UC Berkeley, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Insanity

When I think of liberals, I think of the fight against the Red Scare.  I think of how people on the left came together to fight against a government who was all about fear, deception, and manipulating to convince the public that if you weren’t with them, you were against them.  I think of thousands of people who came together to champion the rights of free speech and for unpopular opinions to be said.  That’s the left that I think of.  However, that is not the left that I see now.

For those who didn’t know, Milo Yiannopoulos was invited to speak at UC Berkeley.  He didn’t ask to go there, but rather was invited.  A person there to speak his mind.  Now, because Milo is very openly conservative, and has a lot of far-right positions, it’s natural that there would be people who would disagree with him.  Indeed, many of them gathered at this event.  So, what did these people do?  Did they come with well-reasoned arguments and try and have an open discussion with Milo?  Did they allow him to speak and then have their rebuttal?  No.  That isn’t what happened.  What happened?  Well, take a look for yourself.

Listen to all those champions of free speech!  Listen to the chant “Shut it down!” over and over again!  Can’t you just tell how much they value the traits that the left is supposed to stand for?  Because, after all, in today’s society, Milo’s views are unpopular.  The popular consensus is much more left-leaning.  With that in mind, you’d think that, even if they didn’t agree with him, my fellow left-leaning people would at least want to hear the guy out.  That way we could form educated opinions on his views and then disagree with them in the most effective way – with good argumentation.

Fuck that noise!  We gotta riot!  Let’s destroy property! Let’s assault people!  There was footage of some asshole tear-gassing a girl with a MAGA hat who was just minding her own business.  One guy was beaten and stripped.  There was even a story of someone who was shot when someone acted in self-defense after the mob went after him.  Yup.  That’s the progressive-left, everyone.  That’s what it’s come to.  But hey, maybe you think that that is hyperbole.  After all, it’s not like celebrities are in on it or anything.  Oh wait, here’s a link to a Tweet by Sarah Silverman, who lays it out that the military will eventually be coming in to help the left with an armed revolution.  Hey Sarah, they call that treason, you know.  Good thing that the Internet never forgets, because now Sarah is going to have this little nugget following her around forever.

Never in my life have I been more ashamed of the left in this country.  We once made fun of the Tea Party and what a bunch of assholes they were.  But you know what, as bad as their demonstrations were, I gotta say, even I am starting to agree with the conservatives who say that the left is worse.  At least it didn’t come to guns and lighting garbage fires in the street.  I remember saying that I wished America was more like other countries, who indulge in a good riot every now and then.  Well, I got my wish.  And it makes us look so pathetic.

Do the people like Sarah the retard Silverman not understand how absolutely horrific it would be to have armed revolution?  Do they not realize what that would do to this country.  Trump won, people!  Fair and square!  It’s all your fault.  You made this monster.  All the endless yelling about sexism and racism and all this other bullshit.  Organizations who chant for dead cops, and then get their wish.  You bear the blame here.  Trump won on the backs of the people who are sick and tired of all the PC bullshit.  Now we have a protest that had no illusions about being anything other than a riot, all to shut down someone that they don’t like.

The irony is that this will have the exact opposite effect.  See, Milo really wasn’t a name in the mainstream.  He is huge on the Internet, but he isn’t a name that the public at large knows.  Now they do.  Now they know exactly who he is.  This riot has caught national attention.  CNN was being just as hard on these idiots protesting as Fox News.  That’s understandable.  Any media outlet has to see this for the bat-shit crazy mess that it is.  Milo’s name will just get bigger and bigger, while the people screaming in the streets, or taking to Twitter to call for violent uprising will be made to look like raving lunatics.  Congratulations.

We can’t do like this, people.  We just fucking can’t.  Political discourse in this country cannot devolve into crowds screaming and burning shit in the street.  If that’s where we’ve gone, then we might as well just go back to the Coliseum and have people settle their differences with swords.  Then the mob could gamble on it and our descent as a nation into madness will be complete.  Worse still, we have people defending this bullshit!  Are you fucking kidding me?!  This behavior is indefensible.  But hey, it’s easy to defend when it isn’t these PC assholes who will be out in the street fighting the cops.  It won’t be them in this “revolution.”  They’ll be at Starbucks.  Fuck these people.

