#DrinkAndDriveForBieber = Are You F*cking Kidding Me?!

There are so many days when I hate how stupid this country is.  So many days.  Like today, for example.  Of all the stupid shit that trends on Twitter, none is so stupid as something that started as a joke and has become a hell of more than that, thanks to the endless stupidity that is teenage girls in the US of A.  After all, if it’s stupidity and it’s dangerous, it has to be America and it’s stupid-ass youth, right?

As I said, this originally started as a joke.  Someone decided to troll around and see what they could accomplish with a hashtag so insane that nobody would think it’s real.  Right?  Actually, wrong.  Here are a few examples of the tweets that have been floating around from dumb-shit girls and their inability to use their unused brains for more than five seconds.

#DrinkAndDriveForBieber becuz we will always luv him!!! every1 makes mistakes!!! stay strong Justin #iBelieb

Can I buy a vowel?


Uh, actually, they can!  And if you hit somebody with your vehicle, as dumb-shit Bieber could very well done, then you could be charged with manslaughter!  That’s a felony, by the way.  Tell me, ladies, you like the idea of spending time in jail?  Just sayin’.

A YouTube vlogger I enjoy came across a bunch of other tweets from Justin’s brainless fangirls.

Roses are red ❤
Violets are blue
Insult justin, and u will kill you
@justinbieber #projectmakejustinsmile #WeWillAlwaysSupportYouJustin

Like you have the balls to spill blood, you pathetic little worm.  What an empty threat.  It’s telling when you can’t even use the right vowel in your tweet to how dangerous you really are.

@BiebsGasm Have you seen this?  it’s an outrage!!! #starvingbelieber

This was in response to his tweet about how he wasn’t given food during his interrogation (oh, the poor baby, having to not be catered to by others after he commits a felony.  Poor thing).  She’s apparently starving herself in solidarity.  And we wonder where eating disorders come from.

Real fans will suffer with you ❤

Yeah, he was REALLY suffering.  It was just like Gandhi for Justin!  Can’t you feel his pain!  The poor thing!  Oh, the tragedy of Justin being denied food during his interrogation.  So awful.

I AM A TRUE FAN. #starvingbelieber

And your anorexia thanks you.

Help out Justin!!

Yes, because starving yourselves will make you closer to him.  It’s unreal.  The picture that accompanied this post had these two tweeny girls who are smiling, which is just sick, in my book, since it implies that starving yourself is a good thing.  Again, your anorexia thanks you.

Listen up beliebers. we can’t let what happened go unpunished

Wow, sounds like this bitch is going to be starting a revolution!  Because him getting drunk and drag racing, potentially killing or maiming people is just so innocent, right?  If stupidity was a sport, America would have such a leg-up.

I’m a Belieber && I don’t give a f*%k what you have to say about it!! #WeWillAlwaysSupportYouJustin

Well, at least she has pride in how dumb she is.  She’s not the only one.

@justinbieber You are a blessing to US, stay strong, brave, and positive. WeWillAlwaysSupportYouJustin This if Forever love you always.

And I’m sure that he will SO return your affection.  I swear, it’s like these bitches think he’s going to be in a prison where he will get gang-raped.  Didn’t you watch the coverage about Ethan Couch, a little rich boy who killed four people while driving drunk?  Rich people don’t go to jail, they go to “rehab.”

But the creme-de-la-creme of these posts was this –

#DrinkAndDriveForBieber ! i will be doing this in honor of my boo! he deserves everything and NOT jail he is a child of god

Un-fucking-real.  The username of this post is @briitilton, and she has got to be one of the dumbest people on the face of the planet.  This is fucking insane!  For real, this statement is absolutely insane.  She is drinking and driving for a man who is in jail, who she regards as her “boo,” and believes that risking her life for is a good idea.  It’s statements like this, and the tie-in of religion that make me think that religion is a mental disorder.  Look at the loyalty that it implies!

And almost every religion has been afflicted from that loyalty.  Christians have done all sorts of insane shit for God.  Just recently, there was a story about people in South Africa eating grass for Jesus.  That’s pretty fucking nuts.  Islam has a laundry-list of psycho shit that it has done.  Mormonism is a bigoted religion that hates women and gays.  Jehovah’s Witnesses are no better.  Scientology made my side hurt from laughing too hard.  They all are that way.  Justin Bieber, the worthless and washed-up singer is just another symbol of the insane shit that people with this kind of fervent belief was willing to do.  This is what they are like.  This is the stuff they are willing to do for their beliefs.  Mind-boggling levels of insanity and stupidity.

