Shooting in Las Vegas, Let the Political Bickering Begin!

There was a horrific shooting in Las Vegas today, where a 64 year old man opened fire on a crowd at a concert from his 32nd story window.  At least 50 confirmed dead and over 200 wounded at the time of writing this post.  Another horrible tragedy that shouldn’t have happened, but did.  Got to see a video where a guy stayed standing while everyone was ducking for cover, shouting at the shooter to aim for him.  That takes balls of absolute steel.  No idea if that guy was one of the victims, but if so, you did a service to try and save people by having the gunman go after you.

The moment the story broke, I got to see the left and the right immediately lining up to get their political views heard.  From the social justice retards who say that this was a problem of white privilege, and male privilege, and it was a racial crime.  To the right who refuse to call this guy a terrorist even though he most likely is.  I get the feeling a crime like this was motivate by political ideology.  If he killed for political ideals, he’s a terrorist.  If he just felt like opening fire on a crowd, he’s a fucking psychopath who decided to kill and injure a ton of people because he could.

Then we got other right-wing posts deciding to go after the left for some of the violent rhetoric they said about wanting to kill Trump.  I suppose I could go after the likes of Riley E Dennis, if I wanted to get on that bandwagon, but I don’t.  Even though she has her own beliefs about attacking people.  The left wants to use this opportunity to come out and defend Islam.  Because Groj forbid anyone say that Muslim has even committed terrorism before.  Nope, not once *cough*bullshit!*cough*

Christians in America had to make their voices heard and talk about how Gawd would have fixed all this.  I’m sure all the people who are dead right now didn’t have Jeebus at all in their hearts.  Nope, not one.  In a nation that is 80% Christian, I’m sure not one of those people wasn’t a practicing Christian.  Maybe Jim Bakker can come out and say that this shooting was Gawd’s response to men doing each other in the ass.

So what about me?  What is my stance on all this?  What political viewpoint am I going to espouse right now?  Here is what I have done – donate to a GoFundMe account someone set up to help the victims.  Here’s the link, go donate.  That’s something to do. Something more valuable than any of the arguing idiots on Twitter.  What else am I going to do?  Be saddened by this.  Be saddened by the fact that this kind of wanton killing is becoming so commonplace.  Feel so ashamed of the fact that I share a species with a fucking animal who got out on balcony or an open window and opened fire with a fucking automatic weapon at a crowd of people just listening to music.

It’s beyond clear something needs to happen.  With stricter gun laws help.  Not this kind of situation.  I still believe that gun control does need to be tightened, but I am still aware enough of the way things work to realize that even if all the guns were strictly controlled, the crazed lone gunman will still be a threat.  Help America’s failing mental health system.  Maybe that would help some of the problem, but as we have seen with people like Timothy McVeigh, not all of the people who do this sort of shit are outright insane.  For as evil as what McVeigh did, he had very firm and rationalized (not rational, rationalized) reasons for what he did.  This shooter may have as well.  We may never know.

I don’t know what the right thing is to do.  I donated to a fund set up to help victims.  After all the hurricane destruction down in the Florida and Texas I donated to the Red Cross.  It’s as much as I can think to do in this situation.  Because here’s the thing which has blown my fucking mind – as soon as the story broke, the fighting started.  The political bickering began before we even knew how many are dead and injured.  Remember when national tragedies brought people together?  Remember when we would set aside personal differences to try and help those in need when the situation called for it?  Where the fuck has that mentality gone?!  Are we just so eager to hate each other than we’ll use any excuse we can?  Fuck the victims, I have to make my point known!  Yeah, fuck white people!  Fuck gun control!  Fuck calling him a terrorist!  Let’s all just bicker over whatever stupid bullshit while the blood flows in the streets.

Sister-diddler Lena Dunham said that this has to be political, and supposedly-recovering SJW Laci Green agreed.  Yeah, let’s talk about white privilege!  Why the fuck not?!  Instead of deciding to set all that bullshit aside and actually coming together as a community and as a species, we look for any reason to drive the wedges of division further in.  I am so fucking ashamed of my species when I see us all do everything we can to hate each other and not even try and care, while people literally die. The left and the right stand on mountains of bodies in order to scream at each other over who is correct.

Fuck all of us.  We clearly are beyond redemption as a species.  Can Trump and Un just start dropping the nukes so World War III can start and another species can have a fucking shot?  Please?!  But hey, let’s at least be glad of one thing – there was at least one person in all of this who didn’t take a side and choose to be picky.

The shooter.

Until next time, a quote,

“Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.” – H.L. Mencken

Peace out,



Laci Green’s Beginning to Redemption?