Until next time, a quote,

“The blood is already on our hands, it’s only a matter of degree.” – George Carlin

Peace out,



I Hate how “Leftist” is a Catch-All Term

The first time I ever heard the name Milo Yiannopoulos is during the GamerGate battles in the gaming community.  He was a guy who was very open about not being a gamer.  But he found this battle against corrupt journalism and the SJW forces that were part of it interesting enough to get involved.  It helped get a lot of respectable credibility to the battle due to Milo being a smart guy and an eloquent speaker.  During those days, it was fun to see his latest post.  But those days are gone.  While some remnant of GamerGate still exists, it’s now just a term for a time when us gamers stood up and fought for our hobby.

The thing I’m left with is how there are now SO many people who I used to like on YouTube that I honestly can’t stand anymore due to how they are basically just as bad as the people they criticize in how they will ignore nuance and judge people harshly right out of the game.  Milo is a part of this.  I still follow him on Twitter.  I do like to have a varied perspective.  But the truth is that outside of GamerGate, I know for a fact that him and I would agree on very little, and him and his ilk’s use of the term “Leftist” is just as annoying as how SJWs are eager to call everyone who doesn’t agree with them conservative.

I consider myself a liberal.  Shocker, I know.  I don’t consider myself part of the regressive left.  But I still am a person who has liberal sensibilities, along with a few libertarian ones.  I took a political quiz, and it seems I’m part of the Libertarian Left.  See for yourself.

PoliticalSo, does this make me a “Leftist” now?  I’m not some crazy SJW.  Is that what it takes?  What does it take in order to be a Leftist?  Because there are SO many talking heads who use this line, I honestly can’t find where the line is.  One of you come in and tell me.  Because this is all so confusing.

As I said, I’m a liberal.  I make no secret that I am for universal health care.  There’s no reason why this country shouldn’t have it.  At least none that I’ve heard.  Got a girly-mate who works in a billing agency for doctor’s offices, and she has told me many times that single-payer would make her job so much easier, and save so many offices money.  Oh, right, that’s “anecdotal evidence.”  God forbid someone in the industry might know a thing or two.  I worked medical records for a while.  Let me tell you, if there had been single payer, my job would have been easier too.  More anecdotes!  Whatever will we do!  So many insurance companies I had to send records to.  Annoying.

We live in this weird world right now.  We have people who should hate one-another standing together to fight a common enemy – SJWs.  The battle against SJWs and third-wave feminism is bitter and it has made enemies put aside their differences for a higher goal.  However, I am starting to realize that, when that goes away, we’re still going to be enemies.  I will never agree with Milo’s politics, and I will find his continued use of the term “Leftist” to describe anyone on the left annoying.  Once all is said and done, I figure most of the hard-right people I have made and agreed with will go back to being people I argue with on a daily basis and who tell me that I am some dumb liberal.

I follow Milo’s Twitter page because, unlike our SJW friends, I like seeing an opinion that doesn’t agree with me.  I don’t live in an echo chamber.  If your views aren’t challenged, then what’s the point of having discourse?  However, I just can’t help but think that all of this “Leftist” terminology is becoming just as overused as “regressive” or the one that is the most overused anti-SJW term of all – cuck.  I cannot tell you how dumb I find this term.  For starters, it makes no sense in the context of how they use it.  The term “beta” is more fitting for the kind of men that these people are talking about.  But anytime there’s someone on the left who doesn’t agree with these people, I guarantee that they’ll have their audience coming in and calling that person a cuck quite roundly.  This term really needs to go.

