlike group after Zeon was killed and the corrupt Zabi family took over.  That’s what led to the One Year War.  They used the imagery of Nazis, and did horrible things, but Earth was not the victim in this.  They were a part of the problem.  Do you even watch the anime that you’re criticizing?

On the surface, Japan seems to adore its own history. Samurai dramas are perennially popular, but there’s one era which has never really received much attention: WWII. The Ghibli film Grave of the Fireflies does depict the horrors of post-war Tokyo in graphic detail, but Japan still has a tremendously difficult time accepting its role in conflicts from the 1930s and 1940s.

And here we go!  Let the ethnocentrism begin!  You are so uninformed about the culture that you are about to start attacking.  Japan after World War II was a very harsh place.  They did learn their lesson.  It’s why they are only now allowed to start having an official military again, and America is right there to make sure they don’t push too far on that.  It’s why their entire culture had a massive shift after they were so humbled.  Not to mention the fact that the war did such a massive number on the culture.  So many people dead, so much resources lost, not to mention that almost 10% of the entire Japanese population had a meth problem.

Neat historical fact – meth as we understand it today began in Japan.  They used to give it to pilots before missions.  That’s why you had kamikaze work as a strategy.  Those people were tweaking out.  It spread among the populace and like I said, almost 10% of the entire population of Japan had a drug problem at the end of the war.  This idiot’s statement that Japan doesn’t “accept” its role in what happened is asinine.

Japan, unfortunately, is still a very xenophobic nation and it has a difficult time accepting immigrants even if it sorely needs them. The country struggles to maintain a workforce with a dwindling population. More women are focusing on their careers instead of on family, which will eventually result in no new workers to replace the retiring ones. The country needs immigrants, which could cause resentment among Japanese citizens. This conservative, reactionary environment is ripe for creating and supporting media which fears foreigners, supports an all-reaching, totalitarian government, and celebrates the military.

Wow.  This bitch is so close to having a decent point when she just loses it.  Yeah, the Japanese population is dropping precipitously.  A trend that is growing in the rest of the First World, not that she will tell you.  Which is a good thing, by the way.  Overpopulation is killing this planet.  But Japan does have a xenophobic attitude.  This is true.  What will happen next is interesting.

Then she decides to take the actual facts about it and go all Yoda in Episode I with it and make a causal chain to a fascist military state.  What evidence do you have for this?  It wasn’t just fear of immigrants that led to Nazi Germany, after all.  It was the Burning of the Reichstag, the destroyed German economy because the Treaty of Versailles was an egregious document, and a charismatic leader who put the blame on a group of people that historically has been popular to hate – the Jews.  Not justifying that, but from a historical perspective, hating Jews has been pretty common.

Japanese society elevates and praises women who are submissive, delicate, and willing to acquiesce to men in all things. It’s no wonder that some alt-righters gravitate towards “moe” girls as avatars, to depict the sort of girl they want instead of those uppity feminists. Anime girls don’t talk back, after all, and many “moe” characters aren’t shown in relationships unless the show is specifically a romance anime, freeing them for waifu status.

You’re making a political judgment call about an entire nation based on one form of anime.  Never mind the plethora of anime out there with interesting female characters, like Black Lagoon, Baccano, FLCL, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Rahxephon, Darker than Black, Psycho-Pass, I could be here all fucking day.  This is so racist.  How can you make this broad a statement about Japan and the people who live there based on one form of anime?  By the way, what evidence do you have that “moe” anime is connected to the “alt-right”?  Another term that has been used to that point of having no meaning outside of using it.

While acknowledging that lots of anime can appeal to fascists, what can be done to make sure that these shows aren’t idealizing it?

Ah, another SJW who wants all the media that she doesn’t like to fit with what SHE wants.  I’m so glad that we have these people out there.  Not understanding context and feeling that if someone else doesn’t make things the way that they want them, it has to change because it offends them.  Can they just not watch it?  Nope!  They have to get YOU to change it for them.  The entitlement of these people never ceases to amaze.  At least the creator of Steven Universe stuck to their guns and made an SJW show of their own.  I have more respect for them than you, bitch.

Fascism in anime becomes a problem when fans glorify and emulate these clearly evil characters. After all, there are tons of stormtrooper cosplayers among Star Wars fans, but do any of them actually believe that the Empire was right?

