The Fall of Feminist Frequency, the Rise of Pop Culture Detective Agency

A long time ago, I did a post talking about how Johnny McIntosh was basically gonna run what little fame he has into the ground.  After Anita Sarkeesian kicked him to the curb and took her “non-profit” to a whole new level, she ditched him like a bad habit.  He then started a new YouTube channel with a Patreon, and I figured his story would end there.  Her story, meanwhile, was leaving gaming behind and doing some history analysis highlighting women who were trailblazers throughout the ages.  For both people, I honestly assumed that that would be that.  How utterly wrong I was.

The most interesting part of this is how Johnny’s rise as a YouTube analysis personality has been completely unnoticed by what remains of the anti-SJW community at large.  A community I myself have little to no part of, these days.  That brand run itself into the ground, now just being “hot takes” by people who I ideologically couldn’t disagree with more.  We were brought together in 2014.  Now, we couldn’t be further apart.  The same battle lines that were lost back then to take on a greater enemy are now right back where they started.  Man, that was a digression.

McIntosh was a joke to people, and everyone left him alone.  To be fair, Feminist Frequency was left pretty alone too.  The meme had been run dry, you could make fun of the occasional Twitter outrage that Anita would try and generate, then go on with your life.  However, both people saw their popularity go in diametrically opposite directions very quickly.  It’s not hard to see why.

The story’s been out there for a bit that Feminist Frequency is financially suffering.  Their reporting numbers for the last couple years raise far more questions than answers.  They are losing money, precipitously.  All while making nothing but audio-only podcasts whose views are a joke in comparison to the amount of subscribers on their YouTube channel, a couple videos with mediocre production values, and doing live-streams where nobody is watching.  Where did the money go?  The biggest theory is that it went to all of their trips to other first-world nations to preach their gospel to whoever would pay them to listen.  It’s a guarantee that they were staying in nice hotels and getting lots of perks.  All while it ate into their budget.  They started laying off staff, and now have no paid positions of any kind.  The company is essentially dead.

At the same time, with the rise in popularity of analysis videos, maybe Johnny McIntosh knew how to capitalize on a market right at the perfect time.  His format from the days when he was writing Feminist Frequency’s videos hasn’t changed.  Not at all.  He just was a little bit smarter about it, and instead of marketing how much hate he got, he just kept making content.  Safe, YouTube-friendly content.  Then people would watch and his views and likes to dislikes aren’t bad.  I don’t like his content, but credit where it’s due.  He’s probably raking in a lot of money.

All of this tells me that it really was Johnny McIntosh who kept Feminist Frequency popular.  The moment she got rid of him, the channel lost something.  I mean, she is a con artist, and maybe her con just got so old that it was completely unsustainable.  So now we know that while she was trying to bilk for money, McIntosh is a believer.

For those who have seen the history of large feminist movements online, this shouldn’t come as a shock.  WAY back in the day, there was Atheism+ that reared its ugly head.  It split what was the atheist community back then in two.  However, after the dust from the infighting subsided, something happened.  The movement became less and less productive.  To the point that it devolved into just an Internet forum where everyone who wasn’t a mod was banned.  The once touted FreeThoughtBlogs is now just PZ Meyers ranting about whatever he doesn’t like.  The big feminists names back then are all cashed out at the talent bank.

What does all this mean?  What is the thing to take away from all this?  In my mind, it’s pretty simple.  These movements are typically started and kept going by people who are piggy-backing on an ideology, marketing themselves as victims, and then building nothing up with the fame that they get from the media coddling them.  It’s why Brianna Wu is trying and failing to get into politics.  It’s why Zoe Quinn is desperately trying to maintain any relevance.  Rebecca Watson has disappeared. Big Red doesn’t exist except as a meme that is long dead.  And Anita Sarkeesian is trying desperately to get CD Projekt Red to take her on as a “consultant” along with get EA to donate money to her cause, all while still playing the damsel.  I could have swore she said that being a damsel is a bad thing in a whole series of videos, once upon a time.  All of these people are cashed out and have no future.