So what was the point of all this?  I guess it’s just a little rambling post.  Not much more.  I’m sure I’ll get some delightful people in the Comments to share with me their belief in how, because I actually think a lot of Milo’s positions are complete bullshit, I’m a regressive or a Leftist.  That’s fine.  As I said, a common enemy helps bring people together.  We’ll see where things end up.  Do with that what you will.

Until next time, a quote,

“I’m a firm believer in the idea that this world would not be very interesting if we all thought and felt the same.”  – TJ Kirk

Peace out,


Supporting a Pedophile?! Are You Kidding Me?! (Part Two)

When a new friend of mine recently asked me if I was going to make another post about this, I said that I wasn’t.  That I had said all that I wanted to say and that I was done with it.  I was done talking about this disgusting human being and what she has…you know what, fuck the “preferred pronouns.”  When you lust after and touch children, you lose the right to be called by the pronouns that you want.  What he, Sarah Nyberg, has done is beyond the pail.  But, like before, I didn’t want to talk about him.  For real, fuck that piece of shit.  Once again, this all comes back to the people who supported him.  Let me give some context.

Just recently, Milo Yiannopoulos did an article about Butts and all that has come out about him.  He did his due diligence as a journalist to try and reach out to all the people involved.  He had good sourcing of his facts and even got in touch with Butts’ people, who have promised that they are going to take the information that has been gathered to the police and seek legal action against Butts.  Milo’s article, while a lot of it was a retread of The Leo Pirate’s video, still was a good article.  But just today, he released another article (linked here) where he decided to talk about the responses to the article from the SJW crowd.  Reading some of the Tweets and messages of support that this child-touching fuckwit has gotten has given me something to say again.

I guess the SJW crowd just doesn’t take pedophilia seriously.  If someone that I was really in support of had information leak that showed that they are into something like that, then I guarantee you that I am going to look into it.  If what has been leaked is verifiable, then I am done with that person.  I would disavow any loyalty to them, and hope that they get sent where they belong – to prison.  I don’t even like kids.  I actually really don’t.  But there is a part of me that tells me that doing what Butts wanted to do with “Alice” (the name Milo used to hide her actual name) is so horribly wrong that doing such things goes beyond what is remotely acceptable.  It is nightmare stuff.

But the SJW crowd has defended this person.  With a zeal that only the most loved religious officials get, he has been defended.  I don’t get it.  They clearly don’t read what has come out.  They clearly don’t look into it themselves.  Some part of them just refuses to take a deeper look.  Why?  What is it about what Butts has done that stops them in their tracks from analyzing it further?

I have a theory.  This totally my own conjecture, but I have come to a theory about what is happening here.  Here it is – if the SJW crowd accepted that Butts, someone that they have toted as a hero of their cause, is the person that all the evidence points him out to be, then all of the battle cries with that person falls apart.  And if that falls apart, what’s next?  Their entire platform is a house of cards, and they know it.  It’s the reason that I doubt that we’ll ever hear anything from Anita Sarkeesian on this.  She’s not an idiot.  Like any good con artist, she isn’t going to touch something that is clearly toxic with a ten foot pole.  But for the rest of them, the true believers, they are starting to realize just how flimsy their support is.  If they accept this.  If they let it all fall, what happens?  It’s the same reason why, when it was shown in her own words that Sarkeesian was not a gamer and not interested in games, they just chose to ignore it.  They chose to say that it’s all lies.  The truth is something that these people can’t accept.

But the truly ugly thing is that these people will choose to throw their empathy away for this.  They will choose to believe that Nyberg’s pedophilia is his “sexual orientation.”  Some of them even commented that it should be an accepted orientation by society.  They will throw away empathy and their love of their fellow man, to defend someone who is beyond redemption.  With was utterly-unapologetic about wanting an eight year old girl, sexually.  Who had footage of “preteen models” on an encrypted hard drive.  Who admits to having nude footage of children, claiming that there was nothing wrong with that.  That it isn’t porn if the kids are naked.