We also have another SJW who hates fun.  For fuck’s sake, people aren’t trying to emulate them!  People are just liking the look and getting into the fandom!  Why is that a bad thing?  Yeah, I think that Lord Darcia in Wolf’s Rain is cool, but do I want to find a group of wolves trying to get to Paradise and kill them horribly?  No, I don’t.  Because I recognize that what’s cool in fiction is not cool in reality.  Why are these people so concerned about what other people do with their time?  I just don’t fucking get this.  Let them live their lives, bitch!  It isn’t hurting you at all.

So, is there any need for the ACCA characters to be in those uniforms? No, the uniforms don’t seem to be involved in any plot points. But why have it at all? Why even attempt to evoke it when the imagery might (as it did with me) conjure up negative connotations? It only seemed as if the manga creator just liked the aesthetic, and perhaps, like in those memes, there’s a fun sense of irony in the dissonance between sympathetic characters and SS-esque uniforms.

Again, seeing the forest but missing the trees!  Hell, you even touch on it!  Maybe the person just likes the aesthetic!  Did ya think of that?!  And so what if you don’t like that aesthetic?  They should make a show for your sensibilities?!  Entitled bitch!  Ugh!  This is so dumb!  This is like SJW jingoism, I swear.

I can’t keep up with this.  This woman is so stupid.  It blows my mind how stupid this is.  The fact that SYFY calls this “journalism” blows my mind.

Until next time, a quote,

“Judging all species as if they are one’s own is racist.  A kind of benign anthropomorphism.  All species should be judged individually.” – Legion, Mass Effect 2

Peace out,


Lucien’s Unpopular Opinion: The Left Looks Worse in the ‘Nazi’ Debate

It’s all about who’s a Nazi.  The term Nazi is just as void and empty as the term “rape” in the world of SJWs.  After all, they say that birth is a form of rape.  Seriously, Google “birth rape.”  That shit will blow your mind.  There are articles written by feminists saying that any form of sex between men and women is rape because the penis has to be “forced” into the vagina.  Maybe with you, frosty-cunt, but other women get aroused.  I know, it’s something these women who write stuff like that wouldn’t know thing one about.  Their love caves have cobwebs, that’s how void they are of sexual thoughts.  Oh, I’m sorry, did that sound insensitive?  Well, it’s about to get worse.

I am just about sick and tired of all this “Nazi” bullshit on my feeds. Facebook, Twitter, just about everywhere I fucking go, it’s all about the Nazis.  You have the right-wing idiots in Charlottesville who decided to get together and get tiki torches and do a white nationalism parade.  Just about the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.  Something like that should have just been mocked and have people rolling their eyes.  Instead, it got a massive amount of counter-protesting.  Which the police were just fine to allow and then be totally cool with both sides coming to blows.  Don’t we pay these people to stop stuff like that?  Funny how that works.  Even had the mayor of that town saying that he would tell the police to let that happen.  Of course, the ACLU was quick to point out that that is illegal, but in the end, that didn’t really matter (a Linkin Park reference.  RIP, Chester).

Then there was one really sick fuck who decided to smash his car into a bunch of innocent people.  Fuck that guy.  He was rightfully vilified by the media, and I have no problem calling what he did an act of terrorism.  Of course, we have a Muslim in Barcelona who smashes a van and kills 13 innocent people, while the guy in Charlottesville only killed one.  Seems the Muslims are better at this than the “Nazis.”  Oh, wait, they’re a religion of peace.  Yeah, sure.  Never mind all the unrepentant killing in Europe by people connected to a religion that tells people to murder those who don’t believe.  Sure, why not.

What has me pissed off is the fact that it seems like everyone on the left has decided that while the extremists on the right may wear the symbol and name of the Nazis, they will take the mindset of fascists to heart.  What do I mean?  I mean that they are totally cool with doxing, harassing the employers of, and even driving people out of communities?  Why?  Because they have opinions that they disagree with.  Are these people killing anyone?  Are they burning cars?  Are they throwing firebombs at cops?  Are they doxing people?  Nope.  Not one.  Meanwhile, the people who are attacking them have those on their side who have done ALL of the aforementioned things.  Killed cops, burned cars, rioted and destroyed property, threw firebombs at combs, attacked people just for having an opinion they don’t like, kidnapped and tortured some kid because he was white, pepper sprayed a woman who was also voicing that dissenting mindset, and doxed those who have an opinion that differs from their own.

Some people have called these people the modern equivalent of brownshirts.  An interesting comparison.  Chris Ray Gun did a very charming musical rendition of the concept, which I think is more prescient now than EVER before.