This will, definitively, be the last time I talk about this Feminist Frequency.  This isn’t really about her, truth be told.  It’s about those in the entertainment arena who adapt over time.  Pop feminism was utterly unable to do this.  While social media panders and old-school media kisses ass still, their voice is so much less than I remember.  These days, it’s just bitching about whatever movie thing, along with CD Projekt Red and what they are doing.  It’s encouraging to see that CD Projekt Red and Mike Pondsmith have stood their ground against such attacks.  Time was, NOBODY did.  But these people aren’t quite the dragon they used to be.

So I was wrong about what would happen to McIntosh.  I admit that.  It genuinely does shock me.  Happy trails, Anita.  The Internet already doesn’t miss you, but the thing to keep in mind is that eventually, you will be utterly forgotten.  I wonder if that bothers her.  Since she’s not rich anymore, probably.

Until next time, a quote,

“History repeats itself.  The same thing will happen to Duke Red, his Marduks.  Only this time, it won’t be the gods who bring about the change.  It’ll be us.” – Atlas, Metropolis

Peace out,



I Guess You’re a Full-Blown Hypocrite Now? (A response to Anita Sarkeesian)

Remember all those stories in the news where Anita came out against this idea that she’s like the Jack Thompson of the new generation?  All those endless statements about how she doesn’t want to change or censor video games.  She just wants to make the genre “expand.”  Whatever the fuck that actually means.  But, as we found out this E3 – that’s bullshit!  Turns out, her and Jack Thompson are two peas in a pod!  But don’t take that from me.  Let’s let her own words damn her.  And, you know, I think we need music for this.  Some nice background noise for her comeuppance.  Hm.  What do play.  Oh, I know!  Let’s play something that shows what she said, as it plays!  That’s good.  So yeah, here it is –

Wasn’t that nice?  Didn’t that music and imagery brighten your day?  What’s that?  There is rage inside from what a lying fucking hypocrite Anita Sarkeesian is?  I mean, wow.  Talk about being two-faced.  “I’m all about free expression!  But not when that expression uses violence!”  I’ve always known that Sarkeesian is a con artist, but I think that she’s starting to shoot herself in the foot.  It’s getting too easy for people like me to point and laugh at her without mercy.  It’s not even like Brianna Wu, who was so OBVIOUSLY trolling this year.  Wu is a pathetic, misguided believer.  She actually buys into the schtick.  But what’s Sarkeesian’s excuse.  For someone who has gone so far out of her way to paint her image in broad strokes, it isn’t hard for someone like me to look closer and see that she will flip-flop on a dime.  Why?

Oh, right – because she wants the attention.  She’s trolling too.  Just like her pro-feminism bullshit, not for two seconds do I believe that Sarkeesian is honest about any of her opinions that you saw above.  It’s all theater.  A performance.  As you saw in the video, there is someone who also buys the schtick – Little Johnny McIntosh.  Johnny thinks that video games cause violence.  Johnny is a trust fund baby who has never had to work a single day in his life.  His sheltered existence has led him to never have to interact with anyone.  So naturally, he has a view that he is the one who gets the world.  Egotism at its best.  Anita, on the other hand, is saying what she believes will drive up her trolling levels, so she can get more ammo for her little one-woman crusade for whatever she thinks will make her the most money.  Like any con artist, the end goal is green.  The girl’s had loads of it, and as we’ve found out, she is not above doing shady things to keep it coming in.  Between her exploiting of her non-profit, and the still unaddressed lies connected to her Kickstarter promises, this woman’s ability to make money is almost legendary.  But, she has to keep the hate coming in.  If she doesn’t keep feeding the trolls, then she going to lose money.

There is a subtle art to it, though.  Wu doesn’t know that.  People saw her posts, and just like when she tried to troll herself on her Steam page, we didn’t bite.  Trolling yourself has to be done with great care.  Each carefully-constructed Tweet Sarkeesian sends out is done with the utmost care to generate hate and money.  There is not one honest word that has ever come out of her mouth.  But I do think that she’s kind of shot herself in the foot here.  Why?  Because she’s contradicting herself so blatantly.  Being connected to Little Johnny and his belief in his schtick may not be the best thing.

