Lucien’s First Take: Black Panther Teaser Trailer

When I did my review of Captain America: Civil War, I said that I honestly didn’t really know where they could go with a Black Panther film.  He is my second-favorite character in the film, due entirely on the incredible performance of the actor.  That man sells that role.  Marvel’s films have done some damn good casting lately.  Robert Downy Jr as Tony Stark, Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, the kid as the new Spider-Man, and now Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther.  Perfect casting.  But my perspective in my review still stands.  He’s the Black Panther, and a ruler of a powerful nation that is hidden away.  Where can they possibly go with that?  It’s a little late to get to it, but the teaser was released.  Let’s see.

We start off getting to hear Martin Freeman’s terrible American accent.  No joke, they should have just gotten Hugh Laurie to do the role.  He probably would have been more fun too.  Then we have Andy Serkis coming back from his role in Avengers: The Waste of James Spader’s Talent.  He’s saying that Wakanda isn’t nearly the backwater tribal society that people think.  Okay, liking it.  Some legit nice backdrops.  There is a cool juxtaposition between this waterfall scenery the Panther is at with the tech airplane he is leaving on.  Is the idea of the ancient and the modern clashing gonna come into play?  That could be cool.

The montage that follows seems to paint the film more as a story about Wakanda itself than the titular character.  I kinda like that.  I can’t honestly think of a Marvel film that has done that so far.  Making a movie about a nation and the struggles of being in the modern world is a neat angle that I can see either being done very well or fucked up so horribly bad.

Which is kind of my thought overall of this teaser.  I’m definitely not gonna watch any more trailers for the film.  I genuinely want to be surprised when I see it.  Modern trailers have a bad habit of ruining the entire plot of a film.  I think that’s what’s happened with Spider-Man: Homecoming.  I wouldn’t know.  After I saw how trailer 2 was spoiling the film I stopped it.  Black Panther is either going to be a very interesting dive into a nation and the people in it, or a preachy film about how evil western culture is.  Please don’t let it be that.  Please don’t let this be SJW jerk-fuel.  Marvel has thus far been pretty good about pandering to the forced-diversity crowd.  They want their works to appeal to a mass audience.

But this is new territory.  A piece about a nation and its ruler being unsure where they fit in in the changing world is a tough thing to get right.  I’m going to give this film a chance, though.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t disappoint.

Initial Verdict
7 out of 10

Peace out,


The Cinematic Universe Trends Needs to Die

It really does.  It really, really does.  Seems like every film company is trying to find a way to make their own cinematic universe crap, and it is producing some of the stupidest films ever made.  People don’t realize that Marvel really found lightning in a bottle with their cinematic universe.  And part of that was having a fan of the comics who stood his ground on making the films true to the source material that he was adapting.  This concept could have been done so much worse.  There are stories about how Disney and the current head of the MCU have clashed on ideas which shows that if Disney had had their way, it would have been a lot worse.

However, it seems like every film company under the sun wants to have their version of the cinematic universe, and without a single exception they all suck.  Don’t come at me that Wonder Woman is awesome.  I’m sure it is.  Haven’t seen it.  Will Netflix it, someday.  But the DCEU is dead on arrival right now, and unless they have some good films to build on the ground they have FINALLY laid down, then it will still die.  Not unlike how the Ghostbusters remake’s attempt to make a universe are dead.  Or how Universal’s pathetic attempt to form the “Dark Universe” died right out of the gate.  Not to mention the Star Wars new extended universe.  And on that note…

Rogue One sucked!  I finally watched it, and I am going to do a review of it, but here’s my Cliff Notes – it sucked.  I don’t get why people are saying how great it was.  The film was boring.  So unbelievably boring.  Every single character in the film is boring.  Listening to Darth Vader make a stupid pun hurt me inside.  The plot was bad.  The CG faces for characters was bad.  Nothing about it was good.  How so many people could sing its praises is beyond me.  I genuinely believe it is just sad fanboys/girls who so desperately want Star Wars stuff in their lives that they will say that anything is good.  Just like how they sing about how great Episode VII was, when I couldn’t escape the fact that it is virtually a shot-for-shot remake of the original, except with a chick who can’t act and Emo Vader with his retarded-ass lightsaber.  Now they are making more films that no one asked for.  How about they release Star Wars: 1313?!  There’s something I actually wanted to see.