If it weren’t for the fact that them doing this risks other people’s lives, I wouldn’t feel the least bit bad if these girls got into accidents and brutalized themselves.  But it is risking the public’s lives, and that is just wrong.  We’ve had YOLO, we’ve had parkour showing-off, now we have this.  And the worst part is that when these girls grow the fuck up and have real relationships and real responsibilities, if they are maimed in some horrific way, I wonder what they will think of themselves and how much they loved Justin Bieber.  After all, he would totally come visit you in a wheelchair when you’re a quadriplegic, right?

But at the end of the day, all of this proves something I have believed since I first saw Twitter – if you only have 140 characters to say something, it probably wasn’t worth saying anyway.  No smart thought is that simple, aside from – leave Twitter, nobody ever looks smarter on here.

Until next time, a quote,

“So, they interrupt this Congresswoman, talking about the NSA, to talk about Justin fucking Bieber’s arraignment, and the whole time I’m thinking – he looks just like Vanilla Ice!”  -Lucien Maverick

Peace out,



Miley Doesn’t Matter (A Response to Time Magazine)

Wouldn’t you know it, I am responding to ANOTHER article from this publication.  Time was, I had a lot of respect for this magazine.  Even when I didn’t agree with it (which was often, considering that this is one of the many publications that is always towing the line for those in power, regardless of party), I always thought that they at least examined something critically.  Instead, I have found another article where the writer simply misses the point.  This article is called “Miley, Go Back to School,” written by Camille Paglia.  And…it is so uninformed that it hurts.  It completely misses the point of what is wrong with modern music and why it is so worthless and destructive.

The contention of this article is that the reason for Miley Cyrus’ antics at the VMA’s, which we’ll get into in a few, are directly affected by the growth of Madonna and her sexualized style of stage performance.  Perhaps there is a case to be made, but if you ask me, not really.  There is a simple reason why – modern music.

Let me explain – the modern music scene is garbage.  At least what is popular.  Look at all the big names that were or are making the rounds recently.  First, let’s take a look at Justin Bieber.  Justin Bieber went from a cute little boy who was viral among the circuit of people who can get an “awww…” out of the “music” he made.  Then, when he became popular enough, he was scooped up by the money-grubbing music industry.  Let’s face it – he was whored out.  He was whored out by people who wanted to make an image for him and make loads of money.  The image being – a nice asexual male who has all the traits of a teenage girl, while being a guy.  The kind of guy that young teen and tween girls could faun over, because in reality, he wasn’t someone they were attracted to in the romantic sense.  He was safe, simple and not complicated.  That’s the image that was made for him.  They loved him in the same way that they loved their BFF’s.  That was the original image for him.  But as is want to happen – he got older.  So, a new image was needed.  Being very efficient money-grubbers, they came up with a new image.

They tried to make him more like another teen icon at the time – Edward Cullen.  Dark, metrosexual and easy to package as a sex icon, for teenage girls.  It was another stage in the modern male evolution in pop culture – the young man without balls.  But that image only held out until he came of age.  Once the money-grubbing corporations who made his image couldn’t make a new one for him, what happened?  Well, I think we have seen it, haven’t we?  He has been picking fights with paparazzi, spitting at fans, pissing in mop buckets and the most recent episode of him serenading his grandma naked.  Does this fall sound familiar?

I vaguely remember a teenage icon in the acting world as well who followed a similar path.  Her name was Lindsey Lohan.  Remember her?  Yeah, she was this cute little tweenage girl who they had in all their family-friendly films, and for a while, she wasn’t half-bad.  I remember her doing well in films like the Disney remake of The Parent Trap.  Naturally, most of her movies were sappy crap, but for the market they were made for – teen and tween girls, it wasn’t that bad.  But, as is want to happen – she got older.  So, the money-grubbers at Disney decided to try and repackage her as a hot and feisty young modern teenager, breaking the rules (as far as Disney was willing to break them.  Family-friendly money-grubbers, remember) and doing her own thing.  Honey Boo Boo all grown up! (Another modern star that I detest in the utmost for how the media is whoring her out) But after a while, she was all grown up, and Disney cut her loose.  Same as Bieber’s handlers.  And what happened after that?  Well, we all know that story by heart, even those like me, who hate celebrity news.  She crashed so hard that it makes Britney Spears story seem legendary.

Then there was this other teenage icon that Disney scooped up.  What was her name?  Oh, right – Miley Cyrus.  She was packaged as the character Hannah Montana.  They gave her an image, a costume and a personality.  She didn’t have to do a single bit of thinking for herself!  And what was that image?  It was a girl who hates school, academia, education and just about anything else that doesn’t involved makeup and cute boys.  An air-head in the extreme.  That is who they made her into.  Her “friends” on the show weren’t any better.  Her “brother” in the show wasn’t, either, being packaged as the brain-dead redneck who everybody understood they were to mock and look down on.  Disney took over Cyrus’ childhood and made this her entire life.  But, as is want to happen – she grew up.  Once she was too old for the image, as they did with Lohan, LeBitch (Lebouf) and EVERY single other star that Disney has made, they cut her loose.  And what happened?  Why, the performance at the VMA’s, of course!

