YouTube’s Apathy Enables Fair Use Abuse, #WTFU

Having seen all the posts that have followed Channel Awesome’s video (linked here) about copyright abuse on YouTube, there are some things that have become abundantly clear to me.  The first is that nothing is going to change until the voices for change get so loud that the massively-powerful corporation that now owns YouTube is forced to listen.  They are currently very happy to just sit back and close their ears to the problem, because they don’t want to risk their bottom line.  And after all, who is going to bring in more money?  The content creators, or the big corporations who can sue them?  Google is a major corporation that is pretty much evil too, so they side with their own.  It’s like cops.  They always look out for themselves.

I have been experiencing this problem as well.  I have practically no subs on YouTube.  I have 22 people who watch my content, and I get shit for views.  I’m nobody.  It has taken me forever to build a sub base on here, and this is the written word.  I am in a market now where the things that make channels has changed.  I don’t have the production capabilities to keep pace with the big channels, but even that doesn’t guarantee a following.  It’s an ugly time to be a growing channel.  Uglier still since the major corporations can take your money away at a moment’s notice.  I occasionally post clips from games.  Not long plays or anything like that.  Just clips.  I did a series covering the growth of the relationship of Chloe and Max in Life is Strange.  But because some of those clips have licensed music in them, the moment the were uploaded, I had a content ID flag, where the potential money from those videos has been taken away.  I haven’t challenged those.  I mean, what’s the point?  Besides the fact that I get shit for views, there’s no money coming in.  So yeah.

All of what is happening lately and the amount of voices that are speaking out is telling me that YouTube does not give two shits about what is happening with their content creators.  They will enable the behavior of major corporations that want to abuse the system, but they will totally look the other way when it comes to the people who helped make them the powerhouse that they are.  Doug Walker originally started his own channel because he wanted to get away from the abusive practices of YouTube.  But now he’s been forced back on there due to how overwhelmingly powerful they are.  This site has a monopoly on online videos.  Which makes the fact that they clearly don’t give two shits about the people who produce content for them all the more disturbing.

As Doug Walker pointed out in an earlier video (linked here), with all this copyright nonsense being brought before YouTube, there is never a human being involved in ANY of it.  It’s always a system.  There is no public input from YouTube or Google about any of them.  It took Doug mobilizing his base to yell to get them to change the strikes on his account.  What kind of chance do you think someone like me has to get my video monetization back?  None.  YouTube is clearly apathetic to the problems with copyright abuse.  This is a problem.  It shouldn’t have to take screaming fans giving them the finger to get them to sort out their shit.

But what can be done?  That’s the big mystery.  A lot of people are talking about it.  Liberal Viewer had a rather interesting perspective.  Given that he is a lawyer, his ideas may be the most plausible to enact in order to combat this abuse.

There does need to be something done.  The Internet is not a forgiving place.  YouTube has a monopoly now, but the reality is that people on the Internet are always looking for a way to do things better.  It’s only a matter of time until someone comes along and finds a way to do this sort of shit better.  That should frighten YouTube.  But again, their utter lack of communication tells me that the people on the top either don’t know, don’t care, or simple think that all of this is a non-issue.  Regardless of which it is, the result will hurt them.  Just look at what’s happening with Twitter.  Their stock is in the toilet, due to the bad decisions they are making lately.

Mundane Matt has started a movement to bring the content creators together, to combat YouTube’s bullshit.  His latest update is very uplifting (linked here).  It shows that the YouTube community can band together.  And maybe, just maybe, if we can make all our voices heard, things can happen.  Googles needs to start paying attention.  There needs to be some repercussions for the people abusing copyright.  Because all it takes is the next pioneer to come forward and tell the people of YouTube that they can do it better.  Then there will be a run on that site.  Just look at what happened to Twitter and The Fine Bros.  You’ve been warned, Google.

Until next time, a quote,

“First they ignore you.  Then they laugh at you.  Then they fight you.  Then you win.”  – Mahatma Gandhi

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I Think Episodic Games Are Alright (A response to Mundane Matt)

There’s a YouTube personality that I have talked about on here and watch regularly.  His name is Mundane Matt.  He makes a lot of videos about gaming news, among other things.  He’s someone who I enjoy watching, but in a recent video of his, he had some thoughts about episodic games that actually struck me as a little bit…disagreeable.  I don’t agree with his perspective.  He was talking about the new remake to Final Fantasy VII, and the fact that it is being split into an episodic format.  He sees this as a bad thing, and while this is most definitely not my first pick, I think that it isn’t the worst thing, so long as they keep to a schedule.  I’ll let you all see his video, just for context, and then I’ll talk about it.