I have a belief.  Part of me can’t wait to be proven right.  My belief is that the moment that Little Johnny isn’t useful to her, she’s going to drop him like a sack of potatoes.  She’ll wash her hands of SJWs and it will be hilarious.  A con artist is loyal to no one.  When the SJWs went after video games, something happened that hadn’t happened to them before – people fought back.  Lots of people.  Gamers said, “No!  We’re not going to let you co-opt our hobby!  Find some other group to go after!  Gamers couldn’t be bought, bullied, threatened, and their arguments were garbage.  Sarkeesian made her money not even bothering to do any of the failed tactics of her contemporaries.  She easily skirted around that, by focusing on the hate, and doing enough trolling to get the other trolls fed.  However, the tides of this culture war are going to turn.

So where is Sarkeesian’s next stop on her con artist life?  You ask me, she wants into academia.  A place where she will be met with open arms and a TON of money that has nowhere else to go.  Colleges are becoming SJW, hipster cesspools.  PT Barnum once said, “there’s a sucker born every minute.”  Anita Sarkeesian knows this.  For a long time, it has been making her piles of money.  But now she’s losing her grip on the situation.  She’s overplaying her hand.  It will be interesting to see how she comes back from this.  Oh, wait, that would involve her actually taking criticism.  The day that happens is the day when I own my own velociraptor.  So yeah, not anytime soon.

In the meantime, the SJW statements about E3 were priceless.  Be it so obvious trolling like Wu, or just dumb hypocrisy, like Sarkeesian.  I think that that summarizes SJWs and how they have gone after gaming – trolling and hypocrisy.  Yup.

Until next time, a quote,

“If P.T. Barnum were alive today, he would be a thousand times richer than he ever was in his day and age.”  -Internet Aristocrat

Peace out,


You and Yours are Victim-Blaming, and Screw You (A response to Pope Jorge)

Yes, once-again, the PC left has come out in defense of terrorism.  Don’t ask me how that works.  I guess they are so desperate to appear accepting that they will even accept violent psychopaths.  Because if we don’t, then people get sad.  And in one of the most foul and disgusting pieces of victim-blaming ever, people like Glen Greenwald and the intellectually-void Johnathan McIntosh came out against Charlie Hibdo, basically saying – you had it coming.  Man, I guess they never saw those PSAs that would tell us, “it’s never the victim’s fault.”  For real, that’s basic logic.  But probably the most offensive bit of victim-blaming came from the last remaining theocrat – Pope Jorge.

He goes by Francis, but this little worm hasn’t earned the right to be called by that name.  This duplicitous piece of shit is undeserving of any respect at all.  And yet, because Catholicism is a belief system still stuck in the Dark Ages (and very much resenting that they don’t have the power that they had back then), this aging theocratic monarch has a TON of people who listen to what he says, and believe it, too.  Because that’s a totally rational way to live your life, right?  In any case, Pope Jorge had some thoughts on what happened to Charlie Hebdo, and the reactions have been…astounding.  Don’t believe me.  See for yourself.

I love that CNN has plenty of photogenic blonde hand-puppets.  It’s all the rage on Fox.  But let’s not focus on that.  We have bigger fish to fry.  Yes indeed, Pope Jorge decided to say something profoundly stupid, and now I’m going to take him to task for it.  The stupid thing of the day – free speech is limited.  The fuck?!  Um, no!  No it is not!  The freedom of speech is absolute.  Regardless of whatever stupid bullshit you believe, you have the right to say it.  That’s how this works.  Listening to Jorge tell us about how freedom of speech does not extend to attacking other people’s religion sounds very much like some Catholic butthurt.