Some of you may already be preparing to call me a hypocrite.  After all, haven’t I made posts lambasting her and her terrible arguments?  Sure, and I still mean those.  However, Laci Green has recently come under fire from her own side for doing something that I guess the rest of them never thought of – talking to the other side.  Just like the woman who made the documentary “The Red Pill,” Laci Green has recently made a video (linked here) where she says that she has decided that she will start talking to anti-sjws and hearing what they have to say, because she wants to be a skeptic.  And part of being skeptical is listening to what other people have to say.  It’s why I follow people on the left and the right, so I can get all perspectives.  Granted, the level of hyperbole on both sides is deafening, but I do my best to at least attempt and be fair in my relegation of openness to perspectives.  It’s why I have an open comments section and refuse to censor opinions.  My comments are a pretty mixed bag of people on all sides.  Just fine with that.

Naturally, the moment that Laci made that video, the torrent of vitriol from her feminist contemporaries began.  She’s been called everything, from a fake feminists to just trying to be cool to even trying to get male attention.  It’s juvenile, it’s pathetic, and to be honest it should make her realize that her side of the fence has no compunction against turning on each other like dogs the moment someone doesn’t follow in lock-step with the feminist party line.  But she’s been subjected to that before and it didn’t turn out that way.  Years ago she was confronted by her SJW cohorts about calling someone a tranny and they went so far as to dox her, but that didn’t stop her.

So what changed?  As she says in her video, she decided to actually do this weird thing called engage with the other side of the fence to see what they were so upset about.  And as is want to happen when people open themselves up to another perspective, her preconceptions were challenged and she realized that they are people in the world who don’t think like her.  This injection of nuance didn’t sit well with the likes of Steve Shives, who proudly displayed his desire to only befriend people who could censor the people that he doesn’t like, even going so far as to say that he would never think of talking to people who don’t think like him because they are bad.  It’s amazing the lack of cognitive dissonance he has.  Steve, you really need to get away from your hatred of the other side.  More specifically TJ Kirk.  The Amazing Atheist is clearly high on Steve’s shit list.  TJ joked that it must burn Steve that his channel has over 1 million subs, while Steve is hemorrhaging support left and right.  Yeah, his dialogue with Laci shows that he is so salty about TJ’s success and is so miserable as a person.  Kind of makes me sad in a way.

But back to Laci.  A lot of people have asked me if I feel like this is the same situation as with happened with Ian Miles Cheong, who made a very vocal apology to the anti-sjw crowd and made clear that he was very committed to changing as a person.  I don’t consider them on par.  For starters, Laci has yet to apologize for some of the stupid and patronizing things she has said.  Maybe she can start by apologizing to Roaming Millennial and Phillip DeFranco for some of the shit she has done.  Or for that insane diatribe after Trump was elected that was the most base hypocrisy I have ever seen.  The reality is that if Laci is turning over a new leaf and looking to be fair to the other side, I think it’s only fair that she apologize for some of the bat-shit crazy stuff she has said and done over the last few years.  However, she may still do that.

If that were to happen, just like with Ian, I would accept her apology.  And even though I know she has no idea who I am and likely never will, I would be willing to have a discourse with her.  She still considers herself and intersectional feminist, but who knows where the future will take her.  For now I am content to watch the SJWs cannibalize one-another for all the adorable lulz that I can.  I’ve told the story of the dog team I came across more than once, and it is fitting here.  However, there is someone who I think can make my point a lot better who I will let close out this little interlude with.

Until next time, a quote,

“See, their morals, their code, it’s a bad joke.  Dropped at the first sign of trouble.  They’re only as good as the world allows them to be.  I’ll show ya.  When the chips are down, these civilized people, they’ll eat each other.” – Joker, The Dark Knight

Peace out,


SJWs Hate Art

Art serves itself.  Artistic expression is something that doesn’t need to have boundaries or limitations (outside of the law, of course.  If you have to murder someone for art, then that is naturally wrong), because it is a part of society that allows us to think and really take things in.  When people try to discredit art forms, they try to praise false aspects, or make it so that certain aspects of it that are so nebulous are wrong.  That way, when someone comes back at you with statements about how what you are saying doesn’t make sense, you don’t actually have to take accountability for what stupid shit you just said.  It’s out there in the zeitgeist, and that’s what matters.

Every religion can find reasons to hate art.  Look at ISIS.  There are some horrifying videos of them going to museums and happily destroying pieces of art.  They are destroying history, for the sake of their religious convictions.  If they had their way, that would be what happens everywhere.  All art would be destroyed, because it doesn’t conform to their extremist views on what is acceptable.  Their religion is fundamentalist Islam.  What about other religions?  Like third-wave feminism?