My point in all of this is simple – these cinematic universes need to go.  Marvel is already planning to bring theirs down a few pegs once the Infinity War films are done.  I saw that James Cameron wants to make a cinematic universe for that Avatar films.  Every company under the sun wants to try their hand at exploiting nostalgia by remaking old films in a way where it sets up for a cinematic universe.  These films are almost-exclusively terrible, and they are wasting money that could be put to better use in better films.

After all, we didn’t want a DCEU.  We wanted good DC films!  I don’t want a Dark Universe.  Nobody wanted that.  At all.  Not one person asked for that, and no one is going to miss it now that it is pretty much dead.  Nobody is asking for an Avatar universe.  The SJWs died on the hill that was the Ghostbusters remake.  I am honestly getting bored of the endless sequels.  Remakes might FINALLY be seeing a downturn now that they have become more and more box office poison.  Reboots too.  If only video games could learn a thing or two from this and be done with the endless sequels and give us some new IPs too.  There’s a thought.

Just think of all the talent being snubbed because Hollywood wants to cash in on some other form of nostalgia.  Think of the better films that could have been made if Hollywood had, instead of trying to make another stupid cinematic universe that will NEVER get the traction Marvel did, put their money into some of the smaller projects sitting on their desks?  What unseen vision is out there that will never see the light of day because the corporate dumbfucks who make movies are too busy making cash grabs?

What’s more, part of me is worried that now Hollywood has decided to just abandon the domestic market with films and instead make movies now intended just for foreign audiences.  Red Letter Media made a good point when they talked about the new Mummy film when they said the level of exposition seems like it wasn’t being made for American audiences.  It’s being made for foreign ones.  One of the biggest defenses people have for crappy movies is that they are able to recoup their money overseas.  That may be true.  In which case, will Hollywood just make safe movies for the US that they know will dominate overseas?  Stop caring about the local audiences for easy cash?  If that’s the case, why should I even go to the movies anymore?  I see trailers these days and I honestly don’t care.

As I said, Marvel caught lightning in a bottle.  That isn’t something just anyone can do, and instead of learning that lesson, Hollywood is content to just churn out more of this bait to lure people back in.  And it needs to stop.  The thing that really blows my mind is why Universal actually believed there was a cinematic universe potential in old monster movies?  That seems both short-sighted and desperate.  Is this a sign of how the film industry is doing overall?  Depressing.

Until next time, a quote,

“Hollywood has become hopelessly chained to the bottom line.” – Bruce Campbell

Peace out,


Hollywood Needs to Stop Making Remakes

I am so bored with movies these days.  Between the endless sequels, and the unending reboots and remakes, why should I go to the theaters when I can just as easily not watch those films at home?  Not even going to see the next Star Wars.  Finally got around to watching Rogue One.  It sucked.  It was boring.  I’ll admit that it made the Rebels kind of look like terrorists, which is how I always saw them so that worked out nicely, but the rest was boring.  Everyone tells me that Episode VII was so awesome.  You know what I see when I saw that film?  I’ll tell you – a really poorly hidden remake of the original film.  That’s it.  It’s a remake of the first film, but with a chick.  I am not impressed.