Speaking of, did you hear the guy who commented after Jorge was finished?  Yeah, LOTS of butthurt.  I can’t imagine way.  After all, it’s not like the Catholic church is full of priests and cardinals who have diddled little children, right?  That never happened.  It’s also not like Catholicism worships an imaginary man in the sky, who has jealousy problems of other religions, gets butthurt and then genocidal, make a convoluted and retarded plan to have his son (who is also him.  What was that song, I’m My Own Grandpa…) killed for the mercy of the world.  Or hey, let’s talk about how petty your Gawd is, since he doesn’t like it if consenting adults have buttsex.  Yeah, that sounds like a belief system that deserves respect.

Which brings us to Islam.  There is no reason why Islam should be exempt from criticism.  None.  At all.  It is a religion that has 109 passages about converting or killing non-believers.  They will go on and on about their religion being one of peace, but it’s in their holy book that it’s not!  Come to think of it, the holy book of Christians condones a lot of violence too.  That’s interesting.  Hey, maybe you and the Catholics should get along!  After all, both of you believe that someone who diddled small children has a special connection to God.

It all brings me to this – the freedom of speech is absolute.  That is something I believe from the bottom of my heart.  If some racist holocaust denier wants to spew his vile bullshit, it’s his right to do so.  Just as it’s my right to call him a fucking idiot for saying that.  If someone wants to say that having sex with small children is cool, it is my freedom to come right back at him and say, “why the fuck are you out of the basement?  Back, vile creature!  Back to the pit from whence you came!”

So to Pope Jorge and to all the people who agree with him, I’m going to use my freedom of speech to say – fuck you!  Fuck your stupid bullshit religion.  Fuck your phony-bologna Gawd.  Fuck your smug attitude.  Fuck your PC pandering so you don’t hurt some precious little snowflake’s feelings.  Fuck all that!  You people are part of the problem.  Because once you start saying that this group of people or that group deserves special consideration and how nobody should hurt their feelings, where does it end?  History has been made by the hurting of feelings!  The greatest changes have come from people who made other people mad.  Martin Luther and nailing the 95 Theses to the church was one of the catalysts of the Protestant Reformation.  Martin Luther King insulting the bigoted parts of America helped get his cause off the ground.  Mohandas Ghandi leading his march to the sea angered the British.  Hurt feelings have changed more history than any other.

And it makes sense that people like Johnathan McIntosh are against free speech.  After all, he is part of a very new religion – Puritan Feminism.  Just like all religions, anyone who questions it is quickly denounced and made example of.  I suddenly get why they are quick to defend Islam.  But here’s the truth – questioning and mocking religion is one of the best things that can be done.  Because while there are the butthurt losers who will scream and shout and kill people for their faith, there might just be some people who look at that and go – why are they making fun of my religion?  And then they might look into what these people are saying.  Then they might learn something.  Once they do that, then they might start to doubt in its validity.  Then that person can spread that to others, and change can happen.

So fuck PC pussies, and fuck Pope Jorge too.

Until next time, a quote,

“Don’t kill him!  If you kill him, he won’t learn nothin’!”  -The Riddler, Batman Forever

Peace out,


Total Biscuit PWNS Johnathan McIntosh

It’s always nice to see people who are able to put pseudo-intellectual dick-mules in their place.  It really is.  For those who don’t know, among the many PC cowards who came out and condemned Charlie Hebdo for their comics that insulted Islam, among them is Johnathan McIntosh.  McIntosh is a little rich boy who has never had to work a day in his life.  His entire catalog of achievements include – being given a trust fund, a worthless education, trying to sound smart on Twitter and being the voice behind Anita Sarkeesian.  Of course, since he is a PC coward, he had to come and condemn Charlie Hebdo for the way they portrayed Muhammad.  Because, yeah, a pedophile “prophet” deserves to be respected, right?  Wait, America founded an entire religion on such a character *Mormons!*

However, it seems that there is one person who was willing to put McIntosh in his place, and he did it so very well – Total Biscuit.  A YouTube game critic, TB does good work, and has been part of GamerGate and also a voice of reason who has tried to reach out to the other side of the discussion.  However, he has also become a target of theirs in the process, with the #UnsubTB tag going around.  Naturally, will a few skillful Tweets I’d say that he put McIntosh and his ilk in their place.