I watched a recent Laci Green video on her stupid MTV gig called “Braless.”  Where she talks to young, impressionable minds and fills their empty little heads (they watch MTV, after all.  No person with brain cells worth rubbing together watches MTV) with dumb ideas.  Like how she talks about how, when feminists say something is “problematic,” that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy something.  It’s frankly a little scary.  She even goes so far as to say that there are certain words that should and shouldn’t be used.  That’s right, we have a person who is willing to go so far as to say that you shouldn’t be allowed to use certain words, because they are somehow oppressive or give people bad ideas about groups of people who aren’t even allowed at the discussion table.  Like lesbian and bisexual women.  Let me explain.

Perhaps you haven’t seen all the SJW hand-wringing about the character in the new Metal Gear Solid game, The Quiet.  She is a totally badass sniper who takes no shit from people, and is not afraid of her body, but also has a very compelling backstory that you unravel in the true ending to the game.  It’s actually kind of hard to watch, once you learn how deep her rabbit hole goes.  It makes what is already a bittersweet game that much more.  Here’s something you might not have known – there was a ton of work that was put into making this character, all from very talented people.  Even the woman that they had sit in front of a room filled with cameras, to catch every aspect of her face.  It’s amazing.  Watch some of the interviews with that woman about what it was like.  It’s clear that she had a great deal of passion for the project.  Like everyone else.

But the SJW crowd won’t hear of that.  A woman who volunteered to do the modeling for this character?  A bunch of people, men and women, who worked hard to make this come to life?  A gaming community who doesn’t just see her as a sex object, but also a character who has a compelling and tragic backstory?  Lies! Lies by the patriarchy!  It’s so clear that all gamers just see her as a sex object!  And the people who made her are misogynists!  I mean, look at that bikini?  How can you not see it as misogyny?!

You know what the ironic part is?  By reducing all women down to negative tropes and talking about how they are sex objects, feminists are guilty of a sin that they accuse us of.  I didn’t see The Quiet as a sex object.  I saw her as an interesting character, who just happens to also be sexy.  She is in charge of her body, and not afraid of it (like the entirety of third-wave feminists.  No one who has to go out of their way to attack someone for how they look is comfortable with how their body).  Then there’s the stand-by, Bayonetta.  A character who was made by a woman, as a power fantasy, because the woman who made her always wanted to be a badass fighter like this character.

Back to the point of hating art, SJWs will pick apart any and every single piece of artistic expression to find out what’s wrong with it.  Laci says that it’s totally cool to like stuff, but that you should only like certain things, that don’t commit thought-crime against their pro-conformity hive.  She preaches that nuance and gray area are great for society, but then makes sure that you know that some things are wrong anyway.  Just on their own merits.  You see where the problem is here?  You see why this bugs me so much?  See, Laci, I actually do think that there is something to be said for gray area.  Let me give you an example.

I absolutely detest the book Fifty Shades of Grey.  It makes unbelievably bad stereotypes about what a Dom/sub relationship is like.  The realities in that book are nothing like what it is in real life.  There have been articles written by people vastly more educated than myself about it, so you can look those up at your leisure.  The reason that I am tolerant of it is because, to be honest, that book has gotten people to think about it.  People have decided to look into it.  That terrible book has gotten actual woman to learn about the world of BDSM, and see that it isn’t what the people in that book do.  That it is so much more than that.  Any story that gets people talking about things is good, in my book.

How about yours?  When you rail about Miley Cyrus having dreadlocks (who the fuck cares?), where is your acceptance of the “gray area?”  Laci, you even say that everything is problematic.  Where have I heard that before…?  You say that problematic things are bad.  Everything is problematic.  Everything is bad.  Everything must be censored.  That’s the worldview that you aspire to!  You admit that there is no end to this, because you want “feminist perfection.”

I believe that art serves no other function than to get people to think and feel.  You want art to be instructive.  You want it to help conform to your worldview.  And don’t you fucking say that there can be grey area.  Not while you all bitch about a female video game character who is a good character, and your entire fucking argument boils down to how she looks.  That’s it.  You ignore everything else about her besides how she looks.  Who is the sexist one, again?  The people who like her for who she is?  Or the people who don’t like her for how she looks.  Huh, interesting conundrum.

At the end of the day, the only difference I see between the feminists who rail against The Quiet and the ISIS bastards who smash statues is the imaginary deity they worship.