Which brings me to my latest bit of news that I saw – the Baywatch film has flopped.  What a shock.  When I saw the ads for this movie, I was genuinely confused.  I never even watched the show, but I remember what the draw for it was back in the day – Pamela Anderson and her really big tits bouncing in swimsuits along with Carmen Electra.  It wasn’t that hard.  To be able to remake this concept should be simple.  Granted, in today’s politically correct charged society, I do wonder if people would gravitate toward a film with hot women and big tits in swimsuits, but I bet it would still sell well.  However, that isn’t what they did, is it?  No, instead we got some kind of buddy-comedy with The Rock and some other fuck who I don’t really know or care who they are.  Wait, what?  I saw only one ad with hot women and they didn’t exactly have huge tits bouncing.  Why is there no bouncing?  Where are the big boobs?  In that moment, I realized what had happened.

The Hollywood machine got its claws into that film, and it became the latest in the series of poor decisions that they have made when remaking something to not even give the slightest of fucks about what the draw was to the source material.  Instead they have to make it some bullshit that trades simply in name recognition.  Because hey, why not sweep the bottom of the barrel?  To be fair, that was pretty much what the show was.  It was porn without the porn.  Hot bouncing tits under the skimpy clothes.  The shoe was to give guys boners.  Sure, there were some hot dudes in there too just to get the ladies all moistened, but we all remember the ads.  This was for the lowest common denominator.  But the series was aware of that.  There was no question about it.  Same way Magic Mike was about the lowest common female denominator.

Hollywood has this habit lately of taking properties with name recognition and deciding to remake or reboot it while not even beginning to remember what drew people to it in the first place.  For example – did you see that the remake of Jumanji is coming out in the next year or so?  Oh boy.  The poster for it looks retarded beyond belief, and it’s another film that The Rock can add his name to that is stupid in the extreme, but it’s happening.  Another CG orgy that will totally miss the practical effects which help cover the original film’s terrible animations that have not aged well at all.  Not to mention it shits on Robin Williams’ legacy when he was at his peak.  But Hollywood clearly doesn’t care about that.  They are remaking The Crow, after all.  A classic superhero film that Brandon Lee gave his life for.  The lasting piece of his legacy.  I refuse to see that movie.  Period.  I will not give Hollywood money for spitting on the death of a man who tried to do something amazing.  Especially after they ruined the sequel to the film – City of Angels.  Take a look at the link I attached.  The story of a truly great film that will never be just hurts me inside.

What can we learn about all these remakes and reboots?  First – Hollywood is out of ideas.  Instead of making original content to give to the masses, they give the same recycled bullshit that they know will make a shit-ton of money.  Since the masses clearly as stupid as fuck, they will see whatever new superhero film it is.  Not me.  After one of the staff at DC came out and said that the Wonder Woman film wasn’t going to be any better than Batman v Superman or Suicide Squad, I won’t even be Netflixing that shit.  20th Century Fox decided to take a risk with two R-rated superhero films that actually did justice to their source material.  Both of which were incredible films.  Both of which were sleeper hits that brought in massive critical and widespread acclaim.  Part of me hopes that Disney will take notice and hand some of their properties off to their subsidiary studios under their umbrella and make a few with their properties.  That’s how they were able to distribute Princess Mononoke, even though it was a VERY violent Miyazaki film.  I doubt it will happen, but a man can dream.  At the very least Disney knows when to begin to step back from superhero films after Infinity War is done.  Props to that.  The MCU had a good run, now it can have a legacy.

The next thing we can learn is that truly amazing films are being passed over.  My favorite film of 2016 was a genuinely smart science fiction film called Arrival.  It was made by Denis Villeneuve, who made Sicario and Incendes.  Both of which were also incredible.  I am a little apprehensive about what the sequel to Blade Runner is going to be, but at least it is in the hands of a competent director.  That’s more than a lot of films can say.  How many films like Arrival are being passed over because they may not sell as much.  I just found out that there is an anime adaptation film being made that probably none of you has heard about it.  It is being personally financed by James Cameron, who has wanted to see a film adaptation of it made for 17 years!  That’s pretty hardcore.  It is already in production.  $200 million has been spent on it.  Don’t have any idea what I’m talking about?  I don’t blame you.  This film is so far under the radar to border on non-existence.  It’s being directed by Robert Rodriguez, and stars Michelle Rodriguez and Christoph Waltz, along with Jennifer Connolly and other big names.  Still don’t know?  It’s called Battle Angel.  A manga that James Cameron was in love with and as I said has been trying to make into a film for 17 years.  Maybe after how hard Ghost in the Shell flopped, they want to keep this under wraps.  Hard to say.