This afternoon, right at noon, I was on a stream with a new friend I have become an acquaintance with on Twitter.  The stuff that has happened with Butts has brought some ugly memories of her life, when she was sexually abused as a child.  I’ll leave it at that, but this made her physically ill.  The fact that there now exists a legal defense fund started by someone (linked here) to sue Breitbart for “libel.”  The person who started this clearly knows fuck-all about the legal system.  You sue for defamation, you dumb fucker.  I am certain that it wasn’t started by Nyberg.  Someone who supports that sick piece of shit did this.  And already someone had donated money to it.  Someone is giving real cash to a person who has been proven to be a pedophile.  Or at least a fund in his defense.

There are days when I have wrestled with the concept of how good a person I am.  I admit that there are times when I have been a manipulative bastard.  But then I think of this person, who sent a picture of his CHILD to an admitted pedophile to “cheer you up!”  I don’t know how to process this.  It’s…I legitimately don’t have words.  The levels of evil that has been on display is beyond anything I have ever seen before.  I’m getting choked up.

Part of me wants to believe that there is some good that exists in all people, but I know consciously that that isn’t true.  Stuff like this is the reason why.  Stuff like what has happened with Butts.  Defenders who will ignore all the evidence.  Someone who starts a fund for this monster.  Worst of all – someone who sends a picture of their child to cheer a pedophile up.  If there is a Hell, I am certain that the deepest pits of it are reserved for people who support Sarah Butts.  That is what I am certain of.  It makes me realize how I am a good person, because the day that I am able to look the other way when a person this sick does something is the day when I have truly fallen.

Until next time, a quote,

“I don’t know how to process this.”  -Milo Yiannopoulos

Peace out,


Let’s Have Togetherness at Christmas

Merry Christmas, everybody.  Merry Christmas from the bottom of my cold and lonely heart.  I mean that.  While this time of year continually does me wrong, I do still have some affection for it that my addle-brained insanity refuses to let go of.  How that works, I have no idea.  I’m not a wizard.  There is still some part of me that loves this holiday, for whatever reason.  Maybe me and me are just sad and pathetic.  Either way, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas, and I hope that you have the best day possible, even if you are part of the ever-increasing poor in America, since the Middle Class is yesterday’s fever dream.

However, there are some people who have decided that this holiday is not a good day.  They have decided that it is flawed, and they must pick apart its flaws in order to expose them and do…what, exactly?  I have no idea.  And it’s clear that they don’t either.  Why?  Because the people exposing the problem are third-wave, Puritan feminists.

God-dammit, why do these people keep coming up?!  For real, what is their malfunction?!  In a recent article that Milo Yiannopoulos wrote (linked here), he talked about several examples of modern feminists deciding – Christmas is part of the patriarchy too!  One of the examples he used is something I already touched on.  But he also found a video that our favorite culture-critic (who lacks critical thinking skills), Anita Sarkeesian did about what Christmas songs are the most misogynistic.  As always, does the context of any of the songs that she takes apart matter?  No.

Take, for example, her critique of the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”  I have made sport of that song myself, because it is a song about a dude trying to get into a woman’s pants.  He never forces her to do anything.  He simply tries to convince her, over and over and over again.  Yeah, he’s dedicated.  But he never forces her to do anything.  You never know at the end if she decided to.  If you read the lyrics, it sounds like the reasons that she was against having a little Christmas-nookie is because of her family and societal pressures.  However, Sarkeesian can’t accept that, and so she points out that it’s about date-rape, and how evil this man is.

Then there is the song by Mariah Carey, “All I Want for Christmas is You.”  According to Anita, it’s about how women are supposed to need a MAN *insert dark voice* and that’s it.  Never mind that it’s in the fucking title that she doesn’t need him.  She WANTS him.  That’s all she wants for Christmas.  And you don’t know what the circumstances are behind this.  What if he is a soldier that is fighting and she wants him home?  I think Brittney Spears did a song like that a few years back.  Unsure.  But context just makes thing icky, so Sarkeesian…you know, fuck it.  Just…fuck it.