Until next time, a quote,

“What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist.”  -Salman Rushdie

Peace out,


Explaining Comedy to SJWs (A response to Laci Green)

George Carlin is the master of comedy.  There is no one who even comes close to his weight class.  He was a man who challenged so many viewpoints, but liberal and conservative.  He was political, he was apolitical.  He was idealistic.  He was a jaded cynic.  His comedy ran the Gamut of ideas and it is the reason why he is so fondly remembered for being an amazing comedian and a great man.  Sure, there will be the haters.  But, from where I’m sitting, comedy will never be the same again.

After Nicole Arbour decided to make a ton of waves with her multi-part videos where she denigrates fat people, there was a lot of backlash.  She made those videos to be offensive.  That much is clear.  She wanted to offend, and she got what she wanted.  All over the blogosphere and vlogger circles, people were wringing their hands about how it was so utterly unacceptable and how she should apologize.  Which made her double-down and be an even bigger douche with more videos.  This was a calculated move.  It was something that was done for a reason.  One of the people who responded to her point of view is Laci Green.  I’ll let her have the floor, then I’ll respond.

We live in an interesting time, don’t we?  For so long, we have lived in an age where everything had to be feel-good and everything had to be nice and not too harsh and society-approved.  Look on Tumblr and you have whole communities who absolutely lose their shit every time anyone does anything that can vaguely be construed as hurtful or offensive to any group of people.  These people live in hugboxes and “safe spaces.”  Part of me can’t blame those who feel this way.  It was the end result of what a good man who just wanted to help people had created – Mr. Rogers.  I don’t blame him for what happened.  He couldn’t have known where his idea of making kids feel good would end.  He just wanted to be nice.  Like that sweet grandpa we all have.  But his is responsible all the same.  He got the ball rolling.  And the end result is people like you, Laci.

You say that comedy should be to build up people.  I’m sorry, but you’re wrong.  You make this vague statement about how jokes “normalize inequality,” when the reality is that you just don’t get it.  Here’s a great quote from the master to help put your mentality in its place –

Comedy doesn’t work unless someone’s getting offended.

If I make a joke about how nasal your voice is, you might get offended because I am making this joke at your expense.  But for real, honey, you talk completely through your nose.  I’m just sayin’, think about it.  But if you were to make a joke that me being a giant must mean that I have a small dick, I would get a laugh out of that because it is making light of the fact that I’m tall, but it is doing so from a place that isn’t just trying to be a dick.  Unless you are, which would be hard to tell since we’re talking in text.  The point is, all humor has to have some group of people at its expense.  There has to be a group of people who you are giving the finger to, even if its with love, to make a joke work.

We all laugh at the minions, but aren’t we laughing at how strange people can be funny?  And it’s true.  The Drunken Peasants have a field day with a clearly-schizophrenic woman named Gail because of her insane worldviews and her absolutely-bonkers erotic fanfiction.  Oh man, go on Amazon and look some of her stuff up.  If you have a religious family member, buy it for them.  My Christmas gift idea from me to all of you.  But we are laughing at these people.  What’s more, a lot of people who are part of that are able to get in on the joke.

When Gabriel Iglesias made a joke about his racist gift basket (linked here), it wasn’t meant to make fun of black people.  It was telling a story about a hilarious practical joke he played on a friend of his, exploiting racial stereotypes and making light of how even the insensitive can be funny.  When Dave Chappelle makes fun of white people with his hilarious impressions, I don’t get offended.  Why?  Because it’s good to sometimes get a look at us pasty-ass people from someone who has to live with us.  Plus, he does it from a place where he isn’t trying to be mean.  He is trying to have fun.  He doesn’t look down on and want to mock white people.  He wants to have a laugh about how ridiculous we can be.  And he’s right.

Every single day, when I go out (if I go out), I get people who make jokes about how freakishly tall I am.  Are my feelings hurt?  No.  Because it comes from a place of admiration.  They are in awe of how overwhelming my height is, and how they feel so small in comparison.  So, they give me shit or hit the sarcasm button, and it’s good.  I am good about making quips about short people right back.  A quip back and forth and it’s all good.  There was a patient who came into my work and decided to give me shit for having to deal with her and her legal person, because she has some mental problems which leads her to having to have a representative with her at all times.  She was at first trying to offend, but when she realized that I am totally cool with that, it led to some great humor with a douche-spirited old lady who was having fun being a sorta-bitch.  And that’s fine.

The point with all of this is – humor comes from a place where some group of people are being offended.  Matt Stone and Trey Parker have made fun of religious people with complete abandon, but they also made fun of atheists as well.  Did I get offended when they decided to make light of being an atheist?  Hell no.  I thought their episodes with that have been hilarious, and I can take a joke.  I’m not some stuck-up prude like the Fundies, Mormons or Scientologists.  And I’m also not looking to be offended like you and yours.