Lastly, the thing we can take away is that Hollywood is bleeding money.  After all, the best they can do is churn out films that are basically tailor-made to do well overseas.  Seems the Asian markets will eat up whatever crap we put out, so long as it has white people kicking ass.  All the SJWs talking about “white-washing” don’t mean much to the markets that have made films that outright sucked like the Transformers sequels into massive successes.  Goes to show – Anita Sarkeesian and her ilk don’t know what the fuck they are talking about.  Shocking, I know.

In the meantime, Hollywood needs to stop remaking movies.  I am hoping that with the failure of films like this and the failure of movies like Ghostbusters (2016), they are starting to see the tide on this crap turning.  Exploiting nostalgic name-recognition isn’t how you sell movies.  If anything, it just reminds cynics like me what we loved the originals so much.

Until next time, a quote,

“Work is making a living out of being bored.” – Karl Lagerfeld

Peace out,


Lucien’s Review: Logan

It’s nice to see that Twentieth Century Fox has the balls and creative integrity to do what Disney’s Marvel isn’t capable of doing – taking risks.  And hot shit are those risks paying off!  This is not only the Wolverine film that all of us have been hoping for since the very beginning of seeing this character, but also the superhero film that so many of us have been waiting for.  And as I said, it was Twentieth Century Fox who brought it to us.  The studio didn’t seem to believe this film nor the one whose sequel was teased in the beginning would even find a fanbase, but find it they did.  Perhaps the fat cat suits in Hollywood can actually realize that making a superhero film that isn’t for kids can be profitable.  Perhaps we can get to see some of our favorite dark superheroes brought to light.  Netflix is doing a pretty good job working with this.  Their Punisher is pretty badass.  This is a fantastic movie.  Let’s talk about it.

Anyone in my audience who actually wants to see this film already has.  I realize that since my reviews are always late, I am going to start trying to find an angle to talk about which everyone else hasn’t.  So no plot recap.  It’s an adaptation of the Old Man Logan storyline, where we get to meet an equally-badass character – X-23.  A tragic tale of the death of two of the greatest mutants to ever live, along with the introduction that hopefully isn’t wasted.

The glue that holds this movie together is the performances.  Hugh Jackman definitely steals the show as an aging Logan.  His powers are starting to fail him, and his age has finally caught up with him.  A lost soldier, he’s not looking for a spot to live.  He’s looking for a place to die.  But over the course of the film he comes to realize that he has one last chance to truly feel what it’s like to be alive.  A lot of comparisons have been made between this film and the incredible game The Last of Us, and I can kind of see that.  Jackman makes a pretty good Joel of the film, equally as gruff and equally tired of being alive.  And just like Joel, he meets a companion who makes him want to live again.  Only difference is how it all ends, and the level of dark implications for both characters.  Logan gets his redemption in the end.  Joel does not, but that is part of why the narrative works.

Next up with have Patrick Stewart.  Part of me likes the dark implications with this character.  There is some backstory to what happened to him that you never fully understand.  He’s done something horrible, and just like Logan, his powers are failing him.  Two of the last mutants on Earth, both of them are equally lost.  As his mind is slowly faltering, he goes from a mutant who doesn’t care about anything, to getting to enjoy one last adventure with the only friend he has left.  Stewart plays the old man with nowhere left to go very well.  You believe the chemistry between him and Logan.  He simultaneously hates and depends on his angry companion, and the juxtaposition does not escape his notice.