I very much think that I’m in some minority when it comes to gaming.  I really do.  Maybe it’s because I’m poor, and have been poor for all of my adult life, but honestly, when Matt talks about how so many gamers are going to be involved in so many games, I always feel like I am weird for being very selective of the games I play.  For example, I know for a fact that I will NEVER play The Division.  An MMO shooter is not what I am interested in.  I game for the story, not the competition.  I got no beef with people who do game for stuff like that.  To each his/her own.  But story is the thing that calls to me.  When it comes to that, I am a pretty patient guy.

Let me put it this way – the episodic game, Life is Strange, was my favorite game of this year.  Even with the STUPID ending that pissed me off, it still is a game that I got wrapped up in in a way that I haven’t gotten with many other games.  Most of that was due to the phenomenal voice-acting of the main characters, Max and Chloe.  But this game got my attention.  Did the fact that it was an episodic game deter me at all from enjoying it?  No.  Granted, I would have liked it if it was all at once, but I was still patient enough to be able to wait for the next episode, while replaying or playing some new stuff.  The story was that engaging, to me.

I think it’s Internet culture that gets us this need for instant gratification.  Not sure if it’s the fact that people get so excited about stuff.  My patience is a flexible animal, so long as what I have is worth something.  With Life is Strange, there were narrative options and things to play around with.  Sure, it would have been nice if the episodes were longer.  Or maybe have more areas to go.  But I was only paying $5 an episode.  For that price, getting something that wasn’t super long didn’t bother me.

With all that said, I will say that the fact that the remake to Final Fantasy VII is going to be episodic is a little concerning, if only because I am really nervous that this is going to be short and dumb.  I was hoping that this game would be bigger.  They talk about adding more to the story, so why make it episodic?  This seems counter-productive.  All the talk about the world of the game being bigger and us having more to explore makes me think that this game might be a little more ambitious than it means to be.  Or that Square Enix is unsure about this product.  Not to mention – how big is this game going to be?  Digital download games tend to take up a lot of space on one’s console.  So annoying that these consoles only have 500 gigs of space.  It should have been a terabyte, at least.  Especially with all the fantastic games that are coming out next year.

Anyway, got off-track.  As I was saying, if the game is good, and the episodic format doesn’t mean that I only will have an hour or two of gameplay before its done, then I am okay.  So long as the episodes aren’t released several months apart.  Within reason, I am able to accept a game that breaks itself up into parts, so long as the parts are good.  Good games is all it comes down to, with me.  Good games that keep my attention.  What is it about modern gaming that makes people think that that isn’t something that the general public could get in on?  Matt talks about all the inundation with AAA gaming ads. I don’t deal with much of that.  I don’t watch regular television.  I mostly watching YouTube.  I keep up with gaming events, and by following sites like Tech Raptor, I have heard about games that otherwise would have slipped off the radar.

In the meantime, the visuals of the Final Fantasy VII Remake look amazing.  The gameplay looks solid as fuck.  Everything about this tells me that it is going to be worth every penny.  But I will give the first episode a go, and if it doesn’t hold up, then I’ll walk.  Let that be on Square Enix.  But I do think that this is a bad choice, if only because I honestly don’t know how they could fit a story as big as this game in an episodic format.  However, I disagree with Matt’s thoughts about episodic games.  This episodic game gives me pause, but only because I am worried that the episodes won’t be worth the time.  This is a game that should be on disc, with all of what I am hoping is a MASSIVE wealth of content for us to explore.  If that means that we have to wait longer, so be it.  Just like with episodic games, I will wait for full games, if the content is worth the money.

Next move is yours, Square Enix.

Until next time, a quote,

“After you find out all the things that can go wrong, your life becomes less about living and more about waiting.” – Chuck Palahnuik

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The Perfect Metaphor for Social Justice Warriors

A YouTube vlogger who I recently have been following is Mundane Matt.  He’s fun to listen to.  I often agree with him on stuff.  I admit to poaching ideas for posts from the guy, but I always try and interject my own two-sense on the issue in a way that’s unique.  You inspire me!  But he came out with a video today talking about how social justice is now trying to interject itself into heavy metal culture.  It’s being called #MetalGate, and it is showing just how bad it is getting.  These people are trying to get their Puritan feminism injected into everything.  Seeing as how video games are putting up substantial resistance, I guess they decided to try and go after heavy metal.  Yeah, like they are just going to lay down and take it.