I don’t.  These people are more of the modern equivalent of Mao’s Red Guard.  A paramilitary force of students who fought in favor of a fascistic mindset.  That’s what we see here.  College students who don’t see the historical irony in using tactics that fascists used to make sure that their mindset is the only acceptable one.  Might as well just put them in an SS uniform.  They certainly love propaganda and punishing thought-crimes.  Since they seem to love marxism, I wonder if they know that they’re doing Stalin proud.  Wait, maybe that’s a little extreme.  Then let’s say they’re doing Kim Il-sung proud.  Yeah, that seems much more fitting.

But you wanna know what really pisses me off about all this?  The fact that I am out here defending fucking white nationalists!  I’m out here defending these people’s rights to believe their retarded bullshit.  Why?  Because I’d MUCH rather we have a society where these idiots can get their fucking tiki torches and go out and protest their stupid crap than one where everyone walks in lock-step to one way of thinking.  Where we have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and seemingly every major social media outlet sucking the cock of the “progressive” mindset, and Google firing people who dare to say that ideological purity destroys the potential of good ideas.  Oh, that’s right, he said that women are dumb and don’t belong in tech.  Says people who clearly never read a single word of the memo that was so infamous.  One where the writer comes out and says he is totally for diversity, but not when it’s forced.  The gall!

I, a man who wears the banner of liberal, am defending the rights of white nationalists to believe their retarded bullshit.  That’s what it’s come to.  Fuck the regressive left.  They can take their notions of “tolerance” and shove them right up their fucking ass!

Until next time, a quote,

“The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it.” – H.L. Mencken

Peace out,


Glenn Beck and Anders Breivik: Are They So Different?

Now, before you all go off saying the Glenn Beck hasn’t killed anybody, I know.  At least that much Beck has going for him.  Of course, his endless quotes telling people to “rise up” and encouraging people to be as militant as possible does say something, but let’s not get too much into that because that isn’t what’s important right now.  What is important right now is the fact that Glenn the fucking idiot Beck seems to agree with all of the talking points of the terrorist in Norway, Anders Breivik.

It has come to light over the last few days that Anders was a very right-wing man.  He hated multiculturalism, the liberal way of thinking, and he also hated Muslims.  He hated that there was Muslim immigration in Norway and Europe.  The real irony of it all is that these have been talking points of, as Keith Olbermann calls him, Lonesome Rhodes Beck for some time.  For those of you who don’t know, the name reference comes from the film “Face in the Crowd.”  I won’t go into that, but it is a good movie.  See it.

Anyway, Beck has mirrored a lot of these points about how Muslims are evil and how they are a threat to western society for some time.  During the big overthrow of the Mubarak regime in Egypt, he was talking about how the Muslim Brotherhood was going to take power and then, take over the world!  This guy has been doing his fear mongering demagoguery like this for years.  Ever since 2009 when Fox News brought him on, as TJ Kincaid said in a recent video

He is a social critic devoid of social awareness and critical thinking.  He’s a brain-dead brain washer and a slightly washed-up on at that.”

The fact is that Glenn Beck shouldn’t be relevant anymore, but he comes back swinging into the spotlight by his most recent comments about the shooting that happened in Oslo, Norway, recently.  His thoughts were so stupid, so ignorant, and have pissed me off.  I have a few choice clips from his radio show that I will play for you now that will prove the Glenn Beck and Anders Breivik really aren’t that different, ideologically speaking.  In fact, they’re the exact same person.

I don’t think we made a comment on it because we didn’t know other than there was a bombing that happened.  And as the thing started to unfold, and there was a shooting at a political camp, which sounds a little like the Hitler youth, or whatever.  I mean, who does a camp for kids that’s all about politics?”

Unbelieveable!  Un-fucking-believeable!  Does this guy not have any shame at all?  Does the weight of his own evil nature not affect him in the slightest way?  Does the fact that he says things that are so fucking stupid just not get to him?  I guess it must not.  He keeps on about how the liberal mentality is just like Hitler, the same way the pope goes on that atheists are like Hitler, and how Bryan Fischer that gay people are just like Hitler.  Evil fuckers every one.  And they don’t care.  It doesn’t bug them.  They can be as evil as they want and it doesn’t even phase them!  But he keeps going.

And never mind having a camp for the things you believe in.  Beck’s right, that is so weird.

And he continues in his tirade to defend the very points that Breivik was talking about!  Beck goes on in his show about how multi-culturalism is bad and how Islam is bad.

We don’t want to kill our daughters in ‘honor killings.’  We don’t want to stone people to death.  We don’t want our husbands to have, what is it?  Hourly marriage.  We like to call it ‘prostitution’ here in the United States.  That Sharia Law does not have a place in today’s world.”