How can you people possibly be happy?!  You are taking a holiday that is supposed to symbolize love for your fellow human and coming together and using it as a way to tear people apart.  You are no better than the “keep Christ in Christmas” dumbfucks who want Christmas to be all about them and not about just being happy.  No, that would just be wrong!

I admit that I can get pretty worked up about stuff.  Sometimes outright enraged.  But you know what, at the end of the day, I accept that none of this stuff actually matters.  For real, I don’t take the stupid shit I hear from third-wave feminists to bed with me.  Typically, I respond to their schtick and move on.  There’s too much to experience in the world to just get bogged down in this crap.  There’s the rum and coke sitting beside me.  There’s my kitty, who is soft and purring beside me.  There is the lights on my Christmas tree.  There are all those things.  But these people – they live it!  This is everything!  This is their every day.  This is their every waking moment.  Well, not Anita herself. I have no doubt that she doesn’t give two fucks, beyond what Jonathan McIntosh says is important to care about.  Anita is a con artist, and using him.  But for people like McIntosh, how do they live like this?  I would think that it would make life just so unpleasant to live, given how everything gets colored by the lens of your beliefs.  Where does your happiness come from, when everything is ugly to you?

How’s about, instead of all the stupid bullshit, like keeping Christ in Christmas or how we can construe this holiday as sexist, we instead make it about what it was meant to be about – feeling good with family and friends?  How about we make a holiday that is about coming together for the love of your fellow human and let it be about that?  Would that be so terrible, if we didn’t get all insanely-religious about it?  After all, third-wave feminism is a religion unto itself.

I don’t let faith run my life.  This holiday isn’t even a religious one anymore.  It’s a secular holiday.  So grow the fuck up and have some fun!  Live a little!  Who knows you might just like it.

All that said, Merry Christmas, everyone.

Until next time, a quote,

“What must it be like in your funny little brains?  It must be so boring.”  -Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock

Peace out,


The Rebuilding Phase of #GamerGate

With the recent publication that GamerGate has cost Gawker seven-figures in advertising, and the egg that has gotten on the faces of all the people who were so central to the conflict, it is clear that the war that GamerGate was fighting has been won.  This is a great thing, but now there is another problem that comes to the forefront.  See, the war has been won.  Now the fighting has to turn to something else – rebuilding.  This is maybe the hardest part.  I think that this is what inevitably got to Internet Aristocrat.  He is a soldier who didn’t want to stop the fight.  But the war had to end, eventually.  With a new year upon us, there is a chance to make things better.  And you know what – it’s on all of us to make that happen.  Does this mean that we shouldn’t watch when the SJW Puritan feminist crowd decides to fuck with our hobby?  No.  And they seem to be moving on to other niche crowds like heavy metal.  I guess they think that they will get less resistance there or something.  Good luck with that.  But we can take the broken ruins of their pathetic journalistic “integrity” and forge it into something new.  Maybe we can help fix the Fifth Estate.  Who knows?  So, let me talk about what we need to do.

Here’s where we start – by realizing that modern media is all built on a flaw.  See, all media nowadays is a narrative.  It’s a narrative because you want clicks.  You want clicks, so you can get money.  You want money so you can keep your business running.  Do you see where I’m going with this?  Instead of reporting on events, all media, from the MSNBC and Fox News to the Kotaku, Polygon and Rock, Paper, Shotgun are controlling the events narrative.  This is something that we have to change.  There is no easy way to do this.  It has to be done with dedication.  It had to be done with an understanding that you may not get a mass market the way the rest do.  That’s hard.  It’s hard to understand that you are the underdog in any fight.  But if we are going to reshape gaming journalism, it has to start there.