Of course, the character everyone is talking about is X-23.  This girl brought the character to life incredibly well.  This could so easily have been botched, as so many child actors just suck, but this girl brought her a-game to the table and it shows.  Just like Joel and Ellie in the game that everyone says this story is ripping off, the bond that grows between these two is believable.  They do take moments to address the reality that both of them are becoming killers and there is no going back.

Something else I want to talk about is the language in this movie.  As I said, I am loving the fact that we have comic movies with the balls to go this far, but part of me can’t help but early on was just so forced.  Some of the times that they would be laying down the word fuck liberally just felt so middle school.  I like hearing Professor X swear, but don’t make me think that it was put in there just because.  Fuck is a great word, but use it when you mean it.

Another thing is the carnage.  Everyone who reviewed this movie said that it was grotesque and violent, hard-R, I was told.  It’s violent, but don’t be fooled.  This isn’t Robocop levels of grotesque.  It has blood and gore, but still plays it safe.  That being said, while they may not always embrace how vicious it can be, the kills still felt visceral.  When you have Logan tearing people apart, you actually feel like that would hurt.  This film knew that it could take risks but only to a point.  I mean, if it really stuck to how disgusting Logan’s murder sprees would be, people would call it gore porn.  The creators of the film wisely chose to make emphasis on the killing to make it feel personal.  And when you watch X-23 on top of a gut tearing him open, you can tell that that would be scary as fuck to witness.

All things considered, this was a ballsy, very intense superhero film.  The most I have seen since The Dark Knight.  It took risks that no film of its genre would dare doing, and I am so desperately hoping it won’t be the last.  Disney’s Marvel will never have the guts.  Not unless they pawn it off on some lesser Disney studio so if it sucks they can give the blame there.  That’s what they did with Princess Mononoke.  See, Disney owned the rights to Studio Ghibli films, but Miyazaki outright refused to make any cuts to the violence in his magnum opus.  The film was a huge hit in Japan and Disney wanted a piece of that pie.  So rather than fight with Miyazaki when he sent a katana to the head of Disney at the time with a note attached saying “no cuts,” they pawned it off to a studio that they owned but was far away enough from Disney to be able to distribute it without them looking bad.  A clever tactic.  And it worked.  I am hoping that some film creators come to them after Infinity War, when the MCU will be toning down and sputtering away, and wants to look at some of the more violent superheros in the library and give them a fair shake.  Take a note form how big a success this movie and Deadpool have been, Disney.  You can do this.  The reward will come in ten-fold.  Not to mention, both of the movies that have taken this approach have made the most of having a smaller budget.  The limited resources not only meant that they had to be more clever in making them, but also that they could much more easily recoup their budget.  Deadpool and Logan have been massive financial successes.  Hint-hint!

This was a phenomenal movie.  It’s sad to see Logan go, but the X-Men brand has gotten kind of stale anyway.  But please, for the love of Groj, do NOT let the next film with X-23 be some watered-down version of this character!  She’s a violent killing machine.  Respect that.

Final Verdict
9 out of 10

Peace out,


Lucien’s Review: Captain America: Civil War

Captain America Civil WarI recently got to see the film Batman v Superman.  I never did a review.  Why?  Because that film is TERRIBLE.  It’s one of the bafflingly-bad movies I have seen in a very long time.  I mean, how is it they were able to fuck that up?  How could they possibly fuck up a concept that an animated film did perfectly (The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2)?  It was a film that was so bad that I was genuinely impressed.  Zack Snyder had to try and make a movie that incomprehensibly terrible.  My favorite bit was the training montage.  How a scene that ridiculous was expected to be taken seriously is beyond me.  How did Armoured Skeptic put it?

I’m gonna drag this tire, ’cause I’m Batman!  I’m gonna hit this tire with a hammer, ’cause I’m Batman!

My score for that movie would likely have been a 4 or 5.  However, in comes along this movie.  A movie that so many people have been stoked for, and not only did it deliver, but it did so in a way that only a movie done by these two directors could have.  I am in love with this movie, and now I mean to talk about it.

