#MeToo Hypocrisy and Joe Biden

It’s long been a talking point of mine that if America didn’t have double-standards, we’ve have no standards at all, and nowhere is that coming into focus more than with the current situation with Joe Biden and accusations of sexual impropriety.  Two women have come forward talking about how Joe Biden had touched them inappropriately when they were working for him.  While one should always maintain a level of skepticism with such accusations and not just immediately jump to anyone’s defense, there is something to consider in this – haven’t we seen a TON of videos where Joe gets handsy with women and little girls?  His weird hands-on approach to women has been a talking point for his detractors and a point of avoidance for his campaign for months.  So the idea that he got extra handsy and outright groped and inappropriately touched women who worked for him doesn’t seem that strange to me.

However, you’d think that once two women came forward with accusations of sexual misconduct against Biden, the media would be all over this.  After all, that’s a serious accusation to make.  After how much they went after Brett Kavanaugh, this sounds like they should be all #MeToo-ing the shit out of this.  However, the mainstream media (with the exception of Fox News and those who support the Bernie campaign, which we’ll get into later) is radio silence about this.  They aren’t even mentioning it at all.  Initially, Yahoo News reported on it, then had the story moved to the back of their Sports section, so it would never be found by anyone.  That’s weight, right?  If the media does care about taking women who allege sexual crimes seriously, then they should be taking this as seriously as the last one that they blew up to such an extent that it actually did more harm to them than good.  Right?

Okay, so the media has decided that their partisan hack nature isn’t going to slow them down from not saying anything negative about the party’s chosen candidate with dementia who has every interview with him not knowing what to say and constantly having to look at his notes.  What about online?  How many blue checkmarks on Twitter who have things like “#BelieveAllWomen, #MeToo, or Feminist” in their bios were all about this and looking to try and get this story out?  What’s that?  None?  Well that’s funny.  Oh, I’m sorry.  It’s not that they are doing nothing to talk about this.  They are talking, but what they are saying is all resoundingly negative.  To a degree that is almost comical.

There are three major reactions that I have seen in the discourse about this.  First, saying that she’s lying.  That one is especially ironic, considering these are the SAME people who say that women are to be believed when they allege sexual misconduct, no matter what.  Second, saying that she’s a Russian bot/Bernie supporter.  Ah yes, the old “Russia!” take.  Because that worked SO well when Shillary was running for office, right?  Let’s go back to this.  Back to saying that everything is Russia’s fault.  You almost have to give it to the party Democrats who will swallow whatever the party gives them without any skepticism or concern of any kind.  Finally, there is my absolute favorite of the takes about this.  The line that just blows my fucking mind because it says SO much about these people and their values.  The third argument is – Trump raped more women!  Or at least that he was accused by more women of sexual impropriety.

That argument is just the absolute standing refutation for EVERYTHING that #MeToo was supposed to represent.  If you can have a woman accuse a man of sexual misconduct, and your defense of the accused is that someone else was worse, then you don’t actually believe ANY of what you have said in all your discourse about how all women are to be uncritically believed, without exception.  “Oh, but not this bitch!  Fuck her!”  You realize that these people don’t actually have a belief structure.  Or they do, but ONLY when it involves someone that they don’t like.  Once someone that they agree with, politically, has to face the music, you will deny it, call the woman a lying whore who is being put up to it by someone else, or even saying that someone else did it and because it’s someone else, that’s worse!  These people don’t care about fighting for women’s rights.  They care about fighting against a political opponent, and when it’s someone that they agree with being accused, they throw all their values out with the bathwater.  Now they are just as virulently denying as ANY of their stereotypical rape denial caricatures.