The Video Music Awards.  Given that MTV hasn’t been about music in how many years, that almost seems like a punch line to a bad joke.  These awards are so meaningless.  It’s not like winning a Grammy, which one can take pride in.  No, this is winning a meaningless award on a meaningless channel that nobody with twenty brain cells to rub together gives a shit about.  These shows have only ever been about the outrageous performances that have been done, like when everyone went totally nuts over Kanye West upstaging Taylor Swift.  Oh, there’s another star who is packaged as one thing, when she is clearly something else.  I mean, seriously, there is a reason that Swift has a running joke that whenever she breaks up a with a guy, a new album is made.  It’s because SHE is what is wrong with her relationships.  Dating her must be an exercise in patience and self-control.  I hear her god-awful music and I want to strangle somebody.

The fact is that Miley Cyrus and her performance isn’t the problem.  She is a symptom.  And it isn’t a symptom of ANYTHING having to do with Madonna.  It is a symptom of a problem in our culture.  One that I get why Time magazine won’t comment on, since one of the money-grubbing corporations that built up people like Bieber and Cyrus probably owns them.  The problem is – the wussification of music.

Let me explain – do you remember Nirvana?  Kurt Cobain used to be a huge teen heartthrob.  He made music telling kids that love is hard, life is hard and it will involve a lot of pain.  Or how about Marilyn Manson?  He wrote music where he screamed that God isn’t real and that kids should give the finger to their parents.  Is it any wonder that they tried to pin Columbine on him? (Even though it was found out later that the two boys who committed the crime didn’t even like his music) There was a time when music was about challenging the status quo and there was controversy.

But now, we have people like Bieber and Cyrus.  Well, they are kind of has-been now, aren’t they?  But new people are coming in to replace them.  Already, a boy-band that is strangely reminiscent of The Backstreet Boys (hopefully I have some 90’s youth who remember that god-awful band) called One Direction is making waves.  Sterile, packaged and something that parents can all love.  Not one of them is even a little bit challenging to what parents like, are they?  Weak, simple and in no way offensive to anyone.  Just like the rest of PC culture.

And THAT, Ms. Paglia, is the reason why what happened at the VMAs, as pointless as it was, is something to think about.  Miley Cyrus has been shackled to what the corporate money-grubbers made her into for so long that she is desperate to get out of it.  Just as we are seeing with Justin Bieber.  Just as we saw with Lindsey Lohan.  Just as we saw with Britney Spears, now that I think about it.  This is what our culture does.  It’s corrosive, it’s insulting to youth’s intelligence and it is doing more damage to the next generation of young girls than any adult drama, video game or film with boobs will ever do.

But if you want to blame Madonna, by all means.  Totally miss the point.  As I said, Time magazine is probably owned by one of the corporations that do this kind of thing.

Until next time, a quote,

“I’m not even mad at the fucking idiot girls who build him up.  I’m mad at the system that thinks that it’s acceptable to exploit this and make money of it.  And to propagate this worldview.  Because it’s fucking stupid!  It’s dangerously stupid!  It’s culturally corrosive and it fucking pisses me off!  Fuck this horseshit!”  -TJ Kirk, Thrusting Into Teenage Girls’ Minds 

Peace out,


The Legacy of Justin Bieber and the Pussification of Humanity

I have recently been made aware of a group of people.  This is a growing trend among young people, and seeing it disturbs the shit out of me.  Because what we are witnessing with this group of people is something that we can attribute to two things – 1. Justin Bieber and 2. The growing trend among people to be complete pushovers who won’t take any criticism.  The group of people that I am referring to calls themselves, “Video-Makers.”

This is a unique group.  See, what this group does is they take pop music that already sucks, speeds up the audio so they sound really high-pitched and girly, use god-awful lighting effects so they look like they are doing an actual music video and do jump-cuts every syllable of the songs that they are “singing.”  Though if you ask me, their singing is on par with the girls who did the song “Hot Problems.”  These people represent the ultimate legacy of Justin Bieber.

Now, I will admit that I have never been all that big on following pop culture.  It is something that I have tried my damndest to avoid.  But wouldn’t you know it, it finds me.  But from what I have heard around the internet water coolers is that Justin Bieber is the culmination of this movement of pseudo-males who get popular by basically becoming ball-less and acting as castrated as possible.  Now, this may not even have its origins in America.  From what I hear, the idealized vision of feminized men being the symbol of attractiveness has some deep roots in Japan, where it has been that way for some time.  And now America is getting on the bandwagon.  I mean, the popularity of Justin Bieber is much the same.

Look at how "manly" he is.  Don't you just see how legal he is?  Ugh...