The plot goes that after a botched mission where Cap and the rest of the Avengers end up blowing up a good deal of innocent people, the UN decides that they have let them go about their business without oversight for long enough.  A piece of legislation is drafted that splits the Avengers in two.  This wouldn’t be so bad, except things go from bad to worse when there is an attack on the signing ceremony.  Implicated in the attack is the Captain’s old friend, Bucky.  As the plot thickens, friends are pitted against friends, and a newcomer with a Jones for vengeance is out for Bucky’s blood.  Who’s right?  Well, just like the last film these two directed, the answers aren’t especially clear.

I did a review where I talked about how much I loved Winter Soldier.  Not only did it take some hard looks at the concept of a superhero, but it also had a very bittersweet tone where you don’t know if the good guys truly won or not by the end.  I loved that.  I’m getting SO tired of these by-the-numbers superhero films.  There are a fuck-ton of them, and each is more uninspired than the last.  But the other thing I loved about that movie was the action.  Not only was it slick.  Not only was it well-choreographed, but it was so visceral!  It felt like there were people actually getting hurt.  These two are back, and it is every bit as perfect as I could have asked for.  To date, this is my favorite superhero film.  It has everything I have wanted and more.

What things truly stood out?  I could talk about how good all the elements of this film were, but the reality is that that would get a bit redundant.  I will say that this is the best film for the kind of film it can be.  So while it may seem cheap, I can’t give this film a perfect score.  It is still a superhero movie, and that comes with all the hangups that this genre has.  With that being said, certain things about this movie were just awesome.

First is Black Panther.  When I first saw this character, I was entranced.  This guy is nine kinds of cool!  The fight sequences with him were just amazing.  This guy and how badass he is genuinely stole a lot of the show, for me.  What’s more, he is an interesting character.  They make him a very unique guy, with his need for revenge and his pain being at the forefront.  Hell, even when he isn’t in costume, this dude is eight kinds of cool.  But here’s something I want to talk about, and this won’t be particularly well-received – how is this guy going to star in his own movie?  I mean, what is there for him to overcome?  He’s a badass warrior and a king of a nation.  It’s kind of hard to see where his character can go from there.  I will give his upcoming film (or did they cancel that?  I could have swore I heard something about that.  Let me know in the Comments) a fair shake, but I am a little skeptical of where his character can go from the top of the mountain.

Next up is the ultimate fight between the various heroes.  I cannot tell you how nice it is to have a superhero film where the climax isn’t just a fight against waves of nameless thugs.  Now it’s a battle of ideals, with both sides having good points and being unable to come together.  However, the big showdown is nine kinds of cool.  I am so glad that we had the Russo brothers directing this.  Only they could have made it so that every part of the fight look like it was part of a larger tapestry of battle.  The pacing of that battle was perfect.  It kept building and building, then comes crashing down in a perfect wave of tension-busting.  It’s a genuinely emotional scene, where you have Tony Stark getting genuinely angry and looking hurt.

One thing I have to say is that the way each character is addressed and their motivations looked at is so nice.  For a cast this large, this film could have glossed over a lot and felt half-done.  But they didn’t.  This is a LONG superhero movie, and all the better.  It gives us time to really get to know everybody and why they believe the way they do.  It makes choosing whose side you’re on that much harder.  Both sides have legit points.

But the thing I love most is how the film comes together.  Just like the last film, it’s bittersweet.  There is the final battle, which I won’t spoil for the people who haven’t seen it.  Let’s just say that I did NOT see that coming, and it blew me away.  Not only was the emotional energy peaked, but it kept building and building, to the point that when it all comes crashing down, you feel like you are coming down with it.

All in all, as I said, this is the best superhero film I have seen, to date.  I have wanted a movie like this for so long.  After all the boredom of superhero films, this year is really shining.  I honestly can’t wait to see what’s next.  For those who haven’t seen it, do.  I guarantee you, it is worth every minute.