What’s more, it isn’t just the women on Twitter with the checkmarks by their names.  It’s also groups who are supposed to represent women like these in these instances, like Time’s Up, who was the group who was involved in bringing accusations against Harvey Weinstein.  The group’s stated goal is to help women who are afraid of going up against powerful people with claims of sexual misconduct, and they turn her away.  Cited reason?  He’s a Presidential candidate.  Lawyers have come out saying that this argument is bullshit.  What a shock.  So what is the real reason?  Well, may have something to do with Anita Dunn being Biden’s campaign manager, and her being the head of a legal firm that Time’s Up works with.  So there’s the conflict of interest.  They don’t want to jeopardize their precious business relationship with the legal firm to help a woman who came to them looking for help going up against a powerful man.  Ethics?  What’s that?  Part of me can almost hear the checkmarks making the argument, “if they jeopardize their relationship with the law firm, they can’t help more women down the road!”  So fuck this broad, am I right?

I’ve long held to the idea that feminism as we understand it now has NOTHING to do with actually helping women.  There was that great article a whole bunch of years ago about the feminist woman who had the female equality shirts made in sweat shops in the third world that exploit women.  Nobody cared.  Back in 2014 you had that Feminist Frequency bitch talking all about empowering women, yet constantly belittling or outright refusing to acknowledge gay women in her criticisms.  There was that story of a woman in Russia who tied up a guy and raped him for several days, and the feminists were cheering that on like it is the best thing ever.  Hypocrisy and modern feminism are nothing new.

The thing that really grinds my gears is the fact that they are NEVER called on it.  I said before that the only media outlets talking about this in any extensive way are almost-exclusively Fox News and outlets that are pro-Bernie Sanders.  This has helped the argument of cunts who think like this to a criminal degree, because now they can say that this proves their point.  Except it doesn’t.  If anything, it just goes to show how ALL of these big groups and the people in them are in collusion.  That it’s all just a big circle-jerk for the rich and powerful who own this country.  And just like in 2016, when the actual real left in this country who wants to make things better doesn’t go out and vote for Joe dementia having and handsy Biden, they will blame us.  It will be our fault for not capitulating to what they want.  Because why try and do ANYTHING for your base, when you have to appeal to the moderates?

Calling it now, the next four Presidents are all going to be Republicans, because the Democrats are just going to keep doing this strategy.  I’ve reached the conclusion that the party doesn’t actually care if they win.  Rich people own the DNC, so why should they bother?  It isn’t going under anytime soon.  Call me a Russian bog, say like you did to the women who came forward and ask me how Putin’s cock tastes (not kidding, that was among all kinds of fun things said to these women for coming forward.  Reminds me of that song Chris Ray Gun did about punching a Nazi), or just say I’m a toxic “Bernie bro.”  The party takes responsibility for fuck-all, so why should I expect them to actually admit that they are wrong about how they treat people who disagree with them.

Until next time, a quote,

“Who are you?”
“I’m you, but more honest.” – Nazi Reflection, “Punch a Nazi” (ft. Rucka Rucka Ali)

Peace out,


Planned Parenthood Protest and Freedom of Speech

To anyone who doesn’t know, I am very pro-choice.  I have this position for a number of reasons.  For starters, since there are seven billion people on this planet and overpopulation is the biggest threat to our planet’s future, it just seems ridiculous to me to force a woman to go through with a pregnancy that she doesn’t want.  Second, whose right is it for the government to tell a woman what to do with her body?  I find it amazing that all these “small government” conservatives want to be able to legislate what women will do with their bodies.  Third, making abortion illegal will do nothing to stop them from happening.  This point has been brought up a thousand times, and it is still on point.  It just makes it so that abortions happen in back alleys by doctors who can’t be trusted, rather than in a clean, sterile environment where women can get care from licensed physicians who have years of practice under their belt.  There is no rational reason for me to be pro-life.

Anyone who has been following this blog for a long time knows that I am very much in support of Planned Parenthood as well.  I’ve told this story before (anecdotal evidence!) about a former friend of mine who hates my guts.  When she was a teenager, the guy she was with used her as a living sex toy and she ended up getting knocked up because this guy also wasn’t the best about protection.  What a shock.  Alone, unable to talk to anyone, she made what she has described as the hardest decision of her entire life and went to Planned Parenthood to have an abortion.  It was something she dealt with alone, and it helped shape all of her relationships since that point.