Part of me thinks that these people fancy themselves David in the story of David and Goliath.  They have lofty aspirations of standing tall against the forces of the EVIL men and slaying patriarchy, one professional-victim campaign at a time.  Because, when we argue with them, the response will be – “I get death and rape threats!”  Well, I can’t refute that.  That was the perfect refutation of my argument (once again, I must state that I do not condone rape and death threats, but neither of those refute my point.  Gotta be clear so I don’t get special snowflakes yelling at me about this.  Again).

It’s like these people are just totally ignorant of the way the world is.  They think that only white neckbeards play video games.  Using rape and death threats, they have constructed a narrative out of whole cloth.  It is a narrative that nobody in the games journalism industry will counter, because they don’t want to risk their jobs.  Now, they are looking to caricature heavy metal fans as long-haired white men with Metallica t-shirts.  They refuse to recognize that both groups have people from all walks of life.  Both groups have men and women, gay and straight, people of all ethnicities.  What the Puritan feminists refuse to understand is that both groups are filled with regular people.  But that doesn’t fit the narrative.  If only SOMEBODY in the media would take them to task for that.

However, getting back to Mundane Matt’s video, he had this great quote from School of Rock that I never thought about before (because I wasn’t a huge fan of the film, to be honest), but fits in perfectly to describe social justice warrior and their special snowflake audience.  It is spoken by Jack Black’s character.

Those who can, do.  Those who can’t, teach.  Those who can’t teach, teach gym.

As he said and as I agree with, that’s what social justice warriors are.  They’re a bunch of gym teachers.  They are getting on their high-horse and judging other people who are out doing, because they can’t do themselves.  They have so little knowledge of what they insult that they can’t even teach it, either.

After all, if they have such a problem with video games, why don’t they make their own?  No, the publishers should do that for them.  They got a problem with heavy metal music?  Well, why make their own metal.  See if you can make pro-feminist heavy metal and get it to sell.  Let me know how that turns out.  They willfully choose not to do things, because that would be too difficult.  It’s easier to sit on Twitter and Tumblr and yell at the people who actually are doing things, because they want them to do things that they want.  If they don’t get their way, like spoiled little children, they stamp their feet and pout.  The most ironic part of that is that they have gotten mainstream media to give recognition to their temper tantrums.  That is, as John Oliver put it, “weapons-grade bullshit.”

Why should anybody take them seriously?  Why should I take Anita Sarkeesian seriously, when she has shown no interest in creating her own video games?  Why should I take these people who are riffing on heavy metal seriously, when they don’t have any ability to create metal of their own.?  It used to be, the people who riffed on metal artists were people who had experience.  Or people who were versed in the medium and lived it.  You had metal critics who were old-school followers of the medium, who still go to the Ozzfest and mosh.  Those were the people you took seriously.  What social justice warrior has moshed?  Seriously, when was the last time that one of them jumped into the pit and cut loose?  Maybe, if these people were able to cut loose and have fun, they would see that life isn’t this ugly organism that they have made it out to be.  That culture is not controlled by “the patriarchy.”

Maybe, they would actually live a little, instead of spending all that wasted time on Twitter and Tumblr.

Until next time, a quote,

“A perfect cherry blossom is a precious thing.  One could spend their whole life looking for it, and it would not be a wasted life.”  -Katsumoto, The Last Samurai

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Internet Aristocrat Walks Away From #GamerGate

I noticed something the other day – a couple of videos that I favorited by a YouTube vlogger called Internet Aristocrat disappeared.  I gotta say, I’m kind of bummed about that.  I’ve been watching this guy’s stuff ever since he was making the Tumblrisms videos.  The first time I actually knew who he was was the response to #CancelColbert.  His videos are funny, well-researched and his voice is nice to listen to.  Plus, the picture he uses to represent himself is just awesome.  It has a staying power, much like Mykeru’s guy with the cow head and the knife behind its back.  He has left YouTube, Twitter, the whole nine yards.  He made a voice message as his farewell (linked here), and I suggest you watch it, because I think it is worth talking about.