Reporting fact just isn’t that fun to read.  I admit, I love to read an article here someone rips into some asshole who does something stupid or is a complete piece of shit, like the bulk of Congress.  But there are ways to make it so that news can be both informative and worth listening to.  Perhaps taking a few cues from Christina Sommers approach.  Or my favorite news program, Frontline.  Talk about something and show that you did your research.  Show that you are not just coming at this by appealing to pathos.  John Oliver is the master of this, on his new show on HBO.  He has made the news both funny and incredibly informative.  He is beating Jon Stewart at his own game.  Nothing against him, but hey, Stewart, Oliver’s got you whipped.  The trick for all these examples is that they go out of their way to show that they have got a ton of information about this and that it matters.  That’s good journalism.  It’s the kind of journalism that the glorified bloggers at Kotaku could never hope to do.

We also need to recognize that the people who say things like, “who hasn’t slept with a PR person or a dev, amirite?” don’t think that they did anything wrong, and that needs to change.  We’ve got to recognize where the boundaries of ethical and unethical journalism are.  There is a fine line on how cozy one can get to a group they are covering before it becomes unethical.  Sometimes that line is hard to know.  After all, any journalism student (and this comes from a grad with a Bachelor’s in Journalism and Public Communication) is told that they have to cultivate sources and that you want your sources to feel good talking to you.  But we have to get gaming journalists to actually have a standard that they are held up to.  Kotaku and Gawker flaunt how little they care.  Look what it’s done for them.  All it takes is for one person to blow the whistle and then you have people like the guy who put out the “bring back bullying” Tweet becoming a public joke.  You think his career isn’t going to suffer because of that?  When he ha to polish up that resume, it’s going to come back on him big-time.  These people think it’s fine.  We have to be better than that.

Another thing we need to recognize is that the politicization that many in GamerGate have been against comes from a group of people who feel superior to everyone else, and think that their opinion means more because of whatever reason they feel that way.  This kind of thinking is easy to fall into.  I catch myself doing it from time to time.  When you look at all the stupid shit that so many people do and think to yourself – is this how retarded our species is? it’s easy to just take that thought process as gospel.  What the journalism industry needs is some humility.  Humility is a good way to not just get sucked into an echo chamber, but be willing to at least hear the other side out.  Name me an SJW who actually does that.  For real, I have NEVER see Anita Sarkeesian defend her points.  Nor Brianna Wu or anyone like that.  The conversation just breaks down into, “I get threats, I’m a victim, therefore I’m right.”  Good journalism has to press the issue.  Look at the UVA/Rolling Stone debacle.  This industry needs people who have passion, but want to learn more.  That’s why they used to have conversations in editing rooms about topics, where they would get people who wanted to talk about stuff, instead of just saying, “you – write about this!”

Lastly – do NOT let your site have a narrative.  If someone is going to have a narrative in their writing, then you take that person to task.  But one of the big things that came up from GamerGate was how people who were part of Gamejournopros were having their careers threatened if they didn’t tow the line.  If your organization has a narrative that they are willing to threaten your career over, then you are not a good publication, and not worth anyone’s time reading.

So, can this be done in the current framework of website?  No.  Kotaku will never get better.  They have been scarred and beaten and I bet are just singing now that the worst is done.  They were beaten like a bad dog and now are eager to get back to pandering the same bullshit that they always do.  We need a new group of sites that are willing to actually put good reporting and passionate writing ahead of site narrative.  I write for one such publication now.  It’s called Gambitcon, and I recommend checking it out.  Especially my stuff, because I’m just awesome like that.  Like this story here (click it!)

I don’t know if journalism can ever really be fixed.  Maybe it is just the way it is and there is nothing to be done about it.  However, the war is over, and it’s time for GamerGate to become Milo Yiannopoulos’ book and for all of us who fought to move to trying to make things better.  We won.  Now let’s capitalize on it.  The soldiers can go home.  A pity America can’t learn to do that, since we’re STILL in the Middle East.