I genuinely do not believe that there is a line.  I really don’t.  If a comedian is looking to be an asshole, then people will judge them accordingly.  What’s more, you and yours are the reason that people like Nicole Arbour exist.  We live in an age where everyone is chewed out and put through the ringer if they are offensive, of course the response from some people is just to be more offensive.  Do you really not see how culpable you are in all this?  When people like Seth McFarlane are asshole, we just accept it as him being an asshole.  That humor sometimes has a place.  Look at the entire family in Malcolm in the Middle.  That show was about a family of lunatics who inflict their complete dickmule tendencies on their entire community.  Arbour is a bitch.  She is an unpleasant person.  If she wants to defend her actions with, “it’s all just a joke,” that’s her right.  Same with Daniel Tosh if he wants to make rape jokes.

The point is, Laci – it is all just a joke.  If you don’t like it, then don’t watch it.  That is a choice that you can make.  I don’t watch Daniel Tosh or Nicole Arbour, just like I didn’t watch Carlos Mencia or Andrew Dice Clay or Jeff Dunham.  None of them have something funny to say.  They are either unfunny (in the case of Tosh, Dunham, and Clay), or just being assholes to be assholes (in the case of Arbour and Mencia).  Their comedy has a place in this world because it is a direct response to a huge online culture that is looking to be offended.  You’re partly responsible for this.  Do with that whatever you will.

Until next time, a quote,

“The first item I grab is a fried chicken about this big.  See how quick that laugh was?  The few black people in here are like ‘mutha-fucka, this better be funny!'”  -Garbriel Iglesias

Peace out,


Are All Your Arguments This Bad? (A response to Laci Green)

I’m going to be up-front with all of you.  There was a time when I watched Laci Green’s videos and enjoyed them very much.  Years back, many years back, she made videos about atheism that were pretty enjoyable to watch.  That was back before her show “Sex +.”  She seemed to be getting a lot of traction in those days.  However, she then decided to do what was, at the time, the atheist’s rite of passage – pwning Venom Fang X.  Pwning isn’t a term you hear much anymore.  Again, it is a thing for the time period.  Back in the day, any atheist YouTube personality looking to show their chops went after Venom Fang X.  God knows (pun intended), he didn’t make himself a difficult target.  Indeed, VFX gained infamy for how easy he made himself out to be.  Until Thunderf00t took him to task about when he raised money for a charity and then didn’t give the money he raised to them.  Even forced VFX to read a letter that Thunderf00t had written and leave YouTube for a year.  He eventually came back, but his clout was dead and gone.

Back to Laci, she went after him, and then the unthinkable happened – he went back at her.  He made a response to her video and pwned her.  Quite thoroughly.  It was awe-inspiring.  Needless to say, Laci was humiliated and her credibility in the YouTube atheist crowd was gone.  So, she decided to change her tune and get into feminism videos.  The rest is history.  I got bored of her content after that, because it got progressively less interesting.  But I don’t begrudge her success.  For a while, her “Sex +” videos were pretty good.  She has some chops.  Talking about stuff that was a little awkward, looking at the elements of human sexuality, worked.  But somewhere along the way, where she once decided to make videos about stuff that she clearly knew a great deal about, the feminism side took over, and…yeah.

I made a response to her video where she attacked Disney, and I pointed something rather glaring out – she has absolutely NO specific evidence of her claims that Disney has a ton of rampant sexism in their movies.  She went after the fairytale films, but went out of her way to ignore the vast catalog of animated Disney films.  It was almost upsetting how she made these huge sweeping generalizations without a single citation.  Like it was just supposed to be common knowledge that women in Disney films were all terrible stereotypes.  Even though, if you dig under the hood and have a working knowledge of Disney the way I do, it’s pretty clear that a lot of her points were flat-out wrong.  Like the statement that Disney films have a ton of guys fighting over a gal.  I can only think of one Disney film with that element – Beauty and the Beast.  Or that women are just some prize and have no personality.  Even in the old fairytale movies, that makes no sense.  Go back to Snow White and you see that she cleaned up and made food for the dwarves so that she could use that to barter with them to have a place to stay, so the evil Queen wouldn’t find her.  That was a survival tactic!

Recently, she made a video where she went after the whole deal with rape and its perception in the media.  Naturally, this rides of the coattails of the UVA story, and how Jackie’s entire narrative was proven to be nothing but lies.  I’m sure that she is one of these women who says that it isn’t wrong that Jackie lied.  But let’s actually look at her video and see what she’s talking about.