Total Biscuit Beat-DownMcIntosh and those like him are propagating a worldview that I think is beyond stupid and insane.  For starters – why is it that we should respect Islam and not make fun of it?  Do you ever make sport of Christianity?  How about the Mormons?  Scientology?  Yeah, that’s a big one for people to make fun of.  Religious people do too, which always fills me with a sense of – seriously?  You make fun of this religion, but you are totally cool with your religion, that talks about a virgin birth and other stupid shit?  Why is Islam exempt from criticism?  Are you saying that the “Prophet” Muhammad didn’t marry and fuck a nine year old girl?  Are you saying that that didn’t happen?

Next, Charlie Hebdo was in the wrong?  You’re blaming them for the attack that happened.  Hm, this brings to mind some other statements in the same vein – “She shouldn’t have gone to that party.”  “She shouldn’t have dressed the way she did.”  “If she didn’t want it, why did she go to the bedroom with him?”  That’s right, you are victim-blaming, straight out of the handbook of people who say shit like that.

Finally, I’m with Total Biscuit.  I’m glad that “tu ne suis pas Charlie.”  They have convictions and the strength to stand by them, even in the face of death.  What the fuck do you have, you spineless little worm who gets by from daddy’s money?

Until next time, a quote,

“I would rather die standing than live on my knees.”  -Stephane Charbonnier

Peace out,


Intel, Diversity in Technology, and Anita Sarkeesian (A response to #CES2015)

One of the things that I have learned is that a lot of the best stuff that happens in life is when terrible ideas are turned into amazing ones.  Or, when people have to clean up after those who don’t study history.  And some of the worst stuff is started when people who mean well either don’t know better or are used by clever schemers who have gotten so good at what they do that they can get anyone to do what they want.  Another way to put it is like this –

Mykeru’s Second Law:
All movements – and this is especially true of social reform movements – begin in well-intentioned necessity, but end as ruthless con jobs.

I hear so many things that have so much promise, but when I look beneath the surface it becomes clear that it is all just BS and that the people who buy into it are nothing but patsies.  Sad, misguided patsies.  That is what I see now, going on at Intel.

Some of this might surprise you.  After all, Intel was one of the many advertisers that jumped ship on Gawker after one of their “journalists” decided to get stupid on Twitter and suggest bringing back bullying.  A bad move that is going to haunt his entire career.  Best of luck there.  To see that they are deciding to throw in with the likes of Anita Sarkeesian is a bit odd.  But then, when you have a group of people whose sole job has been to paint gamer as horrid misogynists, I guess Intel decided to go where the outspoken wind blows.  I suppose you’d like some context.

Today, at CES, the Intel CEO outlined something that they are pushing forward with for the future of their company. (linked here) One of the thing that he brings up is “Diversity in Technology.”  According to their press release, it is a plan to get female and minority peoples in their company.  On the surface, that sounds great!  For real, I am all for equality.  Well-intentioned necessity.  They also plan to partner with several other groups in order to move the initiative along.  I’ll give you one guess who one of their partner organizations is.  That’s right, Feminist Frequency.  Sarkeesian get another step ahead in her goal of getting ahead in the world.  The goal seems to be – get minorities in the workforce, along with women.  That sounds great.  Helping education in poor parts of the country.  Hm, how is that going to work?  You going to donate to schools or something?  Give them all Intel hardware and such?  A little bit odd.  Reach out to all sort of PC groups to help do lots of…stuff.  If you read through their press release, it sounds like they have all these grand plans.

It’s because of how broad and vague it is that I have to say – I’m with Mundane Matt on this, I think that it’s bullshit.  The language of their release has PR written all over it.  All this vague stuff that they mean to do feels so random and abstract that you are left to wonder where they came up with all this.  This sound like a demographic move.  They want to get all sorts of diverse groups into their company, for the express purpose of not looking bad.  Not looking bad to who?  They are partnered with Feminist Frequency.  Who do you think?  Naturally, it’s Social Justice Warriors.  Given that so many of them have degrees in Marketing, I’m not surprised.  They pushed hard and got Intel to tow their line, so they aren’t called “misogynists,” or “racists.”