Until next time, a quote,

“Old soldiers never die.  They just fade away.”  -Gen. Douglas MacArthur

Peace out,


Yet-Another Caricature of #GamerGate (A response to Al Jazeera)

Part of me is getting a little tired of this.  It’s one thing when you see a bunch of sites like Kotaku, Polygon and Rock, Paper Shotgun showing their journalistic sloth.  They are just glorified blogs that get WAY more respect than they deserve.  In the wake of all the dealings and cozy relationships that have been uncovered by people like Internet Aristocrat and others, it is clear that the Fifth Estate is broken.  But when you see news groups like Al Jazeera, who are lauded for their impartiality, weighing on something by showing a clear lack of research, then it just makes a case for all news being broken, and that nothing in the media is trustworthy.

For those who didn’t know, a few days ago, the news group Al Jazeera joined the pantheon of left-leaning news networks who have decided to condemn GamerGate, with a zeal for single-sided journalism that can only be matched by Fox News.  I’ll have the video of their piece, so you can see it all and have context, and instead of picking apart statements, I’ll be a little more broad.

First, it’s interesting that you have Brianna Wu on as your trusted source.  Did she tell you about the time she used the death of a woman named Amber Lynn Schraw as a way to sell her victimhood?  Yeah, a woman not even slightly connected to GamerGate is brutally murdered by her ex-boyfriend, and Wu sells it as proof that she is also in danger.  I guess that your background check didn’t bring that up.  In fact, what kind of background did you do on this topic?  I didn’t see much.

Like, here’s a point that I have been trying to make forever – online threats are not a refutation of points.  I am going to try and explain this the best I can.  You go on for some time about Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkeesian getting death and rape threats.  I could tell you that online threats are a dime a dozen and everyone who has any name recognition (myself included) has gotten them.  I could tell you that if someone actually meant her harm, the chances of them sending a message to her beforehand is astronomically small.  I could tell you that I didn’t hear a SINGLE defense of her position, other than – I get death and rape threats.  I could point out that I didn’t hear a single thing about the death threats Jack Thompson got.  But the truth is, it all boils down to this – that isn’t a refutation.  It really isn’t.  I will never condone such behavior, but if you are going to ask a person to defend their statements about the people involved with GamerGate being nothing but misogynists, then doesn’t it behoove you, the journalists, to ask for something a little more concrete than – I get death threats!

You all go on and on about the “sexism” in gaming, but what evidence did you have?  Oh, right, the whole, “women are sexualized” thing.  You begin your video by saying that 52% of women are gamers now.  I guess you didn’t watch Christina Sommers’ video where she debunks that.  That would have required actual research on your part, and this whole video has shown that you are just as lazy as Fox and MSNBC.  The truth is that the hardcore games, the ones who are big into competitive and online gaming, are mostly men.  And AAA gaming companies don’t just assume this.  They have tons of PR people who do research, because they want to gauge their demographic, so their game sells.  There are so many easy ways that you could have improved the quality of journalism if your piece, but instead, you chose to take the easy and lazy route, by having Brianna Wu talk about her problems and you just nodding your heads and going, “You got rape and death threats!” like that makes her points right.

Here are a few questions that I, and this is coming from a college grad who just got a degree in journalism, would have asked –

If you don’t like these kinds of games so much, why do you play them?
Why don’t you make your own games?  With the cost of development so small, I would think that that would be an easy alternative to playing games that offend you.
If the gaming medium is so oppressive and awful, why stay?  After all, people who watch Lifetime or the Hallmark Channel don’t complain about it not having enough action movies.
How do you explain the cozy relationships between game devs like yourself and journalists like Nathan Grayson?
Why not start your own studio, if you want a certain kind of game made?  Bioware was started by three guys, after all.  With all the people who want to make games looking for work, I would think that you would jump at the chance to do that.
Doesn’t it seem a bit hypocritical that you want other publishers and developers to do work, while your side simply complains?
Do you believe that you are ‘feeding the trolls’ by making the death threats you get public knowledge, when police say that you should not openly talk about any threats that you deem credible?

Any of those questions would have been a lot better than the ones that you had spoon-fed to you by Wu, so she can look like the damsel in distress.