Look at how “manly” he is. Don’t you just see how legal he is? Ugh…

Justin Bieber has been, for almost all of his “music” career – a feminized version of a male.  I have a feeling that the Tumblr feminists must love this guy.  Or at least they should.  With how quick they are to jump on the – no-balls and men are evil bandwagon, they should view this movement of popularizing feminized men as just the best thing ever.  And thanks to the Disney Channel, they have seem to be winning that battle with the latest generation of men.

And all of these “Video-Makers,” or at least the ones who are guys, seem to have a lot in common with Justin Bieber.  They share the same god-awful haircut that he used to sport, until he recently became a more “adult” persona, which entailed that he actually look a little more grown up.  Not much, mind you, but a little.  He still shares the look of a guy who is 14.  But before, he looked like he was 10.  Also, the guys in these videos where really cheap hoodies (and all the girls wear them too), skinny jeans and sneakers.  They are trying with all their might to emulate Justin Bieber.  And given the fact that they get millions of views, they seem to be succeeding.

But all of them make covers of modern crappy songs, while trying their damndest to look as childish and silly as possible, and not in the “that’s actually kind of funny” way.  No, they’re shooting for the, “awww, that’s so adorable.  I love you!” kind of way.  The videos they make that aren’t music videos are all the most insipid pieces of I-have-no-balls pandering to make people like them, because that’s what’s popular.  And if I believed that they had more than 10 brain cells to rub together, I might actually believe that they were just following a trend.  But now, these guys and girls are doing what they think is genuinely good.  They think that they are just the bosses.  And anyone who says otherwise, they sic their minion followers on to and start false-flagging campaigns.  Because these people can’t take the slightest amount of criticism.

But the reason that these people annoy me so much is that this is the next generation.  This is what teen girls look up to.  This puss-ified image of what a guy is supposed to be is what teen girls think is attractive.  That is totally disgusting.  This is not something that we should be looking up to.  Because the reality is that these girls who make out with cardboard cut-outs of Justin Bieber are someday going to enter into real relationships.  They will have real responsibilities.  They will someday have to look after their own life.  And if we continue to indulge them this vanilla world-view, then continue to indulge that delusion by making the rest of the world conform to it (so they don’t have to tax their tiny brains too much), then we are making this species dumber!  For real, we are making ourselves stupider in the process!

These people bitch and complain, not about some of the totally mean-spirited comments they get (of which there are a lot), but because people don’t like their videos.  What, you mean that people don’t like your pathetic attempts to become Justin Bieber by osmosis?  I mean, you are trying to emulate him hard enough.  These people don’t want to face the real world.  And you know, part of me wants to like that.  Embracing adulthood sucks.  Adulthood sucks.  Life sucks.  But the problem is that people like this are making our culture conform to them.  We make the world easier for them.  It’s one of the many reasons that America’s education system is in the shitter.  We don’t want to make our kids think to hard, and guess what – they aren’t thinking too hard.  They are thinking less and less.

Perhaps the reason that this modern movement of the youth trying to be as innocent and naive as possible pisses me off the most is because of the fact that the flip-side of that is that we have a movement of kids who think that thinking and intelligence is a bad thing.  All over Disney Channel, you have kids who view school as the enemy, partying and having fun as the friend, and any form of intellectual pursuit as wrong.  Because of this, we are getting kids who are otherwise talented squandering that talent on the pop-y drivel.

Humanity is becoming pussified, one generation at a time.  This needs to stop.  But how can it be stopped?  Do any of you have any answers?  If you do, please, let me know.

Until next time, a quote,

“I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.”  -Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, Futurama

Peace out,


The Shooting in Connecticut Interrupted Justin Bieber and Ellen?! NO?! Wait, what?!

There are times when I come across something so ugly that I just have to talk about it.  I have to shine a light on that ugly part of humanity, so that all of us can see it and really reflect on it.  I already wrote about my thoughts on this shooting, and how pathetic it is that before we even know who the shooter is, we have to start talking politics, and how pathetic that is.  I think that we should be rational enough to wait until things cool down, and have a rational discussion.  I realize that I am completely an idiot for thinking that, but I wish that was the case.  So yeah, I have already talked about that, but something else came up that I want to talk about – how evil some people are.

See, I came across some screen caps that people did of some Twitter posts after the shooting, and some of these are so horrible that we have to talk about them.  Now, my policy in this is usually to not include names or usernames, because everyone deserves a second chance, but not this time.  This time, we are going to have names and user names, because this is so awful that there needs to be some social damnation.  This is the most horrible things ever.  Here are some of the Tweets –

Tracy Zelnick @tracefaccee

Im trying to watch @justinbieber on ellen but noo somebody had to shoot people today and be on breaking news and cancel her show. #notfa …

Well, that is our newest generation.  People who are saying that it’s not fair (which is what the rest of that hashtag was) that a TV got cancelled because they felt it was important to cover a national tragedy.  Yes, because if they didn’t, we could be watching the insipid drivel of Justin fucking Bieber, a person that nobody on Earth should care about, because he is such a pathetic piece of feminized pseudo-male shit, but hey, that is what we got.  Well, Tracy, I’m sorry that Ellen got cancelled for that.  I’m sure it would be have been really fucking stupid, I mean awesome.