Final Verdict
9 out of 10

Peace out,


SIONR: I’m Getting Tired of Superhero Movies

Did you know that there are currently 36 superhero projects in the works?  Not even kidding, 36.  That’s fucking crazy.  And I am going to put this out there – I’m getting tired of it.  After Avengers, the novelty of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is starting to wear off.  I think the problem is that these films are being made too often.  I barely get a chance to appreciate something being unique and interesting before something else comes along.  What’s more, the formula is getting old.  There are only so many times that I can watch the hero save the day and not be bored by it.  Sure, it’s supposed to be about what gets you there, but the problem is that I am tired of it.  I don’t get other people aren’t too.

Let me put this in context.  Some of you might be wondering how I have this opinion, given how I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy.  In hindsight, I was a little overly-nice to that film.  I was just too captivated by the cool soundtrack and the comedic take on the superhero genre.  But the reality is that take that away, and that film is as by-the-numbers as it gets.  How has this formula not gotten stale with people?

Then there was Deadpool.  A film that was completely non-serious, gruesome, funny, and filled with self-aware riffing on its own genre.  That is one of my favorite superhero films, to date, and will likely stay there for a long time.  Was it predictable?  Sure, but the thing that made it stand apart is the fact that it took its own premise to the absolute extreme.  20th Century Fox was certain that film was going to bomb, but they ordered a sequel almost immediately because this film was such a smash success.  It broke all kinds of records, and I am glad to hear they got the same director for the sequel.  Given how much fun Ryan Reynolds had with the role, I am hoping that he is just as much in love with the next film.  It will have Cable in it, so I can only see good things ahead.

A couple years back, I did a review of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  That is also one of my favorite superhero films.  Not only was the action slick as fuck (I could watch the first fight scene between Cap and the titular villain over and over.  It is awesome), but it took on some much darker themes.  Things like how the Cap was dealing with being out of time.  How he was very much alone in this world, and kept busy with SHIELD so he didn’t have to think about it.  He acknowledged that outside of military service, he has no place in the world.  What’s more, even though the hero wins in the end, it’s a bittersweet ending.  Cap still is very much alone, since his friend saved his life, only to abandon him.  I loved that!  You can’t believe how stoked I am to see the latest film Civil War.  Just like the last film, this isn’t so much a superhero film as a political film with superheroes.  Now we get to see sides who have gotten along so well fighting it out.  New characters are being introduced.  Add some amazing fight scenes, I can’t wait to see what’s coming.

All I want is some superhero films to buck the trend.  Give me a movie that brings something new.  How’s about, instead of releasing a ton of yearly films, we release a film or two every couple years.  Let’s take the time to really make quality movies.  Disney is too much of a cookie-cutter company to have the balls that 20th Century Fox did.  They took a huge risk with Deadpool, and it showed in the film’s meager budget.  I love that joke that Reynolds made in the film where he acknowledged that there were only two X-Men, commenting that it’s almost like the film had no budget or something.  Fucking classic.  Disney will never have those kinds of guts.

I lament the death of some of the more violent superhero films.  There will never be another Punisher film like the one in 2005 starring Thomas Jane.  I love that he was in a fan-film sequel to that movie that was done by the same person who directed the criminally-underrated film Dredd.  Check it out (link here).  Oh, there’s another film which will never have a sequel, and that kills me.  Dredd was awesome.  Then there was the original Blade.  Just the original.  The sequels were garbage.  Or The Crow.  The original there too.  Did you know they are doing a remake of that?  Yeah, because let’s spit on Brandon Lee’s memory.  Fucking pricks in Hollywood.

The reality is that Disney buying Marvel was cool for a while.  Now it’s gotten boring, and all because they have to be family-friendly.  How I wish that we could get a Deadpool caliber film with other comic book characters.  Like Wolverine!  Or Gambit!  Specifically Gambit.  I heard that a film about him was cancelled.  Much shame.  That could have been as equally-violent and awesome.  Or maybe a film based around Spider-Man’s nemesis, Venom.  A Venom movie, where we get to see him as a violent anti-hero who does good things for all the wrong reasons.