Then you have these gamers that you picked to represent the medium that you are caricaturing.  Well, that’s nice.  Although, if you are talking about GamerGate, wouldn’t it be nice if you had some people who are tied into it?  Like Milo Yiannopoulos.  He’s the journalist star who has been covering this issue, and his articles have been very extensive.  I would think that you would want to get a balanced approach to this story.  That’s fair reporting, after all.  Why talk to three people who seem to know very little about the issue, like when YOU say that they say that GamerGate is about PC culture in gaming.  Which isn’t true, by the way.  While that is a factor in it, GamerGate is about the corruption in games journalism.  This is why it would have helped you to talk about the issue with someone more knowledgeable.  You went out of the way to get Brianna Wu as your source for the anti-GG side.  Why just three randies for ours?  Could it be a bias on your part?  Could it be laziness that you just didn’t care to correct?  The possibilities are limitless.

Al Jazeera, you are just as biased and ignorant as the rest.  You are pandering a party line for the exact same reason that MSNBC, Democracy Now and PBS did.  Hell, even The Colbert Report pandered.  You all want to appear ‘progressive,’ so you don’t lose that audience.  But the truth is, you’re no better than the other side.  You just pander to different people.  All those claims of ‘journalistic ethics’ are for nothing when it is blatantly obvious how pathetically lazy your reporting is.  I hope you’re proud.  When you don’t question people like Brianna Wu’s lies, how can you claim otherwise?

Until next time, a quote,

“Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”  -H.L. Mencken

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A Book About #GamerGate? Sounds Good to Me!

So, Milo Yiannopoulos, the journalist rock star whose brutal articles have been part of the forward momentum of GamerGate is writing a book on the experience.  In an article on his site (linked here), he outlined why he believes that this is a cause worth writing about.  The man is right on point, as always.  Never before has a consumer revolt had as much sway as the GamerGate movement.  There has never been a push-back against SJWs and Puritan feminism like this one.  For the first time, modern, extreme, sex-negative feminism has met with real resistance.  And while their propaganda continues, the truth about the matter is finally starting to get out there.  The ruthless determination of the supporters of GamerGate made a movement come to pass that has never been seen before.

Of course, I hope that Milo remembers some of the casualties of the conflict.  I am still kind of bummed with how things ended with Internet Aristocrat.  One of the great leaders of the movement, he ended up leaving it after he became disenchanted with the endeavor, following some unpleasantness.  I’m glad that someone on YouTube was able to save all his stuff, because his videos are still great, even now.  His original videos about Quinnspiracy and how it pulled the veil off the controversy set the standard.  It began the battle.

Still, while there have been casualties, the war has had victories.  Several “journalists” have had their names dragged through the mud, like that puke-stain who suggested that we bring bullying back.  Speaking of Gawker, the most major victory is that the efforts of GamerGate have cost the company seven figures worth of lost ad revenue.  That is a powerful statement, and it says a lot about what this effort has been able to do.  Where once journalists seemed almost scared to support us, we have gotten people like the guy who gutted Ben Kuchera.  Along with support of more level-headed feminists like Christina Hoff Sommers, this movement is no longer just the victim-narrative with the poor SJWs as the afflicted and the gamers as evil misogynist neckbeards in basements.  The story has grown beyond that.

The fact that it still gets hits, even now, is telling about its efficacy.  This movement deserves to be talked about, because it is the first time that we have seen the consumers of a form of media lash out against the media they consume in a way that was this large and this coordinated.  During the Blitz phase of the conflict, GamerGate supporters were a concerted hammer against the people who opposed us.  That kind of action should be talked about, and if there is anyone to do it, it’s Milo.

All of those who have been with the revolt should feel proud.  We have won victories.  However, the battle isn’t over.  The Shock and Awe phase is done, but we have more to come.  And, given the thoughtful and smarmy way that his articles are written, this book should be quite something.  I hope to see it soon.

Until next time, a quote,

“And, like a thousand commanders before a thousand battlefields, I wait for the dawn.”  -Captain Jean Luc Picard, Star Trek: Nemesis

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