So when I see a rather sizeable crowd gathered outside of Planned Parenthood tonight with signs all about how abortion is evil and how Planned Parenthood is basically an abortion factory, you can imagine how annoyed I was.  Not only is the idea that all they do being abortions been proven beyond any reasonable doubt to be complete bullshit, but it only accounts for 3% of all the services they provide.  The rest is helping girls like a former girl I ran with whose periods were so painful that they caused her to be in agony for hours get birth control that she doesn’t take for sexual assistance purposes (though that is a fringe benefit) but to help her manage something that is excruciating.  Or there are women who don’t have the money for breast scans or other things to help detect cancer early.  Then there are just the people who use them to help get easy medical care that they don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for.

These people are motivated by ignorance.  They use pathos to get their point.  It’s easy to have some grotesque photo of a deceased embryo and believe that that is all abortion is.  Some murder factory for the fetus where all the youth are taken to be slaughtered.  It’s disgusting, to say the least.  Not to mention disingenuous.  That is not what abortion is.  Never even close.  Most abortions happen in the first few weeks of a pregnancy, when the fetus is nothing but a cluster of cells.  This image of abortion doctors being Nazi scientists harvesting baby organs is both laughable and insulting.  However, for those who are easily swayed by pathos and whose critical faculties lack in almost every discernible way, that’s all they need to hear to conclude that their path is right.  It helps that they are almost-exclusively guided by a religious belief that says that all life is sacred.  You know, except when God is commanding his armies to kill children and rip open the bellies of pregnant women.  Then murder is A-okay.  But let’s not get into the hypocrisy of Christianity.  That conversation would never end.

However, this is where something that I strongly believe in comes into play.  See, mama didn’t raise no hypocrite.  I find it funny that free speech has gone from being a liberal issue like back during the Red Scare when people were fighting against McCarthy and his witch-hunts, who argued that free speech and a free press was the cornerstone of a functioning democracy and should be cherished.  Because free speech isn’t designed to protect the majority opinion.  That doesn’t need protecting.  It is designed to protect the minority opinion.  And here’s where I am going to annoy some of my more liberal-minded contemporaries – the opinion that God hates abortion and it is evil and should be outlawed is a minority opinion in the US.  Overall, society in this country is cool with abortion and thinks that it should be legal for those who want to partake.  They believe that women should have dominion over their own bodies.  That’s good.  No joke, I’m glad that that’s the case.  So the demonstration I saw tonight is a minority opinion (dumb as it is) that is being exercised by people who have it.

So when someone came to me on the phone tonight and said, “dude, I wish I could blow those fuckers up,” I decided to stand tall to that person and say that that is a really stupid way to view things.  The reality is that I vehemently disagree with everything those idiots with the signs were saying.  However, I would fight another person who wanted to take away that right to the death for their right to speak their ridiculous bullshit.  I refuse to be a hypocrite.  I refuse to join a group of people who want to suppress another group’s opinion, even if I believe that they are completely wrong and it says a lot about their character for having that opinion.

I stopped believing in God because I stopped seeing things as us vs. them.  I got rid of this dogmatic part of me that wants to follow an ideology blindly.  Now I see my brethren on the left seeing it as totally cool to demonize people on the right and shut down their speech.  After all, their speech might hurt people’s feelings!  Or spread “dangerous ideas!”  We can’t have that!  If something offends something that the Supreme Leader says, then that thing must be stopped!  We must take to the streets!  Burn their books!  Shut down their speech because we don’t approve!  If they don’t conform to our way of thinking, put them in camps!  Some gross hyperbole mixed in with things that these people think.  But here’s something that really gets to me when thinking about it –

For some of these, can you honestly tell which is which?

Until next time, a quote,

“We think we’ve come so far.  Heretics, the burning of witches, all ancient history.  Then, before you can blink an eye, suddenly it threatens to start all over again.” – Capt. Jean Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation

Peace out,


Liberal Double Standards

A trending story in the news today is that George Zimmerman was attacked in a restaurant.  He was allegedly bragging about killing Trayvon Martin, and someone decided to take him being a jerk and go all over-the-line with it and attack him violently.  Almost every comments section and tons of articles think that this is just tops!  Boy he sure had it coming!  Why, I bet the ghost of Trayvon is smiling down right now with two thumbs up!