Chloe G @clobowbieber

Ugh! The stupid shooting is all over the news and cutting into my Ellen and Justin Bieber!!! So mad!! @justinbieber @TheEllenShow

Poor Chloe.  She has to crawl our of her web of self-imposed ignorance and actually give a shit about something.  I feel for ya, honey, I really do.  I’m sorry that this mean old shooter is inconveniencing your life.  After all, seeing Justin Bieber is so important.  Because he does all sorts of…stuff, and it’s…important…no, it actually is just fucking stupid, and you are an evil person.  Fuck you.

ForeverBelieber @boomba143

If this news report cuts into ellen i am done

Wow, this is intense!  This person is making it sound like they are just going to end it all if this news story cuts into their Ellen time.  You serious?  Well, good!  Make that choice and rid this world of one more completely evil and complete disgusting human being who is not only making this country look bad, but the entire human race.

Kidrauyl @amberluvjbieber

This fucking shooting better not run into the Ellen show

Well, whoever you are, I’m sorry, but I did.  It’s such a bummer that this maniac killer couldn’t have been more courteous.  I am so glad that we have people like you to point out what the real tragedies are.  I mean, it’s not like saying stuff like this makes you look like a complete sociopath who would disembowel a litter of puppies to kiss this guy’s hand like most of his insane fan-base.  Such wonderful people.  Next!

Jason Coverstone @Jason_Krodha

Dammit, I just want to watch Ellen, not this shooting coverage!

Living proof that if Bieber loses his fan-base with the teen girl market, he will still have a market in the gay men department.  Before you all go off on me, I’m not bashing gay men.  I think it’s good that Bieber has a future place, because you can guarantee that eventually, his base of idiotic women will move on.  It’s only a matter of time.  So I am happy for Justin.  This is a very good thing.  Oh, and Jason, you are a horrible person.  Just putting that out there.

Amber Beatty @amberbeattty

Ok this story is sad and all but please put Ellen on @JustinBieber

That’s the last one that I’m going to be showing.  I hope you all have learned a valuable lesson.  Today’s youth, when something horrible happens, is more upset about losing some screen time with their pathetic, insipid idol than they are about the shooting.  They are more upset that Bieber the Pathetic isn’t going to get to sing his crap on Ellen’s show.  And as for you, Ellen DeGeneres, why do you have this idiot on your show?  His music sucks, his fame is pathetic, and even though I don’t care about you very much, I like to think that you have more class than that.  Doubtful, but I hope so.

This is what the future of this country is.  These people ARE America’s future.  Doesn’t that just fill you up with all kinds of hope and aspirations?  Hopefully not, because that is actually kind of terrifying.  These are the people who are going to be the leaders someday…well, probably not.  They will be the ignorant voting base that Fox News will be pandering to, because as we all know, Justin Bieber was made for that audience.  He was parent-approved, and totally stamped A-okay by society.  Tomorrow’s Republicans.


Until next time, a quote,

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”  -TJ Kirk

Peace out,


Justin Bieber is STILL Popular, and Teen Girls are STILL Stupid

I did a post a couple years back called “Modern Teenage Girls = Dumb.” In this post, I talked about how, if you look at teenage pop culture, and how ridiculously stupid it is.  The role models for teenagers now are the tepid, pathetic, asexual imps.  Unless, of course, they are girls, but even then, the girls in these pieces of pop culture who are interested in love don’t have a CLUE what real love is.  To them, love is the Full House, pathetic and super-awesome all the time attraction.  Love is simple, easy, and has no problems.  As is the case with the music of Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber represents everything that is wrong with our culture.  This pathetic, asexual little girl (he isn’t not a man.  He has no balls) need to be forgotten by our culture.  But he isn’t being forgotten.  No, instead, while his popularity is nowhere near what it used to be, he is still a large figure in the public consciousness, and teen pop culture.