It’s not ten seconds into the video and already I am annoyed.  She says that people just assume that women are making rape stories up.  A citation would go a LONG way here.  Where is this societal denial of rape and rape victims happening?  She makes this blanket statement, without a SINGLE piece of corroborating evidence.  That is terrible arguing!  I was quite excellent back in debate when I was in college.  Laci, you know what makes a good debate – good evidence.  Or, failing that, being able to hide your bad evidence inside good argumentation.  You can’t do either of these things.

Granted, we don’t just accept that a person who claims to be the victim of a crime is right, the moment they make that claim.  It’s called skepticism.  It’s the cornerstone of our system of a person being innocent until proven guilty.  We do take rape seriously.  But the law says that we have to make a thorough investigation, so we can find out if someone is telling the truth or not.  We don’t believe of disbelieve anyone.  We work to find the truth.  Your saying that it’s wrong to not just take what potential rape victims say as gospel is a little frightening, because you are basically admitting that you don’t want to look at this objectively.  And that belief structure led to the burning of plenty of witches, back in the day.

She makes a bunch of arguments about Bill Cosby and campus sexual assault, then goes on to say that people who hear that women get raped just automatically assume that they’re lying.  You’re wrong, Laci.  You’re just wrong.  I brought this up with Jessica Valenti, and now I’m bringing it up with you – look at the media blitz surrounding the UVA story.  Is that the kind of reaction that you see coming from people who are believed to be lying about their sexual assault experiences?  See how having specific examples helps you case?  We don’t assume that Jackie’s lying.  The EVIDENCE has shown that every part of her story about being raped is a lie.  Absolutely zero corroborating evidence could be found for her story.  I don’t just assume that anyone is guilty or innocent.  I wait for the law to investigate, and judge from there.  Why don’t you?

You also make the blanket statement that people don’t trust women.  Are you kidding me?!  How can you make an assertion like that without a TON of well-researched, very credible evidence?  How can you do that?  I literally don’t get it.  That is nuts.

The one major piece of evidence you bring up is a dude who wrote something where he said that women get overemotional about stuff.  That’s it?  That’s the closest thing you have to evidence in your video?  I looked down below, but you had one link to something someone else wrote that was not especially good either.  I’ve looked through your work on MTV Braless, Laci, and every video is like this!  What is going on?!  I remember when you used to talk about stuff straight.  I remember when you used to have evidence and talk about stuff.  I remember a very enjoyable video where you went after the Catholic church and had a ton of specific examples of bad behavior, and then some examples of documents from them and a group called SNAP (Survivors Network for those Abused by Priests).  Where did that person go?!  What happened?!

I hate seeing people I respected end up like this.  It’s not right.  But more than that – I hate that MTV peddles this garbage.  They accept this narrative and bad argumentation on their network, and what’s more – it’s gotten Laci on MSNBC.  Though that last part doesn’t surprise me.  I hate it, but it doesn’t shock me one bit.  MSNBC has shown themselves for the charlatans they are (and this is coming from a liberal douchebag like me).  It’s a shame that it turned out this way, Laci.  But there is still a chance for you to turn it around.  Maybe your viewers would be lesser, but you can still do the right thing and do some proper research and argue your position without feeling the need to go straight to pathos.

The choice is yours.

Until next time, a quote,

“Nothing goes over my head.  My reflexes are too fast.  I would catch it!”  -Drax the Destroyer, Guardians of the Galaxy

Peace out,


Your View of Disney is Flawed (A response to Laci Green)

I’ve avoided making responses to Laci for some time, even when I have had issues with some of the things that she has said and done.  Why?  Because there was a time, quite some years ago now, that I enjoyed her content very much.  Her atheist channel was fun to watch and she made good points.  Then, somewhere along the way, she became one of the Twitter and Tumblr feminists.  Thankfully, she has avoided the Puritan Feminist mentality, but only a little.  I have found out that she hosts a program on MTV.  I see that Laci has gone up in the world.  Good on her.  Expecting me to lament?  As I said, there was a time when I enjoyed her content.  It’s a pity that she has fallen in with the more detrimental aspects of First World society, but what can ya do?

In any case, there was a recent appearance of Laci on MSNBC (linked here) that I wanted to address, where she talks about how Disney needs to change their representation of gender, and I think that it’s worth responding to, because it has some flaws.