Something to know about me – I’m a liberal.  I make no secret of this.  But something else that I am is a hater of double-standards.  There was a post that I did a LONG time ago where I talked about a disgusting person I had classes with named Natalia.  She was everything wrong with the fundamentalist Christian attitude, and I genuinely didn’t like her.  In the post, I talked about some of the disgusting things that she did, which rubbed me all kinds of the wrong way.  It was one of the most personal posts I have written where I ripped into someone that I know personally.  I am normally loathe to talk about people in my life, and if I ever do, I don’t talk about them by name.  But I didn’t fully dox her.  I gave no hint as to her last name, or where she lives or anything like that.  So far as you know, she could be anyone with an Eastern European first name.

In the Comments of that post, I got into a long argument with one of her defenders who saw fit to try and do everything she could to make me out to be a hypocrite.  She failed.  Every point where she tried to bring up a double-standard, I refuted her soundly.  Nothing bugs me more than when I see a double standard, because I see them all over the goddamn place.  This story with Zimmerman is no exception.

Let me make something clear – I believe that Zimmerman is a piece of shit.  All of the evidence points to him having killed Trayvon in cold blood.  That stupid “Stand Your Ground” law was used to justify this, and I honestly believe that he should have gone to jail.  However, he didn’t.  Our criminal justice system declared him not guilty.  So he is a regular citizen with all the rights and privileges that the rest of the citizens have.  You know what that means?  That means that he also has the right to not be attacked.  People’s right to hate him ends when they take a swing at his face.  This person who attacked him broke that rule.  They are a criminal, and should be punished to the full extent of the law.

But to all of my liberal brethren who are saying that this is “karma” or any number of statements believing that what happened to Zimmerman is a good thing, fuck you.  You are a fucking hypocrite, and the next time that you say that violence against a black person for no reason is wrong, I’m going throw this in your face.  Because either it’s all wrong, or none of it is.  Take your fucking pick, you bleeding hypocrites.  I hate people like you.  Your kind are the ones who have SJWs calling people like me a conservative, because I am critical of their bullshit.  You all are the ones giving my kind a bad name.

This is just like that whole deal with Jerry Sandusky going to prison, and people saying that him potentially being raped is just tops.  Was he a disgusting pedophile?  Absolutely.  Did he deserve to get raped and potentially killed in person?  Absolutely not.  But hey, it’s fine when it’s someone that you don’t like!  That person that you do like got attacked for no reason?  “That is wrong! Start a hashtag campaign!  We need to get this trending!”  I despise your kind.  Every last one of you.

I guess that’s all I have to say.  While I may be a liberal, I have no problem calling out my contemporaries for being full of shit.  George Zimmerman is an asshole, and I believe he deserved to go to jail. But he didn’t.  He’s a free man. So he has a right to not be attacked, and if you think that he got what he deserved, I can’t wait to throw this back in your face when someone that you do like gets attacked for saying something that bugged people.  That’s why Zimmerman was attacked, after all.  Allegedly, anyway.

Until next time, a quote,

“Don’t be a hypocrite, Grandad,” – Huey Freeman, The Boondocks

Peace out,


Facebook Parenting for the Troubled Teen? Such Sweet Hypocrisy

It’s the famous video.  The one that has over 32 million views.  Of those view, over 350,000 likes.  It is a bit old news now, but I thought that I would do a brief post talking about this, because honestly, I have little to no love for this parent.  The hypocrisy that he has displayed is baffling.  The only reason that I am glad that he uploaded it to youtube is because it has allowed the bulk of the YouTube to weigh in, and I am hoping that this hypocrite has learned something from the whole experience.

Now, I don’t have kids and I don’t have any plans to have kids.  I hate kids and I don’t want to be a parent because I am too in love with myself and my lack of responsibility.  I am always safe when I have sex.  I’m smart like that.  So my knowledge of parenting is extremely lacking.  I can merely remark by what I have seen.  I have had friends with all kinds of parents, and while they almost all turned out okay, there are a few who I worry about sometimes.