My favorite YouTube vlogger just did a video about this, and he pointed out something that I hadn’t thought of, but is very true, if you think about it.  Teen pop culture takes in what is dark, Gothic and cool, and turns it into something pathetic, whiny, bitchy, and ball-less.  Anyone remember when Vampires were something to be afraid of?  They made these great movies about how dark and sinister this creature was.  It haunts the night, stalking humans like a farmer, checking its chickens to see which would be the best food for the night.  They were something that was from your deepest nightmares, because it was neither animal nor man.  Neither zombie nor human.  It existed between worlds, forever in darkness.  That’s pretty fucking bad-ass.  Then, a Mormon author named Stephanie Meyer came along and said, “I bet I can make my own version of that, and it will be better!”  Actually, fuck that.  She saw a way to market, and she took it.  She saw a way to market her Mormon antiquated values, and she jumped on the bandwagon.  That’s the real truth.  And her publisher did SO many favors for her in marketing that crap.  But now, the teen pop culture has taken in vampires, where once they were something to be afraid of, now they are sparkly, and gay, and stupid.  They are a giant waste of time.

Anyone remember the werewolf?  They were another creature of the darkness, that existed in a place that was somewhere we didn’t want to be.  They also stalked the night, hunting us down like cattle.  We could mount no defense against them.  We were helpless before them.  The aforementioned author got a hold of them, and now, something else that represented fear and terror is about teenage unreal and unrealistic love.

In the 90’s, there was this strange new trend of taking Shakespearean and other great pieces of classic film and turning them into teen popcorn flicks.  Anyone remember the film “Cruel Intentions?”  Yeah, that little cinematic travesty (that guys only watch for the chicks making out) was part of this.  Or there were all the teenage versions of Shakespeare’s plays, like Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet, or O (an adaptation of Othello.  Why the fuck did they not include the whole title?!), or The 10 Things I Hate About You.  All of these were pieces of shit.  But teen culture ate it up.  Just like now, where Justin Bieber has replaced Kurt Cobain as the teen heart-throb.  This is what modern pop culture does.  It digest what’s cool, and it regurgitates what sucks.

It annoys me to no end how the modern view of being a teenager is that one is supposed to be stupid, and ignorant, and embrace partying and making an ass out of yourself, instead of intelligence and cognitive thought, and trying to make yourself a better person.  I was the leader of the outcasts in high school, and my outcast brethren were people who liked to read, and be smart, and do cool stuff.  They didn’t want to party and get involved in high school drama like the rest of them.  They didn’t want to embrace the socially corrosive culture.  And while there were a lot of us, the fact is that we were not the in-group.  We were the outcasts, in a culture that was just as dumb.  But it’s getting dumber.

And when people say that my problem is that I’m jealous of Justin Bieber, like TJ, I say, “fuck yeah, I am!”  I wish that I could be as good as that idiot at getting people to give me their money.  I wish I had a couple of mansions that my throngs of dumbass fans (in this instance, I have his.  I’m not insulting you, my regular readers. 🙂 ) got me because they convinced their parents to buy my crap.  That’s all Justin Bieber has done!  He’s convinced the dumb to buy his garbage.  Teen girls are becoming the living dead.  If they were told that they had to rip apart a bunch of puppies in order to kiss Justin Bieber’s hand, I guarantee you that they would dig in without a moment’s hesitation.  That’s who this idiot’s fans are.  And I wish I had that kind of support.  I don’t.  I am a relative nobody, on a blog on WordPress, talking to my audience about what I think matters.  Everyone who hates this kid is jealous of his ability to have absolutely no talent, but make metric tons of cash.  To have President Obama want to hang with him, and get a medal from the Canadian Prime Minister.  Fuck yeah, I’m jealous of an idiot who has no talent, creativity, or even musical savvy, living a life of absolute luxury!  Who wouldn’t be?!

And this is what gets on my nerves – these are the people we surround ourselves with.  Parents don’t like this kid.  Nobody likes him.  Then why do we still buy his shit?!  Well, that’s obvious – because these girls want to believe that at any moment, they could turn a corner, and this pathetic little worm is going to be there, ready to tell them that he loves them.  I got news for you, girls – he doesn’t give a shit about you!  This trained monkey is doing what his handlers want so that he can make money!  All he cares about is the money!  He will never, ever care about you, what you think, how you feel, or anything connected to that!  And the fact that our culture isn’t crucifying this socially corrosive bullshit pisses me off!

Fuck this crap!

Until next time, a quote,

“Say it with me – Justin Bieber doesn’t give a shit about me.  He only cares about my parents’ money.”  -TJ Kincaid, 5 Reasons Justin Bieber Still Sucks 

Peace out,


Is Justin Bieber the Best America can do?

Let me say up-front that I hate Justin Bieber and all of his music.  Calling what he does music is like calling stem cells a person.  It just isn’t true.  But I saw a new video by a YouTube vlogger called ContraPoints, who I admittedly haven’t watched much of lately, which brought a very interesting series of thoughts to me.

It’s not a mystery that creative people are not endorsed by this culture.  Every time I have a friend who is getting a degree in the arts, and I tell somebody else about this, I cannot tell you how many people have just rolled their eyes and said, “ugh, arts.  Why don’t they get a business degree, something useful!”  That’s what it boils down to here in America – useful.  What is useful, what is useless.  Like something being useful makes it automatically better.  When did that become the case?  When did America become so artistically dead that we have decided to simply call out those who want to become artisans as “hippies” or “weirdos.”  Yes, because having a business degree and becoming a wage-slave is so much better.