In a peek of a video that they show, Laci talks about how classic Disney movies tend to have a climax in a fight between two guys, often with women as the trophy.  This strikes me as interesting, because…there aren’t that many films where that happens.  In Sleeping Beauty, the climax is the battle between the Prince and Maleficent.  In Snow White, the climax battle is between the seven dwarves and the evil queen.  In Bambi, there is a fight between two bucks for a doe, but that happens in nature.  It’s almost like that film mimics life, or something.  Aside from Beauty and the Beast and a few others, I can’t really think of a lot of Disney movies that have a battle between two men for a woman.  Granted, there are a lot of stories where the woman is the thing to be fought for, but here’s the thing about that – the stories she is criticizing are based on very old fairytales.  Why take Disney to task and not the source material?  That seems exploitative, to be honest.

Next, she brings up how women are treated in Disney films like someone to help keep the dunce-headed males taken care of when it comes to stuff around the house.  Again, where is this?  Okay, Snow White did end up taking care of the seven dwarves, but it was implied that they were getting along just fine.  They weren’t clean, but they were alright.  Gepetto didn’t need a woman to keep his house in order.  This is the second time that you make an assertion without citations to back it up.  You have a video that sounds smart, but without any specific examples, I can pick this apart without any difficulty.  I have to ask, Laci – did you watch any of these Disney films that you cavalierly criticize?

Then we get into the usual SJW buzzwords.  She makes sport of how all the guys and gals are straight, physically attractive, made to appeal to heterosexual…wait, what?  Um, Laci – they’re for kids!  These movies are for children!  Do you think that little kids care about whether or not someone is gay or not in a movie?  I grew up watching Disney films, and it didn’t affect my bisexuality in any way.  What are you going on about?  It really just bugs me that you make so many assertions about how Disney films without any specific examples.  If this was a high school paper, it would get a C-!  But then she has to give them a pat on the back, for changing in some vague way, to which she makes a Fantasia reference to how they are forming culture.  Laci, you don’t have the right to raise up that film, when you have so clearly put down all the Disney stuff that you critique.  Or you can, but I am going to call you out on it.

Then you have the MSNBC host sucking Laci’s dick (metaphorically speaking) and going on about how great it she is.  It’s more of the same.  The truth is, I wanted to talk about this because of how her video exemplifies the problem of SJW feminism and how it argues.  Laci made ZERO citations for her points.  She just made them and acts like we are supposed to take that as gospel.  Well, sorry, Laci, but that’s not how I role. If you want to argue that older Disney is uber-sexist, then you need to give me specific examples.  Then we can actually talk about this.  Instead, in a super-fast, quirky/snarky way, you attack Disney.  And given how your points don’t have specific examples, it’s almost like you haven’t watched these movies that you attack.  You just see something you can make fun of and you attack.

Where was the battle for a woman in The Fox and the Hound?  That was a battle between two former friend, where one is fighting for survival, and the other is trying to get revenge for his mentor being struck down by his oldest friend.  Where was the gender stereotyping in Alice in Wonderland? The animated one, not that shitty Tim Burton movie.  Where were girls told to be passive in Dumbo?  Or how about Ichabod and Mr. Toad?  When you actually know your source material the way I do, it drives me so nuts to see someone who I used to respect taking pot-shots at it and treating it as fact.  No!  Wrong, Laci!  And this is your in to getting on to MSNBC and talking to a national audience!  Your shitty argument gets you national attention!  I’ve already railed about how pathetically biased MSNBC is based on their coverage of Anita Sarkeesian.  Now I have another thing to write them off as a shitty news outlet.

As for you, Laci, this was just annoying.  You take a dump on a company that I once had so much love and admiration for, back in the days before they became a corporate whore who only cares about making money and ruins whatever doesn’t make them the big bucks.  May their 2D animation studio rest in piece.  It’s a lost art in this country.  Still, if you are going to criticize old Disney, try bringing some evidence to the table, eh?  Otherwise you look like one of these dogmatic feminists who takes things on, what’s the word?  Oh, right – faith.  I thought you left that mentality behind?

Until next time, a quote,

“See, that’s the thing – if you argue correctly, you’re never wrong.”  -Nick Nailor, Thank You For Smoking

Peace out,


KONY 2012, and why I don’t support it

There has been a video that has been put online, and went viral the minute it went out into the world.  This was a video showing the actions of a unbelievably terrible person by the name of Joseph Kony in Uganda.  The video about it has gotten over 40M views, and it has sparked a huge amount of outcries for justice and for us to go after this man.  While activism is great, and this guy is a complete piece of shit, there are a lot of things that this whole initiative brings up that a LOT of people are totally ignoring.

1. Since when are people activists?
I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but seriously – what the fuck?!  Where was this level of concern over issues like this that happen every day other places?  You think Uganda is the only part of the world where dictators are kidnapping and brainwashing child soldiers?  Do you really believe that genocide is limited to one place?