So, minorities and women are no longer being used as a shield by the SJWs.  Now they are being used like a sword.  Groups of people are going to be shoved into something that they might not have a large amount of interest in, just so the SJW crowd can be pleased.  This should bother people.  A lot.  After all, Intel is a tech company, like any other.  They are already exploiting minorities in the third world to help make their crap.  They aren’t the only ones, trust me.  If you saw how your Xbox’s are made, then you wouldn’t be so inclined to buy them anymore.  Seeing people in other countries get exploited is never fun.  Intel has decided to act like the fact that they already use minorities in their production doesn’t exist.  So who is this movement going to help?  Women.  The goal here is to get women into their workforce.

On the one hand, this is kinda good.  They want to have on-site daycare, which is a great thing.  Daycare in this country is unbelievably-expensive.  Having it be cheaper and on-site is a nice thing.  There is also going to be the paycheck to think of.  The whole ruse to get people into these jobs is going to be the money.  There is one thing that they are not talking about – the workload.  Anyone who has worked at sites like Google or any of the major technology companies knows that those places are high-stress and life-consuming jobs.  They become your entire life.  That’s one of the reasons that AAA companies are bleeding employees.  Nobody wants to be affiliated with a company that works them nearly to death.  Intel has decided that they want to get as many women as they can into their company, without them knowing how it is going to consume their entire lives.  Dishonest?  Oh yeah.

But the SJWs don’t care.  For real, these people have moved from being their shield to being their sword.  Just like when they were a shield, they don’t really care about them after they serve their purpose.  It was using them as a shield that got Intel to play along.  If they cared about them when they aren’t a shield, then there wouldn’t have been such a negative reaction to #NotYourShield.  Although, if you look at the negativity toward #WomenAgainstFeminism, it become clear that they don’t like anyone who doesn’t tow their line.  Whatever happens to the women who get suckered in by all this sweet-talk when their entire lives are being sucked into oblivion because of a paycheck isn’t the SJWs problem.

It isn’t Anita’s problem, either.  You know, it’s funny – it’s been three years since the “Tropes vs. Women” series was announced.  Anita Sarkeesian rode Kickstarter to wealth, and made all her videos in advance, releasing them at a point where she could make the most waves with them.  It was all a conscious effort, on her part.  Sarkeesian is a con artist.  I highly doubt that she will ever finish that video series.  In fact, the higher up the status ladder she gets, the less she needs her benefactor – Johnathan McIntosh.  It will be a fun day when she drops him like a sack of potatoes, because he isn’t good for business anymore.  After all, she has her con, and she’s had enough time to learn it.  He isn’t going to be useful for too much longer.  How far she has come.  Instead of conning people out of $5 a pop, now she is conning entire corporations for a career.  I’m actually kinda impressed, not gonna lie.

In any case, it all breaks down to this – Intel just made a PR move.  A move that had the desired effect.  But it will also have consequences.  After Intel ditched Gawker, Anti-GG people ran to get other brand products.  Now, the Pro-GG crowd is going to ditch Intel.  Pro-GG buys their shit.  Anti-GG sits around and Tweets.  Who is going to hurt Intel’s bottom line more?

Until next time, a quote,

“For a long time, I had regarded Rachel as representing one end of the continuum of human nature.  What all humans would become if the war went on long enough.  That perception has guided many of my decisions.  An entire race of Rachels – angry, merciless, aggressive, equipped with Yeerk and Andalite technology.  It was a terrifying specter.
But perhaps…perhaps I had been wrong.  Perhaps the real menace lay at the other end of the continuum, represented by Cassie.  Humans who were kinder, softer, well-meaning.  And ironically, infinitely more dangerous.”  -Ax, Animorphs

Peace out,