Those word, the same words that the shooter in Norway was motived by, ideologically speaking.  He was motivated by the belief the Islam is the enemy and multiculturalism was the enemy, the kids at the camp was weird, and he was making what he believed to be a necessary stand against them and the people who espouse those beliefs.  He believed his actions were required.  But every point that he killed all of those people by was the same talking points that Beck just defended!  He defended his mentality and his way of thinking while trying to distance himself from Breivik.  Why?  They’re so much alike.

I suppose probably the biggest difference that I see between Beck and Breivik is that Beck is a Moron, oh sorry, Mormon, and Breivik is a hardcore Christian fundamentalist.  Yup, difference of faith is the only thing (aside from Beck not killing anybody) that I see as a major difference between these two characters and their ideologies.  I like what TJ brought up, that at least with Breivik, he has been deranged on his resume as an excuse for how he behaves.  What is Beck’s excuse?  What is his excuse for his endless amount of bigotry against Islam?  I hate Islam.  I think it violent and loathesome, but I don’t hate the people who believe it.  I hate the belief.  What is Beck’s excuse?  He calls pretty much all Muslims terrorists, all liberals Nazis, anybody who doesn’t agree with him a socialist (not a bad word to me, but then-again, I doubt Beck and any of his dipshit followers know what it really means).

What’s worse is that Beck has a bunch of ignorant dumbass followers who nod their empty heads whenever he talks and sink the money they don’t have into buying his dumbass books and going to his ignorant social gatherings.  People are free to blow their money on whatever they want, but I reserve the right to make fun of them for following a man who basically agreed with everything Breivik did the shooting for.

And the really interesting thing is that Beck tries to seperate himself from Breivik.  Here’s his defense –

 This guy who’s the shooter, is from the right-wing.  Different than our right-wing.  It is still big-government.  He is coming out and he is doing the work of a madman.  He is doing the work of what all people that want big government always do, and that is, commit terrorist acts.”

Yup, everybody who wants big government kills people.  Un-fucking-believable.  This guy is so stupid that there isn’t a way to register his level if idiocy.  His own ignorance is drowning in stupidity.  And what’s more, he agrees with all the talking points of Breivik, but doesn’t get that he does.  Pure stupid.

Until next time, a quote,

“So here’s my question for Glenn Beck – if you’re nothing like Anders Behring Breivik, then why the fuck are you so much like Anders Behring Breivik?”  -TJ Kincaid, Glenn Beck Said What?!?!

Peace out,


Bryan Fischer: Uber Christian Bigot and Rick Perry’s Best Friend

It is a big story among the rational and sane community about the lovely affront to the First Amendment (not because he is doing it, but because it is nothing more than official state-endorsed religion) that is going to go down in Houston, Texas.  The Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, is going to have a huge event go down in the Reliant Stadium.  He is trying to get people from all over the country to gather and to pray to God (the Christian God) to solve America’s problems because in his mind, they are “too big” for us dumbass Americans to fix.

So, this “Free Prayer Rally” is Perry’s shindig.  Let’s look beyond the fact that this is an American governor who is holding a prayer event as a state-endorsed event.  Never mind his previous venture which was also a spit in the face of the First Amendment – the “Pray for Rain Day.”  Let’s look beyond all of that and look at this particular issue from another perspective – who is backing it?  The group that is also behind this little soiree is The American Family Association.  One of their champion radio hosts is one of the most spectacular Christian bigots that I have ever seen.  For real, Mike Voris looks tame when compared to this guy.

It should be obvious from the world “Family” in their organization’s title that the first thing they are against is homosexuality.  And Bryan Fischer, their biggest radio host friends and also the director of the AFA’s “Issue Analysis for Government and Public Policy” (I know, it sounds really important, but in all truthfulness, it is just hopeless nonsense), is one of the chief champions of homophobic bigotry.  He also hates all kinds of groups.  I am going to give a bunch of quotes and I will comment on each of them and we will get to see what kinds of people Rick Perry, a Governor in America and also a person who believes his role in government is as an army of clergy, is in bed with.  Here are some choice quotes from his radio show called “Focal Point”, and my thoughts along the way.

Do not tell me that we cannot enforce laws against profanity, laws against blasphemy, law against misusing the Lord’s name.  If we can punish somebody for using ‘F’ word, then you can punish somebody for taking the name of God in vain!”

First off, you can’t punish somebody for saying FUCK (I believe in profanity, I really do).  You can fire a person for that, but only because it is unprofessional in the workplace.  You cannot take legal action against a person for saying FUCK.  And second – First Amendment!  No state-endorsed relligion, you moron!