Perhaps the best representation of the absolutely artistic death of America is in our music.  Turn on the radio, who’s big right now?  There is Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, and among others, Justin Bieber.  Not one of them is very talented, and not one of them is very good.  Of course, believing in a free market (to an extent), I believe if you want to listen to it, that’s fine.  It’s your choice to make.  However, when I ask people who listen to that what else they have on their iPod, you know what I never hear?  Beethoven, Chopin, Coltrane, Botti, Davis.  These are names that almost never come up when I ask these people what they listen to in addition to that.  During the Grammy’s, there was an award of achievement given to Paul McCartney, and there was a large Tweet string asking – who is Paul McCartney?  The musical landscape of America is becoming so dead that we have young people totally unaware not only of the musicians of classical works, but of musicians just of the last generation.

Now, as CP pointed out, there are plenty of great artists here in America.  One of my best friends is an up and coming artist, and I wish we had a better culture in this country because I could then see a bright future for her.  As it stands, it breaks a little of my heart to think that she will be one of the many great artists in this country who will be completely ignored and forgotten by the culturally dense public.  One of the people who will be put into the only place that art can find wide-spread acceptance – commodification.  But art really can’t, and shouldn’t, be commodified.  We try and change it to become able to be market, to fit into a slot.  The only problem with that is that art naturally rebels against this.  It stands on its own, not to be put into the little spaces that we want it to fit.

Naturally, anybody who talks like I am now, about this issue, is called a “snob” or an “elitist,” as CP pointed out.  But I put to you – what does it say about America when artists are not endorsed by the public and culture at large?  Some people will say, “screw the public, man, they’re idiots.”  Well, that is contradictory, because the purpose of art is to be viewed and be enjoyed.  If you don’t care about what you are making and who you are making it for, why make it?

The sad irony of today is that the people who will complain about Justin Bieber fail to understand that America doesn’t have anything better.  We have extoled and elevated this little musical failure because that is what our culture wants now.  For the same reason that Stephanie Meyer is being looked at as if she is some kind of great writer, even though her books, all of her books, are nothing but garbage, openly showing of how the Mormon faith has guided their creation.

Hell, people like Lady Gaga are the most controversial people that we have because she wore a meat-dress, and spoke out for LGBT rights.  Marilyn Manson was screaming that there is no God and was telling kids that it was okay to be different and fuck anybody who thought otherwise.  Which of the two do you think made more of an impact?  Which of the two do you think was more useful?  Manson, obviously.  Lady Gaga just made a lot of noise, and then got swept under the rug of the cultural lack of concern, while Manson made a difference that has lasted, even to this day.

The fact is that the rest of the world is very fascinated by what they see coming from America these days.  Well, these days it is just debt and domestic problems.  It wasn’t that long ago that we had some of the greatest thinker and artists who represented here in America.  Now we have infantile and pre-packaged and marketable artists who we can slap a label on and make easy for the obviously morose public to digest.  America is getting left behind in almost every way by the rest of the world, and where once that idea would have enraged people, today they seem rather content to simply accept that this is happening, and to just go with it.

With that in mind, back to my original question – is Justin Bieber the best that America can do?  The answer is – yes.  It isn’t fun to think about, but yes, because the culture simply won’t accept something better, and anybody who tries to break out of the mold is called a “snob” or a “hippie.”  Educated people are only listening to Lady Gaga and Ke$ha, and the rest are content to not demand anything more.  Most people can’t even name a Chopin tune, or something by John Coltrane.  So long as that is the case, then shut the fuck up and stop bitching about how bad Justin Bieber is.  He’s the best you’ve got.

Until next time, a quote,

“A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.”  -Oscare Wilde

Peace out,


Christian Lunacy: #PrayForJustinsGrandparents

In the world of Christian oddness, this particular instance really takes the cake.  I have seen some weird stories, but this combines two things that I really, really hate.  It combines Christianity and pop culture.

The story goes that Justin Bieber’s grandparents were in a car wreck.  Yeah, that sucks.  They were in a car wreck, and his grandfather broke four ribs.  The grandmother, just fine.  Well, this is a tragedy, and lucky for us, teens and tweens all over America have come out in support of these two with their struggle.  (all examples are from Tweets on Twitter)

Take a moment and #payforjustinsgrandparents and they’ll be alright. God’s power is above great, ya know?

Head’s-up, kiddo, but they are already alright.  They weren’t seriously injured.  Both of them are fine.  This is just the first of many great examples of what the stupidity of the fanbase for Justin Bieber is willing to do.  It is funny, and sad at the same time.  But really, it says a lot about Christians, when you think about it.  How many of these people would have cared about these two people if it weren’t for them being related to Justin Bieber?  They will pray for them, but not for anybody who actually could us it.  On to the next bit of religious farce.