I’m going to sound like a broken record because I have talked about this before, to anyone who has read my work since the beginning.  This kind of sudden and faux activism happens every time some controversial movie comes out, or some singer or whatever endorses something.  Remember that form that was going around, getting millions of signatures all over America, trying to stop the law in an African country that would allow them to execute people just for being homosexual?  That was a beyond disgusting law, but people who were getting all up in arms about it didn’t stop to realize – what is a signature of a bunch of Americans going to do to change the minds of people?  Nothing, that’s what.  It wasn’t going to change anything.  And the reason why is obvious – because there is HUGE culture gap that nobody in America pays attention to.  Oh, and that brings me to my second point –

2. Say we get rid of Kony, what next?
For real, I want you to ask yourself this.  Never mind that according to people in Uganda, this video has done more harm than good, because international pressure could bring him out of the shadows and into kidnapping more children to muscle up his defenses.  But what the group who is behind this video, Invisible Children, has basically done is say that we need to have violent intervention.  Here’s a picture of their people, posing with the SPLA.

So, these guys want peace, right?

These aren’t some random people.  These are the founders of Invisible Children, posing with the SPLA, who, along with the Ugandan military, has been ravaging the people for years.

Which brings us back to the point above – say we actually get rid of this guy, who hasn’t been in Uganda for 2 years, says Michael Wilkerson, a man who has lived and reported from Ugana.  Well then, there would be an interesting situation.  He has an army of what has been estimated by Wilkerson to be in the hundreds child and not-so-much soldiers.  All of them are under his command.  If the mission is to step in to save the brainwashed children, do you think that if we kill him, they are just going to go back?  Do you think that’s how it works?  Kill the source of the brainwashing and it goes away?

Sorry, but psychology doesn’t help you there.  They are already brainwashed, and are going to go out and brainwash other children.  This is how it works.  One leader recruits, and they recruit others.  The damage is long since done.  So do we kill all of them?  Kill all these children that everybody wants us to save?  That’s what it would come down to, in the long run.

3. White People aren’t heroes
Broken record moment – it’s pure egotism on the part of Americans to think that we can change the rest of the world’s behaviors and ways of being.  The people who made this video seem to believe that if the white man goes into that country and kills this rebel leader, then everything will suddenly turn out okay.

NO!  Wrong!  One dictator will fall, and the Ugandan military, which has been ransacking the country, will step in.  This is the same level of stupidity that came from people during the invasion of Iraq.  Like Americans can just spread freedom-dust everywhere we go, and the rest of the world will get along.  That’s not how it works.  That’s never been how it works.  The social climate of a foreign country can’t just be fixed with the wave of the American wand.

4. Invisible Children CANNOT be trusted!
I remember hearing about them some time ago, when I was a lot younger, and I didn’t think much of them at the time.  They seemed to be just another group who profited from the suffering of other people to see T-Shirts, wristbands, and videos.  But the IC’s problems go a LOT farther than just exploitation.

Like for instance – how only 31% of their funds go to direct aid of the people.  They have plenty of money going to the military, which is oppressing the Ugandan people.  This group won’t let their finances be audited, so we can’t really know how much money they have that isn’t going to help these people they claim to be so in support of.

Plus, their video has been shown by people like the US Foreign Affairs, and other scholarly sources to be misleading, naive, and even dangerous.  IC has said that they have 30,000 soldiers, and if you saw my thing above, you’d realize what that would be a problem.  Hundreds or thousands, the problem is the same – it would be a force of child soldiers, who you just can’t un-brainwash.  That’s now how psychology works.

But the people have come out in HUGE numbers, supporting this faux-activism, not bothering to check the facks.  That’s a really serious mistake, for a people who actually say that they care.  But they didn’t care when it was happening yesterday, or the day before.  But they care now.  Bleeding hypocrites.

Kony is a piece of shit.  No question about it.  This guy is a monster.  But you can’t just let a film that has been shown to be emotionally manipulative, misleading, and making the people who made it a shitload of money guide your feelings.  There has to be a lot of genuine attack, from people in Uganda and abroad, showing that this video is doing more harm than good, and that nothing good can come of it.

If you want to help people, that’s great.  But do your research, and don’t let a bunch of Fox News-class sensationalists get you riled up.  Take it the smart way, and you can do real good, which is what the people in this video are NOT doing.

Until next time, a quote,

“This brings me full circle to my frustration with people becoming so “passionate” over something they know nothing about while constantly turning a blind eye to the issues informed activists try to bring to light every damn day.”  -Laci Green, Why I Don’t Support “KONY 2012”

Peace out,