It’s just like Islam, it’s just like the Nazis.  With the Homosexual Lobby, there is no place for freedom of speech.  There is no place for differences of opinion.  There is no place for tolerance.  It is absolutely, utterly intolerant.”

The irony in this statement is almost too obscene for words.  How many Christians get in the face of members of the LGBT community and quote bible verses at them while telling them they are going to burn in Hell?  How many Christians get in the face of atheists like me and tell them they are going to burn in Hell?  Tolerance is an issue to this fucktard?!  That is almost too amazing for words.

God has set boundaries for nations.  These borders are not random, they’re set by God.  In fact, we discovered that in American history.  We tried a number of times to invade Canada and we couldn’t do it!”

Okay, my American history is a tad bit rusty, but when exactly did all of these multiple invasions of Canada occur?  For one thing, there has never been a major disagreement between Canada and the US.  We have never been at war with Canada.  This is so dumb it hurts!  And as for God making that borders of nations, here’s a funny question – what about Africa?  The British just divided up that nations without thinking.  Part of the big political problem with Africa is that their borders were just drawn on a map and are not relevant to the various tribes and groups who live there.  Just more stupidity from a Christoholic.

The Bible teaches us that a change in sexual orientation is possible.  This is a biblical principle.  It is a biblical proclamation.  It is a biblical assertion.”

Yeah, that is just stupid.  I think we all know why (for you Christians without brains [I am fully aware that isn’t all of you, but some], it is because you are born gay!)

 I am convinced that the number one group, the number one class of people who are committing hate-crimes today are homosexual activists.”

Yeah, those homosexuals are just out there beating people up in the street!  They are raping and murdering women because they are straight!  They are doing all kinds of sick shit to guys because they are straight too!  All straight people should be afraid of them in their stylish pumps and tasteful outfits.  Those psychotic bastards!  Moron…

 You’re going to have the homosexual lobby committing one hate-crime after another against service members, especially officers who have deeply held religious convictions about the acceptability of homosexual behavior!”

His thoughts about repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  More ignorant stupid bullshit.  Yeah, I’m sure a serviceman or woman is pretty bitter, but guess what, people are generally decent and the LGBT community has not even anything resembling the amount of dirt the rest of the world has in regards to hate-crimes.  It doesn’t even compare.  This is just ridiculous, but it shows how he is trying to use pathetic emotional-based arguments to get people to attack another group, not caring if they are factual or not.

I’ve never called gay people terrorists, but I have said that what they have done is like domestic terrorism.”

WHAT?!  Is this crazy bastard serious?  So they are blowing up buildings like the Oklahoma City Bomber did?  They are flying planes into buildings?  They are shooting up schools?  How exactly is people wanting to be left alone and be able to love the person they love anything like domestic terrorism, you conceited bigot?!

This is a lifestyle of which participants ought to be ashamed, ought to be embarassed.”

And why does he say that?  Because his Gawd commands him to.

The Nazi Party was formed, ladies and gentleman, in a gay bar, and historians agree.  Hitler’s earlies enforcers, the stormtroopers, the brown shirts, were almost, without exception, homosexuals.”

There needs to be a movement to villify dipshits like this.  This guy’s bigotry is almsot on a shocking level.  This is absolutely incredible.  But what is more incredible than anything else is that Rick Perry is saying that he endorses this kind of bigotry.  Or if he doesn’t openly endorse it, he turns a blind eye to it.

And it is this reason more than any other which is why I say that I think Christianity is a socially corrosive belief system.  We have a guy who is trying to do what the Pope did a little while ago.  The Pope said that Hitler was an atheist, and atheists are evil because Hitler was one of them.  Yeah, and several Popes throughout history have overseen, sometimes personally, the slaughter of innocent people.  Does that mean that all Popes are evil?  And here we have Fischer saying that all Nazis were gay.

Are these the kinds of people you are associating with, Rick?  Are these people your kinds of people?  And for all of America – do you want a person who condones this kind of bigoted behavior leading this country?!  He may make a Presidential run in 2012.  Do you want him in the White House?

I really hope not.

Until next time, a quote,

“It’s not hate-speech.  It’s the truth!  It’s freedom!  Apart from when you criticize him, then it’s hate speech.  It’s a hate-crime when you criticize him.  He’s saying is the truth.  The gays, the Nazis and the Muslims.  Fuck you, Rick Perry!”  -Richard Coughlin, The Free Hate Rally 

Peace out,