Let me know what you all think in the comments.  Am I just being pretentious, or are you all as tired of how predictable these films are too?

Until next time, a quote,

“America is the first culture in jeopardy of amusing itself to death.”  – John Piper

Peace out,


Lucien’s First Take: Doctor Strange – World Premiere Trailer

I find myself at an interesting crossroad when it comes to comic book films.  I have gotten more than a little tired of them.  There are too damn many, and they are becoming too predictable.  It’s a strange sort of thing.  Deadpool restored some of my faith.  At the very least it was a breath of fresh air.  This summer has Captain America: Civil War and Suicide Squad.  Both of which I am very excited for.  The latter especially, since Batman v Superman was a boring pile of shit, and I want to see a good DC film.  Still, we may have some home.  So when I saw that this trailer was being released, my first thought was – okay, movie, let’s see what you’ve got.  Here is the trailer.  Let’s take a look at it.

Um, yeah.  This is a trailer.  It’s a trailer that looks…I honestly don’t know.  I don’t know what to think of this trailer.  We get to see that Benedict Cumberbatch is Doctor Strange.  I already knew that.  Not gonna lie, that fact kind of excited me, since I do like him as an actor.  Not a fanboy, but he’s been good in enough films that I am willing to be behind him as this character.  There’s also Tilda Swinton as some unknown teacher character.  That’s pretty cool.  She looks kinda badass bald.  Just putting that out there.  We also have that black guy who was the villain in Serenity.  I am assuming that he’s the villain here.

But the big question is – what do we know about this film?  You see some images of Strange being a surgeon.  That’s cool.  Then it shows a brief split-second of him in a hospital with his arms all messed up.  Is the implication that he can’t be a surgeon anymore because of his injuries?  That would make some sense.  But what’s the motivation in this film?  What’s the plot?  What’s the drive?  We know almost nothing about this film, and this trailer did little to alleviate that.  Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that sometimes, less is more.  I hate how all modern trailers seem to want to drown people in exposition and tell us everything about the plot.  But this trailer has told me very little.  We get some special effects shots.  Those are…pretty standard, actually.  It’s nothing special.  We have some neat locations.  That could be interesting.

Honestly, a superhero film that is about self-discovery could be kind of cool.  It would be a nice change of pace from the superhero films that are all about stopping bad guys and shit.  Like a personal story.  That does intrigue.  A little.  Like how the bulk of the original Spider-Man film was about Peter getting his powers and learning about them.  I miss this kinds of films.  All the films we’ve gotten lately are sequels.  This could be very refreshing.

The real thing that gets my attention is the release date – it’s November.  They are just starting to hype this film now.  This is weird, to me.  November is not a very big film date.  It’s kind of a nowhere date.  When Deadpool was released in February, people all had the same thought – this is a movie that studios don’t intend to do well.  It isn’t being released in the big-budget blockbuster months, because the studio doesn’t feel that they would bring in the return and would rather market movies that do have some guarantee of a big showing.  Is that what’s happening here?  Does Marvel think that this movie is going to fail?  What’s the story behind this?  Not to mention that this ad came out on Jimmy Kimmel.  Why do I get this sneaking suspicion that Marvel and Disney are not putting a lot of faith in this film?

Still, since I know almost nothing about this film, I can go into it with a somewhat neutral perspective.  If nothing else, I’m sure that Cumberbatch is going to do the best he can with the role.  Hopefully they got a good director and it’s a good movie.  The release date may be a little concerning, but we won’t know what will happen until it comes out.  If it is a film that is about the discovery of one’s superpowers and whatnot, then this could be a superhero film going back to form.  That gives me a touch bit of hope.

Initial Verdict
6 out of 10

Peace out,