You know, the first time that I heard about GamerGate was with the Internet Aristocrat’s video on the Zoe Quinn post.  He brought to light all of the corruption that got this ball rolling.  The Quinnspiracy videos were enlightening and really got me to looking at parts of the gaming media that I had always avoided.  It got me looking at lots of different stuff.  I got me wanting to get informed, so I could look at this and be a part of it.  Then, there was the GamerGate video that he did.  I kept waiting for a second, but it never came.  Now I know that it never will.  Internet Aristocrat was one of the key players who began the GamerGate movement.  Him and several others led the charge.  And when the battle was going strong, that was great.  A lot of stuff got done.  But now that the battle is no longer on one front, with a solid formation, he is leaving.  GamerGate isn’t doing what he wanted it to do anymore, and now he is walking.  That rubs me wrong.

Another YouTube personality I follow – Mundane Matt, raised a great point in a response he did to IA (linked here) – he didn’t want the fame.  He didn’t want to become this big icon in a consumer revolt.  Fame is a very big thing, that people take for granted.  With fame, there comes responsibilities.  I am not famous.  I know that.  I am coming up on 500 subscribers, here on WordPress, so I am just a drop in the bucket, compared to the amount that IA was about to achieve.  He was going close to 100,000.  That is big!  That’s among the peak personalities on YouTube.  I can’t imagine having that many.  But it is a responsibility.  I was watching old Nostalgia Critic videos, and he talked about this in a vlog he did as Doug Walker.  He talked about how people cared now what his opinion on stuff was, and he had to respect that, because he couldn’t just shit on his fans.  So IA didn’t want that responsibility.  I get that.  For real, I do.  I get that and I sympathize with it.

When I started this blog, I didn’t think that I would get more than a few dozen subscribers.  When I got over 100, I was amazed.  Back then, I was getting around 20-50 views per day.  Then, I did my first Character Analysis page, where I did an analysis of the Joker.  To this day, that post gets over 30 hits per day.  I never thought that I would be somebody who is known.  But you know what – this blog has gotten me two jobs as a contributor on two websites.  The first I walked away from.  Now I am writing regularly on a site called Gambitcon.  This blog has been looked up on websites that are professional analysis sites.  Professionals are looking at my page.  That fills me with a lot of awe and humility that I could get this kind of popularity.

So IA didn’t want the fame that came with becoming the tip of a spear that was leading the charge of GamerGate.  Well, dude, I’m sorry, but you have nobody but yourself to blame.  He says that he is annoyed at the appeal to moderates.  To me, that makes no sense.  Anybody who knows anything about politics knows that the only way you can really get things done is to appeal to the people in the middle.  The middle-ground crowd who doesn’t have feelings one way or the other.  You have to get those people on your side.  The Puritan Feminists knew it.  Why do you think that Anita Sarkeesian went on all the different news groups that weren’t Fox or CNN?  Because she knew that the best way for their side to win was for them to get the public at large to be on their side.  It nearly worked, too.  So GamerGate trying appeal to that crowd is smart.  You can’t just look to your base all the time.  ask the democrats how that went in the last election.

There is also the issue of people trying to capitalize on GamerGate.  Parts of that, I agree with, like the people who were trying to get Indiegogo and other projects going, using GamerGate to get financial backing.  Yeah, that’s a bit exploitative.  But then he brings up people who monetize their YouTube videos and stuff like that.  Dude, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make a little money.  It isn’t a lot.  It isn’t massive wealth.

In the end, it all seems to come down to this – Internet Aristocrat is a soldier.  He was in this battle to fight the good fight and he wanted GamerGate to be an all-out war.  Unfortunately, it couldn’t be that way forever.  For a time, it was, and it was amazing.  We got so much done during that point.  But eventually, it had to tone down and the elements had to have their own fronts.  Every war has its Blitzkrieg, Shock and Awe phase.  But then it becomes a battle of different fronts and different factions.  That’s the nature of the beast.  I’m sorry that you didn’t want to stick around for that.

GamerGate continues.  I don’t know for how much longer, but the movement does continue.  We are past the Blitz, and now we are each fighting our own battles.  Where will it all end up?  Who knows.  It could go either way.  I, for one, am glad to be a part of this.  There are problems, sure.  But what war doesn’t have them?

But don’t take this as me shitting on Internet Aristocrat.  I loved his videos, and truth be told, I am going to miss his content.  He was fun to watch and it is a genuine shame that it all turned out this way.  If and when he does keep coming back, I am sure that someone will link to me his stuff, and I will enjoy watching it again.

Until next time, a quote,

“Old soldiers never die.  They just fade away.”  -Gen. Douglas MacArthur

Peace out,