I seriously love Justin’s grandparents as if they were my own. Please #prayforjustinsgrandparents

How special does this person’s grandparents feel?  What kind of psychological disorder must this kid have to love the grandparents of somebody that he doesn’t know, or probably will ever know, like they are his own?  I have always found this need to connect to pop culture icons so mystifying, mostly because I often find them to be so pathetic, and really, they are pathetic.  But these people don’t care.  They will sell their souls so that they can be near to this icon that they all adore so much.  Weird…

Beliebers may fight, but we always pull together in a time of emergency. #prayforjustinsgrandparents

You know, I think I’ve figured something out.  The reason that kids in Ethiopia and Cambodia don’t have food is because there aren’t enough of them to pray.  Seriously, think about it – this kid’s grandparents get hurt, and thousands of young (and old creeper) idiots come out of the woodwork to pray.  Same with any athlete or something.  How many Christians pray for a field goal at the Super Bowl?  How many Christians pray for some celebrity to get married?  How many of them pray for the stupidest shit involving pop culture, while completely ignoring all the really interesting stuff that could be prayed for.  And let’s never mind that this kid is an idiot because they are calling this an emergency, even though it is just stupid bullshit.  It’s sad, really.

 haters, we don’t need nor did we ask for your negativity. @justinbieber & @studiomamma stay strong& godbless, #prayforjustinsgrandparents

We don’t hate Justin, kid.  We really don’t.  We don’t hate this little talentless moron.  His fame is going to be gone in a year or so, so all we have to do is sit back and watch it unravel.  What we are doing is attacking the stupidity of thise whole endeavor, and how dumb it all is.  We are attacking how ridiculous this all is, because this is a group of people, a huge group of people, praying for two people who weren’t even seriously injured in a car wreck.  Yeah, us haters are just the worst.  What a moron.

#PrayForJustinsGrandparents I don’t know what’s going on but I’m still gunna pray

I don’t really have to explain that one.  It really is Christianity in a nutshell.  They don’t know why they do them, but they follow rules and obey commands anyway, just because they feel that they should.  For all this idiot knows, he might be praying that Justin’s grandparents eat small children.  This may just be one of the most honest statements about Christianity ever made.

 @justinbieber PLEAS NOTICE ME Justin!! ❤ I love you so so much. #PrayForJustinsGrandparents #Beliebers are here for you!

This is such a great quote.  To hell with trying to do something nice for somebody else, no, this Tweet is completely self-serving.  It doesn’t imply that this person cares, just that they are trying to get Justin the idiot Bieber to notice them.  I love this Tweet.  This kid suffers a tiny family crisis, and this girl will use it to try and get this little creep to notice her.  It is beyond pathetic.  This is whoring yourself out, which is just sad.

You know what’s interesting about that post – there was another Tweet (that we don’t have here) where a girl said that she cried so hard about this news that she puked all over the place.  Yes, she puked because she was sobbing about Justin Bieber’s grandparents having an accident.  Not even a tremendously bad accident.  This is just plain said.  Our obsession with celebrity culture in this country is just absurd, and this is part of the reason why.

You know what really is depressing about all of this – why would a Christian really care about this?  Seriously, thousands of teenage idiots came out of the woodwork and prayed for these people, who weren’t really even all that hurt.  If I was a Christian, and if I believed that clasping my hands and praying for people actually served a purpose, do you know how much I could care about the fact that Justin Bieber’s grandparents got hurt?  None!  I wouldn’t give a shit!  These people mean nothing to me!

And they shouldn’t mean anything to you, kids who Tweeted in support of this stupidity.  This was not some tragedy, this was two people who were in a car wreck.  One was pretty banged up, but it wasn’t too terribly serious.  This is just stupid, really, really stupid.  And you should feel stupid if you were one of the people whose Tweets I used above.  For real, feel the same.  You are pathetic.

Until next time, a quote,

“I know I’ve driven this into the ground, but I just have to outline, one more time, the ludicrous-ness of this situation.  Thousands of people, across the world, are clasping their hands together, to make a wish toward an invisible man.  Who lives in the sky, and has magical powers and created the universe.  And they’re wishing for him to interceed on the behalf of two people who were not even severely injured, in any way, shape or form, by a car accident.  And the only reason we’re supposed to care about these two people anymore than any other people, is because their daughter gave birth to a Canadian pop-singing sensation.  Beloved by teenage girls the world over, and hated by pretty much everyone else.  That is the situation that we find ourselves in right now.”  -TJ Kincaid, JUSTIN BIEBER’S PRAYER WARRIORS 

Peace out,