But back to the video, in it, the dad is saying that he is really disappointed in his daughter.  She posted something online that was bashing her parents.  Normal teenage behavior.  Teenagers rebel against authority.  That is generally how it works.  But yeah, she posted a complaint about her parents, blocked them from being able to see it, and then the parents found out.  I am curious as to how.  From the sounds of things, they either can access her account, or they went to somebody else.  Either way, they found out.

Naturally, one would assume that this would mean that they would ground her or something.  They would take her computer, as they had done before.  But of course, that isn’t what they did.  No, they decided that instead, they would publically shame her in front of over 32,000,000 people!  The dad fired 9 (I think) explosive hollow-point rounds into this computer, and then, after destroying it, demands that not only does she pay him back for the stuff that he put on the computer, but also the bullets that he fired into it.  Ain’t he just a peach?

Well, of course the Internet thinks so.  There was comment after comment about what a great parent he is, and how all parents should do this.  He’s a fucking celebrity now!  This man, who did this thing, is a celebrity.  But let’s take a nice and long look at what he did.

He accused his daughter of putting a complaint about her parents into the public eye (even though it was on a Facebook page, and I bet only her friends could see it.  Though she blocked her parents from seeing it, so even less than that) by posting it on Facebook.  This is very public, and people could see this.  So, he turns on his camera, makes a very long and impassioned speech about how she has shamed him so bad, and how disrespectful it was, and then blasts her device, that he paid to put software on.  After this, he posts it on YouTube, and then subsequently shares it on her Facebook page so as to shame her right back.

For real, that is EXACTLY what he did.  He takes his anger with her, puts it on an incredibly public forum, for the express purpose of shaming her.  This guy did what she did, to the letter!  Everything he accused her of doing, he is just as guilty, if not moreso.  Not to mention, her forum was her Facebook page, which was probably only viewable by her friends.  He puts it on YouTube, so that every Tom, Dick and Harry can see it, along with their brothers and sisters.  He grossly overreacted to her teenage rebellion behavior, and then put it out to the entire world so that they could see it.

This man is really no better than a boyfriend or ex-boyfriend who finds a sexy picture of his girlfriend and then sends it out to his friends, who subsequently share it, and inevitably ends up slut-shaming this girl who just wanted him to think that she was sexy.  This dad is equally en par with that.

What I love is all that admiration that this guy is getting.  It has always amused me how emotional abuse in this country is totally cool, while we all will go on and on about how physical abuse is so bad.  If this dad had made a video his daughter getting her ass beat by his belt, like that Judge in Texas, then the backlash would be unbelievable.  People would take to the streets and call for this man to be hung by his intestines.  Well, some would still be on-board, but we already know that they are stupid.  Instead, he inflicts emotional trauma her way by overreacting to typical teen behavior and using YouTube to undermine her social relationships.  What an asshole.

But the hypocrisy goes unnoticed by this guy.  He doesn’t feel bad.  He doesn’t care.  He doesn’t feel the least disappointed.  Nope, he is feeling high as a kite on how great a parent that he is.  And over 350,000 people agree with it and think he’s the parent of the year.

Let me tell you clearly, Facebook parent, that you are not a good parent.  Public shaming is never right.  Never.  Under any circumstances.  You were disrespected, fine.  Take away her laptop.  Ground her.  Do what parents normally do.  But instead, you are just as guilty as every other emotional abuser, and I harbor no sympathy for your point of view, whatever it may be.  In fact, I said that you aren’t better than her, but I was wrong.  You are FAR worse.  You are worse because while she had a Facebook post limited to her page, you have a completely open forum that anybody can see.

What a piece of shit parent, and over 350,ooo people think that he’s dad of the year.  Each one of them is a parenting moron.

Until next time, a quote,

“But who wants to bet, right now, that that girl who got her laptop shot up by daddy is gonna be one of these very same girls that one day wants to get beaten up by Chris Brown?”  -TJ Kincaid, RIGHT ABOUT CHRIS BROWN?

Peace out,